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Equality and diversity at Blackpool Sixth


2016 - 2017

Blackpool Sixth is committed to ensuring the promotion of equality of opportunity for all members of the college community. It is seeking to create a climate where all forms of discriminatory behaviour are challenged, differences between individuals celebrated and generate a culture where all staff and students are encouraged to achieve their full potential. The college is keen to ensure that equality of opportunity underpins all policies, valuing all members of the college community equally.

Equality policy and core values Promoting, celebrating and valuing diversity is at the heart of the college’s core values, and will benefit the college in all aspects of its members’ performance.


Respect - College will undertake to ensure all individuals and groups are treated fairly,


Excellence and High Aspirations - College will ensure that all members of the community

courteously and with respect. Beliefs, values and religious views will be respected and tolerance encouraged where individuals or groups may have differences.

are encouraged, supported and have equal opportunity to achieve their full potential. Pride will be taken in all achievements, and celebrated where appropriate.


their work or studies. College will make all reasonable adjustments to ensure individuals are given assistance and help where appropriate.


Inclusion - Diversity is not only valued by the college, but also celebrated and promoted. The college will seek to ensure that individuals understand differences in others and that activities and opportunities are adjusted where appropriate to ensure equality of access for all groups.


Global Citizenship - The college celebrates and promotes understanding of international


Enthusiasm - Blackpool Sixth is a passionate place to work and learn, and will seek


Integrity - All inappropriate behaviour and actions against the spirit of the Equality Policy will be challenged and not tolerated. Members of the college community are expected to act with integrity at all times in recognising and respecting individuals’ differences.

Support - All members of the college community will be given equal access to support in

differences, encouraging all members of the college community to develop a better appreciation, tolerance and respect for global issues.

to nurture a positive attitude amongst all of the college community towards diversity, celebrating and exploring differences and valuing all individuals.

Holocaust lecture highlights the plight of refugees The journey of young Jewish children fleeing from war torn Germany was brought to life for students at Blackpool Sixth to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day. Werner Conn, now 88, was one of the 10,000 Jewish children who were transported to the UK and America with the Kindertransport, escaping from the Nazis in June 1939, a few months before the outbreak of the Second World War. The German government had agreed to let sponsored children travel abroad to escape the desperate situation European Jews faced because of Nazi oppression. Mr Conn’s father was an architect and his mother, a dental nurse, from Berlin and Cologne. Both his parents and brother Herbert lost their lives at the Auschwitz and Theresienstadt concentration camps. Mr Conn, who lives in St Annes, enthralled his audience with his personal experiences and said it was so important to share his story and preserve the memory of the Holocaust. He told his audience, as an 11-year-old he travelled to Harwich, Essex, and considered it as big adventure, setting off at midnight from Berlin. He lived at a boys’ home on the east coast. “A German bomber crash landed on the lawn outside where we were living in the boys’ home. It was most exciting until the police came,” he said. The most important lesson Mr Conn wanted to get across to his audience is one of co-operation and help. “We are all better together,” he said. “Nobody ever called me Jewish, except Hitler.” Mr Conn moved to the North West in the 1950s, working at British Aerospace in Warton as an engineer. Helen Crowther, from Blackpool Sixth’s FYi learning resources centre, said: “Remarkably, some of Werner’s family books, which he and his aunt were able to preserve, are now in the Wiener Library for the Study of The Holocaust and Genocide in London, so important are they to the history of the period.” Mr Conn is a regular visitor to Blackpool Sixth, helping German students with their language skills and a supporter of many college events.

Textile and health and social care students have been creating fidget blankets to help people with dementia during periods of agitation. These have been donated to Warren Manor nursing home.

Sweet sales for Cambodia trip Former Blackpool Sixth student Sophie Tew has been back to college raising funds for her volunteering trip to Cambodia. Sophie is taking a gap year before embarking on a law degree this September in Leeds. Sophie was back in college raising funds for her volunteering role with the Voluntary Service Overseas in Cambodia this summer. “In the part of Cambodia I am going to, 73% of the work is rural in rice fields and young people often leave school early to help work with their families,” explained Sophie. “I will be working in a team with other volunteers based in the province of Battambang in a rural community, working on programmes focusing on youth development, health, gender, education, access to basic rights. “In the area I am going to there is a problem with substance abuse and the volunteers are enabling young people to finish their education and work toward a better future.” Sophie needs to raise £800 towards the cost of her International Citizen Service placement. Sophie left Blackpool Sixth last year, completing A levels in English Literature, Law and BTEC Science.

Huge success for community event Blackpool Sixth held a major community event on Saturday 14th January 2017 which was attended by a number of important dignitaries including the Bishop of Blackburn, the High Sheriff of Lancashire and the Consul General of India. The event, supported by Big Lottery funds, was jointly organised by Blackpool Sixth and The Fylde Coast Hindu Society. The event featured presentations on the theme of community cohesion and the development of greater understanding and tolerance in society. There was an entertainment programme including a programme of Indian classical dance and a dance performance from Blackpool Sixth students. Guests also included Councillor Maria Kirkland, Cabinet Member for Third Sector Engagement and Development, Blackpool Council and Paul Maynard, MP for Blackpool North and Cleveleys. Jon McLeod, Head of Admissions, Liaison and Marketing at Blackpool Sixth, commented, “We are delighted to have organised this event in partnership with the Fylde Coast Hindu society. We teach our students the importance of working together to create a strong and inclusive community and this is an ideal way of celebrating those aims.” Ashok Khandelwal Chair of the Fylde Coast Hindu Society said, “I am pleased with this unique collaboration with the sixth form supported by the Big Lottery. We are having a celebratory approach to recognise the good in all human beings and improve community cooperation for the greater good of society.’’ “I am delighted that the event started with lighting of the oil lamp. Light symbolises knowledge which removes ignorance just as light removes darkness. The traditional oil lamp has a spiritual significance for Hindus. The oil symbolises our negative tendencies and the wick, the ego. When lit by spiritual knowledge our negativity gets exhausted and the ego too finally perishes.”

Paralympic cyclist visits Blackpool Sixth Inspiring paralympic cyclist Rik Waddon gave Blackpool Sixth sports science students an insight into what makes an athlete reach the top of their game. Rik spoke to the students about the nutritional aspect of his training regime and how he has transformed his body after moving from indoor track racing to road competitions, losing 12kg of body weight whilst maintaining performance. The 39-year-old, from Chester, was born with cerebral palsy and has been cycling since he was 14, after being inspired to take up the sport after watching the Tour de France. He has won two paralympic silver medals and won numerous time trials and races. He is aiming for gold at the Tokyo games in 2020. Rik explained how the difference in gaining an extra 1% in performance can be the difference between winning and losing races. His bike weighs just 6.9kg and using the most advanced technology and science can have a huge impact on how well he achieves. This includes using an altitude chamber at home to produce more red blood cells to boost performance. Student, Matt Denny, said: “It was inspiring to speak to someone with a similar disability to me (Perthes disease), who was able to break a world record and win a paralympic medal. It has encouraged me to keep working hard knowing that I could achieve as much.”

Maths - Trip to Lancaster University

Women in STEM event at University for Female Further Mathematicians.

Blackpool students go bananas! In the run-up to the stressful exam season for teenagers across the Fylde coast, Blackpool Sixth has been giving out some timely advice on how to stay calm and healthy during May and June along with a free banana. The college has produced an easy guide to exam success, with top tips on hydration and healthy eating to help students boost their grades and reduce stress levels. It is all part of the student council’s healthy eating campaign, Learn to Live and has been distributed to pupils in year 11 at Hodgson Academy, Unity Academy, Montgomery High School and Aspire Academy. Assistant Principal Estelle Bellamy said: “A group of our students took part in an experiment earlier in the year where they changed their habits for two weeks to see if it had a positive impact. Very quickly, they saw huge improvements in their concentration and focus. The Student Council are really keen to share what they have learned from their research into how learning improves with a healthy lifestyle. More water, more sleep and more healthy food can have a really positive impact on learning.” Laura Foley from Hodgson Academy added that pupils really appreciated the leaflets: “Thank you. I distributed them in form to all our year 11s. They were really grateful and the leaflets are fabulous!”

Biology students put together a World Aids Day display.

A lesson in identity

Blackpool Sixth students have been finding out about identity issues as part of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender month. The Tangled Web Theatre company performed a powerful monologue called ‘Tuesdays at Tesco’s’ about a transgender female called Pauline and her experiences of how society reacts to her. The play’s central issues about identity and being transgender are educationally relevant for religious, ethics and philosophy students who study transgender issues as part of their A level syllabus. Performing arts and theatre students also gained valuable insights into equality and diversity issues. Matt Jones, drama and theatre studies teacher said: “It was a really interesting and well performed piece. Often plays about identity focus on personal struggle in society. This focused on someone who was happy and content in themselves about their identity and it was about the world around them and others who had an issue which was really interesting.”

Blackpool Sixth Social Science Newsletter

LGBT+ staff co-ordinator Julie Halliwell added: “It’s really important to highlight different issues in society and this play is about being accepted, in whatever capacity. I first watched the play at the Grand Theatre Studio last year and it really deserves a wider audience.” Tangled Web Theatre hopes to gain funding to enable the play to be shown on a wider scale in schools across the country.

Just some of the highlights from social sciences in 2016/17

Psychology Live! Educational Psychology Kidz up North Conference in Disney Land Paris

Kidz up North Health and Social Care Trip

Students gained an insight into a day in the life at primary school from the perspective of an autistic child vs a neurotypical child. Students attended seminars on sleep support strategies: why this may occur and positive strategies to improve. They also learnt about successful transitions for those with more complex health needs.

Bollywood Workshop

Dance students learnt and performed Bollywood material as part of the choreography unit in upper sixth.

Asian inspired artwork created for Blackpool Zoo Blackpool Sixth art and design students have been immersing themselves in South Asian culture to create a stunning mural for a new visitors catering facility at Blackpool Zoo. The seven BTEC art and design students from the lower sixth were asked to work with local street artist David Healy to help create and paint the design, giving them valuable industry experience in working with a live brief. Mel Evans, art technician, explained: “The students first started with ideas created on a moodboard and collaborated with street artist David Healy to come up with the ideas together which formed the final mural design. The experience of working with a professional brief and outside clients gave the students a great insight into the world of work. They worked outside of college time in their study day to complete the work and created the mural over two days, incorporating a series of different influences from art and cultural symbols from Asia.” The visitors’ seating area at the zoo is situated near the elephant enclosure. Around 40,000 Asian elephants live in the wild across south and south-east Asia and their images often appear in the traditional art produced in that part of the world. The wild population has declined by around 50% in the past sixty years due mainly to habitat loss and poaching. As part of the brief students worked towards their Arts Award (bronze) which is a qualification linked to Trinity College in London. The students involved were: Molly Cairns, Alina Derozinska, Charlotte Soothill, Chloe Horricks, Aleks Pearson-Brown, Katy Shaw and Caitlin Good. David Healy, from Infected by Design, said: “It was a great experience painting the wall. I liked the challenge of it, how rough it was and how we all just had to go for it! Working with the students was great fun as well. They are a good group. Very talented artists. Standing back afterwards and looking at what we’d done, I realised it was them that did all the more detailed work that brought the whole piece together. I was most proud to have taken part in the project with them. Also I was well impressed with Alina and her use of spray paint on the focal point of the mural. I felt as it was her image of an elephant we were using that it was only right that she had a go at attacking that part of the mural and she killed it!”

Public services’ remembrance parade Blackpool Sixth public service students marked remembrance day with a special parade at the front of the college on November 11th 2016. To mark the 11th hour the students paraded to the front of college and were inspected by Principal Jill Gray. Cadet students lowered the parade flag as the last post was played. This was followed by two minutes’ silence and readings from students. Local veterans also attended the ceremony. The parade ties in with students’ work on their discipline unit. Students on the BTEC Level 3 Public Services course go on to join services such as the police, fire service and the armed forces. Public services teacher, Paul Moran, who co-ordinated the event commented, “We are immensely proud of our lower sixth public service students for all their efforts in today’s memorial parade. They have been practising hard for this event, and the added pressure of doing it to achieve a distinction in their discipline assignment certainly didn’t phase them. They showed real respect, integrity and passion for the whole college and for this, we are exceptionally proud” Public services student, Callum Palmer said, “Today was a very proud day for me. I have real passion for joining the public services after I leave college. The event today helped us realise just how much the generations before us gave.”

A Christmas Miracle enters top of charts A host of Coronation Street celebrities and the comedian Peter Kay have shown their support for a campaign by The Blackpool Sixth Form College and local schools who released their Christmas single ‘‘A Christmas Miracle’ on Friday 2nd December 2016 with all proceeds being donated to The Children’s Society. Teachers and students at The Blackpool Sixth Form College composed and produced the song. Ten schools from across the Fylde coast of Lancashire joined up with Blackpool Sixth students and to a number of community music groups and local companies to record the single. The money raised will support the charity’s work to improve the lives of the most vulnerable 10-18 year olds across the county. The Children’s Society campaigns on many issues that affect vulnerable children and also runs services in Lancashire and across the country for and children on the streets affected by sexual exploitation, those missing from home and advocacy services and early family support. The Children’s Society’s Chief Executive, Matthew Reed, said: “We’re absolutely thrilled that The Blackpool Sixth Form College and so many schools and community groups in Lancashire have teamed up to launch this uplifting song to raise awareness and support vulnerable children this festive season. Christmas can be a particularly difficult time for so many young people and we are truly grateful to everyone involved in putting this single together and also those who buy it. Funds raised from this single will help us continue our life-changing work with children and Humanities young people who have nowhere left to turn.” students held

Blackpool Sixth supporting DIY SOS: Children in Need

a model United Nations competition

On Thursday 17th November 2016 on BBC 1 there was a special DIY SOS programme linking up with Children in Need. The programme focused on the DIY SOS team’s work to renovate a large derelict property in Blackpool for use by the Blackpool Carers Centre, Beaverbrooks House. Blackpool Sixth was one of many local organisations who supported this brilliant project which will have a very positive effect on the lives of young carers and others. Thirty of the college’s BTEC Level 3 Public Services students along with staff members provided two days of labour on the project. Additionally, the college’s visual arts studio, The Frame, was lent out so that Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen could work with a group of young carers on artwork designs for the new centre.

All students took part in a pastoral mentor session raising awareness of eating disorders and body image

French exchange success for Blackpool Sixth A Level French students have immersed themselves in French culture and language on a trip to Montpelier.

Students stayed in pairs in families in the French region, attending lessons in an international school each morning. “In the afternoons we had activities such as a treasure hunt around Montpellier’s old town, we cycled along the canal to go to the beach and we went to the zoo” said Veronique Daniel, French teacher at Blackpool Sixth. “Most evenings were spent with the families trying to learn about French culture. On Wednesday evening we went to the cinema to watch a French film without any subtitle, which all students understood.” Students travelled to Lyon by train and visited the Musée de la Résistance, learning about the contribution of the resistance movement in the Second World War. “I loved being able to practise my French daily with the family, at school and in the city” said student, Emilee Pawson. “It really developed my confidence in speaking and the school helped me a lot with grammar. I feel much more confident now speaking French after speaking it all week. It was really fun to learn about the culture of France and also the history especially in Lyon. We really felt we were living there!”

Equality and diversity at Blackpool Sixth

2016 - 2017

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Equality and Diversity report 2016/17  

Equality and Diversity report 2016/17