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Liz Hafalia

San Francisco Firefighters Local 798

Dear Friends: On behalf of the 1,500 dedicated Firefighters and Paramedics of San Francisco Firefighters Local 798, I am happy to present the third annual San Francisco Fire Department (SFFD) Year in Review Photo Book. In 2016, our annual call load increased once again as our San Francisco Firefighters and Paramedics responded to more than 141,000 emergencies throughout our City. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our First Responders are ready to handle structure fires, medical emergencies, automobile accidents, hazardous waste spills, and much more. When the people of San Francisco need us the most – oftentimes on their very worst day, we are there for them and ready to provide assistance. San Francisco Firefighters’ commitment to our City extends far beyond our work as First Responders. Our Firefighters and Paramedics believe in giving back to our community and we volunteer our time, energy, and resources to support local efforts, including the San Francisco Firefighter Toy Program and our San Francisco Firefighters Cancer Prevention Foundation. We love this City and are privileged to serve its residents. That’s why we are so committed to giving back. This book is dedicated to our selfless Firefighters and Paramedics who risk it all in order to save lives and property each and every day in San Francisco. Please know that your sacrifices are recognized and that Local 798 will continue to do everything we can to honor your work and protect your safety. It is my honor to work alongside the very best Firefighters and Paramedics in the country – the dedicated men and women of the San Francisco Fire Department. Sincerely,

Tom O’Connor President San Francisco Firefighters Local 798




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105,000 95,000 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016










Bob Spector

THREE-ALARM FIRE DISPLACES RESIDENTS February 13 PANHANDLE - 114 Firefighters battled a three-alarm fire that damaged two buildings on Fulton Street around 9:30pm. 16 people were displaced, including an eleven-year-old boy who suffered a laceration to his foot while escaping the blaze. The Red Cross was on hand to help those residents needing assistance.

CLIFFSIDE DOG RESCUE February 28 FORT FUNSTON - At 12:30pm, Firefighters responded to reports of a dog that was stranded approximately 30 feet below a cliff at Fort Funston in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. A team of nearly a dozen highly-trained Firefighters sprang into action, using rappel equipment to make the dramatic rescue and return the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel safely to its owners.

Malcolm Phelan

Connor Radnovich

EXPLOSIVE GAS STATION FIRE February 29 SOUTH OF MARKET - Around 2:30pm, a huge blaze broke out at the gas station on the corner of Ninth and Howard Streets. A 25-passenger van overheated and quickly became engulfed in flames while parked at the gas station. Witnesses claim to have heard three explosions prior to seeing the bus covered in heavy black smoke. Fortunately, the station owner activated the safety valve immediately to completely shutoff all of the gas pumps. As soon as Firefighters arrived to the scene, they were able to assess the situation for other possible explosions and extinguish the flames within 30 minutes.

Connor Radnovich

Scott Strazzante

LOS BOMBEROS MISSION TO NICARAGUA March 2 ESTELÍ - Eight San Francisco Firefighters departed for Nicaragua to conduct essential firefighting training in several fire stations in Northern Nicaragua. Their goal was to improve the knowledge and skills of the local Firefighters while reinforcing systems in the country that will continue to save lives, prevent accidents, and improve emergency response. During the one-week visit, our San Francisco Firefighters volunteered their time to train Nicaraguan Firefighters from six different fire stations in the northern state of Estelí. With two sets of “Jaws of Life” in tow, the San Francisco Firefighters conducted vehicle extrication and wildland firefighting training. This training is vital in the “Land of Lakes and Volcanoes” where tropical storms, wild brush fires, and other disasters occur on a regular basis, often causing fatalities and devastating injuries. The fire stations in Nicaragua have limited resources and capabilities for various rescue operations. The expert training Nicaraguan Firefighters received from San Francisco Firefighters has proven to be a critically important resource. This was the third training mission that was led by Los Bomberos de San Francisco and was made possible through the financial support of Local 798, the San Francisco Fire Department, as well as donations from Oakland-based L&N Curtis and Sons.

THREE-ALARM FIRE IGNITED IN MISSION March 13 MISSION DISTRICT - A three-alarm fire broke out just after 11:30pm on Mission Street near 22nd Street. Upon arrival to the scene, Firefighters encountered heavy smoke and flames ripping through the roof of the burnt-out three-story building, which was being inhabited by homeless people. The blaze was brought under control by 116 Firefighters and contained by 1:00am. Michael Margolis




















11,174 1,627 5,000


BEACH RESCUE April 13 OCEAN BEACH - Surf Rescue Crews came to the aid of a beachgoer at Ocean Beach who got stuck in between the walls by the high tide while trying to climb out and slipped and broke his ankle.




NERT TRAINING April 17 MARINA DISTRICT - Approximately 200 NERT members participated in over a dozen emergency preparedness drills on April 17th at Marina Middle School. NERT members commit to taking six three-hour courses to get certified in medical triage, search and rescue operations, and other disaster-relief skills. This volunteer organization is now comprised of over 26,000 trained volunteers. Connor Radnovich

Gabrielle Lurie

Gabrielle Lurie

SAN FRANCISCO QUAKE REMEMBRANCE April 18 MISSION DISTRICT - On April 18, 1906, a 7.9-magnitude earthquake struck San Francisco followed by a massive blaze that tore through the City. The SFFD, along with the community, commemorated the anniversary of the earthquake by observing a moment of silence and the traditional wailing of the sirens at the moment the quake struck 110 years ago. A fire hydrant in the Mission District was also spray painted gold because it was one of the only working hydrants in the City and was credited with saving many lives.

Gabrielle Lurie

Connor Radnovich

Lea Suzuki

Lea Suzuki

THREE-ALARM BLAZE RIPS THROUGH THE MISSION April 21 MISSION DISTRICT - Firefighters responded to a ferocious fire in the 3500 block of 17th Street a little after 8:30am. The fire spread to two multi-story buildings prompting the evacuation of the residents in all 22 apartment units. Over 120 Firefighters responded to the scene and brought the blaze under control by 9:45am.

Shon Buford

Lea Suzuki

SECOND FIRE IN TWO DAYS STRIKES THE MISSION April 22 MISSION DISTRICT - 92 Firefighters responded to a two-alarm blaze located at 145 San Jose Street around 9:30am. This was the second fire in two days in the Mission District. The three-unit apartment building was quickly engulfed in thick smoke and heavy flames, displacing at least 12 people. Unfortunately, two Firefighters suffered injuries, but both were treated at the scene. Fire Crews extinguished the fire by 10:20am. Lea Suzuki


Franchon Smith

SF Chronicle

Kevin West

DOWNTOWN - A 12’ x 5’ sinkhole opened up on Mission Street around 5:00pm. The 9-foot deep crater trapped a vehicle carrying a family, but luckily no one was injured. Firefighters responded to the scene and used a tow truck to carefully lift the car out of the hole. SF Chronicle

FIREFIGHTER & RESIDENTS INJURED IN HOUSE FIRE May 16 OUTER SUNSET - An Engine Company was dispatched to reports of heavy smoke in the 1900 block of 35th Avenue around 11:00am. 62 Firefighters responded to the incident, which resulted in two twostory homes suffering extensive fire damage and 13 residents being displaced. A man and a woman were also taken to the hospital for minor burns, while a Firefighter suffered a cut during the fire attack.

TWO-ALARM BUILDING FIRE May 23 HAYES VALLEY - Firefighters battled a blaze at a four-story building at 605 Webster Street just before 4:30pm. Flames and heavy smoke were seen coming from the top floor of the building. Firefighters launched an aggressive attack and were able to extinguish the flames within 20 minutes.

Jessica Christian/SF Examiner

Jessica Christian/SF Examiner

WAREHOUSE FIRE May 28 POTRERO HILL - Flames as high as 40 feet were seen roaring through a homeless encampment at 15th and Carolina Streets at around 11:00am. The fire burned several tents along the sidewalk and extended to the adjacent warehouse. Flames scorched approximately 30 feet of the metal wall of the building and ignited fuel housed within the warehouse. Firefighters were skillfully able to put out the flames within 15 minutes. Kimberly Veklerov


CREWS RESCUE OCCUPANT May 31 VISITACION VALLEY - Firefighters rushed to the scene of a house fire at a one-story structure in the first block of Cora Street. The fire was reported at 2:10pm as visible smoke and flames tore through the home. Crews forced entry to rescue one male who suffered serious burns. The injured man was transported to a local hospital in critical condition and the single-family home suffered extensive damage. The fire was extinguished in 35 minutes.


June 9 SAN FRANCISCO - 48 Entry Level Firefighters took the Oath of Allegiance to become Probationary Firefighters with the SFFD. This swearing-in ceremony marks the end of a rigorous 20-week training program that prepares these individuals for a successful career with the SFFD. 12 of the 48 are Firefighter Paramedics from the Department’s EMS Division and will enhance Engine-based Paramedic services.

CLIFF RESCUE June 15 CLIFF HOUSE - Fire Crews responded to a man who was stranded on a rocky cliff near the Great Highway close to the Cliff House at around 5:15pm. Firefighters arrived at the Golden Gate Recreational Area and attempted to reach the man from above the cliff, but decided to use an aerial truck ladder to safely reach the man within five minutes. Thanks to the swift action by the Firefighters on the scene, the man was rescued without injury.

MASSIVE FIVEALARM INFERNO June 18 BERNAL HEIGHTS - Over 260 Firefighters battled an aggressive blaze in the 3300 block of Mission Street around 2:30pm. Huge flames were seen shooting out of a neighborhood restaurant and a hardware store while Fire Crews rushed to evacuate the surrounding buildings. The fire quickly spread to six structures, forcing Firefighters to pour water through the rooftop to suppress the flames. A total of 42 people were displaced.

Michael Short

Robert Werner

Liz Hafalia

Shon Buford

Michael Short

Michael Short

Michael Short

Michael Short

Michael Short

Michael Short

SUV SMASHES INTO HOME July 6 SEA CLIFF - An elderly man lost control of his SUV and slammed into the garage of a home in the 100 block of 32nd Avenue around 1:30pm. The car burst into flames on impact, killing the driver and lighting the house on fire. A total of 44 Firefighters had the blaze under control within half an hour. SFFD

TWO-ALARM HOUSE FIRE July 8 BERNAL HEIGHTS - A raging fire ripped through a home at 121 Gates Street around 5:00am. Four residents and a pet cat were able to evacuate the building safely without sustaining any injuries.

Gabriel Montoya

TWIN PEAKS FIRE July 13 NOE VALLEY - A three-story house suffered extensive damage as a fire exploded through the structure around 1:00pm near Twin Peaks. Fire Crews rushed to the 4800 block of 25th Street at Grand View Avenue where they found smoke and flames billowing from the house. Firefighters skillfully doused the flames and limited damage to surrounding structures within 20 minutes.

SOBERANES FIRE STRIKE TEAM August 2 MONTEREY COUNTY - 22 San Francisco Firefighters returned home from their work on Strike Team 2250, where they helped battle the massive Soberanes Fire that ravaged over 44,300 acres near Big Sur. Sparked from an illegal campfire, Firefighters from surrounding Counties and throughout the State provided mutual aid to contain the enormous blaze. Strike Team 2250 worked in neighborhoods to protect people, save pets, and defend properties threatened by this intense fire. Crews faced difficult terrain with brush, falling trees, and poison oak. The incredible scope of the blaze closed California State Parks from Point Lobos State Natural Reserve all the way to Pfeiffer Burns State Park, tragically claimed the life of a CAL FIRE Firefighter, and was not fully contained until the end of August.




VACANT APARTMENT BUILDING FIRE August 6 MISSION DISTRICT - Firefighters responded to the scene of a fire at a three-story building located at 143 –147 San Jose Avenue around 9:35am. The two-alarm blaze broke out at an empty building that had also burned back in April. As soon as Firefighters arrived, all 63 crew members began an aggressive attack and prevented the flames from spreading to the surrounding buildings.

Cristiano Valli

Cristiano Valli

DOGPATCH - A worker fell 15 feet down a circular hole on the U.S. Navy Ship Guadalupe, an oiler that was parked on a private pier near 20th and 3rd Streets. Firefighters responded shortly after 3:30pm and used a harness to hoist the man out of the narrow hole. Luckily, the worker was responsive and suffered only moderate injuries.

Anthony S. Caldera

FERRY BUIDING FIRE August 22 EMBARCADERO - 42 Firefighters responded to a blaze on the roof of the historic Ferry Building. A total of 16 Fire Units were on scene and able to extinguish the flames in approximately half an hour.

Cristiano Valli

Cristiano Valli

Cristiano Valli

Cristiano Valli

VEHICLE JUMPS SIDEWALK August 23 FINANCIAL DISTRICT - At approximately 3:15pm, a fast-moving taxicab jumped the curb at Sutter and Sansome Streets, hitting two workers at a shoeshine stand and knocking down a large newsstand kiosk. Firefighters responded to the scene and transported the cab driver and the two injured victims to the hospital. SFFD



SAN FRANCISCO FIRE STATION 7 RECEIVES TOP UNIT CITATION AWARD August 29 MISSION DISTRICT - The crews from SFFD Fire Station 7 were awarded the top 2015 Firehouse Magazine Unit Citation. The Unit Citation Awards are part of Firehouse Magazine’s Valor & Community Service Awards. Crews from Engine 7, Truck 7 and Rescue Squad 2 were recognized for their brave and well-coordinated actions that resulted in multiple rescues during a structure fire on March 11, 2015. Honorees included: Captain Eric Leal, Firefighter Saade Magaly, Firefighter/Paramedic Paul Mangiola, and Probationary Firefighter Mario Riley from Engine 7; Lt. Sean Bonetti, Firefighter Chet Spirlin, Firefighter Duane Rivera, Firefighter Tony Rocha, and Firefighter Frank Wong from Truck 7; and Lt. Randy Hiro, Firefighter Victor Hurtado, Firefighter John Dunn, and Firefighter Adam Wood from Rescue Squad 2.

EARLY MORNING APARTMENT FIRE September 6 LOWER HAIGHT - The side of an apartment building caught on fire around 2:10am along the 100 block of Haight Street. Firefighters extinguished the exterior fire, but the flames had already spread to the attic. 63 Firefighters had the blaze under control by 3:00am. A total of six people were displaced and the Red Cross was on hand to assist those in need. John Han

Randy Ruiz

John Han

9/11 REMEMBRANCE September 11 2016 marked the 15th Anniversary of the attacks on September 11, 2001. Military veterans now serving as San Francisco Firefighters raised the U.S. Flag during a ceremony held at the Public Safety Building. The Mayor, current and former Fire Chiefs, and other dignitaries were on hand to remember all those who lost their lives on this tragic day. Firefighters also read the names of the First Responders who died during the attacks. A remnant of steel from one of the floors of the two towers was unveiled and will serve as a memorial in honor of those who lost their lives on that day. It will be on permanent display at the San Francisco Fire Department Headquarters. Photos by Santiago Mejia

On September 11, 2016, the 69th Annual Police/Fire Memorial Mass was held at St. Monica’s Church.

2016 INDIVIDUAL AND COMMUNITY PREPAREDNESS FEMA AWARDS September 13 WASHINGTON, D.C. - The San Francisco Neighborhood Emergency Response Team (NERT) was awarded the 6th Annual John D. Solomon Whole Community Preparedness Award by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). FEMA’s Individual and Community Preparedness Awards recognize outstanding efforts of individuals, programs, and organizations throughout the country working to prepare their communities for emergencies. These awards highlight innovative practices and campaigns that have made outstanding contributions toward making communities safer, better prepared, and more resilient. NERT Program Coordinator SFFD Lt. Erica Arteseros proudly accepted this award at a ceremony at The White House.

Lea Suzuki

ART OF FIRE PHOTO EXHIBITION September 17 DUBACE PARK - “The Art of Fire” photo exhibit at the Harvey Milk Photo Center featured 63 photographs of some of the most impressive fires throughout the City of San Francisco. The collection highlighted Firefighters engaged in firefighting efforts to save lives and property. Dwayne Newton, the show’s curator, spent 26 years in the SFFD and was a photographer before joining the fire service. The San Francisco Firefighters Cancer Prevention Foundation was also a sponsor of the exhibit, which served as a reminder of how Firefighters are disproportionately afflicted with cancer.

Lea Suzuki

TWO-ALARM MIXED-USE BUILDING FIRE September 21 POTRERO HILL - A fire ignited within a mixed-use building at 2:40pm at 19th and Vermont Streets. 72 Firefighters and 10 Trucks tackled the two-alarm blaze, which sent flames shooting up from the top floor of the three-story building. Fire Crews put out the flames within 40 minutes. Sarah Ravani

Gabriella Angotti-Jones

Gabriella Angotti-Jones

Gabriella Angotti-Jones


FIREFIGHTER INJURED IN TWOALARM BLAZE September 23 BERNAL HEIGHTS - At approximately 8:30am, a fire was reported in the 100 block of Prospect Avenue. Heavy flames and thick smoke were seen pouring out of the top floor of the threestory Victorian home. A Firefighter who was battling the fire from within the building sustained injuries when the floor caved in on top of him. He was rushed to hospital, but luckily his safety gear spared him from suffering more serious injuries. A total of eight people were displaced.


Gabriella Angotti-Jones

SFFD 150TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION September 23 As part of the ongoing 150th Anniversary celebration of the SFFD, the oldest living retired Firefighter and the youngest member of the department helped to showcase the SFFD’s historic steam-engines. 97-year-old Al Waight, a former SFFD Battalion Chief, and 21-year-old Firefighter Amanda Conroy formed part of the celebrations with Al Waight serving as Grand Marshal in the parade at Fisherman’s Wharf.

TRACTOR-TRAILER CATCHES FIRE ON BRIDGE September 27 RICHMOND-SAN RAFAEL BRIDGE - A tractortrailer carrying 24 tons of soil caught on fire around 8:00am while crossing the bridge. The trailer burst into flames when it hit the guardrails, prompting the closure of all eastbound lanes. Black smoke could be seen throughout the Bay Area and flames covered the double-deck section of the bridge. Firefighters extinguished the blaze around 8:30am, but the cleanup efforts continued into the evening.

CHP Marin

Schyler Peck-McNally


TWO-ALARM FIRE DISPLACES NINE RESIDENTS October 1 INNER MISSION - Firefighters responded to a two-alarm fire at 4:47pm at 3060 26th Street. The fire spread to the top floor and the attic of the two-story residential and commercial building, with 68 fire personnel launching an attack. The Red Cross was on hand to help the nine people that were displaced by the fire. Tom Fogle

THREE RESCUED IN TWO-ALARM APARTMENT FIRE October 7 SUNSET DISTRICT- 78 Firefighters responded to a two-alarm apartment building blaze located at 1814 Noriega Street at 6:41pm. Eight engines, three trucks, and approximately 66 Firefighters battled the blaze. First Responders rescued three people, one man from the fire escape and two women who were trapped on the second and third floors. All three individuals were taken to the hospital and treated for their injuries.

Jenna Lyons





DBI Construction


Fire Permit Approval


Annual Permit SFFD

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Notice of Violation


Annual High Rise

109 School


Residential Care Facilities/Daycare

BOAT RESCUE October 8 PIER 45 - A boat carrying 30 people aboard capsized about 100 yards off of Pier 45 during Fleet Week festivities. The U.S. Coastguard, along with the San Francisco Firefighters, quickly responded to the scene shortly after 4:00pm. Divers and helicopters also assisted with the rescue of 27 adults and three children. Some individuals became trapped under the hull of the boat, but were rescued immediately upon arrival by the First Responders. Fortunately, everyone was out of the water within 32 minutes. Five adults and two children were transported to hospital. SF Chronicle

Gabriella Angotti-Jones

FIREFIGHTERS OF THE YEAR October 15 Captain Thorrin Shattuck and Firefighter Chet Cameron were honored by American Legion Police-Fire Post 456 at the Annual Officer and Firefighter of the Year Awards Dinner. The award is given to Firefighters who have gone above and beyond the call of duty and have demonstrated a deep commitment to community service and professional achievement.

WOMEN IN THE FIRE SERVICE REUNION Women first entered the San Francisco Fire Department (SFFD) in 1987. The SFFD is proud to have one of the largest number of female Firefighters in the country. There are 229 women in the Department or approximately 15.3% of all SF Firefighters are women. 2017 will mark the 30th Anniversary of women joining the SFFD.

Gabrielle Lurie

Gabrielle Lurie

Gabrielle Lurie

ST. FRANCIS FIREBOAT October 17 The City of San Francisco commemorated the 27th Anniversary of the disastrous Loma Prieta earthquake by unveiling the SFFD’s new fireboat. The “St. Francis” is 88-feet long and can pump 88,000 gallons per minute, helping to fight fires anywhere on the San Francisco Bay. The commissioning of the new Fire Boat was a very special occasion because the name “St. Francis” was chosen by a committee and it was submitted by SFFD Assistant Deputy Chief Tony Rivera’s son, Nico, who attends SS Peter and Paul’s School. San Francisco Firefighters are extremely appreciative of the contribution and support by Senator Feinstein, who not only saved the Fire Boat Phoenix from decommissioning prior to the earthquake in 1989, but she was also instrumental in securing $8 million in federal grant money to help fund this new fireboat.

Gabrielle Lurie

EXPLOSIVE FOUR-ALARM BLAZE INJURES FIREFIGHTERS October 20 CASTRO DISTRICT - A fire that was reported at 12:17am at 27 Hattie Street quickly grew to a four-alarm blaze by 1:00am. The fast-moving flames spread from one two-story building to two adjacent properties. 100 Firefighters responded to the scene. An elderly couple, a family, and several adults were able to evacuate the building without sustaining any injuries. However, five Firefighters were injured, resulting in one being transported to the hospital. A total of seven residents were displaced.


Santiago Mejia

The SFFD was proud to graduate 51 Entry Level Firefighters in the 120th class. 11 of the 51 are Firefighter Paramedics from the Department’s EMS Division, which will benefit the SFFD’s Enginebased Paramedic services. This was a diverse group of men and women who joined the SFFD from all walks of life, including former military personnel, EMS responders, and Firefighters.

Santiago Mejia

TWO-ALARM RESIDENTIAL FIRE DISPLACES RESIDENTS November 15 EXCELSIOR DISTRICT - A house fire was reported at 7:23pm in the 700 block of Brazil Avenue. 66 Firefighters responded to the incident and were able to extinguish the fire that has spread to three buildings in just over 20 minutes. Two adults were injured and a total of nine people were displaced.

Santiago Mejia

THE GARTLAND FIRE DOCUMENTARY November 15 MISSION DISTRICT - The SFFD’s 150th Anniversary Committee hosted a private showing of “The Gartland Fire” at the Alamo Drafthouse/New Mission Theater on Mission Street. The film tells the story of a devastating fire that struck San Francisco’s Mission District on December 12th, 1975 through interviews with community activists, residents of the Gartland Apartments, and the Firefighters who responded that night. The documentary film was produced by a group of active and retired San Francisco Firefighters with the support of Local 798. It has been submitted to local and national film festivals and will have a public premiere in 2017.

MALL FIRE PROMPTS EVACUATIONS November 21 WESTFIELD CENTER - A small fire broke out on the second floor of the Westfield Shopping Center around 6:00pm and forced the evacuation of the entire mall. Luckily, Firefighters were able to extinguish the fire, which started in the trash bin of one of the retail stores.

Liz Hafalia

Bruce Golden

RESIDENTIAL FIRE December 3 PACIFIC HEIGHTS - Around 9:50am, a fire broke out in a four-story residence in the 2500 block of Pacific Avenue. Firefighters arrived at the scene and battled heavy smoke and flames erupting from the attic, with the fire originating from an upstairs bedroom. While crews conducted a search for any people trapped inside the structure, Firefighters mounted an aggressive interior attack through heavy smoke and deteriorating conditions. The fire was contained in approximately 45 minutes.

Bruce Golden

Bruce Golden

Bruce Golden

DIVISION OF TRAINING The Division of Training is responsible for developing and providing comprehensive fire suppression and emergency medical service instruction to all members of the Department. The Division conducts regular exercises, live fire drills, and specialized training to ensure that consistent and effective emergency services continue to be provided to the citizens and visitors of San Francisco. The Division is also responsible for training all new members entering the Department, and oversees the instruction provided to the SFFD Fire Reserves and the Neighborhood Emergency Response Team Volunteers.

STATION 49 2016 was a busy and exciting year for the SFFD and its members, with several new additions to Station 49. 75 new members over four separate academies were sworn in as both H3L1 EMTs and H3L2 Paramedics. The new members‘ permanent assignment is on the ambulance out of Station 49. Many H3L1 EMTs also “bumped up” or promoted to H3L2 Paramedics. Six additional ambulances were added to the fleet. There were approximately 115,000 EMS-related calls dispatched through the 911 system, with medical calls making up approximately 81% of the total call volume. While staying busy with the dynamic and sometimes stressful landscape of San Francisco‘s EMS system, there was still time to volunteer and participate in community outreach. EMTs and Paramedics volunteered their time and knowledge assisting several local high schools with station tours, speaking at Career Days, assisting school staff with professional curriculum development, teaching Hands Only CPR in the schools, and hosting ambulance ride-alongs. During EMS Week in May, members organized and taught “EMS Day For Kids” at John O‘Connell High School in the Mission District. Kids learned CPR from SFFD EMTs and Paramedics, as well as splinting techniques, bleeding control methods, and Stroke and Diabetes recognition and prevention. Station 49 is looking forward to continuing to participate in this event and strengthen community relationships in the future!















































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CANCER PREVENTION FOUNDATION Study after study has shown that Firefighters are much more likely than the general public to contract cancer at some point during their lifetime. Researchers have found that 68% of Firefighters will develop cancer, compared to approximately 22% for the general population. The devastating impacts of cancer have hit our San Francisco Firefighters particularly hard over the years. In the recent past, we have lost Active Duty Firefighters David Amituanai and Richard Faust, as well as Retired Firefighter Denise Elarms to cancer-related causes. Countless other San Francisco Firefighters - Retired and Active Duty - have lost their lives due to this deadly disease. Since 2006, the San Francisco Firefighters have been fighting back. Ten years ago, Tony Stefani, with support from Local 798, started the San Francisco Firefighters Cancer Prevention Foundation, which is leading the way in research, prevention, and treatment of cancer in the Fire Service. The SF Firefighters Cancer Prevention Foundation is led by a dedicated group of volunteers who work tirelessly to fight this disease. In 2016, Local 798 spearheaded an effort at the IAFF International Convention to support our Cancer Prevention Foundation and sponsor a Cancer Summit with national experts convening right here in San Francisco to discuss the latest research, technology, and breakthroughs in fighting cancer in the fire service. The Cancer Summit highlighted some new technologies and treatments for cancer, specifically a new test that identifies a method to attack cancer at the molecular level. Later in the year, Local 798, along with other major departments, had the opportunity to tour a new facility being built primarily for the testing of Firefighters in Los Angeles. Our work is making a difference, as elected officials are increasingly recognizing that cancer is a job hazard and introducing legislation to aid Firefighters in this life or death battle. We were encouraged when President Barack Obama signed into law an updated version of the Toxic Substances Control Act, which allows the government to begin federal testing of industrial chemicals. The Cancer Prevention Foundation is truly leading the way in trying to find a cure and the best treatment available for Firefighters who have been diagnosed with cancer. Thank you for all of your support!

Superbowl 50 Celebration February 4 DALY CITY - The San Francisco Firefighters hosted a Super Bowl party and Fundraiser at the future site of the Toy Program, Local 798 Offices and Union Hall to celebrate the City’s first Super Bowl in over fifty years and to raise money for the San Francisco Firefighters Cancer Prevention Foundation. Well over 100 guests attended the festivities and the event welcomed former NFL Players who participated in a silent auction of sports memorabilia to raise money for the Foundation. The site of the Super Bowl Celebration also gave guests a glimpse at the future site of the Local 798 headquarters and Union Hall, which is slated to be completed sometime in early 2019.

President Obama Signs Toxic Substances Control Act June 24 WASHINGTON, D.C. - President Barack Obama signed into law an updated version of the Toxic Substances Control Act, which allows the government to begin federal testing of industrial chemicals. This Act, first signed by President Gerald Ford in 1976, updates legislation that could lead to a ban on known lethal carcinogens such as asbestos and strengthens federal law. Tony Stefani, a retired San Francisco Firefighter who was stricken with a rare form of pelvic cancer tied to flame retardants, not only testified in front of Congress on this extremely important legislation, but was also on hand to witness this historic signing along with U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer. This law also preserves the voter approved Proposition 65 in California that requires the state to publish a list of chemicals known to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm, many of which put Firefighters at a greater risk. We salute President Obama for signing this monumental legislation.

IAFF Passes Resolution To Promote Cancer Research And Education August 15-19 LAS VEGAS - At the International Association of Fire Fighters 53rd Convention, Local 798 President Tom O'Connor addressed the Convention Delegates, urging them to support a Resolution to further study the links and effects of cancer on Firefighters and assist members who are fighting the disease. The Resolution passed with a unanimous vote and will help support programs, initiatives, and legislation across the nation that will reduce cancer in the Fire Service, such as the San Francisco Firefighters Cancer Prevention Foundation Summit.

10TH Annual Fire Velo SF To LA Bicycle Ride August 21- 28 SF TO LA - Approximately 30 cyclists reached the finish line in Santa Monica, CA, completing a weeklong journey from San Francisco to Los Angeles with a purpose -to raise awareness and funds to fight cancer in the Fire Service. The riders, some of whom are also cancer survivors, are active duty or retired Firefighters from several fire departments in California, including LA County Fire, LA City Fire, San Francisco Fire, and various others. Over the past 10 years, the SF to LA Ride has raised more than $250,000 to support cancer prevention efforts and organizations including: Fire Family Foundation • Firefighter Cancer Support Network San Francisco Firefighters Cancer Prevention Foundation Retired Professional Fire Fighters Cancer Fund • Code 3 For A Cure This year's ride was dedicated in memory of the following active or retired Firefighters who lost their lives to cancer: Steve Cota, LA County Fire • Richard Faust, SFFD David Amituanai, SFFD • Billy Webb, LA County Fire John Duff, Ventura City Fire

IAFF Cancer Summit October 20- 21 SAN FRANCISCO - San Francisco Firefighters Local 798 partnered with the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) and the San Francisco Firefighters Cancer Prevention Foundation to host the Inaugural Cancer Summit featuring the nation's foremost doctors, scientists, and experts in cancer-related research and technology. The regular exposure to toxic substances has tragically led to countless Firefighter lives being lost over the years. The two-day summit included presentations on various topics such as the Impact of Firefighter Exposures while Extinguishing Fires, the Latest Research on Cancer in the Fire Service, Current and Future Legislative Efforts to Impact Firefighter Exposure to Toxic Substances, and a special presentation by NantHealth Chairman and CEO Patrick Soon-Shiong, MD about the groundbreaking Cancer MoonShot 2020.

SAN FRANCISCO FIREFIGHTERS TOY PROGRAM Over 50 years ago, the San Francisco Firefighters Toy Program began when a few local Firefighters wanted to help some families that lost their homes and all of their possessions in a fire that destroyed everything they owned. These Firefighters were inspired to help, so they decided to fix-up a few bicycles and delivered them on Christmas Eve to the homes of the children. And that’s how the SF Firefighters Toy Program was born. Since 1949, the San Francisco Firefighters Toy Program continues to grow, collecting and distributing toys to hundreds of thousands children in need throughout the Bay Area. In addition to helping individual families during the holiday season, the Toy Program responds to displaced children and families who become victims of fires, floods, and other life-changing disasters to provide toys, school supplies, and backpacks. San Francisco Firefighters volunteer their time and resources to support these year-round efforts to make the Toy Program the largest of its kind in the country. This year, over 200,000 toys were donated and distributed to children across the Bay Area. Special thanks to AT&T, Pacific Gas & Electric, the Handlery Hotel, the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA), St. Mary’s Medical Center, the St. Francis Yacht Club, the Hustler Club, and all our community partners who helped spread the holiday cheer this year!

Toy Program Golf Tournament June 13 HARDING PARK - San Francisco Firefighters Local 798 held their annual Toy Program Golf Tournament and Fundraiser at the prestigious TPC Harding Park golf course. The event started with an 18-hole team tournament and followed with an awards reception with all proceeds going to support the Toy Program. Thank you to all the participants, sponsors, and volunteers who contributed to make this year another successful one.

Christmas In July July 16 ATWATER TAVERN - “Christmas in July,” a toy drive to benefit the San Francisco Firefighters Toy Program, was held on July 16th at the Atwater Tavern. Toy drives are not limited to the holiday season - that’s what makes our program so successful. All those who attended were granted free admission with a new unwrapped toy. The event featured live music from two San Francisco Firefighter bands, good food, and lively spirits all around.

Firefighter Appreciation Night July 25 AT&T PARK - Dozens of SFFD Firefighters joined adoring fans as the San Francisco Giants honored local Firefighters as part of Firefighter Appreciation Night before their game against the Cincinnati Reds. The SFFD Honor Guard presented the colors and proceeds from ticket sales were donated to support the California Fire Foundation and the San Francisco Firefighters Toy Program. The California Fire Foundation provides emotional and financial assistance to families of fallen Firefighters and maintains a Memorial in Sacramento that honors Firefighters killed in the line of duty.

Johnny V Memorial Toy Run September 13 SAN FRANCISCO - San Francisco Firefighters revved their engines, along with hundreds of motorcycles and scooters, to participate in the 10th Annual Johnny V Memorial Toy Run. This ride has become an annual tradition to raise money for the San Francisco Firefighters Toy Program and is dedicated to the memory of John Voelker. John was a former San Francisco Firefighter and longtime supporter of the Toy Program who continues to inspire his fellow Firefighters to give back to our City. The ride traditionally starts at the Wind and Fire Motorcycle Club and ends with a celebratory BBQ. We want to thank everyone who participated and continues to make this event one of the year’s best for the Toy Program.

Children’s Toy & Book Festival December 7 CITY HALL - Over 1,100 local children in need visited San Francisco City Hall to receive a new, unwrapped toy along with a book and had the opportunity to take photos with SF Firefighters and Santa Claus. Thank you to our partners, including Mayor Lee, Board Of Supervisors President London Breed, the Department of Child Support Services, and all the volunteers for another tremendously successful Children’s Toy & Book Festival.

HONORING OUR FALLEN IAFF Fallen Fire Fighter Memorial The San Francisco Firefighters Honor Guard traveled to the 2016 Fallen Fire Fighter Memorial in Colorado Springs, Colorado where fallen SFFD Firefighter Richard Faust’s name was placed on the Memorial Wall. May God continue to bless the immediate families of the 123 Firefighters who died in the line of duty and who were immortalized at the service.

California Fire Foundation Firefighter Memorial Wall Five San Francisco Firefighters’ names were added to the California Fire Foundation’s Firefighter Memorial Wall at Capitol Park in Sacramento on October 15, 2016.

Firefighter Lauifi Seumaala Station 33, suffered from a cardiac event on June 15, 2014 following his work shift. He passed away on December 25, 2015. Lau joined the Department on October 26, 1987 and served the Department proudly for over 28 years.

Firefighter/Paramedic Richard Faust Station 18, succumbed to the effects of job-related cancer on October 14, 2015 at the age of 53. Rich began his career with the SFFD on May 23, 1994 and served with pride for over 21 years.

Firefighter David Amituanai Station 37, succumbed to the effects of job-related cancer on April 12, 2015. Dave entered the Department on September 27, 1993 and served as a proud member of the Department for over 21 years.

Firefighter Clyde Watarai Airport Division, succumbed to the effects of a job-related cancer on February 5, 2014. Firefighter Watarai entered the Department on September 21, 1998 and served the Department with pride for over 15 years.

Lieutenant John G. Murphy Station 21, passed away from job-related cancer on January 28, 2014. John started his career with the Department on December 11, 1989 and served as a proud member of the Department for over 24 years.

LAST ALARM JOHN PORTER December 25, 2015

JOHN DROCCO April 3, 2016


PEYTON HUNTER, JR. August 21, 2016

LAUIFI SEUMAALA December 25, 2015

RICHARD FOLLA April 5, 2016


THOMAS ROSS September 4, 2016

EUGENE ALLEN December 31, 2015

RUDOLPH RYAN April 7, 2016


JAMES BALOVICH September 13, 2016

ROCCO PAPAPIETRO January 4, 2016

GARY LINDLEY April 9, 2016

EDWARD FLORA June 10, 2016

STEPHEN GARIBALDI September 26, 2016

HECTOR GARCIA January 5, 2016

BOB TULLY April 13, 2016

LOUIS GRILLO June 12, 2016

RAY LANDI October 11, 2016

ALBERT TEDESCHI January 7, 2016

DENISE ELARMS April 14, 2016

JAMES GILLERAN June 20, 2016

JAMES GRIFFIN October 16, 2016

JOSEPH GELBAND January 20, 2016

DENNIS HURLEY April 14, 2016

JOHN SANCHEZ, JR. July 3, 2016

JAMES HEALY October 29, 2016

THOMAS UNDERWOOD January 31, 2016

STEVEN RASCON April 15, 2016

LOUIS LITUANIO July 16, 2016

RICHARD KUCICH November 7, 2016

GARY CURTO March 3, 2016

JACK KING April 22, 2016

JERRY DIXON July 19, 2016

FRANK ALLEGRINI November 11, 2016

EDWARD CUNNANE March 6, 2016


PATRICK MURPHY August 2, 2016

GORDON STEELE December 23, 2016

MAUREEN MURPHY March 20, 2016


JAMES OLSON August 4, 2016

ROBERT LITTLE December 28, 2016

JERRY O'LEARY March 24, 2016

RICHARD POGRE May 15, 2016

CARL ENGLISH August 5, 2016

ALBERT NORTON March 27, 2016


JOHN CANADA August 18, 2016

A. MICHAEL MULLANE IAFF 3rd District Vice President January 1, 2016

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San Francisco Fire Department Year in Review 2016  
San Francisco Fire Department Year in Review 2016