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In the Company of the Devil

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By Sonia Lamba, Resident since 2015

Mount Diablo...Monte del Diablo...Thicket of the Devil...whether in Spanish or English... it is a true jewel in the middle of suburbia. A mountain that completely overpowers the East Bay, is an exclusive place for hiking, biking, camping, picnicking that offers stunning vista stops with massive views of the far reaching mountains.

Road to the sky....

The summit at Mount Diablo, at 3,849 ft., is the best reason to visit this park. The views are epic from up here. During prime visibility, one can see up to 200 miles. Don’t forget though that part of the whole Mount Diablo experience is the gorgeous winding drive up the top to the summit. But the drive might get to be a little challenging for the first-time drivers.

My other favorite stop is Rock City. It’s a fun and adventurous place for the whole family. One can climb these unique rocks that have small wind caves forming in them.

The perfect hideaway at Rock City.

Due to the varied terrain and wide range of elevation of Mount Diablo, it’s cold wet winters, and long dry spring, summer and fall seasons, one can spot an interesting mix of wild flowers and animals here. The Morgan fire of Sep. 2013 burned 3,111 acres. It has been called the perfect fire since there was no major damage to property or life, but it brought an extraordinary once-in-a-lifetime shift. Plants bloomed here that hadn’t been seen here for years. On the other hand, believe it or not, it does snow here in most winters. In Feb 2019, the peak got a good dusting of snow. The locals flocked in huge numbers to check out the snow while I enjoyed view of the snow-covered peaks from my very own backyard.

As far as the eye can see....

All in all, it’s an amazingly beautiful place to escape to for a day or the whole weekend. And it’s extra special for me since it’s a stone’s throw away from my place in Blackhawk, plus I get to click those spectacular sunrises and sunsets from the top all year around. Thankful for this devil in my life!

Sonia Lamba As an aspiring photographer, I have always loved taking beautiful photos of my friends and family, nature and travels. After having a fulfilling career in finance in New York, I moved to California in 2014 where my love for photography turned into an invigorating passion. Moving to gorgeous Blackhawk has further enriched and blossomed my love for the camera. I take my camera everywhere, regardless of how short the distance is. Knowing me, there is always a photo opportunity!

www.BlackhawkLivingCA.com @BlackhawkLivingCA #BlackhawkLivingCA