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JWM Wealth Management: Creating customized financial plans with your goals in mind

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By Kara Navolio

Joe Morgan left the corporate world of money management after 25 years to focus on helping individuals and families to live their best financial lives. He received his Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation to go along with his Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation and opened JWM Wealth Management, LLC in 2015. “In my time working with large institutions, I saw that family financial challenges have always been an afterthought for Wall Street, evident by the lack of appropriate services and an unwillingness to engage on a personal level. I want to end the destructive risks taken on as a result of false and misleading statements that come out of the financial world by providing a balance between my clients’ financial aspirations, resources, and accepted risks,” explained Joe.

He believes that, when done right, financial planning helps you reach your life goals. He is uniquely qualified to guide women in charge of household finances who seek to improve their financial life. He enjoys working with, for example:

• A recent divorcee or someone who is taking on the finances for the first time.

• A woman looking forward to retirement and wondering if she and her spouse will be able to do everything they want in life.

• Someone who is tired of feeling out of control in her family’s financial life, and instead wants to start using their finances rather than feeling like they are being used by their money.

My biggest inspiration is my clients. It is incredibly rewarding to help them transition through each stage of the discovery and planning process. When they realize they have the ability, with my guidance, to tackle their own financial challenges, they grow as people and as community members. It’s an honor to be chosen to help make that happen. I love to watch them grow!

The new shift in his career allows Joe to have the shortest commute he’s ever had. He and his wife, Monique, live in Blackhawk, and the easy drive allows him much more energy for his clients and much more time to play with his dog, Lucy, a standard poodle who loves to eat and sleep most of all. Monique is a Project Portfolio Manager at Workday; she loves the culture and also has a relatively short commute to Pleasanton. Their daughter, Nicole, is a pastry chef near Portland, OR. She got her start in the restaurant/food business working at Esin and Danville Chocolates, both in Danville.

Joe takes a unique approach to assisting his clients. While most financial planning firms provide strategies geared toward certain products or services (i.e. those where commissions are given), Joe is a feeonly advisor. This enables him to provide a non-biased strategy tailored to each client’s specific needs.

Joe is also a member of the San Ramon Valley Rotary Club and is active in the One Warm Coat initiative to clothe the homeless during winter. (You can find a donation box at the Falls Clubhouse throughout December.) He loves educating others about financial planning, and in the spirit of giving back, he is offering anyone looking for some financial clarity, a free 30-minute call. “Even if you think you’re on top of it, there’s always room for improvement…I want to bring my clients to a place of knowledge and confidence so they can make the best decisions for themselves,” says Joe. His number is 925- 389-3889. .

www.BlackhawkLivingCA.com @BlackhawkLivingCA #BlackhawkLivingCA