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Meet the Team at Dog Tired Adventures

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By Kerylin Mott, Owner, Dog Tired Adventures
Kerylin Mott, Owner

A Bay Area native, Kerylin has always found herself doing something active - hiking, horseback riding, or lifting weights. After experiencing a near-death car accident, she realized that life is too short to not do something she loves. Her passion for the outdoors as well as love of dogs led her to start Dog Tired Adventures. In her spare time you can find her working out, spending time with family, or checking out amazing restaurants

Steve Eckert. Dog Walker

Steve was born and raised in Walnut Creek, and after finding the girl of his dreams in Arizona he brought her back home to the Tri-valley to raise a family. He loves animals and the outdoors so this was a perfect fit for a “get to do” job in retirement. Steve loves running, writing, and dancing in the streets, and of course, French Bulldogs. His Frenchies have passed on, but being a puppy grandparent and spending time with the Dog Tired Adventures clients makes the loss easier to bear

Gabby St. Martin, Dog Walker

Gabby has moved around most of her life. Born in Dallas, TX, then moved to Colorado, she graduated high school in Las Vegas, NV, then graduated college in Santa Cruz. She majored in anthropology, and is pursuing an MA in archaeology. Though she has always had a dog in her life, she has also had a myriad of pet including: fish, frogs, hedgehogs, birds, cats, and horses. Her hobbies include loving her doberman, reading books, crochet, and parkour.

www.BlackhawkLivingCA.com @BlackhawkLivingCA #BlackhawkLivingCA