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The rear cylinder re-activates when the throttle is applied. When riding through Arizona, where the ambient temperature reached as high as 115, I was thankful for this feature. I never noticed it went into effect, and when I hit the throttle, I never lost power. There was no excessive heat coming off of the bike through the entire ride. Each Chieftain still comes with the adjustable windscreen, 100 watt audio system, power locks, alarm, Indian’s 7” Ride Command System still the best in the market, with GPS and, split screen programming, all standard.

While these features are already enough to make this a great cross country ride, my favorite new feature on the new Chieftain Limited is the Three ride modes (Tour, Standard and Sport) all accessible on the fly via the infotainment screen. Tour mode rides like the preceding line up, with plenty of power, but it’s throttle response has been dialed back a bit to accomodate a fully packed bike or passenger. Standard mode makes the Chieftan Limited quick and agile, but smooth. Sport is quick and aggressive, and commands the same throttle respect of a sport bike. My favorite of the three modes was Standard. It was quick enough when I needed the power, but didn’t make me feel like the bike could get away from me. At just 790 lbs It’s so light and well balanced, its a lot of fun to ride, especially in the turns! Stock, the design is beautiful. This bike has plenty of sound and power. I added Indian’s speakers in the bags for a bit more music, and a phone mount. Other than that, I wouldn’t touch a thing. BGR



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