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October 2009

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Consumer Financial Protection Reform


Federal Register 2.0

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President Barack Obama meets with, from left, U.S. Trade Representatvie Ron Kirk, former President George H. W. Bush, Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett and Defense Secretary Robert Gates, prior to the Points of Light forum at Texas A&M University, in College Station, Texas, Oct. 16, 2009. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

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President’s Message Earl “Skip” Cooper, II President/Chief Executive Officer

Responsible ‘Socioeconomic’ Supply Chain Management


he Black Business Association’s (BBA) 6th Annual PROCUREMENT EXCHANGE SUMMIT takes place in Los Angeles on Thursday, November 5, 2009. The BBA is in high spirits to host this resourceful exchange of small business owners and major telecommunication, gas, electric, and transportation corporate managers. A portion of excitement stems from the fact that the public and private sector organizations in attendance will represent a combined annual spend of over $50 billion. Since our inception in 1970, the BBA has given corporations a stateliness of media impressions, public exposure and favorable community reception. As a result, those forward thinking corporations have reconfigured their purchasing management operations to serve a broader investment base from their respective supply chain activities. These California utility giants are impressive in delivering responsible socioeconomic supply chain management, where the BBA can only hope that financial banking concerns will in due course learn the importance of effective supplier outreach and its impact of mutual sustainability and growth. This latter experience came unexpectedly, where the financial banking industry has in some measure declined to participate in this year’s PROCUREMENT EXCHANGE SUMMIT. The most common rationale given was due to various budget constraints from the down economy and their sizeable participation in the Greenlining Institute’s conference held in Downtown Los Angeles, July 30th. Furthermore, it was unfortunate but the spectrums of small

businesses were not represented at this past ‘Let’s Do Business’ day-long conference. The BBA is a operating in the same down economy as banks and was a full participant in the aforementioned banking event. Which is why I am perplexed about the banking supplier diversity officers’ deficient response with pursuing an active small business outreach resource and their abrupt bail-out on the BBA members. This behavior seams to follow a long seated pattern by banking managers that have always lagged behind the industrial sector regarding responsible socioeconomic supply chain management. Bank officers are notoriously inconsistent with how to present and carryout supplier engagement processes, which at best offer gaping holes in how to include black-owned and operated firms in their annual spend results. Finance and insurance corporations have a business outreach disadvantage that stems from their reluctance to embrace the term ‘procurement’ in their normal supply chain jargon. In contrast, it is not a common terminology among banking professionals as it is well used by most industries. Consequently, our major banking institutions have a tremendous opportunity

for growth in shaping communities. Because, my observation in speaking with supplier diversity officers over the past few months is that they express little interest to even send any procurement professional(s) to meet small business owners at the upcoming PROCUREMENT EXCHANGE SUMMIT. This hardly seems like a trailblazing approach toward ever approaching parity for black enterprises or bettering the socioeconomic landscape of America. Our Southern California banks have employed supplier diversity officers with attitudes so insupportable that it makes one wonder if the written word by some of our country’s founding fathers were as accurate then as they appear today. For example, U.S. President James Madison is quoted with saying, “History records that the money changers have used every form of abuse, intrigue, deceit, and violent means possible to maintain their control over governments by controlling money and its issuance.” The country has elected forty presidents since Madison and we are living this forefather’s prophecy. How can small businesses expand when the very financial intuitions that control their access to capital act in an exclusive manner toward outreach

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Cover image - White House Photo

President Barack Obama listens during an economic policy meeting in the Roosevelt Room of the White House, Sept. 11, 2009. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

THE WHITE HOUSE Office of the President



atricia, thank you so much for sharing your story, and doing such a wonderful job. Good afternoon, everybody. Before I start with my remarks I want to acknowledge some people who’ve been working diligently on this issue, in some cases for years. First of all, our Secretary of the Treasury, Tim Geithner is here. Christina Romer, the Chair of -- there she is -- of my Council of Economic Advisers, is here. Senator Danny Akaka from Hawaii; Representative Steve Driehaus of Ohio; Representative Walt Minnick of Idaho; Representative Paul Kanjorski of Pennsylvania; Representative Al Green of Texas. Karen Mills, our outstanding Administrator

of the Small Business Administration; Sheila Bair, who’s been doing a heroic job trying to deal with the banking situation as Chairman of the FDIC; Mayor Michael Nutter of Philadelphia; and my National Economic Advisor, Larry Summers. And finally, we’ve got some special guests, some of the finest attorney generals who are fighting against consumer fraud and have been dealing with some of the consequences of the issues that we’re discussing here today -- I’m proud to have them here: My former seatmate in the Illinois State Senate, Attorney General Lisa Madigan; Andrew Cuomo of New York; Martha Coakley of Massachusetts; and Roy Cooper of North Carolina. Please give them all a big round of applause. (Applause.) Now, for the last several months, this administration has been working with Congress to reform an outdated system of financial regulations and lax

oversight that helped lead to last year’s crisis. And I want to thank some people here who are working tirelessly on this issue -- first of all, Chairman Chris Dodd of the Senate Banking Committee, Chairman Barney Frank of the House Financial Services Committee, Richard Shelby, also of the Senate Banking Committee -- for the leadership and enthusiasm that they have shown throughout this process. Part of our reform effort involves putting in place new safeguards that would help prevent the irresponsibility and recklessness of a few from wreaking havoc on our entire financial system. We want to close gaps in regulation; we want to eliminate overlap; and we want to set rules of the road for Wall Street that make fair dealing and honest competition the only way for financial firms to win and prosper. But a central part of our reform effort is also aimed at protecting Ameri-

5 T October 2009 T Black Business News T

see Consumer Protection on page 6

Consumer Protection from page 5

cans who buy financial products and services every day -- from mortgages to credit cards. It’s true that the crisis we faced was caused in part by people who took on too much debt and took out loans they couldn’t afford. But my concern are the millions of Americans who behaved responsibly and yet still found themselves in jeopardy because of the predatory practices of some in the financial industry. These are folks who signed contracts they didn’t always understand offered by lenders who didn’t always tell the truth. They were lured in by promises of low payments, and never made aware of the fine print and hidden fees. Secretary Geithner and I just finished meeting with some of these Americans who’ve joined us here today. And you’ve already heard from Patricia, who was forced to pay thousands of dollars in interest on a $550 payday loan. And we also had a chance to hear from Susan Chapman, who had excellent payment history until she was contacted by a broker who told her that she could lower the monthly payments on her mortgage. Instead, the loan they sold her ended up increasing her debt, and her principal has now gone up $20,000. We talked to Karen Cappuccio, who is still fending off foreclosure because her mortgage company duped her into taking out two expensive loans when they had originally promised her one low, fixed-rate mortgage. We talked to Maxine Given, whose bank hit her with four separate overdraft charges because of one mortgage check that they ended up rejecting the very next day. And I should add, by the way, that this is a CPA that we’re talking to here. So

if it’s happening to her, if it’s happening to Maxine, then imagine what the rest of us who can barely add are dealing with here. We talked to Andrew Giordano, whose bank made a mistake that cost him $800 in overdraft fees. And when he caught their mistake, the bank only refunded part of the fees. As we’ve seen over the last year, abuses like these don’t just jeopardize the financial well-being of individual Americans -- they can threaten the stability of the entire economy. And yet, the patchwork system of regulations we have now has failed to prevent these abuses. With seven different federal agencies each having a role, there’s too little accountability, there are too many loopholes, and no single agency whose sole job it is to stand up for people like Patricia, Susan, Maxine, Andrew and Karen -- no one whose chief responsibility it is to stand up for the American consumer, and for responsible banks and financial institutions who are having to compete against folks who are not responsible. So under the reforms we’ve proposed, that will change. The new Consumer Financial Protection Agency that I’ve asked Congress to create will have just one mission: to look out for the financial interests of ordinary Americans. It will be charged with setting clear rules of the road for consumers and banks, and it will be able to enforce those rules across the board. This agency will have the power to make certain that consumers get information that is clear and concise -- in plain language -- so they can compare products and know exactly what they’re getting themselves into. It will ensure that banks and other firms can’t hide behind these ridiculously confusing contracts -- pages and pages of fine print that nobody can figure out. It will


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have the ability to enforce and build on the credit card reforms we passed earlier this year, so that consumers aren’t hit with unfair rate hikes and penalties, or hidden charges. It will require brokers to look out for the interests of families if they give advice about mortgages. And it will ensure transparency and fair dealing for other financial products, like bank overdraft services and payday loans. In a financial system that’s never been more complicated, it has never been more important to have a watchdog function like the one we’ve proposed. And yet, predictably, a lot of the banks and big financial firms don’t like the idea of a consumer agency very much. In fact, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is spending millions on an ad campaign to kill it. You might have seen some of these ads -- the ones that claim that local butchers and other small businesses somehow will be harmed by this agency. This is, of course, completely false -- and we’ve made clear that only businesses that offer financial services would be affected by this agency. I don’t know how many of your butchers are offering financial services. (Laughter.) Contrary to what some have argued, this agency would not restrict consumer choice and innovation. Nothing could be further from the truth. In the past, a lack of clear rules led to innovation of the wrong kind: The firms that did best were the ones who did the best job of hiding the real cost to consumers. We don’t want them competing by figuring out how much they can fool ordinary Americans. By contrast, the consumer agency we’re proposing would set ground rules so that firms don’t have to compete to confuse families, but they have to compete to give them better choices. This will also help small business entrepreneurs who often rely on credit cards and home equity loans to finance their start-up businesses. All this hasn’t stopped the big financial firms and their lobbyists from mobilizing against change. They’re doing what they always do -- descending on Congress, using every bit of influence they have to maintain the status quo that

6 T October 2009 T Black Business News T

see Consumer Protection on page 7

Economic Recovery Websites


he websites shown here have been created to provide Californians with information on the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009. The websites will provide the information on how the funding will be used in California. The State’s website is: The Caltrans website is:

President Barack Obama and a bipartisan group of lawmakers applaud after the President signed the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure Act in the Rose Garden of the White House. Official White House photo by Chuck Kennedy

has maximized their profits at the expense of American consumers, despite the fact that recently a whole bunch of those same American consumers bailed them out as a consequence of the bad decisions that they made. And since they’re worried they may not be able to kill this agency, they’re trying their hardest to weaken it -- by asking for exemptions from this agency’s rules and enforcement; by fighting to keep every gap and loophole they can find. They’re very good at this, because that’s how business has been done in Washington for a very long time. In fact, over the last 10 years, the Chamber alone spent nearly half a billion dollars on lobbying -- half a billion dollars. The stories we heard today, they remind us that the American people can’t afford business as usual any longer. These Americans can’t afford highpriced lobbyists to argue their case. They’re counting on us to be their advocates, to be their voice, to restore a sense of responsibility from Wall Street to Washington. That’s why we need a

Consumer Financial Protection Agency that will stand up not for big banks, not for financial firms, but for hardworking Americans. (Applause.) That’s why we need regulatory reform that will reward innovation and competition instead of short-cuts and abuses. That’s why we can’t let special interests win this fight. We’ve already seen and lived the consequences of what happens when there’s too little accountability on Wall Street and too little protection for Main Street, and I will not allow this country to go back there. It is time for us to move forward. It is time for real change. And I’m confident that we’re going to get it done, with the help of all the people who are here today, and, most importantly, with the help of the American people, who are going to demand a better deal from their financial services. Thank you very much, everybody. (Applause.) & financial-reform See Regulatory Reform on page 8


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TSA Secure Flight Information Secure Flight is a program to provide uniform watch list matching by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to enhance the security of domestic and international commercial air travel through the use of improved watch list matching. Under the Secure Flight program, airlines will be required to collect Secure Flight Passenger Data (SFPD) including a passenger’s full name (as it appears on the passenger’s non-expired government issued ID), date of birth, gender, and TSA issued Redress Number (if available). TSA is implementing Secure Flight in phases. Airlines working closely with the TSA will begin collecting SFPD from customers at the time of ticket purchase in the Fall of 2009. For more information, visit www.

7 T October 2009 T Black Business News T

Financial Regulatory Reform


ver the past year, America has faced the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, leaving millions of Americans struggling with unemployment, businesses failing, home prices falling, and savings plummeting. Financial regulatory reform represents a common sense change in the way government interacts with both Wall Street and Main Street which will ensure we don’t go back to the kinds of abuse and irresponsibility that helped to cause this crisis. It is time to restore responsibility and accountability to our financial system and provide Americans

with the confidence that there is a system in a place that works for and protects them – not just the banks, hedge funds and other financial institutions. - See the White Paper Below Financial Reform will protect American consumers from abuse and predatory practices and it will set clear rules of the road for the financial industry that will help prevent another financial collapse that costs millions of jobs and the life savings of millions of Americans. It will end the era of irresponsibility from Wall Street, from government, and indeed from those ordinary Americans who simply took on more than they could afford. • Reform will establish one new Consumer Financial Protection

Obama Administration Fights for American Families: Protecting Consumers, Investors, and Taxpayers Creating an Agency with One Mission – to Protect Consumers of Financial Products Standing Up for Financial Protection of Middle Class Families: The decision to buy a home is one of the most important decisions in a family’s life – yet our current system of regulation fails to protect consumers in this critical decision. This system contributed to abusive mortgage lending practices at the heart of the current crisis and failed to prevent abusive credit card terms, unfair overdraft fees on bank accounts, or unclear disclosures for investors. The Obama Administration is standing up for middle class families – for fundamental reform of the financial system that will give consumers and investors a strong voice for their interests. One Agency for One Market with One Mission -- To Protect Consumers: The system of consumer protection fundamentally failed to protect American families. It allowed a range of institutions to escape effective supervision because responsibility for consumer protection was fragmented across numerous regulators and many finance companies weren’t regulated at all at the Federal level. Regulators have consistently asked, “What’s the effect on the financial firm?” instead of “What’s the effect on consumers?” Competition from unregulated players led regulators to permit inappropriate mortgages and abusive credit cards because they produced high revenues – for a time. The Consumer Financial Protection Agency (CFPA) consolidates authority in one place with the sole mission of looking out for consumers across the whole market.

Agency whose sole job will be protecting the American consumer; •

Close loopholes and require tough new rules and greater transparency from investment advisors, financial brokers and hedge funds - holding them accountable while protecting investors and businesses;

Strengthen oversight and aggressively pursue financial fraud, conflicts of interest and manipulation of the system that benefits the special interests at the expense of American families and business;

Put in place tough new capital requirements, rigorous standards and supervision that to make sure that no financial institution is capable of bringing down the economy. &

gage Market Authority to Ensure Fair Treatment of Families for the Whole Mortgage Market: Problems in mortgage markets affected millions of American families in cities and towns across the country. Too many mortgage brokers pushed families into loans that were not suitable for them and with terms that they did not understand. The CFPA would have the authority to require that mortgage brokers look out for the interests of families when they give advice about mortgages – this simple principle is not in force today. Simple and Unified Mortgage Disclosures: Current Federal regulations require two separate and overlapping mortgage disclosure forms from two separate agencies when families purchase a house. The Obama Administration’s proposal would create a single agency with the authority and mission to streamline and simplify mortgage disclosures so that regular families can understand them. Building on the Protections in the Credit Card Law Enacted in May Strong Credit Card Law to End Abusive Practices: Seventy-eight percent of U.S. families have a credit card, and 2008 data show 44 percent of families carried a balance on their credit card. In May, Congress passed and the President signed a strong new credit card law that will protect American families from unfair credit card rate hikes and prevent late fee traps. Building on this new law, the CFPA will implement and enforce these new protections for families and keep those protections up to date. Simple, Concise Disclosures to Help Families Avoid Penalty Fees: The credit card industry collects $15 billion in fees each year, nearly 10% of credit card industry revenue. The Administration believes that responsible consumers should have the benefit of simple, concise disclosures to

New Authority to Protect All Households in the Mort-

8 T October 2009 T Black Business News T

see Obama Administration on page 11

Federal Register 2.0: Transforming the Chronicle of the Executive Branch for the 21st Century


he Federal Register—the 73-year-old official chronicle of White House and Executive agency activities and the public’s window on proposed changes to federal regulations—has emerged in a new 21st Century format that for the first time will allow readers to sift through, reorganize, and electronically customize its daily contents. The transformation, undertaken by the Government Printing Office and the National Archives and Records Administration in collaboration with the White House open government initiative, gives the public unprecedented access to the federal decision-making process, a major goal set out by President Obama in his Open Government initiative. Federal Register 2.0, which can be accessed at or, will open the curtains on the inner workings of government and vastly increase the Federal Register’s usefulness to the American public. “The launch of the new system simplifies access to the Federal Register and furthers the President’s call to engage all Americans in the workings of government. We envision countless market innovations to ensure each voice is heard on the issues Americans care about the most,” said Aneesh Chopra, Chief Technology Officer. The change supplements the official publishing formats with “XML “—a machine readable form of text that can be manipulated in virtually limitless ways with digital applications, or “apps”— which make it easier for people to access and analyze its contents in novel

ways. “We are transforming the Federal Register from a one-size-fits-all tool essentially designed for lawyers into one that can be customized and personalized in countless ways, so that users, instead of the government, can decide how they wish to use it,” said Ray Mosley, Director of the Federal Register. The change is the latest element of an Administration-wide commitment to Open Government that already has resulted in the launch of such transparency tools as Open for Questions, which gave Americans across the nation a direct line to the Administration to ask exactly what they wanted to know about the Administration’s efforts to get the economy back on track and the IT Dashboard, which allows anyone with a web browser to track federal IT initiatives and hold the government accountable for progress and results. Today’s announcement acknowledges the fact that although the Federal Register was created to make the workings of government more open, it has grown in size and complexity to the point where few Americans are able to take full advantage of its rich lode of

content. Last year’s editions of the daily publication contained nearly 32,000 separate documents on nearly 80,000 pages. Moreover, the change opens the door for innovative entrepreneurs to develop new apps that will allow the public to parse the Federal Register in new ways. For example, Princeton’s Center for Information Technology is launching, a version of the Federal Register that allows users to annotate and comment in the margins to spark online discussions about pending governmental actions, and Public. has created a new tool to simplify searching the Federal Register. “Federal Register 2.0 is just the beginning of a new chapter in Executive branch transparency,” said Public Printer Bob Tapella. “We look forward to seeing how America’s innovators build on this highly accessible platform by developing tools that will further expand Americans’ opportunities to engage with their government.” &

9 T October 2009 T Black Business News T

Obama Administration

needs and interests of real investors • from page 8

help avoid penalties. The credit card law enacted this spring requires clear disclosures at account opening and with each monthly statement, including a clear display of any fees and an explanation of how much it would cost the consumer to pay off the balance if they paid only the minimum amount. Protecting Retirement Security, Savings and Investment Protecting Retirement Security, Savings, and Investment: In the wake of the Madoff scandal, it is clear that all investors need better protection from fraud and unscrupulous actors. The Administration’s proposed legislation strengthens investor protection through the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) by: •

Raising the standards for brokers and investment professionals so that they have a fiduciary duty and are required to act in the interests of investors when giving advice

Requiring mutual funds to disclose costs and risk factors to investors prior to selling a product, instead of after it is purchased

Creating a permanent Investor Advisory Council to the SEC – so the government can always hear from the


resident Obama has signed a new Executive Order on Federal Sustainability. The Executive Order challenges federal agencies to lead by example in energy and environmental performance and gives them 90 days to set a 2020 greenhouse reduction goal. It also sets targets for efficient, sustainable build“by putting ings, petroFederal purchasing leum use reduction power to work the in fleets, government can build water efon the momentum f i c i e n c y, of the Recovery Act waste reduction, to help turn good purchasentrepreneurial ideas ing green into great American technologies and enterprises that product, create jobs.”

Increasing protections for those who uncover financial frauds

Protecting Taxpayers and Investors through Reforms to Make the System More Stable Closing Regulatory Gaps to make the System More Stable: In the recent crisis, millions of American families saw their retirement savings or their children’s college funds fall dramatically. Unregulated markets for securitizations and derivatives and an over-eliance on the flawed judgments of credit rating agencies increased the instability of the financial system, which in turn exposed individual investors to tremendous risk. The Administration’s proposals help to make financial markets safer for investors by closing regulatory gaps, requiring registration of hedge funds, regulating securitization and derivatives, and strengthening standards for credit rating agencies. Create a More Stable Financial System that serves the Needs of American Families: The President’s plan is focused on the core reforms that will address the causes of the current crisis, make the system more stable and resilient and give the government tools to better address a potential future crisis. It will create robust consolidated supervision of the largest, most interconnected financial firms. It will create an oversight council charged with monitoring emerging risks. And it will create new tools for the government to respond to crises when they do occur. &

and supporting sustainable communities. By fulfilling this Executive Order, the Federal government will demonstrate that economic performance and a healthy environment go

hand-in-hand. And by putting Federal purchasing power to work – more than $500 billion per year in goods and services – the government can build on the momentum of the Recovery Act to help turn good entrepreneurial ideas into great American enterprises that create jobs. &

President Barack Obama participates in the Council of Environmental Quality Executive Order signing in the Oval Office. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

11 T October 2009 T Black Business News T

Procurement Trade Mission to Washington, D.C.

Black Business Association 6 National Black Business Council California Black Chamber of Commerce 6 National Black Business Association

BBA 6 NBBC 6 CBCC 6 NBBA Supported by the U.S. Small Business Administration/Los Angeles District

The Trade Mission that Targets Federal Contract Procurement Dollars for Your Business!! PARTIAL LISTING OF FEDERAL AGENCIES

Department of Transportation Department of Defense General Services Administration Department of Agriculture Housing and Urban Development Veterans Administration Department of Energy Department of Commerce

APRIL 2010 Washington, D.C. q Send Me Information on the Trade Mission TODAY!

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For more information, contact:

Black Business Association P.O. Box 43159, Los Angeles, CA 90043 Tel: 323.291.9334 6 Fax: 323.291.9234 6

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President Obama Announces New Small Business Lending Initiatives New initiatives to shore up lending for America’s small businesses


resident Barack Obama will visit a small business in Maryland this afternoon where he will announce new lending initiatives to shore up lending for America’s small businesses. Since the financial crisis began, small businesses have faced a perfect storm: the pulling back of lending by banks, deterioration in the value of real estate that they often rely

markets have returned closer to historical levels. In total SBA funding has supported nearly $13 billion of lending since ARRA was enacted on February 17, 2009. But there is still a long way to go. That is why the President is announcing new measures today as part of an ongoing effort to help small businesses access credit and create jobs.

Vice President Joe Biden presents an update on the Recovery Act during the Economic Daily Briefing in the Oval Office, Oct. 8, 2009. (Official White Photo by Pete Souza)

on for collateral and weakened sales. The Obama Administration is committed to using all of our available tools to help small businesses access capital, create jobs and support a durable economic recovery. The Administration has already taken several important steps to get credit flowing again to small businesses and to encourage job growth and these efforts have helped produce results. Compared to the depths of the recession, average weekly SBA loan volume is up over 70% and SBA secondary

“Small Businesses have always formed the backbone of the American economy. These entrepreneurial pioneers embody the spirit of possibility, the tireless work ethic, and the simple hope for something better that lies at the heart of the American ideal,” said President Barack Obama. “The problem is, our small businesses have been some of the hardest hit by this recession. There’s no question that the steps we’ve taken have improved the overall climate for small businesses across the country, but there is more we need

to do. And that’s why today, we’re announcing new steps to support more lending to America’s small businesses—steps that will lead to more jobs, more growth, and a stronger economic recovery.” “America will not recover until our small businesses recover. In communities across the country, they are the engines of job growth and lead the way to the industries of the future. While we have made progress stabilizing the financial system, we need to do more to help small businesses get the credit they need to grow and hire. The President’s announcement today has a simple goal: help small businesses by helping the community banks whose business it is to serve them,” said Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner. “America’s 29 million small businesses have been hard hit in this recession. Nine months ago, President Obama sent small businesses a life line: the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Since then, the SBA has supported more than 33,000 loans for a total of almost $13 billion in small business lending. This has helped save or create tens of thousands of jobs,”said Small Business Administrator Karen Mills. “But there is much more work to be done, which is why President Obama today pledged his support for legislation that would increase the maximum size of some SBA loans. Increasing maximum loan sizes will allow the SBA to ensure that more small business owners and entrepreneurs can get access to the credit they need to expand their operations and create jobs.” A fact sheet on the President’s Small Business Lending Initiatives can be viewed here: assets/documents/small_business_ final.pdf. The President’s Announcement will include the following: 1. The Administration will take steps to improve access to credit for small businesses by supporting lending by small banks and Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) through the Financial Stability Plan. This new initiative will support small

13 T October 2009 T Black Business News T

see Loan Initiatives on page 15

14 T October 2009 T Black Business News T

Small Business Lending Initiatives from page 13

business lending by providing lowercost capital to small banks that present small business lending plans and to CDFIs that lend to small businesses in the hardest-hit rural and urban areas. 2. To get small businesses more access to the credit they need to grow and thrive, the Administration will seek legislation to increase the maximum size of three types of Small Business Administration loans. Increasing the maximum loan size of 7(a) loans from $2 million to $5 million will help small

businesses invest in machinery, equipment, land, and buildings. Increasing the maximum loan size of 504 loans up to $5.5 million will help small businesses grow and expand their payrolls by supporting real estate purchases. And increasing the maximum loan size of SBA microloans from $35,000 to $50,000 will give a boost to start-ups and other smaller businesses. 3. The President will call on Treasury Secretary Geithner and SBA Administrator Karen Mills to convene a conference of regulators, Congressional leaders, and small-business owners to establish further steps the government can take to help small businesses access the credit that is so vital to their growth, and to economic prosperity in this country. &

Quote of Note... “We can either shape our future, or we can let events shape it for us…That’s the responsibility of our generation, that must be our legacy for generations to come.” President Barack H. Obama

2009/10 Events September •Black Busines Day November •Utilities Procurement Exchange Summit & Awards Luncheon March •Salute to Black Women April •Trade Mission to Washington, DC May •Black Business Awards Luncheon • Call for information •


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ACTION ALERT! Let Your Congressional Representatives and Senators Know How You Want Them To Vote! Write, call or e-mail your federal representatives today! Give voice to your opinion. The citizens of this nation need a comprehensive health care plan. Pass legislation that includes a Public Insurance Option and No Insurance Industry Buyout. Find congressional contact information at: and

15 T October 2009 T Black Business News T

Meeting Management:

Wendy’s World by Wendy Gladney


ear BBA Family….I’ve actually been absent from my column for the past couple of months…thank you for your loyalty and asking “Where’s Wendy?” Well, I’m here and I hope all of you had a wonderful and safe summer. October is the month for recognizing “Health Literacy.” This subject touches me both personally and professionally. I am a cancer survivor and I know the importance of staying on top of one’s

health. During this month many organizations bring attention to children’s health and breast cancer through various types of events that highten awareness. As a business owner, if you are a sole proprietor take time to get the necessary heath examinations, if you have employees, encourage all of them to take the time to take care of themselves starting with prevention by getting proper check-ups. We are in the last quarter of 2009…. so don’t forget to start thinking about your holiday parties and all of the goals you set out to accomplish for 2009. Where did time go? It seems like we were all just watching the historical moment of President Obama being swarn in back in January!!! Remember, time waits for no man. Whatever you plan to do, start today. To keep up with what’s happening with Wendy & PSP visit us on Twitter, Facebook or check out our blog www. personalservicesplus.blogspot. com. &

PSP’s Calendar of Events… •100 Black Men of Los Angeles Gala Dinner – October 16, 2009 •U.S. Green Building Council Gala – October 29, 2009 •11th Annual Rainbow PUSH Coalition & Citizenship Education Fund Awards Dinner – November 13th at the Beverly Hilton Hotel •LeRoy Haynes Center, LaVerne, CA – November 14th Give your all in all that you do. Then the PLUS won’t just be more, it will be the difference!


Wendy Wendy is the founder and president of Personal Services Plus, Inc., an Event Management Company. Visit . You can hear Wendy on “Radio Free 102.3 KJLH” Friday morning on Dominique DiPrima’s Front Page Friday Mornings @ 5:00am.

2009 Green Expo/Green Jobs Diversity Career Fair Sunday, October 18, 2009 10:00am - 7:00pm San Diego Embarcadero, Marina Park North, San Diego, CA 92102

At The Green Expo you will find emerging and available technologies that promote solutions to environmental problems, ways to green your world by saving energy, reducing pollution, recycling, healthy living, green home products, green jobs, eco-businesses and much, much more.

Green Tech / Green Jobs / Green Health / Green Savings Free food, live entertainment, green workshops, cultural performances, parade, green demonstrations and great guest speakers will be on hand! Free food and drinks for first 5,000 attendees!!! Call Oran Brown for a registration form or for additional information. 619-277-9099

October 22, 2009 5:00 - 9:00 PM Ontario Convention Center 2000 E. Convention Center Way Ontario, CA 91764 Join Inland Empire chambers and business organizations for the ultimate business networking event! Mix and mingle with business people representing hundreds of industries and companies in and around the Inland Empire. Inland Empire’s Largest Mixer is a great opportunity to reach small to large companies, meet new clients and learn how the different chambers of commerce and business organizations can make your business grow. Mixer admission: $20 per person at the door (no checks or credit cards accepted) or Purchase Online No Registration Necessary Parking: $8

17 T October 2009 T Black Business News T

MBDA Allocates Nearly $1 Million to Minority Business Centers to Increase Minority Businesses’ Access to Recovery Act Contracting Opportunities


he U.S. Commerce Department’s Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) today allocated a total of $900,000 to seven minority business centers across the country to increase minority business access to American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) contracting opportunities. “Minority-owned firms play a significant role in the nation’s economic growth,” MBDA National Director David Hinson said. “President Obama and the entire Administration are committed to ensuring that minority businesses receive their fair share of contracts in rebuilding our economy. This effort is designed to put them into a position to do just that.” The Minority Business Centers, located in Mesa, AZ; Bismarck, ND; New Orleans, LA; Durham, NC; San Jose, CA; Detroit, MI and Philadelphia, PA will enhance the nationwide effort to create jobs, jumpstart growth and transform the economy for the 21st century. The funding will allow each center to hire at least one business development specialist to focus exclusively on ARRA to ensure minority businesses have access to federal, state and local contracting opportunities. The Administration recommends that minority businesses throughout the country take the following steps to ensure they are prepared to take advantage of ARRA opportunities: • Register in the Central Contracting Registry (CCR) • Visit your local MBDA minority business center and register in the Phoenix Opportunity Database at Make contacts, build relationships and form strategic alliances. Some contracts may be large or bundled, but by building strategic partnerships with other companies, smaller businesses can still be part of the work.

Along with adding business development specialists in strategic markets, MBDA will hold or participate in hundreds of ARRA related events to share

information on government contracting opportunities at the federal, state and local levels. Minority business owners can find out more about ARRA-related events and contracting opportunities by visiting or Minority business owners should visit for more information. About the Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA): MBDA (, U.S. Department of Commerce, serves minority entrepreneurs across America who are building and growing businesses. For the last 40 years, MBDA has promoted the growth and competitiveness of minority-owned firms. These firms are then better equipped to create jobs, impact local economies and compete successfully in domestic and global marketplaces. With a nationwide network of nearly 50 business centers and strategic partners, MBDA assists minority entrepreneurs and business owners with consulting services, contract and financing opportunities, bonding and certification services and building business-to-business alliances. &

Learn how local businesses successfully grew their sales with government solutions. This unique trade event is specially designed for small and medium-sized businesses wanting to start or grow their international sales. LOS ANGELES, CA - Monday, Nov. 16th Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Olympic Ballroom (Plaza Level) Register at

18 T October 2009 T Black Business News T

Minority Business Development Agency’s Strategic Direction 2009 - 2012 Aligning the Vision and Mission Strategic Vision MBDA’s Vision is economic prosperity for all American business enterprises

Mission Statement MBDA’s Mission is to foster the growth and global competitiveness of U.S. businesses that are minority- owned Strategic Goal 1 - Increase the number of businesses that are minority-owned at the $1B Level Action Items for 2010: • Achieve $1B in contracts and financings in each region • Encourage and finalize merger and acquisition deals exceeding $50M • Secure five contracts or financings exceeding $100M for businesses that are minority-owned • Globalize businesses that are minority-owned through international deal making Strategic Goal 2 - Establish MBDA as the agency of choice for businesses that are minority-owned, policymakers, and the private sector Action Items for 2010: • Establish a marketing and outreach plan associated with the MBDA brand • Establish all MBDA staff as ambassadors to enhance MBDA relationships nationwide • Complete at least two significant research studies in collaboration with a major think tank Strategic Goal 3 - Implement operational efficiencies throughout MBDA Action Items for 2010: • Restructure agency to focus on deals in specific growth industries • Increase percentage of employees focused on deals • Enhance level of intellectual capital within MBDA through enhanced training and development • Develop plan for increased service delivery on a national basis to incorporate support of Commerce and White House initiatives View the complete “Strategic Plan for FY 2009 to FY 2012” at documents/pdf/MBDAStrategicPlan_022309.pdf. &


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Pan African Film & Arts Festival Announces Film Submission Deadline Extension 18th Annual Festival Los Angeles • Feb 10-15, 2010 The Pan African Film Festival (PAFF), America’s largest and most prestigious Black film and arts festival, has extended its film submission deadline through November 15, 2009, for its 18th Annual signature event taking place February 10-15, 2010 in Los Angeles. The PAFF will accept applications for films and videos made by and/or about people of African descent. Films should preferably depict positive and realistic images and can be of any genre - drama, comedy, horror, adventure, animation, romance, science fiction, experimental, etc. PAFF accepts features and shorts; narratives and documentaries as well as works in progress; however, films and videos must be completed no later than December 15, 2009. For the PAFF’s complete guidelines for film submissions, including application and fee information, please visit About the Pan African Film & Arts Festival Established in 1992, The Pan African Film Festival (PAFF) is a non-profit corporation dedicated to the promotion of cultural and racial tolerance and understanding through the exhibition of film, art and creative expression. It is PAFF’s goal to present and showcase the broad spectrum of Black creative works, particularly those that reinforce positive images and help to destroy negative stereotypes. We believe film and art can lead to better understanding and foster communication between peoples of diverse cultures, races, and lifestyles, while at the same time, serve as a vehicle to initiate dialogue on the important issues of our times. &

19 T October 2009 T Black Business News T

President’s Message from page 20

events? This sentiment was not missed by our country’s third U.S. President Thomas Jefferson who stated, “I be-

lieve that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.” The BBA may not be as bold as to frame all banks in these types of discussions, but there is something to the emotions expressed by our country’s founding fathers.


Comedy Night Join the Fun! Share the Laughs!

Establishing a leadership position in socioeconomic development requires an overall commitment to responsibly integrating corporate strategic plans and goals within respective supply chain investments of annual spend that are accountable to community stakeholders. Lacking a commitment to continuous product and service sourcing improvement avoids responsible socioeconomic management. The larger lost can be shown in potential revenues, whereas any positive outreach only serves to capture a larger current and future market share. Supply chain processes are the perfect point of creating excellence that begins and ends with inclusion, particularly if one wishes to control and contain costs. Delivering bottom line savings is an important factor of business operations, however, it is showing consistent service to others that is the principle structure for demonstrating corporate responsibility. Without full recognition of people, all of the quality performance awards in the world will pale in comparison to the main factor of being an investment force for all communities. Which is why until the Federal Community Reinvestment Act that regulate banks establishes permanent parameters for supplier diversity, the BBA salutes three banks that have taken the initiative to participate in the upcoming PROCUREMENT EXCHANGE SUMMIT — COMERICA, WELLS FARGO, and US BANK. This moves the BBA to believe that eventually other banks will realize the importance for exploring emerging economies, and some day their respective Chief Executives will permit their diversity officers to operate under a flexible and holistic supply chain business model for responsible socioeconomic management. &

20 T October 2009 T Black Business News T

The Black Business Association (BBA) Announces New Travel Website


he BBA’s new travel website is ready. Ready to save consumers money on travel products and services.

The BBA, in conjunction with Travel By L & M, has announced the imminent launch of its new travel website. Its mission is to provide members a premium service with discounts derived from the groups’ combined leverage in the marketplace. Through the development of this strategic partnership, the BBA is able to provide substantial discounts to members for travel related products and services including, commercial air travel, car rentals, hotel accommodations, tours, spa, golf vacations, cruises, special events, (i.e. Concerts, Festivals, etc). You can book your dinner reservations, and much, much more. The travel portal allows the consumer the option of choosing from several vendors, starting with the lowest to the most extravagant rates. Reservations booked online, are highly secure and will offer the best online travel rates available at that time in all categories. A link from the BBA website ( will bring you directly to this new venture.


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22 T October 2009 T Black Business News T

23 T October 2009 T Black Business News T


World Cup Shines Light on South Africa - All of Africa

Win in Africa with Africa & 20 Centres - Sports Facilitate Development


he idea for the ‘Win in Africa with Africa’ project first emerged on 15 May 2004, when members of FIFA’s executive committee chose South Africa as hosts of the 2010 FIFA World Cup™. Sensing a duty to assist the African continent above and beyond the realm of sport, world football’s governing body resolved to go further. Thus ‘Win in Africa with Africa’ was officially unveiled on 7 July 2006, boasting a budget of 70 million dollars. In essence, ‘Win in Africa with Africa’ is not about sending aid to Africa so much as providing the continent with the tools to progress and the skills with which it can continue its own development.

FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter (center) presents the FIFA Confederation’s final ball to the USA President Barack Obama (left) in the White House. Jack A. Warner, CONCACAF President and FIFA Vice President is at right.


fter watching the final of the Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF) Gold Cup in New Jersey on 26 July, FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter went on to make an official visit to the White House in Washington on 27 July, where he met Barack Obama, the President of the United States of America. The two spoke about football for half an hour, during which time the FIFA President invited Obama to the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™. The head of state does not yet know

whether time will permit him to attend, but he has written a letter to Blatter, saying: “I wish you every success for the World Cup in South Africa in 2010, which without doubt will be an historic event.” “It was a pleasure to receive you in the Oval Office. I very much enjoyed our conversation about football, sport and the importance of education,” the letter continued. The US president, who enjoyed ‘soccer’ in his youth and whose see World Cup on page 26

The initiative has the backing of the United Nations, for whom then Secretary General Kofi Annan signed the original document on 7 July 2006, and the European Union, which came on board on 9 July 2006. Similar wide-ranging initiatives based on the same model have been planned for other regions of the world, with ‘Win in Oceania with Oceania’ and ‘Win in India with India’ soon to go ahead. The project consists of three major FIFA undertakings: Developing the game Touch the world Build a better future.

24 T October 2009 T Black Business News T

Developing the Game The intention is to improve the conditions in which the game is played in Africa by the following means: • the construction of one artificial pitch per association (52) by 2010. Given the harsh climates encountered, this is an essential undertaking which will allow Africans to play all year round on pitches worthy of the name • by helping to develop the national leagues • by training executives who will go on to take charge of the various African associations in the future It will also be necessary to assist South Africa and its neighbours build training camps ahead of the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™. Lastly, there is a need to develop the medical side of the sport, a crucial element in the continuing growth of the game across the continent. Touch The World Which sport best unites the world? Football. Nowadays, organising major competitions of the beautiful game is the best means of reaching out to the world, demonstrating one’s expertise, skills and organisational ability to others. Accordingly, three international football competitions will be held in Africa, prior to the World Cup: • FIFA Confederations Cup South Africa 2009 • FIFA U-20 World Cup 2009 • FIFA U-17 World Cup 2009 Build a Beter Future The goal is to reach beyond football, because FIFA firmly believes its responsibilities extend outside the sphere of the sport itself. In fact, FIFA hopes:

“A FEW NOTES ON AFRICA” Supporters Save Radio Show A very big and warm Thank You is offered to everyone who wrote in to defend the long-running KPFK 90.7FM broadcast “Spotlight Africa with Assumpta Oturu”. The e-mails and letters resulted in the continuance of the show. The broadcast will be on the air at 1:00 pm Central Time each Saturday. Catch the broadcast via the Internet at www.kpfk. org/programs. Check the KPFK program listing for other broadcasts relevant to Africa, the Caribbean and the African Diaspora in general.

Short-Term Africa Initiative Renewed Ex-Im Bank’s Board of Directors renewed the $100 million Short-Term Africa Initiative (formerly the Short-Term Insurance Pilot Program) to support short-term exports to many sub-Saharan Africa countries, including a

to use football’s potential for human and social development, the promotion of health, the development of communities and the promotion of peace, by supporting local organisations who work in these fields to ensure the entire African continent will benefit from the long-term effects of the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa TM to send the whole world a positive message from Africa.

“20 Centres for 2010” “20 Centres for 2010” is the name of the Official Campaign of the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™. Its aim is to achieve positive social change through football by building twenty Football for Hope Centres for public health, education and football across Africa. The centres will address local social challenges in disadvantaged areas and improve education and health services for young people. 20 Centres for 2010 will promote social development through football long after the final whistle of

number of countries where Ex-Im Bank support would not otherwise be available. The Short-Term Africa Initiative assists businesses in sub-Saharan Africa in purchasing U.S.-made goods and services, including spare parts, raw materials and agricultural commodities. Under this program, Ex-Im Bank can insure short-term export credit transactions involving various payment terms, including open account terms.

Vscan Available in 2010 General Electric has introduced “Vscan”, an Ultrasound that is a little larger than a handheld mobile phone. Vscan has the same power and image quality as a full-sized ultrasound scanner. This handheld scanner allows a medical technician to monitor what is going on in a human body and make a diagnosis. It will be a valuable medical evaluation tool in rural areas where access to large and expensive medical equipment is extremely rare. The ultrasound scanner is down from several hundred pounds to pocket-size. SEE YOU ON THE CONTINENT. &

the 2010 FIFA World Cup, leaving a tangible social legacy for Africa. U S D 10 million is required to create the centres and FIFA is contributing 500 dollars for every goal scored in the FIFA World Cup qualifiers (a minimum investment of over USD 1 million). FIFA aims to raise the remaining amount through targeted alliances and cooperations. What is Football for Hope? Football for Hope is a movement that uses the power of the game for social development. It is led by FIFA, world football’s governing body, and streetfootballworld, a centre of expertise that supports a global network of local organisations in the field of development through football. &

25 T October 2009 T Black Business News T

World Cup from page 24

daughters also both play the sport, is particularly interested in the social aspect of football, and concluded his letter saying: “I must congratulate your on your determination to break down social barriers, promote tolerance and encourage harmony between people around the world by spreading a message of hope by means of football.” Among the topics the US President discussed with Joseph S. Blatter was the USA’s bid to host either the 2018 or 2022 World Cup. Barack Obama also acknowledged the work carried out by FIFA and the FIFA President Joseph S.

Blatter, commending in particular FIFA’s efforts in respect of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, which also incorporate community service, education and public health projects. Joseph S. Blatter presented the US President with a football from the final of the Confederations Cup, held in South Africa in June, which the USA lost 3-2 to Brazil. &

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26 T October 2009 T Black Business News T

What is “Pass It On!� ???


n a few weeks Africare will launch an exciting new campaign to connect you to people overcoming major challenges impacting the African continent-- issues like unsafe drinking water, food insecurity, and the growing

number of children orphaned by AIDS. Our new “Pass It On!� campaign will carry these messages around the world through a series of powerful testimonies and unique stories told directly by the individuals who see, work with, or benefit from Africare’s assistance on the ground. The stories come from more than 20 African nations, covering a variety of key issues. They all carry positive messages of growth and empowerment on the African continent! Beginning September 1st, Africare will introduce you to a new story— once

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a month for 16 months— from a child, grandmother or Africare staff member who will “have something to tell you� about the important work Africare is implementing on the ground. Each will be packaged in a format that is ready to “pass on� to a friend or someone you know through video, social network, and even your phone! And if you live in Washington, DC, you’ll see our stories on buses and in Metro stations across the city. Sign-up to receive the messages and support the “Pass It On!� campaign using this special link - news/enews_signup.php. Learn more about Africare’s current projects, long history and esteemed leaders at their website - www.africare. org. &




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er vic e


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Services we offer




L.A. Business Printing is a full service printing facility that will meet your every need. We have prompt courteous, dependable service and will work to make your project the way you want it. We will provide the quality and Guarantee the Lowest Prices

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27 T October 2009 T Black Business News T

Recycling Black Dollars

The California Wellness Foundation Announces 2009 California Peace Prize Honorees


rian King, a former gang member and drug dealer, started a faith-based program in partnership with law enforcement, city leaders, and schools to provide services and support to at-risk youth in southwest Fresno. A refugee from Cambodia, Phalen Lim became an integral leader in an agency that combats gang violence and promotes cultural pride and understanding in Santa Ana. Olis Simmons applied her extensive experience in developing systems and programs that foster community wellness to create a youth leadership development center in East Oakland that prepares low-income youth of color for leadership and successful careers. On October 28, The California Wellness Foundation (TCWF) will honor these three community leaders with its 17th annual California Peace Prize at a ceremony in San Francisco. In recognition of their efforts to prevent violence and promote peace, the honorees will each receive a cash award of $25,000. [Profiles and photographs of the honorees can be accessed at ca_peace_prize/2009/.] “The honorees are representative of thousands of unsung heroes who work with youth to prevent violence in communities throughout California,” said Gary L. Yates, TCWF president and CEO. “This year’s honorees also show that perseverance through hardship can help build essential leadership that makes our state healthier and safer.”

Brian King As co-founder and chief executive of Fresno Street Saints, Brian King has come a long way from his days as a gang member and drug dealer in Chicago. Fresno Street Saints, a faithbased organization that seeks to restore southwest Fresno as a safe and

healthy community, provides services and support to at-risk youth and their families. The organization’s services include gang prevention and intervention programs that offer educational enrichment, youth employment training, grief counseling and family leadership development. “What we’re doing is taking back these streets and directing resources right to the people, especially to the youth,” said King. “The community leaders and resources must be as visible and as accessible as the gangs are, or the gangs will continue to win.”

Phalen Lim Escaping genocide, disease and starvation in Cambodia, Phalen Lim made her new life in Santa Ana, California. Lim and her family sought help from The Cambodian Family (TCF), an agency that provides health, employment and youth services to the refugee and immigrant community of Orange County. Originally a client — and then a volunteer — she is now a youth program director for TCF, working primarily with Cambodian and Latino youth. “Youth can identify with people who have lived in the same neighborhood, gone through similar struggles and made it,” said Lim. “I am a very strong believer in leading by example.”

Olis Simmons Olis Simmons has devoted her career to developing systems and programs that foster community wellness. Simmons helped found Youth UpRising (YU) and serves as its executive director. YU is a youth leadership development center that serves young people (ages 13 to 24) from Alameda County’s lowest-income communities. This public-private partnership offers services in health and wellness, anchored by a school-linked health clinic and inte-

grated mental health services; art and expression, featuring dance, music and film production; and career, pipeline preparation and placement. “The best prevention is investing in young people, in their education and sense of possibility,” said Simmons. “Be expansive in your notion of prevention. It’s not simply preventing a physical disease; it’s preventing the loss of hope.” The California Wellness Foundation is a private independent, private foundation, created in 1992, with a mission to improve the health of the people of California by making grants for health promotion, wellness education and disease prevention. The Foundation prioritizes eight issues for funding: diversity in the health professions, environmental health, healthy aging, mental health, teenage pregnancy prevention, violence prevention, women’s health, and work and health. It also responds to timely issues and special projects outside the funding priorities. Since its founding, TCWF has awarded 5,719 grants totaling more than $719 million. It is one of the state’s largest private foundations. Please visit TCWF’s website at www.CalWellness. org for more information, including a newsroom section devoted to the California Peace Prize and the three honorees. High-resolution photos are also available. &


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29 T October 2009 T Black Business News T

Books to Consider...

Malik’s Books - Now Online Only!

Before You Put That On: 365 Daily Style Tips for Her by Lloyd Boston. A man of style and substance, Lloyd is the author of three coveted style books: Men of Color (Artisan); Make Over Your Man (Doubleday); and, Before You Put That On (Simon and Schuster). He was a regular national event spokesperson for both Hilfiger and Lenscrafters. In like fashion, Lloyd has been a style lecturer to numerous brands including Giorgio Armani, American Express, American Airlines, Johnson & Johnson and Yahoo! Boston’s writings and style philosophy have been featured in numerous publications including: Elle, Glamour, InStyle, O Magazine, People, Real Simple and The Wall Street Journal.

Held at a Distance by Rebecca Haile. A story of a personal journey to reconnect to a land and its people and to events that led to the exodus of her family. Rebecca retraces personal painful memories and along the way enages her readers to a degree few books have managed. Rebecca raises issues of the survival of old Ethiopia and what Ethiopianness really means. She offers a new perspective to these questions. Her book forces Ethiopians to ask numerous questions that they have forgotten to ask. &


alik’s Books has closed operations in the Baldwin Hills Mall. Malik’s is now operating as an online bookstore. Malik’s is now available to serve our customer’s needs 24/7 via the world wide web with bigger deals and a larger selection. We will remain as active in the South Los Angeles community as we have always been. Please visit us at and/or www.autographbooks. com. For other information give us a call at 818-564-5694. If you want to coorespond with us, send letters to Malik’s Books, 3939 Crenshaw Boulevard, #324, Los Angeles, CA 90008. Thank You again for all your support and patronage over the years and visit us on the Web. &

Malik’s Books • • 818-564-5694

Back To School is Happening at the Black Book Stores!

Eso Won Books

African American Books 4331 Degnan Ave., Leimert Park, Los Angeles

“Give Books as Gifts to Friends & Family” Check out our unsurpassed collection of books, music, video, children’s books, and games!

“Real Folk Read” Book of the Month ON THE LINE by Serena Williams, Tennis Superstar Grand Central Press, 2009 Book Discussion, Wednesday, October 28, 2009, 7:00 p.m.

323-294-0324 • // for Calendar of Events

30 T October 2009 T Black Business News T

Zizini Safaris, Inc. Zizini Safaris provides the traveller with an unsurpassed and memorable experience of a lifetime in Tanzania. We share with you the beauty of Tanzania; its rich natural resources, warm, friendly people, and a wealth of cultural experiences; offer the opportunity to gain an appreciation of the flora and fauna of these beautiful lands, which will evoke the need to protect and enhance these experiences for today and future generations.

Zizini Safaris, Inc. 466 Old Craigville Road Centerville,MA 02632 (866) 948 ZIZI (9494)

Tuesday, Nov. 10th “For everyone interested in doing business with Metro”

Listen to

KDEE 97.7FM Watch & Support the Africa Channel! Time Warner • Channel 176 Don’t have the Africa Channel in your area? Call Time Warner at: 1-888-8922253 and ask that the Africa Channel be broadcast to ALL regions of California. For information on the Africa Channel visit or send an e-mail inquiry to

The California Black Chamber Foundation’s Radio Station

LIVE on Your Computer

31 T October 2009 T Black Business News T

Thursday Blues at

Uncle Darrow‛s High Noon-2pm Every Thursday

Come by for lunch and relax to blues and jazz from our house band! 2560 S. Lincoln Blvd. Marina del Rey North East corner of Washington & Lincoln

“LA Times Magazine favorite cajun food”

Joseph Business School (JBS) ANNOUNCES THE START OF THE 2009-2010 TERM

OCT 10, 2009-JUNE 2010 REGISTER BY SEPTEMBER 18, 2009





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For registration information, please contact Personal Services Plus Event Management Company at (626) 791-3847 or email

32 T October 2009 T Black Business News T

Leimert Park Village An African American Cultural, Retail, Foods & Entertainment Center. Degnan Boulevard between

Crenshaw & Leimert Blvds. 43rd Street-43rd Place, Los Angeles

SPECIALTY CAKES AND CATERING 820 N. La Brea Ave., #D • Inglewood, CA 90302

(310) 677-9979

“You’ll Love That Homemade Taste” • Cakes & Catering for All Occasions • Tuesday - Saturday 10 a.m - 6 p.m Sunday and Monday by Appointment

Shop, Eat, Relax in

Little Ethiopia

Experience Africa in America

Culture, Retail, Entertainment Fairfax Boulevard

between Pico & Olympic in Los Angeles

33 T October 2009 T Black Business News T

Calendar October… 5th-7th Forum Africa 2009 Discover new prospectives of commercial development on African and American continents during this unique event at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal, Canada. For detailed information visit

5th-11th Africa Design Expo Unique exibit and showcase for African designers and artists will be held at the Eko Hotel, Lagos, Nigeria. For information visit

9th-13th & 15th-19th Solar Decathalon U.S. Dept. of Energy & “Powered by the Sun” will hold a solar energy focused event on the National Mall in Washington, DC that includes workshops, exhibits and a contest in which teams must design and build enerigy-efficien homes powered exclusively by the sun. For information visit

10th Joseph Business School (JBS) The fall term of the JBS begins. JBS trains Christians who are called to be entrepreneurs how to start and operate profitable and successful businesses using biblical and practical principles as well as empowers them to release God’s anointing to prosper and establish God’s Kingdom on earth. FALL TERM APPLICATIONS ARE DUE September 18, 2009. Call the Joseph Business School for details at 562.906.5000.

Chairman’s Dinner The Black Economic Council will be hosting this years Chairmans Dinner on October 14, 2009 at the Scott’s Resturant in Jacklondon Square, 6:00pm - 9:00pm.

net, or contact Henderson Travel Service / Henderson Associates, Inc., the official conference management company via conference coordinator, Cyndie Graddy at (301) 650-5700 ext 507 or



Inland Empire’s Largest Mixer III Attend the ultimate business networking event! Mix and mingle with business people representing hundreds of industries and companies in and around the Inland Empire. 5:00 - 9:00 PM, Ontario Convention Center, 2000 E. Convention Center Way, Ontario, CA 91764. Mixer admission: $20 cash per person at the door or purchase admission and get more information online at


25th-30th Fifth International African Diaspora Heritage Trail Conference The conference in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania will creates a unique and inspiring learning environment where government officials, institutional representatives, historians, educators, artists, cultural policy analysts, architects, media, tourism marketing officials, preservationists and interested individuals—all committed to the development of viable African Diaspora heritage destinations may gather to explore trends, experience cultural expression, participate in professional development sessions, examine model heritage trail programs and enjoy networking with their colleagues. For more information about the conference visit the ADHT website, www.adht.

6th Annual BBA Procurement Exchange Summit & Awards Luncheon The annual business development event will be held at the Sheraton Gateway LAX Hotel, Los Angeles. The program will include One-on-One matchmaking sessions with utilities and corporate buyers, the “How to do Business with Utilities” workshop and the Awards Luncheon. For information call 323-291-9334. &

For a complete listings of events around Southern California visit

Send your event notice to:

Calendar at

13th CEDLI &CARAT 12th Annual Awards Luncheon At the Millennium Biltmore Hotel, 11:30 am to 1:30 pm. Call 424-832-0591 or send email to Cecily L. Jackson at cjackson@ for event details.


Bernahu Asfaw or Getahun Asfaw Locations: Downtown Culver City: 9537 Culver Blvd. 310-202-5453 City of Compton: 2600 E. Alondra Blvd. 310-638-7871

1041 S. Fairfax Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90019

323-938-8827 or 323-938-8806 Fax: 323-932-6047 •

Open Sunday-Thursday 11am-10pm Friday-Saturday 11am-11pm

35 T October 2009 T Black Business News T

Open 7 days a week 11am - 11pm

MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION Please complete then submit this form with your payment. Please type or print. Name: Title: Company: Address: City: State: Zip Code: Telephone: E-mail: URL: Type of Business: W/MBE Certified by:


Year Established:

NAICS Codes: Briefly describe your products and/or services

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Select Type of Membership ‰ Regular Member-$200 annual dues 51% African-American owned, Voting membership

‰ Corporate Member-$2,500 annual dues Major corporation, Non-voting membership ‰ Associate Member-$100 annual dues Non-business owner, Non-voting membership ‰ Student Member-$25 annual dues Full-time registered student, Non-voting membership Amount enclosed $ Payment type: ‰ credit card ‰ Visa ‰ MasterCard Card #: Signature Fax Payment to: 323-291-9234

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Payment type: ‰ check/money order—make payable to: Black Business Association Mail to: P.O. Box 43159, Los Angeles, CA 90043 USA For information Call: 323-291-9334 Email: Website:

VERACITY REALTY, INC. “Dedicated to Truthfulness” Let us see what we can do for you in both Commercial & Residential finance!


Jonathan Thompson, Commercial Broker Phone: 800-455-2142 Cell: 323-309-2885

Rhonda Thompson, Residential Loan Officer Phone 800-455-2142 Cell: 323-387-9439 CA Dept. of Real Estate, Real Estate Broker: 01781216 *APR: Includes appraisal, title insurance, escrow, points & other loan cost is 6.487%

Four Season’s Production Multi-Cultural H Multi-Purpose Multi-Functional H Multi-Faceted Manufacturing, Productivity, Growth & Expansion Economical H Globalization H Empowerment

“We’re Fired Up and Ready to Go”

Open Supplier Certification Process The Verizon Communications Corporation is seeking to identify a greater share of African American-owned and operated businesses to match to potential operating contracts. The data base that Verizon procurement management personnel are instructed to review is the California Public Utilities Commission Clearinghouse.

Entrepreneurial Business Development Diversified H Subdivision H Product-Mix & Creating Jobs Across America City by City H State by State National and International Trade Exchange

“Yes We Can” “Something New and Excitingly Different on the Horizon” Commercial


Genell Brown, Artist Designer

Our Community Source Contact: Keasha L. Charles

888-988-8551 Phone & Fax

BBA members wanting to expand market opportunities with a telecommunication company should consider completing a supplier certification application. To obtain an application go to the Internet web address and visit the supplier diversity page for an online application. The BBA encourages all members to participate in this process that works to create greater opportunities for all African-American owned and operated firms. Last year the California Verizon Company reported an annual spend with African American owned suppliers in excess of $40 million.

37 T October 2009 T Black Business News T

If you’re having trouble making your house payment, you’re not alone. Call us. We may be able to help. If you’re a Countrywide mortgage customer having a difficult time making your house payments, call one of our specially trained Home Retention Specialists. Countrywide wants to help you to keep your home. The sooner we can talk, the sooner we can try to help.

Call Countrywide Mortgage Help: 1-888-200-5872 Reference number: 222 5 AM – 9 PM PT, Monday – Thursday 5 AM – 7 PM PT, Friday

Equal Housing Lender. © 2008 Countrywide Bank, FSB. Member FDIC. Trade/service marks are the property of Countrywide Financial Corporation, Countrywide Bank, FSB, or their respective affiliates and/or subsidiaries.



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38 T October 2009 T Black Business News T

Choose to care. Choose to celebrate. Choose to dream. At Comerica Bank, we choose to care about the dreams and visions of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We choose to celebrate equality and diversity among all people, and we’re dedicated to ringing the bells of freedom. Choose to celebrate the dream with us.

Crenshaw 3825 Crenshaw Boulevard Los Angeles

El Segundo 2321 Rosecrans Avenue El Segundo


Member FDIC. Equal Opportunity Lender.

Wilshire-Crescent Heights 6301 Wilshire Boulevard Los Angeles

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