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President’s Message Earl “Skip” Cooper, II President/Chief Executive Officer

Stamp Out Supplier Diversity Divergence


or the seventh consecutive year, on November 4, 2010, the Black Business Association (BBA) will present its vital PROCUREMENT EXCHANGE SUMMIT that vigorously generates and resourcefully assembles major telecommunication, gas, electric, and transportation corporations to meet distinctively with small business owners. The major public and private sector participating organizations this year represents a combined annual spend of over $50 billion. In view of that, there is a significant opportunity for improving open access and supplier engagement, where the BBA encourages all small businesses to attend this powerful forum to seek selling opportunities. The BBA is grateful to the California Public Utilities Commission, African American Supplier Engagement Collaboration, National Black Business Council, and California Black Chamber of Commerce for their long-standing support to the PROCUREMENT EXCHANGE SUMMIT. Every participant should make plans to join the ‘One-On-One Match Making’ portion of the summit that facilitates meeting sessions between procurement management personnel and sellers at set times during the day. The location for the PROCUREMENT EXCHANGE SUMMIT is the Sheraton Gateway Hotel (LAX), 6101 W. Century Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90045. To register, visit our web site Proud sponsors include SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA EDISON, NORTHROP GRUMAN, SEMPRA ENERGY, LOS ANGELES WORLD AIRPORTS, CO-

MERICA BANK, AT&T, SOUTHWEST GAS, HONDA, WELLS FARGO BANK, TURNER, VERIZON, AEG, METRO, KAISER PERMANENTE, DEPARTMENT OF GENERAL SERVICES, US BANK, TIME WARNER CABLE, AND THE CITY OF LOS ANGELES DEPARTMENT OF WATER AND POWER. The Greater Los Angeles African American Chamber of Commerce (GLAAACC) this month launched a significant Reform Proposal for the City of Los Angeles focused on minority business contracting and procurement processes. Current practices to increase the recruitment and use of local minority businesses within the City of Los Angeles have not been in line with extending business parity in public contract awards. Gene Hale, GLAAACC Chairman and former BBA Chairman developed a coalition of diverse supporters for minority business contracting reform in the City of Los Angeles that addresses the decline in contracts awarded to black and other minorityowned firms. GLAAACC’s work effort to remove supplier disparity within the City of Los Angeles exemplifies the diverging practices in supply chain management, which is negatively swelling in both the public and private contracting programs. There is a mounting trend of socioeconomic ostracism of black business utilization, particularly in outsourcing practices to include black enterprises in the operational responsibilities. Not exclusive to procurement supplies, but also outsourcing in human resources, call center applications, legal management, engineering and the like

have worsened steadily since 2000. It dropped a bit in the later part of the 1990’s, and then started climbing again post September 11, 2001. During the 1970’s and 1980’s busi-

...this past decade has disclosed serious divergence practices on the part of outreach community specialists, many of whom have become desensitize to small business needs... ness leaders took great pride with pursuing and ensuring that each disenfranchised group obtained the maximum practicable and viable opportunities in accessing all contracting opportunities. However, this past decade has disclosed serious divergence practices on the part of outreach community specialists, many of whom have become desensitize to small business needs, as well as demonstrating unfamiliarity with how their respective corporations process make or buy decisions and how to work with an outside service provider. Consequently, by employing out-of-

3  October 2010  Black Business News 

see President’s Message on page 60

Over 40 years of service Founded 1970

Black Business Association P.O. Box 43159, Los Angeles, CA 90043 323-291-9334 Fax: 323-291-9234 Search: Black Business Association




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Northrop Grumman Corporation Raytheon Company S.C.R.P.C. Sempra Energy Southern California Edison Swinerton Builders Toyota Motor Sales, Inc. Turner Construction Company Union Bank of California USBank  Verizon Walt Disney Company WellPoint  Wells Fargo Bank Lyceum Management Services, Ex Officio Hollis Smith, Ex Officio Paulette Williams, Ex Officio

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Ted Davis, Chairman IsComp Systems, Inc. Nathan Freeman, Vice Chairman Figueroa Media Group, Inc. Eugene Jones, Secretary NVA Financial Group, Inc.

2010 Events

February Black Business Awards Dinner - 36th Anniversary of the BBA March Salute to Black Women November Utilities Procurement Exchange Summit & Awards Luncheon December BBA 40th Year Celebration • Call for information •

323-291-9334 4  October 2010  Black Business News 

About the BBA… Since 1970, the Black Business Association (BBA), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, headquartered in Los Angeles, has been instrumental in the incubation and development of more than 15,000 African-American businesses. Nationally, we have access and influence with more than 85,000 African-American-owned and women/ minority-owned firms via strategic alliances with more than 100 women/minority trade associations in more than 42 states nationwide.

___ Our Mission ___ The Black Business Association’s mission is to advocate and promote the development of African-American owned businesses with the goal of creating a firm economic base that support the self-determination and survival of the African-American and urban community by: •

Identifying and creating financial opportunities for the growth and stability of African-American owned businesses;

Being a community voice that advocates for the success of small businesses;

Being a conduit for the merging of resources, values, profits, technology and people;

Promoting development and support of minority business enterprises within the domestic and international economies by encouraging and generating greater access to market opportunities and capital;

Providing training for entrepreneurial professional development;

Supporting and contributing to the economic base and progress of the African-American community; and

Developing coalitions that support our political endeavors to effectively achieve public recognition and political influence for African-American business owners.

___ Advocacy ___ The Black Business Association maintains very effective working relationships with elected and appointed officials for the support of African-American business development. Locally, statewide and in Washington, DC, we are constantly aware of pending legislation that might affect our member’s businesses, their growth and even their ability to conduct business. When legislation is being considered that affects our mission, the BBA quickly mobilizes to work with key policy makers to support, defeat or modify the bill and pursue the BBA position. As an organization, we are constantly at the helm, securing innovative means and policies that protect our constituency and their business interests. 

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Small Business Jobs Act 2010 Skills for America’s Future MBDA News-Global Construction Program Rebuilding America’s Infrastructure California Recovery


Southland Partnership Honors Community Champs


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SBA News 2,000 New SBA Loans, Job Act 2010 Success



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2007 - Journalist of the Year Award Minority Business Development Agency

2010 - Media Firm of the Year

President Barack Obama participates in the CNBC Town Hall Discussion on Jobs with John Harwood at the Newseum in Washington, DC. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

The Recovery Act Creates Jobs and Changes Lives for the Better by Tom Vilsack, Secretary of Agriculture


ecently, I released, “Rural Development and the Recovery Act: Working For Rural Communities”, a report outlining how funds allocated to seven programs administered by USDA Rural Development have sparked economic growth, created or saved over 300,000 jobs, and funded projects in almost 3,000 counties. USDA staff approved 95,000 loans, made 2,500 grants and assisted 2,000 rural businesses with loan guarantees. We also assisted 93,000 American families close home loans, either by guaranteeing a loan from a lending institution or making a loan through our

direct program. We approved Internet projects that will provide an estimated 7 million people, many of them in remote areas including Tribal lands, access to improved state-of-the-art broadband service. Those are significant numbers, but as I travel the country, I am most impressed by the individuals who tell me how their lives are being changed, directly or indirectly, because of the Act. In Port Angeles, Washington, 147 workers have jobs because a Business Loan guarantee allowed a plywood plant to reopen after a three year shutdown. Older job seekers in Ten-

nessee are receiving computer training and developing new work skills thanks to a computer lab funded with a Rural Business Enterprise Grant. A firm in Gering, Nebraska, saw demand for its homes rebound after USDA partnered with lending institutions, the city and a development firm to provide local residents with quality homes. Through the Recovery Act, USDA has funded over 850 water projects to improve public health and environmental quality; over 560 public safety facilities; 312 cultural and educational facilities including 196 library projects; and

6  October 2010  Black Business News 

see Creating Jobs on page 59

Small Business Jobs Act of 2010


he Small Business Jobs Act, signed by President Obama will provide critical resources to help small businesses continue to drive economic recovery and create jobs. The new law extends the successful SBA Recovery loans while offering billions more in lending support and tax breaks for entrepreneurs and small business owners. New Law Puts More Capital in the Hands of Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners • Recovery Act Loans Extension – $14 billion more in lending support o The law will extend SBA Recovery loans (with the 90% guarantee and reduced fees) through December 31, 2010. The $505 million for Recovery loans in this new law will support about $14 billion in overall small business lending. More than 1,400 small businesses that have been in a queue waiting for this bill to become law will be funded in a matter of days. o Since passage of the Recovery Act, SBA has supported nearly 70,000 Recovery loans, turning $680 million in taxpayer dollars into more than $30 billion in lending support. • Higher Loan Limits – significantly increases maximum loan sizes in top loan programs o The law will permanently increase 7(a) and 504 limits from $2 million to $5 million (for manufacturers in 504 loan program, up to $5.5 million). o The law will permanently increase microloan limits from $35,000 to $50,000, helping larger entrepreneurs with start-up costs and small business owners in underserved communities. • Alternative Size Standards – more small businesses eligible to get SBA loans o The law expands the number of businesses eligible for SBA loans by increasing the alternate size standard to those small businesses with less than $15 million in net worth and $5 million in average net income. • Temporary Enhancements to Help

with Working Capital, Commercial Real Estate Refinancing o The law will increase maximum amount of SBA Express loans from $350,000 to $1 million (expires 9/27/2011). o The law will allow some small businesses to refinance their owner-occupied commercial real estate mortgages into the 504 loan program (expires 9/27/2012). • Dealer Floor Plan Pilot Extension, Expansion o The pilot program (begun 2009) will be extended to 2013. o After the $5-million loan limit is implemented, this will help even more small businesses owners who sell cars, RVs, boats, other titleable inventory. • Small Business Intermediary Lending Pilot o The law provides funding for up to $20 million per year in small business loans over the next three years for an intermediary-facilitated loan program targeting small businesses that need loans up to $200,000. New Law Strengthens Small Businesses’ Ability to Compete for Contracts, Including Recommendations from the President’s Task Force on Federal Contracting Opportunities for Small Business • Equal Treatment across Federal Contracting Programs o The law reaffirms “parity” among federal small business contracting programs. Contracting officers will be free to choose among businesses owned by women and servicedisabled veterans, as well as those participating in HUBZone and 8(a) programs, and soon the women’s contracting program when conducting contracts that are set-aside for small business. • Better Playing Field for Small Businesses – more accountability, integrity, transparency o The law gives agency procurement officers more ability to provide both

large prime contracts and mircocontracts to small businesses. The law makes it harder for agencies to “bundle” contracts, a practice that often takes opportunities away from small business. The law also has stronger enforcement so agencies will be held more accountable for reaching small business goals. o The law enforces stronger subcontracting plan requirements for large prime contractors to ensure small businesses are utilized in subcontracting. It also discourages late payments to small subcontractors. o The law enforces SBA’s continuing efforts to combat fraud, waste, and abuse. Federal agencies, including the Department of Justice, will have more ability to vigorously pursue companies that win contracts by misrepresenting their small business status. • Small Business Teaming Opportunities o The law provides $25 million for a new pilot that provides grants that will help small businesses team up with each other to compete for larger and more complex federal government contracts. New Law Promotes Small Business Exporting, Building on the President’s National Export Initiative • Export Express Pilot Becomes Permanent o The law turns the Export Express pilot loan program into a permanent program with 90% guarantees for loans up to $350,000 and 75% for loans between $350,000 and $500,000. • State Trade and Export Promotion Grants Pilot o The law provides $90 million in competitive grants over next three years for states to help small business owners with exporting. • Increased Staff and Strengthened Export Counseling Resources. Law Expands Training and Counseling: • Major Investment in Counseling and Training

7  October 2010  Black Business News 

see Jobs Act 2010 on page 71

National Recovery:

New Law Has Big Effects for Small Biz by Jim Guiliano


he recently passed Small Business Jobs Act of 2010 has some little-known provisions that directly affect small business benefits and bottom line. Specifically, regarding benefits, the law: Ends the requirement that cell phones meet certain heightened substantiation and depreciation rules. This change clears the way for the IRS to issue new rules about taxation of the personal use of employer-provided cell phones — rules that supposedly will ease the documentation standards companies had to meet to offer taxfree cell-phone use to employees. The change doesn’t affect the authority of the IRS to determine the appropriateness of cell phones as a tax-free working condition fringe benefit or that the personal use of such devices, provided primarily for business purposes, may constitute a tax-free de minimis fringe benefit.

a designated Roth account, the plan must be amended to reflect this plan feature. The IRS will provide employers with a remedial amendment period to allow the employers to offer this option

celerate the rate at which they deduct capital expenditures. Allows some self-employed to get a deduction for the cost of health insurance for themselves and their family

Provides that if a 401(k), 403(b) plan, or 457(b) deferred-compensation plan has a qualified designated Roth contribution program, when there is a distributable event, a distribution to an employee (or a surviving spouse) from an account under the plan that is not a designated Roth account is permitted to be rolled over into a designated Roth account under the plan for the individual. Provides that a plan that includes a designated Roth program is permitted but not required to allow employees (and surviving spouses) to make the rollover contribution described above to a designated Roth account. If a plan allows these rollover contributions to

to employees (and surviving spouses) for distributions during 2010 and then have sufficient time to amend the plan to reflect this feature. On taxes, the law: Temporarily puts in place for the rest of 2010 a provision that eliminates capital gains taxes on investments held for at least five years. Increases for 2010 and 2011 the amount of investments that businesses would be eligible to immediately write off to $500,000, while raising the level of investments at which the write-off phases out to $2 million. Extends a provision for a 50% “bonus depreciation” through 2010, meaning in 2010, small businesses can ac-

members in calculating their self-employment taxes. Temporarily increases the amount of start-up expenditures entrepreneurs can deduct from their taxes for this year from $5,000 to $10,000 (with a phaseout threshold of $60,000 in expenditures). Allows certain small businesses to “carry back” their general business credits to offset five years of taxes — while also allowing these credits to offset the Alternative Minimum Tax. Changes, beginning this year, the penalty for failing to report certain tax transactions from a fixed dollar amount to a percentage of the tax benefits from the transaction. 

9  October 2010  Black Business News 

The White House  President Barack H. Obama Memorandum for the Heads of Executive Departments and Agencies Subject: Establishing a Task Force on Skills for America’s Future


n order to compete in the global economy, the United States needs the most educated workforce in the world. The high-wage jobs of the 21st century will require more knowledge and skills than the jobs of the past. We therefore must develop innovative strategies to train more Americans with the skills that businesses and the economy will need to ensure American competitiveness. Community colleges are a key part of our education system, providing a flexible and affordable place to sharpen relevant workforce skills and align them with the needs of employers in their communities. Traditional four-year colleges, on-line institutions, and nontraditional educational outlets also can play an essential role in providing training opportunities. To prepare students for 21st-century jobs, these institutions need to develop flexible, affordable, and responsive training programs that meet regional and national economic needs. An important way to ensure that training programs meet such needs is through partnerships between these institutions and labor unions, small businesses, and other regional employers. As educational institutions develop these innovative programs, we should assess what works and what does not, so that we reward excellent outcomes and true innovation that meets the needs of entrepreneurs and other employers in every part of the country, from rural communities to urban centers. Therefore, I am establishing a task force to develop skills for America’s future by identifying, developing, and increasing the scale of promising approaches to improving the skills of our Nation’s workers. By coordinating the work of relevant agencies with that of nonprofits, labor unions, and private sector organizations, and by leveraging the assets of these entities, this effort will build better partnerships between businesses, community colleges, and other training providers to get Americans trained for the jobs of today and tomorrow. Section 1. Establishment. There is established an interagency Task Force on Skills for America’s Future (Task Force) to ensure that Federal policies promote innovative training programs and curricula, including successful publicprivate partnerships, at community colleges as well as in other settings, that will prepare the American workforce for 21st-century jobs. The Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers, the Assistant to the President for Economic Policy, and the Assistant to the President for Domestic Policy shall serve as Co-Chairs of the Task Force. Section 2. Membership. In addition to the Co-Chairs, the Task Force shall consist of the following members, or any senior official designated by one of the following members who is a part of the member’s department, agency, or office, and who is a full time employee of the Federal Government: (a) the Secretary of Defense; (b) the Secretary of Agriculture; (c) the Secretary of Commerce; (d) the Secretary of Labor; (e) the Secretary of Health and Human Services; (f) the Secretary of Transportation; (g) the Secretary of Energy; (h) the Secretary of Education; (i) the Secretary of Veterans Affairs; (j) the Director of the Office of Management and Budget; (k) the Administrator of the Small Business Administration; (l) the Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy; and (m) the heads of other executive departments,

agencies, or offices as the Co-Chairs may designate. Section 3. Administration. The Council of Economic Advisers shall provide administrative support for the Task Force to the extent permitted by law and within existing appropriations. Section 4. Mission and Functions. The Task Force shall work across executive departments and agencies to ensure that Federal policies facilitate, and offer incentives for, innovative career-training and education opportunities at community colleges as well as in other settings, and that these opportunities are directly related to skills and job requirements across a range of industries. Using the best evidence available regarding effective practice, the Task Force shall develop recommendations and options for meeting the following objectives: (a) improved public-private collaboration to develop career pathway and training programs with effective curricula, certifiable skills, and industry-recognized credentials and degrees; (b) identification of opportunities to amplify, accelerate, or increase the scale of, successful public-private partnerships that match trained workers with prospective employers; (c) identification and development of stackable credentials that provide entry to and advancement along a career pathway in an in-demand occupation; (d) outreach to relevant stakeholders -- including industry, the adult workforce, younger students, educational institutions, labor unions, policymakers, and community leaders -- with expertise in skill development; (e) alignment of workforce training programs funded by the Departments of Education and Labor, as well as other Federal agencies, with innovative practices and regional market demands, to build on effective skills-based training for adult workers and younger students, including individuals with disabilities; (f) partnership with appropriate non-profit entities to engage the private sector in developing effective training programs that provide students with recognizable and portable skills that are needed in the marketplace; and (g) greater use of technology to improve training, skills assessment, and labor market information. Section 5. General Provisions. (a) This memorandum shall be implemented consistent with applicable law and subject to the availability of any necessary appropriations. (b) This memorandum is not intended to, and does not, create any right or benefit, substantive or procedural, enforceable at law or in equity by any party against the United States, its departments, agencies, or entities, its officers, employees, or agents, or any other person. (c) The heads of executive departments and agencies shall assist and provide information to the Task Force, consistent with applicable law, as may be necessary to carry out the functions of the Task Force. Each executive department, agency, and office shall bear its own expenses of participating in the Task Force. (d) The Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers is hereby authorized and directed to publish this memorandum in the Federal Register.

National Recovery:

Building Skills for America’s Future President Barack Obama announces launch of Skills for America’s Future at a meeting of the President’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board (PERAB) in the State Dining Room of the White House. Official White House Photo by Samantha Appleton


resident Obama has announced the launch of a new initiative Skills for America’s Future ( - an effort to improve industry partnerships with community colleges to ensure that America’s community college students are gaining the skills and knowledge they need to be successful in the workforce. President Obama laid out his vision for the Skills for America’s Future program before the start of the President’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board (PERAB) meeting. “The idea here is simple: we want to make it easier to connect students looking for jobs with busi-

nesses looking to hire. We want to help community colleges and employers create programs that match curricula in the classroom with the needs of the boardroom. We’ve already seen cases where this can work. Cisco, for example, has been working directly with community colleges to prepare students and workers for jobs ranging from work in broadband to health IT. And all over the country, we know that the most successful community colleges are those that partner with the private sector. So Skills for America’s Future would help build on these success stories by connecting more employers, schools, and other job training providers,

and helping them share knowledge about what practices work best. The goal is to ensure that every state in the country has at least one strong partnership between a growing industry and a community college. Already, companies from UTC to Accenture to the GAP have announced their support for this initiative, as well as business leaders like my friend Penny Pritzker and the Aspen Institute’s Walter Isaacson. I hope other business leaders will follow suit, and I’m also setting up a taskforce to work directly with the business community on this effort.” see Skills for America on page 21

Community college professor and advocate Dr. Jill Biden and and Dr. Martha Kanter, U.S. Department of Education undersecretary of vocational and adult education, second and third from left, joined Dr. Martha A. Smith, president of Anne Arundel Community College, right, in getting hands-on experience in “Intermediate Bakery Production” from Chef Virginia Olson, left. Biden was visiting AACC in preparation for the first-ever White House Summit on Community Colleges she will host today. PRNewsFoto/Anne Arundel Community College

11  October 2010  Black Business News 

THE WHITE HOUSE Office of the Press Secretary

Presidential Proclamation

Minority Enterprise Development Week Since our Nation’s founding, the United States has been a beacon of economic opportunity and limitless possibility. America’s strength and resiliency have relied on the vision of our entrepreneurs and small business owners, whose tireless work ethic has defined the character of our country. During Minority Enterprise Development Week, we celebrate the millions of minority business owners whose firms generate jobs, strengthen our economy, and embody the entrepreneurial spirit of America. Even in the toughest of times, America has been characterized by the belief that anyone with a good idea and enough hard work can succeed and share those achievements with their employees and communities. Today, as we emerge from a historic recession, many families and businesses face difficult economic challenges, and we must continue to prioritize job creation as part of a sustained recovery that works for all Americans. Minority-owned and operated enterprises are essential to stabilizing our economy now, and laying a foundation for future economic growth and prosperity. Looking forward, we must continue to remove barriers so these businesses can create new employment opportunities, increase their capacity, and advance our long-term prosperity. To achieve this goal, my Administration is committed to taking concrete steps to increase Government procurement opportunities for small and minority businesses. By unleashing the energy and ingenuity of American entrepreneurs in the domestic and international marketplaces, we can generate millions of jobs here at home, open and expand new markets, reduce barriers to trade, and ensure strong and balanced economic growth. As America competes in the global economy, it is vital we capitalize on the dedication, creativity, and acumen shown by our minority business owners and their employees. Through the National Export Initiative, my Administration is teaming with American businesses to double our exports over the next 5 years. The skills and leadership of minority business owners and employees will be critical as our public servants and business leaders develop the linguistic capabilities, cultural competencies, and international partnerships needed in a 21st century economy. Minority Enterprise Development Week is anchored by the American legacy of entrepreneurial ambition and innovation. As we honor minority enterprises, their industrious owners, and their hard-working employees, let us also recognize the diversity, determination, insight, and innovation of American businesses, and the immeasurable support they lend to our leadership in the global marketplace. NOW, THEREFORE, I, BARACK OBAMA, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim August 22 through August 28, 2010, as Minority Enterprise Development Week. I call upon all Americans to celebrate this week with appropriate programs, ceremonies, and activities to recognize the many contributions of our Nation’s minority enterprises. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this twentieth day of August, in the year of our Lord two thousand ten, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and thirty-fifth.


12  October 2010  Black Business News 

Minority Business Development Agency

Global Construction Program - Help for Minority-owned Construction Firms “The Global Construction Program is designed to provide minorityowned firms with access to relationships, technical training, and skills to compete in the construction industry worldwide,” MBDA National Director David A. Hinson said. “This is the first time in history that minority businesses will have access to global construction opportunities. Under the Obama administration we intend to support job growth by expanding export capability and by leveraging economic benefits of the minority business community - a community that adds $1 trillion in economic output to the nation. This program is the first of a series of programs designed to increase employment and capacity in the minority business sector.”


ver the next decade, countries around the world, including Brazil, Russia, India and China, will undergo significant investment in infrastructure including thousands of miles of high-speed railways and roads, hundreds of airports, and many sustainable water, energy and rural projects. With these global investments in infrastructure in mind, and to support the President’s National Export Initiative (NEI) to increase exports over the next five years, MBDA developed the Global Construction Program to help minority-owned construction firms learn the nuts and bolts of international projects and performance. Public-Private Partnership Pulling together partners such as Tutor-Perini Corporation, the International Trade Administration, the University of Southern California, Next Level

Diversity LLC and Ralph Moore & Associates, MBDA spearheaded the unprecedented public-private partnership to globalize the minority construction industry. This program is underscored by the opportunity to compete for $1 billion in Tutor-Perini contracts. Over the next six months, three classes of 50 participants each will receive training which is tailored specifically to contracting on international federal projects. The knowledge gained in the construction and technical aspects will prepare minority-owned firms to perform on projects of any trans-global construction firm. The International Trade Administration will train firms to identify opportunities, compete and perform on projects worldwide. The instruction consists of one week in Las Vegas at the Perini Building Company training facility. The curriculum will include, but is not limited to, areas such

as: engineering elements, design build fast track schedules, cost reporting, and financial implications of doing business in Guam. In addition, the program consists of 64 hours of online training courses and 10 hours of webinars. Program Requirements To participate, minority-owned firms must have performed at least $10 million on a single project if a general contractor, or at least $5 million on a single project if a subcontractor or vendor. The cost of the program is $10,000 for general contractors and $7,500 for subcontractors and vendors. To participate in the Global Construction Program, applicant firms must also be: • Minority-owned (more than 50 percent) and operated, and certified as a minority enterprise or similar designation by NMSDC or have other recognized certifications, such as an SBA 8(a), program signed letter of enrollment, or a similar state-level minority enterprise certification; • Willing to complete a business needs assessment; and • Operating an active construction or construction supply business and have been in this business for five years or more immediately preceding the submission of the application. To apply, minority-owned firms should send an e-mail to with Global Construction Program in the subject line. When e-mailing, firms should include: Company name, Contact name, Scope of Work (please include CSI code), Telephone Number, Fax Number, Physical address, E-mail address, Website address. 

13  October 2010  Black Business News 

Remarks by President Obama on Rebuilding America’s Infrastructure

President Barack Obama holds a meeting with Cabinet secretaries, former secretaries of Transportation and mayors and governors on infrastructure investment in the State Dining Room of the White House. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

THE PRESIDENT: Good morning, everybody. I just had a meeting with Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood, and governors like Ed Rendell, mayors like Antonio Villaraigosa, and economists and engineers from across the country to discuss one of America’s greatest challenges: our crumbling infrastructure and the urgent need to put Americans back to work upgrading it for the 21st century. We’re also joined today by two former Transportation Secretaries of both political parties: Sam Skinner, who served under President George H.W. Bush; and Norm Mineta, who served in the Cabinets of both President Clinton and President George W. Bush. They’re here today because they are passionate about this task. Their cooperation –- and indeed, this country’s very history –- proves that this is something for which there

has traditionally been broad bipartisan support. So Sam and Norm have been leading a bipartisan group of more than 80 experts who, just last week, released a call to action demanding a “fundamental overhaul” of how America approaches funding and building our infrastructure. And today, my Treasury Department and my Council of Economic Advisors have released our own study. And these reports confirm what any American can already tell you: our infrastructure is woefully inefficient and it is outdated. For years, we have deferred tough decisions, and today, our aging system of highways and byways, air routes and rail lines hinder our economic growth. Today, the average American household is forced to spend more on transportation each year than food. Our roads, clogged with traffic, cost us $80 billion a year in lost productivity and wasted fuel. Our airports,

choked with passengers, cost nearly $10 billion a year in productivity losses from flight delays. And in some cases, our crumbling infrastructure costs American lives. It should not take another collapsing bridge or failing levee to shock us into action. So we’re already paying for our failure to act. And what’s more, the longer our infrastructure erodes, the deeper our competitive edge erodes. Other nations understand this. They are going all-in. Today, as a percentage of GDP, we invest less than half of what Russia does in their infrastructure, less than one-third of what Western Europe does. Right now, China’s building hundreds of thousands of miles of new roads. Over the next 10 years, it plans to build dozens of new airports. Over the next 20, it could build as many as 170 new mass transit systems. Everywhere else, they’re thinking big.

15  October 2010  Black Business News 

see Infrastructure on page 30

California Recovery:

Govenor Signs AB 1918 into Law: Increases State Contract Opportunities for California Business Owners


overnor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed AB 1918, written by Assemblymember Davis, which would require wireless telecommunications service providers to annually report on their progress related to increasing contracting with women and minority-owned businesses and disabled veteran business enterprises (WMDVBEs).

Existing law provides that the PUC require each electrical, gas, water, and telephone companies with revenues over $25 million and their commissionregulated subsidiaries and affiliates to submit annually a detailed and verifiable plan for increasing women and minority-owned business and DVBE procurement in all categories. “Currently, wireless telecommunications service providers are not specified among the utility companies required to annually submit a detailed and verifiable plan for increasing women and minority-owned business or disabled veteran business,” said Assemblymember Davis. In 1986, the PUC adopted General Order 156 (GO 156), which created the Women-owned and Minority-owned Business Enterprise program to increase diversity in various utility operations and procurement processes.

GO 156 requires the PUC-regulated electrical, gas, and telephone corporations with gross annual revenues exceeding $25 million to submit annual reports on their progress in meeting the short and long-term goals and timelines set in their diversity plan for increasing the participation of womenand minority-owned businesses in all procurement categories. “I am very pleased to extend the opportunities available for state contracts

to these business owners. Given the state of the California economy, it is absolutely necessary that we foster competition for state contracts. Competition leads to better pricing for the state, and contract diversity spreads state dollars among business owners throughout the state,” said Davis. AB 1918 passed out of both the State Assembly and Senate with bipartisan support. The bill has been assigned the Chapter number 456, statutes 2010, by the California Secretary of State. 

Recovery Act Investments Expand Broadband Internet Access and Spur Economic Growth


.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke today announced 14 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act investments to help bridge the technological divide, create jobs, and improve education and public safety in communities across the country. The investments, totaling $206.8 million in grants, are the final awards in a program to increase broadband Internet access and adoption, enhancing the quality of life for Americans and laying the groundwork for sustainable economic growth. The Commerce Department’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) and the Department of Agriculture’s Rural Utilities Service are administering a nearly $7 billion Recovery Act initiative to expand access to and adoption of broadband services. NTIA is utilizing approximately $4 billion of that funding for the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP), which provides grants to support the deployment of broadband infrastructure, enhance and expand public computer centers, and encourage sustainable adoption of broadband service. Some of the California grants opportunities are shown in this article. Fact sheets with further information about all BTOP grants are available on the NTIA program web site here: http://www.ntia.

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see NTIA Grants on page 26

portive human resource services. Their respective commitment is necessary to help people who otherwise would not gain access to positive jobs. Mr. Jones notes that the PCN members carry a deep admiration for all front line personnel that consistently work to improve the local health and service delivery outreach through engaging work opportunities that help strengthen the quality of living standards for people. Such individuals demonstrate an outstanding ability to shape and orchestrate marginalized citizens into productive careers, which has an overall outcome of enhancing and transforming communities. Southern California represents a geographical area that has considerably more people than available jobs, making it a challenging opportunity to place potential and qualified job applicants into positive work positions. Accordingly, it takes dedicated management skills to help people follow through on employment positions in this job market. A notable reason for taking time to publicly honor community Seated L to R: Anita Wallace, Los Angeles Urban League Business & Career Worksource development specialists, who Center, Jean Franklin, United Job Creation Council, Janaya Thomas, Goodwill, Serving are in essence, CHOREOGRAPHERS OF CAREERS©. the People of Southern Los Angeles County. Standing L to R: Officer Adam Moore, Los Angeles Police Department, Ernest Melendrez, The Southland Partnership Corporation, nonprofit business Friends Outside, Dean Jones, PCN co-founder and Director, Charles Pascal, ABCO and labor service group, sponTechnology, Anthony Johnson, United States Veterans Initiative. sors the awards and the PCN members nominate their peers or colhe P.O.W.E.R. Collaborative raise awareness more efficiently about leagues for recognition. The actual Network (PCN), a human social the available support education, job de- award changes from year-to-year to service and economic develop- velopment and socioeconomic growth symbolize the unique consciousness of ment service provider nonprofit orga- initiatives available to local residents the front line workers, who unselfishly nization today announced a formal and employers. The PCN supports help others to shape their lives. recognition to seven people making a that requirement as an interactive busiThe 2010 CHOREOGRAPHERS OF difference in the lives of Los Angeles ness tool helping to expedite job, train- CAREERS© are, list alphabetically by residents. The PCN, founded in Janu- ing and other essential resources infor- first name: ary 2001, operates under the Work- mation rapidly throughout the County • Officer Adam Moore, Los Angeles force Investment Act, to deliver more of Los Angeles. Police Department efficiently and effectively essential life Billy Williams, PCN advisory board • Anita Wallace, Los Angeles Urban needs throughout the community; thus, member, said; “shinning a spotlight on League Business & Career Workthe acronym P.O.W.E.R. means Pro- individuals of organizations that demsource Center moting Opportunities With Essential onstrate cooperation in the workplace • Anthony Johnson, United States Resources. consistently for local residents and Veterans Initiative Dean Jones, PCN co-founder and Di- those with challenging backgrounds is • Charles Pascal, ABCO Technology rector, stated that Southern Los Ange- a strong business model showing the • Ernest Melendrez, Friends Outside les County has a huge requirement to importance of delivering sound supsee Partnerships on page 19

California Recovery:

Southland Partnership Honors Community Champions

Advancing Extreme Resources to Help Break Job and Training Barriers


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Partnerships from page 18

Janaya Thomas, Goodwill, Serving the People of Southern Los Angeles County Jean Franklin, United Job Creation Council.

The networking and award program was hosted by the City of Los Angeles World Airports. Each honoree received special recognition certificates from the 35th U.S. House of Representatives Congressional District of California, by Congresswoman Maxine Waters. Sponsors and supporters see reliance in the PCN’s commitment toward promoting useful human resources service data and innovative socioeconomic development strategies via the Internet and business meetings. The PCN members Agenda topics cover discussions on job recruitment, funding, training, and other related human


Do Business with BBA Member Businesses & Advertisers need interests. For opportunities with obtaining job, training and essential resources visit www.IStartOnMonday. com. 

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How to Help the Black Business Association BY CAPRICE L. COLLINS

There are many ways each of us can help the Black Business Association. However, some ways are better suited to certain donors while other methods make more sense for other donors. Following just a few of the many ways that you can use to help the Black Business Association thrive. +

Give cash outright to the Black Business Association. This is the easiest and most common method. However, for larger donations, this typically is not the best method for the donor.


Give appreciated property to the Black Business Association. If done properly, you get a deduction for the full fair market value of the property. If you were to sell the asset, normally you would pay 20% of the gain to the IRS. So, if you had an asset for which you paid $10 and you sold for $100, you would have a gain of $90 and pay $18 in tax. After sale and taxes, you would have $82. However, if you contribute the property to the Black Business Association, you get a charitable deduction for the full $100, even though you would have received only $82 after the sale and taxes. Essentially, you get a deduction for the gain on which you never paid taxes.


Set up a lifetime Charitable Remainder Trust with the Black Business Association as the remainder beneficiary. With a lifetime Charitable Remainder Trust you contribute property to a trust and you receive a fixed dollar amount or a fixed percentage of the value of the trust each year. At the end of your life, or at the end of a term up to 20 years, the property remaining goes to the Black Business Association. You get a current income tax deduction for the value of the interest that eventually goes to the Black Business Association. You can control how the assets of the trust are invested. This can be particularly important when the asset is stock in a family business.


Give a remainder interest in your home or business. You can give the Black Business Association the right to have your home or business after your death. You have full rights to live in the home or use the farm. The Black Business Association has no right to use the property until your death. You get a current income tax deduction for the value of the interest going to the Black Business Association. The value of the interest going to the Black Business Association is calculated by using your life expectancy at the time of the gift of the remainder interest.



Set up a Charitable Remainder Trust at your death with the Black Business Association as the remainder beneficiary. This is similar to a lifetime Charitable Remainder Trust. However, your children or other beneficiaries would receive the income stream and then the assets would go to charity after their deaths or the specified period of time. Your estate would receive an estate tax charitable deduction for the value of the interest that ultimately would pass to charity.


Set up a Charitable Lead Trust during your lifetime with The Black Business Association as the beneficiary. This is the reverse of the Charitable Remainder Trust. The Black Business Association gets the income stream during your life or the fixed period of time, and then at your death the remaining assets go to your children or other beneficiaries.


Set up a Charitable Lead Trust at your death with the Black Business Association as the beneficiary. Again, this is the reverse of the Charitable Remainder Trust. You would set up a trust that would be funded at your death. The Black Business Association would receive the income stream for a fixed period of time typically and then the remaining assets would go to your children or other designated beneficiaries. This is a way to reduce the estate tax on assets passing to your heirs.


Give of your time and expertise. This can be a great way to help in a very personal way. While it helps the Black Business Association, it also can provide you with a sense of accomplishment. However, you will not receive a tax deduction for this type of giving.

As you can see, there are a wide range of options. A qualified estate planning attorney can help you select the method which maximizes the income tax, estate tax, and personal advantages of the contribution to the Black Business Association.

Byline: Ms. Caprice L. Collins is a member of the American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys and has been engaged in the practice of law for the last 24 years. For more information or to attend an upcoming seminar, call (310) 677-9787 ext 5.


FUTURALLIA 2011 Comes to Kansas City Global Business Event to be Held in United States for First Time After editions in Belgium, Poland, Canada, Qatar, and most recently France, the sixteenth edition of FUTURALLIA 2011 will take place in Kansas City, Missouri, next May. Whether you call it business matchmaking, business speed dating, or B2B meetings, FUTURALLIA is a fast-paced and intense business event where, all in all, more than 9,000 meetings will take place. The concept is simple: to gather more than 800 entrepreneurs from countries across the globe for two days of pre-selected and pre-arranged one-on-one networking meetings. Futurallia’s proprietary match-making software system has been perfected with twenty years of experience. The Kauffman Foundation is proud to be a sponsor of Futurallia KC 2011. For more information, and to register for this event, visit

Black Business Association Wishes You Happy Thanksgiving Merry Christmas Happy Kwanzaa and a

Skills For America from page 11

The President also emphasized the importance investing in education as a means of investing in our long-term economic growth. “But what I won’t do is cut back on investments like education that are directly related to our long term economic performance. Now is not the time to sacrifice our competitive edge in the global economy. And that’s why I disagree so strongly with the proposal from some on the other side of the aisle to cut education by 20% in next year’s budget. It’s a cut that would eliminate 200,000 children from Head Start programs; a cut that would reduce financial aid for eight million college students; a cut that would leave community colleges without the resources they need to meet the goals we’ve talked about today. That just doesn’t make sense to me.”

President Obama understands that the education and skills of the American workforce is crucial to our ability to compete in the global economy. That’s why the President has set a goal of having an additional 5 million community college degrees and certificates by 2020, and called on PERAB to develop new steps to ensure that those degrees and certificates will provide graduates with the skills they need to get ahead in their careers. To respond to the President’s call, PERAB reached out to private sector employers, labor leaders, philanthropy organizations, and policy leaders within the Administration solicit their views on the workplace development challenges of the 21st century. Many employers

Happy, Healthy, & Prosperous


identified public-private partnerships as one of the most effective ways to ensure that college graduates and certificate earners have the skills they need to be successful in the workforce. The Skills for America’s Future initiative will match up the employers like PG&E, United Technologies, McDonald’s, Accenture and Gap Inc. with community colleges in every state to develop curricula and programs that will prepare graduates to excel in the workforce. 

Election Day is Tuesday, November 2, 2010


It’s Your Right. It’s Your Responsibility. It’s Your Duty. It’s Your Privilege.

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Southern Cooking with a Creole Twist

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Development Projects in Haiti Move Forward By JEAN-MAX BELLERIVE and BILL CLINTON New Projects Valued at US $777 Million, Demonstrate Continued Progress in Addressing Haiti’s Recovery and Development Needs.

debris from yellow and red-zoned schools; construct 200 semi-permanent learning facilities; assist in developing standards for permanent primary school construction; and build ten pilot primary schools. The IHRC Board also reported on the significant progress achieved on several of the 29 projects approved at its last meeting on August 17, including: •


he Interim Haiti Recovery Commission (IHRC), co-chaired by Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive and President Bill Clinton, today reaffirmed its goals and priorities for Haitian reconstruction and announced a new set of projects at its third Board meeting, held via conference call from Port-au-Prince. The IHRC Board approved 18 new projects, with a total value of $777 million, though some may be modified based on feedback from the board. This brings to 49 the total number of projects approved to date. Specific new projects approved by the IHRC at today’s Board meeting include: • A $474 million Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) project for reconstruction of the country’s

education sector. The project will enable 250,000 children to benefit from financial subsidies to attend school every year for the next four years. A $100 million IDB project which will support the development of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) by providing business development services and investment credits. A $10 million project from UNICEF to support the Haitian government and civil society in the fight against gender-based violence. A $25 million project from UNICEF to support a plan to assess the status of primary school facilities; improve available education infrastructure databases; clear

Groundbreaking of the Partners in Health National Health Referral Facility in Mirebalais, with a cornerstone-laying ceremony in September. The project has secured $11.8 million in pledges, an increase of some $1.8 million since it was approved in August. Signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) by France, the United States and Haiti for cofinancing of the entire project cost for reconstruction of the State University Hospital of Haiti (HUEH). The MOU closes the funding gap of $35 million disclosed when the project was approved in August. Approval and full funding of the UN debris removal project in Port-auPrince by the Haiti Recovery Fund (HRF) on September 24. The project is now ready for implementation. see Help For Haiti on page 29

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Business Development:

Building Your Business For Success The Importance of Ownership


ne of the keys to economic independence for African American business owners is the acquisition and ownership of commercial real estate. By controlling the buildings and land that house the means of generating revenue, an entrepreneur can better attain the goal that underpins what being in business is all about: maximum selfdetermination. With interest rates now at historically low levels and the economy growing at a slow pace, now is a prime time for many business owners to consider the purchase of commercial real estate. The benefits and drawbacks to commercial real estate ownership vary from business owner to business owner, but potential buyers should educate themselves about the obvious and sometimes hidden benefits to the ownership of a commercial property. Below are some of the major benefits to real estate ownership, versus leasing a commercial space.

TAX DEDUCTIONS For many Black business owners, a primary benefit of commercial real estate ownership is the tax deductibility of property that can be taken on the interest portion of the monthly commercial loan payment. These deductions can be substantial and each business owner should consult a qualified tax specialist about his or her unique situation.

EQUITY APPRECIATION On average, commercial real estate properties will appreciate about two to three percent above inflation over the long term. Paying rent provides no appreciation or equity. Quite candidly, the BBA has members who have been paying rent for a decade or more, with no equity accrued and never having positioned themselves to benefit from any hope of equity appreciation. Using some of the most conservative estimates, potential equity appreciation can result in significant financial gains over a period of decades.


ther to sell the property upon retirement to cash in on equity appreciation, or lease the property to another business for a continuous retirement income stream. In fact, in some situations, a business owner may be able to lease out an unused portion of the property, such as a spare office, before retirement for additional income.

ADDED VALUE TO BUSINESS Unlike some residential loans, many commercial loans are assumable. This makes the business and its real estate much easier for a buyer to acquire, and enhances the value of the business tremendously.

NO TAXES TO PAY ON YOUR RENT When a business leases its real estate, sales tax is paid on the rent paid to the landlord. When you own the real estate there is no tax to pay on the rent. The savings can be significant.

EASY ACCESS TO FINANCING Historically-low, thirty-year fixed interest mortgage rates are now available for owner-occupied commercial properties. Furthermore, there are flexible interest-only options from which entrepreneurs can benefit. In fact, in some instances, with strong financials a business owner may qualify for loan financing up to 100% of the purchase price for commercial real estate. A business owner should consult an experienced commercial mortgage adviser before making an offer on a commercial property, so that in addition to the tangible benefits outlined above, the business owner will have the satisfaction that only comes with property ownership. Truer words have never been spoken: “God bless the child that’s got his own”. The Black Business Association (BBA) will soon launch a nationwide program to assist African American business owners in acquiring commercial and industrial real estate. Contact our office for more information: 323-291-9334. 

Through various circumstances, many minority and small business owners will not receive a pension when they decide to retire. In such cases, the equity appreciation on commercial property can be significant. An owner can decide ei-

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• GOVLINK CONFERENCE provides networking opportunities between government agencies, prime contractors, and small businesses. • The speakers from government agencies will discuss business opportunities, vendor selection criteria, and provide valuable insights on what it takes to be successful and how to avoid common mistakes. • Federal, state, and local government agencies and major prime contractors will be exhibiting at the event to facilitate networking.

October 26, 2010 - 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. SESSION 1: Responding to an Invitation for Bid (IFB) SESSION 2: Tour the Defense Microelectronics Activity(DMEA) laboratory

WHY YOU SHOULD ATTEND: • Learn about federal, state, and local government and prime contractor business opportunties • Grow your business through networking with key government and prime contractor decision makers • Attend the “Responding to an Invitation for Bid (IFB)” or tour Defense Microelectronics Activity (DMEA), a high-tech applied engineering federal laboratory

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: • Small and large business owners / managers that are interested in contracting and subcontracting opportunities representing all industries • Representatives from 8a, Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE), HUBZone, Service Disabled Veteran Businesses (SDVOSB and DVBE), and Woman Owned Businesses (WOB) • Federal, State, and Local Government and Prime Contractor representatives interested in expanding their Small Business, 8(a), Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE), HUBZone, Service Disabled Veteran Business (SDVOSB and DVBE), and Woman Owned Business (WOB) participation

GOVERNMENT PURCHASING PANEL: Hear from government agency representatives who will discuss upcoming opportunities and how to do business with their agencies

PRIMES AND SUBCONTRACTORS PANEL: Learn what government prime contractors are looking for in subcontractors and how to be considered for subcontracting opportunities

CONFERENCE REGISTRATION: Pre-registration is required. Register now! • Attendee Early registration is $125 per person. $150 after September 10, 2010. (Includes kick-off reception hors d’oeuvres, continental breakfast, lunch, and conference materials.) Visit here to register as an attendee: www.theftc. org/news&events/upcomingevents/govlinkconference_2010/govlinkconference_registration_attendee. html. • Limited Sponsorship and Exhibitor Opportunities available. Last year exhibit spaces sold out. Visit here to register and reserve your space now www.theftc. org/news&events/upcomingevents/govlinkconference_2010/govlinkconference_sponsorships.html.

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NTIA Grants from page 17 Comprehensive Community Infrastructure awards: California: Los Angeles Regional Interoperable Communications Systems Authority. This $154.6 million grant will fund deployment of an interoperable wireless public safety broadband network across Los Angeles County to serve more than 80 public safety agencies and up to 34,000 first responders. The network will enable computeraided dispatch, rapid law enforcement queries, real-time video streaming, medical telemetry and patient tracking, and other uses. Public Computer Center awards: California: Monterey County Office of Education. This $3.6 million grant will fund approximately three new and 26 upgraded public computer centers, and 500 new or upgraded workstations, to

serve up to an additional 5,000 users each week and provide training for as many as 10,000 residents. Sustainable Broadband Adoption awards: California: California Emerging Technology Fund. This $7.1 million grant will fund a project designed to place unemployed residents in IT-industry jobs by training approximately 37,000 people and providing computers to qualified low-income residents who graduate from a broadband training curriculum. California: City and County of San

Francisco. This $7.9 million grant will fund a project to provide broadbandrelated training to approximately 8,400 seniors, low-income individuals, and others in economically and socially vulnerable groups. California: Portland State University. This $3.3 million grant will fund digital literacy and other training tailored to adult learners. The project intends to train approximately 23,000 people, focusing on economically vulnerable populations, to prepare them for careers in the digital economy. 

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Artwear Artwear may be found at: Sika’s / 4330 Degnan Ave., Leimert Park Baldwin Hills Plaza Farmer’s Market each Saturday 10am-3pm

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Help For Haiti from page 23

Approval of the Partial Credit Guarantee Fund for enterprise development approved by the HRF, with the transfer agreement ready for signature. The project will contribute to the rehabilitation of the Haitian productive sector.

“I am quite confident regarding the steadfast support and commitment of

the international community to the reconstruction of Haiti,” stated Jean-Max Bellerive, Prime Minister of Haiti and co-chair of the IHRC. “Today’s Board meeting has confirmed the invaluable collaboration among all actors involved in the process, and I am proud of the contributions of our Haitian counterparts to our work.” “Today, our Commission has approved 18 projects valued at 777 million dollars that, among other outcomes, will provide school subsidies

Election Day is Tuesday, November 2, 2010


It’s Your Right. It’s Your Responsibility. It’s Your Duty. It’s Your Privilege.

for 250,000 children, cash grants for the construction of 5,000 homes, and medical, psychological and legal services for up to 50,000 women and girls. Once fully-funded and implemented, the projects approved today are expected to improve the lives of more than one million people in Haiti as they recover from the devastating earthquake,” said President Bill Clinton, cochair of the IHRC. The Commission also addressed a number of key legal and administrative matters that will be critical to its operations over the coming months. During the meeting, guidelines for implementing the Performance and Risk Management Framework were presented and adopted.

About the Interim Haiti Recovery Commission The Interim Haiti Recovery Commission (IHRC) was created by presidential decree on April 21, 2010, in the wake of the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti on January 12, 2010. The mission of the IHRC is to undertake the expeditious planning, coordination, and implementation of development projects and priorities, including reviewing and approving projects and programs funded by bilateral and multilateral donors, NGOs and the private sector. The IHRC is co-chaired by Haitian Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive and President Bill Clinton and is guided by a Board, which includes Haitian and non-Haitian stakeholders in reconstruction efforts.  SOURCE: Interim Haiti Recovery Commission

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Infrastructure from page 15

They’re creating jobs today, but they’re also playing to win tomorrow. So the bottom line is our shortsightedness has come due. We can no longer afford to sit still. What we need is a smart system of infrastructure equal to the needs of the 21st century. A system that encourages sustainable communities with easier access to our jobs, to our schools, to our homes. A system that decreases travel time and increases mobility. A system that cuts congestion and ups productivity. A system that reduces harmful emissions over time and creates jobs right now. So we’ve already begun on this task. The Recovery Act included the most serious investment in our infrastructure since President Eisenhower built the Interstate Highway System in the 1950s. And we’re not just talking new and restored roads and bridges and dams and levees, but we’re also talking a smart electric grid and the highspeed internet and rail lines required for America to compete in the 21st century economy. We’re talking about investments with impacts both immediate and lasting. Tens of thousands of projects employing hundreds of thousands of workers are already underway across America. We’re improving 40,000 miles of road, and rebuilding water and sewer systems. We’re implementing a smarter, more stable, more secure electric grid across 46 states that will increase access to renewable sources of energy and cut costs for customers. We’re moving forward with projects that connect communities across the country to broadband internet, and connect 31 states via a true high-speed rail network. And what’s more, a great many of these projects are coming in under budget. By investing in these projects, we’ve already created hundreds of thousands of jobs. But the fact remains that nearly one in five construction workers is still unemployed and needs a job. And that makes absolutely no sense at a time

when there is so much of America that needs rebuilding. So that’s why, last month, I announced a new plan for upgrading America’s roads, rails and runways for the long-term. Over the next six years, we will rebuild 150,000 miles of our roads -- enough to circle the world six times. We will lay and maintain 4,000 miles of our railways -- enough to stretch from coast to coast. And we will restore 150 miles of runways and advance a next generation air-traffic control system that reduces delays for the American people. This plan will be fully paid for. It will not add to our deficit over time. And we are going to work with Congress to see to that. It will establish an infrastructure bank to leverage federal dollars and focus on the smartest investments. We want to cut waste and bureaucracy by consolidating and collapsing more than 100 different, often duplicative programs. And it will change the way Washington works by reforming the federal government’s patchwork approach of funding and maintaining our infrastructure. We’ve got to focus less on wasteful earmarks, outdated formulas. We’ve got to focus more on competition and innovation; less on shortsighted political priorities, and more on our national economic priorities. So investing in our infrastructure is something that members of both political parties have always supported. It’s something that groups ranging from the Chamber of Commerce to the AFL-CIO support today. And by making these in-

vestments across the country, we won’t just make our economy run better over the long haul -- we will create good, middle-class jobs right now. So there is no reason why we can’t do this. There is no reason why the world’s best infrastructure should lie beyond our borders. This is America. We’ve always had the best infrastructure. This is work that needs to be done. There are workers who are ready to do it. All we need is the political will. This is a season for choices, and this is the choice: between choice -- between decline and prosperity, and between the past and the future. Our future has never been predestined. It has been built on the hard work and sacrifices of previous generations. They invested yesterday for what we have today. That’s how we built canals, and railroads, and highways, and ports that allowed our economy to grow by leaps and bounds. That’s how we led the world in the pursuit of new technologies and innovations. That’s what allowed us to build the middle class and lead the global economy in the 20th century. And if we’re going to lead it in the 21st, that’s the vision we can’t afford to lose sight of right now. That’s the challenge that’s fallen to this generation. That’s the challenge that this country is going to meet. And with the help of these gentlemen behind me, and I hope strong bipartisan support, I have no doubt that we will meet these challenges. Thank you very much, everybody. 

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TOWN HALL Los Angeles is pleased to present

The Honorable Condoleeza Rice Monday, October 25, 2010 • The Millennium Biltmore Hotel • Los Angeles, California in discussion of her new book, “Extraordinary, Ordinary People: A Memoir of Family”.

Dr. Rice is the first African American woman to serve as United States Secretary of State and first woman to serve as National Security Advisor. Dr. Rice will be joined in conversation with Constance L. Rice, Co-Director of the Advancement Project. Constance Rice is a noted civil rights lawyer, policy advocate, and expert in police reform. Both accomplished women are cousins and it will be a unique opportunity for interviewer and interviewee to discuss the topic of the book. This will be the only such pairing on the book tour. Program Details 10:45 AM Book Sales Begin 11:00 AM Book Signing and Reception 12:00 PM Luncheon 12:30 PM Conversation with Audience Q&A 1:30 PM Book Signing Resumes For more information or to register for this event, please visit and click on “Register Now” or call TOWN HALL Los Angeles at (213) 312-9308. We look forward to seeing you! DeeDee Hopkins, Administrative Coordinator TOWN HALL Los Angeles Direct: 213.312.9308 Phone: 213.628.8141


Federal Government Programs - Here To Help The Obama Administration’s Making Home Affordable Program includes opportunities to modify or refinance your mortgage to make your monthly payments more affordable. It also includes the Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives Program for homeowners who are interested in a short sale or deed-in-lieu of foreclosure. Call 1-888-995-HOPE (4673).


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WHY ARE MORE BLACK OWNED BUSINESSES USING SLATON INSURANCE GROUP? BECAUSE THEY DELIVER! Insurance Management Services As a client of Slaton Insurance Group you’ve already made the decision to work with proven resources to help your business manage its risk exposure and to stay within compliance. The independent insurance agents of the Slaton Group will help you manage risk and reduce loss while maintaining adherence to your insurance budget. We are an integrated, single source provider for your insurance needs.

STEVEN D. TURNER Slaton Group License #0G12789 Financial Advisory / Insurance Services 16161 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 382 Encino, California 91436 Telephone: 818-585-1374 E-mail: Website:

Insurance Coverage for Clients •

Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) - Property & General Liability Coverage in one Policy form, generally for small and midsized practices. The package includes coverage for business interruption, valuable papers, accounts receivables, employee dishonesty and numerous other pertinent coverages.

Commercial Package Policy (CPP) - Generally for larger practices/facilities; incorporates several policy forms including but not limited to general liability, property, automobile and crime policies.

Professional Liability - Provides protection for rendering professional services; may apply to both individual professionals and/or businesses.

Commercial Umbrella - An additional layer of liability protection that applies across policies to give you increased coverage limits.

Inland Marine - Coverage for specialized, valuable equipment or equipment that is mobile.

Commercial Auto Insurance - Protection for your owned, borrowed, or rental autos.

Worker’s Compensation - Social insurance program designed to resolve disputes between injured employees and their employers.

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Health Care Industry: Steven Turner and his team provide solutions across the continuum of care in medical facilities coverage, ranging from small clinics to specialized facilities and hospitals. As the environment evolves in the medical services industry, Slaton Insurance Group is ready to assist you in managing risk. Private Client Services: You’ve worked hard to provide a comfortable living for yourself and your family - we work hard to protect it. We work with you to help find personal insurance solutions that provide you the protection you need. Some of the coverage, we offer through our Private Client Services are Home insurance, Auto coverage, Board insurance, Umbrella policies, and many more converges to meet your needs.

Slaton Group is an independent insurance agency dedicated to providing quality commercial and personal insurance programs. Since we are not limited to any one company, we can shop the marketplace to give you the best protection at the most competitive price.

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Protect Your Identity Week


ctober 17-23, 2010 is the third annual Protect Your Identity Week (PYIW), an initiative of the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) and the Council of Better Business Bureaus (BBB). The week-long initiative brings focus to the PYIW national campaign’s website and community events aimed at identity theft protection and education. “Over 10 million Americans were affected by identity theft last year. Consumers must protect themselves and become educated about identity theft to prevent and resolve problems,” said John Walsh, Acting Comptroller of the Currency.

Consumer Services:

Positive Changes for Credit Card Holders Thanks to President Obama’s Administration and to Congress for passing the credit card reform bill, and the changes in consumer credit that benefit consumers. FDIC Consumer News offers simple strategies for consumers to prevent any problems with credit card companies making further changes in interest rates, fees and other areas hat are non-beneficial to consumers. 1) Understand your right to cancel a credit card before certain significant account changes take effect. Under the new law, card issuers now must generally tell customers about certain changes in account terms - in areas such as interest rate and fee increases - 45 days in advance, up from 15 days in the past. In that same notice, they

You may find PYIW educational events in your area, hosted by local NFCC and BBB members, or other coalition partners, by visiting Take advantage of identity theft workshops, onsite shredding and credit report reviews. The website also includes identity theft protection tips, videos, an interactive quiz to assess an individu-

al’s risk of identity theft, and resources for victims. The website is also available in Spanish at Additional resources on identity theft may be accessed on the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency”s (OCC) section of the PYIW website. 

must inform consumers of their right to cancel the card before certain account changes take effect. These notices may come with your credit card bill or through a separate communication -so read everything. Consumers who notify their card company to cancel their card before fees are increased or certain other significant changes take effect will still be required to repay the outstanding balance, but they cannot be required to repay it immediately. The card company can increase the minimum monthly payment, subject to certain limitations. There are exceptions to the 45-day notice requirement. For example, you will generally not receive advance notice of a rate increase on a card with a variable interest rate that will fluctuate based on an advertised index, such as the prime rate.

score is based, in part, on what percentage of your credit limit you are using and how much you owe. Borrowers who carry large balances in proportion to their credit limit may see their credit scores fall. And a lower credit score can make it difficult or more expensive to get new credit in the future. What should you do if you’ve already had your credit limit cut? Put a renewed focus on lowering the amount of money you owe on your credit cards. If you have difficulty making the minimum payments on time, you may benefit from speaking with a reputable credit counselor to get help or guidance at little or no cost. For a referral to a local, non-profit credit counseling agency, one option is to call the National Foundation for Credit Counseling at 1-800388-2227 or visit them at

2) Keep an eye on your credit limit. Some people, even those with good credit histories, have recently seen their credit limits cut back. Reductions in credit lines can be harmful because your borrowing power will be diminished. Also remember that your credit

3) Decide how you want to handle transactions that would put you over your credit limit. Under the new law, no fees may be imposed for making a purchase or other transaction that would put your account over the credit

33  October 2010  Black Business News 

see Credit Cards on page 38

THE WHITE HOUSE Office of the Press Secretary

Executive Order -- Establishing the Gulf Coast EcoSystem Restoration Task Force By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, it is hereby ordered as follows: Section 1. Purpose. The Gulf Coast is a national treasure. Its natural resources are an important economic engine for the entire United States; its waters sustain a diverse and vibrant ecosystem; and the Gulf’s culture, natural beauty, and historic significance are unique. Each year, millions of tourists visit the Gulf to vacation, swim, boat, fish, hunt, and bird-watch; and, together, the Gulf’s tourism and commercial and recreational fishing industries make a significant contribution to the United States economy. More than 90 percent of the Nation’s offshore oil and gas is produced in the Gulf, and it is where nearly one-third of seafood production in the continental United States is harvested. The United States needs a vibrant Gulf Coast, and the Federal Government is committed to helping Gulf Coast residents conserve and restore resilient and healthy ecosystems in the Gulf of Mexico and surrounding regions that support the diverse economies, communities, and cultures of the region. To effectively address the damage caused by the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, address the longstanding ecological decline, and begin moving toward a more resilient Gulf Coast ecosystem, ecosystem restoration is needed. Ecosystem restoration will support economic vitality, enhance human health and safety, protect infrastructure, enable communities to better withstand impact from storms and climate change, sustain safe seafood and clean water, provide recreational and cultural opportunities, protect and preserve sites that are of historical and cultural significance, and contribute to the overall resilience of our coastal communities and Nation. In order to achieve these objectives, it is necessary that Federal efforts be efficiently integrated with those of local stakeholders and that particular focus be given to innovative solutions and complex, large-scale restoration projects. Efforts must be sciencebased and well-coordinated to minimize duplication and ensure effective delivery of services. This order establishes a Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Task Force to coordinate intergovernmental responsibilities, planning, and exchange of information so as to better implement Gulf Coast ecosystem restoration and to facilitate appropriate accountability and support throughout the restoration process. Section 2. Establishment of the Gulf Coast Eco-System Restoration Task Force. There is established the Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Task Force (Task Force). (a) The Task Force shall consist of: (1) A senior official from each of the executive departments, agencies, and offices, selected by the head of the respective department, agency, or office: (2) Five State representatives, appointed by the President upon recommendation of the Governors of each Gulf State, who shall be elected officers of State governments (or their designated employees with authority to act on their behalf) acting in their official capacities. (b) The Task Force may include representatives from affected tribes, who shall be elected officers of those tribes (or their designated employees with authority to act on their behalf) acting in their official capacities. The Task Force shall, in collaboration with affected tribes, determine an appropriate structure for tribal participation in matters within the scope of the Task Force’s responsibilities. (c) The President shall designate a Chair of the Task Force from among senior officials of executive departments, agencies, and offices represented on the Task Force. The Chair shall lead the coordination of intergovernmental Gulf Coast ecosystem restoration efforts and oversee the work of the Task Force. The Chair shall regularly convene and preside at meetings of the Task Force, determine its agenda, and direct its work. The Chair’s duties shall also include: (1) facilitating a smooth transition from the response phase of addressing the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill to the restoration phase; (2) communicating and engaging with States, tribes, local governments, other stakeholders in the Gulf Coast region, and the public on ecosystem restoration, as well as other aspects of Gulf recovery, including economic recovery and public health efforts; and (3) coordinating the efforts of executive departments, agencies, and offices related to the functions of the Task Force. (d) Representatives of the Gulf States under subsection (a)(2) of this section shall select from among themselves a Vice-Chair of the Task Force. Section 3. Functions of the Task Force. The Task Force shall be an advisory body to: (a) coordinate intergovernmental efforts to improve efficiency and effectiveness in the implementation of Gulf Coast ecosystem restoration actions; (b) support the Natural Resource Damage Assessment process by referring potential ecosystem restoration actions to the Natural Resource Damage Assessment Trustee Council for consideration and facilitating coordination among the relevant departments,

Executive Order -- Establishing the Gulf Coast Eco-System Restoration Task Force agencies, and offices, as appropriate, subject to the independent statutory responsibilities of the trustees; (c) present to the President a Gulf of Mexico Regional Ecosystem Restoration Strategy (Strategy) as provided in section 4 of this order; (d) engage local stakeholders, communities, the public, and other officials throughout the Gulf Coast region to ensure that they have an opportunity to share their needs and viewpoints to inform the work of the Task Force, including the development of the Strategy; (e) provide leadership and coordination of research needs in support of ecosystem restoration planning and decisionmaking in the Gulf Coast region, and work with existing Federal and State advisory committees, as appropriate, to facilitate consideration of relevant scientific and technical knowledge; (f) prepare a biennial update for the President on progress toward the goals of Gulf Coast ecosystem restoration, as outlined in the Strategy; (g) communicate with affected tribes in a manner consistent with Executive Order 13175 of November 6, 2000, on consultation and coordination with Indian tribal governments; and (h) coordinate with relevant executive departments, agencies, and offices on ways to encourage health and economic benefits associated with proposed ecosystem restoration actions. Section 4. Strategy. (a) Within 1 year of the date of this order, the Task Force shall prepare a Strategy that proposes a Gulf Coast ecosystem restoration agenda, including goals for ecosystem restoration, development of a set of performance indicators to track progress, and means of coordinating intergovernmental restoration efforts guided by shared priorities. In developing the Strategy, the Task Force shall: (1) define ecosystem restoration goals and describe milestones for making progress toward attainment of those goals; (2) consider existing research and ecosystem restoration planning efforts in the region, including initiatives undertaken by the National Ocean Council and the Mississippi River/Gulf of Mexico Watershed Nutrient Task Force (Gulf Hypoxia Task Force), in order to identify planning and restoration needs and ways under existing authorities to address those needs; (3) identify major policy areas where coordinated intergovernmental action is necessary; (4) propose new programs or actions to implement elements of the Strategy where existing authorities are not sufficient; (5) identify monitoring, research, and scientific assessments needed to support decisionmaking for ecosystem restoration efforts and evaluate existing monitoring programs and gaps in current data collection; and (6) describe the circumstances under which termination of the Task Force would be appropriate. (b) The executive departments, agencies, and offices enumerated in section 2(a)(1) of this order shall, to the extent permitted by law, consider ways to align their relevant programs and authorities with the Strategy. Section 5. Administration. (a) The Task Force shall have a staff, headed by an Executive Director, which shall provide support for the functions of the Task Force. (b) The Executive Director shall be selected by the Chair and shall supervise, direct, and be accountable for the administration and operation of the Task Force. (c) The Departments of Commerce (through the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), the Interior (through the Fish and Wildlife Service), and Justice shall identify linkages and opportunities for the Task Force to complement the restoration progress of the Natural Resource Damage Assessment Trustee Council. (d) At the request of the Chair, executive departments and agencies, including the Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services, Energy, and Homeland Security, the Small Business Administration, and the National Science Foundation, shall serve in an advisory role to the Task Force on issues within their expertise. (e) The Task Force may establish such technical working groups as necessary to support its function. These working groups may include additional representatives from State and tribal governments, as appropriate, to provide for greater collaboration. (f) The first meeting of the Task Force shall be held within 90 days of the date of this order. Section 6. Definitions. (a) “Affected tribe” means any Indian tribe, band, nation, pueblo, village, or community that the Secretary of the Interior acknowledges to exist as an Indian tribe as defined in the Federally Recognized Tribe List Act of 1994 (25 U.S.C. 479a(2)), physically located in a Gulf State. (b) “Ecosystem restoration” means all activities, projects, methods, and procedures appropriate to enhance the health and resilience of the Gulf Coast ecosystem, as measured in terms of the physical, biological, or chemical properties of the ecosystem, or the services it provides, and to strengthen its ability to support the diverse economies, communities, and cultures of the region. It includes activity that initiates or accelerates the recovery of an ecosystem with respect to its health, integrity, and sustainability. It also includes protecting and conserving ecosystems so they can continue to reduce impacts from tropical storms and other disasters, support robust economies, and assist in mitigating and adapting to the impacts of climate change. (c) “Gulf State” means any of the States of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. (d) “Natural Resource Damage Assessment” means the process of collecting and analyzing information to evaluate the nature and extent of natural resource injuries resulting from the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and to determine the restoration actions needed to bring injured natural resources and services back to baseline conditions and make the environment and public whole for interim losses as defined in 15 CFR 990.30. (e) “Natural Resource Damage Assessment Trustee Council” means the designated Federal, State, local, and tribal trustees as

Executive Order -- Establishing the Gulf Coast Eco-System Restoration Task Force provided in 33 U.S.C. 2706, with trusteeship over natural resources injured, lost, or destroyed as a result of the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. (a) Members of the Commission shall serve without any additional compensation, but shall be allowed travel expenses, including per diem in lieu of subsistence, as authorized by law for persons serving intermittently in Government service (5 U.S.C. 57015707), consistent with the availability of funds. (b) The Commission shall have a staff headed by an Executive Director. Section 7. General Provisions. (a) To the extent permitted by law and subject to the availability of appropriations, the department, agency, or office represented by the Chair shall provide the Task Force with such administrative services, funds, facilities, staff, and other support services as may be necessary for the Task Force to carry out its function. (b) In addition to staff provided by the department, agency, or office represented by the Chair, other executive departments, agencies, and offices represented on the Task Force are requested to make services, staff, and facilities available to the Task Force for the performance of its function to the maximum extent practicable, to the extent permitted by law and subject to the availability of appropriations. (c) Members of the Task Force shall serve without any additional compensation for their work on the Task Force. (d) Nothing in this order shall be construed to impair or otherwise affect: (i) authority granted by law to an executive department, agency, or the head thereof, or the status of that department or agency within the Federal Government; or (ii) functions of the Director of the Office of Management and Budget relating to budgetary, administrative, or legislative proposals. (e) Nothing in this order shall interfere with the statutory responsibilities and authority of the Natural Resource Damage Assessment Trustee Council or the individual trustees to carry out their statutory responsibilities to assess natural resource damages and implement restoration actions under 33 U.S.C. 2706 and other applicable law. (f) This order shall be implemented consistent with applicable law and subject to the availability of appropriations. (g) This order is not intended to, and does not, create any right or benefit, substantive or procedural, enforceable at law or in equity by any party against the United States, its departments, agencies, or entities, its officers, employees, or agents, or any other person. .


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Credit Card from page 33

limit unless you explicitly agree, in advance, that the credit card company can process these transactions for you and charge a fee. 4) Be cautious with “no-interest” offers. Many retailers, such as electronics or furniture stores, promote credit cards with “zero-percent interest” on purchases for a certain amount of time. These cards allow you to buy big-ticket items, perhaps a sofa or a stereo system, without paying interest for anywhere from six months to more than a year. While the chance to avoid interest payments sounds like a terrific deal, keep in mind that if you don’t follow the rules for these offers, this “no-interest” special could end up being expensive. With many of these offers you must pay off the entire purchase by the time the promotional period ends to take advantage of the zero-rate offer. If you don’t, the lender will charge you interest from the date you bought the item. You would then have to pay interest , at the lender’s standard rate, from the date of purchase. If the annual percentage rate or APR on the retailer’s card is higher than what you would pay on another card you have, the extra costs could really add up. The APR is the cost of credit expressed as a yearly rate, including interest and other charges. 5) Keep only the credit cards you really need and periodically use them all. Some consumers have too many credit cards. Among the concerns: Those extra cards can lead some people to overspend. Also, having many cards with no existing balance or a very low balance can reduce your credit score because prospective lenders can conclude that you have the potential to use them and get into debt. For the average person, two or three general-purpose cards are probably enough. Consider cancelling and cutting up the rest. However, also remember that closing a credit card account can temporarily lower your credit score, especially if the cancelled card was one you owned and used responsibly for many years.

With the credit cards you do keep, remember to avoid large balances on them in relation to the credit limit. And in the new environment, it also may be beneficial to periodically use all of your cards. Here’s why. Even if you pay your card bill in full each month and never pay interest, using your card earns money for the card company because merchants pay a fee each time you use the card. So, consumers who regularly use their cards and repay their debt may be considered valued customers, even if they pay on time and don’t pay interest.

high annual fees for a “rewards” card. Rewards sound great in advertisements for credit cards, but the points formula can be complicated, the rules are subject to change, and the benefits may not be as generous as you think. You should always read the fine print and be realistic about your likely use of the card before you accept an expensive annual fee in return for rewards. 7) Take additional precautions against interest rate increases. While card companies cannot increase the interest rate on existing balances

6) Do your research before paying see Credit Card on page 43


Comedy Night Join the Fun! Share the Laughs!

38  October 2010  Black Business News 

Apps and Game Designers Level Up on Healthy Eating


ix months ago the Apps for Healthy Kids competition called upon Americans to design engaging online or mobile games and tools to educate people of all ages about the importance of healthy eating and physical activity. As part of the First Lady’s Let’s Move! initiative, this challenge brought together solvers from across the Nation. Recently we celebrated the top teams and developers from ten states that won the 12 competition awards. Chief Technology Officer Aneesh Chopra emceed the awards event at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building with Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, Let’s Move! Executive Director Robin Schepper and Fuel Up to Play 60 partner former NFL player Brian Mitchell. We provided the USDA nutrition dataset and a few guidelines, you added innovation and creativity. In three months, 95 games and apps were submitted from 8 states and the District of Columbia. A panel of esteemed judges determined the winners based on five main criteria, including: potential to impact the target audience, potential to engage and motivate target audience, creativity, and originality. Support beyond the Let’s Move! team, gaming and development com-

munity was outstanding; nearly 45,000 individuals signed on to support the challenge. When it was time to vote, you cast almost 21,000 votes to select Popular Choice winners Food Buster and Tony’s Plate Calculator. Learning about healthy eating choices is fun for eaters of all ages with games like Trainer where you take care of a creature share in physical activity, develop nutritious recipes for a virtual pet in Fitter Critters or simply smash a slice of pizza or muffin to see how much sugar, salt and oil each contains in Smash Your Food. T h e online t o o l Snack N e u tralizer allows you to select a food and evaluate the consequences with required physical activity to balance the caloric intake. Next time I see a chocolate dish, I may think about the 293 stairs it would take to burn off the sweet afternoon snack. Using interactive webcam technology, University of Southern California students designed the winning game Trainer that challenges players to strengthen an online creature by training alongside it in the real world. This inventive group of students not only swept the Grand Prize in the overall standings, they also took home the GE healthymangination Student Award!

Collaborating with each other, these teams found unique ways to reach new audiences, and inspire others to fight obesity and practice healthy living. Check out the full list of winners on the Apps for Healthy Kids ( website and try your hand at some of the games and test the winning tools. They’re easy to play, fun and can teach you to make healthier food choices along the way. As we conclude the Apps for Healthy Kids competition, we hope others are inspired to keep moving. Keep building tools or games that inspire others to lead healthier, more active lives empowered with information. In the spirit of continuing collaboration and innovation, we recently launched the Recipes for Healthy Kids ( competition, challenging you to team up for healthy – and

kid-tested – tasty meals in our schools. Let’s keep the innovation and creativity flowing – keep designing, be creative, and cook up the next winning idea! 

39  October 2010  Black Business News 

For more information visit:

For more information visit:

Quote of Note... “But the most important thing we can do right now is to grow our economy. That’s the single most important thing that we can do. And some of the measures that we’ve put forward and I’m going to be fighting for are designed to exactly do that.”

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President Barack H.Obama 40  October 2010  Black Business News 


Take a Look! by LaSandra Stratton Check out what these firms and organizations have to offer for your personal interests, personal wealth building, and business expansion opportunities.

www.etó The Etón Corporation offers an array of Solar-Powered and CrankPowered radios. Suitable for travel, outdoor activities, as an exercise companion, and for Emergency Kits. Features of the radios include: Flash light, Emergency Alert light, Night light, USB Cell Phone Charger, NOAA Weatherband, AM/FM Bands, Siren, Alarm Clock and more. The line also includes Soulra, a Solar-Powered Sound System for the iPod and iPhone. The new MacBook Air is proof. It’s designed around all-flash storage for better responsiveness and reliability. It features a trackpad with full Multi-

Touch support. And though it’s incredibly thin and light, its large battery gives you portable power that lasts for hours. Underneath all that thinness is a full-size, fully capable Mac that can do practically everything its larger siblings can do. Minus a pound or two.

The new MacBook Air includes a spacious Multi-Touch trackpad with a buttonless design, so you can click anywhere. The MultiTouch trackpad also lets you pinch, swipe, or rotate to adjust an image, zoom in on text, or advance through a photo album. Try the four-finger swipe, swiping up or down to use Exposé and swiping left or right to switch among active applications. Or perform the new three-finger drag to move your windows from one place to another. Don’t be fooled by the sliverthin profile of MacBook Air. This small wonder features powerful NVIDIA graphics, an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, lightning-fast flash storage, and long battery life. So while looks may be deceiving, performance doesn’t lie. MacBook Air comes packed with software for everything you

do — from the day-to-day things to the dare-to-dream things. And it lets you do them in ways that are simple, intuitive, and fun. It’s all part of what makes a Mac a Mac. Get ready to offset holiday eating and partying at ExerciseTV. ExerciseTV has the solution for all your fitness needs – With hundreds of free online workout videos led by the worlds’ top trainers, weight loss advice via online blogs, an online health and fitness community where you can get answers to questions about health, nutrition, weightloss and exercise. ExerciseTV is your online destination for all things fitness. Checkout to get the answers, workouts and plans you need and begin your weight loss journey today. Look for Billy Blanks and Billy Blanks, Jr. offer some of the best fitness videos ever. Their vidoes make great hotiday gifts too  Submitted by LaSandra Stratton BBA member, Chair of the BBA International Trade Committee.

41  October 2010  Black Business News 

SILICON VALLEY TECHNOLOGY COMPANIES SUPPORT ENTREPRENEURSHIP BETWEEN THE U.S. AND AFRICA AT The AFRICAN NETWORK’S 5th ANNUAL CONFERENCE ON OCTOBER 30, 2010 IN SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA “The Future is Entrepreneurship — The Future is Africa” is the theme of TANCon 2010 featuring investment experts from Ernst and Young, International and African entrepreneurs doing business in Africa. Silicon Valley is bracing itself for the 5th Annual conference hosted by The African Network (TAN) that promotes technology and entrepreneurship among Africans and American entrepreneurs doing business in Africa. The one day conference will be held on Saturday, October 30, 2010 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Santa Clara California. Leading African investment expert Zemedeneh Negatu from Eastern Africa’s Ernest and Young LLP, founder and CEO of software firm Appfrica Lab and a serial entrepreneur, Jonathan Gosier, social entrepreneur Julia Wilson of Wilson Global Communications USA who founded her marketing communications firm in South Africa during Nelson Mandela’s presidency and several specialized discussion panels will be on hand to share information, expertise, experiences and international opportunities with attendees. “Silicon Valley entrepreneurs paved the way for today’s multinational corporations such as Cisco Systems, Google, Intel, Apple and many others that changed the world. As a Silicon

Valley non—profit organization The African Network has been organizing TANCon to promote technology and entrepreneurship in Africa and also introduce international entrepreneurs to African markets ensuring that both international and African entrepreneurs have equal access to global markets.“ said Biniam Woldemariam, Chairman TANCon USA 2010. “Africa is open for business!” Specialized panel discussions will focus on arming attendees with information on renewable energy, mobile banking and financial services, financing and funding options for entrepreneurs, “low—tech“ business opportunities and talent development and acquisition in Africa. Hundreds of attendees are expected to participate in The African Network’s 5th Anniversary conference, including business professionals, successful and aspiring entrepreneurs, as well as exceptional students and academician from nearby academic institutions such as Stanford University, Santa Clara University and the University of California at Berkeley.

Panelists/Keynoters Zemedeneh Negatu Managing Partner Ethiopia & Head Transaction Advisory Services (Corporate Finance) Eastern Africa, Ernst & Young LLP Julia A. Wilson Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Wilson Global Communications USA Benjamin Lyon Executive Director, FrontlineSMS:Credit

Gary Zieff Chief Operating Officer, dissigno LLC and Executive Director of dissigno Tanzania Ltd. Nam Mokwunye, MBA, MFA, Founder and Chief Executive Officer PublicVine, Visiting Scholar, Technology Transfer and Triple-Helix Innovation Center for African Studies, Stanford University Gerald Prolman Chief Executive Officer, Wildlife Works Retail Inc.

Jonathan Gosier Chief Executive Officer, Appfrica Labs Joseph Nganga Chief Executive Officer, Renewable Energy Ventures (K) Ltd., Clean, Smart, Efficient and Affordable Energy Menekse Gencer Founder, mPay Connect, Consulting Services

Femi Akinde Founder and Chief Executive Officer, SlimTrader

About The African Network (TAN) Founded in 2004, The African Network (TAN) is one of the fastest growing nonprofit organizations in the USA dedicated to exclusively assist Ameri-

42  October 2010  Black Business News 

American Dental Association Elects First Black President


can entrepreneurs to link with African business people and the African Diaspora. TAN’s goals include building successful business enterprises across a variety of technology driven industry platforms through education, networking, and mentoring. TAN also provides business professionals with employment opportunities throughout the African continent with a primary mission to create a vital ecosystem for American entrepreneurs to excel and succeed in science and technology investment partnerships in one of the world’s fastest emerging markets — Africa. 

Credit Card

r. Raymond Gist, a University of Michigan alumnus, has been elected presidentelect of the American Dental Association (ADA) during the organization’s Annual Session in Honolulu. Gist hopes to use his position as the first black president to make dentistry more accessible and better understood. Gist, who practices general dentistry in Flint, Michigan, has served as president of the Genesee District Dental So-

ciety, the Michigan Dental Association president in 2003 and ADA presidentelect last year. Now president of the ADA, he leads the 157,000-member association giving him the platform to advocate reforms such as including dental services when creating health programs for the uninsured. “Minority populations such as blacks, American Indians, Hisptanics and Alaska Natives, are targets for oral disease due to the lack of preventative care,” Gist said. “While the challenges are many, I truly believe that, collectively, dental professionals will be a positive force in shaping the future of the profession.” Gist’s one-year term officially began on Wednesday, October 13, 2010. 

from page 38

except in certain circumstances, they may raise rates on extensions of credit for new purchases as long as proper notice is provided. Rate increases also may come in another form. For example, some fixedrate cards may be converted to variable-rate cards after a notice has been sent to cardholders. This would result in variable rates being applied to new balances. Also note that a credit card company can increase the rate on an existing balance if the consumer fails to send the minimum payment within 60 days of the due date. If you’re more than 60 days late and that triggers a rate increase, get current on your credit card payments as soon as possible and then start consistently paying on time. Card issuers are required to reduce the penalty rate if they receive prompt payments for six months. 8) Protects minors from using credit, and gives parents the oppotunity to teach young adults about responsible credit card management. The new law includes protections for young consumers, including a requirement

Contact Selma Taylor, Executive Director, 510.267.8994 that anyone under 21 who wants to obtain a credit card must have a qualified co-signer on the account or must prove he or she alone can repay any debt. This is intended to protect young people from getting overwhelmed by credit card debt. But it also offers an opportunity for parents to teach their kids about responsible use of credit cards.

If you co-sign for a credit card with a young adult, it’s best to have an understanding (if not a written agreement) that you will get early notice of any troubles, including late payments, so you can keep on top of the credit card and work out problems with the lender before your own credit record is damaged. 

43  October 2010  Black Business News 

Business Tools:

Why Invest in Face-to-Face Meetings? Look to Neuroscience. Heads Up for Meeting Planners


ecently Maritz Travel and the Maritz Institute collaborated with the Cornell Center for Hospitality Research on issues related to justifying investment in large, face-toface meetings. The result is a newly released paper called “The Future of Meetings: The Case for Face-to-Face.” The rationale for the project was that large, face-to-face meetings require the biggest investment in time and money, and therefore set up the greatest expectations for a return on that investment. So the question is, “What is the value that is created through faceto-face meetings that is very difficult to

replicate in other ways?” The researchers found some answers from a network of academics and neuroscientists and their research. There are five “intangible” qualities that face-to-face meetings enhance: • •

Attention Mirroring: Research has revealed the existence of “mirror neurons” that react in response to visual cues—for example, in a conversation, the speaker’s body language causes a reaction in the listener’s neurons that would create the same action. Emotional contagion: The report cites recent research confirming that emotions “ripple out from individuals and influence not only other individuals’ emotions … and behaviors, but also the dynamics of the entire group.” Empathy and trust

Social networks Based on this research, the Cornell/ Maritz whitepaper defines three business goals that are best met through face-to-face gatherings: • • •

Capturing attention Inspiring a positive emotional climate Building personal networks and relationships

Looking at the Evidence Let’s consider the first goal—capturing attention. For participants in virtual meetings, the temptation to multitask can be too great to resist. Of course,

multitasking, science shows, is a misnomer. What we are really doing is “switch-tasking,” or toggling back and forth between tasks. In this mode, the area of your brain that creates longterm memories is not being used. Therefore, the Cornell/Maritz white paper finds, whatever an employee learns while “switch-tasking” likely will not be absorbed and applied back at the job. In addition, the brain remembers better when multiple senses are engaged, something that happens naturally at a face-to-face meeting. It’s a way to “break through autopilot”—the tendency of the brain to take in new information and make it conform to what it already knows. Engaging multiple senses “wakes up” the brain and increases attendees’ ability to see things from a new perspective. As for the second goal—inspiring a positive emotional climate—anyone

who has been at a football stadium cheering for the winning team knows instinctively what this is about. And forget about thinking that your business is rational not emotional. All businesses have an emotional climate. What successful companies will realize, the report states, is that this collective emotion represents a “powerful hidden resource as real as money or knowledge or physical labor.” Face-to-face meetings are the best way to foster a positive emotional climate, which in turn “enhances collaboration, relationshipbuilding, creativity, and performance.” This is especially true in today’s environment, where “engagement” is seen as the key to employee motivation, performance, and retention. Finally, “building relationships” seems obvious as a goal that can be best met in a face-to-face environment. The science comes in when you consider the success that results from a company that operates as a community. The paper credits Daniel Goleman, author of the book Social Intelli-

gence with the idea that “while people in strained or nonexistent relationships are more likely to see ways they differ, people in great relationships are more likely to see and share what they have in common.” It follows, then, that they are more likely to work together toward their company’s goals. In the industrial era, value existed in tangibles. In the knowledge and creative era, value exists in intangibles. While information is increasingly commoditized, there is great power in ongoing relationships and networks. Think about the value of capturing employees’ or customers’ attention and mindshare, and the information-sharing and collaboration that happens long after a meeting. That’s the real value of being together.  By Alison Hall //

45  October 2010  Black Business News 

International Trade:

U.S. Ex-Im Bank Offers Exporter’s Forum 95% of the World’s Customers are Outside the U.S. Here’s How to Get Them Now! Meet the Export-Import Bank of the United States (Ex-Im Bank) Chairman and President Fred P. Hochberg, actively participate in the forum, and: • Get financial support to enter new markets with confidence • Expand export sales in current countries • Learn from local businesses how they have benefited by using Ex-Im Bank’s assistance • Network with trade specialists, including lenders and brokers who’ve worked with Ex-Im Bank

Thursday, October 28th, 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. (Refreshments provided starting at 8:30 a.m.)

Port of Long Beach, 925 Harbor Plaza, 6th Floor Long Beach, CA

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This unique event is specially aimed at small and medium-sized businesses. Ex-Im Bank support can grow your business to compete successfully worldwide by: • Making sure you get paid • Extending credit to buyers and distributors • Obtaining working capital to fulfill sales orders • Financing for your buyers of capital equipment and services

A world of new ideas for expanding your global trade business is waiting for you! Space is limited so we encourage you to register now. E-mail your name, company, location, and phone number to: or calling (949) 660-1341, ext. 404.

•Black Business News/ International - quarterly publication •Black Business News Internet Edition 

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Export-Import Bank of the United States, 811 Vermont Ave., NM, Room 1273 Washington, D.C. 20571

•Attend BBA Events Hosted to Benefit the African American Community of Businesses 46  October 2010  Black Business News  British Airways is happy to announce the launch of our 2010 Face of Opportunity Contest. We’ll be giving a free flight to hundreds of companies with up to 250 employees plus hosting exclusive conferences and networking events in New York and London led by business pioneers and celebrity speakers. Last year British Airways helped over 600 growing businesses by giving them free flights to hundreds of destinations worldwide. Now it’s your chance. Enter by October 21, 2010, and let us know where you’d like to go and why it will help your business grow. Up to 250 companies will be invited to fly free from New York to London and beyond on British Airways. If you or your business isn’t eligible, please feel free to forward this email to anyone who could benefit from this unique opportunity for small businesses. There’s a lot more to our Face-to-Face program, so be sure to visit our Business Hub at You’ll find success stories from last year’s winners, weekly blogs, articles and other tools to help your business make the most of face-to-face meetings worldwide. Warm regards, Anne Tedesco Vice President, Marketing

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New Tanzanian Ambassador Comes to the United States


anzania has named a new ambassador to the United States, the first woman diplomat to represent this African nation to the US since the two countries developed bilateral relations almost fifty years ago. President Jakaya Kikwete transferred Mrs. Mwanaidi Maajar from Tanzania’s High Commission in London to Washington, DC to take over from Mr. Ombeni Sefue who has been in tour of duty to the United States for about four years. Mrs. Mwanaidi Maajar becomes the first woman ambassador ever to represent Tanzania in the United States, a rare diplomatic post to be assigned to women diplomats from the African continent, where most ambassadors from

“A FEW NOTES ON AFRICA” Walmart Hones in on Africa Internationally, Walmart sees opportunities to expand in several markets around the world, said Doug McMillon, CEO of WalMart’s international unit. In September 2010, Wal-Mart said it was in talks to buy South Africa’s Massmart, a $4 billion deal that would give it a big presence in Africa. Massmart Holdings Ltd. is South Africa’s largest food and general-goods wholesaler.

8th African City Destination for Delta Airlines Delta Air Lines will add an eighth destination to its growing Africa route network on January 20, 2011, with the firstever scheduled direct service between the United States and Luanda, Angola. Flights will operate three times per week with 243-

this continent to North America are predominantly men diplomats. She holds a higher degree in law and has been a prominent, professional lawyer in Tanzania’s law chambers before her first appointment to represent Tanzania in Professor Mthuli Ncube, Vice-President and Chief EconUnited Kingdom four omist, African Development Bank years ago. While in London, Mrs. Maajar was most high-spending tourists compared ranked a best diplomat who managed to other world travel markets, also in to link Tanzania, UK, and other Euro- terms of quality. About 60,000 American tourists visited Tanzania’s tourist pean nations through her office. The United States is Tanzania’s attractions last year.  Apolinari Tairo, eTN major tourist market, which offers the seat Airbus A330-200 aircraft flying between Delta’s hub at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and Luanda with an intermediate stop in Dakar, Senegal. Ticketing channels opened Saturday, Oct. 2. “As the No. 1 U.S. carrier serving Africa, Delta is committed to expanding our presence into fast-growing African markets to better serve our global business travelers,” said Perry Cantarutti, Delta’s senior vice president of Europe, Middle East and Africa. “This new service between Atlanta and Luanda will shave hours off of business travelers’ itineraries between the U.S. and Angola thanks to more direct routings via the world’s largest airline hub in Atlanta.”

UN Sanctions Lifted The UN Security Council has lifted the last remaining sanctions against Sierra Leone. The sanctions were imposed on Sierra Leone during the civil war days. According to Information and Communication Minister Ibrahim Ben

Kargbo, t h e country had been unsafe a n d unstable s i n c e the war hence Sierra Leone was categorized as still being in a war situation. But with the calmer situation today, the sanctions were lifted in recognition of the efforts put in place by the people of Sierra Leone to give peace a chance. Though there are no immediate benefits to accrue from the lifting of sanctions, it is believed that with time, various aspects of Sierra Leone’s national life would be improved as the constraints experienced before would be relieved. . SEE YOU ON THE CONTINENT. 

48  October 2010  Black Business News 

Import/Export/Investment Webinar:

African Development Bank -- How to Identify, Track and Pursue AfDBFunded Projects Date/Time: October 27, 2010 • 12:00 NOON EST • Location: Desktop Computer


his webinar will unlock the mystery on how to access procurement opportunities offered by the African Development Bank (AfDB). AfDB ( is an international development finance institution whose mission is to help its developing member countries reduce poverty and improve the quality of life of their people. Specifically, the session will highlight: How to Identify, Track and Pursue AfDB Funded Projects. It’s a must for US companies interested in ADB opportunities. The webinar presentation will be 1 hour in length. The participation cost is $45. To register for this webinar, go to the following links for: African Development Bank Webinar; or Target



Sub-Saharan Africa’s Economies Set for Broad-based Growth


ub-Saharan Africa’s accelerating economic growth is expected to be broad based in 2010 and 2011, the IMF says in its latest regional

SVC; AgriculturalMachinery & Eq.; Airport/Ground Support Eq.; Aviation Services;Building Products; Construction Eq; Electrical Power Systems;Environmental Technologies; Railroad Eq.; Security/Safety Eq. Information contacts: Larry Tabash, Sr. International Trade Specialist, Global Team Leader for Africa, Near East & South Asia, Larry.Tabash@trade. gov, 512-936-0039, www.export. gov/cs or Bobby Hines, International Trade Specialist, bobby. For broad information on U.S. trade programs and projects with Africa visit the AFRICA PORTAL at 

forecast. Strong domestic demand and surging exports are projected to help boost growth in most of the region back to near pre-crisis levels. Sub-Saharan Africa’s accelerating economic growth is expected to be broad based in 2010 and 2011, the IMF said in its latest regional forecast. Strong domestic demand and resur-

gent exports are projected to boost average growth rates in the region to 5–5 ½ percent, near to the high levels recorded before the global economic slowdown. The key explanation for the resilience of sub-Saharan Africa has been the generally strong economic position of countries going into the global financial crisis. This allowed counter-cyclical fiscal and monetary policies to be put in place to soften the impact of the global

49  October 2010  Black Business News 

see Africa’s Economy to Grow on page 51

Best of Africa Trade Show 1st February 2011 - 30th April 2011

Information & Registration is at

The USA Exports Show 1st December 2010 - 28 February 2011


his virtual trade show is designed to increase the volume of trade and investment between American exporters and importers (particularly SME’s) and businesses outside the USA. The USA Exports Show will attract international B2B buyers, distributors, governmental agencies, and entrepreneurs from the USA’s most significant trade partners. This one-of-a kind online trade fair is a golden opportunity for exhibitors to build brand awareness, establish new markets, create franchising partnerships, reach new customers and recruit new suppliers. With thousands of daily B2B trade visitors, USA Exports Show is the perfect vehicle for businesses and organisations worldwide seeking B2B trade opportunities and investments within North America. The USA’s top ten trade partners are Canada, Mexico, China, Japan, the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, South Korea, Brazil and Belgium – in 2008, the country exported approximately $1.287 trillion worth of goods. For decades, the USA has been the global leader in imports and one of world’s top three exporters, producing roughly $15 trillion worth of goods and services in 2008 (China, the world’s second-largest economy, produced approximately $12 trillion for the same period). The USA is the leading industrial power in the world and boasts a highly diversified and technologically advanced economy. According to the IMF, US GDP of $14.4 trillion was 23% of gross world product for 2008 – per person, the American economy has the fourth largest output on average, more than $45,000 for every man, woman and child. The UCLA Anderson School of Management has predicted average US quarterly economic growth of 2.7% in 2010 and 4.1% in 2011.  What are Virtual Trade Shows? The virtual trade show platform provides end-users with a 3-D, multi-user trade expo environment that recreates the experience and functionality of a conventional or ‘physical’ trade show online, enabling live interaction between visitors and exhibitors. Virtual trade exhibitions give your organisation the opportunity to reach market segments heretofore unavailable at conventional trade shows, which are often prohibitive to potential attendees and potential exhibitors because of fees, time constraints, travel expenses and these shows are available to a much larger audience for a much longer period.


est of Africa is a country specific online trade show bringing competitive products and resources from Africa’s rapidly growing economies to an international marketplace. As the demands of the global marketplace evolve and the world economy recovers from the fiscal crisis of 2008 - 2009, the Best of Africa international trade fair provides a unique and timely opportunity for African exhibitors to increase brand awareness, establish new markets, develop franchising partnerships, reach new customers and recruit new suppliers globally. Visitors can find African suppliers, manufacturers and distributors in one place. Rich in natural resources, Africa offers vast reserves of oil, metals and precious stones. With thousands of pristine travel destinations, the tourism industry, including health & wellness tourism, continues to grow steadily. Best of Africa is a golden opportunity for African enterprises to connect with thousands of motivated buyers, and for international businesses seeking investment and B2B trade opportunities in Africa. has partnered with the Pan-African Development Corporation (PADC) to create this virtual trade fair. The PADC is devoted to the development of commerce and enterprise in Africa – the organisation’s mission is to bring Africa to the world, and the world to Africa., in partnership with the PADC, is particularly proud to showcase many of Africa’s finest businesses to the rest of the world. According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Africa has made remarkable gains in promoting growth and achieving economic stability, averaging more than 6% over the past five years. The IMF has increased financial support to African countries affected by the economic crisis, revised its lending instruments to make them more flexible, and is working to double concessional lending. The Fund continues to provide advice and technical assistance for strengthening economic policymaking in Africa, and to design more sophisticated frameworks for improved integration into the world economy. With global efforts such as these to encourage growth in this region, it is an opportune time for African businesses to access international markets. In recent years, Africa has built increasingly stronger ties with China – in 2007 Chinese companies invested a total of US$1 billion in Africa, overtaking Britain as Africa’s thirdlargest business partner and catching up with France. Trade between China and Africa reached USD $100 billion in 2008 and is expected to top USD $100 billion in 2010. Africa now supplies a third of the oil fuelling China’s economic boom, with Angola surpassing Saudi Arabia as the largest exporter of oil to China. With more oil reserves than North America, and an estimated 40% of the world’s potential hydroelectric power, Africa is on the verge of becoming a major global energy provider. With major world players now paying attention, African businesses have the opportunity to expand into new markets worldwide. 

50  October 2010  Black Business News 

Africa’s Economy to Grow from page 49 downturn. Nevertheless, the IMF’s Regional Economic Outlook for sub-Saharan Africa notes that the global crisis has left a legacy of elevated unemployment levels in countries with more developed manufacturing sectors and, more generally, of weakened fiscal balances. Credit growth also remains subdued. Fiscal Policy Shift In most countries, growth rates have returned close to potential and domestic demand is expected to remain strong on the basis of rising real incomes and sustained private and public investment. However, the trajectory of fiscal balances in some countries is not consistent with medium-term financial and debt sustainability. The Regional Economic Outlook suggests therefore that now is an opportune time in some cases to adjust medium-term spending and revenue plans and to start withdrawing any recent fiscal stimulus measures. Continued fiscal support is likely needed only in a handful of countries with below-potential growth and no debt sustainability risk.As long as inflation and credit growth stay low, there is little urgency to reverse interest rate cuts. Over the long term, the report advocates that improving public services and infrastructure, strengthening financial systems, and maintaining an open business climate should remain paramount policy objectives. Risks The Regional Economic Outlook draws attention to the downside risks that remain for the global economy, with only a shaky recovery so far evident in advanced countries and continued fragility in financial markets. If a significant further global slowdown does occur, it could dampen growth quite markedly in sub-Saharan Africa. This would delay efforts to rebuild the sound policy buffers that helped to shield the region from the worst effects of the global crisis. In addition, a

heavy political calendar of elections in as many as 17 countries during 2011 could delay some reforms. Trade with Developing Asia Sub-Saharan Africa’s trading patterns have shown some dramatic shifts during the last few years toward China and other parts of developing Asia, the report said. These shifts were so marked that, by 2009, China’s share in the sub-Saharan Africa’s total exports and imports exceeded that between China and most other regions in the world.

Exports of goods and services make relatively small contributions to aggregate demand in most sub-Saharan African countries. Europe and other advanced countries remain the region’s dominant trading partners. However, in a minority of countries— including the major natural resource exporters— the impact of developing Asia on global export demand and commodity prices is expected to be significant in both the short and long term. Overall, trade with Asia is therefore

51  October 2010  Black Business News 

see Africa’s Economy to Grow on page 59

52  October 2010  Black Business News 

1st Annual Pan African Global Trade Conference Unifying Africa and the African Diaspora through International Trade & Commerce California State University Dominguez Hills 1000 E. Victoria Street, Carson, CA 90747 October 21, 2010 & October 22, 2010 The 1st Annual Pan African Global Trade ConferenceTM is designed for corporate leaders, policy makers, NGO’s and small business owners who want to create opportunities to strengthen business and cultural relations between the U.S., Africa and the African Diaspora through global business and economic development. Our objective is to develop bilateral Public/ Private partnerships that promote and facilitate economic growth and free trade relationships. The conference will provide opportunities for participants to: • Network with private and public sector leaders and potential business partners from the U.S., Africa and the African Diaspora in VIP receptions, roundtable business panels and private business meetings, • Learn about current economic development projects in Africa’s emerging business market through real world case studies and business opportunity showcases, • Learn about current financing and investment opportunities for international trade & commerce with Africa. Delegates from the USA, Africa and the African Diaspora representing political & social organizations, business and investment, the arts and culture, education, international trade and tourism will join local and international chambers of commerce, international trade agencies & associations, banks and logistics companies to discuss & implement this important program. For more information call Al Washington, Executive Director, Africa-USA Chamber of Commerce at 626.321.7041 or send e-mail inquiry’s to You may register to participate as as a sponsor, an exhibitor, a vendor, an advertiser or a registered general or student particpant by visiting,event=8bbb8f7d23d8.


Do Business with BBA Member Businesses & Advertisers

Zambian Independence Celebration

Celebrating yearsof Freedom


Los Angeles Airport Marriott Hotel 5855 W. Century Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90045

Saturday, October 30, 2010 MarketPlace 1:00 om - 5:00 pm Banquet & Ball 6:00 pm - 3:00 am Fashion Show Produced by: JonSorogo The celebration day will highlight the success of the nation and her people over these 46 years and provide motivation and incentive for continued progress. Admission to the Gala Celebration is $60.00. You may purchase individual tickets or tables of 10. For information the Marketplace and the Banquet send an e-mail inquiry to: Ms. Susan Phiri

53  October 2010  Black Business News 

Goldman Sachs Launches 10,000 Small Businesses Initiative in the Greater Los Angeles Metropolitan Area Cities of Los Angeles, Long Beach Join Effort to Drive Economic Growth, Create Jobs $20 Million in Small Business Loans to be Provided Through Local Community Development Financial Institutions Business Education Partners to Include Los Angeles Community College District, Long Beach Community College District The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. (NYSE: GS) today announced the greater Los Angeles 10,000 Small Businesses initiative. Throughout the Los Angeles metropolitan area, the program will offer a unique combination of three resources to help small business grow and create jobs: •

Business and Management Education: Small business owners will have access to a high quality business education developed in partnership with leading national business schools. Through the program, they can develop a business growth plan through a practical business and management education offered by Los Angeles City College, one of the nine campuses in the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD), and The Long Beach Community College District. The education will be free to accepted business owners selected through a competitive application process administered by the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City (ICIC) in partnership with City College and The Long Beach Community College District. 10,000 Small Businesses is also partnering with LACCD’s Los Angeles Southwest College to support the needs of small businesses with a particular focus on minority and lowincome business owners in the South Los Angeles region. Southwest College will build its capacity to enhance its small business curriculum and associated business support services.

Access to Capital: Goldman Sachs will commit $20 million of lending capital, in addition to philanthropic support to Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) in Los Angeles County. The investment will increase the amount of growth capital available to small businesses in underserved communities and expand the capacity of the CDFIs to deliver enhanced technical assistance to small businesses. The first CDFI that will be receiving financing from Goldman Sachs will be the Valley Economic Development Center. Additional CDFI partners will enter the program in the future.

Business Support Services: Business advice, technical assistance, and networking will be offered to participating small business owners through partnerships with the community colleges and national and local business organizations, as well as the people of Goldman Sachs.

“My number one priority is getting the people of Los Angeles back to work, and the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Initiative is the type of program we need in Los Angeles,” Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said. “Not only will this investment set in motion job creation at the most grassroots level, but it will have a real impact on the lives of the 70% of Angelenos that are employed by small businesses by granting them the opportunity to expand their entrepreneurial enterprise through education, loans, and networking.” “Los Angeles is home to many very talented small business owners,” said Lloyd C. Blankfein, Chairman and CEO of Goldman Sachs. “Working with local community development financial institutions and community colleges, we aim to give selected local businesses the resources they need to grow and create jobs.” 10,000 Small Businesses began operations in New York in 2010 where LaGuardia Community College is offering education and Seedco Financial Services is providing access to capital. The program will begin in Los Angeles in August, 2010. Interested small businesses should apply for the education portion directly through the local community colleges and CDFIs. •

Los Angeles City College:

The Long Beach Community College District:

Valley Economic Development Center:

RESOURCES FOR GOING GLOBAL U.S. Commercial Service • Your Global Business Partner Event: American Showcase 2010 Venue: Cagayan de Oro City Date: September 16-18, 2010 he U.S. Commercial Service is bringing the “American” brand to Mindanao. This exhibit will help promote and strengthen the American brand in the growing business districts of Cagayan de Oro City and throughout the Mindanao region. Mindanao is an important market for U.S. companies outside of Manila, and we would like to work with your firm to reinvigorate U.S.-Mindanao business ties and to showcase the best of America in the Philippines. The American Showcase 2010 exhibition and seminar program will tap an extensive network of contacts and partnerships that the U.S. Commercial Service has established with trade associations and Chambers of Commerce in the Mindanao region. For more information please contact Ms. Thess Sula, Commercial Specialist. She can be reached at telephone (02) 844-3393; 888-6619 or (02) 888-4088 ext. 5830/5827; fax: 888-6606, or by email and


Event: Complying with U.S. Export Controls Seminar Venue: Salt Lake City, Utah Date: September 22-23, 2010 earn more/register: Join Commercial Service Utah and the Utah District Export Council for a program led by the Bureau of Industry and Security’s professional counseling and compliance specialists. Complying with U.S. Export Controls provides an in-depth examination of the information exporters need to know to comply with U.S. export control requirements on commercial goods. This program is well suited for any company or research institution that needs a comprehensive understanding of their obligations under the U.S. Export Administration Regulations. For more information contact: David.Fiscus@trade. gov.


Event: 5th Annual International Trade Conference - Hot Market Watch: Selling to Brazil, China & India Venue: Duke Energy Center, Cincinnati, OH 45202 Date: October 19, 2010; 7am-5pm Cost: $150/$125 for additional company representatives earn more/register: Organized by Commercial Service (CS) Cincinnati, this year’s conference will focus on the “hot markets” of Brazil, China and India and will provide market updates, tools, and resources for companies interested in selling to or expanding further into these countries. Presenters will include U.S. Department of Commerce international trade experts, as well as international companies and organizations sharing their expertise and resources for Brazil, China and India. In addition to conference plenary sessions, there will be over 10 break-out sessions to choose from. Selected topics for each country will include: market overviews; economic outlooks; customs & logistics; financial considerations; legal considerations; taxation/accounting; regulations; second-tier cities in China and India; and company experiences. For more information, please contact:


Event: Boost Your Service Exports by Connecting with Chinese Investors Venue: U.S. Embassy Beijing Online “AccessAmerica” Directory Date: 2010 Learn more/register: For information, please contact ccessAmerica is the U.S. Department of Commerce’s online Chinese-language directory of U.S. firms that provide customized services to Chinese companies that want to conduct business in the U.S., including finding partners and setting up offices. It is promoted extensively throughout China in cooperation with our State and other partners. All U.S. states are invited to partner with us to facilitate service exports and inward investment. AccessAmerica is featured on the U.S. Embassy Chinese webpage which has 100,000 hits per month; and it is featured at Invest in America programs in the U.S. and China. Your listing will include company information, company logo, and contact details, all translated into Chinese, for a one-year subscription fee of $400. Increase your visibility in China and boost your PRC client base.


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End Of Year Tax Relief: Charitable Giving Time


reminder: It’s that time of year again. Yes, It’s time to give, it’s time to help. When it’s time to pay taxes in April you will remember that you passed up the opportunity to reduce that tax bill even a little bit. This year we are featuring one organization that is a coalition of 18 organizations working in Africa and with Africans to make a difference in health, economy, entrepreneurship, ecology, climate and more. In addition, we remind you that you may support the work of the Black Business Association by sending in a donation or by becoming a member. Visit our website at to donate and/or join. You may also use

the membership form near the back of this publication to join the BBA. Mail your membership (or donation) to P.O. Box 43159, Los Angeles, CA 90043 USA. Thank you in advance for sharing your wealth even in these challenging financial times.

CSAfrica Coalition for a Sustainable Africa Coalition for a Sustainable Africa (CSAFRICA) is a collaboration of nonprofit organizations supporting sustainable solutions for grass-roots initiatives to empower the people and communities of Africa. Collectively, we are currently working in 18 countries with programs focused on children, health, economics, education, women’s empowerment, orphan

care and the environment. Through CSAFRICA’s local community-driven development approach, our projects address the elimination of poverty, and help to promote peace and security. CSAFRICA is currently establishing a resource center – both in Los Angeles and virtually on the web - where it is realizing effective models for cooperative management and creating synergy by sharing ideas, best practices, skills, resources and networks. Through our collaborative efforts we are building a supportive and efficient professional infrastructure to help us expand our impact, vision and capacity to do our work. CSAFRICA is bridging the gap between communities in Africa, the greater Los Angeles community and beyond. CSAFRICA is creating a solid foundation for collaboration and increasing access to and for the African continent. To meet our goals, CSAFRICA interfaces with local and international organizations, small businesses, large corporations, educational and religious institutions, governmental agencies, individuals, celebrities and the media. We are unique in our ability to work effectively and directly with the communities and people in Africa, offering a solid human connection. Some of the programs are highlighted here but we hope you will visit the CSAfrica website at to read about all of the projects and select one or more programs to support and participate in. DEEP / The African Business Executives Convention NOV 15- 17 DEEP ( is partnering with Ted Alemayhu, Founder and Chairman of US Doctors for Africa, the City of Las Vegas, the Africa - USA Trade & Investment Firm, and numerous investment firms and corporations across the United States are preparing to host an historic Africa -

USA Business Executives Convention. Several hundred business executives from all over Africa, Europe, throughout the United States, Canada and the United Arab Emirates will be participating. 30% of all proceeds will be going to CSAFRICA! Get details at: http:// Trees for a Sustainable Africa! CSAFRICA ( and Earth Rights Institute, in partnership with the Ministry of the Environment and Water and Forestry of the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire, have initiated programs to halt emissions of greenhouse gases, causes to climate change, deforestation, land degradation and water, desertification, etc. The ambitious program includes actions such as: •100 million Africans aware of the dangers of climate change, •Raise awareness of 1,000,000 carriers and owners of vehicles on the pollution emitted by car exhausts of cars, •Train 100,000 teachers in techniques of community fight against Egesa, •Reforest in 3 years, 5 million hectares of degraded land, •Restore 10 million acres of forests, watersheds in West Africa and Congo, •Plant 10,000 hectares of mangroves to stop coastal erosion, •Provide 1 million improved stoves for rural households, •Provide 1,000,000 biogasoil stoves cookers in suburban and rural households, •Equip 2,300 schools, maternity wards and villages with solar lighting, •Produce 8.000.000.tonnes biogasoil

57  October 2010  Black Business News 

see Charitable Giving on page 59 Community colleges are a focal point for state - and national - efforts to create a green economy and workforce in California. This Summit is focused on all aspects of this dynamic market - from green building and energy efficiency to the products and services that new green facilities will need. It also encompasses green job training - the needs of industry and the challenges of developing curriculum that meets these needs. If you want to be engaged with the leaders of this movement, or to get up to date on the programs, projects, policies and technologies that are fueling it, there is no better opportunity than the Green California Community Colleges Summit. Visit the summit webpage for more information on attending or exhibiting.

Your last chance for a registration discount is September 30th, so don’t wait any longer to register. Remember, groups of four or more are eligible for additional discounts. REGISTER NOW!! Questions? Call 626.577.5700 For more information, write to or Cindy Dangberg, Summit Director,

Salinas, California - Dec. 1, 2010

58  October 2010  Black Business News 

Africa’s Economy to Grow from page 51 likely to be an increasingly important factor in maintaining growth for the region on its current trajectory. But the key drivers of African growth are likely

to remain: political stability; the business climate, including the prudent exploitation of natural resources; and the quality of economic management. Promising Prospects With the expansion in global output

Charitable Giving from page 57

jatropha oil instead of fossil oil, •Protect and enhance 100 protected areas in West Africa and Congo Basin, •Protect and enhance forests and sacred groves, 1000 primarily in West Africa, •Plant one billion trees economically viable for communities to increase their

set to continue, IMF country teams are projecting that, barring shocks, most countries will maintain strong growth into 2011. Fiscal balances are also expected to improve somewhat in 2011 relative to 2010. Sub-Saharan Africa’s growth performance will hinge in part on official and private financing flows staying at their recent elevated levels (see chart). If extended risk aversion or fiscal retrenchment in Europe was to lead to a sharp dropoff in donor support, this would almost certainly hamper the envisaged acceleration in GDP growth.  The Regional Economic Outlook: Sub-Saharan Africa report may be found on the IMF website at: www. eng/sreo1010.htm.

Creating Jobs from page 59

over 180 healthcare facilities. These efforts will continue to drive job creation for the next several years, but as importantly, the buildings, broadband and water systems, taken together, supply the economic fabric for business expansion by private companies. The Recovery Act is a continuing success, and Rural Development report confirms that.  Review “Rural Development and the Recovery Act: Working For Rural Communities” at documents/USDA_ARRA_AnnualReport_10192010.pdf incomes, •create a micro--climate and sequester carbon, •Plant 100,000 trees greening cities, towns, streets, roads, highways, public parks and green spaces, •Provide and install 100 wind energy systems for electrification of 100 villages, •Provide and install 100 biomass energy systems in 100 villages, •Provide and install 1,000 units of processing biogasoil in 1,000 villages, •Provide and install an ethanol processing plant in an area, •Create 1000 village agroforestry plantations for firewood, •Provide and install 100,000 bee hives in 1,000 villages, for pollination, •Create 100 rabbit farms and breeding aulacaudes, •Provide 2,000 pieces of equipment using biogasoil, •Highlight 12,500,000 hectares of upland rice and lowland, •Produce 100 million tons of paddy for food security, •Convert to 1,000,000 farmers in organic farming, •Provide and install 1,000 wells in HVA communities that lack safe drinking water, •Provide 200 mills, 200 grinders, 200 shellers, 200 Shea presses, 200 palm oil presses, 200 jatropha oil presses, 200 pumps, 200 power tillers, 1,000 solar dryers, •Provide 200 channels equipped farm, 50 vehicles, 200 motorcycles and 1,000 bicycles, •Establish and organize annually in Côte d’Ivoire, Prime Power International Abi-

djan on carbon credits, •Establish and organize annually in Côte d’Ivoire, the First World Abidjan on climate, energy, forestry, hunger and poverty in Africa, •Establish and organize annually in Côte d’Ivoire, the First International Seminar Abidjan on climate change and food security in Africa, •Create and equip--Abidjan Bingerville Ecological Observatory Subregional Egesa and prevention of natural disasters for sustainable development, •Create and equip Abidjan and Radio Eco FM in the awareness and prevention of the fight against the Egesa and management of environmental, •Create, install and equip International Regional Institute of Higher Studies sustainable development and the fight against global warming in Abidjan, •Enhance the interchange of indene in Abidjan,

Save Africa’s Children Save Africa’s Children (www.saveasee Charitable Giving on page 60

59  October 2010  Black Business News 

DOT, EPA Propose Nation’s First-Ever Emissions, Fuel-Efficiency Standards for Trucks and Buses


PA Administrator Lisa Jackson and DOT Secretary Ray LaHood proposed the first national standards for greenhouse gas emissions and fuel efficiency for medium and heavy-duty trucks, vans, and buses. This is a historic first step to address categories of vehicles previously excluded from America’s corporate average fuel economy guidelines. Currently, the vehicles we propose covering account for 20% of the transportation sector’s carbon emissions. So reducing those emissions and improving fuel efficiency for these vehicles is certainly a win for the environment. The announcement is only a proposal. The Environmental Protection Agency and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration are providing a 60-day comment period. That’s where the public comes in. The proposal and information about submitting comments are available on the EPA website ( and the NHTSA website ( So visit those websites, read the proposal, and provide your comments. Your input will help to improve the proposal and insure that our nation benefits on all points.

Charitable Giving from page 59 provides direct support and care to orphans and vulnerable children affected by HIV/AIDS, poverty and war throughout Sub-Saharan Africa and the Caribbean. SAC partners with individuals, churches, grassroots organizations, government and corporate sectors, endeavoring to build a dynamic, diverse movement to restore hope and a future for Africa’s children. Your $10 Will Help Save Lives - In honor of World Aids Day - December 1st - you can contribute to the construction of an HIV/AIDS testing lab in our Kenya medical clinic. Your contribution will not only help with the efficiency of HIV/AIDS testing for children, but will also help to deliver 3 mobile camps in Nairobi and Namanga beginning December 1, 2010. For contribution of $10 or more you will recieve a free Save Africa’s Children wristband and your name will be

entered into a drawing for a hand-woven blanket from Kenya. For contributions of $25 or more you will recieve a free SAC keychain and your name will be entered into a drawing for a hand-woven throw blanket from Kenya. For contributions of $100 or more you will receive a free 2011 calendar, have your name written on the Wall of Campassion (on the lab building) with a photo of the results and your name will be entered for a hand-woven throw blanket from Kenya. For contributions of $1,000 or more you will receive a free 2011 calendar, keychain, wristband, have a treatment room named in your honor with a photo of the results and your name will be entered into a drawing for a hand-woven throw blanket from Kenya. Visit the CSAfrica website to learn about all of the organizations and programs that you may support with a charitable donation of funds and/or personal time. 

President’s Message from page 3

touch purchasing management personnel is contributing significantly to local business inequality, which is also giving rise to an unprecedented divergence of supplier utilization. The public and private sector use of small businesses is fixated on the top revenue percentile of minority firms. Somewhat mirroring the wealth divergence of the top 2% accounting for 90% of the country’s wealth. The inner city geographical landscape is deteriorating from supplier diversity divergence. Prestigious business addresses are the main sources purchasing management personnel pay site visits in seeking out operational service providers. This type of management work effort assures that some contracts will go to minority– owned and operated firms, but in the process excluding the spirit and intent of minority business development. The work product of the public and private

60  October 2010  Black Business News 

see President’s Message on page 69

The White House Blog:

Introducing: First Question


ost people who have watched a daily press briefing from the White House Press Secretary have probably thought at one time or another “I’d like to ask the White House a question!” Well, here’s your chance! The Office of the Press Secretary has launched a new type of online engagement called “First Question” that uses Twitter to collect your questions for the White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs to answer. While we’ll constantly look for ways to improve it, here’s how First Question will work for now: In the morning, Robert will ask for that day’s questions in a post to his @ PressSec Twitter account. Although this won’t happen everyday, it will be

pretty frequent so be sure to subscribe to his account and the WhiteHouse’s main Twitter account (@WhiteHouse) to find out when it does. Once he’s posted, anyone can fire away with questions using the hashtag #1q. Over the next hour or two we’ll collect all of the questions, record his answers and post the video on the White House website at Even though every question can’t get answered (over 300 tweets with #1q were posted on the first day) we’ll try to choose questions from a broad variety of perspectives. But even the questions we can’t get to are tremendously valuable to understanding what’s on people’s minds.

A Positive Economic Turn Around in the USA is in Our Hands

And while everyone here is excited about this new type of online engagement, it’s worth pointing out that there are even more opportunities to ask questions and learn about what’s happening at the White House. The best way to stay current is to subscribe to the White House’s Daily Snapshot ( Whether it’s using Google Moderator to vote on YouTube questions for President Obama, Facebook to chat with David Axelrod or Twitter to take a crack at Robert Gibbs, we’re constantly looking for new ways to use technology to connect Americans with their White House. And if you have any ideas or feedback along these lines, we’d love to hear it -- in the spirit of this post, you can reach me, Macon Phillips, at @macon44. 


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WHY OWN GOLD IN YOUR IRA/401k Changing jobs creates a great opportunity for you to switch, or rollover, your former employer’s retirement plan into an IRA. Plus, it usually provides you with more investment options than if you left the money in your former employer’s plan or rolled the money into your new employer's retirement plan. The early 1980s presented a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to buy stocks. Today, economic and political conditions appear to offer a similar opportunity in tangible assets such as physical gold. With the global economic environment growing more uncertain, physical gold has become the #1 alternative for IRA, 401k, 403b, and Pension Plans, as well as for non-retirement funds. Gold is produced primarily for accumulation while other commodities are produced primarily for consumption. Gold’s value does not arise from its usefulness in industrial or consumable applications. It arises from its use and historical worldwide acceptance as a store of value. Gold is money. A healthy measure of gold clearly belongs in every portfolio for the “Four Ps” – Personal Purchasing Power Protection. There are six primary reasons why investors own gold: As a hedge against inflation. As a hedge against a declining dollar. As a safe haven in times of geopolitical and financial market instability. As a commodity based on gold’s supply and demand fundamentals. As a store of value. As a portfolio diversifier. According to, on October 15, 2009, Paul Tudor Jones of Tudor Investment Corp, who manages about $11.6 billion out of Greenwich, Connecticut, told its investors, “I have never been a gold bug… but Gold is just an asset that, like everything else in life, has its time and place. And now is that time…Gold appears to be cheap. In our view, gold’s value should increase as its scarcity relative to printed currencies increases.” JAMAAL WILKES FINANCIAL ADVISORS makes 401(k) rollovers easy with just a few simple steps. Please call us at (310)209-8298 or email for a web seminar presentation. Jamaal Wilkes Financial Advisors is an independent Registered Investment Advisor Phone: (310)209-8330 6601 Center Drive West, Suite 500 Los Angeles, CA 90045

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Is Gold In A Bubble? No Way! Classic Cup and Handle Pattern


n the front page of all the media outlets is the question if gold is in a bubble. I ride bubbles and look for beginning signs of bubbles. Bubbles are irrational, but there is an old saying that “markets are irrational a lot longer than one can stay solvent.� I believe gold is nowhere near a bubble top and believe now is the time to profit on the next major asset class ready to run. Gold is in a classic cup and handle pattern. The cup and handle pattern has historically led to major market moves. See charts and explanations that follow...

You can see by the graph above the major breakout from the six month saucer on excellent volume. Notice how the volume dries up on the handle. Now I expect a major breakout and a run to $1,375 an ounce. Compared to other bubbles gold appears flat.

Above is a chart of the oil index verses the gold and silver index. Notice the run in oil before the credit collapse. This run lasted almost 5 years before it topped. Meanwhile for the past 15 years the XAU has been relatively flat and yet it has had a nice run we have not seen the run up like other asset class bubbles. I believe there are signs that we may be moving into a peak gold area and would not be surprised if there is a global rush to gold as investors lose faith in fiat currencies. The recent collapse of the euro only preludes what will eventually happen with the dollar and treasuries. Now many people have run from the Euro to dollars, but I believe that is temporary. Now is the time, before the masses rush in, to buy gold. This is not the time to be bottom fishing other markets. I believe to stick to strength. The chart above gives me the confidence to know that we have not entered bubble territory yet. ď ƒ

Financial Planning:

Beware of Drastic Changes in Estate Tax in 2011


f you and your spouse have a combined net worth of $1 million or more, or if you are single and have a net worth of $ 1 million or more, having an estate tax plan in place before the end of the year is essential. And remember, the IRS counts all assets including life insurance policies and retirement accounts; so, you may have a higher net worth than you realize.

How Does the Math Work

Starting January 1, 2011? Henry and Joan are a married couple with no estate plan and a total of $1,725,000 in net worth, which they own equally. This includes their house, retirement accounts, investments, the face value of their life insurance and all other property they have. Henry passes away first leaving everything to Joan. Six months later, Joan passes away. At Joan’s death, the first $1 million is exempt from all estate tax, but the remaining $725,000 is subject to estate tax (2011 rates will range from 41% to 55%). So, nine months after Joan’s death, her heirs will need to file an estate tax return and remit a total amount of $231,450. Failure to find out whether or not you need to do estate and tax planning can

end up costing your loved ones dearly. If the estate tax repeal is allowed to sunset as scheduled, the highest marginal estate tax rate for 2011 will be 55%! This means that estate taxes could take quite a bite out of the assets you plan to pass on. An estate plan brings certainty and stability to the lives of your loved ones and preserves your hard earned assets for your family. For further information please see our website at www.collinslawgroup. com or call 310-677-9787 ext. 5. 



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Malik’s Books Online


alik’s Books has closed operations in the Baldwin Hills Mall. Malik’s is now operating as an online bookstore. Malik’s is now available to serve our customer’s needs 24/7 via the world wide web with bigger deals and a larger selection. We will remain as active in the South Los Angeles community as we have always been. Please visit us at and/or www.autographbooks. com. For other information give us a call at 818-564-5694. If you want to coorespond with us, send letters to Malik’s Books, 3939 Crenshaw Boulevard, #324, Los Angeles, CA 90008. Thank You again for all your support and patronage over the years and visit us on the Web. 

Malik’s Books • • 818-564-5694

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Black Book Stores!

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Holiday Gift Giving Time Christmas, Graduation, Kwanzaa 323-294-0324 // for Calendar of Events

Books to Consider... The Warmth of Other Suns: The Epic Story of America’s Great Migration by Isabelle Wilkerson Ms. Wilkerson chronicles one of the great untold stories of American history: the decades-long migration of black citizens who fled the South for northern and western cities, in search of a better life. From 1915 to 1970, this exodus of almost six million people changed the face of America. Wilkerson compares this epic migration to the migrations of other peoples in history. She interviewed more than a thousand people, and gained access to new data and official records, to write this definitive and vividly dramatic account of how these American journeys unfolded, altering our cities, our country, and ourselves.

Nelson Mandela: Conversations With Myself by Nelson Mandela Former South African President Nelson Mandela reveals the private man behind his iconic public figure in this compelling book that features personal letters and excerpts from his diary written during his more than 27 years in prison for his fight against apartheid. He shares notes made after key meetings and those saved for speaches to be made. 

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VERACITY REALTY, INC. “Dedicated to Truthfulness” Let us see what we can do for you in both Commercial & Residential finance!


Jonathan Thompson, Commercial Broker Phone: 800-455-2142 Cell: 323-309-2885

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Four Season’s Production Multi-Cultural  Multi-Purpose Multi-Functional  Multi-Faceted Manufacturing, Productivity, Growth & Expansion Economical  Globalization  Empowerment

“We’re Fired Up and Ready to Go”

Open Supplier Certification Process The Verizon Communications Corporation is seeking to identify a greater share of African American-owned and operated businesses to match to potential operating contracts. The data base that Verizon procurement management personnel are instructed to review is the California Public Utilities Commission Clearinghouse.

Entrepreneurial Business Development Diversified  Subdivision  Product-Mix & Creating Jobs Across America City by City  State by State National and International Trade Exchange

“Yes We Can” “Something New and Excitingly Different on the Horizon” Commercial


“BBA 2010 Special Recognition Award Winner”

Genell Brown, Artist Designer

Our Community Source Contact: Keasha L. Charles

888-988-8551 Phone & Fax

BBA members wanting to expand market opportunities with a telecommunication company should consider completing a supplier certification application. To obtain an application go to the Internet web address and visit the supplier diversity page for an online application. The BBA encourages all members to participate in this process that works to create greater opportunities for all African-American owned and operated firms. Last year the California Verizon Company reported an annual spend with African American owned suppliers in excess of $40 million.

66  October 2010  Black Business News 

Lucy Florence Culture Center 3351 W. 43rd St. Leimert Park Village Los Angeles, CA 90008

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Leimert Park Village An African American Cultural, Retail, Foods & Entertainment Center. Degnan Boulevard between

Crenshaw & Leimert Blvds. 43rd Street-43rd Place, Los Angeles

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Caltrans Construction

Money for You Can


El Camino College offers the training and advising you need to enhance your ability to bid for and WIN state highway construction contracts. Now is the time to get bid ready with assistance in the areas of procurement, personnel, cash flow, marketing and more!

Appointments with a business advisor are available at the SBDC at no charge to you. For more information, call the SBDC at 310.973.3177. Be sure to attend the free Economic Stimulus event on Thursday, November 19, 2009, in the City of Compton to learn more about stimulus opportunities available from Caltrans and other state and federal agencies. Visit for details.

Small Business Development Center Hosted by El Camino College 13430 Hawthorne Blvd. Hawthorne, CA 90250 310.973.3177




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68  October 2010  Black Business News 


Nearly 2,000 Small Businesses Approved for SBA Loans Due to Jobs Act by SBA Administrator Karen Mills


ust a week after President Obama signed the Small Business Jobs Act of 2010, nearly 2,000 small business owners who had been waiting for SBA-backed loans had been approved and will soon have those loan funds – totaling nearly $1 billion – in hand. That’s a quick turnaround, and it’s an example of this Administration’s deep commitment to giving entrepreneurs and small business owners the support they need to grow and create jobs. Here’s how the SBA made it happen. After the Recovery Act passed last year, SBA increased the guarantee and reduced the fees in our top two loan programs. That two-part formula worked. We saw a significant rebound in SBA lending, helping unlock muchneeded capital for small businesses. All told, SBA took just $680 million in taxpayer dollars and turned it into nearly $30 billion in lending support to about 70,000 small businesses. That’s a strong bang for the taxpayer buck. Even though Congress renewed funding for the increased guarantee and waived fees several times, SBA had to stop making these loans in May when the agency’s authority for the higher guarantees ended. Shortly thereafter, the funds for fee waivers were used up. As a result, we had to

start putting applicants on a stand-by waiting list – a “queue” – hoping that these successful loan enhancements would once again be available. Over the summer, that queue grew to include more than 1,000 entrepreneurs and small business owners. The Administration continued to push for Congress to pass a small business jobs bill, knowing that these small businesses – and many more – were ready to start growing and creating jobs as soon as they got their SBA loan. Finally, a few weeks ago, with the stroke of the President’s pen, the SBA got $505 million more for these effective and proven enhancements, which will support an estimated $14 billion in new lending. Just one week later, we had pushed out nearly 2,000 loans – clearing out all the loans in the queue. And, today we’re moving ahead with approving thousands more SBA Jobs Act loans. With each loan, we’re putting capital in the hands of America’s entrepreneurs and small business owners so they can continue to drive economic growth and create jobs in communities all across the country. And this is just one of the many benefits in the Small Business Jobs Act, which can now deliver $55 billion in tax cuts and additional assistance for businesses that need loans. 

Karen G. Mills, Administrator Small Business Administration

President’s Message from page 60

sectors are falling quite short of nominal job creation that could source minority candidates to fill open positions from new contracting requirements. The BBA, like other minority business trade groups are working to reverse the trend of supplier diversity divergence and outreach elitism. Notwithstanding that major organizations have to control costs, there are still business models existing that deliver bottom line savings inclusive of converging and moving toward outcomes that include a wide variety of effective minority business enterprises. 

Vote! Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It’s Your Right. It’s Your Responsibility. It’s Your Duty. It’s Your Privilege. 69  October 2010  Black Business News 

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Small Business Jobs Act 2010 from page 7

o The law provides $50 million in grants available to Small Business Development Centers. • More Opportunities in Export Counseling (see above) New Law Provides $12 Billion in Tax Relief to Help Small Businesses Invest in their Firms, Create Jobs • Extension, Expansion of Tax Cuts – 8 Tax Cuts 1. The highest small business expensing limit ever, of $500,000 2. Carry-back provisions on net operating losses of up to 5 years 3. Accelerated/bonus depreciation 4. Zero capital gains taxes for those who invest in small businesses 5. Increased deductions for start-ups 6. Deductions for employer-provided cell phones 7. Deductions for health insurance costs for the self-employed 8. Limitations on penalties for errors in tax reporting that disproportionately affect small business Beyond SBA: • Small Business Lending Fund – $30 billion (administered by Treasury) o The law will provide smaller community banks with low cost capital (as low as 1%) if they go above and beyond 2009 small business lending levels. • Establishes State Small Business Credit Initiative (administered by Treasury) o The law will provide up to $1.5 billion to States to support state run small business lending programs. 

Health Care:

President Obama Signs Stem Cell Therapeutic Research Reauthorization Act of 2010 The National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP) is proud to announce that the “Stem Cell Therapeutic Research Reauthorization Act of 2010” was signed by President Obama on Friday, October 8, 2010. The “Stem Cell Therapeutic Research Reauthorization Act of 2010” will help the NMDP expand and diversify the registry, as well as increase the number of adult donors and umbilical cord blood units with the goal to increase the number of patients who receive transplants. It authorizes $23 million to the National Cord Blood Inventory (NCBI) and $30 million to the Program, which will fund these changes. This bill is a continuation of the “Stem Cell Therapeutic Research Act of 2005,” which helped more patients receive bone marrow transplants. Since the bill was introduced in August, the NMDP was dedicated to passing the bill. We worked with bill sponsors, met with legislators and encouraged our advocates to send letters of support. Now that the Program is reauthorized for another five years, the NMDP must be diligent in its efforts to ensure that Congress actually funds the Program and the NCBI each year. We thank our grassroots members,for all of your support. We received more than 450 letters that went out to members of Congress. Your letters played a

vital role in the passing of the bill. We encourage you to continue to advocate on behalf of those in need.

About the National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP) As a leader in the field of unrelated marrow and umbilical cord blood transplantation, the National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP) is dedicated to ensuring all patients who need a transplant receive access to this potentially life-saving treatment. Headquartered in Minneapolis, the nonprofit organization has been entrusted by the federal government through the C.W. Bill Young Transplantation Program to operate the national registry, publicly known as the Be The Match Registry, which provides a single point of access for transplant centers and patients to marrow donors and cord blood units. The organization also facilitates transplants worldwide; supports a global network of hospitals, blood centers, public cord blood banks, laboratories and recruitment centers; conducts research; and provides education and support to patients, donors and health care professionals. The NMDP has facilitated more than 40,000 transplants since operation began in 1987. For more information, visit or call 1-800-MARROW-2. 

71  October 2010  Black Business News 

MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION Please complete then submit this form with your payment. Please type or print. Name: Title: Company: Address: City: State: Zip Code: Telephone: E-mail: URL: Type of Business: W/MBE Certified by:


Year Established:

NAICS Codes: Briefly describe your products and/or services

‰ New membership ‰ Renewal Membership

Select Type of Membership ‰ Regular Member-$200 annual dues 51% African-American owned, Voting membership

‰ Corporate Member-$2,500 annual dues Major corporation, Non-voting membership ‰ Associate Member-$100 annual dues Non-business owner, Non-voting membership ‰ Student Member-$25 annual dues Full-time registered student, Non-voting membership Amount enclosed $ Payment type: ‰ credit card ‰ Visa ‰ MasterCard Card #: Signature Fax Payment to: 323-291-9234

Exp. Date


Payment type: ‰ check/money order—make payable to: Black Business Association Mail to: P.O. Box 43159, Los Angeles, CA 90043 USA For information Call: 323-291-9334 Email: Website:

Calendar October… 15th 100 Black Men Hold Gala Dinner This annual gala being held at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel will present the 100 Black Men of Los Angeles 2010 honoress. For information on participation and to receive an invitation visit www.100BMLA.or or send an e-mail inquiry to

21st California-China Trade & Investment Conference The one-day conference will be held at the Downtown Los Angeles Marriott, 333 South Figueroa Street, Los Angeles from 8:00AM 6:00PM. This conference is one of the best opportunities for you to sync up your commercial strategy with China by participating with the U.S. Department of Commerce and the So Cal Regional District Export Council to gain a competitive advantage in maximizing your ROI with China. There will be exciting keynotes a n d panel speakers from all sides trade community. Contact Rachid Sayouty at 213.894.4022 or rachid. for information. Go to to register.

21st Pan African Global Trade Conference The two-day conference at California State University Dominguez Hills is designed for corporate leaders, policy makers, NGO’s and small business owners who want to create opportunities to strengthen business and cultural relations between the U.S., Africa and the African Diaspora through global business and economic development. The objective is to develop bilateral Public/Private partnerships that promote and facilitate economic growth and free trade relationships. For information contact Al Washington, Executive Director, Africa-USA Chamber of Commerce at 626.321.7041 or alwashington@ Register at www.suretomeet. com/exec/gt/event.h,event=8bbb8f7d23d8.

26th-27th GovLink Conference The GOVLINK CONFERENCE provides networking opportunities between government agencies, prime contractors, and small businesses through workshops, exhibits and networking sessions. Get information and register at


sector in the African continent.. For information on participation, speaking opportunitiesand sponsorship; please contact:, or call +2347063062721, +2348033839928, or visit

30th TANCon USA 2010 The African Network (TAN) conference at the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara California will showcase the new entrepreneurial and business opportunities that have sparked tremendous interest in Africa from a variety of US investors and entrepreneurs. Visit for information and registration.

November… 4th BBA 7th Annual Procument Exchange Summit The annual business development event includes: One-on-One matchmaking sessions with utilities and corporate buyers, business development workshops and the Awards Luncheon. The summit will be held at the Sheraton Gateway LAX Hotel. For information call 323291-9334 or visit 

African Petroleum & Energy Forum 2010 Join leading multinationals, experts from academia, finance firms, corporate investors and energy corporations in exploring the opportunities for international investors into the enormous potentials of the petroleum and energy

Salinas, California - Dec. 1, 2010

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74  October 2010  Black Business News 

Reach Thousands of African American Entrepreneurs YOUR LINK TO AFRICAN AMERICAN BUSINESS OWNERS

U.S. Small B us Minority Bu iness Administration & siness Develo pment Agenc y

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The Black Business Association, SBA 2007 Journalist of the Year and MBDA 2009 Media Firm of the Year, invites you to be an integral part of our publication, Black Business News - Your Link to African American Business Owners. The Black Business News is the ofÀcial voice through which public and private entities advertise contract and business opportunities available to African American entrepreneurs. Gain access to a highly afÁuent target market via information outreach and advertising opportunities. • Outreach to Black Businesses • Advertorial/Feature Story Advertising • Profiles and Business Listings • Classified Ads and Bid Opportunities

Black Business News

Our readers are BBA members, Black business owners, corporate buyers, prime contractors, community organizations and elected ofÀcials, who all turn to the Black Business News for business development news and information to take their business and project efforts to the next level of proÀtability and success!


In Th vember 2008 is Iss ue…

5 Co ver S tory: we g Wher o e do Barack from h er Obam USA. a, 44th e? Preside 6 Bla nt of the ck Bu sines Profi s Succ le Dicker ess 9 Fo son Employee reclo sure Benefits $8.68 R 31 Sm Billion Settleme elief nt. all Adm Business inistr Online Train ation

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he digital version of Black Meetings & Tourism magazine is now available on-line. The current issues, as well as archived issues, can be viewed by visiting and click on the image link located on the home page. The digital version is just a small part of BM&T’s expanded on-line presence, which includes a host of new departments, the twice-monthly e-newsletter, an increased focus on leisure travel, and many new marketing opportunities. Our newly designed website offers a guest blog page, a video page and a variety of interactive and custom advertising products that will allow vendors direct access to the more than 45 billion dollar African-American travel market. 

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February Black Business Awards Dinner - 36th Anniversary of the BBA March Salute to Black Women November Utilities Procurement Exchange Summit & Awards Luncheon December BBA 40th Year Celebration • Call for information •


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Choose to care. Choose to celebrate. Choose to dream. At Comerica Bank, we choose to care about the dreams and visions of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We choose to celebrate equality and diversity among all people, and we’re dedicated to ringing the bells of freedom. Choose to celebrate the dream with us.

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