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n keeping with our commitment to news relevant to Blackowned businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs, in this issue we have several key articles, see pages 13, 28, 66, for example; and a timely editorial on page 64 which reviews the effect of flawed algorithms’ in use by social media firms like Facebook. Also in this issue, don’t forget to check the Calendar of Events (pages 4, 145) for upcoming events. September for many means students returning to school, schedule changes; the onset of Fall; and the end of the Federal Government’s Fiscal Year when last minute adjustments are being made on budgets being prepared for approval for the new Fiscal Year beginning October 1st. This time of year also represents an opportunity Pubisher/Editor-in-Chief for business owners to ramp up their marketing and business development initiatives to contracting and procurement personnel. Federal Contracting Officers are trying to spend the remaining budgets for contracting opportunities, as well as putting the finishing touches on their proposed contracting budgets for the next fiscal year. This is especially true for businesses who have gone through the painstaking process of securing supplier diversity certifications recognized by the Government, such as SBA 8a-Certification, WOSB-certified (woman-owned small business), Veterans and Service-Disabled Veteran-owned businesses, HUBZone-certified, and others. Learn how to build an “Authentic Brand to Increase Your Bottom Line” in an upcoming webinar sponsored by the Small Business Administration (SBA) on September 7, 2017. Branding isn’t a ‘nice-to-have’, but a ‘must-have’ to be competitive in today’s market. Be sure to check out the SBA’s website for additional information at

Earl “Skip” Cooper, II

Coming up in October, a must attend event sponsored by Black Enterprise, is “TechConneXt Summit” on October 12-13, 2017 at the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara, Santa Clara, California. Find details at: www.blackenterprise. com/techconnext. In the Mid-West keep up to date by attending the 18th Annual Rainbow PUSH/CEF Global Automotive Summit in Detroit, Michigan. The details are available at Also, as the President of the Black Business Association (BBA), I am reminding you to be sure we have your current contact information. The BBA, in association with the Black Business News Group, sends business opportunity alerts, advocacy updates, education workshop notices, event notifications, and supports you by marketing your businesses, products and services. Please contact the BBA at 1-323-291-9334 or via email at We, as African Americans, are stronger together. Starting in November 2017 through 2018, City National Bank ( in collaboration with the BBA is sponsoring a series of financial workshop. Topics will include: professional

Black Business News Group P.O. Box 43159 Los Angeles, CA 90043 USA 1-323-291-7819 Fax: 1-323-298-5064 PUBLISHER/EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Earl “Skip” Cooper, II

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President Downsizes Black College Conference Denver Passes Immigrant Protections Amid White House Threats President Reverses Obama Policy on Military Gear for Police Rep. Lieu's Statement on Trump's Decision to End the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Program Rep. Lieu Co-Leads Introduction of Cyber Diplomacy Act Senate Panel Approves Funding for U.N. Climate Body Former US Presidents Raising Money for Hurricane Relief Rand Paul and Kamala Harris Team Up to Reform Bail Practices Office of Disaster Assistance Dallas/Forth Worth and Nationwide

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OPEN LETTER FROM Leaders of American Industry Trump, Republicans Ignore Lessons of Noah Obama had a 'Pen and Phone' Strategy; Trump has an Eraser Ads on Facebook Target 'Jew Haters' After Brand Safety Reassurances

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End Racism Model Proves Everyone Wrong Chicago City Treasurer Invests in Local BlackOwned Bank The Co-founder of America's Largest Blackowned Bank says Racism is Rampant in Finance Spain/Southern California Investment Summit 100 Days, 35 Ways for Caring for Puerto Rico… and Beyond

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Welcome to Wiki Loves Monuments 2017 Southern California Freeway to be Named for President Obama Curtis Mayfield Estate Releases 20th Anniversary Edition of 'Poetic License' Book Archaeologists Uncover How the Pyramid of Giza was Created! Sweet Home Café: National Museum of African American History and Culture Chef Marilyn Wins Mac & Cheese Competition Attention Artists: The Obama Foundation Wants You to Apply for Its New Fellowship

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Mike Hodge, ‘Law & Order’ Actor, Dies at 70

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Zeitz MoCAA – Museum of Contemporary Art Africa African Startups Named Finalists of MIT Innovation Challenge Inauguration of the Zambian L-15 Flight Simulation Center Trade Lead: Nigeria: Bid Rounds for 30 Marginal Oil Fields A Smithsonian First: An Exhibition in Africa Microsoft 4Afrika Hands its IP Hub Over to COMESA Caterpillar to Build Solar Power Plant for B2Gold Otjikoto Mine in Namibia






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Whoppi Goldberg's Natural Menstrual Cramp Solution The Power of Personalization in People-Based Marketing Recipe for Success: Data and Personalization Greenlining Institute Supports Section 1071 of Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform, Consumer Protection Act France Issues the French Tech Visa. What is it? Virtual Reality Will Change Our World: Be Part of the Change US Ministers March on Washington in Call to

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Take A Look! African Stock Exchanges Shopping Gallery Books to Consider... BBA Master Planner Resource Vault

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President Downsizes Black College Conference By Tom O'Connor


he White House announced it's switching up the format of an upcoming meeting between President Donald Trump and representatives of historically black colleges. The move comes as his administration continues to face deep criticism over its polarizing views on race relations in the U.S. While the White House statement did not detail what modifications were being made, it did hint that the administration was looking to downsize Trump's meeting with the Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HCBUs). Trump found early success in reaching out to these schools, which were at times critical of his predecessor, but the Republican leader's attacks on their funding, controversial comments following last month's deadly white nationalist attack in Charlottesville, Virginia and his poor approval rating among black communities in general have strained this relationship. "Responding to suggestions and feedback from many key stakeholders, the White House initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) will modify its planned conference to best meet the current needs of HBCUs, their students and the broader HBCU community, " the administration said. "This more intimate HBCU week will feature a series of strategic meetings for students and leaders to share their perspectives on the

o p p o rt u ni t ie s and challenges facing the H B C U c o m m u n i t y. The events will also focus on how the Administration can best work and support HBCU schools and students," it added. Just over a month after coming to office earlier this year, Trump signed an executive order designed to boost federal funds for HCBUs. The move was seen as an opportunity for the

Trump administration to win support of an influential black organization that often criticized his predecessor, President Barack Obama, for not sufficiently addressing the community's needs, despite him being the first black U.S. president. Trump's support, however, was short-lived.

6  September 2017  Black Business News   1-323-291-7819

Government The administration did not increase funds and actually cut Pel grant reserves and other crucial investment HBCUs had asked for, according to The Washington Post. In May, Trump signed a federal budget that controversially included language at the end suggesting he questioned the constitutionality of funding black colleges in the first place. Recent national events have also highlighted the president's troubled relationship with a community he once famously tried to court on the campaign trail a year ago by asking "What the hell do you have to lose?" On August 12, a man with white supremacist sympathies ran over a crowd of counter-protesters who were demonstrating against a

massive far-right rally that swept the city of Charlottesville, Virginia. One woman was killed and over a dozen more injured. Trump condemned violence "on both sides" of the rally, remarks that garnered him considerable scorn even from within his own party. These troubles have followed him to Washington. The Congressional Black Caucus may soon become one of the leading voices on the Hill calling for Trump's removal from office. Democratic Representative and Black Caucus leader Cedric Richmond of Louisiana said last month he was considering joining existing efforts to remove the president due to issues with Trump's "competency and fitness to serve."

He also vowed that the caucus would "keep its foot on the Trump administration’s neck by calling their racist and discriminatory policies what they are." A poll released earlier this week by The Economist and market research company YouGov revealed that 57% of people in the U.S. think Trump doesn't care about the needs of black people. Among black respondents, three out of four said he either didn't care much or "not at all."  kenyatta-declared-winner-ofdisputed-kenya-presidential-vote/ ar-AApRHUF?li=AA4Zpp&ocid=sp artandhp

Fraudulent Activity Alert!! From The Department of General Services


ecently the Department of General Services (DGS) has been alerted to fraudulent activity aimed at the vendor community. In light of these activities, DGS Procurement Division encourages all vendors to be vigilant and exercise best practices to ensure you are not impacted by a cyber security attack. Fraudulent activities include but are not limited to: Issuance of fraudulent Purchase Orders (PO) being sent from what appears to be a legitimate DGS employee and email address. While these POs may appear to be legitimate, they are not. A spoof email from OSDSHelp email requesting vendors to validate contact details to ensure they do not miss bidding opportunities. Emails containing a hyperlink to an unknown destination to update vendor contact information. Please access and utilize the resource available at the newly published Procurement Division Fraud Alert webpage available: DGS remains committed to informing you and providing resources to address this issue. If you receive an email from the DGS Procurement Division and are unsure of its legitimacy, please feel free to contact DGS Procurement Division at toll free number (800) 559-5529.  7  September 2017  Black Business News   1-323-291-7819


Denver Passes Immigrant Protections Amid White House Threats From the Associated Press

Mayor Michael B. Hancock


enver's City Council on recently approved an ordinance aimed at protecting immigrants amid White House threats to revoke federal money from so-called sanctuary cities — but the effort falls short of legal challenges to those threats by Chicago, San Francisco and other cities. Denver's ordinance, which passed on a 10-0 vote, largely sets into law what is current practice. It's designed to reassure the city's immigrants while not formally declaring Colorado's capital a sanctuary city. President Donald Trump has made it a top priority to revoke federal dollars from so-called sanctuary cities, broadly defined as places that limit cooperation with federal immigration authorities. Trump says he believes such cities and counties are providing a haven for criminal activity. Chicago has filed a federal lawsuit targeting new conditions for the federal aid. Lawsuits over constitutional concerns also have been filed in San Francisco, Seattle and other cities. Mayor Michael Hancock and city councilors say Denver's ordinance formalizes its current practice of prohibiting city employees from collecting information on immigration status and sharing it with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. It also bars local officers from immigration enforcement and ICE agents from access to jail inmates without a warrant.

Denver currently allows ICE agents to interview inmates at the Denver County Jail. Hancock has insisted that any measure address immigrants' fears of ICE detention at courthouses or of making themselves vulnerable to arrest by cooperating with city police. The mayor issued a statement after the vote praising the council. "Tonight, with the unanimous vote by City Council, Denver is sending a clear and resolute message to our community that we stand with the immigrant and refugee communities and are committed to remaining a city that is safe and welcoming for all," Hancock said. "... Local government's ability to protect and serve all of our people is enhanced when community members feel safe coming forward as either a victim of or a witness to a crime, regardless of their legal status. " The ordinance notes that immigrants are less likely to report emergencies or testify or appear in court. Denver does notify ICE before releasing certain inmates. But ICE wants at least 48 hours' notice, and some critics say Denver's sheriff's department has fallen fall short. Last year, the county jail gave ICE only 25 minutes' notice before releasing Ever Valles, a 19-year-old who had been held on an auto theft charge. ICE had flagged Valles as a Mexican national and gang member. After his release, Valles was involved in a fatal shooting at a Denver light rail station. U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions criticized Denver's actions in the case. Sessions has said cities must allow ICE agents into jails for interviews and provide the agency with at least 48 hours' notice before releasing inmates or risk losing law enforcement grants from the Justice Department. Last year, Denver received about $690,000 in grants from the program. Denver's ordinance still allows the jail to notify ICE of inmate releases, but it includes language that requires that inmates be advised of their rights before.

8  September 2017  Black Business News   1-323-291-7819

9  September 2017  Black Business News   1-323-291-7819


President Reverses Obama Policy on Military Gear for Police By Pete Williams and Julia Ainsley


eversing an Obama-era policy, President Donald Trump Monday removed restrictions on the kinds of surplus military gear the Defense Department can turn over to local police departments. The issue has been a sensitive one since the Justice Department concluded that tactics used by police during 2014's violent street protest in Ferguson, Missouri inflamed tensions and created fear among demonstrators. Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the change, first reported by USA Today, in a speech to the Fraternal Order of Police in Nashville on Monday. The executive order "will ensure that you can get the lifesaving gear that you need to do your job and send a strong message that we will not allow criminal activity, violence, and lawlessness to become the new normal," he said. The Obama limitations hurt law enforcement, Sessions added. "One sheriff told me earlier this year about how, due to the prior administration's restrictions, the federal government made his department return an armored

Military All Terrain Tracked Vehicle vehicle that can change the dynamics of an active shooter situation," he said. Jim Pasco, the police organization's executive director, said the change "is President Trump making good on a campaign promise." Pasco said he and other police officials discussed the issue with the president and attorney general two times during meetings at the White House. Since 1990, the Defense Department has been allowed to transfer surplus military equipment and supplies to federal, state, and local law enforcement. Though the program was originally intended for counter-drug operations, it was later expanded to include all police missions. But after the Justice Department concluded that the use of militarystyle equipment made matters worse in Ferguson, President Obama put some equipment off limits — including tracked armored

vehicles, bayonets, and grenade launchers — and required a showing of need for tactical vehicles with wheels. Law enforcement officials said Monday that many police departments used the bayonets as utility knives and did not mount them on rifles. And grenade launching tubes were used to fire non-lethal projectiles such as tear gas and bean bags. The Justice Department cited two studies by economists which concluded that the use of militarystyle equipment can have positive effects, reducing citizen complaints and assaults on officers. A Justice Department official said the executive order would take effect immediately.  trump-reverses-obama-policyon-military-gear-for-police/arAAqQnBh?ocid=spartanntp

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n Wednesday, September 20, 2017 from 12:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m., CBCF will kick-off our 47th Annual Legislative Convention with our Health & Wellness Luncheon in Ballroom B at the Washington Convention Center. This year’s theme, “African American Participation in Clinical Trials” addresses concern with lack of diversity within clinical trials attributed to biases that persist with logistical, systemic and historical factors. We will outline those factors as well as highlight best practices, personal testimonies, and solutions on ways we can challenge the gold standard. There is potential harm in exclusion of women and minorities in non-scalable numbers from medication research. Results of these empirical studies can provide real-time data on how minorities respond to pharmaceutical drugs created as therapeutics to combat diseases ranging anywhere from Diabetes to Schizophrenia.

This is an important event that you don't want to miss. Register today for the 47th Annual Legislative Conference ( and RSVP to attend the Health & Wellness Luncheon (http://cbcfinc.orgalchealthluncheon).

Share the message: #CBCFALC17 11  September 2017  Black Business News   1-323-291-7819

Government - The People on DACA

Rep. Lieu's Statement on Trump's Decision to End the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Program WWW.LIEU.HOUSE.GOV


oday, Congressman Ted W. Lieu (D | Los Angeles County) issued the following statement in response to President Trump’s decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. In 2012, President Obama established DACA to protect young undocumented immigrants from deportation. Those protected by DACA, also called DREAMers, met several requirements including being under 16 when arriving in the United States; being enrolled in school or having completed high school or earned a general education development (GED) certificate; and posing no threat to public safety. Since DACA’s inception,

nearly 800,000 individuals have received DACA protection, though it is estimated that 1.7 million young immigrants are DACA-eligible. Today’s announcement puts these DREAMers at risk of deportation. “I am outraged by the President’s foolish decision to end DACA. This decision will cost our economy $460 billion over the next decade. More importantly, it ignores our nation’s rich immigrant heritage. Our nation can never be great without embracing immigrants. E n d i n g DACA is an unconscionable assault on thousands of young

Rep. Lieu Co-Leads Introduction of Cyber Diplomacy Act


ongressman Ted W. Lieu (D | Los Angeles County) issued the following statement upon introduction of the Cyber Diplomacy Act (H.R. 3776), legislation (https://lieu. CYBER_xml.pdf) that Congressman

Lieu co-led with a bipartisan group headed by House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ed Royce and Ranking Member Eliot Engel. The legislation establishes a highlevel Office of Cyber Issues at the Department of State, requires

a public international cyberspace strategy, and creates Congressional oversight over international cyber agreements. “The U.S. cannot lead on international cyber issues if we don’t have anyone sitting at the negotiating table or a clearlydefined strategy to guide them. Rather than help the situation, the Trump Administration has made the mind-boggling decision to winddown the already limited work the State Department conducts on cyber issues.”

Americans who know no other home than the United States. I will stand firmly with my Democratic colleagues to fight this action and do whatever we can to protect DREAMers.”  Congressman Lieu is a member of the House Foreign Affairs and House Judiciary Committees. Mr. Lieu is also a Veteran, an Assistant Whip for the Democratic Caucus, and a Colonel in the Air Force Reserves.

“I am proud to join my colleagues today in rejecting that approach by introducing the bipartisan Cyber Diplomacy Act, which will build the structure, strategy and oversight at the State Department to ensure that U.S. leadership extends to the critical areas of cyberspace. As cyber issues continue to permeate every region and issue area – from intellectual property to human rights – setting international norms to guide states’ behavior and developing international agreements to enforce them will be more important than ever.”  Congressman Lieu is a member of the House Foreign Affairs and House Judiciary Committees. Mr. Lieu is also a Veteran, an Assistant Whip for the Democratic Caucus, and a Colonel in the Air Force Reserves.

12  September 2017  Black Business News   1-323-291-7819

OPEN LETTER FROM Leaders of American Industry

August 31, 2017 To: President Donald J. Trump To: Speaker Paul Ryan; Leader Nancy Pelosi; Leader Mitch McConnell; and Leader Charles E. Schumer As entrepreneurs and business leaders, we are concerned about new developments in immigration policy that threaten the future of young undocumented immigrants brought to America as children. The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which allows nearly 800,000 Dreamers the basic opportunity to work and study without the threat of deportation, is in jeopardy. All DACA recipients grew up in America, registered with our government, submitted to extensive background checks, and are diligently giving back to our communities and paying income taxes. More than 97 percent are in school or in the workforce, 5 percent started their own business, 65 percent have purchased a vehicle, and 16 percent have purchased their first home. At least 72 percent of the top 25 Fortune 500 companies count DACA recipients among their employees. Unless we act now to preserve the DACA program, all 780,000 hardworking young people will lose their ability to work legally in this country, and every one of them will be at immediate risk of deportation. Our economy would lose $460.3 billion from the national GDP and $24.6 billion in Social Security and Medicare tax contributions. Dreamers are vital to the future of our companies and our economy. With them, we grow and create jobs. They are part of why we will continue to have a global competitive advantage. We call on President Trump to preserve the DACA program. We call on Congress to pass the bipartisan DREAM Act or legislation that provides these young people raised in our country the permanent solution they deserve.  Business leaders wishing to add their name to this letter can do so by registering at:

13  September 2017  Black Business News   1-323-291-7819


Senate Panel Approves Funding for U.N. Climate Body By Valerie Volcovici


he U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee passed a spending bill on Thursday evening that includes $10 million to help fund the United Nations' climate change body that oversees the Paris Climate Agreement, despite President Donald Trump's decision to stop funding it. The 30-member Senate panel, which allocates federal funds to various government agencies and organizations, approved a $51 billion spending bill for the State Department and foreign operations, which included an amendment to continue funding the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change as well as the scientific body the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. The amendment passed even though the 2018 budget proposal that Trump, a Republican, introduced earlier this year eliminated support of any mechanism to finance climate change projects in developing countries and organizations. The United States is still a party to the 1992 UNFCCC, which oversees the Paris agreement, although Trump announced in June that he would withdraw the nation from the global

climate pact and cease funding the Green Climate Fund, which supports clean energy and climate adaptation projects in vulnerable countries. The United States has usually contributed to around 20% of the UNFCCC budget. Democratic Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon, the amendment's author, said on Twitter on Thursday: "Despite @RealDonaldTrump’s dangerous #ParisAgreement decision & unwillingness to act, we can & will fight back to combat #climatedisruption." The amendment passed 16-14. Republican Senators Susan Collins of Maine and Lamar Alexander of

be a party to the Paris Climate Agreement, a pact that nearly 200 countries approved in 2015 to combat global warming, it has said it will continue to observe the ongoing negotiations. In a diplomatic cable that Reuters obtained last month, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said U.S. diplomats should sidestep questions from foreign governments on how the United States plans reengage in the global Paris climate agreement. The cable also said diplomats should make clear that the United States wants to help other countries use fossil fuels, which have been linked to global warming. 

Tennessee voted in favor, as did all committee Democrats except for West Virginia's Joe Manchin. Although the United States announced it would no longer defying-trump-senate-panel-approvesfunding-for-un-climate-body/arAArvwbE?ocid=spartandhp

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Former US Presidents Raising Money for Hurricane Relief From Associated Press

Former U.S. Presidents George H.W. Bush, Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter


he five living former U.S. presidents are creating the "One America Appeal" to raise money for storm recovery as Texas and Louisiana regroups from Harvey and Florida braces for Hurricane Irma. The hurricane recovery effort was announced Thursday by former presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George

H.W. Bush and Jimmy Carter. Organizers say a special restricted account has been established through the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library Foundation to collect and quickly distribute donations. Officials say "100 cents out of every dollar" donated will help hurricane victims. Donations designated to help victims of Harvey will be distributed

to the Houston Harvey Relief Fund and the Rebuild Texas Fund. The appeal is expected to be expanded to help Irma victims. Online donations can be made at  former-us-presidents-raisingmoney-for-hurricane-relief/arAArtBMj?ocid=spartandhp

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Rand Paul and Kamala Harris Team Up to Reform Bail Practices By Asha McLean

Senator Kamala Harris


he last thing Ato Walker expected when he went out for a pre-birthday drive in 2014 was to have a traffic stop escalate into a physical encounter with police, then have his bail set at more than $165,000. After his bail was reduced to $85,000, his mother used her retirement savings to pay a bail bondsman the nonrefundable, mandatory 10% to free him. His case was eventually thrown out, but the memory lingers. “There are too many people that are up-charged, like I was," Walker said. Now two senators from opposing

Senator Rand Paul

parties — Rand Paul, R-Ky., and Kamala Harris, D-Calif. — are working on a bill to overhaul the nation's bail system in an attempt to prevent what happened to Walker from happening to others. The bill, titled the Pretrial Integrity and Safety Act, aims to address what the senators see as flaws in the system by providing grants to states and Indian tribes to change or replace it. “In our country, whether you stay in jail or not is wholly determined by whether you’re wealthy or not — and that’s wrong,” Harris said in a newsrelease. “We must come together to reform a bail system

that is discriminatory, wasteful and fails to keep our communities safe.” In a New York Times op-ed in July, the two senators said there are “450,000 Americans who sit in jail today awaiting trial because they cannot afford to pay bail.” Bail is aimed at making sure defendants, depending on the severity of the charges they face and their flight risk, return to court. Those with limited means, however, often find themselves unable to post bail, which can lead to job loss and child custody issues, or forced to borrow from bail bondsmen. The current bail system is “one of the greatest injustices in a system

16  September 2017  Black Business News   1-323-291-7819

Government that already has major injustices” said Udi Ofer, the ACLU's deputy national political director and the director of its Campaign for Smart Justice, which works to address racial disparities in the criminal justice system. He points to New Jersey as a state that was ripe for reform. “You had a Republican governor working with a Democraticcontrolled legislature and working with the judiciaries that understood the need for reform," Mr. Ofer said. "It’s really a testament to how government can work in contrast to what we are currently seeing on the federal level where there is such little cooperation.” New Jersey has begun using an algorithm that helps set conditions for pretrial release or holds a defendant in jail until trial. As a result, the number of people held before trial in the state has dropped by roughly a third, according to the New Jersey Court Criminal Justice Reform data. Arizona and Kentucky use similar algorithms, as do some counties in other parts of the country. If the senators' bill passes, “Americans should be able to expect fair and equal treatment under the law regardless of how much money is in their pockets or how many connections they have," Paul said in a statement. Paul is no stranger to working with Democrats. This year he has reintroduced three bills he had proposed before, aimed at reducing juvenile solitary confinement, reforming the criminal justice system and allowing federal judges to go below the minimum sentence in certain cases. He also spoke out against Attorney General Jeff Sessions for instructing federal prosecutors to seek maximum sentences and seize suspect’s property without

Office of Disaster Assistance Dallas/Forth Worth and Nationwide

The U.S. Small Business Administration is hiring temporary employees to assist with the agency’s disaster recovery efforts at several locations across the country. Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have caused massive devastation, and the SBA is staffing up to respond to the increased flow of disaster loan applications from homeowners, renters and businesses of all sizes. The temporary positions include: Damage Verifiers/Construction Analysts; Lawyers, Paralegals and Legal Assistants; Loan Specialists; Customer Service Representatives; Public Information Officers; IT Specialists; Administrative Support Assistants. Most of the jobs are located at one of SBA’s disaster field operations centers in Sacramento, Dallas, Atlanta, Buffalo, or in the areas affected by the recent hurricanes. Bilingual language skills are a plus. Visit and click on the “view jobs” tab for details on the job descriptions, salaries, and how to apply. Email Resumes to evidence. Harris, a former prosecutor, has also pushed criminal justice reform, saying she was being “smart on crime” by trying to end the cycle of mass incarceration and recidivism, and by modernizing police practices and technology. As Attorney General of California, she introduced the first statewide mobile app that gave officers instant access to criminal justice information; created a pilot program for the use of body cameras; and

began an incentive for programs that seek to lower the risk of inmates' relapsing after their release. The time might be right for Congress to address the issue, Ofer said. “The movement for bail reform is as strong as ever," he said. "We’ve seen good progress this year.”  rand-paul-and-kamala-harris-teamup-to-reform-bail-practices/arAArBLXq?ocid=spartanntp

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BBN Show Biz Buzz By Linda Ware


2017 Emmy Award Winners

n 2017, African Americans achieved a few firsts in award categories. Sterling K. Brown received the award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series (a first since Andre

American Tennis Quarter Finals Feature Willams and Stephens


e n u s Williams reached her third major semifinal of the season — something she last did 15 years ago — by edging twotime Wimbledon champion Petra

Sloane Stephens, (AP Photo/Adam Hunger)

Dave Chapelle,

Sterling K. Brown,

Daniel Boczarski/Redferns/Getty

Donald Glover,

Lena Waithe,

Braugher in 1998). Donald Glover was awarded Outstaning Lead Actor in a Comedy Series (a first since Robert Guilliaume in 1985) and Director of a Comedy Series "Atlanta" (a first ever award for an African American). Dave Chappelle is an Emmy Creative Arts Award winner, earning a trophy for his appearance on "Saturday Night Live." He hosted the first SNL episode following the election of Donald Trump as President of the USA. Lena Waithe shared the Award for Writer of a Comedy Series (the first African American to win in this category) with Aziz Ansari for "Master of None." View details of the Emmy Awards on the websites of all of the news channels. 

Venus Williams, (AP Photo/Kathy Willens)

Kvitova 6-3, 3-6, 7-6 (2) on Tuesday night to a soundtrack of thunderous partisan support under a closed roof at Arthur Ashe Stadium. Venus will face unseeded Sloane Stephens on Thursday in the first all-American women's semifinal in New York since 2002. Stephens advanced earlier Tuesday with a 6-3, 3-6, 7-6 (4) victory over 16th-seeded Anastasija Sevastova of Latvia. It is Stephens' deepest run at any major since 2013 and the apex of a recovery from foot surgery in January. "It's been a great two weeks for American tennis. Seeing all the American players in the draw and all of them advancing so deep and competing so well," Williams said. "It's great to see this resurgence, and I hope it can continue."  andhp#image=AArlvlY_1|2

All-American Tennis Finals

20  September 2017  Black Business News   1-323-291-7819

Feature Keys and Stephens. Stephens Wins


loane Stephens easily beat her close friend Madison Keys 6-3, 6-0 to win the U.S. Open on Saturday, capping a remarkably rapid rise after sitting out 11 months because of foot surgery.

Motown Releases "Detroit" Soundtrack


otown Records has released the soundtrack for the film DETROIT. DETROIT captures one of the most terrifying events during the riots that took place over five tumultuous summer days in 1967. The soundtrack features a song by The Roots and soul-singer Bilal entitled “It Ain’t Fair.” “We wanted to

Madison Keys, left, and Sloane Stephens, right, posed with USTA President Katrina Adams, center, during the trophy presentation after the Women’s Singles finals match. Abbie Parr/Getty Images "I should just retire now," Stephens joked. "I told Maddie I'm never going to be able to top this. I mean, talk about a comeback." The 83rd-ranked Stephens, who beat Venus Williams in the semifinals, is only the second unseeded woman to win the tournament in the Open era, which began in 1968. This was only the second time in the Open era that two women were making their Grand Slam final debuts against each other in New York. Stephens most certainly handled the occasion better, claiming the last eight games and making only six unforced errors -Keys had 30 -- in the entire 61-minute mismatch. There hadn't been an all-American women's final at Flushing Meadows since 2002, when Serena Williams beat her older sister Venus. Katrina Adams, from Chicago's West Side, is the first African-American president and CEO of the United States Tennis Association. 

make a song that reflects–not only the times of 1967– but where we live now in 2017,” said Questlove in a video announcing The Roots’ single on the soundtrack. The Roots is a classic hip-hop group that has captured and reflected the sound of Black America since the late 1980s. “It Ain’t Fair” is their first record on the label: “[Motown Records] is inseparable from Detroit. We want it to sound like Detroit,” said Questlove. “We’re honored and excited to work on such an important and special project as DETROIT,” says Motown Records president Ethiopia Habtemariam. “The music from this soundtrack highlights the ‘Classic Motown Sound’ which is a beautiful accompaniment to the story of tumultuous times in 1967 as well as the struggles we face within society today.” The film opened in theaters August 4th. 

Associated Press see page 22 21  September 2017  Black Business News   1-323-291-7819

BBN Show Biz Buzz

from BBN Show Biz Buzz on page 21

Beyoncé and Solange Support Houston


eyoncé came home, grabbed a mic, and got stage in Midtown. Instead of singing, she surprised storm victims with a gift they’ll never forget.

Joey Guerra with the Houston Chronicle shared video of the event on his Facebook page. "Houston is my home," said Beyoncé. "The the thing that really matters is your health and your children and your family and you've got it, and I just want to say I love you." Solange is joining in relief efforts as well. She’ll be joined by the Sun Ra Arkestra on September 28 at Boston’s Orpheum Theatre for a performance called “Orion’s Rise.” “I’m committed to partnering with organizations on the ground in Houston and making contributions to uplift the city that raised me with so much love,” she wrote in a statement via Instagram. 

Brandon Micheal Hall is "The Mayor" business

Beyoncé and Tina Knowles People in traffic showered Beyoncé with cheers ending her emotional visit with 400 people who lost homes to Harvey. Beyoncé was seen landing at Hobby Airport before arriving at St. John's United Methodist Church downtown, the singer's home church. Her daughter, Blue Ivy, and mother, Tina Knowles Lawson, were by her side. The Houston native delivered an emotional message to the crowd. beyonce-lands-in-houston-to-supportharvey-victims/472431873 https://blackamericaweb. com/2017/08/31/beyonce-ramps-uphouston-aid-solange-announces-benefitshow/

Who's In What's Coming-TV/Cable

Cress Williams will be "Black Lighting" on The CW,

Star Trek: Discovery CBS All-Access



here's quite a list of new TV/Cable shows for 2017. With the addition of CBS All-

Access and the growing schedules on HBO, Netflix, Hulu, not too mention the Internet channels that

22 September 2017  Black Business News   1-323-291-7819

are raising their heads. The listing we have here is in no way complete. This is a reminder to check your entertainment outlets and click on to the shows, old and new, you should support to keep them on the air along with the movies you should see to keep the contracts coming. The shows and films we are highlighting feature African American actors. The List Starts Here: Heading to Netflix is Shondaland so be on the lookout for the upcoming "For The People", a Grey’s Anatomy spinoff. We will be viewing "Black Lighting" on the CW. NBC is hosting "The Brave," "Reverie" and "Rise." Fox has started showing "The Orville," which is a space ship comedy. ABC is touting about three shows, "For the People," "Marvel's Inhumans" and "The Mayor." CBS offers "SWAT" on its regular channel and will feature "The Good Fight" and "Star Trek: Discovery" on its new cable channle CBA All Access. There will be a great deal of channel hopping in during the 20172018 season.  BBN Editing

Trevor Noah Renewed as "Daily

Trevor Noah © Comedy Central


Show" Host

omedy Central sticking with Trevor Noah as the host of The Daily Show. Noah has signed a contract keeping him on board as the latenight show’s host for another five years. That means he’ll be on the air through 2020. Noah will also produce and host annual, year-end, Daily Show specials, beginning this year. “It’s really exciting to renew this contract for either five more years or until Kim Jong Un annihilates us all — whichever one comes first,” Noah said.  trevor-noah-renewed-as-dailyshow-host-for-5-more-years/ar-AA rW708?li=AA2qN5v&ocid=sparta ndhp

Oprah Winfrey Debuts on "60 Minutes"


prah Winfrey will make her debut as a 60 Minutes correspondent in the venerable newsmagazine's Season 50 premiere Sunday, Sept. 24, Deadline reports. Winfrey's first report will be on the political divide in America, according to The Hollywood Reporter. "She wants to do stories with impact," he said. "She's driven by that and so are we. That's part of why

this is such a good fit for her."  Website Debuts

Shonda Rhimes ©The Wrap


honda Rhimes launched her new website Shondaland. com on Monday, adding a new Hearst digital media platform to her long list of responsibilities. The website will cover politics, culture, style, health and relationships through interviews, essays and video content. Among the first pieces on the site are an advice column called "Agony Auntie," a list of book recommendations, a personal essay from "Scandal" star Katie Lowes about buying a home, an interview with Rep. Maxine Waters conducted by Rhimes and a Trumpcare explainer written by Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards. "This is not a lifestyle site," Rhimes wrote in her inaugural column, introducing the site. "Because my idea wasn't to bring all of you amazing, thoughtful, curious, interesting people together, gather you around a digital campfire, and feed you a lifestyle." "We're inclusive, accessible, intimate,

Oprah Winfrey, ABC

23  September2017  Black Business News   1-323-291-7819

see page 24

BBN Show Biz Buzz grounded, and inspiring," she wrote. "We have smart and funny and very relatable stories in all the essential categories you'd imagine: work, love, family, politics, activism, money, culture ... In other words, we're not giving you lifestyle at We're giving you life.  &ocid=spartanntp

John Boyega Returns in Star Wars: The Last Jedi


J o h n Boyega's Stormtrooperw i t h - a conscience no longer has to fake his status in the Resistance. The actor tells EW that after helping take down the First Order’s Starkiller Base and being

John Boyega gravely wounded in combat with Kylo Ren, he’s finally the thing he always wanted to be. The film slated for theaters on December 15th. 

he Last Jedi will continue the epic journey of Rey, Finn, Poe, and Luke Skywalker. movies/2017/05/23/star-warslast-jedi-john-boyega-finn-bigdeal/

Rainbow PUSH Coalition & Citizenship Education Fund

18th Annual Creating Opportunity Conference

Thursday, October 12, 2017 & Friday, October 13, 2017 Hyatt Regency Atlanta 265 Peachtree Street, Northeast, Atlanta, GA 30303

PUSHTech2020 Pitch Competition October 12, 2017 Time: 2:00pm until 4:30pm Hyatt Regency Atlanta, 265 Peachtree Street, Northeast, Atlanta, GA 30303

Conference and Competition information is available through the PUSH Conference App

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United States Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross will lead a Trade Mission to China - mid-November 2017

This multi-sector mission will promote U.S. exports to China by supporting U.S. companies in launching or increasing their business in the marketplace, as well as address trade policy issues with high-level Chinese officials. Key elements will include business-to-government and business-to-industry meetings, market briefings, networking events and opportunities to promote new deals and agreements between mission participants and Chinese entities through signing ceremonies. Addressing the imbalance in U.S.-China trade has been a central focus of discussions between President Trump and President Xi, and this trade mission will advance the bilateral commercial relationship by promoting business deals between U.S. and Chinese firms, as well as addressing market access barriers faced by U.S. companies. President Xi and other senior Chinese officials have signaled their interest in improving the U.S.-China President Xi relationship through increased exports of U.S. goods and services to China. If you’re interested in participating in the upcoming mission, we encourage you to submit and complete an application at: Why participate in the Mission? Business Development Missions organized by the U.S. Government provide a unique opportunity for businesses interested in exploring export opportunities overseas. This mission will advance the Administration’s goal of reducing the U.S.-China trade deficit by promoting U.S. exports. The schedule will primarily consist of briefings from U.S. government officials and outside experts on the business environment in China, engagements with Chinese officials and senior Chinese business leaders, networking opportunities, and opportunities to promote agreements between mission participants and Chinese entities at signing ceremonies. Mission participants will also be presented with the opportunity to engage with Secretary Ross and other senior U.S. and Chinese government officials as events unfold around President Trump’s first visit to China. The mission may also present opportunities to engage with high level Chinese officials. Additional Information? For more information, visit the mission’s website at Direct questions to the Department of Commerce Office of Business Liaison at: BusinessLiaison@ or 1-202-482-1360. The application deadline for this mission will be Friday, September 29, 2017. After a company has been selected to participate on the mission, a payment to the Department of Commerce in the form of a participation fee is required. The fee schedule for the mission is below: $10,000 for large firms or trade associations $9,500 for a small or medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) $1,500 each additional firm representative (large firm, SME, or trade association – limit one additional representative per company) Expenses for air travel, lodging, most meals, and incidentals will be the responsibility of each mission participant. Bobby Hines, International Trade Specialist - Textile/Apparel/Food/Agriculture/Publishing DownTown LA Export Office: U.S.D.O.C.|International Trade Administration 213-894-4231/C 213-276-3675 Email: Apparel/Textile: Register for Made In The U.S.A: Food & Toy Catalog Events in the Czech Republic FOR GASTRO - FOR TOYS - Report A Trade Barrier: or #RPCGAS2017

Business - Activision


Whoppi Goldberg's Natural Menstrual Cramp Solution


espite her acting prowess and the name she has made for herself, Caryn Elaine Johnson who is popularly known as Whoopi Goldberg; American actress, comedian, author and television host, has sought to provide solutions to some of the natural health challenges every woman is bound to face. Together with her partner Maya, Whoopi has come up with solutions called medical cannabis to relieve menstrual discomfort. The products are also capable of healing other kinds of pain when applied. These products come in four forms: edibles, salves, tinctures, and baths. The options were created with product names that spell out their functions and with the aim to support and enhance the health benefits of every woman.

The Soak Soak is made up of ingredients like Pharmacological grade epsom

salt, apricot kernel oil, avocado seed oil, sun grown cannabis, jojoba oil, tocopherol (vitamin e), aloe barbadensis (aloe vera), and essential oils. The most domicile ingredient in soak is the Epsom salt, which is a medication containing magnesium and sulfate used for decades to treat and prevent low blood magnesium and seizures in women. Magnesium and Sulfate are essential to our bodies because they contain a high level of detoxifiers and carry natural healing compounds. Soak has a combination of the Epsom salt, cannabis and some valuable oil like skin nourishing oils and therapeutic grade essential oils that help soothe the body. The combination of the ingredients in Whoopi & Maya’s Medical Cannabis Bath Soak offers a relaxation mechanism that fights the pains and cramping, helping the individual to feel very relaxed. It is used for bathing and comes in three fragrance, Lavender, Amber Moon, & Fragrance free

The Savor Savor is another form of Whoopi & Maya’s Medical Cannabis made up of Organic Raw Cocoa Butter, organic raw cacao powder, organic

coconut oil, organic raw agave, sun grown cannabis, sea salt. Naturally, Cocoa eases the body of pains especially menstrual cramps because it has a direct entry into our body through the endocannabinoid receptors and releases some chemicals that make the body feel good and cool. This leads to an improvement in one’s mood. The domicile content in savor is the cocoa which gives it a unique brownish colour that soothes the skin. The raw content of the cocoa bean are compounds such as magnesium, iron, vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants. These compounds help reduce blood pressure, enhance circulation, reduce plaque on artery walls, and improve digestion. Unlike the soak, the Whoopi & Maya’s Medical Cannabis Raw Cocoa savour is a medicinal delicious chocolate treat taken to relieve pains and satisfy every

28  September 2017  Black Business News   1-323-291-7819

woman’s healthy options. It is very good and specially made for women who crave for sweet substances at that very special period of the month.

The Rub The rub cannabis is made up of strong healing herbal contents that work as fast as possible, it is the fastest cramping relief substance because it contains a combination of active ingredients. The rub is made up of Olive oil, avocado seed oil, apricot kernel oil, jojoba oil, beeswax, sun grown cannabis flowers, St John’s Wort, Cramp Bark, White Willow Bark, Chamomile and essential oils. Whoopi & Maya’s Medical Cannabis Rub is supported with analgesic and oils that heal uterine cramping and pains. Also included in the rub is white willow bark, the active ingredient in aspirin, ginger, which increases blood flow and circulation to the abdominal area, and St. Johns Wort, to uplift the

mood and help support the ups and downs associated with P.M.S. These products can be used by any woman irrespective of their peculiar details, as long as they suffer from menstrual cramping. The main idea is to help ease pains and help support the woman society.

The Relax Even Queen Victoria found relief

Whoopi Goldberg and Maya Elisabeth once a month with her favorite THC infused tincture. Tinctures are a time-honored way of delivering fast acting and powerful relief. Whoopi & Maya’s Medical Cannabis Herbal Tincture is made with an intentionally chosen group of medicinal herbs and superfoods. Elderberries, known for their immune system enhancing properties and beautifully rich color

and flavor are also a blood toniccrucial for times of monthly blood loss. Women have used herbs to help with menstrual discomfort for hundreds of thousands of years, many of these herbs having received their name for their healing abilities, for example cramp bark. Cramp bark, coupled with red raspberry, and motherwort, support the uterus, while passionflower calms the nerves. We have combined these medicinal healing herbs with raw, organic, unfiltered honey, another nutrient dense superfood that is also delicious. Perfect for privacy and function Whoopi & Maya’s Medical Cannabis Herbal Tincture may be taken orally or sublingually, and may also be added to the beverage of your choice - hot, cold, or sparkling.  www.amazonswatchmagazine. com/others/innovations-4-her/ whoopi-goldbergs-naturalmenstrual-cramp-solution

29  September 2017  Black Business News   1-323-291-7819

Business - Marketing

The Power of Personalization in People-Based Marketing From Jacksonville University


eople-based marketing isn’t new. Marketers targeted different demographics long before the advent of the internet and social media. But those two things have made it even more important to map out a strategy that reaches as many people as possible while spending as little money as possible. In order to create the right people-based marketing strategy for their clients or employer, marketers need

to demonstrate to executives and managers how the efficient use of data leads to great decision making. As with most things in business, it comes down to the money. In 2016, approximately $72 billion went to digital media spend, based on a digital ad spending forecast by marketing publication, eMarketing. With that amount of money at stake, marketers and data analysts must answer this question: Are the strategies for obtaining data allowing you to get the most out of the money spent? Big data promises delivery on people-based marketing, but it’s important to have a strategy that gives your organization the highest return on investment.

Where Data Collection Could Improve Cookies — bits of information stored on a user’s computer to record website history — are a useful source of data for people-based marketing. Yet, they aren’t foolproof. Internet users can delete cookies or choose to block them, which inhibits data collection. Some are working to create solutions that would span multiple devices, but that also doesn’t take into account that cookies are supposed to be anonymous. If they begin to trace people through multiple devices, that anonymity is lost. Facebook is able to map cookies back to a specific user, which is different from other sites. This makes Facebook advertising successful, but that social media network does not share the data it collects. Over time, as the Internet of Things (IoT) expands, cookies will become even more inefficient. A 2015 DHL Trend Report estimates that by 2020, 50 billion devices will be connected to the internet, and cookies will not transfer well between devices without jeopardizing the user’s privacy expectations.

Create an Effective Media Strategy Make sure a media plan is part of a larger 30  September 2017  Black Business News   1-323-291-7819

goal, and constantly test cookies against data already collected. By knowing the data that matters, you can use media money more effectively and will get a larger return on investment. For example, online streaming music service Spotify is able to collect data from its users based on their music habits as they log in across multiple platforms and devices, and they can understand a person’s buying preferences better based on his or her music choices. “We’re really starting to mine this streaming data and understand how the way people stream correlates to their affinities, attitudes toward brands and offline behaviors,” said Danielle Lee, Global VP of Partner Solutions at Spotify in an interview with Forbes. “It’s a rich cross-section of insight, rooted in a passion point that is deeply human and universal.”

‘It’s All about Personalization’ Lee went on to say that streaming intelligence “will help us develop a deeper understanding of people

than we’ve ever had.” Spotify is taking what it learns about its audience and giving them highly personalized experiences, which Lee says will also help them give marketers the same type of experience when trying to reach new users. “Marketers will be able to reliably reach their relevant customer in a meaningful moment, and measure the reach and ROI of their message,” Lee said. The IoT is already spreading to watches and cars – soon, it might influence other aspects of our lives as well. By capitalizing on these opportunities, marketers can tailor media opportunities to take people-based marketing even further without compromising privacy issues.  medium=email&utm_campaign=ju+target+marketing+conte nt+083017+people+based+marketing&campaignid=701610 00001HwEP&vid=2120030

31  September 2017  Black Business News   1-323-291-7819

Business - Marketing

Recipe for Success: Data and Personalization By Allison Jensen


ata and personalization are the key ingredients to every successful print and digital marketing campaign. In a world where customers are exposed to at least 2,900 marketing messages a day, most see advertising as white noise and have become accustomed to tuning it out. To break through the clutter, customers are demanding messages that are tailored specifically to them based on their needs, and expect companies to give it to them. That’s why it’s critical to use what you know about a customer to create a compelling piece that drives a desired action.

From Misconceptions to Relevance

very effective at it. There is a misconception in marketing today that a “personalized” message just has a customer’s name and address on it. Relevance spans far beyond knowing someone’s name. To get a customer’s (or prospective customer’s) attention, you need to understand what they like, what they shop for, who they shop for, why they shop for items, when they shop, what motivates them, their personal interests, etc. In fact, with today’s technology, personalization can mean including images of items you added to your shopping cart but later abandoned, with an offer inspiring you to come back and complete your order. Personalization can also be as robust as including the make, model and year of your car, the date of your last oil change or inspection, and reminder that it’s time to get your next one done. And while this sounds like a complicated matter, it’s actually very easy with the right data analytics software and


Your Recipe for Success: Ingredients: Your customer database The date and dollar amount of each customer transaction Relevant creative and copy to grab attention A strong offer to motivate a purchase Directions: Working with the date and dollar amount of each customer transaction, conduct a basic RFM (recency, frequency, monetary) analysis. If you haven’t already, create fields in your database that track the recency (how recently a customer has shopped with you); frequency (how often they shop with you); and monetary value (how much that customer will spend with you in their lifetime or how much they spend on an average order). Sort your data using RFM, and use this information to separate your best customers from your worst ones so you can allocate your marketing budget toward customers who are the most likely to respond to your messages (customers at

Your competitors are trying to give them the relevance they crave, but the good news for you is that they are not yet

32  September 2017  Black Business News   1-323-291-7819

the top of your RFM sorts are your best customers). Someone who spent hasn’t shopped at your store in over a year may never respond to a single marketing message, but someone who shops there twice a week may respond well to weekly coupon offers. Craft targeted messages based on those patterns that move customers to respond in ways that keep them active, loyal and engaged. Design creative pieces with variable fields that you can use to pull in information unique to each customer. Integrate these variable creative pieces into your omnichannel marketing strategy: with special emphasis on direct mail, email and digital retargeting. Some campaigns that combine direct mail and digital see a 118 percent lift in response. Your database contains everything you need to know about

your customers, both good and bad. Their styles, tastes, preferences, timing of purchases, etc. are gold mines of data to help you engage with your customers in a meaningful way and develop a bond that will be unbreakable by another brand. Knowing this information helps you recommend new products and experiences that will delight them with your brand and make their loyalty even stronger. Start Small To get started, go small and keep it simple. It will be easier to start, track and build upon a simple campaign rather than looking at all of the data at once. Working on just a small snippet of the data will allow you to keep your focus on a smaller segment of customers, and make everything seem less overwhelming. Successfully mixing data and

personalization in your direct marketing recipe will help you achieve better response and increase customer life-time value through 1:1 communications with your customers.  www.targetmarketingmag. com/article/recipe-successdata-personalization/#ne=4a 21b9167bf658408191e7c49 140a9aautm_source=today%40-target-marketingutm_ medium=newsletterutm_ campaign=2017-09-08&utm_conte nt=recipe+for+success%3A+data+ and+personalization-4 RFM_%28customer_value%29 an-introduction-to-the-rfm-model http://searchdatamanagement.

33  September 2017  Black Business News   1-323-291-7819

Greenlining Institute Supports Section 1071 of DoddFrank Wall Street Reform, Consumer Protection Act


n September 14th, The Greenlining Institute submitted a letter (http:// uploads/2017/09/Section-1071-Comment-LetterCoalition-Feedback.pdf) to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), along with 33 nonprofits, Chambers of Commerce, and business associations, strongly urging the CFPB to implement Section 1071 of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act. The rule would require financial institutions to compile, maintain, and report critical information about small business lending activity including an applicant’s race, ethnicity, and gender. Section 1071 will be critical in ensuring fair access to capital for small, women- and minority-owned businesses. Research shows that credit denial rates for entrepreneurs of color – especially for Blacks and Latinos – and women are disproportionately higher than those of their white and male counterparts, even after controlling for variables such as business credit scores, personal wealth, and revenue. Ample research also finds that even when minority

entrepreneurs do succeed in securing financing, they receive smaller loans and pay higher interest rates than their white counterparts, again, even after controlling for differences in creditworthiness. “Small business loan data transparency is critical to ensuring entrepreneurs of color, women entrepreneurs, and small businesses will be empowered to achieve their immense potential when they have access to the capital they need. As a barometer of market conditions in small business finance, Greenlining believes Section 1071 will be instrumental in identifying discrepancies in lending and addressing the unique credit needs of entrepreneurs of color, women entrepreneurs, and small businesses.”  Contact: Leonna Spilman Greenlining Institute Communications Coordinator 1-442-999-1505 THE GREENLINING INSTITUTE A Multi-Ethnic Public Policy, Research and Advocacy Institute @Greenlining

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Business - Technology

France Issues the French Tech Visa. What is it? By Jo Murry


he French Tech Visa (h ttp://visa.lafrenchtech . com) is a simplified, fasttrack procedure for three types of international tech talent to obtain

employees, and investors – and allows them to live and work in France. It is valid for four years, on a renewable basis. It is extended to immediate family members;

a residence permit known as the “Passeport Talent” (“Talent Passport”). The French Tech Visa is open to three categories of tech talent – startup founders,

spouses also receive residence permits authorizing them to live and work in France. Dependent children are authorized to live in France as well. No additional work permit is

required. The rationale for the French Tech Visa is that France wants to bring about a new generation of world-leading companies, boost innovation, and create jobs in the French economy. It can only achieve this if it can attract the right people, says the French Government. It continues: “Furthermore, in a world driven by innovation, where creativity and audacity are changing the rules of the game, diversity – in terms

of both culture and career paths – is an asset for the ecosystem.” 

Publisher's Message business growth; business development strategies for African American business owners; how to prepare and apply for business loans; and how to position your business for investors. Please check the BBA website for regular updates on these and other events and resources designed by and for African American business owners and entrepreneurs. Black Buying Power Matters – Wall Street, Main Street and Banks know this. We can continue to build

Black Buying Power by showing reciprocal support for our fellow African American business owners, especially during this upcoming holiday season. Let’s build strong families, wealth and business communities through “sustainable” economic empowerment - circulate our dollars around our communities. 

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Business - Technology

Virtual Reality Will Change Our World: Be Part of the Change By Samuel Greengard


ver the next decade and beyond, VR (virtual reality) is almost certain to impact, if not revolutionize, industries as diverse as retail, travel, medicine and engineering. It will change the way we view the world—and other worlds.

including NVIDIA, Autodesk and Fusion. The system uses a wearable VR PC—dubbed the HP Z Backpack—with special goggles and other gear to create an ultrarealistic Martian experience. According to an HP press release, "The HP Mars Home Planet project

Now, thanks to enormous advances in digital systems, VR finally appears ready for liftoff. By 2018, market research site Statistica predicts that 171 million active users of virtual reality will exist. One of the more interesting projects taking shape: an immersive virtual reality platform that imagines life on Mars, including weather, buildings, vehicles, farms and clothing. The HP Mars Home Planet initiative (

advances work initially done for Mars 2030, a virtual reality experience created by Fusion with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Now, HP and its partners are uniting engineers, architects, designers, artists and students to imagine, design and experience humanity's future on Mars through VR." The virtual reality world is based on an actual site on Mars, Mawrth Vallis (which means "Mars Valley" in Welsh). It depicts what one million people living and working on the red planet would look like. Yet, the VR environment isn't just fun and

en/campaigns/mars/index.html#liveon-mars-anchor) was launched

by HP with a group of partners,

games. The project will generate data that NASA and others might use to design future habitats and environments on Mars. "The goal of the project is to engage creative thinkers to solve some of the challenges of urbanization on the red planet," HP noted. Participants will use Autodesk software on HP Z workstations with NVIDIA Quadro graphics to create the transportation and infrastructure framework. They will also develop 3D models and renderings that ultimately produce the virtual reality experience of life on Mars, including vehicles, buildings and entire cities. An advisory board includes leading experts from Technicolor Experience Center, Twentieth Century Fox, Paramount Pictures and the University of Arizona. Make no mistake, immersive multimedia virtual reality is finally taking shape. And while the mission to Mars may seem a bit out there, it's important for business and IT leaders to tune in.  html?utm_medium=email&utm_ campaign=BL_NL_BB_20170911_ST R2L1&dni=424412975&rni=25652266

37  September 2017  Black Business News   1-323-291-7819


Trump, Republicans Ignore Lessons of Noah By Jesse Jackson


t is too soon to know the extent of the damage done by Hurricane Harvey. Estimates are that over a million people have been displaced. As I write this, 49 are feared dead — a number that will continue to climb. The governor of Texas estimated that his state will need “far in excess” of $125 billion in federal funding to help rebuild. Harvey broke the U.S. record for rainfall from a single storm. Houston, the fourth largest city in America, was hit with 50 inches of rain. But Texas is not alone. Hong Kong just got hit with the third typhoon in three weeks. South Asia suffered historic rainfall and flooding in August. Twelve hundred were killed in India and Bangladesh. Mumbai, India’s Noah's Ark

warmer waters are rising. Warmer waters feed stronger storms. Add to that a lack of basic infrastructure and widespread overbuilding in flood plains and the result is repeated disasters. In Genesis, the Bible teaches that God came to Noah and warned him about the coming floods. He told Noah to build an Ark — sophisticated infrastructure — to ensure that man and selected animals and birds could survive. There was no nonsense about each being on his or her own. Strong swimmers went down with the weak. Rich mansions on the hill were flooded with the poor huts in the valley. It took infrastructure,


Typhoon in Hong Kong financial capital, saw its streets turn to rivers. Sierra Leone saw 500 die and thousands displaced from record mudslides in Freetown. In Nigeria, floods displaced 100,000. In Pakistan, Karachi was flooded. It will get worse. The glaciers are melting. The

planning and preparedness to survive the flood. Oddly, in this country, it is those on the right — often those who most loudly profess their religious beliefs — who choose to ignore this counsel. For years, Republicans have denied even the existence of catastrophic climate change. Donald Trump dismissed

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Sierra Leone Landslide - security 1656

Sierra Leone Landslide world vision it as a “Chinese hoax.” As head of Exxon, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson knew better: Exxon scientists documented global warming over 40 years ago, but the company suppressed that information. Leading Republican billionaires the Koch bothers — whose fortune is tied to fossil fuels — enforce the Republican ignorance about global warming. More recently, some Republicans have admitted that the world is warming, but they deny that humans have anything to do with it. Having accepted that it is happening, they argue that it is too expensive to try to stop by turning to renewable energy. They also resist investing in the infrastructure or doing the planning needed to strengthen protections against the effects of global warming. And, of course, Texas legislators led by Sen. Ted Cruz opposed federal aid to recover from massive disaster — when Sandy hit New Jersey. Now that Harvey has hit Texas, they suddenly realize the importance of federal assistance. Across the country, people of conscience are

rushing to aid the victims of Harvey. A flotilla of volunteer boats helped rescue people. Churches and humanitarians have offered aid, clothes, baby food, medicines. Doctors have rushed to provide care. Americans are at their best in responding generously in times of crisis. Yet, while Trump has offered to contribute a million dollars for humanitarian relief after Harvey, it is probably too much to expect that the Trump administration will learn anything from this disaster. Trump won’t reverse course and push to strengthen, not gut, the Paris global warming agreement. Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry will continue to push for more use Sierra Leone Landslide of oil and coal. EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt will continue to roll back environmental regulation and weaken efforts to stop building on flood plains. Trump’s budgets will continue to ignore the need for real investment in rebuilding our infrastructure, making our systems more resilient, strengthening ourselves against the coming storms. Instead we will end up paying far more in lives, in destruction and in money to recover after one disaster after another. Surely, the next generation of leaders will shed the old ideological idiocies. They will learn the lesson taught by Noah. Perhaps they will demand that this country lead a global effort to address global warming and launch a national effort to rebuild our country. What Harvey and Katrina and Sandy and floods and mudslides across the world suggest, however, is that we don’t have the time to wait for a new generation of leaders possessed of common sense. In Genesis, Noah had less than a year to build the Ark — and less than seven days to gather his family and various species of animals and birds and plants into the ark before the great flood. Noah put aside his normal routine and acted immediately and with urgency. We would be well advised to heed that lesson. 

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Obama had a 'Pen and Phone' Strategy; Trump has an Eraser By Nancy Benac, Associated Press


resident Barack Obama had a "pen and phone" strategy. President Donald Trump has an eraser. Since his first days in office, Trump has set out on a wholesale reversal of a long list of accomplishments that Obama achieved through executive action — a less enduring means than the hard-and-fast language of legislation. The latest Obama-era policy to fall is the program shielding from deportation hundreds of thousands of young people brought into the country illegally as children. The Trump administration on Tuesday said the government would stop issuing new work permits while lawmakers debate whether to pass another solution. In explaining his decision, Trump

accused Obama of making "an endrun around Congress" to protect the so-called "dreamers." In effect, this time it's Trump making an end-run around Obama. Obama, coming out of semiretirement, retorted that Trump's action was a "cruel" and "selfdefeating" decision tinged with politics. It was yet another demonstration of the easy-come, easy-go nature of presidential achievements attained through unilateral action: What one president does by executive fiat, the next can just as quickly overturn. And it's not just a Trump-Obama dynamic. Trump's executive orders will be subject to revision by his successor. And Obama didn't hesitate to reverse the actions of his predecessor, George W. Bush.

For all of that, though, Trump has been "unusually aggressive in his use of unilateral powers," says Kenneth Mayer, a University of Wisconsin-Madison political scientist and expert on presidential powers and executive orders. While it's hard to systematically rank presidents on their use of executive actions, Mayer says "there are examples of Trump going beyond what other presidents have done in terms of the frequency and nature of unilateral action." Trump, lacking any major legislative accomplishments despite the advantage of a Republican-controlled Congress, has issued dozens of executive orders and actions during the past seven months that have had a sweeping effect across the scope of government. They range from huge shifts in international policy to minor tinkering with obscure federal regulations. He's pulling the United States out of the landmark Paris climate agreement through which nearly 200 countries had committed to combat global warming by reducing polluting emissions. He's scrapped an Obama administration policy that let national parks ban the sale of bottled water to fight littering. His Education Department has lifted Obama-era guidance to schools to allow transgender students to use the bathroom of their choice. He's ordered up two deregulatory actions for every new regulation issued. He tweeted out word that transgender individuals would no longer be allowed to serve openly in the military, as provided

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by the Obama administration, forcing the Pentagon to scramble to draft new rules to that effect. Trump's actions on environmental matters extend well beyond climate change: He's moved to rip up Obama's Clean Power Plan, regulations that sought to reduce emissions from coal-fired power plants. His executive order on regulatory reform has been cited by EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt as a reason to delay or roll back a raft of Obama-era environmental regulations, from cleaning up water pollution from coal mines to blunting limits on emissions of toxic mercury from power plant smokestacks. There's likely plenty more to come: Trump's Labor Department wants to undo an Obama administration rule extending mandatory overtime pay to 4.2 million more workers. And the administration is reviewing a potential rule that would let employers opt out of providing no-cost birth control to women for religious and moral reasons. Some changes have been harder to impose than Trump expected: His initial attempt at an executive order temporarily banning

travel to the U.S. from several Muslim-majority countries and suspending the U.S. refugee program hit roadblocks in the courts. On his second attempt, the Supreme Court allowed only a sharply scaled back version of the order to go forward pending arguments scheduled for October. Despite his Jan. 25 executive order to jumpstart construction on a U.S.Mexico border wall, the structure is still far from reality. Obama has largely bitten his tongue as Trump rolled back policy after policy from his presidency. But the former president spoke out clearly Tuesday about the "dreamers" program, saying in a statement that his order had been based on "the well-established legal principle of prosecutorial discretion, deployed by Democratic and Republican presidents alike." He said he acted unilaterally only after Congress failed to send him legislation to protect the "dreamers." Obama stepped up his use of executive actions in 2014 as he became frustrated with how difficult it was to push legislation through Congress. He famously declared: "We're

not just going to be waiting for legislation in order to make sure that we're providing Americans the kind of help they need. I've got a pen, and I've got a phone." But the more enduring nature of legislation vs. flimsier executive actions is clear in the difficulty that Republicans have had in repealing Obama's health care plan: It barely squeaked into law in 2010 but Republicans have been unable to vote it out after pledging for years to repeal it. Presidents know their executive orders can be revoked with the stroke of a pen by their successors. They also know they can put the next president in a bind by creating a program that will be politically difficult to rescind. Trump agonized over his "dreamers" decision and caught criticism for trying to navigate a middle ground by proposing to gradually phase out the program while inviting Congress to come up with a permanent fix. White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was left to insist: "It's not cold-hearted for the president to uphold the law."  Associated Press writers Michael Biesecker, Laurie Kellman and Maria Danilova contributed to this report. spartandhp

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US Ministers March on Washington in Call to End Racism By Carolyn Presutti , VOA News

The Reverend Al Sharpton, third from right, leads a march to the Department of Justice during the 1,000 Ministers March for Justice in Washington, Aug. 28, 2017.


undreds of ministers marched Monday in Washington on the anniversary of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech, calling for an end to racism after recent violence in the country. The eldest son of King, Martin Luther King III, joined the rally along with the Reverend Al Sharpton and ministers from many religions, marching along parts of the same route that civil rights activists took 54 years ago. Sharpton's National Action Network said in a statement Monday that his group was "not only disgusted by the lack of leadership in the current White

House, but are also tired of the silence of others." The march followed recent violence at a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, where a man, described as a Nazi sympathizer, ran his car into a group of counterprotesters, killing one woman and injuring about 20 others. President Donald Trump was criticized by both Republicans and Democrats because he didn't immediately denounce the white nationalist groups that organized the rally. The president later said several times that he condemned white supremacist groups and believed all racist sentiment was "evil." The president was also criticized for blaming "many

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sides" for the violence. Trump has contended there were people fomenting violence on both sides of the conflict in Charlottesville, which saw both members of white supremacist groups and counterprotesters wielding weapons. A Jewish participant in Monday's ministers march, Catherine Lynch, told VOA, "It's not a black issue only, it's also an issue for Jews. It's an issue for all of us because all of us have some piece of who we are that is targeted by these groups,"

referring to white supremacists and other extremist groups. "People have gone to sleep. They think we are in a postracial society, and we are not. It's just been hidden. It went underground, but now with this new president, it's come above ground," said the Reverend JoAnn Hilton from Mount Olive Baptist Church in Hackensack, N.J. Marchers paused at the Trump International Hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue, just a few blocks from the White House, to pray and send a message to the

president. Sunday school teacher Aaron Shingler said, "I don't know really what his agenda is, but it's an agenda that doesn't promote justice." The march ended at the Department of Justice. The Trump administration did not comment on the march." 

Marchers carry signs as they march to the Department of Justice during the 1,000 Ministers March for Justice in Washington, Aug. 28, 2017. 43  September 2017  Black Business News   1-323-291-7819

From: Leon Russell, President and CEO, NAACP


ne of the most troubling prospects for 2017 is the nomination of Senator Jefferson Beauregard Sessions for Attorney General. Senator Sessions stands against everything that you and I fight for: He's spoken out against the Voting Rights Act, and has described the work that the NAACP and ACLU do to protect civil rights as "un-American." We must do all we can to prevent him from rolling back the rights and protections our parents and grandparents worked so hard to gain, and we've worked so hard to preserve. Please make a donation today — even $4 can make a real difference — to help us fight back in 2017. The Attorney General is the chief law enforcement officer of the United States. And our president-elect has appointed Jeff Sessions, a man who's actively threatened to strip us of our rights throughout his career. Can we trust someone with our rights — and our lives — with a track record like this? • Sessions was denied appointment as a federal judge because of racist comments he made to a colleague. • He opposed and criticized the removal of the Confederate flag from public spaces. • He once joked that he approved of the Ku Klux Klan until he learned its members smoked marijuana. Too many of our brothers and sisters have sacrificed for the rights we have today. We're ready to battle for our rights in 2017 — and we need your support.

Please contribute what you can right now and help us resist: http://

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Believe in Africa est une organisation non gouvernementale basée a Washington DC, regroupant d'anciens staff du Congres Americain, des leaders africains ouvrant pour la promotion de l'essor économique de l'Afrique, la compétitive du secteur prive, émancipation des femmes et des jeunes.


re you a Small Business interested in selling your product or services to Metro or to Prime Contractors that do business with Metro? Would you like to learn how to win contracts as a Prime Contractor through SB Prime, Metro's exciting set-aside initiative? If so, we invite you to come grow with us and learn about Metro Connect. Start now and register for a How to Do Business with Metro Workshop. Metro staff will show you how to take advantage of the vast array of products, services and transportation related opportunities projected over the coming weeks, months and year. As an added bonus, Metro's procurement staff will host informal interviews with firms before the workshop, starting at 9:00 a.m. Tuesday, October 13, 2017 8:30 a.m.: Registration 9:00 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.: One-on-One with Contract Administrators and Continental Breakfast 9:30 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.: Program

Metro Headquarters 3rd Floor, Board Room, One Gateway Plaza, Los Angeles, CA 90012

Topics: Highway Project Update, Procurement Update, Certification Update, Small Business Prime Update, LA SAFE/511 Next Generation Update To learn more about how Metro Connect's Small and Disadvantaged Business Certifications can help open the door to contracting opportunities with Metro visit Metro Vendor Portal. For further questions, please contact Marisela Villar at or via phone at 213.922.2235.

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Model Proves Everyone Wrong By Greg Evans


his is Nyakim Gatwech aka 'The Queen of the Dark'. The South Sudanese model has become a viral sensation on Instagram (queenkim_nyakim ). Her deeply pigmented skin and defiant personality has begun to change the way people perceive conventional beauty around the world - it's really amazing. The 24-year-old is now making waves in the fashion

world, and judging by these stunning posts from her Instagram feed it is easy to see why. She's embraced her 'Queen of Dark' mantle, and regularly posts fantastic inspiring messages to her followers. "My chocolate is elegant. So is what I represent… A nation of warriors." Sadly, she hasn't been embraced by everyone. Nyakim now resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota, which is where an Uber driver once asked if she would consider bleaching her skin. Her response, which she documented in the below Instagram post, was perfect. "I was asked by my Uber driver the other day he said, don't take this offensive but if you were given 10 thousand dollars would you bleach your skin for that amount? I couldn't even respond I started laughing so hard. Then he said so that a no and I was like hell to the f*king yeah that

a no, why on earth would I ever bleach this beautiful melanin God bless with me. Than he said so you look at it as a blessing? I just "xx" you won't believe the kind of questions I get and the kind of looks I get for having this skin." Her appearance is being widely embraced and she is using her voice as a source of positivity. "It's beautiful to be black. It is the colour of strength and pride. I will say it out loud. I don't have to hide." The nature of the internet - and people - unfortunately means she still receives negative comments, but that hasn't stopped her incredible outlook on life. "My skin absorbs the suns rays and my hair defies gravity. Now you can’t tell me I’m not magical." Her posts now regularly top 10,000 likes from her 156k followers. Nyakim has plenty of fans on her Twitter account too (@ queenkim_nyakim).  model-told-to-bleach-her-dark-skin-proveseveryone-wrong/ar-BBDOb2X?li=BBjnvnR &ocid=spartandhp

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Ads on Facebook Target 'Jew Haters' After Brand Safety Reassurances By Heather Fletcher (Edited by BBN)


ust a day after widespread news of Facebook’s brand safety efforts comes this ProPublica headline on Thursday: “Facebook Enabled Advertisers to Reach ‘Jew Haters.’”

Full disclosure: I’m Jewish. So are Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook co-founder and CEO; Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO; and doubtless many others at the social media giant. I have little doubt that company leaders find the fact that advertisers could easily target anti-Semites on the platform repugnant. The fact is, they could. And that means Facebook’s announcement on Wednesday that it would hire “an additional 3,000 content reviewers, nearly doubling our existing team,” according to Carolyn Everson, VP Global Marketing Solutions, Facebook —

needs to happen immediately. I’m not just saying this because this time, they came for the Jews. It’s because this isn’t even close to Facebook’s first issue with its machine-driven advertising fiascos. The platform not only allows in hate speech, but it’s gotten the basics — marketing metrics — so wrong that top American advertiser Procter and G am b l e pulled back on marketing for awhile. T h a t said, here’s what’s going on, and what Facebook said the day before it was doing to prevent this kind of thing.

How Facebook Advertisers Could Target ‘Jew Haters’ Anyone who’s ever paid for an ad on Facebook knows how simple this process is, and I’ve done it. Here’s what just anyone could do until ProPublica’s Julia Angwin, Madeleine Varner and Ariana Tobin reported on it on Thursday: Until this week, when we asked Facebook about it, the world’s largest social network enabled advertisers to direct their pitches to the news feeds of almost 2,300

people who expressed interest in the topics of “Jew hater,” “How to burn jews,” or, “History of ‘why jews ruin the world.’” To test if these ad categories were real, we paid $30 to target those groups with three “promoted posts” — in which a ProPublica article or post was displayed in their news feeds. Facebook approved all three ads within 15 minutes. After we contacted Facebook, it removed the anti-Semitic categories — which were created by an algorithm rather than by people — and said it would explore ways to fix the problem, such as limiting the number of categories available or scrutinizing them before they are displayed to buyers.

What Facebook Is Doing to Ensure Brand Safety Facebook doubled-down on reassurances to marketers that their ads wouldn’t be mixed in with fake news, hate speech or any other objectionable content. While doing so, the social media giant offered brands new ways to spend money on Facebook advertising. “Keeping our community safe is critical to our mission,” Everson says, “and there is absolutely no place on Facebook for hate speech or content that promotes violence or terrorism. As soon as we determine that content has breached our Community Standards, we remove it. With a community as large as Facebook, however, zero tolerance cannot mean zero occurrence. Every week, our community reports millions of pieces of content to us for possibly violating our Community

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Business - Banking/Investment

Chicago City Treasurer Invests in Local Black-Owned Bank Dear Chicago, Over the past few months, the Chicago City Treasurer's Office has continued to focus on how to use the resources available to make the greatest impact possible in all of Chicago's 77 neighborhoods. My purpose has always been rooted in helping others. That's why, just this week, my office announced a $20 million deposit into Illinois Service Federal, the last remaining black-owned bank headquartered in the City of Chicago. You are this City's greatest asset and as Chicago's Chief Investor, I am deeply committed to investing in all of you. 

Kurt Summers Chicago City Treasurer

Standards.” Everson links to Zuckerberg’s post in May regarding why Facebook was making efforts to police its content: This is important. Just last week, we got a report that someone on Live was considering suicide. We immediately reached out to law enforcement, and they were able to prevent him from hurting himself. In other cases, we weren't so fortunate. No one should be in this situation in the first place, but if they are, then we should build a safe community that gets them the help they need. Sandberg comments underneath: “Keeping people safe is our top priority. We won’t stop until we get it right.” The Wednesday announcement in Facebook’s video section by Nick

Grudin, VP of Media Partnerships, revealed that Facebook would create a wider release of its “ad breaks” option in Live video streams. In beta, only larger brands had this tool: To set up ad breaks, you'll need to have at least 2,000 followers. Once you're set up, you can take ad breaks during any live broadcast that has more than 300 people watching at the same time, after you've been live for at least four minutes. You can take additional ad breaks every five minutes after your first break. Grudin further emphasized Branded Content and Instant Articles “monetization options,” which “must comply with Facebook’s policies and terms, including our Community Standards, Payment Terms and Page Terms.”

Everson said marketers will now see “pre-campaign reporting” about Instant Articles and in-stream videos, “as well as publishers monetizing their sites and apps via Audience Network.” Everson said in addition to the plan to hire additional personnel, Facebook was embracing thirdparty oversight. I think we can expect Facebook, and everyone in the advertising space, to continue the trend of transparency and quality assurance for advertisers. The key will be if these standards are baked into any new innovation that launches from the start, like you are seeing here.  article/facebook-ads-target-jewhaters-after-brand-safety-nod/all/

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The Co-founder of America's Largest Black-owned Bank says Racism is Rampant in Finance By Rob Wile


he day before he was assassinated in Memphis, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave a speech urging black Americans to change where they kept their money. "I call upon you to take your money out of the banks downtown and deposit your money in TriState Bank," King said, referring to a black-owned bank in Memphis.

same time, we are putting pressure where it really hurts." Nearly 50 years later, that idea might finally be gaining traction. Earlier this year, rapper Killer Mike gave an interview calling for Americans to open one million new accounts at a black-owned bank in Atlanta, and other prominent black celebrities have since endorsed Killer Mike's call to action. As it turns out, there are just 23 black-owned banks, credit unions, or savings firms, according to the Federal Reserve, out of more than 6,700 total. Now, a project by OneUnited Bank (the largest of those black-owned banks), called the #bankblack challenge, is aiming to attract some of those would-be customers. On Wednesday, I spoke with Teri Williams, the President of OneUnited, about the #bankblack initiative.

Is there racism in finance?

Kevin Cohee, owner, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Urging a "bank-in" movement, King continued: "These are some practical things that we can do. We begin the process of building a greater economic base. And at the

Yes. There’s racism everywhere. I think that the racism that exists today, some of it is overt, some of it is institutional. If you look at what has happened in the banking industry or financial services industry over the past 10 years, the black community was faced with predatory lending, we currently have payday lenders that charge rates as high as 400% on a short term loan, they charge fees to cash checks of 1% or more, and the legal framework, the regulatory framework allows this to exist. Prepaid cards are another area that's not regulated, that's not

helping (black people) to rebuild credit, charging them a bunch of fees, and this is all legal. That it isn’t good for our community, for minority and lowto moderate-income communities. It’s sort of interesting, if a bank does something wrong, it is a major offense. But if a payday lender does something wrong, which they do every day, it’s legal. Let’s put it this way: There are institutional policies and frameworks that make it very difficult for a black person to succeed. Is that all there is? Is it the only problem? Absolutely not. But this movement is saying there are things we can do for ourselves. So even though there is institutional racism, we don't have to go to payday lenders, we can cash a check at a black bank. For free! So there’s some things we can do for ourselves and should do for ourselves, but there are some things that are really stacked against us. Do you consider OneUnited a black bank, or a bank that happens to be owned by black people? For years we had this goal of being a black Bank of America. We wanted to acquire banks around country, have a bunch of branches, just like Bank of America does. In the past three or four years, we've changed that vision and strategy. Really, we want to be authentically black, that we’re not just Bank of America with a black face on it. There is something that is unique

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about us that allows us to speak to the communities we serve, which are largely black and Hispanic, that helps them understand banking in a new and different way. If we were just the black Bank of America, we’d just be saying the same things, and just be black. But what we’re doing is saying something different, and we hope that the way we say things and how we say it, whether visually, or with a spoken word performance event…We’re trying to relate and connect with a community that for a variety of reasons is not hearing Bank of America. We want them to hear us.

What else makes a black bank a black bank? We lend in communities, or on blocks, that other banks may shy away from. Part of that could be that they just don't know the community…But we also don't have that "screen," for lack of a better term, that other institutions have, about loaning in specific communities. So when you say, "Liberty City" [a predominately black neighborhood in Miami], there's a certain impression that it gives off for many, that we don't have because we live here. If you say RoxburyDorchester [predominantly

black suburbs of Boston, where OneUnited is based], we know that community, and and are therefore more comfortable lending — there are a lot of institutions that aren't. The actual lending isn't any different, the criteria standards are the same, but other banks are going to shy away from them because of a reputation we know is not true.

Why is it important that black people bank at black banks? Black people spend $1.2 trillion annually. That is more than some whole countries spend. But only 2% of that is spent in the black community, so the opportunity for us to use that spending to build wealth in our community is very small. If we can increase it to 10%, it would create a million jobs in our community. We knew black unemployment was higher than for any other ethnicity, so if we could focus on building up black businesses, it would improve that unemployment number. That’s one data point. The other is, if you look at how long a black dollar circulates in the (black) community, it’s only 6 hours. You spend it at a barbershop, and they make a little money, but the other businesses in the community are not. If you look

at the Asian dollar, it circulates in the Asian community for 28 days. For the Jewish community, it's 19 days. There's an understanding within those communities that if we support each other and our businesses we can build wealth [editor's note: these figures have been widely circulated but Fusion could not find their source; you can read more about them here]. That mindset is not shared in the black community. We have the opposite mindset—that black businesses are somehow "less than" other businesses, so we're not going to use a black business.

Is the #bankblack challenge a protest? It's absolutely a protest. It's a positive step and a protest…When you come into this bank, what you can be sure of is that what we offer you is something you can afford and trust—you're not going to be overcharged, we're going to be responsible; that is in some ways how it used to be in banking, today there are so many scams out there. 

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The U.S. Commercial Service in Southern California is highlighting this important partner event. The Trade Commission of Spain in Los Angeles - ICEX Spain Trade and Investment has the pleasure of inviting you to The Spain Southern California Investment Summit that will take place in Los Angeles on October 24th at The Omni Los Angeles Hotel, organized in collaboration with the Office of Governor Brown - Go-Biz, the Office of Mayor Garcetti – International Affairs, Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce and the World Trade Center- LAEDC. The Secretary of Commerce from Spain, Ms. María Luisa Poncela, is leading a delegation of more than 30 companies from the Renewable Energy, Transport Infrastructure, Waste and Water and Smart Cities sectors. The Spain Southern California Investment Summit provides American companies with a great opportunity to do business with companies from Spain that are deeply interested in the Southern California market. You can also benefit from the four specialized industry panels that are being organized with top-notch experts in these sectors from California. For more information and to register for the event visit: https://www. email&utm_medium=email&ref=eemailordconf&utm_source=eb_ email&utm_term=eventname. US Commercial Service 2302 Martin Court, Suite 315 Irvine, CA 92612 1-949-660-1688

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100 Days, 35 Ways for Caring for Puerto Rico…and Beyond


e know that recovering from the devastation of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico won’t be a quick and simple fix, so to support both short-term relief and long-term recovery efforts, JetBlue has established a new program to help: 100x35JetBlue. Honoring the popular reference to Puerto Rico’s 100×35 mile size, the program outlines our commitment over the next 100 days – and beyond – to launch 35 initiatives to support the urgent needs of our crewmembers and customers as well as communities in Puerto Rico. As the largest airline on the island, with nearly 500 crewmembers living in Puerto Rico, service to three airports, and a focus city in San Juan, we are committed to not only helping provide immediate relief, but also repairing the homes, businesses and landscapes damaged by the storm. Using our strengths as an airline and guided by our mission of inspiring humanity, we are committed to making a meaningful difference, working side by side with our crewmembers and customers, to help repair the island of Puerto Rico and beyond.

Deploying mainland U.S. airport crewmembers and the airline’s emergency response care team to San Juan to support local crewmembers with food and supplies. Inviting customers onboard every JetBlue flight to donate to JetBlue’s campaign at GlobalGiving benefitting hurricane affected-areas., with a $1 million goal. JetBlue will match donations dollar-for-dollar up to $500,000 through Nov. 15. Developing initiatives to address unmet needs in the communities and developing long-term plans to help foster economic growth.

What You Can Do We are calling on customers and crewmembers to help us raise relief funds for Puerto Rico. Our partnership with GlobalGiving will distribute funds to non-profits making an impact in hurricaneaffected areas. As we continue to serve these areas, we will adapt funding initiatives to ensure that we’re meeting the ongoing needs as relayed by our local What We’ve Done Since Hurricane Maria made landfall, we have partners on the ground. We ask that you help raise awareness (and funds) for continued to serve those in Puerto Rico by donating $1 million in supplies, airlifting more than 3,000 the recovery effort by sharing with your friends and customers from San Juan and Aguadilla as of Sept. followers using the hashtag #100x35JetBlue. Using 27, and transporting more than 100,000 pounds of this hashtag, we will be sharing real-time stories and supplies to the island. We also continue to support updates from Puerto Rico over the next 100 days, to hurricane-impacted areas across the Caribbean, receive updates on efforts on-the-ground in Puerto Rico. South Florida, and Texas. Immediate Next Steps We are rolling out programs across the island to offer additional airlift support, and are continuing to provide immediate assistance to the people of Puerto Rico by: Offering reduced fares on non-stop JetBlue operated flights for customers traveling to or from the island. Providing relief flights to transport emergency personnel and essential supplies at no cost.

#100x35JetBlue We’re committed to helping the people of Puerto Rico rebuild stronger than ever. We’re going to be sharing an inside look at these initiatives, and the progress we’re working for as we begin the path to rebuilding Puerto Rico over the next 100 days in 35 ways. Visit the JetBlue Blog for the full story and for more information on giving.

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Business Technology:

Take A Look! by LaSandra Stratton


heck out what these firms and organizations have to offer for your personal interests, personal wealth building, and business expansion opportunities.

America's Newest Stock Exchange


he Investors Exchange (IEX) is: a fair, simple, and transparent stock exchange dedicated to investor and issuer protection. Built on the belief that every investor is entitled to the same right to trade on equal terms on every single trade, IEX is on a mission to level the playing field by eliminating unfair advantages from the markets. On September 2, 2016, IEX ( launched as America’s newest stock exchange, trading all U.S. National Market System stocks, and regularly matches over 100 million shares daily with a notional value of over $5 billion. IEX plans to begin listing publicly-traded companies sometime in 2017. 

© 2017 IEX Group, Inc. and its subsidiaries. Neither the information, nor any opinion expressed herein constitutes a solicitation or offer to buy or sell any securities or provide

any investment advice or service. The information herein is believed to be reliable, but the Firm makes no representation as to the accuracy or completeness of, and undertakes no duty to update, information herein.



einventing the transport app, built for commuters and their daily needs. One single app for all the different use cases and challenges of city life.

Gigs 2 Go Tear Away Flash Drives


igs 2 Go is a creditcard sized pack of four detachable thumb drives that make it easy to share large files with family, friends, and clients. Just tear one off and plug it in. No more worries about losing or leaving

behind pricey USB flash drives. The thumb drives are housed in recycled paper pulp and recycled plastic. Perforated for easy release, these little drives hold big caches of music, movies, and power point presentations. Each tab can be labeled with a Sharpie and has a COB (chip on board) flash stick, which is much more rugged than traditional USB memory. Waterproof and shockproof, they don't even need a cap for protection. In 8 and 16 GB sizes, CustomUSB offers inexpensive flash drives and a fast way to take your files with you anytime, anywhere. 

A to B directions that humans actually use in cities. Live/real-time routing that updates every minute. The future of multimodal. Open data is great but not always enough. We've built our own tools to help agencies, heroes and superusers add and fix data. This allows us to build our own cities. We believe navigating cities is a utility, so we’ve built tools and widgets that any app or website can integrate to help serve its users. We include data from many others including Google, Apple and OpenStreetMaps, Foursquare and Yelp, Uber and Hailo, Car2Go and Autolib, and more. Search for your city or a city that you plan to visit. Don't see the city you want - Vote for our Next City. We want to focus on cities where there is demand, and we can make a difference (https://citymapper. com/cities). 

A New Voice in American Politics

80  September 2017  Black Business News   1-323-291-7819

F was founded by leaders in the technology community to give our values a voice in American politics.’ mission is to mobilize the tech community to support policies that keep the American Dream achievable in the 21st century. For many, the American Dream seems to be falling out of reach: mobility is stagnant and too many are denied the opportunity to achieve their full potential. The new knowledge economy has the potential to produce dynamism as

Fast: Zello conversations are almost as fast as face-to-face conversations and faster than online communications. Easy to use: Just push the button to talk. You most likely won't have to configure anything to start using Zello. One-to-many: Zello supports channels where you can talk to one person on up to 1,000 people from all over the world … at the same time. Voice history: Re-play your conversations whenever you want. Loud: You don't have to use a headset with Zello. Use what works for you: phone's

well as dislocation, innovation as well as inequality. It’s up to us to fashion a future that reflects tech’s best values and virtues. To do so, we bring together a diverse group of organizers, entrepreneurs, and innovators. By mobilizing supporters through local chapters and online advocacy, we enable them to engage their elected leaders and win transformational policy changes. Learn more at 

speakerphone, a plugged in or built-in microphone and connected speakers, for example. Multilingual: Zello is available in 22 languages. More translations to come. Do you want to help translate Zello? Start now with the interactive wiki! Compatibility: Zello works great over Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, and even GPRS and EDGE. Mobile: Turn your phone or tablet into a two-way radio with Zello for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone or BlackBerry! 


Smartphone Walkie Talkie

ello ( is a free push-to-talk application for smartphones, tablets, and PCs. It's lightweight, easy to use and extremely fast. Better yet,

it's free and will remain free for personal use.

Find Parking Spaces in Advance, Pay Less


potHero (https://spothero. com) is a parking reservation service that connects drivers looking to reserve and prepay for parking spaces with parking lots, parking garages and valet services. The service, which operates a mobile app and website, is available

in 50 cities in the United States and Canada. The company is based in Chicago, Illinois. SpotHero was molded at the Excelerate Labs technology incubator (now known as TechStars Chicago). The company started out as a peer-to-peer parking marketplace, where people could rent out their own private parking spots, before expanding the platform to partner with parking companies and garages. SpotHero for Business was launched in March 2017, as a business-focused service with features and tools for paying, managing and organizing parking expenses. The company also launched a free developer platform to help businesses integrate

parking reservations into their existing apps. In May 2017, SpotHero announced a partnership with commuter employee benefits administrator WageWorks (www. allowing users to pay pre-tax dollars for daily parking near their places of work. 

Submitted by LaSandra Stratton, Chief Content Administrator of the Black Business News.

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Community/Public Interest

Southern California Freeway to be Named for President Obama From Associated Press


tate lawmakers in California have approved a plan to name a stretch of freeway in the Los Angeles area for former President Barack Obama. A stretch of the 134 Freeway passing through the Eagle Rock section of Los Angeles and the cities of Glendale and Pasadena will be known as the President

Barack H. Obama Highway after the Legislature signed off on a resolution Tuesday. The measure doesn't require the governor's signature. Democratic state Senator Anthony Portantino, who authored the resolution, says Obama used that part of the freeway to travel to his classes at Occidental College in L.A. Obama attended Occidental for two years before transferring to Columbia University in New York. 

Welcome to Wiki Loves Monuments 2017 in the United States A campaign to improve our coverage of U.S. historic and cultural sites throughout the month of September. Wiki Loves Monuments is an annual international photo competition where participants capture cultural heritage monuments and upload their photographs to the Wikimedia Commons for use on Wikipedia and other free knowledge projects. Anyone is welcome to contribute to the project by uploading photos they've taken of registered cultural and historical sites throughout the United States. Once September is over, the best photos will win cash prizes and will be submitted to the international competition! Visit: Commons:Wiki_Loves_Monuments_2017_in_the_ United_States for detailed information on - How to Participate, Rules, Finding Sites to Photograph, Contest and Judging, Other Ways to Contribute, Contact, Press and Submiting a photo.  83  September 2017  Black Business News   1-323-291-7819

Community/Public Interest

The 2018 Mandela Washington Fellowship (YALI) Application Process is Open September 13 - October 11, 2017 Visit the Website for Information and to Apply Curtis Mayfield Estate Releases 20th Anniversary Edition of 'Poetic License' Book By Gail Mitchell


uly 2017 marked the 45th anniversary of Curtis Mayfield’s iconic 1972 soundtrack Superfly. His estate is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Grammy Award-winning artist’s book, Poetic License. Being re-released as a limitededition paperback, Poetic License ( dp/0787106801) spotlights poems

and song lyrics penned by Mayfield during a career that spanned four decades, from his tenure with The Impressions during the civil rights era to his groundbreaking solo turn. Among the collection’s 60-plus songs are such classics as “People

Get Ready,” “Keep on Pushing,” “The Makings of You,” “Sparkle,” “Pusherman” and “Freddie’s Dead.” A limited-edition vinyl reissue of the Superfly soundtrack is coming, and a documentary about Mayfield’s life is in development. Poetic License was Mayfield’s first project after a 1990 stage accident left him paralyzed from the neck down. “It started him back to work,” Mayfield’s widow Altheida tells Billboard. “I wanted him to get his mind off the accident, and remember that he still had a functioning mind. From that point on, he was anxious to work. You couldn’t slow him down.” After the book’s publication,

Mayfield went on to record and release his final album, 1996’s New World Order. He died in December 1999 at the age of 57. 

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Community/Public Interest

Archaeologists Uncover How the Pyramid of Giza was Created!


t has been an enigma for centuries - how Egypt's Great Pyramid of Giza was created. In Bronze Age, what kind of technology was used to build the Great Pyramid of Giza? According to Daily Mail (www. How-Great-Pyra mid-Giza-built.html)

report, archaeologist have discovered that Egyptians transported 21/2-ton blocks of limestone and granite from 500 miles to build the tomb of Pharaoh Khufu in about 2,600 BC. Standing tall at 481ft, it is the biggest of all pyramids and was, until the Middle Ages, the largest man-made structure on Earth. The discovery of ancient papyrus, a ceremonial boat and an ingenious system of waterworks have shed light on the infrastructure created by the builders. The material also revealed that thousands of skilled

Image courtesy Channel 4 workers transported 170,000 tons of limestone from the Nile on wooden boats that were held together by ropes via system of canals to an inland port. The ancient papyrus was written by Merer who was

Great Pyramid of Giza in charge of team of 40 workmen. For the construction of Great Pyramid it also describes how limestones casing were shipped from Tura to Giza. He also described how he and his crew were part of the landscape transformation. Archaeologist Mark Lehner, has uncovered evidence of a lost waterway beneath the dusty Giza plateau. "We’ve outlined the central canal basin which we think was the primary delivery area to the foot of the Giza Plateau," he said. The new discoveries are revealed in Channel 4 documentary Egypt’s Great Pyramid: The New Evidence ( d83mn1yxCHc).

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Community/Public Interest

Sweet Home Café: National Museum of African American History and Culture By Kelley L. Carter


ring foil — the grub at the National Museum of African American History and Culture is just that good. The food at Washington, D.C.’s, newest museum is something akin to what Big Mama and ‘nem used to fix up. The lima beans taste like they were just snapped on the front porch, the catfish tastes like what granddaddy used to deep-fry out back and the cornbread is so good you’ll want to sip some buttermilk with it out of a mason jar. Trust. The Sweet Home Cafe ( visit/sweet-home-cafe) is amazing. And it should be, considering that the food was curated by part by Thompson Hospitality, which is America’s largest minority-owned food service company (celebrity chef Carla Hall was a consultant). They did this right. And there’s plenty to feast on at the 400-seat restaurant. Visitors won’t know where to start, but the truth is, you can’t go wrong. The food stations are separated by region to expand the African-American food experience beyond collard greens, cornbread and chicken. The North, the South, the Creole Coast and the Western Range are all represented. And your belly will be very happy. Here are five of our favorites: Pan-fried Louisiana Catfish Po’ boy: The fish tastes as if it was plucked fresh from the water and the dish is served with red pepper rémoulade and green bean pickles. And yes, there’s hot sauce in the condiments area. Real hot sauce — not that watery pepper sauce you get at some restaurants. Wouldn’t be right without it.

Smothered Turkey Grillades — Fried Apple, Sage Gravy, Johnny Cakes: Can’t say this was ever something anyone in my Alabama family or Detroit-by-way-of-Alabama family grew up eating, but it hit the spot. A tender savory turkey breast served with sweet fried apples and moist johnnycakes. More, please. High Mesa Peach and Blackberry Cobbler: Get this first; they’ll surely run out quickly and you’ll have to wait for another fresh-baked kettle of this fantastic cobbler to be pulled out of the oven. It’s exactly how a cobbler should be: heavy on the biscuitlike texture of pie crust that soaks up the sweet juices of vine-ripe fruit.

Jerome Grant, head chef at Sweet Home Cafe, the restaurant at The National African American Museum of History and Culture in Washington, D.C. Marvin Joseph/ The Washington Post via Getty Images

Original Brunswick Stew — Braised Chicken & Rabbit, Corn, Tomatoes, Lima Beans: If you’re adventurous, grab a bowl of this stew. A pot of this was a staple on my grandparents’ kitchen table during the colder months — yep, ‘Bama gets cold from time to time – and this stew is as authentic as it comes.

The Gospel Bird Family Platter — Buttermilk Fried Chicken, Mac-n-Cheese, Greens, Candied Yams and Buttermilk Biscuits: This is the meal that will pull in the church crowd every Sunday — religiously. It actually serves two to three people and the mac-n-cheese and crispy chicken scream soul food done right. The biscuit is buttery and fluffy and the yams and greens feel like home. Brace yourself for a good nap. 

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Community/Public Interest

Chef Marilyn Wins Mac & Cheese Competition By Daniella Masterson


eople love pasta probably about as much as they love cheese. Put the two ingredients together, and you get a bowl of comfort. When the hosts from BuzFeed’s hit series, “Worth It,” ( worthit) scoured Los Angeles for the ultimate mac & cheese dish, their journey led them to one of the best Soul Food restaurants in South Los Angeles – Chef Marilyn’s Soul Food Express Restaurant located in the Crenshaw District. “My “Worth It” winner is Chef Marilyn,” said Steven, one of the judges of the funny foody program on YouTube that gets over five million views. You get great value, hospitality, and the love. She is definitely “Worth It!” (Please visit watch?v=B2COl0ui4Sc BuzFeed to see the video.) Good food will always attract new fans. In Chef Marilyn’s case, she now has three young hipster food reviewers and millions of online viewers who probably wish they could watch the episode with a spoon. Chef Marilyn was a perfect choice to receive the Black Business Association’s 2 0 1 1 “Outstanding Community-Based Business Award” for her ongoing commitment to serve the community and to

provide jobs to residents. Growing up in Louisiana, Chef Marilyn watched her mother cook meals from recipes that were handed down to her from past generations. Crowned “The Queen of Soul Food,” Chef Marilyn is a household name in Los Angeles because her food and restaurant embody the spirit of Soul Food.

She created the "99 cent Soul Food" to go buffet that offers hot homemade meal (see the ad on page 129). Celebrities such as Stevie Wonder, Magic Johnson and Nancy Wilson, 'Skip Cooper' and others have called on Chef Marilyn for her signature Creole cuisines. Visit the restaurant at: 2638 Crenshaw Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90016. 

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Community/Public Interest

Attention Artists: The Obama Foundation Wants You to Apply for Its New Fellowship By Brian Boucher


rtists have a new opportunity to network and develop projects aimed at civic good, courtesy of none other than Barack and Michelle Obama, via their foundation. Twenty “community-minded rising stars,” among them “organizers, creators, educators, artists,

specifically seeks artists who are at a turning point in their careers, but who currently lack access to the networks that can help take their work to a bigger stage. Author and podcast host Tyler Green first noted the foundation’s request for artist applications to the new initiative on Twitter.

entrepreneurs, and journalists,” will be selected for the first round of the Obama Foundation Fellowship ( They will enjoy expense-paid trips to confabs with all the other fellows. The two-year, non-residential fellowship invites applicants from around the world. The Obama Foundation

There’s an uncommon opportunity for the first class as well. The foundation’s announcement points out that the inaugural group of fellows will be able to help shape the program for future participants. Additionally, a representative of the foundation told artnet News via email that the Obama foundation will consult with experts in the field

to select fellows, adding that the foundation sees art and culture as integral to the social sphere. N.B.: The announcement of the fellowship specifies that it’s open to “good humans” with a “strong moral character,” hinting that especially edgy or challenging applications may not find favor.

The open call for applications (

closes at 6 p.m. Central time on October 6th; the chosen few will be notified in February 2018; the first fellowship gathering takes place in April of next year in the Chicago area, where the foundation has its headquarters. 

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Community/Public Interest - Obituary/Memorial

Mike Hodge, ‘Law & Order’ Actor, Dies at 70 By Rosemary Rossi

YouTube Screenshot


ike Hodge, who appeared in recurring roles on "Law & Order" and "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" and was the president of SAG-AFTRA's New York chapter, died Saturday night. He was 70. The union's first VP of the New York chapter, Rebecca Damon, announced the news Sunday on Facebook, writing: "For me, and I am sure for many of you who were his closest friends, this is particularly heartbreaking as we have lost not just a president, but a father figure and a big brother. Mike was a towering presence whose

kindness and good nature made each of us better." Hodge, who was born in McComas, West Virginia, made his television debut in 1995 on the ABC daytime soap opera “Loving” playing a police officer, a career he portrayed on camera numerous times. His film career included director Kathryn Bigelow’s “Blue Steel,” Brian De Palma’s “The Bonfire of the Vanities,” Spike Lee’s “Malcolm X,” Barbra Streisand’s “The Mirror Has Two Faces” and the Ron Howard’s “Ransom.” His last appearance on camera

was in the Elliott Gould comedy, “Humor Me,” which is currently in postproduction. Hodge was a union activist for many years and secured a SAG national board seat in 2000. A decade later, he was elected president of the union’s local New York chapter. He secured an additional two-year term last month, winning 66 percent of the vote.  mike-hodge-%e2%80%98lawand-order%e2%80%99-actor-diesat-70/ar-AArFx8f?ocid=spartandhp

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HOSTED BUYER EVENT: MICE WEST AFRICA – WELCOME TO THE EMERGING WEST AFRICAN REGION 23-25 November 2017, Accra, Ghana I am very happy to inform you that MICE West Africa celebrates its inaugural event November 23 to 25 in the Ghanaian capital, Accra. The organizing Street of Gold Foundation (SOG), founded by Mr. Royal Panford who acts as its CEO, cooperates closely with the nation's Ghana Tourism Authority to develop the common understanding of the importance of the meetings industry inside the country, and offers the platform for the nations – but also for the regions’ providers to connect with the international buyers. But the SOG is working far beyond the normal organizational efforts to create the muchneeded platform for exhibitors and buyers. SOG also assists the visitor through connecting them to the appropriate organizations and associations to ensure that groups to Ghana experience the country at its best and enjoy incredible value for money. Oh – and one word about Ghana: Should you think about the Ebola disease outbreak. Ghana did not have a single case. This information has been published by the WHO and the US CDC – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Interested? Let’s meet in Accra! Apply to the MICE West Africa hosted buyer programme to connect with local suppliers and to site-inspect the destination during the post-event Site Inspection Programme. Find details on www.micewestafrica. com. 

93  September 2017  Black Business News   1-323-291-7819

REGISTER NOW! at to join us at the CARSON COMMUNITY CENTER on Sept 15 - 16, 2017 and the LIEMERT PARK VILLAGE on SEPT. 17, 2017 to celebrate and organize the PAN AFRICAN DIASPORA! Africa-USA Chamber of Commerce 1.626.243.3614

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Cultural Tourism

Zeitz MoCAA – Museum of Contemporary Art Africa all images © Iwan Baan

impact of the museum’s ambitious artistic programme and the museum taking its pivotal place in the middle of Africa’s cultural infrastructure.” The museum is one of several facilities that Heatherwick Studio is creating within the grain silo building, which forms part of the V&A


ondon-based studio Thomas Heatherwick has completed South Africa‘s biggest art museum — The Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa (Zeitz MOCAA). The museum is housed in 9,500 sq mmetersof custom designed space, spread over nine floors, carved out of the monumental structure of the historic Grain Silo Complex. The silo, disused since 1990, stands as a monument to the industrial past of Cape Town, at one time the tallest building in South Africa, now given new life through the transformation by Heatherwick Studio. The galleries and the atrium space at the centre of the museum have been carved from the silos’ dense cellular structure of fortytwo tubes that pack the building. The development includes 6,000 sq metres of exhibition space in 80 gallery spaces, a rooftop sculpture garden, state of the art storage and conservation areas, a bookshop, a restaurant, bar, and reading rooms. The museum will also house Centres for a Costume Institute, Photography, Curatorial Excellence, the Moving Image, Performative Practice and Art Education. “The idea of turning a giant disused concrete grain silo made from 116 vertical tubes into a new kind of public space was weird and compelling from the beginning,” said Thomas Heatherwick, Founder of Heatherwick Studio. “We were excited by the opportunity to

unlock this formerly dead structure and transform it into somewhere for people to see and enjoy the most incredible artworks from the continent of Africa.” “The technical challenge was to find a way to carve out spaces and galleries from the ten-storey high tubular honeycomb without completely destroying the authenticity of the original building,” added the architect. “The result was a design and construction process that was as much about inventing new forms of surveying, structural support and sculpting, as it was about normal construction techniques. As the opening approaches we are all looking forward to witnessing the

Waterfront, a harbour-side complex filled with bars and restaurants. The development also includes The Silo Hotel ( architecture/2017/05/23/silo-hotelcape-town), which is already open.

 architecture/2017/09/15/zeitz-mocaaheatherwick-studio/

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African Startups Named Finalists of MIT Innovation Challenge By Tom Jackson


he MIT Inclusive Innovation Challenge (IIC) was formed to identify, reward, and promote innovators and solutions that are driving greater economic prosperity for all. There were around 300

innovation,” said Nomanini chief executive officer (CEO) Vahid Monadjem. 


African Renewable Energy Distributor Ltd

nominations for this year’s edition of the challenge. Each of the finalists, which are spread across four categories, has received US$35,000 in funding, with four grand prize winners to be announced at the celebration event in Boston on October 12. These four organisations will take home US$150,000 each. African startups are well represented, with South African payments startup Nomanini a finalist in the Financial Inclusion category and Nigerian tutoring platform Tuteria chosen in the Income Growth & Job Creation category. There are two African finalists in the Technology Access category: Rwandan business-in-a-box solar kiosk provider ARED and Nigeria e-learning startup Dot Learn. Meanwhile, Kenyan incubator iHub is a finalist in the Skills & Matching category. “It’s an honour to be a finalist for the IIC. IIC has the clout of MIT’s global standing in technology along with the recognition that one of the biggest problems in the world today is inequality and exclusion. We appreciate Nomanini being recognised as a leader in inclusive

ARED is a hard-tech as a service company (HAAS). We developed a business in a box solar kiosk, app and software platform to bring connectivity solutions using internet WIFI, intranet solution for offline users, phone charging solutions and with our app we offer additional services such as airtime, mobile money, prepaid electricity, tax payment. We use a micro franchise model to empower mostly women and people with disability. Our vision is to implement the best one stop shop center for our customers in rural and semi urban areas to disrupt the existing informal sector in Africa. @AREDRwanda

Technology Access

Dot Learn Africa has an education crisis - high-quality learning is often unavailable and beyond the financial means of many young people. Hardware and internet connection issues prevent these young people from accessing new forms of learning such as online education. Dot Learn solves these issues by encoding educational videos in file sizes that are 100x lighter than MP4 or web videos. With our proprietary file format, five hours of learning can be accessed

96  September 2017  Black Business News   1-323-291-7819

online at the cost of sending a single text message. We are making online education work on cheap smartphones in Africa and have served 7,000 students in Ghana and Nigeria since launch last October. @_dotLearn ills & Matching

iHub Kenya has a talent challenge, for both employers and workers. In Kenya, where unemployment is a critical issue, we have lots of people with raw technical skills seeking opportunities to prove themselves and earn a living. The education system is unable to keep up with trends in technology and adequately equip students for the jobs of the future. On the employer side, we have a dearth of experienced technical talent to meet the demands of companies locally, and companies are not equipped to train on the job. Developers need exposure and experience, both in technical and soft skills. We think this comes while working with others towards a common goal. We provide upcoming developers with an opportunity to work in teams alongside more experienced engineers on real projects, acting as a trusted intermediary between companies with products to be developed or talent demands, and those developers with limited industry experience.

Africa. Nomanini enables merchants to facilitate a wide-range of basic transactions including mobile top-ups, utility payments, remittances, deposits, withdrawals, account opening and mobile money/card acceptance. Nomanini works with banks to enable existing third party merchant aggregators, such as mobile and FMCG distributors, to acquire and serve merchants efficiently. @Nomanini Income Growth & Job Creation

Tuteria Globally, conventional methods of education and learning are transitioning from centralized to distributed, and from standardized to personalized. Such trends have resulted in better learning outcomes, thus leading to huge demand for oneon-one learning. Yet in a country like Nigeria, with 180 million people there has been no easy, reliable way to find and hire great teachers to learn subjects like Math, Physics, Art etc., or exams like SATs, GMAT, ACCA or even skills like Cooking, Music, Languages, Bead-making etc. Tuteria solves this problem using an online platform where learners can easy find, evaluate, book, pay for @iHub

Financial Inclusion

Nomanini There are 500 million unbanked people in Africa who interact with informal merchants for a wide range of services. This channel of high volume but small value transactions requires the unique solutions that Nomanini has built. These potential account holders live on $5 a day and are widely distributed geographically and so existing banking channels, such as branches, ATMs and even agency banking are too expensive to serve them. Nomanini enables financial inclusion via local informal retail merchants, who already serve as a daily touch point for over 80% of people in

and track lessons with a verified local teacher in any subject, skill or exam. For instance, someone looking to learn Math or Violin can connect online with a Math or Violin teacher nearby, determine suitability, pay & schedule lessons, then meet in-person to learn. To date, we've transacted over $134,000 worth of lessons. @tuteriacorp

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Inauguration of the Zambian L-15 Flight Simulation Center By Henri KENHMANN


ccompanied by General Body Air Eric Chimese, Commander in Chief of the Zambian Air Force (ZAF), the president of the Republic of Zambia Edgar Lungu opened two weeks ago the Center of Flight Simulation for pilots of L-15, located at the air base of Lusaka. With an economy that relies heavily on local and foreign investments, Lungu is committed to properly equip its armed forces to be able to address the new challenges of security of the African continent, highlighting the fact of not over estimated the expense in acquiring modern military equipment. "Create a tactical air force, well equipped, well trained, professional and efficient, able to meet the needs of the 21st century in Zambia, is in line with the vision of the ZAF," says the head of the Zambian State. "I notice that this new centre also allows us to monitor the aircraft from the ground, and facilitate detection and maintenance of failure for the ground staff," adds Lungu, "it is a way of training modern and inexpensive, and I welcome society. The Chinese CATIC acted as a committed Government partner in the modernization of our security and defence forces." LI Ding Hou, regional director of CATIC (China National Aero-Technology Import & Export Corporation), a Chinese State-owned company that sells equipment for the AVIC group aviation, says the L-15 in simulator training center Zambia, "the most advanced in Africa", will allow the ZAF to build a well-trained team of pilots and ground staff. After the opening ceremony, the Zambian president also inspected the fleet of L-15's in Lusaka. The country signed in April 2014 a procurement contract for six aircraft to LIFT (Lead-In Figther Trainer) version. The two first L-15 Zambian, delivered in the summer 2016, have appeared at the Africa Aerospace & Defence fair which is held mid-September at the Waterkloof airbase, near Johannesburg in South

Africa. The second batch of delivery arrived early this year in Lusaka. According local media Lusaka Times pictures, at least four L-15 were presented before the Head of the Zambian State. Serving both as jet advanced trainer and attack aircraft on the ground, the ZAF obtained a wide range of armaments to equip its L-15, which some have been exported for the first time. They include the guided bomb glider LS-6 of 500 kg and the YJ-9EA light Air-Surface missile. The first equipped with a guidance system mix INS/GPS antijamming device and is able to hit targets on the ground over a distance of 60 km. The YJ-9EA, meanwhile, is a small missile from 105 kg to the active radar, TV and guidance semi-active laser against land vehicles or ships on 15 to 25 km. This family of missile team also helicopters and drones in China. Other arms of the L-15 include the combat missile Air-Air PL-5EII, the pod of canon PC2AI for type CAP (Combat Air Patrol) missions and HF18D airborne rockets. The L-15 Zambian should also develop a radar antenna PESA, developed specifically for the program, but this remains to be confirmed.  BBN Edited Google Translation

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Four of the six L-15 acquired for the Zambian Airforce. (Photos : )

Zambia's President Lungu at the inauguration of the flight simulation center. (Photos :

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Trade Lead: Nigeria: Bid Rounds for 30 Marginal Oil Fields


he Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) announced that the federal government will soon open bids to concession 30 marginal oil fields in Nigeria. This project represents an opportunity for U.S. oil and gas firms to work closely with local companies operating in the upstream subsector, where U.S. technologies and expertise can help advance Nigeria's energy goals. NNPC officials note that firms would need to engage Nigeria's regulator, the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR), to ensure that conditions for oil field leasing aligns with federal regulations.

Josh Egba Business Development Specialist, USTDA Lagos, Nigeria

Link for more information:

w w w . n n p c g r o u p . c o m / P u b l i c R e l a t i o n s / ABOUT USTDA: The U.S. Trade and Development Agency helps NNPCinthenews/tabid/92/ companies create U.S. jobs through the export of U.S. articleType/ArticleView/articleId/838/NNPC-Tasksgoods and services for priority development projects in Indigenous-Companies-to-Bid-for-30-Marginal-Fields. emerging economies. USTDA links U.S. businesses to aspx export opportunities by funding project preparation and Proposal Deadline: partnership building activities that develop sustainable Specific information about bid rounds are still infrastructure and foster economic growth in partner forthcoming and USTDA will monitor and publish countries. updates as information becomes available. www,

Point of Contact:

A Smithsonian First: An Exhibition in Africa


he National Museum of African Art is traveling an exhibition to Africa! In a historic collaboration between the Smithsonian Institution and the National Commission for Museums and Monuments, Nigeria, "Chief S.O. Alonge: Photographer to the Royal Court of Benin, Nigeria", will open permanently at the National Museum of Benin on September 29th. It will showcase the work of Alonge, who created a rich visual history of the Benin kingdom over a sixty-year career.

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Microso 4Afrika Hands its IP Hub Over to COMESA on World IP Day


icrosoft 4Afrika has transferred full ownership and management of its IP Hub to the Common Market for East and Southern Africa (COMESA), expanding its reach to more African countries in an effort to enable more cross-border trade. The IP Hub, which Microsoft 4Afrika developed and launched in 2014, is an online learning resource designed to drive awareness around intellectual property (IP) rights. Through a series of modules, it educates innovators on the ins and outs of copyright, trademarks, patents and general IP protection. The COMESA IP Hub is now live and accessible at http://iphub. “The COMESA IP Hub is a concerted effort between the public and private sector for the development of a regional platform that can contribute to a strengthened national IP protection system, in a manner that promotes innovation, business development and trade,” says Mr Sindiso Ngwenya, COMESA Secretary General. “The value of IP and IP

protection has not yet been fully utilised within the region. This day marks a shift in our direction as the COMESA region, towards the realisation of the need to protect IP, with copyright protection being the initial step.” Louis Otieno, Corporate Affairs Director at Microsoft 4Afrika, adds: “We developed the IP Hub with the promise to pilot it and then hand it over to local governments and authorities. This is therefore an exciting milestone for us, especially as we commemorate the 17th annual World IP Day.” This year’s World IP Day (www., which toke place on 26 April, focused on how IP systems can support innovation that improves lives. According to the new 2017 U.S. Chamber International IP Index, economies with robust IP protection see 80% more knowledge-based,

technological and creative outputs, and are 68% more likely to have supportive business climates. In addition to handing over the IP Hub, Microsoft 4Afrika continues to collaborate with IP authorities in COMESA member states to automate their IP registration processes. Microsoft and COMESA are also working together to enable the creation of new IP. By promoting a trusted cloud infrastructure – underpinned by relevant policies around cybersecurity and data privacy – the two organisations hope to encourage more people to use cloud technology, develop their own IP and ultimately participate in trade and e-commerce across borders.  Microsoft-4Afrika-hands-IPHubCOMESA-World-IPDay.aspx

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Caterpillar to Build Solar Power Plant for B2Gold Otjikoto Mine in Namibia


aterpillar has announced that B2Gold Corp., one of the fastest-growing gold producers in the world, has selected the company and Cat® dealer Barloworld to supply 7 MW of solar power at the Otjikoto Mine in the Republic of Namibia. The full system, including Cat photovoltaic (PV) solar modules and the Cat microgrid master controller (MMC), will be used to reduce reliance on a heavy fuel oil (HFO) power plant currently used to power the mining facility. Barloworld is supplying engineering, procurement and construction services for the project. Installation of the system is underway, with the completion of the project expected in early 2018. “At B2Gold, we embrace environmental stewardship and social responsibility as key corporate priorities in doing business,” said Mark Dawe, Managing Director and Country Manager for B2Gold Namibia. “As one of the largest solar installations in Namibia, the facility at the Otjikoto Mine will help us to leverage a plentiful, renewable resource while improving the quality of life for nearby communities.”

Advanced Solar Technology from Caterpillar Caterpillar’s solar PV system is powered by advanced thin-film solar modules that are setting the industry benchmark with improved performance over conventional silicon solar panels. Fully scalable and pre-engineered for quick and easy installation, the system offers reliable and predictable energy in all climates and applications with

modules that are independently tested to pass accelerated life and stress tests beyond industry standards. Caterpillar’s solar PV offering is a key component of the Cat Microgrid technology suite, an innovative lineup of power systems that adds environmentally friendly solar panels, state-of-the-art energy storage, and advanced monitoring and control systems to Caterpillar’s traditional line of reliable power generation equipment, including HFO, natural gas and diesel generator sets, switchgear and automatic transfer switches. The Cat Microgrid technology suite is designed to reduce fuel expenses, lower utility bills, decrease emissions, and reduce the total cost of ownership while increasing energy efficiency in even the most challenging environments. A key differentiator in Caterpillar’s offering is the Cat MMC, which keeps loads continuously energized with high-quality power at the lowest cost. It manages the flow of power from every source in the system, including the main grid when connected. The Cat MMC determines optimum recharge times for the energy storage systems while managing power during times when solar energy is not available. The MMC also uses Cat Connect technology for real-time collection and communication of on-site performance data that can be monitored and analyzed remotely. “The economic viability of remote mining operations depends on the cost-efficient generation of power,” said Tom Frake, vice president of the Global Power Solutions Division

for Caterpillar. “Caterpillar’s solar technologies provide a scalable, sustainable power solution that significantly reduces fuel consumption while delivering the reliable power needed to support mining sites.” B2Gold’s Otjikoto Mine is located in the region of Otjozondjupa approximately 190 miles (300 km) north of the capital city of Windhoek. The mine reported a record year in 2016, producing 166,285 ounces of gold. Caterpillar supplied the original 25 MW of power capacity to the Otjikoto Mine when it opened in 2014 through four Cat 12CM32 HFO medium-speed engines and three Cat 3516B highspeed generator sets. “For many years, B2Gold has relied on dependable, high-performing Cat equipment for both power solutions and mining operations at the company’s mining sites around the world, which is why executives again selected Caterpillar and Cat dealer Barloworld to help reduce operational costs while improving the sustainability profile at the Otjikoto Mine,” said Jean Savage, vice president of Surface Mining and Technology for Caterpillar. Caterpillar is a leader in the power generation marketplace with power systems engineered to deliver unmatched durability, reliability and value. The company offers worldwide product support, with parts and service available globally through the Cat authorized service and dealer network. In addition, dealer service technicians are trained to service every aspect of Cat equipment.

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About B2Gold Corp. Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, B2Gold Corp. is one of the fastest-growing intermediate gold producers in the world. Founded in 2007, today, the company has four operating mines, one mine under construction, and numerous exploration projects in various countries, including Nicaragua, the Philippines, Namibia, Mali, Burkina Faso and Finland. Construction of the company’s Fekola Mine in southwest Mali is approximately three months ahead of schedule and on budget, and is projected to commence production on October 1, 2017. As a result, the company is well positioned to maintain its lowcost structure and growth profile. Looking forward to 2018, with the planned first full-year of production from the Fekola Project (based on current assumptions and updates to the Company’s longterm mine plans), the Company

is projecting its consolidated gold production to increase significantly by approximately 65% (from 2016) and to be between 900,000 and 950,000 ounces

About Barloworld Power A Cat dealer since 1927, Barloworld Power is strategically positioned to meet a broad range of energy and commercial engine solutions in the southern African market with commercial offerings that include mining and construction equipment, marine propulsion and locomotive engines. Barloworld Power offers rental, new or used generator set packages ranging from 4 kW to 16 MW, while the company’s in-house engineering team specializes in designing and building power stations with capabilities up to around 90 MW. Visit

About Caterpillar For more than 90 years, Caterpillar

Inc. has been making sustainable progress possible and driving positive change on every continent. Customers turn to Caterpillar to help them develop infrastructure, energy and natural resource assets. With 2016 sales and revenues of $38.537 billion, Caterpillar is the world’s leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, industrial gas turbines and dieselelectric locomotives. The company principally operates through its three product segments – Construction Industries, Resource Industries and Energy & Transportation – and also provides financing and related services through its Financial Products segment. For more information, visit To connect with us on social media, visit 

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African Stock Exchanges • Bolsa de Valores of Cape Verde - (in Portuguese) • Bond Exchange of South Africa - www.bondexchange. • Botswana Stock Exchange • Bourse Regionale des Valeurs Mobilieres - UEMOA (Abidjan, Ivory Coast) - • Casablanca Stock Exchange (Morocco) - aspx • Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange (Tanzania) - www. • Douala Stock Exchange (Cameroon) - • The Egyptian Exchange - www.

• • • • •

• • • aspx Ethiopia Commodity Exchange - Ghana Stock Exchange - www. Johannesburg Stock Exchange (South Africa) - www. Khartoum Stock Exchange (Sudan, in Arabic) - www.kse. Libyan Stock Market - www. login.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2fEnglis h%2fPages%2fdefault.aspx Lusaka Stock Exchange (Zambia) - Nairobi Stock Exchange (Kenya) - Malawi Stock Exchange - www.

• Mozambique Stock Exchange (in Portuguese) - www. • Namibian Stock Exchange • Nigerian Stock Exchange aspx • Stock Exchange of Mauritius www.stockexchangeofmauritius. com • Swaziland Stock Exchange • Tunisia Stock Exchange - www. • Uganda Securities Exchange Read the lastest issue of The Exchange Magazine category/50-free-version.html

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konya z


One Africa:


Tell the US Government that North Africa is Africa Too!

oin with and support the United Africa Organization’s campaign to petition the U.S. Department of State to include the whole African continent under its Bureau of African Affairs.

Why? The State Department’s Bureau of African Affairs, led by Assistant Secretary Johnnie Carson, currently excludes Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia and Western Sahara from its agenda. Instead, the aforementioned countries are grouped with the Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs, together with Iran, Iraq, Israel and others. This artificial distinction between North Africa and the rest of Africa

negatively impacts US foreign policy relations throughout the entire continent of Africa. We unequivocally reject the argument that North African countries are outside the scope of African affairs. North Africa is geographically and historically part of the African continent, and all fifty-three (53) independent African states, including North African countries, are represented in the African Union (AU). It would be far more productive for the State Department to engage with the entire continent of Africa, including North Africa, under its Bureau of African Affairs. We are one Africa, from the Cape to Cairo, indivisible and bound together! Therefore, no square inch of African

land should be excluded from African affairs.

Sign The Petition!!! Go to one-africa-tell-us-state-departmentthat-north-africa-is-part-of-africa and sign the online petition to support this important proposition. Next tell everyone you know to sign. 

COMING TO YOUR E-MAIL BOX. Business/Government Contract Opportunities Business In Africa Commentaries/Editorials Financial Management Tech Tools for Growth Mobilization Africa Travel for Business & Pleasure

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Zumo Learning System with Tablet The Zumo Learning System provides an accessible learning environment for children of all abilities. Zumo helps children fall in love with STEM. • Includes a 7″ Tablet, Math Games and a Wireless Smart Toy, named Zumo • Unique technology maps physical movements to touch screen gestures • A suite of apps are included that are specially designed to enable tactile-based learning • Designed for K-3rd graders for learning in the home or classroom • Apps are customizable to the special needs of each child • Zumo offers many different play experiences through apps already available on iT unes 110  September 2017  Black Business News   1-323-291-7819


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Skin Care for You om Smokey Robinson


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Parker House Sausage (www. was started by Chicago entrepreneur, Judge H. Parker who came to Chicago from Montgomery County, Tennessee with little more than the conviction that there was a potential market for homemade sausage products prepared according to his mother’s recipes. By 1919 Judge Parker began selling his unique blend of herbs and spices mixed with flavorful, savory sausage from a horse drawn cart on a retail basis. Recognized as one of the oldest family owned businesses in the U.S. In 2014 Parker House expanded its product line to include chicken products including breakfast sausage, hot links, and smoked sausage.

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Eso Won Books

African American Books 4327 Degnan Boulevard, Leimert Park, Los Angeles

Give the Gift of Books and Music Come see our unsurpassed collection of books, music, videos, children’s books, and games!

1-323-294-0324  // for Calendar of Events

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Books to Consider

Books to Consider...

Soul Food: The

Surprising Story of an American Cuisine, One Plate at a Time


by Adrian Miller

n Soul Food–really a love letter to African American cooks–I create a representative soul food meal, and I write a separate chapter on each part of the meal. So, there are chapters on fried chicken, greens, black-eyed peas, etc. In an informative and entertaining way, I discuss the history of each food item and answer the following questions: • What is the food item? • How did it get on the soul food plate? • What does the food item mean for African American culture? Most chapters have three recipes: a traditional, a health conscious and a contemporary version of how to prepare a particular dish. After reading my book, anyone should be able to prepare a soul food meal and understand its cultural context. 

The President’s Kitchen Cabinet: The Story of the African Americans Who Have Fed the First Families, from the Washington's to the



by Adrian Miller

ames Beard award–winning author Adrian Miller vividly tells the stories of the African Americans who worked in the presidential food service as chefs, personal cooks, butlers, stewards, and servers for every First Family since George and Martha Washington. Miller brings together the names and words of more than 150 black men and women who played remarkable roles in unforgettable events in the nation’s history. Daisy McAfee Bonner, for example, FDR’s cook at his Warm Springs retreat, described the president’s final day on earth in 1945; he was struck down just as his lunchtime cheese souffle emerged from the oven. Sorrowfully, but with a cook’s pride, she recalled, “He never ate that souffle, but it never fell until the minute he died.” A treasury of information about cooking techniques and equipment, the book includes twenty recipes for which black chefs were celebrated. From Samuel Fraunces’s “onions done in the Brazilian way” for George Washington to Zephyr Wright’s popovers, beloved by LBJ’s family, Miller highlights African Americans’ contributions to our shared American foodways. Surveying the labor of enslaved people during the antebellum period and the gradual opening of employment after Emancipation, Miller highlights how food-related work slowly became professionalized and the important part African Americans played in that process. His chronicle of the daily table in the White House proclaims a fascinating new American story.. 

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Books to Consider


Transformative - Informative - Restorative


by Pastor Henry O. Hardy

ransistions occur in life at one interval after another and each time, we find ourselves believing that it cannot get any worse. However, we find that as we are evolving into encountering new arrivals of life's circumstances, we see that it was necessary to change. After the paradigm shift, we BECOME better at what we do. The vicious cycles that we keep repeating, change. The breakups no longer hurt. The losing everything only to gain everything, happens. The LIFE after becomes a great reality. It is a rebirthing of walking into our true purpose. A resurgence of transforming, becoming more informed, and restored from our past that we had to leave behind. 

Becoming Kareem: Growing Up On and Off the Court


by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Raymond Obstfeld

n his first memoir written especially for young readers, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar will focus on his relationships with several important coaches in his life - including his father, his high-school coach and Coach Wooden - as he tells the story of his life and career. Like many kids in elementary school, Kareem (then Lew Alcindor) struggled with fitting in, pleasing a strict father, and severe shyness that made him socially awkward. Unlike most kids, he also had to grapple

with a sudden growth spurt that shot him up taller than pretty much everyone around him, including students, teachers, and even his own father. His increasing fame as a basketball player throughout high school brought new challenges as this shy boy was shoved into the national spotlight. At the same time, social unrest in the country, particularly involving the growing civil rights movement, tugged at his conscience as he tried to find his place in it. After all, he was just a kid. What could he do? Recruited to UCLA, his fame as an unstoppable center made him a college superstar. But as his fame rose, so did the social turmoil in the country: Vietnam War protests, Malcolm X and the Nation of Islam, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., large-scale riots, the Women's Movement. He could have hidden from all the turmoil as a sports celebrity, but he chose to join in the social evolution. The result was converting to Islam and changing his name to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. The public backlash was blistering, but he didn't waver. 

He Never Came Home: Interviews,

Stories, and Essays from Daughters on Life Without Their Fathers by Regina R. Robertson (Editor), Joy-Ann Reid (Foreword)

142  September 2017  Black Business News   1-323-291-7819


e Never Came Home is a collection of 22 personal essays written by girls and women who have been separated from their fathers by way of divorce, abandonment, or death. The contributors to this collection come from a wide range of different backgrounds in terms of race, socioeconomic status, religion, and geographic location. Their essays offer deep insights into the emotions related to losing one's father, including sadness, indifference, anger, acceptance--and everything in between. This book, edited by Essence magazine's west coast editor Regina R. Robertson, is first and foremost an offering to young girls and women who have endured the loss of their fathers. But it also speaks to mothers who are raising girls without a father present, offering i m p o r t a n t perspective into their daughter's feelings and struggles. The essays in He Never Came Home are organized into three categories: "Divorce," "Distant," and "Deceased." With essays by contributors including Emmy Award-winning actress Regina King, fitness expert and New York Times best-selling author Gabrielle Reece, and television comedy writer Jenny Lee, this Joy Reid

Regina King

anthology illustrates the journey of the fatherless, and provides a space for these writers to express their pain, hope, and healing--minus any judgments and without apology.r. 

We Were Eight Years in Power: An American Tragedy


by Ta-Nehisi Coates

n these “urgently relevant essays,” the National Book Award–winning author of Between the World and Me “reflects on race, Barack Obama’s presidency and its jarring aftermath”*—including the election of Donald Trump.

“We were eight years in power” was the lament of Reconstruction-era black politicians as the American experiment in multiracial democracy ended with the return of white Regina R Robertson supremacist rule in the South. In this sweeping collection of new and selected essays, TaNehisi Coates explores the tragic echoes of that history in our own time: the unprecedented election of a black president

Books to Consider followed by a vicious backlash that fueled the election of the man Coates argues is America’s “first white president.” But the story of these presentday eight years is not just about presidential politics. This book also examines the new voices,

of the Obama era. We Were Eight Years in Power is a vital account of modern America, from one of the definitive voices of this historic moment.  books/550170/we-were-eightyears-in-power-by-ta-nehisicoates/9780399590566/

Searching for Whitopia: An Improbable Journey to the Heart of White America by Rich Benjamin

ideas, and movements for justice that emerged over this period— and the effects of the persistent, haunting shadow of our nation’s old and unreconciled history. Coates powerfully examines the events of the Obama era from his intimate and revealing perspective—the point of view of a young writer who begins the journey in an unemployment office in Harlem and ends it in the Oval Office, interviewing a president. We Were Eight Years in Power features Coates’s iconic essays first published in The Atlantic, including “Fear of a Black President,” “The Case for Reparations,” and “The Black Family in the Age of Mass Incarceration,” along with eight fresh essays that revisit each year of the Obama administration through Coates’s own experiences, observations, and intellectual development, capped by a bracingly original assessment of the election that fully illuminated the tragedy


etween 2007 and 2009, Rich Benjamin, a journalist-adventurer, packed his bags and embarked on a 26,909mile journey throughout the heart of white America, to some of the fastest-growing and whitest locales in our nation. By 2042, whites will no longer be the American majority. As immigrant populations--largely people of color--increase in cit-

ies and suburbs, more and more whites are moving to small towns and exurban areas that are predominately, even extremely, white. Rich Benjamin calls these enclaves "Whitopias" (pronounced: "Whiteo-pias"). His journey to unlock the mysteries of Whitopias took him from a three-day white separatist retreat with links to Aryan Nations in North Idaho to the inner sanctum of George W. Bush's White House-and many points in between. And to learn what makes Whitopias tick, and why and how they are growing, he lived in three of them (in Georgia, Idaho, and Utah) for several months apiece. A compelling raconteur, bon vivant, and scholar, Benjamin reveals what Whitopias are like and explores the urgent social and po li ti ca l impli cations of this startling phenomenon. The glow of Barack Obama's historic e l e c tion cannot obscure the racial and economic segregation still vexing America. Obama's presidency has actually raised the stakes in a battle royale between two versions of America: one that is broadly comfortable with diversity yet residentially segregated (ObamaNation) and one that does not mind a little ethnic food or a few mariachi dancers--as long as these trends do not overwhelm a white dominant culture (Whitopia). 

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awards dinner highlights the achievements of African American entrepreneurs and the government agencies and corporate entities that provide support for African American businesses. For particiation and sponsorship information visit www.bbala. org and call 1-323-291-9334. 

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Government and Corporate Contracting Procurement Summit in recognition of the MBDAs Minority Enterpriise Development (MED) week ( on November 14th at L.A. Southwest College. Interface with contrac- Annual Salute to Black Women tors from the public and private sectors. Event Business Conference, Vendor includes one-on-one matchmaking sessions, ex- Faire & Awards Luncheon hibits, workshops, networking opportunities and In recognition of National Women’s History an awards luncheon. For general particiation and Month, this conference highlights the achievematchmaking information visit ments of African American women entrepreneurs, and call 1-323-291-9334.  along with workshop, including a workshop designed especially for young ladies between 13 and Financial Workshop 18 years of age, entitled “Role Models for SucConducted in collaboration with financial corporate cess.” This conference also provides the opporpartners of the BBA to identify loan opportunities tunity for vendors to promote and sell their goods for African American-owned business enterprises. and services in the Vendor Faire. A favorite feaFor general particiation and information visit www. ture of the annual Salute is the African American and call 1-323-291-9334.  Dessert Buffet. For particiation and sponsorship information visit and call 1-323291-9334. 

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Local banking and financial institutions in col- All About Supplier Diversity laboration with the BBA provide financial literacy Certification training for its members and aspiring Youth Entre- Business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs learn preneurs. For general particiation and information about supplier diversity certifications, which certifivisit and call 1-323-291-9334.  cations they are eligible for, how to apply; and how to leverage certifications for contracting opportunities. This workshop is conducted in collaboration with Thomas & Webster. For particiation and sponsorship information visit and Black History Month Annual call 1-323-291-9334. 

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