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THE SENSEI LEADER and the value of Character Based Leadership


The Power of Soft Skills


Your investment and what to expect


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The Full Day Workshop


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THE SENSEI LEADER Workshop as a promotional event


What are your goals?


SENSEI LEADER Character Based Leadership––helping people become better leaders by helping leaders become better people. I make some key assumptions when I introduce an organization to THE SENSEI LEADER program.

•I assume that you are already focused on building a Character Based Leadership culture. •I assume that you value Courage, Compassion and Wisdom in your leaders. •I assume you want your leaders to be dedicated to service, that they understand the importance of mentoring the next generation and that they are, themselves, committed to continual personal and professional development––at all levels.

Most of the organizations I work with already have a strong leadership culture in place–– They know that to support and sustain that culture they need to pay constant attention. They also know that developing the next generation of aspiring and emerging leaders is a continual process.

I don’t work with bad organizations––I can’t fix bad. I’m focused on helping good organizations develop, nourish and sustain a strong culture of engaged and compassionate service oriented leadership.

I work with organizations that understand that to maintain a health and productive culture, you’ve got to continually sharpen the sword.


Simple––not easy… Character Based Leadership is simple. It’s based on the idea that people with good character make better leaders. It’s hard work––and it requires a serious commitment.

THE SENSEI LEADER program focuses on the development of positive character and service to the people working for and with you. Highly compassionate, engaged and connected leaders build stronger, more sustainable organizations. Numerous studies support the benefits of a positive culture and service oriented leadership. Still, we have our critics. The critics make two valid points: First––people can get ahead in life and can function very effectively as leaders, in certain situations by lying, cheating and abusing people. Second––it’s difficult to correlate a direct causal effect between positive character in leaders and bottom-line productivity. They’re right on both points––to a degree.

Some people can accomplish a great deal acting like a jerk. Traits like aggression, ease with deception and detachment can get you ahead. Compassion, empathy and a strong sense of ethics can be inefficient and at times, can even be a hindrance to career advancement and organizational output.

Dictators and tyrants can get things done… However––this type of toxic culture is not sustainable and ultimately––it’s destructive to your organization and your people.

You’ve got to make a decision…


The immediate impact of Character Based Leadership is sometimes difficult to measure directly in the positive, however…

The impact is dramatic in its absence––and that impact can be devastating: • • • • • •

Employee turnover Disengagement Legal costs due to bullying, harassment or HR disputes Lost & sick time Lost opportunity Lack of creativity and innovation

These expenses are exacerbated by uncaring, detached leadership and by the disconnect between individual and organizational objectives. When leadership becomes more self-centered and detached, people respond by underperforming––just doing what they need to survive. They stop contributing when they feel leadership does not recognize or appreciate them––when leaders care more about themselves than the people they serve.

Without Character Based Leadership, this divide widens… Jeffery Pfeffer writes in Leadership BS, Fixing Workplace and Careers One Truth at a Time:

“…the oft observed divergence in interests between individual leaders and the organizations they lead means that any prescription about what someone should do has to begin by both acknowledging the trade-offs and sorting through that person’s real priorities and the multiple, often poorly coordinated measures of a leaders outcomes.” True enough. Ironically, Pfeffer’s statement is meant as a caution against investing too much hope in traditional leadership training that emphasizes character development…


My argument with Pfeffer is that our emphasis on character is not the problem–– There is a problem with implementation and follow-up. There I agree with him! That’s why I offer comprehensive follow-up protocols, assessment tools and ongoing training opportunities.

A one-day workshop is a good starting point–– But effective leadership development is a discipline that must be embedded and embraced by the organization on a continual basis.


The Power of Soft Skills… Many of the traits and skills we value, and those I teach in THE SENSEI LEADER are part of what Daniel Goleman famously identified as “emotional intelligence” In Leadership: The Power of Emotional Intelligence,” Goleman reports:

1/2 Day


Full Day $10,000 Keynote $5,000

“…when I calculated the ratio of technical skills and IQ to emotional intelligence as ingredients of excellent performance, emotional intelligence proved to be twice as important as the other at all levels.” Increasingly, organizations are seeing the true value of emotional intelligence, interpersonal abilities and other “soft” skills, particularly for leaders. Goldman continues:

“In other words, the higher the rank…the more emotional intelligence capabilities showed up as the reason for his or her effectiveness.” Lying, cheating and abusing people may profit certain individuals and groups, in the short term, but over time enabling this distortion of leadership mindset is crippling our society and destroying our businesses. It comes down to two simple choices––simple choices that have powerful implications…

What type of organization do you want? What type of people do you want leading your organization?


The positive benefits of Character Based Leadership, when measured properly, are nothing short of remarkable… Dr. Emma Seppala is the Science Director of Stanford University’s Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education. In a Harvard Business Review article she reported on the research of Kim Cameron at the University of Michigan:

“When organizations institute positive, virtuous practices they achieve significantly higher levels of organizational effectiveness — including financial performance, customer satisfaction, and productivity … The more the virtuousness, the higher the performance in profitability, productivity, customer satisfaction, and employee engagement.” And what’s the best way to assure this positive culture? The number one factor according to Dr. Seppala is:

“Leadership: Needless to say, it is difficult to implement positive practices without support from the top. A leader must stand by and exemplify the values he preaches.” How do you make this strong commitment to character part of your leadership practice and culture? “Changes and improvements can occur as a result of retreats, executive programs, or workshops where employees have a chance to think deeply and strategically about positive leadership and positive practices.” And that’s what THE SENSEI LEADER Workshop is all about… 6

Workshop Rates: Per person: • 1/2 day: $550 • Full day: $1,000

Flat Rates: • 1/2 day: $10,000 • Full Day: $15,000 Discounted packages available for multiple bookings. Flat Rates apply to groups up to 100 participants. Travel additional.

Your investment and what to expect… Shawn Achor writing for Harvard Business Review shared some of the most compelling research in this area.

“In a sweeping meta-analysis of 225 academic studies, Sonja Lyubomirsky, Laura King, and Ed Diener found that happy employees have, on average, 31% higher productivity; their sales are 37% higher; their creativity is three times higher.” These happy employees are the direct result of compassionate and engaged leadership. The individual leader benefits as well. Achor shared his own research to illustrate an interesting correlation between professional success and the type of engaged and compassionate leader THE SENSEI LEADER program trains:

“…people who picked up slack for others, invited coworkers to lunch, and organized office activities—were not only 10 times more likely to be engaged at work than those who kept to themselves; they were 40% more likely to get a promotion.”

The most important question then, is not whether or not to invest in THE SENSEI LEADER… The most important question is––

What are you losing when you don’t?


Each STRATEGY can be explored in detail in “deep dive” sessions as alternates to our basic program, or as additional programming! Here are some of our current STRATEGY topics as they appear on session “seat cards”…


Preview THE SENSEI LEADER Workbook online!

Before your Workshop:

Use this link to access a complete online edition of the Workbook including the SL 15 Survey and a detailed discussion of how to interpret results.

Prior to your event we conduct our SENSEI LEADER 15 Survey. This carefully designed assessment gives us a baseline understanding of several key indicators essential to a Character Based Leadership culture. SENSEILEADERWB

The SL 15 Survey…

The SL 15 also serves to engage interest in key elements of THE SENSEI LEADER philosophy and to inspire discussion at the workshop. Open comments also show us specific areas of interest or concern that should be addressed at your workshop.

Pre-Event Planning Meeting… Every SENSEI LEADER Workshop is personalized for your organization. We take a preliminary look at SL 15 responses. I then listen to your perspective as key organization leaders and together we create workshop agenda that best serves your unique needs and goals.

We can also design new sessions to fit your specific agenda. Past client requests inspired many of the sessions now on our list!

Many clients elect “deep dive” sessions focusing on topics from our 8 STRATEGIES series: • 8 STRATEGIES for EFFECTIVE LEADERS • 8 STRATEGIES for ASPIRING LEADERS • 8 STRATEGIES for Personal & Professional MASTERY • 8 MORE STRATEGIES for EXPERIENCED LEADERS (See some of these topics on the opposite page…)


Let’s start with our typical Workshop 1/2 Day Workshop structure: Session 1: THE SENSEI LEADER… This is the same as my conference keynote presentation. I introduce THE SENSEI LEADER philosophy focusing on the key STRATEGIES and TACTICS from my experience as a martial artist that have a direct application for today’s leader–– and tomorrow’s.

Session 2: THE SL 15 Focus Group We dive deeply into the responses from the SL 15 which serves as the foundation for an engaging and highly interactive discussion.

• What do the various responses • • •

typically indicate? What are the possible reasons for dissenting responses? How do you interpret the various responses? Can there be other interpretations? What do these responses mean to the organization?

Observations are noted throughout the session that will shape the final session and inform conclusions shared in the Executive Summary following the event.


Add up to 2 actual martial arts components to your event!


• Qigong • AWARE Self-

We then move to an interactive discussion of the 5 TACTICS and how to apply them in real leadership situations.

The session starts with an exciting and engaging exercise where participants learn and practice actual self-defense techniques. These techniques teach and anchor 5 TACTICS all effective leaders must understand.


• Cardio-Karate Workout

• Pilates • Beifang Qi Cane

No additional charge for groups of up to 50 people!

Next, we review of the 8 STRATEGIES we highlighted in Session 1. Groups are formed to discuss implementation of the STRATEGIES and TACTICS. We wrap with an open discussion where participants share suggestions for implementation of key STRATEGIES and TACTICS they learned throughout the workshop.

Your 1/2 Day SENSEI LEADER Workshop also includes:

• Up to 50 copies each of THE SENSEI LEADER


• • • • •

Associated 8 STRATEGIES companion book Workbook Online Follow-up Session Executive Summary Discount on additional workshops & programs

For an even deeper approach, take a look at our Full Day Workshop option…


Full Day Workshop… The Full Day Workshop is customized for your specific needs:

Additional session topics:

• The typical Full Day Workshop takes a deeper dive and focuses on specific areas of interest… • Or––Combine two 1/2 Day Workshops to serve two different groups with the same agenda… • Or––use the Full Day format to serve two groups at different points in their training…One may be first timers and another moving into deeper levels.


• 8 STRATEGIES for Personal & Professional MASTERY

• THINK Like a

When we’re working with the same group for a Full Day, the second half of the day typically looks like this:

• •


Sessions 4 and 5 are customized based on our pre-event assessments and meeting.

Typical session topics include Mentoring, Communication and Listening Skills, a deep-dive into one of the 8 STRATEGIES for EFFECTIVE LEADERS or one of my other 8 STRATEGIES themes. You can also choose from various topics on our THINK Like a BLACK BELT Personal and Professional MASTERY track. For example, you might choose to work on DISCIPLINE or FOCUS for executives, or how to cultivate POWER on the front lines. Some clients use one or both of these sessions to apply STRATEGIES and TACTICS to domain specific needs and interests. We may work on how to apply the tactic of deflection to help sales leaders deal with complaints––or focus on how experienced leaders can mentor aspiring and emerging leaders at specific points in their development.


BLACK BELT The Art of FOCUS The Art of DISCIPLINE Black Belt POWER for Business SENSEI Mentoring

Session 6: SENSEI’s Challenge Round-Table It’s been a long day––so we start with a stress-reduction and energy boosting session of Qigong––Chinese energy exercises. This simple set is something participants can do in the workplace and share with others. We finish with an open discussion of the days events and other challenges, concerns or new areas of interest inspired by the workshop. Key leaders from your organization can opt to sit with me on a panel to address interests and concerns from participants.

A Book in Every Seat! Volume book discounts! Units














Your Full Day SENSEI LEADER Workshop also includes:

• Up to 100 copies each of THE SENSEI


• • • • •

Associated 8 STRATEGIES companion book Workbook Online Follow-up Session Executive Summary Discount on additional workshops & programs

Makes a great premium gift for conference & meeting attendees!


After your Workshop… Executive Summary… After your event, I’ll meet with senior leaders to review the workshop. You’ll receive a comprehensive bound report including all data and observations gathered throughout the event.

• Were pre-event assumptions validated, disproved or modified? • What new information did we find as a result of discussions? • In what areas is the organization strongest? • What areas need improvement? • Did we find new leaders emerging from the workshop? And most important of all…

How will the organization implement, track and follow-up on the ideas, strategies and tactics revealed at the workshop––and how will you sustain this effort in the future? Online Workshop Review Session (Optional)… We’ll schedule an online meeting of workshop participants.

• How are they doing with implementation of • •

the strategies, tactics and ideas we shared at the workshop? What challenges are they facing as they bring these ideas into actual practice? What new ideas have they come up with since the workshop?

I’ll continue to work with participants to assure a full understanding of these concepts and help them apply THE SENSEI LEADER principles and practices in the real world.


Ongoing Programs… Do you want to further expand your culture of Character Based Leadership? Would you like to share THE SENSEI LEADER with more people in your organization? Would you like to develop your leaders on an even deeper level? Additional workshops can be added to your program to both introduce more of your people to THE SENSEI LEADER and to continually develop experienced leaders in specific areas of need and interest.

“I’m here to support and enhance your leadership training program––not replace it… “My curriculum compliments existing leadership and management training by assuring your people possess the skills and traits that produce the best return on your training investment.” You receive a 20% discount on all additional Workshops scheduled within one calendar year of your last event… PLUS: Guaranteed rates for long-term commitments to THE SENSEI LEADER program of up to 3 years. Our long-term partners are also eligible for complimentary custom branding of workshop materials and books.

• Organization or event logo added to covers • Customized “Forward” added to book featuring your message or profile


Executive Mentoring… You may identify aspiring or emerging leaders, or certain experienced leaders who would reach new levels of performance with some personal attention.

I am glad to extend a 20% discount on my Executive Mentoring program. A VIP Group option is also available.

Self-Directed Program… Would you like to “Do-It-Yourself”? Let’s talk about my Instructors College and licensing options. You can leverage your internal training staff to deliver THE SENSEI LEADER and THINK Like a BLACK BELT curricula––

I’ll provide full ongoing support tailored to your needs and goals.


THE SENSEI LEADER Workshop as a promotional event… For businesses: • • • • •

Attract new prospects Add value for current clients and customers Strengthen client relationships Attract media attention High profile marketing opportunity

For non-profits and associations: • • • • •

Bonus event for current members & clients Build new membership Non-dues revenue Attract media attention Increase community profile

We help you make your event a success… • • • •

Templates for promotional and marketing materials Customized “seat cards” with your organization logo Optional branded books & workshop materials Promotional video

Promotional events include a book signing… Your package includes a supply of books and workshop materials. Purchase additional copies at deep wholesale rates to sell for additional event revenue.

Call for your complimentary Event Strategy Session… We’ll help you design and implement the best strategy for your unique needs and goals.


What are your goals? Support and develop strong leadership in your community and organization. Enhance and add variety to your existing leadership development program. Increase the effectiveness of your current program. Develop the next generation of leaders. Cultivate interpersonal skills and increase emotional intelligence in leaders. Deepen and expand commitment to personal and professional development. Attract new members, clients or customers. Provide added value and appreciation for current clients/members. Positive media exposure. Generate alternative or nondues revenue. Provide a valuable service to the community. Promote strong character identity for the organization. Increase the public profile of your organization.

Help your people become better leaders––by helping your leaders become better people! 18

Jim’s calendar fills quickly! Call Alex Armstrong to book your event now! Direct Line: 207-751-4317

THE SENSEI LEADER Workshops & Corporate Services  

A guide to THE SENSEI LEADER Workshops and Corporate Services.

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