Keith Cousins "Bodies in Motion: Movement, Moments & Magic" Catalogue

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Bodies in Motion Catalogue
Catalogue design by Kevarney K.R.
(June - 2024)
Curated by DVALDDianne Val Douglas


Keith Anthony Cousins is a distinguished self-taught artist whose work captures the essence of Jamaica and its cherished values: freedom, resilience, and community. Born and raised in Jamaica until age 15, Keith migrated to Canada, where his career in architecture and construction honed his technical and artistic skills.

After decades abroad, Keith returned to Oracabessa, Jamaica, to reconnect with his roots and immerse himself in the island's vibrant culture. He crafts his sculptures from an eclectic mix of materials, including body filler from car repairs, fiberglass from boat construction, rust from old wheelbarrows, tree bark, saltwater stones, and coconut husks. Each piece transforms everyday items into extraordinary art, reflecting his innovative spirit and deep connection to Jamaican life.

Keith's art defies conventional European sculpture models, drawing instead from his rich Jamaican heritage and personal experiences. His sculptures, inspired by the everyday lives of friends and family, are dynamic expressions of life and culture, imbued with a sense of movement and emotion. Each piece tells a story, capturing the soul of Jamaica and offering a profound glimpse into the everyday magic of Jamaican life.

3 Instagram: @keithanthonycousins




At the age of 74, Jamaican artist Keith Anthony Cousins presents his first solo exhibition, "Movement, Moments & Magic", a compelling showcase of sculptures that capture the vibrancy and uniqueness of the human form: some in motion, including the everyday moments that go unnoticed and some magical, exploring folklore and fairy tale. This exhibition expands on themes of Black masculinity and femininity as they exist within the Jamaican cosmos, while presenting a nuanced perspective of Black, particularly Jamaican bodies in activity.

Supported by his extensive career as a Latin dancer and his close proximity to the ocean, there is a strong theme of fluidity and magical sea creatures surrounding his work. He has had a long desire to create the enchanting kingdom of black fairies and mermaids. Coupled with his fascination with unique skin features such as vitiligo, birthmarks and moles, these elements serve as the foundation for his art.

His sculptures are an exploration of the unique features and ideas that celebrate the diversity and individuality of the human form. They are not merely static representations but are infused with a sense of fluidity and life, reflecting the everyday actions and movements from a Jamaican perspective that define our existence.

2023 KEITH COUSINS Body Filler, String, Fiberglass 8 x 20 inches / 20.32 x 50.8 cm USD $2500 “TRIBAL GOLD” 5
2023 KEITH COUSINS Body Filler 9 x 27 inches / 22.86 x 68.58 cm USD $2200 “STANDING STILL” 6
2023 KEITH COUSINS Salt water stone, body filler, sea shells
cm USD
6 x 21 inches / 15.24 x 53.34
2023 KEITH COUSINS Body Filler, Cord 6 x 19 inches / 15.24 x 48.26 cm USD $1800 “EARLY MORNING SWIM” 8
2023 KEITH COUSINS Salt water stone, body filler, sea shells
9 x 19 inches / 22.86 x
2024 KEITH COUSINS Body filler 7 x 18 inches / 17.78 x 45.72 cm USD $1650 “THE TOWEL, TIME TO RELAX” 10
2022 KEITH COUSINS Body filler 8 x 18 inches / 20.32 x 45.72 cm USD $1650 “A MAN'S SHIRT” 11
2024 KEITH COUSINS Body Filler & fibre glass 7 x 14 inches / 17.78 x 35.56 cm USD $1500 “WI 12
1998 KEITH COUSINS Self hardening clay, white & cedar flakes 6 x 20 inches / 15.24 x 50.8 cm USD $1300 “I SAW HER BY THE RIVER” 13
2024 KEITH COUSINS Body filler, fibre glass & cord 9 x 16 inches / 22.86 x 40.64 cm USD $1250 “GETTING DRESSED” 14


Body filler, wheelbarrow rust, string, coconut trash

12 x 17 inches / 30.48 x 43.18 cm

2024 KEITH COUSINS Body filler 7 x 13 inches / 17.78 x 33.02 cm USD $950 “FASHION MODEL (MAN'S SHIRT)” 16
1998 KEITH COUSINS Self hardening clay, white & cedar flakes 6 x 16 inches / 15.24 x 40.64 cm USD $750 “RED” 17
2024 KEITH COUSINS Body filler, fibreglass & rust 6 x 7 inches / 15.24 x 17.78 cm USD $750 “FLOWER FAIRY (WALL MOUNT)” 18
2024 KEITH COUSINS Body filler, fibreglass & rust 5 x 11 inches / 12.7 x 27.94 cm USD $700 “THE MERMAID” 19
2000 KEITH COUSINS Fibre glass 10 x 12 inches / 25.4 x 30.48 cm USD $700 “BRAIDING HAIR” 20
2024 KEITH COUSINS Body filler, fibreglass & rust 8 x 16 inches / 20.32 x 40.64 cm USD $700 “RUSTED TORSO - JUST FEELING THE COOL RIVER” 21
1995 KEITH COUSINS Cement 3.5
12 inches
30.48 cm USD $650 “VENUS” 22
2002 KEITH COUSINS Body filler 6 x 15 inches / 15.24 x 38.1 cm USD $650 “BIKINI” 23
2024 KEITH COUSINS Saltwater stone , body filler, seashells 5 x 14 inches / 12.7 x 35.56 cm USD $650 “SEAWATER MORPHING (SALTWATER STONE ABSTRACT)” 24
2024 KEITH COUSINS Body filler 5 x 14 inches / 12.7 x 35.56 cm USD $650 “TANGO” 25
Drift wood, Clay (non-firing),
6 x 13 inches / 12.7 x 35.56 cm USD $550
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