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I am your nightmares, true scares That dream when you can't stop from falling Can't fight, can't run Can't stop the person you've become I am your heartbreaks, mistakes That place inside your hate I am that shadow following every move, reminding you That it's never good enough, never good enough Even though you'll try and try I'm gonna call your bluff Because I am the thing bringing the feelings when... Your world comes crashing around you Smashes down around you When will you see that you cannot hide from me? When you feel darkness, hopeless Can't cope with all the stress I'll make you hate life bring strife Remember failures hardened stare And it's never gonna change, never gonna change Always they'll be judging you Compared to who and who You trust in me but I only live to see Your world come crashing around you Smash down around you When will you see that you cannot hide from me? When I come for you When I see through you When I eat through you When I destroy you You'll think you're betrayed, astray I'll leave you ripped and torn so bad you Can't trust, can't love Can't understand why life's so fucked I'm deep inside your mind In constant remind If you leave your thoughts to me, believe I'll make sure that I see Your world come crashing around you Smash down around you When will you see that you cannot hide from me? I'll make your world come crashing around you Smash down around you I'll let you see why cannot hide from me Because I am you

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Band Review: VORTEX


Black Apple Meets SHAJOL


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GIG REVIEW: Apostle’s Lament




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Band Review: Adorned in Ash


POSTER GIRL: CemetrySlut (By Halo Studios)






GIG REVIEW: Zeplins 28 July 2012


If you weren’t there - this is what you missed


As August celebrates women here in South Africa, the Black Apple team would like to salute some of the women we have come into contact with this year: BANDS MEMBERS: Sam and Jess (Vortex), Jenna (Jenna Sighed), Shelby (Spectral Realm) Cat (Sick Cindy), Robyn (Adorned in Ash) Giselle (Sweating Blood), Miss Anne (Fridge Poetry), Courtney (Mizera), Callysta (Mizera), Ebony (Theatre Runs Red)

ORGANISERS/PROMOTERS/JOURNALISTS: Gen (G Promotions) , Sashquita (Emalyth) , Genevieve (Indiedoesit), Roeselle (Uprize), Cat (Black Mountain Magazine)

PHOTOGRAPHERS: Jess Hunter, Dee Dee Boop Photography, Samantha Williams, Dan Mari (the Coffee Queen), Nepenthez Ohm

COVER/POSTER GIRLS Christelle, Chantal, Rozi, Bianca, Hesmarie

BLACK APPLE TEAM: Becky, Tegan, Laken, Tasty Tam, Nyx, Dan Mari, Kelly and Sam

Hailing from Pretoria, South Africa, Vortex is a six-piece rocking machine. Drawing inspiration from the ancient realms of folklore and fantasy tales, Vortex has forged a unique style of melodic fantasy metal. Vortex was formed in autumn of 2006 by sisters, Samantha (Lead vocals and violin) and Jessica Ferreira (Guitar). Keyboardist Christoph Weber joined in 2009 followed by Dominic Kafka on guitar, Bernie Schommarz on drums and Toby Hinsche on bass. Vortex has been touring around South Africa and has won a number of band competitions. With their orchestration and operatic vocals, they are being compared to bands such as Nightwish and Lacuna Coil. The use of electric violin and keyboards has led many followers to define the band's sound as Celtic metal, but the roots of Vortex lie deeply embedded within the labyrinth of gothic, symphonic metal.

A Black Apple View of VORTEX By Kelly Williams After Samantha and I split up for the first time to do a gig review, I must admit I felt lost without my photographer and partner in crime. I went off to Zeplins for the farewell gig and she went to Emalyth’s Apostle’s Lament at Black Dahlia. At the Monday morning meeting – before I could take a sip of my much needed coffee or my first drag of my ciggie, Sam started telling me about a band which became an instant favourite – Vortex. Before I knew it, we were doing a review of them in the August Edition of the Black Apple E-zine. We received the biography and we read through it – I have to admit, this band seems to have it together. With accomplishments of BMus degree at TUKS and Grade 7 classical guitar, and members being part of the Deusche Schule Pretoria Orchestra you instantly know this band is a flexible band when it comes to their music style. Sam did a review of their performance (see page …) Another thing I really enjoyed reading about the band, was their favourite bands/artists. Musical influences ranging from Classical to Rock to Heavy Metal. There are some names there that I have never heard of (I must admit I had to Google some to see if they were real). There is something about this band that makes them the real deal, they are dedicated, passionate and all have a great deal of love for the music they play. I have yet to see or hear this band – but I know that it will be awesome when I do. We hope that Vortex will play a future Black Apple Event.

if that could be said, monster!

BLACK APPLE MEETS SHAJOL Band from Quito- Ecuador which idea initially began in Sweden and Israel. Shajol comes from sejel (sechel) which means Mind, an inner revolution, war, a soul. Sashquita from Emalyth put us in touch with this band and said they are a must to interview for your next ezine. Thanks to Emalyth we will be able to see these guys in action in December!! Congratulations Emalyth - we know this event will be one that must not be missed! What inspires the bands music? I think that we'd like to inspire a lot of rage, stuff that we want to kill, an alternative world to live, a weapon to devastate, but all of it inside ourselves, start with ourselves, in our minds erasing the bad, the unfair, inequitable, and then become creative beings who come out with explosive things for our days or environment to improve. What do you think sets your band apart from the others (makes your band better)? That's hard to answer, nowadays there is lots of huge and extremely good bands, BUT I must say, our idea of music making is a little bit different, We thought at the very beginning to write every song as a chapter and then the next is a continuation of the other. Also, at least me I always had an idea of composing songs as if i was playing a video game, first level is a piece of cake but then it gets more technical, tougher, etc, so the final episode is like a catastrophic level which hits you straight in the head which you have to deal with, pass it, and end it We wanted to focus as well on a human mind and behaviour, a whole destruction of everything, a better understanding, a universe around us and not just ourselves. What is the bands favourite thing about performing on stage? That's something we still have to find out, we are band working in our songs soon to be available for everybody, This is something I had in my head for a while and for years and finally is being recorded, we haven t played live yet, but our rehearsals are brutal and there is no doubt it is going to be quite insane on stage, that's for sure.

We have this idea to start doing promotional tours for people to check out our music, get in contact face to face with them, and also we thought to show that there is good music made in South America although Shajol has been as a project playing with different people in the Middle East and Europe, mainly Sweden, Israel and our starting point Ecuador. Does the band have any traditions or rituals that you perform before an event? No, I guess everybody is pretty much focused at performing, ok yeah, there is always a beer but I guess that is not any ritual or something, haha. What is the bands dream? Play music all we can this life because maybe there is not another one, show everybody that everything is possible even though it might be quite hard, But going as far as we can is the best thing we'd like, Perform in Europe, Asia, America (by that I mean the whole continent), South Africa, Australia, etc even small countries. We want to know of bands and musicians from all over the world and play gigs with them, and that's one of the exciting things we are going to be doing in South Africa in our first promo Tour, as I said before, get in contact face to face with, bands musicians and crowd. If the band could play anywhere with anyone, where and who would it be with? Everywhere!!, but yeah as every band we'd also like to play with bands as Meshuggah, Vildhjarta, Veil of Maya, Nasum (ok I guess that's off the table now, but it is a dream) Animals as Leaders, grind, black, death and math metal bands, Oh yeah, i forgot, Dillinger Scape Plan of course!! How do you come up with the songs? We do way a lot of pre-production, basically David Barzallo (bassist) and I sit in our home studios and record everything, listen to it and then we do arrangements, that way is good 'cause it turns out you get to practice a lot every single riff so it is great for recordings because now for example, we finish producing a song and then we go straight to our Studio, MidSide Studio in Quito (David Tornay, engineer) and we get it complete. For Lyrics, At Milton Galarza's house (vocals), we sit there for hours, and discuss a lot about tons of stuff, yeah sometimes we sit as scandinavians to argue things for lyirics, haha Will you ever be touring in SA? December, we are there thanks to Sashquita from Emalyth productions, she has arrange a huge deal with us from December the 3rd for 2 weeks. How would you describe the music scene in your country? This is something really important, great question!! In Ecuador the music scene has grown a lot, I remember long time ago There was a small group of people, good friends making music, and they started with the whole thing in our country, Ecuadorian bands such as Pulpo 3, Misil, Muscaria, La Rocola Bacalao, and now Descomunal which is a huge band from Quito (capital), also Mal Rojo Lately, these bands just to mention a few of many great bands in our scene. Before our scene was small but now it is quite a great deal, we've got good festivals and good concerts, of course as always and same as everywhere, the bands or groups of musicians are those who arrange averything for this to be real and possible, if not everyone would be quite literally screwed if it wasn't for the band's self management if that is well said. Quito is quite diverse in music and we got a lot of bands of any kind, from jazz to metal.

Introducing the new Black Apple Writer My name is Sarah Coughlan, I am currently in my Honours yeah at the University of Pretoria studying Journalism. Although I am not musically inclined and can only play the guitar on Guitar Hero, I love music, rock in particular. My hobbies include tattoo getting (I am highly addicted and am growing my body art collection with 5 tattoos to date) , writing of course (my life is spent either in front of my computer, at university or out with friends). I am also addicted to coffee, can't survive a day without it! I am striving to be a big time entertainment and lifestyle journalist. Ultimate ambition would be to interview Evanescence, Slipknot and Seether. It is impossible for me to choose my favourite bands/singers, but the above three are in the top 5 for sure. I love snakes, there is something about holding a snake that is so relaxing. I am quiet, but deadly I would say. Once I get to know people, my crazy, fun side comes out (I call this my alter ego, Cora). I love my job (writing) and take it very seriously, while still having fun with it. Check out her first article for Black Apple on the next page

Know more about:

By Sarah Coughlan

Killatoria is a young and talented thrash death metal band out of Pretoria. They describe their sound as original and pure. Their inspirations are no other than old school legends Metallica combined with early death metal bands Autopsy, Possessed and Cannibal Corpse. They were recently seen at the Apostles Lament gig at the Black Dahlia, where they delivered some brilliant metal, evident in the crowd they drew. From their first guitar riff to the last drum beat of their set, they had the crowd chanting along to their songs and head-banging furiously. We caught them before they started their set to ask, what makes Killatoria unique.

How did you choose the name of the band? We basically just put a bunch of names in a hat and picked one. Killatoria came from our guitarist Dale, and the name just stuck and it really works for us. Why thrash and death metal? We grew up with the music and it inspired us a lot to try some awesome stuff and improve our skills. And we think it's the best genre out there, we have the right mix of thrash and death metal. What makes your sound unique? We take old school death and thrash metal music and try to put our own spin on them, creating music that's a combination of both and unique to us as a band. How do you psyche yourselves up before a live performance? We do the whole fists together,' let's to this' thing, but yeah we encourage each other to just have a good time. You had announced that you would be recording your demo this year, have you done that already? We have recorded it, we just hit a bit of a delay, we are just waiting for everything to come together again. We want to take as much time as we can with it to make it sound really awesome. What was the first metal album you ever bought? Adri: Trivium was my first album. Dale: Mine was Korn And definitely Metallica for all of us was one of the first albums we bought. What is your song writing process? We do it in three ways. We either write the lyrics first then put the music to it, or write the guitar riffs first then put everything else to that or we do it all in one go, it just depends on the mood we are in. What international bands would you love to open for? Definitely Cannibal Corpse or Black Dahlia. What is your favourite thing about performing live? It's the energy of the crowd that makes playing live worth it. Letting everyone experience your music, it's an awesome feeling to have. What's the weirdest thing that has happened to you on stage? Dale: My jack came out without me seeing and I couldn't understand why my sound wasn't working. Adri: Claude's hair got stuck in my guitar. What does the future hold for Killatoria? We want to do some tours and finish our demo. Mostly just jamming and getting our name out there. Pushing boundaries and making brutal metal! Be sure to keep an eye out for their demo later this year and follow them on Facebook to find out about their gigs and future tours.

Gig Review Apostle’s Lament By Samantha Williams

The Black Apple team has attended many Emalyth events since their inception and has yet to be disappointed. So when arriving at Black Dahlia for the Apostles Lament we were excited for what the day held as Emalyth never fails to put on an epic event with top class bands. At this particular event Emalyth supplied the Metal thirsty fans with 11 bands ready and waiting to shred the improved Dahlia stage. First up on the stage was Titan. A speed metal band who to my surprise has Tim Harbour lead vocalist from Fridge Poetry on guitars, this immediately sparked my interest and made me sit up straight and pay attention. I have to say a personal note to Tim Harbour – you are amazing! – this man can play! Not only did he rock the sh*t out of his guitar but he owned his little segment of the stage. The other guitarist looked happier than an ant in a sugar jar on stage and played with a visible passion which made it extremely enjoyable to watch. My only problem with the band and this could be a personal preference (so don’t shoot the writer) I didn’t enjoy the vocals to me they reminded me of Riff Raff (Butler in Rocky horror) however when lead vocals was accompanied with the other two it was epic! Big ups to Titan for getting the show off to an awesome start! The next band when setting up made me wonder if they were in the right place. All dressed in a way to match and seem uniform I thought perhaps they were a dance crew of some type but no it was New Earth. New Earth completely different sound from Titan and I would say this is because of the keyboard. Even though they perform well together and are fantastic musicians each on their own the fact there was no vocals which isn’t uncommon in a lot of bands these days, their stage presence I found boring. Their sound would suit being played over the speakers in a pub or restaurant, or even at times as the sound track for Kill Bill. However fantastic musicians who play well together, my only suggestion would be try interact with the crowd a bit more. Vortex female vocalist who set up with a violin looked very much like a younger version of Jenna Sighed. When beginning their first song the lead vocalist stood over the keyboardist like a mother getting ready to reprimand her naughty son, who accidently started the wrong song first, nerves or bad preparation? But then lead vocalist joins the keyboardist in playing an epic intro! I must admit that this quickly became my favourite band, from their instrumentals to the lead vocalist goose bump forming voice to the way she had people stare at her skill with the violin. Their song Gladiator Queen was definitely my favourite the only way to describe it is just plain freaken cheesy beans on toast AWESOME! Absolutely fantastic set really wish there was more of a crowd to see them and can’t wait to see them again check this band out its worth it!! After becoming a fan of Vortex we were treated to another female fronted band also with a violin, she has been described by many as the Evanescence of South Africa, she is a dynamic musician and an excellent song writer, of course it can only be Jenna Sighed. Jenna commands the attention of the crowd and rocks out with absolute passion and talent, the only thing negative that I can say about Jenna Sighed is that it is a band and perhaps the other members need to step up and show that they are there and Jenna is not playing with a backing track. However someone who is always entertaining to watch and just plain AWESOME is none other than STORM AWESOME always an experience watching him play. It was Jenna Sighed’s last song that made everyone get up and listen, a song written and dedicated to our fallen brothers in metal absolutely beautiful thank you Jenna Sighed! Mizera came up next and supplied us with a completely different sound. From the get go they started kicking ass and breaking necks, they produce an amazing hard heavy sound with the vocalist running around like an energizer bunny they are quite entertaining. When it came to this band there were three things that stuck out for me, firstly it would be nice if the other members in the band besides the vocalist and drummer were less robotic and looked a little happier to be on stage. Secondly female drummer, Courtney, holy crap on a biscuit you are brilliant even from far back on stage you make sure you are not forgotten, and thirdly just brilliant music played by a band who work well together and practice hard. Now up next was More Than Conquerors, a big Black Apple favourite so naturally I was stoked to watch them perform. However I was quickly disappointed after waiting over 25 minutes for the band to even start setting up. I don’t know

whether this was the fault of the band or the venue, but at an event such a long delay between bands should not happen without explanation or apology. Eventually when they started their sound check you knew that they would make it up to the crowd for the delay with some insane metal. The vocalist (the tallest MOFO in the band) never fails to send shivers down our spines with his epic growls. This band is perfectly synchronised and as they play you can see that they feed off the head banging energy provided by the crowd. Unfortunately at times the backing vocals were lost but my dam the lead vocalist I will say again is EPIC, put him in a jar and take him home to grandma!! This band has huge potential and deserves big opportunities however I don’t think they will get them unless they start behaving more professionally. Next up came a band I had never heard of before Tenere. Who gave one of the most pure, intense, deep heavy metal intro I have ever heard. Yes they do look like a bunch of jocks but when they start playing they turn heads and make barbies cry. Their music gave my metal loving soul such warm fuzzies it became ridiculous. The lead and backing vocals complimented each other perfectly and the band not only played well to the crowd but they looked good doing it. Clearly a well put together band that practices and plays hard. Only criticism is that the lead vocalist could try look more interested during instrumentals. You always know a band is going to be good when a crowd starts forming for them before sound check has even begun, this was the case for the next band Renounce. The crowd raised their horns and screamed as soon as the first song started. These are long haired crazy masters of their art. This band makes performing like professional look like child's play, this band has more enthusiasm than a fat kid chasing the Christmas ham. Nonstop heavy metal that is at an international standard! Big ups to you guys keep doing what you do and please don’t change a thing. Maximum Carnage took ownership of the stage next with the same lead vocalist as current popular band Killatoria. This man I can say I find limited in Killatoria as his stage performance in Maximum Carnage was monumental. Energy moving around the stage, interacting with the crowd and producing earth shattering vocals was EPIC. Only thing I noticed with this band was that the songs weren’t consistent it would start heavy and hard and fade to a boring end. By the third song however the entire band seemed to have found a new breath of energy and performed like kings! All in all I can say I loved the event all the bands were different in their own way which made the event constantly interesting and enjoyable. Huge thank you to Emalyth and Black Dahlia for the awesome event, one I will remember for a long long long time! Be sure to check out all these bands on Facebook and keep a look out for the next Emalyth event.

1994, A little blonde, 13 year old girl, with her faded Sepultura shirt, 14 up Dr Martens, and Camo skirt got her hands on a South African compiled album (tape), featuring bands such as “Voice of Destruction (V.O.D)”, “Abhorrence”, “Retribution Denied”, “Debauchery”, “Funeral”, “Gutted Remains” and “Sepsis”, titled “THE DEATH OF AFRICA”. Playing the tape over and over and over again, becoming one of her favourite escapes from the real world and later purchasing the cd. As time passed, as all metal lovers do, she continued buying the latest albums from mutually related International bands like Obituary, Deicide, Cannibal Corpse, Hypocrisy, Dying Fetus, Hemorrhage, Fear Factory, Sepultura, and with time, she aged and “The Death of Africa” album, and the bands featured, became but a fond memory, never spoken of again. Chantal, now known as CemeterySlut later in life began to DJ at Zeplin’s and not long after, started Nightbreed Dark Entertainment (a Gothic events organizing company), which was reborn as NDE Productions (a DarkWave/Industrial events organizing company). CemeterySlut has always believed that the “Dark” movement in South Africa was under estimated, and vowed to get it recognized internationally, proving to the world that the South African Dark Movement was as alive and brutal as any other country. November 2011, CemeterySlut, met a Metal guy who knocked her off her feet, not long after, he became her romantic partner.

His name, Chris Marx. He was armed with Metal knowledge that most Metal guys double his age didn’t possess. CemeterySlut, impressed by this, was inspired by him, and decided to start a Metal inspired side project for NDE Productions called NDE:KVLT, whom she later decided is well deserving of being appointed co-owner at NDE:KVLT . One day, when conversing about current local Metal bands, told him of the local bands she grew up with such as Groinchurn (whom she is close friends with), V.O.D, Agro (formerly known as Agro Grannies), Sepsis, Retribution Denied, Debauchery, etc. This led to a conversation about that one album she so loved “The Death of Africa”. Chris was not familiar with the album, due to it being released when he was merely 3 yrs old. Most newcomers in the scene, born in/after 1990 are sadly unfamiliar with the bands, splits and compilations that were released shortly after they were born. A very intrigued Chris went home and did research on all the bands and albums named and not only discovered some rare findings, but also discovered that he studies at the company who originally compiled and released “The Death of Africa”, Inhouse Records. Reporting back to CemeterySlut with this auspicious discovery, they spoke of and agreed to the possibility of potentially releasing a “Death of Africa (Volume 2)” under leading labels: NDE Productions, NDE:KVLT and Marx Audio Productions.

This led to a discussion with “Inhouse Audio Training/ Productions @ Ankha Productions”, who instantly agreed with the concept, and their association, nearly 20 YEARS after the very first Volume. Inhouse Records,is the label who made it possible for the first Death Of Africa to exist, nearly 2 decades ago, who in the past worked with bands such as V.O.D, Napalm Death, Diabolic Intent and many more, along with NDE Productions, NDE:KVLT and Marx Audio Productions, have decided to bring the world: “ The Death Of Africa (Volume 2 )”. To the unfortunate metal heads who never heard of it… It was Brilliant local Death Metal compilation released when some were still potty training, therefore, it was never even known by these individuals who are now adults. There are very few who share the memory of this almost legend… some of them never thought that one day, THEIR names would appear on Volume 2. It was unimaginable, until now.

We, CemeterySlut and Chris (and all the companies involved) want to reintroduce the thought, and prove that South African and African Metal is world class! Inhouse Productions, along with associates; Marx Audio Productions, NDE Productions and NDE:KVLT releasing “The Death Of Africa (Volume 2)” have decided to put a slight twist to it. Since it’s “The Death of Africa (Volume 2), we thought it would be great to incorporate an African theme. I would imagine calling something like that “Tribal Death”, if I had to name it myself. You can classify genres easy by listening to (Brazilian Metal) with your groove influences and Swedish Death metal as well as Norwegian black metal for example that is where we want the sound of (African Metal) so that you can tell a band different and unique from every other norm set in the world and people would know that they are listening to South African/African Death/Thrash/Grind/Black/Extreme Metal. and say that is African Metal. There will be other little interesting goodies, which will remain a secret until the release of this Metal marvel. If i tell you, I’m going to have to kill you. So, you wanna be a part of History in the remake...follow the understated instructed requirements: 1) Band Submissions must be e-mailed to BOTH: AND

2) You need to include the following:  2 tracks  A FULL band biography.  A HIGH RES copy of your band logo in JPEG format.  Your band's contact details. (Contact details = All members contact numbers, email addresses, as well as your band's Facebook Page link/website link) ANY and ALL submissions from bands failing to comply with these requirements will be ignored completely, without even opening the submission to be viewed or considered Submitted Bands: To everyone that was keen on hearing some good news about the bands that have submitted to The Death Of Africa Volume 2, here is the bands that have submitted this far (NOTE: The bands mentioned have submitted, but submission does not gaurentee that you will be selected to be featured on “The Death of Africa (Volume 2). To the bands not listed: Your submissions are still in progress and if you have not submitted yet, be sure to get your submissions in ASAP) These are the bands that have thus far Submitted:  Adorned In Ash (Pretoria)  All Guns Full Ammo (Cape Town)  Amakartus (Mauritius)  Arc Reactor (Cape Town)  Bile of man (Pretoria)  Bloodbeast (Pretoria)  Boargazm (Pretoria)  Brood of hatred (Tunisia)  Damnatia (Cape Town)  Forgive us not (Cape Town)  Grim Homicide (Johannesburg)  Imperial Empire (Bloemfontein)  In Oath (Kenya)  Iraqi Death Police (Durban)  Lelahell (Algeria)  Moral Abortion (Pretoria)  Sindulgence (Cape Town)  Spectral Realm (Johannesburg)  Strident (Cape Town)  Suiderbees (Cape Town)  Theatre Runs Red (Durban)  Zombies ate my girlfriend (Cape Town)  The Four Horsemen (Cape Town) For more information and updates, please visit “The Death of Africa (Volume 2)” page on facebook:





Memes – Where did they come from? If you’ve spent any time on the interferrets at all you’re gonna be familiar with at least some memes. The images used are mostly stock or random photos that have gone viral. Ever wondered who these people/advice animals are? I hope one day to find internet fame through a meme, but not like our first entry…

Overly Attached Girlfriend Apparently this image is a screen shot from a YouTube video posted by user wzr0713, who posted a response to Justin Beiber’s video contest challenging fans to present themselves as the ‘girlfriend’ counterpart to his song Boyfriend. That being said, I can’t say I’m surprised.

Sudden Clarity Clarence This photo comes from the Australia Associated Press as part of their coverage of the Schoolies Festival on Queensland, Australia’s Gold Coast in 2009. A few lookalikes have come forward since it raped its way across the internet, but so far Sudden Clarity Clarence is still hiding. Either that or the boy has some sense to stay away from the trolls on the internet.

Laundry Room Viking The Laundry Room Viking turned up on Facebook first in August 2011 as the guy’s profile picture. All we know is that he’s called John and the image somehow found its way onto 4chan in November of that year before spreading across the internet. I tell you what though, if I’d have turned up on the internet through 4chan first, I would also hide my identity. Don’t know what I’m on about? Google it. Fuck that, GoogleImage it. Have fun.

Vlademirovka Photography spends some time with Adorned in Ash Adorned in Ash, a Christian metal band lifting the roofs of local venues. Robyn (vocals/lead guitar), Mark (drums), Marinus (Bass) & Leon (guitar), Christians who play metal music. These four musicians, have gone through a lot to be where they are today. Each and every one with their own story, their own struggle and success, just like most of us. Spreading their message through metal music they've been ripping up the local scene for quite a while now. Currently recording their first album, being a self funded project, they already have 7 out of 11 tracks recorded, and already have material for album 2! Being Christian they've constantly been judged, not just by the church, but also by people on the alternative scene. Not making music for fame or popularity, they're often been told that they are too hard-core for a Christian band. To them, this genre, this scene and these people is the most natural way for them to share their message. Music and the message passed through has often been abused and hijacked for different reasons. Adorned in Ash spreads a message of love. People looking past their lyrics, and appreciating their music, has them playing at venues like, Doors and Zeplins. Playing gigs with Agro, THOR and Bleeding Spawn, makes one realize that their music is no different than the other bands, it's their unique message. With new members Marinus and Leon they've recently been breaking necks at Doors, Schivas and Zeplins, they apparently also have a huge following in places like Welkom. After interviewing them I have realized that they are just like every other individual roaming the alternative scene. A great group of people, who enjoy making their music and sharing it with crowds. Roll in at their next gig, see them live and then decide..... Will I judge like I've been judged, or will I appreciate good music, written by excellent musicians....

They do it because they love it...

Our poster this month was provided by the amazing Halo Studio. Halo Studio has been operating since 2007 and was started by the amazingly talented Nepenthez Ohm. Halo Studio located in Centurion offers a variety of services from; portrait, wedding and maternity Photography to Graphic Design. Halo Photography is an absolute example of how things should be done in the industry. Please take the time to check out more of their work its definitely worth it!

The search for Dark Talent in the M A new addition to the NDE Productions infestation, not too long after the launch of our Metal driven Event organizing side project: KVLT, we're at it again. With a slogan like: "If looks could kill", you know you are about to experience another plague of goose bump activating pleasure. NDE MODELS: If looks could kill! We're looking to sign and present really talented models in the Dark Scene, we bare wonderful opportunities that will provide well deserved exposure if they have nailed every single one of our requirements we strictly examine when receiving NDE Model applications. Please note that we are looking for both Male and Female models. Though understandable, unfortunately applying, does not gaurentee you a position with NDE Productions as an NDE Model. MODELS: Male and Female If you would like to apply, please e mail the following strict requirements to CemeterySut: ~ Full name ~ Modelling name

Modeling and Photography begins... ~ Contact number ~ Facebook profile link ~ Website or Facebook page link ~ Portfolio and answer the following 2 questions: 1. In your opinion, what qualities should a model possess to be called a model? 2. What do you wish to achieve while being signed by NDE Productions?

PHOTOGRAPHERS: If you are a good photographer who thinks they've got what it takes to blow my mind away, please e mail the following strict requirements to CemeterySlut: ~ Full name ~ Modelling name ~ Contact number ~ Facebook profile link ~ Website or Facebook page link ~ Portfolio

A Local Metalcore Band that reaches out to your soul, through your ears … A force that drives your senses toward it, only to embrace every instinct within you. Once Betrayed at the core, it ignites a flame that burns right through all the clutter ... A spreading wildfire that consumes it all ... This is:

How did you first get involved in music? Like most musicians do we guess ... through school, friends who play music, the urge to be in a band as a kid and as a way to rebel against society in any means possible ... through the love of listening to your favourite band and seeing them live.

Who would you say are your greatest musical influences? Wow there are so many ... But if we had to choose a few that are both individual and group favourites, it would be: “As I Lay Dying”, “In Flames”, “Miss May I”, “Avenged Sevenfold” and “Asking Alexandria”

Who or what got your band started? Byron was working in a music shop in Edenvale when Chaz came in for some guitar strings. An audition was set up shortly after and he seemed to be the missing ingredient that the band had been looking for. The youngest and newest additions, Tony and Jono were added in the beginning of 2012.

What sets you apart from other Bands in the country? Well, firstly - we don't swear in our lyrics. We feel we can be just as hard, powerful, dynamically versatile, melodic and Brutal without cursing and spreading a bad message. Also, we are very involved in charity work and care a great deal for, Kids in need of rehabilitation and drug related counselling and we are involved with the SPCA in sheltering and sponsoring various abused animals. We are also able to play all our songs acoustically, which opens a whole new dynamic and depth to the band's performance and sound.

What keeps you motivated and inspired to succeed? We have a lot of dreams and goals and we are motivated by the will to just play our music and perform. We are inspired by our own message. A good message, a pure message ... Driven by hard-ass metal! It shines through our music.

And what exactly is your message and how would you like to be perceived by your fans and the media? The songs in our set list cover various themes from conserving the planet to conquering addictions. We would like to be perceived as a band that cares and is there to help our community as much as we can. We want people to know we are down to earth and totally approachable.

Have you had any formal music training? Not really, all of us are mostly self-taught, but with that said - guitar pro, YouTube, music books and DVD's and the internet are great tools for any learning musician.

Do you have any other projects you would like the fans to know about? Our Vocalist Chaz Nielsen has a Solo project and plays his own material and some great covers on acoustic events. Also our drummer Byron plays bass for an epic acoustic Blues, reggae, folk project called Energy Related.

So what are your plans for the rest of 2012? What can the fans look forward to? We are currently working on our full-length debut album, entitled "Breach of Trust". It will be a double disc edition concept album which will feature our full tracks as well as a second cd with the same songs played acoustically. The official website will be up soon and we will also be filming a music video soon for our first single "Perception". Live shows will be sure to follow.

Gig Review Zeplins 28 July 2012 There was a lot happening in Gauteng on the 28 July, I was lucky enough to be able to witness what is known as the 3 big names of the South African alternative scene. I was also lucky to say goodbye to one of the best venues of Zeplins in Pretoria. Arriving at the venue, there was an instant buzz of excitement as NEWTOWN KNIFE GANG were busy setting up their instruments to open up the evening. It is not very often that when you are waiting for a band to set up there is a crowd head banging at the front of the stage. Eventually the time came for the bands to start off the evening, 30 minutes before the first band started there was a crowd - and what an amazing crowd, there was no space for movement as the band started playing their songs and showing off their talent. Having already reviewed the self-titled album of NEWTOWN KNIFE GANG I knew I was in store for a great opening act. The vocals presented by Spencer Martin instantly entranced you and made you want to watch more, your heart started beating to the beats the drummer was playing and the guitars and bass blew you away. There is only one thing that irritated me during their performance - the smoke machine. Sometimes the smoke was so heavy on stage; you could not see any of the members. As they finished the crowd went outside for some fresh chilly air while PESTROY were setting up to take the stage next. The vibe at Zeplins was very different compared to all the other gigs I have attended there. Once again, way before the band was even ready to start there was an energetic crowd waiting to hear their favourite songs from PESTROY. The crowd blew me away – this is the type of crowd that should be at every live venue, showing not only the bands the support they deserve but show support for the venues. PESTROY did what they did best – blew the crowd away, excitement mounted as they announced that their recording is well on its way. After the mind blowing performance the crowd stumbled out of the venue to get themselves ready for what was coming next. People were talking about the PESTROY performance the way people talk about watching their favourite international band … I must admit that the vibe of the crowd was amazing, even though the weather was beyond icy cold it did not seem to hinder the crowd at all. Then what everyone was waiting for, I went and found my spot in front of the stage after defrosting my fingers by the Zeplins bonfire. Looking at the photos I have already taken I heard a small voice next to me – I looked up and was shocked. When I first arrived at my designated “spot” there was plenty of space around me, after a few seconds there was not a spot left to stand. People were standing body to body pushing to get a piece of the FUZIGISH sound. As the members got onto stage, you could feel the excitement rise. It is amazing to see a South African band, which has been going for so long have such support. Another thing I really enjoy about FUZIGISH is the fact that they keep to their roots, mixing their set with some old school FUZI with some new FUZI tracks. Because it was one of the closing gigs for Zeplins, Dave allowed FUZIGISH to play for as long as they liked. Normally half way through a band’s set people start dwindling out for fresh air or to the bar, it was the total opposite with FUZIGISH, over time the place although it seemed was packed to capacity seemed to get more and more full. I hope that the new Zeplins venue has more nights like this; it was amazing to see the new and old faces mingling in support of Dave and the Zeplins venue. Also to have 3 great bands such as Newtown Knife Gang, Pestroy and Fuzigish was a true way to say goodbye to a venue as awesome as Zeplins, Centurion (48 West Street) We look forward to see what Zeplins has in store for us at their new venue, opening 31st August 2012 …

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“Ink to paper is thoughtful Ink to flesh, hard-core. If Shakespeare were a tattooist We'd appreciate body art more.” ~Terri Guillemets~

Tattoo aftercare: 

Wash After 2 hours with warm water using your hand and pat dry.

Air dry for 10-15 minutes.

Apply a water-based fragrance free cream 2-3 times a day for 2 weeks

Shower and bath as usual but don't soak the tattoo.

Keep the tattoo out of the sun, pools and sea for at least 2 weeks or until the tattoo is fully healed.

Don't pick or scratch your tattoo.

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