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So close, no matter how far Couldn't be much more from the heart Forever trusting who we are and nothing else matters Never opened myself this way Life is ours, we live it our way All these words I don't just say and nothing else matters Trust I seek and I find in you Every day for us something new Open mind for a different view and nothing else matters Never cared for what they do Never cared for what they know but I know So close, no matter how far Couldn't be much more from the heart Forever trusting who we are and nothing else matters Never cared for what they do Never cared for what they know but I know Never opened myself this way Life is ours, we live it our way All these words I don't just say Trust I seek and I find in you Every day for us, something new Open mind for a different view and nothing else matters Never cared for what they say Never cared for games they play Never cared for what they do Never cared for what they know and I know So close, no matter how far Couldn't be much more from the heart Forever trusting who we are No, nothing else matters

Contents Sam’s Favourite of 2012: THOR


Kelly’s Favourite of 2012: Tricks and Traps


The Black Apple Team gets a bit mooshy


Truth and it’s Burden


Them Bandits


Adorned in Ash: UNCOVERED


A Different View of Jenna Sighed


T-Time with Tasty Tam


INTERVIEW: Only when it Rains


Rollin with the Gods


Confessions of a Piper


Rowan from Of One Design INTERROGATED




Now Reminisce




Please note that the E-zine for 2013 will be sent out every 2 months. HAVE AN AWESOME FESTIVE SEASON, a GREAT NEW YEAR and we will see you around!!

If you could go back in time, what would you do differently? Honestly, If we had the opportunity to go back in time and change anything or do anything differently, we would not change a thing! Everything this band has gone through, be it good or bad and everything we've done right, done wrong, mistakes made, mistakes rectified, people we've had the privilege of meeting and spending time with, everything about the experience and journey we've been on for almost the past 6 years we wouldn't change a thing of because it all contributed to who and what we are today! We feel so unbelievably blessed to be on this journey and we truly believe everything we do and go through, we do so for a purpose and a reason! God has blessed us and continues to Bless us on this Journey! We Can't wait to see what happens and where we go next!

If the aliens land on earth, why will your band be the first people they talk to? Haha Honestly I don't think Aliens would want to meet us first, we consider ourselves a pretty boring bunch of dudes off stage! So if they wanted to die from boredom or play a 3 hour team game of pool they'd come to us first, either that or they enjoy seeing people run for their lives because we would run so fast away from them I doubt they would see much of us!

Big Mac's or Wimpy? What is the name of the band and what was the inspiration for it? Our name is The Hammer of Redemption and it actually comes from way back when we first started and all of the members were around 14 years old. Our very first vocalist was day dreaming in Science class when it popped into his head. It was only later that we realized that The Hammer of Redemption abbreviated is T.H.O.R. and that THOR, the Norse god, has a hammer, Haha It didn’t have much of a meaning at first but gradually over time as we grew, as our message grew, as we grew as musicians and we started understanding and learning why we do what we do and Who has given us the amazing gifts to do what we do and why (As many people know we are a band that stands for Jesus Christ, His Teachings, Positivity, Love, Hope, Understanding and Respect for one another), it was almost like the name was just destined to be ours! What it means to us is that no matter what you’ve done in the past, no matter what has happened to you or even what you’re going through right now you can push through it, you can and must fight through it! Redemption, Forgiveness, Freedom, Power, Peace and Love is yours to take! So reach out and take it! You are never alone!

Introduce the readers to each member of the band. Mr. Craig Christison is our Lead vocalist, Brandon Pratt is one of our Guitarists and also lends his voice to all of the clean vocals and back up screams, Julian Oberholzer is the other guitarist and Vaughan Haylock is the master of the Bass guitar! We will be announcing our brand new permanent drummer Soon, so stay Tuned!

A Mac Donalds Big Mac with Wimpy Tomato sauce! A Winning combination! Ahhh, the amazing goodness of Mac Donalds that hits the spot like nothing else can and the delicious delectable awesomeness of Wimpy tomato sauce and how it enhances everything it touches from burger to bun! Awesome!

Do you believe there is intelligent life on earth? Well that depends on what you consider intelligent! That's completely a matter of perception, I believe there is plenty intelligence on planet Earth unfortunately though a lot of people refuse to use their own and rather rely on the intelligence of others which is often biased or ill informed!

Other than this interview, what's the stupidest thing you've ever agreed to do? Haha probably to jump off stage and join in on one of our mosh pits at one of our shows, for some reason the second a band mate from the band on stage joins in on a pit the audience thinks, "Lets get Him!" and moshes you like crazy until you get back on stage! It hurt ever so slightly! haha Was fun though!

What's your favourite pig-out food? Oh the choices on this one! That depends entirely on what mood I'm in! Spinach Soup is always a Winner! Mac Donalds and KFC are Amazing especially after playing a show! You can never go wrong with Italian or Indian food! Chinese is delicious! A Good ol' fashion South African Braai is always amazing, Ice Cream is out of this world! Bakery food, oh Bakery food, how I love Bakery food! Almost anything will do it, All depends on the mood I'm in!

How long have you been together? We have been together since February 2007, so in February 2013 we will have been together for 6 awesome years and will still be around for a very long time!

What's the most important part of the sandwich? The Wimpy Tomato sauce and the good quality mayo!

What is the name of the band and what was the inspiration for it? Tricks & Traps. The music from the classic Doom video games inspired us a lot so we decided to name our band after a level in Doom 2 that is named “Tricks & Traps” Introduce the readers to each member of the band. Krause: The synths and samples Alex: Drums and programming How long have you been together? Since 2011. If you could go back in time, what would you do differently? Nothing Any strange rituals before you go on stage? Nope, we don’t believe in such things. Any strange rituals after you perform, or do you pack up and head to the bar for a beer? If checking our packed up equipment 1000x over and over is considered a ritual, then yes! We don’t like beer, after a show we get on the Cane and Cream-soda train. How hard does your band push each other? Very hard At what point is your band completely satisfied with their work? Never satisfied with our work, we always want to add stuff. Do you have the magic formula for success? Not yet, but we’d do unforgivable things to get that formula? How do you define macho? Only thing that comes to mind is a buff dude.

This is where the Black Apple Team gets a bit mooshy At the start of 2012, Sam and I decided to start Black Apple Productions to assist the South African musicians who are taken for granted and to hold shows worthy of their talent. Since then we have come across many different people, venues, bands, photographers, writers and fans that we are overwhelmed with all the support, motivation and inspiration we get on a daily basis. Because of this we would like to say thank you to the following people; First the bands The Hammer of Redemption: you guys are family, (Kelly has secretly adopted you all as little brothers), you guys are amazing, and we remember watching your very first show at Tempos and are very proud that you were chosen for RamFest 2013!! Adorned in Ash: another extended part of the Black Apple Family, working with you this year has been an absolute pleasure – your professionalism and enthusiasm is amazing - more bands need to take a leaf out of your book when it comes to performing. Spectral Realm: meeting you and getting to know you has been awesome, your band truly supports the SA scene, something else other bands should think of doing in 2013 Of One Design: you guys just make us smile … working with you has been awesome from the beginning and cannot wait to work with you in the future. Part-Time Pirates: ARG, many thanks for adding the rum and pirate to the Black Apple Team To all the bands we have worked with this year, we are honoured to stay we have had the opportunity in hosting you guys at our event

2nd Life, Acoustic Groove Machine, Adorned in Ash, Agro, As fate will, Bleeding Spawn, Bloodbeast, Bombs and Issues, Carniwhores, Choking Heartbeat, Chromium, Climate Control, Craving Sanity, Fridge Poetry, Haggis and Bong, Jack Valve, Jenna Sighed, Jet Black Camaro, Killatoria, last Chance Kid, Mean Streets, More Than Conquerors, Necramoth, Now Reminisce, Of One Design, OneDaySky, Part Time Pirates, Predomination, Sick Cindy, Spectral Realm, State Dependency, THOR, Tranquil AND Tricks and Traps To the people who we have met: Our very own Cemetery Slvt NDE – you are BEYOND AWESOME, and a best friend to the Black Apple team, whenever we’ve needed help or just to plain rant you are there for us … We cannot wait to do a collaboration with you in 2013!! Mike from Adorned in Ash … WE LOVE YOU POSTER NINJA Dan Mari – you turned from Photographer into bestest friendling over night – your photos and support at our events are equally amazing! Craigy Mack – the only man brave enough to work with a team of women, your writing and your ideas are beyond AWESOME Tasty Tam – you are one of our favourites – having the “brass ones” to say what you want to say, you have entertained us all year and we wish you all the best in the UK. Sarah – another new addition to the Black Apple Ezine – we love your article ideas, and even with a heavy workload you always meet the deadlines we set … We SALUTE YOU!! To the people behind the scenes: Becky, Tegan, Laken and Monika, when we are short staffed – you guys are there and you help without hesitation. Adrian from Predomination, for your constant support and motivation to keep going on. UNCLE LIONEL WE LOVE YOU!! If we have forgotten anyone – please forgive us – this year has been beyond amazing and we have learnt so much and plan to make 2013 an even bigger year for the South African Alternative Scene!

BY CRAIGY MACK. Its been one of those years for Johannesburg melodic-hardcore artisans TRUTH & ITS BURDEN. Having proved they have the dogged determination and tenacity needed to stretch their message and expand their boundaries globally, the band signed with RITE OF PASSAGE/MEDIASKARE RECORDS at the beginning of 2012, a seemingly hasty development that proves the virtues of hard work and perseverance, relocating not only the band's territory but presenting a whole new range of possibilities to the bands savvy and determined approach to success within mainstream alternative music. We caught up with TRUTH & ITS BURDEN to get the latest scoop on their achievements this year to date. First of all, congratulations on securing the deal and signing to RITE OF PASSAGE records! How did the initial impression of being offered the contract feel? Pretty cool obviously. I mean its super rewarding for any band to be asked to join the ranks of such a label, because obviously many of the bands we are on Mediaskare, Rite Of Passage being their imprint label, its obviously a stepping stone to getting where we would love to be. In terms of business partnerships, it must be a load off your back knowing people have enough faith in your art to stand behind you and help push your message as hard and far as possible? Absolutely! Its hard enough trying to get people to show interest in your band and buy a cd at a show or even watch you play. To have a US label ask us to join their family is something we’ve been working towards for many years. How are TRUTH & ITS BURDENS goals and plans unfolding now that playing tours in the United States has become solid jumping off point to continue spreading your message globally? Essentially these debut US tours are a stepping stone for us to much greater heights. These initial tours are by far our toughest so far. We’re learning loads about ourselves and eachother as people. Its gruelling on a person’s body and taxing on your pocket. We’re just working hard on our sound and pushing for things to come together in a way that enables us to stay touring. Its probably the hardest thing to wrap your head around. Money is a major problem for any band wanting to tour and ours is running our real fast. We’re hopeful though that shows will get better and we’ll be ok, but yeah if things don’t pan out we will work harder and make it happen one way or another. Living is an intention, you dream your own dreams and you outlive them. We do feel though that even on small shows where attendances are almost non-existent we have made an impact which is seriously important for any band. Our message is being heard, even in small doses, people are noticing what we are doing. Has touring the States caused your approach to differ in terms of establishing goals to reach? I would definitely say so yeah. A short term goal for us was to tour Europe 2 years ago, and then we had to write a new album and replace 2 members after that experience. We basically remapped our entire list of goals and set new goals of touring Europe again, this time with the addition of UK and somewhere in between all that we got signed and extended our reach by touring USA shortly after our second Euro / UK tour. These current US tours are initial steps we NEED to take to setup contacts all across USA. Any band no matter who you are needs to do these things. We have our sights set on more touring, with more known package tours for the future and we definitely aim on writing a new album as soon as we are back in SA, along with a follow up Euro tour, to keep kids interested. When we’re ready for recording we plan to do so in USA and make real waves worldwide after its release. We’re not stopping anytime soon.

General opinion is that European and American audiences are taking a keen liking to the bands music from the first show. Are the American audiences a hard sell to make an impression on? Hahaha, yeah definitely harder that in Europe. But we kinda feel that Europe is hungrier for music than USA is… I think that’s the main contributing factor here. Attendances in Europe is generally better for touring bands and even when you speak to well known bands in USA they still speak of poor attendances on tours. At the same token though, we are hardly a known or big band so we really have little room to shed proper perspective on that subject… As artists, does writing music within the context of positive social commentary form naturally to you, or was it always a pre-determined starting point to approach the song writing with that message in mind? Its been the lyrical goal and focus since the beginning. I grew up listening to punk bands that had loads of perspective to add to my ideals and ways of thinking. I guess I just wanted to push on that button and provoke thought the same way bands had done for me. Its easy to sing songs that leave no mark simply because they have a cool hookline, but its way more important to have a lasting hold of someone’s musical interest by adding real value and having substance in your music and message. Very few bands now days care for this and I kinda find it sad in many ways. The musical writing process works much the same and we’ve always felt that it complements the lyrics in terms of the melodies and how they unfold at all the right places in the songs. How does a new TRUTH & ITS BURDEN song typically unfold? I would generally have lyrics pre-written for use in a new song. Calvin starts off with a guitar idea and the rest of us basically give our two cents worth and shape the song along with Calvin; all the while keeping the lyrics close at heart because often we will do vocal breaks or musical breaks to show a certain kinda feeling that the lyrics were trying to get across. It takes us a long time to write a new song and its generally a process that takes huge mental grinding hahaha. Its a subject of heavy debate amongst artists in the music industry. Downloading. What are the bands views on having its music downloaded from the internet? It’s a bad state of affairs in general, but its that bad now that everyone does it. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that it has nearly crippled record labels. Bands are having to break themselves on tours to barely sell any albums, relying solely on merch to get by because kids value merch well over cd’s. We’re in the digital age, that’s the changing of times, you either live with it or die complaining, its not gonna change, and even if governments had a say, people would find new ways to work around it. On the flip side of it all, its helped unknown bands to gain huge interest in parts of the world they would probably never even see, and would never get distribution in anyway, so is it really a bad thing? What are the bands biggest ambitions for 2013? Touring, writing a new album and recording it. Hopefully something ontop of that to boost the already exciting year ahead. Each member has 5 words to describe 2012. GO! Ash – Hard but really worth it. Niekie - Pretty Legit, since you asked. Calvin – Hard work really pays off. Any websites, shout outs or info you'd like to share with our readers? Check out our touring partners from USA; Darasuum, 2x4, Mercia, Camisado and The Sheds. Support our sponsors Music Connection, Jagermeister, Monster Energy and Handstyle Tattoos. All these guys, our friends and our loving families have believed in us and continue to do. That’s something we hold in such high regard and are super thankful for. How about a positive message or two for our readers going into the festive season. Quit searching for the answers and start exploring your options. It kinda came to me this morning when I woke up, so I thought I’d share it.

TRUTH & ITS BURDEN'S latest release “.CHOICES.” is available now through Rite Of Passage / Mediaskare records.

"Them Bandits really got the crowd going with their unique style, which is quite refreshing in the SA industry. The bands got the right look, and the right amount of cockiness backup with the talent to pull it off. The bands vocalist is a vocal God with a crazy range and the rest of the band are definitely in his league of talent! The band is relatively new in the Industry but they definitely deserve to be booked in every venue around the country." Roy Bouwer Music Scene SA Gig Review

Them Bandits is a four piece Alternative Rock band with a Southern, Country and Blues twist and they are: Alex Botha (Vocalist Extraordinaire) Tyrone Parsons (Guitar Virtuoso) Kevin Hughes (Low Down Viking) Wayne van Tonder ( Doctor of Skins) The Band Was Founded early in 2012, and after playing their first show in July they seem to be taking the South African music scene by storm and have already shared the stage with some of SA's most popular acts, such as Fuzigish, Desmond and the Tutus ,Action Thrillers and One Day Remains. They are currently working on their debut record which they intend to launch in early 2013 followed by a full length national and international tour. Influenced by the likes of Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age, Jack White, The Black Keys and Muse, guarantees a diverse and driven act.

What is the name of the band and what was the inspiration for it? Robyn: Leon:

It comes out of Isiah, with images of the ashes of battle As mentioned by the other band members from the scripture in Isaiah and the ashes of battle, Also, for me personally, the ashes involved in grieving: People used to (and maybe still do?) throw ashes over themselves as part of the grieving process which shows a physical commitment to actively grieving a person or circumstances. Being adorned in these grieving ashes symbolizes the beautiful melancholy which is remembering the fallen. Marinus: Adorned in Ash, inspired by scripture in the book of Isiah and the imagery of medieval battles. Mark: A person on his knees, with the carnage of war surrounding him, adorned in the ash’s of battle symbolizing God’s protection.

Introduce the readers to each member of the band. Robyn: Leon:

Robyn, I make the scary noises behind the mic and jam guitar I am Leon, the latest addition to the band with the bushy beard who plays with the other plank with 6 wires on it and sometimes makes some vocally related noises… Marinus: Marinus - abuser of bass guitars and occasionally the microphone... Mark: I am Mark, the drummer and rhythmic time keeper.

How long have you been together? Robyn:

I've been part of AiA since before our first gig and since then it is only Mark and I remaining as original members. So far the journey has been about 2 or 3 years. Leon: I joined AiA in May of 2012 and what a journey it has already been! Marinus: I only joined April 2012 but AiA has been going for more than 2years Mark: I am the founding member and longest running participant. It is in no way an indication of my age!

If you could go back in time, what would you do differently? Robyn:

I'd go back and start playing guitar from day 2 of being alive. You know, take the first day off to figure out breathing and such... Leon: Nothing. Life is sweet! Marinus: I would have taught my left pinky to obey me sooner...and played more music. Mark: I would have found richer band members to pay for the recording! Haha!

What's the side of you that the public never sees? Robyn:

Rock, paper, scissors, lizard, SPOCK! I LOVE BUNNIES!! Leon: My acoustic recordings and membership to the Boeremusiekgilde van Suid Afrika. I can play the concertina… Marinus: The side that took my mom to see Michael Bolton live. Mark: My absolute love and affection for my two little girls Eden and Erin!

What do you do to relax? Robyn:

I'm a massive Burton and Poe fan, so anything to do with them is awesome. I also enjoy sculpting, playing guitar, reading mind messing fiction or horror and blasting people into tiny pieces on games! Leon: Giving way too much attention to my guitars; Playing around in the unnecessarily dark little home studio; Watching Dexter (although you don’t relax much…). Marinus: Read horror and suspense novels or play Silent Hill on Playstation. Mark: Cleaning house, changing nappies…oh wait I don’t relax!

Is there a battle of the sexes? - who's winning? Robyn: Leon: Marinus: Mark:

Psshhh, yeah! Girls rule!!... Everyone knows that... Robyn does kinda rule the roost…or so we let her think J Last I checked the guys were ahead in the body odor department... There can only be a battle if one party is intimidated by the other; none of us are intimated by Robyn! We win hands down!

What song of yours are you most proud of? - why? Robyn:

It's hard to choose just one but I'd say Evangelion just because it has such an awesomely graphic music video in my head and it was one of the first songs I wrote for AiA Leon: Difficult to say. I think it is one of our new tracks earmarked for album #2 which has to do with defiance, but it is still very hush hush… Marinus: Blood Hunt Labyrinth...coz I never thought I'd be able to play it, hehehe. Mark: Personally every one of them, as they have pushed me as a drummer to new levels.

Other than this interview, what's the stupidest thing you've ever agreed to do? Robyn:

I once dressed up as Van Gogh for an art class and landed up walking around like that for most of the day pretending to be a madman with an ear fetish. Leon: Stagediving…I weigh more than 100kg… Marinus: Ice skating!!!! Mark: Pretend to be a blind man sitting in Pretoria central street corner, playing on my drum pad and getting money for it!!

Pet peeves about the other members? Robyn:

Hmmm, Mark for trying to kill me by playing our songs at 10000000BPM and hardly breaking a sweat (I'm convinced he's a cyborg sent from a distant planet), Leon for having a physically larger but lighter amp than mine, and Marinus for always looking cooler in photos than what I do - bass flying around all over the place... Leon: Slave driver Robyn? No issues with her… Million mph Mark? He’s good too… Marinus: He always carries my bulky amp like it’s a championship winning belt or the Currie Cup or something, making me look like a pansy for struggling with the thing… Marinus: Where do I start!!! Haha... I don't like that Mark keeps cutting his hair and Leon still outweighs for Robyn...her fingers are too nimble and I struggle to keep up. Mark: In order to keep this interview short it would be better for me not to answer this question.

What is the name of the band and what was the inspiration for it? Storm: The name of the band is Jenna Sighed. A personal project of Jenna Meiring who is the singer, song writer and all-round creative. Brought into the live element with the groovy oiled backing band wonders of Martin, Wesley and Storm. Music is what we live and breathe and musicians are who we are! Jenna Sighed brings us all together to enhance the technicality and caress the classical. Jenna: Couldn’t say it better than Storm actually J But as the person who came up with the name, I can clarify that I wanted something that represented the sometimes dark side to the lyrics, and married it to the metal nature of the music, and used my punny sense of humour! Wesley: Jenna Sighed......... joined because it was different, new..... fresh…

Introduce the readers to each member of the band. Jenna Meiring is the multi-instrumentalist front-woman of Jenna Sighed. A nerd on and off stage, which often comes through in on -stage banter, she lives and breathes the project, putting everything she has into the music and performance. Storm Awesome is the crazy shirtless drummer guy. Think back to the days of Sesame Street and you may remember one of the muppets, Animal. Well this guy is the real deal muppet known for his energy and excitement when on stage. Wesley Van Eeden, or ’Sergeant Sarcast’ as he is infamously known, is the bassist, who brings his sense of humour and oldschool metal passion to the band. Martin Dugdale is the young virtuoso guitarist… Best way to describe him would be using an old Afrikaans anecdote: ‘Stille water, diepe grond, onder dra die duiwel rond.’

How long have you been together? Jenna Sighed has been a life long project, but with the current line up, we started gigging in early 2012, and are planning for many more years ahead!

If you could go back in time, what would you do differently? Storm: If I could go back in time, I would definitely create more practice time. There is never enough practice one can do. Jenna: I agree with Storm. And I wish I had started playing the violin earlier, because as someone with a fulltime day job, practicing is very difficult! Wesley: Nothing.... going back in time will alter the time + space continuum.......... and that's just bad..... Martin: I'd either be an Archaeologist or a Theoretical Physicist.

Any strange rituals before you go on stage? Jenna:

I have a single Captain Morgan and coke (I know drinking before a show causes reflux, but whatever), then 30 minutes before set up time, I go tune my guitar and violin, put rosin on my bow, perform breathing and vocal exercises. I also always go to the bathroom for a pre-show pee. Storm: I use an hour before we go on to set up my gear and tune my drums. This is also a period of meditation and mentally preparing myself for the sweaty rage on stage. Wesley: Shot of jägermeister, Monster energy drink, beer… and telling the guitarist how lame he is… in your face Martin! Martin: Not really… just play guitar.

Any strange rituals after you perform, or do you pack up and head to the bar for a beer? Jenna:

I spend time packing away my equipment. If there is a band room, I might have a drink there before going back out to enjoy the rest of the evening, otherwise I try and find somewhere quiet while I dry off (most stages are sweaty places) and think about the performance, what went well, what went wrong, what I can do better next time. Storm: My ritual off stage would be the reverse of the above, packing up my gear and mentally unpreparing from the crazy rage on stage Wesley: isn’t that a ritual???? Martin: Generally I just pack up and go have a drink.

How hard does your band push each other? Jenna:

Mainly I’ll encourage everyone to practice, specify what needs work. The others push me by bringing songs into the band that are challenging, either vocally or instrumentally, which is always good. But I think we all realize where each other’s limitations are, and when we need a break. I think we have a great support structure. Storm: Each of us has individual true strengths but it is when we all get together that the magic comes alive. We then challenge each other’s playing and the ideas that arise are really powerful. Wesley: Pushing is wrong!! Unless you’re pushing Martin... then I’ll help. Martin: If it’s into a wall, and it’s Wesley, then very hard.

At what point is your band completely satisfied with their work? Jenna:

I’m satisfied when we pull it off, both in terms of musicality and performance. I’m satisfied when I can see people get excited about what we’re doing, and feel the energy between us and the audience volley. That’s the essence of music – a transfer of positive energy between musician and audience. When that is achieved, I feel we’ve done something right!

Storm: When people come to shows and pay their entrance fee, they expect to be entertained and that’s what we pride ourselves on… to make sure that the people who are watching us are entertained both by our music and our on stage energy. The point of satisfaction is what drives us to be tight musically. Wesley: After the gig…

Do you have the magic formula for success? Jenna:

I can’t say whether it’s the formula for success or not, but I feel that there needs to be a hunger for more. A little bit of success should be an incentive to keep trying, keep growing, to never give up. In my opinion success is never feeling that there’s absolutely nothing you can do to better your situation. Storm: I believe the magic in finding success is living for the passion we have in music and our instruments. Wesley: S-U-C-C-E-S-S???? Get a crazy drummer maybe… Martin: Lots and lots and lots of practice and persistence.

How do you define macho? Jenna:

My boss. Slams everything that has a hinge. And maybe Peter Steele. Storm: Crazy shirtless drummer, haha ! Wesley: Being able to rock out in a mankini… or choosing to be the bassist \m/ Martin: I’d say being an Awesome guitarist is the personification of macho.

3 Concert Related Injuries and Deaths Disclaimer: this article is not intended to lessen the seriousness of concert related injury and/or death, but to simply point out the lack of adequate foresight on the part of planners and technicians. Not that it’s always their fault – sometimes Mother Nature throws us curveballs that result in fatalities.

Callejeros at Republica Cromagnon in Argentina Claiming the most lives of any concert ever, the Callejeros gig in 2004 saw the lives of 194 people extinguished as a stray flare set the roof alight causing it to collapse. This inescapable inferno was created due to the dumbshit plan of some guy who thought it was a good idea to lock all the fire exits to stop people sneaking in to what was an already massively oversold event. “Hey, guys? I’m just gonna lock the fire escapes so those pendejos who haven’t paid can’t get in.” “Got it, boss.” Crowd: “QUE MAMES?!”

AC/DC in Brisbane, Australia At the Brisbane leg of the rock kings’ tour, a rocker in a wheelchair was sent flying into the security barrier by a friend who had somehow used his forehead to melon the controls of said wheelchair. At this point, the poor guy’s face was impaled on the joystick he used as a control through his eye. This fella’s father was none too happy, saying that if there had been a barrier on the platform that the man and his friend had been moshing on, the accident could have been prevented. Can someone please explain to me what exactly a paraplegic is doing on a platform at an AC/DC concert with no safety barrier? I mean, an abled person would be in danger considering the booze/drugs/endorphins floating around. Just sayin’.

Linkin Park in Cape Town, South Africa I’d really like to know who told the planners of the Cape Town leg of Linkin Park’s current tour that the place isn’t windy. When temporary scaffolding collapsed due to extreme winds, one woman died and nineteen others were injured. My mummy tells me that back in the day, Lucozade was branded as a way to recuperate after an illness or stay in hospital. This information made me smile wryly at the irony of the fact that a brand tower for Lucozade actually put people in the hospital. But it didn’t. Cause that would be d*ck of me.

To change the music scene we need to change our attitudes One assumes that all South African bands that have not yet made it “big” will have the same mind set when it comes to playing at a gig no matter what genre they are. Apparently this is incorrect as you will see in this article I will reveal a couple of incidents where bands have shown a “no care attitude” and praise the bands that some might say did the right thing. Let’s start with not only an organiser’s worst nightmare but bands to – when nobody pitches up to the event. Yes maybe there will be the bands mother and perhaps a girlfriend or two and if you’re lucky a couple new faces standing before the band waiting to be entertained. Recently we unfortunately had an event where this happened earlier during the day, the band set up and played a very short set leaving 45 minutes of their stage time to some tunes played over the speakers, when asked why they didn’t play their full set their reply was “well there’s no one here so why bother?” Now I do see and understand that there were only a handful of people but my question is am I under the wrong impression when thinking musicians are passionate about their music and will play to just a couple of people if it means getting just one new fan? We recently attended an event where Only Forever performed, they played to about 10 people, they played their full set and put on one helluva show, the vocalist clearly had fun and shows passion and excitement for what he does on stage, Only Forever made a new fan and will be considered for future Black Apple Events as they have the right attitude when it comes to live shows. Moving on to a rather debatable subject – drinking on stage. Many argue that this is Metal and how real Rockstars do it. Well here are the pros and cons. Pros: its free advertising to whatever companies drink you glugging down on stage, if the crowd is lucky you spit the alcoholic beverage over the crowd (who doesn’t love free booze). Cons: glug it down fast enough you throw up behind the amp or even the drummer (this has been done and it’s not appealing to see or smell), the bottles often get knocked over by an enthusiastic member of the band this than spills out onto the stage potentially damaging equipment, my personal favourite when the drinking Rockstar gets a little dizzy and falls off the stage, the drunk musician forgets the song, and the list just keeps going on. However not only is it unappealing on stage. At one of our events a band played drunk and then proceeded to party on afterwards. Not only did they very nearly break the equipment on stage, harass bar staff, ask the organisers for drugs so they can go home and have a threesome, they also made complete idiots of themselves and appeared as arrogant arses. Now I’m not going to write this and claim to be all high and mighty never drink or go wild, however, in a work setting when you are expected to behave professional as well as represent the scene of whatever genre you play for as well as not knowing who could be watching you or trying to talk to you, I think it’s best to control yourself slightly. In this instance thankfully there are far too many bands to mention who respect the stage and their fans too much to go crazy on the happy juice, so all I can say is big thank you to you. Something usually associated with drinking on stage would be the big D, Drugs. Fun times when someone on stage is tripping balls so badly that they literally stop playing and just stare into the crowd with an expression similar to a mentally retarded kid on steroids. Also if you’re a band member and you insist on doing drugs in the clubs bathroom, get caught by the bouncers, get thrown out, with the bottom of my heart I ask you please do not claim you weren’t doing anything when your nose and shirt is covered with a mysterious white flour like substance. Unless you were baking in the bathroom there’s no other explanation. Not only are you screwing yourself but the band as well as majority of the time you will be banned from the club. My last rant will be about one of the most basic things an organiser requires from a band. ADVERTISING. Yes it is the organiser’s job and yes most organisers do go all out for the bands, as well as themselves. A profit can only be made by the amount of people who attend, something easy to understand, yet most bands will either wait till the day of the event to advertise or not at all. How is this an acceptable mind set? In South Africa there is no doubt we have an immense amount of talent, but what is the point of having that talent if your attitude down right sucks. The bands that go out there, work hard, practice as much as possible, play to a handful of people, stay respectable during events and put in the effort anywhere they can, will make it. Bands that expect everything to be handed to them because they have over 200 fans on Facebook are unpleasant and will always remain as a little band opening up for the bigger acts.

By Sarah Coughlan

Melodic rock band, 'Only When It Rains' is a force to be reckoned with. Starting in 2009 and making rock waves in Pretoria lately, their electric stage energy is totally unique and mesmerizing. Front lady and vocalist Alicia Steyn has a voice that can captivate any audience, this barefoot beauty (she performs all her gigs barefoot) has such stage presence that she radiates with rock energy. Along with bassist Katlego Molepo (KT) who is not your typical bassist. Theo Barnard, the IT specialist by day and self-taught guitarist by night. Barry Geldenhuys, the longhaired rocker whose passion for music is evident in his performances and of course, the newest member of the band Juan van Niekerk, quiet in person but deadly on the drums, his solos get people cheering for more. Black Apple writer; Sarah Coughlan first spotted this band at the Angels of Rock concert in May and we were hungry to know more about these rockers from Pretoria, so we met up with this before one of their gigs at Arcade Empire.

Sarah: How did you choose the name 'Only when it Rains' ? Alicia: We were trying to come up with a name for a few months and we just couldn't come up with one. Then one time when we were all in the car together (we usually never drive together in one car). We were listening to "When it rains" from Paramore and we all thought it could be a good name for the band so we took it. Sarah: You have been together since 2009, how has the experience been for you so far? KT: Interesting. We have lost a few members of the band in the past but I think it has been for the better. We have definitely learnt from our experiences of what not to do. When new members come into the band we find a new taste of music to work from which is really cool for us.

Sarah: Do you have any pre-show rituals? Barry: Wow actually not really. We just have a couple of drinks and relax, then make sure we all know what we will be doing on stage. Sarah: If you had a super power, what would it be? Theo: X-Ray vision! Alicia: Mind control. Barry: I would want to be like the Hulk, just because it's so cool! KT: I would want telekinesis, i think that would be cool. Juan: To save petrol and all that I would want to be able to run really fast! Sarah: Any plans to release an album? Barry: We are recording some stuff now. We want to release some singles first and then hopefully an album will follow.

Sarah: Where does your song writing inspiration come from? Alicia: We always start with a melody line, and we work the lyrics off of that. Sometimes it's more about what the melody makes you feel at that point in time than working on past experiences. I think the lyrics cone from a mixture of something that has happened to me in the past and what the music makes me feel.

Sarah: What other bands, local and international, would you like to play with? Juan: New Town Knife Gang. Theo: Internationally, probably Paramore, In This Moment and Incubus.

Sarah: Do you have any plans to perform overseas? Alicia: If we had the money, then of course! We would love to be signed with a record label. Theo: If the opportunity arises we would grab it with both hands.

Sarah: What does the future hold for Only When It Rains? Barry: We are bringing out our first video soon, so we are excited about that. Theo: We also want to get some merchandise made up so we can start selling that at gigs. Alicia: We are also concentrating on radio play at the moment, we would love to be on 5fm.

Sarah: What's the craziest thing that has happened to you on stage? Barry: Actually something happened very recently. About two weeks ago we were playing at Rock Shack and Alicia fell of stage. I was tuning my guitar and when I looked up, she was on the crowd. Alicia: It was during a solo when I do my own thing, so at this point everyone was looking at me and I fell of stage, it was so embarrassing! And the worst part is that none of the rest of the band came to help me!

Be sure to remember their name, because this band has big dreams and has the drive to achieve them!

By Craigy Mack

"Live fast, die young, leave a beautiful corpse" - Willard Motely.

A sad day for heavy metal is always a day in which we lose one of our own to the great unknown. As once again the media spotlight has been focused on the relationship between popular music and death. The 'sex,drugs and rock'n'roll' lifestyle has left many casualties in its wake, and a sad day it is as we dolefully say R.I.P MITCH LUCKER of modern death metal giants SUICIDE SILENCE. LUCKER's final curtain call came after riding his brand new 2013 Harley-Davidson through the streets of Huntington Beach when he lost control of the motorcycle and hit a light pole , consequently veering off into an oncoming Nissan Titan pickup truck. Over time, the ranks of dead musicians has grown and with that, so are the types of deaths involved leaving the reactions of fans as diversified as they are themselves.

LUCKER was in serious condition and was treated on the scene by local paramedics. He died shortly after 6 am on Thursday morning at UC Irvine Medical Center. A candlelit vigil ceremony was held at the crash site attended by approximately 300-400 fans, friends and family members. Lucker’s wife, JOLIE CARMADELLA was quoted at the vigil as saying ''I tried to stop him, i was in front of him begging him not to leave the house, just seriously, for us, don't leave'' but no avail. The surviving members of SUICIDE SILENCE posted a statement on their FACEBOOK page Thursday morning reading, ''There's no easy way to say this. MITCH passed away earlier this morning

from injuries sustained during a motorcycle accident. This is completely devastating to all of us an we offer our deepest condolences to his family. He will forever be in our hearts.'' LUCKER, a native of Riversdale California. Formed SUICIDE SILENCE along with his friends who were equally enthused by the ideas of forming a heavy metal band. The band released their debut album "The Cleansing" in 2007 and followed that up with their critically acclaimed albums "No time to bleed" and "The Black Crown". SUICIDE SILENCE had recently been awarded the Revolver 'Golden Gods' award for 'best new talent'. There's never an easy way for anyone involved to deal with such a tragedy, so all the best goes out to the entire SUICIDE SILENCE crew and families as they deal with this tragic adjustment. Now, adjustment is not an easy word to embrace, in any life path a person chooses, although we do learn how. In the case of an iconic rock star death the adjustment can at times, mean just as much to the fans as it does the friends and family of said beloved and deceased rock star. Which sounds slightly selfish to consider, but it rings true. How many people felt the sting of adjustment settle in after hearing news of Elvis Presley's death or John :ennon's death...or Dimebag Darrell's death. Its not just another passing on, its knowing that the person, by which the only real connection you have to them is through their music, will no longer be around to continue the connection...and that's quite a sad thought once it settles in. The end of an era. The breakup of a love affair. Sure, in Lucker’s case the fans know he was a father, husband and a son, but that's not what the majority of his fans care about. In fact, most are probably face booking suggestion for his replacement already!! The margins of loss are tragically overblown on the fans behalf in this case. Although to the kid who claims Lucker’s lyrics gave ''meaning to his life'' , this can sway the judgment from the genuinely bereaved to place a consideration on this matter. Mitch came to earth and formed a connection between people, likeminded people and gave them a meaning to their lives before departing his mortal being and moving on. Mission accomplished.

But beyond the members giving meaning to peoples lives, its just also sad in fact, to know that a particular 'era' in a bands music and their sound is gone, never coming back, forever condemned to the halls of never more. Which also leaves wide open the door of possibilities for the bands future...and its cherished 'sound'. And herein too lies the tricky part in moving forward as a band...The ratio of success between 'Bands with a REPLACED front man'' and ''Bands with the ORIGINAL front man'' historically have dramatically favored the latter category, based on peoples fear of change perhaps , or perhaps due to the unflinchingly ignorant way the music business is run. One or two case stand out perhaps, Ac-Dc being one...Bon Scott (RIP) - OUT , Brian Johnson - IN , result being AC-DC becomes one of the biggest bands of all time. In fact, i think its just the one case , either way , the fans sometimes overloaded fanaticism of their favorite heavy metal heroes is sometimes warranted. I mean after all, in the eyes of the fat cats upstairs, its the difference between becoming legends in the making, or doomed to late night VH1 classic re-runs. So the door is open, the spot vacant. The potentiality for an unknown urban upstart death metal bruiser to take his place and hold the reigns. But 'Who shall it be?'' will be the big question surrounding the band, after an expected period of mourning of course, followed by the usual internet speculation and the consideration of who would be the best guy to fill Mitch's shoes. And then the usual statements of who would have been the best guy all along. Internet fandom can be a fickle thing to manage in the eyes of the critiqued. Although it inevitably has to happen, quite sadly for a band of guys who not only developed a successful heavy metal lynch pin of a band together , but also crafted some of the heaviest music of our times together and built the SUICIDE SILENCE name into a brand stamp of brutality for the ever hungry heavy metal masses to chew on. All while managing the whole pursuit with the savvy inventiveness needed for todays modern music business impresario's And as Charlie Sheen would say - "That's winning!" So with all the spirit of the wild bunch planning to rope that last big score, we welcome the new chapter in SUICIDE SILENCE history with open arms, and lay to rest the beloved memory of MITCHELL LEE LUCKER.

An Interview with Liam O'Flaherty, Bagpiper extraordinaire and member of Haggis and Bong by Craigy Mack

-Favorite stuff1.)What is your favorite colour? Woad blue, like the face paint that i smear on my face and body for every Haggis show. Woad is the plant extract that ancient Celts used as 'War paint' but we just hit CNA more than what you think. Those pals should sponsor us. 2.)What is your favorite food? Used to be Haggis, it's a lot like 'afhaal' but more lekker. Now I'm a pescaterian so I only eat fish so slap some crayfish my way and I'm more than happy. 3.)What is your favorite drink? I guess it should be whisky but it makes my hands feel weird. So now its Tequilsh washed down with a Hansa so everything feels weird. 4.)Who is your favorite Bagpiper? I would have to say the chap that taught me, Chris Mulinder. He's a real legend and has been pumping out hot fingers at King Edward vii school since 1976. He's like a father and an endless intrigue of eccentricity. 5.)Who is your favorite band? I would have to say 'Boargazm'. After seeing them, don't we often say that? 'Seeing' them. Well and more hearing them for the first time at Wolmer, I was immediately captured. When I got my hands on their album it was honestly on repeat in my car for weeks. Something I could relate to I guess with a conceptual band. Another band that has recently grabbed my attention is 'New Earth". We know the balls it takes to rock instrumental and again there was a respect for that as I could relate to it. Both these bands show obvious talent.

-Least favorite stuff1.)What is your least favorite colour? Woad blue. That stuff is a haunted house. Its everywhere. Its on every item of clothing I own, all over the interior of my car, my bath is permanently stained and its now under my skin. 2.)What is your least favorite food? Meat and green peppers. Its just too close to home. 3.)What is your least favorite drink? Water, its just too close to home.

4.)Who is your least favorite Bagpiper? Myself, Bagpipes is a tough ask and the cause of a lot of joy and frustration at the same time. It's like dating a crocodile. 5.)Who is your least favorite band? Haggis and Bong. They bully me, they make me do weird things and they've transformed my body.

-Serious stuff1.)What inspirational factor made you first want to play Bagpipes and pursue them on a professional level? You know when you get to high school and you don't know anyone? Well my first high school pal joined the band so i just followed. Irony is I play professionally and he doesn't play at all anymore. I persued pipes on a professional level as it was and still is a burning passion. The thought of doing anything else would be like dating a crocodile. 2.)How long have you now been playing? I've been playing since the day I was born. 3.) Which modern or traditional, living or deceased Bagpipers would you say you admire the most? I admire Dom an Angus, the two other pipers of Haggis and Bong. They are an endless source of encouragement and inspiration. In all honesty, no other pipers in the world can pull off that they do. 4.) Explain the origins of your own particular Bagpipes. So this old guy Jimmy got too old to play the pipes so he chose me to pass them on to. He came to South Africa as a World War 2 soldier from Scotland serving one of the Highland regiments. He resided here after marrying some Afrikaans chick. He got them from another soldier who served one the Highland Regiments in the Boer War and also stayed here 'cause he married an Afrikaans chick. I am the instrument's 3rd owner and it was made in 1890. So legend has it I should also marry an Afrikaans chick, but I find it more constructive to charm old men and get valuable hand downs, almost like dating a crocodile. 5.) How can Bagpipers and fans in general raise the awareness of Bagpipe music within South Africa? Go to more Haggis and Bong shows and bang your head as hard as you can. 6.) What has been the greatest learning difficulty to overcome during your time as a Bagpiper? Realising drummers are right more often than not. Or at least making them think that. 7.) Are there any funny on stage/on tour anecdotes you'd love to share with our readers? Well my first gig with Haggis and Bong, we not called that for nothing, meant an initiation into the band involved a tasty smoking treat the parking lot just before we played. I didn't know if I was in some highland batle reenactment or some Manson horror movie. All I knew was that in 5 minutes I was to take myself and a stack of nerves onto a stage to play music that felt like it was going at the speed of sound. My super paranoia was the subject of much humour to the rest of the band and the cause of this lengthy amusing calming down process. 8.) You perform a diverse range of shows as a Bagpiper , from weddings and funerals to frenzied rock festivals with your band Haggis and Bong, do you have a preference as to which shows , audiences and venues you play? If there's pretty girls and banging heads I'm happy anywhere. 9.) Which LOCAL band, act or artist through any genre of music inpires you most? Well in all honesty I only watch and listen to metal bands and I find inspiration from Boargazm, New Earth and Theatre Runs Red. Any band that gets up there and thrashes out whatever they believe in inspires me. And Finally‌ 10.) In a local election, which local S.A musician would you nominate for presidency and why? All the musicians I know would do a better job than any politician.

Haggis and Bong's latest album - "Of Myth and legend" available through

What is the name of the band and what was the inspiration for it? OF ONE DESIGN, Kind of blurry at the moment BUT we came up with the name one evening, brainstorming, and inspired by the name cos we realised we were all part of this "one design", a common goal, being the band and making music and all being part of the rat race that is life, all of us being a part "Of One Design"

Introduce the readers to each member of the band. Tristan (The Machine) Ziemons - Crazy little guy that proves dynamite comes in small packages. Jarryd (Jay) Ziemons - Down to earth and one hell of a party Mickey (Pig) Filippi - As his nick name suggests, he's a pig. But a sensible one at that. Andrew (The man) Gallon - Logical part of the human race and the most manly.

How long have you been together? Interrogated Approximately 4 years.

If you could go back in time, what would you do differently? Probably start playing an instrument and begin studying music at an earlier age.

If the aliens land on earth, why will your band be the first people they talk to? Cos one of us is secretly an alien, getting intel for the mother ship. But I am not allowed to disclose who as I will be killed.

Big Mac's or Wimpy? Wimpy!!!

Do you believe there is intelligent life on earth? Yes. Proof is in the Koala.

Other than this interview, what's the stupidest thing you've ever agreed to do? A full on head-butt from my 120kg best friend. Surprisingly went down well. Only Partial brain damage.

What's your favourite pig-out food? Steak.

What's the most important part of the sandwich? The Sauce, it must be carefully selected and meet the requirements according to the persons palate and what items are on the sandwich itself.

Wolmer Bush Lounge (Previously known as Wolmer Events Arena and host of Shisa Nyama Wonderpark) is proud to be hosting its first official NEW YEARS PARTY. Wolmer Bush Lounge is an outdoor Venue boasting lush grassy areas where a variety of fun activities will be set up for all to enjoy. Jumping Castles for a little bounce, Water Slides to cool off, many stalls to browse while being entertained by musical and performance buskers and even a clown or two. It’s all about fun and having a great party in a location that is not only beautifully surrounded by hundred year old trees but safe and equipped with everything anyone would need to enjoy old years and all night into the new years and New Year ’s Day. With great Africa cuisine on sale, cocktail and a regular bar to quench any thirst. Cooler boxes are allowed and picnics are definitely welcome. Why risk driving anywhere on News years, we offer an exclusive camping area cordoned off from the parking area where campers can set up tent in the afternoon and find their way home whenever they like. The camping area will be equipment with toilets, water and fires to ensure happy campers until the morning light. The evening will also be graced with many special guest performances including Pagpipers, Jam sessions and even a theatrical skit or two. MC’d by the famous Air Guitar Companion Heine van der Walt A DJ will be on the Decks from early on to get the party started with hits ranging from all ages and for…all ages. The live entertainment will be started by THE DYING BREED “THE DYING BREED is all about in your face, no apologies, party till ya drop, Fuel Injected Rock 'n Roll. We are a Rock band. THE DYING BREED puts on an energetic live show that will get you running on all six cylinders!” Followed by a big chunk of Man Rock from none other than JUGGERNAUGHT

JUGGERNAUGHT are a band of hairy, whiskey guzzlin, guitar slingin men, who play hairy, whiskey guzzlin, guitar slingin music. Tastefully combining Classic Rock, Blues and Hard Rock into one bad ass brew their supporters labelled MAN-ROCK. JUGGERNAUGHT recently released their second album “ Bringing The Meat Back”. Download it from their website:

AND last by surely not least FUZIGISH FUZIGISH will be rocking the party from 23:30 until 23:50 taking a short break to count the NEW YEARS in and then their set will continue starting 2013 off with a whole of into the “ A party band of legendary proportions, their live shows tend to include unpredictable elements like on-stage haircuts, beer funnels, speeches, casual stage visits from the audience and anything else they can dream up ahead of or during a show.” “We play punk, We play ska, We throw in swing, reggae, soul & rock n' roll, We throw in South Africa We play music for the people” This is surely a Pretoria NEW YEARS PARTY that won’t be anything like the rest.! If you’re tired of the same old Square club parties, join us, park off, party all night and stay over until you’re ready to leave. Be welcomed to The WOLMER BUSH LOUNGE by free shooters at the door and there WILL BE give aways galore throughout the night and a surprise or two!!! For Media and other passes or any extra information required please contact: Genevieve Watkins or 0729277965

What is the name of the band and what was the inspiration for it?

If the aliens land on earth, why will your band be the first people they talk to?

Now Reminisce - We basically decided this name we want to always remember the memories of now, how we started and how we are growing and succeeding in the band, changing lives of people crossing our paths. And to remember what music and the making of music is all about!

Because all the rest will have pissed there pants and died! And we are the only survivors left on earth to represent! \m/

Introduce the readers to each member of the band. JC Kirsten - Lead Vocals Erich Coetzee - Backup Vocals and Screamo Johnathan Salmon - Rhythm Guitarist Thys Visser - Lead Guitarist Christo Bosch - Bassist Roland Botha - Drummer

How long have you been together? A little less than a year with all of the current members but the band is existing for a little over 2 years now!

If you could go back in time, what would you do differently? Me personally (JC), wouldn't have done anything differently except maybe just practice even a little bit more on a weekly basis, practice makes perfect! But for the rest, we are actually doing pretty well for ourselves so far, upcoming music video and Woodstock 2013. Still trying RAMfest 2013 and OppiKoppi Festival but we are slowly but surely getting there! We can only thank all of the people who have supported us on our journey so far!

Big Mac's or Wimpy? MEGA MAC with extra Big Mac Sauce, but Wimpy is always nice after a festival like RAMfest to just find yourself again after head banging for 3 days straight!

Do you believe there is intelligent life on earth? Yeah of course! I'm here? Duh...

Other than this interview, what's the stupidest thing you've ever agreed to do? Giving my home made THOR hammer to our drunk bassist at our manager's birthday party earlier this year! You can now just imagine what happened! My forehead never pained of alcohol like that!

What's your favorite pig-out food? Most definitely Pizza!

What's the most important part of the sandwich? The chicks!! :P

Black Apple Invades Boston Rock Lounge

Black Apple’s end of year

Metal Rocks

“23:00 hit with the sound of ING, shreddING, killING, conquerING, and hatING the stage. These South African metal gods have come a far way in miles and years In the South African music scene and have stuck to their guns from day one. ING are quire an act to behold not because they have stage antics or do anything funny to get attention on stage, no not at all and also don’t get me wrong either, they definitely are not boring on stage, giving it more than the crowd can take. The fact that they are so outspoken and brutally honest about their views of the world and some political figures in our country and hey, who can’t forget those classical death metal lyrics of disembowelment, they sure do strike a nerve. Old school thrash and death metal in its prime, I sure did enjoy feeding the boys some shots to keep them lubricated for more thrashing along with a line of headbangers in the front and centre stage.” Ryno de Lange for Niva Magazine-Right to Rock gig review-September 2012

A band with a long history stretching as far back as 1999, ...iNG was started by a couple of friends in Durban, South Africa. The original members were Henk (Guitar), Bryan (Guitar, Vox), Jason (Bass) and Platon (Drums). A few months later Platon was replaced by Jamie. ...iNG tortured the eardrums in Durban for a year before Bryan left for Cape Town and Jason for Australia. ...iNG laid dormant until 2005 when Henk and Bryan were reunited, this time in Cape Town. At this time Paul joined, and without the assistance of a drummer, started to write music. The concept was simple, write about anything, be sarcastic and don't discriminate in hate. They played Whiplash 2006 Festival organised by Subterania Music. In 2008 they released their first EP “It’s a hate thing” which featured “Baghdad Bomb Bonanza”, “Hate Love War” and “F**k China” still big favourites with fans. Also note that the band decided to give away their CD’s away for free and made the EP available for free download. …ING churned through drummers over these years with Dave (RIP), Francois (RIP) and Tambe being part of the line-up. They got invited to play Metal4Africa’s Winterfest 2008. In 2009 they went back into studio to record their 1 st full length album. They also play the Annual Whiplash Festival again in 2009. Their 1st full length album was released in 2010 and was called “It’s a sick thing”. Just prior to this Paul decided to move on and James stepped in temporarily on lead guitar for the album. The theme of the album was controversial as always, and the band once again decided to give their music away for free to their fans. Again, they got invited to play the annual Whiplash 2010 Festival. In 2010, after the release of their first album, …ING finally found a stable drummer, blast beat genius Marius Theron. With the political atmosphere heating up locally due to one sole leader, Julius Malema, the band decided that it was time to get involved locally. They wrote and recorded the song “Julius” within a week and released the single for free download. It became an instant hit. They co-headlined Metal4Africa’s Winterfest in 2011 where they received a great, violent crowd response. They then went into studio to record their 2 nd full length album”, taking breaks to play Obzfest 2011 and Rock the River New Year’s Festival 2011/2012. …ING has released their 2nd full length album “Ingquisition” in September 2012, which features material with a South African focus.

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2KD Studios

Rehearsal space now available 30 Oosthuizen Drive, Flora Cliff, Johannesburg Contact Tyronne on 079 873 7911 or

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Black Apple Ezine November/December 2012 Edition  

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