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Last year NORTH americans spent over $2 billion on life coaches. $1.4 billion on Botox.® $500 million on self improvement tapes. $180 million on male pedicures. That’s one way to go. Maybe there’s a better one.

Introducing the new 103 cubic inch Road Glide® Ultra. one of over 30 models. Road Glide® Ultra model shown with some optional H-D® Genuine Motor Accessories. ©2010 H-D. Harley-Davidson, Harley, H-D and the Bar & Shield logo are among the trademarks of H-D Michigan, LLC. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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Wide Glide

® With the purchase of any new Harley-Davidson® model from an authorized Canadian Harley-Davidson® Retailer, you will receive a free, full one-year membership in H.O.G.® Always ride with a helmet. Ride defensively. Distributed exclusively in Canada by Deeley HarleyDavidson® Canada, Richmond and Concord. Deeley Harley-Davidson® Canada is a proud sponsor of Muscular Dystrophy Canada.

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Departments 7 Editor’s Note New look and new adventures. 8

BackStage Pure Performance Rides.

10 Intake Letters from Members. 13 Front Shop 14 News The $1 Million Motorcycle. Harley® in Hollywood.


16 Backstory A look back at Harley® bikes from 1904.

45 47

Gear Three new motorcycles to rock your world.

18 Gallery A bit of everything from HOG ® Magazine Canada readers.


$100 Ride Daytona Bike Week… been there, done that, got the t-shirt.

20 Roadside Attraction Great stops and stories from the road.

54 Ultimate Rides A motorcycle adventure to the edge of the world.

22 Rally Rides H.O.G.® Rally rides from across the country.

58 Pit Stop More than an oil change. The goods on quick servicing.

Back Shop


2011 Motorcycle Shows Canada’s premiere motorcycle show launches tour dates.


Enthusiasts Hardcore H.O.G.® Member: Eric Payne, on doing it his way.


Exhaust The Profit Ride. Three semi-finalists going for the prize.

For more on the VRSC BIKES Go to page 36

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contents /

december 2010

Features 26 New Heights for

low Riders

The Sportster® SuperLowTM motorcycle takes low riding performance to a whole new level. 32 Long & low Tracing the impressive ancestry of the VRSC™ family. 38

Ultra vs. Ultra A battle in the Anza-Borrega desert where it’s hotter than the gates of hell.

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h.o.g. member beneffiits ®

you will receive the following for $60 annual member fee ($0.16 per day) Roadside Assistance = $100 value Touring Handbook = $50 value Safe Rider Skills Program = $50 value HOG Magazine = $30 value Renewal Patches & Pins = $10 value Mileage Program = $10 value per level reached ABCs of Touring = $10-$50 value ®

(depending upon prize level)

Membership Service Centre— Toll Free 1-800-668-4836 Million Mile Monday H.O.G. Website — ®

Theft Reward Program Fly & Ride — Toll Free 1-800-258-2464 Special H.O.G. rates for Motorcycle Shipping —1-800-667-4175 Best Western Rewards — Sign-up at 1-888-292-2453 ®

Pin Stops Rallies & Events Worldwide Coordination and Travel Support of Regional Directors Production of the Canadian National Rally Support for Regional & Provincial Rallies Production of the Chapter Handbook Chapter Support Member Support Retailer Support Production of Chapter Officer and Rally Coordinator Training (H.O.T. and HRCT) Liability insurance and coverage for Chapter officers and Chapter activities. HOG Magazine Canada e-Newsletter ­ ®

a formula for happy h.o.g.® members: + share your passion for riding + create friendships + be part of the largest factory sponsored motorcycle organization in the world



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Editor’s note / december 2010 The Gear Issue. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

new look, new stories, new adventures The end of another riding season has come and, wow, what a great season it has been! We’ve had almost perfect weather, great riding events with all of our Canadian rallies, and incredible riding destinations that many of you have shared with us over the last four months. It is great to see that the sport of motorcycling is alive and well, and that many of you are taking the time to pursue your passion for riding! In moving ahead in a positive way, we have put together a fresh new look and feel for this edition of HOG® Magazine Canada, as well as, sent out the first of many e-newsletters, as a supplement and added value to your membership. We hope that you will view both of these changes positively, and we welcome all feedback. In this edition of HOG® Magazine Canada, we are introducing a couple of new features called “Hardcore H.O.G.® Member” and “$100 Rides”, as well as a special focus on gear, including: 2011 motorcycles, reviews on specific models, highlights on parts and accessories, including MotorClothes® apparel, plus a lot of stories, photos, and special features for you to enjoy. For those of you who offered feedback on your interpretation of the last editorial on “change”, thank you for showing your strength of conviction to H.O.G.® and for sharing your views. Please know that the Harley Owners Group® still is, and always will be, special and unique to Harley® motorcycle owners. Our H.O.G.® members are our most valuable asset, and the stories, pictures, and contributions that you send us are essential components of the success of HOG® Magazine Canada. We love to hear about all of your adventures so please keep sending us your wonderful stories and photos and we will do our best to share them with our members in upcoming issues or in the e-newsletter. Have a safe journey and a fun ride! Gina McNeil

Manager, Enthusiast Services

HOG® magazine Canada features some content from the US edition of HOG® Magazine and European editions of Hog® magazine. The Canadian edition is published by: Gina McNeil Editor, Hog® Magazine Canada Scott Clark Production Teresa Colussi Communications Dom Bovalino Marketing Director Production & Design & Sales by HOG® magazine Canada is published by the harley owners group® canada

send us your contributions to:

Gordie Bowles Production Lisa Thé Design Mark Kristofic Sales Alana Richter Sales coordinator Please direct any advertising inquiries to

We care about you. Ride safely, respectfully and within the limits of the law and your abilities. Always wear an approved helmet, proper eyewear and protective clothing and insist your passenger does too. Never ride while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Know your Harley® motorcycle and read and understand your owner’s manual from cover to cover. HOG® Magazine Canada is published quarterly by the Harley Owners Group® Canada. Due to various circumstances, some information in this issue is subject to change. Harley-Davidson, Harley, H-D, H.O.G. and the Harley-Davidson logo are among the trademarks of H-D Michigan, LLC. No part of this publication may be reproduced for any reason without written consent from the editor. By sending your submissions, you are giving Harley-Davidson Motor Company, Harley-Davidson Owners Group® of Canada Ltd., and their affliates, the unrestricted right, permission, and authority to use and publish your name and city of residence, any photograph or image of you, including any statements you make, for publication in HOG® Magazine

Canada or for posting on, without consideration or compensation of any kind whatsoever. You further hereby irrevocably release and waive any right, claim, or cause of action you may have against Harley-Davidson Motor Company, Harley-Davidson Owners Group® of Canada Ltd., and their affiliates, for compensation, libel, or invasion of privacy, or any other liability whatsoever. Harley Owners Group® reserves the right to edit stories for content, length and clarity. With the purchase of any new Harley-Davidson® model from an authorized Canadian Harley-Davidson® Retailer, you will receive a free, full one-year membership in H.O.G.® Always ride with a helmet. Ride defensively. Distributed exclusively in Canada by Deeley HarleyDavidson® Canada, Richmond and Concord. Deeley Harley-Davidson® Canada is a proud sponsor of Muscular Dystrophy Canada. ©2010 H-D. To find your local authorized Canadian Harley-Davidson® Retailer, visit today. ©2010 H-D. All rights reserved. Printed in Canada.

hog® magazine canada

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december 2010

pure performance A pair of Harley-Davidson速 XR 1200TM motorcycles take on the British XR 1200TM Trophy race series in the 2010 season. Built to push the limits, the new Canadian counterpart model, the XR 1200XTM model, is a street-smart performer with adjustable Showa速 suspension for optimal handling and front floating rotors for pinpoint braking. This Harley速 motorcycle redefines performance and fun in every turn, corner, elbow, or shift in the road. Look out for the new XR 1200XTM model at race tracks throughout Canada in the upcoming season. Left to right: Jeremy (Racer #99), Jason, Derek, Martin, Richard, Thomas, Darren (Racer #29)


hog速 magazine canada

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hog速 magazine canada

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intake / december 2010 letters from our members. The good, the bad and everything in between.

Keep it in the family I was left with my mouth gaping when I read your article about “change” (Editor’s Note, Volume 2, Issue 2). I quote: “Maybe it is time to open our minds and doors to all riders.” It scares me to think that we have Harley Owners Group® staff that allude to opening up membership to non Harley® bike owners. I met my husband of 15 years because we were both H.O.G.® members. We both owned Harley-Davidson® motorcycles. We are both very proud to be life members and promote the organization relentlessly; but let me tell you, I’ll be thinking twice of continuing my participation with this organization if it were “to open ... doors to all riders”. HarleyDavidson® motorcycle owners share a common passion — love of Harley-Davidson® motorcycles! H.O.G.® is the venue that brings us together. There are already motorcycle clubs that are open to all motorcyclists. H.O.G.® should not be one of them! Being a

H.O.G.® member is our way of showing our pride in the make of motorcycle we ride. Opening H.O.G.® membership to all motorcyclists would be equivalent to a Corvette Club opening it’s doors to owners of Mustangs or Camaros! How could the Harley Owners Group® be H.O.G.® if members do not OWN a HarleyDavidson® motorcycle?! If other motorcyclists wish to be members, let them continue to be associate members. As for young riders: Our two kids are associate members and working on their ABCs of Touring while riding with us (H.O.G.® members because we OWN H-D® motorcycles). Do you really think we’re the only “increased age” members who are encouraging their offspring (children and grandchildren) to become a part of what I always considered my other family? — Cheryl Haw, Life Member Terrebonne, Quebec

Cabot Trail inspiration leads reader to road trip I recently read the article “The Cabot Trail” in HOG® Magazine Canada, Vol. 2, Issue 2, and immediately I knew I had to go and check it out for myself. I went from August 28 until September 5 and it was fantastic! My wife videotaped it as she rode on the back of the Harley® bike. She loved it also! I love the articles in the magazine, they always provide great thoughts on new adventures. Keep up the good work! —Ken from Binbrook, Ont.

H.O.G. Chapters need an injection of youth ®

Your article on page six Editor’s Note—Volume 2 Issue 2 of the latest issue of HOG® Magazine Canada has certainly struck a chord with me, as my lovely wife and I are the youngest (by far) at our local Chapter meetings and functions. At 48 and 45, respectively, that does not bode well for the long-term outlook of our Chapter, as sad a fact as it is. We need new and fresh blood to make things more vibrant, dynamic, and appealing to all, and especially younger new members. As important as our history and heritage are, we need to amp things up a little. (I’d rather be doing Jell-O shots on the patio than watching a bunch of blue hairs wash down their Viagra with Geritol and Red Bull just to stay up past 10 pm! LOL). In short, I can’t agree with you more that we need change, and I look forward to it. Something I have always said: “Embrace change, ’cause it will happen with or without you!” —Charlie McLaughlin, Victoria, B.C.

Keep it in the family, another perspective I am 60-years-old and have ridden just about everything that was popular in its day; British, Italian, and of course Japanese metrics. Through it all I knew that one day I would own a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle, it is a coming of age thing for many of us. The crotch rockets and street bikes are a young man’s ride, the sedate BMW bikes are for the

European enthusiasts, and the venerable Harley® for that time in your life when you want to slow down and actually see the world, from the seat of (in my humble opinion) the finest touring motorcycle on the face of the earth. Finance is another thing that keeps many a young man out of the Harley® family for a long time. Buying homes, having children, and paying the bills in an ever more expensive world leaves little money for a “toy”, and the cheap used metrics usually fill the bill initially. Having arrived, I have a 2003 Anniversary Road King® and I enjoy everything about being a Harley® bike owner. I like the way the Retailer treats me, like a Somebody. I enjoy the magazine a great deal (more would be better). I had the misfortune using H.O.G.® roadside assistance, due to a rear tire blow-out, but they performed flawlessly, and I was on my way back to Rockies within 60 minutes of my call. A1!! But I digress, if you make the H.O.G.® club available to anyone, tell me, what will make us Harley-Davidson® bike owner’s special? — Ross Ward, London, Ontario

We welcome all letters and feedback to HOG Magazine Canada. Letters should be 100-150 words. Please e-mail your feedback to and put “Intake” in the e-mail subject. Include your name, telephone number and e-mail address. We reserve the right to edit submissions for length and clarity. ®


hog® magazine canada

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11/9/10 2:56 PM

How far you take it is up to you. The H.O.G.® Mileage Program is your chance to earn patches, pins, and other awards simply for doing what you love most: riding your Harley® motorcycle. You get a patch and pin just for signing up, with awards starting at only 1,000 miles (1,610 Km). Remember: Your miles don’t count until you officially register yourself and your motorcycle at a local Harley-Davidson® Retailer. Registration is free, so visit your Retailer today to sign up or update your miles. And see how far you can go.

For details and to download a registration form, log on to

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12:29 PM


for y ll now to w our chan in a Harl ce jacke ± ey ® t!

Are your precious metals covered? There are some things in life you just can’t plan for. At Aviva*, we want to make sure you’ve got exactly the coverage you need to enjoy the open road. That’s why with our broker partners, we’ve gone the extra mile to really get to know our customers. You can count on our expertise and experience to understand your unique needs and provide the right insurance for you and your ride. As one of Canada’s largest motorcycle insurance providers, we make sure you’re covered. To find out about how we can protect what matters to you, and for your chance to win a Harley-Davidson® jacket, call us toll-free today at 1-866-687-4348.

Quebec Online quote available!

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Alberta & Ontario Online quote available!

Proud partners of

±No purchase necessary. Contest ends September 1, 2011. Skill-testing question required. Odds of winning depends on number of entries received. Complete contest rules and regulations are available at *Aviva and the Aviva logo are registered trademarks of Aviva plc and used under license. Motorcycle insurance is underwritten by Elite Insurance Company, a member company of Aviva Canada Inc. Harley-Davidson and H-D is among the trademarks of H-D Michigan, Inc.

front shop/

december 2010


The $1 Million Motorcycle... Harley速 bikes in Hollywood


A look back at Harley速 bikes from 1904


A bit of everything from HOG 速 Magazine Canada readers

roadside attraction

Between point A and point B are some great stops on the road

rally rides

Edmonton, Winnipeg, Niagara Falls, Sherbrooke and Victoria

hog速 magazine canada

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11/7/10 10:56 PM

front shop / december 2010


news backstory gallery roadside attraction rally rides •

“For me the Harley brand is James dean, brando, elvis, steve Mcqueen, and is the story of one more American than ice cream” ®

Photographs courtesy of the Harley-Davidson Motor Company Archives. Copyright H-D.®

– Jack Armstrong (artist)

In the same year that Ford Motor Company began selling the Model A out of a new factory in Detroit, and the Wright Brothers successfully flew their first airplane, two young men in Milwaukee sold their first motorcycle. The origins of the Harley-Davidson Motor Company start with crude prototypes. Mail-order kits for transforming an existing bicycle into a motor-driven vehicle were commonly found at the turn of the century. All of the necessary parts (gas tank, drive belt, etc.) were included. But you wouldn’t exactly want to ride your newly assembled scooter to Sturgis and back. The bikes were unsafe and underperforming, but they represented the first foray by founders William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson into “taking the work out of bicycling”.

Mileage Report Sure, it would be nice to say that you’ve ridden 100,000 kilometres or more in the H.O.G.® Mileage Program, but not everyone is destined to earn such a high-level award – such as the 1.25 million-mile patch and pin recently awarded to Dave Zien of Wisconsin. Most members who take part in the program are still working their way up to the loftier levels, as shown in the graph at right. So take pride in your ride no matter how far you’ve gone – even if you’re just starting out! See your local Harley-Davidson® Retailer to register you and your bike in the program, or to update your mileage. To download a registration form, log on to 14

1,250,000 1,150,000 950,000 900,000 700,000 650,000 600,000 550,000 500,000 450,000 400,000 350,000 300,000 250,000 200,000 175,000 150,000 125,000 100,000 80,000 60,000 40,000 25,000 10,000 5,000 1,000

1 1 2 2 1 2 7

total mileage: 1,302,239,000

2 9 11 21 29 60







hog® magazine canada

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11/7/10 10:56 PM

boom! audio will rock your world ™

From Harley-Davidson® Genuine Motor Accessories features a stylish black and chrome enclosure that mounts to the inside of the detachable windshield, resting below the cross brace to maintain a low-profile appearance. The waterproof enclosure conceals two 3.5-inch speakers behind a rich black grille. Simply unplug the speaker enclosure wiring, and the unit can be removed with the detachable windshield.

Harley in Hollywood ®

Movie: Richard Hammond Meets Evel Knievel Documentary Year of Release: 2007 Distributor: British Broadcasting Corporation Starring: Richard Hammond and Evel Knievel Bike: FLHRC Road King® Classic

For more, visit:

Movie: Me, Myself & Irene Year of Release: 2000 Distributor: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation Starring: Jim Carrey Bike: FLHR Road King®

The Million Dollar Motorcycle Bartels HarleyDavidson® (Harley-Davidson® Retailer to the stars) in Marina Del Rey, California, has unveiled artist Jack Armstrong’s “Cosmic Starship” Harley-Davidson® motorcycle on October 21, 2010. Priced at $1 Million, this is the world’s first and only milliondollar Harley® bike, and the only motorcycle he will ever paint. “Andy Warhol would have loved it,” states Armstrong. “He started with soup cans and

worked up to Elizabeth Taylor! For me as an artist, [the] Harley® [Brand] is James Dean, Brando, Elvis, and Steve McQueen, and is more American than ice cream. To paint a million dollar Harley® [bike] is legendary, like the bike!” John Travolta rode a Harley® motorcycle from Bartels Harley-Davidson® in the film “Wild Hogs”, but Armstrong’s million-dollar Harley® bike is a movie in itself. Creator of the unique painting style called “Cosmic Extensionalism”,

Armstrong’s trademark art combines extreme colours and textures. Words magically appear throughout his paintings when viewed at different angles, with his bold signature, JACK, often in the centre. According to Armstrong, there will be a small sign placed next to the milliondollar motorcycle saying, “If you are not Lady GaGa, Scarlett Johansson or Sylvester Stallone DO NOT TOUCH THIS HARLEY® motorcycle!”

Movie: San Antonio Year of Release: 2004 Distributor: Pathé Distribution Starring: Gérard Lanvin, Gérard Depardieu Bike: VRSCA V-Rod®

Movie: Voodoo Moon Year of Release: 2005 Distributor: IDT Entertainment Starring: Eric Mabius, Charisma Carpenter Bike: Sportster® 883 hog® magazine canada

bb_HOG Frontshop.indd 15


11/8/10 12:38 PM

front shop / december 2010 news backstory gallery roadside attraction rally rides •

One of Every Kind The founders of the Harley-Davidson Motor Company started the practice of saving a specimen of every major new model sometime in the 1910s. Although their exact reasons for doing this are unknown, it is known that the bikes were used for various historical/retrospective displays, such as the long-term display at the Capitol Drive facility in Milwaukee and, later, at a small museum at the York, Pennsylvania facility. It is likely that they also saved models for later experimentation, new part fitment, photography, and other miscellaneous purposes. It’s really quite extraordinary that the Motor Company saved so many vehicles; this practice is not at all common in the automotive world. And the result is, by far, the largest collection of unrestored Harley-Davidson® motorcycles in the world. Most of the bikes, in what is called the “Core collection”, have not been altered in any serious way. The bikes pictured here comprise the Archives Vehicle Collection at Juneau Avenue, as it existed circa 1938. In the left row, front, is the bike now known as “Serial Number One”, described in more detail in the News section.


hog® magazine canada

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11/7/10 10:56 PM

Photographs courtesy of the Harley-Davidson Motor Company Archives. Copyright H-D.速

hog速 magazine canada

bb_HOG Frontshop.indd 17


11/7/10 10:56 PM

front shop / december 2010 news backstory gallery roadside attraction rally rides •

members gallery

Going down the highway on Vancouver Island [during] Port Alberni’s famous Toy Run. —jonathan salken

My littlest daughter, Jo, is just crazy about Harley® [motorcycles]... Ten minutes into her first ride with me she yelled, ‘Dad, I want one’.”— Kenny Kid

Here is a picture of our West Coast trip; as you can tell, we had a great time on the Sunshine Coast in Gibson’s Landing. — dan nelson & friends

Amazing ride up the Coast from L.A. to San Francisco. Every kilometre was breathtaking as we rode right to the bottom of the hills at the wharf in San Francisco. —rob, leonard and mary

It’s worth it to head off the beaten path and take trails you can’t find on any maps. —françois bergeron

We took a nine-day trip from Devon, Alberta, to Creston, B.C., down to Washington, and back up the coast of B.C. —claudette & doug macisaac

PHOTO SUBMISSIONS: Please send minimum 2 MB files at 300 DPI resolution to: 18

hog® magazine canada

bb_HOG Frontshop.indd 18

11/7/10 10:56 PM

Here I am with my 2009 Ultra Classic® Electra Glide® motorcycle on Easter weekend near Thornbury, Ontario, on Georgian Bay. — bill hinton

On the road between Kamloops and Lone Butte, B.C. — andrew kocsar

A simple ride home after a late night of paper work can make for a great photo and also a memorable ride almost as if you were on a road trip. — david bentivoglio

Anne Zvonkin, of Collingwood, Ontario, at Crater Lake, Oregon. Anne has ridden through 42 U.S. states and ten Canadian provinces.— paul zvonkin

This was taken after passing through the Nada I live in rural Nova Scotia and shot this picture Tunnel near Lexington, Kentucky. while running the back roads and riding — jim and barb, st.thomas ont. through several rainstorms... nothing beats the smell of a warm spring rain. — peter mowat

We rode for 13 days, from Ontario along Highway 20, [then] from Detroit all the way to the coast. This was a biker’s dream highway —no cars at times for miles and miles. — mike geiss, with ian lambert

The picture is taken over the shoulder of the owner of this 1996 Road King® [motorcycle] during a poker rally in memory of Master Corporal Erin Doyle, who was killed in Afghanistan in August 2008. — monica popp

Linda and I on our FLHTPI motorcycle on Fairview White Lake Road in the Okanagan Valley, B.C. When we go on long trips, we have the little RCMP officer on the back of the bike bag to protect our rear.— dave & lin white

hog® magazine canada

bb_HOG Frontshop.indd 19


11/7/10 10:57 PM

front shop / december 2010 news backstory gallery roadside attraction rally rides •

here, there and everywhere

My husband, seen in this photo with our 2008 Harley-Davidson® Ultra Classic® Electra Glide® motorcycle, is a life member of H.O.G.® We live in St. Thomas, Ontario. This small city is know for the death place of Jumbo the elephant in 1885. This monument has recently been restored to continue to honour this event in history. —bryan schneider & janet barr

This is my wife Christine, cancer survivor, H.O.G.® member and proud owner of a 2010 Iron 883 bike at the site of the world’s largest truck in Sparwood, B.C. (check out the kid in the background!). — the macleods TM


This picture was taken in 2005 during the Ontario provincial H.O.G.® rally. The rally that year was in North Bay Ontario. We found a shack on the side of the road that sold poutine. It was the best poutine we ever had, and my friends still talk about it. — gary del bianco, burlington ont.

I snapped this photo of my 2008 Road Glide® motorcycle in June while on a solo circle trip through the Rockies. The gate at the Kokanee Brewery in Creston, B.C. was open and I took advantage and snapped a photo with the legendary Sasquatch. — troy duncan, calgary, alberta

Here is a picture of my 1995 Road King® motorcycle Bette. We have logged many miles together and the picture was taken on a return trip from a toy run in Grande Prairie, Alberta. The small town is Beaverlodge, Alberta. — roy comeau, chetwynd, b.c.

hog® magazine canada

bb_HOG Frontshop.indd 20

11/7/10 10:57 PM

I was riding with some friends and saw this catfish. The fish is located in Dunnville, Ont. on Highway 3 which is a great road for motorcycles. Highway 3 goes all the way from Fort Erie to Windsor and doesn’t have too many stops and too many cars. The motorcycle in the picture is a 2005 Road King® Custom bike. — gary del bianco, burlington, ont.

Riding through Delhi, Ontario when we spied a pair of larger than life beer glasses. All in the celebration of Octoberfest at the German Hall. There would be no riding involved had these been real ... LOL. — pinnoy

On July 9th my buddies — Mike, David and Walter – and I left Etobicoke, Ont, in a downpour for a 7-day trip around Lake Superior. We headed towards Sault Ste. Marie where we crossed the U.S. border. Here are me and my buddies at the Wawa goose. — john kalinowski

This picture was taken by my girlfriend, Leigh, at the Happy Rock roadside attraction in Gladstone, Manitoba. Riding my 2007 Electra Glide® motorcycle, we were heading west along the Yellowhead Highway 16 when we passed this colourful and rather enormous statue. — dave love, calgary, alb.

In June, 2010, with a visit to the Harley-Davidson Museum™ in Milwaukee as a destination, I rode north to Sudbury, Ont., and the Big Nickel (seen here), through White River, Ont., west to Wawa Ont., and down through Thunder Bay, Ont. — sent by e-mail by

hog® magazine canada

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11/7/10 10:57 PM

front shop / december 2010 news backstory gallery roadside attraction rally rides •

Edmonton and “Wild Hogs” movie entertain 450 at 7th Alberta Provincial H.O.G.® Rally

Clare’s Harley-Davison® of Niagara and the Niagara Chapter hosted this year’s 22nd Ontario Provincial H.O.G.® Rally under ideal weather conditions, and welcomed over 850 guests from Canada, the United States, and as far away as Ireland. Our guests rode the winding, scenic routes of Niagara, and many experienced the wonder of Niagara Falls for the first time. The Rally began with participants riding to a local winery in the afternoon, followed by the opening ceremonies and evening entertainment at the Rally site, Niagara College. The next morning, over 80 bikers were out to play Biker Bingo, followed by a delicious roast pork BBQ provided by the sponsoring Retailer — Clare’s Harley-Davidson® of Niagara. That afternoon, over 200 people registered for the Show ’N Shine and for the Walking Poker Tour of Niagara Falls’ newly revitalized Queen Street. The best was saved for the last day. The morning started with a Poker Run that took the riders (approximately 200 of them!) through most of the Niagara Peninsula, and ended at the site for the Bike Games. The day was rounded out with the Grande Parade, dinner, closing ceremonies, and live entertainment. In between all of these activities, participants had numerous options for observation runs, winery tours, and just plain sight-seeing. Congratulations to the Durham Chapter for winning the Chapter Challenge! The 22nd Ontario Provincial Rally H.O.G.® Committee and its sponsoring Retailer, Clare’s HarleyDavidson® of Niagara, want to extend a huge thank-you to all who came to “romance the roar”.

Smoky skies and a few challenges couldn’t keep 450 Harley® enthusiasts away from enjoying the weekend’s rally activities in Edmonton. The Ride In movie night at Harley-Davidson® of Edmonton, watching “Wild Hogs” movie on the big screen while eating popcorn was a hit with rally attendees. When the smoke lifted Friday and members headed out to take in the Poker Run and Observations Runs. The ride through Elk Island National Park alongside the buffalo was something most won’t forget. The evening’s meal was a nice way to end a day out on the road. Led by the Edmonton Police Service, the morning’s parade through Edmonton’s beautiful river valley went without a hitch. The Show ‘N Shine and field events started straight away with everyone having a great time. After short speeches by Malcolm Hunter (Deeley Harley-Davidson® Canada) and others, the evening’s closing banquet was topped off with much laughter. The final morning’s breakfast, hosted by Heritage Harley-Davidson®, was a warm start to the ride home for most. Again, thank you all for attending, and I hope you enjoyed your time in our city!

Brian McCormack, Rally Coordinator

The Rally Committee

Niagara Falls provides stunning backdrop to 22nd ® Ontario provincial H.O.G. Rally


hog® magazine canada

bb_HOG Frontshop.indd 22

11/7/10 10:57 PM

Beautiful B.C. hosts 11th Western Regional H.O.G.® Rally

Left: Theresa Tisdelle; Michelle Matheson. This page top to bottom: Gwyneth Anderson; Dave Burnside

We said, “come to ‘the Rock’ on a government yacht” on July 8-10, 2010 … and you did, in record numbers. The meet-and-greet on Thursday night, to the opening ceremonies on Friday morning, from the dance Friday evening (attended by guests from

H.O.G.® Canada, Deeley HarleyDavidson® Canada, and the “mother ship” in Milwaukee), to the parade on Saturday morning, which started, of course, with the “big gun”, a 105 howitzer, and then culminated with an excellent dinner and awards ceremony enjoyed by 840 people … we asked you to come, and you came. We asked you to come for

Poker Runs, a Show ’N Shine, and tours of the local sites and the great roads here on our island… and you came. H.O.G.® members from Hawaii, Texas, and Ontario, to name a few, rode to our little piece of paradise and realized why it is called “Beautiful B.C.”. People were amazed, and the compliments regarding the choice of location were countless.

When I was selected for Rally Coordinator training, I was honoured. Upon my return, I asked for, and received, volunteers for the rally committee. These members deserve accolades for their dedication and hard work in organizing one of the most outstanding regional rallies I have ever attended. I would like to extend a special thanks to my wife Harreese, Cliff Randall, Western Regional Director, and of course, to Steve Drane and his staff at Steve Drane Harley-Davidson®, particularly Chris Last (website design), who helped to make the 11th Western Regional H.O.G.® Rally the success it truly was. To all who attended, thank you for your participation and support. Keep riding and having fun! John Shea, Rally Coordinator

Prairie regional Rally ramps up members in Winnipeg The 4th Prairie Regional H.O.G.® Rally concluded after a jam-packed four days of fun which saw fellow HarleyDavidson® enthusiasts from across Canada, the U.S., and some from across the pond, come together in our fair city to celebrate summer rides. New friends were made, friendships were renewed, and overall it was a blast. From the daily activities, such as the Poker Run, to the fun- and factfilled observation ride, to the on- or off-bike games, there was something for everyone. The highlight of the four

days was the Saturdaynight dinner that saw even more members and guests in attendance. Everyone enjoyed the no-holds-barred buffet dinner, along with an evening of entertainment and dance, featuring one of Canada’s premier show bands, “Free Ride”. The closing ceremonies saw the first rain in four days, but even the wet weather couldn’t dampen the enthusiasm of fellow H.O.G.® riders. The Sunday-morning breakfast (sponsored by Harley-Davidson® Winnipeg), the group photo, and even the

slightly wetter-than-normal closing ride were enjoyed by all. We’d like to thank all of the volunteers and sponsors, especially Harley-Davidson® Winnipeg (Dave and Sheryl Gray), as well as everyone who

attended the 4th Prairie Regional H.O.G.® Rally, for making it the great success that it was. Until next time … ride safe and have fun! Giorgio C., Rally Coordinator hog® magazine canada

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Sherbrooke charms 1500 riders with a grand event

In a nut shell … “survey says” … the 15th Canadian National H.O.G.® Rally in Sherbrooke, Quebec was a very successful event! This success was due to exceptional hospitality in Quebec, great weather, 1,500 registered participants, super volunteers, a great Retail partner, a record number of 1,100 motorcycles in the parade, and very successful activities throughout the week. Kudos to everyone involved for working so hard to put together a smooth-running and fun event. The Rally event kicked off with the opening ceremonies at the Théâtre Granada, rich in history and beautiful architecture that dates back to 1929. Guests were welcomed at the door by very flamboyant and spectacularly dressed ladies depicting the intended burlesque feel of the evening. The event started off with the emcee antics of Jacques Dostie, a special welcome from Buzz Green on behalf of Deeley Harley-Davidson® Canada, and greetings from Harley-Davidson Motor Company by Tom Hardin, Principal Architect of Harley-Davidson® Information Services. The evening continued with the burlesque-style dancing of the Jessy Entertainment Dance Troupe, music from the Mira Choquette Jazz Trio, and finished off with good old-fashioned DJ dance tunes. One of the focal points on Friday was the Test Our Metal Team at Sherbrooke Harley-Davidson®, with a continuous stream of curious riders who couldn’t wait to test out our new 2011 models. John, Al, Angie, and Claude, along with the volunteers from the Sherbrooke Chapter, did a great job of running through approximately 120 riders throughout the three-day event. Thanks for making the rides so much fun for our participants. The Show ’N Shine, held at the host hotel (Delta Sherbrooke), highlighted over 50 exquisite motorcycles, with a variety of unique designs and forms of expression that captured the curiosity and “wows” of many who stopped by just to have a look and vote for their favourite bike. There is no questioning the pride and effort each of these participants invested in his or her special piece of 24

machinery, based on what was offered up for display. The evening ended with an incredible street party! Sherbrooke Harley-Davidson® played host to an outdoor event at their store, that included free food (pogo sticks, hamburgers, and corn-on-the-cob), plus a live band, street dancing, and much more… (don’t ask!). The host graciously kept the store open throughout this event for those who wanted to continue to buy H-D® merchandise, and it is my understanding that they even had to kick out the last of the stragglers at 1 a.m. There is no question that these Quebeckers know how to throw a party! The local police estimated that the National Rally Parade had just over 1,100 motorcycles. Not only was this an exceptional representation of the Brand, but it was a thrilling experience to travel such a variety of roads, with great views and pockets of appreciative onlookers all along the route. At the end of the parade’s 30 minutes (longer if you were at the back) there were plenty of refreshments and friendly competition for all the participants and spectators who opted to stick around at the Université de Sherbrooke. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect ending to the event, with the closing ceremonies, held at the university, highlighting the awards, the amazing food service, and an incredible band called Rock Station that had people on their feet dancing non-stop from 8 p.m. until close! Thank you to our dedicated and loyal H.O.G.® members for making this event an absolute pleasure and a fun experience. We are looking forward to seeing you again next year in British Columbia!

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The Canadian National H.O.G.® Rally thunders into Kamloops, British Columbia, in 2011. Known for its diverse landscape, wide open grasslands, rugged mountains and forested valleys, Kamloops makes an ideal vacation and getaway destination. Come join the festivities and THUNDER IN THE VALLEY!

REGISTER BY MAY 31, 2011, TO BE ENTERED INTO AN EARLY BIRD PRIZE DRAW! IMPORTANT REGISTRATION DATES: EARLY BIRD DEADLINE: May 31, 2011 EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION OFFERS: Guaranteed Rally package on-site* Reduced pricing – only $70 Chance to win the early bird prize PRE-REGISTRATION ENDS: Postmarked by July 16, 2011

FEES: EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION RATE (until May 31, 2011) Adult (16+) Children (10-15)

$70 CDN $40 CDN

REGISTRATION RATE (after May 31, 2011) Please note: Rally packages not guaranteed after this date.

(Pre-Registrations between June 1st - July 16th are not guaranteed Rally packages and are given on-site on a first come, first served basis.)

Adult (16+) Children (10-15)


Children (under 10) FREE! They need to register, but they will not receive a Rally package.

1) Call H.O.G.® Canada at 1-800-668-4836 today! 2) Online at (available January 2011)


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$90 CDN $55 CDN

*Rally packages are only available for on-site pick-up.

INCLUDES: • $100 Harley-Davidson® gift card • Free Rally registration for you and a guest • 2 free motorcycle oil changes at Kamloops Harley-Davidson®

• 1 room for a 3-night stay at Kamloops Towne Lodge during the Rally • 1 Rally souvenir package

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At first glance, it may look somewhat familiar. But with a new suspension geometry, gas tank, handlebar, wheels, tires and more, the XL 883L SuperLow™ motorcycle takes low-riding performance to a whole new level.

2011 harley-davidson sportster superlow ™ ®


New Heights for

Riders by dain gingerelli


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Take the 2011 Sportster® SuperLow™ bike, for instance. At first glance, it may appear to simply be a makeover of the XL 883L Sportster® 883 Low model, retaining the basic look of a very popular model among Harley-Davidson® customers. To be sure, there’s a significant difference in styling; the 2011 model checks in with a distinctive profile, which can be largely attributed to the new gas tank and reconfigured handlebar rise. The wheels are new, too, offering a lighter, livelier look. And then there’s that new name – SuperLow™. Now here’s the catch: in reality, the SuperLow™ bike is an all-new model that’s only based on the low-rider theme. Moreover, the end product is miles better than the bike it replaces.


In terms of styling and ride performance, the SuperLow™ bike is, indeed, a super bike. “It’s a whole new bike for us,” explains Greg Falkner, the project manager for the SuperLow™ motorcycle. The end product, he touts, is an entry-level bike that performs so well that many first-time buyers won’t necessarily want to trade up to a more expensive model over time. This bike should continue to suit them just fine as their riding experience improves. In short, the SuperLow™ model— a bike developed for people with short inseams — offers the same smooth ride you’d expect from a bike with longer travel suspension. Here’s the deal: the seat of the new SuperLow™ bike is 25.5 inches off the deck, just like the XL 883L Sportster® Low model that it replaces. Usually

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In terms of styling and ride performance, the SuperLow™ bike is, indeed, a super bike. when a bike is set this low to the ground, its overall ride suffers. Shorter frame height usually translates to less suspension travel, and that, in turn, equates to a harsher ride because of the bike’s suspenders being more prone to bottoming over severe road bumps and potholes. “We found a way around that, by making room under the rear fender for more wheel travel”, explains Falkner. A look at the specifications help clarify what Falkner means. The new split 5-spoke wheels are wrapped with Michelin® radial tires that were developed expressly for the SuperLow™ bike. The low-profile radial rear tire allows for more wheel travel under the fender, allowing the engineers to develop a set of longer-travel shock absorbers for the SuperLow™ project. The new shocks are about 5/8-inch longer than on the XL 883L Sportster® Low model, plus they have recalibrated damping rates to help smoothen the ride. You will feel the difference, especially on the compression stroke, where the new shocks and springs do a much better job of soaking up the bumps. There’s also a new, softer solo seat. True, at a glance it appears to be the same stylish, tapered saddle that you found on the XL 883L Low model, but it’s not. It’s actually a better, softer seat. The design team accomplished this by relocating the Electronic Control Module (ECM) from under the seat to a point behind the rear cylinder. The vacant space made way for more padding in the seat itself, elevating

rider comfort, but not the rider. One ride on the saddle of the SuperLow™ bike is all it takes to realize just how improved the new seat is for a rider. The SuperLow™ design team wasn’t finished, not by a long shot. Next, they gave the front end a subtle face-lift. Like the shocks, the fork legs have recalibrated settings, so the springs are less apt to bottom out. New triple trees spread the legs out ever so slightly, for the new lighter-weight wheel which, in the process, gives the bike a more masculine look. In addition, the steering-head angle and trail were slightly altered to maintain the neutral turn-in attitude found on all Sportster® models. It’s what Harley-Davidson® engineers describe as “intuitive handling”, meaning the bike responds to rider input, almost as if it was programmed. That’s especially important considering that the primary audience of the SuperLow™ bike is newer, less experienced riders. Before you swing a leg over the seat of the SuperLow™ bike to go for a test ride, check out the handlebar. The Harley-Davidson® styling team scored another double-play here. First, the bar’s rise favours the ape-hanger style that’s so popular today among Harley® riders. But function didn’t take a backseat to form, so the SuperLow™ bike’s ergonomics feel even less cramped than on the Low model. Your arms maintain a relaxed stretch to reach the patented smalldiameter handgrips found on all Sportster® models, and the new hog® magazine canada

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seat is placed slightly back on the frame, so there’s more legroom available. The relocated seat also makes room for the new gas tank on the SuperLow™ bike. The new tank is a little longer than the old 3.3-gallon peanut-style tank that it replaces, plus it holds more fuel. In fact, the SuperLow™ motorcycle can carry up to 4.5-gallons of gas —this is the same stylish gas tank found on the custom models. “It gives the bike a lower, sleeker look and more riding range”, says Falkner. Again, function benefited when form was addressed. Not a bad deal. With our walk-around complete, it’s time to saddle-up to take the SuperLow™ bike for a spin. It shares the same responsive 883 cc engine as the Low model, so after the ECM spools up the electronic fuel injection, give the electric starter’s thumb-button a soft push. The motor fires right up, quickly settling into a gentle idle. After a few moments to let the engine warm up to operating temperature, click the five-speed transmission into gear, release the easy-pull clutch lever, and you’re off. Acceleration is smooth, but the engineers made it even smoother by reducing the final-drive gearing (in effect, the final-drive ratio number is higher). The lower gearing also makes it easier to throttle through parking lots and such, and roll-on power in the mid-rpm range is more responsive to the rider’s commands. Those stacked dual-exhaust pipes also emit a wonderful bellowing sound, 30

especially in the mid- to upper-rpm range, where that four-cam engine always sounds so sweet – much like its racing cousin, the XR750 motorcycle. Cruising at 65-70 mph, the bike delivers up to 50 miles per gallon, so the riding range can surpass 200 miles on a tank of gas. The ergonomics are so good that 200 miles on the SuperLow™ bike should present little discomfort to most riders, especially to those weighing less than 150 pounds. The bike glides over most bumps and portions of broken pavement, but keep in mind that despite the improvements, the SuperLow™ model is a bike with abbreviated suspension. The engineers at Harley-Davidson can defy the laws of physics to a point, but they can’t break those same laws. Eventually reality catches up! But for the most part, the new SuperLow™ bike lives up to its intended task of delivering a smooth, comfortable ride for people wanting a bike with a low seat height. As you expect in a low-riding bike, the lean angle is restricted when cornering, but the foot peg feelers on the SuperLow™ bike quickly warn you when you’re approaching the lean limit. Otherwise, the SuperLow™ bike delivers a ride that you can expect from any Harley-Davidson® motorcycle, no matter the model name. The SuperLow™ bike may resemble the XL 883L bike, the model that it replaces, but make no mistake about it – this is an all-new model. It is a super-low model that’s intended for people who want an easy-to-ride bike that lets them place both feet firmly on the pavement at stops.

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The bike delivers up to 50 mpg, so the riding range can surpass 200 miles on a tank of gas. SUPER LOWDOWN Engine: An air-cooled Evolution™ 883 cc V-Twin engine with Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI), rated at 55 ft.lbs. of peak torque at 3,500 rpm. It has a broad powerband for easy getaway from a stop, and smooth power out of corners. Drivetrain: The 68/29 (2.34:1) final drive ratio is matched to the rear tire diameter, promoting smooth acceleration away from a stop and at low speeds. Wheels: Equipped with black, split 5-spoke

wheels with machined rims, both front and rear. Front wheel is 18 x 3.5 inches; rear is 17 x 4.5 inches. Tires: Michelin® Scorcher 11 radial tires are designed specifically for the SuperLow™ bike. Front tire is 120/70ZR18; rear is 150/60ZR17. Fork: 39 mm Showa® fork with 4.1 inches of travel. Shocks: Coil-over, pre-load adjustable rear shocks with 2.5 inches of wheel travel.

Seat: height is 25.5”. The solo seat has a deep bucket shape and is easy to straddle. Handlebar: The handlebar has a wide, flat bend that places the hand grips and controls in a natural riding position for outstanding control and comfort. Fuel Tank: The 4.5-gallon fuel tank offers extended range and helps give the SuperLow™ bike its low-profile appearance. Foot Controls: Mid-mount foot controls.

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Long By Bill Jackson


Low Tracing the V-Rod® motorcycle’s impressive ancestry

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The VRSC™ family of motorcycles, with its massive torque and high-end horsepower, is the standard for the power-cruiser niche. When the VRSCA ® V-Rod motorcycle was unveiled in 2001, it was the first all-new Harley® Davidson motorcycle since the K model in 1952. However, the roots of ® the V-Rod family span decades. While the VRSCA was the first HarleyDavidson® street bike to incorporate four valves per cylinder, a racer that was first built in 1916 was the earliest Harley® bike with a twin cylinder engine to incorporate this feature. Known simply as the “8 Valve”, the racer was produced in several different incarnations throughout the 1920s. In fact, the organisation of racing classes had to be changed in 1922 because of the 8 Valve racer’s dominance. As the first Harley® street bike with a liquid-cooled engine, the V-Rod® bike traces its lineage to an experimental model. The “Nova” project of the early 1980s intended to introduce a V-4 powertrain to the product line, with a unique placement of the radiator, underneath the seat. Another prototype from the 1970s, known only as the OHC 1100, used overhead cams, which made their permanent debut in the V-Rod® model, but, the most substantial historical contribution came from the VR-1000 road racing motorcycle, first rolled out in 1994. The VR1000 bike incorporated the above unique features together in a racing platform. The VR-1000 bike’s liquid-cooled, 8‑valve V-Twin engine also varied from traditional Harley-Davidson® V-Twin engines in that the cylinders were at 60 degrees. All of these advancements over the years paved the way for the VRSC™ family’s Revolution® engine. However, the V-Rod® motorcycle also brought radical new technological advancements on board. Among these was a hydro-formed frame that was created using intense water pressure during the forming process. The process creates a frame that is uniformly strong throughout, including at the “bends” in the frame. The VRSC™ family has also led to an allnew racing platform for the Harley-Davidson Motor Company, namely the Screamin’ Eagle® Drag Racing team. Current racers GT Tonglet and Andrew Hines, after just three years, have brought Harley-Davidson to the top of the NHRA’s Pro Stock Bike circuit. 34

Long and low, with dragster-inspired styling and explosive off-the-line power, the VRSC™ family features the perfect balance between styling and engineering, with a unique hydro-formed perimeter chassis that frames the stunning liquid-cooled 60° V-Twin Revolution® engine, producing between 115-120 bhp, a 18.9-litre fuel tank under the seat, and twin Vortex air scoops.

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harley history: the vrsc™ family ®


(above) For the 2003 model year, VRSC™ models were introduced in painted finishes as well. And the just-announced VRSCR Street Rod® motorcycle offered a shorter fork rake, chrome straight-shot dual exhaust pipes, and mid-mounted foot controls.

(below) NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle championships.


(below) VRSCSE (2005) and VRSCSE2 (2006) Screamin’ Eagle® edition V-Rod® motorcycle features a 1,180cc Revolution® powertrain, custom two-tone paint, 240 mm rear tyre, unique timing intake cam, many other custom appointments.


VRSC™ model styling began with anodised aluminium on sheet metal – a first!

2000 36


V-Rod® motorcycles are offered with a painted frame finish.


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VRSCDX Night Rod® Special

VRSCF V-Rod® Muscle®


(left) VRSCD Night Rod® motorcycle features blacked-out surfaces, black powder-coated engine, cast five-spoke wheels, colourmatched headlamp nacelle, mid-mount foot controls, and straight-shot exhaust.


The V-Rod® line-up


(below left) The Revolution® engine increased from 1,140cc to 1,250cc in 2007 on the VRSCX model. The next model year, all VRSC™ models were 1,250cc.


VRSCAW V-Rod® model is similar to original 2002 VRSCA V-Rod®, but with painted finishes and fat rear tire.


(below) VRSCF V-Rod® Muscle® motorcycle recalls “muscle car” styling with dual-side exhaust, completely restyled airbox cover, rear LED lights, turn signals on mirrors and cast fivespoke wheels.



VRSCR Street Rod® motorcycle . It offers midmount foot controls/pegs, more of a straight-shot set of mufflers and inverted front forks.


(above) The VRSCDX Night Rod® Special model features plenty of black paint/powdercoat, sport front fender, low-profile rear fender, colourmatched headlamp nacelle and straight-shot exhaust.

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Ultra vs.

A heated exchange in the California desert, hotter than the gates of hell.

by reg kittrelle photographs by wes allison

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11/7/10 10:08 PM

The Anza-Borrego Desert lay

a couple of thousand feet below us. Vast, arid, and often hotter than the gates of hell, its sparse population of hardy summer souls adhere to a strict set of rules: walk slow, drink lots of water, and stay inside. For reasons only riders understand, we were ignoring two of those good ideas, the water being the only rule in play. A glance at the air temperature gauge showed the wisdom of water, as the needle was buried at 120-degrees. I was astride the new-for-2011 Road Glide® Ultra bike, with HOG® Magazine (US version) editor Matt King along on a 2010 Electra Glide® Ultra Limited bike. Noel Coward once wrote, “Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun.” Given that Matt and I are born and bred Americans, well, you can see what category we are in. When last year’s Road Glide® Custom motorcycle was introduced, I took the opportunity to whine about it to just about anyone I could collar. Not because I didn’t like the Road Glide® Custom bike, (I did) but because it replaced the standard Road Glide® motorcycle, my decade-long favourite of the Harley-Davidson® Touring models, and a motorcycle on which I’ve travelled tens of thousands of miles, often on roads – and non-roads – that required a bit more lean angle than was offered by the slammed Custom. Now, with the 2011 Road Glide® Ultra model, my whining has turned to cheers. Until now, “Ultra” has been reserved for the Electra Glide® models, but the introduction of the Road Glide® Ultra model not only puts the bike on par with its “bat-winged” siblings, but it actually pulls ahead, literally, at the power end of things. This is because the Twin Cam 103™ engine resides within its chassis, an engine that is not available as standard equipment on Electra Glide® Ultra motorcycles, other than the Electra Glide® Ultra Limited (see sidebar). I took to the Electra Glide® Ultra Limited bike immediately when it was introduced, feeling that the Twin Cam 103™ engine helped provide a good overall balance of weight, power, handling, and gas mileage. Now, with this same 103 cubic inch (1,690 cc) engine in the Road Glide® bike, I am further convinced of its benefits. The Road Glide® Ultra model has more than just a bigger engine, however, as it comes fully equipped with King Tour-Pak® luggage; vented fairing lowers, cruise control, and a four-speaker, 80-watt Harman/Kardon® Advanced Audio System, which includes a CD/MP3 player and a CB/ intercom system with headset. Also notable is that the Twin Cam 103™ engine is part of the PowerPak, which also includes ABS brakes and the H-D® Smart Security System. In other words, it includes everything that has been exclusive to the Electra Glide® Ultra models, plus the Twin Cam 103™ engine. 40

With the 2011 Road Glide® Ultra motorcycle all dressed-up and powered-up, I was more than a little antsy to get it out on the road. We left the Los Angeles area shortly after noon, heading out for our first night’s rest in Borrego Springs, which was about 170 miles away. Fighting freeway traffic is never fun, but it was instructive in this case, in that it immediately showed the benefits of 102 ft.-lbs. of torque. This is close to 10 percent more than with the Twin Cam 96™ engine, and makes it a cinch to devour on-ramps and skirt around slower traffic. Also significant was the overall smoothness of the ride; there was no vibration or buzz felt, and the mirrors are easily read. We shed ourselves of the freeway in Temecula and headed out on State Highway 79 to County Highway S22 to Borrego Springs. This combination of excellent two-lane pavement with a multitude of twists and turns was a joy to ride. With the broad band of ample torque, it was easy to get into a graceful rhythm of tying the turns together. While no one would claim that the Harley® Touring models are sport bikes, they certainly can be ridden in a sporty manner. The key is to find a comfortable pace that carries your speed through the turns with minimum braking. If you become too aggressive, the excellent Brembo® brakes haul you back down, drama-free. More than a few riders have been surprised at just how much fun riding a Harley® Touring model through the winding roads can be. After passing Ranchita on S22, both the road and the temperature began to climb. While the incline added to the fun, the temperature had me concerned for two reasons: one, air-cooled motors, in particular, are heat pumps, and the larger the engine, the more heat it pumps out; my second concern was that the fairing lowers would have insufficient air flow. Lowers are great in winter weather, but I was a little leery of them in the heat that we were experiencing. Compounding these potential problems were our photography needs. I’ll let you in on a little secret: those beautiful pictures you see here take a lot of work. Good photographers are seldom satisfied with just a few passes on a turn or two. Often an hour or more will be spent riding the same short section, with this being repeated every time the “shooter” finds yet another curve or view to his liking (and they go particularly nuts when the sun is setting; “We’re losing the light! We’re losing the light!”). These short hops and multiple U-turns don’t always feed engines enough air to keep them happy, but this hot work did not bother the Road Glide® bike in the least. There was never a hesitation, burp, snort, or otherwise rude action from the engine and/or fuel injection. And those lowers? A complete non-issue as their ventilation system

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11/7/10 10:08 PM

worked as it was designed to. You no longer need to remove the lowers once the hot weather hits. I came away from this motorcycle very impressed with the heatmanagement engineering that went into it. When the Harley-Davidson Motor Company introduced the new Touring chassis in model year 2009, it was welcomed by all, and most certainly by me. Its improved construction provides a tight and responsive ride. There was a slight downside to it, though, for us more compact (okay, short) riders; the seat was broader at the front than in the past, causing you to splay your legs wider, effectively making the reach to the ground longer. For 2011, the Road Glide® bike (and all of the Touring models) features a reshaped one-piece seat, which not only improves back support, but also offers a narrower nose, bringing the ground all that much closer to your feet. Since its inception in 1998, the signature feature of the Road Glide® motorcycle has been its frame-mounted “shark-nose” fairing, rather than the “bat-wing” handlebar-mounted unit found on Electra Glide® motorcycles. If you ask a group of riders which they prefer, or which they believe is better, you will need to prepare yourself for a

long discussion, as each has its strong proponents. So... which is better? The short answer: both. I didn’t wimp out on you here, because most of the opinions you’ll hear regarding this topic are just that, opinions. Neither motorcycle has actually proven to be faster, to handle better, nor to offer superior weather protection. However, the riding experience is different and the front-end style certainly is also. As is often the case with the majority of things we buy, it really depends upon what we like. While the spec charts and graphs are important, what’s even more important is how we respond emotionally to motorcycles. I know that that statement won’t make a lot of riders happy, so I’ll give you my impression after years of saddle-time on both. As I implied earlier, I’m not an NBA candidate, what with my 5-foot, 8-inch height and 30-inch inseam. These stats are important, as one of the measurable differences between the two bikes is ergonomic. Specifically, I feel like I’m sitting on an Electra Glide® bike, but in a Road Glide® bike. There are three reasons for this: first, the larger size of the Road Glide® model’s fairing is more encompassing; secondly, the seat-to-handlebar reach on the Road hog® magazine canada

UltravsUltra.indd 41


11/7/10 10:08 PM

More than a few riders have been surprised

at just how much fun riding a Harley touring model can be. ®

Glide® bike is slightly greater, putting me in a more leaned-forward and more optimal position.. Oddly enough, while I think the Electra Glide® bike is better suited for shorter riders like me, I prefer the Road Glide® model. The third reason is at the core of why many riders prefer the Electra Glide® motorcycle. The “bat-wing” fairing on the Electra Glide® bike is mounted to the forks and handlebar assembly, so it turns when the bars are turned. The “shark-nose” fairing on the Road Glide® bike, however, is mounted to the frame and remains stationary when you turn. This can be a bit disconcerting to riders who have never ridden with a frame-mounted fairing. Getting used to this generally takes no more than a ride or two. 42

Another reason that I prefer the Road Glide® bike is that its stationary fairing offers a larger dash area and includes a handy “glove box” on each side. On the other hand, I find it easier to make U-turns on the Electra Glide® models. The bottom line on this “shark” vs. “bat” discussion is to try them both. I think you’ll find you will respond more positively to one or the other, and that will make your choice easier. If photographers like anything better than late-afternoon light it’s early-morning light, so we were up early enough the next day to keep our “shooter” happy and headed south towards Campo, on the California-Mexico border. Our route took us on State Highway 78 to have lunch in Julian, then over 6,000-foot Mt.  Laguna on County Highway S1, and then on down to Campo to the Motor Transport

hog® magazine canada

UltravsUltra.indd 42

11/7/10 10:08 PM

Touring’s Trifecta

Museum of San Diego. If you find yourself in this part of the country, don’t miss this museum ( Devoted almost entirely to trucks of the past 90-some years, it’s a fascinating treasure trove/junkyard. As Campo was the turn-around point of our trip – and schedules had to be met – we hightailed it back to Los Angeles on the interstate. While not as fun as the many winding roads that kept us busy for a couple of days, the long, fast stretches of straight highway did give me time to think about this new Road Glide® bike. While doing so, it dawned on me that I had heard nothing from the rear suspension. It just did its job of handling the good, the bad, and the awful that make up our highways. My Road Glide® bike is back.

For those Touring riders who have asked for more power and ABS, the Harley-Davidson Motor Company has delivered both (along with the Smart Security System) for the 2011 model year. The three-in-one package (called PowerPak) includes the Twin Cam 103™ engine, ABS, and the H-D® Smart Security System. It graces all 2011 Road King® Classic, Electra Glide® Ultra Limited, and Road Glide® Ultra models, and is a Factoryinstalled option on the Street Glide® and Road Glide® Custom models. Displacing 1,690 cc via larger-bore pistons/cylinders, the Twin Cam 103™ engine pumps out 102 ft.-lbs. of torque at 3,500 rpm, a nearly 10-percent increase compared to the Twin Cam 96™ engine, and answers the call for added passing and hillclimbing performance, especially with a passenger and cargo. The H-D® Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) helps the rider maintain control during braking events, especially during less-than-optimal conditions, while preserving the uncluttered styling around the wheels. The H-D® Smart Security System delivers automatic selfarming and -disarming through the hands-free fob, which communicates with the security module on an individualized frequency. When the rider switches off the ignition and leaves the proximity of the motorcycle, the Smart Security System disables the vehicle starter, ignition, and electronic fuel injection. When the rider returns, those systems are automatically enabled again. “Many of our Touring riders have requested the Twin Cam 103™ engine on additional models, especially after test riding it on the 2010 Electra Glide® Ultra Limited bike,” said Michael Goche, Product Planning Manager at Harley-Davidson. “Most of those Customers also want the added peace of mind of ABS and Smart Security. By bundling them in PowerPak, we’ve added great value to the features these riders demand.” hog® magazine canada

UltravsUltra.indd 43


11/11/10 7:39 PM

There is no typical Harley Owners Group® member just as there is no typical Harley® bike. For some, H.O.G.® is a bond best shared and celebrated in community. For others, it’s as independent and personal as it gets. Yet every full member has a few things in common. Like a subscription to HOG ® Magazine Canada (included with your membership). A new H.O.G.® Touring Handbook road atlas each year. Access to programs such as the ABCs of Touring contest and the H.O.G.® Mileage Program. A basic Roadside Assistance Program included in your membership. A wide variety of local, national, and international events to take part in. And so much more. Where you take it from there is up to you. As our members have shown, there’s more than a million ways to go. So no matter where you ride, you’re never alone. Even when you’re by yourself.


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december 2010


Three new motorcycles to rock your world.

$100 ride

Daytona Bike Week … been there, done that, got the t-shirt.

ultimate rides

A motorcycle adventure to the edge of the world.

pit stop

More than an oil change. The goods on quick servicing.

2011 motorcycle shows Canada’s motorcycle show launches tour dates.


Hardcore H.O.G.® Member: Eric Payne, on doing it his way.


The Profit Ride. Three semifinalists going for the prize.

hog® magazine canada

backshop opener.indd 45


11/7/10 10:52 PM

back shop / december 2010 gear ultimate rides Pit stop enthusiasts exhaust •

powering it up with the new 2011 harley-davidson motorcycles


Three new 2011 motorcycles hum on the road with a syncopated V-Twin ‰ cadence that is the pulse of Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Harley-Davidson Motor Company introduces the new SuperLowTM, XR 1200XTM, and Road Glide® Ultra models as part of its expansive line of motorcycles for model year 2011. New features in the line-up include a PowerPak Touring Combo and ABS available for Softail® models. With 32 models, including urban brawlers, long-haul touring machines, contemporary customs drenched in chrome, dark retrostyle bobbers, exhilarating sport roadsters, and inviting standards, Harley-Davidson offers a motorcycle to fulfil the desires of almost any street rider. The new SuperLowTM bike combines revised front-end geometry, new wheels and tires — as well as a reshaped seat and handlebars — to give well-balanced handling and comfort. The qualities of a framemounted fairing and luxury touring accommodations come together in the new Road Glide® Ultra model. Powered by a Twin Cam 103TM engine, this long-haul beauty comes equipped with a King Tour-Pak® luggage carrier, vented fairing lowers, ABS (anti-lock braking system), the Harley-Davidson® Smart Security System, cruise control, and a four-speaker, 80-watt Harman/Kardon® Advanced Audio System. The new XR 1200XTM motorcycle is Harley-Davidson® Sportster® performance honed to its finest edge, with adjustable front and rear suspension, floating front brake rotors, and the surging power of a highcompression 1,200cc EvolutionTM V-Twin engine. Major developments at Harley-Davidson Motor Company have resulted in gained power and 46

technology in select Touring models with the new HarleyDavidson® PowerPak, which bundles Twin Cam 103TM engine with ABS (anti-lock braking system) and the H-D® Smart Security System. The PowerPak is standard on 2011 Road King® Classic, Electra Glide® Ultra Limited, and Road Glide® Ultra models and is available as a Factory-installed option on 2011 Street Glide® and Road Glide® Custom models. Enhancements include optional ABS on 2011 HarleyDavidson® Softail® models, with the exception of the Cross Bones® model, as well as a new security package option for the 2011 VRSCTM power-cruisers, which bundles ABS with the H-D® Smart Security System. Michelin® ScorcherTM tires, new colours, and graphics on the Night Rod® Special and V-Rod® Muscle® models.

hog® magazine canada

Gear.indd 46

11/7/10 10:10 PM


The new Harley-Davidson® SuperLowTM model reintroduces the pure pleasure of motorcycling, where balanced and responsive handling helps rider and machine glide around corners with smooth confidence. A low seat height, the broad V-Twin power band, mid-mount controls, and clean styling complete an appealing package. The SuperLowTM motorcycle is an open invitation to get out and ride. Comfort is a key aspect of the SuperLowTM experience. The shape and 25.5inch height of the seat make it possible for many riders to put their feet securely on the ground when the bike is at rest. A new handlebar is shaped to provide a more natural arm position. Dual coil-over rear shocks offer 2.5 inches of wheel travel, for a smooth ride. Its low-profile radial tires, solo seat, and long fuel tank shape give the SuperLowTM bike an appealing new stance that is both wide and low. The cost is just as appealing: at under $10,000 CAD for a stock model, this bike is the perfect gateway to enjoying the full HarleyDavidson® experience.

2011 ROAD GLIDE® ULTRA The shark-nose, dual-headlamp fairing gives the Road Gide®

Ultra bike a distinctive profile as it rolls down the road. 2011 is the grand debut for the Road Glide® Ultra motorcycle, a fullfeature model with a framemounted fairing. As part of the eight Touring models that constitute the fleet for 2011, it too features the satisfying characteristic of V-Twin power and an appealing combination of technology and tradition that has made Harley® models the most popular heavyweight touring motorcycles on the road. Harley-Davidson combines its Ultra level of luxury touring appointments with the windsplitting aerodynamics and lighter handling of a framemounted fairing in the new Road Glide® Ultra motorcycle. Its smooth shape and fullsize, clear windshield offer excellent protection from wind and weather. Gauges are presented in full cockpitstyle instrumentation, and the fairing incorporates two storage compartments with spring-return lids. The newly

introduced PowerPak is standard equipment on the Road Glide® Ultra model. Other features include ventilated fairing lowers, a King TourPak® carrier with soft luggage liners and passenger backrest, electronic cruise control, and a premium Harman/Kardon® Advanced Audio System with four speakers and a CB/ intercom system. The Road Glide® Ultra model is a touring machine for riders ready to rack up some serious mileage.


2011 SPORTSTER® XR 1200X

The XR 1200X model represents Harley-Davidson® Sportster® performance, honed to its finest edge. Equipped with fully adjustable Showa® front and rear suspension components, the 2011 XR 1200XTM motorcycle can be TM

dialed in to match rider weight, riding style, and road conditions. The XR 1200XTM model combines this premium suspension with enhanced front brakes and the responsive punch of a high-compression, 1,200 cc EvolutionTM V-Twin engine, all in a dynamic, streetperformance motorcycle. With a tank and tail section designed to evoke the legendary Harley-Davidson® XR 750 bike — the king of the gritty American flat-track scene — the XR 1200XTM model puts its mechanical character on display. Wide flat-track bars and rear-set footpegs position an assertive rider for active control. Available in Black Denim and White Hot Denim, the XR 1200XTM bike has a blacked-out powertrain and exhaust, revised tank graphics, and black wheels with an orange rim pinstripe. The XR 1200XTM motorcycle will be displaying its true potential on Canadian racetracks in 2011.

POWERPAK Harley-Davidson is also introducing the PowerPak, which bundles a Twin Cam 103TM engine with ABS (anti-lock braking system) and the Harley-Davidson® Smart Security System as either standard equipment or as an option on select Touring family models. The PowerPak marks the first time that Harley-Davidson has offered a Factory-installed engine upgrade option on a production motorcycle. The PowerPak is a standard feature on 2011 Road King® Classic, Electra Glide® Ultra Limited, and Road Glide® Ultra models, and will be available as a Factory-installed option on 2011 Street Glide® and Road Glide® Custom models. The Twin Cam 103TM is rated at 102 ft-lb of torque at 3,500 rpm, a 9.6% increase in peak torque over the Twin Cam 96TM engine it replaces, giving the engine extra power for enhanced passing and hill-climbing performance when a passenger and luggage are on board. Harley-Davidson® Touring ABS works in conjunction with high-performance Brembo brakes to help the rider maintain control during braking events, especially those that happen in less-thanoptimal conditions. The components of Harley-Davidson® ABS are virtually invisible, preserving the uncluttered styling of the area around the wheels. Harley-Davidson® ABS is not a linked system, which means that the rider maintains full, independent control of both front and rear brakes. The H-D® Smart Security System offers automatic self-arming and disarming through a handsfree fob, which communicates directly with the security module on an individualized frequency. When the rider switches off the ignition and leaves the proximity of the motorcycle, the Smart Security System disables the vehicle starter, ignition, and electronic fuel injection (EFI). hog® magazine canada

Gear.indd 47


11/7/10 10:10 PM








1. Diamond Ice Air Cleaner Trim 2. Diamond Ice License Plate Frame 3. Diamond Ice Fuel Cap Medallion 4. Women’s Crystal Necklace 99446-10VW 5. Women’s Crystal Bracelet 99447-10VW 6. Women’s Activewear Jacket with Faux Fur (XS-2XL 1W-3W) 96311-11VW 7. Super Reduced Reach® Solo Seat

GM_GMA_HOG_Magazine_Ad_CA-Dec2010.indd 2

11/5/2010 9:54:40 AM


7 -1 Casual Jacket Holiday Miss Enthusiast 3-in XS-2XL, 1W-3W 97444-11VW /

GM_GMA_HOG_Magazine_Ad_CA-Dec2010.indd 3

11/5/2010 9:55:05 AM


3 2



GM_GMA_HOG_Magazine_Ad_CA-Dec2010.indd 4

11/5/2010 9:55:19 AM




9 10

1. Men’s Roadway Leather Jacket (S-5XL) 98002-11VM 2. Dark Custom™ Derby Cover 3. Dark Custom™ Timer Cover 4. Edge Cut Hand Grips 5. Men’s Black Label Collection H-D® MC Knit Cap 97672-11VM 6. Men’s New Classic Boot Cut Jeans (28-46) 99028-10VM 7. Men’s Skull TriFold Short Biker Wallet 99437-10VM 8. Brown Leather Solo Spring Seat 9. Edge Cut Large Brake Pedal Pad 10. Edge Cut Shifter Peg Available at participating Harley-Davidson® Retail stores. Visit to find a Retailer near you. © H-D 2010. Harley-Davidson and the Bar & Shield logo are among the trademarks of H-D Michigan, LLC.

GM_GMA_HOG_Magazine_Ad_CA-Dec2010.indd 5

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floored by daytona

Daytona Bike Week… been there, done that, got the T-shirt. However, my previous foray had no self-imposed budget. Those were heady times, before the bubble burst, the market crashed, and all that junk. So this time I did Daytona on the cheap. By John Sandberg

Employing skills that I’ve learned from a lifetime of frugality, I rode, ate, watched, and drifted through Bike Week 2010, emphasizing the economical rather than the extravagant, stretching a single Ben Franklin (and change) over three days. (Yes, I paid for airfare, but let’s assume that this is aimed at riders who live in the area.) Here’s how I did it: first, I avoided the largest money pit of most trips — paying for accommodations. While camping is my preferred method of cheap sleep, temperatures in the low 30s pushed me to Plan B — freeloading the floor of a friend’s hotel room. Sure, this means I’ll have to return the favour someday, but it also meant warm showers and free coffee in Daytona. Nice! Second, I saved some serious cash through inexpensive meals. Instead of steak-and-egg breakfasts and seafood dinners, I made 52

a couple of runs to the grocery store, skipped two lunches, and topped up the tank with a few burritos. So instead of coming home five pounds heavier, I actually lost one. Bonus! I even treated myself to one Italian sausage manwich from a local vendor on Beach Street and one box of peanut butter Girl Scout cookies. Third, I purchased no souvenirs, T-shirts, LED light kits, dyno tests, accessories, or anything else that didn’t somehow fuel me, my bike, or my experiences. I have enough crap that I don’t use. Finally, I rode a borrowed Wide Glide® motorcycle that cost me nothing more than the gas I burned. The offer came from a friend who knew the circumstances of my trip and offered me the use of the bike. Which just goes to show that when you need a little help, your friends lend a hand.

hog® magazine canada

$100 ride.indd 52

11/7/10 10:11 PM



$100 rides

Epic adventures don’t require epic dollars

i even treated myself to one italian sausage manwich from a local vendor on Beach street…and a box of cookies.

Total cost of the trip: $114. True, I exceeded my budget, but not by so much that I needed a government bailout. And if you consider the MDA raffle pin and Girl Scout cookies to be “charitable deductions”, I’m down to $106. And here are just some of the returns I got for my investment that don’t show up on the balance sheet: • I hung out on Main Street and Beach Street, soaking in the sights, sounds, and smells of Bike Week. • I rode every 2010 model Harley-Davidson® motorcycle that was at the Demo Ride area. • I “drag-raced” a modified V-Rod® bike at the Harley-Davidson® display on Beach Street, losing both times. • I attended multiple bike shows/parties. • I witnessed the Daytona 200 motorcycle race (by “sharing” a friend’s event pass). • I rode 300-plus miles. • I shook hands with Willie G. Davidson. • I shared gut-busting laughter with good friends. • I met dozens of riders from all over the world. • I marvelled at Daytona Harley-Davidson®, also known as Destination Daytona.

• I dipped my boot into the Atlantic Ocean. It is startling how much is free, and what can break the bank at Bike Week. For instance, just by filling out a few questionnaires, I got a free t-shirt and a Harley-Davidson® fleece blanket. Conversely, two drinks in the hotel bar set me back $18! The lesson? Keep good friends and buy beer at a liquor store. I realized a more meaningful lesson on the second day, while agonizing about whether to buy an event t-shirt: things don’t necessarily make me happy, experiences do. And events like Daytona and Sturgis serve up all sorts of free experience. From now on, I’ll skip the t-shirts, sleep on floors, and focus on the best things in life.

The $100 challenge If you have a $100 ride story to share, we want to hear it. If it appears in HOG‰ Magazine Canada, we’ll even foot the bill — in the form of a $100 Harley-Davidson‰ gift card. Keep your story to 750 words or less, including a list of your expenses. We also need hi-res photos of your adventure, including a photo of you. E-mail your submission with “$100 rides” as the subject line to hog® magazine canada

$100 ride.indd 53


11/7/10 10:11 PM

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a motorcycle adventure to the edge of the world

Through the Land of the Midnight Sun in Nordkapp, Norway By Gerry Ryan & James Kerr The two of us will go anywhere on our motorcycles. Across all ten provinces and 49 out of 50 states, we’ve seen some spectacular places from behind the handlebars. But this year we set our sights on something a little more extreme —Nordkapp, in Norway. Well past the Arctic Circle, Nordkapp is the northernmost point in the world that is accessible by paved road, and we were taking the long way, via Sweden and Finland. We could only find one place in Scandinavia that rents HarleyDavidson® motorcycles — Lazy Boyz in Oslo. Tor Arne Kallevik was very accommodating, and fit us out with an FLHRC Road King® Classic bike and an FLHTCU Ultra Classic® Electra Glide® bike, along with maps and other gear. Oslo is a beautiful city with lots of interesting bars and restaurants. From the Nobel Peace Centre to the Norwegian National Opera House, the city is loaded with culture. Or you can kick culture to the curb and just stick with drinking beer and ogling the blondes. A word of warning: Scandinavia is expensive everywhere you go — to the point where you might actually think our taxes here in Canada aren’t all that bad! After picking up the bikes, we headed out on the E18, through spectacularly lush green countryside, with Stockholm, Sweden, as our destination. Our GPS crapped out on the first day but, after ducttaping the iPhone — complete with GPS function — to the top of the gas tank, we were good to go. Another word of warning: talk to your ISP and arrange a roaming plan before you fly to Europe! Built on 14 islands and with numerous one-way streets, Stockholm is not an easy city to navigate. Still, it’s absolutely gorgeous, with its harbour and the Royal Palace at the centre of the old town. We happened to be there at the time of a royal wedding, and the city was alive with excitement. A boat cruise of the islands is obligatory, after which you can relax in a wide variety of bars and 54

hog® magazine canada

REVISED_aa_Ultimateride.indd 54

11/9/10 12:55 PM

restaurants with more beer (the purest in the world!) and more blondes (pure and otherwise!). After visiting Stockholm, we took an 18-hour ferry across the Baltic Sea to Helsinki, Finland. The ferry was more like a cruise ship, actually, offering access to a seascape similar to the Thousand Islands area of the St. Lawrence River, only on a grander scale. We booked the cheapest room we could (two decks under the parking lot) and slept through the nighttime portion of the crossing. Helsinki is nice enough, but nothing remarkable. With over 180,000 lakes, Finland is pretty flat, which allowed us to make good time as we headed north. Once we crossed the border back into Norway, however, the roads became twisty and narrow, with no pavement markings in the middle of the road, only on the sides. North of the Arctic Circle, the trees thinned out and then disappeared, and it drizzled most of the time. But with good tires on the bikes and the generally excellent quality of the pavement, we hardly noticed. The big risk is the reindeer, which are everywhere and will suddenly bolt across the highway. Nordkapp (which means North Cape) was awesome. Hundreds of miles north of the Arctic Circle, you stand at the edge of a 1,007-foot

cliff and stare out at the Arctic Ocean as the bracingly cold winds blow into your face. Here you’re truly on the edge of the world, and closer to the North Pole than you are to Oslo. It had been a long, ass-numbing ride to get there, but it was an absolutely spectacular moment. And like they say, “No pain, no gain”! To add to the almost mythical experience, we were there in the Land of the Midnight Sun during its peak, when the sun stays above the horizon 24 hours a day. Amazing! The closest town was Honningsvåg. If you ever stay over, check out the Nordkapp Vandrerhjem, which is reasonably priced and clean, with breakfast included. We usually just wing it with our accommodations, but generally look for Best Western hotels where they are available. They offered parking (many hotels don’t) and a free breakfast that allowed us to gorge ourselves so that we wouldn’t have to eat again until late in the day. The Scandinavian Arctic is different than the Canadian tundra. Thanks to the gulfstream, it’s relatively warm year-round, at least by Arctic standards (high temperatures of about 10°C in the summer). It’s well populated, with the majority of people speaking English, and it’s mountainous, with glorious snow-capped peaks. hog® magazine canada

aa_Ultimateride.indd 55


11/7/10 10:12 PM

back shop / december 2010 gear ultimate rides Pit stop enthusiasts exhaust •

One final warning about the cops. Sweden and Norway are notorious for their aggressive enforcement of speed limits. There are both cameras and speed traps, so exceed speed limits at your peril, especially south of the Arctic Circle. But the best was still ahead of us. The road from Nordkapp back to Oslo on Highway E6 was nothing less than 2,100 kilometres of sheer motorcycle euphoria. From winding around Norway’s mountainous fjords, rivers, and waterfalls to zooming through long, cold tunnels (some as long as ten kilometres and cold as hell),

By the Numbers


the number of people on the trip Gerry Ryan & James Kerr



The number of cities & towns visited Oslo, Orebro, Stockholm, Helsinki, Oulu, Inari, Nordkapp, Mosjeen, Trondheim, Hell, Hamar, Lillehammer

The number of kilometers traveled.


four hundred The number of kilometers north of the Artic Circle

this stretch of road was absolutely worth paying the big bucks for, with stunning scenery and as exhilarating a ride on your Harley® motorcycle as you’ll find anywhere on earth. After 14 days, we finished “the circuit” and a sensational trip, with a thousand memories and hundreds of photographs. And did we mention the blondes? Gerry Ryan is a Toronto-based graphic designer and photographer, and James Kerr is a lawyer.


14 ˙ 18 ˙ thirteen celsius hours ‰

Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

Total days on the road

The average temperature during the trip


The countries visited Norway, Sweden & Finland

The length of time to cross the Baltic Sea by Ferry

hog® magazine canada

aa_Ultimateride.indd 56

11/7/10 10:12 PM

Sky to sea

“High milers” use up vacation time on 6,600 km crosscountry adventure By Bob Paradis It was always an all-or-nothing proposition. The Harley-Davidson® experience isn’t something that I could, or would do part-time. A mere 25 years after getting my bike licence, I traded in my golf clubs for the Riding Club. You could tell me that it’s the wind, the freedom, the bonding, the excitement, the chrome, the looks, the sound, the leather, the hands-on prepping, the rallies, or the crutch. And yes, I’d have to agree. I’ve felt all of these to some degree at one time or another. But that was just me. My wife, on the other hand, wasn’t nearly at the same spot. Back in 1995, my wife couldn’t quite understand this “obsession” with a motorcycle, but in the war of attrition, the outcome is never in doubt. She reluctantly agreed to the purchase of my first Harley-Davidson® motorcycle, a 1996 Heritage SoftailTM Classic model. Then one day she hopped on the passenger seat for one (and I do mean one) ride. Never again did I ride that Heritage SoftailTM Classic bike alone. Inevitably, her evolution in the biker world was set: someone who dreads bikes all her life steps into the biker world, gets hooked, and at the age of 42 gets her licence and a Sportster® motorcycle. She put 24,000 km on that rigid-mounted bike before moving up to a Super Glide® bike that she rode for another 75,000 km and eventually she purchased her 2006 Road King® model. I’m sure that it’s a journey to which many of you can relate. Thus the web was spun. Our lives became entangled with family, work, and the H-D® lifestyle, and not always in the correct order. There never seemed to be time for other hobbies. Along with a few local riders, and with the support of Gasoline Alley HarleyDavidson®, we fired up the H.O.G.® Chapter and got busy with planned activities, rides, and social events. A passion for the lifestyle would not be too strong a description. We became “high milers”, using up all of our holiday time to leave Alberta and head out to the Canadian Rockies, the northwest USA, southern Utah, Colorado, Arizona, the West Coast, the H-D® 100th Anniversary in Milwaukee, anywhere that could be reached in that two-to three-week vacation window. There never seemed to be an end to the destinations. We began deliberating on a ride across Canada, but that involved more time than we could spare. We sketched out our plans and decided that this would be our first “post-retirement run”. After all, retirement was only three years or so away. So what about the “crutch”? Well, our plans for the crossCanada trip went on the back-burner when, in 2007, my wife and I were informed that she had been diagnosed with colorectal cancer.

Our perfect little world began to disintegrate. Though she valiantly fought the dreaded disease for two years, the cancer eventually took her life. After that, I thought long and hard about whether to give up on our plan to travel across the country. In the end, I came to the conclusion that the best way to celebrate the passion that had reenergized our life together was to undertake the memorial journey, sharing our story with family and long-time friends that, in some instances, we had not seen in over 30 years. I hadn’t considered what this would do for me emotionally, but it effectively became my crutch, and carried me through the cold Canadian winter. The individuals I would meet up with were spread out across the Prairies and into the Maritimes. There were so many folks to see over the summer holidays. As we riders all know, road schedules on a bike are pretty much set in Jell-O. Wind, rain, hail, the odd mechanical or electrical hiccup, and an unexpected scenic road all give credence to the adage, “it’s the journey, not the destination that counts”. On June 12, 2010, I left Alberta and began my travels across Canada. I returned some ten weeks and 16,600 km later, after many warm reunions and what can only be described as a milestone in my life. I invite you to read more about our incredible cross-continent journey at hog® magazine canada

aa_Ultimateride.indd 57


11/7/10 10:12 PM

back shop / december 2010 gear ultimate rides Pit stop enthusiasts exhaust •

more than an oil change

Regular servicing will help keep your Harley-Davidson‰ motorcycle operating at peak performance. With more than 20 specific check points, from front tire to tailpipe, your Harley-Davidson‰ Retailer knows how to best service your motorcycle, using factory-approved methods and equipment.

1. Inspect the condition of the battery, cables, and charging system output.

21. Lubricate the Tour-Pak® carrier and saddlebag hinges, latches, and locks.

2. Lubricate the fuel door 20. Check rear suspension air pressure, operation, and leakage.

19. Inspect rear tire tread depth and air pressure; adjust as needed. Check torque of all spokes (if equipped).

17. Inspect rear brake pads and disc. Ensure pad thickness is within specification. Inspect rear brake line for leaks, contact, or abrasions.


3. Lubricate clutch cable. Ensure proper cable adjustment and hand lever free play.

18. Inspect and adjust drive belt. Inspect wheel compensator sprocket.

16. Inspect exhaust system for leaks, cracks, and loose or missing fasteners or exhaust shields.



hog® magazine canada

Pitstop.indd 58

11/8/10 2:57 PM

Depicted is the recommended 1,600 Km service for a 2010 Touring model. Refer to your owner’s manual for more details. Check for open recalls, product campaigns, trouble codes, and engine management system updates.

Check the tightness of all critical fasteners.

Road test — verify component and system functions.

4. Inspect front brake reservoir for fluid condition and proper fluid level.

5. Inspect and lubricate brake and clutch hand levers. Inspect clutch assembly adjustment. Ensure that the adjuster screw free play and locknut torque are correct. 6. Check the correct operation of all electrical equipment, lighting, and controls.

7. lubricate steering head bearings. Ensure proper adjustment. 8. Inspect air cleaner element. Clean or replace as needed. Inspect spark plugs. Ensure proper gap settings.

15 12



9. Check front brake pads and disc. Ensure pad thickness is within specifications. Inspect front brake lines for leaks, contact or abrasion. Inspect front tire tread depth and air pressure. Check torque of all spokes (if equipped).

10. Drain and replace transmission lubricant. Examine fluid condition. Replace drain plug o-ring and torque to proper specification. 11. Drain and replace primary chaincase lubricant; inspect the condition of the lubricant. Replace drain plug o-ring and torque to the proper specification. 12. Drain and replace engine oil; examine its condition. Replace drain plug o-ring and torque to proper specification. Ensure proper oil level at operating temperature. 13. Inspect rear brake reservoir for fluid condition and proper level 14. Inspect and lubricate jiffy stand. 15. Remove and replace oil filter. Inspect its condition. Tighten to specification.

hog® magazine canada

Pitstop.indd 59


11/8/10 2:57 PM

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2011 motorcycle shows

Come to Canada’s Premiere Motorcycle Shows in your area to see the new Harley-Davidson® booth. The popular women’s night is back on Friday at the Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, City of Québec, and Montréal shows. The Vancouver and Moncton shows will host their women’s night on Saturday. Interactive Harley-Davidson® Fit Shop demonstrations will be held in the Harley-Davidson® booth throughout the whole weekend at all of the shows, and of course, the much anticipated 2011 HarleyDavidson® motorcycles will be on display. Come in for a chance to win a $500 Harley-Davidson® gift card, and much more!

Toronto Motorcycle Show Location: Metro Toronto Convention Centre, South Hall, Toronto, Ontario Date: December 10 to 12, 2010 Calgary Motorcycle Show Location: Roundup Centre, Stampede Park, Calgary, Alberta Date: January 7 to 9, 2011


Edmonton Motorcycle Show Location: Northlands, AgriCom, Edmonton, Alberta Date: January 14 to 16, 2011 Vancouver Motorcycle Show Location: Tradex, Abbotsford, British Columbia Date: January 20 to 23, 2011 City of Québec Motorcycle Show Location: Centre de Foires, City of Québec, Quebec Date: February 4 to 6, 2011

Moncton Motorcycle Show Location: Moncton Coliseum Complex, Moncton, New Brunswick Date: February 11 to 13, 2011 Montréal Motorcycle Show Location: Palais des congrès de Montréal, Montréal, Quebec Date: February 25 to 27, 2011


7 cities. women’s night. Come in for a chance to win a $500 h-d gift card. ®

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So don’t wait – RENEW TODA Y and start getting more from your riding experience. Call 1-800-668-4836 or go to

*Annual full H.O.G.® membership: $60

* Annual full H.O.G.® membership: $45

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Name: Eric Payne Hardcore H.O.G. Member ®

Chapter: Lethbridge, Alberta H.O.G.® Member since: 2009 Bike Owned: 2009 Road King® model


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it’s my life

Eric Payne, journeyman bike mechanic and Chapter Director for the Lethbridge Chapter, depicts his life-changing experience that started in the spring of 2010. Eric is one of those lucky few that have managed to combine his hobbies and interests with his career ambitions, and his excitement shows. In the early spring of 2010, he purchased his first Harley® motorcycle, a 2009 Road King® model. His devotion to the brand led him to volunteer to become the new Lethbridge Chapter Director, of the Harley Owners Group® who witnessed his Chapter membership nearly double, from 65 to 103 members, in less than six months. What is the secret of this 31-year-old’s success. Eric’s mix of humility and passion allows him to look at things from a fresh, new perspective. In essence, he ascribes the popularity of the Chapter to removing the concept of formal meetings and politics, and instead focusing more on the members’ shared joy for simply riding. He sees formal meetings as unnecessary forums for complaints and negativity. Eric merely considers himself as the facilitator for his Chapter, and his open-mindedness appeals to all age groups and genders. He stresses the importance of opening events up to include people riding other brands of motorcycles, and he laughs when they sheepishly ask how they too can wear one of the vests that Eric takes pride in wearing. Aware of the perception of “aging” H.O.G.® members, Eric is constantly organizing events which both young and old enjoy equally alongside each other. Eric maintains that the success of the Chapter hinges on full support from the Retailer, who in turn can expect the Chapter’s full dedication. All in all, it has been a very successful start to a new life for both Eric and the Chapter, and his final recommendation is to always abide by the “FFF” rule in your career as well as in your personal life: friends (people want to have friends), family (whether your own or a community, this is important to everyone), and fun (enjoy your hobby).

Do you know a Hardcore H.O.G.® Member? We’re looking for the most devoted and fanatical H.O.G.‰ members. If you know one then drop us a line telling us briefly who they are and why you think they’re hardcore. You can even nominate yourself! Send your nominations (500-750 words along with 4 photos – 2MB files @ 300 DPI resolution) with “Hardcore H.O.G.‰ Member” in the subject line to: hog® magazine canada

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a tribute to curt everson … “life member”


We felt so much joy sharing these intense emotional moments.

Very early in the season, a biker who isn’t a H.O.G.® member, but who knows of the organization, sent us an e-mail to draw our attention to a situation he encountered at work. (Daniel is a paramedic.) “I met this man through work, and I thought that your Chapter would be very good for him. Here is his profile: He is a 46-year-old guy who rode Harley® motorcycles his whole life, has done a lot of travelling, and has shirts and photos of the many places he’s been. He wears a Harley® shirt every day. Now he has multiple sclerosis, which has debilitated him to the point where he gets around on a three-wheel scooter and sleeps in a hospital bed. His wife had to quit work to avoid having to place him in a longterm care facility. She takes care of him and is doing a great job. His dream is to visit the Milwaukee museum, and I think he’ll do it this year. His bike is his life, and he’s a H.O.G.® member 64

for life. If you wanted to bring a little joy to this man and his wife, I’d be so happy.” Editor’s note: This was all we needed to broadcast the message to the members of our Chapter and to organize a small meet-and-greet to honour Curt Everson... The visit in pictures... It is the evening of Monday, July 26. The sun was shining, and there were more than 20 of us with Harley-Davidson® motorcycles. We arrived at Curt’s house and, with hearts full of emotion, we gave him souvenirs, support, and messages of friendship. We felt so much joy sharing these intense emotional moments. Once again, we felt what the spirit of H.O.G.® could do for us, as well as what we could bring to others. The evening put a twinkle in our eyes (along with a few tears)!

Bravo, Curt! You are one of us!

Testimonial by Curt’s wife I’m writing you at Curt’s request and on his behalf, but to be honest with you, I would have written to you anyways, because we can’t thank you enough for the generosity of spirit and kinship we felt on Monday night. It was overwhelming, to say the least. I let Curt go downstairs alone because I assumed that a couple of men would show up to say “hi” and shoot the breeze about their past rides. I think Daniel played a good one on us. When we rode, we always felt that the Harley® family was our family. There was never any question that you could count on a fellow Harley® motorcycle owner at any time, but this is dependability at its best. Curt was so emotional that he was at a loss for words; and even today,

looking at all of the pictures, he cries. I don’t have to tell you how much he misses riding, and it’s his dream to someday raise the money to get a Trike so he can feel that feeling again — a feeling that only Harley® bike owners know. In my books, you are all angels. The fact that so many people would take time out of their busy schedules to come and do this for an ill brother is something that is hard to understand, unless you know H.O.G.® Again, you gave my husband something to cling to, and more joy than I have seen on his face for years. May God bless you and keep you safe on all of your future rides. Eternally grateful, Andree Everson

Testimonial from Curt via Daniel Proulx

“Thank you so much. I would have loved to have gotten up and talked with you all, but I was so moved by the impressive group of bikes and generous visitors that I couldn’t even speak. Thank the H.O.G.® people warmly for me. I’m still overwhelmed.”

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my first harleydavidson experience When I first saw the HarleyDavidson® Sportster® Iron 883TM motorcycle at the local motorcycle show, I was immediately attracted to it. Matte black with a low stance, it was the latest fuel-injected model, with drag handlebars, a peanut gas tank, and a lot of attitude. I had never seen another motorcycle quite like it before.

The staff member I spoke to asked if I would like to sit on the bike to see how it felt, so I went over and sat on it. I was immediately impressed with how low and comfortable it was. It seemed to fit me perfectly, even though I am only 5’6” tall. This definitely felt like a bike that I wanted to own and to put some miles on. So I arranged for a demo ride at a local HarleyDavison® Retailer, and off I went to speak with someone there concerning the bike. During the demo ride, I found many other people that shared an interest in this type of motorcycle. Although the Retail store did not have the matte black model to test ride, they did have the same model in silver to try. The demo ride was well–organized, and the staff was both knowledgeable and courteous. At no time did anyone attempt to pressure me to buy a motorcycle. This struck me as strange, as I was


I had never seen another motorcycle quite like it…

obviously there to test ride a motorcycle, and perhaps to purchase one. I found the Harley-Davidson® Retail store offering the demo ride to be very welcoming, with free coffee and a knowledgeable staff, who use a soft-sell approach with people wanting to buy a new motorcycle. They let the motorcycle sell itself. I appreciated this as an uncommon experience. I spoke with some other Harley-Davidson® bike owners during the demo ride, and everyone seemed to agree that Harley-Davidson® motorcycles were both well made and reliable. Some said that they were also a good investment, as HarleyDavidson® motorcycles depreciate little relative to

their metric counterparts, and are much sought-after in the marketplace. Confidently armed with this information, I spoke with a Harley-Davidson® sales representative and ordered my Sportster® XL 883N motorcycle. The paperwork was completed in quick order, and I was that told the motorcycle would be at the Retail store within two to three weeks. I left the store feeling comfortable with my purchase. After waiting for what seemed like forever, although in actuality it was only a few weeks, I received a call from my contact at the Retail store telling me to come and pick up the motorcycle. During the pickup of my new motorcycle, I was very impressed with the pre-delivery inspection and the time that

my sales representative took to explain all of the features of the bike, including the security system, before I rode away with it and took it home. Shortly after I purchased my Harley-Davidson® motorcycle, they sent me a card in the mail congratulating me on my purchase and welcoming me to the Harley-Davidson® family. I found it comforting to know that in this day and age of companies that do not look after their clients, Harley-Davidson Motor Company stands out as one that truly means what it says. As for me, I couldn’t have been happier with the purchase of my new Harley-Davidson® motorcycle, and I look forward to putting some miles on it. Shawn Rodie (Roadhouse) hog® magazine canada

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the profit ride

On October 1st, the three semi finalists from the Profit Ride contest — all riders of different brands — met at Deeley Harley-Davidson® Canada in Toronto to kickoff a weekend of riding and networking. They rode along side Ian Portsmouth, Editor of Profit Magazine, and a number of Profit’s top 100 Entrepreneur’s and the Deeley Harley-Davidson® Canada business leaders. Throughout the weekend at Niagara-on-the-Lake, the three contestants battled online to win a Fat Bob® Motorcycle. The public voted and chose the most bike-worthy of the group. Meet the semi-finalists and take part in their journey.


…it’s about creating and living the dream. 66

Ian Andrew Bell I’ve always been a sportbike guy, I was completely oblivious to the joys of riding a HarleyDavidson® motorcycle until the Profit Ride weekend. Usually, after a few hours on my sportbike I get twitchy nerves, a sore back, and I’m exhausted. But after 6-7 hours on a Harley® bike in the bitter cold and pouring rain, I was ready for more. The Fat Bob® bike was great but I think the most emblematic ride is the Heritage Softail™ Classic bike, soon to be my new addition to my collection. The business insight and networking this weekend was overwhelming. Trust and chemistry are hard to come by in business, as is true passion. Many of us choose to compromise doing what we love in favour of what pays the bills. It’s quite clear that the Deeley team loves the sport, loves the riders, and loves the bikes. The lessons learned are as much about life as they are about work.

Brad Geddes A dream fulfilled. For me, Harley-Davidson® has always meant serious motorcycle riding. To have the opportunity to hop on a traditional Heritage Softail™ Classic bike and then switch it up to the FLHX Street Glide® model delivered an enjoyable comparison. Comfort, maneuverability and balance provided me with a unique Harley-Davidson® riding experience. I came to appreciate why HarleyDavidson® is known for delivering quality, performance and sophistication (selfcanceling turn signals as an example). But it was combining the essence of motorcycling and business discussions with Deeley Harley-Davidson® Canada execs that exceeded all my expectations. Getting a glimpse of what really makes Harley-Davidson® so successful in Canada helped me to better understand the power and prestige of this iconic brand. Clearly, there is truth in the statement, “It’s more than just about motorcycles – it’s about creating and living the dream.” A dream I hope to enjoy for many years.

Milo Anderson One goes through life with some dreams and aspirations that you begin to think may never be realized ... then along comes the opportunity of a lifetime! Dream: Ride a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle. Dream: Visit Niagara Falls on a motorcycle. Dream: Share your business ideas with a successful CEOS of major companies. Amazing how one weekend and a whole lot of luck can fulfill your dreams! The Profit Ride was a weekend of exhilaration, laughter, camaraderie and of fulfillment of many dreams. What I learned is that owning a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle isn’t about owning a bike, it is about a Lifestyle. I had the pleasure of riding eight different Harley® bikes and each one had its own most unique and sensory stimulating lifestyle experience. Who says that you can’t mix business and pleasure anyway? Find out who won at!

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member benef its do’'s and don’t's H.O.G.® yearly packages are sent upon renewal. If you have a July 2011 expiry date for instance, if you like you can renew in January 2011 to receive your pack earlier and at the beginning of the season. Please note, in renewing earlier, your expiration date of July 2011 will not change and you will not lose any membership months. You will just have the benefit of having all your materials before the start of riding season. H.O.G.® and H.O.G.® Roadside Assistance are two separate companies, working closely together but with separate enrolment / renewal systems. To upgrade your package or call for service please call the toll-free number at 1-888-443-5896.You must call this number to receive the necessary assistance as per your H.O.G.® membership benefits. Calling another towing service and submitting receipts after the fact is not the proper procedure and will not be reimbursed. Your motorcycle must be enrolled in the Mileage Program first before kilometers can be claimed; this applies to all bikes that you want to claim mileage (including rental bikes). Please enrol at your local Retailer, as they are required to sign the form to validate the number of kilometers.

When you become a H.O.G.® Member for the first time, you will receive the initial H.O.G.® (eagle) pin and patch. It is not until you “renew” your membership in subsequent years, that you receive the “year specific” H.O.G.® pins and patches. Did you know your free H.O.G.® Membership from a new bike purchase is transferable to an existing full member or associate member? Renewal updates online will be visible within the members only area approximately 10 days after their completion. Online profiles for access to can also be created for new memberships within 10 days of your enrollment being processed. For those interested in becoming a “Life Member”, please know that you do not need a minimum numbers of years in as a H.O.G.® member to take advantage of this opportunity. For more information on how to become a “Life Member” call our office at 1-800-668-4836 for more details. Delivery of H.O.G. ® materials and packages typically takes 4-6 weeks, dependent upon your local area delivery service. If you have not received your materials after the 6 week mark, please let us know and we will look in to it for you.

H.O.G. ® Canada Team

Gina McNeil Manager, Enthusiast Services

Stephan Chantal Membership Services Coordinator

Chantele Cumberbatch Programs & Benefits Coordinator

Normand Gauthier Regional Coordinator Atlantic Canada & Quebec

Vern Wilson Regional Director Ontario

Brad Carvery Regional Director Prairies (Miya Carvery D.O.B. 9/17/10)

Cliff Randal Regional Director Western

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Return undeliverable Canadian addresses to: H.O.G.速 Canada 830 Edgeley Blvd. Concord, Ontario L4K 4X1 Tel: 1-800-668-4836 Fax: 905-660-3372

Publication mail agreement No. 40037386


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