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IN THEIR FATHERS’ FOOTSTEPS The Bangkok sons and daughters building on their family legacies

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You might find music in Beam less dark in 2017 A little bird told us that the Thonglor nightclub plans to ditch the deep, dark tunes in favor of something brighter, happier and more overlaid in vocals. Apparently the pounding electro has been driving away a certain clientele. That or the B360 drinks (see page 14). Thonglor just welcomed a cafe dedicated to virtual reality gaming Boardgame cafes are over now that Thonglor’s new VR1 (fb. com/vr1bkk) offers virtual reality gaming instead. Here, you can try out the Oculus, Vive, Playstation VR and other virtual reality consoles while sipping on coffee or a cold beer.

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Bangkok has another Chinatown Now that Yaowarat is overrun by polka-dot milkshake specialists and gin bars, this city needs a new, proper Chinatown. Step forward Pracha Rat Bamphen Road in Huai Khwang, which Bangkok Post’s Spectrum section recently outed as the home of Bangkok’s fourth-generation Chinese immigrants, who’ve arrived bearing authentic Yunnan cuisine, Lao Gan Ma chili sauce and dodgy-looking massage shops. Go visit now while the avo-toast count is still at nil. Jamie’s Italian is almost ready No matter how many IG pics you’ve seen, it’s not open to the public yet. (We’re still being told December, just not when exactly.) The menu reads a lot like Jamie’s Italian branches at other spots worldwide: antipasti, pizza and the highlight pasta, made in house daily. We’ve tried it, and can also report that, while not extraordinary, it certainly surpasses your average mall Italian food. Do expect queues. CP is conquering the world America’s third-largest producer of ready meals now belongs to Thailand’s no. 1 producer of ready meals in a deal that cost Charoen Pokphand Foods Pcl US$1.075 billion (B38 billion). Bellisio Group owns a bunch of household US names like Michelina’s, Boston Market, Chili’s and Atkins. Could this lead to fusion creations like shrimp-wanton-cheese casseroles coming to Bangkok supermarket shelves? Watch this space.

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@bkmagazine BK Magazine Friday, December 2, 2016

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11/28/16 7:12 PM

upfront HOT OR NOT

Hot: One-stop service Not: Single gateway What sounds like a place to get your car washed and pick up a pack of smokes is actually the government’s latest plan to make the Computer Crimes Act even more archaic. The “service” being offered is to restrict what you can view online, and the “one stop” is the military government, who’ll choose what you can and can’t see based on what they deem “a threat to public order” or “against good morals.” Expect it to be debated in a parliament near you this month.


Hot: Glamping

Not: Airbnb

Hay bales, fairy lights, breton stripe and scatter cushions are the order of the day for any winter 2016/17 camping excursion. Mae Rim’s new Camp Chiang Mai offers the full Wonderfruit glamping experience minus the thumping electro and comedowns, while Rustic Camping in Kabinburi ensures the hangover remains thanks to free-flow beer incorporated in the nightly rate. See page 9.

Hot: Poke

Not: Ceviche

In 2017, we’re told, bowls of raw fish cubes should come from Hawaii, not Peru, and be dressed in soy sauce rather than lime juice. Until recently, Bangkok’s been having a pretty hard time wrapping its head around this, but then along came Shari Shari, where they’ll now sell you an authentically inauthentic Californian-style bowl of the Hawaiian food trend—which is the type you’re supposed to be eating right now. Confused? See goo.gL/oZamu2.

Hot: Siam

Not: Phrom Phong

The EmQuartier’s spiralling corridors of fish-shaped croissants and fried chicken the size of your head have had their moment in the sun. We ate, we regretted, and now we’re all heading back to Paragon, where the ground floor has recently been attracting all the hottest foodie names: Milch (cheese tarts), Pablo (cheese tarts), and MX Cakes (more cheese tarts). We’re beginning to see a trend here.



As the controversial Chao Phraya River Promenade comes ever closer to fruition, old communities along the river are living in fear of eviction. Among those potentially affected are Udom Khamking, 67, and Chalong Songbundit, 34, of Mittakham community, who work as divers hunting for sunken treasures in the Chao Phraya River. How did you start diving? Udom: I was a vintage goods dealer after moving here from Ayutthaya in 1957. I saw others diving in the river and thought it was pretty cool. I started learning from a friend and have been diving myself since 1972. Chalong: When I was 14 I quit junior high school to help my father with his diving. By 20, I was also a diver. What gear do you use? Chalong: It’s pretty much like in the old days. For the helmet, we cut in half an aluminum tank and hired a welder to weld lead onto it to make it heavier. We then attach a rubber tube connected to the air pump. All up, it costs about B5,000-6,000. How has the job changed? Chalong: The only difference is we now use an automatic air pump. Back in the old days it was all done by hand You could only dive for around half an hour at a time. Udom: We’ve always needed a buddy to help us on the boat. The helmet is really heavy, about 20kg, so we need someone to help put it on our head. We don’t need to swim as the helmet causes us to sink. We climb back to the surface with a rope. What’s it like at the bottom of the river? Udom: It’s like a giant junk yard, with everything from whole wrecked boats to large trees. It’s almost mountain-

ous, due to the things that get stuck in the mud. As it’s so dark, divers need to develop theirs skill for years in order to find treasures. You’ll find celadon from the Sukhothai era, coins from the King Rama V era, and vintage bottles which can be sold for as much as B1,000 per piece. But, of course, the most valuable thing is still gold. Chalong: If we find something we believe to be gold, we keep it in our mouth as we’re afraid to lose it. For antiques, we need to know the basic history of different eras otherwise we will be duped by vintage dealers who buy directly from us. Lesser finds we sell at Chatuchak Market. What’s the most valuable treasure you have found? Udom: A piece of gold carved in the shape of a junk boat that I found more than 20 years ago. It weighed nearly 400g—worth about B500,000 according to today’s gold prices, but I sold it for far less than that. What’s the weirdest thing you have found? Chalong: What shocks us the most must be the bodies, mostly people who have committed suicide. As we live near Saphan Thonburi, we occasionally save people who jump off the bridge. Sometimes it’s just students messing around, but often these people are in great despair. We give them clothes, money and send them home.

Where do you normally dive today? Udom: There are fewer places to dive now. We normally dive around Saphan Phut near the Flower Market. There’s such a long history going back to the early Rattanakosin era. That means there’s a lot of stuff. Chalong: We also go to some other provinces that have rivers, such as Ratchaburi, Ayutthaya, Sing Buri, Angthong, Suphan Buri and even Samut Songkram. What’s the most challenging thing about this job? Udom: During the flood season we can’t go out for around three months because the current is too strong. The job really depends on luck—one day we might find something worth B1,000 after a month of nothing. Chalong: We can’t dive in the winter, either. It’s like a refrigerator under the water. Sometimes we go fishing instead and sell our catch at B10 ;ess than market price. How do you feel about the Chao Phraya River Promenade project? Udom: We’re afraid that if we are expelled from the river, we will be like fish out of water. I was born here, I don’t know whatelse to do. Chalong: I heard the study team from KMITL will keep our old community intact with a learning center and preserve our job, which is a rarity. But I don’t know if it’s true or not. Interview by Monruedee Jansuttipan

by Kathy MacLeod

BK Magazine Friday, December 2, 2016

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11/25/16 6:27 PM

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11/29/16 10:41 AM

cover story FATHER FIGURES Ahead of Dec 5, we meet the Bangkok sons and daughters taking over their dads’ age-old businesses. By Monruedee Jansuttipan

NGOH TAILOR Jiraphon “Ngu” Jiraphonsakul, 36, and Jiraroj “Pro” Jiraphonsakul, 33, had no plans to take over their family’s 42-year-old tailor’s shop on Rama I Road until their father’s tragic murder during a robbery. But the brothers have now stood in to not only continue his legacy, but secure customers for the future, too. What are your dad’s most important teachings? Jiraphon: He always told us that we need to be honest to customers. Most of our clients have high brand loyalty as they have come to make suits here for generations. They say no matter who the tailor is, they will only come to Ngoh shop; they say our dad was a good person that they loved to talk and work with.

Jiraroj: He would say it’s not just about being honest with customers, but ourselves too. If you think something isn’t good enough, don’t push it on customers. When you’re not honest with yourself, you slowly lose your self-respect. Even his death taught us the need to take responsibility. That led my brother to make the sacrifice of quitting his job to continue to take care of the business.

“He would say it’s not just about being honest with customers, but ourselves too."

66 Rama I Rd., 083-018-1808, 02-214-1311. www.

UDOM POCHANA Titikarn Rungrojsuwan, 32, helps her father Suwan Rungrojsuwan, 67, carry out the business of this 80-year-old restaurant whose signature dishes of beef stew and roasted pork still draw in large crowds. She is the third generation to oversee operations. What are your dad’s most important teachings? You need to be patient, because no matter what you do, there will always be difficulties and hardships to overcome. Some days we can have very few customers, while other days we sell three times what we sold the day before. There are new shop owners who open for just three months then get disheartened by having few customers. He’s taught me to be adaptable as well as economical, as money isn’t easy to find these days.


“He’s nearly 70 years old, but he’s still doing the same things he did as a teenager." How is your dad a role model? He’s really diligent. He taught me how to do every job in the shop from cashier to dishwasher. We need to know the whole process so we can manage those who work for us. He’s nearly 70 years old, but he’s still doing the same things he did as a teenager. I think he will keep on like this forever. 78 Soi Phraeng Phuthon, Rattanakosin, 02-2213042

BK Magazine Friday, December 2, 2016

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11/28/16 4:24 PM


Krungsri Gourmet

Eastern Treats

Ho Kitchen Seafood Ho Kitchen Seafood cooks Hong Kong-style Chinese seafood dishes fresh from the sea. Its Rama III branch offers outdoor seating where you can enjoy scenic views of the Chao Phraya River along with dishes such as painted rock lobster sashimi, Boston lobster soup and soft-shell crab baked in spiced salt (starting from B200). As for dim sum, try the perfect bitesized shrimp dumplings (B90), steamed snow fish with enoki mushrooms (B80) and oozing salted egg lava buns (B120). The shared set menus start from B4,999 all the way up to B39,999 (for up to 10 people) covering delicacies such as Alaskan king crab and double-boiled premium-quality bird’s nest in coconut.

• 10% discount on food Now - Jan 31, 2017 Chongnonsi Soi 52, Rama III Rd. Tel. 02-294-5500 Pracha Uthit Rd. (Meng Jai). Tel. 02-934-7723

Credit Cards of Krungsri

*Please check more terms conditions with the restaurants andand other media under Krungsri Consumer Group. *Please *Please check more check terms more &terms conditions conditions with the with restaurants the and other media other under media Krungsri underKrungsri Krungsri Consumer Consumer Group. Group. Group. *Please check more terms & conditions with the restaurants and other media under Krungsri Consumer Group. *Please check more terms &&conditions with therestaurants restaurants other media under Krungsri Consumer *Please check more terms & conditions with the restaurants and other media under Consumer.

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11/25/2559 BE 4:19 PM

cover story 31 THANWA AND BAK SENG Boonyanuch Vitayasamrit, 29, founded women’s leather handbag brand 31 Thanwa back in late 2011. She’s the third generation behind an 80-year-old shoe factory, Bak Seng, which her father, Pairoj Vitayasamrit, 64, takes care of. Now Boonyanuch is preparing to continue the factory’s legacy with a new line of shoes, Young Folk, which launches soon. What are your dad’s most important teachings? He taught through actions rather than words. My two brothers and I absorbed his wisdom. He taught us that as siblings, we need to love each other no matter what . A s he’s g o t t e n o l d e r, we’ve stepped in to help take care of the factory. It’s like a support network. Both my brand and the original shoe factory allow us to focus on what we’re good at. I can design, my brothers can manage. We’re moving forward as a family.

How is your dad a role model? He learned everything from scratch. When my dad first started taking care of the family business, he didn’t know anything about making shoes. But he was determined to learn. He started practicing drawing every night. Now he’s the best shoemaker. It’s taught me that you don’t need to be good at everything from the beginning. Just be patient and one day you can be great.

“He taught us that as siblings, we need to love each other no matter what."

2/F, The Emporium, Sukhumvit Rd., 081711-8031. BTS Phrom Phong. www.fb. com/31ThanwaShop

PRACHAK POCHANA Panisa Mahasimongkol, 37, is the fourth generation of this 106-year-old roasted duck specialist that still packs in the crowds daily. Now Panisa has stepped up to take the lead from her dad, Sanguan Mahasirimongkol, 71, who remains very much active at this legendary institution. What are your dad's most important teachings? He doesn’t like talking too much, but he leads by example with everything he does. Before we changed the way we work with suppliers, he would go to the market every day and pick all the ingredients himself. If you separate work from your daily life, you will be easily discouraged. But if you look at the work as part of your life, you will try to sustain it like it’s part of your family. You can find the solutions to all the problems

“He doesn’t like talking too much, but he leads by example with everything he does." How is your dad a role model? My father is really dutiful and always pays respect to his mother. If he’s not traveling somewhere, he never misses a chance to eat dinner with her. I didn’t understand this at first but now I realize it’s his way of showing how important she is to him. The way he treats her also reflects on how he governs others as they really respect him as a good leader and role model. 1415 Charoenkrung Rd., 02-234-3755

D.K. BAKERY Tanawat Phoocharoensil, 37, quits his career at Microsoft’s marketing and key account manager for the Asia-Pacific region to help his dad, Suppakij Pucharoensilp, 74, run the family business, the nearly-70-year-old D.K. Bakery on Silom Road. What are your dad’s most important teachings? I really love his encouragement. He always told me to chase my dreams, no matter what. He never stopped me from doing anything. He just gave me advice. Kids these days might think they’re more educated but forget the value of life experience. M any new generations abandon their old family businesses. My whole life I’ve seen my dad work tirelessly for this bakery. I would always regret it if I stood by as he got old and lost the strength to carry out what he's loved all his life.

How do you see your dad as a role model? He started working before he was 10 years old. As a kid I would also help him, too. I learned quickly that it’s not easy running a bakery. Making delicious bread isn’t just about having the right formula and tools; it’s about experiences and what you learn along the way. It may be the same flour, but if you make a mistake, it won’t be the same bread that people have loved for nearly 70 years. My dad also treats my grandparents and extended family so well. I didn’t truly understand his love until I became a father myself. Now there are no words to capture all my feelings.

“He always told me to chase my dreams, no matter what."

741 Silom Rd., 02-233-8352


BK Magazine Friday, December 2, 2016

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11/28/16 4:25 PM

escapes ESCAPE ROUTES By Monruedee Jansuttipan and Natcha Sanguankiattichai


Organic Table Following a big renovation, pool villa-only resort Trisara (076-310-100, has unveiled a new farm-to-table restaurant called Pru. Executive chef Jim Ophorst, who recently won the national round of San Pellegrino’s Young Chefs award, sources ingredients from the resort's own organic farm, goes out foraging, and works with local producers like a neighboring goat farm. His eggplant dish is made using four different varieties of eggplant cooked in five different ways to bring out creamy, mashed, crispy, puffy and caramelized qualities, served with five types of basil and house-made bottarga (cured fish roe). A tasting menu starts at B3,000 for four courses while items are also available a la carte. Room rates start from B44,844 a night.


Glamp Up Based in Mae Rim, new campsite Camp Chiang Mai (093-996-9992, www.fb. com/ISGroupThailand) looks like a Pinterest sprung to life. An architect couple transformed a rice field situated near Mae Sa Waterfall into a tent ground filled with billowing sheets and dangling bulbs. There are 18 fancy tents with proper beds available now (rising to 40 in January), starting from B1,550 for a double or twin tent (two people) and B1,950 for a family tent (three people). This price includes a barbecue pork set dinner and Thai breakfast. Do note: prices will jump to B1,850-2,250 from Dec 24-Jan 7, 2017. More adventurous is the Flying Camp package (B4,999 for two people, B6,999 for three people), which includes use of the zipline at the nearby Flying Squirrels ( along with other activities.


Carry On Camping Another quaint new camping destination is Rustic Camping (081-343-2786, goo. gl/J4pbpg) in the Kabinburi district of Prachin Buri, best known as the home of whitewater rafting spot Kaeng Hin Perng. For B1,800/person/night, guests get a tiny tent for the night along with a dinner buffet with free-flow draught beer from 6-10pm. Imported beers are all B220. Also included is use of their zipline service at Saksupa Resort, while you can pay more to use the paintball, BB gun and ATV facilities.


In the Middle Thai hotel chain Anantara has opened two properties in Oman back to back. The first is Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resort (, situated on the fabled “Green Mountain,” about two hours’ drive from the capital of Muscat. Perched 2,000 meters above sea level on the curving rim of a majestic canyon, the property is supposedly the highest five-star resort in the Middle East and the views are marvelous. Special opening rates are B14,473 until next month. Also newly opened, the beachside Al Baleed Resort Salalah by Anantara ( in the southern province of Dhofar sits within reach of attractions like the Museum of the Land of Frankincense and the UNESCO listed Al Baleed Archaeological Park, which dates back to 2500 BC. Room rates start from B7,196.

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11/25/16 6:23 PM


Gold and Pearls Based in Bangkok, Liang & Rudolf is a new fine jewelry brand specializing in gold and pearl bracelets and pendants. So the story goes, the brand is founded by the grandchildren of a goldsmith (Liang) and a pearl jeweler (Rudolf). Currently, there are three lines of products—Hex (classic line using hexagon gold plate and a single pearl), Tri Forma (set of geometric-shaped gold plates with pearls) and Forma (tiny gold plate with a single pearl)—all made of 18K gold and high-quality Akoya pearl. Prices start at B12,900 with free worldwide shipping. Our favorite is the L&R Hex Bracelet (B15,900), which features a beautiful gold hexagon plate with a pearl in the middle. www.




Just Groovy

Sweat it Out

Onsen Time

Thai fashion mainstay Disaya has opened a stunning new 120-sq-meter boutique store, enlisting the help of starchitect Duangrit Bunnag. The industrial space functions sort of like a multi-label store with one zone displaying pieces from Disaya’s latest collection (from jackets and jumpsuits to dresses) and another dedicated to curated items by other international brands deemed to match with the Disaya lifestyle (think Gentle Monster sunglasses and Chiara Ferragni heels). The store’s use of pink and rose gold tones and light floors are intended to convey a blend of subtle femininity and rebelliousness. 2/F, Groove at CentralWorld, Ratchadamri Rd., 02-646-1828. Open daily 10am-10pm. BTS Siam/Chit Lom

S’wet Society is the latest watersport-inspired workout in Bangkok. The intense yet fun classes are split into three categories, taking their cues from surfing, standup paddleboarding and rowing. You can choose between cardio, bodyweight and functional training classes (all of which also focus on building core muscles and burning calories), each lasting one hour and burning up to 900 calories. We suggest yoga on board, a combination of flow and power yoga that helps improve balance and strengthen muscles. Prices start at B36,000 for 60 classes or B6,990/month for the unlimited package. Curious? You can also go for two trial classes for B1,050. 4/F, Erawan Bangkok, Phloen Chit Rd., 02-251-5546. BTS Chit Lom.

For its 18th branch, Thai spa empire Let’s Relax targets Thonglor’s Japanese expat crowd with a high-end bathhouse. At Let’s Relax Onsen and Spa Thonglor, the supposed highlight is the “onsen concentrate” brought over from Japan’s renowned Gero hot springs (42 degrees Celsius), while you can also take a wash in the milky-textured silk bath (40 degrees), soda bath (38 degrees) or standup whirlpool bath (36 degrees), before cooling off in the cold bath (a bracing 18 degrees). There’s also a hot stonebed room and 12-degree-Celsius cool-down zone. Unlimited onsen is B650 and packages start at B1,100 for onsen and one-hour Thai massage. 5/F, Grande Centre Point Hotel, 300 Sukhumvit Soi 55 (Thonglor), 02-042-8045-6. Open daily 10am-midnight.


BK Magazine Friday, December 2, 2016

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11/28/16 4:29 PM


All Ears Bangkok’s best earbuds put to the test. By Earn Saenmuk UNDER B5,000

JBL Reflect Mini Bluetooth (B3,990) The good: The sound quality is great for Bluetooth headphones, with just enough bass response. They are sweat-resistant and fit snugly in your ears—perfect for those who love to exercise and stay active. The cable also has a reflective strip to keep you safe while jogging in the dark. They come in different colors and the price is pretty affordable. The bad: They are definitely not for those who love thumping bass. Battery life is also not as long as we would like, at around eight hours. The verdict: Not a bad choice for exercise freaks with limited budget.

Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear (B4,190)


The good: They look really sleek and sit comfortably in our ears. Sound is clear and strong—the best we found in this price point, which is also quite reasonable. The bad: A little too much bass and treble for laid-back listeners and audiophiles. They are also made of plastic so feel a bit flimsy (but still look the part). The verdict: The price is amazing for what you get: decent sound quality for most music, and high-end style. Available at: Sennheiser stores nationwide, try Sound Proof Bros, 5/F, MBK Center, Phayathai Rd., 081-987-2071. BTS National Stadium

Yurbuds Inspire 400 (B1,790) The good: They fit comfortably in your ears without falling out, and come with tangle-free magnets to help you wear and store them easily. Bass response is pretty decent. The bad: The sound gets a bit distorted at higher volumes, especially on songs with lots of bass. The audio range is also limited. The verdict: For only B1,790 you get great comfort and acceptable sound. These are the kind of earbuds to be left in your bag in case of emergency, but for everyday use we demand something better. Available at: Hear By Munkonggadget, 2/F, Siam Paragon, Rama 1 Rd., 02-610-9982. Open daily 10am-10pm. BTS Siam.

Available at: Hear By Munkonggadget, 2/F, Siam Paragon, Rama 1 Rd., 02-610-9982. Open daily 10am-10pm. BTS Siam. www.

OVER B5,000

Bose Quietcomfort 20 (B13,500)


B&O Earset 3i (B8,990)

The good: Unlike many noise-canceling headphones, these provide solid sound quality and are very comfortable to wear. They come with three sizes of soft ear-tips that rest securely inside your ears instead of sealing the ear canals, allowing for bass to come through strongly. If you don’t want to use the noise-canceling feature, just activate the aware mode to let outside sounds in. They also come with a rechargeable battery.

The good: The sound is noticeably clear and crisp with the Earset 3i. They are super light (only about 8g) and the clamping mechanism makes them stay in place without too much force—great for sports and activities. The bass is on the lighter side, making them more suited to ballads and jazz.

The bad: Very pricey. The noise cancelation, although helpful in loud environments, isn’t as good as its competitors.

The verdict: More affordable than other B&O models but with the signature quality sound. If these are in your price range, they are definitely worth the money.

The verdict: You know what you are getting when you choose Bose. If you don’t mind spending the big bucks, this is perfect. Available at: Bose Concept Store, 4/F, Central Embassy, Phloen Chit Rd., 02-160-5651-4. Open daily 10am-10pm. BTS Phloen Chit


The bad: These earbuds are large. Some might find them uncomfortable in their ear canals. The price is a bit steep, too.

Available at: B&O Play, 1/F, Gaysorn Shopping Centre, Phloen Chit Rd., 02-656-1017. Open daily 10am-10pm. BTS Chit Lom. www.

Ultimate Ears UE5 Pro Custom In-Ear Monitor (B25,900) The good: These earbuds are for your ears only. Each pair is molded to fit the owner’s ear canal, and the sound quality is superb. They do an amazing job at blocking out ambient noise and provide high-impact bass. You can also add things like personalized artwork or special materials at additional costs. The bad: The UE-5 is one of the most affordable custom-molded earphones, but at B25,900, it is most definitely not pocket-friendly. The verdict: Unless you’re a real audiophile with serious hangups about sound quality, there’s no need to go quite this crazy. But for those who only want the best, these custom earbuds do an amazing job. Available at: Jaben Thailand, 4/F, Mercury Tower, Phloen Chit Rd., 02-639-3682. Open daily noon-8pm. BTS Chit Lom.

BK Magazine Friday, December 2, 2016

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11/28/16 4:42 PM


P.13 Lifestyle_Dec2_668.indd 13


11/25/16 2:16 PM

bites & blends

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Tac’ In Tucked right beside Craft beer bar on Sukhumvit Soi 23, colorful new Mexican restaurant Slanted Taco sees a familiar face in the kitchen. Mexican native Jorge Bernal (previously of Sabroso and the former incarnation of Tacos & Salsa) rolls out the full list of comforting fare: guacamole and chips (B200), tortilla soup (B180), quesadillas (from B200), burritos (from B210), fajitas (from B480) and, of course, tacos (from B70). Bernal's homespun flavors remain, but armed with a larger kitchen and more staff the chef has the means to be more ambitious. Enjoy the freshly house-made corn tortilla as tacos with your choice of filling: roast chicken, pork  carnitas  (slow-cooked pork), chicken  tinga  (seasoned shredded chicken, B70 each), chorizo, grilled beef and sauteed mushroom (B90 each). Big timers can also tackle “El Diablo," a 1.5kg wet burrito, stuffed with all the aforementioned fillings, plus Mexican rice, beans and a spicy hot sauce. Yours for B999.  To drink, there are Mexican beers (from B260) and a few margarita variations (from B320).16 Sukhumvit Soi 23, 02-258-0546. Open Mon-Fri 4pm-1am; Sat-Sun 2pm-1am




Adults Only

Secret Chamber

Singapore Sling

Chef Somkiat Pairojmahakij (who’s behind Seven Spoons, Sheepshank and Mad Moa) has expanded his Old Town empire with this grown-up ice cream parlor. Situated just a few minutes' walk from his flagship restaurant Seven Spoons, Hazel’s transforms an old printing shop into a vintage cafe that doubles as a whiskey bar. The ice cream comes from another trusted Old Town name, Farm to Table, in adult flavors like absinthe cream, IPA and bourbon vanilla (B140/scoop) on top of classics like Madagascar vanilla, single-origin chocolate and balsamic strawberry (B80/scoop). They also do sundaes (from B180) and boozy milkshakes (think fudge bourbon or strawberry with rye whiskey, both B220). Whiskey-based cocktails start from B290. 171 Chakkaphatdi Phong Rd., 095-918-9898

Walking into The Cured Chamber, you’re confronted with a display room of hanging ham hocks and dried meats. These well-preserved products are the undoubted stars here, be it the highly-prized Spanish Iberico ham, Italian San Daniele ham, speck (pork belly), chorizo or salami (all of which can be arranged into platters for B520 or B980). They’re also a key part of dishes like the pancetta-wrapped, pan-fried tiger prawns (B410), served with spicy tomato sauce, and rigatoni Iberico ham (B440). Elsewhere on the menu are soups, salads, pastas and steaks. Sip some wine (from B290) with your plate of cold cuts or try a signature cocktail like The Ultimate Cherry (St. Remy VSOP, cherry brandy, guava juice and cherry, B280). G/F, Somerset Ekkamai, 22 Ekkamai Soi 2, 02-381-4381

This Dec 13, chef Andrew Walsh of Cure in Singapore takes over the Freebird kitchen for one night, serving a seven-course booze-pairing dinner at B2,900. The Irish chef’s resume covers stints alongside celebrated UK chefs including Tom Aikens, Richard Corrigon (at Lindsay House) and Jason Atherton, for whom he headed Spanish restaurant Esquina and modern British restaurant The Story in Singapore. His menu promises items like crab with macadamia milk and sunflower (paired with a sake) and mackerel with green curry, lime, coconut and peanut (paired with an Australian gruner veltliner wine). 28 Sukhumvit Soi 47, 02-662-4936


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11/28/16 4:44 PM


Due North

Five places to visit in Northern Thailand this winter.

Pang Oong

Doi Tung Royal Villa (Chiang Rai) With the year-end set to welcome a chilly winter breeze, there’s no better time to go for a stroll around one of Thailand’s most popular royal projects. What began as an initiative to end opium cultivation resulted in acres and acres of beautiful, blossoming gardens. Tip: Don’t forget to check out the new Doi Tung Tree Top walk, a 295-meter-long walkway where visitors can view the coffee plantations and the vetiver grass plantations from 30 meters above the ground. Entrance costs B150, which goes to the Mae Fah Luang Foundation. Thambon Mae Fah Luang, 053-767-015-7.

Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden (Chiang Mai)

Tip: While you’re there, take your nature walk to dizzying new heights at Thailand’s longest canopy walkway,  a 20-somethingmeter-high  and  400-meter-long bridge that stretches across the Mae Rim rainforest. Hikers are rewarded with stunning 360-degree views of the surrounding greenery and mountains. 100 Moo 9, Mae Rim, 053 841 234.

Doi Inthanon National Park (Chiang Mai) Nicknamed the “Roof of Thailand,” this park is located on the highest mountain in the country and is scattered with some of Thailand’s best waterfalls, including Nam Tok Mae Pan, Chiang Mai’s longest waterfall. Tip: For something a little adventurous, take a three-hour hike along Kiu Mae Pan, a short trail that winds through a beautiful forest covered with rhododendrons, the flowers often found along the Himalayas. It’s definitely worth it when you arrive at the picturesque viewpoint at the end of the trail that overlooks layers and layers of mountains. Ban Laung, Chom Thong, 05335 5728.

Doi Tung Tree Top Walk

Baan Huay Hom

Baan Huay Hom (Mae Hong Son) Located in HM King Bhumibol’s Mae La Noi Royal Project, this plantation is perfect for coffee addicts.Here, you’ll find the small Pga K’nyau village tribe who grow a strain of coffee used in Starbucks’ Muan Jai Thai coffee blend. Mid-November through mid-January are the best months to visit, where you can join in on the villagers’ routine during their coffee harvest. Tip: Local homestays offer a fully immersive experience. It’ll only cost you B150 (excluding meals) per night—totally worth it for the stunning views and endless cups of coffee. 32 Moo 1, Huay Hom, 089-555-3900.

Pang Oong (Mae Hong Son) Often referred to as the “Switzerland of Thailand,” this lake comes surrounded with a thick pine forest plus a beautiful mountainous backdrop, much like something taken straight out of Europe. It’s perfect for a natural escape from the heat, particularly at the yearend when temperatures sometimes drop to as low as zero. Tip: There’s plenty of camping areas and guesthouses for rent around the lake, for those who want to make a weekend escape of it. Plus, well-constructed paths border the water for those who want to stay active with a breezy jog.

Gitane Reveilleau

Situated in the foothills of Doi Suthep mountain, the country’s premier botanical garden is home to some of the country’s most valuable plants, including several rare and endangered species, and provides both a scenic and educational day out.

Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden

Ban Rak Thai, Mok Cham Pae, 084 481 9466.

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blends PRICES

How Much Will a Whiskey and Soda Cost You Around Bangkok? All drinks are poured with 45ml Johnnie Walker Black Label, unless stated otherwise.


Malt & Salt


Ekkamai’s new whiskey bar takes over from an old burger favorite. By Choltanutkun Tun-atiruj

Pros: Live music pretty much every night, awesome drinking snacks. Cons: Way out in Ladprao. Lad Phrao Soi 8, 081-173-3616


The buzz: The four partners behind Ekamai Mall’s comfort-food institution, Burger Factory, have transformed their venue into a whiskey bar, with a new name and look to match. The fresh concept looks to take advantage of Thais’ growing interest in whiskey labels that go beyond the ubiquitous Johnnie Walker Black (see box, right), while the food menu remains impressive. The decor: Walking into this wood-dominated space almost feels like stepping inside a giant whiskey barrel, though the large windows and neon lights out front contribute to a retro diner-like vibe. You can get an obscured view of the kitchen through a dark glass partition, but really it’s all eyes on the bar lined with whiskey bottles and photos of old jazz and soul performers. The drinks: This is a Scotch whiskey bar that’s not just limited to enthusiasts. Best-sellers include the Glenfiddich 12 year old (B280/35ml glass) and the owner-recommended Ardbeg 10 year old (B250). For the uninitiated there are several tasting flights to try, like Value for Money (Monkey Shoulder, Black Label, Gentleman Jack, Chivas 12 year old, B790), Royal Flight (Glenfiddich 21 year old, Singleton 18 year old, Glenlivet 21 year old, 1,490) and Malt Experience (Glenfiddich 12 year old, Singleton 12 year old, Macallan 12 year old, Glenlivet 12 year old, B1,090). There are rare bottles, too, like Johnnie Walker King George V. (B1,750/35ml glass). Classic cocktails are B260 each—try the Jack Daniel’s Old Fashioned (B260), which goes down all too easily. The food: To appease the old clientele, a solid burger selection remains (try the satisfyingly crunchy bacon and cheese burger, B280), but the menu now also packs more dressed-up fare like grilled lamb chops, marinated with rosemary and served with grilled pineapple in anchovy sauce (B880). There are a few Thai touches, too, as in the grilled Australian beef served with spicy jaew dipping sauce (B200). The music: Live bands perform mostly ‘90s Thai and international covers Tue-Sun from 8:45pm. As it was originally envisioned to be a soul bar, the stage welcomes a saxophonist every Saturday night. G/F, Ekamai Mall, Ekkamai Soi 10, 02-714-4249. Open daily, 5pm-1am.

Pros: Located on Sathorn Soi 10, surrounded by other cool bars. Cons: Going-out-shirt kind of crowd. 50 Sathorn Soi 10, 02-235-4823


Pros: Great whiskey selection (100 bottles and counting), cool decor. Cons: Kinda hi-so vibe. Sukhumvit Soi 61, 02-046-3798


Pros: Crafty cocktails made with panache, delicious food. Cons: Pan Road is still pretty quiet. The real party is up the road on Sathorn Soi 10-12. 64 Pan Rd., 02-637-8368


Pros: Easy for Thonglor bar-hopping. Cons: Tourist central. Standing-room only a lot of the time. 404 Sukhumvit Soi 55 (Thonglor), 02-714-

8875 LEVELS: B300

Pros: Big, fancy nightclub. Cons: EDM. Soi 11 crowd. 35 Sukhumvit Soi 11, 082-308-3246

BEAM: B360


Track 17 Launches New Mumbai-inspired Drinks Track 17, the Orient Express-inspired speakeasy hidden away on the second floor of The Commons, rotates its signature cocktail menu every three months based on a different destination around the world. Following Barcelona and Tokyo, next stop this Oct-Dec is Mumbai, India, which you can taste through heady, spice-laden concoctions like Sweet Bandra (safflower-infused Tanqueray gin, coconut water, house-made cardamom and rose syrup, raspberry liqueur, milk and creole bitters, B385) and Rajasthan (Ketel One vodka, yogurt, chai tea syrup, lemon juice, egg white, Himalayan pink salt, angostura bitters and Jerry Thomas bitters, B385). Also new is live jazz every Tue and Sat (from 10pm), and more single malt selections like Bruichladdich’s Octomore (“the world’s most heavily peated whiskey,” B1,000/glass) and Hibiki 21 (B1,800/glass), named the World’s Best Blended Whiskey at the World Whiskies Awards 2016.

Pros: Exciting nightly performers, state-of-the-art sound.


Cons: You’re in a nightclub. 1/F, 72 Courtyard, Sukhumvit Soi 55 (Thonglor), 02-392-7750


Pros: The views. Cons: Touristy destination. Those prices. 21/100 Sathorn Rd., 02-679-1200

2/F, The Commons, Thonglor Soi 17, 02-101-4525. Open daily, 5pm-midnight


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11/25/16 3:53 PM


Silom Restaurant

Silom Restaurant

Samsen Villa

Good Old Days Awesome old-school restaurants you should revisit this weekend. YEE LAO TANG JUA LEE


Operating for more than 60 years, this secondgeneration restaurant continues to serve hearty Chinese food. Rest assured, diners don’t come to this two-story restaurant for the decor. Instead, the kitchen is renowned for being generous with meats and toppings. On the menu, you’ll find Chinese sashimi, braised pork belly on a bed of pickled cabbage, fried shrimp-stuffed tofu skin, oyster omelets and stirfried eggplant with Chinese olives, along with a large variety of dim sum.

Silom Restaurant is originally the brainchild of a chef from China and has been serving East-meetsWest dishes for over 60 years, long before the term “fusion” was coined. After his grandfather closed the restaurant in 2012, the current owner reopened it with the aim to provide the same old-school vibe— think cream and brown palette and retro rounded tables and chairs. The menu features Chinese-style Western dishes as well as Thai food. Opt for one (or all!) of the recommended specialties: chicken curry with butter toast, sirloin salad and oxtail stew.

45-47 Bamrungmuang Rd., 02-221-8447

YONG HUA RESTAURANT Located by the Giant Swing, this old favorite has managed to attract a regular family clientele for over half a century. Currently in the hands of the third generation, this Teochew restaurant looks just like a fine-dining establishment of 60 years ago—the type where your grandmother and her girlfriends would hang out on weekends. The oyster omelets and crispy-skin fried chicken (dubbed “gai fai dang”) are not to be missed. 101 Siripong Rd., 02-221-6429

Samsen Villa

7/4, Chimplee Rd., 02-236-4442

SAMSEN VILLA Dating back to 1978, this is one of the first restaurants to open in the Phaya Thai area. They serve up Thai, vegetarian, and Western dishes, including the signature “jelly beer” (ice-cold beer in frozen mugs). You’ll also find classics like royal Thai-style pork satay and stir-fried cluster beans with prawn and herbs. The atmosphere stays true to when it first opened, and the soundtrack is strictly original Thai and classical music.

Yee Lao Tang Jua Lee

49/2 Setsiri Rd., 02-279-0922

THAI FOOD PAIRINGS Some dishes are almost impossible to pair with wine, including artichokes and salads with vinegar in them. That’s when you need a beer! In particular, beer is your best bet with spicy food: it’s cooling, its flavors somehow survive the numbing effect chili has on your tongue, and you can drink more of it than wine. Don’t go for very strong ales or dark beers, though, which can clash with the subtle flavors or aromatics of Thai cuisine. Singha was Thailand’s first beer, and has developed a reputation among food lovers for its premium-quality taste that marries perfectly with the profile of spicy dishes.

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singha native aug23_6.indd 17

Yong Hua Restaurant

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Baan Nai HHHH Thai. 13/102 Kamphaeng Phet Soi 5, 02-6197430. Open Mon-Fri 2-10pm; Sat-Sun 11am-10pm. Corkage B500. BBB

This Rama VI-style house serves equally aristocratic dishes that trace their roots to the original house’s owners, the Bunyaketu sisters. While the property has stayed in the family, the wooden house the sisters lived in has been replaced by an elegant two-story boutique hotel that looks like it has always been there. Surrounded by a slither of a courtyard, Baan Nai is equally charming indoors and out. The pater familias himself will often be on deck explaining dishes; and the service has all the hushed grace of polished house staff, which, to nitpick, isn’t quite the same thing as the on-the-ball efficiency of a five-star hotel server. The menu isn’t pedantic about its nods to tradition, covering royal cuisine alongside regional specialties—you can even order a pad

Pyongyang Okryu HHHH

North Korean. 72 Ekkamai Soi 4/1, 02-020-0220. Open daily 11am-11pm. BB-BBB

Here in Bangkok where South Korean restaurants can be found in almost every neighborhood, food from its Northern sister still remains an enigma. But despite the secrecy that surrounds this closed nation, North Korea’s government actually wants to expose some of its culture to the outside world, and is personally behind this chain of restaurants named after the capital. There are now over 100 Pyongyang Okryu locations around the world. An outdated storefront with dark-tinted windows hides an interior of faux trees, golden curtains, floral tablecloths and walls dotted with signs telling you not to take photos (though they were OK

with us snapping the food on our last visit). Young North Korean waitresses who look straight out of beauty queen contests offer on-point service, grilling the barbecue dishes for you as in South Korean restaurants. The duck barbecue (B500) is tender and flavorful, covered in a tasty marinade and grilled in duck fat that gives a heady aroma, while the lightly-seasoned beef belly (B500) lets its unique flavor shine. Elsewhere on the extensive menu, North Korean classics like Pyongyang cold noodles (B250) and beef soup (B300) feature the same deep and flavorful broth. The noodles are springy and beef cooked to a point of perfect tenderness. We also like the peppery Pyongyang sausage (B250), which gives out hints of blood amid a rice stuffing. No different from the South Korean version is their bibimbap (Korean mixed rice with vegetables and chicken, B280). It’s also a good one, served in a hot bowl with flavorful sauce and wellcooked rice. Overall, the flavors of North Korean food seem milder than those of the South. Their kimchi, for example, lies on the more refreshing side—less tangy and spicy but a bit sweeter. Eating at Pyongyang Okryu is a curiously pleasant experience that we’ll no doubt be returning to.


Price guide

PPPP Forget it PPPP Only if you’re in the neighborhood PPPP A pleasant dining experience PPPP Not to be missed


BK pays for its meal and does not call ahead or sit with the chef.


Thai (B220). But most dishes feature multiple dips, flowers, herbs and curries. Baan Nai sure isn’t lazy! The Southern salad khao yum budu (B290) sees rice made black with the addition of charcoal surrounded by a dozen little piles of finely chopped herbs and condiments, from edible pink blossoms to diced string beans—a fresh and delicious summer dish. Accompanied by three different nam ya (curries), the kanom jeen (cold rice noodles, B350) shares a flat basket with fried chicken, dried shrimp, a fish curry sauce, plus fresh, pickled and blanched vegetables. The yam dok mai Baan Nai (flowers salad, B190), a halfdozen different flowers fried with light batter and topped by a plump shrimp, appears equally fit for a palace lunch. Even the somtam comes with rice baked in coconut (khao man somtam, B320), a chili relish on the side, both fresh and deep-fried basil leaves, more flowers, salted duck eggs and a small bowl of green chicken curry. Although fresh, tasty, steeped in history and laborintensive, these dishes don’t always add up to much more than the sum of their parts. The age-old recipes are there; what they lack is an inspired chef. Baan Nai may not be competing with Paste or Bo.lan, but its bold menu serves up oodles of style and tradition in an equally elegant setting.

Under B500 B500-900 B900-1,500 B1,500 and up Price per person, including one drink, appetizer, main course, dessert, charges and tax.


H Reservations recommended F Parking available E Dress requirements G Live music

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11/28/16 7:09 PM

Enjoy a relaxed afternoon out with that special person in your life in the luxury and comfort of Shangri-La’s Lobby Lounge. Sweet and savoury delights are served while the majestic river views provide the perfect backdrop for your leisurely afternoon. 1,198++ baht per set for two persons and includes your choice of premium tea. For reservations, please call 0 2236 7777 or email:

89 Soi Wat Suan Plu, New Road, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500


K Village Street Market Dec 2-5, 11am-9pm The K Village Street Market returns this Dec 2-5 for four days of festive year-end activities in the ever-popular family-friendly community mall. Prepare for the gift-giving season by shopping for clothes, accessories and health products, including items from Doikham Royal Project. There will also be charity-focused stalls and activities where you can donate clothes, books and stationery to less fortunate children around the country. On top of that, expect plenty of music from a live acoustic band every day from 5:30pm onwards, while on Dec 5 a jazz band will honor HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s birthday by performing the king’s classic compositions. Stalls selling food and drinks will top off the bustling fair-like atmosphere perfect for spending a day out with family and friends. K Village, Sukhumvit soi 26, 02-258-9919.

K Village.indd 1

P.19 K Village_Dec2_668.indd 19

11/25/2559 BE 4:24 PM



11/28/16 5:24 PM



Siwilai Cafe Central Embassy’s fashion favorite goes it alone with this brunch-oriented opening. The buzz: After parting ways with Rocket, Central Embassy's flagship fashion store Siwilai has filled the sizeable coffee-shop void with its own Siwilai Cafe. And it’s just the start for the brand’s ambitious F&B project, to be launched early next year on the same floor The decor: The space still looks familiar, with that winning blend of blond wood, marble and dappled natural light. A large dessert and beverage counter adds to the casual cafe vibe, however the hottest seats are on the terrace with its prime view over the greenery of the British Embassy and Nai Lert Park.


The food: Mathieson aims to use as many local ingredients as possible. Breakfast and brunch items make up half the menu, including the chef’s take on classics like eggs royale (B350), made using house-made beetroot-cured salmon with Sriracha hollandaise sauce, Thai-style rice porridge with braised pork belly and pickled radish (B210), granola (B180) and smoothie bowls (B240). On top of salads, soups and sandwiches, you’ll also find the delicious sauteed chicken liver with mushrooms, bacon, onion jam and spinach, served atop grilled brioche (B280) and the double-baked goat cheese souffle (B350), whose soft and light texture boasts surprisingly intense cheese flavors.

The drinks: Mostly light and fruity with juices, smoothies and soda drinks joined by coffee-based cups (using beans from local roaster Pacamara). Cocktails come from the all-conquering Sugar Ray team, including the likes of Re-charge (gin, vanilla, demerara syrup, melon, cucumber and lime, B270) and G&T granita (frozen gin, tonic granita, soda, citrus and seasonal fruits, B250). Why you should care: Given the spacious space and outdoor terrace, Siwilai Cafe belies its mall location. With Mathieson now on baord, it could become the hottest brunch in town. Natcha Sanguankiattichai

5/F, Central Embassy, 1031 Phloen Chit Rd., 02-160-5836. Open daily 10am-8pm. BTS Phloen Chit.

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11/28/16 7:04 PM


Veganerie Soul




New Nippon New Japanese restaurant Tatsumi (2/F, Pathumwan Princess Hotel, Phayathai Rd., 02-611-4766) offers one of the more affordable omakase experiences in town (B1,650 for 9 types of sushi, B2,800 for seven types of sashimi). The fish is flown in from Tokyo’s Tsukiji Market—where else?—while chef Tanaka Shigeru boasts more than 30 years in the game. Pick your spot at the cozy counter bar or in one of the two private rooms, where you can also order a la carte items like chirashi don (sushi rice bowl, B1,100) or taraba kani nabe (taraba crab hot pot, B900). Equally of note is the rotating selection of craft sake and whisky, which they can pair to your meal.

Veggie Soul Bangkok’s most popular vegan restaurant chain has branched into Siam with Veganerie Soul (G/F, Siam Paragon, Rama 1 Rd. Unlike the full restaurant Veganerie Concept, this one is more in line with the original

bakery in Mercury Ville. Expect crepes (starting at B195), waffles (starting at B185), smoothies (starting at B140) and sorbets (starting B185)—all, of course, made without any animal products. We enjoy the peanut butter n’ jelly sundae (B175), which comes with strawberries, banana and chunky peanut butter topped with a coconut whipped cream.

Catch the Breeze Just in time for winter, The Commons welcomes Barisa (3/F, The Commons, Thonglor Soi 17, 094-657-8775), a new pop-up bar set in its top-floor yard that's open only on FriSun from 6pm-midnight. The team behind Roast on the same floor takes care of the menu, comprising Middle Eastern-style spreads with housemade pita (B250), oysters (fresh or fried, from B150/piece), grilled chicken (B150) and roasted octopus (B250). Drinks take a fruity route, from the non-alcoholic Bramble (blackberry, juniper and rosemary, B140) to the boozy starfruit margarita (B280) and sangria (B280). Tessa

Bunker 118/2 Sathorn Soi 12, 092-563-9991. Open Sun-Thu 6pm-1am; Fri-Sat 6pm-2am. BTS Chong Nonsi Fresh, simple, well-executed, original yet devoid of gimmicks, there's a reason why the food at Bunker has been more hotly anticipated than any other restaurant this year. Some of the dishes verge on tapas portions, but the flavors are anything but small: the hiramasa tartare is spiked with coconut milk leche de tigre marinade; the cured foie gras torchon paired with candied cashew and chili mango; the smoky plate of fatty wagyu short rib falls from the bone in perfectly glazed, inch-thick slices. The space's craggy concrete lines are also something of a novelty, softened by turquoise banquettes and octagonal globes of light. Exclusively for Citi credit cardmembers. Get 10% discount on food only (Today – 15 Apr 17)

Domzalski and Natcha Sanguankiattichai

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BB_NNOD_668_Dec2_16_new.indd 21


11/28/16 7:04 PM


Kids THB 350 ++

BIRTHDAYS & CELEBRATIONS 2 pounds birthday cake 2 pitchers margarita song by live band * for a minimum of 10 ppl

PM 50% DISCOUNT on selected food items

Endless 555 Tacos or THB Frozen Margarita 555 THB

Rembrandt Hotel Bangkok 19 Sukhumvit 18 BKK 10110 Tel. 02 261 7100 | mexicanobkk





899 net/PERSON

Singha beer, Sangria & Margarita at THB 100

Combine two together


P.22 Wine_Dec2_668.indd 22

11/28/16 5:40 PM

now FRI Periphery Emerging photographer Pongsakorn Tantiwattanapong presents a study of development and change around Bangkok’s urban and rural spaces. Dec 2-30, 6pm. Soy Sauce Factory, 11/1 Charoen Krung Soi 24, 061-835-6824.

THU Still On Our Minds In tribute to HM the King, Silpakorn University and Live Loop Asia throw a 2-day music festival with 11 local musicians and 4 visiting international acts, along with art installations, jazz performances of the king's songs by Silpakorn musicians, live looping demonstrations and speakers discussing the king's contributions to architecture, engineering, art and music. Dec 3-4, 10am. Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC), 939 Rama 1 Rd., 02-214-6630-8. Free. BTS National Stadium.

MON Mourning HM the King The government plans to reshape Dec 5, the birthday of HM King Rama 9, which was traditionally celebrated as Father's Day, into a national day. We know no more as we go to print but trust that this will be a day of remembrance and mourning with crowds converging on Sanam Luang to pay their respects. Act, dress and plan accordingly.

SAT The Last Live Series with Yo La Tengo The American indie-rock veterans, whose 14 studio albums combine folk, shoegaze, mellow surf-rock and electronic sounds, play Bangkok with support from legendary Thai rockers Moderndog. Dec 4, 8pm. Voice Space, BBD Bldg., 197 Viphavadi Rangsit, 02-261-3883. B1,500.


Dub DJs Kuranaka aka 1945 (Japan), GA-PI (Thailand) and Prince Fatty (UK) spin old-school reggae music and more. Dec 2, 9pm. Studio Lam, Sukhumvit Soi 51, 02-261-6661. B350. BTS Thong Lo. GO GRRRLS 3RD ANNIVERSARY PARTY

Go Grrrls

Gene Kasidit plays her favorite disco/punk beats. Plus the return of ‘Das Fluff’, an electro-pop band from Berlin, as well as an art installation from guest artist C.untagious. Dec 2, 9:30pm. Whiteline, Silom Soi 8, 087061-1117. B250. BTS Chong Nonsi. RUMBLE IN THE CLUB 2

Six Bangkok DJs who have undertaken 5 weeks of Muay Thai training do battle: Rory Roketto vs Tekayu Harrington, Dan Buri vs Matteo Ianna, Coran Maloney vs Alex Fischer. With guest DJ Vichuda Keetanitinun spinning dirty hip-hop beats, plus folk music by John Will Sail. Dec 3, 5pm. Live RCA Bangkok, RCA, Rama 9 Rd., 098-974-6974. B650-1,000. Coran


The British DJ stops by Bangkok for the second time to spin deep, vocal-filled house with support from DJs Dragon and Jaydubb in the second-floor Safe Room. Dec 3, 10pm. Whiteline, Silom Soi 8, 087-061-1117. B250. BTS Chong Nonsi. FREE ENTRY : SPIRITUAL JAZZ SUNDAY WITH DJ MAFT SAI

The Thai DJ from ZudRangMa Records and The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band spins calm, spiritual jazz at the Thonglor live venue. Dec 4, 9pm. Studio Lam, Sukhumvit Soi 51, 02-261-6661. Free. BTS Thong Lo. SUNN PRES. MIGUEL CAMPBELL (HOT CREATIONS, UK)

The British DJ and label owner famous for his single "Something Special" comes to RCA with support from Australian ATMA and more. Free jerk chicken BBQ and buy 1 get 1 free beer special from 8-10pm. Dec 9, 8pm. Live RCA Bangkok, RCA, Rama 9 Rd., 098974-6974. B350-550.

Miguel Campbell

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11/28/16 5:42 PM



Coldplay to perform in Bangkok next year

Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band

Expedition Voskhod


The Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra performs HM the King’s compositions with Athipat Athisiriyuenyong, a young horn soloist. Conducted by Polish guest conductor Darius Mikulsk. Dec 9-10, 6pm. Prince Mahidol Hall, Mahidol University (Salaya Campus), 25/25 Buddhamonthon Sai 4 Rd. B100-500.

concerts oOoOO - LIVE IN BANGKOK The pioneer of the "witch house" music genre, pronounced "oh," performs his gloomy, glitchy music with supporting acts TBA. Dec 2, 9pm. Whiteline, Silom Soi 8, 087-061-1117. B500 (includes one drink). BTS Chong Nonsi.


Local bands cover their favorite roll models, including The Yellow Submarine as Oasis, Boo Bighber as Foo Fighters, Pretty Punks as Blink 182, White Riot as Arctic Monkeys and The Drink Hang Drunks as Radiohead. Dec 2, 7:30pm. The Rock Pub, Hollywood Street, 93/26-28 Phaya Thai Rd., 02-251-9980, 086977- 0621. B200 (includes one drink). BTS Ratchathewi. EXPEDITION VOSKHOD - BANGKOK

The Russian heavy-rock band traveling by road from Moscow to Bali stops by Surasak’s cool dive bar. Support from local acts ThirdPerson and The Proper Clan. Dec 2, 9pm. Jam, 41 Charoen Rat Soi 1, 083-5451-833. B200 (includes one drink). BTS Surasak.

Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra


Kevin Micka’s music project looks to build up an arrangement of music from scratch. Expect to hear very experiemental rock/pop. Dec 6, 7:30pm. Cho Why, 17 Soi Nana, Charoenkrung Rd. Free. MRT Hua Lamphong. DAS FLUFF, CUT THE CRAB & PURP LIVE AT JAM

Two post-punk synthesiser bands, one Thai the other from Berlin, are joined by new local indie band Purp. Dec 9, 8pm. Jam, 41 Charoen Rat Soi 1, 083-5451-833. B150. BTS Surasak.

After much speculation, British rock band Coldplay have confirmed they will perform in Bangkok on Apr 7, 2017, as part of their Head Full of Dreams tour. Ever since the band announced they would be touring Asia in 2017, with destinations including Singapore, Phillipines, Taiwan, Korea and Japan, Thai fans were disappointed to hear that Bangkok did not make the list. However, many were quick to notice that there was a big gap between their dates in the Phillipines and Taiwan, leaving a potential slot for a Bangkok gig. Formed in 1996 by vocalist and keyboardist Chris Martin, along with Jonny Buckland (lead guitar), Guy Berryman (bass) and Will Champion (drums), Coldplay have won seven Grammy awards and sold over 80 million records worldwide throughout their career, making them some of the world's best-selling artists. They are best known for their massive hits including "Yellow," "Viva La Vida,” "The Scientist," "Hymn for the Weekend" and many more. This will be the band's first visit to Thailand since 2003. Ticketing details are still to be formally announced, but a viral promotional poster has prices starting at B1,800, available for sale online from Dec 16 through Thaiticketmajor. However, do note that Citibank users are eligible for the presale between Dec 10-12.


Check out limited edition golden Leicas honoring HM the King


The Isaan band which has made it to Britain’s Glastonbury Festival holds its new album launch at Thonglor’s yadong and world music bar with Maft Sai and Dangdut Bange. 100 tickets only. Dec 9, 9pm. Studio Lam, Sukhumvit Soi 51, 02-261-6661. B400. BTS Thong Lo. Back in 1996, Leica M6 produced a special golden edition of their camera stamped with the king's royal symbol in celebration of HM King Bhumibol's 50th year on the throne. Exactly 700 of them were sold, going at US$10,000 (approx. B354,000) a piece. Now, 20 years later, the camera has become a rare collector's item. Kasikorn Bank and the Royal Photographic Society of Thailand are now collaborating on an exhibition displaying 88 of the golden cameras. They are currently on display at the Royal Photographic Society's hall on the second floor of the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (939 Rama 1 Rd. BTS National Stadium). Avid camera lovers can also buy one to take home, though keep in mind they are said to be selling for B399,999 each. All proceeds will be donated to the Thai Red Cross society under the patronage of HM Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn.


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now FILM


Opening (Dec 1)



15 Thai artists show off their unique takes on the popular Bearbrick figurine, which they’ve decorated in styles ranging from traditional Thai to street art. Through Dec 15. Sathorn 11 Art Space, 404 Sathorn Soi 11, 02-004-1199.

Using copper, hemp and the dust of recycled paper, artist Rudee Tancharoen explores the themes of existence and non-existence in a series of abstract sculptuers. Nov 26-Dec 30. Atta Gallery, OP Garden, 36 Charoenkrung Rd., 02-238-6422.



Animation. A Polynesian teenager meets an almighty demigod (voiced by Dwayne Johnson) who guides her in a quest to save her people.

Fantasy/Drama. A 12 year old boy strikes an unexpected friendship with a massive, ancient tree monster.





Austrian artist Erwin Wurm poses himself or his participants with unexpected objects in what he calls "One Minute Sculptures." Nov 25-Feb 26 2017. Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC), 939 Rama 1 Rd., 02-214-6630-8. BTS National Stadium

The Bangkok-based French painter Ugo Li presents his iconic works at Chinatown’s collaborative, cross-disciplinary project space. Nov 25-Dec 9. Cho Why, 17 Soi Nana, Charoenkrung Rd.

Drama/Biography. After a near fatal car crash, World Champion boxer Vinny Paziena (Miles Teller) trains for an incredible comeback onto the ring.

Comedy/Drama. An office worker and ex-musician reunites with his band members after 10 years to reignite his love for music.


Nuttapon Sawasdee and Saksit Khunkitti present a series of abstract works exploring stability and instability in the modern world. Nov 25-Dec 25. Tentacles N22, 22 Narathiwas Rd., 082-487-1487.

Upcoming (Dec 8) COME AND FIND ME (USA)


Drama. When his girlfriend suddenly goes missing, David (Aaron Paul) must track down her whereabouts after he realizes she’s not who she said she was.

Action/Horror. A vampire death dealer (Kate Bekinsale) and her allies (Theo James and Charles Dance) must stop the war between the Lycans and the Vampires by making the ultimate sacrifice.


Drama/Romance. A lighthouse keeper and his wife adopt an infant girl adrift at sea, only to be faced with a moral dilemma years later when they discover her true parentage.

OUT OF TOWN 808 Festival

One of Bangkok's most popular EDM festivals, 808 Festival, has recently announced that it is relocating from the original venue at Oasis Arena @ Show DC, Bangkok to a new beachside venue at Nong Nooch resort in Pattaya. Taking place on Dec 10-11, this year's headliners include some of the biggest EDM names from around the world including Carnage, Hardwell, Dillon Francis, W&W and Zedd with support from many more international and local acts, such as Borgore, Marlo and Valentino Khan. Tickets are still on sale at for B2,855. Those who are unable to attend the event at the new venue can request a refund through Nong Nooch Pattaya Garden & Resort, Pattaya, 038-429-321.


This Dec 6 onwards, the Goethe Institut Thailand hosts its annual Open Air Cinema series of film screenings set in a breezy garden. The selected films are a combination of contemporary and classic films from Germany that span a variety of genres. Scheduled for the opening day is the 2014 film Tour de Force, directed by Christian Zubert. The film follows a group of friends cycling around Belgium after one was diagnosed with ALS and wants to live life to the fullest.

Every Tuesday through Feb 28, 6:30pm onwards. Films screened with Thai and English subtitles. Free entry. Goethe-Institut Thailand, Sathorn Soi 1, 02-287-0942

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