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WORD ON THE STREET How everyday Bangkokians plan to vote on the referendum

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BK Magazine Friday, July 22, 2016

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lida thavorn,


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Toro Toro

Good things come to those who wait For years Chvrches has been giving Bangkok the cold shoulder despite frequent tours of Asia. Back in 2012, the Scottish synth-pop act’s website even listed our city for a future appearance. Little did we know it’d take four years. Mark your diaries, people: Sep 3 at BITEC Bangna Hall. Earlybird tix are only B700, too (available at AllTicketThailand).

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Purple velvet is this season’s hot new look for train travel Our brand new express trains have finally been revealed in the flesh, complete with beautiful seating upholstered in what looks to be Hugh Hefner’s old bed sheets. Other sexy new touches include LCD entertainment monitors in first class—which you’ll have three hours less time to enjoy thanks to slashed journey times.

Singapore Asia City Publishing Pte. Ltd. Block 211 Henderson Rd. #07-02 Henderson Industrial Park Singapore 159552 Tel: 65-6323-2512 Fax: 65-6323-2779 Email:

Bangkok bars are serving their very own craft beers Teaming up with Living Room Brewing, Whiteline is the latest in a range of bars across Bangkok which are offering their own unique brews. A recent visit to Sathorn indie bar Jam revealed a new homebrew on trial behind the bar, while we might have found our fave new session beer, Changwon IPA, at Korean-Mexican fusion joint Changwon Express (see review, page 16). S&P has become tres chic with its latest opening Long known as a casual eatery with the vibe of your grandma’s go-to place, S&P is now upping its hipster game with its new SNP Headquarter on New Petchaburi Road. Minimal, industrial decor meets a whole new menu. They even serve nitro coffee. If you have to ask what that is, you don’t belong there. Rainbow grilled cheese is now a thing here After wowing the Instagram users of Singapore and Hong Kong, rainbow food has now hit Bangkok thanks to All Six to Twelve cafe’s new multicolored sandwich. In between the mantou bun you’ll find a full seven different cheeses— classic gouda, lavender gouda, pesto gouda, tomato chili gouda, gouda rosso, goat cheese and cheddar—which come together to tap into two of our weak spots: oozing food and photogenic colors.

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@bkmagazine BK Magazine Friday, July 22, 2016

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7/15/16 6:22 PM

upfront HOT OR NOT

Hot: Food trucks in malls

Not: Street food in malls

Time was two years ago that opening a food court meant plucking your favorite somtam-making auntie off the street and putting her in the basement of whatever shopping mall you were opening. Well here’s bad news for you, somtam lady: our developers want cheesy Waffdogs in their food courts now, so you’re bang out of a job. Find out what a cheesy Waffdog is and where to try one on page 12.

Hot: Ignorance

Not: Awareness

We really don’t know what’s legal and what isn’t anymore when it comes to the draft constitution. Apparently, it’s only “rude” opinions which are banned. Since there’s no way of telling where a rude opinion ends and a polite one begins, we’ve saved our cover story (see page 6) interviewees from any unwanted attitude adjustment this issue by blacking out some of the things they said. Hopefully that’ll put us in the clear, too.

Hot: Star Wars mooncakes

Not: All other mooncakes

We’re already watching the clock and dreading the day when mooncakes start arriving—those edible paperweights of salted-egg wrongness. But, just like herpes, you can count on mooncakes to come back, no matter what you throw at them or who you throw them at. So for the sake of the universe, if you have any intention of giving mooncakes this Mid-Autumn Festival, at least make them these Star Wars ones from Maxim’s. In chocolate flavor. (See page 12.)

Hot: Indie cinema

Not: Blockbusters

Pimpaka Towira and Kong Rithdee’s movie about a young Muslim traveling to the Southern conflict zone in Pattani, The Island Funeral, actually got its Bangkok premier last week—which is more than most indie films can hope for, even when their director is on the Oscars’ panel (see Hope is at hand though with the opening of a new indie cinema in Silom next month (see page 18). Until then, you can still go see aliens blow up Big Ben at Paragon.



INTERVIEW The year’s most important art opening occurred this month in Chiang Mai. Maiiam Contemporary Art Museum launched to much fanfare with a retrospective of Canneswinning director Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s work. The minds behind the museum are avid Thai contemporary art collectors Eric Bunnag Booth, 47, Jim Thomson’s international marketing director, and his stepfather, Jean Michel Beurdeley. Here, Booth explains why they chose Chiang Mai and their hopes for putting Thailand on the world’s art map. What drove you to open a contemporary art museum? My mom [the late Patsri Bunnag] and dad have collected Thai contemporary art for so many years. Now we just want to share it with others. We felt that Thailand has many galleries, but lacked a good museum to offer a retrospective of Thai contemporary art. When art lovers come to Thailand, there’s no way to get an overview of the scene. At Maiiam, they will be able to view pieces from leading Thai artists from the past 20 years. Why did you choose Chiang Mai? It’s part of our family history. We’ve always traveled to Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai to buy art. Luckily we found an old factory in Sankhampaeng that we could transform into this museum. Actually, this area has long been considered Chiang Mai’s art and crafts center due to the famous Bo Sang umbrella village. We didn’t plan it, though. It was just luck. How is the art scene there? Awesome. It has grown quickly in recent years but it’s not driven by money like in Singapore, where the government throws hundreds of millions of dollars at collecting South-

east Asian art. That’s a great idea, but here, it’s more organic. People create it by themselves. No one has received money from the government to invest and say, “Let’s turn Chiang Mai into a cultural city.” No. All this has happened because of artists, gallery owners, collectors and other people who live here. I also feel that people in Chiang Mai are proud of their culture and identity, and consider their city to be Thailand’s leading cultural center. How does the art scene in Bangkok compare? I believe that in the next couple of years, an important museum will open in Bangkok that will make huge collections available to the public. I hope all the new galleries and museums opening will create a wider art market in Thailand, which still lacks art collectors. What’s holding back art collecting in Thailand? I’m still figuring that out. More and more rich Chinese people are becoming art collectors. First they might buy 10 Ferraris, but eventually they start collecting art. However, I don’t recommend collecting art as an investment. You should buy a piece because you have an emotional attachment to it. No

one can forecast whether it will fetch a better price in the future. But you’re lucky, it might save your children when they need money to buy a house in 20 years’ time. Do you think your museum will stoke more interest in the local art scene? We’re still nervous about it. We just hope it will be an attraction that people visit when they go to Chiang Mai, like Guggenheim has placed Bilbao on the world’s art map. Even though our architecture isn’t as extravagant as that, we are proud of the brilliant job our talented architect [all(zone)] did with our limited personal budget. Our ultimate goal is to inspire younger generations of artists to dare to follow their dreams, as well as inspire more art collectors. What’s next for Maiiam? We want to launch activities and workshops for people from a very young age. We might invite some international artists to show their works here, while we also want to work with our neighbors in Sankampaeng to showcase the beautiful handicrafts of the North. Interview by Monruedee Jansuttipan

by Kathy MacLeod

BK Magazine Friday, July 22, 2016

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7/15/16 5:13 PM


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7/15/16 4:18 PM

cover story

SOCIAL LINES From Thonglor to Thammasat, here's how Bangkok plans to vote in the charter referendum. By BK Staff



I Kanyaporn, 25, customer relations manager

I really like this government and I want the prime minister to continue working because he has made our country more orderly. The city has become cleaner which I really appreciate.

I don’t really keep up with politics so I haven’t read the constitution draft yet. I think the main issues in society are the lack of education, narrow-mindedness and not being able to accept the voice of the majority. Verdict: Undecided

Verdict: Yes vote

T Kitti, 65, pharmacist

We’re interested to know more about the draft constitution but don’t have the resources to gain insight into it. We’re worried that some interpretations may be biased. There are two sides to everything. The drafting committee only presents the good side; others only criticize it.

I follow the news on TV very closely but I’m still waiting for them to send the draft for us to read. I think I would vote no because I don’t agree with h ow t h ey w i l l e l e c t t h e representatives. Thailand’s political history will always repeat itself anyway no matter what.

Verdict: Undecided

Verdict: No vote

Y Manassalil, 28, and Norarit, 27, flower shop owners

I Xia, 70, dumpling seller I have been helping my father sell dumplings since I was a child and I have never been to school so I can’t read. I don’t know much about politics but from my perspective I’m happy with Thailand’s current situation.


Verdict: Abstention

I Manop, 48, street vendor I’m not originally from Bangkok but I always go back to my hometown for every election. I suppose this draft should be good based on the information from the government and the fact that it will prevent corruption among politicians, so I support it. Verdict: Yes vote

T Akarawat, 27, cabin crew

T Niratchaporn, 25, freelance dancer

I have not read it and don’t Our major problem now is the know when the referendum is. bad economy. My family has been so affected by this Verdict: Undecided because we’re in the cargo business. Still, I might not even go to vote since I don’t care so much about elections in general. Verdict: Abstention

T Nadvalai, 30, and Raiman, 26, both self employed We have read the summarized version of the draft but don’t think the government has promoted it enough. People don’t truly understand this stuff and just follow the majority when they vote. Verdict: No comment

Y Wit, 27, pilot Thais are not very open-minded, meaning they only agree with people that they like and don’t listen to what their opponents have to say. I need to do some research about both sides’ arguments before making my decision.

T Prayat, 66, retired

T Petch, 61, waitress

T Wisarn, 66, retired

I don’t catch up with the news much but I sometimes get information from my friends via Line. It’s more likely that I will vote yes because I don’t want any more corruption in Thailand and this constitution draft will solve this problem.

I still don’t know how I will vote because I don’t know much about the referendum, only what I’ve heard from some TV news. I will surely go back to my hometown in Chiang Mai to vote as I always do for every election.

I will definitely vote yes because I totally agree with getting rid of corrupt people and letting young blood step up to run the country instead. I really like this draft and don’t understand why people are against it.

Verdict: Yes vote

Verdict: Undecided

Verdict: Yes vote

Verdict: Undecided


BK Magazine Friday, July 22, 2016

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7/15/16 5:30 PM



I Chanon, 42, tuktuk driver

I Chanchana, 31, self-employed This referendum comes from a thief; comes from an illegal person. The new one is written in order to destroy democracy. I’ll vote no for sure.


I don’t want to be involved. I just know that this Aug 7 there is something happening.

Verdict: No vote

Verdict: Abstention

T Jamras, 47, taxi driver

I Sompis, 50, taxi driver

I know nothing, I cannot reply whether it’s good or bad, but it will be very hard to solve our country’s problems. I would like to read it before I go to vote.

I drive all the time and never watch news or even television. I might not go to vote, I have to work.

Verdict: Undecided

T Preechakorn, 19, university student

T Pohnpissanu, 46, freelancer

T Pakorn, 23, university student

I think it has both good and bad sides. It might help our country, but I don’t know what side I should vote for.

The Thai nature is to oppose everything, whether it’s good or bad. It’s yet to be seen whether the majority will accept the charter, but if you ask me, I think I would say yes.

It’s not so interesting for me. It would be better, I guess. I’m not really concerned about this, it’s none of my business.

Verdict: Undecided

Verdict: Abstention

I Pawin, 53, customer service officer I haven’t read it yet. I doubt I’ll go to vote because I might have to work late. Anyway, I think this constitution won’t be used, it will fail.


Verdict: Undecided

Verdict: Abstention

Verdict: Yes vote

Y Sarayuth, 40, civil servent

Y Wallop, 50, tuktuk driver

I have seen very little about it but people right now are separated no matter what. Any referendum is good. If you ask me, “will I accept it or not?” I would say yes.

I know Aug 7 is the day to vote but I don’t know much information about the points in the constitution. It might be good, I guess. I can’t tell which side I’ll pick.

Verdict: Yes vote

Verdict: Undecided

STUDENTS AT THAMMASAT UNIVERSITY I Piyapong, 21, legal student Jun 27 is the anniversary of the day Thailand’s first constitution was established. It is also the day that my friends were jailed because they tried to make every Thai know more about the referendum in our country, not long after the United Kingdom held its referendum on the EU. It’s funny that while the British campaigned for their referendum publicly, Thai people still cannot talk about it freely. We are told that human rights are constitutionally enshrined in this country, but it should be questioned, “is that true?” because we definitely don’t have the right to criticize the charter. Verdict: No comment

Y Radis, 20, legal student


T Thunyaporn, 18, commerce student

T Peesadech, 21, business student

T Jitrapa, 22, recent graduate

I don’t know about this at all, so I cannot point out exactly how I will vote.

Personally, I don’t really like this government or the situation happening in Thailand now. It’s so scary. We cannot even post statuses or talk freely about this. I think we know exactly what should change but the one who’s in power ignores it.

I believe everyone should vote. I don’t care what side you choose so long as you exercise that right. Personally, I will vote no. Actually, I don’t agree with the constitution drafter himself.

Verdict: Undecided

A referendum is essential. The new charter allows the military government to stay longer which is seriously not correct, but the government has denied people the right to be critical. It’s not a real referendum. It’s like they are using democracy to cover something undemocratic. Verdict: No vote



Verdict: No vote

Verdict: No comment



We don't want to get anyone in trouble, so certain comments have been masked due to uncertainty regarding what constitutes fair comment on the referendum according to the government.

BK Magazine Friday, July 22, 2016

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7/15/16 5:31 PM

escapes ESCAPE ROUTES By Monruedee Jansuttipan and Oliver Irvine


Island in Bloom After hosting workshops in Bangkok, Oneday Wallflowers (094-661-7997, onedaywallflowers), the popular flower shop run by the folk behind Casa Lapin, will next offer an excursion to Koh Man Nok, a private island off Rayong’s coast, this Sep 17-18. They’ll be running workshops geared at making the most of the island’s natural materials—think seashell vases and flower crowns—and hosting a rustic-themed party on the beach. The two-day trip is B18,500 per person, including rooms, full-board meals, boat trips and workshops. You’ll be staying at Koh Munnork Private Island by Epikurean Lifestyle Hotel, the only accommodation on the island. Contact their Facebook for bookings.


Rustic Grill Meaty dishes grilled over sweetly scented longan tree charcoal are the specialty at Cuisine de Garden Rustic Grill and Wine Bar (081-774-1479,, the new project from long-time Chiang Mai fine-dining fave Cuisine de Garden. Former Iron Chef contender Leelawat "Chef Nan" Mankongtiphan heads the kitchen, dishing out choice cuts of Kampaengsaen beef, dry-aged for 30 days, like striploin (B580/200g), rib-eye (B680/200g) and T-bone (B1,380/up to 500g). You can also grab Thai-style tapas like grilled corn with dried shrimp for as low as B50/plate. Wines go from B170/glass or B890/bottle, while there's also Italian craft beers Birra Anima (from B180/ bottle). As for setting, think rustic, peppered with fire logs and open kithchen.


Green Days The latest hotel to join Alila’s stable of luxury resorts sits perched on the side of a lake in China’s achingly beautiful Anji county, the site of those dramatic bamboo forest battles in Ang Lee’s Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. There are just 34 villas and 40 suites at the tranquil Alila Anji (, each offering a sanctuary of warm wood veneers against crisp white render and plush silver carpets. Views look out on nothing but virgin mountain forest as it disappears into the still gray waters of the lake—the perfect place for a spot of river rafting should you choose to leave the resort. Book for July and you can get rates starting at around B7,400/night, but Jan-Feb are really the months to go, when rates jump to B10,300.


Super Deals Vietnam Airlines ( is rolling out deals that put many low-cost competitors to shame. Roundtrip flights from Bangkok to popular regional destinations like Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka start from B8,050, Taipei and Kaohsuing from B10,920, Seoul from B13,160, as well as Melbourne and Sydney from B14,800 and B15,235, respectively. They aren’t non-stop flights though, as you’ll need to connect at either Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City. You might have to be a bit flexible, too; the cheapest price we could find for Tokyo in November is B10,650—still not too bad. Roundtrip flights to Vietnamese destinations are equally tempting: Ho Chi Minh City (B5,070), Hanoi (B5,200) and Da Nang (B4,015). Available from now till Mar 31, 2017.

Advertise in our free guide to the best new openings in Phuket, Chiang Mai, Krabi, Samui and more. Coming this September 2016. Have some cool rooms? Email your news and promotions to


BK Magazine Friday, July 22, 2016

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7/15/16 5:33 PM

avenue NEW SPA

Heritage Heaven A soothing world of minty hues, contemporary Thai furnishings and lengthy spa treatments awaits visitors of Harnn Heritage Spa Krungthrep—the latest pampering palace from Thailand’s one spa brand that makes us happy to go local. Unlike your usual dimly lit, secluded spa, this one has huge windows that brighten up the whole space as you wait to be let in for delicious treatments like the Ploenchit Therapy (from B2,000)—a 60-minute journey of foot pampering and back rubs using massage oils that smell so, so good. The masseurs here don’t just have soothing hands; they also know how to avoid small talk, helping you to relax whatever your state of undress. 12M/F, Zen Tower, CentralWorld, Rama 1 Rd., 02-252-5725. Open daily 10am-9pm. BTS Siam/BTS Chit Lom. www.




High Line

Crowd Sourcing


When has good brow and lip makeup ever been cheap? The answer: never. So splurging on Yves Saint Laurent’s new summer 2016 line might be the best treat you offer your face all season. There’s the Couture Brow Palette (B2,550) to shape and style, the Couture Brow Mascara (B1,200) for perfectly tinted structure, the Dessin Des Sourcils eyebrow pencil (B990) for deep definition, and three eyeliners (from B990) in a range of colors to match your mood. For your lips, make sure you grab the Vernis A Levres Pop Water (B1,450)—available in four colors, all fab. Dry those tears if you were hoping to get a hold of the season-highlight vinyl formula mascaras, too; we have it on good authority they’ll be coming to Bangkok real soon.

The new Getmii app lets you ask advice from strangers in Bangkok without seeming like a creep. All you have to do is download it (iOS and Android), ask a question, and the app will automatically scout out for advice from the nearest 1,000 people also using the app. Ask it anything: how to get sold-out concert tickets, how to get around the new BTS charging system, where to buy beer during the midday blackout. It’s all anonymous if you want it to be and, most importantly, free. The app’s American but the idea’s already catching on in Bangkok with just as many questions in Thai and English—most of them answered.

You can now try on the clothes from all those Bangkok Instagram fashion businesses before you buy thanks to this new store at Siam Square. Camp BKK has rounded up over 70 local womenswear brands from Facebook and Instagram, whose reasonably-priced products range from apparel and bags to sunglasses and some neatly designed shoes and accessories. Some of our favorites to look out for include Otobmo (bags and shoes made using dried statice flower), Plan B by Ms. Plan B (smart-casual, minimal womenswear), Called P. (apparel with your own custom wording), Endless Holiday (simple holiday-wear), and Issara Shop (minimalist apparel). 392/27-28 Siam Square Soi 5, 02-2522334. Open daily 12-9pm. BTS Siam.

BK Magazine Friday, July 22, 2016

AVN_Landing_649_Jul22_16_New.indd 9


7/15/16 5:34 PM

avenue FASHION

Style Throwback We browsed through a timeline of trends to come up with these 10 vintage pieces which never go out of style. By Thaksaporn Thiengthamcharoen

Alice top, Twotwice, B1,700 This nude pink top combines elegant drapery and light fabric for a look that flatters your frame with an old-school European silhouette. It’s so effortlessly chic and dreamy, you can wear it regardless of the occasion.


Genesis printed pencil skirt, Pomelo, B990 You can never go wrong with a pencil skirt for business attire. This gray one has a slim-fitting, narrow cut and a clean front slit for that poised and confident look. Complete the retro style with a pair of loafers and suit jacket, and you’re ready to tackle the day.

'50 s

Little black dress Everyday Apparels, B2,790 Inspired by Coco Chanel, the classic little black dress is a simple, timeless wardrobe staple. This one has a boat neckline with a feminine offthe-shoulder silhouette, perfect for the evening.

'70s '90s Cotton crop top, Everyday Apparels, B550

Badged denim dungarees,Topshop, B2,890

We’ve been seeing crop tops all year round and they’re definitely here to stay. The ‘90s favorite is one super-versatile basic, perfect for Bangkok. Check out these gray and white designs from Everyday Apparels.

Overalls have been a long-time hit among teens, and have recently made a big comeback. This pair makes an easy, casual one-piece to throw on while the colorful patches add a splash of DIY to the look.

'80 s Loafers with tassels, Zara, B1,990 Loafers are favored by many high fashion designers and have come a long way over time. They also make an outfit instantaneously more put-together and sophisticated. We love these black ones from Zara for their modern finish that still maintains a classic presence.

Essentials Everyday Apparels. SOS Sense of Style, Siam Square Soi 6, 080-461-4566. BTS Siam. Topshop. 4/F, CentralWorld, Ratchadamri Rd., BTS Siam/Chit Lom


Zara. 2/F, CentralWorld, Ratchadamri Rd., BTS Siam/ Chit Lom Twotwice. SOS Sense of Style, Siam Square Soi 6, 080-461-4566. BTS Siam Pomelo. Shop online at

Ankle-strap Mid-rise flared platforms,Topshop, jeans, Zara, B1,990 This must-have denim item B3,590 from the past is back. The trend Up your shoe game with a pair of platforms that give you the comfort and stability of walking in heels that stilettos lack. Sandals, boots, sneakers— they all work well. Nude is a great color to experiment with as neutral palettes are really in right now.

Flare pants, Twotwice,B1,250 Since denim is easier to style, these bell bottoms may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they make a fun, playful way to spice up your outfit. Channel your inner disco dancer and grab this pair from Twotwice, available in black and gray.

disappeared for a while but is rolling back onto catwalks, meaning you no longer have to restrict your ankles in a pair of skin-tight jeans.

Tied waist bell-sleevetop, Pomelo, B1,190 This monochromatic top harks to a vintage era when tiered bell sleeves made a bold statement. Despite the oversized fit, this piece remains well-structured and accentuates your waist with a detachable belt.

BK Magazine Friday, July 22, 2016

AVN_Fashion 649_July22_16_2_New.indd 10

7/15/16 5:35 PM

avenue Ace that Run Hernán Piñera

Running pros and health experts offer their best running advice.

Ari Running Concept Store

Garmin Vivoactive watch

Emma Harris, General Manager of Guava Pass Tip: “Make sure you prepare your body with proper nutrients before and after a run. A banana and lots of water beforehand are crucial to help prevent cramps and stay hydrated. For maximum post-workout recovery and nutrients, I like to mix vegan protein powder in a fruit, vegetable and almond milk smoothie. Add in more veggies than fruits to keep the sugar intake down.” Where to get started: Try the Sun Warrior vegan protein powder, available at Sunshine Market Shop (261/3 Sukhumvit Soi 31, 02258-4586) at B1,485 for 500g. For nonvegan options, try the Nutrition Depot ( which has shops at BTS Chong Nonsi, Sala Daeng and Asok and offers a variety of whey protein powders, bars and vitamins. Dr Montinee Sangtian, Bumrungrad Hospital, Emergency Medicine Specialist and Healthpoint Blogger Tip: “Choose running shoes that properly fit the shape of your foot with proper weight support according to the route and surface of the ground. To prevent injury and blistering, make sure the shoes are well broken in before the day of a long distance race.” Where to get started: Check out Ari Running Concept Store (CentralWorld,, Thailand’s first multi-brand running specialist that stocks quality shoes from leading brands like Adidas and Nike as well as lesserknown names like Brooks, Saucony and Hoka One One.

Sirichai “Coach MJ” Kamrat, owner of MJ Athletic Studio Tip: “Be sure to stretch properly and dynamically 15-30 minutes before running. This activates the muscles, gets the heart rate going and prepares the body for exercise. To prevent muscle injury, a runner should focus on the shoulders, hips, waist and ankles. Also, make sure to do a light stretch again at the end of the run to ease the muscles from the exercise and prevent soreness.” Jaleesa Nelson, Winner of 10Mile Supersports Marathon 2016 Tip: “Proper clothing is very important for a runner to prevent injury and blistering. While training, I recommend wearing compression tights, calf sleeves and socks, all of which add specific levels of pressure to the muscles being used. This ensures stabilization of the muscles, which can enhance performance while decreasing soreness and fatigue, and guarantee faster recovery.” Where to get started: Compressport. com is a great American sportswear company that focuses on compression gear for athletes of all types—and they ship worldwide. For local options, check out the wide selection of sports gear at Supersports (, while those who don’t mind spending a bit more on fashionable yet high-quality sportswear should check out Waking Bee (

Jane Vongvorachoti, Olympic Marathon Runner Tip: “Invest in an activity tracker to keep count of your average pace and distance. You can also monitor your heart rate. This is a great way to monitor your progress, set goals and motivate yourself to reach new distances.” Where to get started: The Garmin Vivoactive watch (B9,700) is great for all-round athletes, runners included, and features a sleep and activity tracker. Thanks to the built-in GPS with strong satellite and automatic VO2 max calculations, this is one of the most accurate sport-focused activities on the market. For more options, check out this article on buying self trackers in Bangkok:

Waking Bee

With the MTL Six Packs App, Get Rewarded for Getting Fit As well as exercise, make sure you look after yourself with regular health check-ups. Download the new MTL Six Packs application to earn E-Stickers and instantly get special rewards in the form of special prices for health check-ups, dental check-ups and vaccinations at leading hospitals. Premium members can earn up to 30,000 E-Stickers a year in the Pure Medical Pack based on how you take care of your health by activities such as annual health check-ups, dentist visits, influenza shots and logging your BMI data. Download the MTL Six Packs app and register now for free to get your first 2,000 E-Stickers.

Apple and the Apple logo are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. Android, Google Play, and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google Inc.

Brought to you by The MTL Six Packs App

MTL_July22_16.indd 11

BK Magazine Friday, July 22, 2016


7/15/2559 BE 4:24 PM

bites & blends


Star Quality Hong Kong’s Maxim’s (Mei-Xin) Mooncake will this year be offering limited-edition Star Wars mooncake box sets. The black Darth Vader box holds chocolate-flavored cakes bearing the Galactic Empire sign, while the white Stormtrooper box contains custard lava cakes bearing the Rebel Alliance emblem. Each one sets you back B1,099 and will be available in August. The mooncakes, which won our blind taste test last year, will also be available in a normal eightpiece custard box at B1,350 and fourpiece chocolate at B855. Pre-order yours now at Line ID: meixinthailand or tel. 096885-4874. Don’t miss their award-winning white lotus seed ones, too.




Fashion Food

Sweet Secrets

Sunday Best

Uncle Boss’s cheesy Waffdog (B249) is a sausage smothered in raclette cheese and wrapped in a waffle with a rasher of bacon— just one of the many greasy pleasures at Siam Discovery’s new Co Food Lab. This temporary food and drink zone on the mall’s fourth floor features food trucks and flea market regulars who’ll be there till the mall gets its proper food court later in the year. Mango-specializing truck Manhattan Mango serves the likes of Soho Chicken (deep-fried chicken with rice, B85). Moon Taste ladels out soups from B115. For something sweet, Plaisir boasts cred from Lenotre’s for mer team and serves French pastries, while Deerato does cutesy ice creams with free toppings. 4/F, Siam Discovery, Rama 1 Rd. BTS SiamSiam Discovery, Co-Food Lab. Open 5pm

Chef Ian Kittichai’s Issaya brand doesn’t just do fancy Thai food; it’s also got a solid rep for Thai-French fusion pastry-work under sister brand Issaya La Patisserie, run by pastry chef Arisara “Paper” Chongphanitkul. Learn how to make those coconut tartlets, banana caramel eclairs and kaffir lime madeleines at home with their new Issaya La Patisserie Pastry Cookbook—a 200page, hardback trawl through some 56 recipes for pastry, ice cream and other confectionaries. Grab your copy for B1,250 at Issaya Siamese Club, Issaya La Patisserie, Issaya Cooking Studio, and leading book stories. To mark the launch, Issaya Cooking Studio is also hosting a special pastry workshop with chef Paper on Jul 20 from 3-6pm. It’ll cost just B1,500 with a copy of the book thrown in. 

Taking place on the first Sunday of every month, the Sunday Bubbly Brunch (B3,555) at Uno Mas doesn’t just feature the usual bounty of lobster, oysters and foie gras, but also some touches we’ve never seen at a hotel brunch before: tomahawk steak and cochinillo suckling pig, both charcoal-grilled on a Josper oven. Other highlights include 36-month-cured Joselito ham—self-described as the best Iberian ham in the world—as well as a selection of ceviche, squid-ink paella, charcoal-grilled tenderloin steak and proper pasteurized cheeses. You also get free-flow proper Champagne—G.H. Mumm, no less—as well as Spanish Rioja, sangria, cava, bloody Mary, daiquiri and margarita. 54/F, Centara Grand at CentralWorld, 999 Rama 1 Rd., 02-100-6255


BK Magazine Friday, July 22, 2016

BB_Landing_649_Jul22_16_New.indd 12

7/15/16 5:38 PM





Claws Out We put five top lobster roll contenders to a blind taste test. By BK Editorial

Crab and Claw (B950) A


A good balance of flavor is packed in here. While the bread doesn’t stand out much from the batch, the lobster steals the show, enlivened by a more complex approach to herbs and flavoring— the zesty lemon on top is a real winner. Verdict: A marriage made in lobster-y heaven 7/F, The Helix Quartier, Emquartier, Sukhumvit Rd., 096-197-5769


The Oyster Bar (B650)

The Lobster Lab (B690)

Lobster & Oyster (B670)

The Raw Bar (B1,070)

The only roll made using classic baguette benefits from the absence of sickly-sweet, buttery brioche. The briny, chopped-up lobster meat lacks the appeal of the full tails and claws found in some of these other contenders but it’s also a lot cheaper and the taste remains fresh.

The whole thing is drowned by a creamy sauce, yet the lobster meat itself manges to taste dry. We do like the rich brioche, though.

This roll’s neat look—a thick, rectangular slice of brioche with two plump lobster claws poking out from the top— disguises a taste that’s bland and let down by meat which doesn’t have the same depth of texture or flavor as others we taste.

The perfect combination of the brown crust, rich, sweet brioche and moist, springy lobster meat that tastes fresh from the sea makes this an easy standout. The mildly tangy sauce adds complexity without drowning the flavor of the lobster.

Verdict: Style over substance

Verdict: A bold roll indeed

Nawamin Festival Walk, Prasertmanukij Rd., 093-545-1469

440/9 Sukhumvit Soi 55 (Thonglor), 02-713-8335




Verdict: Wetter ain’t better The Commons, 335 Thonglor Soi 17, 02-712-8197

Verdict: Cheap but cheerful 395 Narathiwat Ratchanakarin Soi 24, 02-212-4809


*All takeaway lobster rolls were tasted on the day of delivery.

SEAFOOD Three Market-style Restaurants to Get Fresh Fish

Shinsen Fish Market




With more than a passing resemblance to Taipei’s uber-cool Addiction Aquatic Development fish market, this large warehouse on Sukhumvit Soi 39 is Bangkok’s newest supermarket specializing in ocean delicacies. The highlights include live imported taraba crab, snow crab, lobster, scallops and sea urchin. Fresh fish, meat, cheese and cold cuts are also on offer, while you have the option of turning your purchases into sashimi or a cooked meal to eat right on the spot. Other supermarket finds include frozen food, fruits, vegetables and beverages.

This hip little food market is hidden away in the middle of Ratchada-Rama 4. There, a cold storage room is packed with fresh imported seafood, mainly from France and Spain, like Fine de Claire oysters, Mediterranean seabass and turbot while the large deli counter stocks cheese and charcuterie from Europe. Though there’s no food menu here, El Mercado’s resident chef can whip up delicious dishes from the available produce. The place also stocks some coffee and wine.

The Japanese restaurant chain showcases its market concept at this flagship branch. The two-story building features marketplace-like counters and shelves on its ground floor and restaurant seating upstairs. There are also a few counter seats downstairs for you to see the fresh fish and watch the chef filleting it at the station. Best of all, though, are the deals they roll out on certain items, like B180 foie gras sushi down from the regular B300 every Thursday. Follow their Line account for updates.

163/6 Sukhumvit Soi 39, 02 260 6511.

490 Soi Phai Singto, Ratchadaphisek Rd., 02-003-8922.

9:53 Art Mall, 124 Sukhumvit Soi 53, 02-6625683.

BK Magazine Friday, July 22, 2016

BB_Bites_649_Jul22_16_New.indd 13


7/15/16 5:45 PM



Toro The Boston-born tapas bar blesses 72 Courtyard with its contemporary sharing plates. The buzz: This Barcelona-inspired tapas bar is the brainchild of two celebrity chefs, Ken Oringer and Jamie Bissonnette, who have both won James Beard Foundation’s Best Chef Northeast award, the Oscars of the culinary world. Established in 2005, the first venue in Boston became so popular they quickly opened a second branch in New York, before venturing out of the homeland for the latest opening in Bangkok. The decor: Toro’s blend of modern and rustic elements comes straight from the New York branch. Hanging greenery drapes down faux windows and over the bar, while wooden floors and furniture complement the raw bare concrete ceilings and dangling lamps. The food: Chef Zach Watkins, who’s worked at Oringer’s restaurants including Clio, Coppa and Toro for seven years, helms the kitchen here. The US branches’ modern tapas concept is adapted to suit local


ingredients and palates, resulting in Bangkok-only dishes like the seared foie gras served with roselle sauce, shimeji mushroom and mangosteen (B490), and hanger steak alongside caramelized red onion and green curry butter (filete a la plancha, B420). We especially like the flavorful combo of asado de huesos (B450), which sees bone marrow and oxtail marmalade served with radish citrus salad and cocoa nib. Other standout offerings include ensalada de sandia (watermelon salad with baby anchovies, pomelo and cotija cheese, B220) and setas y huevo (San Sebastian-style wild mushrooms with wild herbs and farm egg, B250). Also don’t miss their churros (B220)—perfectly crisp yet moist inside, with a hint of banana in the mix. The drinks: Wine drinkers can pair dinner with the refreshing watermelon sangria (B310) or Spanish wine poured straight from the por-

ron. Cocktails mostly gin-based and designed to be refreshing rather than complex to complement the food, including West G&T (Martin Miller’s gin, cucumber, peppercorn and tonic, B380) and Font Magica (gin, watermelon, black pepper and honey, B310). Why you should care: Toro’s finely plated food and stylish setting doesn’t mean a compromise in flavors. On the contrary, the creativity on show sets the bar high for Bangkok tapas places. Natcha Sanguankiattichai and Vasachol Quadri

2/F, 72 Courtyard, 72 Sukhumvit Soi 55 (Thonglor), 02-392-7790. Open Tue-Sun 6pm-midnight

Exclusively for Citi credit cardmembers. Get 10% discount on food only (1 Aug – 31 Dec 2016)

BK Magazine Friday, July 22, 2016

BB_NNOD_649_Jul22_16_New.indd 14

7/15/16 6:35 PM

Kuh Grill & Bar

Flat Marble

Ferraro Ristorante

Osha Cafe


East Meets West Ferraro Ristorante (The Maze, 148 Thonglor, Soi 4, 094-7892619) serves up classic Italian dishes with added Asian-fusion twists. Here, amid sleek orange and black decor, three chefs— Worapong Wongvaiyuth, Aut Kamolcakapai and Sivapap Intarapraprasong—roll out east-meets-west combos like salmon steak with spicy tom yum sauce (B410) and linguine pasta with spicy squid ink sauce (B560). Drinks and desserts stay on theme with the likes of Jameson whiskey, vodka, pineapple lime juice, and the watermelon seasonal fruit pizza with ricotta and lemon zest orange (B175). Exclusively for Citi credit cardmembers. Get 10% discount on food only (Today – 31 Dec 2016)

Glass House Nestled down the quiet backstreets of Ari is a small glasshouse that looks unlike any other restaurant in town. At Flat Marble (Phahon Yothin Soi 9, 061-695-9666) there's only room


for 11 diners at a time. You can order delicately plated international dishes from the monthly-rotating a la carte menu at the marble countertop. Chefs Peechaya Sukviboon and Fahmanunya Chatraphuti's current specialties include US prime ribeye steak (B390/100g), black truffle spaghetti (B790) and chocolate creme brulee (B150). Reservations recommended and it's cash only.

Ari Calling Surprise, surprise, Ari's welcomed yet another, stylishly kitted-out fusion restaurant—but this one puts the emphasis on meat. The white, gray and black-schemed Kuh Grill & Bar (32/20 Ari Soi 2, 095-254-4100) is the place to head for a juicy slab of A4-grade Japanese wagyu steak (B1,200) or an Australian beef burger (B240). Away from the grill, you'll find dishes like edamame sweet corn soup (B160), and trio of avocado salad, tomato mango salsa and potato fries (140). For dessert, order the sublime Coco Custard (B120)—essentially a creme brulee served in a coconut. Praphanit Doowa

Warehouse 10, Asiatique, Charoenkrung Rd., 02-0469441. Open daily 5-11:45pm Comfortably the chicest place to dine at the Asiatique riverside community mall comes from the same team who are behind the Thai fine dining restaurant Osha in town. Here, though, things are a little more laidback, with a space that blends contemporary design quirks with an easygoing attitude. The Thai dishes might sound familiar, but the food here is anything but plain, whether it's a beautifully presented pad Thai or rich and decadent massaman curry. Don't miss the mango sticky rice and young coconut ice cream for dessert. Exclusively for Citi credit cardmembers. Get 10% discount on food only (Today - 31 May 17)

BK Magazine Friday, July 22, 2016

BB_NNOD_649_Jul22_16_New.indd 15


7/15/16 6:35 PM

bites & blends market Events


Crab & Claw

LOBSTER AND OYSTER OLYMPICS This July, Crab and Claw celebrates its one-year anniversary by rolling out two massive 100-minute all-you-caneat deals. Every Tue and Fri, you can order any of over 20 lobster dishes on the menu at B2,800/person with a glass of wine or B3,300/person with free-flow wine. While on Wed, B1,500 (with a glass of wine) or B2,000 (with free-flow wine) gives you access to fresh oyster dishes. Available at both Emquartier and Siam Paragon branches.

GOURMET MARKET WORLD’S BEST TASTE 2016 Through Jul 27, Gourmet Market highlights 10 categories of premium ingredients, along with workshops and activities. Siam Paragon, G/F, Rama 1 Rd. BTS

Arena 10, Thonglor Soi 10, 02-711-6052

Siam Emporium, 5/F, Sukhumvit Rd. BTS Phrom Phong Emquartier, G/F, Sukhumvit Rd. BTS Phrom Phong

G/F, Siam Paragon, Rama 1 Rd., 061-9123145. BTS Siam

Siwilai Rocket


GIN WORLD CUP Through September, Osito hosts its own world cup of gin, featuring 16 top-shelf gin brands (including Martin Miller’s, Bombay Sapphire, Tanqueray and many other far more esoteric bottles). All you have to do is purchase a tasting set (B890 each) comprising two brands of gin served blind and mixed in three different styles— straight up, martini and gin tonic— with a score card to let you tally your vote. The winner will be announced at a closing party on Oct 7. 888/23-24 Mahatun Plaza, Phloen Chit Rd., 02-651-4399. BTS Phloen Chit

NATIONAL CHICKEN WINGS DAY Sway celebrates National Chicken Wings Day this Jul 29 with free spicy “Ghost” wings from 5-6pm, a fireball booth, B100 local beers from 5-7pm, DJs and giveaways.

7/F, Emquartier, Sukhumvit Rd., 096-1975769. BTS Phrom Phong



You Hunt We Cook

Learn to make three classic rumbased cocktails with Ben-David Sorum at Siwilai Rocket this Jul 22, Aug 26 and Sep 30 from 7pm. B1,500 per person including canapes. Limited space. 5/F, Central Embassy, Phloen Chit Rd., 02-160-5836. BTS Phloen Chit

CHEF VALENTINO MARCATTILII VISIT This Jul 27-31, chef-owner Valentino Marcattilii from two-Michelin-starred Ristorante San Domenico in Imola, Italy, visits Park Society and Red Oven. Prices start at B2,900 per person for a four-course dinner, B2,400 for Sunday lunch and B1,950 for Saturday brunch. Sofitel So, 2 Sathorn Rd., 02-624-0000. MRT Lumphini


You must be at least 18-years-old

Japanese. Mahutan Plaza, 888/28-29 Phloen C h i t R d . , 0 2- 6 5 1- 5 0 2 0 . O p e n d a i l y 11am-11pm. BTS Phloen Chit. BBB

Jubei is kind of like an izakaya lite. There’s no smoky upstairs room. No ra u co u s J a p a n e s e ex p a t s . N o “irasshaimase!” screaming front of house team. What you get instead is a calm, safely modern-industrial space—obligatory concrete floors, unrendered walls and exposed piping all present and correct—where you can get down to some yakitori and highball action only with a more civilized ambience. But though there’s nothing really wrong with Jubei’s food—the karaage (B150) deliciouslyfried nuggets of oily chicken, the gyutan skewers (B120) chewy morsels of well-charred beef tongue—Mahatun Plaza’s expat drinking crowd don’t seem to be buying it. While Thursday

You must send in a cover letter and resume. Specify which department you are applying for. Open to Thai and foreign nationals (for Marketing, Thai national only). Internships are full-time, unpaid and last 3 months.

Changwon Express HHHH Candidates should be fluent in both Thai and English. Send your resume and a cover letter to

Advertise your business with us­ starting from B6,000 Email or call 026249601

Credit card/Debit card payment accepted


Jubei Izakaya HHHH

nights see standing-room only on the smoking terraces of La Monita and Osito, only a handful of people bother straying here, just a couple of doors down. Again, nothing to do with the food. The menu charts an appealing course through fried drinking snacks (calamari tempura, B180; Osaka-style omelet, B120; pork chashu, B150), protein-heavy salads (ginger soymarinated blackened chicken, B150), bao buns (get the charcoal-seared chashu, B140), rice bowls and even ramen before some heavy, fusion-y— and sinfully delicious—desserts like soymilk panna cotta (B150) and cinnamon-spice bao with vanilla ice cream (B160). The only real cause for complaint with any of it is the ramen. Our Jubei tonkotsu gyokai shoyu (B220) has a milky, one-dimensional broth that fails to deliver that potent tonkotsu umami kick which the springy noodles and chunky slices of tender chashu pork deserve. Other issues exist with the service. With dishes forgotten and the bottle of sake kept out of reach to pour yourself, not having waiters anywhere in sight makes us wish we were in the overly-attentive, shouty clutches of a regular old salaryman izakaya.

Korean-Mexican. 37 Asoke-Dindaeng Rd., 092-251-8661. Open Mon-Sat 5pm-midnight. MRT Phetchaburi. BB

Changwon Express is quite the oddity. This yellow-painted spot mere steps away from MRT Petchaburi (Exit 3) pairs Thai craft beers with trending Korean-Mexican fusion cuisine. Though little more than a hole-in-the-wall, the place bursts with character with its shipping-container bar, cartoon wall paintings and effervescent owner, Korean expat Ted Ahn. Thanks to his welcoming presence (first name greetings, the odd free soju)—and possibly the best selection of local brews in town (more on that later)— Changwon achieves a chat-friendly, after-work chill vibe that’s otherwise missing in the concrete wasteland that is Asoke-Dindaeng Road. The food, created by the owner himself, has its charms: nachos, tacos and hot dogs with Korean twists (B160-200), plus standard Korean fare like bibimbap (mixed rice, B160-80), topokki (spicy rice cakes, B160) and bulgogi (grilled marinated beef, B300). Of the fusion fare, we’re most taken with the Kimchi Taco (B200/three tacos), a soft tortilla

filled with sweetened beef (or pork) bulgogi topped with kimchi. The meat is flavorful, if a little one-dimensional— to remedy this, use a liberal dollop of gochujang (a red, spicy and pungent sauce), available in the Nacho Fiesta (with guacamole and salsa, B160). The Dooroochigi Taco (B200/three tacos) is a more Tex-Mex-like variation, with meat marinated in a hot Korean style slathered with salsa and gooey cheddar cheese. Refined stuff. The American Dirty Dog (B180), with its plump pork sausage, soft bun and mountain of sauce, is another easily negotiated handful. We’re not as fond of the straight-up bibimbap, which packs all the right components but doesn’t come served in a hot stone bowl, leading to quickly cold and mushy rice. What’s most fun about Changwon is that it feels like a work in progress. The menu has had its missteps (the Galbi Burger is no longer on offer), but manages to just about transcend its novelty factor. The pocketfriendly prices help. So, too, does the beer. A couple months back Ahn installed six more beers on tap—all Thai and all coming in at under B200/ pint. The ever-changing chalkboard lists popular local brewers like Sandport and Outlaw. There’s even a Changwon IPA (B180), made in collaboration with Happy New Beer, which makes a dangerously delicious session beer thanks to a lowly 4% ABV. There may be better Korean and Mexican food in Bangkok, but as an experience there’s nothing quite like Changwon Express.


Price guide


PPPP Forget it PPPP Only if you’re in the neighborhood PPPP A pleasant dining experience PPPP Not to be missed


Reservations recommended Parking available Dress requirements Live music

BK pays for its meal and does not call ahead or sit with the chef.

Under B500 B500-900 B900-1,500 B1,500 and up Price per person, including one drink, appetizer, main course, dessert, charges and tax.


BK Magazine Friday, July 22, 2016

BB_Market_649_Jul22_16_New.indd 16

7/15/16 5:59 PM

now SAT Green Room

SAT Commercial Crop

The genre-defying Los Angeles electronic duo Loudpvck, whose name (pronounced “Loud Pack”) comes from a slang term for a particularly strong bag of weed, makes its Thailand debut this Jul 23 at Live RCA (RCA, Rama 9 Rd.). They’ll be spinning tracks like “Lit” and “Buena” which highlight their grimy blend of hip-hop and EDM. Tickets are B450 from Ticketmelon.

Rock out with seven of the country's most stadiumfriendly rock bands this Jul 23 at Runaway Music Festival. All the big names—Bodyslam, Big Ass, Potato, 25 Hours, Cocktail, Lomosonic and The Yers—will take the stage at Muang Thai GMM Live House (8/F, CentralWorld, Rama 1 Rd.) for a celebration of the finest in homegrown rock music. Tickets are B1,200 from Thaiticketmajor.

SAT On the Up Thailand’s startup scene has never been better thanks to events like Techsauce Summit, the country's biggest international tech conference, which takes place this Jul 23 at Centara Grand (Central Plaza Ladphrao, 1695 Phahon Yothin Rd.). The event invites top startup founders, thought leaders, policy makers, investors and corporate innovators from across Asia for two days of conferences and networking. Tickets are B7,000 from www,

WED Make Yourself at Home Forget Ikea. The city’s biggest showcase of home decor returns this Jul 27-31 with Baan Lae Suan Mid-Year Fair 2016. Booths will take over the grounds of BITEC (88 Bang Na-Trat Rd.) filled with home decor, electronics, household and garden equipment, and everything you need for that upcoming home renovation. Of course, you can expect sustenance in the form of on-site food trucks.




The Los Angeles-based trap music remix duo make their Thailand debut with tracks like "Lit" and "Buena." Jul 23, 9pm. Live RCA Bangkok, RCA, Rama 9 Rd., 098-974-6974. Free.

The German DJ and producer known for his albums In My Blood and Obey spins his best nu-disco tracks, with support from local talent DJ Mikus. Jul 27, 9pm. Sing Sing Theater, Sukhumvit Soi 45 (next to Quince), 063-225-1331. B300 (includes one drink). BTS Phrom Phong.

Bangkok’s best DJs are joined by acrobats, dancers and magicians. Jul 30, 9pm. Live RCA Bangkok, RCA, Rama 9 Rd., 098-974-6974. B250.


Japanese DJs Noli Shimizu and Naoki Imula spin the best of Japan’s underground techno beats. Jul 23, 10pm. Dark Bar, 2/F, Ekamai Mall, Ekkamai Soi 10, 02-381-9896, 090-528-4646. B200. GLOW SUNDAZE Sunju Hargun




The Oslo-based DJ takes over the decks with support from DJ Sunju Hargun as part of the bar’s series to showcase cutting-edge techno music. Jul 22, 10pm. Glow, 96/4-5 Sukhumvit Soi 23, 086-614-3355. B350 (includes one drink). MRT Sukhumvit.

Bangkok Lyrical Lunacy and Bangkok Bar host a night of hip-hop with MC Farbeon, supported by local DJs Rory Breaker-Morant and Jnknslry. Jul 23, 7pm. Live RCA Bangkok, RCA, Rama 9 Rd., 098-974-6974. B150-300.

A night of deep-house with elements of funky jazz from the Bangkok-based DJ Kimball Collins. Jul 24, 10pm. Glow, 96/4-5 Sukhumvit Soi 23, 086-614-3355. B250 (includes two drinks). MRT Sukhumvit.


Bars on Silom Road and surrounds, including Fork and Cork, Maggie Choo’s, Smalls, Tapas, Third World and Whiteline, join forces for a huge bar crawl with quality music and drink deals at each venue. Jul 29, 7pm. Free. HIBIYA LINE

The Swiss-Vietnamese DJ brings his mix of house and techno to the stage. Dress code is smart. Jul 29, 10:30pm. Vogue Lounge, 6/F, Mahanakhon Cube, Narathiwat Ratchanakarin Rd., 02-001-0697. Free. BTS Chong Nonsi.


DJs Tommy Nori and Knatz, drinks for ladies between 9-11pm, fluorescent body painting and "UV beer pong". Dress code is white. Jul 30, 9pm. Ce La Vi, 39/F, Sathorn Square Complex, 98 Sathorn Rd., 02-108-2000. Free. BTS Chong Nonsi. MOOSE FAREWELL PARTY

This is it. Say goodbye to Moose with a fun-filled night featuring music from Yellow Fang, Plot, Fwends, Gorn Clw, and The Blackcodes. DJ Kova O’Sarin will helm the after party, starting at midnight. Jul 31, 7:30pm. Moose Bangkok, 24 Ekkamai Soi 21, 02-108-9550, 083-272-2210. B200.

BK Magazine Friday, July 22, 2016

BK Now_649_Jul22_16_New.indd 17


7/15/16 6:18 PM

now NEW VENUE Bangkok Screening Room


Selena Gomez

Singto Numchok


Thailand’s big-name rock singers join hands for the rock-ballad concert. Expect to hear some worldwide hits from the ‘80s-’90s. Jul 23, 7pm. Centra Government Complex Hotel & Convention Centre, Chaeng Watthana Rd. B500-1,500 from Thaiticketmajor. SELENA GOMEZ

The ex-Disney star turned pop singer makes her way to the Bangkok stage for the first time, promising performances of hits from her latest album Revival including "Same Old Love" and "Hands to Myself" as well as many other guilty-pleasure songs. Jul 29, 7:30pm. Impact Arena, Muang Thong Thani, 99 Popular Rd., 02-833-4455. B2,000-5,000 from Thaiticketmajor.


The event that combines live music and shopping returns, this time featuring bands Somkiat and Polycat alongside a bustling flea market. Jul 23, 5pm. Rockademy, A-Square (next to Flow House, opposite K Village), Sukhumvit Soi 26, 02-261-3833. Free. ACOUSTIC SESSION

Jam presents 4 easy-listening live music sessions from both local and international artists Oss Yak, Clive Pen-



dock, Kingkong and the Chum, and Numan. Jul 24, 7pm. Jam, 41 Charoen Rat Soi 1, 083-5451-833. B100. BTS Surasak.


The local 3-piece blues band, known for their sound that combines blues, rock and country, perform a special 2-hour set. Jul 26, 10pm. Havana Social, Sukhumvit Soi 11, 087-066-7711. Free. BTS Nana.


An afternoon of live jazz, soul and funk music alongside food trucks from Guss Damn Good and Sloane’s. Jul 30, 3pm. The Commons, 335 Thonglor Soi 17, 089-152-2677. Free.



The popular rock band perform songs from their new album, Of Space and Time, with support from up-andcoming hardcore band In Vice Versa, post-hardcore band Hopeless and grunge band The Layers, as well as guest appearances from KC Irony, John Will Sail and Clive Pendock. Jul 30, 8pm. Brownstone Studio, 1395 Sukhumvit Soi 77, 087-703-0448. B200. SINGTO NUMCHOK LIVE AT MAGGIE CHOO'S

Singto Numchok performs his signature ukulele pop music Saturday night. Jul 30, 9pm. Maggie Choo's, underground/F, Hotel Novotel Bangkok Fenix Silom, 320 Silom Rd., 091-772-2144. B900. BTS Surasak.



Seven Thai artists explore the concept of beer drinking in Thai culture and its role as both a celebratory drink and a comfort for stressful times. Jul 29-Aug 31. Kalwit Studio & Gallery, Wireless Soi 2 (Ruam Rudi).

Thai-Japanese artist Luke Satoru presents his mixed media series involving film photography and paint to depict scenes of mountainscapes and forests. Through Aug 15. Most, 672-36 Charoenkrung Soi 26, 02-639-6582.

Big Bad Wolf Book Sale Good news for book-lovers as Big Bad Wolf Book Sale, the self-described biggest book sale in the world, is coming to Thailand for the first time this August. Expect discounts of 60-80 percent on English books from many, many publishers around the world. Organizers are claiming there will be over 2 million fiction and non-fiction books across pretty much all categories. The book sale will be held at Impact Arena Muang Thong Thani from Aug 12-21, and from Aug 19-21 it will run for 60 hours nonstop.


Set to officially open in late August, Bangkok Screening Room will show the type of art-house and alternative films often overlooked by the city's blockbuster-obsessed cinemas. The people behind it are film-lovers Sarinya Manamuti, Nicholas Hudson-Ellis and Wongsarond Suthikulpanich, who have been working on the project for over a year now. After hitting several snags, the arty cinema will open next month with a program of both contemporary and classic films, such as Apichatpong Weerasethakul's Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives (2010), which despite winning the Palme d'Or at Cannes only had a brief run in Bangkok, Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo (1958) and Ishiro Honda's original Godzilla (1954). The theater will reportedly contain 50 seats, with an ultra-high-def digital projector and professional surround sound, plus a small bar and restaurant attached. All films will have both English and Thai subtitles, with tickets from B300. Located on Sala Daeng Soi 1 (in what used to be Whitespace Gallery), the cinema will be easily accessible from BTS Sala Daeng and MRT Silom/Lumpini.



Artists Watcharapol Paksri and Rapat Bunduwanich perform a live performance in front of CCTV cameras which will be live streamed at the bar-slashart space in an experimental art piece exploring the power and danger of surveillance. Through Jul 22. Speedy Grandma, 672/50-52 Charoen Krung Soi 28, 089-508-3859.

Thai artist Patipat Chaiwitesh explores the differences between traditional French tapestry and Thai basketry in his collection of design works that attempt to combine the two styles. Jul 22-29. Soy Sauce Factory, 11/1 Charoenkrung Soi 24, 061-835-6824.

BK Magazine Friday, July 22, 2016

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Upcoming Runs Hernán Piñera

ART Q&A Taweewit Kijtanasoonthorn

Human Run



The annual run organized by A Day Magazine returns, this year under the concept of “Unstoppable” and challenging runners to take on the route around the Old Town. Offering 21km, 10km and 5km runs. Register at Aug 28, 4am. Thammasat University (Tha Phra Chan Campus), 12 Phra Chan Rd. B500-600.

A charity run to support the country's blind atheletes at this year's Paralympic Games offers 5km and 10km distances with the theme of neon lights. Register at Sep 3, 9pm. Rama 8 Bridge, Thonburi. B420-520.


The fourth annual run to celebrate the birthday of Her Majesty the Queen, offering 3km, 5km and 10km runs. Register at, 08-7911-2037. Aug 7, 6am. Suanluang Rama IX Public Park, Sukhumvit Soi 103. B400.



The school hosts its first mini marathon in celebration of its 25th anniversary with a 10km run or 2.7km walk. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Baan Saeng Sawang Foundation. Register at Sep 25, 6am. Suan Rod Fai (Vachirabenjatas Park), Kamphaeng Phet Soi 3. B300-500.

The Color Run Returns

Taweewit Kijtanasoonthorn, 34, is a Thai photographer and professor at Silapakorn University who hails from Yala. His latest exhibition, Karaoke Twilight, runs through Jul 31 at the Bangkok Art and Cultural Centre and presents a series of photographs and videos capturing the colorful exteriors of Bangkok's karaoke bars and what goes on inside them. What made you want to start photographing karaoke bars? Everyone who lives in Bangkok is familiar with the bright lights of karaoke bars that line the streets, but no one would consider them beautiful. Instead, these institutions are associated with sex and a place of taboo. However, I have fond memories of karaoke bars from when I was younger, when my friends and I would hop around these bars all over the country and sing karaoke songs all night long. It was a big adventure, meeting new people and singing with them. I wanted to provide a neutral impression of karaoke bars, since I don't have the bias that most people do. What are the impressions that Thais and foreigners have towards karaoke bars? Because karaoke bars are commonly associated with sex, Thai people often turn a blind eye to them. Foreigners are slightly more open to the concept; some may consider them romantic, but there's definitely still a concern about safety as to what lies behind the doors. It doesn't help that the bars' interiors are often dimly lit, sometimes with improper signage, which makes the space seem more mysterious and scary. But karaoke bars aren't as seedy as they may seem. What really goes on inside these bars? Inside these bars you'll find a big spectrum of emotions—happiness, sadness, eroticism, loneliness—much like the bright neon colors shining outside. It's a place where the working class come to relax in the comfort of the night's darkness. The fact that these places often have names like "Oasis," "Sweet Dreams" and "Mist" highlights that they aim to be a place of comfort, where people can release stress. What was your process for taking these photos? When capturing the photos, I made sure to keep the perspective at eye level, because I want the shots to capture how people would see the bars if they were walking along the street. I made sure I took the shots when nothing else was going on in the street—no cars, motorbikes or passersby—so that the bar could stand alone without distractions. Inside, I entered as if I was an ordinary customer. I used their services; I ate and drank normally while asking permission to record my experience. What can Thai karaoke bars say about our society as a whole? In a way, they show the importance that Thai society places on keeping "face." It's so important to have status and maintain your image, otherwise you easily become marginalized. Meanwhile, these institutions serve as a place for people to relax without having to keep that facade up. They are small spaces where people can express their true emotions and behave naturally after hours. There are always two sides to a story—the outer image that people present and who they truly are inside.

It's official: The Color Run will be returning for the second year to Bangkok this Oct 15 and 16 for two days of 5km fun-runs that promise to get runners covered head to toe in bright colorful powder. This year dubbed The Color Run Tropicolor 2016, the so-called "Happiest 5k on the Planet" will kick off from the Airport Rail Link's Makkasan Station at 4pm. Don't forget to stick around the for Finish Festival, too, which promises massive color throws and live music before everything winds to an end by 8pm. Tickets go on sale from Jul 25 onwards at www. with limited early bird tickets priced at


B700 and general admission at B900. All tickets include a limited edition Tropicolor T-shirt, an embroidered headband, a finisher's medal, fun temporary tattoos and plenty of color packets. All information regarding bib pick-ups will be sent to registered participants two weeks prior to the event. Founded in March 2011 in Arizona, USA, the Color Run has turned into a huge international success, with 200 cities in 40 countries around the world now hosting the fun-run event. If last year's event is anything to go by, this is a fun-run not to miss.

Brexit & Its Implications: An Asia Centre Roundtable One month after the results of the United Kingdom's referendum vote to leave the EU, a panel of academics gather for a roundtable discussion on the implications of the decision for the UK, Europe and Asia. Panelists include Dr. Peter Shearman (Institute of Security and International Studies, Chulalongkorn University), Dr. David Moore (Portland State University), Dr. Kenneth Houston (Webster University) and Dr. James Gomez (Bangkok University).

Free entry. Jul 25, 2-5pm. AsiaCentre, 128/183 Phayathai Plaza Building, Phayathai Rd.

Interview by Bonnie Sananvatananont

BK Magazine Friday, July 22, 2016

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7/13/2559 BE

6:40 PM

now FILM Opening



Comedy. A group of college baseball players experience the freedom of fraternity life and unsupervised adulthood, set in the ‘80s. Jul 19




Action/Sci-Fi. The USS Enterprise crew led by Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) face a new enemy on their journey into uncharted territory. Jul 19







Comedy/Romance. In this sequel, Gyunwoo (Cha Tae-hyun) attempts to get over his ex-girlfriend by reuniting with his first love (Victoria Song). Jul 21


Horror. Ever since she was a child, Rebecca has been visited by a mysterious creature when she turns off the lights. Now, her brother is having the same experience. Jul 21


LOBSTER MASALA Back by very popular demand, Chef Hardip Bhatia is featuring Maya’s ever popular ‘Lobster Butter Masala’ – succulent Canadian lobster morsels simmered in exquisite masala gravy.


Comedy. Amy (Mila Kunis) joins forces with two other overworked and underappreciated moms (Kristen Bell, Kathryn Hahn) to rebel from their regular duties, pitting them against queen-bee mother, Gwendolyn (Christina Applegate), and her gang of perfect moms. Jul 28


Horror. A group of students determined to study are faced with ghosts when the clock strikes midnight in their college classroom. Jul 28

Take your dining experience to another level, enjoy the stunning views of Bangkok and sip our famous cocktails at Maya Restaurant & Bar. Nightly: 5 pm – 1 am (last food order 11.30 pm)



Action. The former CIA operative Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) starts to remember his past and embarks on a journey to find out who he really is and what secrets his past contains. Jul 28

Romance. A composer heads to India to film an Indian adaptation of the love story Romeo and Juliet, where he forms a complicated relationship with the wife of the French Ambassador. Jul 28

SPECIAL SCREENINGS Five acclaimed female Thai directors select international films to be screened bi-monthly from May-Nov for Cinema Diverse. This month sees the screening of the 2013 drama/adventure film Nebraska directed by Alexander Payne and chosen by Wanwaew and Waewwan Hongvivatana, twin scriptwriters known for their television series Wish Us Luck. The film follows the adventure of an old drunkard (Bruce Dern) on a 750-mile trip to Nebraska to collect the prize of his sweepstake while being the target of predatory people after his money. There will be a discussion about the film after the screening. Entry is B60.

For reservations, please call 02 683 4888 Maya, 29th Floor, Holiday Inn Bangkok Sukhumvit, 1 Sukhumvit 22, Klongton, Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110 T: 02 683 4888 : mayarestaurantandbar : mayabangkok


Jul 23. Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC), 939 Rama 1 Rd. BTS National Stadium

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