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Wind Energy Poland 2014




4 Waiting for legislation … yet a record-breaking year WIEŻA

6 Impax Buys Finland Wind Farm From Fortum, Metsahallitus

ERG buys into Polish wind sector


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PGE estimates nearly 10 billion profits as power prices increase

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Waiting for legislation … yet a record-breaking year

Wind Energy

Poland 2014

The act on renewable sources of energy has for many years been awaited by many investors and developers. The implementation of directive 2009/28/EC has been delayed five years – and during this interregnum, five years have been spent on unnecessary implementation of the previous directive 2001/77/EC. After all, the latter was designed for the purpose of attaining the European goals for 2010.

Wojciech Sztuba Managing Partner, TPA Horwath Polska

Each year in which the old system remains in effect means the unproductive spending of more than PLN 2 billion on green certificates for the co-firing of biomass and large water installations. Fortunately, recently there has been a significant speeding up of the work on the act on renewable sources of energy - the last draft of which was adopted by the Council of Ministers on 8 April, and which was sent to the Minister of Economy on 30 April with instructions to begin notification procedures before the European Commission. This is a rather atypical legal path, given that the notification procedure generally covers legislation after its adoption. The recommendation of the Office of the Prime Minister regarding the earlier start of the notification procedures demonstrates the significant determination of the government to implement the

separate notification. In the meantime, the probability that the European Commission would object to some of the provisions of the draft of the act is not small. Among others, regulations pertaining to favouring sources with a productivity that exceeds 4000h/year, excessive support for co-firing, or the limitation of the prices owed to “prosumers” to 80% of the prices on the competitive market may be deemed to be contrary to the spirit of the directive in regard to the promotion of renewable energy and its consumption. The auction model itself, as is well known, is also not highly valued by the European Commission, as it does not help with development of renewable sources of energy. On the other hand, a 15 year period of guaranteed support provided in the draft of the act on renewable sources of energy exceeds the 10 year support limit postulated by the European Commission. As to the point, the draft of the act on renewable sources of energy dated 8 April,

Short-sighted approach by the government towards renewable sources stifles the national electricity generation system and hinders its modernization and increase in competitiveness. new model for providing support to renewable sources of energy as soon as possible. It can also be assumed that the government expects that this approach will put pressure on parliament to accept the draft mostly as is - especially if it were possible to obtain the European Commission’s acceptance of the draft by this time. Otherwise, each amendment to the text of the act will require a


i.e. the so called version 6.3, contains several modifications compared with the earlier draft from February of this year that are fundamentally of low importance in terms of wind energy. It can be seen that the attempts made by the wind sub-sector to convince the authors of the draft to modify unfavourable regulations regarding, among others, dedicated co-firing, the valorisation of the com-

pensatory payment, or norms regarding the reference price in the auction model did not have any result. Draft 6.3., to a lesser degree than previous drafts, allows for the effects of limiting support for the co-firing of biomass to be foreseen, as the introduction of separate principles for so-called dedicated installations eliminates the previous, more radical provisions regarding the reduction of this source of green energy. Indeed the idea for dedicated co-firing installations of the specified size to not participate in auctions for existing installations was kept in; nonetheless, the entirety of these provisions is not free of interpretational ambiguity. This may significantly increase the total costs of providing support for renewable sources of energy - which the authors of the draft would very much like to decrease. This is especially so given that in the evaluation of the effects of the regulation [ocena skutków regulacji] (OSR), additional costs resulting from potential penalties for failing to implement the goals of the directive or the costs of statistical transfers from abroad have not been taken into account. On the other hand, the attachment of the government to the 2020 target results in a regulatory outlook that is too short. This is not just because of the fact that the legal norms that are to lead to the performance of the specified plans in 2020 will enter into effect only in 2016. First and foremost, the

for difference system. The producer of energy from a renewable source of energy of more than 1 MW that won an auction, will not have a price that is guaranteed and valorised for a period of 15 years. The electricity itself will be sold on a competitive market or as part of a bilateral contract. On the other hand, the difference between the auction price that it obtains (taking into account valorisation) and the average daily price for energy on the commodities exchange (IRDN24 index) will be refunded to the producer by the Renewable Energy Settlements Operator [Operator Rozliczeń Energii Odnawialnej] (OREO) in monthly periods. If the auction price turns out to be lower than the IRDN 24 index, then the producer will refund the difference arising out of this to the OREO. Renewable energy producers with an installed capacity of less than 1 MW will retain a classic feed-in tariff. The transition to feed-in premium is less favourable to producers in light of the risk of having to refund the support, as well as in relation to the methodological reference to the IRDN24 index which will always vary one way or the other from the energy

price that is actually obtained. This creates a new type of risk for investors. However, it is worth noting that its appearance in the draft of the act on renewable sources of energy is consistent with the general European trend of moving away from feed-in tariffs in favour of feed-in premium. Another important change in the planned support model in recent months is the limitation of support provided to renewable sources of energy to limits that are determined taking into account the accumulation of different forms of support, ex. subsidies or tax instruments. As a result, a producer will be entitled only to such a level of support from all sources whose total value will not exceed the reference price. On the other hand, goods news includes the amendment of the energy law act provided for in the draft of the act in regard to the norms pertaining to the connection of renewable energy installations to the grid. The provisions of the new regulations will clearly provide that operators will be obligated to give grid connection priority to renewable sources of energy regardless of limitations due to energy storage or balancing. In addition, the operator of the distribution or transmission grid will be obligated to expand the grid (and bear the related costs) to the renewable energy installation itself. This is without a doubt a huge relief for investors who currently often have to bear the costs related to the expansion of infrastructure constituting the property of distribution or transmission grid operators. The progress in the creation process of the new renewables law narrows down the number of possible scenarios and allows for the assumption that the act may be adopted by parliament and signed by the President of Poland already in 2014. Seeing as a twelve month vacatio legis period has been provided for in regard to the most important elements of the act regarding providing support using the auction model, it can be assumed that until around the end of 2015, investors will still have the opportunity to install significant production capacities on the basis of the current system of green certificates. In light of the risks and numerous questions that accompany the auction model, this path is currently being strongly considered by a significant part of market participants. This can be seen in the relatively high demand for wind projects with construction permits or at another high level of progress. Throughout 2013, which passed with unstable laws and uncertainty related to the future support model, almost 900 MW of onshore wind capacity was installed turning it into yet another record-breaking year. There is much to suggest that both 2014 and 2015 will also result in the implementation of numerous projects that are based on certificates of origin.  n

Wind Energy

act on renewable sources of energy completely overlooks the impact of technological change in the renewables field, especially wind energy, as it moves toward grid parity, the full scope of which will appear in the decade after 2020. The Institute for Renewable Energy (IEO) estimates that already starting in 2019, the average cost of producing energy from onshore wind sources of energy will be lower than the cost of producing energy from gas, low emission coal (ex. using CCS technology), or nuclear sources of energy. This short-sighted approach by the government towards renewable sources stifles the national system of producing electricity and hinders its modernisation and increase in competitiveness. Although draft 6.3. did not introduce any significant changes compared to previous versions, it is worth underlining that it maintained the shape of the very important changes that were introduced in, among others, version 6.1 from December of the previous year. These include the replacement of the auction model based on a feed-in tariff system with a feed-in-premium or contract

Poland 2014



Wind Energy News

Wind Energy

Poland 2014

Impax Buys Finland Wind Farm From Fortum, Metsahallitus Impax Asset Management Group completed the purchase of a wind energy project in Finland and the financing of a second. Impax’s Energy Investors II fund bought the 51-megawatt Kuolavaara-Keulakkopaa wind park in the Kittila and Sodankyla municipalities from Fortum Oyj and Metsahallitus, the London-based company said in a statement on its website. The fund manager

also closed the financing for the 27-megawatt Joukhaisselka project with Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB. The terms of the deal with Fortum and Metsahallitus, first announced in September, weren’t disclosed, nor were the terms of the financing with SEB. The Impax fund, which closed in August 2011 with 330 million euros ($456 million) has

ERG buys into Polish wind sector

PGE estimates nearly 10 billion profits as power prices increase

ERG Renew, the renewable arm of Italian energy group ERG, said is to purchase a 42MW wind farm project in the Polish municipality of Radziejów, as it continues a strategy of expansion in eastern Europe. “There are a number of interesting opportunities in Poland,” ERG Renewchief executive Massimo Derchi told Windpower Monthly earlier this year, although he added that the majority of sellers were still seeking excessive prices for assets, even though a number of major investors, such as Iberdrola and Dong Energy, had exited the Polish market. ERG Renew said it would purchase 100% of project company EW Ornata 2 from Vortex Energy in a deal expected to close in July. Total investments for the project, including the EUR 7.2 million enterprise value of the project company, are estimated at about EUR 65 million. Construction is expected to begin in the third quarter, while the project is targeted to be commissioned in mid-2015. Annual output is forecast at more than 100GWh. ERG Renew is Italy’s largest wind farm operator. Through its Lukerg Renew joint venture with Russian oil company Lukoil it owns wind farms in Bulgaria and Romania. It had indicated that it was eyeing Poland, a market it described as strategic to its wind development plans. Poland’s wind energy capacity last year rose 893MW to 3.4GW, although the pace of growth has been expected to slow this year amid regulatory uncertainty. A draft law now being considered would see companies bid for capacity during state-organised auctions. n

PGE SA, Poland’s biggest utility, expects profits to climb to a record in coming years as the country’s accelerating economic growth is set to boost demand for electricity and increase power prices. Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization, or Ebitda will be 8 billion zloty ($2.6 billion) to 9 billion zloty a year in 2015 to 2020, according to the company’s expansion plans published in May 2014. The profit will fall 12 percent to 7.02 billion zloty in 2014, according to the mean estimate of 14 analysts in a Bloomberg survey. “The Ebitda forecast is quite a big number, taking into account current power prices,” Flawiusz Pawluk, head of equity research at UniCredit SpA in Warsaw, said. “If the profit does reach 9 billion this would be a very good result.” Polish energy producers saw earnings worsen last year as the country’s slowing economy pushed power prices to the lowest level in at least five years in July. Forward power prices in Poland have increased 13 percent since last year’s low as the economy rebounded, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. PGE stock has advanced 26 percent so far in 2014, becoming the best-performing in Warsaw’s benchmark WIG30 Index in 2014. The second- and third-best performers were PGE’s competitors, Tauron Polska Energa SA and Enea SA, whose shares have jumped 21 percent and 16 percent respectively.

now invested 65 percent of its money in renewable energy, including more than 250 megawatts of onshore wind in France, Germany and Poland, and solar investments in Italy. “Finland is a key market for Impax and we target follow-on acquisitions as the market continues to grow,” said Daniel von Preyss, a managing director at Impax.  n

PGE plans to invest 50 billion zloty through 2020 as it starts its biggest project, the 1,800-megawatt coal-fired power plant in Opole. The spending was at 4.36 billion zloty last year. The company wants to invest 12.3 billion zloty in its distribution network and will spend 16.3 billion zloty to upgrade its existing generating fleet. State-controlled PGE started construction of the 11.6 billion-zloty Opole plant in 2014, at least two years later than planned, after the government shuffled its management board. Previous Chief Executive Officer Krzysztof Kilian said last year electricity prices were too low for the investment to be profitable. Compared with its previous strategy, PGE now plans to invest mainly in coal and lignite-fired assets, saying both fuels remain most cost-competitive sources of energy. Poland sits atop Europe’s largest coal reserves, relying 90 percent on coal for electricity generation. PGE cut spending on gas-fired heat and power plants and dropped plans to invest in offshore wind farms. The utility also delayed the investment in Poland’s first nuclear plant and now says the final decision whether to start the project will be made in 2017 and the construction won’t start before 2020. First-quarter net income fell to 789 million zloty from 1.1 billion zloty a year earlier. Ebitda fell 19 percent to 1.71 billion zloty in the first quarter.  n


29 May 2014, Warsaw, Poland, Hotel InterContinental


Poland key market for VENSYS gearless technology For the first time in wind energy history two turbine manufacturers which exclusively offer gearless Direct Drive Wind Turbine Generators have found themselves amongst the three leading companies in the industry.

energy into the energy grids with similar power characteristics to conventional power plants. This goal is achieved by using full power converters that provide the required power quality to the grid.

As VESTAS returned to the Number 1 market-share position with 13,1%, Goldwind placed second with 11.0% and Enercon third with 9.8%, according to a US-American market study made by Navigant. Siemens placed fourth by increasingly replacing its gearb ox technology with their new Permanent Magnet Direct Drive concept.

The leading Direct Drive concepts all have their origins in Germany.

Today VENSYS is the licensor for Goldwind, Regen, IMPSA, EOZEN and AOI. VENSYS technology is sold by VENSYS directly in Europe, manufactured in two German facilities in Neunkirchen and Diepholz. In Poland, 15 VENSYS turbines are currently in operation. With medium sized structures, VENSYS is able to deliver to small and mediumsized projects. The “low maintenance” approach of VENSYS Direct Drive Technology enabled VENSYS to achieve an average availability of over 99% in 8 distributed projects all over Poland in 2013. Poland, despite a two year discussion about plans for changing the support scheme for wind energy, remains a key market for VENSYS.  n

VENSYS, Enercon and Siemens set the benchmarks for the success of gearless turbines in 2013. The engineering-driven German approach aims to increase efficiency and reliability of the turbines. It also recognizes the need to integrate wind

Wind Energy

The reliability of VENSYS´s Permanent Magnet Direct Drive wind turbine concept is the reason for Goldwind´s success in today´s biggest market for wind energy – China. Projects, mostly located in remote territories, cannot afford maintenance-intensive technology. Goldwind´s decision to purchase a license from German company VENSYS paid off. In 2013 Goldwind was able to install more capacity than the next four Chinese manufacturers combined! This tremendous success proved the right decision of both companies to strengthen the ties between VENSYS and Goldwind – leading to Goldwind becoming the majority shareholder of VENSYS in 2008.

Poland 2014

Typically for renewable energies, the “fuel” is given by nature for free but the investment is made at the beginning of the project. Gearless wind turbine technology aims to keep operating costs low. Therefore no gearbox system with moving parts can be found. The effect: reduced costs for lubricants, maintenance and damage of the high speed rotating parts.



RES Power Market Outlook – May 2014

Wind Energy

Poland 2014

The recent legal development has started to change the landscape and investors are coming back to the Polish wind energy market. The RES Act draft will enter parliamentarian legislation proceedings soon. According to Polish law the notification at the EU Commission has to be initialized in parallel to the parliamentarian legislation proceedings.


Due to the sophisticated notification procedure it is unlikely that the new support system (RES Act chapter 4) will be approved by EU Commission before second half of 2015. With an additional 12-month transition period before the new support system and the prolongation of the existing (and slightly changed) support system enters into force, it is likely that RES installations constructed and connected by the end of 2016 will still be able to benefit from the green certificate (“GC”) support system. This will be even the case if the government decides to follow the new General Block Exemption Regulation (“GBER”) and to split RES Act chapter 4 into a part concerning the prolongation of the GC support system (chapter 4a) which has to be fully notified anyhow and a part concerning the new auction system (chapter 4b) which after redesigning according to GBER may avoid a full notification at the EU Commission. Green Certificate System The current compensation fee amounts to PLN 300.03/MWh – the compensation fee will remain at this level when the RES Act support system enters into force. As long as no oversupply occurs, the compensation fee at the same time constitutes the price setting factor for the GC. Historically, the price for GC in long-term CPAs was typically calculated as a percentage of the compensation fee. In 2011 off-takers changed their business strategy and offered fixed floors for GC starting from PLN 230/MWh and decreasing to PLN 150/MWh by the end of 2012 before the sudden GC market downturn in the first quarter of 2013. A significant risk regarding the certification system is the possibility of an uncontrolled price drop resulting from certificate oversupply, as was already observed at the beginning of 2013. But in 2013 and 2014 the GC prices at the Power Exchange increased substantially and started to stabilize at a level of around PLN 200/MWh with a market floor at PLN 180/MWh. The prices on the OTC mar-

ket – a market segment dominated by integrated state-owned utilities – never dropped below PLN 200/MWh. The RES production in 2012 (with approx. 2,5 TWh GC based on forest biomass issued significantly later) according to Agencja Rynku Energii (ARE) amounted to 16.83 TWh - and to 16.39 TWh in 2013. Although the general amount of RES production has been stable, a serious drop of co-firing production has been observed. This RES production has been taken over mainly by onshore wind with an increase of 1.25 TWh and large biomass (CHP) plants with 1.4 TWh including the 205MW power plant in Polaniec owned by GDF Suez. Additionally, hydropower provided an increase of RES production from 1.7 TWh in 2012 to 2.4 TWh in 2013 due to weather conditions. The RES share in electricity net consumption amounts to 13 percent in 2014 and 14 percent in 2015, which corresponds to approx.

MW installed capacity per installation will be phased out from the RES support system (approx. 1.4 TWh RES production). Also the nondedicated co-firing which receives only 0.5 GC according to the new provisions most probably will not pay off as long as GC prices do not stabilize at a level of PLN 250/MWh. Consequently, the Ministry of Economy predicts only 1.5 TWh of co-firing after the new RES Act support system enters into force, which corresponds to the amount of dedicated cofiring installations with an energetic share of biomass of a min. of 20 percent – which still receive 1.0 GC after the changes to the current RES support system enter into force. The EU Commission will consider the GC system to be compatible with internal market if support is (i) essential to ensure the viability of the RES sources concerned, (ii) does not result in overcompensation in so far as differentiated levels of certificates per unit of output are introduced and (iii) does not dissuade RES producers from becoming more competitive. The RES Act Draft does not provide for any mechanism to avoid overcompensation for the green certificate system. Operational and investment support are not capped for RES installations who will not switch from the GC support system to the auction system. Additionally the Commission requires that any investment aid previously received must be deducted from the operating aid. After no-

The recent legal development has started to change the landscape and investors are coming back to the Polish wind energy market. 16 TWh in 2014, approx. 17.5 TWh in 2015 and approx. 19 TWh in 2016. With a balance of 5 to 6 TWh after 2013/2014 GC redemption and an additional 3 TWh GC based on 2013 forest biomass production that has not been issued until 31 March 2014, the support system will still experience a significant oversupply. Even the quota increases in 2014 and 2015 will not lead to a decrease in oversupply. So due to the systematic GC oversupply the GC price will still not be dominated by the compensation fee. The decrease of the oversupply will speed up if 12 hydropower plants with more 5

tification of the changes to the current support system it is therefore unlikely that any RES installations will receive EU or national grants as investment aid. Auction System According to the draft Guidelines on State Aid for Environmental Protection and Energy 2014-2020 (“EEAG”) - published on 9 April 2014 - and applies to the notification of the entire RES support system of Member States from 1 July 2014 and on the draft Commission Regulation declaring certain categories

The RES producer takes the risk whether he is able to sell the electricity for more or less the IRDN24-index at a given day. If the IRDN24index is higher than the indexed strike price, he is obliged to pay the difference to the OREO under a “contract for difference”. Contracts for difference were first implemented in the UK, but most probably are not in line with the EEAG and will be most likely changed to a feed-in premium. The auction system is not budget financed (since OREO itself is reimbursed by consumers through a surplus on the distribution grid tariffs), which has a major impact on its political stability. Auctions will be organized for the existing installations (for the rest of their 15 year support period) and for new projects at a ready-to-build stage. Every year, the government can limit the amount of support for new RES installations with a limit of 4,000h/MW/ year (corresponding to a capacity factor of 45 percent). This measure has been proposed to secure grid stability and additionally to allow for large greenfield biomass CHP plants – with a major share of agricultural biomass - to succeed in auctions. It is unclear whether this generally discriminating measure survives the notification at EU Commission. After the auction system enters into force, the existing installations will also be able to bid at separate auctions. A reference

Wind Energy

of aid compatible with the internal market in application of Articles 107 and 108 of the Treaty (“GBER”), the presented Polish support system is not fully in line with the EEAG and the GBER and most likely will be subject to further changes. The non-technology based auction system, although generally limiting the amount of support, is most favorable for onshore wind as the most effective way for RES production in the northern half of Europe. The support system will last until 31 December 2035, and any RES installation (existing or new) can benefit from the support for a maximum of 15 years from the connection date (or refurbished as RES installation). Subject to an auction is either (1) small RES installations up to 1MW installed capacity which have the right to sell the offered amount of renewable electric energy for the offered price indexed by CPI to a “supplier of last resort”, or (2) for large RES installations with more than 1MW installed capacity the right to settle the difference between the offered price indexed by CPI and the arithmetic intraday index at Polish power exchange (IRDN24 index) for the offered amount of renewable electric energy with a newly established state-owned clearing center named OREO - through a period of 15 years. Hence, option (2) obliges the RES producer to market the produced electricity by himself.

(maximum) price which for all technologies amounts to PLN 225.48/MW (2011 – 2013 average price for GC at the power exchange) plus the ERO price in a year in which the auction takes place cannot be exceeded. Additionally a CPI-indexation of the strike price takes place. A successful bidder is obliged to sell/settle a certain amount of electric energy within a 15 year period to be balanced every three years in equal parts. If the bidder is not able to produce the contracted amount of electricity within the three year period, he has to pay a fine for the missing electricity amounting to 150 percent of the contracted strike price. To take part in an auction, an investor has to pre-qualify. Generally, a RES project has to be fully permitted – master plan or alternatively a so-called building conditions (WZ), environmental permit, grid connection conditions, construction permit. Additionally, a timeframe for the realization/construction of the project has to be presented. If the project has been successfully pre-qualified a fee of PLN 30,000/MW has to be paid to an escrow account - or alternatively a bank guarantee for the same amount has to be presented - to take part at the auction. If an investor wins the auction, the fee is paid back after grid connection, or alternatively after an unsuccessful auction. Co-firing (excluding 3 dedicated co-firing installations with less than 50MW installed capacity), biomass plants with more than 50MW installed capacity and hydropower plants with more than 5MW installed capacity are not allowed to take part in the auctions. If the auction has been successfully won, a RES investor has to connect to the public grid and deliver electricity within 48 months (24 months for PV), or otherwise the fee paid to take part at the auction will be confiscated and the investor, i.e. usually a SPV, is blocked for 3 years from participation in auctions with the given project after the 48 month period. Underbidding being a typical problem for auction systems is therefore unlikely, since an investor who has already invested quite a substantial amount (PLN 30,000/MW for grid connection down payment, PLN 30,000/MW to take part at the auctions and additionally the project development costs to achieve fully permitted stage) would be blocked for the 7 subsequent years with his project before he could start at an auction again. A bidder bids only once at an auction and is not able to observe the bids of other participants, neither when the auction takes place nor when the auction is finished (so called pay-as-bid auctions). The government publishes only the name of the RES producers who won the auction and the minimum and the maximum strike price which was successful.  n

Poland 2014



The List: Wind Developers Acciona Energy Poland Sp. z o.o. Suibsidiary firms specializing in Wind Energy: Acciona Windpower S.A. Top Management in Poland: Andrzej Konarowski, Managing Director (tel.: 660 447 055, Contact data: Pańska 96/105, Warsaw tel.: 660 447 055 e-mail:

Wind Energy

Poland 2014

Ownership: Acciona Energia International Company Profile: ACCIONA Energy, the energy division of the ACCIONA Group, is a world leader in the field of renewable energy sources. ACCIONA develops, builds, sales and operate wind parks for its own and for its clients worldwide. In wind power ACCIONA Energy have implemented and operated over 260 wind parks with more than 7,000 turbines of different technologies. The total power implanted by ACCIONA Energy as for 31st December 2013 is 8,480 MW, of which 84% are in wind power, plus 1,555 MW for other customers. ACCIONA is present throughout the value chain, providing complete range of services, including turbine supplies, EPC contracting and long-term O&M services. ACCIONA's commitment to innovation has consolidated through more investments, projects, programs and people, all of which underscores the Company's intention to continue to lead the way in the development of more sustainable solutions and alternatives. Strategy in Poland: Acciona in Poland operates 2 wind farms with installed power of 71 MW and provides O&M services for 82 wind turbines. In 2014 next 29 units to be commissioned.nIncrease the portfolio of the projects in operation. Wind turbine sales and EPC contracting for third parties. O&M services and O&M management.SPV management. Projects in Poland: Golice 38 MW (Lubuskie, Słubice municipality, Golice) (March 2012); Krobia 33 MW (Wielkopolskie, Krobia municipality, Ciołkowo) (August 2013); Gostyń - 33 MW Reference numbers on map: 162, 192, 193

Advicero Tax Sp. z o.o. Top Management in Poland: Katarzyna Klimkiewicz-Deplano, Partner (tel.: 22 378 17 11, Contact data: Al. Jana Pawła II 15, Warsaw tel.: 22 378 17 10 e-mail:

Ownership: Katarzyna Klimkiewicz-Deplano Company Profile: Advicero is tax advisory company providing specialised tax advisory and accounting outsourcing services for Polish and foreign companies from the renewable energy sector. We help to over-


come the difficulties faced by entrepreneurs investing in this market who still work in the imprecise legal framework. Services provided to entities from renewable energy sector include: tax planning of investments in renewable energy sources (structuring investments using the optimization structures, analysis of financial model from the tax point of view), analysis of business plans from the tax perspective, due diligence of an acquisition of an investments and transaction advisory services, preparation / verification of contracts concluding by investors, advisory in the field of real estate tax on photovoltaic and wind farms (in particular preparation of applications for individual tax rulings in this scope).

AES Poland Wind Sp. z o.o. Top Management in Poland: Johnny Holm - Managing Director Contact data: ul. Hryniewickiego 6, Gdynia tel.: 59 717 60 00

Company Profile: AES Poland Wind Sp. z o.o. headquartered in Gdynia is a company belonging to U.S. energy industry giant AES Corporation, which manufactures and distributes electricity in 26 countries. AES Wind Generation operates in the international energy market since 2004 and has wind farms in the United States, China and Europe. Currently, AES is in the process of wind farm projects in the north of Poland.

Wind Energy (AWE), active in wind energyrelated operations for over a decade. Alpha Wind Polska is one of the entities that make up the organizational structure of the Alpha Wind Energy. In 2010, AWP’s shareholder and key partner in Europe became another Danish company Eurowind Energy A/S (EWE). By buying the AWP’s shares, EWE acquired also its projects and started together several new wind farm projects. Strategy in Poland: As for today Alpha Wind Polska represents related companies and performs their own statutory tasks for them including formation of SPV under which specific projects of wind farms are developped in Poland under names Eurowind Polska I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI Sp. z o.o. oraz Stargardwind Sp. z o. o.

Alpine-Energie Polska Sp z o.o. Contact data: Ul. Gdyńska 25, 58-100 Świdnica tel.: 74 640 97 00 e-mail:

Ownership: Alpine-Energie Company Profile: EPC-Contracting Renewable Energy (Wind, Photvoltaics, Biomass) with more than 800 MW of capacity erected all over Europe.

ALSTAL Grupa Budowlana Sp. z o.o. S.k.

Contact data: ul. Postępu 18, 02-676 Warsaw tel.: 22 570 44 65 e-mail:

Top Management in Poland: Alojzy Szczupak, President of the Board; Jarosław Szczupak Contact data: Jacewo 76, 88-100 Inowrocław tel.: 52 355 54 00 e-mail:

Company Profile: Building wind farms for various investor: Wiatrak Sp. z o.o.; Energia dla Ciebie Sp. z o.o.; PGE Energia Odnawialna S.A.; TAURON Ekoenergia Sp. z o.o.; Towarzystwo Finansowo Kapitałowe KLIN

Company Profile: ALSTAL is a General Contractor for wind farms, and a reliable partner or member of a consortium for the construction of wind turbines. We also offer: - general construction services - construction of halls and steel structures - building infrastructure - concrete production - maintenance services Strategy in Poland: Implementation services for general contracts for projects and subcontracting services. The implementation of their investment projects through the development of their wind farm projects and acquisition of projects available in the market. Projects in Poland: Błaszki (investor Błaszki) - 8 MW (2012) Other details: Members of PSEW Reference numbers on map: 215

Aldesa Polska

Alpha Wind Polska Top Management in Poland: Małgorzata Ostrowska, President of the Board Jens Norsting Petersen, Vice President of the Board Jens Rasmussen, Board Member Contact data: ul.Wysogotowska 23, Przeźmierowo, k/Poznania tel.: 61 279 42 06 e-mail:

Ownership: Eurowind Energy A/S, Alpha Wind Energy Aps, Private shareholder. Alpha Wind Polska company was founded in August 2008 by Danish company Alpha

The List: Wind Developers Baltic Wind Sp. z o.o. Suibsidiary firms specializing in Wind Energy: Sagittarius Solutions Sp z o.o., Eko Park I Sp z o.o., Eko Park III Sp z o.o. Top Management in Poland: Zbigniew Modecki, President of the Board Christopher Guzowski, Member of the Board Michal Polanowski , MEmber of the Board Contact data: ul. Nowolipki 4/19, 00-153 Warsaw tel.: 22 621 32 10 e-mail:

Suibsidiary firms specializing in Wind Energy: ALTUS 2 Polska Sp. z o.o. Contact data: 17 Stycznia 37/4, 63-900 Rawicz tel.: 65 572 75 91 e-mail:

Advisory Partners: Norrwind, Energotelprojekt, CGP Kancelaria Adwokatów i Radców Prawnych Reference numbers on map: 46, 57, 205, 218

Axpo Trading AG

Projects in Poland: Wądroże Wielkie (Mierczyce, Skała, Granowice) - 50, 60 MW; Pogorzela II (wielkopolskie) Reference numbers on map: 198, 251

Top Management in Poland: Michael Waldner, Head Origination Central Eastern Europe (tel.: 41 44 749 43 05, michael.waldner@; Luca Pedretti, Head Structured Origination Central Eastern Europe (tel.: 41 44 749 45 08,; Piotr Wąsik, Managing Director Axpo Polska (tel.: 22 397 30 73, Contact data: Al. Jerozolimskie 123, Warsaw tel.: 22 397 30 70 e-mail:

Anemos Bau Polska Sp. z o.o. Contact data: ul. Słowiańska 57 , 66-400 Gorzów Wlkp. tel.: 95 736 21 02

Projects in Poland: Mogilno - 34 MW (owner Vortex); Witnica - 48 MW; Dębno 38 MW Reference numbers on map: 160, 164

Avallon Suibsidiary firms specializing in Wind Energy: Avallon Sp. z o.o. Top Management in Poland: Rafał ł Augustyniak, President of the Board Contact data: ul. Piołunowa 15c, 61-680 Poznań tel.: 61 671 33 87 e-mail:

Ownership: Avallon Sp. z o.o. Polska, private shareholders Company Profile: All aspects of wind farm development Projects in Poland: Near Piła - 36 MW; Jarocin - 2 MW; Koło - 1,6 MW; Potarzyca - 1,6 MW; Wysoka 63 MW

BayWa r.e. Top Management in Poland: Elke Hanel Martin Reckmann Contact data: ul. Złota 59, 00-120 Warsaw tel.: 49 89 383 932 52 e-mail:

Betpol (Grupa PBG)

Ownership: Axpo Holding AG Company Profile: Swiss-based Axpo Trading is the leading independent provider of customized off-take and hedging solutions for electricity and green certificates for wind farms and other renewable technologies in Poland. Customers benefit from Axpo’s strong balance sheet and the vast experience in energy trading and energy risk management solutions brought from other markets to Poland. In whole Europe, customers with more than 10,000 MW in installed capacity trust in Axpo Trading’s energy risk management capabilities to manage their assets. Axpo Trading was ranked # 1 power dealer in Eastern Europe for 2014 by the Energy Risk Commodity Ranking for the second consecutive year.

Contact data: ul. Inwalidów 49, Bydgoszcz tel.: 52 518 20 00 e-mail:

Wind Energy

Altus Polska Sp. z o.o.

Ownership: Company is owned by the management team. Company Profile: Wind Farm Developer, Owner and Operator active throughout Poland, focusing on <10MW projects. Strategy in Poland: Baltic Wind will develop, build and manage individual projects in Poland, particularly those under 15 MW. Baltic Wind assists its partners with developing projects which are larger than 15 MW. Projects in Poland: Ciechocinek - 7.5MW (February 2013); Włocławek - 6MW (2014); Susz - 5MW (2014) Advisory Partners: Windtest Grovenbroich, Raiffeisen, Vent Energy Operator, Wind Prospect, Kancelaria Adwokacka Tomasz Krzyżanowski Reference numbers on map: 111, 129, 222

Poland 2014

Company Profile: Betpol, company 70% owned by PBG, has signed a contract to build a wind farm in the county Wicko Lębork (Pomeranian). The scope of works includes the execution of earthworks, foundations, and the supply, installation and commissioning of five complete wind turbines with an installed power of 2 MW each. The contract value exceeds 15.4 million euros. Strategy in Poland: Principal building the Wicko farm is a private company.Building wind farms for investors as PBG (Wicko) Projects in Poland: Wicko (Pomorskie) - 10 MW Reference numbers on map: 78


The List: Wind Developers C-Wind


Contact data: Buskruitstraat 1, B-8400 Oostende (Blegium) tel.: 32 (0) 59 79 79 80 e-mail:

Clean Energy Venture S.A.

Projects in Poland: Na północ od Rozewia 200 MW (planned); Na północ od Stilo - 200 MW (planned) Advisory Partners: RWE, EDF, Marguerite Reference numbers on map: 81, 92

Contact data: Al. Jana Pawła II 61 lok. 211, 01-031 Warsaw tel.: 22 838 19 33

Wind Energy

Poland 2014

Cerac Sp. z o.o. Top Management in Poland: Adam Broncel - CEO & Board Member & Head of the Polish Division Adam T Ofek - Executive Chairman & Board Member Ron Weissberg - President & Board Member Contact data: Natolin 15, 92-703 Łódź tel.: 42 671 46 44 e-mail:

Company Profile: Central European Renewable Acquisition Corp - Develops, Syndicates, Finances, Builds and Owns Energy Wind Farms with focus on Eastern Europe starting in Poland.CERAC's primary focus is wind energy and its pipeline of projects currently totals more than 600 MW of wind assets in different stages of development, all in Poland. Strategy in Poland: CERAC has signed an exlclusive deal of 140MW cluster comprised of 3 main projects to be completed in the next 3 years. Projects in Poland: Kanin - 20 MW; Orla 37,5 MW; Kwydzin - planned Advisory Partners: PEC, Nordex, Bank DnB Nord, Plenus Reference numbers on map: 53, 122, 245

Ownership: Spartan Capital S. A. Company Profile: Clean Energy Venture S.A. (CEV) is a specialist development and investment company, which invests in promising renewable energy markets (REM). CEV focuses on investments in high-profit projects such as wind farms and photovoltaic farms. It also makes investments in small- and medium-sized production and service companies from the clean technology sector (Cleantech). We provide financing or co-financing for wind farm projects from greenfield to the construction permit, as well as for other projects in the Cleantech sector and REM. Projects in Poland: Zachodniopomorskie 70 MW; Kujawsko-Pomorskie - 33 MW

Continental Wind Poland Sp. z o.o. Suibsidiary firms specializing in Wind Energy: PSWM Wielkopolska Sp. z o.o. Top Management in Poland: Mark Crandall, Chairman of the Board Mike Scholey, Member of the Board, Executive Alex Hewitt, Member of the Board, Executive Contact data: Ul. Choragwi Pancernej 80, 02-951 Warsaw tel.: 22 380 53 00 e-mail:

CJR Wind Polska Contact data: ul. Łopuszańska 36, 02-220 Warsaw


Ownership: Continental Wind Poland is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Continental Wind Partners, a privately-owned company registered in U.S.

Company Profile: CWP is a full service provider of wind farms. We take a wind farm from a greenfield project through development, financing, and construction in order to deliver the best results to investors and communities. We believe that development is a local activity, and always work closely with the community where a project is to be located. Most of our management team is based in the countries where we operate and has in-depth understanding and long experience of the region. Continental Wind operates in Poland, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria and Australia, with more than 3000 MW completed or under development. Strategy in Poland: Continental Wind Partners has been operating in Poland since 2007 and is currently completing the development of its 160 MW Duszniki project. The company has a portfolio of approximately 300 MW of earlier stage projects in Poland and is committed to building its presence in the market through partnerships, acquisitions and new investments in greenfield projects. All our sites have been carefully selected with a view to ensuring outstanding wind conditions, community support and no significant intrusion on environmentally sensitive areas. Projects in Poland: Duszniki - 160 MW; Other projects total approximately 300 MW Reference numbers on map: 185

Contino Wind Partners Sp. z o.o. Top Management in Poland: Marcin Nawrocki - Prezes Zarządu

Contact data: ul. Grójecka 1/3, 02-019 Warsaw tel.: 22 123 03 00 e-mail:

Ownership: Poleol S.R.L Company Profile: The business model of Contino Wind Group includes both development of wind farms, as well as acquisitions and purchases of prepared projects and projects with obtained licenses. The main objective is to build and operate a portfolio of wind farms. Strategy in Poland: Contino Wind Group has more than 15 years experience. Concern for energy security and environmental issues assures responsible development and high-return on investment. Projects in Poland: Lubelskie I-VI - 63, 63, 21, 48, 21, 90 MW; Białogard - 5 MW; Kujawsko-Pomorskie I - 9 MW, Czyżew - 6 MW; Małopolskie I-II - 90, 12 MW; Mazowieckie I-III - 30, 30, 60 MW; Podlaskie I-III - 90, 90, 45 MW; Śląskie I - 39 MW; Świętokrzyskie I-IV - 30, 21, 42, 24 MW; Wielkopolskie I - 60 MW; Zachodniopomorskie I - 90 MW

The List: Wind Developers

DOMREL Biuro Usług Inwestycyjnych Sp. z o. o. Suibsidiary firms specializing in Wind Energy: Wielkopolskie Elektrownie Wiatrowe Sp. z o. o., EW Czyżewo Sp. z o. o. Top Management in Poland: Roman Kierys, President of the Board (tel.: 91 812 21 05, Maciej Chmielarski, Director for Technical Affairs Contact data: Odzieżowa 12c/1 , 71-502 Szczecin tel.: 91 812 21 05 e-mail:

Company Profile: We are a dynamically developing company, operating in the Polish territory. We are engaged in preparation and implementation of the projects related to broadly understood renewable energy. Our company is a major partnership in the Polish market of the wind power engineering. We belong to the Board of the Polish Wind Power Engineering Association (Polskie Stowarzyszenie Energetyki Wiatrowej) and the Polish Economic Chamber of Renewable Energy (Polska Izba Gospodarcza Energii Odnawialnej). Domrel Biuro Usług Inwestycyjnych (Domrel Investment Services Bureau) has been established in 2001 and its major activity is focused on the wind farms projects implementations in the territory of entire Poland. Strategy in Poland: Full range of development, construction and management of wind farms.

Projects in Poland: Wielkopolska I 52,5 MW (gm. Nekla, Środa Wielkopolska, Piaski, Pępowo, Rydzyna, Bojanowo i Śmigiel); Czyżewo - 6 MW; Słupca (Graboszewo) - 4,8 MW Other details: Membership in PIGEO and PSEW Reference numbers on map: 26, 187, 189, 190, 195, 196, 197, 200, 203

E.ON Energie Odnawialne Sp. z o.o. Suibsidiary firms specializing in Wind Energy: E.ON Energie Odnawialne Sp. z o.o, E.ON daugther company responsible for the Polish wind business of E.ON and located in Szczecin. Top Management in Poland: Stypułowska Monika, Member of the Board Mark Porter, Member of the Board Contact data: Plac Rodła 8, lok.II-405, 70419 Szczecin tel.: 91 359 42 81

Sailing in the storm The year 2013 was a stormy one for all companies active in the wind energy sector. It was a harsh year with green certificates market collapse, scarcity of long-term offtake agreements, project finance and overhaul of the government view on regime for the future. Nevertheless, Taiga Mistral with Tundra Advisory, its official advisor managing wind assets in Poland, were successfully sailing towards its goal of having 150 MWs constructed by 2015. In May 2013, a new 8 MW wind farm was connected to the grid equipped with Gamesa G90 turbines. The operating portfolio amounts now to almost 50 MWs. Just at the end of 2013 Taiga closed an order with Vestas for 20 wind turbines for its 40 MW project. Interestingly, this project will be equipped with Vestas V110, 2 MW - the first units of this type in Europe (perhaps in the world) will be delivered by 4Q 2014. Mr Mikel Garay – Managing Director at Taiga describes the deal with a few words: “No one, except for us and Tundra, believed we were able to achieve financial close by year-end. In the current market conditions, any debt financing is a great success; this one however exceeded our expectations due to high gearing and merchant approach. It was also possible thanks to employing the latest technological breakthrough offered by Vestas. We believe this is the best investment Taiga has made so far in Poland and we are keen to do more, however the new Law is a prerequisite for any future investments.” The Tundra Advisory team has been involved in the project since it was identified by Taiga. Tundra led the DD, acquisition process, tendering, repermitting, financing and again proved to be an efficient and innovative advisor in Poland.

“The most challenging area of the project was convincing the Lender that merchant approach is a bankable concept. We also had to put all the puzzles together including Turbine Supply, re-permitting to Vestas technology and disbursing the first loan tranche by the end of 2013, which put great time pressure on us. Finally, sleepless nights and enormous team effort brought well-deserved success” – says Mr Grzegorz Skarżyński – Investment Director at Tundra Advisory. With almost 3500 MW installed Poland still has lots of opportunities for wind sector development. However, due to regulatory and market conditions only good projects managed in an appropriate way by experienced investment professionals will be successful. Tundra Advisory plans to play an ever bigger role in the wind energy sector. “During the last 6 years we were fully focused on developing Taiga’s portfolio in Poland. We are proud that with almost 90 MWs in operation by year-end 2014 Taiga will become one of the leading independent renewable energy producers in Poland. Tundra’s real experience, team commitment and track record are the main assets of our organization. We want to deploy the assets to work for success of other investors - thus we are keen to discuss cooperation with new entities to make use of our know-how” says Mr Adam Jaworski – Managing Director at Tundra Advisory.

2014 will also be a challenging year for Taiga and Tundra teams. During the second half of 2014, Taiga will consider selling its portfolio, executing its exit strategy as previously planned. Additionally, if and when the new RES law is enacted then more clarity will come to the idea of replicating the Taiga Poland fund. On the other side Tundra will seek to offer its services to other entities looking for professional investment managers in the wind sector in Poland. With a growing portfolio Tundra has also started to offer operation and maintenance services for operating wind farms. n

Poland 2014

152, 157, 199, 236, 240, 242, 243, 244, 273, 280, 281, 284, 285, 287, 291, 292, 294, 296, 297, 306, 308

Wind Energy

Advisory Partners: Von der Heyden Group, Green Power Development, Nordex, Siemens, Vestas Reference numbers on map: 39, 40, 124,

Entrust Your Project to Wind Professionals

✓ due diligence ✓ project development ✓ tendering and contracting ✓ construction supervision ✓ operation and administration +48 22 530 94 94

Comprehensive Services for Wind Industry in Poland


Wind Energy

Poland 2014

The List: Wind Developers



Ownership: Majority shareholder is CEZ Poland Distribution B.V. Company Profile: ČEZ Czech company conducts a review of their assets and intends to sell wind farm projects in Poland. This is due to the prolonged anticipation of the new regulations of the promotion of RES. Any transaction would concern 24 wind farm projects with a total capacity of approximately 890 MW. Projects in Poland: Słupsk I-V - 16; prospects; 18; prospects; 40 MW; Elbląg - 48; 48; 56; 48; 16; 4 MW; Kukowo - 50 MW; Koszalin West - 70 MW; Grudziądz I-IX - 42,5; 28; 47,5; 47,5, 47,5 (VII, VIII, IX – 142,5 MW); Olsztyn I i II, III - 34; 96; 62 MW; Kielce - 35 MW; Lublin I i II - 48; 48 ; Radysy - 47,5 MW Reference numbers on map: 43, 71, 72, 110,

Ownership: E.ON Company Profile: E.ON is one of the largest investors in the energy sector. It employs more than 85 000 people around the world. E.ON focuses on the production of green energy, has 3600 MW of installed capacity and plans for further investments of 2.6 billion € in 2013. Strategy in Poland: With investments of over € 200 million over the past six years E.ON is one of the five largest players in the Polish wind sector. Currently operates four wind farms with installed capacity of 86.5 MW that supply 80 000 Polish households with clean wind energy. Projects in Poland: Barzowice - 20,7 MW; Łebcz I; Łebcz II; Leśniowice; Wrocław/Legnica; Wind farm near Zalew Szczeciński - 40 MW; Wielkopolska I near Poznań - 52,5 MW; Wielkopolska IIa (Czempin, Góra, Dolsk) 15 MW; Wysoka I,II,III - 77,5 Reference numbers on map: 5, 7, 9, 50, 90, 94, 159, 186, 188, 253

Eco-Wind Construction S.A. (majority-owned by CEZ) Top Management in Poland: Piotr Beaupre, President of the Board Jan Mališ, Board Member Jaromir Peconka, Board Member Contact data: ul. Marynarska 11, 02-674 Warsaw tel.: 22 444 08 81 e-mail:

127, 137, 145, 155, 286, 305

EDF EN Polska Sp. z o.o./Starke Wind Polska Sp. z o.o. Top Management in Poland: Géraldine Anceau, Member of the Board/President of the Board Alicja Chilińska, General Manager/Proxy (tel.: 95 737 06 66) Contact data: Złota 59 (budynek Skylight)/ Kosynierów Gdyńskich 51, 00-120/66-400 Warsaw/Gorzów Wielkopolski tel.: 95 737 06 66 e-mail:

Ownership: EDF Energies Nouvelles SA France

Company Profile: Development, Construction, Operations and Maintenance, Application R&D Strategy in Poland: Starke Wind Pipeline 372 MW (in construction or development) Capacity about 420 MW. Projects in Poland: Linowo 48 MW, Sława 82 MW, Wschowa 80 MW (in operation); Rzepin - 58 MW; Górzyca - 28 MW; Stypułów - 28 MW; Goraj - 22 MW; Gołdap - 69 MW; Bogdaniec - 30 MW; Nowa Niedrzwica - 50 MW; Myszęcin - 22 MW; Szczaniec - 70 MW Reference numbers on map: 117, 125, 146, 161, 163, 166, 172, 174, 175, 176, 179, 184

EDP Renewables Polska Sp. z o.o. Suibsidiary firms specializing in Wind Energy: Relax Wind Park III Top Management in Poland: Joao Paulo Costeira , Board Member Rui Teixeira , Board Member Grzegorz Szymczak , Prokurent ( grzegorz. Contact data: ul. Postępu 17b, 02-676 Warsaw tel.: 22 331 01 88 e-mail:

Ownership: EDP Renewables Europe S.L. Company Profile: EDP Renewables (Euronext: EDPR), a world leader in the renewable energy sector, designs, develops, manages and operates power plants that generate electricity from renewable energy sources. The majority shareholder of the company is Energias de Portugal.

The List: Wind Developers

EEZ Suibsidiary firms specializing in Wind Energy: Energia Eco Cisowo, Wind Invest, Wind Service Contact data: ul. Gotarda 9 , 02-683 Warsaw tel.: 22 548 48 12 e-mail:

Company Profile: In June 2005, the Company EEZ began construction of a wind park in Tymień, western Pomerania (municipality Będzino, district Koszalin). The area of the project area is about 700 hectares, the area is located at a distance of 5 km from the coast. Average wind speed documented in the investment of 100 m is 7.3 - 7.4 m / s The total installed capacity of the wind park of 50 MW. With an average wind speed at the indicated level annual production of electricity from the wind farm will be about 100 GWh. Projects in Poland: Tymień - 50 MW Other details: Some of our V.80 Vestas wind turbines with a capacity of 2 MW each have a wingspan of up to 80 m. The total investment amounted to over 240 million. The project is funded in cooperation with the Bank of Environmental Protection BOS SA and the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management. The company has received funding under the EU Structural Funds, by the Sectoral Operational Programme Increase of Economic Competitiveness and EkoFundusz Foundation Reference numbers on map: 35

ENEA S.A. (Windfarm Polska Sp. z o.o.) Contact data: ul. Górecka 1, 60-201 Poznań tel.: 61 884 55 44

Projects in Poland: Bardy - 50 MW; Lubno 15 MW (planned); Darżyno - 6 MW Reference numbers on map: 34, 76, 165

EnerCap Contact data: Revolucni 1, 110 00, Praha 1 (Czech Republic) tel.: +420 227 316 222

Enerco (EEZ) Contact data: ul. Gotarda 9 , Warsaw tel.: 22 548 48 12 e-mail:

Company Profile: The company has completed construction of two wind farms: in Cisowo and the largest in Central Europe – Wind Park in Tymień. Complex services regarding performance of wind measurements and anlysis comproses of the following: delivery of the highest class measurement equipment, selection of met mast location and obtaining building permit as well as assembly and disassembly of the mast after the measurement is completed. The company also carries out the cost-efectiveness analysis of the future projects. Projects in Poland: Tymień - 50 MW Reference numbers on map: 37

ENERGA Wytwarzanie Sp. z o.o. Top Management in Poland: Michał Dudziak, President of the Board Andrzej Moczydłowski, Vice President of the Board Marek Moroz, Vice President of the Board Contact data: ul. Hoffmanna 5, 83-010 Straszyn tel.: 58 692 18 00

Company Profile: Production, and sale of energy mainly from renewable sources. Strategy in Poland: Energa Preparation is the owner, or the majority shareholder in companies with wind farms whose acquisition is planned for 2014. Farms will be as follows: Karścino in Western Pomerania (60 Fuhrländer plant with a total capacity 90MW), Clever in Pomorskie (12 power stations with a total Gamesa power of 24 MW), There are also numerous farm projects in various stages of implementation of the planned total capacity of 1,378 MW. The average annual production of operating wind farms is 336 GWh. Projects in Poland: Energa bought wind farms from - Iberdrola - Karścino, Bystra

and DONG Energy wind farm - Karcino, Przykona 40 MW; Kisielice - 40,5 MW Reference numbers on map: 19, 38, 107, 126, 219

Energia dla Ciebie Sp. z o.o. Contact data: ul. Heleny Modrzejowskiej 41, 60-184 Poznań Projects in Poland: Wistka - 4 MW Reference numbers on map: 277

Energia Eco (EEZ) Top Management in Poland: Bogdan Stachowiak , President of the Board Contact data: ul. Gotarda 9, Warsaw tel.: 22 548 48 45 e-mail:

Strategy in Poland: Eco-Energy Company Cisowo has launched in December 2001 in Poland, the first wind park consisting of wind turbines with high power. Now a team of wind turbines counts 10 wind turbines with a total installed capacity of 20 MW. Total production of electricity from 10 turbines is around 55 GWh. Projects in Poland: Cisowo 18 MW Reference numbers on map: 49

Poland 2014

246, 290

Company Profile: EnerCap Capital Partners specialises in private equity investments in clean energy projects across Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe. EnerCap manages an extensive portfolio of investments in Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Croatia and the Czech Republic. This currently totals over 367 MW of project assets under management. EnerCap continues to source new investments across the region. Investor in GEO Renewables S.A. Projects in Poland: Ścieki Wind Farm - 22 MW Reference numbers on map: 237

Energicenter Nord Suibsidiary firms specializing in Wind Energy: ECN Polska Sp z o.o. Top Management in Poland: Morten Klitgaard, Project Manager (tel.: 45 20 32 12 54, Contact data: Kirkebyvej 8, Nors, Thisted (Denmark) tel.: 45 979 812 54 e-mail:

Wind Energy

Strategy in Poland: To establish the leadership position in the renewable energy sector in Poland. Projects in Poland: Margonin - 120 MW; Korsze - 70 MW; Pawłowo - 90 MW; Two farms totalling 190 MW; Iłża - 2 MW; Zgorzelec - 70 MW Reference numbers on map: 59, 60, 141,

Ownership: ECN Poland ApS Company Profile: Energicenter Nord is one of the leading project developers in Denmark in the field of development, implementation and operation of turnkey wind projects.The company was founded in 1992 in the northern part of Denmark by highly experienced wind industry specialists. Up until now, the company has realized a total of 170 MW, equaling 75 turbines in 18 parks in Denmark.The objective of Energicenter Nord is to be the chosen partner in sustainable energy by maintaining focus on the actual craft of plan and implement sustainable projects, as well as ensuring close stakeholder relationships built on mutual trust and commitment. Strategy in Poland: The core business in Poland is acquiring, developing, constructing, and operating turnkey wind projects. The company will continue the development on secured areas in the North-Western part


The List: Wind Developers of Poland, and start up the development on new lacations. The company will also acquire invest in wind projects which are advanced in the development stage. Projects in Poland: 3 Projects in early stage - total 50+ MW (2017)

Energy Rose Group Contact data: Projects in Poland: 39 MW Wind Park Poland; 100 MW Wind Park Poland Advisory Partners: Vestas, Gamesa, Anemos, Cube Engineering GmbH

Eneria Contact data: Modlińska 11, 05-092 Łomianki/Warszawa Izabelin-Dziekanówek tel.: 22 201 36 60 e-mail:

Wind Energy

Poland 2014

Ownership: Eneria S.A. France, Grup Bergerat Monnoyeur Company Profile: Eneria since 2002, has been engaged in the implementation of projects in the field of renewable energy. We develop projects of wind farms, build infrastructure, ensure their implementation and maintenance. In Poland, we have built or taken part in the implementation of wind farms with a total capacity of 185 MW. The company has participated in development of: Karścino - 69 MW, HnatkowiceOrzechowce - 12 MW, Łęgowo - 2 MW, Wolbórz-Żarnowica - 4 MW, Orneta - 14 MW, Mogilno - 24 MW, MAY 8 - 18 MW, Brzeźno-Goworówek 4 MW Kaczkowo-Witków-high -38 MW. Advisory Partners: Caterpillar

Enterprise Investors Top Management in Poland: Jacek Siwicki , President Robert Manz, Managing Partner Dariusz Prończuk , Managing Partner Contact data: ul. Emilii Plater 53, 29 floor, 00-113 Warsaw tel.: 22 458 86 88 e-mail:

Company Profile: Enterprise Investors (EI) is a private equity and venture capital firm operating in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe. EI plans to build wind farms in Poland, via a new subsidiary Wento.

Environmental Investment Partners III Suibsidiary firms specializing in Wind Energy: Greenfield Wind, Continental Wind Partners Top Management in Poland: Krzysztof Mlynarz, Partner for Poland (tel.: 510 029 480, Adam Pool, Partner for USA (tel.: 1 646 785 4946, Contact data: Warsaw (USA and Poland) tel.: 510 029 480 e-mail: or

ENERTRAG Polska Sp. z o.o. Top Management in Poland: Christoph Sowa, Dyrektor ds. Inwestycji w Polsce (tel.: 91 488 64 00, christoph.sowa@enertrag. com) Contact data: Al. Papieża Jana Pawła II 15/4, Szczecin tel.: 91 488 64 00 e-mail:

Ownership: ENERTRAG Aktiengesellschaft Company Profile: Company ENERTRAG Poland belongs to the German group ENERTRAG, which produces electricity from RES, services wind turbines, projects wind farm and biogas plants and develops new technologies (hybrid power, energy networks dedicated to renewable energy sources, wind power lighting systems). Polish branch of the group prepares and develops wind farm projects in Poland using the experience of the ENERTRAG.


Strategy in Poland: Preparation and implementation of wind farms based on your own dedicated network of 110 kV / MV, attached directly to the transmission network. Projects in Poland: Krajnik 500 MW; Dunowo 250 MW; Wierzbięcin 240 MW; Karwowo 66 MW; Widuchowa 18 MW Reference numbers on map: 1, 2, 17, 22, 42

Ownership: 100% American ownership Company Profile: EIP is an investor in renewable energy and environmental infrastructure developers not just wind developers though many of our successful investments have been in wind. Strategy in Poland: EIP invests in professional teams seeking to develop utility scale wind projects.

Eolfi Polska Sp. z o.o. Top Management in Poland: Andrzej Gromadziński, General Director Radosław Sałaciński Contact data: ul. Sienna 39, 00-121 Warsaw tel.: 22 595 14 70 e-mail:

Ownership: Eolfi Francja S.A. Company Profile: Eolfi Poland belongs to the group Veolia Environnement, a world leader in environmental services in sectors: water, transport, waste management and

energy. Founded in 2004, Eolfi is now one of the leading investors in the renewable energy industry and operator of wind farms and solar parks in Europe and the United States. Eolfi also manages investment funds for the acquisition, financing and construction of renewable energy sources. Scope of activities includes the preparation, construction, financing and operation of wind farms and solar. Strategy in Poland: Currently Eolfi is completing 24 wind farm projects in Poland, located in different parts of the country, min. in Lower Silesia, Wielkopolska, in the Lublin and Podlasie. Eolfi is currently leading projects with a total capacity of 980MW in Poland. In 2014 Eolfi plans to start construction of the first wind farm in Poland, consisting of 23 wind turbines with a total capacity of 57.5 MW. Projects in Poland: Udanin - 57,5 MW Advisory Partners: Technical and turbines providers: Nordex, Windhunter, GE, Gamesa Repower, Advisors and financial partners: KPMG, City Handlowy, Raiffeissen Bank Polska, Millenium, West LB, Lacaixa, Societe Generale, BZWBK, Mariusz Prus - tax adviser., Legal advisers: BCH Bartosiewicz Chabocka Kancelaria Radców Prawnych, Rak Wierzbicki i Wspólnicy, Babiaczyk Skrocki i Wspólnicy, Robaczewska & Płoszka. Reference numbers on map: 254

EPA Wind Sp. z o.o. spółka komandytowa Top Management in Poland: Wojciech Głoćko , President of the Board (tel.: 91 424 84 00, Anna Pasławska Misztal, Vice-President of the Board (tel.: 91 424 84 00, a.paslawska@ Paweł Włoch , Vice President of the Board (tel.: 91 424 84 00, Contact data: ul. Wojska Polskiego 154, 71324 Szczecin tel.: 91 424 84 00 e-mail:

Ownership: EPA Sp. z o.o. Company Profile: The largest company projects were built for market leaders such as DONG Energy, Polish Energy Partners and GDF Suez. Strategy in Poland: The company provides all services related to construction and preparation of wind farms from site selection and delivery to a building permit to the planning, and all the necessary measurements and construction.

The List: Wind Developers

Company Profile: Erbud Group is one of the leading construction companies in Poland with over 23 years of experience in the industry. It performs services as a general contractor and a subcontractor in the commercial, public utility structures, power, housing and road-engineering sectors in the territory of Poland and other European countries, mainly Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. The ERBUD Group is staffed by 1600 people. Strategy in Poland: The priority of the expansion of the Group will be the continued dynamic development in large volume construction, especially of shopping centres, offices and public buildings, as well as in the energy sector in Poland and abroad. The Energy Division of the Group will be focused on strengthening involvement in

country-wide projects in the field of services and modernization in the power sector and in the construction of renewable energy facilities. Projects in Poland: Pągów - 17 x 3 MW; Działoszyn - 2 MW; Rząśnia - 5,85 MW Reference numbers on map: 262, 274, 276

market since early 2003 and have successfully developed and constructed three separate wind projects to date. EuroCape's pipeline of projects in Poland consist of over 600 MW of late-stage development projects, and a further approx. 350 MW of early-stage development projects.

ERG Renew


Contact data: Torre WTC - via De Marini 1 , 16149 Genoa (Italy) tel.: 39 010 24011

Contact data: Federation House 222-224 Queensferry Road, EH4 2BN Edinburgh (UK) tel.: 44 (0)131 3326332 e-mail:

Strategy in Poland: ERG Renew will buy wind farm from Vortex Energy and will make its debut in the Polish wind market. Finalising of the deal is scheduled to take place by the end of July 2014, ERG Renew said. Projects in Poland: EW Orneta 2 Radziejów - 42 MW Reference numbers on map: 213

EuroCape New Energy Poland Contact data: Aleje Jerozolimskie 85/11, 02-001 Warsaw

Company Profile: EuroCape and its subsidiaries have been present in the Polish

Projects in Poland: Trzcianka - 4 MW Reference numbers on map: 47

EWE Polska Sp.z o.o. Suibsidiary firms specializing in Wind Energy: EWE Zielona Energia Sp. z o.o. Top Management in Poland: Markus Rapp , President of the Board Dariusz Brzozowski , Board Member Contact data: ul. Małe Garbary 9 , 61-756 Poznań tel.: 61 885 71 02 e-mail:

Poland 2014

Suibsidiary firms specializing in Wind Energy: GWI Bauunternehmung GmbH, Erbud Industry Sp. z o.o. Top Management in Poland: Dariusz Grzeszczak, Board Member Józef Adam Zubelewicz, Board Member Contact data: Puławska 300 A, 02-819 Warsaw tel.: 22 548 70 00, 22 548 70 01 e-mail:

Wind Energy

Erbud S.A.


Map of Wind Farms in Poland

Wind Energy Poland 2014

Wind Energy

Poland 2014



1 Krajnik Górny 500 MW (Enertrag Polska) 2 Widuchowa 18 MW (Enertrag Polska) 3 Zagórze 30 MW (Tauron Ekoenergia) 4 Lake Ostrowo (Jagniątkowo) 30,6 MW 5 Wind farm near Zalew Szczeciński 40 MW (E.ON) 6 Miłowo (Prokon) 7 Wysoka III 22,5 (E.ON) in south of Szczecin 100 km 8 Marszewo 82 MW (Tauron Ekoenergia) 9 Wysoka II 47,5 (E.ON) in south of Szczecin 100 km 10 Jarszewo (WindStrom Polska) 11 Śniatowo 30 MW (Vortex) 12 Samlino 30,75 MW (Visavento) 13 Ronica 55 MW (Visavento) 14 Skrobotowo 26 MW 15 Karnice 30 MW 16 Stara Dąbrowa 30 MW (EWE) 17 Wierzbięcin 240 MW (Enertrag Polska) 18 Roby 4,25 MW (juwi Energia Odnawialna) 19 Karcino 51 MW (Energa) 20 Smolęcin 19,8 MW (GreenTech Energy Systems Polska) 21 Resko 14 MW (PGE Energia Odnawialna) 22 Karwowo 66 MW (Enertrag Polska) 23 Choszczno (Wind Prospect) 24 Krzęcin 6 MW (Impax Asset Management) 25 Krzęcin 14 MW- (RWE) 26 Czyżewo 6 MW (Domrel) 27 Strzelce Krajeńskie 48 MW 28 Kołobrzeg 51 MW 29 Stramnica 4,6 MW (RP Global) 30 Jarogniew-Mołtowo 20 MW (GDF Suez) 31 Mołtowo 21 MW 32 Wartkowo 30 MW (GDF Suez) 33 Kukinia II 7 MW (RP Global Poland) 34 Bardy 50 MW (ENEA) 35 Pobłocie Małe 13,5 MW 36 Krosino 40 MW (Juma M.Biernacki i Wspólnicy) 37 Tymień 50 MW (Invenergy, Enerco, SPV EEZ) 38 Karścino 69 MW (Energa) 39 Białogard 5 MW (Contino Wind Group) 40 Zachodniopomorskie I 90 MW (Contino Wind Group) 41 Parnowo 12,5 MW (GreenTech Energy Polska) 42 Dunowo 250 MW (Enertrag Polska) 43 Koszalin West 70 MW (EcoWind) 44 Porzecze-Dobiesław 22,5 MW (Wind Invest) 45 Wałcz 4,5 MW (RP Global) 46 Piła 36 MW (Avallon) 47 Trzcianka 4 MW (Eurowind) 48 Darłowo 302,5 MW (Invenergy); Boryszewo 32,5; Dobiesław 27,5 MW; Gorzyce 48,5 MW; Jeżyce 27,5 MW; Krupy 17,5 MW; Nowy Jarosław 25 MW; Pekanino 24 MW; Stary Jarosław 22,5 MW; Tymień 50 MW; Wiekowice 25 MW 49 Cisowo 18 MW (Energia Eco) 50 Barzowice 20,7 MW (E.ON.) 51 Karwice 40 MW (PGE) 52 Malechowo 40 MW (PGE) 53 Kanin 20 MW (Cerac) 54 Polanów 160 MW (PGE Energia Odnawialna) 55 Okonek 60 MW (EWE) 56 Klukowo/Samborsko 105 MW (GDF Suez) 57 Wysoka 63 MW (Falck and Avallon)

58 Komarowo 60 MW (KDE Energy) 59 Margonin 120 MW (EDP Renewables) 60 Pawłowo 90 MW (EDP Renewables) 61 Tychowo 50 MW (RP Global Poland) 62 Nosalin 1,6 MW 63 Tychowo 50 MW (RWE) 64 Bierkowo 10 MW – Private capital (few investors) 65 Ustka 29,9 MW (GreenTech Energy Systems Polska) 66 “Pomorze” Ustka/Słupsk 240 MW (Green Power Polska) 67 Widzino 42 MW (Mitsui and J-Power) 68 Kończewo 42 MW 69 Kobylnica 41,4 MW 70 Łosino 48 MW (J-Power, Mitsui) 71 Słupsk I-V 16; 90; 18; 42,5; 40 MW (Eco-Wind) 72 Kukowo 50 MW (Eco-Wind) 73 Warblewo 40 MW 74 Poborowo (Prokon) 75 Wałdowo 1,1 MW (Nowa Energia S.A.) 76 Darżyno 6 MW (ENEA) 77 Potęgowo 12 MW 78 Wicko 10 MW (Betpol Grupa PBG) 79 Wicko 40 MW (Tauron Ekoenergia) 80 Wicko 10 MW (Nowa Energia S.A.) 81 North of Stilo (offshore) 200 MW (C-Wind) 82 Wojciechowo 28 MW (PGE) 83 Zwartowo 20 MW (GDF Suez) 84 Kaczkowo-Witków-Wysokie 38 MW 85 Baltica1, Baltica 2, Baltica 3 (offshore) (PGE Energia Odnawialna) 86 Tuchola 6 MW (Nowa Energia) 87 Gniewino 300 MW (PGE Energia Odnawialna) 88 Gniewino 6 MW (Prokon) 89 Lisewo 10,8 MW (RenPower Investments) 90 Łebcz 2 10 MW (E.ON) 91 Liniewo 34 MW (Nowa Energia S.A.) 92 In north of Rozewie (offshore) 200 MW (C-Wind) 93 Pomorze offshore 100 MW (GreenTech Energy Systems Polska) 94 Łebcz 1 3,2 MW (E.ON) 95 Gnieżdżewo II 8 MW (EWG – WSB) 96 Gnieżdżewo I 10 MW (EWG – WSB) 97 Połczyno 1,6 MW (GreenTech Energy Systems Polska) 98 Puck 22 MW (PEP) 99 Puck 34 MW (GreenTech Energy Systems Polska) 100 Jeżewo 14 MW (West Coast Energy) 101 Wabcz (Prokon) 102 Łęgowo 2 MW 103 Zajączkowo 48 MW (J-Power / Mitsui) 104 Swarożyn 16 MW (Prokon) 105 Pelplin 48 MW (PGE Energia Odnawialna) 106 Marusza 8 MW (Prokon) 107 Bystra (Energa) 108 Subkowy 8 MW (Nowa Energia) 109 Subkowy 10 MW (Prokon) 110 Grudziądz I-IX 42,5; 28; 47,5; 47,5, 47,5 (VII, VIII, IX: 142,5 MW) (Eco-Wind) 111 Ciechocinek 7,5 MW (Baltic Wind) 112 Nowotna 40 MW (Taiga Mistral) 113 Ostaszewo 40 MW 114 Nowy Staw 39 MW (RWE) 115 Myszkowo (Prokon)

92 81 8589 9394 95 83 96 79 87 8890 98 65 66 72 78 80 97 99 116 Malbork 18 MW 84 50 117 Goraj 22 MW (Starke Wind – 64 69 71 49 EDF) 77 Gdańsk 48 53 62 67 118 Koniecwałd 18 MW 70 73 76 51 107 119 Postolin 40 MW 44 61 6368 120 Sztum 14,5 MW 37 52 28 33 41 43 113 11 102 74 14 18 19 29 34 38 103 54 30 114 1 42 3133 91 75 108 15 11 39 104 10 11 32 11 12 1 3 105 108 20 120 12 13 36 4 5 21 6 122 22 17 86 110 126 55 16 100 12 106 Szczecin 56 101 124 123 45 7 Bydgoszcz 23 40 2 46 57 8 1 24 25 Toruń 58 47 Margonin 9 59 60 27 26 111 165 166

159 160 164 161 162 163

Gorzów 181 Wlkp. 174


180 176

Zielona Góra


169 170

187 188 192 189 193




121 Kisielice 24 MW (IMPAX) 122 Kwidzyn (Cerac) 123 Gawłowice 41,4 (PEP) 124 Kujawsko-Pomorskie I 9 MW (Contino Wind Group) 125 Linowo near Grudziądz 48 MW (EDF) 126 Kisielice 40,5 MW (Energa) 127 Elbląg 48; 48; 56; 48; 16; 4 MW (Eco-Wind) 128 Krasin 20 MW (Norvento Polska) 129 Susz 5 MW (Baltic Wind) 130 Kisielice 22 MW 131 Iława 12 MW (Total Wind) 132 Rypin 2,8 MW (Wiatrak Sp. z o.o. built by Aldesa Polska) 133 Tolkowiec 20 MW (Real Management) 134 Orneta – 14 MW 135 Żuromin 1 & 2 60 MW (PGE Energia Odnawialna) 136 Działdowo 4 MW (Sunflower) 137 Olsztyn I & II, III 34; 96; 62 MW (Eco-Wind) 138 Nidzica 2 MW (Mammoet) 139 Szydłowo (Prokon) 140 Czernice Borowe (Prokon) 141 Korsze 70 MW (EDP) 142 Piecki 32 MW (RWE) 143 Brzeźno-Goworówek 4 MW (Trasko) 144 Wąsewo (Prokon)

183 184



194 197

182 178


202 200 203


195 198 196

Wrocław 250 253254 251







212 218 220


226 Łód

215 221 227 210

261 262


272 265


274 266 267



258 145 Radysy 47,5 MW (Eco Wind – CEZ Polska) 146 Gołdap 69 MW (Starke Wind – EDF) 147 Gołdap/Wronki 48 MW (Vortex Energy) 148 Kowale Oleckie 100 MW (PGE Energia Odnawialna) 149 Olecko 3,6 MW (Mammoet) 150 Taciewo 30 (RWE) 151 Rajgród 25,3 MW (PEP) 152 Podlaskie I 90 MW (Contino Wind Group) 153 Wysokie Mazowieckie 28 MW (Renovatio Power) 154 Szepietowo 117 MW (Green Bear) 155 Suwałki I-III 47,5; 47,5; 160 MW (Eco-Wind) 156 Suwałki 41,4 (RWE) 157 Podlaskie II 90 MW (Contino Wind Group) 158 Babiki 38 MW (Martifer)













185 186


167 168






273 268 264

Katowice 271



Legend Wind speed colors: blue and green areas indicate low wind speeds below 6.5 m/s, not necessarily sufficient for good power production. Areas in yellow or orange colors promise average yields with wind speeds up to about 8 m/s, while red or purple colors provide excellent wind conditions.

159 Wysoka I 7,5 MW (E.ON) 160 Dębno 38 MW (Anemos Bau Polska) 161 Górzyca 28 MW (Starke Wind – EDF) 162 Golice 38 MW (Acciona) 163 Rzepin 58 MW (Starke Wind – EDF)



170 Kartowice 1,5 MW (juwi Energia Odnawialna) 171 Bledzew 21 MW (EWE) 172 Stypułów 28 MW (Starke Wind – EDF) 173 Stypułów 4,5 MW (juwi Energia Odnawialna) 174 Nowa Niedrzwica 50 MW (Starke Wind – EDF) 175 Myszęcin 22 MW (Starke Wind – EDF)












157 153 154

143 144









230 225


6 dź



234 232




5 276 278 277






155 156




176 Szczaniec 70 MW (Starke Wind – EDF) 177 Piątkowo 48 MW (Norvento Polska) 178 Uście 40 MW (WindPower Poland) 179 Sława 82 MW (Starke Wind – EDF) 180 Pniewy 70 MW 181 Popowo (juwi Energia Odnawialna)


25 4





129 130 131


146 148


115 16 17 119 21


164 Witnica 48 MW (Anemos Bau Polska) 165 Lubno (near Gorzów Wielkopolski) 15 MW (ENEA – planned) 166 Bogdaniec 30 MW (Starke Wind – EDF) 167 Budziechów 6 MW (Gewind) 168 Grabik 6 MW (Gewind) 169 Grabik 6 MW (Sunflower)





279 286 284


296 297


Kielce 285


306 307 308

292 280 281


287 293





299 298

300 301



188 Wielkopolska I near Poznań 52,5 MW (E.ON) 189 Park Wiatrowy Wielkopolska I Rydzyna 52,5 MW (Domrel) 190 Park Wiatrowy Wielkopolska I Bojanowo 52,5 MW (Domrel) 191 Oborniki 8 MW (Martifer) 192 Gostyń 33 MW (Acciona) 193 Krobia 32 MW (Acciona) 194 Kleszczewo (Prokon) 195 Park Wiatrowy Wielkopolska I Piaski 52,5 MW (Domrel) 196 Park Wiatrowy Wielkopolska I Pępowo 52,5 MW (Domrel) 197 Park Wiatrowy Wielkopolska I Środa Wielkopolska 52,5 MW (Domrel) 198 Pogorzela II (Altus Polska) 199 Wielkopolskie I 60 MW (Contino Wind Group) 200 Park Wiatrowy Wielkopolska I Nekla 52,5 MW (Domrel) 201 Kaczkowo 44 MW 202 Mogilno 34 MW (Vortex) 203 Słupca 4,8 MW (Domrel) 204 Gizałki 36 MW (Martifer) 205 Jarocin 2 MW (Avallon) 206 Ostrów Wielkopolski 1,6 MW (Tollerton) 207 Ludkowo 1,8 MW 208 Inowrocław 32 MW (Vortex) 209 Kazimierz Biskupi 48 MW (KWE) 210 Wysocko Wielkie 2,4 MW 211 Jóźwin 2A 48 MW (Global Wind Energy via KWE) 212 Jóźwin 2B 27 MW (Global Wind Energy via KWE) 213 EW Orneta 2; Radziejów 42 MW (ERG Renew) 214 Lubstów – 30 MW (KWE) 215 Błaszki 8 MW (ALSTAL for Błaszki council) 216 Raciążek (Grupa Eko Park) 217 Chojny (juwi Energia Odnawialna) 218 Koło 1,6 MW (Avallon) 219 Przykona 40 MW (Energa S.A.) 220 Łyszkowice 20 MW (Falck Renewables) 221 Sieradz 8 MW (Terna Energy) 222 Włocławek 6MW (Baltic Wind) 223 Dobrzyń 34 MW (Vortex) 224 Miksztal 10 MW (Global Wind Power) 225 Parzęczew 18 MW (juwi Energia Odnawialna) 226 Dalików 15 MW (juwi Energia Odnawialna) 227 Szadek 8 MW (Terna Energy) 228 Zduńska Wola 8 MW (Terna Energy) 229 Oporów 6 MW (Mammoet) 230 Krzyżanów 20 MW (Terna Energy via Eolos Polska) 231 Czarnocin (Prokon) 232 Popielawy 22 MW (Gewind) 233 Dąbrowice 39 MW (GDF Suez) 234 Głuchów 40 MW (Novenergia II) 235 Michowo 2 MW (Mammoet) 236 Mazowieckie I 30 MW (Contino Wind Group) 237 Ścieki 22 MW (EnerCap) 238 Nasielsk 10 MW (Terna Energy) 239 Andrzejewo (Prokon) 240 Czyżew 6 MW (Contino Wind Partners) 241 Sokołów Podlaski 4 MW (Mammoet) 242 Lubelskie IV 48 MW – 2016 (Contino Wind Group) 243 Podlaskie III 45 MW (Contino Wind Group) 244 Mazowieckie II 30 MW (Contino Wind Group) 245 Orla 37,5 (Cerac)

South 182 Kąkolewo 18 MW (PGE Energia Odnawialna) 183 Bukówiec Górny 15 windmills (Gestamp Wind) 184 Wschowa 80 MW (Starke Wind – EDF) 185 Duszniki 160 MW (Continental Wind Partners) 186 Wielkopolska IIa (Czempin, Góra, Dolsk) 15 MW (E.ON) 187 Park Wiatrowy Wielkopolska I Śmigiel 52,5 MW (Domrel)

246 Zgorzelec 70 MW (GEO Renewables, EDP) 247 Nowogrodziec 48 MW (GEO Renewables) 248 Modlikowice 24 MW (PEP) 249 Łukaszów 34 MW (PEP) 250 Taczalin 45 MW (EWG, WSB Neue Energien GmbH in Poland WSB Service) 251 Wądroże Wielkie 50, 60 MW (Altus Polska) 252 Wałbrzych 6 MW 253 Wrocław/Legnica (E.ON) 254 Udanin 57,5 MW (Eolfi)

255 Piersno 18 MW (Martifer) 256 Ciepłowody 40 MW 257 Turów 150 MW (PGE Energia Odnawialna) 258 Lipniki 30,7 MW (Tauron Ekoenergia) 259 Jędrzychowice 70 MW 260 Bierutów 36 MW (KDE Energy Polska) 261 Bierutów (Visavento) 262 Pągów 51 MW (Erbud / GDF Suez) 263 Lewin Brzeski 70,4 MW (KDE Energy Polska) 264 Zopowy 30 MW (Gamesa) 265 Wołczyn 51,2 MW (KDE Energy Polska) 266 Kluczbork 48 MW (KDE Energy Polska) 267 Kuniów 4 MW (Mammoet) 268 Reńska Wieś 48 MW (KDE Energy Polska) 269 Krzanowice I 43,05 MW (Visavento) 270 Krzanowice II 58 MW (Visavento) 271 Krzanowice III 9 MW (Visavento) 272 Czarnożyły 16 MW (Terna Energy) 273 Śląskie I 39 MW (Contino Wind Group) 274 Działoszyn 2 MW (Erbud) 275 Rusiec (Prokon) 276 Rząśnia 5,85 MW (Erbud) 277 Wistka (Strzelce Wielkie) 4 MW (Energia dla Ciebie, built by Aldesa Polska) 278 Kamieńsk 30 MW (PGE Energia Odnawialna) 279 Gorzkowice 12 MW (Terna Energy przez spółkę Eolos Polska) 280 Małopolskie II 6 MW – 2015 (Contino Wind Group) 281 Małopolskie I 90 MW (Contino Wind Group) 282 Poręba Górna ok. 18 MW (juwi Energia Odnawialna) 283 Wolbórz-Żarnowica – 36 MW 284 Świętokrzyskie III 42 MW – 2016 (Contino Wind Group) 285 Świętokrzyskie IV 24 MW – 2015 (Contino Wind Group) 286 Kielce 35 MW (Eco-Wind) 287 Świętokrzyskie II 21 MW – 2016 (Contino Wind Group) 288 Szerzawy (Pawłów) (Gestamp Wind) 289 Kobylany 30 MW (Gamar GHL) 290 Iłża 2 MW (EDP Renewables) 291 Mazowieckie III 60 MW (Contino Wind Group) 292 Świętokrzyskie I 30 MW (Contino Wind Group) 293 Biały Bór 166 MW (Ibereolica) 294 Lubelskie II 63 MW – 2016 (Contino Wind Group) 295 Kurów 38,5 MW (West Coast Energy) 296 Lubelskie VI 90 MW (Contino Wind Group) 297 Lubelskie I 63 MW – 2016 (Contino Wind Group) 298 Łęki Dukielskie 10 MW (IKEA Group) 299 Jawornik 10 MW (Martifer) 300 Rymanów 26 MW (IKEA Group) 301 Odrzechowa I 36 MW, Odrzechowa II 10 MW (Martifer) 302 Bukowsko 18 MW (IKEA Group) 303 Markowa 20 MW (Martifer) 304 Gmina Gać <50 MW (Ostrów, Dębów, Mirocin) (Gewind) 305 Lublin I i II 48; 48 (EcoWind) 306 Lubelskie V 21 MW (Contino Wind Group) 307 Łada 44 MW (Martifer) 308 Lubelskie III 21 MW – 2016 (Contino Wind Group) 309 Hnatkowice-Orzechowce (12 MW) 310 Chełm 12,5 MW (PGE Energia Odnawialna)

Wind Energy


Poland 2014

Map of Wind Farms in Poland


The List: Wind Developers Ownership: EWE AG Company Profile: Multiservice firm Strategy in Poland: Development and exploitation of firm's own portfolio of projects.Three projects with total power of 111 MW in the areas of wielkopolskie, lubuskie and zachodniopomorskie Projects in Poland: Okonek - 60 MW (wielkopolskie); Stara Dąbrowa - 30 MW (zachodniopomorskie); Bledzew - 21 MW (lubuskie) Reference numbers on map: 16, 55, 171

EWG Elektrownie Wiatrowe (WSB) Contact data: ul. Okrzei 17 , 59-220 Legnica tel.: 76 852 28 10 e-mail:

Wind Energy

Poland 2014

Company Profile: Our team has been involved in establishing the market since 1999 and since then we have been preparing projects and erecting wind farms. Then we started an implementation of one of the first wind power investments in Poland that was located near the town of Puck. At present we are involved in the development of several projects and are responsible for the construction of wind power plants on the area of the whole country a part of which has already started production of electric energy. Projects in Poland: Gnieżdżewo (Puck community) - 8 MW; Gnieżdżewo (Puck) - 10 MW - Wind Farm 10 MW built in the village, community Puck. Installed 4 turbines of type Nordex N 90 with power output 2.5 MW each.; Taczalin - 45,1 MW Reference numbers on map: 95, 96, 250

Falck Renewables Suibsidiary firms specializing in Wind Energy: Bonwind Top Management in Poland: Grzegorz Cieślak (tel.: 22 332 58 55, Mob 601 331 203, Łukasz Hudyka (tel.: 22 332 58 53, Mob 502 294 499, Contact data: Bonifraterska 17, Warsaw tel.: 22 332 58 55

Ownership: Falck Group SPA Company Profile: Falck Renewables, listed on the Italian stock market, is backed by the experience of the Falck Group which has been an important industrial company in Italy for over 100 years. Falck Renewables generates energy from wind, solar, biomass and waste. It ranks second on the Italian stock exchange for the production of renewable energy and fourth among the European players. Falck Renewables operates in Europe with more than 680 MW of installed capacity (end of 2011) and is well positioned for continued strong growth.


Strategy in Poland: Falck Renewables develops, designs, constructs and manages energy production plants. We established successful cooperation with strong local Partners in Poland with whom wind farm projects are being co - developed. With the aim to grow, Falck is looking for opportunities to enter wind farm projects at various stages of development. We would like to also encourage landowners to approach us in order to achieve experience partner with 680 MW of operating assets. Projects in Poland: Łyszkowice Wind Farm - 20MW; Wysoka Wind Farm - 63 MW (cooperation with Avallon) Other details: Recently announced plan to work with Avallon to develop next wind farm. Reference numbers on map: 57, 220

Fusion Invest Polska SA Top Management in Poland: Jarosław Pawluk, President of the Board Katarzyna Pawluk, Vice Presicent of the Board Bożena Ziemba Grodska, Vice President of the Board Contact data: Rondo ONZ 1 - Rondo 1 building- 26 floor, 00-124 Warsaw tel.: 22 354 91 11 e-mail:

Company Profile: Investments in projects related to renewable energy, either directly or through partners.

Gamar GHL Sp. z o.o. Top Management in Poland: Jarosław Pasek, Managing Director ( Contact data: Plac Wolności 19, Rybnik tel.: 32 440 73 15

The List: Wind Developers

Ownership: Renewable Energy Holdings PLC Company Profile: Wind farm developer Projects in Poland: Kobylany Wind Farm 30 MW (podkarpackie, south of Krosno) Reference numbers on map: 289

GAMESA Energia Polska Sp z o.o. Top Management in Poland: Ewa Urbanowska, Dyrektor Zarządzający (tel.: 22 434 26 44, Radosław Kogutiuk, Dyrektor Handlowy (tel.: 22 434 26 44, rkogutiuk@gamesacorp. com) Contact data: Krucza 16/22, Warsaw tel.: 22 434 26 44 e-mail:

Ownership: GAMESA Energia SA Company Profile: The development of wind farms in Poland and construction of turnkey wind farms for investors interested in obtaining revenue in the operational phase. Strategy in Poland: Currently, 14 wind farm projects in Poland in various stages of advancement. A total of 467 MW Projects in Poland: Zopowy - 30 MW Advisory Partners: Gamesa Eolica, Windhunter, Garrad Hassan, PwC Reference numbers on map: 264

GDF SUEZ Zielona Energia Sp.z o.o. Top Management in Poland: Robert Zadora, Prezes Zarządu (tel.: 22 434 28 00) Krystian Stanek, Członek Zarządu (tel.: 32 603 05 11) Contact data: Zawada 26, Połaniec tel.: 32 603 05 99 e-mail:

Ownership: GDF SUEZ Energia Polska S.A. Company Profile: Energy producer, with increasing focus on renewable sources. Development and acquisition of green projects and delivery of green energy. Strategy in Poland: GDF SUEZ Zielona Energia sp. z o.o. is owner of wind farms with 102 MW of capacity. Projects in Poland: Jarogniew Mołotowo 20 MW (zachodniopomorskie) ; Wartkowo - 30 MW (zachodniopomorskie) ; Pągów - 51 MW (opolskie); Klukowo/Samborsko - 105 MW (wielkopolskie); Dąbrowice (łódzkie) 39 MW; Package of wind projects with a total capacity of 18 MW; Zwartowo - 20 MW Reference numbers on map: 30, 32, 56, 83, 233, 262

Generacja Wiatrowa Polska Sp.z o.o. (part of Enhol Group) Top Management in Poland: Antonio Jesús Oliver Gómez, CEO Łukasz Jasiński, Development Manager Contact data: Mickiewicza 63 lok. 212, Warsaw tel.: 22 560 58 72, 22 560 58 73 e-mail:

Ownership: Grupo Empresarial ENHOL S.L. Company Profile: Generacja Wiatrowa Polska Sp. z o.o. is a member of the ENHOL Group, a Spanish family business group which operates in power engineering, general industry and agriculture. We perform complex execution of renewable energy source investments in Poland. Strategy in Poland: Currently the company is developing projects in four voivodeships.

GEO Renewables S.A. (EnerCap) Top Management in Poland: Radek Nowak, Member of the Board Evan Gibb, Member of the Board Piotr Siennicki, Member of the Board Contact data: ul. Marynarska 15, III piętro, 02-674 Warsaw tel.: 22 378 29 00 e-mail:

Ownership: GEO LTD. Company Profile: We manage projects focused on developing, constructing and operating wind parks in Poland. EnerCap Capital Partners - investor. Projects in Poland: Nowogrodziec - 48 MW; Zgorzelec - 70 MW Advisory Partners: EnerCap Capital Partners, EBOR, EBI, Chadbourne & Park, Enerpark Reference numbers on map: 246, 247

Gestamp Wind Poland Sp. z o.o. Top Management in Poland: Jaime Poves , Director Central & Eastern Europe Contact data: ul. Racławicka 130, Warsaw tel.: 22 646 2011

Ownership: Corporacion Gestamp Strategy in Poland: Gestamp Wind anticipates a production of over 2.000 MW the year 2015, with the goal of obtaining 400 MW in construction that same year. Projects in Poland: Bukówiec Góny (15 windmills) (planned); Szerzawy (Pawłów) Reference numbers on map: 183, 288

Gewind Sp. z o.o. Suibsidiary firms specializing in Wind Energy: Gewind Grabik Sp. z o.o., Popielawy Sp. z o.o., Porwind Sp. z o.o. Top Management in Poland: Paulo Albuquerque, Director (tel.: 507 129 224, paulo. Contact data: Poznańska 62/68, 60-853 Poznań tel.: 507 129 224 e-mail:

Ownership: Gesfinu S.A. Company Profile: Developing presently a portfolio of about 100 MW through different Wind farms all over Poland, our strategy includes the acquisition of developing Wind farms as well as the development of Greenfield projects. Strategy in Poland: Development, construction and operation of windfarms in Poland. Projects in Poland: Gewind Grabik - 6MW (lubuskie) (2013); Gewind Budziechów - 6 MW (lubuskie) (2014); Popielawy - 22 MW (łódzkie) (2014); Gmina Gać <50 MW (Ostrów, Dębów, Mirocin) Advisory Partners: Windflower Sp z o.o., Repower Systems S.A. Reference numbers on map: 167, 168, 232,

Poland 2014


Global Energy Services Top Management in Poland: Gorka Isasi, Country Manager (tel.: 22 699 71 60, Contact data: Al. Jerozolimskie 125/127, Warsaw tel.: 22 699 71 60 e-mail:

Ownership: 3i Group plc Company Profile: Global Energy Services (GES) Is the leading independent service provider of wind farm construction (11,100MW), Turbine assembly (21,500MW) and O&M services (13,600MW).With over 3,500 employees and 20 years of experience in renewables, GES is a trusted partner to many of the world’s leading wind turbine manufacturers and utilities as well as investors and developers. Strategy in Poland: The GES Group is active in renewables since 1994. Nowadays the company operates in Europe, America and Africa with 3.500 employees worldwide. GES Poland is active since 2005 with Headquarters in Warsaw, being one of the most experienced service companies locally, offering the following portfolio of services:Wind farm construction, comprising civil and electrical works together with substation. As of end 2013 we had constructed wind farms totalling 11.100 MW.\nTurbine as-

Wind Energy



The List: Wind Developers sembly. As of end 2013 we had installed turbines totalling 21.500 MW.Plant operation and maintenance. We are currently servicing wind turbines totalling 13.600 MW. The scope can include the whole plant infrastructure: MV network, substation, Rotorblade inspection and repair. This is a highly skilled activity and GES offers an unmatched capacity to repair damages onsite. Although solar PV is not well-developed in Poland, GES is ready to provide EPC as well as O&M, just the same as in other region Projects in Poland: Subkowy 8 MW (2013); Nasielsk 10 MW (2013); Gostyin 33 MW (2013); Zopowy 30 MW (2013); Czarnożyly 16 MW (2012)

Wind Energy

Poland 2014

Global Wind Energy Poland Sp. z o.o. Suibsidiary firms specializing in Wind Energy: KWE Top Management in Poland: Reuven Sharon, President of the Board Bartłomiej Karbowy, Board Member Contact data: Wilcza 66/68, 00-679 Warsaw tel.: 22 622 32 21 e-mail:

Ownership: Global Wind Energy (GWE) Israel Company Profile: Building, developing and later servicing of wind farms from greenfield stage. Strategy in Poland: The activities of the Global Wind Energy Poland is currently focusing on the evaluation and development of several wind farm projects located in various Polish regions, mostly in Pomerania and Greater Poland Region. Projects in Poland: Jóźwin 2A - 48 MW; Jóźwin 2B - 27 MW Advisory Partners: Kornelius Sp. z o.o.(local partner in Poland), Ampal, Clal Energy Reference numbers on map: 183, 185

Global Wind Power Suibsidiary firms specializing in Wind Energy: Global Wind Power Poland Sp. z o. o., Miksztal Windfarm Sp. z o. o. Contact data: Jernbanegade 11, DK - 7700 Thisted (Denmark) tel.: 45 96 19 21 00 e-mail:

Ownership: Global Wind Power A/S Company Profile: Global Wind Power is a dynamic company which has experienced rapid growth since its foundation in 1999. We closely monitor the opportunities on the global market, and advance in line with the needs of our customers. Today, we have more than 570 MW of international experience and an even larger project pipeline on


the way. Our ambition to Turn Wind into Value on new and mature markets demands both know-how and adaptability. With more than 300 wind turbines built in 57 wind parks across Europe, we have established a business concept with global potential. Strategy in Poland: In parallel with the sale and implementation of the 10 MW Miksztal Windfarm will we establish the local representation and involvement for the successful completion and monitoring of this as well as new wind turbine projects. Projects in Poland: Miksztal Windfarm - 10 MW Reference numbers on map: 224

Green Bear Corporation Poland Sp. z o.o.

the interests of economic, ecological and social development. We embody our ideals and value system in the professional life by pursuing the projects of wind farms. We focus on their economic viability, because we are aware of the responsibility to partners and investors. Trust requires. Our activities are focused on Polish territory, but we are also open to cooperation with foreign partners. Projects in Poland: 13 projects completed in these voivods: lubelskie, świętokrzyskie, małopolskie, podkarpackie and mazowieckie of total capacity more than 400 MW. Advisory Partners: Development partner - Contino Wind Group, Von der Heyden Group

Top Management in Poland: Jean-Claude Moustacakis, CEO (tel.: 22 212 61 01) Contact data: Wilcza 46, Warsaw tel.: 22 212 61 01 e-mail:

Green Power Polska Sp. z o.o.

Ownership: Green Power Investment Corporation Projects in Poland: Pomorze - 240 MW (Ustka, Słupsk) Reference numbers on map: 66

Ownership: Green Bear S.A. Company Profile: Green Bear is experienced renewable energy firm developing, constructing and operating wind energy projects in Poland. Strategy in Poland: Development of GB's wind projects portfolio in Poland. Projects in Poland: Szepietewo - 117 MW Reference numbers on map: 154

Green Power Development Sp. z o.o. Suibsidiary firms specializing in Wind Energy: GP Alfa Sp. z o.o., GP Beta Sp. z o.o., FW Gamma Sp. z o.o., FW Delta Sp. z o.o., FW Sigma Sp. z o.o., FWAn Sp. z o.o., FWBo Sp. z o.o., FWBe Sp. z o.o., FWFr Sp. z o.o., FWSz Sp. z o.o., FWWo Sp. z o.o., FWZa Sp. z o.o. Top Management in Poland: Sławomir Spórna, President of the Board Zbigniew Kosiński, Vice President Adam Królikowski, Vice President Contact data: ul. Halicka 9, 31-036 Kraków tel.: 12 412 01 41 e-mail:

Company Profile: We offer a full-scale design work for wind farms and standalone turbines. We help to choose the correct location, we obtain all required permits and supervise the investment until the time of run. During our activities we aim to work closely with landowners, local and regional administration and power plants, making the investement process working smoothly and without complication. Strategy in Poland: The mission of the Green Power Development is the development of wind energy, taking into account

Contact data: ul. Wileńska 35/1, 76-200 Słupsk tel.: 59 848 12 75

Greenfield Wind Sp. z o.o. Top Management in Poland: Kamil Nagórka (tel.: 502 135 035, Contact data: ul. Mikołaja Kopernika 11/23, 00-359 Warsaw tel.: 22 266 85 95 e-mail:

Ownership: Greenfield Wind AB Company Profile: Polish wind power developer focusing on partner development with early stage partner funding. The company is currently developing 130 MW with partner(s) ready to be commissioned in early 2015. Remaining portfolio consists of 180 MW ready for partner development. Projects in Poland: Favonius - 63 MW; Eurus - 45 MW; Freja - 45 MW; Vidar - 25 MW; Asar - 47,5 MW; Asar West - 10 MW; Oden - 37,5 MW; Thor - 45 MW; Kvaser - 27,5 MW; Skadi - 20 MW Advisory Partners: Relight CEE, Environmental Investment & Partners, Export Radet, Green Project Development

Greentech Energy Systems Polska Sp. z o.o. Suibsidiary firms specializing in Wind Energy: Eolica Połczyno Sp. z o.o., Wiatropol Puck Sp. z o.o., Wiatropol Ustka Sp. z o.o.

The List: Wind Developers

Ownership: Greentech Energy Systems A/S Company Profile: Greentech is an energy company developing, constructing and operating renewable energy projects and plants. Greentech aims for an international expansion with an ambition to become a leading company within the renewable energy sector. Greentech owns one wind farm already built in Poland, together with 5 other projects in the development stage, while the finalisation of the energy law is awaited. Current activities of Greentech's group are located throughout Denmark, Germany, Italy, Poland and Spain. Strategy in Poland: Greentech intends to increase production capacity through: In-house development and construction, Mergers and acquisitions. Projects in Poland: Połczyno - 1,6 MW; Ustka - 29,9 MW; Smolęcin - 19,8 MW; Puck - 34 MW; Parnowo - 12,5 MW; Pomorze - 100 MW Advisory Partners: Nordex, Enercon, Siemens, Garrad Hassan, Dewi

97, 99

Grupa Eko Park Contact data: Aleje Jerozolimskie 99/7, 02001 Warsaw tel.: 512 675 025 e-mail: Projects in Poland: Raciążek Advisory Partners: Nordex Reference numbers on map: 216

typically leads to low mortality rates during the lifecycle of the development. Advisory Partners: GE Money Bank

Ibereolica Sp. z o.o. Top Management in Poland: Ignacio Huarte, President of the Board Contact data: Chmielna 101/102, 80-748 Gdańsk tel.: 58 301 61 60 e-mail:,

Habner Top Management in Poland: Karolina Pinna, Owner Contact data: Poznańska 14a, 62-005 Owińska (Poznań) tel.: 514 098 088 e-mail:

Company Profile: Development from greenfield of PV and Wind farms, managing many MW of assets in liaison with foreign companies. Strategy in Poland: Our long-lasting presence on the field allows us to make an initial evaluation for the projects and keep the pulse of the situation once the projects are started. This allows for great savings and it

Ownership: Ibereolica is a subsidiary of Iniciativas Energeticas SA, dedicated to the construction and operation of power generation from renewable sources in Poland. Holding company is owned by Uriel Inversiones SA. Company Profile: Uriel Inversioness SA began operations in 1927. The main area of action is renewable energy. The company has hydroelectric power plants with total capacity of 14.2 MW, wind farms with total capacity of 268.4 MW. Moreover, the group currently operates in the following sectors: biofuels, processing and disposal of waste, production of components for automotive engines, agro-breeding industry, food industry and real estate.

Poland 2014

Reference numbers on map: 20, 41, 65, 93,

Wind Energy

Top Management in Poland: Sławomir Sikorski, President of the Board (tel.: 58 661 22 60, Contact data: Jaśkowa Dolina 81, Gdańsk tel.: 58 661 22 60 e-mail:


The List: Wind Developers Strategy in Poland: Focus is on northern area of Poland, with plans for 422 MW. Biały Bór 166 MW near Gdańsk. Projects in Poland: Biały Bór - 166 MW Advisory Partners: Kancelaria Domański Zakrzewski Palinka, KPMG, Deloitte, Global Energy Services, Garrad Hassan Reference numbers on map: 293

IKEA Group Contact data: Pl. Szwedzki 3, Janki, Warsaw, Raszyn tel.: 22 711 22 00 e-mail:

Wind Energy

Poland 2014

Company Profile: The 26MW wind farm in Rymanów, in the Podkarpackie province, south-east Poland, was the last and largest of three wind farms Ikea acquired from developer Martifer Renewables in October 2011. It was officially opened by Martifer, which continued to build the project for Ikea after its sale, on Tuesday and comprises 13 Repower MM92 2.0MW turbines. It has the capacity to generate an output of around 61GWh per year. The other projects in the portfolio, also in the mountainous Podkarpackie province, are the 10MW Leki Dukielskie and 18MW Bukowsko. Both were operational when Ikea acquired them in 2011 and use 2MW Repower turbines. Projects in Poland: Łąki Dukielskie - 10 MW; Rymanów - 26 MW; Bukowsko - 18 MW Reference numbers on map: 298, 300, 302

IMPAX Contact data: Norfolk House 31 St James's Square, SW1Y 4JR London (United Kingdom) tel.: 44 (0) 20 7434 1122 e-mail:

Ownership: Impax Asset Management, London Strategy in Poland: IMPAX bought wind farms from FERSA. FERSA announced that it has signed a purchase agreement, subject to certain conditions, under which it transmits shares of its Polish subsidiaries, owners of Kisielice project, comprised by a wind farm (24 MW) and other pending construction (18 MW), both situated in Kisielice (Poland) as well as certain loans granted by the Company to its subsidiaries, owners of Kisielice project. Those shares and loans are acquired by funds managed by the group IMPAX. IMPAX bought also one wind farm from Eolia Renovables. Projects in Poland: Krzęcin - 6 MW; Kisielice - 24 MW Reference numbers on map: 24, 121


in.ventus sp. z o.o. sp. k. Top Management in Poland: Roman Hudzik (tel.: 664 490 533, Michael von Schubert, Board Member (tel.: 664 490 536, m.vonschubert@in-ventus. com) Contact data: Wyspiańskiego 43, 60-751 Poznań tel.: 61 662 71 68 e-mail: Company Profile: in.ventus is a company specialized in the project development, the turnkey construction and the management of wind farms in Poland and Germany. We have the know-how, the experience and the professional background to grant services at the highest quality standards to investors, wind farm owners and pre-developers.

Infusion Polska Sp. z o.o. Top Management in Poland: Artur Meneses, President of te Board

Filomena Ribeiro, Vice President of the Board Contact data: Al. Solidarnosci 117, 00-140 Warsaw tel.: 22 440 58 91 e-mail:

Ownership: Grupo Meneses Company Profile: Infusion is a Portugese renewable energy company that was incorporated in 2005 with the aim of developing and operating wind energy projects in prime wind resources locations. Infusion is currently developing projects in several geographies across Europe, namely Portugal, Poland, Romania. Infusion started operating its first wind farm (located in Portugal) in 2011. Strategy in Poland: Site assessment and selection, environmental, technical and economic feasibility studies, completion of licensing procedures, construction and operation of projects. Wind farm project development is financed through sharehold-

The List: Wind Developers

Suibsidiary firms specializing in Wind Energy: Invenergy Systems Polska Top Management in Poland: Michael Polsky, President and CEO Jim Murphy, EVP/CFO/COO Contact data: One South Wacker Drive, Suite 1900, IL 60606 Chicago (USA) tel.: 312 224 1400 e-mail:

Company Profile: Invenergy Wind is North America’s largest independent wind power generation company, with an experienced team of professionals and a strong track record of success. We’ve developed and placed into service 44 wind farms across the United States and in Canada and Europe, totaling over 3,800 MW. Another 1,300 MW of Invenergy Wind projects currently are under contract or under construction. Invenergy Wind’s focus is on the development and long-term ownership and operation of utility-scale wind projects ranging in size from 25 to 500 MW. Projects in Poland: Village of Nowy Jarosław, Darłowo Municipality, Sławno County, northwest Poland - 25 MW; Village of Pekanino, Darłowo Municipality, Sławno County (“Powiat”), northwest Poland - 24 MW; Village of Stary Jarosław, Darłowo Municipality, Sławno County, northwest Poland - 22,5 MW; Tymien, Poland (KujawyPomerania County/Zone) - 50 MW; Village of Wiekowice, Darłowo Municipality, Sławno County, northwest Poland - 25 MW (Darłowo region 302,5 MW); Dobiesław 27,5 MW; Gorzyce 48,5 MW; Jeżyce 27,5 MW; Krupy 17,5 MW; Boryszewo 32,5 Advisory Partners: Enerco Reference numbers on map: 37, 48

J-Power / EPDC Suibsidiary firms specializing in Wind Energy: Zajaczkowo Windfarm Sp. z o.o. Contact data: 15-1, Ginza 6-chome. Chuoku, 104-8165 Tokyo (Japan) tel.: 81 335 46 22 11 e-mail:

Company Profile: J-Power is a manufacturer and distributor of wholesale electricity. It was founded in 1952 by the Japanese government and fully privatized in 2004. As

Juma M. Biernacki i Wspólnicy Contact data: Kolejowa 5/7, 01-217 Warsaw Projects in Poland: Krosino - 40 MW Reference numbers on map: 36

juwi Energia Odnawialna Sp. z o.o. Top Management in Poland: Krzysztof Wojtysiak , Managing Director Contact data: ul. Opolska 100, 31-323 Cracow tel.: 12 299 88 00 e-mail:

Company Profile: Juwi's vision is to achieve 100% renewable energy. Juwi involved at the wind development stage of consulting and planning through design, financing, implementation and operation of the resulting farm. Projects in Poland: Popowo, Chojny, Kartowice - 1,5 MW; Stypułów - 4,5 MW; Poręba Górna - planned about 18 MW; Roby - 4,25 MW; Parzęczew - 18 MW ; Dalików - 15 MW Reference numbers on map: 18, 170, 173, 181, 217, 225, 226, 282

KDE Energy Polska Top Management in Poland: Klaas Wolters, President of the Board Gerhard Hoiting, Vice President of the Board Contact data: Pl. S. Batorego 5/19 , 70-207 Szczecin tel.: 91 813 67 08 e-mail:

Ownership: KDE Energy Europe Company Profile: KDE Energy develops, builds and operates wind parks. Strategy in Poland: KDE Energy develops, builds and operates wind parks in northwest and south-west Poland. Projects in Poland: Komarowo - 60 MW; Zachodniopomorskie I - 12 MW; Zachodnio-

pomorskie II - 6 MW; Zachodniopomorskie III - 6 MW; Zachodniopomorskie IV - 21 MW; Reńska Wieś - 48 MW; Kluczbork - 48 MW; Lewin Brzeski - 70,4 MW; Bierutów 36 MW; Wołczyn - 51,2 MW Reference numbers on map: 58, 260, 263, 265, 266, 268

KWE Sp. z o.o. Top Management in Poland: Reuven Sharon , President of the Board Bartłomiej Karbowy , Board Member Grzegorz Frąckowiak, Board Member Contact data: ul. Kazimierska 45, 62-510 Konin tel.: 63 247 37 35 e-mail:

Ownership: PAK Kopalnia Węgla Brunatnego Konin S.A. and Global Wind Energy Poland Sp. z o.o. Company Profile: Professional development of wind farm projects from greenfield phase and their further operation. Strategy in Poland: Development of wind farm projects in the koniński district. Projects in Poland: Wind farm developments of 175 MW in the area of Konin; Kazimierz Biskupi - 48 MW; Jóźwin 2A - 48 MW; Jóźwin 2B - 27 MW; Lubstów - 3 MW Advisory Partners: Collaboration with leading companies: business, legal, advisory, research, construction and wind turbine manufacturers. Other details: See us at - Reference numbers on map: 209, 211, 212, 214

Mammoet Wind A/S

Poland 2014

Invenergy LLC

a market leader in conventional and renewable energy in Japan , the firm is specialized in construction, operation and maintenance of power plants and transmission lines. Our power of 17 GW in Japan and 9 GW abroad generates electricity from coal, gas, geothermal, water, waste and wind. Strategy in Poland: J-Power for a few years (along with Mitsui) is active in the Polish wind energy market. We are in the process of building a portfolio of new projects and investments in renewable energy market in Poland and abroad. We work with developers and industry consultants. Projects in Poland: Zajączkowo - 48 MW; Widzino - 42 MW; Łosino 48 MW Reference numbers on map: 67, 70, 103

Wind Energy

ers' equity. Construction will be financed on a project finance basis Projects in Poland: Podkarpackie - 54 MW; Małopolskie - 144 MW; Dolnośląskie - 74 MW; Kujawsko-pomorskie - 156 MW; Podlaskie - 66 MW; Warmińsko-mazurskie - 272 MW; Pomorskie - 52 MW; Zachodniopomorskie - 108 MW

Contact data: Lavavej 16, DK-9220 Aalborg (Denmark) tel.: 45 993 036 66 e-mail: Company Profile: Mammoet Wind is an international turn-key supplier that specializes in the transportation, crane work, installation and service & maintenance of wind turbines. We have erected more than 5,000 wind turbines in all corners of the globe and possess both the expertise and capacity to deal with any task. The turbines erected add up to more than 10.000MW installed worldwide. Projects in Poland: Olecko - 3,6 MW; Michowo - 2 MW; Nidzica - 2 MW; Sokolów Podlaski - 4 MW; Oporów - 6 MW; Kuniów - 4 MW Reference numbers on map: 138, 149, 229, 235, 241, 267


The List: Wind Developers Martifer Renewables Suibsidiary firms specializing in Wind Energy: Martifer Renewables SA Contact data: ul. Wyczółkowskiego 16, 44109 Gliwice tel.: 32 775 28 00 e-mail:

Norvento Polska Sp. z o.o.

Ownership: Martifer Renewables SA belongs to Martifer Group, an industrial portuguese company. Company Profile: In late 2011, sold 3 wind farms to IKEA Group. Projects in Poland: Gizałki - 36 MW; Oborniki - 8 MW; Piersno - 18 MW; Rymanów - 26 MW; Markowa - 20 MW; Odrzechowa II - 10 MW; Odrzechowa I - 36 MW; Jawornik - 10 MW; Łada - 44 MW; Babiki - 38 MW Reference numbers on map: 158, 191, 204,

Top Management in Poland: Enrique Alonso Ruiz, Project Director (tel.: 22 370 61 81, Wojciech Jędrasik, Finance Manager (tel.: 22 370 61 82, Contact data: Nowogrodzka 11, Warsaw tel.: 22 370 61 80 e-mail:

255, 299, 301, 303, 307

Poland 2014

Projects in Poland: Zajączkowo - 48 MW; Widzino - 42 MW; Łosino - 48 MW Advisory Partners: Cooperation with JPower Reference numbers on map: 67, 70, 103

Mitsui Suibsidiary firms specializing in Wind Energy: Mitsui & Co Japan Contact data: 24 King William Street, London (United Kingdom) tel.: 44 (0) 207 822 0321

Ownership: Norvento Enerxia, Spain Company Profile: Development and operation of wind farms (BOO). Strategy in Poland: Preferred greenfield projects, to be developed, constructed, and operated using group own resources. Projects in Poland: Krasin - 20/30 MW (Pomorskie) ; Piątkowo/Kowalewo - 48 MW (Kujawsko-Pomorskie) Reference numbers on map: 128, 177

Novenergia II

Company Profile: In 2007, Mitsui was established in the European market.

Suibsidiary firms specializing in Wind Energy: Grupo Generg

Top Management in Poland: Henri Baguenier, Chairman of the Board of Directors Carlos Pimenta Albert Mitjà Contact data: Wierzbowa 9/11, Warsaw Ownership: Company Profile: NovEnergia II is a European investment fund registered under Luxembourg law as a SICAR (Société d'Investissement à Capital Risque or Risk Capital Investment Company), a new financial instrument created in 2004.From its birthplace in Portugal, Novenergia has evolved into a European holding of energy companies, with established subsidiaries in Spain, Italy, France, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Poland. In all countries, Novenergia II builds its portfolio in partnership with local actors to complement its technical and financial capacity with site-specific expertise. Strategy in Poland: In Poland, the company coordinates a project of a wind farm in Głuchów located in Łódzkie Voivodship with a total capacity of 40 MW. The farm will be implemented in two phases in 20 MW each. The company intends to acquire wind projects totalling 150 MW in the near future until 2015. Projects in Poland: Głuchów - 40 MW Reference numbers on map: 234

Wind Energy

Nowa Energia SA Suibsidiary firms specializing in Wind Energy: 3E Sp. z o.o., JM Energia Sp. z o.o. Top Management in Poland: Marek Trepk, President of the Board Dariusz Rutkowski , Vice President of the Board Contact data: Wiczlińska 4, 81-578 Gdynia tel.: Tel/Fax 58 624 80 09 e-mail:

Company Profile: We guide the investment process completely. We are a comprehensive solution form design of wind farms , by the selection of the right location , obtaining the required building permits , construction to the operation and management of the wind farm. Strategy in Poland: In the coming years, the company plans to build individuallyowned and operated wind parks with a total installed capacity of over 500 MW, and build and sell ready-made wind parks with a total capacity of over 500 MW. Projects in Poland: Wałdowo - 1,1 MW; Wicko - 10 MW; Subkowy - 8 MW; Liniewo 34 MW; Tuchola - 6 MW Advisory Partners: Taiga Mistral, Norvento Polska Sp. z o.o., AES Wind Generation Other details: Cooperation with leading European manufacturers of wind turbines, professional experts in the field of construc-


The List: Wind Developers

PBDI S.A. Top Management in Poland: Jacek Leczkowski, CEO Roman Rubach, Member of the Board Piotr Gutowski, Commercial Director and Proxy (tel.: 661 340 470, piotr.gutowski@ Contact data: Wapienna 10, Toruń tel.: 56 612 25 10 e-mail:

Ownership: Erbud S.A., Jacek Leczkowski Company Profile: Przedsiębiorstwo Budownictwa Drogowo-Inżynieryjnego S.A. executes construction works on wind farms as General Contractor. The scope of Company services includes the design and construction of foundations, access roads, crane platforms as well as power engineering works (i.e. the design and construction of substations, MV and HV cable lines). PBDI has signed nearly twenty contracts for the construction of wind farms on the territory of Poland and completed them successfully. Strategy in Poland: Owing to its experience in the construction of wind farms, PBDI has recently created a separate Power Engineering Division. The services offered involve design works, administrative and legal arrangements as well as construction, reconstruction and extension of power substations, MV and HV cable lines.

PGE Energia Odnawialna S.A. Suibsidiary firms specializing in Wind Energy: Baltica 3 Sp. z o.o., Baltica 1 Sp. z o.o., Baltica 2 Sp. z o.o. Top Management in Poland: Maciej Górski, President of the Board Norbert Sadek, Vice President of the Board Contact data: ul. Ogrodowa 59a, 00-876 Warsaw tel.: 22 433 13 00 / 22 4331 301

Ownership: PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna S.A. Company Profile: PGE Energia Odnawialna S.A. is a subsidiary of PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna S.A. – Poland‘s largest power conglomerate and one of the largest power sector players in Central and Eastern Europe. The Company was established in 1993 as a result of restructuring of the Polish power sector. Back then, it operated under the name of Elektrownie Szczytowo Pompowe S.A. In 2010, a decision was made

82, 85, 87, 105, 135, 148, 182, 257, 278, 310

PKN Orlen Top Management in Poland: Dariusz Krawiec, President of the Board, General Manager Sławomir Jędrzejczyk, Vice President of the Board Contact data: ul. Chemików 7, 09-411 Płock tel.: 24 256 00 00 / 24 365 00 00 e-mail:

Company Profile: PKN Orlen is targeting 1,000 MW in offshore wind farm projects. Strategy in Poland: Offshore wind farms projects - Baltic Sea

Polenergia S.A. Suibsidiary firms specializing in Wind Energy: Bałtyk Środkowy I, (II, III) Sp. z o.o., Baltex-Power S.A. Top Management in Poland: Jacek Głowacki, President of the Board Bartłomiej Dujczyński, Vice President of the Board Marek Durski, Vice President of the Board Contact data: Krucza 24/26, 00-526 Warsaw tel.: 22 522 39 00

Ownership: KI Energy Company Profile: Polenergia S.A. is a part of KI Energy, which is the power energy arm of Kulczyk Investments. The company focuses on ownership and development of renewable energy sources in Poland.

Strategy in Poland: Investing in offshore wind farms.

Polish Energy Partners Top Management in Poland: Zbigniew Prokopowicz, President of the Board Michał Kozłowski, Vice President of the Board Anna Kwarcińska, Vice President of the Board Contact data: ul. Krucza 24/26, 00-526 Warsaw tel.: 22 522 38 00 e-mail:

Ownership: Publicly-traded on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Kulczyk Investments S.A. (Mansa Investments Sp. z o.o.) is the largest shareholder. Company Profile: Polish Energy Partners is one of the leaders of energy projects implemented on the basis of renewable energy sources. The Company’s field of expertise is the development, implementation and operation of projects related to production of electricity and heat, as well as fuels. The facilities the Company operates produce over 8% of the renewable energy obtained from wind and biomass in Poland. Projects in Poland: Łukaszów - 34 MW; Modlikowice - 24 MW; Puck - 22 MW; Gawłowice - 41,4 MW; Rajgród - 25,3 MW Reference numbers on map: 98, 123, 151,

Poland 2014


to consolidate the PGE Group‘s renewable energy assets. As a result, a new Group was established, comprising 14 subsidiaries. Within PGE Energia Odnawialna S.A. there are five separate operating Branches. Currently, the Group manages 29 hydroelectric power plants and four wind farms. It is also implementing a number of development projects focused on the use of wind, water and biomass energy, as well as on photovoltaics (solar energy). Strategy in Poland: By 2015, the Group assumes power increase of approximately 1,000 MW, of which the vast majority is an increase in wind power. The company bought projects in 2012 from DONG Energy and Iberdrola.Firm plans 3 offshore farms of power over 1000 MW Projects in Poland: Resko I - 14 MW, Wojciechowo - 28 MW, Baltica 1, Baltica 2 Baltica 3 - 1045,5 MW, Malechowo - 40 MW, Karwice - 40 MW; Gniewino - 300 MW; Kąkolewo - 18 MW; Turów - 150 MW; Kowale Oleckie - 100 MW; Polanów - 160 MW; Chełm - 12,5 MW; Kamieńsk - 30 MW; Pelplin - 48 MW; Żuromin 1 i 2 - 60 MW Reference numbers on map: 21, 51, 52, 54,

248, 249

Prokon New Energy Poland Sp. z o.o. Suibsidiary firms specializing in Wind Energy: EW Orneta 1 Sp. z o.o. Top Management in Poland: Carsten Rodbertus , President of the Board Henning Mau, Vice President of the Board Ralf Dohmann, Vice President of the Board Contact data: ul. Budowlanych 64D, Gdańsk tel.: 58 342 46 23 e-mail:

Wind Energy

tion, supervision and operation of wind farms, as well as experienced legal and audit offices. Reference numbers on map: 75, 80, 86, 91,

Ownership: PROKON Unternehmensgruppe Company Profile: The company invests in green energy, wind power and biogas extraction for more than 15 years, and owns 314 windmills wind farms in Germany and some in Poland. Projects in Poland: Gniewino - 6 MW; Swarożyn - 16 MW; Subkowy - 10 MW; Marusza - 8 MW; Miłowo; Poborowo; Wabcz; Myszkowo; Szydłowo; Czernice Borowe, Wąsewo, Kleszczewo, Czarnocin, Andrzejewo, Rusiec Reference numbers on map: 6, 74, 88, 101, 104, 106, 109, 115, 139, 140, 144, 194, 231, 239, 275


The List: Wind Developers Real Management

RP Global Poland Sp. z o.o.

Contact data: ul. Marynarska 11, 02-674 Warsaw tel.: 22 395 61 00 e-mail:

Suibsidiary firms specializing in Wind Energy: AWK Sp. zoo, Wiatrowa Baltica Sp. z o.o., Megawatt Baltica Sp. z o.o. Top Management in Poland: Tomasz Zelek, Country Manager ( Contact data: Al. Wojska Polskiego 70, Szczecin tel.: 91 432 25 80 e-mail:

Ownership: Private Company Profile: We develop RES projects from cradle to completion. The company actively works in the following fields: development of renewable energy projects (mainly wind farm and PV farm projects) until RTB stage, supervision of wind farm project during its construction and operation phases, technical analysis of wind farm projects (due diligence), realization of own projects under RTB Developer Sp. z o.o., support in seeking and acquiring wind farm projects, complex environmental compliance services (advisory and assessments). Strategy in Poland: Our work consist in conduction of complete investment process – from the preliminary concept up

Projects in Poland: Tolkowiec (warmińskomazurskie) - 20 MW; Marszewo - 82 MW Reference numbers on map: 133

Renovatio Power Polska Sp. z o.o. Top Management in Poland: Michael Moczkowski ( Contact data: Plac Trzech Krzyży 18, Warsaw e-mail:

Wind Energy

Poland 2014

Ownership: RP Global Austria GmbH Company Profile: RP GLOBAL is a privately owned IPP (Independent Power Producer), developer and investor in renewable energies. Following 20 years of specialization in hydropower activities RP Global has diversified into wind energy projects in mid 2000.

Ownership: R.G. Renovatio Group Limited Company Profile: Renovatio is a leading renewable energy sector player, with a proven track record in wind and photovoltaic technologies. The Group's activities largely cover the renewable energy value chain from project development, through engineering and EPC, to asset operation and energy trading.Established in 2005, Renovatio currently has an asset portfolio of close to 350 MW in wind energy projects and 21 MW in photovoltaic energy projects, some of which are co-owned with partners. Strategy in Poland: At the moment Renovatio is developing a pipeline of 100 MW in wind energy, ranging from 14 MW to 30 MW. The projects are being developed by Renovatio Power Poland, the locally specialised development vehicle. Projects in Poland: Wysokie Mazowieckie - 28 MW Reference numbers on map: 153

RenPower Investments Company Profile: RENPower Investments Group is a Netherlands based investor & developer with over 50 megawatts of solar photovoltaic and wind power currently installed across Europe. Recent expansion into developing EU markets means capacity is expected to reach 300 MW over the next three years - a significant contribution to the continent’s renewable energy supply targets - with the ultimate aim of creating a pan-European green energy utility company. Strategy in Poland: Owner of Lisewo wind farm, previously owned by Green Bear. Negotiations to purchase an 8 MW wind farm. Development of 14 MW Wind project in Poland just started. Evaluation of 30 MW wind projects in Poland. Projects in Poland: Lisewo - 10,8 MW Reference numbers on map: 89


During the last 30 years more than 30 power plants were developed and constructed in Austria, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, France, Croatia and Chile. As of today 16 own plants are in operation or construction, as well as numerous others under development. Strategy in Poland: RP Global currently has 4 operating wind farms: Wałcz, Tychowo, Stramnica and Kukinia. Currently RP Global is working on several other projects which are in the far stage of progress. Projects in Poland: Kukinia II (zachodniopomorskie) - 7 MW; Stramnica - 4,6 MW; Wałcz - 4,5 MW; Tychowo - 50 MW Reference numbers on map: 29, 33, 45, 61

RTB Developer Sp. z o.o. Top Management in Poland: Marcin Bagiński, Development Director Contact data: Sobieskiego 14, Rumia tel.: 502 338 439 e-mail:

to operation stage of the installation ("RTB Developer – renewable energy projects from cradle to completion”). We develop our own projects but also draw up projects for and on behalf of interested investors. No matter which of our activities is in question, we act in identical pattern – we want to finalize the best quality project in shortest timeframe (“RTB Developer – efficiency in action”).

RWE Renewables Polska Sp. z o.o. Top Management in Poland: Robert Macias, President RWE Renewables Polska Contact data: ul. Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie 41, 00-347 Warsaw tel.: 22 821 31 11 e-mail:

Ownership: RWE Company Profile: RWE Renewables Polska is part of the RWE Poland Group.In 2009 RWE built its first wind farm in Poland.

The List: Wind Developers

Saxovent Energy Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. Top Management in Poland: Sebastian Kochalski, Managing Director Contact data: ul. Promienista 62/4, 60-289 Poznań tel.: 606 451 703 e-mail:

Ownership: Saxovent Ökologische Investments GmbH & Co. KG Company Profile: Saxovent was founded in 1997 with the goal of implementing wind power projects in Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt; the firm's name therefore reflects its beginnings. After many years of controlled, continuous growth, our firm has become one of the main providers of turnkey investments in the wind industry, with a leading position of independence. We now do business worldwide. In the planning, financing, and construction of wind farms, we have already realised more than 200 wind turbines of various performance classes from various manufacturers. With an overall installed capacity exceeding 340 megawatts, more than 90,000 four-person homes are being supplied with environmentally friendly sustainable electricity. Projects in Poland: Linowo 48 MW (kujawsko-pomorskie)(owner is EDF) Advisory Partners: DMS, BSJP - Law firms

Senvion (previously Repower) Top Management in Poland: Andreas Nauen, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Marcus A. Wassenberg, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Contact data: ul. Rzymowskiego 53, 02-697 Warsaw tel.: 22 548 00 54 e-mail:

Ownership: Suzlon Group Company Profile: Senvion SE, a Suzlon group company, is one of the leading in-

Sevivon Suibsidiary firms specializing in Wind Energy: Windfarm Polska II Sp. z o.o., Windfarm Polska III Sp. z o.o., Windfarm Polska IV Sp. z o.o., Windfarm Polska V Sp. z o.o., Windfarm Polska VI Sp. z o.o., Windfarm Polska VII Sp. z o.o., Windfarm Polska IX Sp. z o.o., ZOMAR Sp. z o.o. Top Management in Poland: Jarosław Śmiałek, President of the Board Bogdan Gutkowski, Vice President of the Board (tel.: 600 906 631) Contact data: ul. Wojska Polskiego 24-26, 75- 712 Koszalin tel.: 94 342 54 51 e-mail:

Ownership: WKN, AOS Sp. z o.o. Company Profile: WKN AG engaged in designing, financing, building and operating wind farms since 1991. Wind farms with a total capacity exceeding 1000 megawatts by WKN been realized in Germany and abroad. In addition to headquarters, WKN also has subsidiaries and joint ventures in many countries of Europe and the USA.

Siemens Sp. z o.o. Contact data: Żupnicza 11, Warsaw tel.: 22 870 91 31 e-mail: Paweł

Company Profile: Siemens Sp. z o.o. offers the widest on the Polish market portfolio of products and services of the parent company. It undertakes every effort to improve the quality of life and to promote technologies that assure effective utilization of natural resources and reduction of environment pollution.Sector Energy, offers all solutions and products related to power engineering both from conventional and renewable resources – complete power plants and their parts, generators, industrial turbines, wind turbines with engineering services.

Siłownie Wiatrowe S.A. Top Management in Poland: Wawrzyniec Romaniszyn, Proxy (tel.: 730 424 242, Contact data: Sarmacka 10d, Warsaw tel.: 22 114 55 72 e-mail: Company Profile: Wind power dissipated, turn-key projects only/Energetyka wiatrowa rozproszona, wyłącznie projekty pod klucz

Strategy in Poland: Small projects - wide range of capacity - 40kW - 30MW - the whole country Projects in Poland: Energy storage devices. Małe projekty - szeroki przedział mocy 40kW - 30MW - cały kraj

Siłownie Wiatrowe S.A. Top Management in Poland: Wojciech Romaniszyn, Attorney-in-Fact ( Wawrzyniec Romaniszyn, Business Manager ( Contact data: ul. Sarmacka 10d lok 9, 02972 Warsaw e-mail:

Ownership: Wojciech Romaniszyn - the main shareholder Company Profile: Wind power and PV development and investment Strategy in Poland: Mostly remote turbines with medium voltage grid connection, all projects as turn-key. Projects in Poland: 300 MW located in Central and Southern Poland Advisory Partners: Energy Invest Group Co. Ltd

Poland 2014

142, 150, 156

ternational manufacturers of onshore and offshore wind turbines. All across the globe, the engineering company is developing, constructing and distributing wind turbines for almost every location.

SSC Baltic Wind Contact data: Miszewo 51B, 80-297 Banino tel.: 586 803 300 e-mail:

Company Profile: In Poland, the wind energy industry is constantly growing, too. Therefore SSC Balticwind has set itself the ambition of becoming an important provider on this market. With its comprehensive and professional service the joint venture of SSC Wind and Baltic Wind Services is creating the energy mix of tomorrow.

Wind Energy

First investment was Park Wiatrowy Suwałki – with 18 turbines, with each of 2,3 MW. Strategy in Poland: RWE Renewables Polska plans til 2015 to build wind farms of capacity 300 MW. In Nowy Staw will be the firm's fourth wind farm. With investment value exceeding 60 million euro,19 turbines will comprise the farms (Repower), of 2.05 MW each. Projects in Poland: Piecki (16 x 2 MW); Tychowo (15 x 2,3 MW); Nowy Staw - 45,1; Krzęcin - 14 MW; Taciewo - 30 MW (took over from Gamesa); Park Wiatrowy Suwałki - 41,4 Reference numbers on map: 25, 63, 114,

Sunflower Suibsidiary firms specializing in Wind Energy: WindFlower Top Management in Poland: Adi Gazit, Business Development Director Contact data: Rogovin Tidhar Tower 11 Menachem Begin st., Ramat Gan 52681, Israel Ramat Gan (Israel) tel.: 972 3 377 0011 e-mail:

Ownership: The company's main shareholders are Mr. Roni Biram and Dr. Gil Deutsch Company Profile: Sunflower was established in 1995 and began its activities in the real estate arena. In 2008, the company became active in development and acquisition of projects in the field of photovoltaic solar energy in Europe. During 2010, the com-


Wind Energy

Poland 2014

The List: Wind Developers


pany became active in the field of photovoltaic solar energy also in Israel and during 2011 the company expanded its activities to the wind energy field. Projects in Poland: Działdowo - 4 MW; Grabik (next to Żary) - 6 MW Reference numbers on map: 136, 169

2013); Nowotna 40 MW (December 2014); Other 90 MW (2015/2016) Advisory Partners: Tundra Advisory Sp. z o.o., Axpo Trading AG, Siemens, Gamesa, Vestas,, Squire Sanders, Chadbourne Parke, SK&S, DNV GL, Sgurr Energy, Barlovento Reference numbers on map: 112

Taiga Mistral

Tauron Ekoenergia

Suibsidiary firms specializing in Wind Energy: Tundra Advisory Sp. z o.o. Top Management in Poland: Mikel Garay, Managing Director (tel.: 668 282 993, mikel. Contact data: Ca. Zarzuela, Madrid (Spain) tel.: 34 913 576 310 e-mail:

Top Management in Poland: Małgorzata Wojcik-Stasiak, President of the Board Ryszard Turek, Vice President of the Board Contact data: ul. Obrońców Pokoju 2B, 58500 Jelenia Góra tel.: 75 754 68 82 e-mail:

Ownership: Tauron Polska Energia Company Profile: Tauron Group has a second position on the Polish market in terms of energy production and sales for corporate clients and individuals. Projects in Poland: Wicko - 40 MW; Marszewo - 82 MW; Zagórze - 30 MW; Lipniki - 30,7 MW Reference numbers on map: 3, 8, 79, 258

Ownership: Spanish Banks and Private Investors Company Profile: Private Equity fund investing in wind energy in Poland managed by Taiga Mistral Gestion SGECR. EUR 74 MM under management in Taiga Poland 1 fund. Direct investment into best wind farm projects. Strategy in Poland: Acquiring very advanced, high quality wind farm projects. Permitting, tendering, financing, construction and operation. Exit from investment via sale to 3rd Party (utilities or other investors) is scheduled for 2015.Company is considering raising second fund for wind energy assets in Poland with targeted equity of EUR 75 MM to be invested 2015-2017. Projects in Poland: Kobylnica 41,4 MW (December 2011); Subkowy 8 MW (June

Terna Energy (Eolos Polska) Suibsidiary firms specializing in Wind Energy: Eolos Polska Top Management in Poland: George Peristeris, Chairman George Perdikaris, Vice - Chairman Contact data: Szpitalna 1/58, Warsaw Ownership: Terna Group

Company Profile: TERNA ENERGY aims to establish a competitive position as an RES IPP and Developer along the RES value chain by increasing installed capacity, building a strong position in a portfolio of technologies maintaining a solid position in wind while expanding in small hydro, solar, geothermal and biomass technologies, and expanding geographically, achieving regional leadership position in South East Europe and Eastern Mediterranean and having a strong international presence. Projects in Poland: Krzyżanów Kutno (Łódź area) - 20 MW; Nasielsk (Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki area) - 10 MW; Szadek (Kalisz area) - 8 MW; Czarnożyły (Wieluń, Łódź area) - 16 MW; Sieradz (Woj. łódzkie) - 8 MW; Gorzkowice - 12 MW; Zduńska Wola 8 MW Reference numbers on map: 221, 227, 228, 230, 238, 272, 279

Total Wind Sp. z o.o. Contact data: ul. Żwirki I Wigury 9, 75-131 Koszalin tel.: 48 943 455 077 e-mail: Company Profile: Total Wind is a company specialised in turnkey solutions within transportation, installation, service, maintenance and supply of spare parts for wind turbines – both onshore and offshore. Total Wind has subsidiaries in 11 countries on 3 continents and supply services worldwide. Projects in Poland: Iława I - 12 MW Reference numbers on map: 131

The List: Wind Developers Strategy in Poland: We carry out investments in wind turbines of 2MW each of them in a separate location and SPV. Other details: We organize regular seminars for interested investors (in Warsaw).

Top Management in Poland: Grzegorz Skarżyński, Investment Director Adam Jaworski, Managing Director Contact data: ul. Słomińskiego 5/259, 00195 Warsaw tel.: 22 530 94 94 e-mail:

Company Profile: We are an official adviser to a Spanish investment fund (Taiga), which has a potential 300 million euro investment intended only for investment in renewable energy sector in Poland. Currently, we advise the implementation of wind projects with a total capacity of over 120 MW. Projects in Poland: Involve in Kobylnica - 41,5 MW project preparation.; Involve in project - Subkowy - 8 MW; Involve in project - Ostaszewo - 40 MW Advisory Partners: Taiga Mistral

Tundra Advisory Sp. z o.o. Top Management in Poland: Adam Jaworski, Dyrektor Zarządzający (tel.: 22 530 94 94, Grzegorz Skarżyński, Dyrektor Inwestycyjny (tel.: 22 530 94 94, grzegorz.skarżyński@ Contact data: Słomińskiego 5/259, Warsaw tel.: 22 530 94 94 e-mail:

Ownership: Taiga Mistral Company Profile: Full scope wind energy project management for Investors + advisory services. Development, permitting, financing, construction, operation. 180 MW of projects committed, 50 MWs in operation, 40 MWs under construction , 90 MW in development.EUR 150 M of assets under management, EUR 125 M of project finance

secured, EUR 15 M of subsidies obtained 12 people in2 offices (Warsaw/Gdańsk) Strategy in Poland: Effectively manage wind projects entrusted by Clients with aim to maximise returns. Grow portfolio of assets under management by offering services to new entities.Offer new and innovatibe solutions to existing and new wind projects. Projects in Poland: Kobylnica 41,4 MW (12.2011); Subkowy 8 MW (6.2013); Nowotna 40 MW (12.2014); Other 90 MW (2015/2016) Advisory Partners: mBank, Commerzbank, BOS Bank, BZ WBK, BESI, Siemens, Gamesa, Vestas, GE, Nordex, Dentons, Chadbourne, Squire Sanders, SK&S, Sgurr Energy, DNV GL, Barlovento, Dewi, Enerpark, Prochem,, Crido Taxand, Deloitte Other details: We are open to provide highest quality services for national and abroad investors interested present in Poland or considering entry to Poland.\n\nWe think and act as asset Owner, thus we are able to provide best results to our Clients.

Ventus Investments S.A. Top Management in Poland: Maciej Uciechowski, President of board ( maciej. Marek Tarnowski, Supervisory board/Investors relations ( marek.tarnowski@ventussa. pl) Contact data: Wojska Polskiego 184B, Szczecin tel.: 91 350 95 78 e-mail:

Ownership: Private investors Company Profile: VENTUS invests in wind energy distributed in a secure model and caters investment for individual and institutional investors (the shareholdings acquirement ability from 200,000 PLN)

269, 270, 271

Vortex Polska Management Sp. z o.o. Vortex Polska Sp.k. Suibsidiary firms specializing in Wind Energy: Windpark Śniatowo Management GmbH EW Śniatowo Sp.k., Gołdap 2007 Management GmbH EW Gołdap Sp.k., Windpark Ino 1 Management GmbH INO 1 Sp.k., Windpark Dobrzyn 2008 Management GmbH EW Dobrzyń Sp.k., Vortex Windcon Sp. z o.o. Sp.k. - General constructor Top Management in Poland: Adam Pantkowski (tel.: 91 431 53 80, a.pantkowski@ Contact data: ul. Malczewskiego 26, 71-612 Szczecin tel.: 91 431 53 80 e-mail:

Wind Energy

Tundra Advisory

Suibsidiary firms specializing in Wind Energy: Visavento Ekologiczny Bierutów Sp. z o.o. Top Management in Poland: Alexander Majstrenko-Nowak, Chairman ( Tobias Zimmerli, CEO, Member of the Board of Directors ( t.zimmerli@visavento. eu) François Wiget, Member of the Board of Directors ( Contact data: Thurstrasse 14, H-8500 Frauenfeld (Switzerland) tel.: 41 52 721 06 10 e-mail: Ownership: Visavento Holding AG Projects in Poland: Bierutów (Woj. dolnośląskie, powiat oleśnicki). Project developed in cooperation with Ecovation Energy Polska.; Krzanowice I - 43,05 MW; Krzanowice II - 58 MW; Krzanowice III - 9 MW; Samlino - 30,75 MW; Ronica - 55 MW Reference numbers on map: 12, 13, 261,

Poland 2014


Ownership: Vortex Energy Company Profile: With a lead time of only two years vortex energy was able to connect 150 MW wind energy capacity to thePolish grid and to place itself on the top of the Polish wind energy market. With the setting up of own production capacities and the utilization of the experiences acquired so far, vortex energy completed its portfolio of services by successfully building up a department for the technical and administrative operation of wind parks.As of today we


The List: Wind Developers have a track record of more than 250 MW turnkey wind projects and saveguard jobs for more than 50 employees. Projects in Poland: Gołdap/Wronki - 48 MW; Mogilno - 34 MW; Inowrocław - 32 MW; Dobrzyń - 34 MW; Śniatowo - 30 MW Advisory Partners: Vestas, HSH Nordbank, White & Case, Clifford Chance Reference numbers on map: 11, 147, 202,

wind energy industry. WENTO is investing mainly into medium size (20-100 MW) wind farm projects, where its equity used during the construction phase of a fully developed wind farm project, creating in this way tangible assets, which can be sold to strategic investors, such as local and foreign utilities, or financial investors, interested in holding of such assets for longer term.

208, 223

Wind Energy

Poland 2014

Wento Top Management in Poland: Wojciech P. Cetnarski, President of the Board ( wojciech. Marcin Guzik, Member of the Board ( Piotr Matwijów, Member of the Board ( Contact data: ul. Miodowa 10, 00-252 Warsaw tel.: 22 395 65 80

Ownership: Enterprise Investors Company Profile: WENTO is an investment company created by Enterprise Investors a leading private equity fund manager in CEE, with over 20 years experience, 7 funds raised for total amount of 1.7 bn EUR, over 100 investments executed.EI is backed by leading global institutional investors and it is the largest and most experienced investment team in the CEE region. EI judged positively the outlook of renewable energy sector in CEE, and allocated 40–60 million EUR from PEF VI Fund to investments through WENTO in wind energy industry in Poland. Strategy in Poland: WENTO started in late 2011, after almost a year of market research and analysis done by EI and after assembling the Team of the most experienced Polish professionals from the renewable and

West Coast Energy Polska Sp. z o.o. Contact data: ul. Górki 7, 60-204 Poznań tel.: 61 866 77 46 e-mail:

Ownership: Geraint Jewson Company Profile: West Coast Energy Polska is the polish subsidiary of the leading independent wind energy developer West Coast Energy Ltd based in Mold, North Wales. West Coast Energy Ltd intends to develop hundreds of megawatts of wind power generation in the Polish and UK market where they have secured planning permission for a range of onshore and offshore wind farms totalling in excess of 670 MW. Strategy in Poland: Development of green field projects as well as other opportunities for joint venture cooperation with local partners through acquisition. Development projects in provinces of wielkopolskie, kujawsko-pomorskie, lubuskie and pomorskie. Projects in Poland: Jeżewo - 14 MW; Kurów - 38,5 MW Advisory Partners: Atmos Consulting, Double-K Consulting, CMS Cameron Mckenna, Ernest & Young, EM&CA Reference numbers on map: 100, 295

Wind Invest Contact data: ul. Gotarda 9, 00-683 Warsaw

tel.: 22 548 48 12 Projects in Poland: Porzecze-Dobiesław wind farm - 22,5 MW Reference numbers on map: 44

Wind Prospect Polska Top Management in Poland: Colin Aimers, General Manager - Environmental Services Contact data: ul. Miła 6, 00-180 Warsaw tel.: 22 498 17 70 e-mail:

Ownership: Wind Prospect Group Company Profile: Wind Prospect has been involved in the wind industry since its inception in Europe, and is a major player in the wind energy sector in the UK, Ireland, France, Poland, South Africa, China and Australia. Projects in Poland: Choszczno Reference numbers on map: 23

Wind Rose Energy Partners Top Management in Poland: Abel Hoehler, Cofounder Contact data: 200 Park Avenue, Suite 1700, New York, NY 10166 (USA) e-mail: Company Profile: Tom Carnahan and Equiventus Holding, a Luxembourg-based wind energy investment firm, announced forming Wind Rose Energy Partners, a clean energy investment fund that will initially focus on wind energy projects being built in 2013 and 2014. Strategy in Poland: In 2011 Abel Hoehler formed a landmark joint venture with Vestas resulting in the successful creation of a Swiss/Polish based wind investment business, building in 2012 Poland’s biggest windfarm constructed that year. Abel also co-founded WindRose Energy Partners.

WindPower Poland Top Management in Poland: Jesse Andreas Contact data: Dąbrowskiego 7, Poznań tel.: 61 846 89 84 Projects in Poland: Uście - 40 MW Reference numbers on map: 178

WindSpace Top Management in Poland: Rune Blæsbjerg, Partner (tel.: 45 41 78 88 58, rb@ Jens Elton Andersen, Partner (tel.: 45 20 14 83 22, Flemming Engelstoft, Partner (tel.: 45 20 827 827, Contact data: Warsaw (Denmark/Poland) tel.: 45 208 27 827 e-mail:


Offshore Wind Energy

Poland 2014

Układ współrzędnych: WGS-84 Odwzorowanie: PUWG 1992 źródła danych: BalticGisPortal, BHMW, Ministerstwo Środowiska, Ministerstwo Infrastruktury,, Urząd Marszałkowski Woj. Pomorskiego, Generalna Dyrekcja Ochrony Środowiska, materiały Instytutu Morskiego w Gdańsku

Wind Energy

Legenda Wyłączna Strefa Ekonomiczna strefa sporna !


granica morza terytorialnego morska granica województw granice urzędów morskich izobaty (co 10 m) strefa rozgraniczenia ruchu

Instalacje techniczne !! !! !! !!

kabel energetyczny kabel telekomunikacyjny (nieczynny) planowany kabel telekomunikacyjny kabel telekomunikacyjny rurociąg obszar ochrony platform bufor dla instalacji technicznych (1 km)

Obszary górnicze obszar wydobycia ropy i gazu planowane obszary wydobycia ropy i gazu planowane rurociągi

Obszary koncesji koncesje na wydobycie ropy naftowej i współwystępującego gazu koncesje na poszukiwanie i rozpoznanie kopalin

Obszary chronione NATURA 2000 (siedliska) 55 5

NATURA 2000 (ptaki) redy, kotwicowiska trasy nawigacyjne wysypiska akweny militarne


potencjalne lokalizacje morskich farm wiatrowych

Batymetria [m] -120






The List: Wind Developers

Poland 2014

Company Profile: WindSpace develop and offer profitable wind park investment projects in Poland and Sweden. The projects are developed in close cooperation with our network of investors, advisors, financial- and experienced local development partners. Our key markets are Poland and Sweden with current wind parks in development ranging from 4 to 130 MW in capacity.Other markets are continuously considered. Strategy in Poland: WindSpace has completed projects totaling 10 MW, the first project in operation since 2011. 3 projects are under development totaling 16 MW, and a number of additional projects is currently being evaluated in the central region of Poland. Projects in Poland: GAB - 6 MW; RAD I - 2 MW; RAD II 8 MW; SAN - 6 MW; WIT - 4 MW

WindStrom Polska Energia Innowacyjna Sp.z o.o. Suibsidiary firms specializing in Wind Energy: WindStrom Unternehmensgruppe Top Management in Poland: Joachim Mrotzek, Board Member Steffen Warneboldt, Board Member Contact data: Garbary 95/C71, 61-756 Poznań tel.: 61 824 51 10

Wind Energy

Ownership: WindStrom Unternehmensgruppe Company Profile: Development of wind farms. Strategy in Poland: Companies that belong to Group WindStrom design, build and operate wind farms since the early 90's in Germany and Europe - including WindStrom France, Italy, Poland and Bulgaria. Its area covers the technical and commercial management.

Projects in Poland: Jarszewo Reference numbers on map: 10

Windyfields Polska Sp. z o.o. Top Management in Poland: Krzysztof Młynarz, Country Manager (tel.: 22 488 41 50, Contact data: Bobrowiecka 1a, Warsaw tel.: 22 488 41 50 e-mail:

Beata Komorowska (tel.: 664 472 390, Contact data: Strzegomska 2-4, Wrocław tel.: 71 707 34 99 e-mail:

Company Profile: Wind park management, Technical management with cooperation partner WSB Service GmbH Projects in Poland: WP Lipniki 15 WEA - 30,75 MV (2011); WP Taczalin 22 WEA - 45 MV (2013)  n

Ownership: Windyfields Holdings Limited Company Profile: Windyfields Polska Sp. z o.o. is part of the Windyfields Group, which was founded in 2009. The Company is a renewable energy project developer, whose main focus is wind energy in Poland, Northern Ireland and in the Balkans. We develop projects from greenfield to building permit, and thereafter participate in joint ventures for construction and operational phases. Our Polish team has international expertise for quick and effective project realization.

wpd Polska Sp. z o.o. Contact data: ul. Głogowska 31/33, 60-702 Poznań tel.: 606 122 997 e-mail:

Ownership: wpd AG Company Profile: Domrel is owner of both projects. Projects in Poland: Czyżewo; Słupca

WSB Service Sp. z o.o. Suibsidiary firms specializing in Wind Energy: WSB Service GmbH, WSB Service Neue Energien, WSB Parki Wiatrowe Sp. z o.o. Top Management in Poland: Sebastian Cichowski, Managing Director (tel.: 734 122 746,

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29 May 2014, Warsaw, Poland, Hotel InterContinental

Recognizing leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurial vision in Central Eastern Europe’s Energy sector Organized annually by Wind Energy Poland and BiznesPolska, the awards distinguish leaders in all sectors of energy, ranging from coal, oil and gas, and renewable energy production; exploration and excavation, distribution, trading, service providers, and top M&A/financing deal of the year. ORGANIZER


















+++ N117/3000 AT FULL LOAD +++ DAILY OUTPUT: 70.6 MWH +++ READY TO TAKE ON INTERNATIONAL CHALLENGES +++ 6 December 2013 – not in theory, but in Janneby, northern Germany. The N117/3000 is proving a strong performer in the field – with a daily output (24 hrs) of 70.6 MWh. Just one day out of many. One of three Generation Delta turbine types, ready to take on international challenges. The first large projects are already under construction and the N131/3000 lightwind turbine now completes the Generation Delta platform.

Wind Energy Poland - 2014  

Annual directory of ALL wind farms and wind developers in Poland. Includes management contacts, excellent Map of wind farms locating in Pola...

Wind Energy Poland - 2014  

Annual directory of ALL wind farms and wind developers in Poland. Includes management contacts, excellent Map of wind farms locating in Pola...