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PACIFIC PARADISE From world-class international cuisine and outdoor recreation options to top-notch financial services, Greater Vancouver has it all



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Fertile ground Bank on it Cuisine scene Outdoor mecca


PACIFIC PARADISE From world-class international cuisine and outdoor recreation options to top-notch financial services, Greater Vancouver has it all



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Vancouver Burnaby, Richmond, New Westminster North Vancouver, West Vancouver Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows Delta, Surrey, Langley Abbotsford, Mission, Chilliwack

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The North Shore offers mountainside luxury, waterfront ambience 21 23 25

DIRECTORIES Business associations Education Relocation services

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From snow and water sports to hiking and biking, playing outside is an integral part of life in the Greater Vancouver region



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Welcome to the place of endless culinary possibilities

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23 PROMISED LAND Delta, Surrey and Langley present fields of opportunity


Fraser Valley communities are hip to the urban with rural charm

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Vancouver offers a variety of supports to help foster new businesses



There is so much support, and there are so many accelerators

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he allure of Vancouver’s natural beauty has become a siren call to onlookers all over the world. The city beckons to travellers and prospective residents of all kinds and is renowned for its cleanliness, safety, diversity and a growing list of traits that have helped it consistently rank as one of the world’s most livable cities.

Yet how does Vancouver stack up as a place to start a new life and a new job? More specifically, how does it measure up as a place to start or relocate a business? Vancouver is widening its global stance as a technology hub and has seen tech giants such as Amazon and Microsoft move large-scale office developments into the city. It’s also home to major budding players like Slack, Hootsuite and Avigilon, all valued at more than $1 billion. Additionally, the digital arts community has gained Vancouver the title of Hollywood North, boasting opportunity for innumerable positions in creative fields from animation to visual effects to live action. For businesses in these and other technology-based fields, Vancouver lands major points for offering the assistance needed to help get ventures off the ground. “Vancouver is a great place to start a business for a few different reasons,” says Gwen Pawlikowski, who works in program development at the Immigrant Services Society of BC (ISSofBC). “There is so much support, and there are so many accelerators. There are so many non-profits like Small Business BC or Women’s Enterprise Centre or Futurpreneur Canada.” Some of the most prominent accelerators in the city are Innovate BC, Launch Academy and VentureLabs. The ISSofBC helps newcomers to Canada with access to these accelerators and provides free settlement support,

employment programs, English classes and more. The organization also helps entrepreneurs with mentorship and guidance programs. “We work closely with Diversecity, and they have a full business and self-employment program, and apparently a lot of people that go to that are in need of fine tuning of their ideas,” says Pawlikowski. Diversecity is a community resource centre based out of Surrey that, like ISSofBC, helps future entrepreneurs understand what the road map of starting a business will look like in the province. Compared with other cities, Vancouver is well regarded as fertile ground to lay business seeds for what John McPherson, sector development manager at the Vancouver Economic Commission, calls the “three Ts.” “The time zone, taxes and the talent – when a company from Australia is looking at Vancouver or looking at North America, they look at each city to enter the market and they consider these factors,” says McPherson. “We generally do pretty well on taxes, government support and, of course, talent.” Even within Canada, many Canadians are seeing value in ditching their current home and transplanting business to B.C. for various benefits. “Vancouver was an amazing community in terms of being very generous with its time, in terms of even cold calls,

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Jeremy Shaki, CEO of Lighthouse Labs, says Vancouver “has a huge interest in propping up and supporting groups who have good ideas.” Shaki started Lighthouse Labs, an education program that teaches people how to become professional web and mobile developers, about five years ago after moving to Vancouver from Toronto | SUBMITTED

which was really helpful,” says Jeremy Shaki, CEO of Lighthouse Labs, an education program that teaches people how to become professional web and mobile developers. “Frist thing we did was a lot of reaching out to the community.” Shaki opened Lighthouse Labs about five years ago after moving from Toronto and having no previous experience in the field. “The city has a huge interest in propping up and supporting groups who have good ideas,” says Shaki. “I do think for any entrepreneur who is starting a business, running around and telling people about the story of what they are trying to do, and not trying to hide that idea or be afraid of criticism, is really important.” Shaki says socializing and connecting with other businesses in the city helped his company grow immensely. The same can be said for Dele Omueti, founding partner at Porton Health, who was born and raised in Nigeria and has lived in Canada since 2002. “When [support groups] hear you are a startup and know how difficult it is in the life of an entrepreneur, they run around to help you. They remind you of events, they invite you,… they rally around you, and those have been the best things that have happened to us,” says Omueti, who worked directly with Pawlikowski. When a family member of Omueti’s was faced with a near-critical health diagnosis years ago, access to a second opinion by another doctor actually managed to help them procure the right medical attention and spawned Omueti’s business idea: a platform that connects patients worldwide with doctors for diagnosis and health advice via video conferencing. Omueti points to government support and grants as contributing factors to his success.

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“The community and the government – and when I mean the government, I mean the three tiers of government, so federal, provincial and municipal – all have programs that actually help you get off on a good foot. “We won a competition for free rent space, and that rent space is a joint venture from the municipal government, the City of Vancouver, and a private company.” Omueti also believes that other efforts – such as student grants, on the provincial level, that help pay for students working in startups and, on the federal level, similar grants that help pay for young graduates and co-op students – helped him achieve success he would otherwise not have had. Tax credits are a critical reason companies continue to do research and development in the city, as close to 60 per cent of research and development costs can be covered by stacking provincial and federal tax credits. The Canadian Scientific Research and Experimental Development tax credit is widely regarded as one of the most beneficial to startups. The elements of challenge that continue to vex businesses here are issues like housing – finding suitable homes to host busy, high-quality employees. Additionally, where Vancouver tends to prove rigid is in establishing a network within your own business community. “The reality of being out with other people and pitching and promoting out business and being asked hard questions makes people focus and target better, and I think if you are new to Vancouver, it is hard to do that sometimes,” says Pawlikowski. “For people who get away from their computers and go to an event and talk to people, they receive an enormous benefit.” É

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From the Big Five to dozens of credit unions, Greater Vancouver is rich in financial options



We can help people get connected

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ancouver may not be a major financial centre, but it has no shortage of banking and financial services options for consumers, businesses and professionals alike. Along with locations for Canada’s Big Five banks – Royal Bank of Canada, Toronto-Dominion Bank, Scotiabank, Bank of Montreal and the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce – the city is home to the Canadian headquarters for HSBC Canada and is the birthplace of the largest credit union in the country.

There are so many options, in fact, that those relocating to the Greater Vancouver region should have no difficulty in finding a financial fit that works best for them and their family. “I know what it’s like to go to a different place and try to figure it out and get grounded,” says Maury Kask, chief customer experience officer for Westminster Savings Credit Union. “I’ve had some peers in the past who have been expats and come to Vancouver, and they talk about Vancouver being generally a pretty tough place to break into, as opposed to other parts of the world,” adds Kask, who has worked and lived in Stockholm, Seattle and New York. On his mind when he relocated was: Where to go? How do I engage in the community? How can I meet people and support local businesses?

In his view, that’s the credit union advantage. “That’s what we specialize in,” says Kask. British Columbia has 42 credit unions with hundreds of branches across the province, according to Credit Unions of BC. The list includes Vancouver City Savings Credit Union, or Vancity, which is Canada’s largest credit union by asset size. Coast Capital Savings Credit Union, headquartered in Surrey, is the largest by membership, which topped 564,000 in the second quarter of this year. “We can help people get connected, not just into knowing people and knowing local businesses and that stuff, but also how to get involved in the community,” says Kask. “We give where we live.” Depending on an individual’s needs and preferences, the homework for choosing a financial institution should include looking for branch locations, the strength of the

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institution’s online banking platform and whether a mobile banking app is offered. Credit Unions of BC has an online platform at creditunionsofbc.com that allows users to quickly search for and locate a credit union option. The Canadian Credit Union Association regularly lists credit union options and ranks them based on size. Both Visa and MasterCard have online automated teller machine (ATM) locators. Another resource is RateHub.ca, a Canadian platform that allows individuals to quickly compare everything from chequing and savings accounts to credit cards and mortgages, across financial institutions that have a presence in a particular area. The adage that good things come in small packages certainly applies to many of Vancouver’s banking options, where a strong emphasis on customer service and an ethos of community can generally be found at smaller institutions. Several such options within Vancouver’s downtown core include G&F Financial Group, BlueShore Financial, Vancity and Coast Capital. Those who prefer larger financial institutions – or who are already potentially banking with one in their current location – can find ample ratings and reviews of Canada’s Big Five. J.D. Power, for example, examines Canadians’ satisfaction with their institutions in its Canadian Retail Banking Satisfaction Study. Annie Chen is a Vancouver-based accountant who

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specializes in Canada-U.S. cross-border taxation. She says it is critical to come up with a plan prior to relocation. U.S. citizens who may be moving to Vancouver, for example, could face five-figure fines if certain information returns are not properly filed with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Chen adds that individuals should do their homework on the kinds of bank accounts that will meet their needs, and the ones that should be avoided. A tax-free savings account is a prime example. “Any income you generate in this account is subject to U.S. tax,” Chen explains, adding that Canadian tax definitions refer to certain kinds of investment accounts as trusts, which come with additional filing requirements with the IRS and potential $10,000 penalties. “I would definitely recommend: talk to a professional as early as you can,” she says. “There’s risk there.” One banking-related factor Kask says may not be well known by people relocating to Canada is that while credit unions operate independently from one another, they are connected as part of a broader credit union system across Canada, giving members greater accessibility. “They get access to an ATM network across Canada that’s 4,000 ATMs strong,” says Kask, adding that this network is comparable in size to those of major financial institutions. “They can go to any other credit union and use their ATM card to withdraw funds, ding-free.” É

Coast Capital Savings, Canada’s largest credit union by membership, is headquartered in Surrey | ICATNEWS/ SHUTTERSTOCK

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CUISINE SCENE Welcome to the place of endless culinary possibilities



othing quite defines a city like a thriving culinary scene. From farm-fresh ingredients to local award-winning wines, sustainable seafood and organic meat, Vancouver chefs have a huge arsenal of ingredients to play with – whether the cuisine of choice is West Coast, Asian fusion or any number of ethnic foods.

The Observatory offers sophisticated dining and expansive views of Vancouver from atop Grouse Mountain | KK LAW

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Just ask Condé Nast Traveler, which dubbed Vancouver one of the best food cities in the world. When it comes to diverse gastronomic experiences, this urban expanse plays host to a vibrant restaurant scene – arguably the country’s best. Vancouver is a culinary mosaic awaiting discovery, and this guide will make it easy to navigate through it all. (Note: This is only a small sampling of the restaurants that make Vancouver a foodie paradise.)


Vancouverites are blessed with a surfeit of choices when it comes to hot spots where the gastronomy is rivalled by the views. Nestled along Yaletown’s seawall, Ancora Waterfront Dining and Patio offers an unexpected ensemble of cuisines thanks to executive chef Ricardo Valverde. This Peruvian chef uses West Coast ingredients to create a cultural food mosaic. An excellent reason to glide through the air on North America’s largest aerial tramway system up to Grouse Mountain is to dine at the Observatory. This eatery offers fresh, light, sophisticated city-style dining in a place where you least expect it. Tucked amid the yachts and seaplanes of Coal Harbour Marina, Cardero’s Restaurant is as famous for its expansive views as it is for its fresh seafood entrees and its curated wine list (which boasts some excellent B.C. wines, such as those of Burrowing Owl and Painted Rock estate wineries). Located adjacent to Stanley Park in the iconic Westin Bayshore Vancouver, H2 Rotisserie & Bar is a combination of contemporary sophistication and casual chic, opening to a poolside patio overlooking the ocean and North Shore mountains. Besides its stunning locale, people come to H2 for its signature rotisserie chicken. Nestled under the Granville Street Bridge, the Sandbar’s carte du jour offers spectacular rustic food with a strong focus on seafood. The third-floor heated patio,

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| 9

TOP LEFT: The signature rotisserie

chicken at H2 Rotisserie & Bar inside Vancouver’s Westin Bayshore hotel | SUBMITTED

open year-round, is perhaps the most sought-after space in the restaurant. The Osteria Savio Volpe Italian restaurant near the corner of Kingsway and Fraser Street has made a remarkable impact on the Vancouver dining scene. Packed nightly with enthusiastic foodies, the rustic osteria is one of the city’s most celebrated restaurants. Earning critical acclaim from Day 1, the eatery was named one of Canada’s best new restaurants for 2016 by Air Canada’s enRoute magazine.

ABOVE: Food trucks including

Reel Mac and Cheese offer their wares to a hungry public in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery | SUZANNE RUSHTON LEFT: Dim sum goodies are

among the vast spread of Asian cuisine available at the

ETHNIC EATERIES Q At Vancouver’s Nicli Antica Piz-

zeria in Gastown you can bite into a slice of Neapolitan pizza that tastes so authentic, you’d swear you were sitting in a bustling piazza in the heart of Naples. Maenam offers modern Thai food that is innovative, delicious yet authentic, served amid sleek, modern decor in Vancouver’s Kitsilano neighbourhood. Top sellers include ceviche, grilled Thai sausage and massaman curry with braised lamb. There’s nearly always a long queue at the much-lauded Vij’s – the New York Times proclaimed it “easily among the finest Indian restaurants in the world” – on Cambie Street, where passionate foodies are willing to wait for a taste of those legendary lamb popsicles, curries and other impossibly delicious dishes. CHIC DINING Q The creation of one of Canada’s most respected chefs, Nightingale is David Hawksworth’s stunning two-level, European-inspired dining room and floor-to-ceiling bar in downtown Vancouver. Crowdpleasers include Pacific octopus with blistered capers, roasted cauliflower and braised rabbit with rapini. Elegantly modern meets a classic French bistro vibe at Boulevard Kitchen & Oyster Bar in the Sutton Place Hotel Vancouver. Its eclectic menu is seafood rich, with one of the city’s best signature seafood towers and several other beautifully plated, delicious options. NOTEWORTHY CHAIN RESTAURANTS Q Three to get to know better: landmark White Spot for its awardwinning fish tacos and legendary burgers; Cactus Club Cafe – under executive chef Rob Feenie, the first Canadian chef to win Iron Chef America – for its tuna stack, rice bowls, and ravioli and prawn trio; and the Flying Pig for its great happy-hour specials and its steaks. VANCOUVER’S FOOD TRUCK SCENE Q Rain, sleet or wind, nothing gets Vancouverites out of their warm

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office like one of the city’s more than 30 food trucks. Whether you hanker for a fish taco, pork bun or a Japadog, you will be tantalized by the offerings. If comfort food is what you are yearning for, Reel Mac and Cheese features gourmet versions. In 2009, Tacofino was the original food truck that started the craze in Tofino, and it quickly spread across the Lower Mainland. Today, the wildly popular chain inspired by Mexican street food features some of the city’s best tacos and burritos at its two food trucks and five bricks-and-mortar locations in Vancouver.



mond, just south of Vancouver, is famous for its Asian cuisine; the New York Times recently praised Chinese food in Richmond as the best in North America, while CNN proclaimed Richmond has the world’s best dumplings. Here is a sampling of what this island city offers. The Richmond Night Market boasts some of the world’s best Asian food. With more than 100 food vendors serving Asian street food and desserts and more than 75 bubble tea cafés, you are in for a gastronomic adventure unlike any other. For world-class cuisine, head over to the award-winning Golden Paramount Seafood Restaurant. Voted one of Metro Vancouver’s top Chinese restaurants by the prestigious Chinese Restaurant Awards, the eatery is renowned for its seafood, dim sum and variety of traditional Cantonese dishes. For a steaming bowl of Taiwanese beef noodle soup, a visit to Chef Hung Taiwanese Beef Noodle is a must. Dubbed “Treasure Island,” it is best known for its Chinese snacks and ethnic specialties. A relative newcomer, Chef Tony Seafood Restaurant has amassed numerous awards for its dim sum. Enjoy exquisite Cantonese-style specialties in a dining room highlighted by glittering chandeliers. É

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From snow and water sports to hiking and biking, playing outside is an integral part of life in the Greater Vancouver region EVAN DUGGAN


tephanie Yeargin decided to take up snowboarding after watching the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver and Whistler on TV from her home in Maryland. “I had never been to Vancouver, never even been to Canada before,” says Yeargin, who moved to Vancouver about three years ago to attend the University of British Columbia before starting a career in the commercial real estate industry. “I loved the idea of [the ski hills] being in my backyard.”

Aerial view of a group of skiers in the Piccolo Flute at Whistler Blackcomb ski resort | RANDY LINCKS/DESTINATION BC

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Like many other professional transplants to Vancouver, Yeargin has built several of the local outdoor activities into her new West Coast lifestyle. Among them are ski trips to Whistler, mountain biking in the local mountains and paddleboarding near the mouth of Indian Arm off Burrard Inlet. “I had a couple of options in Ontario for school, and honestly, what it came down to is I Googled images of Vancouver and read about the city,” she says. “It’s one

of the most livable cities in the world even though it’s expensive. It just looked beautiful.” Yeargin now works here as an office division research co-ordinator for Avison Young, a global commercial real estate firm. She says Vancouver’s outdoor attractions made her move the right choice. During the summers, Yeargin enjoys visiting the Deep Cove area of North Vancouver. The shoreside community on Indian Arm is about a 30-minute drive from downtown Vancouver and a major draw for hikers, seaside loungers, boaters and paddlers. “There’s a little [paddling] rental place there on the water that I go to pretty frequently,” Yeargin says. “It’s nice to go out there for a couple of hours and then go to Honey Doughnuts. It’s a good area.” The famous Grouse Grind is another favourite activity of Yeargin’s. The Grind is a gruelling 2.9-kilometre trail that climbs 853 metres up the face of Grouse Mountain on Vancouver’s North Shore. Roughly 150,000 fitness nuts and nature lovers hike the trail each year. “I’ve done [the Grind] probably 10 times since I’ve arrived,” Yeargin says. “It’s a good workout.” And of course, there’s Whistler, Yeargin adds. Whistler Blackcomb is actually two mountains. The side-by-side peaks are located about an hour and a half north and inland from Vancouver on the Sea to Sky

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| 11

Highway – a winding route above Howe Sound through Squamish to Whistler and beyond. Whistler Blackcomb offers 200 runs, 8,171 acres of terrain, 16 alpine bowls and three glaciers. The mountains get about 40 feet of snow each winter. The Vail Resorts-owned destination is a year-round attraction, offering hiking and biking trails during the summer, as well as sightseeing and relaxation in the village. Much closer to downtown Vancouver are three smaller ski resorts in the North Shore mountains: Cypress Mountain, Grouse Mountain and Mount Seymour. The local resorts offer a mix of daytime and nighttime skiing and snowboarding terrain, as well as other winter and summer activities. The Greater Vancouver region also has outdoor options for those who want to get away from the crowds, says Wilson Edgar, president of the BC Mountaineering Club, who moved to Vancouver from Toronto 20 years ago. “Being a transplant myself, the [region offers an] incredible mixture allowing one to have a very professional career, but within 20 minutes of their office, they can be up in the mountains and enjoying incredible nature,” he says. The BC Mountaineering Club is the oldest and largest mountain club in the Vancouver area, with about 1,100 members, Edgar says. “We provide over 600 events per year, therefore it’s a great organization to join to meet other people that are into spending time in the mountains in all seasons.” He says the club has a system that allows members to set up their own hiking, climbing or ski trips, and they can invite other members or make the whole club aware of their excursions. “We would say that anyone who likes to go for hikes but wants to expand on their skill set and gain experience to do more adventurous trips, they would be perfect people for the club.” Edgar says he usually arranges one or two hiking “scrambles” during the summer as well as a three-tofour-day winter backcountry ski trip. The backcountry can be a dangerous and challenging place for people who are not prepared. “I truly suggest to people, if they do want to climb in our mountains, that they join a club and participate,” he says. For newcomers trying to figure out how to spend their weekends and holidays here, Janice Fraser has several suggestions. She’s a representative for Destination British Columbia, the province’s tourism board. “What we see from visitors coming to British Columbia from around the world is how deeply entwined B.C. and Vancouver are with nature. That’s something you don’t see in many other urban centres,” she says. “We have these amazing urban parks, like Stanley Park, which is so accessible to downtown, but also the surrounding mountains and the metro parks and the provincial parks that are so close in proximity to a vibrant urban environment.” Fraser says Whistler and the Sea to Sky corridor are definitely the most famous and popular destinations, but heading into the Fraser Valley is also a good place to start. “I think heading east is really kind of the undiscovered

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A hiker tackles stairs on the famous Grouse Grind, a gruelling 2.9-kilometre trail that climbs 853 metres up the face of Grouse Mountain on Vancouver’s North Shore | EB ADVENTURE PHOTOGRAPHY/SHUTTERSTOCK

Golden Ears Provincial Park in the Fraser Valley, east of Vancouver, is rich in wilderness hiking opportunities | KARAMYSH/ SHUTTERSTOCK

gem for visitors and residents of Vancouver. [The town of] Hope is the gateway to Manning Park, which has a number of amazing hikes and recreational areas.” Golden Ears Provincial Park in the Fraser Valley is also rich with wilderness hiking and is probably less visited than other well-known areas, Fraser says. One of B.C.’s largest parks, Golden Ears has an extensive system of trails. The park’s Alouette Lake is a popular spot for swimming, water-skiing, canoeing, boating and fishing. Visitors and new residents are often surprised by the scale of the region, she says. “People who haven’t visited here don’t realize that the Rockies are actually a 10-hour drive away. Just understanding the space and the scale of what British Columbia is, is something that many people don’t fully grasp until they actually arrive.” Vancouver Island, home to the provincial capital of Victoria, is also home to several mountain ranges with hiking, camping and skiing opportunities, Fraser says. “It’s an island that takes half a dozen hours to drive the length of,” she adds. Yeargin has some advice of her own for newcomers. Vancouver has a reputation for being a difficult city to meet people, she says. “This city isn’t as outgoing as other large cities.” Use work, school and getting into the outdoors as a way to socialize, she says. “Try to use any excuse you can to meet up with different people.” É

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| 13


CITY ON THE MOVE Contrasts create a vibrant West Coast dynamic PETER MITHAM


ancouver is a city of contrasts that make it alluring to visitors and a constant source of discussion among residents. The backdrop of rugged mountains and civilized streetscapes, the leaden skies of winter and expansive blue firmament of summer, and even the way the haves and have-nots collide within blocks of each other in the downtown core create the vibrant environment of a city caught between working-class roots and upscale aspirations. Even the city’s reputation for high housing costs is countered by commitments to affordable housing programs that somehow make space for all. Canada’s gateway to the Pacific, the city is a vibrant mix of cultures that find space to live, work and play in a landscape still largely untamed. Downtown hotels are 30 minutes from backcountry hiking, with all its perils. To the east, farmland supplies a rich array of crops for chefs to craft world-renowned fare. Contemporary urban density blending homes and workspaces creates a compact city that’s also permeable, thanks to a network of bike paths and walking paths of which the crown jewel is the city’s famous seawall. The various transportation networks weave together more than 35 different neighbourhoods, including the Point Grey campus of the University of British Columbia (UBC, which lies outside city limits but within the purview of key city services, such as fire and transit). A distinct character in each contributes to the flavour of the whole, from the genteel refinement of Point Grey to the grit of Hastings Street and the spirit of renewal that permeates the riverfront lands in Killarney. This isn’t just a city where people move; it’s also a city on the move. DOWNTOWN Q Vancouver enjoys one of the most livable downtowns in the world. Office towers and condos stand side by side, defining high-density West Coast living without the overwhelming density of cities like Hong Kong. Gastown, the city’s starting point, and Chinatown are the area’s core residential neighbourhoods, home to chic restaurants and contemporary residences that bridge the city’s past and future. Rogers Arena and BC Place, the city’s largest sports and entertainment venues, are a short distance from galleries and theatres. Trains, buses, float planes and ferries lead to destinations throughout the province. WEST END, COAL HARBOUR Q Coal Harbour and the West End lie west of Burrard Street on the downtown peninsula and together form one of Canada’s most densely populated urban areas. A longtime favourite of renters, the West End is getting a makeover that will see towers rise with new residences and workspaces. Coal

00_2019_Relocation Guide_1-32p.indd 13

Harbour, an upscale precinct of multimillion-dollar condos on the former Canadian Pacific Railway yards, has waterfront views of the North Shore mountains. The area boasts marinas, beaches and Stanley Park, a 1,000-acre oasis that’s a backyard to downtown. Robson, Denman and Davie streets are the key shopping and entertainment strips, while St. Paul’s Hospital is a centre for health care.

Sunset Beach in Vancouver’s West End, one of Canada’s most densely populated neighbourhoods | NELSON MOUELLIC/TOURISM VANCOUVER

YALETOWN Q This former warehouse district was at

the forefront of downtown Vancouver’s transformation into an internationally renowned model of urban living. Expo 86 set the stage for Concord Pacific to redevelop the north shore of False Creek, and the tech sector followed. While the area is firmly upscale today, its heart remains at Davie and Mainland streets, where Canada Line trains shuttle passengers to and from Vancouver International Airport. POINT GREY Q West of Alma Street, overlooking Jericho, Locarno and Spanish Banks beaches, Point Grey attracts both prosperous professionals and students. Once its own municipality, Point Grey is home to some of the most expensive housing in the city. Redevelopment is gaining ground as new owners move in and the historic retail strip along West 10th undergoes densification. Transit routes run along the key east-west streets, connecting residents to UBC and downtown. UNIVERSITY Q UBC’s campus on the western edge of Point Grey is home to some of Vancouver’s best-known cultural jewels as well as a burgeoning residential community. Comprising more than 3,000 acres, UBC, the University Endowment Lands and Pacific Spirit Regional

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HOME PRICES Neighbourhood




Arbutus Ridge Cambie, Oakridge, South Cambie Downtown Dunbar, MacKenzie Heights, Southlands East Vancouver (Main, Fraser, Knight, Victoria) Fairview, False Creek, Mount Pleasant West Fraserview, Champlain, Killarney, South Vancouver Grandview, Mount Pleasant East Hastings, Hastings East Kitsilano Marpole Point Grey Renfrew, Renfrew Heights, Collingwood Shaughnessy, Kerrisdale, Quilchena South Granville, Southwest Marine University West End, Coal Harbour Yaletown

$3,130,000 $2,894,000 NA $3,080,000 $1,624,000

$1,933,450 $1,578,950 $1,060,000 $1,035,000 $1,060,000

NA $840,000 $730,000 $825,000 $650,000







$1,661,500 $1,439,500 $2,670,000 $2,125,000 $3,389,500 $1,438,000 $3,704,150 $3,333,333 $1,094,000 NA NA

$1,148,950 $1,066,000 $1,186,500 $1,475,000 $939,000 $976,190 $1,500,000 $1,740,000 $2,212,000 $1,300,000 $1,525,000

$660,500 $532,500 $740,000 $599,000 $859,000 $534,995 $877,850 $974,512 $1,067,380 $850,000 $965,000


KITSILANO Q Conveniently located between Point Grey and downtown, Kitsilano (“Kits” to locals) is a crossroads for people from all walks of life who easily mingle at the local farmers market (among the busiest in the province), at Kitsilano Beach or during the neighbourhood’s annual Khatsahlano and Greek Day festivals. Transit routes along West 4th Avenue and Broadway connect with SkyTrain, which will soon extend to Arbutus Street, where the Arbutus Greenway connects pedestrians and cyclists to neighbourhoods north and south. DUNBAR, MACKEN ZIE HEIG HT S , SOUTH LANDS Q Southlands is a riverfront neighbourhood

south of Southwest Marine Drive that’s home to riverfront trails, equestrian estates and the city’s last remaining agricultural land. This secluded corner of Vancouver is a bucolic contrast to the established single-family neighbourhoods of Dunbar and MacKenzie Heights with their manicured lawns and city views. West 41st Avenue and Dunbar Street are key arteries and home to shops, services and transit connections.

through Jericho Park in Vancouver’s Kitsilano neighbourhood | TOURISM VANCOUVER/KITSILANO CHAMBER OF COMMERCE

RIGHT: Upscale Yaletown, a

former warehouse district, is at the forefront of downtown

ARBUTUS RIDGE Q This affluent, family-friendly

Vancouver’s transformation

neighbourhood has welcomed an influx of apartments in recent years that complement a well-established stock of single-family homes. A generous mix of parks and community centres attracts young children and seniors, while stunning views continue to draw buyers in the prime of life. The new Arbutus Greenway is a popular walking and cycling route that continues to evolve. Arbutus Shopping Centre is the main retail complex, while bus routes provide links to UBC, downtown and SkyTrain.

into an internationally renowned model of urban living | NELSON MOUELLIC/ TOURISM VANCOUVER


Park provide a refuge from city life and connection with the city’s ancient forests and bogs. Wesbrook Village is home to shops and restaurants that give the neighbourhood its own flair. Lelem, a new development undertaken by the Musqueam Indian Band, will add yet more housing.

00_2019_Relocation Guide_1-32p.indd 14

Shaughnessy, Kerrisdale and Quilchena are home to some of Vancouver’s oldest estates and remain a bastion of those who seek privacy over the water views that characterize the pricey new homes lining the bluffs of Point Grey. Many residences here enjoy protected status, beneath the boughs of ancient trees that speak to the area’s old-fashioned splendour and prestige. Quilchena Park attracts ballplayers and picnic groups, while shopping is available on Granville Street and West 41st Avenue. Students take public transit to local schools and UBC, but private vehicles carry the rest.

2018-12-05 9:56 AM

| 15


FAIRVIEW, FAL SE CREEK, MOUNT PLEASANT WEST Q Together, these three neighbourhoods are

the heart of the Broadway corridor, which boasts the region’s largest cluster of offices outside of downtown. The extension of SkyTrain west to Arbutus Street will bring further development in the coming years. Vancouver General Hospital, life science companies and tech stars such as Hootsuite provide jobs for the professionals and families who call the area home. Townhomes and low-rise apartment blocks dominate, punctuated by highrises at key intersections. A cut more expensive than areas farther east, homes are within walking distance of Granville Island and transit services. GRANDVIEW, MOUNT PLEASANT EAST Q Grandview and Mount Pleasant East are the historic industrial heart of Vancouver, with warehouses, rail lines and port lands just a few blocks away. Great Northern Way is fast becoming a future-friendly hub with the arrival of Emily Carr University of Art and Design, tech companies and co-working office space. The area is increasingly popular with young professionals, and city planners have set the stage for new housing development to the east. SkyTrain, express buses and feeder routes to the Trans-Canada Highway place the area within a short distance of neighbourhoods across the city and region. CAMBIE, OAKRIDGE, SOUTH CAMBIE Q Convenient

connections to Vancouver International Airport and downtown, as well as proximity to Oakridge Centre and Langara College, contribute to the appeal of housing in this trio of west-side neighbourhoods. Redevelopment promises to add a host of new community amenities, complementing Queen Elizabeth Park and VanDusen Botanical Garden. Students appreciate the area’s transit connections to Langara College and UBC. SOUTH GRANVILLE, SOUTHWEST MARINE Q At the south end of Granville Street overlooking the Fraser River, these two neighbourhoods are home to a mix of historic estates, single-family homes and rental apartments. The area’s appeal lies in its proximity to the airport and home prices that compare favourably with those in neighbouring Shaughnessy and Kerrisdale. Riverside trails off Southwest Marine Drive and the expansive Fraser River Park are key amenities. The area is underserved by transit, making a vehicle essential for getting around. MARPOLE Q Marpole, long known for aging walkups, is undergoing a transformation as highrise towers take root. Situated between downtown Vancouver and Richmond, Marpole has a vibrant community spirit. Amenities include a marina accessible off Southwest Marine Drive (but technically in Richmond), riverfront trails and the southern terminus of the Arbutus Greenway that runs north to Kitsilano. Proximity to the airport and highway connections to the U.S. complement transit, making Marpole a home for people on the go. EAST VANCOUVER (MAIN , FRASER, KNIGHT, VICTORIA) Q The neighbourhoods of Main, Fraser

and Knight streets and Victoria Drive are the hip heart

00_2019_Relocation Guide_1-32p.indd 15

of East Vancouver. East of Queen Elizabeth Park and south of 16th Avenue, they offer relatively affordable single-family homes and a growing number of new low-rise apartments. A rich mix of cultures means everything from traditional congee to kielbasa can be found alongside trendy bakeries and restaurants, all within a few minutes of downtown.

Italian Day is celebrated annually in East Vancouver’s Commercial Drive neighbourhood, home to Little Italy | LEON WANG/SHUTTERSTOCK


South Vancouver are oriented to the Fraser River, where the River District development is creating a new residential community with up to 10,000 people. Historic and new industrial space provides jobs. Better transit services and paths for urban hikers and bikers are taking shape, but a vehicle remains essential for commuters. Affordable housing has made these neighbourhoods ideal for immigrants and young families. HASTINGS, HASTINGS EAST Q Running from the downtown core to Burnaby, Hastings Street includes both the underprivileged and the up-and-coming. Railtown and the shopping area east of Nanaimo Street showcase the city’s industrial roots and immigrant cultures. In between, craft breweries and condos are fuelling urban renewal. New Brighton Park is a hidden gem north of the fairgrounds at Hastings Park. Transit routes link Hastings Street with Burnaby’s Simon Fraser University, North Vancouver and Port Coquitlam, and future plans call for an urban greenway. R E N F R E W, R E N F R E W H E I G H T S , C O L L I N G WOOD Q Grandview Highway and a pair of SkyTrain

lines cut across this easternmost trio of neighbourhoods, creating a convenient alternative to areas farther south. Grandview is the commercial heart of the area, with Broadway Tech Centre and light manufacturing supporting wellpaying jobs. Transit provides links to offices downtown and in Burnaby, while the Central Valley Greenway offers a cycling route east to Burnaby and beyond. É

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AREA PROFILES | Burnaby ■Richmond ■New Westminster

LOCAL PRIDE Vancouver’s immediate neighbours have strong personalities

Residential towers rise around


SkyTrain stations at Metrotown (foreground) and Brentwood (background) in Burnaby, where rapid transit lines are defining the city’s future | EB ADVENTURE PHOTOGRAPHY/SHUTTERSTOCK


he cities that surround Vancouver come with a strong dose of local pride, and nowhere is that truer than in Burnaby, Richmond and New Westminster. New Westminster is the region’s historic heart, while Burnaby is its commercial core and home to Simon Fraser University (SFU). Richmond balances its history as a farming and fishing community with an international orientation from its sizable South Asian and Chinese communities. Thanks to rapid transit connections, however, all three municipalities are growing up as the region expands outward.

BURNABY RISING Q Burnaby, immediately east of Vancouver, is B.C.’s third-largest municipality. It’s home to the province’s biggest mall, Metropolis at Metrotown, which anchors the city’s newly proclaimed downtown core. The city’s rapid transit lines are defining the city’s future, however, opening the door to redevelopment of the Brentwood Town Centre and Lougheed Town Centre malls. The lines not only anchor development but also carry commuters across the city in as little as 25 minutes, as well as east to Coquitlam. The city’s two post-secondary institutions, SFU and the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), offer programs in the arts, sciences and trades and graduate

00_2019_Relocation Guide_1-32p.indd 16

students with the skills employers in the business parks along Still Creek and in Lake City require. Metrotown is also a hub for new commercial development, drawing in workers and attracting a cosmopolitan range of options for lunch in the surrounding streets. Whether it’s Italian cuisine in Burnaby Heights or Chinese fare at eateries in Crystal Mall, the local restaurant scene is as varied and multicultural as the city’s residents. The banks of the Fraser River are home to walking trails that offer verdant retreats from adjacent offices and warehouses. Burnaby boasts one of the highest ratios of parkland to residents in North America, from the Fraser River in the south to the peak of Burnaby Mountain. The trails of Burnaby Mountain connect with routes leading west to Vancouver and east to Port Moody, ensuring room to roam. In between, Burnaby Lake and Deer Lake parks provide popular venues for festivals and arts events. FEELING RICHMOND Q Richmond combines the verve of Asia with rural scenes that are distinctly local. A taste of Asia’s vibrant street life shines at the Richmond Night Market, while riverside trails wind around the city to historic Steveston and the Gulf of Georgia Cannery, Britannia Heritage Shipyard and London Heritage Farm. These attractions preserve the area’s farming and fishing roots. The day’s catch is still available fresh off the boats at Fisherman’s Wharf, while Belted Galloway cattle at the

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Invest NewWest 00_2019_Relocation Guide_1-32p.indd 17

2018-12-05 9:56 AM


AREA PROFILES | Burnaby ■Richmond ■New Westminster

HOME PRICES Neighbourhood




Burnaby East Burnaby North Burnaby South New Westminster Richmond

$1,248,100 $1,498,100 $1,589,600 $1,117,600 $1,662,600

$718,800 $768,600 $822,700 $729,900 $862,400

$767,600 $644,600 $709,800 $551,400 $690,600


TOP: Buddhist temple in

ABOVE: New Westminster’s

Richmond. The multicultural


city is home to more than 60

neighbourhood is popular

temples, mosques, churches

with young families | JAMES

and chapels | BIRDIEGAL/



00_2019_Relocation Guide_1-32p.indd 18

Steves farm graze coastal pastures. Berries abound in the fields lining Westminster Highway. Richmond is home to Vancouver International Airport, located on Sea Island at the mouth of the middle arm of the Fraser River. This makes it a first stop for visitors and immigrants, whose cultures are represented in the 60-plus temples, mosques, churches and chapels located in the city, many of which congregate along No. 5 Road (known locally as “Highway to Heaven”). Rapid transit connections to both downtown Vancouver and Surrey make getting around easy, but numerous big-box stores as well as the Richmond, Aberdeen and Yaohan shopping centres mean residents never have to travel far for whatever they’re seeking. The outlet shops of McArthurGlen on Sea Island serve travellers staying at the area’s several airport-oriented hotels. Work is also a local affair, with No. 3 Road designated for new office development. East Richmond is home to industrial parks that have expanded to accommodate food processors, and distribution facilities handle products from cranberries to cars. With a large stock of single-family homes and several highrise developments, not to mention campuses for Kwantlen Polytechnic University, BCIT and Trinity Western University, Richmond is the educated choice for many families. NEW WEST, FRESH ROOTS Q History is never far away in New Westminster, the original capital of B.C. It celebrates its roots in events such as the annual Hyack Festival, originally held in 1870 and said to be the longest-running May Day celebration of its kind in the British Commonwealth. RiverFest celebrates the Fraser River, which flows from the city’s past to its future. Other festivals celebrate the city’s ethnic diversity, arts and culture communities and Victorian Christmas. SkyTrain loops through the city, connecting New Westminster with SFU on Burnaby Mountain, Surrey on the opposite side of the Fraser River and the Coquitlam campus of New Westminster-based Douglas College. In between, workers hop on and off on their way to the city’s 13 neighbourhoods. Among the most popular with young families is Queensborough, which lies off transit but close to cycling paths and job opportunities. Older neighbourhoods on the Fraser’s north shore offer heritage homes and family-run shops. The revitalized River Market at the foot of 8th Street, with its mix of artisans and food vendors, anchors emerging highrise communities along the bustling waterfront; at the other end of town is Sapperton, with its cluster of shops and condos. A harbourside boardwalk leads to Steel & Oak Brewing Co., one of the city’s most popular gathering spots alongside Old Crow Coffee Co. on Front Street. Anvil Centre downtown is home to the municipal archives and civic art gallery, while the Royal City Musical Theatre players perform at the historic Massey Theatre. Queen’s Park welcomes comedy and mystery shows and is where the New Westminster Salmonbellies, one of the oldest professional lacrosse teams in Canada, makes its home. A dozen primary and secondary schools give the city’s youth a head start on arts, science and other subjects. É

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| 19

AREA PROFILES | North Vancouver ■West Vancouver

NORTHERN LIGHTS The North Shore offers mountainside luxury, waterfront ambience

Night view of the Lions Gate Bridge connecting downtown Vancouver and the North Shore, with West Vancouver to the left and an illuminated Grouse Mountain to the right | JAMES WHEELER/SHUTTERSTOCK



he three communities at the foot of the Coast Mountains north of Burrard Inlet are collectively known as the North Shore and were originally established as a single district in 1891. Prosperity at the turn of the century led to the City of North Vancouver’s formation as the commercial core of the area in 1907, while West Vancouver, wishing to distinguish itself from the industrial zone east of the Capilano River, separated in 1912. Downtown is a short hop across the Lions Gate and Ironworkers Memorial bridges, but many North Shore residents work at neighbourhood businesses or in one of the many commercial areas along the North Shore waterfront. Many don’t work at all, whether by reason of age or wealth; the result is a relaxed pace of life that contrasts sharply with the bustle of downtown. The homes clustered along the ragged shore from Horseshoe Bay to Deep Cove form several close-knit communities, including Eagle Harbour, Caulfeild, Lynn Valley and Maplewood, where a friendly, multicultural population enjoys the best of the West Coast. NORTH VANCOUVER Q North Vancouver is really two

municipalities – the city and the district – that occupy the area east of the Capilano River toward Indian Arm. The city includes the commercial heart along Lonsdale Avenue north to 29th Street, as well as the area from MacKay Road in the west to Mountain Highway in the east. The district, simply put, is everything else. The

00_2019_Relocation Guide_1-32p.indd 19

highrises of Lower Lonsdale define the city, which stretches north along the commercial spine of Lonsdale Avenue to 29th Street. Upscale restaurants and condos give way to family-run shops and restaurants, but redevelopment is bringing new amenities and employment opportunities. The district is a larger municipality dominated by single-family residences ranging from mountainside villas to creekside cottages. Some properties, especially

West Vancouver is home to Cypress Mountain ski area | DESTINATION BC

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AREA PROFILES | North Vancouver ■West Vancouver

HOME PRICES Neighbourhood




North Vancouver West Vancouver

$1,620,300 $2,800,000

$1,021,900 $1,345,000

$595,700 $1,200,000


TOP: The perennially popular


ABOVE: The North Shore

has no shortage of luxury homes | KARAMYSH/

around Deep Cove, rival the luxury homes of West Vancouver, while others are older homes slated for redevelopment and densification. Redevelopment of the Moodyville neighbourhood east of Lonsdale and highdensity construction on former industrial sites in the Seylynn area are extending urban amenities and drawing new residents to the municipality. Capilano Mall and Park & Tilford serve as retail bookends for the city, with new shops providing exciting new opportunities along Marine Drive. The Pinnacle Hotel at the Pier is popular with visitors, while Lonsdale Avenue is home to several galleries. The city’s best-known arts venue is the Polygon Gallery, formerly the Presentation House Gallery, which is at the heart of an emerging arts and culture precinct on the waterfront. Mount Seymour is a favoured winter destination for skiers and snowboarders, while the famous Grouse Grind takes hikers up Grouse Mountain. A rite of passage (and endurance test) for local residents, it’s a great place to mingle with the locals while getting in touch with nature. The slopes of Mount Fromme offer hiking and a weltering array of mountain biking trails. The 48-kilometre Baden-Powell Trail runs from ever-popular Quarry Rock in Deep Cove to Horseshoe Bay, connecting bikers, joggers and hikers with West Vancouver and the North Shore’s natural splendour. WEST VANCOUVER Q West Vancouver includes some of the wealthiest and most rustic areas of Metro Vancouver. A short distance from downtown, the British Properties feature homes synonymous with the West Coast’s good life. Ocean views from forest-clad slopes just below the Cypress Mountain ski area make West Vancouver a retreat as well as a wealthy suburb. Ambleside Park is a key venue for festivals and home to a popular dog park. A seawall promenade connects it with Dundarave farther west, home to shops and streetscapes that recall an older era. Several community centres provide indoor recreational facilities. Horseshoe Bay is home to a busy marina and ferry connections to Bowen Island, Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast. The secluded enclave of Eagle Harbour hosts the West Vancouver Yacht Club, and nearby Lighthouse Park provides a touch of unspoiled wilderness for those not keen to follow the trails leading above to Eagle Bluffs. Caulfeild Elementary and Rockridge Secondary schools are the choice for many West Vancouver students, but plenty of other top-rated options exist, including Mulgrave and Sentinel Secondary schools. Park Royal is the municipality’s premier retail destination and ranks as Canada’s oldest enclosed shopping centre. An ambitious and ongoing redevelopment project has added exciting new retail and entertainment venues to the mall’s south side. Park Royal is also the hub for West Vancouver’s iconic Blue Bus service that links the North Shore with Horseshoe Bay, downtown Vancouver and the region as a whole. É


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| 21

AREA PROFILES | Coquitlam ■Port Coquitlam ■Port Moody ■Maple Ridge ■Pitt Meadows

URBAN-RURAL BRIDGE Five communities close to the city, close to the wild



lustered at the foot of the Garibaldi Ranges sit five communities – Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows and the trio collectively known as the Tri-Cities – offering a blend of urban charm and rural simplicity a mere hour from downtown Vancouver. Situated east of North Vancouver at the head of Burrard Inlet, the area is linked to the rest of the region by Lougheed Highway (Highway 7) and the Golden Ears Bridge, just a 30-minute drive from the U.S. border. SkyTrain, via the Evergreen line, extends rapid transit to Coquitlam, connecting commuters with downtown Vancouver and the West Coast Express rail service that runs east to Mission. TRI-CITIES Q Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam and Port

Moody, collectively known as the Tri-Cities, have seen a boom in residential development along the Evergreen rapid transit line that runs northeast from Burnaby. While the multimillion-dollar homes in Coquitlam’s ritzy Westwood Plateau area may not suit every budget, the duplexes of River Heights and towers of Coquitlam Centre offer more affordable options. The area is among the region’s most affordable locales, and a boom in high-density housing is in the works thanks to local councils that are generally development-friendly. The westernmost municipality, Port Moody, offers local residents picture-perfect conditions for a plethora of water sports on Burrard Inlet, including swimming, boating and cold-water scuba diving. Belcarra Regional Park and, just beyond city limits, Buntzen Lake are popular summer destinations. Cultural pursuits abound too, earning Port Moody the moniker City of the Arts. Commercial activities centre around the condo towers of Newport Village, but craft breweries are leading a renaissance in the city’s industrial downtown. Single-family housing is available in the College Park, Glenayre and Harbour Heights neighbourhoods outside the core. Coquitlam, just east of Port Moody on Highway 7, is home to a large francophone community. The annual Festival du Bois in Maillardville celebrates the city’s distinctive cultural character, while Minnekhada Regional Park is a popular retreat overlooking the Pitt River. Trails along the Coquitlam River offer a forested escape off the beaten track that leads to Colony Farm

00_2019_Relocation Guide_1-32p.indd 21

ABOVE: Coquitlam Centre has

seen a boom in residential development | EB ADVENTURE PHOTOGRAPHY/SHUTTERSTOCK

LEFT: Kayaker on Buntzen Lake,


Regional Park, home to community gardens. Port Coquitlam, once heavily rural, is a growing residential community with a variety of industrial and commercial activities, including metal fabrication, technology and transportation. Residents and visitors alike flock to its expansive parkland and extensive trail network along the Pitt River. Cultural activities are also a draw: Port Coquitlam plays host to open-air concerts, farmers markets, parades and public festivals all year long.

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AREA PROFILES | Coquitlam ■Port Coquitlam ■Port Moody ■Maple Ridge ■Pitt Meadows

HOME PRICES Neighbourhood




Coquitlam Port Coquitlam Port Moody Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows

$1,285,100 $984,500 $1,504,300 $864,500 $928,000

$686,200 $660,400 $676,100 $558,800 $657,300

$537,600 $457,300 $666,400 $364,100 $519,800


RIGHT: Pitt Meadows


BELOW: Biking along the Alouette

River on the dyke surrounding

MAPLE RIDGE AND PITT MEADOWS Q Across the Pitt River from the Tri-Cities lie Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge, close-knit communities known for their large berry plantations and stunning alpine vistas. A 45-minute drive east of Vancouver, the two cities are home to 100,000 residents and a range of housing, employment and recreation options. Pitt Lake offers trout fishing while Golden Ears Provincial Park boasts hiking trails for all ability levels. Outdoor enthusiasts will find plenty to do when the workday’s through, on the water, on bike or by foot. Maple Ridge’s expanding downtown core is a hub of shops and services. A number of incentives aim to attract fresh commercial and residential development to the city, complementing its established mill and farming operations. Business in Pitt Meadows means not only shops and services for the area north of the Fraser but also warehouse development around the Pitt Meadows Airport – the fourth busiest in the region – yielding well-paying employment opportunities. The communities’ rustic roots provide inspiration for many local artisans, from food processors to artists. Breweries and berry farms, wineries, cheese crafters and salmon smokeries supply farm stands and markets throughout the region. In addition, more than a dozen public festivals and celebrations take place in the communities each year, fuelling a genuine pride of place. É

Pitt Polder Ecological Reserve near Maple Ridge | HARRY BEUGELINK/SHUTTERSTOCK

U.S. and Canada

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AREA PROFILES | Delta ■Surrey ■Langley

PROMISED LAND Delta, Surrey and Langley present fields of opportunity



etro Vancouver planners have designated Surrey as the region’s second city, a metropolitan core for the vast area south of the Fraser River. Stretching from Roberts Bank to the regional boundary in Aldergrove, the region has long been viewed as a greenfield for development, at first residential acreages and now industrial properties. The combination has made it one of the most affordable areas for newcomers and, in turn, one of B.C.’s fastest-growing regions. Jobs run the gamut from office and professional work to highly skilled blue-collar opportunities in agriculture, manufacturing and distribution. Universities have fostered clusters of technology companies, while significant investments in local road and rail networks support connections with Vancouver’s port and the U.S. Recreational options and summer festivals abound, offering room to play as well as work for a mix of cultures drawn to the region’s opportunities. DELTA Q Delta encompasses the communities of Tsawwassen, Ladner and North Delta and also neighbours the self-governing Tsawwassen First Nation. The community has evolved from a prosperous farming community into a suburb of Vancouver and is now becoming a commercial and industrial hub complete with large regional malls and ambitious logistics facilities. Tsawwassen remains largely residential, while Ladner is home to the city’s administrative centre and Roberts Bank, slated for a major new container terminal. Agriculture remains a significant industry in Ladner, supplying greenhouse vegetables, berries and field crops to Vancouver and the world. Commercial development adjacent to the South Fraser Perimeter Road, which provides a beeline from Tsawwassen to Langley, promises residents high-paying jobs well into the future. North Delta is a working-class neighbourhood characterized by a vibrant mix of cultures and housing that is typically cheaper than in Tsawwassen or Ladner. Situated along the Fraser River, it includes Annieville, the area’s historic heart, as well as numerous parks and conservation areas, such as Burns Bog, boasting networks of walking and cycling trails. Here, as throughout the municipality, agricultural land doubles as green space. Highway 99 and the Tsawwassen ferry terminal connect Delta with the U.S. and Vancouver Island.

00_2019_Relocation Guide_1-32p.indd 23

ABOVE: Al fresco dining

in the vineyard with the winemaker at Vista D’oro Farms & Winery, one of several wineries in Langley | ALBERT NORMANDIN/DESTINATION BC

LEFT: Farm produce store

offers local bounty in Tsawwassen | ROSEBC10987/ SHUTTERSTOCK

SURREY Q A new civic centre and highrise condos mark Surrey’s emerging urban core, which lies at the heart of a swath of industrial land that’s home to manufacturers, logistics facilities and port-related activities. Highway 1 and the South Fraser Perimeter Road are key east-west transportation routes that provide rapid access from Surrey to surrounding municipalities and ports. Surrey is also the eastern terminus of the region’s SkyTrain system and a departure point for buses serving the region south of the Fraser. Surrey is home to several well-regarded public and

2018-12-05 9:57 AM


AREA PROFILES | Delta ■Surrey ■Langley

HOME PRICES Neighbourhood




Ladner Langley North Delta South Surrey-White Rock Surrey-Central Surrey-Cloverdale Surrey-North Tsawwassen

$1,006,400 $1,027,000 $931,000 $1,397,400 $1,035,600 $1,004,500 $969,300 $1,266,500

$786,300 $509,100 $571,900 $679,900 $583,500 $593,000 $600,500 $770,500

$470,300 $431,900 $429,700 $502,700 $456,100 $494,900 $431,900 $501,100


private schools, as well as campuses of Simon Fraser and Kwantlen Polytechnic universities. Morgan Crossing, Grandview Corners and other shopping destinations anchor residential communities, while regional parks in Campbell Valley and Mud Bay offer a refreshing change of pace. White Rock, with its waterfront promenade, and the historic farming community of Cloverdale offer rustic counterpoints to urban pretensions. THE LANGLEYS Q Langley is a blend of urban and rural

streetscapes, a city surrounded by a much larger township where 10-acre estates provide generous retreats. The city encompasses Langley’s commercial heart, while the township features equestrian acreages alongside berry farms, wineries and the country’s largest licensed cannabis greenhouse. Roadside stands are popular tourist stops and a chance for locals to stock up on local bounty. Relatively cheap land prices keep local housing in demand. Warehouses with their well-paying jobs have located here too, thanks to the South Fraser Perimeter Road. Pitt Meadows and other municipalities north of the Fraser are now within the ambit of Langley residents thanks to the Golden Ears Bridge, while international border crossings in Surrey and Aldergrove are minutes away. Transit connections link the Langleys to SkyTrain in Surrey, while Highway 10 is a southern route to Delta and the Tsawwassen ferry terminal. Abbotsford International Airport, a short distance east, is a convenient alternative to Vancouver International Airport, thanks to regular WestJet schedules. In addition to primary and secondary schools, the Langleys are home to internationally acclaimed Trinity Western University and Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s school of horticulture. É

ABOVE: The Alex Fraser Bridge

spans the Fraser River, connecting Delta with Richmond and New Westminster | MAX LINDENTHALER/SHUTTERSTOCK

RIGHT: A new civic centre

and highrise condos mark Surrey’s emerging urban core | EB ADVENTURE PHOTOGRAPHY/SHUTTERSTOCK

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| 25

AREA PROFILES | Abbotsford ■Mission ■Chilliwack

VALLEY BOUNTY Fraser Valley communities are hip to the urban with rural charm PETER MITHAM


he Fraser Valley, an hour’s drive from Vancouver via the Trans-Canada Highway, accounts for more than half of B.C.’s agricultural revenue. But rising housing costs in Metro Vancouver have made it an attractive place for so-called housing refugees who are breathing new life into historic farm communities. Agriculture is being joined by distribution, manufacturing and tech jobs as the Fraser Valley grows into the 21st century. ABBOTSFORD Q Abbotsford, approximately 70 kilo-

metres east of Vancouver on Highway 1, has long thought of itself as the “city in the country.” However, 75 per cent of its land base remains agricultural, and stunning views of Mount Baker set it apart from Metro Vancouver to the west. It’s home to an international airport that many consider a convenient alternative to Vancouver International Airport. Aerospace and transportation companies have taken advantage of this fact to become important industries, helping to provide jobs that allow 60 per cent of Abbotsford residents to work locally. The city is currently seeking to expand its industrial land base to ensure jobs stay in the community. The city’s stock of residential housing has increased in response to economic growth, offering a range of options for first-time buyers, young families and retirees. Keeping pace with residential growth, Abbotsford School District operates 46 public elementary, middle and secondary schools. The city is also home to a campus of the University of the Fraser Valley. Shopping includes markets, farm stands and even wineries selling locally grown produce, while hip new merchants are helping rejuvenate the historic downtown. Those who want to avoid the malls can look to rural pursuits such as four-wheeling, a hike up Sumas Mountain or activities at the Abbotsford Entertainment and Sports Centre. Those who wish to sit back and watch others play can take in two of the city’s most popular annual events: the Abbotsford International Airshow and Abbotsford Agrifair. MISSION Q Mission sits across the Fraser River from Abbotsford and stands as one of the most rural corners of the Lower Mainland. Approximately 40 per cent of the district has been a municipal tree farm for more than 50 years, and the forestry sector remains a significant employer alongside manufacturing and power generation. Stave Lake is an important hydro installation as well as a popular recreational area in the summer. Commuters can travel the West Coast Express to downtown Vancouver or transfer to the Evergreen rapid transit line in Port Moody and travel on to Burnaby, New Westminster and Surrey. Mission Bridge – the only river crossing between Langley and Agassiz – takes drivers south to Abbotsford and the U.S. border. Highway 7 runs east

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to Chilliwack. A thriving arts community includes the world-renowned Barbarian Press in Steelhead. Mission also hosts an annual folk festival at Fraser River Heritage Park and, in December, the Mission Candlelight Parade. Area heritage sites include the Xa:ytem Longhouse Interpretive Centre at Hatzic Rock, one of the oldest inhabited sites in B.C.; and Westminster Abbey, a Benedictine monastery established in 1939, home to approximately 30 monks who operate a seminary and raise cattle, pigs and chickens on more than 170 acres. CHILLIWACK Q Since its establishment in 1873, Chilliwack has grown from a rural community to a vibrant city with several distinct neighbourhoods. These include Greendale in the west and Rosedale in the east. Bordered by mountains including Mount Cheam as well as Cultus Lake and Chilliwack Lake provincial parks, the community has a strong appreciation of the outdoors. Indeed, with some of the region’s warmest daytime temperatures, Chilliwack allows residents to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities year-round. Chilliwack also boasts two classical orchestras and thousands of artists and artisans, making it no hayseed in the culture department. The city hosts the Chilliwack International Film Series each year, while the local arts council offers dance, cooking and theatre classes and organizes a popular craft market in December. Vedder Road is the key shopping strip, while the city’s historic downtown is home to restaurants, specialty stores and a weekly farmers market. The epicentre of B.C.’s hop renaissance, Chilliwack is also home to craft brewers including Old Yale and Chaos & Solace. É

TOP: Farmland and stunning

views of Mount Baker are common sights in Abbotsford | ALEX JW ROBINSON/SHUTTERSTOCK

ABOVE: A hiker enjoys the view

from atop Mount Cheam near Chilliwack | EB ADVENTURE PHOTOGRAPHY/SHUTTERSTOC

HOME PRICES Neighbourhood




Abbotsford Mission Chilliwack

$810,800 $668,300 $578,500

$407,300 $444,100 $401,250

$333,200 $373,300 $219,900


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Business associations and professional organizations

Appraisal Institute of Canada – British Columbia 1090 Georgia St W Suite 1130, Vancouver V6E 3V7 p: 604-284-5515 f: 604-284-5514 w: aicanada.ca/province-british-columbia/ british-columbia Architectural Institute of British Columbia 440 Cambie St Suite 100, Vancouver V6B 2N5 p: 604-683-8588 f: 604-683-8568 w: aibc.ca

British Columbia Real Estate Association 701 Georgia St W Suite 1420, PO Box 10123, Pacific Centre, Vancouver V7Y 1C6 p: 604-683-7702 f: 604-683-8601 w: bcrea.bc.ca British Columbia Restaurant & Food Services Association 890 Pender St W Suite 600, Vancouver V6C 1J9 p: 604-669-2239 f: 604-669-6175 w: bcrfa.com

Chartered Professionals in Human Resources of BC & Yukon 1111 Hastings St W Suite 1101, Vancouver V6E 2J3 p: 604-684-7228 f: 604-684-3225 w: cphrbc.ca Creative BC 7 6th Ave W, Vancouver V5Y 1K2 p: 604-736-7997 f: 604-736-7290 w: creativebc.com

British Columbia Trucking Association 20111 93A Ave Suite 100, Langley V1M 4A9 p: 604-888-5319 f: 604-888-2941 w: bctrucking.com

Destination British Columbia 510 Burrard St Suite 1200, Vancouver V6C 3A8 p: 604-660-2861 f: 604-660-3383 w: destinationbc.ca

Building Owners and Managers Association of British Columbia 409 Granville St Suite 556, Vancouver V6C 1T2 p: 604-684-3916 f: 604-684-4876 w: boma.bc.ca

DigiBC - The Interactive & Digital Media Association of BC 16 6th Ave E, Vancouver V5T 1J4 p: 604-602-5237 w: digibc.org

Burnaby Board of Trade 4555 Kingsway Suite 201, Burnaby V5H 4T8 p: 604-412-0100 f: 604-412-0102 w: bbot.ca

Engineers and Geoscientists BC 4010 Regent St Suite 200, Burnaby V5C 6N2 p: 604-430-8035 f: 604-430-8085 w: egbc.ca

Business Council of British Columbia 1050 Pender St W Suite 810, Vancouver V6E 3S7 p: 604-684-3384 f: 604-684-7957 w: bcbc.com

Genome British Columbia 575 8th Ave W Suite 400, Vancouver V5Z 0C4 p: 604-738-8072 f: 604-738-8597 w: genomebc.ca

BC Greenhouse Growers’ Association 15252 32 Ave Suite 207, Surrey V3Z 0R7 p: 604-531-5262 f: 604-542-9735 w: bcgreenhouse.ca

Canada China Business Council – BC Chapter 1055 Hastings St W Suite 300, Vancouver V6E 2E9 p: 604-681-8838 w: ccbc.com

Greater Vancouver Board of Trade 999 Canada Pl Suite 400, Vancouver V6C 3G3 p: 604-681-2111 w: boardoftrade.com

BC Hotel Association 948 Howe St Suite 200, Vancouver V6Z 1N9 p: 604-681-7164 f: 604-681-7649 w: bchotelassociation.com

Canadian Bar Association – BC Branch 845 Cambie St Suite 1000, Vancouver V6B 5T3 p: 604-687-3404 f: 604-669-9601 w: cbabc.org

BC Road Builders & Heavy Construction Association 8678 Greenall Ave Suite 307, Burnaby V5J 3M6 p: 604-436-0220 f: 604-436-2627 w: roadbuilders.bc.ca

Canadian Federation of Independent Business – BC 625 Howe St Suite 1430, Vancouver V6C 2T6 p: 604-684-5325 f: 604-684-0529 w: cfib-fcei.ca

BC Tech Association 887 Great Northern Way Suite 101, Vancouver V5T 4T5 p: 604-683-6159 f: 604-683-3879 w: wearebctech.com

Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters – BC 13353 Commerce Pky Suite 2163, Richmond V6V 3A1 p: 604-713-7800 f: 604-713-7801 w: bc.cme-mec.ca

Better Business Bureau Mainland BC 788 Beatty St Suite 404, Vancouver V6B 2M1 p: 604-681-0312 f: 604-681-1544 w: bbb.org/mbc

Canadian Media Producers Association – BC Producers Branch 736 Granville St Suite 600, Vancouver V6Z 1G3 p: 604-682-8619 f: 604-684-9294 w: cmpa.ca/cmpa-bc

Asia Pacific Foundation Canada 675 Hastings St W Suite 900, Vancouver V6B 1N2 p: 604-684-5986 f: 604-681-1370 w: asiapacific.ca Association for Mineral Exploration British Columbia 889 Pender St W Suite 800, Vancouver V6C 3B2 p: 604-689-5271 f: 604-681-2363 w: amebc.ca BC Chamber of Commerce 750 Pender St W Suite 1201, Vancouver V6C 2T8 p: 604-683-0700 f: 604-683-0416 w: bcchamber.org BC Economic Development Association 5428 Highroad Cres, Chilliwack V2R 3Y1 p: 604-795-7119 f: 604-795-7118 w: bceda.ca

British Columbia Council for International Education 409 Granville St Suite 603, Vancouver V6C 1T2 p: 604-637-6766 f: 604-637-6765 w: bccie.bc.ca British Columbia Environment Industry Association 1130 Pender St W Suite 305, Vancouver V6E 4A4 p: 604-683-2751 f: 604-677-5960 w: bceia.com

Chamber of Shipping of British Columbia 1111 Hastings St W Suite 100, Vancouver V6E 2J3 p: 604-681-2351 f: 604-681-4364 w: cosbc.ca Chartered Professional Accountants of British Columbia 555 Hastings St W Suite 800, Vancouver V6B 4N6 p: 604-872-7222 w: bccpa.ca

Greater Vancouver Home Builders’ Association 7495 132 St Suite 1003, Surrey V3W 1J8 p: 778-565-4288 f: 778-565-4289 w: gvhba.org Independent Contractors and Businesses Association of British Columbia 4730 Kingsway Suite 700, Burnaby V5H 0C6 p: 604-298-7795 f: 604-298-2246 w: icba.ca Innovate BC 1188 Georgia St W Suite 900, Vancouver V6E 4A2 p: 604-683-2724 w: innovatebc.ca Insurance Bureau of Canada – Western & Pacific 510 Burrard St Suite 901, Vancouver V6C 3A8 p: 604-684-3635 f: 604-684-6235 w: ibc.ca/bc Law Society of British Columbia 845 Cambie St, Vancouver V6B 4Z9 p: 604-669-2533 f: 604-669-5232 w: lawsociety.bc.ca LifeSciences British Columbia 1285 Broadway W Suite 580, Vancouver V6H 3X8 p: 604-669-9909 f: 604-669-9912 w: lifesciencesbc.ca

Mining Association of British Columbia 808 Hastings St W Suite 900, Vancouver V6C 2X4 p: 604-681-4321 f: 604-681-5305 w: mining.bc.ca Motion Picture Production Industry Association of BC 555 Brooksbank Ave, North Vancouver V7G 3S5 p: 604-983-5980 f: 604-983-5981 w: mppia.com New Westminster Chamber of Commerce 309 Sixth St Suite 201, New Westminster V3L 3A7 p: 604-521-7781 f: 604-521-0057 w: newwestchamber.com North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce 124 1st St W Suite 102, North Vancouver V7M 3N3 p: 604-987-4488 f: 604-987-8272 w: nvchamber.ca Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver 2433 Spruce St, Vancouver V6H 4C8 p: 604-730-3000 f: 604-730-3100 w: rebgv.org Retail Council of Canada – Western 890 Pender St W Suite 410, Vancouver V6C 1J9 p: 604-736-0368 f: 604-736-3154 w: retailcouncil.org Richmond Chamber of Commerce 5811 Cooney Rd Suite 202 (North Tower), Richmond V6X 3M1 p: 604-278-2822 f: 604-278-2972 w: richmondchamber.ca Small Business BC 601 Cordova St W Suite 54, Vancouver V6B 1G1 p: 604-775-5525 f: 604-775-5520 w: smallbusinessbc.ca Surrey Board of Trade 14439 104 Ave Suite 101, Surrey V3R 1M1 p: 604-581-7130 f: 604-588-7549 w: businessinsurrey.com Tourism Vancouver 200 Burrard St Suite 210, Vancouver V6C 3L6 p: 604-682-2222 f: 604-682-1717 w: tourismvancouver.com Trade and Invest British Columbia 999 Canada Pl Suite 730, Vancouver V6V 3E1 p: 604-775-2100 w: britishcolumbia.ca Vancouver Economic Commission 401 Georgia St W Suite 1500, Vancouver V6B 5A1 p: 604-632-9668 f: 604-632-9788 w: vancouvereconomic.com West Vancouver Chamber of Commerce 2235 Marine Dr, West Vancouver V7V 1K5 p: 604-926-6614 f: 604-926-6436 w: westvanchamber.com



PACIFIC PARADISE From world-class international cuisine and outdoor recreation options to top-notch financial services, Greater Vancouver has it all





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Call 604-688-2398 or email ads@biv.com

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Business Schools Acsenda School of Management Vancouver p: 604-430-5111 w: acsenda.com BCIT School of Business Burnaby p: 604-434-1610 w: bcit.ca/business Capilano University School of Business North Vancouver p: 604-984-4960 w: capilanou.ca/business KPU School of Business Surrey p: 604-599-2100 w: kpu.ca/business Langara School of Management Vancouver p: 604-323-5255 w: langara.bc.ca/departments/langara-schoolof-management New York Institute of Technology Vancouver p: 604-639-0942 w: nyit.edu/canada SFU Beedie School of Business Burnaby p: 778-782-3708 w: beedie.sfu.ca TWU School of Business Langley p: 604-888-7511 w: twu.ca/academics/school-business UBC Sauder School of Business Vancouver p: 604-822-8500 w: sauder.ubc.ca

Language Schools Berlitz Vancouver Learning Centre 1111 Melville St Suite 320, Vancouver V6E 4A6 p: 604-685-9331 w: berlitz.ca Canadian College of English Language 1050 Alberni St Suite 450, Vancouver V6E 1A3 p: 604-688-9366 w: canada-english.com EC English Language Centres 570 Dunsmuir St Suite 200, Vancouver V6B 1Y1 p: 604-683-1199 w: ecenglish.com EF International Language Schools – Vancouver 750 Cambie St Suite 200, Vancouver V6B 2P2 p: 604-633-0505 w: ef.com ELS Language Centres Vancouver 549 Howe St Suite 600, Vancouver V6C 2C2 p: 604-684-9577 w: els.edu Eurocentres Vancouver 815 Hastings St W Suite 250, Vancouver V6C 1B4 p: 604-688-7942 w: eurocentrescanam.com GEOS Languages Plus 322 Water St Mezzanine Level, Vancouver V6B 1B6 p: 604-684-6407 w: geosvancouver.com Global College 1199 Pender St W Suite 298, Vancouver V6E 2R1 p: 604-669-1603 w: gcc-canada.com Global Village English Centres 888 Cambie St, Vancouver V6B 2P6 p: 604-684-2112 w: gvenglish.com Inlingua Vancouver 150 Water St, Vancouver V6B 1B2 p: 604-605-0960 w: inlinguavancouver.com International House 88 Pender St W Suite 2001, Vancouver V6B 1R3 p: 604-739-9836 w: ihvancouver.com International Language Academy of Canada 1199 Pender St W Suite 100, Vancouver V6B 1P1 p: 604-484-6660 w: ilac.com

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International Language Schools of Canada 555 Richards St, Vancouver V6B 2Z5 p: 604-689-9095 w: ilsc.com iTTTi Vancouver 605 Robson St Suite 300, Vancouver V6B 5J3 p: 604-681-5550 w: ittti.ca Kaplan Vancouver IELTS Test Centre 755 Burrard St Suite 300, Vancouver V6Z 1X6 p: 604-688-7350 w: kaplanvancouver.ca LAB Languages Across Borders 188 Nelson St, Vancouver V6B 6J8 p: 604-683-2754 w: languagesacrossborders.com LSI Language Studies International 808 Nelson St Suite 101, Vancouver V6Z 2H2 p: 604-683-7654 w: lsi.edu OHC Vancouver 322 Water St, Vancouver V6B 1B6 p: 604-647-1011 w: ohcenglish.com Pera College 1520 Pemberton Ave, North Vancouver V7P 2S2 p: 604-770-4504 w: peracollege.ca Sprott Shaw Language College (SSLC) 549 Howe St Suite 500, Vancouver V6C 2C2 p: 604-678-8148 w: studysslc.com/vancouver St Giles International Language Centres Canada 1130 Pender St W Suite 400, Vancouver V6E 4A4 p: 604-685-0291 w: stgiles-international.com Tamwood Language Centre Vancouver 889 Pender St W Suite 200, Vancouver V6C 3B2 p: 604-899-4480 w: tamwood.com UBC English Language Institute 2121 West Mall, Vancouver V6T 1Z4 p: 604-822-1555 w: eli.ubc.ca Vancouver International College 549 Howe St Suite 200, Vancouver V6C 2C2 p: 604-893-8423 w: vicenglish.com VGC International College 411 Hastings St W, Vancouver V6B 1L4 p: 604-688-9057 w: vgc.ca

Universities & Colleges Academy of Learning Vancouver Vancouver p: 604-876-8600 w: academyoflearning.com Alexander College Vancouver p: 604-681-5815 w: alexandercollege.ca Arbutus College Vancouver p: 604-622-4446 w: arbutuscollege.com Ashton College Vancouver p: 604-899-0803 w: ashtoncollege.ca Brighton College Burnaby p: 604-430-5608 w: brightoncollege.com British Columbia Institute of Technology Burnaby p: 604-434-1610 w: bcit.ca Canadian Tourism College Vancouver p: 604-736-8000 w: tourismcollege.com Capilano University North Vancouver p: 604-986-1911 w: capilanou.ca CDI College Vancouver p: 604-685-8585 w: cdicollege.ca

Centre for Digital Media Vancouver p: 778-370-1001 w: thecdm.ca City University of Seattle – Vancouver Vancouver p: 604-689-2489 w: cityu.edu Columbia College Vancouver p: 604-683-8360 w: columbiacollege.ca Coquitlam College Coquitlam p: 604-939-6633 w: coquitlamcollege.com Cornerstone International Community College of Canada Vancouver p: 604-620-1111 w: ciccc.ca Dorset College Vancouver p: 604-879-8686 w: dorsetcollege.bc.ca Douglas College New Westminster p: 604-527-5400 w: douglascollege.ca Emily Carr University of Art + Design Vancouver p: 604-844-3800 w: ecuad.ca Erickson College Vancouver p: 604-757-2797 w: erickson.edu Eton College Vancouver p: 604-677-3866 w: etoncollege.ca Fairleigh Dickinson University Vancouver p: 604-682-8112 w: view2.fdu.edu/vancouver-campus Greystone College Vancouver p: 604-682-3880 w: greystonecollege.com INVO Career College Vancouver p: 604-605-0960 w: invocollege.com Justice Institute of British Columbia New Westminster p: 604-525-5422 w: jibc.ca Kwantlen Polytechnic University Surrey p: 604-599-2000 w: kpu.ca Langara College Vancouver p: 604-323-5511 w: langara.ca LaSalle College Vancouver Vancouver p: 604-683-2006 w: lasallecollegevancouver.com New Image College of Fine Arts Vancouver p: 604-685-8807 w: newimage.ca Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts Vancouver p: 604-734-4488 w: picachef.com Seabird College Agassiz p: 604-796-6839 w: seabirdcollege.ca SELC Career College Vancouver p: 604-488-0780 w: selceducation.com/canada Simon Fraser University Burnaby p: 778-782-3111 w: sfu.ca Sprott Shaw College Vancouver p: 604-683-7400 w: sprottshaw.com Stenberg College Surrey p: 604-580-2772 w: stenbergcollege.com Trinity Western University Langley p: 604-888-7511 w: twu.ca UBC Vantage College Vancouver p: 604-827-0337 w: vantagecollege.ubc.ca University Canada West Vancouver p: 778-655-3702 w: ucanwest.ca University of British Columbia Vancouver p: 604-822-2211 w: ubc.ca

University of the Fraser Valley Abbotsford p: 888-504-7441 w: ufv.ca Vancouver Academy of Music Vancouver p: 604-734-2301 w: vancouveracademyofmusic.com Vancouver College of Counsellor Training Vancouver p: 604-683-2442 w: vcct.ca Vancouver Community College Vancouver p: 604-871-7000 w: vcc.ca Vancouver Film School Vancouver p: 604-685-5808 w: vfs.edu Vancouver Institute of Media Arts Vancouver p: 604-682-2787 w: vanarts.com VanWest College Vancouver p: 604-731-5256 w: vanwest.com VSO School of Music Vancouver p: 604-915-9300 w: vsoschoolofmusic.ca

Independent Schools Abbotsford Christian School Abbotsford p: 604-755-1891 w: abbotsfordchristian.com Agassiz Christian School Agassiz p: 604-796-9310 w: agassizchristianschool.com Alcuin College North Vancouver p: 604-360-8656 w: alcuin.ca Aldergrove Christian Academy Aldergrove p: 604-856-2577 w: rosbc.com/aca BC Christian Academy Port Coquitlam p: 604-941-8426 w: bcchristianacademy.ca BC Muslim School Richmond p: 604-270-2511 w: bcmuslimschool.ca Bibleway Christian Academy Surrey p: 604-576-8188 w: biblewayacademy.org Bodwell High School Inc. North Vancouver p: 604-998-1000 w: bodwell.edu Boundary Bay Montessori School Delta p: 604-946-9814 w: bbmschool.ca Brockton Preparatory School North Vancouver p: 604-929-9201 w: brocktonschool.com Burnaby Montessori School Burnaby p: 604-298-1661 w: burnabymontessori.com Canadian Reformed Schools of the Fraser Valley Surrey p: 604-576-2144 w: credochs.com Canyon Springs Montessori Coquitlam p: 604-945-0566 w: canyonspringsmontessori.com Cascade Christian School Chilliwack p: 604-793-7997 w: cascadechristian.ca Catholic Independent Schools of Vancouver Archdiocese Vancouver p: 604-683-9331 w: cisva.bc.ca Century High School Vancouver p: 604-730-8138 w: centuryhighschool.ca Children of Integrity Montessori Academy Coquitlam p: 604-461-1223 w: childrenofintegrity.com Children’s Hearing and Speech Centre of BC Vancouver p: 604-437-0255 w: childrenshearing.ca Choice School for Gifted Children Richmond p: 604-273-2418 w: choiceschool.org

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Collingwood School West Vancouver p: 604-925-3331 w: collingwood.org Cornerstone Christian Academy Richmond p: 604-303-9181 w: cornerstonechristianacademy.ca Cornerstone Christian School Abbotsford p: 604-859-7867 w: cornerstoneschool.ca Cornerstone Montessori School Surrey p: 604-599-9918 w: cornerstone-montessori.ca Crofton House School Vancouver p: 604-263-3255 w: croftonhouse.ca Dasmesh Punjabi School Abbotsford p: 604-826-1666 w: dasmeshschool.com Deer Lake SDA School Burnaby p: 604-434-5844 w: deerlakeschool.ca Delta Christian School Delta p: 604-946-2514 w: deltachristianschool.org Diamond Elementary and Relevant High School Surrey p: 604-576-1146 w: relevantschoolssociety.ca Eaton Arrowsmith School Vancouver p: 604-264-8327 w: eatonarrowsmith.com École Française Internationale Cousteau North Vancouver p: 604-924-2457 w: cousteauschool.org École St-Sacrement Vancouver p: 604-876-7211 w: ecolesaintsacrement.ca Family Montessori School Vancouver p: 604-224-2643 w: familymontessori.com Fawkes Academy Richmond/Burnaby p: 604-261-8782 w: fawkesacademy.ca Fraser Academy Vancouver p: 604-736-5575 w: fraseracademy.ca Fraser Valley Adventist Academy Aldergrove p: 604-607-3822 w: fvaa.net Fraser Valley Elementary School Langley p: 604-427-2282 w: fves.bc.ca GAD Elementary School Surrey p: 604-595-0888 w: gadschool.com Gatehouse Montessori School West Vancouver p: 604-925-1437 w: gatehousemontessori.com Glen Eden Multimodal Centre Richmond p: 604-821-1457 w: gleneden.org Global Montessori School Langley p: 604-534-1556 w: globalmontessorischool.com Holy Trinity School North Vancouver p: 604-987-4454 w: holytrinityschool.ca Hope Lutheran Christian School Port Coquitlam p: 604-942-5322 w: hopelcs.ca iLearn DL BC Secondary School Surrey p: 604-590-5504 w: ilearndl.com Iqra Islamic School Surrey p: 604-583-7530 w: iqraschool.com Island Pacific School Bowen Island p: 604-947-9311 w: islandpacific.org James Cameron School Maple Ridge p: 604-465-8444 w: jcs.bc.ca John Knox Christian School Burnaby p: 604-522-1410 w: johnknoxbc.org

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Kenneth Gordon Maplewood School & Maplewood Alternative High School North Vancouver p: 604-985-5224 w: kgms.ca Khalsa School - Surrey/Aldergrove/Mission Surrey p: 604-951-7460 w: khalsaschool.ca King David High School Vancouver p: 604-263-9700 w: kdhs.org King’s School, The Langley p: 604-888-0969 w: thekingsschool.org Langley Christian School Langley p: 604-533-2118 w: langleychristian.com Lions Gate Christian Academy North Vancouver p: 604-984-8226 w: lgca.ca Lions Gate Montessori Vancouver p: 604-687-6701 w: lionsgatemontessori.org Little Flower Academy Vancouver p: 604-738-9016 w: lfabc.org Madrona School Vancouver p: 604-499-7303 w: madronaschool.com Magnussen School Vancouver p: 604-264-8327 w: eatonarrowsmith.com/our-programs/ magnussen-school Maple Ridge Christian School Maple Ridge p: 604-465-4442 w: mrcs.ca Meadow Montessori School Maple Ridge p: 604-465-3492 w: meadowmontessori.ca Meadowridge School Maple Ridge p: 604-467-4444 w: meadowridge.bc.ca Mediated Learning Academy Coquitlam p: 604-937-3641 w: mediatedlearningacademy.org Mennonite Educational Institute Abbotsford p: 604-859-3700 w: meischools.com Mount Cheam Christian School Chilliwack p: 604-794-3072 w: mccs.ca Mulgrave Independent School West Vancouver p: 604-922-3223 w: mulgrave.com Noah’s Ark Montessori Reggio School Richmond p: 778-990-3520 w: noahsarkschool.ca North Star Montessori Elementary North Vancouver p: 604-980-1205 w: northstarmontessori.ca Pacific Academy Surrey p: 604-581-5353 w: pacificacademy.net Pacific Rim Montessori Academy Richmond p: 604-616-2997 w: prma.ca Pacific Spirit School Vancouver p: 604-222-1900 w: pacificspiritschool.org Pacific Torah Institute Vancouver p: 604-261-1502 w: ptibc.org PALS Autism School Vancouver p: 604-251-7257 w: palsautismschool.ca Pattison High School Vancouver p: 604-608-8788 w: pattisonhighschool.ca Purpose Independent Secondary School New Westminster p: 604-526-2522 w: purposesecondary.org Pythagoras Academy Richmond p: 604-370-0199 w: pythagorasacademy.ca Regent Christian Academy Surrey p: 604-599-8171 w: regent.bc.ca

Richmond Christian School Richmond p: 604-274-1122 w: myrcs.ca Richmond Jewish Day School Richmond p: 604-275-3393 w: rjds.ca Roots and Wings Montessori Surrey p: 604-510-2588 w: rootsandwingsbc.com Royal Canadian College Vancouver p: 604-738-2221 w: royalcanadiancollege.com Sikh Academy Surrey p: 604-599-3828 w: sikhacademy.ca Southpointe Academy Tsawwassen p: 604-948-8826 w: southpointe.ca Southridge School Surrey p: 604-535-5056 w: southridge.bc.ca St George’s School Vancouver p: 604-224-1304 w: stgeorges.bc.ca St John’s International School Vancouver p: 604-683-4572 w: stjohnsis.com St John’s School Vancouver p: 604-732-4434 w: stjohns.bc.ca St Joseph the Worker Catholic Elementary Richmond p: 604-277-1115 w: stjosephtheworker.ca St Paul School Richmond p: 604-277-4487 w: stpaulschool.ca St Thomas More Collegiate Burnaby p: 604-521-1801 w: stthomasmorecollegiate.ca Stratford Hall Vancouver p: 604-436-0608 w: stratfordhall.ca Surrey Christian School Surrey p: 604-498-3233 w: surreychristian.com Surrey Muslim School Surrey p: 604-599-6608 w: surreymuslimschool.ca Traditional Learning Academy Coquitlam p: 604-931-7265 w: traditionallearning.com Unity Christian School Chilliwack p: 604-794-7797 w: unitychristian.ca Urban Academy New Westminster p: 604-524-2211 w: urbanacademy.ca Valley Christian School Mission p: 604-826-1388 w: valleychristianschool.ca Vancouver Christian School Vancouver p: 604-435-3113 w: vancs.org Vancouver College Vancouver p: 604-261-4285 w: vc.bc.ca Vancouver Hebrew Academy Vancouver p: 604-266-1245 w: vhebrewacademy.com Vancouver Montessori School Vancouver p: 604-261-0315 w: vancouvermontessorischool.com Vancouver Talmud Torah Vancouver p: 604-736-7307 w: talmudtorah.com Vancouver Waldorf School North Vancouver p: 604-985-7435 w: vws.ca West Coast Christian School Vancouver p: 604-255-2990 w: westcoastchristianschool.ca West Point Grey Academy Vancouver p: 604-222-8750 w: wpga.ca

Westside Montessori School Vancouver p: 604-731-6594 w: westsidemontessori.ca Westside School, The Vancouver p: 604-687-8021 w: thewestsideschools.ca White Rock Christian Academy Surrey p: 604-531-9186 w: wrca.ca Wind and Tide Preschool Surrey p: 604-575-0549 w: windandtide.com York House School Vancouver p: 604-736-6551 w: yorkhouse.ca

Public School Districts French School Board (Conseil Scolaire Francophone) 13511 Commerce Pky Suite 100, Richmond V6V 2J8 p: 604-214-2600 f: 604-214-9881 w: csf.bc.ca School District No. 034 (Abbotsford) 2790 Tims St, Abbotsford V2T 4M7 p: 604-859-4891 f: 604-852-8587 w: abbyschools.ca School District No. 041 (Burnaby) 5325 Kincaid St, Burnaby V5G 1W2 p: 604-296-6900 f: 604-296-6910 w: burnabyschools.ca School District No. 033 (Chilliwack) 8430 Cessna Dr, Chilliwack V2P 7K4 p: 604-792-1321 f: 604-792-9665 w: sd33.bc.ca School District No. 043 (Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody) 550 Poirier St, Coquitlam V3J 6A7 p: 604-939-9201 f: 604-939-7828 w: sd43.bc.ca School District No. 037 (Delta) 4585 Harvest Dr, Delta V4K 5B4 p: 604-946-4101 f: 604-952-5375 w: deltasd.bc.ca School District No. 035 (Langley) 4875 222 St, Langley V3A 3Z7 p: 604-534-7891 f: 604-533-1115 w: sd35.bc.ca School District No. 042 (Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows) 22225 Brown Ave, Maple Ridge V2X 8N6 p: 604-463-4200 f: 604-463-4181 w: sd42.ca School District No. 075 (Mission Public Schools) 33046 4th Ave, Mission V2V 1S5 p: 604-826-6286 f: 604-826-4517 w: mpsd.ca School District No. 040 (New Westminster) 811 Ontario St, New Westminster V3M 0J7 p: 604-517-6240 f: 604-517-6390 w: newwestschools.ca School District No. 044 (North Vancouver) 2121 Lonsdale Ave, North Vancouver V7M 2K6 p: 604-903-3444 f: 604-903-3445 w: sd44.ca School District No. 038 (Richmond) 7811 Granville Ave, Richmond V6Y 3E3 p: 604-668-6000 f: 604-233-0150 w: sd38.bc.ca School District No. 036 (Surrey) 14033 92 Ave, Surrey V3V 0B7 p: 604-596-7733 f: 604-596-4197 w: surreyschools.ca School District No. 039 (Vancouver School Board) 1580 Broadway W, Vancouver V6J 5K8 p: 604-713-5000 f: 604-713-5049 w: vsb.bc.ca School District No. 045 (West Vancouver) 1075 21st St, West Vancouver V7V 4A9 p: 604-981-1000 f: 604-981-1001 w: westvancouverschools.ca

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Relocation services

Accommodation Providers Best Western Plus Chateau Granville Hotel & Suites Conference Centre 1100 Granville St, Vancouver V6Z 2B6 .............. p: 604-669-7070 f: 604-669-4928 e: res@chateaugranville.com w: chateaugranville.com Carmana Plaza 1128 Alberni St, Vancouver V6E 4R6 ...............p: 604-683-1399 f: 604-683-1391 e: sales@carmanaplaza.com w: carmanaplaza.com Coast Coal Harbour Hotel by APA 1180 Hastings St W, Vancouver V6E 4R5 .............. p: 604-673-2182 f: 604-673-2180 e: vancoastsales@coasthotels.com w: coastcoalharbourhotel.com Delta Hotels by Marriott Burnaby Conference Centre 4331 Dominion St, Burnaby V5G 1C7...............p: 604-453-0754 f: 604-453-0775 e: chris.peters@deltahotels.com w: marriott.com/yvrdb Delta Hotels by Marriott Vancouver Downtown Suites 550 Hastings St W, Vancouver V6B 1L6 .............. p: 604-689-8188 f: 604-899-3029 e: vancouversuites@deltahotels.com w: marriott.com/hotels/travel/yvrdv-deltahotels-vancouver-suites

Granville Island Hotel 1253 Johnston St, Vancouver V6H 3R9...............p: 604-683-7373 f: 604-683-3061 e: reservations@granvilleislandhotel.com w: granvilleislandhotel.com

Vancouver Airport Marriott Hotel 7571 Westminster Hwy, Richmond V6X 1A3 Q Duong ..............p: 604-276-2112 f: 604-232-2817 e: q.duong@vancouver-marriott.com w: marriott.com/yvrsa

Holiday Inn & Suites North Vancouver 700 Old Lillooet Rd, North Vancouver V7J 2H5 Charmaine Alam .p: 604-985-3111 f: 604-985-0857 e: gm@hinorthvancouver.ca w: hinorthvancouver.com

Vancouver Extended Stay Ltd 1288 Georgia St W Suite 101, Vancouver V6E 4R3 .............. p: 604-891-6181 f: 604-891-6168 e: sales@vancouverextendedstay.com w: vancouverextendedstay.com

Hotel Belmont Downtown Vancouver 654 Nelson St, Vancouver V6B 6K4 Jeff Leung .......... p: 604-605-4341 f: 604-605-4334 e: jleung@pacificreach.com L’Hermitage Hotel 788 Richards St, Vancouver V6B 3A4 Jean-Michel Tanguy...................... p: 778-327-4100 f: 778-327-4109 e: guest.services@lhermitagevancouver.com w: lhermitagevancouver.com Lamond Properties 1771 Robson St, Vancouver V6G 1C9 Wendy Lamond .. p: 604-684-4649 f: 604-685-2510 e: info@lamondproperties.com w: lamondproperties.com Lord Stanley Suites on the Park 1889 Alberni St, Vancouver V6G 3G7 David Anderson ..p: 604-688-9299 f: 604-688-9297 e: info@lordstanley.com w: lordstanley.com

Downtown Suites Ltd 1174 Pender St W, Vancouver V6E 2R9 Nicholas Meyer . p: 604-694-8801 f: 604-682-5634 e: nic@downtownsuites.com w: downtownsuites.ca

Metropolitan Hotel Vancouver 645 Howe St, Vancouver V6C 2Y9 .............. p: 604-687-1122 f: 604-602-7844 e: reservations@van.metropolitan.com w: metropolitan.com/vanc

English Bay Apartment Hotel Ltd 1150 Denman St, Vancouver V6G 2M9 Alexander Chan...p: 604-685-2231 f: 604-685-2291 e: engbay@telus.net w: englishbayhotel.com

Mode Suites Rental Services Inc 1118 Homer St Suite 216, Vancouver V6B 2W9 Paula Robinson .. p: 877-501-6633 f: 778-331-3846 e: info@modesuites.com w: modesuites.com

Eve Meli - Re/Max Crest Realty 2609 Westview Dr Suite 101, North Vancouver V7N 4M2 Eve Meli ............. p: 604-763-1748 f: 604-921-8873 e: evemeli.soar@gmail.com w: evemeli.com

Pan Pacific Vancouver 999 Canada Pl Suite 300, Vancouver V6C 3B5 ...............p: 604-662-8111 f: 604-891-2861 e: info@panpacificvancouver.com w: panpacificvancouver.com

Fairmont Hotel Vancouver 900 Georgia St W, Vancouver V6C 2W6 .............p: 604-684-3131 f: 604-662-1907 e: hvc.concierge@fairmont.com w: fairmont.com/hotelvancouver

Park Inn & Suites by Radisson Vancouver 898 Broadway W, Vancouver V5Z 1J8 Darian Tooley ..... p: 604-872-8661 f: 604-872-2270 e: dtooley@parkinn-vancouver.ca w: parkinn.com/vancouverca

Residence Inn by Marriott Vancouver Downtown 1234 Hornby St, Vancouver V6Z 1W2 Susan Fregona ....p: 604-688-1234 f: 604-689-1762 e: sfregona@silverbirchhotels.com w: marriott.com/yvrdr Rosedale on Robson Suite Hotel 838 Hamilton St, Vancouver V6B 6A2 James Miller ...... p: 604-689-8033 f: 604-689-4426 e: jamesm@rosedaleonrobson.com w: rosedaleonrobson.com Sandman Hotel Vancouver City Centre 180 Georgia St W, Vancouver V6B 4P4 .............. p: 604-681-2211 f: 604-681-8009 w: sandmanhotels.ca Sandman Suites on Davie Street 1160 Davie St, Vancouver V6E 1N1.............. p: 604-681-7263 f: 604-669-8284 e: sales_davie@sandman.ca w: sandmanhotels.com Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel 7551 Westminster Hwy, Richmond V6X 1A3 Q Duong ..............p: 604-233-3950 f: 604-278-1062 e: sales@sheratonvancouverairport.com w: sheratonvancouverairport.com Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre Hotel 1088 Burrard St, Vancouver V6Z 2R9 Sean Antonson ...p: 604-893-7210 f: 604-331-1001 e: santonson@wallcentre.com w: sheratonvancouver.com St Regis Hotel 602 Dunsmuir St, Vancouver V6B 1Y6 Janet Thomas..... p: 604-681-1135 f: 604-683-1126 e: jthomas@stregishotel.com w: stregishotel.com Sterling Furnished Suites 862 Renfrew St, Vancouver V5K 4B6 Kelly Shih ............p: 604-447-0221 f: 888-505-5442 e: bookings@sterlingfurnishedsuites.com w: sterlingfurnishedsuites.com

Fairmont Pacific Rim 1038 Canada Pl, Vancouver V6C 0B9 ...............p: 604-695-5300 f: 604-695-5301 e: rfp-vpr@fairmont.com w: fairmont.com/pacificrim

Pinnacle Hotel at the Pier 138 Victory Ship Way, North Vancouver V7L 0B1 Jennifer MacKenzie .......................p: 604-973-8007 f: 604-986-7432 e: jmackenzie@pinnacleatthepier.com w: pinnaclepierhotel.com

Sunset Inn & Suites 1111 Burnaby St, Vancouver V6E 1P4 .............. p: 604-688-2474 f: 604-669-3340 e: info@sunsetinn.com w: sunsetinn.com

Fairmont Waterfront 900 Canada Place Way, Vancouver V6C 3L5 .............. p: 604-691-1991 f: 604-691-1999 e: thewaterfronthotel@fairmont.com w: fairmont.com/waterfront-vancouver

Ramada by Wyndham Vancouver Downtown 1221 Granville St, Vancouver V6Z 1M6 Rajiv Singh ..........p: 604-685-1111 f: 604-685-0707 e: rajiv@ramadavancouver.com w: ramadavancouver.com

Sylvia Hotel 1154 Gilford St, Vancouver V6G 2P6 Ross Dyck............p: 604-681-9321 f: 604-682-3551 e: rdyck@sylviahotel.com w: sylviahotel.com

Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver 791 Georgia St W, Vancouver V6C 2T4 .............. p: 604-689-9333 f: 604-689-3466 e: vcr.sales@fourseasons.com w: fourseasons.com/vancouver Georgian Court Hotel 773 Beatty St, Vancouver V6B 2M4 Susan Leung ...... p: 604-682-5555 f: 604-682-5669 e: susan@georgiancourt.com w: georgiancourt.com

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Times Square Suites 1821 Robson St, Vancouver V6G 3E4 Jacqui McMullen p: 604-684-2223 f: 604-684-2225 e: jacqui@timessquaresuites.com w: timessquaresuites.com Unique Real Estate Accommodations Inc 1010 Queens Rd W, North Vancouver V7R 4S9 .............. p: 604-984-7368 f: 604-984-7323 e: info@uniqueaccommodations.com w: uniqueaccommodations.com

Vancouver Short Stay North Vancouver Daniel Pennell ....p: 604-710-3527 e: info@vancouvershortstay.com w: vancouvershortstay.com Westin Bayshore Vancouver 1601 Bayshore Dr, Vancouver V6G 2V4.............. p: 604-682-3377 f: 604-691-6959 e: bayshore.sales@westin.com w: westinbayshore.com Westin Wall Centre Vancouver Airport 3099 Corvette Way, Richmond V6X 4K3 Sean Antonson ...p: 604-893-7210 f: 604-331-1001 e: santonson@wallcentre.com w: westinvancouverairport.com

Employment Agencies: Temporary & Permanent Staffing Affinity Staffing Inc 2985 Virtual Way Suite 275, Vancouver V5M 4X7........................................ p: 604-649-2585 e: info@affinitystaffing.ca w: affinitystaffing.ca AngusOne Professional Recruitment Ltd 777 Hornby St Suite 1800, Vancouver V6Z 1S4 .............. p: 604-682-8367 f: 604-682-4664 e: info@angusone.com w: angusone.com BBW International Inc 999 Canada Pl Suite 404, Vancouver V6C 3E2 Lois Jackalin ...... p: 604-984-0352 f: 604-608-3510 e: vancouver@bbwinternational.com w: bbwinternational.com David Aplin Group 1050 Pender St W Suite 1710, Vancouver V6E 3S7 Jacqueline Gallagher .................... p: 604-648-2799 e: vancouver@aplin.com w: aplin.com/vancouver Eagle Professional Resources Inc 808 Nelson St Suite 1006, Vancouver V6Z 2H2 Cameron McCallum ...................... p: 604-899-1130 f: 604-899-1150 e: nesst@eagleonline.com w: eaglestaffing.com Executive Waiter Resources Inc 1975 16th Ave W, Vancouver V6J 2M5 Chris Monk......... p: 604-689-0640 f: 604-689-3670 e: info@executivewaiter.com w: executivewaiter.com Hays Canada Vancouver 1050 Pender St W Suite 2150, Vancouver V6E 3S7 .............. p: 604-648-4297 f: 604-648-0588 e: recruit@hays.com w: hays.ca Hunt Personnel/Temporarily Yours 789 Pender St W Suite 760, Vancouver V6C 1H2 Greg Colborne .... p: 604-688-2555 f: 604-688-1536 e: greg@tyhunt.ca w: hunt.ca Immigrant Services Society of BC 2610 Victoria Dr, Vancouver V5N 4L2 .............. p: 604-684-2561 f: 604-684-2266 e: info@issbc.org w: issbc.org

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Relocation services

Lock Search Group 1040 Georgia St W Suite 810, Vancouver V6E 4H1 Frank Joe ............p: 604-669-8806 f: 604-669-5385 e: fjoe@locksearchgroup.com w: locksearchgroup.com MacDonald Search Group 475 Georgia St W Suite 720, Vancouver V6B 4M9 Bruce MacDonald ......................... p: 604-687-6464 e: bruce@macdonaldsearchgroup.com w: macdonaldsearchgroup.com McNeill Nakamoto Recruitment Group 860 Homer St Suite 407, Vancouver V6B 2W5 Cheryl Nakamoto p: 604-662-8967 f: 604-662-8927 e: askme@mcnak.com w: mcnak.com Nannies on Call 788 Beatty St Suite 302, Vancouver V6B 2M1 Silvana Felix.................................. p: 604-734-1776 e: bookings@nanniesoncall.com w: nanniesoncall.com Premium Staffing Solutions 1661 2nd Ave W Suite 101, Vancouver V6J 1H3 Brad Bates .................................... p: 604-602-9193 e: recruiter@premiumsolutions.ca w: premiumsolutions.ca Randstad 701 Georgia St W Suite 200, Vancouver V7Y 1C6 Steve Dorling .................................p: 604-408-2772 e: vancouver@randstad.ca w: randstad.ca Strive Recruitment Inc 409 Granville St Suite 468, Vancouver V6C 1T2 Pearl Ghirra ........ p: 604-336-8844 f: 604-336-8849 e: pearl@striverecruitment.ca w: striverecruitment.ca Swim Recruiting 601 Cordova St W Suite 330, Vancouver V6B 1G1.............. p: 604-689-7946 f: 604-689-7950 e: info@swimrecruiting.com w: swimrecruiting.com VanJobs Technical Recruiters 2906 Broadway W Suite 212, Vancouver V6K 2G8 Mark Strong ...................................p: 604-739-1711 e: info@vanjobs.ca w: vanjobs.ca

Financial Services BlueShore Financial 1250 Lonsdale Ave, North Vancouver V7M 2H6 ....................................... p: 604-982-8000 e: info@blueshorefinancial.com w: blueshorefinancial.com BMO Bank of Montreal 595 Burrard St PO Box 49500, Vancouver V7X 1L7 .............. p: 604-665-2643 f: 604-665-6614 w: bmo.com CIBC 400 Burrard St Commerce Place, Vancouver V6C 3A6...............p: 604-665-1645 f: 604-665-1225 w: cibc.com Coast Capital Savings 9900 King George Blvd Suite 800, Surrey V3T 0K7 ...............p: 604-517-7400 f: 604-517-7405 w: coastcapitalsavings.com Deloitte 1055 Dunsmuir St Suite 2800, Vancouver V7X 1P4 ...............p: 604-669-4466 f: 604-685-0395 w: deloitte.ca

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Envision Financial (a division of First West Credit Union) 6470 201 St, Langley V2Y 2X4 ...............p: 604-539-7300 f: 604-539-7315 e: communications@envisionfinancial.ca w: envisionfinancial.ca EY 700 Georgia St W Suite 2300 Box 10101 Pacific Centre, Vancouver V7Y 1C7 ...............p: 604-891-8200 f: 604-643-5422 w: ey.com/ca Freedom 55 Financial 1111 Georgia St W Suite 1200, Vancouver V6E 4M3 ............. p: 604-685-6521 f: 604-685-9666 e: questions.comments@freedom55financial.com w: freedom55financial.com G&F Financial Group 7375 Kingsway, Burnaby V3N 3B5 ........................................ p: 604-419-8888 e: inquiry@gffg.com w: gffg.com Raymond James Ltd 925 Georgia St W Suite 2100, Vancouver V6C 3L2 .............. p: 604-659-8000 f: 604-659-8099 e: webcomments@raymondjames.ca w: raymondjames.ca RBC Dominion Securities - Edward Teodoro 745 Thurlow St Suite 2000, Vancouver V6E 0C5 Edward Teodoro .............................p: 778-327-5481 e: edward.teodoro@rbc.com w: edwardteodoro.com Royal Bank of Canada (RBC Financial Group) 1055 Georgia St W, Vancouver V6E 3S5 ..........................................p: 800-769-2511 w: rbc.com Scotiabank 650 Georgia St W Suite 3400, Vancouver V6B 4N7 .........................................p: 778-327-5451 w: scotiabank.com TD Wealth Private Investment 700 Georgia St W Suite 1500, Vancouver V7Y 1A2......................................... p: 604-482-8400 w: advisors.td.com/vancouver15 Vancity 183 Terminal Ave, Vancouver V6A 4G2 Online Care Team, Vancity Member Services Centre ................p: 604-877-7000 f: 604-877-8292 e: feedback@vancity.com w: vancity.com

Government Agencies City of Coquitlam - Economic Development 3000 Guildford Way, Coquitlam V3B 7N2 David Munro ..................................p: 604-927-3442 e: economicdevelopment@coquitlam.ca w: coquitlam.ca/economicdevelopment

Home Inspection Duxbury & Associates - Building Inspection and Consulting Ltd 125 DeBeck St, New Westminster V3L 3H7 Glenn Duxbury ... p: 604-524-2502 f: 888-877-0630 e: info@glennduxbury-inspections.com w: glennduxbury-inspections.com

Home Staging Harmony Sense Interiors 2030 Marine Dr Suite 107, North Vancouver V7P 1V7 Lucila Diaz..................................... p: 778-853-5874 e: info@harmonysense.com w: harmonysense.com

HR Consultants Harbour West Consulting Inc 92 Lonsdale Ave Suite 300, North Vancouver V7M 2E6 ............. p: 604-998-4032 f: 888-443-4028 e: info@hwest.ca w: hwest.ca Higher Options - HR & Immigration Services 1285 Broadway W Suite 600, Vancouver V6H 3X8 Amelia Chan........p: 604-801-5895 f: 778-800-9922 e: mail@hr-options.com w: hr-options.com Vertical Bridge Corporate Consulting Inc 1275 6th Ave W Suite 300, Vancouver V6H 1A6 Sandra Reder ..... p: 604-682-2262 f: 604-676-1043 e: info@verticalbridge.ca w: verticalbridge.ca

Industry Associations/ Chambers of Commerce AdvantageBC International Business Centre 1090 Georgia St W Suite 520, Vancouver V6E 3V7 .............. p: 604-683-6626 f: 604-683-6646 e: info@advantagebc.ca w: advantagebc.ca French Economic Development Group/La Societe de Developpement Economique de CB 1555 7th Ave W Suite 220, Vancouver V6J 1S1 ......................................... p: 604-732-3534 e: info@sdecb.com w: sdecb.com Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce 2773 Barnet Hwy Suite 205, Coquitlam V3B 1C2 Michael Hind ..... p: 604-464-2716 f: 604-464-6796 e: info@tricitieschamber.com w: tricitieschamber.com

Insurance Providers - Health

City of Surrey - Economic Development 13450 104 Ave, Surrey V3T 1V8 Stephen Wu ........p: 604-591-4128 f: 604-594-3055 e: econdev@surrey.ca w: surrey.ca

AllWest Insurance Services Ltd 1681 Chestnut St Suite 315, Vancouver V6J 4M6 ............. p: 604-731-6696 f: 604-731-9210 e: info@allwestins.com w: allwestins.com Aon Canada 401 Georgia St W Suite 1200 PO Box 3228, Vancouver V6B 5A1.............. p: 604-443-2513 f: 604-682-4026 w: aon.ca HUB International Insurance Brokers 4350 Still Creek Dr Suite 400, Burnaby V5C 0G5...............p: 604-269-1000 f: 604-269-1001 e: tos.info@hubinternational.com w: hubinternational.com Intact Insurance Co 999 Hastings St W Suite 1100, Vancouver V6C 2W2 ............ p: 604-891-5400 f: 778-328-6399 w: intact.ca Jardine Lloyd Thompson Canada Inc 1111 Georgia St W Suite 1600, Vancouver V6E 4G2 Sandy Millar ...... p: 604-682-4211 f: 604-682-3520 w: jltcanada.com

Lawyers/Legal Services Boughton Law Corp 595 Burrard St Suite 700, Vancouver V7X 1S8 ...............p: 604-687-6789 f: 604-683-5317 e: maitken@boughtonlaw.com w: boughtonlaw.com Lawson Lundell LLP 925 Georgia St W Suite 1600, Vancouver V6C 3L2 .............. p: 604-685-3456 f: 604-669-1620 e: genmail@lawsonlundell.com w: lawsonlundell.com Miller Thomson LLP 725 Granville St Suite 400 Pacific Centre, Vancouver V7Y 1G5.............. p: 604-687-2242 f: 604-643-1200 e: vancouver@millerthomson.com w: millerthomson.com The Society of Notaries Public of BC 625 Howe St Suite 700 Box 44, Vancouver V6C 2T6 .............. p: 604-681-4516 f: 604-681-7258 w: notaries.bc.ca

Mortgage Brokers Mortgage Brokers Association of BC 1765 8th Ave W Suite 101, Vancouver V6J 5C6 ...............p: 604-408-9989 f: 604-608-0977 e: admin@cmbabc.ca w: cmbabc.ca

Move Management & Space Planning

City of New Westminster Economic Development Office 511 Royal Ave, New Westminster V3L 1H9 Blair Fryer...................................... p: 604-527-4536 e: info@investnewwest.ca w: investnewwest.ca City of Richmond - Economic Development 6911 No 3 Rd, Richmond V6Y 2C1 Neonila Lilova ............................... p: 604-276-4000 e: economicdev@richmond.ca w: businessinrichmond.ca

Insurance Services (other than health)

DLO Move Support Services Ltd 1988 Triumph St, Vancouver V5L 1K5 ......................................... p: 604-254-0135 e: go@dlo.ca w: dlo.ca David Cummings Insurance Services Ltd 2083 Alma St Suite 350, Vancouver V6R 4N6 Jason Cummings ........................... p: 800-818-3188 e: jason@david-cummings.com w: david-cummings.com Hospital and medical insurance for new residents waiting for MSP, for visitors to Canada and for expatriates.

Nextphase Moving and Downsizing 1319 29th St E, North Vancouver V7J 1T2 Scott Morrison ...............................p: 604-209-4241 w: nextphasemoves.com Office Move Pro - Vancouver 528 Annance Crt Suite 150, Delta V3M 6Y8.........................................p: 604-525-4441 w: officemovepro.com

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Orderly Concepts & Solutions 3363 Rosemary Heights Cres, South Surrey V3Z 0X8 Janis Nylund ................................. p: 604-536-1288 e: janis@orderlyconcepts.com w: orderlyconcepts.com

Packing & Shipping Suppliers Allworld Packaging Supplies Ltd 1023 Clark Dr, Vancouver V5L 3K1 Janet Nixon .........p: 604-637-0179 f: 604-254-4987 e: sales@allworldpackaging.com w: allworldpackaging.com

Personal Goods Moving & Storage A1 Moving & Storage 8035 North Fraser Way, Burnaby V5J 5M8 Craig Moore ........p: 604-879-6861 f: 604-874-1995 e: info@a1movingandstorage.ca AMJ Campbell - Vancouver 9924 River Rd, Delta V4G 1B5 Allan Brown ........p: 604-940-4208 f: 604-940-2385 e: abrown@amjbc.ca w: amjcampbell.com Bandstra Moving Systems (a division of Bandstra Transportation Systems Ltd) 9920 River Dr Suite 135, Richmond V6X 3S3 .............. p: 604-273-5111 f: 604-273-8534 e: moving@bandstra.com w: bandstra.com Brytor International Moving 9920 River Dr Suite 135, Richmond V6X 3S3 .............. p: 604-273-0100 f: 604-273-1900 e: vancouver@brytor.ca w: brytor.ca Downtown U-Lok Storage Ltd 915 Cordova St E, Vancouver V6A 4B8 Yvonne De Valone ......................... p: 604-215-2156 f: 604-215-2220 e: yvonne@ulok.com w: ulok.com Getting It Together 301 Capilano Rd Suite 1603, Port Moody V3H 0G6 Rowena List .................................. p: 604-520-9550 e: rowena@gettingittogether.ca w: gettingittogether.ca Maple Leaf Self Storage 100 Park Royal Suite 300, West Vancouver V7T 1A2 .............. p: 604-926-9500 f: 604-925-2739 e: info@mapleleafstorage.com w: mapleleafstorage.com Salmon’s Transfer Ltd 9500 Van Horne Way Suite 100, Richmond V6X 1W3 ............ p: 604-273-2921 f: 604-273-4963 e: salmons@salmonstransfer.com w: salmonstransfer.com Tippet-Richardson 8035 North Fraser Way, Burnaby V5J 5M8 ..............p: 604-324-5015 f: 604-324-2047 e: trvancouver@tippetrichardson.com w: tippetrichardson.com

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opportunity is calling

Kitimat will soon have thousands of career opportunities sparked by the construction of Canada’s ďŹ rst LNG export facility. We also have thousands of reasons to make our community your new home. Kitimat is a community of about 8,000 people located on the north coast of B.C. The community sits at the head of Douglas Channel next to Kitimat River. Indoor and outdoor recreation facilities and surrounding wilderness provide plenty of opportunity for an active, outdoor, coastal lifestyle.

District of Kitimat - www.kitimat.ca @KitimatDistrict

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District of Kitimat Kitimat Leisure Services

District of Kitimat


2018-12-05 9:57 AM

Profile for Business in Vancouver Media Group

Relocation Guide 2019  

Relocation Guide 2019