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Kronos taped Sample Library with Program Presets Bank for Korg Kronos. The pre-sampler instruments Orchestron, Mellotron and Chamberlin in one soundbank. Plus brandnew samples created with the old technology: Recorded through a tape machine with limited frequency range and a little jitter to get the typical LoFi sound but with new sounds. It comes with 40 multisamples taken from the original instruments and provides the rough and characterful sound of this legends with 40 ready-to-use Program Presets, perfectly made for instant use on stage and for studio recording.

General Controller and FX Assignment Each Program Preset provides the sound with a standard Controller assignment which is the same for the all Program Presets, plus a standard Drum Pattern and one KARMA setting to start with. SW1: Octave Down SW2: Ribbon Lock Ribbon: Brilliance Knob 1: Cutoff Knob 2: Resonance Knob 3: Envelope Intensity Knob 4: Release Time Joystick forward: Vibrato or Rotary Speaker Joystick backward: Tone Modulation Joystick left: 2 Semitones down Joystick right: 2 semitones up

Program Preset bank: location User-GG.

Program Presets Content 000 001 002 003 004 005 006 007 008

Chamb Chamb Chamb Chamb Chamb Chamb Chamb Chamb Chamb

009 010 011 012 013 014 015 016 017 018 019 020 021 022 023 024

Mello Mello Mello Mello Mello Mello Mello Mello Mello Mello Mello Mello Mello Mello Mello Mello

Cello Clarinet Female Voice Flute Male Voice Violins Trombone Trumpet Oboe

Violins Vibes TronFlute Choir 1 Brass Organ Viola Strings mixed Guitar Strings A Sax Choir 2 Strings D Choir ls Flute xs Strings Section

025 Mello Choir xs 026 Mello TheMello 027 Mello Strings xs 028 029 030 031 032 033 034 035


CelloOrch CHoirOrch Flute Hammond Horn Organ Saxophone Violins

036 037 038 039

taped taped taped taped

Piano Strings Trumpet Sound Accent

Sample Instruments Chamb Cello xs Chamb Cello Chamb Clarinet Chamb Female Chamb Flute Chamb Male Chamb Oboe Chamb Trombone Chamb Trumpet Chamb Violins Mello Brass Mello Choir 1 Mello Choir 2 Mello Choir ls Mello Choir xs Mello Flute xs Mello Guitar Mello Organ Mello Sax Mello Strings A Mello Strings D Mello Strings mixed Mello Strings Sect Mello Strings xs Mello TheMello Mello TronFlute Mello Vibes Mello Viola Mello Violins OC CelloOrch OC ChoirOrch OC Flute OC Hammond OC Horn OC Organ OC Saxophone

OC Violins tp Piano 1 tp Sound Accent 1 tp Strings 1 tp Trumpet

Produced by Klaus P. Rausch for Back In Time Records. Unauthorized copying prohibited, all rights reserved 2016. Contact: Sample Library with Program Presets for Korg Kronos. Korg and Kronos are registered trademarks and property of their owner. Content changes may occur without notice. Current version 1.0, released May 24, 2016.

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Kronos taped Complete Content  

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