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Kronos Electric Piano & Clavinet Sample Library with Program Presets Bank for Korg Kronos. A fine sample library for a lover of Vintage Electric Pianos and Clavinets. 9 different instruments with up to 5 Velocity Switches: Fender Rhodes Mk1 73 and Suitcase 88, a Mk2 73 model, two Wurlitzer EP200, a Hohner Electra-piano, two Clavinets (D6 and E7) and finally the famous DX7, which is famous since the 80s for it’s E-Piano alike and Clavi sounds. The sample library comes with 25 ready-to-use Program Presets. This includes a Controller programing for Knoby 1-8, S1 and S2 Switches and Ribbon. Most important Controller assignment is the Ribbon: A slide to the left and the timbre will be a little softer and a slide to the left makes the sound more brilliant. If you want to fix a such a momentary setting for a while you just need to push SW2 Switch. Also you can keep the SW2 Switch in ON Mode (LED lits) and change the timbre character by simply sliding a little more to the left or right on the Ribbon.

With SW1 Switch the sound will be tranposed one octave down which is a handy function for 61 and 73 keyboard versions.

Electric Piano & Clavinet Program Presets bank: default location User UU-GG

Program Presets Soundbank Electric Piano & Clavinet 000 001 002 003 004 005 006 007 008 009

Super Roadie Mrs. Electra Wurli Dyn Funk Time EP w/Pad Fine Tines Punchy Roads E7 Brilliant D SynClav 1 Muted Clavi D

010 011 012 013 014 015 016 017 018 019

Amped W Styx EP Vintage Clavi 1 Balladeer Muted Clavi E Fluffy Throaty Clav Soft Tramp 80s FM Vintage Clavi 2

020 021 022 023 024

Wired Layer Modern SynPiano Overdrive Clavi Stairway EP Wah Clav

Sample instruments content Clavi 1 Clavi 2 Clavi 3 Clavi 4 Clavi Brilliant D Clavi muted 1 Clavi muted 2 Clavi Sharp AC DX Clavi 1 DX Clavi 2 DX Fine Tines EP H Electra EP R Dyna 1 EP R Dyna 2 EP R Mk1 dyn EP R Suitc88 EP W dyn

Produced by Klaus P. Rausch for Back In Time Records. Unauthorized copying prohibited, all rights reserved 2017. Contact: Sample Library with Program Presets for Korg Kronos. Korg and Kronos are registered trademarks and property of their owner. The product names Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Hohner Electra-piano, D6 and E7 and Yamaha DX7 are only for illustration purposes of the sounds and are registered trademarks and property of their respective owner. Content changes may occur without notice. Current version 1.0, released March 22, 2017. Documentation current version 1.0.

Kronos Electric Piano and Clavinet Complete Content  
Kronos Electric Piano and Clavinet Complete Content