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“Dreams of Yesterday” by Vivan Tran

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Table of Contents Medusa’s Stone by Julia Nichols 4 Glass All Empty by Victoria Reep 5 Puerto Rico by Abigail Parker 6 Thoughts after a Tragedy in a Small Town by Christopher Young 7 i wish my eyes werent puffy from crying by Victoria Reep 8 Despair by Rachel Lechwar 11 An Ode to Windows by Amanda Morningstar 12 The Beast by Ansley Gibson 13 Invisible by William Prewett 14 Unsaid by Cate Cosgrove 15 Prison Cell by Katie Jubran 16 All My Names by Victoria Reep 18 Snake by Grant Reidy 20 The Stormy Night by John Costa 21 Trident of Hope by Lauren Massais 22 help i’m drowning by Victoria Reep 23 A Wonder Woman by Victoria Reep 24 Saving Wings by Sarah Ward 25 Love Alone by Meghan O’Connell-Becker 26 In Her Tower by Victoria Reep 27 Painter’s Poem by Maci Fulton 28 The Moon by Mary McLauchlin 29 Between a Rock and a Hard Place by Matthew Seale 30 Hermes by Madelyn Aiken 31 Dolphins by Isabella Cratem 32 Hermit Crab by Hannah Dybel 34 Magic by Marielle Todd 35 The Lesser of Two Evils by Mailene Miranda 36 The Lyre by Abigail Parker 37 Apollo by Chloe Shaw 38 As a Flower Rises Again by Lily England 39 The Jar by Victoria Reep 41 Owl of Athena by Alexandra Smith 42 Horn of Plenty by Katherine Lacy 43 Where is He? by Abigail Parker 44 A Unity of Love by Hallie Knight 45 The Heart by Isabella Solis 46

Medusa’s Stone

by Julia Nichols

I made the mistake of looking into her eyes, In a split second I became stone. Facing my own demise, I prayed to be able to let out a single groan, As I waited for the day on which I would be set free. To my surprise, I became very wise. When I was delivered from the horrid monstrosity, I wanted to share more generosity. I could no longer be as carefree as the old me. “Light in the Sky” by Leah Weber 4

Glass All Empty by Victoria Reep When I was young I gave out smiles Like they were flowers And everyone was my love. When I was young I saw the world As a catalog Of endless possibilities. When I was young I was sure Life would be worth it. But that was then And this is now.

“Finding a New Hope” by Nina Saldajeno

People ask me “Where did that beautiful little girl go?” And I can’t say “She grew up” Because they wouldn’t understand. (and maybe that’s not really where she went) Some people criticize me For not being as optimistic Or as happy As they’d like me to be. But you can’t blame me for being empty When you’re the one That emptied me.

The kaleidoscope Of my childhood Gave way to the monochrome Of my teenage years. 5

Puerto Rico By Abigail Parker

5 months,

Without enough food to eat.

21 weeks,

Without enough water to drink.

150 days,

Without enough power to contact anyone.

3,600 hours,

Without enough strength to overcome this.

216,000 minutes,

Without enough hope that they will survive.

For 12,960,000 seconds,

Nobody listens to their call for help. Nobody answers their call for help.

Somebody, answer their call for help.


Thoughts after a Tragedy in a Small Town by Christopher Young

There was tragedy in the sheer amount of lives lost that day in our small town. There was tragedy in the homes of our families and friends who lost someone in that senseless, terrifying mass shooting that occurred down the road. There was tragedy in the thought that we would never recover, never learn to rebuild our lives and our city after such a horrendous act. The tragedy birthed memorials, Twitter hashtags, and media coverage like our town has never seen. It created heightened security measures, increased mental counseling programs, and even began conversation between community members and city officials on prevention techniques. Tragedy created a temporary, but very real spark of hope that maybe what happened here could change things for the better. But, as we all know, sparks burn out. Time passes, awareness dwindles, and people forget. I watched my town go back to business as usual, and I watched nothing get done. I watched a tragedy unfold in this town that only I noticed, a silent but deadly tragedy almost as horrifying as the first. It was that I knew this would happen again, somewhere else, to some other small town just like ours. The tragedy is that I would be forced to watch the nation care, but not enough to change.

“Contemplation� by Nina Saldajeno


i wish my eyes weren’t puffy from crying by Victoria Reep


“Mann” by Velisa Pelkey

Student Name Teacher Subject 3 October 2017

I wish my eyes weren’t puffy from crying

They say knowledge is a necessary weapon to have when battling life. They say learning is fun and a key part of what makes us human. And maybe they’re right.

But I’m tired of staring at my paper, frustrated because none of my keys unlock the safe that holds the answer to this question. I’m tired of carving words into my head and then never using them. I’m tired of learning the who’s what’s and where’s And never learning the why’s and how’s. I’m tired of painting rivers on my cheeks because I can’t meet their standards of success. I’m tired of wasting more than 12 years on a system that doesn’t give me knowledge, but gives me Stress, Anxiety, Panic attacks, and Depression. 9

I’m tired of being forced to go through this government sanctioned Pain. I want to live and learn. I want to see the world and fumble over the words of another language and laugh with my friends and enjoy my youth. I want to dance without fear. I want to sing at one in the morning because my soul yearns for it. I want to paint to read to do everything I’ve dreamed of doing. But instead I’m stuck between pale concrete walls learning how to find the roots of a polynomial, knowing nothing I say will be worth anything if it isn’t in 12 pt Times New Roman.



By Rachel Lechwar The sky may not be falling But it presses against my skin Confined to expectations As the worries creep in Hold your breath Close your eyes It can all be beautiful Keep telling those lies Shield yourself from the pain It ’s better not to feel But it will still remain If you never take time to heal Trapped inside a mental storm? You’re not the only one Those who suffer every day Might seem so full of sun Life is no fairy tale There is no rewind Make the most of today Tell that to your spinning mind The storm will pass eventually Or maybe hover still You never know what life

might bring Or what it ’s come to kill Not drowning, no But sinking Life can go on I can’t stop thinking Ripples from the surface It looks different from down here Out of touch with all that ’s known Now nothing is clear Running in circles Chasing the unattainable The glass is half empty When it once was full Close your eyes Hold your breath You can never avoid The truth of Death The sky may not be falling But I feel it closer now I want to resist it But I just don’t know how


An Ode to Windows By Amanda Morningstar

a Window four panes of glass Shielding the good Banishing the wicked. Terror occurs beyond the Window but this solid glass


“Life in Color� by Alexandra Smith

harbors fragile souls like a dog guarding its master. a glass half shattered or a glass half mended lets you see the world with Fear or the world with Faith

The Beast

by Ansley Gibson

Our world desperately needs a change, For north to south, west to east, Hatred is passed in foreign exchange, And man was morphed to beast, We must change back before it’s too late. We can’t just lie at home and sleep; Ignore the sounds of those who weep; All the negative we must rectify; Together we have to try. We can’t just sit and wait. “Menacing Mannequin” by Veronica Selden


Invisible By William Prewett

Being invisible isn’t the best Being hated would be better It is like wearing a crest that says don’t come nearer I will be incredible One day I will be great And others will notate The good that is in me The will to be seen until then I am invisible

“Nostalgia” by Veronica Selden 14

Unsaid by Cate Cosgrove

Mom, I think there’s someone in my head Speaking words I left unsaid Creeping thoughts that fill my mind, Seeping comments that seem unkind Mom, I think there’s something wrong Something hazy, something long Lasting hours, I start to fade These creeping thoughts won’t stay away Mom, I think I’ve strayed the path I’ve gone on long, I’m torn in half There’s something heavy sitting here Once distinct now seems unclear Mom, I’m running out of time I feel the past, it’s slipping fast I know this wouldn’t last When all along I never asked: Momma, is it okay? The heaven in your head? I haven’t seen you since that day You lay so pale in bed

Momma, are you okay? You never got to say Everything happened in an instant I never knew I missed it Momma, was it okay? Those nights we spent apart I never knew what to say, I never had the heart Momma, is it okay? Tell me: are you safe? I wrote to you on Mother’s Day, That pain hasn’t gone away Momma, I am sorry For rambling on so long There’s so much that’s gone on It’s hard to be this strong Momma, I am sorry For crying all those times For not telling you I loved you When I thought it all those times Now I have to go, But Momma don’t forget I love you everyday As if you never left


Prison Cell

By Katie Jubran

Stone walls at every side Do you really think you can hide? I hear and understand your plea You are innocent, and should be set free Every night, you crouch in your cell and cry Maybe you should give up, why even bother to try? Your time is up, you’ve paid the wrong fee You are innocent, and should be set free Sanity is slipping from your mind You must remember, you’re still a part of mankind. There is one thing on which we both agree You are innocent, and should be set free


“Chained Down” by Nicole Campbell


All My Names

By Victoria Reep

A decade of work After years of blood and sweat Leaving my home Leaving my family Losing everything I find myself In a world where It seems I am not welcome Even though I’ve done nothing wrong Even though I’ve worked harder and longer Nothing seems to matter to them Nothing I say will change their mind I’m just an alien They tear me down with their words They hope to strike fear in my heart They hope to repay some of the heartbreak they’ve been given Everything has changed Everything hurts Red-- the color of their hatred Revenge-- the justification Others will tell me to wait it out Others will tell me to take a stand Read my story Read my soul I have done you no wrong So why must you spread all this hatred There seems to be no way To change your mind All they see is a terrorist


Crying doesn’t seem strong Could they be wrong about that? Really, I have so much to cry about Really, you have given me so much to cry about I read about so many lives taken I hear about how so many lives matter Matter? I just want you to realize that my life matters too Normalize love All I want it to live A life like you Look around- Love has been lost. When will you see that I’m not a criminal?

“When You Look at Me, What Do You See?” by Anajé Austin


Snake by Grant Reidy The snake is a symbol of rebirth It sheds its skin as a new beginning, It symbolizes the renewing of our worth, One with much praise and winning, We should look forward after all. This renewal should symbolize our hope; After the situation that we could not cope; If we have suffered great loss; It will show we are not a lost cause; We must renew ourselves after we fall.

“Hopes� by Niang Cing 20

The Stormy Night By John Costa

In the midst of the storms, In the heights of the sky, Where the biggest cloud forms, The thunder and lightening lie, The bolt waiting to strike at all times. The great storms come and go; Some are blizzards, rain, ice, and snow; I wait for the battles in the sky to end; And the sunshine be my friend; I hope for the sun to shine at any time.

“The Moon of Shadows� by Allison Johnson


Trident of Hope

by Lauren Massais

Out of the dark tunnel, three roads in an open space. Three straight roads, like points of a trident, The destination of each being a joyous place, Where no one can hurt you and kind words are truly meant, Where the troubles of the past cannot attack. The feeling of power begins to overtake, As for once, the choice is yours to make. Right or left or directly straight, Each path leads to somewhere there is no hate, Finally moving forward and never looking back.

“Blue Hues� by Isabella Hernandez 22

Help I’m Drowning by Victoria Reep since when was life a string of moments where i feel numb and empty and sad all at the same time?

since when was life feeling guilty for doing the things that i enjoy instead of the boring, tedious work i’ve been assigned

since when was life supposed to make me feel like i’ve lost control and the plane is free-falling and the passengers are my responsibilities and they’re crying and screaming as we fall but i sit in the cockpit, numb and deaf to those around me

since when was life so sad? when i think of what i’ll leave behind all i can see is the memory of someone stressed and sad and being crushed by expectations and an epitaph saying “This is f i n e” “Searching for You” by Sephora Affa


A Wonder Woman Maybe she came here As a child With stars in her eyes. Maybe she came here As a girl With despair haunting her face. Maybe she was born here And laments What has become of the world around her. Maybe she came here With her children Exhausted and hoping. Maybe she came here With her children Knowing life would be hard for her But held hope That her children’s lives would be different. Maybe she’s tired Of the darkness that lurks All around her. Maybe she’s tired Of the hatred flung At her. Maybe she’s just like you and me But no matter what She deserves To have the weariness Wiped from her eyes. Let the lines on her face Be from laughter, And not from frowns. Show her a world To be proud of. Art by Grace Turner 24

by Victoria Reep

Saving Wings by Sarah Ward

We are lost. No one knows what we need. We won’t recover from this infinite cost. The people can’t help but bleed From war, violence, and a hope for peace. We need a ray of light. One to help us through the night. He has given us wings. Because He is the king above all kings, We shall fly over this beast. “Light & Dark” by Emma Wallinger 25

Love Alone

by Megan O’Connell-Becker

An island empty, I stand alone, Luxuries aplenty, Watching dolphins roam, Blinded by a meteor. Now the stars seem dull and stark; Being without love is like living in the dark; My comfort on hopeless days; Even dolphins face waves. I hope that time makes the emptiness easier.


“Galaxy” by Louis Kazaleh

In Her Tower By Victoria Reep Do not fashion me Into a maiden who needs saving From the fearsome dragon. Do not presume I am A helpless flower mid-bloom. Do not presume I am A caged bird with clipped wings being held against my will. Do not presume I need saving When I have not requested your help. Even cats stuck in trees Climbed to that branch for a reason. For I am a queen— The strongest piece On your chess board. And this dragon is my friend. And should you harm him, I will send armies after you. Because I have a secret: It isn’t the dragon you should fear. It is the fire within my soul.

“Moonlight Dancer” by Cassidy Nguyen


Painter’s Poem A life needs the hue Of the colors of hope, Not shades so blue That frowns the horizon’s slope. Choose the bright colors of life!

By Maci Fulton

A painter’s palette shadows out the light Just as it makes the dullness so bright. Be vigilant over your color scheme So that you can live your most colorful dreams Choose the bright colors of life! 28

“psychedelic” by Peyton Gibson

The Moon

By Mary McLauchlin

In the darkness there is no light Yet one sliver of light pierces through The silver moon puts up a great fight The darkness cannot outdo the moon’s lustrous glow For nothing can glow shine Without darkness trying to undermine Its light gives hope That the sun will return and coat the earth with its warm glow

“Light Amid Darkness” by Allison Johnson 29

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

by Matthew Seale

Sometimes you are stuck, When bad and worse are your options, Unwilling to test your luck, You choose one and proceed with caution; You prepare to make a decision But you think again for a second, And a new door of thought is opened; A new option has been presented, A disaster has been prevented, You have found the solution

“God’s Beauty” by Sarah Zwatschka 30


By : Madelyn Aiken

Through one world after the other, Message upon message is passed, Flown by the sandals that flutter, Messages spread far and wide like newscast, The reason of messages vary from hope to despair Even when all seems lost at that moment in time; There is always something to keep in mind; Someone or something is somewhere for you; Have hope, send love, and one will get through; Regardless the situation, easy or not, hope is there.

“Flyover� by Joseph Hale



“The Rising of Hope” by Emma Jones

Dolphins by Isabella Cratem

Through the dark waters they sometimes roam unable to see the light they feel so far away from home but they know not to give up the fight for there is hope

Slick and sleek as they swim past Jumping up through the waves with a blast No sign of fear is present In the sun is where they are content They will be called hope


Hermit Crab by Hannah Dybel

In the depths of her living space Where she dwells all alone, Staying isolated just in case, They come true, her fears of the unknown, But one day she ventured out. She will dip out her toe; She will realize she should have done this ages ago; She will look around and be amazed; She did not expect this, she thought she would be unfazed. She smiled as she felt a new side of her begin to sprout.


“Optimism� by Nina Saldajeno


By: Marielle Todd There comes a point in a child’s life, When they must face reality, To become an adult and combat the strife, That burdens the world’s mentality, The innocence they once possessed now a distant memory. But not everything in your childhood stays there, We all need a little magic to help us fare, For the pain of the real world can become unbearable, Disbelievers will say it’s only a fable, But those who believe will have the strength to face any enemy.

“Lost Year” by Isabella Chrisphonte


The Lesser of Two Evils by Mailene Miranda

Rushing in waves, soft enough to offer life each day The chance for a life to be saved, but strong enough to take it away, She is water.

When thrown, it is to protect or hurt; Either found in water or in the dirt Provides support for us to walk upon; She may drag you down, but you can still live on, The power to either drag or swim, you will just become stronger. 36

“Inequality� by Karina Santos

The Lyre

By Abigail Parker None is said or heard, Only the dreary silence is here, Seeking a sign or even one word. Is it ever going to come? Even near? Maybe it won’t, one can only dream. There it is! Coming across the room, A sweet melody is played, it starts to bloom. As the rhythm goes on, now clearly heard. The pitch of the instrument, as sweet as a bird. One alone sounds as if there is a team.

“Talking to the Moon” by Lauryn Parker



by Chloe Shaw

His skills are variant, He holds a silver bow by his thigh, Harnessed in his four-horse chariot, He moves the Sun across the sky. Bringing a new day, he brings a new hope. The suns rays are never ending, And the new day brings chances that are still pending. When ones life becomes hard and they must shed a tear, He washes his worries away by playing from his golden lyre. He gives us a ray of hope from his music, new life, and the light that makes us not mope. “Hope in Darkness� by Aidan Swett 38

As a Flower Rises Again by: Lily England

On very cold days, a flower nearly dies, but under the sun’s rays, the flower begins to rise returning to its former splendor. We can all be like this flower. When situations seem gloomy and dour, we just need to open our eyes and then allow our spirit to rise. For to hard times, we will never surrender.

“California Poppies” by Cosette Steeves


The Jar

by Victoria Reep

She huddled under the lip of the jar, hiding from her brothers and sisters. When they grew silent, she poked her head around, looking into the abysmal darkness. She gasped and fled deeper into her hiding place when multiple pairs of red eyes shot toward her hiding spot. She could not remember how long they had been stuck in this jar. Perhaps it had only been a few decades. Perhaps it had been centuries. Perhaps they had always lived in the darkness of this jar. All she knew was that she wished she could escape her siblings’ chaos and tragedy. One day (or maybe it was night, she could never tell), she heard voices outside the jar. She could not remember the last time she had heard voices that weren’t hoarse from screaming. Even her siblings quieted so they could listen to the newcomers. “For you, dear Pandora,” said a voice tainted with electricity. She felt the jar being passed into another’s hand. “What is it, my lord?” a woman’s voice asked. “It is a jar, but you must promise me you will never open it,” the man replied. “Why not?” the woman asked, turning the jar around so that her siblings were jostled about. The man’s voice lowered as he said in a secretive tone, “Believe me, dear Pandora, you will not enjoy the contents of this jar, but I entrust unto you to keep safe. Can you promise me that?” “Yes, my lord,” the woman whispered. She feared the woman would not keep her promise. xxx Her fears were proven when a few hours later (or what she estimated was a few hours) the jar was jostled again. From her hiding place under the lid of the jar, she heard the woman whisper to herself, “What could you be hiding?” Her brothers and sisters held their breath as well, but not in fear as she did but in anticipation. Quickly, she prayed to the gods that someone would find the woman and take the jar from her. But then the lid of the jar began to scrape against the sides. Having remained unopened for centuries, it took the woman a few minutes to get the lid unjammed. Finally, she was moments away from freeing her brothers and sisters. She heard the woman take a deep breath and then- Her brothers and sisters lunged toward the light. She heard the woman scream as her siblings raged around her. The woman began to sob as her siblings screamed and cackled before making their way into the world. She stepped around the lip of the jar and stared up at a sky she hadn’t seen in a millenium. She’d forgotten how beautiful the stars were. Then she heard the woman grab the discarded lid of the jar. A few of her siblings were still scrambling past her as the woman began to jam the lid onto the jar. Her heart leapt into her throat. She would not be left alone in the darkness. “Wait!” she cried. The woman faltered, looking down into the jar. She stared up into the woman’s face, taking in a mouth red with apologies and eyes puffy from her tears. As she stared into the woman’s stardust eyes, she felt something stir within her. For the woman’s eyes held a glimmer of Hope. She climbed up and sat on the lip of the jar. She reached up and wiped a tear from the woman’s cheek. “Who are you?” the woman whispered. She smiled as she felt herself grow. “I am Hope, Pandora,” she said as she grew to the size of the gods. “You have released all the miseries of human life, but because you held hope in your heart, I have the power to keep them at bay.” Hope smiled at Pandora as she floated past. She held out a hand, brushing the stars fondly. Then, she looked toward her siblings and the terror they wrought. Extending her hand, she let Generosity, Kindness, Love, Healing, Peace, and Life free into the world. She watched quietly as they battled Greed, Envy, Hatred, Pain, Disease, Hunger, Poverty, War, and Death. 40

As Apollo pulled the sun over the horizon, Hope watched as her children chased her brothers and sisters away and smiled. She waved at Apollo before turning around and returning to Pandora and the jar that had been her home for longer than she could remember. With a triumphantly tired smile she said to Pandora softly, “My siblings will return, but as long as you keep me safe, my children will prevail. I must return to the jar, Pandora. Will you hide me from my brothers and sisters?” Pandora nodded solemnly and held the jar out before her. Hope breathed in the new world’s air and smiled as she watched Apollo paint the sky with the feathers of his arrows. “Give Hope to the people, Pandora, and they will be able to endure the wickedness of the world,” she said as she fell into a jar that was no longer haunted by the darkness of the world.

“Battle of Hope and Despair” by Colyn Weber


Owl of Athena by Alexa Smith

An owl’s vision is insanely shocking seen in the blackness of the night. Its wisdom is abundantly overflowing without needing the presence of light. It is bright at the darkest time. The mysterious creature adjusts its eyes to see a scary world covered in disguise. The black shadow brings thriving fear yet the owl sees through the clear. They will see a new prime.


“Moonlit Forest” by Marisa Garcia

Horn of Plenty

By Katherine Lacy

As the Earth is torn apart, And humanity wages war, Someone will keep their heart, And hope and generosity will be restored. A cornucopia will be given to many, The cornucopia is a sign, Of the generosity in our bloodline, When we pick each other up, Especially when the world is corrupt, We will be each others’ horn of plenty.

“A Hopeful Dreamer” by Nina Saldajeno


Where is He? By Abigail Parker

I hadn’t seen him for days before it happened. They said he had been in the hospital, in a section that I wasn’t old enough to go into. They said he had cancer that no one knew about. They said he died. They said it as I packed away my clothes to move. They said it as my life was hectic before the news. I heard it right, as I went to his funeral not so long after they told me. I heard what they said, as I cried my heart out. I couldn’t even remember my last words to him because it had been a while since I’d seen him. I hoped they were good, sweet. Maybe an “I love you!” or even a “see you later.” I hoped that it was for the best, that it was the right time. I hoped that my family would be there for everyone, including me. Without him, my world felt empty. I didn’t hear his jokes, followed by his hearty laugh after we finally caught onto the joke. I didn’t see the tricks that he would always pull on us. I didn’t touch his long, grey-haired beard or ponytail in curiosity as to why he kept it. I didn’t taste the cheap pizza that he would always take us to get for lunch. I didn’t smell the gasoline or the potato chips he would always get us at the gas station. Where is he? Is he in heaven with the angels? Is he in purgatory repenting for his sins? I wonder if he is safe, happy. I wonder if he is watching over us. I wonder he if is proud. He isn’t here in the flesh, but he lives on in all of us, in all of my family. 44

“Behind the Glasses” by Isabella Hernandez

A Unity of Love By Hallie Knight

I once heard music called the language we all share. The world might as well be made up of rhythms and beats. Our favorite songs manage to surround us everywhere. These melodies continue to fill our homes and streets. We fill venues with people right and left, below and above, But recently these public areas have been under attack. Must we avoid what we love? How could we possibly fight back? No. We must play our music louder, overcoming this awful circumstance. Alone nothing will be accomplished; together we might have a chance. These tragedies attempt to separate us, but our hope is in a unity of love.

“Dance in Moonlight� by Marisa Garcia 45

The Heart by Isabella Solis

With a spark in your heart When it skips a beat You will know from the start That you are complete The inside you burns so bright

A heart is what keeps you going When your love is overflowing It is happiness that keeps you awake It is not a feeling that you have to fake You wouldn’t give this up without a fight


“Nature’s Hope” by Anna Albertelli

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