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An Expansion Ministry of the Hollywood Full Gospel Baptist Cathedral

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MAY 2014

A Mother's Love

There are times when only a mother's love Can understand our tears, Can soothe our disappointments And calm our many fears. There are times when only a mother's love Can share the joy we feel When something we've dreamed about Quite suddenly is so real. There are times when only a mother's faith Can help us on life's way And inspire in us the confidence We need from day to day. For a mother's heart and a mother's faith And a mother's steadfast love Were fashioned by God And sent from above.  --Author Unknown To all the Mothers everywhere, God bless you! Be encouraged in your walk.

Justin Williams

Sonny McCann

Judy Clarke

Regina Johnson

New Faces in the Ministry By Staff Writer

We in the Queens Ministry are praising God for how He is blessing the ministry with additional people. This month we continue to celebrate some of the new faces in the ministry that includes Brother Justin Williams, son of Shawn and Myrna Williams, Brother Sonny McCann, son of Gwen and Richard McCann, Sister Judy Clarke, family of Roy White and Florence Collins and Sister Regina Johnson, a friend of many of the existing members. Be sure to check in with us next month when we will share additional people who have come to the ministry.

From the Desk of Bishop Andy C. Lewter Happy Mother’s Day

On the behalf of the Queens Ministry, I want to wish all of the mothers who are a part of our church a “Happy Mother’s Day”. You are the crown jewels of our family and we realize that we would not be what we are today if it had not been for the sacrifices and and support that you gave us over the years. We adore, appreciate and love you. We thank God for putting you in our lives and we salute you on this your day. On a personal note, let me thank all of you for your kindness and affection as I celebrated my 60th birthday. I love and appreciate you all.

MINISTRY HEADQUARTERS: 157 11 ROCKAWAY, JAMAICA, NY 11434 • (631) 842-7091


“Her children stand and bless her!” Proverbs 31:28a


Join us every Sunday – following morning worship. Good Food! Great Fellowship! Thought-provoking and Inspiring study of the Word! Tribute to Biblical Mothers: 1) Who said: “Now I will praise the Lord”

Gen. 29:35

2) Who said: “Take this child away and nurse him for me…”

Exodus 2:9

Happy Mother’s Day! – To all moms in general and to my mom in particular. We bless and honor you on this your day. May God continue to crown you with wisdom and knowledge, and fill you with His wonderful love, that you may continuously pour out to those around you. May He strengthen and keep you through all seasons of your life. Your sacrifices will be rewarded. Mothers are truly heaven sent!

3) Who said: “It is good my daughter that you go out with his young women.” Ruth 2:22 4) Who said: “It is well!”

2 Kings 4:23

5) Who said: “Blessed is the fruit of your womb”

Luke 1:42b

6) Who said: “Yes Lord, yet even the little dogs under the table eat from the children’s crumbs” Mark 7:28

Financial Literacy May’s Topic “How To Set A Budget”

Scripture Verse for the Month

By Brother James Boyd

Maybe the word budget makes you nervous; therefore refer to it as your monthly money plan. This financial spending plan is where you should start. A budget allows you to get rid of the mystery as to where your money is going daily, weekly and monthly. The purpose of a budget is to show where your net income is going and how not to over spend. With a budget, priorities are set in place such as savings for investing in your retirement, kids’ college education, the purchasing of a home and implementation of an emergency fund. To get started, one should track all of their spending for an entire month to see where their funds are going. If you paid for an item, document it. Once you have a record you can see if you’re spending needs to be adjusted in an area such as entertainment, eating out, cell phone, cable bills and other FIGURE 1-1 “like to have” categories. You can make budgeting easy by using an online tool, mint. Jane Doe’s Daily Money Dairy com/app or pencil and paper. Subway/Bus Fare $16.00 Getting spending under control is your key objective and once that happen, saving becomes possible. Going forward continue to track your spending, review monthly and balance your budget. Also, add on the bills you pay once a year such as home owners insurance.


$ 0.75



Lunch$9.00 Dry Cleaning 



“Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies.” Proverbs 31:10

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