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Structural Scanning HIGH DEFINITION 3D LASER SCANNING Laser scanning is ideal for 3D modeling of large-scale scenes, both indoor and outdoor. Facility Managers can now have as-built documentation of assets prepared as Revit Models. Consulting Engineers can reverse engineer CAD models for process plant design and maintenance. Surveyors use it for measured building surveys, elevations, plans and to create 3D models. Building Contractors can model their structures as they evolve. Architects can get Revit models of existing structures quickly and with incredible detail.



AEC SUPPORT Biscon supports our building owner, architectural, engineering and construction clients by delivering technology-driven scanning services for both interior and exterior existing conditions. Our LiDAR scanning services meet the accuracy needs and exceed the level of accuracy required by the AEC market.

ARRAY ARCHITECTS, INC. Since 1983, Array Architects has been recognized among the nation’s leaders in healthcare facilities design, offering a full complement of knowledge-based services, including planning, architecture, interior design and advisory services, from eight office locations nationally. Their healthcare exclusivity stems from the belief that design can improve patient outcomes, maximize operational efficiencies andprovide remarkable results for their clients.

SOLUTION 3D LASER SCANNING Biscon provides scan-to-BIM 3D modelling services, utilizing LiDAR technology, to capture survey point cloud data for transformation to Revit 3D BIM models. Using Level of Detail (LOD) industry specifications as a guide, Biscon Geospatial captures interior and exterior existing conditions for MEP, architectural, or structural systems as registered point clouds for use by architects, engineers and building owners. Our interior and exterior 3D Models seamlessly and efficiently combine 3D geometry with spatial relationships for incredible accuracy..


Our national healthcare architectural client required existing condition information to inform and advance critical design decisions for their healthcare system client. Accurate existing conditions regarding exterior elevations where new elevator shafts were being considered was required and in a form that could be utilized in their BIM workflow. A speedy delivery of an accurate 3D model was critical to adhere to the project’s demanding design schedules.

Solution Using LiDAR laser scanning technology, Bison captured the necessary interior and exterior existing conditions in a registered point cloud format, then transformed that data into a Revit BIM model. The BIM model was delivered in a very compressed timeframe. Using Array Architects’ BIM standards enabled them to import our deliverable into their Revit models with almost no data clean up.

By providing a model based on the client’s BIM standards, Array was able to import it into their Revit models with almost no data clean up.

Having a firm like Biscon Geospatial understand our data transformation requirements and deliver accurate Revit models that can be imported directly into our project workflow creates incredible value for Array and our clients - CARL DAVIS, CEO ARRAY ARCHITECTS

SPEED OF DELIVERY Array Architects required an extremely fast turn around of the BIM model to ensure adherence to their compressed design schedule. The 3D model utilized the architect’s BIM standards, which was required to inform the design team of existing condition information critical to both the architectural and vertical transportation design teams. The speed with which Biscon can deliver incredibly accurate point cloud files and Revit models creates significant value for our clients and their projects. TECHNOLOGY Biscon uses both airborne and ground-based LiDAR to provide accurate and timely as-built studies in a full 360 degree environment. This technology uses a laser pointed at targeted areas with the beam of light reflecting off the surface it encounters. A sensor records this reflected light to measure a range. Laser ranges combined with position and orientation data generated from integrated GPS and Inertial Measurement Unit systems, scan angles, and calibration data, result in a dense, detail-rich group of elevation points, called a “point cloud.” Each point in the point cloud has three-dimensional spatial coordinates (latitude, longitude, and height) that correspond to a particular point on the earth’s surface from which a laser pulse was reflected. The point clouds are incredibly accurate and are used to generate other geospatial products, such as digital elevation, canopy and building models and contours. ACCURACY OF TRANSFORMED DATA Using LiDAR, with accuracy levels of ±1mm at distances of up to 350 meters, 3D models can be created even in challenging environments, narrow job sites, dusty or humid areas, in rain or direct sunlight applications. Capturing accurate existing conditions, in what otherwise would be very difficult at best and dangerous at worst, can often times be accomplished easily and safely using LiDAR. Biscon’s laser scanning services offers significant benefits when detail and accuracy is important. In this project there was no need to rent lifts to register height dimensions, as precise measurements were captured from a distance. RESULTS

ABOUT BISCON GEOSPATIAL Biscon Geospatial is a 30 year firm founded as a survey firm but which has grown to embrace the ever changing and complex world in which we live. We are a team of professionals with unique backgrounds, but we all have one thing in common – we share a strong desire to use our expertise and knowledge to provide solutions that result differentiating value for our clients. To do this we focus on and invest in our people, our processes, and technology. This focus makes us leaders in our field. Together, we discover optimal solutions with our clients. It is our three decades of specialization that allowed us to become trusted partners to so many organizations.

WHY WE ARE DIFFERENT More than just another survey firm, Biscon Geospatial continually seeks out opportunities to impact our client’s value chain. It is this pursuit to provide differentiating value for our clients that has positioned us well to compete with much larger firms while providing far greater value. Our goal is to provide our clients with unanticipated value that they ultimately come to expect.

WHAT IT MEANS FOR OUR CLIENTS We achieve this by certainly listening to our clients, but just as importantly by taking the time to understand clients’ business drivers and pain points, and addressing those in creative, innovative ways. This innovation requires hiring expertise that make a difference, and delivering new or existing services very differently than other traditional survey firms. Biscon Geospatial has been willing to disrupt our practice to create new services and perspectives that help drive value propositions that our clients need to compete in their markets. It is this attentiveness to people and process, combined with our drive to leverage technology that defines our core values.

Companies have rapidly embraced laser scanning because it enables them to reduce both the costs and risks associated with as-built documentation. The non-intrusive nature of laser scanning provides a hands-off means of documenting and modeling. For Array Architects and their client, Pinnacle Health, Biscon was able to quickly capture critical existing conditions that otherwise would have been extremely difficult, in a very cost-effective way.


For three DECADES Biscon Geospatial has been helping organizations make more informed decisions around mapping, modeling and managing their world. We transform geospatial data in various ways to impact our client’s value chain. Our core competencies include the acquisition, analysis, modeling, integration, and management of geospatial data.

MARKETS SEEKING out creative and innovative value propositions for each of the diverse markets we serve help us deliver differentiating value for our clients.


SOLUTIONS TRANSFORMING geospatial data to inform decisions and processes that matter most to organizations.



LISTEN, UNDERSTAND, AND CREATE VALUE While the markets we serve are diverse, our approach to each is analogous: Listen to our clients, understand their pain points, and create differentiating value for them and their projects. By investing the resources necessary to understand our clients’ business drivers, and then develop processes and services that solve problems unique to those markets, we separate ourselves from our competition and create unique opportunities for both ourselves and our clients.

IT’S ALL ABOUT OUR PEOPLE, PROCESSES, AND TECHNOLOGY It is our three decades of delivering differentiating value through effective communication, collaboration, and precision in the complex, and ever changing world that make us an excellent choice for your next project. By delivering projects with experienced professionals, using processes and technology that adds value to your projects we hope to convert project opportunities into relationships where we become your trusted partner.

Published: JANUARY 2017

Case Study: High Definition 3D Laser Scanning  
Case Study: High Definition 3D Laser Scanning