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MARCH 2009

ISSUE No. 26

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MOUNTSORREL PARISH Council rewards the community spirit of residents by awarding certificates of commendation.

Pic: Mrs Pam Wiblin (left), John Lindsey and Mrs Margaret Wells

Mountsorrel Post MARCH 2009 (26), page 1

The certificates recognise the contribution they have made to village life. In 2008 certificates were presented to: • John E Lindsey, in appreciation of his dedicated service, contribution and commitment as a Trustee of the Mountsorrel United Charities, Relief in Need Charity and Educational fund during the period 1976 to 2007. • Mrs Margaret E Wells – in appreciation of her service and hard work on behalf of the Mountsorrel Memorial Hall as a member and Chairperson of the Committee. • A posthumous award was made to Mr Kenneth Wiblin – in appreciation of his contribution and enthusiasm to the Mountsorrel Heritage Group as Chairman and also for being Mountsorrel’s First Heritage Warden.

Petition against proposed waste site A NEW Waste and Recycling site has been proposed for land off Granite Way, Mountsorrel. Leicestershire County Council want to replace the Sileby waste site with what the county describe as a “state of the art” facility in Mountsorrel. Nick Rushton, the Council’s deputy leader, said: “This is win-win for local residents – we will replace a cramped, outdated site with a state-of-the-art facility with excellent access, which will make recycling even easier for local residents. If anyone wants to see how effective our new-look sites are, they only have to visit our site in Loughborough, which has proved to be really popular.” The current site at Sileby is at the end of a narrow, residential street and suffers from poor access, says the County Council. Based on an industrial estate on Granite Way, the proposed Mountsorrel site will offer: • improved access to the site and also to recycle containers • better signage • a full range of recycling facilities, for everything from aluminium cans to yogurt pots.

The proposal is being opposed by some local residents with over 300 signing a petition objecting to the plans. Households most affected will be those on Woodward Close and Hawcliffe Lane. Paul Lilley lives on Woodward Close. He said: “When we moved here the developers told us the traffic on Granite Way finished early. In fact we have traffic 24 hours a day and the additional traffic from this waste facility will make it just ridiculous. The car parks on Granite Way are not big enough and so all day there is a line of cars parked on the street, with fully laden lorries dodging through them. We also have a lot of extra parking on the roads with the Quorn car boot sales. Extra traffic will just result in chaos and be a danger to pedestrians, with many walking in the road.” Julie and Ian Atkins say that Charnwood Borough Council opposed the development of Woodward Close because of the volume of heavy goods traffic along Granite Way, with Charnwood stating that: “residents of these

dwellings will suffer poor environmental amenity due to excessive noise, disturbance and air pollution arising from the movement of heavy goods vehicles along Granite Way.” “If housing was rejected before for that reason, this site will only add to it” say the couple, who live on Woodward Close. “It will make our environment even more unhealthy, the added smell and noise during summer months in rising temperatures, the health risk and an increase in flies and vermin. Sites like this do not belong near residential areas.” A County Council spokesman told the Mountsorrel Post: “The County Council is proposing to purchase land, subject to planning permission, to create a new recycling and household waste facility in Mountsorrel. We are still at the very early stages and hope to submit a planning application in the summer,. Before this, we are carrying out a number of surveys to help us understand the impact of any proposals on the site and the surrounding area. “We are considering the concerns of local residents as part of our ongoing development of the proposal and are currently exploring opportunities for residents to give their views, before a planning application is submitted. Further details will be promoted in the local area and forwarded to interested residents.” The spokesman added: “The proposed Mountsorrel site will offer better access and signs as well as a full range of accessible recycle facilities. A number of sites were considered as part of the process to find a replacement for Sileby. The land at Granite Way was identified as being suitable after considering a number of factors such as its proximity to major roads and accessibility for residents in the southern part of the borough. We would like to emphasise that we are aware of the concerns of residents and will be consulting with them.”

Have your say at meeting CONCERNED ABOUT dog fouling, litter or antisocial behaviour? Do you have something to say about local policing, highway matters, flooding or playing fields? Mountsorrel’s Parish Council’s annual meeting is an opportunity for residents to have their say and questions answered in front of a top table of representatives from the Parish, Borough and County Councils, the Police and Neighbourhood Watch. Issues raised at previous meetings have included the sale of alcohol to minors, street cleaning, the renovation of PRC homes and the 1860 bridge. This year’s Annual Parish Meeting is on Thursday, March 19 at 7.30pm in the Memorial Hall, Leicester Road. Mountsorrel Post MARCH 2009 (26), page 2

Long Legion service THE TREASURER of Mountsorrel British Legion, Mr Noel Wakeling, has been presented with a certificate in recognition of his long service. Noel (74) has served as the Treasurer of the Mountsorrel branch since 1981. Secretary Mrs Peggy Clarke said: “The certificate is to say thank you for all he’s done”. Noel said: “I was very pleased to receive this, I felt a bit overwhelmed. It’s a job I took on and I never thought I was doing anything special.” The future of the branch, which meets monthly at Mountsorrel Working Men’s Club, is in doubt because of a lack of volunteers to help run it and organise the Poppy Appeal and Remembrance Day Parade. Pic: Noel Wakeling with his certificate

Police report & crime figures A MAN walking along Linkfield Road was assaulted and forced to hand over cash. On Sunday January 4 at 1.45am, three men in a car pulled up next to the man. One man grabbed hold of the victim while another bit his ear until he handed over his debit card and PIN number. Cash was then withdrawn from the ATM at the Co-op on Rothley Road. The offenders have been caught and two are now in prison. • Two robbers, one armed with a knife, stole cash and jewellery from a house on Balmoral Road on December 5. The men, wearing balaclavas, discovered the occupant in the shower and held a knife to his throat before tying him up and stealing the contents of a safe. • Thieves who successfully fitted a card reading device and a hidden camera to a Mountsorrel cash machine took money from users’ accounts. The equipment was fitted to the ATM at the Co-op on Rothley Road in January. Police say “numerous” residents were affected with up to £300 being taken from each account. The device and camera were removed before the ATM engineer got to the machine. Rothley Post office also reported evidence of tampering with their ATM but no customers were affected. The Police believe that a professional crime group from out of the county is responsible. Crime Report: December 2008 Burglary 2 (Chestnut Court, Boundary Road), burglary non-dwelling 1 (boiler stolen, Market Place), damage to motor vehicle 5, theft from motor vehicle 3, theft of motor vehicle 2, criminal damage 3, theft 2, armed robbery 1, assault/miscelleaneous 15. January 2009 Burglary 3 (Kingfisher Road, Otter Lane, Maitland Avenue), damage to motor vehicle 4, theft from motor vehicle 7, theft of motor vehicle 3, criminal damage 9, theft 5, assault/miscellaneous 15.


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Dog ban considered DOG FOULING on Mountsorrel’s playing fields has caused the Parish Council to consider introducing a dog ban. The Parish Council is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the playing fields. A spokesman said: “Irresponsible dog owners are letting their pets deposit their mess on playing fields used by children and cricket

and football teams. Three visiting cricket teams have complained about the state of the Mountsorrel Memorial Playing Fields, and the local cricket team has been warned that if it does not improve they could be banned from using the pitch. Dog fouling is also a health and safety problem where children play and dogs are currently banned from all the

equipped play areas.” Three solutions have been put forward: getting all the dog owners to clear up the mess, only allowing dogs on leads or banning dogs from all the playing fields. “It is recognised that the majority of dog owners are responsible and do clear up but how do we get the small minority who don’t bother or don’t care to act likewise?” added the spokesman. It is the responsibility of the dog owner to pick up after their pet. Banning dogs running loose on the playing fields may help to solve the problem, because the owner knows the dog is messing and should then clear up the mess. Banning dogs totally from all playing fields should solve the problem, but it does penalise the responsible dog owner who always clears up their pet’s mess. Several local councils have taken this route, but it can just move the problem on to the streets. The Parish Council have asked Charnwood to step up its patrols and to fine people not clearing up after their dog. The Litter (Animal Droppings) Order 1991 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 obliged local councils to keep public walkways, pleasure grounds, gardens, recreational areas and popular parts of the seashore clear of fouling. The Dogs (Fouling of Land) Act 1996 made failing to clear up after your dog an offence punishable by a fixed penalty of £50 or, in court, a fine of up to £1000.

Grow your own GROWING YOUR own fruit and vegetables has sometimes been classed as being too much trouble and of taking too much time to be worth all the effort. But now there is a way to have fresh home grown produce from your own back garden without even picking up a spade. The Vegetable Gardener is a company specialising in growing herbs, fruit and vegetables on your property so you can pick them fresh from the ground when you need them. Mark Medhurst said: “By making repeat sowings over the seed growing period, we are able to ensure that there is always something fresh to take to the kitchen throughout every month of the year. “We take care of all the weeding and will ensure that watering, feeding and pest control are also something that you do not need to worry about.” He added: “Whether you have an existing plot to grow on, would like to have some raised beds to give lots of produce in a small space or just have a patio for container planting, The Vegetable Gardener is able to take care of all your needs.” The firm also provides general garden maintenance on lawns and borders, pruning hedges and leaf clearing. For more information contact Mark on 01509 813 401. Mountsorrel Post MARCH 2009 (26), page 4

Mountsorrel distraction burglary AN 86 year old Mountsorrel woman was left shocked and distressed after burglars conned their way into her home. The incident happened at around 9.30pm on Wednesday, December 19 at a house in Boundary Road. The 86 year old victim answered her door to a man asking her to turn the water off. The suspect entered the victim’s property and went into the kitchen with her. A short while later the victim noticed two other men coming down her stairs. All three suspects then left the property. It is not believed anything was taken in the incident and no-one was injured. The first suspect is described as white, around 5ft 8ins tall, between 18 and 21 years old, clean shaven and was wearing a black beanie hat. The two other suspects are described as white, both slightly taller than the first suspect, clean shaven and were both wearing black beanie hats, one of which had a peak. Detective Constable Claire Reid, from Loughborough CID said: “Although the victim was not hurt she has been left shocked and distressed by the incident. “Sadly there are unscrupulous people out there who try to con their way into your home. Fitting, and using, a door chain or spy hole to the front door will help you to check who the caller is before opening and if they cannot produce an official identity card then do not let them in. You can even ring the company they say they are from to confirm their identity. “A genuine caller will not mind you checking their ID and most will be happy to make an appointment and return at a later date or time. If you are in any doubt contact the police.” Anyone with any information is asked to contact DC 4270 Reid from Loughborough CID on Leicester 0116 2222222, follow the instructions to leave a message for an officer and when prompted key in her identification number 4270. Alternatively, people can call Crimestoppers free and anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Pic: Second Left: Craig Woodings (19), then Joanne Aitken (17) and inset Claire Bullock (24)

Budgens’ skydivers STAFF AT Budgens have been throwing themselves out of planes to raise money for charity. Craig Woodings (19), Joanne Aitken (17) and Claire Bullock (24) took part in a tandem skydive at Langer Airfield to raise money for the Mountsorrel store’s chosen charity, CLIC Sargent. So far £778 has been raised, through sponsorship for the skydive and instore events.

Otter Close burglary POLICE ARE appealing for information following a burglary on Otter Close. Thieves broke into a home between 10am on Friday January 16 and 5.20pm on Sunday January 18. They stole a gold T-bar necklace, a 22ct gold ring, an Edwardian gold opal ring and a gold sovereign ring. If you saw any suspicious activity or have been offered any of these items contact PC Phil Porter on 0116 222 2222 Mountsorrel Post MARCH 2009 (26), page 5

Parish Council notes A FULL meeting of Mountsorrel Parish Council was held on December 8. It was reported that the village website had been quite well used to date. It was agreed to request a meeting with the trustees of the Mountsorrel United Charities to discuss funding of the proposed new Memorial Hall. It was reported that a meeting of the Councils Youth Development committee had agreed to plan six weeks of youth activity for 2009 at a cost of £2038. Grants are being explored. It was agreed to fund a 10 week programme at £12 a week for the youth group to hire a room at the Leisure Centre if no other funding could be found. It was agreed that Parish Council charges for 2009/10 for the parish room, cemetery, allotments and sports clubs be increased by five per cent. A full meeting of Mountsorrel Parish Council was held on January 12. A parishioner raised concern about the problem of dog waste on the Memorial Playing fields. Comment was made that the problem was getting worse within the village and there was a suggestion that a byelaw ban dogs from the playing fields. It was agreed to discuss the matter at the next meeting of the

Recreation & Amenities committee. It was reported that the Carol Concert in December was well attended and raised £224 for LOROS. The council agreed to adopt a model publication scheme to comply with the Freedom of Information Act. The Council agreed a precept for 2009/10 of £172,126, no increase on the previous year. A full meeting of Mountsorrel Parish Council was held on February 9. A parishioner expressed concern regarding the County Council’s announcement that it wished to locate a waste recycling site on Granite Way. His concerns were about traffic and noise. Chairman Brian Allard said that when a planning application is submitted to Charnwood the plans will come before the Parish Council and that will be the time to make any representations. During consideration of the Police report, comment was made about the amount of broken beer bottles on the Halstead Road playing fields. PC Bird suggested an additional litter bin be installed. PC Bird commented that underage people were being supplied with alcohol by of-age

purchasers who were passing the drink on. This was difficult to police, he said. Cllr Steve Haywood expressed concern regarding the continued poor state of living accommodation at Sorrel Court. Cllr Leigh Harper-Davies agreed to investigate the matter fuirther and also clarify the funding situation on PRC homes. It was reported that a new plan for the Memorial Hall, with a smaller budget, had been prepared by Mr Will Antill. Comment was made about the deteriorating condition of the Memorial Hall and some discussion took place about whether the Parish Council were in support of a new centre within the village and how this could be achieved. It was agreed that the Parish Council representatives on the War Memorial Trust committee look at the new plans, and that all possible sources of funding be investigated. It was reported that a six week programme of summer activities for young people had been agreed and costed. It was agreed that the problem of under age drinking be raised at the next meeting of the Police’s Joint Action Group.

Bus stop congestion FOLLOWING COMPLAINTS from local residents about congestion at the bus stop outside the Co-operative Stores on Rothley Road, Mountsorrel, Mountsorrel Parish Council arranged a site meeting. Representatives from Leicestershire County Council, Arriva Midlands, Leicestershire Constabulary and the Parish Council attended the meeting to look at the position of the existing bus stop outside the Co-operative Stores. It was agreed to leave the bus stop in its current position but to implement the following actions to improve the current situation as soon as possible: • install a 24 hour Bus Stop Clearway road marking • arrange for Charnwood parking attendants to patrol the bus stop following the clearway installation • extend the existing double yellow lines up to the highway boundary within the entrance of the Co-operative car park.

Quiz cash FOR ITS annual Methodist Homes fundraising event Mountsorrel Methodist Church held a Quiz Evening. The quiz masters were Granville and Debra Mercy of Loughborough and over 30 people enjoyed both the quiz and the buffet supper which had been prepared by Dorothy Mee and Gloria Longmire. The proceeds from the evening amounted to £125. Mountsorrel Post MARCH 2009 (26), page 6

Budgens’ new curries Heritage exhibition A LUXURY range of authentic ready-to-eat curries – identical to the dishes served in an award-winning Indian restaurant – is being launched in Budgens, Mountsorrel. Produced by The Tiffin Food Company, the range is made using recipes and techniques that have been perfected over 30 years in the family restaurant trade in Leicester. The Tiffin Restaurant has been named best Asian restaurant in The Leicestershire and Rutland Awards for the past two years, and now the restaurant’s dishes are being produced for the convenience sector. The Tiffin Food Company was launched by former Loughborough High School pupil Monica Parmar, the daughter of Tiffin owner

Girl rescued from fire FIREFIGHTERS rescued a teenage girl from a house on fire on Castle Road A passer-by noticed smoke coming from a downstairs window and told a neighbour who dialled 999. Firefighters were there in minutes as they happened to be two streets away, testing fire hydrants. The searched the house and found the girl asleep upstairs. She was treated for smoke inhalation and taken to hospital as a precaution. The incident happened on January 6 at about 3pm. Firefighters believe the fire was started by an unattended chip pan and say the girl was fortunate they were so close by when the 999 call came through.

Pravin Parmar. She sad: “Customers of The Tiffin kept telling us that they loved our meals so much that they really wanted to take the Tiffin experience home with them and serve up our dishes whenever they fancied a curry. The dishes are hand-prepared in exactly the same way as they are in the restaurant, using fresh locally sourced ingredients including British farm assured chicken and contain no artificial flavourings or preservatives. Just how a curry should be! We’re delighted to be working with a fantastic local company like Budgens who pride themselves on providing a great variety of quality foods to their customers.” The Tiffin Food Company produces eight ready-to-eat curries – Chicken Curry, Chicken Bhuna, Chicken Jalfrezi, Chicken Tikka Masala, Chilli Fry Chicken, Chilli Paneer, Vegetable Curry and Saag Aloo. “We’ve been delighted with the feedback that we’ve had so far about our dishes” said Monica, “People simply can’t believe a ready meal can taste so good!” For more information see

Flooding: homes at risk MORE THAN 5000 homes in the county, including some in Mountsorrel, are at risk of being flooded if rivers break their banks. Research carried out by the Environment Agency has shown that properties along the River Soar and the River Wreake are the most likely to be flooded should there be prolonged rain. The Agency is working with the County Council on emergency planning to try to cope with heavy flooding. This includes identifying village halls and other community buildings that would accommodate flooded out householders. The Environment Agency says that growing numbers of properties are being identified as ‘at risk’ because of wetter weather caused by climate change and pressure from developers to build in flood plains. Mountsorrel Post MARCH 2009 (26), page 7

‘VILLAGE GROUPS of Byegone Years’ will be the theme of an exhibition by Mountsorrel Heritage Group to be staged in the Scout Hut on the Green this June. Visitors will be able to look at photographs and documents relating to football and cricket clubs, youth clubs, Scouts and Guides, Boys’ and Girls’ Brigades, the Mountsorrel Town Band, theatrical and church groups. Anyone with interesting or old photographs is asked to contact Pat Neal 0116 2106917 or email Pat will copy them and return them to you. The exhibition will be held from 10am to 4pm on Saturday June 6, coinciding with the Charities Fair which will take place on the Green from 10am to noon.

The June issue of the

MOUNTSORREL POST will be published on Jun 6. The copy deadline is May 22.

Mountsorrel in the snow

LOCAL PHOTOGRAPHER Clive Rasin captured these images of Mountsorrel in the snow.

Classroom WORK ON rebuilding a classroom block at the Take Care Nursery school in Gambia is almost complete. The school, which is supported by a charity set up by Mountsorrel couple Ant and Karen Davis, was damaged by heavy winds and rain last September. The building work needed to restore the classroom was done with 480 bags of cement that were part of a container load of goods sent over by the charity. Also in the container were sewing machines which are being used to make affordable uniforms for the children. The school’s headteacher Mr Kujabi will be making a return visit to the UK in April to meet supporters. More details at

Free check FREE HEALTH checks are available at Birstall library. A qualified fitness instructor from Charnwood Borough Council’s Active Together Team will measure your weight, body fat percentage, blood pressure, body composition, basal metabolic rate, muscle mass and total body water percentage. The free checks are available between 10am – 4pm on Thursday March 26, Thursday April 23 and Thursday May 21. To book contact 01509 634529. Mountsorrel Post MARCH 2009 (26), page 8

Mountsorrel Post MARCH 2009 (26), page 9

Village drug arrests Boat trips

FOUR PEOPLE have been arrested in Mountsorrel for drug offences between September 12 and December 22, say Police. On October 16 a 28 year old woman from John Wesley Close was reported for summons for possession of Class C drugs and another warrant was carried out on November 6 at an address on Churchill Road. A 27 year old man was later charged with theft relating to stolen property found at the address. He was due to appear at Loughborough Magistrates Court on Friday January 2, 2009. On October 30, a 39 year old man was arrested on suspicion of possessing class A drugs and being concerned in the offer to

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supply Class A drugs at two separate addresses on Boundary Road and Churchill Road. He has been released on police bail pending further enquiries. Two men, aged 33 and 58 were also arrested at an address on Churchill Road on Monday December 22 on suspicion of possessing Class A drugs and the 58 year old was also arrested on suspicion of theft,. They have both been released on bail pending further enquiries. Sergeant Andy Moscrop from Charnwood Local Policing Unit said: “This is part of our ongoing drug enforcement programme being carried out by Police Officers from the Charnwood area. Our campaign is designed to disrupt local drug dealing and bring dealers to justice. We cannot do this alone and are asking for support from the local community to tell us where the problems are. “Don’t suffer in silence, if you are being affected by drug dealers operating in your area and the related activity which can cause disruption or upset to you and your family then let us know so we can tackle these issues.” Anyone with any information is asked to call Leicester 0116 222 2222 or Crimestoppers which is free and anonymous on 0800 555 111

Mountsorrel Post MARCH 2009 (26), page 10

A LOCAL charity that provides narrowboat pleasure trips through the Leicestershire countryside is taking bookings for the 2009 season.

The Baldwin Trust was established in 1981 and has two narrowboats staffed by trained volunteers. It provides trips for the disabled, elderly, special needs, clubs and societies and family groups. Last year more than 1500 people enjoyed a cruise. Boats are available for hire seven days a week from April to October. There is a minimum charge of £75, with trip durations longer than four hours charged £15 for each additional hour. For more details contact 2301731 or go to

New Inspector A NEW Inspector has taken over at Charnwood Local Policing Unit. Inspector Duncan Southall joined Leicestershire Constabulary in December 1998 and worked as a General Duties Officer (GDO) and Beat Officer (PBO) in Coalville until 2001 when he became a Sergeant. He worked in a variety of roles at Loughborough, Ashby and Coalville. He transferred to the city as a Shift Sergeant in September 2006 and became a Citizen Focus Sergeant at Spinney Hill Local Policing Unit in February 2007. He was promoted to Acting Inspector in January 2008

Pic: Inspector Duncan Southall and worked as an Operational Command Inspector, directing resources and responding to priority incidents across the city, before transferring back to the North Area in November 2008. Inspector Southall replaces Inspector Cathy Yallop, who has led policing in Charnwood since 2005. Inspector Yallop will become an Operational Command Inspector for the North Area. Inspector Southall said: “I am really looking forward to working with the policing teams at Syston and Quorn and building on the good work, and many strong partnerships, that already exist across the Charnwood area. “I am particularly keen to work with individuals and groups from the communities we serve to tackle those people who commit

crime and whose behaviour adversely affects the quality of life of local residents. One of my priorities will be to make sure our resources are targeted effectively to tackle the issues that are important to the people who live in our communities. The key to this is effective communication and making ourselves accessible to everyone, in other words responding to what you tell us. “Customer satisfaction and confidence are also very important to me. These two issues are going to be key ones for the police in the next five years and I want to make sure that people who come into contact with Police Officers and Police Community Support Officers from Charnwood are pleased with the service they receive. “If you have any issues at all please do not hesitate to contact me by phone, email or letter.” Inspector Cathy Yallop said: “Implementing Neighbourhood Policing across the South Charn-

wood area has been one of the most satisfying aspects of my work at the LPU. I have enjoyed my time at the LPU and would like to thank colleagues and local communities for their support.” Inspector Southall lives in North West Leicestershire, is married and has two children.

Rosie’s musical talent STUDENT ROSIE Philpott of Linkfield Road is celebrating after successfully achieving her Grade 8 in flute. Rosie (16), a pupil of Mountsorrel teacher Antonia Winsor, achieved a 97 per cent mark and gained a full distinction.

Mountsorrel Post MARCH 2009 (26), page 11

Improved efficiency A SENIOR policeman has described how new technology has improved the efficiency of the area’s police. November. He said: “There have been a number of substantial technology changes in policing on the North Area over the last 12


Chief Superintendent Daimon Tilley, Leicestershire’s North Area Commander, was speaking at a Police Consultative Meeting in

Mountsorrel carol concert OUR PICTURE shows Leicestershire Co-op Snibston Charnwood Brass performing at the carol concert at the Memorial Hall, organised by Mountsorrel Parish Council. The concert raised £224 for LOROS.

Mountsorrel Post MARCH 2009 (26), page 12

months which have achieved a significant improvement in the way we do our business and the service we provide to the public. These include the full implementation of a vehicle satellite-tracking based system which enables us to see at a glance where any of our 70 police vehicles are at any one time. The system also ensures that we make best use of our fleet to ensure that officers are visiting key hotspots for crime and antisocial behaviour, and also assist our control room with dispatching the nearest available resource to any emerging incidents as they happen. The technology has already proved useful in ensuring that we maximise our visibility at key hotspot locations, as well as contributing to our environmental work by significantly reducing the number of miles that we travel when not attending incidents. “Also on the technology front we have recently rolled-out Mobile Data Terminals (MDT) in marked police vehicles and Balckberry personal computing devices to our Beat Officers and PCSOs. The MDT fitted to the marked police vehicles are effectively a desktop computer configured to work in a mobile way. This gives officers access to the full range of systems available within the police station but allows them access to these systems whilst out on patrol and in people’s homes. Given that more and more administrative work is computer based, this is significantly improving our visibility in communities by ensuring that officers can complete computer based tasks away from the station. Similarly the introduction of Blackberry Bold personal computer terminals to our Beat Officers and PCSOs has had a similar effect. “As a result of the recent ‘Flanagan Review into Policing’ the force became one of five forces piloting informal resolutions to low level crime and disorder problems. This new freedom has allowed us to re-inject some discretion back into policing and to ensure that wherever possible restorative approaches are taken to combating crime and disorder problems in our local communities. This has proved particularly effective where we are able to accommodate victims’ wishes around receiving either an apology or reparation rather than criminalising an offender for their first offence. It is not a soft option and criminal behaviour can and is still dealt with by means of formal prosecution proceedings however this is not always appropriate in every case and the new Flanagan type disposals are proving to be a valued tool in our armoury. “Also this month we have begun to partake in a national pilot where the bureaucracy around stopping people in the street and asking them to account for their conduct or behaviour has been significantly streamlined. Once again officers are making full use of technology to capture and submit key essential information in a much more streamlined way. “Finally we are striving to improve our customer service through the recent introduction of a scheduled response service. Whereas in the past our response to incidents which were not emergencies was very unpredictable, with officers being sent when they were available, we are now able to diary a response to a caller to ensure that a Police Officer can attend at the caller’s own conven-

Free swimming ELDERLY AND young people will be able to make a splash for free from April 1. Charnwood Borough Council has successfully bid for a share of Government cash to allow people aged 60 and over to use for free the swimming pools at Mountsorrel’s Soar Valley Leisure Centre, Loughborough Leisure Centre and South Charnwood Pool at Syston. Charnwood’s Leisure Services team have also won a share of funding to allow young people aged 16 and under to enjoy the same benefits and go swimming free. Cllr Peter Lewis, Charnwood’s Cabinet Member for Leisure, said: “The Council is delighted to be participating in this free swimming initiative. "I believe this will encourage people both to take up swimming for the first time and also enable those already swimming to do so more often.” To find out more, log on to


ience. It is early days in the implementation of this scheme, however we are confident that this will significantly improve the quality of service that we provide to members of our local communities, by ensuring that they receive a response at a time that is convenient to them, rather than having to wait around for an officer to arrive.” At the meeting the crime figures for the Charnwood LPU were reported. The Charnwood LPU covers 35 villages from south of Loughborough to the city boundary and from Wymeswold across to Anstey. April 07 to October 08: burglary dwelling increase of 4% compared to the previous year, burglary other increase 75%, theft of motor vehicles decrease 18%, theft from motor vehicles increase 19%m, violent crime decrease 11%, criminal damage decrease 17% Total crime increased by 1.26%. The overall detection figure is 19%.

Library’s first birthday MOUNTSORREL’S NEW library is attracting record numbers of users and celebrated its first anniversary with a musical afternoon. Children from Mountsorrel School’s choir sang for visitors including VIP guest Tony Kershaw, the Chairman of Leicestershire County Council. Pic: The children from Mountsorrel school perform & inset, the Chairman of Leicestershire County Council Tony Kershaw

Top marks

LEICESTERSHIRE COUNTY Council has been rated as top transport authority in a comparison with other county councils. The study, by Price Waterhouse Coopers, compares Leicestershire’s performance to 31 other county councils. For 2007/8 Leicestershire was rated as the top performing county council transport authority based on a range of highways and transportation services, such as reducing road traffic accidents, the condition of roads and footways and repairing street lights. The percentage of pedestrian crossings with facilities for disabled people and the amount of people using buses, also contributed to the result.

Precept MOUNTSORREL PARISH Council’s precept for the year 2009/10 is £172,126, the same amount as the previous year. This is the amount collected from ratepayers as a component of the Council Tax. The Parish Council’s budget for the year 2009/10 is £241,106. the £68,980 difference will be met from the Council’s reserves. The Council’s budget is allocated to its various committees as follows: Cemetery, Conservation & Environment £65,126; Recreation & Amenities £75,000; Planning & Highways £2,850; Publicity & Website £500; Full Council £97,630. For more details about the work of the Parish Council go to www.mountsorrel.leicestershireparishcouncils .org Mountsorrel Post MARCH 2009 (26), page 13

Planning applications


27 Rosslyn Avenue – erection of 1st floor extension to side and single storey extension to front of dwelling 45 Carisbrooke Road – erection of twostorey extension to side of dwelling Slate Restaurant, 61-63 Leicester Road – felling of 1 tree 117 Boundary Road – works to various trees Land at read of 124 Rothley Road – erection of two semi-detached bungalows and one detached garage Grass verge adj to 143 Halstead Road – installation of Vodafone base station Mountsorrel Christ Church, Rothley Road – erection of single storey extension to church Pic: Alan Alexander, Baptist Church Deacon, presents the cheque to Adrian Walker (right)from LOROS

Coffee morning

PROCEEDS FROM a weekly coffee morning held at the Baptist church have raised £670 for LOROS The money collected over the course of a year was presented to Adrian Walker of LOROS who gave a talk about the work of the charity, including a planned new extension to the hospice.

Middle East group PEOPLE IN the South Charnwood area are being invited to join a new group which will aim to actively support people, on both sides of the conflict, who are seeking justice and peace in Palestine and Israel. The group will support bridge building projects in a variety of ways, including exchange visits and group links, selling craft items and produce, increasing public awareness and fundraising. The group also plans so link up with other similar groups in Leicester and beyond. One of the projects that the group want to help is Daoud Nasser’s Tent of Nations . spokeswoman Ursula Greaves said: “Daoud, a Christian whose family probably stretches back to the first ever Christians, lives and works in the Bethlehem area. A growing community of people live and work on the Nasser family farm and a steady stream of volunteers, local and international, come to join in the activities of the community and learn about the land. The Tent of Nations works with young people in the Bethlehem area, giving them hope for the future through the arts, drama and education as well as by showing that it is possible to make a living from the land. It demonstrates a commitment to peace and coexistence and is engaged in dialogue with Muslims, Christians and Jews.” The first meeting will be later this month. Please ring Lesley Walton, Birstall 2674995 or Ursula Greaves, Rothley 2303500, if you are interested or would like further information.

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GCR’s Lions’ hampers full record of Christmas spirit visitor numbers VISITOR NUMBERS at the Great Central Railway increased by 12 per cent in 2008, taking the turnover to over £1.5 million. “These results are a tribute to the hard work of our staff and volunteers” said the GCR president Bill Ford. “They pulled out the stops in 2008 to deliver an ambitious programme of special events when we welcomed a number of large visiting locomotives. Our promotion ‘The Year of Express Engines’ really worked as a way of bringing in visitors despite the economic background.” The award winning Leicestershire line has also seen strong sales growth on a number of its products including Santa Specials and Drive A Locomotive Experience. The strong growth is being attributed particularly to the visit of Tornado, Britain’s brand new steam engine which came to the Leicestershire line for running in trials in August 2008. Also, in May 2008 ‘Oliver Cromwell’ an engine which is synonymous with the end of UK main line steam was recommissioned after a length overhaul. Other locomotives from the national collection including ‘City of Truro’ and ‘Lord Nelson’ also visited. Income from Drive A Locomotive experience courses rose by 4%, and Santa Specials by the same amount. Platform ticket sales were almost double the 2007 figure. The railway also developed new attractions like Ellis’s Tea Room at Rothley and implemented new family friendly initiatives like the talking tour guide. “Clearly there were a number of features in 2008 which are unlikely to be repeated” continued Bill “so the strong growth is of course welcome but isn’t guaranteed to continue. As a note of caution, our costs are always rising. The price of coal and utility bills are just two examples. Operating heritage infrastructure always means you have to run a little bit faster every year just to stand still as maintenance costs will always rise. Our outgoings in 2008 will also have increased over the previous year. However, I’m glad we’re going into 2009 and the continuing economic uncertainty in this position stronger than if all the excitements of 2008 hadn’t happened.” Other passenger improvements are planned for 2009, such as the addition of a canopy at Leicester North station, and guest engines are being lined up for special events. There will be a tank engine gala at Easter and in May the line will celebrate 40 years of preservation.

“A VERY big thank you for the Christmas Hamper you so generously gave.” “A lovely surprise.” “It comes in very useful and I do appreciate it” “Thank you so much for your timely gifts.” “Thanks and appreciation of the bag of festive fayre.” “My Mum and Dad, both partially sighted, are both extremely grateful and touched by your kindness.” These were just some of the appreciative comments made in the many letters received by Rothley & Soar Valley Lions from recipients of their annual Christmas hamper distribution. Lions Club President Nish Bathia said: “This annual distribution was made possible only by the generous co-operation of shoppers at the Co-operative Store in Syston and at the Budgens Store in Mountsorrel who responded magnificently to the appeal of Lions’ members, in their distinctive yellow tabards, inviting shoppers to buy an extra small item of groceries to place in their collection trolleys. Thanks to the response

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of those shoppers, more than 270 parcels were made up and distributed to needy and vulnerable people in the area – old people living alone, some unable to shop independently, people who had been ill during the year or who had suffered a bereavement.” Nish added: “Rothley & Soar Valley Lions Club are most grateful to the managers of the Syston Co-op and Budgens in Mountsorrel, for allowing the collections at their stores to take place, and to the generous support of local shoppers” The club recently made a cash donation to Leicester Cobras Wheelchair Basketball team to secure their future training programme at the Leicester Leys Leisure Centre. The club is committed to helping those in need in the local community. They hold business meetings once a month at Rothley Court Hotel and enjoy social events together throughout the year. New members are always welcome. For further details please contact Norma Grimes, tel: 0116 2608412, email: or Frank Luce, tel: 0116 2302433.

Rothley development plans refused PLANNING PERMISSION to build 149 houses off Loughborough Road, Rothley has been turned down by Charnwood Borough Council. Councillors on the planning committee voted 5 to 4 to refuse Rothley Temple Estates and developers Charles Church permission to build on the allotment site at the rear of Hallfields Lane. But the application will be considered again after five councillors signed a request that the Regulatory Committee look at the planning application. This committee could reverse the decision of the planning committee and grant planning permission when it meets on March 23. If it also refuses it is likely that the developers will appeal the decision. All those who spoke at the planning committee will be invited to present their arguments again to the members of the Regulatory Committee. The 5-4 decision to refuse was against the advice of Charnwood’s planning officers,

who were recommending that permission be granted. The decision to refuse turned on the interpretation of Planning Policy Statements about whether or not to permit development in the countryside, outside established settlements. Councillors felt there were no exceptional circumstances in this case that would justify development, and refused to grant permission for that reason. Charnwood’s Planning Department say there is a shortfall in land allocated for housing in the Borough, and were recommending the development. They say that since the previous application to develop the site, made in July 2008, the East Midlands Regional Plan was published which increased the number of dwellings Charnwood has to provide between 2001 and 2026 to 19,300. Rothley Parish Councillor Peter Finch spoke in objection to the plans at the planning committee. He said: “I am delighted with the decision to refuse, it is what most



PETROLS • DIESELS MOTORCYCLES CROPSTON GARAGE 37 - 39 Station Road Cropston, Leicester 0116 2362363

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people in Rothley wanted. It would increase the size of the village by ten per cent and our facilities are finding it difficult to cope as it is.” Rothley Borough Councillor Diane Wise is on the planning committee and voted to refuse permission. “It was the correct result from a planning point of view and the right result for the village” she said. Chairman of Rothley Parish Council Percy Hartshorn said: “I am surprised that councillors voted against the officer’s recommendation, but the matter will be considered again by the Regulatory Committee and we will have to wait and see. “I think it’s inevitable that at some point it will be built on, it’s just whether or not now is the right time that is debatable.” At a public meeting at the Rothley Centre in January attended by around 60 people, residents voiced their concerns and put questions to Planning Officer Steve LewisRoberts and Mr Andrew Bamber a representative of the land owner. Many residents were worried about the ability of the drains and sewers, which they said were already inadequate, to deal with the extra demand put on them by this development. Mr Lewis-Roberts said the proposed balancing pond off Hallfields Lane would be 1000 square metres and 2.5 metres deep and would store water in periods of heavy rain. He said that the Environment Agency were satisfied with the arrangement and that they gook a precautionary approach when considering schemes. Comment was made that development outside the village boundary would set a precedent and make it more difficult to object to future plans. Mr Lewis-Roberts said that there was insufficient housing land allocated for development within village boundaries in the Borough – there should be five years worth and we only have three, he said. Achieving five would put the Borough in a stronger position to resist development outside settlement boundaries in the future, he added. Charnwood Borough Council have set out a draft section 106 agreement – were the development to be permitted, the developer would have to make the following contributions: • Health Care contributions £140,011 • Education £706,260 • Civic Amenity £8,356 • Libraries £5,440 • Community Facility contribution £50,000 • Emergency Service contribution £4,321 • Highway contribution £30,000 • 45 affordable dwellings • Maintenance of open space and balancing pond • new bus shelter and pedestrian crossing on Hallfields Road • public art The Borough Council received more than 100 letters of objection to the plans from local residents including one which said the buildings would restrict the exercise of his pigeons and cause a hazard to them.

A SECOND Mountsorrel couple have been presented with a business award by network marketing company Kleeneze. Gail and Darren Drew joined Geoff and Fiona Webb, featured in the last issue of the Post, at Birmingham’s NIA to receive their trophy for business success. They were also both given an all expenses paid European weekend away. Gail and Darren said: “We have worked hard, running our own home based business alongside Kleeneze, and this reward is fantastic – we were never recognised in this way when we used to have ‘conventional’ jobs.” Kleeneze supplies a range of home, garden, health, beauty and gift products to customers through its home shopping catalogue.

Beaumont running club


Kleeneze couple

Christmas lights A CHRISTMAS lights switch on event organised by Mountsorrel’s churches attracted a crowd of around 400 people to the Green. Visitors enjoyed carols sung by children from Mountsorrel school and one member from each of the village’s four churches switched on the lights, which are provided by Mountsorrel Parish Council. A similar event is now being planned for 2009. Pic: Roger Fairhead switches on the lights and, above, crowds on the Green singing carols

BEAUMONT RUNNING Club celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2009 and is marking the occasion with a Spring recruiting drive. Spokesman Andy Burnett said: “In credit crunch times running is a popular way to get fit. Whether it is to run a marathon for a charity, to prepare for Race for Life, to lose a bit of weight or just to exercise regularly, running is an enjoyable, affordable hobby. Whatever their pace, the club welcomes men and women runners of all ages and abilities, from beginners to elite athletes.” Training nights are on Mondays and Thursdays. In early spring the club meets at New Park Leisure Centre, but soon after the clocks go forward it moves to Bradgate Park, which offers an attractive variety of training routes. Andy said: “More and more people turn up for Beaumont R C’s training groups over the summer. However it does help to get some early spring preparation in first. So the club recommends an early visit to New Park Leisure Centre. Please call first, so that the club can fit you into the most suitable group for you.” Contact Carol Fossard on 0116 2364131, Andy Burnett on 07765 405794, or visit

The June issue of the

MOUNTSORREL POST will be published on Jun 6. The copy deadline is May 22.

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within, The time has come, it has to go, this flab beneath my skin It’s been too long – I’ll start today – no more procrastination! I’m dusting off my workout tape with real determination Since last I ‘worked out’ I have moved – my house is now quite small There’s not much room, I’ll have to put the table in the hall ‘Squat down, your weight upon you heels, your forehead on the floor’ (OK if you can balance and don’t crash into the door)

The Mountsorrel Post welcomes your views and opinions on any subject. Letters, which must include your name and address, (though not necessarily for publication) can be posted to: The Mountsorrel Post, Longslade College, Wanlip Lane, Birstall, Leicester LE4 4GH, or handed in at Mountsorrel library or email:

The Eternal Battle I woke this morning and felt a new resolve

For in a room that twelve by twelve I’m in an awkward fix Allowing for the furniture my space is four by six ‘Lie on your back with arms outstretched, now lift your left leg high’ (Oh, sorry cat, I didn’t mean to poke you in the eye) I reckon I can manage it with just a little care, My head beneath the telly means I won’t quite kick that chair

PILBEAM ACADEMY of DANCE Tel: 01509 816117 Classes in Ballet, Tap, Modern & National for children from age 3. Held at Rothley Village Hall, on Monday & Tuesday evening, & at Rothley Baptist Church, Woodgate, from 4.30pm on Wednesday All classes can lead to stagework, medals and examinations. NEW PUPILS WELCOME

New Classes start Mon Jan 5th. Ladies Tap classes for experienced or beginners held on Mondays at 7pm. JOIN US FOR FUN, EXERCISE OR EXAMINATIONS

Principal: Antonia Pilbeam F.D.D.A.

MOUNTSORREL’S PREMIER TREE SERVICE Just like the rest of your property, have you considered your trees require a little maintenance from time to time?


I must stay, things look strange now I’m spread-eagled on the mat (So, that’s where all those Smarties went – well, they only make you fat!) ‘Now hold for a count of ten’ – good grief, she’s so sadistic! Is it worth it, just to take an inch from a vital statistic? ‘Now stand up straight and raise your arms, stretch up with all your might!’ As, this one even I can do – oh dear there goes the light I think my back is giving way, I really shouldn’t force it. Oh, blow the tape, I’ll have some crisps, then go and buy a corset. From Peggy Clarke

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TELEPHONE EXTENSION Sockets fitted by ex-BT engineer. Cable, BT and digital TV. Over 25 yrs experience. £28 complete. John 2675132

Lions seek members ROTHLEY & SOAR Valley Lions’ Club are seeking new members to help organise a range of fundraising events throughout the year to benefit the local community. They meet twice a month, one business, at Rothley Court Hotel and one social, in various locations. A spokeswoman said: “Lions are ordinary men and women having fun while doing some amazing things to raise funds and if you are interested in joining this friendly group of people, please contact Frank Luce on 0116 2302433 or Norma Grimes on 0116 2608412 for further details.” The Rothley Club is part of Lions’ Clubs International, the world’s largest service organisation. Advertise in the

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With 20 years experience in all aspects of tree work we would be pleased to offer you FREE expert advice & a FREE quotation without obligation

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PRICES EXCLUDE VAT • call us on 0116 2674213

Noticeboard all details printed free Coffee Morning Methodist Church Howe Lane, Rothley Saturday March 14 From 10-11.30am Proceeds in aid of Mablethorpe Children’s Home Raffle, Tombola, Cake Stall, White Elephant etc Entrance 50p •••

Fun at the Farm! Saturday March 28 From 10am to 4pm Gorse Hill City Farm, Anstey Lane, Leicester Gorse Hill City Farm is hosting a fun day to raise funds for themselves and LOROS. There will be lots going on from: small animal handling sessions, raffle, tombola, quiz and lots more Entry is by suggested donation at the gate of £2 adults and £1 children •••

A Comedy Night Out Highcliffe Amateur Theatrical Society are performing three One Act Plays at Highcliffe Primary School, Greengate Lane, Birstall Thursday, Friday and Saturday, May 14, 15, & 16 at 7.30pm Ernie’s Incredible Illucinations by Alan Ayckbourne Last Tango in Little Grimley by David Instram, and They Also Serve by Sandy Taylor Tickets £5 Adult; £4 Concessions. Discount for group bookings Booking Office 0116 2128757, 07757854719 or email An evening’s entertainment not to be missed So don’t delay, book your tickets today •••

Pamper Day Friday March 20 (Friday before Mothering Sunday) From 2-10pm In Birstall Village Hall There will be a range of therapies, readings, goods and refreshments available throughout the day •••

The Duchess Friday April 17 (110 mins) Much of Kedleston Hall and its spectacular parkland was used as location for the new feature film starring Kiera Knightley as ‘The Duchess’. Like Princess Diana, her direct descendant, Georgiana Duchess of

Devonshire was beautiful, glamorous and adored by the public. However, while her beauty and charisma made her a household name, she had a constant appetite for gambling and love. Thurcaston and Cropston Parish Council will be showing this film at Thurcaston Memorial Hall. Starting at 7.30pm, tickets cost £4, Concessions £3.50. Price includes refreshments and lucky ticket draw. Advanced tickets can be purchased via the parish office 0116 236 7626 or at the door. •••

Stainer’s ‘Crucifixion’ Sung by the Cossington Voices On Tuesday April 7, at 7.30pm, at St James’ Church, Birstall Tickets £5 at the door All proceeds will be sent to the Jeel-alAmal Boys’ Home and the Lazarus Girls’ Home in Bethany, Palestine •••

The Charnwood Orchestra Saturday March 21, 7.45pm Overture to The Magic Flute : Mozart Violin Concerto : Brahms Soloist : Tom Bowes Spring Symphony : Schumann Wine, Castle Rock real ale and soft drinks in the interval £8, £6 concessions, £2 children 16 and under Venue : All Saints Parish Church, Steeple Row, Loughborough Tickets are available from the Town Hall Box Office 01509 231914. the Orchestra Secretary (07718153117), by email from, from members of the orchestra or on the door. •••

Easter Egg Hunt at Birstall Library March 26 to April 14 The Easter Egg Hunt is a traditional game that many households enjoy. Children will have to choose a certain number of books in order to take part. They will be given a set of tricky questions related to books for a chance to win an Easter Egg. The idea is to make it as fun as possible for families and get children interested in exploring books. For further information contact Birstall Library on 0116 3058756 •••

Get Fit Exercise Classes and Swimming Lessons at Longslade Community College, Wanlip Lane, Birstall Swimming Lessons for adults and children

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at Birstall Swimming Pool Gymnastics classes for children, Wed & Thur, 5.30-7.30pm Fitness Classes for Adults Pilates, Wed 6.30-7.30pm Gentle circuits/body conditioning, Wed 7.45-8.45pm Kickboxing, Thursday evenings Aerobic ‘Pulse Raiser’ workout, Tuesday evenings Further details Jane Hill 0116 2670807, or email •••

Dragon Boat Festival The Boat House, Bridge Street, Barrow upon Soar On Sunday May 24 A Spectacular Team Event Crews in dragon boats will be racing down the river (alongside ‘the Slabs’) with the finishing line just above Barrow Road Bridge. These Chinese dragon boats hold 8/10 crew members and will be battling along the River Soar, in the brightly painted boats, chasing that prestigious 1st place trophy and medal. This ancient festival promises a fantastic, fun packed day. Many attractions, including Chinese lion dancing, a full children’s entertainment programme, music, excellent food and… most important, dragon boat racing This event is to raise money for Loughborough Women’s Aid (LWA), a registered charity which provides support for people experiencing domestic abuse. We need your support! Interested in getting a crew together and having a great day? For further info on crewing a boat or the day’s events contact Michele Walker tel: 01509 550317, fax: 01509 552559, •••

The Latimer Players Drama Society Present

Confusions By Alan Ayckbourn Continued on page 20

Continued from page 19 Thursday, Friday & Saturday, April 30, May 1 & 2 At the Memorial Hall, Anstey Lane, Thurcaston Curtain 7.30pm Tickets £6.50 inc wine, tea, coffee Available from 121 Leicester Road, Thurcaston Or tel: 0116 2362692 •••

Mountsorrel Charities Fair June 6, 10am to 12noon The Green, Mountsorrel To book a table contact •••

‘Sunday Night @ 8’ Organ Recitals (8th series) continues at Mountsorrel Methodist Church, Church Hill Road. March 15, Simon Headly April 19, Thomas Callis May 17, Dominic O’Connor-Robinson June 21, Ian Imlay Buffet refreshments served each evening from 7.30pm Entrance free, retiring collection will be

taken in aid of the church’s Development Fund Everyone welcome •••

Special Services Christ Church, Mountsorrel Sunday March 22, 11am Mothering Sunday, All Age Worship Fun@4 for children and their parents, guardians, carers and grandparents will be in the Bower Room at Christ Church at 4pm on Sundays March 1, April 5 and May 3. St Peter’s, Mountsorrel Palm Sunday April 5, Walk of Witness, 9.45am Walk from Methodist Church to St Peter’s for 10.30am, United Service, Bring & Share Lunch Good Friday April 10, 2pm the Final Hour Senior Sunday (Tea and short informal service) will take place at St Peters at 4pm on Sundays March 1, April 5 and May 3 •••

Mountsorrel Parish Council

Annual Meeting Thursday March 19 7.30pm Memorial Hall, Leicester Road All welcome Come and have your say

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