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Official Birmingham Pride Guide 2013




Sat 24 & Sun 25 May Spring Bank Holiday Weekend

Set in the heart of the Birmingham Gay Village

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Contents Welcome Messages Equality & Freedom Around the World

The Village Inn Cabaret Marquee

6 7 9 10 12 17 21

The Fox Women’s Arena


Market Stalls & Funfair


Gay Bars & Clubs


Gay Venue Nightlife


Birmingham’s LGBT Community


Community Village Green


BGSO Proms


VIP Tickets


Eating Out


Hotel / Accommodation




What’s On in Southside




Helping HIV & AIDS Charities


Healthy Pride




Disabled Access




Getting Here


Useful Information


Our Sponsors and Partners




Carnival Parade Ticket Information Pride Map Nightingale Main Stage Chic Dance Arena

GET THE LATEST INFORMATION: FOLLOW US: TWITTER: @BirminghamPride FACEBOOK: LIVE TWITTER AND FACEBOOK FEEDS THROUGHOUT THE FESTIVAL Get handy tips during the Festival and artists timings as they happen




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Welcome Messages_Pride Guide RH 06/05/2014 23:24 Page 1

Welcome Messages_Pride Guide RH 06/05/2014 23:24 Page 2

Welcome to Birmingham Pride A MESSAGE FROM THE FESTIVAL DIRECTOR Welcome to Birmingham Pride 2014. This year we pledge to build on the resounding success of last year and make it bigger and safer than ever. This year's event is the result of months of hard work and planning by many people in Birmingham's lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. Now in its 18th year, the festival will launch with the Carnival Parade from Victoria Square from 10.30am onwards on the 24th May 2014, the visual extravaganza will set off at 12 noon. So please do get involved. Either take part in it or line the streets and support what I hope will be one of the most memorable Birmingham Pride parades of all time. The theme for this year is Quality and Freedom

around the world, and we are delighted that Peter Tatchell, who champions this campaign, will again be leading the parade and giving a speech at this year's event. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their continued support. Collectively, let's make this year's Birmingham Pride a special event for all the right reasons.

Lawrence Barton Festival Director

I look forward to seeing you here.

A MESSAGE FROM THE LORD MAYOR Both the Lady Mayoress and I are delighted to be joining you all at Birmingham Pride 2014. We hope that everyone will have a great time at what has become a well-established and fabulous event here in Birmingham. I know that there will be many visitors to this event from far and wide, who have come for the very

first time to sample our Birmingham celebration, so go and enjoy your selves no matter what the weather, although we hope for sunshine. It is colourful, musical and there will be a fantastic atmosphere. This is a truly fun time for all, but most importantly I want you all to keep safe. Councillor Mike Leddy Lord Mayor of Birmingham

A MESSAGE FROM SOUTHSIDE BID Southside is Birmingham’s most vibrant and diverse district, encompassing the Gay Village, Chinatown and leading entertainment venues. Each year, Southside comes alive with Birmingham Pride as thousands of visitors enjoy the atmosphere and entertainment of the Gay Village. We are extremely

proud to be home to one of the most successful and popular Pride festivals in the UK, and 2014 looks set to be the best year yet. On behalf of Southside, I wish you all a fantastic and enjoyable festival, and look forward to welcoming you back to the district and Birmingham’s Gay Village throughout the year ahead.

Julia Chance Southside BID Manager

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Theme & Parade_Pride Guide RH 06/05/2014 20:31 Page 1

Equality & Freedom Around the World

A spectacular end to the Opening Performance at this year’s Midlands Zone Pride Ball, which celebrated Equality & Freedom Around the World.

AN introductory MESSAGE FROM PETER TATCHELL I am proud to support Birmingham Pride. The lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community makes a vibrant, positive contribution to the city; enriching its cultural diversity.



As well as being a fabulous celebration and party, Pride is an important manifestation of our continuing campaign for LGBT acceptance and human rights. Despite having won same-sex marriage and almost complete legal equality, queer-bashing violence and homophobic bullying still exist. It is appalling that over 50% of LGBT pupils have experienced homophobia at school and that half the country's schools still don't have an anti-bullying programme that specifically addresses homophobic bullying.

Did you know? There’s 8 countries across the world that issue the death penalty for being gay.

Equally alarming, one third of LGBT people have been victims of hate crimes. This shows why Pride is still necessary - and why it matters to me.

These include Iran, Mauritania, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen and Brunei...

Although we’ve overturned most legal discrimination against LGBT people in the UK, nearly 80 countries still criminalise homosexuality, with penalties ranging up to life imprisonment and even the death penalty.

In Russia, it’s illegal to ‘promote’ homosexuality to minors and could lead to fines and potentially prison.

The battle for LGBT equality is a worldwide struggle. Despite recent setbacks in Russia, Cameroon, India, Nigeria and Uganda, the overall global trend is towards greater rights for LGBT people. Queer freedom is an unstoppable international phenomenon. My appeal to all Pride supporters is: Don't accept homophobia. Dream of a world with equality for all LGBT people. Make homophobia history.

6 - #BirminghamPride

Did you know? Across the world, there’s 4 countries that will sentence you to hard labour simply for being gay. Angola, Nauru, St Kitts & Nevis, Sao Tome and Principe all enforce this law...

Theme & Parade_Pride Guide RH 06/05/2014 20:31 Page 2

Saturday 24th May Carnival Parade Victoria Square, Birmingham City Centre Saturday 24 May at 12 noon This year’s theme...

Equality & Freedom Around the World Following Birmingham Pride’s official opening ceremony, the parade sets off at 12 noon precisely, along the best parade route ever! It will wind its way around the city centre and then down to the top of Hurst Street by the Birmingham Hippodrome.

The Parade Route 2014



Get involved in the parade... It may not be too late to get involved and enter a float! Anyone interested in participating in the parade should urgently contact or call 0121 622 1718

VICTORIA SQUARE #BirminghamPride - 7

Wristbands & Ticket Info_Pride Guide RH 06/05/2014 22:56 Page 1

Wristbands & Ticket Info_Pride Guide RH 06/05/2014 22:56 Page 2

Ticket & Wristband Info

discounted Advance Day Tickets just £10

discounted Advance Weekend Tickets just £15

discounted ADVANCE VIP Weekend Tickets just £35




Buying Discounted Advance Tickets ONLINE: IN PERSON: Birmingham Gay Venues Seniors (65+) who are looking to enjoy the Birmingham Pride weekend can get ‘Discounted Advance Weekend Tickets’ for just £7.50, only available when booked in advance.

TICKET / WRISTBAND EXCHANGE: If you have purchased a ticket either online or from a ticket outlet you will need to exchange your ticket for a wristband on the day. THE NIGHTINGALE: Ticket/Wristband Exchange will be available from The Nightingale on Kent Street from 9am until 12am (midnight) on Friday 23 May only.

so try and avoid these times if at all possible.

STANDARD TICKET/WRISTBAND EXCHANGE BOOTHS: ONLY available at the top of Hurst Street (just down from the Birmingham Hippodrome theatre) at the following times: Sat 24 May from 10am until 11pm Sun 25 May from 10am until 10pm Please note: Delays are expected between 11am and 3pm on Saturday 25 May due to the volume of people -

VIP TICKET/WRISTBAND EXCHANGE BOOTHS: ONLY available on Bromsgrove St (see map) at the following times: Sat 24 May from 10am until 11pm Sun 25 May from 10am until 10pm

Buying a Wristband on the day If you haven’t purchased a ticket in advance you will be able to buy a wristband over the Pride weekend. Wristbands are: Day Wristbands £15 Weekend Wristbands £20 + booking fee.

CASH PURCHASES: Day and Weekend Wristbands over the Pride Festival can be purchased by cash at all seven entry/exit points see the map on pages 10 and 11 for the locations of the different wristband pay booths.

Under 10s go FREE!

Important wristband info...

When accompanied by an adult

Wristbands must be securely fastened or may be void.

are not wearing a valid wristband you will be asked to leave the festival site.

Wristbands must be intact, in one piece, and worn at all times.

Wristbands are not transferable between visitors.

Torn or ripped wristbands will not be accepted for entry.

Wristbands are required for drink purchases at all venues and outdoor bars within the Main Festival Site.

Lost wristbands will not be replaced under any circumstances, and if you

CREDIT CARDS: If you want to buy WRISTBANDS over the Pride weekend using a Credit/Debit card this is ONLY available at the top of Hurst Street (just down from the Birmingham Hippodrome theatre).

The Carnival Parade is a FREE event on saturday 24 may! 12 noon from victoria square

HAVE A SAFE & HAPPY PRIDE! #BirminghamPride - 9

Gay Village Site Map_Pride Guide RH 06/05/2014 23:01 Page 1

Welcome to Birmingham Pride

24 23

The biggest 2 day lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender festival in the UK

Venue Map Key 3












SEE P18 & P19

SEE 34

SEE 24

















SEE P41 20

1 The Birmingham Hippodrome (See Pages 48 & 50) 2 Clone Zone (See Page 46) 5 HGL (See Page58) 6 Urban Kitchen

7 14 15 17 20

Equator Boltz AB+ (See Page 60) Unit 2 Sauna The Fountain Inn

10 - #BirminghamPride


SEE P28 & P68



Gay Village Site Map_Pride Guide RH 06/05/2014 23:01 Page 2

Site Map Key

Pay On The Day Booth

Pay On The Day Booth


Venues Funfair

See key for more payment points

Outside Bars T



Controlled Entry/Exit

Event Control & Lost Children

Taxi Pick up / Set down

First Aid

Ticket/ Wristband Exchange booth

2 3

See Page 9







VIP Ticket/ Wristband Exchange booth



Main Stage T

See Page 9

Cabaret Marquee



PLEASE NOTE: NO GLASS, NO ALCOHOL and NO FOOD is ALLOWED to be taken into the pride site




T 19

There are lots of bars and food outlets on site



T 16

Village Green



Women’s Arena 15


Men’s Arena 13 14


HAVE A SAFE & HAPPY PRIDE! #BirminghamPride - 11

Main Stage - Saturday_Pride Guide RH 06/05/2014 20:28 Page 1

duke dumont



fuse odg

DAMON C SCOTT performing

storm queen


s club

dee dee loves me

joseph whelan

faye bagley GTF


booty luv


norma lewis

MAIN STAGE PRESENTERS INC: Captial FM’s Dan Kelly Marty Simon Baker Simon Harris

12 - Follow us on TWITTER for performance times during the day @BirminghamPride

Main Stage - Saturday_Pride Guide RH 06/05/2014 20:29 Page 2

Saturday 24th May Pride Main Stage

gabrielle duke djdumont set ms dynamite fuse odg stooshe s club 4 damon c scott Performing

stoRm queen tich booty luv


Ms Dynamite

joseph whelan vanquish dee dee loves me gtf rdc youth scarlett’s roses jump the shark killglass faye bagley norma lewis someone at the door samba band

RDC youth


Jump The Shark

someone at the door

dj set by captial fm’s

dan kelly For approximate stage timings, visit or keep an eye on Twitter @BirminghamPride throughout the day.

The Main Stage is organised & sponsored by:

scarlett’s roses

dan kelly #BirminghamPride - 13

Main Stage - Sunday_Pride Guide RH 06/05/2014 20:30 Page 1




elyar fox

kimberly wyatt

angie brown

becky hill


lucy spraggan

paul morrell

14 - Follow us on TWITTER for performance times during the day @BirminghamPride

kelly wilde

Main Stage - Sunday_Pride Guide RH 06/05/2014 20:30 Page 2

Sunday 25th May Pride Main Stage

katy b conor maynard foxes kimberly wyatt elyar fox becky hill lucy spraggan


conor maynard

bbc radio 2’s

sara cox 80 dj set s

sara cox 80s dj set

Stacey jackson

angie brown harry mondryk rewind tiger heart stacey jackson carol anthony kelly wilde jazz blaack tom barnwell beth shurburn capital fm’s

harry mondryk

carol anthony

tom barnwell

sacha brooks dj set

paul morrell dj set For approximate stage timings, visit


beth shurburn

sacha brookes

Captial FM’s Dan Kelly Corey Simon Baker Simon Harris or keep an eye on Twitter @BirminghamPride throughout the day.

The Main Stage is organised & sponsored by:

#BirminghamPride - 15

Dance Arena_Pride Guide RH 06/05/2014 20:41 Page 1

Dance Arena_Pride Guide RH 06/05/2014 20:41 Page 2

Dance Arena

saturday 24 may artful dodger

take that’s howard donald

artful dodger

phil j chris steele abeyance blank kanvas amy banks mitch p jade marie ric james clinton shawe chris sparrow house doctors

sunday 26 may howard donald AMY BANKS

clinton shawe

Lisa Sharred

rue jay

donkie punch

ric james

house monkeyz

tiny dee sandi g phunky smallz felton lisa sharred rue jay donkie punch ill phill marc spence yan house monkeyz For approximate stage timings, visit or keep an eye on Twitter @BirminghamPride throughout the day.

The Dance Arena is organised and sponsored by:

#BirminghamPride - 17

The Village (DPS-BPG)_Layout 1 05/05/2014 13:44 Page 1

The Village (DPS-BPG)_Layout 1 05/05/2014 13:44 Page 2

Cabaret Marquee_Pride Guide RH 06/05/2014 19:25 Page 1

Cabaret Marquee_Pride Guide RH 06/05/2014 19:25 Page 2

Saturday 24th May Cabaret Marquee


topping & butch

titti la camp

cassidy connors

lady imelda

miss jason

sandra titti la camp divine miss m cassidy connors lady imelda miss jason baga chipz mrs mills sugar & spice (Marty & Penny)

miss lips twiggy topping & butch chelsea (winner of the c factor) baga chipz

sugar & spice

hosted by: dj sets by: ra

sand miss penny & mrs mills & charlotte the harlotte

mrs mills

Miss lips


For approximate stage timings, visit or keep an eye on Twitter @BirminghamPride throughout the day.

The Cabaret Marquee is organised and sponsored by:

jason prince

divine miss m

chelsea #BirminghamPride - 21

Cabaret Marquee_Pride Guide RH 06/05/2014 19:25 Page 3

Cabaret Marquee_Pride Guide RH 06/05/2014 19:25 Page 4

Sunday 26th May Cabaret Marquee


Vicky Jackson

drag with no name

Norma lewis

glitter lips

lola lasagne

jacquii cann

vicky jackson sandra norma lewis drag with no name jacquii cann lola lasagne glitter lips angie brown kelly wilde marty son of a tutu miss thunderpussy hosted by:

dj sets by:

sandra miss penny & Glitter lips & charlotte the harlotte

angie brown

kelly wilde

For approximate stage timings, visit or keep an eye on Twitter @BirminghamPride throughout the day.

The Cabaret Marquee is organised and sponsored by:


son of a tutu

thunderpussy #BirminghamPride - 23

Women's Arena_Pride Guide RH 06/05/2014 21:14 Page 1

24 #BirminghamPride -

Women's Arena_Pride Guide RH 06/05/2014 21:14 Page 2

Women’s Arena

sat 24 may

sun 25 may

DJ GLenn dj pampers Emily dj sam killglass lauren hoyle cat chinn sally haines zara sykes tara chin reggae band djs gail, nancy daddy, rick & shane

DJ GLenn dj pampers dj shorty criminal diva dove & heart lucy & louis claire humphries hannah brown elle robinson amity zara sykes girlesque faye bagley

Sally haines

cat chinn hannah brown

faye bagley elle robinson

zara sykes



claire humphries


#BirminghamPride - 25

Funfair & Market Stalls_Pride Guide RH 06/05/2014 19:33 Page 1

Funfair & Market Stalls_Pride Guide RH 06/05/2014 19:33 Page 2

Market & Community Stalls Pick up a bargain at Birmingham Pride’s market & community stalls Birmingham Pride isn’t just about the celebration of LGBT life or a party - it’s also about community, and supporting the organisations that help people in everyday life. Pop by the market and community stalls over the weekend and see what the various community groups are up to.

from the numerous market stalls. Whether it’s a t-shirt, rainbow flag or hat you’re after, you’re bound to find something you’ll love. If you haven’t already booked a stall, you might still be able to get one! Email for more information.

You’ll also be able to pick up a bargain

Funfair Thrill-seeking fun at Birmingham Pride’s biggest funfair! The old saying goes, “Scream if you want to go faster” - and there are plenty of top attractions at this year’s funfair to make you scream and turn your knuckles white! Who knows, it might just prove to be the best ride of your weekend! There are gentler rides available for the little ones and families, not to mention swings and roundabouts, bouncy castles and a host of other great attractions for all the family to enjoy!

#BirminghamPride - 27

Gay Venues_Layout 1 06/05/2014 22:37 Page 1

Gay Venues_Layout 1 06/05/2014 22:37 Page 2

Gay Bars and Clubs Birmingham offers visitors one of the best gay scenes in the UK, boasting over 16 bars and clubs in the gay village, all within close proximity of one another. Check out the following venues and their adverts in this guide...

Bar Jester See page 26

Club Chic See page 16

Club DV8 See page 30

42 Holloway Circus - 0121 643 8344

28 Horsefair - 0121 666 6806

16 Kent Street - 0121 622 1060

The Core See page 36

Eden See page 20

The Fox See page 24

135 Sherlock Street - 0121 622 2797

116 Sherlock Street - 0121 622 1953

17 Lower Essex Street - 0121 622 3213

The Loft Lounge See page 44

Missing See page 22

The Nightingale See pages 28 & 68

142 Bromsgrove Street - 0121 622 2444

48 Hurst Street - 0121 622 4256

Kent Street - 0121 622 1718

RSVP See page 24

Route 2 See page 34

Sidewalk See page 24

100 Hurst Street - 0121 622 1718

139 Hurst Street - 0121 622 1718

125 Hurst Street - 0121 666 6220

Birmingham Pride would like to thank all the advertisers in this guide, who have helped make this publication possible at NO cost to the festival. The Village Inn See page 18 & 19

The Wellington Hotel See page 32

152 Hurst Street - 0121 622 4742

72 Bristol Street - 0121 622 2592

Other venues in Birmingham include: Boltz, Equator & The Fountain

#BirminghamPride - 29

Gay Nightlife_Pride Guide RH 06/05/2014 19:46 Page 1

Gay Nightlife_Pride Guide RH 06/05/2014 19:47 Page 2

Gay Venue Nightlife friday 23 may XXL - One of Birmingham’s favourite men-only club nights. Direct from London with music from DJ Christian M for this fantastic pre-Birmingham Pride special. The Core. LOLA LASAGNE - Kick start Birmingham Pride with some hilarious cabaret from Lola Lasagne. The Village Inn.

saturday 24 may

damon c scott









AMELIA LILY - X Factor star Amelia Lily takes to the stage to perform her favourite songs. Eden. BIG BROVAZ - The MOBO awardwinning R&B group perform a selection of hits including Favourite Things and Baby Boy. Eden. CABARET - Live cabaret across the weekend including Twiggy, Miss Penny, Baga Chipz, Mo & Dot and many more. Missing. DAMON C SCOTT PERFORMING STORM QUEEN - Storm Queen’s Look Right Through vocalist Damon C Scott takes to the stage to celebrate Birmingham Pride after his set on the Main Stage earlier in the day. The Nightingale. #JUSTSAYING - with DJ Matt. Happy hour until 2am. Pride Special from 8pm until the early hours. Bar Jester. LINDA LEGS OPEN - Live cabaret from Linda Legs Open plus karaoke and disco. The Wellington. LUKE GREENHALGH - Luke will get you dancing as he sings well known songs by artists such as Olly Murrs and Robbie Williams. Eden. POPCORN - House, dance and RnB from one of London’s biggest club nights. DV8. PRIDE AT THE LOFT LOUNGE Special DJ line-up across the weekend including Richard Moon, Deano, Simon Baker and special guests, The Mix Munkies. The Loft Lounge. SAMI BROOKES - X Factor star Sami Brookes performs some of her favourite tracks from her time on the show. Eden. STOLEN IDENTITY - This up and coming pop group will be helping you party with Pride! Eden. STOOSHE - The Blackheart three piece girl group sing their hits including Love Me, Slip and Waterfalls. Eden. TRASHY - Back for the weekend, Route 2 reopens its doors for a ‘trashy’ night out. Route 2.

#BirminghamPride - 31

Gay Nightlife_Pride Guide RH 06/05/2014 19:47 Page 3

32 #BirminghamPride -

Gay Nightlife_Pride Guide RH 06/05/2014 19:47 Page 4

Gay Venue Nightlife SUNDAY 25 MAY BONNIE LANGFORD - West End star Bonnie Langford takes to the stage to perform some of favourite hits. Eden.

conor maynard dj set

stacey solomon

queens of pop


dj jigga jo

giggle pride

dj deano

CABARET - Live cabaret across the weekend including Twiggy, Miss Penny, Baga Chipz, Mo & Dot and many more. Missing. CONOR MAYNARD - Hot off the Main Stage, Conor Maynard takes to the decks for a special Nightingale DJ set. The Nightingale. THE FLEURETTES - Amazing cabaret action from Pride favourites, The Fleurettes. Eden. LADY IMELDA - You’re in for a treat with a night of cabaret from Lady Imelda. There’s a 80s and 90s disco and karaoke too! The Wellington Hotel. PRIDE AT THE LOFT LOUNGE Special DJ line-up across the weekend including Richard Moon, Deano, Simon Baker and special guests, The Mix Munkies. The Loft Lounge. POPCORN - House, dance and RnB from one of London’s biggest club nights. DV8. QUEENS OF POP - Manchester’s hit cabaret act Queens of Pop return to Brum for more parody fun. Eden. SEDUCTION VS SUNDAY SUNDAE DJ Jigga Jo and guests take on two big brands with urban versus deep house in the Main Arena. DV8. STACEY SOLOMON - Queen of the Jungle and X Factor darling, Stacey Solomon takes to the stage for a thrilling performance. Eden. SUNDAY FUNDAY - Pride special with Baby G. Open from 8pm until very late! Bar Jester.

Lady imelda

TRASHY - Back for the weekend, Route 2 reopens its doors for a ‘trashy’ night out. Route 2. VICKY JACKSON - Midlands Zone Readers’ Award winner Vicky Jackson will be performing her outstanding tributes. The Village Inn.

monday 26 may GIGGLE PRIDE - Live comedy to keep the laughs going long after the Pride action stops. From 5pm featuring Lara A King, Georgia Thorpe, Linsey Hulse and Julie Jepson. Hosted by Maureen Younger. The Fox

bonnie langford

TWIGGY #BirminghamPride - 33

Community & Village Green_Pride Guide RH 06/05/2014 23:27 Page 1

Community & Village Green_Pride Guide RH 06/05/2014 23:27 Page 2

Birmingham’s LGBT Community

THE COMMUNITY VILLAGE GREEN THE HUB OF PRIDE’S COMMUNITY! IT’S ALL ABOUT COMMUNITY! The hugely popular LGBT Community Village Green is back again, with a full programme of activities. Attractions on the Village Green include a diverse range of performers and community stalls. Birmingham Pride will be packed with stalls offering information about numerous groups, including Acting Out, Birmingham LGBT Centre, Rainbow Routes, Birmingham Gay Symphony Orchestra, AB+, Amnesty International, LGBT Alcoholics Anonymous, My Care In Birmingham, Sandwell Council Fostering, Educate & Celebrate and many more... Rainbow Routes is an LGBT Midland based non-profit organisation run entirely by volunteers. We raise awareness about issues affecting the LGBT community nationally, regionally and locally and organise socio-cultural, heritage and other events to celebrate, highlight and make visible the challenges, achievements, contribution of the LGBT community to community and society in UK and further afield. We also provide support services and social groups. We are funded by the Big Lottery Fund.

The FREE Community Village Green is back and it’s returning to last year’s much improved location, situated at the lower end of Hurst Street. This means it’s right in the heart of Birmingham’s Gay Village so you can soak in the hustle and bustle of Pride! Presenting a diverse range of entertainment, including pieces from the International Dance Festival of Birmingham, across the weekend, it’s a great place to chill out with friends and family whilst enjoying the Pride atmosphere! Turn over to find out who's appearing and what’s taking place...

BIRMINGHAM LBGT CENTRE The Birmingham LGBT Centre, which opened earlier this year, is the first of its kind in England and Wales, and focuses on the health and wellbeing of Birmingham’s LGBT community. Over the Pride weekend, the centre is hosting a number of events - including films, a bi space, and a multi faith space. The Centre’s Matchbox cafe will also be open for drinks and snacks. #BirminghamPride - 35

Community & Village Green_Pride Guide RH 06/05/2014 23:27 Page 3

BIRMINGHAM PRIDE WEEKEND FRIDAY 23 MAY | 9pm - 3am The Core, 135 Sherlock Street, Birmingham |

Community & Village Green_Pride Guide RH 06/05/2014 23:28 Page 4

Community Village Green

it’s free to enter! ND NO WRISTBA REQUIRED

it’s a knock out

saturday 24 may

it’s a knock out sam dickinson

jazz blaack

jazz blaack sam dickinson young man denada dance theatre

studies for c candoco dance company studies for c

young man

kid’s dance troupe gay gordons rdc youth The Community Village Green is free to enter and you do not need a wristband

For approximate stage timings, visit or keep an eye on Twitter @BirminghamPride throughout the day.

rdc youth #BirminghamPride - 37

Community & Village Green_Pride Guide RH 06/05/2014 23:28 Page 5

Community & Village Green_Pride Guide RH 06/05/2014 23:28 Page 6

Community Village Green

it’s free to enter! ND NO WRISTBA REQUIRED

pride dog show

sunday 25 may

pride dog show darren hamlin

Sally haines

graham davies

Jessie Summers

sally haines jessie summers cinderz hollingsworth david james imogen davies nadine cond darren hamlin gay gordons graham davies The Community Village Green is free to enter and you do not need a wristband For approximate stage timings, visit

gay gordons

or keep an eye on Twitter @BirminghamPride throughout the day.

#BirminghamPride - 39

BGSO Proms_Pride Guide RH 06/05/2014 19:22 Page 1

BGSO Proms_Pride Guide RH 06/05/2014 19:22 Page 2

BGSO Pride Proms

the pride proms by birmingham gay symphony orchestra The Midlands’ very own Birmingham Gay Symphony Orchestra (BGSO) is presenting a special Pride Proms concert on the weekend of Birmingham Pride. The event, held in conjunction with Birmingham Pride, takes place at Adrian Boult Hall, Birmingham Conservatoire, on Saturday 24 May at 7pm, and features proms favourites, well-known anthems and popular tunes. The concert is hosted by local comedian Barbara Nice and features an orchestra primarily made up of Birmingham and Midlands-based musicians. A specially formed BGSO chorus of singers from the Midlands LGBT community also performs on the night. So if you’re looking for something a bit different to do over the Pride weekend, then be sure to pop along for what promises to be a magical evening of music. Advance tickets for the Pride Proms concert are available from for £10 (£8 concessions) or on the door at a price of £12 (£10 concessions). Family tickets are also available.

barbara nice

#BirminghamPride - 41

VIP Ticket info_Pride Guide RH 06/05/2014 20:33 Page 1

VIP Ticket info_Pride Guide RH 06/05/2014 20:33 Page 2

VIP Tickets

get the vip experience at birmingham pride! If you fancy attending Birmingham Pride in style, then take a look at our fantastic VIP tickets! There’s a whole host of benefits that come along with your tickets - check them out below:

■ Meet and greet opportunities with selected artists meet and greets cannot be guaranteed

■ ■ ■ ■

Fast track entry into the site VIP priority bar areas VIP main stage viewing area VIP cabaret stage viewing area

There’s a limited amount of VIP Weekend tickets available, but grab yours whilst you can as they’re proving popular!


Look great witha Harvey Nichols VIP treatment... It’s not only in-store where you can experience the best Harvey Nichols has to offer. If you’re attending Birmingham Pride as a VIP, you’re in for a treat! Harvey Nichols are set to host a VIP Beauty Treatment Room at The Penthouse (just above The Loft Lounge on Bromsgrove Street) offering discounted beauty treatments. Treatments that will be available across the weekend include: Benefit Brow Tint, He-Shi Spray Tan, Elemis Hot Stone Treatment and Electric Hair Dry Styling. These treatments will leave you looking and feeling great for the Pride weekend, and they won’t break the bank either; costing just £5 each!

#BirminghamPride - 43

Eating Out_Pride Guide RH 06/05/2014 19:31 Page 1

Eating Out_Pride Guide RH 06/05/2014 19:31 Page 2

Eating Out

INTERNATIONAL CUISINE WITH AN INTERNATIONAL REPUTATION! Over the past decade, Birmingham has transformed itself into the ultimate dining destination. Boasting a Michelin-star hat-trick, with three of the city’s restaurants having

The Loft Lounge

received recognition in the acclaimed guide, Birmingham has gained both national and international recognition as the country’s regional capital of cuisine.


ming moon Not only that, but in recent years the New York Times has ranked Birmingham among the top 20 international cities to visit, due to its impressive culinary reputation. Coming in at number 19 out of 45 world-wide cities, Birmingham boasts numerous high-profile restaurants and offers plenty of choice when it comes to cuisine, including Chinese, Indian, Italian, French, Spanish, South American and North American. There’s also a host of food outlets throughout the Pride festival site - many of which are offering healthy options. If you fancy grabbing

something to eat without venturing too far from the Gay Village and all the Pride action, head for The Loft Lounge, Sidewalk or Ming Moon. The Southside district is also home to Chinatown, boasting an array of Chinese cuisine to enjoy. There are plenty of other restaurants throughout the city too, in The Mailbox, Brindleyplace, The Cube and Spiceal Street, to name but a few destinations. For more eating out suggestions, head to

#BirminghamPride - 45

Staying Over_Pride Guide RH 06/05/2014 19:42 Page 1

Staying Over_Pride Guide RH 06/05/2014 19:42 Page 2

Staying Over If you’re visiting Birmingham from elsewhere in the country, there’s plenty of accommodation in the city centre, with over 8,000 beds to suit every taste and budget. Amongst the best places to stay is the stunning Radisson Blu, a 39-storey glass skyscraper located on the outskirts of Birmingham’s gay village and just a five-minute walk away from all of the weekend’s action. They’re even offering 10% off to Pride-goers booking for two nights (see their advert below).



Other nearby accommodation includes the luxury Staying Cool penthouse apartments at the top of the Rotunda, providing stunning views across the city, and if you’re on a bit more of a budget, there’s the Ibis, Holiday Inn, Travelodge, Ibis Budget and Nite Nite, all just a stone’s throw from Birmingham’s gay village. For a full list of the city’s hotels and for more information about the city itself, pop online and visit



Tel: 0121 634 6200

Enjoy the Pride celebrations at the Holiday Inn Birmingham City Centre! A modern 3-star hotel in a prime city centre location. The Holiday Inn, Birmingham City is a 5 minute walk from... Birmingham’s New Street Station and is only a 2 minute walk to Birmingham’s Gay Village

Rooms from £58.50

e: #BirminghamPride - 47

Shopping_Pride Guide RH 06/05/2014 19:36 Page 1

Shopping_Pride Guide RH 06/05/2014 19:36 Page 2


Harvey Nichols offering a life of luxury in the city... Just around the corner from Birmingham’s Gay Village is the upmarket Mailbox, Birmingham’s premier shopping and lifestyle destination with exclusive stores, restaurants, cafe bars, hotels and 24 hour parking. The Mailbox features one of Britain’s most luxurious and iconic store’s, Harvey Nichols.

place to shop for your Pride weekend wardrobe!

Offering many of the world’s most prestigious names in womenswear, menswear, accessories, beauty, home and food - Harvey Nichols is a great

For more information about Harvey Nichols please visit:

So whether you’re after a glass of bubbly, a new shirt or getting your nails done, Harvey Nichols has it all! Check out page 57 for an exclusive competition offering you the chance to win a £500 shopping spree too!

Are you on Facebook and Twitter? Become a fan of Harvey Nichols here: and follow @HarveyNichols on Twitter for all the latest news and offers from the store.

Gay shopping at Clone Zone and Prowler Birmingham is also home to two retail stores specifically targeting gay men. Clone Zone on Hurst Street and Prowler on Stephenson Street stock a wide range of underwear, sex toys, books, DVDs and novelty items. Pop in to Clone Zone over the Pride weekend and receive 10% discount when you show their advert in this Pride Guide! Swing by Prowler on Thursday 22 May for a special late night shopping event, offering customers 15% off purchases and some free drinks whilst you’re browsing!


Clone zone

#BirminghamPride - 49

What's On in Southside_Pride Guide RH 06/05/2014 19:57 Page 1

What's On in Southside_Pride Guide RH 06/05/2014 19:58 Page 2

What’s On in Southside Welcome to Southside... Birmingham Pride, hosted in and around Birmingham’s exciting Gay Village, is set right in the heart of the city’s Southside district. Situated along Hurst Street, next to Chinatown and down the road from the famous Hippodrome theatre, the Gay

Village boasts plenty of great nighttime venues to enjoy, no matter what you're after! Whether you’re looking for a relaxing drink with friends, a high-energy all-night party, an evening of fun cabaret, or maybe just a bite to eat, you're sure to find something - or should that be someone? - that takes your fancy!

The International Dance Festival Birmingham 2014 Whilst you’re in the city for Pride, there’s a great dance festival to be enjoyed across the city.

With plenty going on, here’s three of the events taking place as part of the International Dance Festival right in the

very heart of Southside. If you’re looking for a bit of culture, be sure to swing by and enjoy the show!

Breakin’ Convention



Birmingham Hippodrome Tuesday 20 - Wednesday 21 May Breakin’ Convention, the international festival of hip hop dance theatre, returns with another line-up of jaw-dropping performances by companies from around the world and around the corner. Hosted and curated by UK hip hop theatre pioneer Jonzi D, the evening features performances from local crews and international performers. Breakin’ Convention is more than just a show: DJs, dancers, demonstrations and workshops take over the foyers in the ultimate celebration of hip hop culture!

DanceXchange, B’ham Hippodrome Thursday 22 - Friday 23 May Planites is the latest work by Greek choreographer Patricia Apergi and her company Aerites. In Planites the company use the body and spirit of the streets as raw material to investigate the point of view of migrants moving from town to town, whether by choice or by force in today’s ever-evolving social and economic landscapes. This high energy witty performance showcases the impressive skills of five talented dancers and will leave you questioning concepts of migration, immigration and integration.

Birmingham Hippodrome Friday 23 - Saturday 24 May Deeply rooted in Argentinean culture, tango has fascinated and captivated the world with its sexuality, power and beauty. Internationally renowned for his ground-breaking and critically revered productions Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui collaborates with an incredibly talented cast of Argentinean dancers and live musicians to create a show that brings his own unique style to tango. This promises to be a fascinating exploration of both traditional and contemporary tango for the 21st century.

One Man, Two Guvnors at the Birmingham Hippodrome If you’re hanging around for a couple of days after Birmingham Pride has finished for another year, then we’d recommend that you go and visit Birmingham Hippodrome (one of the biggest theatres in the country) and enjoy a show. Based on The Servant Of Two Masters by Carlo Goldoni, this National Theatre production is directed by Nicholas Hytner and stops off in Birmingham as part of its biggest-ever UK and Ireland tour. Fired from

his skiffle band, Francis Henshall becomes minder to Roscoe Crabbe, a small-time East End hood who’s now in Brighton to collect £6,000 from his fiancée’s dad. But Roscoe is really his sister Rachel, posing as her own dead brother, who’s been killed by her boyfriend, Stanley Stubbers. You keeping up? Shaun Williamson, Jasmyn Banks, Gavin Spokes and Emma Barton star. Birmingham Hippodrome, Mon 26 - Sat 31 May

#BirminghamPride - 51

Culture_Pride Guide RH 06/05/2014 19:27 Page 1

Culture_Pride Guide RH 06/05/2014 19:27 Page 2

Birmingham: A city of Culture With its plethora of cultural experiences, Birmingham continues to thrive as one of the country's most diverse and creative cities. Crossing the culture spectrum it provides plenty to explore. While museum's offer a fascinating glimpse into Birmingham's rich and vibrant past, those wanting more up-to-the-minute entertainment can get their fill from the city's many gig and theatre venues. Offering extensive programming they bare testament to Birmingham's national standing as a city with an extensive cultural offer.

The all new Library of Birmingham

Birmingham Museums

Situated in Centenary Square, next to the Birmingham Repertory Theatre, the library houses a number of nationally and internationally significant collections, and also features the Shakespeare Memorial Room, which was designed by John Henry Chamberlain in 1882. Multiple performance spaces, rooftop terraces and a large glass-topped central book rotunda are among the library’s other attractions. The eleven-storey building, which has been likened in look to a giant wedding cake, is encased in over five thousand interlocking metal circles. For more information about the Library of Birmingham, visit

Nine extraordinary venues provide a fascinating glimpse into Birminghamšs rich and vibrant past showcasing world class museum collections. From Anglo-Saxon gold and Pre-Raphaelite masterpieces to a perfectly preserved jewellery factory, a Spitfire and a digital Planetarium, Birmingham Museums offer truly inspirational days out.

Barber Institute of Fine Arts

Ikon Gallery

Bramall Music Building

One of Birmingham's finest Art Deco buildings, The Barber Institute was designed by Robert Atkinson, one of the country's leading architects in the 1920s and 30s. Works by great artists including Monet, Manet, Magritte, Picasso, Degas and Van Gough all feature.

Located in the Oozells Street School, the two-floor gallery hosts an eclectic range of contemporary exhibitions from internationally renowned artists. Celebrating fifty years of artistic excellence with its Ikon 50 programme, the gallery is currently exhibiting works by Michel Francois and Ian Emes.

The most recent addition to the University of Birmingham, Bramall Music Building completes Joseph Chamberlain's original architectural vision for the site in 1900. As well as housing the University's Department of Music, the 420-seat Elgar Concert Hall hosts various concerts throughout the year.

#BirminghamPride - 53

Grants_Pride Guide RH 06/05/2014 23:36 Page 1

54 #BirminghamPride -

Grants_Pride Guide RH 06/05/2014 23:36 Page 2

Raising funds for the LGBT Community

With OVER £75,000 raised in 2013, how’s it going to be spent? Following the success of Birmingham Pride raising £75,136 last year, a Pride Trust has been independently formed to award a number of grants to LGBT community groups in the coming months and years. Birmingham Pride as a ‘NOT-FOR-PROFIT’ organisation is committed to raising as much money as possible for worthwhile LGBT causes and projects. Read on to find out how Midland LGBT groups can apply for grants both large and small...

Who decides on where the money goes? THE AIMS OF THE PRIDE TRUST FUND ? A small group of LGBT representatives have been brought together to come up with a process for allocating the funds to the LGBT community to support small groups and voluntary organisations to deliver key services.

Who’s on the panel? The panel includes Steve Bedser, Cabinet Member for Health & Wellbeing at Birmingham City Council; Steve Ball, Associate Director at the Birmingham Repertory Theatre and Karen Creavin, former Chair of Birmingham Pride and current Head of Community Sport and Healthy Lifestyles at Birmingham City Council.

steve bedser

karen creavin

steve ball

joint applications/MATCH FUNDING

Birmingham LGBT Pride works to provide an opportunity for the LGBT community to come together to celebrate the city and its diversity. Each year the event ensures that a diverse mix of the LGBT community are represented and catered for. Priorities for the organisation are: n Support for young LGBT people n Support for elders within the LGBT community n Support for LGBT families n Support for LGBT members with specific health conditions

How will the panel work? The Grants Panel will meet quarterly and will invite applications from the LGBT community organisations. They will identify the schemes and organisations that will make the best use of the funding available and that will deliver vital services to the community or to further develop existing services.

how to apply FOR FUNDING... Organisations applying for grants should be clear with us that how and what they are proposing meets the aims of the Pride Trust organisation. Make sure you tell us how you will identify the key communities you are working with, and the difference that you think your project will make. If you can identify ways to bring in additional funds to support the work, then that makes your application even stronger. With this in mind we are looking for community groups and local organisations to submit grant applications that would highlight how they would provide services that meet the above needs.

There will be opportunities for organisations to partner together and submit joint applications which could see both organisations jointly being awarded grants. The Birmingham Pride grants process will look to prioritise funding to those organisations that can best demonstrate how their application will support the aims of the Birmingham Pride Trust fund. The panel will also look at ways to use elements of the funding (either directly or through the organisations applying in for funds) to bring in match funding and increase the value and impact of the money raised by the festival.

DEADLINES FOR APPLICATIONS Monday 30 June 2014 Tuesday 30 September 2014 Friday 30 January 2015 Tuesday 31 March 2015

Please include the following information in your application (note that submissions should not exceed 2000 words): n An introduction to your programme and examples of how you have worked in this area before.

n How will you deliver it?

n What the needs are within the area and communities you are targeting.

n What are the timescales of delivery?

n How will you engage the local community? n What will you deliver?

n What is the cost of the service? Please supply a breakdown.

n What are the anticipated outcomes of the service? n Your exit strategy.

Submissions for the first round of funding must be sent to no later than Mon 30 June.

#BirminghamPride - 55

Healthy Pride & Competitions_Pride Guide RH 06/05/2014 19:35 Page 1

Have yourself a Healthy Pride HEALTHY PRIDE, HEALTHY LIFE


The Healthy Pride, Healthy Life campaign follows a set of principles that Birmingham Pride will be promoting, to offer informed choices and lead the way in building partnerships that strengthen the festival.

Thanks to Healthy Gay Life, one of Birmingham’s biggest sexual health clinics, quick and easy testing for HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C will be available throughout the whole weekend!

This leads to informed choices for festival-goers, and also provides guidelines for all stakeholders and contractors, including...

Consisting of a simple finger prick and a few drops of blood, the test really is fast and convinient, leaving you more time to enjoy the atmosphere of Birmingham Pride.

Drink-aware partnerships

No appointment needed - just drop in from 10am till 6pm

Helpful advice to festival-goers and warnings on personal safety, including pickpockets Healthy choices in food/lower salt/good oils etc. Health advice through our partnerships with public body groups/stall-holders Banned tobacco sales and advertising in stalls/kiosks on the main site Positive messages Support and advice from health partnerships The Pride Management Group is leading our campaign, in association with stakeholders and partners. We’re all hoping for blazing sunshine throughout Birmingham Pride - so remember to protect from the sun!

56 #BirminghamPride -

Located right in the heart of Birmingham Pride on Bromsgrove Street, next to The Loft Lounge Receive your results within two weeks For more information about the free service, call 0121 440 6161 before Birmingham Pride or 0121 622 6252 whilst there!

Healthy Pride & Competitions_Pride Guide RH 06/05/2014 19:35 Page 2

WIN! Competitions WIN! An exclusive shopping experience at Harvey Nichols Birmingham Nichols’ experts talk you through the key looks and offer advice on the latest must-haves. Not only that, you'll have £500 to spend in store, whether you have your eyes on a new handbag, want to add some designer magic to your wardrobe or treat yourself to a fabulous pair of shoes.

As Birmingham’s most luxurious store, Harvey Nichols has carved out an enviable reputation for offering the very best in high-end designer brands for the region’s fashionistas. The award-winning Mailbox store boasts collections from the world’s most famous fashion luminaries... who wouldn’t fall in love with the like of Christian Louboutin, Dolce & Gabbana, Alexander McQueen, Mulberry and Gucci!

Two runners-up will also enjoy a Personal Shopping experience with £250 to spend in store. To enter this FREE PRIZE DRAW simply log on to:

We're offering one lucky winner the chance to enjoy a luxurious Personal Shopping experience... simply sit back and relax, enjoy a complimentary glass of Champagne while the Harvey and enter your email address on the Free Prize Draw page. The competition closes on Saturday 31 May, 2014.

WIN! A pair of VIP Meet & Greet Tickets for Birmingham Pride 2014!








s CLUB 4



(Plus more VIP meet and greet artists to be announced)

To enter this FREE PRIZE DRAW simply LIKE and SHARE the post on our Facebook Page at or FOLLOW US and RETWEET the post on Twitter at @BirminghamPride The competition closes on Monday 19 May, 2014. #BirminghamPride - 57

Disabled Access_Pride Guide RH 06/05/2014 20:50 Page 1

Disabled Access_Pride Guide RH 06/05/2014 20:50 Page 2

Disabled Access The organisers of Birmingham Pride 2014 wish to make the festival inclusive for ALL and recognise the need for easy access throughout the event for our disabled community. There are various features in place to cater for those with accessibility needs who are coming to Birmingham Pride: Some offer elevators as well as ramps, disabled toilets and easy access to the outdoor and smoking areas. Please refer back to the Birmingham Pride website for updated information on accessibility at each venue - just visit: usefulinfo

Entering Pride & Disabled Parking Priority entrance and parking for the disabled is situated on Kent Street, by The Fountain. Please also refer to the Main Site Map for a larger overview of where this is located. There is also Disabled Parking in The Arcadian Centre on Bromsgrove St in Birmingham.

Disabled Toilets All the entertainment areas have disabled toilet facilities on site. At each area, there will be stewards and security guards, as well as general Birmingham Pride staff, who will be able to assist you in pointing out the toilets, and also escorting you through the crowd to reach them, should you require any

assistance. Outside entertainment areas, there will also be road-level disabled toilets available. Just look out for the disabled toilet sign on the Main Site Map on page 10 and 11.

Entertainment Stage Access

Alternatively, if there’s a particular venue you’re interested in, give them a call directly to find out how they can assist you. A full list of venues with contact details can also be found at usefulinfo and then by clicking on gay bars and clubs for all the info!

Further information? We are constantly looking to improve on our disabled access, and your feedback and suggestions are always welcome to help us develop this aspect of the festival. Should you have any questions, suggestions or issues regarding accessibility at Birmingham Pride, we’d love to hear from you. Email Simon Baker: or call the Birmingham Pride office on 0121 622 4218

There will be ramp access to all of the entertainment areas at Birmingham Pride. There is a designated area for disabled viewing situated near the front of the stage within the Main Stage arena.

Venue Access There’s a huge choice of venue to take advantage of throughout the Pride weekend - all of them have their own accessibility policy.

Need a taxi for Pride? We’ll get you there and get you home after!

ambassador cars 0121 444 1111 Driving the gay community for over 30 years! #BirminghamPride - 59

Volunteers & Getting Here_Pride Guide RH 06/05/2014 19:50 Page 1

Volunteer for Pride

Volunteering provides people with an opportunity to shine, to make new friends, and also to play a part in ensuring that the Birmingham Pride festival is inclusive and open to all. Last year, the Pride Ambassadors scheme was a huge success and everyone involved felt a huge sense of

community and achievement. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved, whether it be as a Parade Steward, a Wheel Marshall, a Registration Volunteer, part of the clean-up crew, or by helping with PR or fundraising throughout the festival.

ABplus is a member led service for people living with HIV. SERVICES FOR MEMBERS INCLUDE: • Monday & Fridays there is an open access providing Fareshare (food-bank), peer support, a meal at lunchtime and one to one support. • Access to support from Freshwinds, Red Cross, Terrence Higgins Trust and Barnardos at ABplus. • Referrals and signposting to other support services and social care. • Peer support groups for men, women living with HIV. • Support for respite breaks and opportunities for personnal development via training and workshops

For further details call 0121 622 6471 or Opportunities for volunteering and training

To make a donation please TEXT ABPL45 to 70070 29/30 Lower Essex Street, Birmingham. B5 6SN Charity No. 1068191 Registered in England No. 03467944

60 #BirminghamPride -

Be part of something that’s fun and varied, and show the Midlands how we pull together for Pride. To volunteer at this year’s Birmingham Pride event, register your interest now by emailing:

Volunteers & Getting Here_Pride Guide RH 06/05/2014 19:50 Page 2

How To Find Us Sat Nav Postcode B5 6RD




• From Junction 6 of the M6 follow the signs for Birmingham Central. • Follow the A38 (M) for two miles (signs for the city centre). • At the end of the motorway, take the flyover signed M5 South West. • Coming off the flyover, pass under the tunnel, following signs for Inner Ring Road South. • Take the next tunnel (Queensway). • Follow signs for Bromsgrove A38, which takes you to a third underpass. • On surfacing, get in the left-hand lane, take the 2nd left (Wrentham Street). Go to the bottom, take a left then third left. The Arcadian car park is on your left.

• From Junction 4, follow the signs for Birmingham along the A38 through Northfield and Selly Oak. • Going over the traffic lights at Bristol Street (McDonalds on your left), move into the left lane (signed BR New Street). • Passing the 02 Academy on your left, move into the right-hand lane. • Turn full circle at this roundabout (Holloway Circus). • Take fourth left (Wrentham Street). Go to the bottom, take a left, then third left. The Arcadian car park is on your left. Directly outside the car park is one of the entrances to the Pride site.

• Exit the station onto Stephenson Street (new exit/entrance). • Walk approx 300 yards to the road junction. For the Gay Village: • Take a left at the road junction. Walk down to the traffic lights. Cross straight over onto Hurst Street. • The Pride site entrance point and wristband exchange is 50 yards after you pass the Birmingham Hippodrome theatre. For the Parade: • Take a right at the road junction • Walk up to the top of Hill Street. • Take a left and Victoria Square is on the right, in front of the Council House.

#BirminghamPride - 61

Useful Event Infomation_Pride Guide RH 06/05/2014 23:25 Page 1






equality & freedom around the world

SAT 24 & SUN 25 MAY-Spring Bank Holiday Weekend Birmingham Gay Village





Useful Event Infomation_Pride Guide RH 06/05/2014 23:25 Page 2

Useful event information

Please read the following information carefully to get the maximum festival enjoyment...

Do you have to buy a ticket/wristband to enjoy Pride? You will need to purchase a TICKET/WRISTBAND to enter the Birmingham Pride festival site - although children under 10 don’t need a wristband, but must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. If you don’t have a ticket/wristband you will still be able to enjoy the Carnival Parade and Community Village Green, both of which are completely FREE.

Do you have to be gay to attend? No you don’t! Birmingham Pride is a celebration of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community but everyone is welcome to join in our celebrations. However, any individuals who are found to have been homophobic or transphobic will be ejected from the Pride site.

Anti-social or homophobic behaviour? Birmingham Pride operate a ZERO TOLERANCE towards anti-social or homophobic/transphobic behaviour and we reserve the right to eject anybody from the festival site.

Pride at Night from 8pm 18+ ONLY After 8pm on both Saturday and Sunday only visitors who are over 18 will be permitted entry. We operate a challenge 25 policy - so if you’re lucky enough to look under 25 please ensure that you bring appropriate ID. Anyone who is under 18 are welcome to

HAVE A SAFE & HAPPY PRIDE! stay on site after 8pm, but if they leave the site they will not be able to gain entry after 8pm. Wristbands will be required for access throughout the night.

Are children welcome?

VIP Tickets The special VIP Weekend passes entitle the holder to: > Meet and greet opportunities with selected artists. However, this cannot be guaranteed > Fast track entry into the site

We encourage families to attend Pride. Children under 14 must be accompanied at all times by an adult.

> VIP bar at The Penthouse > VIP main stage viewing area

Children under 10 get FREE ENTRY - so do not require a wristband. (Maximum of two children per parent or guardian).

Wristbands Information If you have purchased a ticket either online or from a ticket outlet you will need to exchange your ticket for a wristband on the day - please see page 9 on where you should do this. Wristbands must be securely fastened or may be void. Wristbands must be intact, in one piece, and worn at all times. Torn or ripped wristbands will not be accepted for entry. Lost wristbands will not be replaced under any circumstances and if you are not wearing a valid wristband you will be asked to leave the festival site.

> VIP cabaret stage viewing area

Where can we park? There are three main near-by car parks that you can use over the Birmingham Pride weekend. Please see the map on page 10/11 for their locations. The Arcadian car park and Chinatown car park on Wrottesley Street operated by APCOA – are both offering £10 per day parking for ticket holders/wristband holders on both Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 May (representing a 50% discount on normal charges), as well as the special weekend rate of £20 for parking from 8am on Saturday 24 May until 11am on Monday 26 May. Car park customers would need to visit the kiosk on arrival and show wristband or event ticket to get the special rate.

Wristbands are not transferable between visitors.

Where do any profits go?

Wristbands are required for drink purchases at all venues and outdoor bars within the Main Festival Site.

Birmingham Pride is a very costly festival to stage each year, including over £100k of basic infrastructure costs, which is why this year a charge has been introduced.

Can we take food and drink into Pride? No food, alcohol, or glass can be taken into the festival site. There will be lots of bars and catering within the festival site.

However, Birmingham Pride is a ‘NOTFOR-PROFIT’ organisation and profits raised will go to local LGBT and HIV/AIDS charities and organisations. See page 55 for more information.

#BirminghamPride - 63

Sponsors_Pride Guide RH 06/05/2014 22:43 Page 1



We’re proud to be the Official Media Sponsor for Birmingham Pride 2014 The UK’s biggest regional gay magazine and most comprehensive website for the midlands lgbt community

Sponsors_Pride Guide RH 06/05/2014 22:43 Page 2

Sponsors and Partners

A big thank you... to all our principal partners and sponsors, without whose financial support this LGBT festival would simply not be possible. SPONSORS & PARTNERS:

Nightingale Main Stage Sponsor

Dance Arena Sponsor:

Cabaret Marquee Sponsor:

Women’s Arena Sponsor:

We also acknowledge the support of all the Birmingham gay venues. Principal Media Partner:

Media Partners:

#BirminghamPride - 65

Acknowledgements_Pride Guide RH 06/05/2014 23:29 Page 1

Birmingham Pride thanks... Lots of people have got involved this year. We would particularly like to thank all our volunteers, and also the following people, for helping to make this year’s festival not only possible but hopefully the best yet! Birmingham City Council

LGBT Carnival Parade

Joan Durose Bev Parris Ron Stretton Steve Hollingsworth

Marty Smith Conrad Guest Simon Baker

West Midlands Police

Conrad Guest David Nash

Cabaret Stage

Abdool Rohoman Ben Reader

Dance Arena

West Midlands Fire Service Mick Robinson Tristan Dougdale-Pointon

Warren McLeod Andy Booth Women’s Area

West Midlands Ambulance Service

Andrew King Hilli Rishworth

Keith Nevitt


City Centre Management

Eventmen – Simon Widdowson British Event Catering – Jarrod Cooper Staging – Joe Knight Dynamite FX Few’s Marquees – Ian FewsGood With Wood – Adrian Barton Twenty First Century Media Group – Martin Monahan Funfair – Tommy Wilson Symphony Electrical – Ross Deeley Slinky Productions

Mahendra Chauhan Sonny Sandhu Licensing David Kennedy Security Mac Clark Umbrella Security PEZ Security More Secure St. John Ambulance Roy Jarratt Pride Main Stage & Festival Co-Ordinator Simon Baker Community Village Green Sonja Robotham Andrew King

Festival Contributions AB+ Accord Group Acting Out Barclays Bank

BBC Radio WM BCC LGBT Employees Birmingham Bisexuals Birmingham Blaze FC Birmingham Bulls Rugby Club Birmingham City Council Birmingham LGBT Capital FM Classic Cars Diageo FLAGS Freshwinds Gay Gordons GB Training GMB Union Labour LGBT LGBT Community Trust Lip Gloss Marketing Birmingham Midland Heart Midlands Bears Midlands Zone Ming Moon Nandos NAS/UWT National Express National Grid Outdoor Lads Prowler Push Project Rainbow Network Rainbow Voices Sanctuary Nottingham Smirnoff Someone at the Door South & City College Southside BID

The Lord Mayor’s Parlour THT Unison Unison LGBT Virgin Active Gyms West Midlands Fire Service WKD WM Police LGBT Employees Birmingham Pride Patrons Michael Cashman MEP John Beard Special thanks to... Paul Oliver Ryan Humphreys Carl Moore Julia Chance Rachel Dyson Jason Wilkes Jane Williams Emma Gray Ruth Pipkin Volunteers & Pride Ambassadors Pat Wilson-Smith and all individuals who have volunteered time to this year’s festival. And a very special thank you to everyone else who has contributed to this year’s festival. All the gay venues/business owners and managers who have been supportive.

Birmingham Pride 2015 Spring Bank Holiday Weekend

Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th May 2015 66 - #BirminghamPride

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The Official Birmingham Pride Guide 2014  

Your official guide to everything Birmingham Pride! The UK's biggest two day LGBT party returns to Birmingham on Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 M...

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