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Grand Theatre of Lemmings – Cod Choir The naughtiest, cheekiest fishermen you will ever meet rove around proudly displaying their larger than life puppet fish looking for any opportunity for a joke and a laugh with the unsuspecting public.

Always Drinking Marching Band

Imagineer Productions – A Taste of Rio


An unforgettable musical walkabout experience! Enjoy an unusual beat and a powerful explosive rhythm from these uniquely talented musicians.



Kitsch n Sync Collective Taking inspiration from Vintage postcards and summer seaside pastimes, Kitsch n Sync bring a splash of nostalgia and nautical naughtiness to Southside.

Larkin’ About – Deep Sea Divers

White sand, beach balls, cocktails and speedos! This new work whisks you away on a tropical adventure and brings everything we love about the beach a little bit closer to the city. Have the best beach party of your life!

Two divers wearing large corroded copper helmets squirting jets of water and draped with seaweed and crabs. Fish swim around their heads, and their backpacks play atmospheric undersea noises.

Desperate Men – The Eco Pirates

Les Vernisseurs – Merry Urban Mess

From the high seas to the high street this scurvy bunch of squid suckers want to bury a large treasure chest. Themes of recycling, litter and maritime pollution are all explored by these fearsome yet daft shanty singing Pirates of the Carry-Bin.


A spectacular performance where the street becomes a playground for 5 ‘workers’ and a shower of confetti and ribbons delight and surprise the audience.

Fairly Famous – The Lifeguards

Pif Paf – The Submercycle & The Flycycle

Perched high on their chairs with their classic pool rules signs, the Lifeguards attempt to impose the timeless values of the municipal baths onto the streets.

Come away with Pif Paf on a journey of your wildest dreams, aboard the famous travelling machines... Choose a travelling companion, find the Departure Lounge and they’ll take care of the rest.

Watch out... the Nosey Parkas are about - just nosing around at the seaside and NOT minding their own business. Sticking their noses up at everyone and into everything!

Sand In Your Eye


To mark the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio Carnival dancers and beautiful costumes will be creating a Brazilian Buzz.

SATURDAY ONLY The concert where you are the hero. Use everyday noises and make your voice heard - experience the simple and emotional power where everyone is a musician.

Corey Baker Dance – Beach Party

A gigantic squid has crawled into Southside but how did it get there - and what will we do with it?! Enjoy an interactive big puppet spectacle.

Who’s Who

Audience Orchestra

Puppets with Guts – Citizen Squid

Professional sand sculptors will be running workshops throughout the weekend. Come and learn the tricks of the trade and see the sculpture they have created too!

Talking Birds – The Whale


Ahoy there shipmates! The Whale is coming to town, and beneath its gleaming, silvery surface there be surprises for intrepid sailors! Fun for all ages, and fully accessible for wheelchair users. Prepare to dive!

Tall Tail Acrobatics – Turbuilente International A charming pilot and daring stewardess introduce ‘flying 2.0’. They might have lost their plane during the financial crisis, but the stewardess still takes off to the skies, thrown and caught by her pilot. A turbulent act full of audience interaction and acrobatic highlights.

Tombs Creatius – Monster Colours

ON OUR SOUTHSIDE DECKCHAIRS WITH SOME TRADITIONAL FISH AND CHIPS! Enjoy the sights and sounds of the seaside whilst refueling for your next adventure.

Meals & Transfers

SUNDAY ONLY Melancholic humour, striking design, and the visual poetry for which Acrojou is recognised, in a moving and atmospheric rowabout installation.

For performance times check our handy itinerary and on site signage.

Acrojou – All At Sea

Birmingham Hippodrome and Open Theatre Company Nosey Parkas’ Toffee Nose


Step up to an array of interactive games to test your puzzle solving, cup stacking and coordination abilities. Playful Catalan artists Tombs Creatius’ beautifully designed and handmade wooden games are perfect for all ages and skill levels.



Additional editing/midi by Rob Duyvestey. Across the site, experience emotional time travel with curious sonic summer memory triggers by sound artist Justin Wiggan. Listen to the sounds again by finding yourself a Summer in Southside souvenir stick of rock!

Seaside sights, sounds and silliness in the heart of the city!

Summer in Southside  

Programme and info for our FREE summer festival

Summer in Southside  

Programme and info for our FREE summer festival