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November, 2011

THE B I RM ING HAM C ALLI G R A P HY G U I LD ’S N E WS LE T TE R www.birminghamcalligraphy.org

FOOL’S Have you ever wondered about the difference between Finetec Inca and Schmincke Gold? What about Pelican Pale Gold and Yasutomo watercolor Gold? Dr. Martin’s Copperplate Ink vs. Holbein Brilliant Gold? At the Birmingham Guild Meeting on Tuesday, October 4, members were treated to experimenting with over 48 metallics, watercolor and acrylic paints and inks. We were able to record a sample of each and write our own impressions (ie..creamy, grainy, good coverage, subtle or bold) Members took home a great refference sheet of all 48+ samples to remember their likes and dislikes for future calligraphy projects. A favorite among most members was the set of Finetec gold (6 pans of German pearlescent watercolors) which has been rumored to last forever. (pictured left) Many thanks to Melinda Sapp and her mother, Sharron Adams for this wonderful experiment!

Field Trip to Paper & Ink Arts Nov.19 10-3 Join the fun! Birmingham Calligraphy 3rd Annual Holiday card Exchange Sat. Dec. 10 11:00 am

Autumn is time for “Leaf Script” See Jane Farr’s How-to on Page 3

Mark Your Calendars Upcoming Events: November 19- Trip to Nashville to Paper and Ink Arts December 10- Christmas Brunch and Card Exchange 11:00-1:00 Eve London’s house 88 Country Club Blvd. 35213

Field Trip to Paper and Ink Arts in Nashville, TN on November 19th. 10-3


Visit the “mecca” of calligraphy supplies and books. Jan 14 – Photoshop Elements beginner class Join the guild as they travel to Nashville to see Pa EOL Library per Ink Arts new home! Meet the new owner, Jennifer Allen and tour their warehouse full of everything Jan 28 – Photoshop Elements class - Library imaginable and more! If interested, contact Melinda Sapp 824-4447 Feb. 4 - Photoshop Elements class - Library PS Don’t forget your checkbook! Feb.13 - Night Meeting - MBBE March 3 - Workday - MBBE – Easter Card designs based on Zentangles, taught by Leah Dueffer March 17-18 Barbara Close Workshop www.bcdezigns.com April 9 - Night Meeting - MBBE May 5 - Workday - EOL Library May 19-20 Kathy Milici Workshop www.24karetdesigns.com

The Tina Motoyama Auction at the Orientation Fair raised $400+ and will be able to provide scholarships to 2 people each year for workshops. Thank you to thoses who donated!

Ready for Card Exchange 2012? It is coming!

Make sure you’ve signed up for the 2012 BCG exchange. The 2011 has been a huge sucess! All that is required is to send 1 envelope once a month to the person indicated on the grid. Sit back and enjoy the envelope you get. They are a “work of art” and so much fun to receive!

June 11 - Night Meeting - Library July 28 - Workday - Library August 25 - Orientation Fair - Library October 13-14- Annie Cicale Workshop www.cicaleletteringdesign.com December 15 - Christmas Brunch / Card Exchange...need hostess

Contact Melinda at melinda_sapp@yahoo.com

Nibbler Bits Reggie Ezell The Nashville Calligraphers Guild is sponsoring Reggie Ezell’s 26 Seeds: A Year to Grow in 2012. Some spaces remain in the workshop. Ann Cobb, Workshop Chair Nashville Calligraphers Guild Please contact Ann for more information.  cobbann02@aol.com

Barbara Mitchell’s Envelope published in a recent Bound and Lettered.

Member Spotlight Barbara Mitchell Barbara Mitchell is from Cullman, Alabama and has been interested in forming letters since she was a young girl. She began doing calligraphy 10 years ago. It took going to IAMPETH in Rhode Island to find The Birmingham Calligraphy Guild right down the interstate from Cullman. At IAMPETH,she met Melinda Sapp and Deb Warnat who encouraged Barbara to join the events in Birmingham. Since that time, she has been an active member of the BCG. Barbara’s favorite calligraphy book is The Universal Penman which is a compliation of engraved plates of George Bickham. She has been greatly influenced by CS Lewis’s Till We Have Faces. Barbara’s work (featured left) was Reggie Ezell’s “pic of the week” (week 39)and has had an envelope posted in Bound and Lettered. Shandra Smith said it best when referring to Barbara Mitchell’s calligraphy- “When you’re hotyou’re hot!”

An Ornamental Holiday Gathering Holiday Brunch Card Exchange December 10th 11-1 at the home of Eve London 88 Country Club Blvd

Everyone participating will make 24 cards and pass them out and exchange at this fun holiday event! The deadline was November 1st. A few spaces remain so call quick and get in on the fun!

contact Melinda at melinda_sapp@yahoo.com

While making these fun letters in a recent Barbara Close workshop, Mary Lou Sherman used Diamond Glaze to give her calligraphy a 3D effect.

Leaf Script

Jane Farr attended IAMPETH last summer and was excited to learn “Leaf Script” from Master Penman Rick Muffler. Rick’s Leaf Script was influenced by the work of both Master Penman Bill Lilly and engraver Sam Alfano. Rick directed students to Sam Alfano’s excellent online tutorial. (www.igraver.com/drawing_leafscript/)

First, rough out your capital. I based this L on Bill Lilly’s Engrosser’s Script but without the thins. I intentionally made it pudgy. I then outlined the letter - or attempted to - with a .05 marker.  You don’t have to do this step, but I want to save my original L, warts and all, in order to use it again. :) Add the details of the leaves.

Using my light table, I sketched the L onto my good paper. Next, add an inner line just inside the outer line.  This creates a narrow channel of space. Then place the left and right strokes for the leaves.  Rick warned us this part can be a bit tricky, and he’s correct.  Sam Alfano’s tutorial does a good job explaining this step. Go over the lines with a technical pen. I used a .03 Millennium ZIG marker.  Erase the pencil lines.  Add texture and shading.  Rick gave us plenty of cross hatching and stippling ideas for adding texture.

Jane Farr is a freelance calligrapher working out of her home studio. Most of her work is lettering envelopes and place cards for weddings. She has a passion for calligraphy and an insatiable appetite for learning new things to incorporate with her lettering.

Please check out Jane’s blog: /janefarr.blogspot.com/ A Place to Flourish. It is a wealth of inspiration and examples! “Leaf Script” has been printed with her permission.

Orientation Affair August 20, 2011

Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 for Calligraphers Do you want to learn the ins and outs of Photoshop Elements and how it can help with your calligraphy?This is the class for you! Join Eve London at the Emmet O’Neal Library: Jan.14th,Jan. 28th and Feb. 4th for “hands-on” instruction using Photoshop Elements ⦿ Learn how to scan, select and manipulate your calligraphy ⦿ Learn how to “clean-up” and get your calligraphy “camera-ready” for printing ⦿ Learn how Photoshop can help you design your finished piece before inking your pen ⦿ Learn to resize, color, and replace letters within your scanned piece ⦿ Advanced techniques such as creating a one-of-a kind border ⦿ While learning the above techniques, you will begin to uderstand the tools, organization and format of Photoshop Elements. Cost: $50 for the 3 lesson package.   Deposit of $25 required to hold your spot.  Maximum of 20 people.  This will be a hands on class with Eve walking us through all the tools of Elements and then demonstrating some of the wonderful ways that this computer software can be used to enhance our calligraphy!  Send deposit $25.00 to Ann Steves (info below right) and indicate on the check it is for Elements.

Class Supplies Extension cord Laptop that will run Photoshop Elements (i.e. a newer model laptop) if possible. If you do not own one, you can still take advantage of the classes by either taking notes and looking on while Eve demonstrates. Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 or newer (Students should be able to download a free 30 day trial version of Elements off the Adobe website just before the workshops begin if desired.) The first class will be an extra slow, beginner session for those with little or no experience so if you do not fall into that category, you may wish to bring something to work on that day or plan to help those who are just getting started.  The following classes will be moving at a little faster pace. 

Officers of the Birmingham Calligraphy Guild (Les Elumineurs*) President- Melinda Sapp Vice President-Sharron Adams Treasurer/Membership- Ann Steves Recording Secretary- Accepting volunteers Workshop ChairsMelinda Sapp and Shandra Smith Email Communications: Leah Dueffer Web Site/ Historian: Mary Ann Morrow Hospitality: Elsa Penso-Allen Newsletter: Eve London Exhibits/Publicity: Louise Meredith

The Birmingham Calligraphy Guild welcomes both amateurs and advanced calligraphers. All you need is an interest in hand lettering. If you would like to join: Contact Ann Steves p47ams@yahoo.com Dues are $25.00 to Birmingham Calligraphy Guild (September 1- August 31) Mail your dues to: Ann Steves 5637 Hampton Road Birmingham, AL 35210 205-956-5493

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