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Issue #8

August, 2010

THE B I RM ING HAM C ALLI G R A P HY G U I LD ’S N E WS LE T TE R www.birminghamcalligraphy.org

Orientation Fair Set for Saturday, August 28th

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2nd Annual Orientation Fair Open to all interested in calligraphy Saturday, August 28th 9:00 AM Emmet O’Neal Library 50 Oak Street 6 Round Robin Stations of different calligraphy demonstrations A light luch will be provided Awarding of 2 Tina Motoyama Scholarships for upcoming workshops Short Business Meeting Display of 200 beautiful envelopes by Master Penman Billy Lilly shared by Jim Davis (See inside article)

A big thank you in advance to the six Presenters: ENGROSSER’S SCRIPT: Jim Davis FOUNDATIONAL: Louise Meredith Pictures UNCIAL: Barbara Mitchell taken at last ITALICS: Ann Phillips year’s SPENCERIAN SCRIPT: Melinda Sapp orientation ZENTANGLES: Deb Warnat below

Xandra Zamora Creative Paste Paper Techniques and Copperplate Instruction October 2-3, 2010

Second Annual Christmas Brunch and Handmade Card Exchange December 11, 2010

Mark Your Calendars Upcoming Events: Saturday, August 28th: Orientation Fair at the Emmet O’Neal Library beginning at 9:00 AM. All you need is an interest in hand lettering! No charge! October 2-3, 2010

Xandra Zamora Workshop

Creative Paste Paper Techniques and Copperplate Instruction Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Brunch and Card Exchange 10:30 AM

4205 Old Leeds Road

Spring 2011

Roann Mathias Second Annual Christmas Brunch and Handmade Card Exchange Saturday, December 11, 2010 10:30 AM at the home of Marsha Lassiter 4205 Old Leeds Road Put on your calendar NOW! You don’t want to miss this event!

If you are unable to attend, you can still participate by mailing in your cards and your assortment will be mailed to you (but you will miss the fun!)

Who Do I Contact? For workshop details? Barbara Mitchell 256 739 2842 barbjmitchell@yahoo.com Meeting Information? Bettie Perkins, 256-8816198 bettiejoyce2002@yahoo.comWorkday Information? Marsha Lassiter, 967-0969 ml4205@charter.net Join or pay dues to BCG? Ann Steves, 956-5493 p47ams@yahoo.com

Dues are Due BCG dues are $25 a year (September-August) Please mail to : Ann Steves

5637 Hampton Road Birmingham, AL 35210

It is the easiest way to find out about upcoming events!

For Sale: Handmade Thank you cards by Guild Members Find out about our fundraiser and how you can help.


The card will be unveiled at the orientation fair

October 2-3, 2010 A few places still remain! Xandra Zamora http://www.xyzink.com/

Paste Paper and Copperplate To reserve a place in this workshop, send a check for $50.00 to Ann Steves 5637 Hampton Road Birmingham, AL 35210

and be sure to indicate the workshop you are signing up for

Lettering Pizzazz with Jim Davis Saturday, June 5, 2010, Homewood Public Library

In the midst of non-stop text messaging and high tech communications, the Birmingham Calligraphy Guild spent a delightful Saturday learning to hand address lovely envelopes in which to mail – letters! (Remember those??) Of course, these were no ordinary envelopes. We were learning designs by Calligrapher Bill Lilly of Ohio and taught by Calligrapher Jim Davis, former president of both the Birmingham Guild and IAMPETH. One of Birmingham’s best calligraphers, Jim Davis is a long-time friend of Bill Lilly and has studied with him yearly for more than 20 years. Jim taught us ways to enhance or “dress up” our lettering with three different ways to spice up our writing: 1. Broad pen split lettering 2. Making “jewels” to enhance our lettering 3. Utilizing gold mat board to give a wonderful effect for a decorative capital letter As an added bonus of eye candy, we were able to see the whole collection (200+) of the amazing envelopes that Jim has received from Bill Lilly over the past 20 years. For one envelope, we used a Black Letter script (using a C-3 nib) and split the letters in the middle by adding a band of gold for decoration. For another envelope, we used a Copperplate script and drew exaggerated initial caps using compound curve templates. We colored and decorated the capital letters. Next we glued “jewels” to the letters made from epoxy “dots” which (after they had dried) we colored with watercolor or gouache. Finally, we drew an illuminated letter for an initial cap, cut it out on the envelope and added a small square of gold mat board (Hobby Lobby) which we glued behind the letter. We then decorated the gold showing through the letter on the envelope with a sharp stylus. All three ideas were very effective ways to dress up an envelope! Many thanks to Jim for sharing his skills, his ideas and his Bill Lilly envelopes with us!

Nibbler Bits How great would it be to receive a hand-addressed envelope each month? Exciting news for the Coming Year! An Envelope Exchange!

The guild is proposing a year long Guild Membership Envelope Exchange. • It will be a great way to get to know your fellow members better. • Enclose a bit of trivia about yourself, or a favorite quote, or postcard • Only have to do 1 envelope per month • Sign up at the Orientation Fair • The Exchange will begin in January. If your envelope is posted on the 30th day of the month, it is still on time

The above envelopes are examples from http://pushingtheenvelopes.blogspot.com/ which is one of my favorite blogs!

Officers of the Birmingham Calligraphy Guild (Les Elumineurs*) President- Bettie Perkins Vice President-Marsha Lassiter Treasurer/Membership- Ann Steves Recording Secretary- Melinda Sapp Workshop Chairs- Suzan Bishop, Deb Warnat, Barbara Mitchell and George Dorsey Email Communications: Leah Dueffer Corresponding Secretary:Shirley Sawyer Web Site/ Historian: Elsa Penso-Allen Hospitality: Mary Raines Harper Newsletter: Eve London Exhibits/Publicity: Louise Meredith

The Birmingham Calligraphy Guild welcomes both amateurs and advanced calligraphers. All you need is an interest in hand lettering. If you would like to join: Contact Ann Steves p47ams@yahoo.com Dues are $25.00 to Birmingham Calligraphy Guild (September 1- August 31) Mail your dues to: Ann Steves 5637 Hampton Road Birmingham, AL 35210 205-956-5493 Being a member keeps you up to date with events and workshops! Don’t hesitate... Join today!

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