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New Orleans’ International Chamber Music Festival

Recognized for its fresh approach and “youthful, rule-bending style,” the Birdfoot Festival brings artists and audiences together to make and experience dynamic live chamber music. Birdfoot’s playful and engaging performances connect the timeless themes of classic masterpieces with contemporary sounds, creating unforgettable musical journeys. Celebrating its fifth season, Birdfoot has already presented over forty concerts and events and drawn artists and audiences from across the nation and five continents. Art in the Making — The Birdfoot Festival provides a creative haven where leading international artists collaborate, exchange ideas, and share the exciting results through community performances. In addition to its annual festival each May, Birdfoot hosts two artist residencies and multiple performances throughout the year.



New Orleans Flavor — Named for the branching footprint of the Mississippi River Delta, Birdfoot draws inspiration from the live music culture of New Orleans, presenting chamber music in intimate venues. Listeners are invited into the creative process and artists and audiences mingle and chat after concerts. Education and Inspiration — Birdfoot’s Young Artist Program challenges dedicated young music students to expand their musical abilities, imagination, and leadership skills through intensive chamber music coachings, workshops, and masterclasses led by international-caliber musicians.

“. . . fiery, committed, intensely personal readings . . . the risk-taking energy was palpable . . .” “Birdfoot delivered what I want from any Louisiana festival.” — Chris Waddington, The Times-Picayune


Wow! Look what you’ve helped create! Five years of making lasting friendships, creating and sharing extraordinary music with people from the CBD to Central City, from the Warehouse District to the Marigny, and enlivening our city with incredible music making! It may look easy, but I guarantee an enormous amount of the proverbial (and not so proverbial) blood, sweat, and tears have gone into nurturing and growing the Birdfoot Festival. The Birdfoot Festival began as an idea between three friends. While most ideas are left simply as ideas, these three jumped into action and brought the festival to life with its first season in 2012. Its first year, Birdfoot provided twelve festival artists the exciting space and time to delve into chamber music, hosted three concerts and an evening of open rehearsals, and supported the development of budding high school–aged musicians with a unique mentoring and coaching program. Since then, Birdfoot has provided an exciting retreat for nearly 50 artists, has worked with more than 50 high school students through its Young Artist Program, grown to include more than 20 concerts and events annually, holds multiple community outreach events each year, added a community chamber music reading party to the lineup, and now hosts a Community Music Calendar open to all classical performing groups in the Greater New Orleans area.

Last fall, the Birdfoot Festival also expanded to include fall and spring residencies offering exciting opportunities for professional chamber ensembles to experiment and develop their portfolios while simultaneously expanding coaching and mentoring for our competitive Young Artist Program. As a Board member, I get to see what’s going on behind the scenes. Since Birdfoot’s first season, we’ve worked hard to build the organizational capacity necessary to support our artists, our students, our audiences, and our volunteers, and provide transparency and accountability for our supporters.



We’ve accomplished all of this largely on the backs of an extraordinary team of talented and dedicated volunteers. Yes, entirely volunteers. From the managing and artistic directors to the ushers and cooks, this Festival runs on volunteers. 2015 was the first year the festival had a paid, part-time operations manager, and what a difference it made! To make it to the next level, we’re working hard to transform critical positions from volunteer to paid positions. As we celebrate Birdfoot’s fifth season and prepare for the next five years, we’re excited about the possibilities but, as always, we need you! Birdfoot would be nothing without you in the audience, without your volunteerism, and without your generous financial support. If you’d like to support the Festival’s continued growth, or to become a community partner, please share your interest with one of Birdfoot’s board members. Here’s to the next fabulous five years! Lisa K. Hooper President, Birdfoot Board of Directors


Most of us, when we go to a concert, assume that the musicians have things totally under control and that the resulting performance is largely predestined. The notes are written on the page, right? Everything has been rehearsed— What could possibly go wrong? In fact, the reality of walking on stage feels far more like setting off on a journey or launching a walnut-sized boat on a vast sea: you may have studied the clouds, understood the stars, and secured the provisions, but which way will the harmony blow? In celebration of the Birdfoot Festival’s fifth season, we present a week of musical quests and journeys. Each of this season’s programs, and many of the pieces themselves, embark on different sorts of journeys, both literal and psychological: Johann Sebastian Bach, for example, had a spiritual quest in mind when he inscribed quaerendo invenietis (seek and you shall find) in one section of his epic Musical Offering. Everything in this musical crossword-puzzle of fugues, riddles, and canons is based on one theme, which itself even has a searching quality: after starting out with a confident stride, it gets lost in a downward chromatic slide, and even tumbles momentarily, before finding its footing again. Tango Labyrinth navigates a path through Bach’s Musical Offering, woven together with the tangos of Astor Piazzolla and Jorge Luis Borges’ infinite Library of Babel.

Ma Mère l’Oye enters a musical world of myths and fairy tales and presents the world premiere of Prach Boondiskulchok’s Goose Daughter, a tragicomic chamber song-cycle. Birdfoot Backstage explores the inner workings of Mozart’s “Dissonance” quartet and the musical threads that run through Birdfoot 2016. And last but not least, Lost to the World finds transformation and redemption in consonance and dissonance.



But don’t think that you’ll get away with remaining a spectator—if you’re reading these words, you’ve already followed the trail of crumbs into an enchanted forest. Art allows us to step out of our own experience and try on that of another. It gives us the opportunity to live in someone else’s reality for a song’s, a painting’s, or a novel’s worth of time. As Anthony Weinstein wrote in a recent essay for The New York Times: “We invest the art with our own feelings, but the art comes to live inside us, adding to our own repertoire. Art obliges us to ‘first-personalize’ the world . . . art makes us fellow travelers.” Welcome, fellow travelers, to Birdfoot 2016! Jenna Sherry Artistic Director


We don’t just practice in this community


Jones Walker LLP congratulates the

2016 Birdfoot Festival

on another fantastic festival season. We support The Birdfoot Festival in its mission to inspire community and creative energy between and among audiences and musicians from around the world in unique and intimate New Orleans settings. 201 St. Charles Ave. | New Orleans, LA 70170 | 504.582.8000 | William H. Hines, Managing Partner |


Tuesday, May 24, 2016, 12:15–1 PM Pan American Life Center Lobby 601 Poydras Street, Downtown New Orleans Free Admission

A preview of repertoire to be performed during the 2016 Birdfoot Festival. This concert is sponsored by the Pan-American Life Insurance Group.





TANGO LABYRINTH Wednesday, May 25, 2016, Concert 8 PM, Milonga 9:30 PM Café Istanbul, 2372 St. Claude Avenue, Faubourg Marigny

“Quaerendo invenietis” (Seek and you shall find) — Inscribed by J. S. Bach in The Musical Offering

Jorge Luis Borges La Biblioteca de Babel (The Library of Babel) (1956) excerpt (1899–1986) Dr. Nicolas Bazan and Ana Gershanik, readers Johann Sebastian Bach (1685–1750)

Das Musikalische Opfer (The Musical Offering), BWV 1079 (1747): Ricercar a 3

Emily Nebel, violin Rose Hashimoto, viola Astor Piazzolla Verano Porteño arranged by José Bragato (1921–1992) Emily Nebel, violin Han Bin Yoon, cello Borges The Library of Babel continued

Han Bin Yoon, cello

Prach Boondiskulchok, piano

Bach The Musical Offering: Canon Perpetuus and Canones Diversi super Thema Regium nos. 1–4 Piazzolla 8

Fuga y Misterio

Alex Fortes, violin Raúl Gómez-Rojas, viola Karen Kim, violin Eli Lara, cello


The Library of Babel continued


The Musical Offering: Fuga Canonica, Canon no. 5 a 2 Per Tonos

Jenna Sherry, violin Michael Unterman, cello Robert Meyer, viola Prach Boondiskulchok, piano


Piazzolla Canciones Porteñas: “Alguien le dice al tango,” “Jacinto Chiclana,” “El Títere” arranged by Joe Magar Jeanne-Michèle Charbonnet, soprano Joe Magar, bass Jenna Sherry, violin Prach Boondiskulchok, piano Borges

The Library of Babel continued


The Musical Offering: Canons “Quaerendo invenietis”

Kristopher Tong, violin Haeyoon Shin, cello Emily Nebel, violin Joe Magar, bass Piazzolla Primavera Porteña arranged by José Bragato/Joe Magar Emily Nebel, violin

Joe Magar, bass

Prach Boondiskulchok, piano

This concert is sponsored in memory of Loki B.N. Cape on behalf of Moxie A. Gray and Kaeto G. Cape.


To be recorded for future broadcast in partnership with WWNO 89.9 FM Thursday, May 26, 2016, 7 PM The George and Joyce Wein Jazz & Heritage Center 1225 N. Rampart Street, Faubourg Tremé



Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: String Quartet in C Major, K. 465 Join Birdfoot Festival musicians and WWNO 89.9 FM “backstage” for an exploration of Mozart’s “Dissonance” Quartet. This event is an opportunity to get inside the music alongside the musicians before the quartet’s performance during Birdfoot’s “Lost to the World” Final Gala Concert on Saturday, May 28. Join the conversation! This event features the following Birdfoot artists: Jenna Sherry, violin Alex Fortes, violin Jenn Chang, viola Han Bin Yoon, cello




Friday, May 27, 2016, 8 PM (Young Artist Program Showcase Concert 7 PM) Contemporary Arts Center, 900 Camp Street, Downtown New Orleans

Maurice Ravel Ma mère l’Oye (Mother Goose Suite) (1908–10) arranged for string quartet (1875–1937) I. Pavane de la Belle au bois dormant (Pavane of Sleeping Beauty), Lent II. Petit Poucet (Little Tom Thumb), Très modéré III. Laideronnette, impératrice des pagodes (Little Ugly Girl, Empress of the Pagodas), Mouvement de marche IV. Les entretiens de la belle et de la bête (Conversation of Beauty and the Beast), Mouvement de valse très modéré V. Le jardin féerique (The Fairy Garden), Lent et grave Anton Webern Six Bagatelles for String Quartet, Op. 9 (1911–13) (1883–1945) I. Mäßig (Moderate) II. Leicht bewegt (Light with movement) III. Ziemlich fließend (Moderately flowing) IV. Sehr langsam (Very slow) V. Äußerst langsam (Extremely slow) VI. Fließend (Flowing)


“He believed he’d easily find his way because of the bread that he’d strewn all along his path; but he was very surprised to find not a single crumb: the birds had come and eaten everything.” — Charles Perrault

Kristopher Tong, violin Rose Hashimoto, viola Jenna Sherry, violin Eli Lara, cello




Prach Boondiskulchok Goose Daughter (2016) world premiere (b. 1985) I. Proverb II. The Lychee Tree III. No Name IV. Lullaby V. Profit, loss Jeanne-Michèle Charbonnet, soprano Karen Kim, violin Jenn Chang, viola Han Bin Yoon, cello Prach Boondiskulchok, piano Antonín Dvorˇák String Quintet No. 2 in G Major, Op. 77 (1875) (1841–1904) Allegro con fuoco Scherzo. Allegro vivace Poco andante Finale. Allegro assai Alex Fortes, violin Robert Meyer, viola Emily Nebel, violin Haeyoon Shin, cello This evening’s concert is sponsored by The Helis Foundation.

Joe Magar, bass



FINAL GALA CONCERT: LOST TO THE WORLD Saturday, May 28, 2016, 8 PM (Young Artist Program Showcase Concert 7 PM) Peoples Health New Orleans Jazz Market 1436 Oretha Castle Haley Boulevard, Central City

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685–1750)

“I am lost to the world, with which I used to waste so much time . . .” — Friedrich Rückert

Das Musikalische Opfer (The Musical Offering), BWV 1079 (1747): Ricercar a 6

Jenna Sherry, violin Kristopher Tong, violin Jenn Chang, viola Robert Meyer, viola Michael Unterman, cello Joe Magar, bass Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart String Quartet in C Major K. 465 “Dissonance” (1785) (1756–1791) Adagio — Allegro Andante cantabile Menuetto. Allegro Allegro molto Jenna Sherry, violin Alex Fortes, violin Jenn Chang, viola Han Bin Yoon, cello

Gustav Mahler (1860–1911)

Rückert-Lieder (Five Songs on Poems by Friedrich Rückert) (1901–2) arranged by Gerhard Präsent and Birdfoot Festival Artists

I. Blicke mir nicht in die Lieder! (Do not look at my songs!) II. Ich atmet’ einen linden Duft (I breathed a gentle fragrance) III. Ich bin der Welt abhanden gekommen (I am lost to the world) IV. Um Mitternacht (At midnight) V. Liebst du um Schönheit (If you love for beauty) Jeanne-Michèle Charbonnet, soprano Kristopher Tong, violin Rose Hashimoto, viola Haeyoon Shin, cello Joe Magar, bass



Arnold Schoenberg Verklärte Nacht (Transfigured Night) (1899) (1874–1951) Karen Kim, violin Emily Nebel, violin Rose Hashimoto, viola Robert Meyer, viola Michael Unterman, cello Eli Lara, cello

This concert is underwritten in honor of James’ & Isaac’s third birthday.


Photo: Ryan Hodgson-Rigsbee

Artistic Director, violin

Violinist Jenna Sherry grew up in New Orleans and has lived in London since she was selected as a Marshall Scholar by the British government in 2008. As an active chamber musician, Jenna has performed at venues including the Kennedy Center, Barbican Hall, the Schoenberg Centre in Vienna, and in the City of London Festival, the Aldeburgh Festival, and the Salzburg Chamber Music Festival. She has collaborated with artists including the Dante Quartet, violinist András Keller, and cellist Steven Isserlis. She has participated in chamber music festivals around the world,

including the Taos Chamber Music School and Festival (USA), and the International Musicians Seminar Prussia Cove (UK) where she regularly attends the invitation-only Open Chamber Music sessions. In 2011, Jenna recorded Unsuk Chin’s Double Bind? for solo violin and electronics for BBC broadcast, collaborating with the work’s original creators at IRCAM and performing it on the BBC Total Immersion series. Jenna leads the Faust Ensemble in London and regularly plays with groups such as the Amsterdam Sinfonietta, the Irish Chamber Orchestra, the Britten Sinfonia, and Spira Mirabilis. While growing up in New Orleans, Jenna studied with Mary Anne Fairlie and Valerie Poullette. She received a Bachelors of Music from the Indiana

University Jacobs School of Music, where she was a student of Mark Kaplan and a Herman B. Wells Scholar. Following completion of a Masters in Performance with David Takeno at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London, she was twice awarded a Junior Fellowship at the school. More recently she has worked with Ferenc Rados and András Keller.

Artist JENNA SHERRY Artistic Director, violin


Jenna is an assistant violin teacher at the Yehudi Menuhin School (Surrey, UK), a specialist music school for students between 8–18 years old. Jenna was a founder of the Birdfoot Festival in 2011 and serves as the festival’s Artistic Director. For more information about Ms. Sherry, visit


composer in residence, piano

Pianist, fortepianist, and composer, Prach Boondiskulchok was born in Bangkok, Thailand. Based in London and Berlin, his piano trio, Linos Piano Trio, won the 1st Prize and Audience Prize at Melbourne International Chamber Music Competition in 2015, the Royal Philharmonic Society’s Frost Prize in 2014, and was a selected ChamberStudio Mentorship Group 2014–15 to receive tuition with Peter Cropper, Eberhart Feltz, and Sir Andras Schiff. He received his musical education as at the Yehudi Menuhin School, Guildhall School of Music and Drama, and Hochschule for Musik, Theater und Median, Hannover, as well as from

participation at masterclasses and festivals –most regularly at the International Musicians’ Seminar, Prussia Cove. His busy performing schedule has brought him to many prestigious venues including the Wigmore Hall, Barbican Hall, Royal Festival Hall, St John’s Smith Square, and Purcell Room in the United Kingdom, and worldwide to international festivals and concert venues. Prach’s early performance of Bach Sinfonias at the Royal Festival Hall won a critical acclaim in the Independent. Now equally at home in the languages from the early Baroque to the newest repertoire, his programmes span

from Froberger to his own works, from solo to ensemble and concerto, from fortepianos to modern pianos. His works have been performed internationally, with the latest work, Night Suite for piano trio, having had 15 performances in the past year in Germany, Austria, the United Kingdom, and France.

Artist PRACH BOONDISKULCHOK composer/piano


A keen educator, Prach gives regular masterclasses, is a visiting professor at the Princess Galyani Vadhana Institute of Music in Bangkok, and was a member of the piano faculty at the Yehudi Menuhin School in London from 2009–2015. To learn more about Mr. Boondiskulchok, visit


Artist JENN CHANG viola


New York–based violist Jennifer Chang enjoys a multifaceted career performing in ensembles throughout the country. After her introduction to chamber music in middle school, at the Greenwood Music Camp, she fell in love with it. She continued her chamber music studies at the Musicorda, Kneisel Hall, and Moritzburg summer festivals, and seminars by the St. Lawrence and Juilliard String Quartets. Jenn especially enjoys playing chamber music in non-traditional venues, presenting string quartets to new audiences. From 2007–2010,

she was a regular member of the Classical Revolution ensemble, playing weekly shows in bars and cafes in San Francisco. Upon moving to New York, she helped found the HausMuzik ensemble, performing concerts in homes, churches, gardens, and libraries. She also performs with the Listen Closely Inwood Chamber Music Initiative in New York’s Inwood neighborhood. Some of her other favorite performance venues have been the MoMA sculpture garden, Small’s Jazz Club in Greenwich Village, and The Barn at Castle Hill, at the Manchester-by-the-Sea chamber music festival. A Harvard graduate, Jenn seeks to use music for social change and community enrichment. She

presented her senior thesis about the Venezuelan social program El Sistema at symposiums organized by the New England Conservatory and Community MusicWorks. In 2015, Jenn was honored to play principal viola in the inaugural orchestra concert for The Dream Unfinished, a collective of classical musicians and activists who promote NYC–based civil rights and community organizations. Jenn completed her Master’s degree at Juilliard, studying with Misha Amory and Heidi Castleman. At Juilliard, she performed regularly with the New Juilliard Ensemble and served as a principal violist of the Juilliard Chamber Orchestra and the Juilliard Orchestra. Previous teachers include Roger Tapping, James Buswell, and Marylou Speaker Churchill.


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dramatic soprano

During her varied career, dramatic soprano and New Orleans native JeanneMichèle Charbonnet has established herself as a leading force in the German and contemporary repertoires. Having begun singing Italian and spinto Russian roles, she has naturally progressed into the more dramatic German soprano – and, more recently, Zwischenfach – repertoire. Her intense stage presence has been widely praised by critics, with The New York Times proclaiming her a ‘spine-chillingly powerful’ performer. In Europe, Charbonnet has appeared at major opera houses including the Gran Teatre del Liceu, Barcelona; Opéra

National de Paris; Teatro Real, Madrid; Oper Frankfurt; Opéra National de Bordeaux; Deutsche Oper Berlin; Teatro Comunale di Firenze; Teatro La Fenice; and Bregenz Festival. Her major roles include Ortrud (Lohengrin) (in Frankfurt and Dallas); Kundry (Parsifal); Venus (Tannhäuser) (Geneva and Toulouse); and Sieglinde (Die Walküre) and Brünnhilde (Der Ring des Nibelungen) (both Opéra national du Rhin). Her portrayal of Isolde was described in Opera Magazine as “every inch the passionate Irish princess, at first a bundle of fury, then wholly possessed by the love potion. Her soprano smouldered hotly below, blazed thrillingly on high.” Recent highlights include the title role of Ariane et Barbe-bleue (in Barcelona and Dijon); Judith (Bluebeard’s Castle) (Nantes/Angers and Paris); Leonore (Fidelio) (Teatro San Carlo); Katerina Izmailova (Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk)

(Florence May Festival and Teatro Municipal Santiago); Goneril (King Lear) (Frankfurt); Elektra (Deutsche Oper Berlin, Edinburgh International Festival, and LSO under Valery Gergiev); and Cassandre (Les Troyens) (Opéra National de Paris). Charbonnet’s concert repertoire includes Schoenberg’s Erwartung (with Jukka-Pekka Saraste in Cologne) and Janácˇek’s Glagolitic Mass (with Pierre Boulez at the BBC Proms). Recent engagements include role debuts as Kostelnicˇka (Jenu˚fa) (La Monnaie, Brussels) and the Mother (Il Prigioniero) in Barcelona, as well as Erwartung with Susanna Mälkki in Amsterdam. Looking further ahead, Charbonnet will add roles to her repertoire including Herodias (Salome), Klytemnestra (Elektra), and Amneris (Aïda). Jeanne-Michèle Charbonnet’s participation in the 2016 Birdfoot Festival is sponsored by an anonymous donation.

Artist JEANNE-MICHÈLE CHARBONNET dramatic soprano



Artist ALEX FORTES violin


Originally from San Diego, violinist Alex Fortes is increasingly being recognized for his musical versatility and warmth. Recent orchestral and chamber music performances have included performances in Denmark, Austria, and Indonesia as well as throughout the United States with groups such as the Franklin and Momenta string quartets, the Talea Ensemble, the Orchestra of St. Luke’s, Future In REverse (FIRE), the String Orchestra of New York City, and A Far Cry, which recently invited him to become a member. A strong advocate of social and civic engagement, Alex worked for the Longwood Symphony, an

orchestra associated with Boston’s medical community that uses its performances to raise funds and awareness for medical nonprofits. In May 2010, he was chosen by former U.S. Senator Bob Kerrey to be the student speaker at the New School’s commencement, where he spoke about the importance of interdisciplinary cooperation and civic engagement for fostering innovation and strong communities. Mr. Fortes holds degrees from Harvard and Mannes College. His teachers include Mark Steinberg, Peter Zazofsky, Hernan Constantino, Mary Gerard, and Michael Gaisler.



Violist Rose Hashimoto is originally from Seattle, Washington and currently lives in New York City. A dedicated chamber musician, Rose is a member of the self-directed chamber orchestra Shattered Glass Ensemble, a frequent guest with A Far Cry, and a former member of the Thalia String Quartet, who served as the Quartet in the Community for the 2013 Banff International String Quartet Competition. She has performed at many chamber music festivals, including Yellow Barn, Taos, Kneisel Hall, the Perlman Music Program, and Manchester Summer Chamber Music. Rose is Co-Artistic Director of the

Listen Closely Inwood Chamber Music Initiative, a musicians’ collective that partners with community leaders and community spaces to present highly accessible, inclusive, and interactive concerts in the Inwood neighborhood of Manhattan. A passionate educator, Rose serves on the faculty of the Lucy Moses School at the Kaufman Music Center and the Preparatory Center for the Performing Arts at Brooklyn College. Rose also teaches with the Harmony Program, an El Sistema–inspired program that offers free group classes and orchestra to children who ordinarily wouldn’t have access to music education. She received her Suzuki teacher training from the School for Strings.

Rose earned a Bachelor of Music from Juilliard and a Master of Music and Professional Studies Diploma from Mannes College The New School for Music. As a winner of the Mannes concerto competition, Rose performed the Schnittke viola concerto with the Mannes Orchestra in 2012. She was the recipient of the George and Elizabeth Gregory Award for Excellence in Performance from Mannes. Rose’s major teachers have included Toby Appel, Hsin-Yun Huang, and Laurie Smukler.



To learn more about Ms. Hashimoto, visit



Allende Chamber Music Festival in Mexico; the Vienna Musikverein; London’s Wigmore Hall; the Musée d’Orsay in Paris; the Seoul Arts Center; and Angel Place in Sydney. Grammy Award–winning violinist Karen Kim is widely hailed for her sensitive musicianship and passionate commitment to chamber and contemporary music. She has performed extensively throughout North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia, appearing in such venues and concert series as Carnegie Hall’s Zankel and Weill Recital Halls, Lincoln Center, and the Brooklyn Academy of Music in New York; the Smithsonian Chamber Music Society and Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.; the Celebrity Series of Boston; the Philadelphia Chamber Music Society; the San Miguel de

Her recordings as a founding member of the Parker Quartet from 2002 to 2012 include the complete string quartets of György Ligeti, which received the Grammy Award for Best Chamber Music Performance in 2011. With the Parker Quartet, Karen Kim also received the Grand Prize and Mozart Prize at the 2005 Bordeaux International String Quartet Competition. Esteemed for her versatility across a broad spectrum of musical idioms and artistic disciplines, Karen Kim has collaborated with artists ranging from Kim Kashkashian, Paul Katz,

Roger Tapping, Jörg Widmann, and Shai Wosner to Questlove & The Roots and the James Sewell Ballet. She frequently performs with such groups as the East Coast Chamber Orchestra, East Coast Contemporary Ensemble, Cadillac Moon Ensemble, Metropolis Ensemble, NOVUS NY, and Chameleon Arts Ensemble. She is also a devoted advocate of the music of our time, and has premiered works by Lera Auerbach, Wang Jie, Jeremy Gill, Patrick Castillo, Conrad Wilson, Craig Woodward, and others. A native of La Crosse, Wisconsin, Karen Kim received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in violin performance and her master’s degree in chamber music from the New England Conservatory, where she studied with Donald Weilerstein; she also studied jazz violin with vocalist Dominique Eade.

Artist KAREN KIM violin




942 N Rampart St | (504) 569 9979 |

Artist ELI LARA cello

ELI LARA cello

Regarded for her thoughtful interpretations, compelling execution, and depth of understanding, cellist Eli Lara has been praised for creating “a sense of complete awe” by ArtsNash. As an ensemble and solo musician, Eli has performed across North America, South America, Asia, and Europe. A founding member of Trio Séléné, Eli recently recorded with clarinetist Mingzhe Wang and pianist Ilya Poletaev and performed at Rutgers and Columbia Universities. Trio Séléné’s recording of works for clarinet, cello, and piano by Fauré and Zemlinsky as

well as a newly commissioned work by Spanish composer Fernando Buide is scheduled for release in 2016.

Wigmore Hall and at festivals including Kneisel Hall, Sarasota, Banff, and Festival Pablo Casals (Prades, France).

Dedicated to promoting contemporary music, Eli has worked with many composers including Fernando Buide, Krzystof Penderecki, Caroline Shaw, Julia Wolfe, and Jeffrey Wood, and has performed/premiered new works in concerts and festivals including Summergarden at the New York Museum of Modern Art.

Eli graduated from Yale University with an undergraduate degree in molecular biophysics and biochemistry and a Master of Music in cello performance, as a student of Aldo Parisot and Ole Akahoshi. She completed her Doctor of Musical Arts at The Juilliard School where she studied with Joel Krosnick. Awarded the Richard F. French Prize, Eli traveled to Prague and Vienna to study the string quartet manuscripts of Czech composer Erwin Schulhoff and was subsequently invited to present her research at an international conference at Arizona State University. She is currently Assistant Professor of low strings at Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, Tennessee.

Currently co-principal cellist of the Gateway Chamber Orchestra in Tennessee, Eli also performs with the Paducah Symphony and Nashville Opera. She has appeared on National Public Radio, at major venues such as New York’s Alice Tully Hall and London’s


Artist JOE MAGAR bass


Originally from the greater Detroit area, bassist Joe Magar has spent the past ten years on the East Coast as an active orchestral and chamber musician. He received his bachelor’s of music from the University of Michigan and his master’s degree and artist diploma from Yale University. He is an enthusiastic performer of new music in many genres, and has appeared on such series as the Incubator Arts Project, Bard’s Summerscape, the American Composers Orchestra’s Composers Out Front series, and the Evolution Contemporary Music Series.

Joe is a member of the Quodlibet Ensemble, a New York–based chamber orchestra who just released its debut recording of Corelli concertos. In addition to his ensemble work, Joe performs in a wide variety of musical styles including jazz, rock, tango and folk music, on both upright and electric bass. Joe is also a frequent collaborator with multistyle violinist Mari Black, appearing in her World Fiddle Ensemble.


Artist ROBERT MEYER viola


Robert Meyer has performed in chamber music and recital throughout the United States and abroad. While violist of the acclaimed Arianna Quartet, he collaborated with members of the Tokyo, Juilliard, and Vermeer Quartets, and was featured on the cover of Chamber Music Magazine. During his five-year tenure with the quartet, they performed extensively throughout North America, including performances of the complete cycle of Beethoven string quartets, and recorded works of Ravel and Mendelssohn.

In recent years, Mr. Meyer has been a guest artist with many chamber music series and festivals, including Strings in the Mountains, Camerata San Antonio, and the Chelsea Music Festival. Currently, he lives in New York, where he performs frequently in the viola section of the New York Philharmonic.


Artist EMILY NEBEL violin


Emily Nebel, violinist, has established herself as an innovative young artist and collaborator in both the United States and Europe. Since her arrival in Frankfurt in 2014, she has given recitals in such venues as the Alte Oper Mozartsaal and Bad Homburger Schlosskirche and regularly plays with Frankfurt’s prestigious Radio and Opera orchestras. An active chamber musician, Emily performs with her colleague Alexey Pudinov along with several other professors and students from the Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst, where she is currently in the class of Sophia Jaffé. Previously, she studied at the Cleveland Institute of Music,

Conservatoire National Supérieur de Danse et de Musique de Paris and, most recently, Rice University in Houston, Texas, where she frequently returns to record and perform with the Rogue Ensemble. Emily has appeared as soloist with several orchestras, including the Cleveland Orchestra and Phoenix Symphony, and looks forward to performing Britten’s Violin Concerto with the Landesjugendsinfonieorchester Hessen in 2017. She has also been invited to numerous chamber music seminars, orchestra festivals, and master classes over the years, most notably

Prussia Cove International Musicians Seminar and Open Chamber Music, Kronberg Academy Geigen Meisterkurse, Toronto Summer Music Festival, Spoleto Festival USA, Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival, and New York String Orchestra Seminar. Studying jazz and improvisation with professors in both Paris and Houston, participating in Mark O’Connor’s String Camps, along with attending jam sessions and winning the Arizona State Fiddle Championship in 2003, have provided her with an arsenal of genres that has contributed to her musical development in extraordinary ways.





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Artist HAEYOON SHIN cello


Haeyoon Shin is an active performer and teacher in Seattle, having returned home after receiving her Artist Diploma at Yale University, as a part of the prestigious studio of Aldo Parisot. She has appeared on KING FM radio performances, as well as at the Nordstrom Recital Hall at Benaroya Hall in Seattle. Since her return to the Pacific Northwest, she continues to perform regularly in symphonies, as well as chamber music concerts in the greater Seattle area. Haeyoon has a deep affinity to chamber music, and she is the most active musician in the newly growing

Groupmuse concerts, which are now spreading from New York, Boston, and San Francisco to Seattle. She was also an avid chamber musician at Yale as an active member of several chamber groups. Her piano trio won the Yale chamber music competition and was selected to perform at the Vista Chamber Concert. She has been invited to the Norfolk Chamber Music Festival, the Great Mountains Chamber Music Festival, and was an inaugural (2012) member of the Birdfoot Festival. Haeyoon has had masterclasses with members of the most prominent chamber groups such as the Tokyo String Quartet, the Emerson String Quartet, and the St. Lawrence String Quartet.

Haeyoon earned her Performers Diploma from Indiana University, Bloomington, receiving the Eva Heinitz Scholarship under the tutelage of Janos Starker, and attained her Bachelors Degree from the University of Washington under Toby Saks. She received her Masters Degree from the Hartt School of Music with a full scholarship. Her awards include 1st prizes in the Marjorie Easley National Strings Competition, University of Washington Concerto Competition, and Individualis International Competition. To learn more about Ms. Shin, visit


Photo: Ryan Hodgson-Rigsbee


Praised for his exceptional gift of insight, virtuosity and true creative flair, violinist Kristopher Tong has performed in hundreds of concerts across the world as the second violinist of the critically acclaimed Borromeo String Quartet. He has performed on such radio programs as NPR’s Performance Today, WGBH’s Classical Performance, and was recently featured on WGBH’s Classical Connections in a new series entitled Why Mass? Mr. Tong serves on the faculty of the New England Conservatory of Music with the Borromeo, NEC’s Quartet-inResidence, and is a guest member of East Coast Chamber Orchestra.

He has taught and performed at numerous festivals, including the Taos School of Music, Music@Menlo, and at the Yellow Barn Young Artists Program.



From 2002–2004, Mr. Tong was Principal Second Violin with the highly acclaimed Verbier Festival Orchestra, with which he toured throughout Europe, Asia, and the Americas. He has also appeared as a guest soloist with the Verbier Chamber Orchestra under Dmitri Sitkovetsky and Yuri Bashmet, and was a member of the original cast of Classical Savion at the Joyce Theater in New York City, a collaborative project with tap dancer Savion Glover. Kristopher Tong’s participation in the 2016 Birdfoot Festival is sponsored by an anonymous donation.


Artist MICHAEL UNTERMAN cello 42


Michael Unterman is a Boston-based cellist, born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He is currently a member of the chamber orchestra A Far Cry and also performs frequently with the Callithumpian Consort, Discovery Ensemble, and the Harvard Baroque Chamber Orchestra. He received his Bachelor’s (’08) and Master’s (’11) degrees from the New England Conservatory as a student of Laurence Lesser and Natasha Brofsky. In 2008–2009, he was the recipient of a Fulbright Scholarship to Barcelona, Spain, where he studied with Lluis Claret, the Quartetto Casals, and composer Joan Guinjoan.

Lately, Michael has been increasingly drawn to both early and new music performance. On the early music side, he is a member of the newly founded group Gut Reaction and has studied with early musicians Phoebe Carrai, Robert Mealy, Manfredo Kremer, and Paul Leenhouts. On the new music side, largely through his work with Steve Drury and the Callithumpian Consort, Michael has had the opportunity to work with many contemporary composers including Jonathan Harvey, Lee Hyla, Tristan Murail, Steve Reich, Frederick Rzewski, and Christian Wolff. To learn more about Mr. Unterman, visit


Top prizewinner at numerous competitions, cellist Han Bin Yoon most recently won the Second Prize at the 2013 Young Concert Artist International Auditions as well as the Third Prize at the 2013 International Schoenfeld Cello Competition in Hong Kong. Last season, he gave his Kennedy Center recital debut in Washington, D.C., under the auspices of the Korean Concert Society, and performed the Dvorˇák Cello Concerto under the baton of maestro James Conlon. A passionate chamber musician, Han Bin has collaborated closely with prominent artists including Itzhak Perlman, Maria João Pires, Anthony Marwood, Donald Weilerstein, Peter Frankl and members of the Cleveland, Juilliard, Orion and Tokyo String Quartets. He has been invited to such music festivals as the

La Jolla SummerFest, Music@Menlo, Ravinia Festival, Perlman Chamber Music Workshop, Sarasota Music Festival, Yellow Barn Music School, International Musicians Seminar Prussia Cove, Académie Musicale de Villecroze, Music Academy Liechtenstein, and the inaugural Piatigorsky International Cello Festival.

Artist HAN BIN YOON cello


His closest cello mentors include renowned cellists Bernard Greenhouse, Frans Helmerson, Steven Isserlis, David Geringas, Anner Bylsma, Eleonore Schoenfeld, Paul Katz, and Ralph Kirshbaum. Since 2014, he has been concertizing as a soloist of the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel in Belgium under the personal direction of cellist Gary Hoffman. To learn more about Mr. Yoon, visit


Artist RYAN HODGSON-RIGSBEE photographer 44


Ryan Hodgson-Rigsbee is a New Orleans–based photographer. A native of Chicago, he studied photojournalism at Ohio University. Since 2005, he has worked as a staff photographer at the Orange County Register and as a freelancer for The New York Times, CondÊ Nast Traveler, New Orleans Magazine, OffBeat Magazine, Chicago Magazine, Le Parisien Magazine, Jazzism, and many others. Beyond his editorial work, Ryan collaborates with numerous New Orleans nonprofits, businesses, and artists such as the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Foundation, WWOZ, the

Birdfoot Festival, Make Music NOLA, NOLA Green Roots, Cha Wa, the Monogram Hunters Mardi Gras Indians, and others to reach the public with photography that is both compelling and culturally responsible. Ryan also has a number of long-running personal projects exploring culture, music, and landscape in New Orleans and other unique communities across the nation. His website offers multi-media essays incorporating photography, text, audio, and video. Images from these projects have been featured in local, national, and international exhibits and collections. His photo essay on the 2014 Birdfoot Festival can be seen at

Photo: Ryan Hodgson-Rigsbee

audio documentarian

Joe Stolarick is a New Orleans-based audio engineer and musician. Originally from Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, Joe first visited New Orleans in 2010 as a member of AmeriCorps and permanently relocated in 2012. He now works as Audio-Visual Production Specialist for the Louisiana State Museum, recording, mixing, and documenting concerts and special events held at the Old U.S. Mint’s Performing Arts Center. He also supports digitization of the LSM’s internationally recognized Jazz Collection and other recorded media.

In addition to his work for the Louisiana State Museum, Joe freelances as an audio engineer and producer, frequently partnering with the New Orleans Jazz National Historical Park and WWOZ New Orleans 90.7 FM. His recordings have been featured on numerous public radio programs including American Routes with Nick Spitzer, Talkin’ Jazz with Fred Kasten, and Music Inside Out with Gwen Thompkins.

Joe earned his B.A. in Music with an emphasis in Music Recording Technology and Percussion from Lebanon Valley College (Annville, PA) in 2008. In 2007, he completed an audio production internship at Smithsonian Folkways Recordings in Washington, D.C. After graduation, Joe worked as Assistant Engineer at George Blood Audio/Safe Sound Archive, an audio preservation facility located in Philadelphia, PA.

An accomplished percussionist, Joe performs and records regularly with the New Orleans Jazz National Historical Park band. He has also shared the stage with many local musicians including Bruce “Sunpie” Barnes, the Panorama Jazz Band, and Kelcy Mae.

Field and sound recordings that Joe recorded during the 2014 Birdfoot Festival can be heard on his SoundCloud site.

Artist JOSEPH STOLARICK audio documentarian



Guest Artist RAÚL GÓMEZ-ROJAS viola 46

Raúl Gómez-Rojas enjoys a busy schedule as an orchestral conductor, violinist/violist, clinician, and public speaker. Raúl has recently been named Music Director of the Metropolitan Youth Symphony in Portland, Oregon, effective August 2016. Additionally, he serves as Cover Conductor & Artistic Producer for YOA Orchestra of the Americas ( and General and Artistic Manager for the Premier Orchestral Institute in Jackson, Mississippi ( Since receiving a conducting fellowship at the Aspen Music Festival (2011) and completing doctoral studies at Louisiana State University (2012), he has been on high demand by professional and youth orchestras around the US and Latin America. Recent highlights include appearances with the Louisiana

Philharmonic Orchestra, the Chamber Orchestra of San Antonio and the Acadiana Symphony Orchestra, as well as engagements in Mexico, Brazil and Costa Rica. On the podium, Raúl is known for his collaborative spirit, kindness, efficiency, and unwavering commitment to work of the highest quality. Also active as a public speaker, Raúl’s TED talk “El Concierto Inolvidable” was an audience favorite in TEDxPuraVida 2014 and can be found online. He also maintains an busy schedule as a composer, violinist, and violist, performing comfortably in styles ranging from classical to folk and jazz. Raúl has held Music Director positions with the Mississippi Youth Symphony Orchestra ( and Kids’ Orchestra ( To learn more about Mr. Gómez-Rojas, visit


Nicolas Bazan, M.D., Ph.D., is the LSU System Boyd Professor and Director of the Neuroscience Center of Excellence School of Medicine, LSU Health New Orleans. He has been called “a true renaissance man” for his activities as a research scientist, teacher, community leader, author, patron of the arts, and entrepreneur. Born in Tucuman, Argentina, he has devoted his life to unraveling the fundamental molecular signaling underlying Alzheimer’s, stroke, pain, epilepsy, Parkinson’s, traumatic brain injury, and retinal degenerations.

Ana Ester Gershanik, writer of the weekly “Nuestro Pueblo” column for The Times-Picayune, was born in Rosario, Santa Fe, República Argentina.

Dr. Bazan is the recipient of many awards, among them the Javits Neuroscience Investigator Award from the National Institute of Neurological Diseases and Stroke (1989), Chevreul Medal, France (2011), and the Excellence Award, Annual European Association for Vision and Eye Research (2013). Dr. Bazan’s civic and artistic community involvement includes being a patron of the New Orleans Opera, restoring and reopening an historic jazz club, creating his own Oregon wine label, and authoring Una Vida: A Fable of Music and the Mind (recently made into a feature film) as well as The Dark Madonna: A Fable of Resiliency and Imagination. His goal with both novels is to bring readers into a better understanding of the deep beauty and complexity of human experience.

With multiple degrees in Education and Political Science, as well as in piano, Ana is a Fellow of the Institute of Politics at Loyola University. Among her many honors and awards, she was named one of the Young Leadership Council’s Role Models, and was the recipient of the Victor Rivers Community activist Award by the N.Osotros publication. Anna is a member and past officer of many civic and charitable organizations. She currently serves on the Boards of the Agenda for Children, the Committee for a Better New Orleans, the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra, Puentes, United Way Women’s Leadership Council, and Young Audiences. She also serves on the CADA (Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse) Hispanic Committee, Community Relations Council of the Jewish Federation of Greater New Orleans and advisory committees to the Loyola University School of Humanities and Sciences, Tulane Cancer Center, Tulane Children’s Health Project and WLAE. As a singer, she has performed with the Coro Estable de Rosario and the New Orleans Symphony Chorus. Ana and her husband Juan work with Latino students in New Orleans Public Schools, implementing programs aiming at self esteem, motivation, and prevention of alcohol and drug abuse. In 2013, they were honored with the Torch of Liberty Award by the Anti-Defamation League.



Guest Readers





YOUNG ARTIST PROGRAM The Birdfoot Festival’s Young Artist Program challenges dedicated young music students to expand their musical abilities, imagination, and leadership skills in a series of intensive chamber music coachings, workshops, and masterclasses led by international-caliber musicians. Past participants in this program have gone on to study music at Harvard, Eastman School of Music, Cleveland Institute of Music, and Peabody Conservatory. Working closely with outstanding professional chamber musicians, Young Artists collaborate with like-minded peers and participate in masterclasses and workshops. At the end of the program, selected ensembles perform before Birdfoot Festival concerts, and all groups play a final concert. Participating chamber ensembles auditioned to the program in November 2015 and took part in a fall workshop with the Argus Quartet, a spring workshop with the Polymnia Quartet and Birdfoot Artistic Director Jenna Sherry, and then worked with Birdfoot Festival artists during the 2016 festival.


Young Artist Program Showcase Concerts and Performances: Showcase Concert — Contemporary Arts Center 7 PM, Friday, May 27, 2016 Showcase Concert — Peoples Health New Orleans Jazz Market 7 PM, Saturday, May 28, 2016 Young Artist Program Final Concert — Lafargue Pianos (1828 Veterans Blvd., Metairie) 6 PM, Sunday, May 29, 2016 2015–2016 Teachers and Coaches: Dr. Katy Antis Qi Cao Amelia Clingman Dr. Lois Geertz Benjamin Hart Jeanne Jaubert

Dr. Marta Jurjevich Lauren Lemmler Philip von Maltzahn Karen Ray Bill Schettler

Miles and the Muses Alea Zone, violin Catherine Cerise, viola Lili Cerise, viola Miles Lemmler, cello Mousai Trio Cecilee Robson, violin Kathryn Fagan, viola Alyssa Cox, cello Duo Amelia Brencick, violin Ayi Ekhaese, violin


Birdfoot Festival Young Artist Chamber Music Program Participants 2015–2016: Musique en deux Kirstin Walther, violin Laurel Walther, violin Duo Emi Fujioka, viola Eva Coman, cello Fujioka and Mitchell Duo Hiroki Fujioka, violin Judd Mitchell, bass



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