Fraxinus, Issue 1

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You are looking down a narrow, yet vast, dimly lit hallway. You enter the hall and begin to pursue its path. You advance down the hall because it is what you know you need to do. It’s your programming. It’s in your DNA. Your feet echo on the dingy linoleum tiling. As the end of the hall draws nearer to you a door reveals itself to you. A door to what? You must know. Your steps quicken, your breathing steadily becoming more ragged. The door is closer. You are dimly aware of other doors around you yet this door seems more important. It has caught your attention and holds it with an unyielding grasp. A rattling comes from the door. No, not a rattling. Something is hitting the door. A thud. Many thuds. Desperate attempts at escape. The things in the closet want out. Need out. You run now. Finally reaching the door the desperation of those behind it and you outside it have become so overwhelming that there is no hesitation. You barge through it and out swarm hundreds of birds. Hundreds of your problems. The unknown. The fears. They burst from the closet enthusiastically. Freedom is everything when the alternative is captivity in ignorance. An ignorant mind can be controlled. The controlled are captive in a closet. Knowledge and help can push the doors open. They can and will push open the bird closet. - House Sparrow

Bird Closet is: Crow Typical Owl Raven Piping Plover Blue Heron Chickadee Duck Great Horned Owl House Sparrow Goldfinch Nighthawk Parula Warbler