Spot's Parking Lot

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Spot’s Parking Lot Bridget C. Brown

This publication can be ordered as an 8 x 8-inch paperback, ISBN 978-0-9672466-1-1, from your local indie bookstore (via Ingram) or online via Amazon, etc. Text and illustrations Š 2014 Bridget C. Brown. All rights reserved. Espresso Press

Hi, my name is Spot.

This is also a spot, a parking spot.

(This would be Spot parking, but dogs don’t drive.)

Lots of spots make a parking lot.

A parking lot is

really big.

So is a parking spot. A parking spot can fit‌

a really big car.

Or two very small ones.

Five motorcyles could fit in it.

Or lots and lots of trikes.

What else might fit in there?

20 people might fit if they were standing.

But probably only 5 if they were dancing.

2 dozen (that would be 24) big dogs might fit, if they sat very still.

Or 40 small ones.

You could fit a small living room in it.

Or a place to sleep.

A short grocery store aisle could fit in there.

Or a couple of rows of books.

You could fit a few restaurant tables.

Or a small vegetable garden.

Quite a few flowers would fit in that space.

Or one very big tree.

You could probably fit a whole bus shelter in there!

Or at least some places to sit for a bit.

If you took some parking spots,

and used some of these ideas‌

you could have a whole neighbor­­­hood block.

And you might even have some space left over‌

for a park for Spot!

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“ Spot’s Parking Lot will not only entertain children but also subtly inform them about cities, economics, and the environment.” —Donald Shoup, author of The High Cost of Free Parking Bridget C. Brown has published fiction, nonfiction, and cartoons in a variety of newspapers and magazines. She is a right-handed, left-footed biped and lives in La Crosse, Wisconsin, with her husband and lots of squirrels.