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Science Practices


Science Practice



The student can use representations and models to communicate scientific phenomena and solve scientific problems.


The student can use mathematics appropriately.

create representations and models describe representations and models refine representations and models use representations and models re-express key elements justify the selection of a mathematical routine apply mathematical routines estimate numerically


The student can engage in scientific questioning to extend thinking or to guide investigations within the context of the AP Course


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The student can plan and implement data collection strategies appropriate to a particular scientific question The student can perform data analysis and e valuation of evidence The student can work with scientific explanations and

Pose scientific questions Refine scientific questions Evaluate scientific questions Justify the selection of the kind of data Design a plan for collecting data Collect data Evaluate sources of data Analyze data Refine observations and measurements Evaluate evidence provided by data Justify claims with evidence Construct explanations of phenomena based

Examples of how you would use science practice in in your syllabus



The student is able to connect and relate knowledge across various scales, concepts and representations in and across domains..

on evidence Articulate the reasons that scientific explanations and theories are refined or replaced Make claims and predictions about natural phenomena Evaluate alternative scientific explanations Connect phenomena and models across spatial and temporal scales Connect concepts in and across domains


Justify claims with evidence Construct explanations of phenomena based Science Practices The student can use mathematics appropriately. The...