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IV. Experimental Results - Picture of the Gel the text.

EXPERIMENT 102. Genetics and Sickle Cell Anemia I, Chemicals and Materials Provided Amount Normal human hemoglobin Sickle trait hemoglobin Sickle hemoglobin 2 Etythrocyte ysis buffer



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The proteins a r e dissolved i n electrophcresis sample buffer whic h contains glycerol and bromophenol blue. T h e erythrocyte lysis buffer contains electrophoresis sample buffer plus the detergent nortidet P40.

IL Chemicals and Materials that are Needed but Not Provided Procell Dectrophcresis Unit and MB-170 Power Supply or equivalent Accessory Kit or equivalent Agarose, G e l St ain, a n d Electrophoresis Buffer f t o m Electrophoresis Package 1/8. I ns t ruc t ions for preparing the buffers and stain are provided with Electrophoresis Package 118. N o t e that the hemoglobin electrophoresis buffer should be used f or this experiment.

DI Answers to Study Questions 1. Hemoglobin S has two fewer negative charges per hemoglobin molecule than hemoglobin A because valine residues replace the glutarnic acid residues in t h e beta-chains. 2. Only those hemogbbins that differ in net charge can be detected b y electrophoresis. 3. Sickle cell disease is inherited as a recessive gene. Thus , about 25% of the offspring of two parents with sickle trait would have sickle cell anemia. 5 1986 by k i l n N. Anderson



The lane numbers shown below conespond to the lane numbers given in

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