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Euro BioFairs Compass o September 2012

II Guide to Life Sciences Events

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8th International Congress and Exhibition

Pharma Development

Food & Nutrition

13 – 14 March 2013 Technische Universität München, Garching

Industrial Biotechnology

Pictures: Roche, Fotolia, Evonik Industries AG

Forum Life Science

Information and registration:

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Nº 9 | Volume 11 | 2012



Euro Biofairs Compass Intro

Navigating through a sea of choice An impressive number of life sciences events are scheduled for Europe’s 2012 conference season. From partnering to scientific congresses, from product shows to technology offerings – this autumn is one long series of highlights that could impact your business. Whether you’re looking for a licensing partner, need financing or just want to find out more about the latest developments in diagnostics or R&D equipment, you’ll find everything you need to know about what each event provides in this EuroBiotechCompass, which this year has been incorporated into the EuroBiotechNews. New record numbers have already been reported in advance of the BioSpain 2012 (see p. 22), where partnering meetings look set to double compared to 2010. A month before the event kicks off, over 4,500 one-to-one partnering meetings have already been arranged, while around a third more companies (525) and 23% more visitors (1,500) have registered. The bi-annual show, which will take place from 19-21 September in Bilbao, has established itself as one of the largest events

in southern Europe, and its international impact is also growing. Keynotes there will shed light on relevant developments in pharma biotechnology, while a business forum will cover a wide range of industryrelevant topics. The latest technology, as well as new product developments, will also be showcased in tech-transfer sessions and at a trade fair. Partnering and licensing deals are high on the agenda this fall, with three events focussing exclusively on networking and

finding new partners. The rebranded Biopartnering Future Europe (BPFE, 7-9 October, see p. 24) will move from London to Brussels for its 20th anniversary. Supported by EuropaBio and the European Bio­ technology Network, the event offers bio­ tech SME presentations and workshops (see p. 24) and partnering opportunities for biotechs (33%) with investors (20%) and Big Pharma executives (21%). “Partnering pure” is the motto of the euroPLX event, which will attract pharma­ ceutical companies and business developers in biotechnology to Sorrento (Italy) on 5-6 November (see p. 26). euroPLX focusses exclusively on partnering, and does not accept participation by associations, staffing companies or consultants. Organiser RauCon believes the specificity of that design results in higher productivity, saying it brought about “nearly 10,000 face-to-face meetings” in 2011. Europe’s largest partnering conference serving the global biotechnology industry – the Bio-Europe – will take place in Hamburg (Germany) this year from the 1214 November (see p. 32). In 2011, the EBD group’s networking system partneringOne® scheduled 14,765 one-to-one meetings there. The BioEurope is where the continent’s bio­pharmaceutical scene comes to negotiate new license agreements.

Innovations and science at its best

Huge fairs and highly specific events – Europe’s biotech sector now has them all.

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Two further events will focus on analytical and medical progress: Planet xMAP, which will take place on 10-11 October in Monaco (see p. 26), is a must for drugdiscovery experts and users of multi­ plexing technologies. The event will investigate the latest applications for xMAP technology, looking at both genomics and proteomics in fields ranging from cancer research to auto­immune diseases to pathogen detection. And the organisers of the 57th Journées Internationales de Biologie (JIB, 7-9 November, see p. 30) expect more than 9,000 specialists from the biomedical sector to attend the congress-fair in Paris. A new addition there is the "innovation gallery and workshops, which will provide opportunies for discussion and partnering." B

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Nº 9 | Volume 11 | 2012



19 – 21 September, 2012 Bilbao Exhibition Centre Barakaldo, Bilbao, Spain

Southern Europe


Setting new standards

Where the biotech business meets

The Spanish Bioindustry Association (ASEBIO) and the Society for Competitive Transformation (SPRI) – an agency of the Basque regional government’s Department of Industry, Innovation, Trade and Tourism – expect this year’s BioSpain to exceed the record attendance numbers of 1,300 delegates, 750 companies, and 180 exhibitors achieved at the last event in Pamplona two years ago. By the end of August, more than 200 exhibitors from the US and all over Europe had already confirmed they were taking part. BioSpain 2012 is designed to provide an in­ ternational forum for biotech profession­ als to share expertise, ideas and experi­ ences. In the years since its inception in 2003, it has established itself as one of the largest industry events in Europe, and as a major platform for presenting Spain’s bio­ tech sector to the rest of the world. Bio­ Spain combines a trade fair, a conference, a business forum and technology transfer

› Quick facts What is it? Southern Europe’s biggest biotechnology event! Want More Information? Bilbao Exhibition Centre Ronda de Azkue 1 4 8902 Ansio-Barakaldo Bilbao Phone: +34 94 404 00 00

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breakout sessions. In addition, it includes a partnering event, two investment forums, keynote speeches, a Job & Training Fair, and break­out sessions with international speakers. An additional scientific congress called BIOTEC 2012 has been organised by the Spanish Society of Biotechnology (SEBI­ OT). The programme of the breakout ses­ sions covers a wide range of topics rele­ vant for the industry, and focusses on EU challenges for 2020: healthcare and age­ ing, food, climate change and energy sup­ ply. This year’s guest country is Britain, which is sending a delegation of companies and participants for the breakout sessions. After 2,147 meetings and 641 participat­ ing companies in 2010, BioSpain now aims to become the fourth-largest event in the world for business development and part­ nering in terms of number of one-to-one meetings. The exhibition space at BioSpain 2012 will be 50% larger than last time. Bio­ spain will have two Investment Forums: one that deals with the entire sector, and another called BIOCHEM that will focus on industrial biotech. B

Once again, Spain is hosting the lead­ ing biotech indus­ try event in south­ ern Europe, where every two years the sector showcases its solutions to soci­ ety’s greatest challenges: healthcare, food, sustainable development and energy sup­ ply. BioSpain 2012 will present the latest industry developments from all over the world, but particularly from the Spanish biotech industry. The event is an introduc­ tory platform for our science, technology and industry, and shows the country’s clear commitment to enhancing Spain’s image beyond our borders. BioSpain’s joint or­ ganisation through ASEBIO and the Basque Government’s SPRI Department – via the Society for Competitive Transformation (SPRI) – reflects the industry’s importance for the region and its huge potential for growth in the coming decades. The Basque Government also supports the sector via the BioBasque 2020 strategy. This year we have an important goal: to become the fourth-largest event worldwide for busi­ ness development and partnering in terms of number of one-to-one meetings. I look forward to seeing you in Bilbao! Regina Revilla Pedreira President of ASEBIO

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1,300 delegates (15% from other countries) 750 companies (20% foreign) More than 180 exhibitors (25%) 7th partnering in the world in terms of the number of meetings (2,147)

Book your stand!

Key Issues: Healthcare and ageing

Food Climate change Energy supply

6th International Meeting on Biotechnology 19-21 September, 2012 - Bilbao (Spain) Organized by:

Official Sponsors:

BIOTEC 2012 Organizer:

Sociedad EspaĂąola de BiotecnologĂ­a

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Nº 9 | Volume 11 | 2012



BioPartnering October 7 – 9, 2012 SQUARE – Brussels Meeting Centre Brussels / Belgium

BioPartnering Future Europe

Partnering at its best Europe’s longest-running life sciences partnering event, the BioPartnering Europe, has now evolved into a truly pan-European congress entitled “BioPartnering Future Europe” (BPFE). With 19 years of experience and support from the European Commission, the European Biotechnology Network and EuropaBio, the BPFE is looking to an even brighter future. This year’s event will be held at the SQUARE Centre in Brussels.

there is confidence in the BPFE model, which has proven effective at helping SMEs land deals with Big Pharma companies, as well as specialised and midsized pharma firms. There is a long list of new features that will benefit biotech and pharma companies at BPFE 20, including “Rising Star” to identify the best new bio­tech companies, “Rate the Pharma” to localise the best pharma partners, and many more. And BPFE is also looking to the future. The conference series is very special in that it is already planning the BPFE 2012 in Brussels, the BPFE 2013 in Stockholm, and the BPFE 2014 in Basel. This pipeline of tomorrow’s partnering events, which has been created together with regional consortia in Belgium, the Nordic region, and Switzerland, ensures that an investment of time and money in the BPFE will be secure in future. Its always best to bet on the best, and with many new partners, and more to come, BPFE is a proven way to efficiently make deals happen. B

The BPFE will honour its past and its BPE predecessor. Held for 19 years in London, it moves in 2012 to the European capital Brussels. The evolution was a natural one, and the congress is now poised to provide successful partnering and networking for the next 20 years. The BPFE is therefore not a new event, but the world’s oldest bio­p harma partnering conference rebranded to meet new needs. From its beginnings in 1993,

the BPE showcased the best bio­p harma companies in Europe and from around the world. Its hallmark has been strong support from Big Pharma companies, year after year. The BPE was always a place where business got done. The upcoming BPFE will therefore also be about celebrating the present, supported by an unprecedented number of major European and global institutions. Why does this matter? Because


nerships across the whole spectrum of life science business development, giving us both the breadth and depth that our clients require for their success. BioPartnering Future Europe is geared toward exploring new partnerships and opening new doors. BioPartnering Future Europe will bring Europe and the rest of the world together in one place to create new opportunities and build the future of life science industry, research and finance.

› Quick facts

Olivier Duchamp TVG | Managing Director - Europe

All of Europe in one location Partnerships with industry leaders have always been a crucial element in TVG’s amazing success. Looking ahead, our growth strategy includes the creation of new part-

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Industry sectors present: 33% Biotech 21% Pharmaceutical 20% Investing 12% Contract Org. 8% Government 6% Academia Who attends? 34% C-Level Executives 55% High Level Executives 11% Other

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Nº 9 | Volume 11 | 2012



October 10 – 11, 2012 Grimaldi Forum Monaco

Planet xmap 2012

Crowning Life Sciences On 10 -11 October 2012, the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco will be home to the annual Planet xMAP Multiplexing congress. This year is a special one: for the tenth time in succession, the event is providing participants with new insights into applications for multiplexing technology in life sciences research. The Planet xMAP two-day symposium provides beginner, intermediate and advanced xMAP technology users with an outstanding chance to learn about new and exciting applications. These are presented by leading scientists active in groundbreaking genomics and proteomics research in a wide range of areas, including cancer, auto­immune diseases, drug discovery, toxicology, pathogen detection and genetics. In addition to research applications,

several of these topics will also be covered during the event’s clinical diagnostic sessions. The congress is organised by the Luminex Corporation, which develops, manufactures and markets proprietary biological testing technologies with applications throughout the diagnostic and life sciences industries. The corporation’s Life Sciences Group in particular provides custom, high-throughput assay solutions for


French Riviera. What started off as a small gathering of 80-100 multiplexing pioneers, has grown into a major happening that attracts 500+ visitors. For Luminex, this convention is not only the perfect place to let you experience what our technology is capable of, but also to show our gratitude for your contributions and confidence in our company. We promise that there will be a lot to hear, discover and celebrate at the event, and wish all participants an inspiring Planet xMAP Europe 2012.

A world of discovery at Planet xMAP The Planet xMAP event is the most extensive conference on multiplexing technology in the world. This year, Luminex Europe welcomes you to the Principality of Monaco, in the beautiful

38_EBSIN8-9_12_Special_planet_xmap_bk.indd 38

Paul C. Ladestein Luminex | General Manager EMEA & India

gene expression, genotyping & miRNA research. Planet xMAP will see the launch of the FlexScriptTM LDA gene expression assay, which allows researchers to measure the expression of a custom set of genes. Combined with the FLEXMAP 3D® instrument, FlexScript LDA enables assays of up to 500 genes per sample, with a throughput of thousands of samples per day. The tenth anniversary of Planet xMAP will see two days of scientific sessions, exhibitions and workshops on new and exciting applications. Luminex gives users the opportunity both to get in touch with one another and to discuss product needs and developments with Luminex and its partners. The event focuses not on commercial stories, but on the kind of honest customer experiences that inspire researchers to optimise their own experiments. No fee is required to register for Planet xMAP 2012, and registered participants receive a free ticket to the social event, as well as food and beverages during the congress. B

› Quick facts Keynote Speakers: Jean William Pape, GHESKIO Centers Freda Miller, University of Toronto Discussed Research Fields: Pathogens Detection Clinical Immunology Human Genetics Protein Research Clinical Microbiology

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You are invited to Planet xMAP 2012

In 2012 we celebrate the 10th anniversary of our Planet xMAP congress in the vibrant jet set atmosphere of city-state Monaco. On 10 and 11 October we will bring together scientists, researchers and the pharma industry to discuss developments in the field of:

· Pathogens Detection · Clinical Immunology · Human Genetics · Protein Research · Clinical Microbiology · Nucleic Acid Research · Newborn Screening Visit the congress website for more information and register NOW for this event at Registration includes: • Scientific sessions • Coffee breaks (morning and afternoon) • Lunch buffet • Access to the social event • Congress bag

See you in Monaco!

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Nº 9 | Volume 11 | 2012


Euro Biofairs Compass

5 – 6 November, 2012 Hotel Hilton Sorrento Palace Sorrento/ Italy

EURO-PLX 50 Sorrento


Jubilee partnering

Efficient and valuable

Among the many matchmaking events in pharma and biotech, euroPLX conferences stand out because they are focused on the key to successful partnering: the face-toface meeting. They are also unparalleled when it comes to experience. The next event in Sorrento near Naples will be the 50th of its kind since the initiation of the series 17 years ago, and a large number of pharma companies are on board. Unlike other partnering conferences, euro­PLX events focus just on business, leaving out presentations, lectures and exhibitions. Admission is also reserved to life science executives who are in charge of their companies’ business development. euroPLX will accept service companies only provided that they “touch” the real product - at least its dossier or license. Delegates from consulting companies, associations, governments, or staff-

› Quick facts Delegates More than 70 pharma companies in Europe are already registered. Venue Hilton Sorrento Palace, located on the Bay of Naples, will host the event. TImeLIne Registration deadline is 18 October

40_EBSIN8-9_12_Special_euroPLX_pg.indd 40

ing companies do not take part. It’s clear that at any partnering conference, due to the limited number of available half-hour meeting slots, the probability of landing a pre-scheduled appointment decreases as the size of the event grows. For this reason, euroPLX meetings deliberately limit the number of delegates admitted, but they occur more frequently than just once a year. The remarkably different conference design results in an astonishing 23-25 prescheduled face-to-face meetings per company – a total of nearly 10,000 of them in 2011 alone. This makes euroPLX more productive than other events, which often offer just a handful of appointments. The more face-to-face meetings, the more opportunities generated. Feedback from regular euroPLX attendees indicates one sealed deal for every 10-12 appointments, signed between six weeks and three years after the initial discussions. That’s why many companies have sent delegates to more than 30 euroPLX meetings so far. To register for the conference or just to find out more, please visit B

euroPLX meetings are the ideal venue for pharma deals, as they are attended by industry executives in charge of business development, commercial operations, marketing, and brokers or consultants with clear mandates. No other pharma or bio­tech partnering conference worldwide has taken place as often as euro­PLX, with 50 events held between 1995-2012. For 2013, there are already two conferences scheduled – in Cyprus and Germany. Some impressions from former conference delegates: “The best value-for-money venue”, “most efficient and valuable”, “highly effective and pleasant”, “excellent platform”, “an indispensable tool”, “tough and intense”, “smooth organisation”, “always professional and user-friendly” – these are just some of the euroPLX attributes publicly praised by business development executives. Many companies have attended dozens of euro­ PLX meetings since 1995. For us, returning customers are the best evidence of delivered benefit. See you at our jubilee euroPLX conference in Sorrento! Dr. Norbert Rau RauCon Business Development Co-initiator of euroPLX

06.09.2012 13:12:20 Uhr

us inuo Cont

and most often held partnering event for Life Science and Pharma Business Development: Meet You @ euroPLX!

ey) ( Turk, 2012 nbul 5 9 Ista June 4 + PLX 4 euro

The Leading Original

49 e in . Mad rld. 5 9 9 1 o Since for the W e p o r Eu


Three times a year. Year after year. Productive continuity and shorter time to market.

p evelo

Dynamic Partnering Focus

) (Italy rento 2012 0 Sor r 5 + 6, PLX 5 Novembe


On average, euroPLX delivers 23 to 24 pre-scheduled business negotiations per company. And results.

ess D Busin

Continuity and Follow-Up

* as soon as sufficient data are submitted


2 PLX 5 ich ( Mun June

41_EBSIN_9_12_Raucon.indd 1 e50-51EuroBioFairs.indd 1


Kurf端rstenstr. 1A 69234 Dielheim, Germany ph. ++49 (6222) 9807-0

us) (Cypr, 2013 5 assol 1 Lim March 4 +

Productive Partnering for Pharma Deals


51 4


Registrants determine the dynamically evolving focus of each euroPLX Meeting. Displayed* and updated hourly on

t men

Partnering from innovative to generic, from early stage candidates to approved, prescription or OTC drugs.

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Nº 9 | Volume 11 | 2012



November 7 – 9, 2012 CNIT Paris La Défense Paris  / France

57 th Journées Internationales de Biologie (JIB)


Not an everyday event

Introducing innovations

The 57th Journées Internationales de Biologie (JIB) in Paris will bring together key stakeholders in European medical biology. Combining a trade exhibition with a scientific congress, the three-day meeting is pivotal for biologists, quality managers, biomedical engineers, researchers, laboratory technicians and hospital pharmacists. After last year’s event saw almost 9,000 attendees, JIB director Laurence Gaborieau hopes to attract even more visitors this year. To accomplish this, the fair has a couple of surprises in store this time around: the JIB Award and an Innovation Gallery. As an event of major interest, the Journées Internationales de Biologie has estab­ lished itself as a platform for network­ ing and business to promote advances in technology, science and services for eve­ ry sector of medical biology. As in pre­ vious years, the exhibition will take place in tandem with a scientific congress whose 2012 topic is “Pregnancy, from Conception

› Quick facts When? Wednesday 7 – Friday 9 Nov. 2012 Where? CNIT Paris La Défense, Paris/France Who? 186 exhibitors and 8,840 visitors from 76 countries (2011) Internet: Email:

42_EBSIN8-9_12_Special_JIB_ml.indd 42

to Birth”. The programme will cover every aspect of pregnancy and perinatality. More practical and management-oriented ses­ sions will be held at the “Colloque” – for example, in areas like human resources questions or practical solutions related to laboratory management. On the busi­ ness side, the BioMI Pavilion will again be a junction where scientists and business­ men interested in genetics, biochemistry or physics can meet to discuss new dis­ coveries and the business potential they might have. Another JIB innovation also stands out: the Innovation Gallery, a new dynamic area for start-ups and small biotechs. Here, newcomers to the sector can show­ case their start-up technologies for a nominal price. Another 2012 newbie is the JIB Awards. The aim of these priz­ es is to award industry efforts to devel­ op exciting products and services. In her words of greeting (see right) JIB director Gaborieau tells the names of the six JIB Award categories. B

Every year for more than a decade, the JIB has adapted to market challenges to become the per­ fect place to meet and exchange for medical biology key players. The event reflects real day-today practices, and presents solutions by sharing professional points of view and advice. More than ever, this 57th edition is focussed on innovation. It sees the creation of a new area – the Innovation Gallery – which for an attractive price welcomes small, inno­ vative companies and biotech/pharmaceu­ tical labs that are implicated in pathology detection. In addition, there are the new JIB Trophies. Don’t miss out on the cere­ mony taking place on Friday Nov. 9th (2:00 p.m.) when industry players will receive awards based on six criteria: sustainable development, patient well-being, point-ofcare (POC) efficiency, data management, innovation and, for a more personal point of view, the Jury Favourite. The JIB team welcomes you for this 57th edition, an exciting event that will be dis­ tinguished by professional meetings! Laurence Gaborieau JIB Director, Health Division Director – Reed Exhibitions France

06.09.2012 13:14:14 Uhr

Innovation Gallery A new area dedicated to biotechnology, start-ups... Innovation in Healthcare

Innovation in Medical Biology



I N T E R N AT I O N A L B I O L O G Y D AY S French Society of Clinical Chemistry Scientific Meetings Lariboisière Hospital Meetings



An event of Organized by

43_EBSIN_9_12_JIB_ReedFrance.indd 1 BIOCOM210X275 1

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Nº 9 | Volume 11 | 2012



12 – 14 November, 2012 CCH Congress Center Hamburg Hamburg, Germany

BIO-Europe 2012


Size equals strength Four years after the collapse of Lehman Brothers, global capital markets still haven’t recovered – especially in biotechnology. Along with VCs, Big Pharma is a significant contributor to that financing pool, which is why biotech companies depend on major players’ hunger for innovation to survive in turbulent times. The BIO-Europe conference helps firms make those and other connections. With more than 3,500 attendees from 1,600 companies, the event is the number one partnering platform in Europe. In 2012, the number of significant deals based on headline value has been limited so far, with just three exceeding US$1bn. The first is a pact between AstraZeneca and Bristol-Myers Squibb for collaborative R&D and marketing of a diabetes portfolio that BMS is acquiring as a result of its recent acquisition of Amylin. That deal has a headline value of US$3.4bn, which represents the cash payment from AstraZeneca to BMS for

› Quick facts What is it? 15,000 meetings, 3,500 attendees, 1,600 companies – Europe’s biggest partnering conference for biopharma; a new partner and a new booth every 30 minutes Want More Information? Head for the organiser’s website at: Meet region at:

44_EBSIN8-9_12_Special_BioEurope_pad.indd 44

the rights to the diabetes portfolio. Next in line is a collaborative R&D and licensing alliance between Abbott and Galapagos for the latter’s rheumatoid arthritis candidate GLP0634. It was worth US$1.35bn. The final deal to break the billion-dollar barrier is an agreement between Merck & Co. and Endocyte for the development and marketing of vintafolide for the treatment of lung and ovarian cancer. Three deals of this magnitude are a good beginning, but no one would claim that the industry is thriving yet. With less cash available for investment in the sector, smaller companies have had to redirect their efforts for financing from venture capital to the partner companies themselves. This has allowed licensees to push down upfront prices paid for new compounds and technologies, and backload deals by limiting payments to late-stage milestones and royalties on product sales. As it continues to struggle with the backlash of the credit crisis, Europe's biotech industry needs to network more closely than ever. And what better place to do that than at Europe's largest partnering event? B

Getting deals done! The 2012 year in biotech partnering will end with a bang at BIO-Europe 2012 in Hamburg. The event is where a year of intense dealmaking concludes, and many companies will be coming to build partnering momentum for 2013. This year’s BIO-Europe will attract leading companies, dealmakers, and “deal ready” assets. More than 3,500 licensing opportunities will be featured in the partnering­ONE® system, and over 15,000 one-to-one meetings will be generated. The event is also the place where you can meet and learn from leading industry strategists. Many of the top clinical- and pre-clinical companies will be in attendance and ready to partner, which attracts most of the the major pharma and large-cap biotech players. In addition, EBD Group’s partnering platform enables you to both maximise your partnering productivity live at the event, and also virtually with partnering360®. Become a member of this free online community to keep the partnering going on even after the event. There is no better way to grow, manage, and share your unique value proposition with the global partnering community. This year’s BIO-Europe will be the best event yet. See you in Hamburg! Carola Schropp President of EBD Group

06.09.2012 13:15:17 Uhr






Online Pa r tnering star ts Oc tober 1 !

NOVEMBER 12–14, 2012 HAMBURG, GERMANY CCH CONGRESS CENTER HAMBURG BIO-Europe® is Europe’s largest partnering conference, serving the global biotechnology industry. The conference annually attracts international leaders from biotech, pharma and finance along with the most promising start-ups and emerging companies. It is the “must attend” event for getting business done in the biotech industry.

© 2012 EBD Group AG

For further information, please view our conference website at

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European Biotechnology News Special 9/2012 - EuroBioFairs Compass  

Navigating through a sea of choice – European Guide to Life Sciences Events

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