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December 2013

II Product Highlights of the Year

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7th Berlin Conference on IP in Life Sciences

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Big Data – Big Drugs

7 February 2014, 9:30 a.m., Royal Danish Embassy, Berlin, Germany Why attend? The health care industry faces significant transformation, driven by a boom in knowledge within biomedical sciences and breakthrough technologies such as gene sequencing. The advances in information technology are turning this evolution into a revolution. The management of “big data” will change the understanding of diseases, development of drugs and treatment of patients. Biotech and pharma companies who adopt big data technologies hope for large rewards – but how will intellectual property (IP) be impacted by the use of big data? This BIOCOM Event offers a unique opportunity to gain insight into the strategies of life sciences and IT companies concerning new data-driven concepts and the patenting issues and opportunities that arise. Please register now at or send an email to Restricted Capacity!


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Nº 12 | Volume 12 | 2013

ProductS of the year

European Biotechnology Net work


New technologies are high on the agenda As both bio-pharma companies and researchers seek to minimise costs, tech­nology breakthroughs that help reduce them and improve chances of market success for newly-developed medicines or diagnostics are sought-after commodities. For our first ever “Product of the Year” special, EuroBiotechNews has asked tech­nology providers to describe highlight products they have launched in the last 12 months. Unlike in “Breakthrough of the Year” or “Method of the Year” contests, this time the manufacturers themselves select the innovation rather than the editors. Eppendorf’s Bioprocess Center says the field of microbial fermentation is currently skyrocketing. At the Biotechnica trade fair in Hanover last October, the company launched a new model in its single-use bio­r eactor line specifically designed for microbial applications. The fermenters, which cover working volumes from 65mL-1.25L, are optimised for O2 and energy intake, as well as mass and heat transfer. Customer interest has al so risen steadily since the launch of the first­- ever commercially available media for the generation of M1- and M2-macro­phages, reports PromoCell. The formulation is chemically defined and devoid of any animal-derived stimuli for the un­biased production of immune cells, making monocyte purification unnecessary. Hamamat su is cl aiming a breakthrough in scientific imaging. For the first time, it has introduced a CMOS sensorbased camera that outperforms CCDs and EM-CCDs. “The camera is being used by scientists for experiments that have been technically impossible in the past,” says the company. The camera is able to capture images at very low light levels at the frame rates needed for observation of dynamic phenomena, and can be combined with new super-resolution or light-sheet microscopy techniques. Another imaging highlight is being show-

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cased by Dutch Phenom World BV – an all-in-one imaging and X-ray analysis system with a maximum magnification of up to 100,000x and an image resolution down to 17 nm for researchers who focus on process control and quality, investigate pharmaceutical and biological samples, or perform material characterisation and forensic investigations. For everyday work at the bench, Gen­ axxon biosciences‘ DNA-purification columns PLUS make a difference by ensuring excellent yields. The columns are suitable for purification of PCR products, plasmids or DNA from agarose gels. Digital documentation of Western blots with a scanner the size of a lab notebook is now possible with LI-COR Biosciences’ C-Digit Blot Scanner. The compact and cost-effective device delivers images that are more detailed and more precise than film. And Dornier-LTF GmbH has also downsized a key lab tool with its compact solution for liquid handling. The PIRO pipetting robot provides 16 deck positions on a surface that is a mere 60 cm long and 51 cm wide. Up to now, visual endpoint recognition in titration suffered from poor precision and lacked reproducibility. Metrohm has provided an answer to that challenge by automating photometric endpoint recognition.  B

Join the European Biotechnology Network! The European Biotechnology Network is dedicated to facilitating co-operation between professionals in biotechnology and the life sciences all over Europe. This non-profit organisation brings research groups, universities, SMEs, large companies and indeed all actors in biotechnology together to build and deliver partnerships. Do you want to know more about the advantages of a (free) membership? Just have a look at our website:

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#1: ORCA-Flash 4.0 Camera

#1: BioBLU® f SU Vessel

Why is this our Product of the Year 2013? The ORCA-Flash 4.0 camera with 4 megapixel Scientific CMOS sensor is a technical breakthrough in the area of scientific imaging. For the first time, the ORCA-Flash 4.0 has introduced a CMOS sensor-based camera that outperforms CCD and – for most applications – EM-CCDs.

Why is this our Product of the Year 2013? Our BioBLU® f single-use bioreactor line was designed specifically for microbial applications by combining the Eppendorf polymer expertise with DASGIP's bioreactor engineering ingenuity. The fully-instrumented rigid wall single-use vessels cover working volumes from 65 mL–1.25 L.

What is new or special? The camera offers a very low readout noise level and fast frame rates. With read noise below 1 electron/pixel, images can be acquired at the very weak light levels typical in advanced fluorescence microscope techniques.

What is new or special? BioBLU® f vessels fully address the specific needs of microbial fermentation, including mass and heat transfer. They feature magnet-coupled stirrers with Rushton-type impellers, liquidfree exhaust condensers and premium sterile technology.

What kind of impact does it or will it have on markets? This system allows you to acquire low light level images with the frame rates needed for observation of dynamic phenomena combined with new super resolution or light-sheet microscopy techniques.

What kind of impact does it or will it have on markets? Single-use bioreactor solutions have been established in animal and human cell culture. Now this technology is going to make its way for microbial applications and users can take advantage of the time and cost benefits.

Hamamatsu Photonics Deutschland GmbH

Eppendorf Bioprocess Center Europe, GER

#1: PIRO® Pipetting Robot

#1: C-DiGit® Blot Scanner

Why is this our Product of the Year 2013? The PIRO® is very easy to program and meets a variety of liquid handling needs, stretching from simple liquid transfers to highly complex applications. And no matter what the application, it will be programmed within minutes. That is the beauty of doing your pipetting work with a PIRO®.

Why is this our Product of the Year 2013? The C-DiGit® Blot Scanner is a digital replacement for film in Western blot imaging. It uses familiar chemiluminescent protocols to document Western blots in minutes – without film, darkroom hassles, or multiple exposures.

What is new or special? The PIRO® is an intelligent space wonder. 16 deck positions on a footprint of 60 x 51 cm provide plenty of space for reagents, mixes and pipette tips. This is enough for a whole setup of 384 different samples in a single cycle.

What is new or special? Unlike other CCD imagers, the C-DiGit Scanner is the size of a lab notebook and is priced at just a4.950/£4,100. Its wide dynamic range accurately documents bands, eliminating “blow-out” and multiple exposures.

What kind of impact does it or will it have on markets? The PIRO® is one of the most sophisticated personal pipetting robots in the world. It is perfectly suited to be used as an automated link between the extraction and detection steps in a molecular biology workflow.

What kind of impact does it or will it have on markets? The era of film is ending, and the cost and availability of film are serious concerns. C-DiGit imaging delivers high-quality images that are more detailed and more precise than film, across a much wider dynamic range.


LI-COR Biosciences GmbH, GER

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Peace of mind with triple-A polishing technologies

UVivatec 速 virus inactivation, Sartobind速 membrane chromatography and Virosart速 filtration represent today's spearheading technologies for quantitative virus and contaminant clearance. Together they form a unique orthogonal platform for state of the art polishing of biopharmaceuticals.

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N –º 12 | Volume 12 | 2013



#1: Macrophage Generation Media DXF


Why is this our Product of the Year 2013? Immediately following the release of the Macrophage Generation Media DXF in February 2013, the market began to show great interest in the new media. PromoCell has since received many positive testimonials from satisfied users, reflecting rapid customer approval of this new product line.

Why is this our Product of the Year 2013? The Phenom ProX desktop SEM is the ultimate all-in-one imaging and X-ray analysis system. It offers a high level of integration and an energy dispersive X-ray spectrometry system. We fully integrate our own EDS system with the Phenom user interface rather than using a third-party system.

What is new or special? The Macrophage Generation Media DXF are the first media for the generation of M1or M2-macrophages. The formulation is chemically defined and devoid of any animalderived stimuli. Monocyte purification is not necessary.

What is new or special? The images are more detailed, with a maximum magnification up to 100,000x and an image resolution up to17 nm. In addition, the movement of the specimen is more accurate, so it’s easier to navigate around the specimen.

What kind of impact does it or will it have on markets? Defined/xeno-free media produce unbiased immune cells. The omission of monocyte purification prior to macrophage differentiation is economical and improves cell health. Experimental outcomes benefit by these advantages.

What kind of impact does it or will it have on markets? Phenom ProX is the most extended solution for fast and user-friendly imaging and analysis. Our product has already made a difference in a wide range of markets and applications.

PromoCell GmbH, GER

Phenom-World BV, NL

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N –º 12| Volume 12 | 2013




#1: Optrode – Sensor for photometric titrations

#1: Evolve™ 512 Delta EMCCD camera

Why is this our Product of the Year 2013? The Optrode combines the latest in electronics and glass-processing excellence. It enables photometric titrations at eight different wavelengths between 470-660 nm. Our new photometric sensor also excels with its outstanding resistance to organic solvents.

Why is this our Product of the Year 2013? This EMCCD camera brings a two-fold improvement in the speed of superresolution imaging. It delivers unprecedented speed and sensitivity with superior quantitative and detection performance, enabling researchers to obtain high-quality images in half the time.

What is new or special? We have miniaturised the electronics so they fit perfectly into the standard glass shaft of our electrodes. Moreover, the sensor head allows for a fast and simple change of LED wavelength, and employs a magnetic stirring bar.

What is new or special? The Evolve 512 Delta acquires images at 67.5 frames per second at > 90% quantum efficiency with <1e- read noise using EM Gain, capturing images twice as fast as other cameras. It also provides precise triggering capability.

What kind of impact does it or will it have on markets? Visual endpoint recognition in titration suffers from poor precision and reproducibility. The new Optrode meets this challenge by automating photometric endpoint recognition, allowing user-independent, precision results.

What kind of impact does it or will it have on markets? Researchers can now capture faster biological events that previously could not be observed. The camera’s support in quantifying and reproducing experiments makes reliable, accelerated super-resolution imaging possible.

Metrohm Deutschland GmbH, GER

Photometrics, USA

#1: DNA-purification columns PLUS

#1: ThermoControl

Why is this our Product of the Year 2013? With its DNA-purification columns, PLUS Genaxxon offers high quality for top yields in DNA purification at affordable prices. The columns can be used with left-over buffer from Genaxxon purification kits, as well as with buffer from competitors. In our newly-developed Plasmid PLUS DNA purification kit, the DNA-purification columns PLUS bind much more efficiently than the older version, ensuring excellent yields of plasmid DNA.

Why is this our Product of the Year 2013? ThermoControl is a universal applicable, real time temperatur monitoring system. Highest security through global temperature measurement, 24/7 using intercontinel network technology. Global simply access to the system by Internet Explorer or other browsers.


What is new or special? ThermoControl system monitors and records temperatures of any number of devices. Collected data are visible worldwide. Different emergency plans, time sequences and recipients can be defined in case of limit deviation

What is new or special? DNA-purification columns PLUS provide superior DNA yields compared to our standard columns. They are suitable for purification of PCR products, plasmids or DNA from agarose gels. These separate MiniPrep Spin columns without buffer are a convenient and cheap alternative for using up buffer left over from DNA-purification kits where the columns have been spent.

What kind of impact does it or will it have on markets? Minimum Dimensions, Maximum Benifit! ThermoControl can help boost effectiveness and efficiency through easyiest installation and operability. Highly cost-beneficial use for every company.

Genaxxon biosciences, GER

Switch GmbH EDV, GER

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