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2010 Annual Report

Sense Se se of o Home o e

Inspired Living Through Graceworks Lutheran Services Services, people face challenges an and emerge in remarkable ways that inspire others. Their lives and stories illustrate the breadth of meaning behind our new vision statement: “Graceworks Lutheran Services will be the community leader that inspires and supports a sense of home when people experience challenging or changing circumstances.” After the challenges they have faced, the sense of home these individuals experience – comfort, stability, well-being, belonging, security and satisfaction – leads to inspired living.

Claudia and Robyn met each other in a homeless shelter, feeling alone, scared and uncertain. When they found security in a home with Graceworks Housing Services, they began organizing dinners every night to bring joy and community to their apartment building.

Ruth and her husband volunteered together when they moved to Bethany Village senior living community. After he suffered a stroke, she became aware of more needs and opportunities to help others. She offers residents comfort, inspiration and popcorn with a smile.

Caroline was looking for ways to put her energy and faith to work when she became a Senior Companion at age 82. Four years later, she brings joy to those who look forward to a friendly visit, a game of cards, respite from caregiving or ... a drum roll!

Bill had many adjustments to make when he moved to a Graceworks Enhanced Living home for adults with developmental disabilities after 30 years in his former residence. Now, he not only experiences loving relationships at home, but also through the Graceworks Day Habilitation Program that has relocated to a new multifaceted space with expanded activities and opportunities.

Graceworks continues to develop ways to inspire a sense of home through our new Graceworks at Home and Friends at Home programs and our innovative Living Laboratory collaboration, all of which you will ďŹ nd on pages 24 – 26 of this annual report. We are thankful for many faithful congregations, donors, volunteers, staff and other friends who commit themselves to inspiring and supporting others through Graceworks Lutheran Services. We recognize their commitments in this annual report.


A sense of home for Bill For 18 men and three women with developmental disabilities, coming to the Day Habilitation Program of Graceworks Enhanced Living every weekday is like coming to a second home with an extended family.

fter 10 years in the same location where activities were held in one large room, the Day Program moved on August 30 to a new location in northern Hamilton County. With more space, floor-to-ceiling windows, separate rooms for large group activities and small rooms for quiet times, kitchen, dining room, laundry facilities and an outdoor patio, the Day Program can expand and serve more participants.


Kim Wurzelbacher, Program Manager, and six staff members planned a month of engaging activities with participants to decorate and celebrate their first Christmas in their new home. They were mindful that Bill, who started coming to the Day Program in September, was adjusting to much more. After 30 years of living in one group home, Bill had just moved into a new home where Graceworks Enhanced Living provides services. “When Bill first came to our program, he wouldn’t take off his jacket and join in with our morning café, but now he feels


comfortable and safe here and looks forward to the day,” Kim says. “He helps care for our pet rabbit ‘Hollywood.’ Ron, a staff member, talks over some of the activities planned for the day and Bill is happy to participate. His favorite reply is ‘Yeah’ when asked to participate. We assure him daily that he is loved. “Bill is brave and positive and we tell him so. Four housemates also attend our program and he checks on them as the day goes by. They have become a family.” Patti Talbott, Home Manager of the Cincinnati-area residence where Bill lives, explains, “This move was a big adjustment. We used the summer for one-to-one getting acquainted, building a trusting relationship and a sense of home. Bill went everywhere with me until he was more comfortable with his new home. By September, it was time for Bill to get in the van in the morning with his other four housemates and enjoy the time at the Day Program.”

“Our participants are like one big family and often greet and treat everyone as ‘cousins.’ They look out for each other.” – Kim Kim arranged a field trip to a live Nativity display a couple of weeks before Christmas when the weather was milder. Bill boarded the van and sat in his favorite front seat. Did Bill enjoy his first Christmas in his new home and the Day Program? He says, “Yeah” with much gusto.


New life at Redeemer Community Robyn and Claudia met each other in a homeless shelter, feeling alone, scared and uncertain about their futures. In three years, Robyn’s employer closed its doors, she got another job and then that company ceased operation. She started over and studied to become a home health aide. When Claudia’s marriage ended, the lifelong homemaker searched for a job and a home for the first time in more than 30 years. She found both, but that lasted only two years.

n the homeless shelter, Robyn and Claudia gave each other hope. “We cried together, we laughed together,” says Claudia. “We worked together on getting a place to live. We helped each other keep moving forward.”


They visited Redeemer Community in Dayton, one of 18 Graceworks Housing Services apartment communities for individuals who are older or have disabilities, assisted by federal funding. They felt something special. “This is not just a safe and clean place to live,” says Angie Drake, Site Manager. “It’s a community where we try to help people to experience a sense of home.” Claudia, Robyn and a third friend from the shelter moved in and soon started looking for ways to help others. When Claudia saw what fun residents had with a chili cookoff at Redeemer, she started thinking, “We could do this every night. We can sit together and eat and talk and be a family.” So she and Robyn and a few other residents began taking turns cooking a


“You’re not alone here. Everyone needs a home. I think I’ve got a good one here.” – Claudia

main course, inviting all 50 residents to bring whatever they could, to join for dinner. Now, 12 to 15 residents gather nearly every evening for a meal. They come out of the private worlds of their apartments to be part of a community. They share their news, they support each other, they lift each other’s spirits. “When I first moved here, I found it hard to eat alone,” says Pauletta, enjoying Claudia’s pork roast. “I’d wind up eating half a sandwich.” But the company means more to her than food. “It means friendship. It means hope.”

Still, residents know they rely on each other in emergencies when the staff is away nights and weekends. “That’s what we’re all here for: to help each other,” says Claudia. Robyn says the meals help make Redeemer a community. “We feel like we’re building closer relationships here. It’s helped me to feel more at home.”

Gloria looks forward to time together. “It’s an important part of our day. It gives us time to sit down together, to talk and laugh. We care for each other. We do it so we can have social time together.” Claudia says the staff members “are wonderful.” The staff works at maintaining a safe, comfortable, welcoming home. “Our staff hopes our residents experience a sense of community here at Redeemer,” says Angie. “These dinners organized by Claudia, Robyn and other residents have made it feel like home.”


Volunteering inspires mind, body, spirit Ruth moved to Bethany 13 years ago with her husband Robert. The couple came from Pennsylvania and immediately began volunteering on campus. Before their move, they were very active in church. The Halls decided to continue their life of service at Bethany by working with Stephen Ministry on campus. Robert also led Friendship Circle and encouraged Ruth to do the same. Ruth currently leads two separate Friendship Circle programs for residents in the Linden House.

uth is an invaluable volunteer … the kind you love to work with and are honored to know,” says Life Enrichment Services Manager Rachel Ryan. “She not only champions activities, but she also develops processes to make things run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.”


Pastor Bob Ashburn has worked on the Bethany campus for six years and can attest to Ruth’s strong work ethic, estimating that Ruth gives around 20 hours a week to Stephen Ministry. It wasn’t until Robert’s health began to deteriorate that Ruth really found her footing as a volunteer. Robert suffered a stroke and had to move from the couple’s cottage to the Linden House where he could receive skilled nursing care. “We got very close then,” Ruth says softly. “We were close before … but I would go up, six to eight hours a day to be with him.”


It was during those long days that she began meeting residents in the Linden House. Ruth realized these residents needed to engage socially and mentally. This need for activity propelled Ruth to run the popcorn and snack cart in the Linden House. After Robert’s death, Ruth continued her volunteer work with passion and determination. In fact, she’s been making batch after batch of popcorn every Thursday afternoon and Saturday morning for years now. “It’s a big favorite, I enjoy it.”

“I’m doing what I think I should be doing.”

While Ruth keeps the tummies of residents, staff and guests full with popcorn, she ensures souls are fulfilled as well. Four days each week, Ruth provides residents and staff with a devotional reading over the public address system. She’s been reading devotions for more than eight years. Serving others inspires her. “I get as much enjoyment out of it as what I give,” admits Ruth.

– Ruth


Caring companion shares zest for living Caroline, at age 86, begins the day on a treadmill and then goes to her community chapel for morning prayers. Physical and spiritual exercises energize and motivate her. She lives out a sense of purpose by volunteering 30 hours a week to visit homebound seniors and help them experience a sense of home through the Graceworks Senior Companion Program.

hen I say my prayers in the morning ... these visits become the fulfillment of those prayers. God is really with us.”


Neil and Shirley look forward to seeing Caroline’s car pull into the driveway. Neil worked as a machinist for 42 years and Shirley retired in 2001. They had begun what they hoped would be many years of traveling. Then Neil had a stroke in 2007. A vigorous, ingenious machinist who could fix or build practically anything, Neil now has limited ability to communicate and perform complicated tasks. With no family nearby, they needed someone at home with Neil so Shirley could go grocery shopping and tend to family business. “When Caroline gets here, I boogie out of here,” says Shirley. Neil enjoys playing cards, reading stories, watching the news and savoring pie and coffee with Caroline. She learned how to do his occupational therapy exercises with him. Sometimes they take turns on his drum set. Neil played in a band in his youth


“It has really changed my life. You can’t just give part of yourself.” – Caroline and Caroline has played drums for decades. She is now a percussionist with the Harrison Township Fun Band that entertains in retirement communities. She also plays the piano and clarinet. “She’s a guardian angel for us,” says Shirley. “She cares about us. She would help you do anything. She’s more like family.” Caroline says, “I feel like I’m so blessed” to visit Neil and Shirley. “There is a deep love here in this house. I look for his smile and the twinkle in his eyes. I would be really disappointed if I didn’t get to come here. It just does something to me.”

“Caroline brings a glow to the people she visits.” Tommie Venable, Senior Companion Volunteer Coordinator, says Caroline’s love for God drives her to give herself tirelessly and fearlessly for others. “I don’t think you have a fearful bone in your body,” Tommie tells Caroline. Caroline is thankful for the Senior Companion Program. “It’s such a blessing to me,” says Caroline. “You get to become a part of that person’s life.”

She didn’t anticipate how becoming a Senior Companion would change her life and the lives of others when she began in 2006. She started slowly, then gradually added hours and eventually joined the Senior Companion Program Advisory Council. “She is so gung ho about giving, sharing herself with others,” says Lisa Thomas, Manager, Senior Companion Program. 9

Highlights Graceworks Lutheran Services inspired and supported a sense of home for more than 15,000 individuals who were experiencing challenging or changing circumstances in 2010. Through a wide range of residential and community care services, we seek to help older adults, individuals with disabilities, and persons facing financial or personal challenges experience stability, security, belonging and community – a sense of home – in their lives. During 2010, Graceworks provided more than $4 million of uncompensated charity care that was not paid by user fees or government funding.

Bethany Village About 750 older adults lived in Bethany Village: 440 enjoyed the active lifestyle and wellness programming in the residential areas, another 60 people lived in assisted living residences, and approximately 250 people lived in the Linden House and received full-time skilled nursing and memory supportive care. Bethany Rehabilitation Center A total of 754 older adults experienced skilled

nursing care and individualized rehabilitation programs as they recovered from surgery or hospitalization. Sixty-one percent of the people served returned to their previous homes after recovery. Consumer Credit Counseling Service Nearly 3,000 people experienced one-on-one

financial counseling, and Graceworks helped 1,140 people manage their debts through the Consumer Credit Counseling Service debt management program. Graceworks housing counselors assisted 42 families to become homeowners and helped 386 families avoid foreclosure. Nearly 1,000 individuals received bankruptcy pre-filing counseling and 400 individuals received bankruptcy pre-discharge financial education. Approximately 1,620 individuals learned how to manage their finances through financial education classes or workshops. Another 3,000 individuals learned about Consumer Credit Counseling Service through outreach presentations. An additional 3,100 individuals benefited from responses by Consumer Credit Counseling Service to financially-related inquiries. Friends at Home Graceworks launched the innovative friendly visitor program in 2010 to empower senior volunteers to provide companionship services that support independent seniors in their desire to live in their homes longer. Graceworks received a grant from the Lutheran Services for the Elderly Endowment Fund at the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Foundation to begin Friends at Home on the Bethany Village campus before branching out into the community at large. Eighteen people helped to initiate the program in its first year through 73 hours of service.

10 10

Graceworks at Home In December 2010, Graceworks achieved accreditation for a

new home health agency that began providing services in July 2010. Graceworks Enhanced Living More than 150 individuals with developmental

disabilities lived in safe, caring environments in 27 homes in Butler, Greene, Hamilton and Montgomery counties. Graceworks Enhanced Living relocated its Day Program to a more convenient location in Hamilton County. The building has more space and more areas for varied activities and interactions. Graceworks Housing Services More than 700 income-eligible elderly or disabled

residents experienced affordable housing in 18 Graceworks apartment communities in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. On-site employees worked to establish caring and stable environments in well-maintained and conveniently located apartment buildings. Service coordinators helped residents find and obtain needed services to allow them to age in place. Graceworks continues to refinance properties, which enables us to complete renovations and major repairs. Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Rehousing Program A total of 62 families,

consisting of 147 individuals at imminent risk of homelessness, received financial assistance with rent and rent arrears to prevent them from losing their housing. Interfaith Care Team Ministry A total of 52 families received life-skills education,

family mentorship, advocacy and support through case management services in their homes in targeted neighborhoods. Services were made possible through an ecumenical partnership with Catholic Social Services. A total of 544 individuals received material and financial assistance and referrals to support their basic and emergency needs. Once Around Shop and Emergency Assistance Program A total of 5,146 individuals

received food, clothing or financial assistance for shelter, utilities and medications through the Preble County Emergency Assistance program. Thousands more received affordable clothing and household items at the Once Around Shop in Eaton. Senior Companion Program A total of 261 older persons were able to maintain inde-

pendence in their own homes with assistance through friendly visits and respite care. Elderly persons in Montgomery, Miami, Preble, Greene and Clark counties received visits from 49 trained volunteers who gave 45,151 hours of faithful service. As part of the National Senior Service Corps, Senior Companions offer companionship, friendship and light assistance to mostly elderly persons who strive to maintain an independent lifestyle.

11 11

Board of Directors Left to right: G. Brown R. Long F. Evans V. Sharpe R. Schneider M. Shannon J. Rutherford-Donner J. Kalthoff R. Wine J. Bradosky S. Hoffsis

Board of Directors Rev. John F. Bradosky Dr. George R. Brown Floyd Evans, Jr. Stephen B. Hoffsis Judy A. Kalthoff Ronald A. Long Joyce Rutherford-Donner Ronald C. Schneider Marilyn K. Shannon Violet G. Sharpe Ronald D. Wine Executive Committee Rev. John F. Bradosky Dr. George R. Brown, Board Vice Chair Stephen B. Hoffsis, Secretary Judy A. Kalthoff Ronald A. Long, Board Chair

Administration Left to right: P. Blumensheid M. Allen D. Vandercher J. Bosse W. Serr J. Budi


Audit & Investment Committee Ronald Long, Chair Paul Anderson John Cowgill Alan Grodrian Stephen Hoffsis Dale Medford Ronald Schneider Ethics Committee Rev. Thomas Bernlohr Richard Furry Thomas Kahle Deb Lyle Dr. Kevin Malloy Dr. Paul Nelson Bonnie Parish Dr. Joseph Petrick Judith Kalthoff Diane Welborn Nominating Committee Judith Kalthoff Karen Medford Rev. Cathleen Thompson David Wickham Ronald Wine, Chair

Administration Willis O. Serr II, President & CEO Michael W. Allen, Vice President, Finance & Facilities Pamela E. Blumensheid, Vice President, Marketing & Public Relations Rev. James V. Bosse, Vice President, Community & Organizational Care Judy A. Budi, Vice President, Residential Care David V. Vandercher, Vice President, Human Resources

2010 Financial Reports1 For the 12 months ending December 31, 2010 (All numbers are shown in thousands) Financial information is based on unaudited financial data compiled by the staff of Graceworks Lutheran Services. An independent accounting firm will complete an audit and prepare detailed financial statements and an independent auditor’s report for the Board of Directors. Copies of the audited financial statements will be available upon request after May 31, 2011.

Revenue $58,833

Expense $61,336 Personnel $30,192 Resident fees $29,185

Facilities $5,856

Government reimbursement $27,961

General operating $10,978 Administrative support $5,220 Interest $2,626

Service fees $1,245 Grants $442

Depreciation $6,464

Balance Sheet

Other Income $2,523


Investment income $1,865



$100,000 $80,000

Bequests2 $296

$60,000 $40,000


$20,000 $0 et s ss N





se ts As

Current Non-recourse3 Long-term

et A

Contributions $284



United Way $78


1 Financial data relating to Graceworks Lutheran Services has been combined with data of several affiliates including Graceworks Enhanced Living, Graceworks Housing Services entities, Graceworks at Home, and Bethany Commons at Yankee Trace. 2 Includes combined gifts received for the following temporarily restricted purpose: Benevolent Care Fund, $202. 3 Short-term and long-term indebtedness totals $18,100 and is secured by specific Graceworks Enhanced Living and Graceworks Housing Services facilities. This is not a direct obligation and cannot be charged against other assets of Graceworks Lutheran Services.



We are grateful for the generosity of the donors listed on these pages. The list includes all cash gifts actually received by Graceworks Lutheran Services during 2010 for all programs. We also appreciate those who gave gifts-in-kind or designated contributions through United Way and the Combined Federal Campaign. We thank as well other donors and volunteers who generously gave time and resources but whose names are not recorded. For information, visit

Donors $5,000 plus

Donors $2,500 - $4,999

Michael Allen

Aristocrat Products Mfg., Inc.

Nell Baker Bank of America, N.A. Rev. James & Julie Bosse Gerry & Judy Budi CareSource Foundation Citigroup

Dayton Area Board of Realtors Foundation

Harlan & Judith Kalthoff

Epiphany Lutheran Church, Centerville, OH

Dr. Meenakshi Patel

Willis & Susan Serr Violet Sharpe Skilled Care Pharmacy, Inc. United Way of Shelby County United Way of the Greater Dayton Area

Phillip & Karen Pflaumer Richard & Mary Splawinski St. John’s Lutheran Church, Dayton, OH United Way of Clark, Champaign & Madison Counties Dr. Philip & Charna Weisman Charles & Nancy Wentworth Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church, Dayton, OH

David & Deborah Vandercher

Donors $1,000 - $2,499

Carrie Yearwood

Anonymous Arthur Shuster, Inc. Connie Aubry


Doris Butterbaugh

Nelson Rismiller

Carpet Consultants

Burnell & Karen Roberts

Timothy & Deanna Collins

Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church, West Alexandria, OH

Randall & Debbie Derr

McGohan Brabender, Inc.

PNC Bank

Mary Kaye Rhoades

Rev. Larry & Cindy Hoffsis

ELCA Foundation

Dale & Karen Medford

Dr. George & Jane Brown

Matthew & Sue Curtis

Lee’s Lock Service, Inc.

James Investment Research, Inc.

Preble County Emergency Food Bank

First Church of God, Eaton, OH

Dorsky Hodgson Parrish Yue Architects

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Cincinnati, OH

Roger & Pamela Blumensheid

Wayne & Jane Dawson

Jay & Susan Schwieterman

Robert & Sandra Emerson

Del & Marilyn Shannon

Floyd Evans, Jr.

St. Andrew Lutheran Church, Farmersville, OH

Sarah Fletcher Richard Furry Lucille Gebhardt Grace Lutheran Church, Eaton, OH Jeffrey Heard John & Carol Horn Illinois Tool Works Foundation Terry & Mary Klein Logan Master Appliance Lutheran Church of the Resurrection, Cincinnati, OH Scott McGohan Melvin & Prudence Musser

St. John Lutheran Church, Greenville, OH St. Paul Lutheran Church, Botkins, OH Dr. Jeffrey & Victoria Studebaker Thrivent Financial for Lutherans, East Montgomery & Greene Counties Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Foundation Thrivent Financial for Lutherans, West Montgomery & Preble Counties Timken Company-St. Clair

Terry & Daryl Nels

Trinity Lutheran Church, Cincinnati, OH

Oberer Thompson Companies

Trinity Lutheran ChurchPitsburg, Gordon, OH

John Padley

Wells Fargo Insurance Company

David & Marsha Pavelich

Joseph & Patricia Balmer

Peace Lutheran Church, Georgetown, OH

Battelle & Battelle LLP

Ralph & Judith Perdue

C. Allen Begley

Plante & Moran PLLC

John & Becky York Zion Lutheran Church, Hamilton, OH

Donors $500 - $999 Paul & Dolores Anderson Rev. Douglas & Nina Behm

David & Patricia Linegang Ron & Bonnie Long Long, Schaefer & Company, Inc.

Trinity Lutheran Church, Union City, IN Truist United Methodist Church Women, Eaton, OH

Peter & Joan Bracher Harry & Barbara Bradbury Ronald & Jolene Braet Richard & Sarah Briley

Georgette Belden

Lord of Life Lutheran Church, West Chester, OH

Daniel & Patricia Voydanoff

Robert & Dorothy Berner

Mark & Deborah Lyle

David & June Watts

Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran Church, Fairborn, OH

Margaret Martz

Ronald Wine

Charles & Carolyn Brown

The Women’s Council of Graceworks Lutheran Services

Terri Brown

Verne & Arleen Bowers Rev. John & Kristi Bradosky Louis & Joyce Breckenridge Matthew & Jennifer Buehrer

Edward Maurer Kristina Medford Messiah Lutheran Church, Cincinnati, OH P.S. Creative, Inc. Peace Evangelical Lutheran Church, Beavercreek, OH

Donata Cassels

Dr. Charles & Margaret Powder

Catholic Social Services of the Miami Valley

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, Loveland, OH

Christ Lutheran Church, Cincinnati, OH

Ken Zelachowski

Donors $100 – $499 Anonymous

John & Dawn Brinkman Seth Brinkman Robert & Janet Broge

Thomas & Cheryl Brown Stephanie Brugger Edward Brun Hartmut & Mary Buettner Jeffrey Burgdorf James Butt K. Philip & Sherry Callahan

Abiding Christ Lutheran Church, Fairborn, OH

Angela Camara

Susan Alfano

Annabel Camire

Larry & Lois Ramey

Joy Amundson

LuAnn Carpenter

Bert & Marlene Regula

Michael Antill

David & Tammy Carroll

Retirement DYNAMICS, Inc.

Ronald & Linda Armstrong

Castor Construction Company, Inc.

Rev. Larry & Joyce Rutherford-Donner

Rev. Walter & Marilynn Arnold

Charles Chamberlin

William & Fern Babcock

Emmanuel Lutheran Church, Kettering, OH

Wayne & Connie Schneider

Robert & Laura Bader

Tom & Althea Schumann

George Feldmaier

Barbara Bailey

Serra Chevrolet

Robert & Lois Fenwick

Barbara Bair

Lola Shafer

Bob Freund

Robert & Mary Baker

Christ the King Lutheran Church, West Chester, OH

Daniel & Joyce Singer

Ronald & Judith Baker

Amanda Christensen

Richard & Julia Frey

St. John Lutheran Church (Ingomar), West Alexandria, OH

Michael & Rebecca Bamber

Kent & Debra Clark

Gregg & Barbara Bardon

Margaret Coggin

Sarah Barker

Linda Cole

Richard & Melissa Bartell

Robert & Joann Colvin

Amy Beauchamp

Hollian Combs

Florence Bellman

Roger & Miriam Comer

Rev. Thomas & Diane Bernlohr

Michael Conover

Kenneth & Carol Clark Concordia Lutheran Church, Dayton, OH Charles & Linda Curtoys Sean & Dawn Dodson

Furst Florist, Inc. William & Ruth Graumann Donald & Janet Grieshop

St. John’s Lutheran Church, Vandalia, OH

Hancock County Community Foundation

St. Matthew Lutheran Church, Gordon, OH

Gregory & Gloria Hurwitz Immanuel Lutheran Church, Hamilton, OH

St. Timothy Evangelical Lutheran Church, Huber Heights, OH

Beth Ireland

Hans & Judy Stroeh

John & Leslie Jackson

Thrivent Choice Program

Robert & Charlene Kearns

Thrivent Financial for Lutherans, Darke, Shelby and Miami Counties

Virginia Bishop

Thrivent Financial for Lutherans, Hamilton County

Blair’s Lawn Care

James & Mary Kern Joseph Kinsman John Kramer Karen Kuhn Robert & Linda Lewis

Bethany Village Cottage Association Esther Bixler David Bollheimer Deborah Bolmida Thomas & Cathy Bourquin

Lance & Donna Chrisinger Christ Lutheran Church, Athens, OH

Kendall Clay

Copeland Roofing & Siding, Inc. Lewis & Madalin Coppock James Corbett Country Casual Mart Crowe Frederick & Joanne Dafler Henry Dahlman


Donors (continued)

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, West Milton, OH

Jennifer Houtz-Gillman

Gary & Patricia Leppla

Randall Daniel

John & Juanita Howell

Jeffery & Barbara Link

Stephen & Connie Day

Harold & Elizabeth Goodrich

George & Patricia Hronek

Connie Logan

Denlinger, Rosenthal & Greenberg

Thomas & Denise Gorman

Murl Huffman

Margaret Lombard

Marilyn Hulick

Doyle & Caroline Lonaker Jean Long Allan Longwell

Ronnie Depoyster

Dr. Thomas Grabeman

Betty Hunt

Theron Dersham

Beatrice Graham

Karolyn Hunter

Faith Dickerhoof

Karl & Constance Graham

Patricia Hutchings

Donald & Louise Lucas

Connie Dishon

Carol Gray

Donna Hynes

Judith Lukacs

Charlotte Donaldson

Jeni Gray

Susan Jacox

Dorothy Lane Market, Inc.

Elaine Green

Harold & B. J. Jasper

Nancy Lutz & JoAnn Watzke

Sonja Dragich

Mary Grisey

Dr. Neil Dubin

Mark & Claudette Groeber

Maurice & Kathleen Johns

Lisa Dudley Clifton & Carol Dungey Sandra Dyer Robert & Susan Ellefson Emanuel Lutheran Church, Phillipsburg, OH

John Groom Lois Haber Andrea HadďŹ eld Keith & Lynne Hall Mary Hall

Kervyn & Janice Mach Margaret Magill

Bobby & Donna Johnson

Janice Malson

Dr. Wilbur & Letitia Johnston

Josephine Martin

Leslie Jones

Peter & Suzanne Martin

Richard Jordan

James & Christine Martinson

John Juergensen

Charlann Mayrand

Ray & Susan Kaercher

Dr. Michael McCabe

Thomas & Kathleen Kahle

Robert McCants

Dr. David Karns

Margaret McIntosh

Wavelene Erhard

Paul & Amy Hamm

Donald Etz

Elmer & Doris Harbron

Ronald Fasick

Melvina Hard

Carl & Dorothy Feldmaier

William & Janet Hardin

Robert & Katherine Kegerreis

Virginia McKee

Charlotte Feldmaier

Kristen Harrelson

Winifred Kerry

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

Marty & Gayle Haskell

George & Ruth McMillan

Patricia Kerth

Gerald & Helen Haun

Rev. Harold Figley

Rev. Earl & Doris Kettler

Harrison & Jo Ann McQuinn

Rick & Laura Hawkins

David & Jeanette Finkam

Patti King

Meijer, Kettering, OH

Glen & Sandra Hazen

Joseph Finkbine

William & Cynthia King

Hazel Merrill

Janet Hegwood

Richard Flitcraft

Carla Kirkland

Jan Methlie

Lucille Helker

Virginia Foell

Kenneth & Edna Kitchen

Judy & David Mikels

Jeffrey & Janet Henline

C.J. & Michelle Fogarty

Russell & Rachel Klopfer

John Miller

Cheryl Hicks

Dorothy Fox

John & Mary Kmet

Nina Millner

Charles Hilgeman

David & Janice Frearson

Dr. Mark & Joan Krabbe

Joseph & Nancy Minnich

Charles Hill

Gary & Gail Fredensborg

Leroy Kressin

Margaret Mollenkopf

Dale & Margaret Hill

Jack Fultz

Leon Kronbergs

Dr. Dale & Nancy Hines

Christopher & Elizabeth Moore

Gayle Galbraith

Ruth Kronson

Robert & Delores Hipp

David Kunke

Gem City Engineering Company Stanley & Alma Gessaman

Michael & Gayle Hirsch

David & Barbara Laird

Joyce Hofer

Lands’ End

Stephen & Linda Hoffsis

Debra Laquanti

James & Dorothy Getty

Mary Holmer

G. Elaine Latsko

Raymond & Joan Gillaugh

Hans & Virginia Holztrager

Mike Gingrich

Hope Lutheran Church, Cincinnati, OH

John & Barbara Laufersweiler

Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, Cincinnati, OH


Houser Asphalt & Concrete, Inc.

Ruth McManis

Jennifer Morland Lorraine Morris Moto Photo, Inc. Elizabeth Moyer Siegfried & Joyce Mueller Kevin Munlin Rev. Dr. Donald Myrom

Stephanie Ledford

Brenda Nared

William & Rebecca Leister

Douglas & Barbara Nastally

Sandra Neff

Gary & Deborah Ross

Kevin Nels

John & Helen Rossmiller

Robyn Nelson

Stephen Ruehlman

Jay Nolte

Margery Runyan

Donald & Susan Noltemeyer

Marsha Russell

North Riverdale Lutheran Church, Dayton, OH Vernon & Kristen Oakley Cari Oehlenschlager

Pauline Ryan Kellie Saludo Treva Sander Dr. Don & Marjorie Sando

Kimberly Oelker

James & Barbara Scenters

Oregon Printing

Bernard Schaeff

St. Paul Lutheran Church, Dayton, OH

Winona Willis

Albert & Diane Staub

Charla Winter

Don Steck

Harold Wood

Mark Steffe Gwendolyn Steinbrunner

Steven & Jennifer Wurzelbacher

Joseph Stekli

Tonya Wurzelbacher

Louise Stephenson

Carla Young

Mary Strasser

Arlon Zabel

Michael & Barbara Streff

Sarah Zecchini

Carolyn Studebaker

Traude Zettervall Nancy Zorniger

Michael & Judy Schamel

Barbara Stuhlmiller

Robert Owen

Kenneth & Lily Schepers

Jenita Sullenger

Latrise Owens

Paula Schiml

Artie Taylor

Mike Owens

Patrick & Mary Schleitweiler

Clarence Taylor

Charles & Thelma Schmermund

Andrea Thomas

Gerald & Ann Schmidt

Franklin & Barbara Thomas

Beverly Pearson Bob & Patricia Peets Robert Peetz Don & Nan Pember Frank & Karin Pendle Virginia Peterson Sue Pflomm George & Diane Phillips Fred & Kathleen Pier Michael Pivarnik Dale & Virginia Placke B. Devonne Pohl Richard & Marjorie Prass James Price E. Kemp & Frances Prugh Gary Pugh Melody Raasch Janet Rank René Reddix Tracy Reed Priscilla Reese Robert Reichard Paul Richter John Riedl Dennis Riesley Ritter’s Frozen Custard of Kettering Debbie Robbins David & Deanna Rockwell

Paul Theriault

Ron & Pat Schneider

Ron & Diane Timmons

Carl & Phyllis Serr

John Trenholm

Philip & Janet Shaw John & Betty Shelton

Trinity Lutheran Church, Brookville, OH

Sarah Shomper

Warren Tripp

Sylvia Sims

David & Sharon Ulring

Marlene Sipes

United Way of New York City

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The Spiral of Life Society includes people who have made known their completed arrangements for deferred gifts to Graceworks Lutheran Services through wills, gift annuities, life insurance or other charitable device. If you would like more information about the Spiral of Life Society, contact the Resource Development Office at (937) 436-6871.

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2010 Bequests Graceworks Lutheran Services thanks and recognizes the following people who planned through their estates to help our ministries continue after their deaths: Ruth Behm

Rayman Coy

Geraldine Miller

Jack Semmelman

Richard Behymer

Charles Drinkle

Lillian Mills

Donald Spindler

Eleanor Blank

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In 2010, a total of 909 volunteers gave 111,676 hours of professional, administrative and direct support service – a value of $2,009,034. Visit for information.

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Volunteers (continued) Kathy Lehman Tom & Barbara Lehman Izzy Leisure Julia Ligon Robert & Lynda Lillie Paul Lin Sally Jo Lines Steve Lipinski Nita Littler Nora Livesay Norma Livesay Lisa Lockwood Rosemary Loeb Jack Long Ronald Long Jeff Lough Amy Love Robyn Lovett Elaine Lowe Don & Louise Lucas Leasa Ludy Judy Lutz Dr. Kevin Malloy Bonnie Marker Florence Marr Sarah Marsh Hattie Marshall Brenda Mason Mason County Health Department, Maysville, KY

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Union Savings Bank, Dayton, OH

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United Way Day of Action

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Ken Wurzelbacher Judy Yahle Karen Young Rebecca Young Amy Zahora Traude Zettervall George Zimmerman Carolyn Zindorf William & Muriel Zoll Nancy Zorniger


News Graceworks collaboration creates innovative Living Laboratory at Bethany


A two-story building at Bethany Village looks like a farmhouse from the outside, but inside is a one of a kind laboratory for innovation, education, research and practice. The Living Laboratory is a collaboration between Graceworks Lutheran Services and the Nursing Institute of West Central Ohio, headquartered at Wright State University. In the house, nursing students practice caring for a family of human simulators, monitored remotely by faculty through robots. Nursing, engineering, computer science, medicine, aging services, architecture and construction practitioners test technology and devices to promote self-directed care and independence.

“Our participation in this project will keep Bill Serr, President and CEO, Graceworks Lutheran Services, and Graceworks on the David Hopkins, President, Wright State University, observe nursing cutting edge of emergstudents interacting with a human patient simulator at the Living ing technologies that Laboratory on the campus of Bethany Village. can help residents and clients of all our programs maintain greater autonomy and independence as they respond to limitations caused by aging and disabilities,” said Bill Serr, President and CEO of Graceworks. “It gives us access to technologies that can enable residents to experience a sense of home.” The homelike setting itself points to the future, said Pastor Jim Bosse, Vice-President, Community and Organizational Care. “We are creating a setting for advancing technology, knowledge and practice to support people living in their homes,” he said. “We will learn of innovations that could be applied


in homes at Bethany Village and in the greater community. We’re working with the Nursing Institute to give nursing and other healthcare students experience caring for older adults.” A total of 406 students from Wright State University, Sinclair Community College and other schools attended class at the Living Laboratory. Students practice with a family of human simulators representing people of different ages and health conditions. Three research studies explored use of remote presence robots and sensor technology to help individuals remain independent in their homes. Bethany collaborated on a research project for a remote presence robot to facilitate health examinations. Via a video screen, a nurse in Akron examined Bethany resident volunteers. The Nursing Institute is a collaboration of programs of nursing, healthcare providers, businesses, public health nursing, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Medical Center and the Veterans Affairs Medical Center. The Nursing Institute invested $564,000 in state and federal funds to equip the Lab in 2010. “This collaboration adds new depth to our resources on the continuum of care, expanding both our breadth of understanding and our geographical reach.” said Debi Sampsel, Executive Director of the Nursing Institute. Funding for Living Laboratory equipment was granted by the United States Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration and the state of Ohio. Wright State University faculty member Patricia Vermeersch (on screen) communicates with Bethany Village resident Gene Weaver through her laptop computer in Akron, connected with a remote presence robot in Centerville.

25 5

News – continued

Graceworks G k launches l home health agency Our new Graceworks home health agency, Health at Home, LLC, qualified for certification as a Medicare home healthcare provider in December 2010. “Health at Home as part of our larger Graceworks at Home strategy will ultimately play a very important role in achieving our vision of becoming the community leader that inspires and supports a sense of home when people experience challenging or changing circumstances,” said Bill Serr, President and CEO, Graceworks Lutheran Services. Health at Home served 34 homebound clients in order to demonstrate the requisite skills and infrastructure that meet The Joint Commission’s standards. “We both appreciated the very skilled home care nurse and physical and occupational therapists who saved us from making many trips outside the house to receive comparable care. An added bonus was that they helped socialize Goldie, our dog who mostly did not care for strangers coming into the house,” said one client whose husband received home healthcare following knee replacement surgery. Graceworks hired a Director of Health at Home, LLC, in November 2009 to begin developing Health at Home to become a Medicare-certified home health agency. Health at Home began providing home health services to Bethany Village residents in July 2010 to qualify for certification. “Graceworks wanted to expand its continuum by providing home healthcare services that achieve the same quality standards and commitment to Faithful Caring that our residents have come to expect,” said Judy Budi, Vice President, Residential Care.

Friends at Home Adults who enjoy providing companionship and support to seniors can volunteer to serve senior adults through the new Friends at Home program of Graceworks Lutheran Services. The program is designed to meet the need for friendship when health or mobility restrictions make it more difficult to meet other people or maintain current relationships. Friends at Home helps seniors maintain independent lifestyles and remain living in their homes longer. The program is also designed to engage volunteers in meaningful service. Friends at Home is funded for three years through a grant from the Lutheran Services for the Elderly Endowment Fund at the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Foundation. The program is being launched on the Bethany Village campus with plans for expansion to the community at large beginning in 2012. Graceworks seeks special individuals to become Friends at Home volunteers to match with seniors. Volunteers must be 18 or older. If you are interested in providing companionship and support while visiting with a senior, please contact: Kirsten Sherk at 937-433-2110, x6455 or


Member Congregations We are thankful that 48 congregations of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and The Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod entered into Covenants of Support with Graceworks Lutheran Services, as of March 9, 2011. For information, visit

Abiding Christ Lutheran Church, Fairborn, OH Atonement Lutheran Church, Cincinnati, OH Augsburg Lutheran Church, Cincinnati, OH Bethel Lutheran Church, Bellbrook, OH Christ the King Lutheran Church, Dayton, OH Emanuel Lutheran Church, Phillipsburg, OH Emmanuel Lutheran Church, Kettering, OH Epiphany Lutheran Church, Centerville, OH Fifth Lutheran Church, Springfield, OH

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Cincinnati, OH

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, Loveland, OH

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Kettering, OH

Rockway Lutheran Church, Springfield, OH

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, West Milton, OH Grace Lutheran Church, Eaton, OH Hope Lutheran Church, Cincinnati, OH Hope Lutheran Church, Dayton, OH Lutheran Church of the Resurrection, Cincinnati, OH Messiah Lutheran Church, Cincinnati, OH

First English Lutheran Church, Dayton, OH

North Riverdale Lutheran Church, Dayton, OH

First Evangelical Lutheran Church, Xenia, OH

Peace Evangelical Lutheran Church, Beavercreek, OH

Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, Cincinnati, OH

Peace Lutheran Church, Georgetown, OH Peace Lutheran Church, Hillsboro, OH

Roselawn Lutheran Church, Cincinnati, OH Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church, West Alexandria, OH Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ellerton, Miamisburg, OH

St. Paul Lutheran Church, Botkins, OH St. Paul Lutheran Church, Dayton, OH St. Paul Lutheran Church, Franklin, OH St. Timothy Evangelical Lutheran Church, Huber Heights, OH Trinity Lutheran Church, Brookville, OH Trinity Lutheran Church, Cincinnati, OH

St. Andrew Lutheran Church, Enon, OH

Trinity Lutheran Church, Dayton, OH

St. John Lutheran Church (Ingomar), West Alexandria, OH

Trinity Lutheran Church, Lewisburg, OH

St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, Vandalia, OH St. John’s Lutheran Church, Dayton, OH St. Matthew Evangelical Lutheran Church, Huber Heights, OH St. Matthew Lutheran Church, Gordon, OH

Trinity Lutheran Church, Pitsburg, OH Triumphant Cross Lutheran Church, Trotwood, OH Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church, Dayton, OH Zion Lutheran Church, Hamilton, OH Zion Lutheran Church, Tipp City, OH

27 27

Serving the community Every day Graceworks Lutheran Services provides thousands of people with residential, community and personal services. Helping people of all faiths experience dignity and wholeness in their lives is the mission that has guided Graceworks in delivering a broad array of services to the community for 85 years. Graceworks Lutheran Services & Affiliates – Uncompensated Charity Care

Year ended December 31, 2010

Bethany Village Program Subsidies Medicaid Provider Deficit Benevolent Care Benefits

$2,430,580 279,305 $2,709,885

Community Care Program Subsidies Consumer Credit Counseling Service Outreach Services

$216,363 210,700 $427,063

Graceworks Enhanced Living


Graceworks Housing Services


Total Uncompensated Charity Care


Graceworks provides services at more than 50 locations in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky.

Ind dia anapolis



OHIO Cin ncin nnatii

KENTUCKY Louiisville

28 28

Our Mission In response to Jesus Christ, Graceworks Lutheran Services helps people experience dignity and wholeness in relationship with God, family and community.

Our Values Faithfulness to Christ Wholeness of Life Equality and Justice Quality of Service Integrity Stewardship of Resources

Our Vision Graceworks Lutheran Services will be the community leader that inspires and supports a sense of home when people experience challenging or changing circumstances.

Nonprofit Org U.S. Postage PAID Dayton, OH Permit No. 388

6430 Inner Mission Way Dayton, OH 45459

Member of Lutheran Services in America Affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Recognized by The Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod A United Way Agency Accredited by the Better Business Bureau of Dayton/Miami Valley © 2011 Graceworks Lutheran Services 2010 Annual Report

Graceworks Annual Report  
Graceworks Annual Report  

Graceworks produces an Annual Report each year to help tell Graceworks’ story of Faithful Caring – the values that Graceworks’ 900 employees...