Issuu on Google+’s DIY Auto Repair Infographic

With intimidation playing a key role in why many auto owners don’t facilitate their own repairs, it’s important to remember that there are several repairs that can be easily conducted with just a few tools. In “DIY: Auto Repair at a Glance”, outlines several of the most common auto repairs, how much one can save by handling it themselves, and how the thought process should go when determining one’s level of automotive prowess before embarking on the repair. This infographic includes several interesting elements in an easy-to-follow design. From the fun facts about particular tools to the comparative chart that outlines the cost of a selfrepair versus the cost of a professional, automotive enthusiasts can easily see how much they can save by tackling smaller jobs, and eventually graduating to larger ones! This particular infographic is perfect for DIY mechanics of all skill levels. Whether you are interested in simply learning more about auto repair, or would like to see a cost comparison that justifies your repair efforts, “Auto Repair at a Glance” has plenty of information to help you make an informed decision about your next automotive project, while delivering some interesting information along the way!

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