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ISSUE 5 | 2014 | €4.95 | £4.50

The True Fabric of Summer With bold colours, prints and linens East meets West with Kelly Hoppen for Apaiser Creating a collection for the 21st century

DÉCOR is where style lives - the essential design resource for those with a passion for creating beautiful surroundings

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DÉCOR Décor Magazine is the essential design resource for those with a passion for creating beautiful surroundings. Designed for interior designers or home enthusiasts, Décor Magazine is the go-to-guide for those who want to discover what is happening within the world of interiors. Within this issue we explore what has made Nordic design so influential over the last 50 years and we salute the timeless appeal of Baccarat. Bringing the home interiors bang up to date we showcase the stunning new bathware collection by Kelly Hoppen and for a home office that is sophisticated and lavish Giorgio Collection presents its new furniture and accessories collections. Good design is worth celebrating - and here you’ll find plenty of reasons to do just that. Enjoy!

Alexanders’ Collection Luxury Home

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CONTENTS 10 THE LOVE AFFAIR COLLECTION Bang & Olufsen celebrate 90 years of excellence 16 DÉCOR MAGAZINE


36 TOUCHY FEELY A new collection from Arthouse filled with texture, opulence and luxury 44 THE WEIRD, THE WONDERFUL AND THE SOMETIMES SINISTER Textile designs inspired by insects, antiques and statuary from designer Adam Slade 48 DÉCOR MAGAZINE

on trend

68 AMAZILIA - A STRIKING COLLECTION Harlequin present their new textile collection with exotic tropical motifs in luxuriant colours 86 NORDIC SIMPLICITY How an old land workers house turned into a stunning but simple modern home 96 A SPIRIT OF REDISCOVERY Snapshots from Salone del Mobile Milano 54th annual furniture exhibition

106 THE EVER ICONIC WORLD OF VERSACE Versace Home - an everlasting flow of unexpected harmonies 116 BY ROYAL APPROVAL Palatial, glamourous interiors 157 WHY BUY A WOODEN BED? 6 Super reasons from Warren Evans bespoke bed makers


182 DÉCOR MAGAZINE Nigel Coates - blending observation and wit with reason 195 THIRTEEN YEAR KITCH 2015 Kitchen Trends Study by Houzz 200 A MODERN TAKE ON RETRO A unique contemporary designer kitchen featuring the best of British craftsmanship 210 EFFORTLESSLY ELEGANT Kelly Hoppen designs new bathroom collection for Australian company Apaiser 229 SHADES OF EXCELLENCE Stylish shades from the masters of luxury Tucci


Celebrating 90 years of excellence

Bang and Olufsen Marbella, within their magnificent showroom in the heart of Puerto Banus, present the most innovative and captivating television ever seen.

THE LOVE AFFAIR COLLECTION This exclusive collection, containing six of our most current and iconic designs, is a living illustration of a love affair spanning from our origin in the roaring twenties into the future.

IT STARTED IN 1925 1925 was the year in which Peter Bang & Svend Olufsen began their quest. With this special collection, we set out to capture the mood and style of an age characterized by elegance, enticement and energy. It was a time when jazz music blossomed, and where the young – especially the young women – set themselves free. This was when Art Deco peaked, with its representation of luxury, glamour, exuberance, and faith in social and technological progress. Bang & Olufsen Marbella Puerto Banús, Main Entrance +34 952 817 250

10 DÉCOR Magazine

Led by rebellious and passionate spirits, the roaring twenties saw a renewed attraction to genuine beauty, music and dance, that set the stage for a love affair that could last forever…



Inspired by the legendary BeoLab 8000 speaker, BeoLab 18 honours the classic, slender, and straightlined beauty of that same vertical silhouette. BeoLab 18 delivers exceptional wireless performance to achieve peerless home acoustics without compromise.

GORGEOUS SOUND WITH A MAGIC TOUCH Designed and crafted like a beautiful piece of furniture, BeoPlay A9 is a music system that responds to your touch like magic. BeoPlay A9 is always ready to deliver gorgeous sound that is big enough to fill even the most spacious of rooms. DÉCOR Magazine


A SENSE OF EVERYDAY LUXURY BeoPlay H6 combines a natural and authentic sound performance with carefully selected, high-quality materials that rest softly and comfortably on your head, bringing a true sense of everyday luxury.

12 DÉCOR Magazine

A SENSORY EXPERIENCE The glamorous BeoVision 11-46” delivers razor-sharp images and powerful sound in a sleek, all-in-one, luxurious entertainment solution, bringing you to a new world of sensory delight.

INTUITIVE SIMPLICITY Crafted from a single, extruded piece of aluminium, BeoRemote One has a perfectly weighted ergonomic design, and provides intuitive and easy access to any Bang & Olufsen experience with just one touch. DÉCOR Magazine


A CELEBRATION OF MOVEMENT The majestic 85” version of BeoVision Avant delivers exquisite imagery and iconic sound, bringing the true power of cinema straight to your living room, with unprecedented flexibility and freedom of movement. EXPLORE THE ORIGINAL BEOVISION A

14 DÉCOR Magazine

Effortless shopping for beautiful interiors




A LUXURIOUS NOMADIC WAY OF LIFE Louis Vuitton has commissioned new pieces for its ‘objets nomades’ collection a project was started back in 2012. The priniciple of objets nomads is to invite international designers to envision foldable furniture and travel accessories that express the French luxury brand’s signature style and aesthetic Louis vuitton has commissioned new pieces for its ‘objets nomades’ collection a project was started back in 2012. The priniciple of objets nomads is to invite international designers to envision foldable furniture and travel accessories that express the French luxury brand’s signature style and aesthetic International creative designers: atelier oï, Barber & Osgerby, Campana Brothers, Damien Langlois-Meurinne, Gwenaël nicolas, Maarten Baas, Nendo, Patricia Urquiola, and Raw Edges, have contributed to ‘objets nomades’ sharing and expressing a sense of intuitiveness, desire and pleasure; continuing Louis Vuitton’s tradition of offering influential and surprising designs from all over the world. Fine materials, the plasticity of forms, carefully balanced proportions, the complexity of craftsmanship, close attention to details — these are what define Louis Vuitton and the artisanal expertise for which it is known. individually, each ‘objets nomades’ forms its own fabric, along with an enhancement — be it foldable, modular or

portable — demanding meticulous craftsmanship and a particular aesthetic rigor, while delivering functionality and practicality. For more information visit:

INTRIGUING CHAIR DESIGN – CALLA Inspired by the shape of calla lily, a flower that can be seen ponds and lakes around the world, Calla chair is an excellent example of perfect Italian furniture manufacturing

This intriguing piece of furniture seems very delicately, with its elegant curves and polished surfaces, but its fluid form does not show any weakness in the design. In fact, the Calla chair is a perfect example of the marriage between form and function and the fact that such a combination can generate something wonderful, powerful and reliable. It was designed by Simone Cappellanti, who is part of the ZAD Design studio, and is made of an innovative material called Adamatx. Available in three colours: white, brown and black. For information visit:

16 DÉCOR Magazine


If you look from a far, you would never guess this sculpture was actually a barbecue Created by Cessare studios, Kara Grill has a circular design that makes it looks more like a work of art, or the intriguing modern art sculpture, rather than something that you can use to prepare hamburgers during the weekend. However, when you look a little closer, you’ll notice that in the centre of two black circles is a piece that is actually a device for cooking food and grill like any other.

Away from its interesting shape, the grill is the same as any other – it uses coal and it can prepare delicious seafood or vegetables, as well as great steaks, burgers and other delicious grilled treats.


Launched in January of this year, the stunningly simple design, available as both a 4-foot-long coffee table and a 2-foot-long side table, is cut from a single slab of Italian statuary marble (fine-grained stone of the purest white). Unlike most furniture that incorporates only thin slices of marble, KGBL designers wanted to highlight the soft stone in its natural state. To achieve this, David Khouri and his teammates chose pieces that are more than 6.5 inches thick and that weigh a massive 450 and 175 pounds, respectively even after the underside has been carved out to incorporate an inconspicuous solid silicon bronze base.

The Manhattan furniture gallery Khouri Guzman Bunce Lininger (KGBL), known for its handcrafted furniture and old-world artisan techniques such as marquetry and leather moulding has debuted its latest addition: The Terranova table

For more information visit:

Deep V-cut grooves on both sides of the table add a touch of style while revealing the stone’s layers of intricate veining, which are carefully inspected for undesirable streaks of orange iron ore. Additional marble selections include Nero Marquina (black with white streaks), Desert Gold (rich cream tones with golden brown veins), Absolute Black, White, Verdi Nuvoloso (white with layers of dark green), and Calacatta (white with thick gray veins). Custom sizes are also available, as are metal finishes such as brass and nickel-plated bronze. For more information visit: DÉCOR Magazine


VG BRAND PRESENT THEIR NEW LIGHTING SYSTEMS VG is inspired by the mysteries of the underworld, such as the stalactites in centuryold caves, the dramatic expression of the long-standing passage of water on rocks. A universe of lacework and embroidery, in which a beam of light is reflected on a drop about to fall from the crystal, penetrating into the darkness of the cave and breaking light into primary colours DIAMOND CHANDELIER (above right) Exclusive and rare, the precious stone was the source of inspiration for the new Diamond chandelier, part of the company’s Arabesque collection. This dreamy chandelier uses primary colour lights to create a rainbow in which to dream. Available in three versions – diameters 30cm, 40cm or 50cm, Diamond can also be custom-made in terms of size and finish to meet a client’s personal requirements.

EARTH LAMPS (right) VG pays tribute to the shape of our planet, where the transparency of the oceans is reflected in crystal glass, the mainland in Corten coloured steel, and gold representing the stream of light from Sun to the Earth. The lamp is available in 4 sizes with a diameter of 30, 40, 50 or 72cm, and it is height-adjustable. It comes in three finishes: glossy Chrome, 24k Gold and Corten steel.

NUVOLA (CLOUD) CHANDELIER – OUTDOOR VERSION (left) One of VG’s best sellers is now presented in an outdoor version, resistant to rain thanks to the materials with which it is made – namely a structure of stainless steel and a shade of fabric. Three versions of the lamp are available, with one, two or three clouds, at a height of 212cm, 312cm and 376cm respectively. Sizes can be customised on request. Production is 100% “Made in Italy” For more information visit:

18 DÉCOR Magazine




20 DÉCOR Magazine


t’s BluePort Altea, a project of extraordinarily beautiful and comfortable villas located in the best available spot in Altea Hills - a unique place form which the views of the bay of Altea are simply unsurpassable and where the peace and quiet, privacy and natural surroundings envelope each and every home. BluePort stands for elegance and exclusivity specially for highly refined residents who invest on a luxurious level, and who seek to develop their stylish life in a setting of privacy, family comfort and first-class refinement. The grounds where BluePort is located are truly mind blowing! The Slope faces south and are displayed in such a way that each residence is ensured total privacy whilst enjoying 270 degrees of unobstructed views over the bay. That view is yours forever. Within such an exceptional environment, Blueport stands as an exclusive private world of comfort and security. Our understanding of luxury goes beyond the material level. It allows you to step into a world of all-inclusive quality in life. All BluePort residences are situated on private parcels of around 1,000 square meters. Each villa has approximately 500 square meters of living area, including 5 bedrooms, a grand living room with an open kitchen, a dining room, spacious bathrooms, a fitness centre, and an optional cinema room; they also contain independent service-quarters, an elevator, a garage for 3 cars, ample storage spaces and pleasant inner patios and gardens. Moreover, we encourage you to give it your own personal touch and uniqueness. Blueport Altea is surrounded by the amazing blue of the Mediterranen Sea. The blue, the sky, the sea...producing a sense of well being, a spiritual contentment that is difficult, if not impossible, to find anywhere else in other parts of Europe.


Embraced by the majestic Sierra Bernia, a chain of mountains that curves into the sea, Altea is guaranteed a perfect climate almost all year round, mild and sunny. Its low humidity levels and the protection of the hills that surround it, create a unique micro climate that the world health organisation has rated as one of the healthiest on the planet.

Apply for a full brochure: Contact Agent: Global Luxurious Properties Team of Professional Real Estate Consultants Phone: 0031-(0)15-2630195 Email: Website:

DÉCOR Magazine


Plus ÂŽ

A Touch of Scandinavia

Marset Follow Me lamp

Cane-line Amaze teak sofa

Cane-line Traveler chairs

Cane-line Edge dining table & chairs

Cane-line Conic sofa system and Time Out coffee tables

The best of summer at

Ctra. de Mijas km 3,5 29650 Mijas, Mรกlaga Monday - Friday 10:00 - 19:00 Saturday 10:00 - 14:00

+34 951 242 092

NATURE MEETS TECHNOLOGY CP Lighting is proud to introduce the first foray into 3d printing technology: the CP3d Collection. This collection is conceived by internationally acclaimed designer Christopher Poehlmann, digitally realized by studio assistant Casey Gleason and printed using state of the art 3d printing technology.

CP LIGHTING produce handmade decorative light fixtures and furniture designed by internationally acclaimed designer/artist Christopher Poehlmann for residential, commercial and hospitality since 1991.

No stranger to the modern reinterpretation of nature, Poehlmann takes an iconic image of a leaf and crafts a series of pendants that elicit the feeling of blowing leaves. An energy efficient LED engine illuminates the cluster of leaves, which capture its light as well as transmit light and shadow to create the perfect mix of mood and function. LED technology is developing rapidly, but the single most confounding issue from a designer of light’s point of view is that LEDs are inherently directional. How does one deal with a light source that almost exclusively functions as a spot light? Poehlmann started

thinking about that challenge around 2009 and has been using carved acrylic in various forms to capture this directed light - at times directing it into a turned frosted acrylic “light bulb” on the ends of his iconic newGROWTH fixtures, and last year saw the introduction of his Block Pendants and Bessey Sconces using chunks of clear acrylic with sanded edges and carved “wood grain” patterns to capture and disperse the LED light. This year he takes the idea a step further by using 3d printing technology to create shades that absorb and reflect the directed light of the LED - glowing orbs of swirling leaves that cast beautiful light and shadow.

Constantly experimenting with new ideas, CP LIGHTING has come to be known as both an innovator and trend leader in sustainable practices, colour trend and the Modern Rustic movement.

Available from:

24 DÉCOR Magazine

The full collection made it’s debut at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair, NYC in May, 2014 which also marked the 21st anniversary of CP Lighting’s involvement with the ICFF.

DÉCOR Magazine


HOOPS Orbits of Gold

26 DÉCOR Magazine

la murrina M








la murrina M






NEW ECLETTICA LIGHTING RANGE La Murrina was born on the island of Murano, in 1968, as a collaboration between a few select Master Glass Blowers, whose skill was a gift passed to them from a century’s worth of generations before them. In 1974, a Milanese family took control of the now successful company. They believed in the traditional art of glass blowing and had innovative ideas that would modernise this ancient art form, as well as the company as a whole. This seamless marriage of the antique and the contemporary has earned La Murrina their leading position as one of the most successful and respected manufacturers of Murano glass lighting and décor products in the world, offering priceless and innovative pieces in every genre -- classic, traditional, contemporary and design. Available from:

28 DÉCOR Magazine

In a cozy atmosphere, a soft light creates an elusive and mysterious allure: this is Eclettica by la murrina, a new collection that emphasizes the ability of the Murano glassblowers. The art of la murrina, worldwide well-known for its aesthetic research that respects the tradition while looking forward to the future, offers a poliedric and multifaceted selection. Like jewels, drops of hand blown colored glass are embellishing the arms of chandeliers while luxurious fabrics shades decorate the fixtures, offering a delicate and subtle atmosphere. Alchemy, textures, transparency, reflections, art combined in a new style for an extraordinary la murrina design.

Eclettica includes light fixtures, sconces, table lamps, all available in different shapes, dimensions, finishes and designed for a powerful presence in the refined ambiances.

DÉCOR Magazine


MELTING POT A contemporary Tower of Babel featuring a variety of shapes and decorations mingled harmoniously. Designed by Sandro Santantonio.

30 DÉCOR Magazine

Melting Pot is a collection of pendant and wall-mounted luminaires made up of lampshades with different shapes and decorations assembled together: a novel Tower of Babel, where the diversity of colours and shapes generates harmony. What emerges is a charming architectural construction, an appealing blend of apparently conflicting characters and styles revealing the talent and ideas of a designer bent on creating a contemporary, multifaceted light source. The lampshades are proposed in pre-defined combinations of light and dark patterns, the former with white interior and the latter with gold interior. The decorative motifs of the external patterns include subtly optical designs, stripes, squares and elegant stylised floral motifs – all the same on both light and dark versions.

For more information visit:

DÉCOR Magazine


Nobody knows just what secrets top chefs have - since 1999, they’ve had one fewer.

The difference is Gaggenau. Professional chefs never divulge their best recipes. But we’ve persuaded them to reveal their favourite cooking method. That’s how Gaggenau revolutionised the private kitchen over a decade ago with the Combi-steam oven. Its innovative combination of heat and humidity opened up previously unimagined taste experiences. Just like so many of the appliances we’ve introduced that combine professional pr technology with the highest standards of convenience and design. It’s a tradition that we uphold passionately - and that’sno secret. For more information and a list of partners, please dial 0844 8929026 or visit: Alternatively, please visit our showroom: 40 Wigmore Street, London, W1U 2RX.

Total home control in the palm of your hand With over 25 years experience in the home automation industry, EZ HOME SOLUTIONS can offer you the best automation service on the Costa del Sol. n Home Cinema n Light Control n Building / Energy Management n Video Entry Systems n Heating / Cooling Control n Alarm / Security n Pool Control n Electrical Installations Poligono Industrial Norte, C/ Carril de Picaza, 23, San Pedro de Alcรกntara, Marbella 29670 T (34) 952 799 344 | F (+34) 952 799 118




TOUCHY FEELY Embark on a journey with Arthouse, as they present a collection filled with texture, opulence and luxury

For over a decade, Arthouse have been designing trend led product for the interiors market. The in house design studio has created collections inspired directly from the most current trends. The way we style our home today has become so important to Arthouse. Whether it is a stage on which to entertain, a sanctuary at the end of the day, or a more practical place to work, there will be a collection or product that will bring that little injection of colour and design into your home without breaking the bank!

Teramo Stripe: A smart stripe with a beautiful glitter highlight. Available in neutral colourways and in black and silver as well.

A collection of wallcoverings and home decorative products, the collection features textured damasks, glitter stripes and metallic plains, all in colours such as classic golds, glamorous blacks and sumptuous reds. Available from:

36 DÉCOR Magazine

All wallcoverings co-ordinate with a stunning range of mirrors, art, storage, cushions and room dividers.

Collection of ‘Boutique’ mirrors

DÉCOR Magazine


Leonardo Black and Gold flock wallcovering adds in addition a little animal magic to your walls. Also available in grey and black, white and black and red and cream colorways.

Teramo Red and Gold Damask Wallpaper drapes your walls in drama and decadence.

38 DÉCOR Magazine

San Remo: Beautiful angular lines and smooth curves, the perfect combination. Also available in cream and pearl.

DÉCOR Magazine


Media Group

Creating the best magazines

Stand out from the crowd with your own CORPORATE-BRANDED MAGAZINE We are proud to announce that we have added 3 new titles to our ever-expanding collection of magazines producing bespoke publications for Alexanders’ Collection Spain, Drumelia Real Estate and Ark-Architects




ders’ C


s Fine Art pers hens | rs | Kitc Unique Wallpa | andelie re | Ch s | Fabrics . ve Furnitu | Mosaic much more.. Exclusi and sories Acces Glassware Interior

Issue 2

| April

- June











The Premium Marbella property magazine from DRUMELIA REAL ESTATE






ин едметы вры | Пр другое е хни | Ко и много стры | Ку ые обои Уникальн

| Лю мебель

| Мозаика



| Ткани



The lat est tre nds an d style s

Contact us now and let us show you how your business can benefit from having your very own corporate publication

E | T 951 127 200


Look who’s hiding under the bedside table, or serving you drinks - depending on how it’s looked at it Animal accents have become increasingly popular as an interiors trend; from enigmatic owls to deer with distinction, wild and woodland creatures have been breaking through the beige and stimulating character and eccentricity. Animal lovers themselves, Georgia and the team at The French Bedroom Company have a wide range of animal themed products available and ready to go to a good home! With so many options, it may be hard to choose which to start with, but where’s better to begin with than with the ‘bear’ necessities? They can serve you drinks or just hold your belongings, the Bear Necessities Side Table (£115) and the Polar Bear Side Table (£115), are both made from polyresin. Kitsch design at its best, with a quirky and charming nature, there’s no need to go down to the woods or the artic to find them- they are just a few clicks away!


French Bedroom C O M P A N Y

Available from: DÉCOR Magazine


Founded in Lorraine in 1764, by permission of King Louis XV, the world’s most famous Crystalworks has, over the ages, become a symbol of superb craftsmanship and French art de vivre. The name Baccarat reverberates like an echo of outstanding pieces, extraordinary places and unforgettable parties.


44 DÉCOR Magazine


reative Director Adam Slade, a textiles graduate of the Bath School of Art and Design set up the brand 2011 (formerly Adam Slade Interior Textiles) with a view to challenging the textiles status-quo and a desire to push the boundaries of interior decor with the use of unusual intricately drawn imagery and a strikingly bold monochromic colour pallet. All designs start with detailed pen drawings by Adam of various inspirations and interest, such as insects, antiques and statuary. These are then digitally printed by a top-end British furnishing fabrics print manufacturer and are then handmade into interior products.

LIGHTING All of the lampshades are designed, printed and handmade exclusively in Britain. Make a statement in an interior space with an illuminating piece that comes to life at the flick of a switch as the hidden imagery within the design reveals itself, or create a talking point in any interior space with one of our hand turned lamp bases inspired by the striking silhouettes of stag beetles. A feature lighting piece is the perfect way to add drama and intrigue to an interior space. CUSHIONS Printed onto luxurious cotton satin using the latest in digital fabric production machinery at a historic print mill in Lancaster, the cushion range is the perfect way to add charm and vigour to a room. A cushion is an ideal way to add flashes of accent colour and

feature imagery to an interior and the darkly enchanting pieces will definitely make an impact with bold surreal imagery and just the right dosage of style and elegance. FABRICS Swarm Design England aims to make the move away from minimalist pattern and abstract design. With a heavy emphasis on detailed imagery and bold colour, the upholstery fabrics carry a strong Victorian feel with a modern twist and are a daring way to liven up any interior. All of our upholstery fabrics are produced to industry standard for furnishing fabrics and meet all of the requirements for home and commercial use. For those who are daring with their interior choices, the fabrics will breath life into a space, public, commercial or domestic.

I have always found myself inspired by the unusual, the unconventional, the odd and the intriguing. My work showcases my meticulously drawn artwork, taken from all the wonderful and interesting things that interest and delight me, an eclectic mix of flora, fauna, antiques, anatomy and statuary, which in a bizarre and slightly surreal way, all connect together to form beautiful and unusually enchanting narrative scenes in the work. Combined with a mix of geometric and organic pattern and selective colour, my designs capture and radiate my love of the weird, the wonderful and the sometimes sinister.

Adam Slade - Director

Swarm Design England is a new luxury interiors brand specialising in highend textiles and products. With a seductively dark and enchantingly mysterious style, all of Swarm Design England’s products are exclusively designed and made by hand in Britain and offer a unique take on the contemporary British interior.

Available from: DÉCOR Magazine




on trend

Down to the wire Wire pieces are so in style right now! The wire trend goes back to the 1960s, when interior designers began converting industrial spaces into homes. Wire baskets and wire light cages were designed for function. The wire trend introduces the industrial twist to an interior and is most suited to a contemporary home. If you are looking to achieve a clean, minimal look that oozes elegance at the same time, the wire trend will be an important part of your vision. Wire accessories can be integrated easily into your kitchen or living room, hallway or the office. Hanging pendant light with copper wire shade www. £28.00

Dimas Mirror - Small $618

Designer Wire City Scape Magazine Rack £21.00

Octahedron side table by Eric Trine $300.00

Platner Side Chair £2256.00

48 DÉCOR Magazine

Join the tribe Primitive markings, striking ethnic prints and earthy tones make this trend authentically tribal. The natural colour palette and patterns with a significant use of black and brown make these textiles blend beautifully with neutral monochromatic tones.

Jamestown Pillow, Purple by Arhinarmah $120.00

Africa has become a source of inspiration that elevates a modern room while infusing it with history and culture.

Afghan Kilim €275.00

Le Souk Ceramique Sabrine Design Tagine €37.00

Phoenix Lamp £175.00

Catarina Itak Wing Chair POA

DÉCOR Magazine


Pasty Pastels Romantic shades, from pale lilac to buttercup-yellow are an emerging trend for fabrics and furnishings this year. The soothing shades of soft pastels can have a big impact on a design scheme in a subtle, understated way. Through the sophisticated choice of colour and combining soft hues with natural textures and hard materials, you can keep the look from feeling too sugary sweet whilst allowing this trend to work all year round.

Pastel teapot from Bloomingville Price: £25.00

Doll Midi Pillow Back Sofa £879

Pastel pattern Baroque Clock by Romi Vega $69.00

LSA Polka Pastel Wine Glasses £30.00

50 DÉCOR Magazine

Siebener 3107 Stuhl Fritz Hansen €369.00

Yellow Peril Let the sunshine flow throughout your home, with this seasons uplifting colour trend. Yellow not only brightens your rooms but also your mood and this season the trend focuses on using pops of the colour around your living space. Using small bursts of yellow on items and furniture will help to draw attention to specific aspects of your room. If you want a certain area to be emphasised, place a yellow ornament or a piece of furniture in the space and this will catch the eyes of your visitors. The yellow sofa in this image is a strong contrast against the white walls so it demands your attention.

Eames Style DAW Armchair £33.60

Regent Toaster £190.00 Louis Chest of Drawers £599.00

Wesco Pushboy Bin £126.00

Cresswell Leather Basket £65.00

DÉCOR Magazine


Nautical but nice Nautical blues and sailor stripes are usually spotted as a trusty trend in spring summer fashion which this year will extend to home interiors with the ‘shanty’ shabby chic look. Brighter blues are instantly mood lifting reminding us of cheery clear skies and sparkling sea and there are some lovely decorative accessories, wallpapers and paints in colours of blue to try a little shanty chic for yourself.

Boating Cushion by Betty Boyns £18.00

Hudson Stripe Cotton Duvet Cover - £80.00

La Rochelle Mini Lantern £37.50 Gower Stripe Sofa - £998.00 Cottage Lighthouse Lamp $253.99

Large Wooden Seagull £15.00

52 DÉCOR Magazine

Lobster Platter Tray - £24.99


DÉCOR Magazine




NEW Y O RMagazine K 54 DÉCOR



Colour & Paint is an innovative new online paint retailer that will revolutionise the way that paint is chosen, tested and bought. They work with designer brands to develop and launch exclusive premium paint collections. The experienced design team, along with colour consultant Professor Clare Johnston of the Royal College of Art, work closely with each brand to develop both classic and contemporary colour palettes that reflect each brand’s unique character and vision. The paint is produced exclusively by Craig & Rose, the oldest independent paint manufacturer in the UK. Craig & Rose was founded in 1829 and has impeccable credentials. Their heritage and specialist premium paints have been applied on everything from the Forth Bridge to palaces, grand houses, royal yachts to iconic modern architectural buildings.

Hanoi Lacquer




Look ahead to the key colour trends for 2015 with the Mr & Mrs Smith – At Home paint collection from Colour & Paint.

Featuring strong deep blues, sultry reds, spiced yellows, forest greens and icy greys, the Mr & Mrs Smith range has been painstakingly created as a glorious homage to the stunning interiors that feature in their hotels. New England

Introducing the palette is the perky Mr & Mrs Smith Puebla red. With undertones of pink and orange, it offers a splash of vibrancy to a spring pastel theme. For a simple and sophisticated soft grey, the Mr & Mrs Smith Icelandic Pumice is inspired by the organic tones of the island’s arresting lava fields and works well with the stronger accents in this palette.

Smith Ubud Firest

Keralan Spice

The vibrant, verdant shade of the Mr & Mrs Smith Ubud Forest is a natural earthy tone that would make a statement in period living rooms when used with Mr & Mrs Smith Hanoi Lacquer. The blues in this palette offer calmness and tranquillity, which is so often associated with spring coastal inspired schemes. The Mr & Mrs Smith Ontario is perfect for creating a serene setting. This gentle blue makes a soothing backdrop for living rooms and bedrooms and looks great matched with the warm neutral, Chalk Weald. The strong but tranquil Mr & Mrs Smith New England blue is a serious contender for trend colour of 2015 and makes a wonderful option for a feature wall.

Chalk Weald

For a dash of exoticism, add the exuberant Mr & Mrs Smith Keralan Spice yellow – a bold and intense colour to brighten up a contemporary home. The Mr & Mrs Smith Chalk Weald is a light-infused, warm and calming neutral which pairs well with all colours in this palette.

For more information visit:

The classic and seductive Mr & Mrs Smith Hanoi Lacquer is great for dining and sitting rooms, recalling the redsap shade of decorative Vietnamese lacquer work. Icelandic Pumice

Price: 2.5L Tin - £33 DÉCOR Magazine


Waxman has been servicing the ceramic trade for over 30 years in projects ranging from single dwellings to complete residential developments. Their extensive portfolio can reflect the performance required, in such projects, in even the most demanding technical specification. Working in partnership with some of the world’s leading suppliers and manufacturers, such as Villeroy & Boch, ensure that every product they source is of the highest quality. The Waxman ethos has always been to deliver a product range which caters for every taste. This serves; traditional to contemporary, aesthetically striking or ergonomically practical, all available in a generous range of materials – porcelain, ceramic and stone.

For more information visit:

56 DÉCOR Magazine

Top left: Heritage Taco Mix and above Heritage Taco Grey



A range of glazed porcelain tiles taking on traditional encaustic style tile design Crema




DÉCOR Magazine


Dôme Deco’s passion for engaging extremes lends their collections an obstinate personality while reinforcing a broader international and cross-border vision. A vision that encapsulates the diversity of a globalized and ever-changing world. A vision that has distilled into the 3 c’s:

Cosmopolitan Dôme Deco is a Belgian company with a very diverse, international focus. True to both their roots and the changing urban and global landscape, the collections challenge the basic categories of classical and modern. Pieces are inspired by a passion for the exotic and the undiscovered. As such, they encompass a wide diversity of cultural interpretations that are nevertheless anchored within a single, unified design concept.


Dôme Deco challenges the conventional boundaries of interior design with a unique and refined vision. Our collections straddle contrasting extremes in both form and content, sparking an engaged dialogue with any interior.

Dôme Deco’s strength lies in combining a passion for detail, sophistication, authenticity and style into an inspiring but above all honest interior concept. That is why they are adamant on offering a full package - from decorative pieces and artworks to furniture and textiles – that covers an equally full spectrum of tastes. Combine different elements to express your own unique vision on beauty and style.

Contemporary Dôme Deco represents a dynamic drive towards reinvention. Each new collection, however represents both innovation and continuity: a new chapter in a never-ending story. In that sense, the contemporary outlook still rests firmly on a recapitulation of the past. Adapted to the changing values of contemporary society with respect for the traditions that continue to shape it and give it meaning.

ALIVE “Alive” is an artistic theme in the sultriest tones of the season. Deep red with purple and turquoise provide cory warmth. Combined with various metallic shades, this mood radiates opulence and luxury.

1. Tealight Metalised Ceramic S - T2-C47/Si - D6,5 x H8 cm, M - T2-C48/Si - D6,5 x H11 cm, L - T2-C49/Si Silver - Ceramic - D6,5 x H14,5 cm 2. Vase Metalised Ceramic L - V2-C146/Si Silver - Ceramic - L6,5 x W13 x H25 cm 3. Pictureframe Cow Split - Spl913/Re Red (Ocre, Purple) - Leather - 9 x 13 cm 4. Pictureframe Cow Split - Spl1015/Re Red (Ocre, Beige, Black, Brown, Dark Blue, Purple, Turquoise) - Leather - 10 Xx 15 cm 5. Vase Glass S - V2-G129/Tu Turquoise - Glass - D12 x H27 cm, M - V2-G130/Tu Turquoise Glass - D13 x H37,5 cm, L - V2-G131/Tu Turquoise - Glass - D15 x H49 cm

For more information visit:

58 DÉCOR Magazine

6. Plaid Talia With Fringes - Tal130175/Mix Mix (Orange, Purple) - 100% Acrylic - 130 x 175 cm 7. Vase Metalised Ceramic S - V2-C145/Si Silver - Ceramic - L5 x W10 x H19,5 cm





4 5


DÉCOR Magazine



6 5







1. Harlem Double Desk- Metal Black - Am8-1028/Eb Ebony - Mindy Wood, Black Metal Frame - L145 x W60 x H78 cm 2. Purple Glass with Purple Shade- L3-G6/Pu - Purple - Glass Foot, Fabric Shade - L35 x W30 x H64 cm 3. Mirror Rectangular- M4-W2/Si - Silver - Glass, Mdf - L120 x W45 x H3,5 cm 4. Tealight Waves, Glass - T2-G33/Pu - Purple (Brown, Blue, Red) - Glass - D8,5 x H9 cm 5. Vase Glass S - V2-G132/Tu - Turquoise - Glass - D15 x H22,5 cm 6. Vase Glass L - V2-G134/Tu - Turquoise - Glass - D15 x H33 cm 7. Vase Glass M - V2-G133/Tu - Turquoise - Glass - D15 x H29 cm 8. Plaid Awani Blocks - Aw125150/Bl - Blue - 100% Cotton - 125 x 150 cm 9. Feel Armchair with Dolcina Fabric- F2-T15/Gri - Grey - 100% Polyester - L60 x W64 x H85,5 cm

60 DÉCOR Magazine








1. Wall Decoration- D5-S11/Bro - Bronze - Metal - L102 x W52 x H8 cm 2. Nikki Cushion - Nk4545h/Mix - Mix - 100% Cotton - 45 x 45 cm 3. Venice Velour Cushion- Ven5050/Tu - Turquoise (Red, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Blue) - 100% Cotton - 50 x 50 cm 4. Baron Lounge Chair-Red Cushions- Ad3-1629R/Eb - Red (Blue, White, Black) 100% Olefin, Mindy Wood - L66 x W73,5 Xx H74 cm 5. Cushion Fabion- Fc4545b/Re - Red - 100% Cotton - 45 x 45 cm 5


6. Cushion Lambskin Leather- Cl5050/Pu - Purple (Beige, Brown, Turquoise) Leather - 50 x 50 cm 7. Plaid Awani Circle - Aw125150/Re - Red - 100% Cotton - 125 x 150 cm

2 4

1 1. Vase Ceramics Bottle Round- V2-C119/Bl Blue - Ceramics - D18,5 X H20 Cm 2. Candle Holder M- T3-C12/Red Red (Orange, Yellow) - Ceramics - D10,5 X H46 Cm 3. Vase Ceramics S - V2-C121/Bl Blue - Ceramics - D18,5 X H40 Cm 4. Vase Ceramics M - V2-C122/Bl Blue - Ceramics - D18,5 X H50 Cm 5. Candle Holder L- T3-C13/Red Red (Orange, Yellow) - Ceramics - D12,5 X H53 Cm

DÉCOR Magazine


EXTENDED VICTORIAN FLOOR TILE COLLECTION Original Style is one of the UK’s leading tile manufacturers and distributors, specialising in superior quality wall and floor tiles in ceramic, porcelain, natural stone, glass and mosaics for both residential and commercial projects.

Original Style, the UK’s leading supplier of Victorian style geometric floor tiles, has extended its range with four new colours, six new shapes and more than 20 new patterns. The new additions have been specially selected to emphasise the versatility of this style of flooring and to show how it can be used in contemporary properties as well as period homes. Research undertaken by Original Style showed that some homeowners were unsure about how this style of flooring could fit into a more modern environment, so the new brochure has been designed to demystify the process and show what is possible.

Original Style products are available in over 400 quality independent tile retail outlets nationwide, as well as 2,000 outlets in 60 countries worldwide.

For more information visit:

62 DÉCOR Magazine

TOP LEFT: St Andrews pattern with simple border in Black and Dover White. Price: £190.74 ABOVE: Oxford three colour pattern with Melville border in Chester Mews, Revival Grey and Dover White 3 tile. Price: £87.72

The new palette includes three shades of grey from dark ‘Revival Grey’ to pale sepia ‘Chester Mews’ and ‘Holkham Dune’. Also added is ‘Pugin Blue’, a vibrant shade of blue based on shades seen in authentic installations. This hue can be used to add a pop of colour to simpler patterns. As Victorian floor tile patterns are made up of individual tile pieces, the possibilities are all but endless. Original Style’s new tile pieces include larger versions of existing shapes, such as rectangles and hexagons, which extend the scope of patterns further still. To show what can be achieved, Original Style has designed a collection of patterns which lend themselves to the more contemporary hues. These include Scarborough, a chic, herringbone design, alongside Buckfastleigh, which is made up of hexagons. The company has created more than 20 new patterns in total. SHOWN HERE: Scarborough pattern Dover White with simple border in Dover White and Black 2 tiledesign. Price: £86.70

DÉCOR Magazine



Original Style has also refreshed the traditional designs of its hand decorated range of tiles, such as Salisbury, by introducing a new monochrome colour palette. Previously available in typical Victorian reds, greens and blues, the chic grey, black and white pattern adds a more contemporary edge. Border tiles have also been updated in the same palette to allow for a co-ordinated finish.


64 DÉCOR Magazine


Salisbury Black on Dover White tile. Price: £10.25

2. Blenheim pattern in Green, Red, Buff and White with Telford border tile. Price: £219.76 3. Nottingham pattern with Conrad border in Dover White, Black and Grey tile. Price: £122.98 4. Rochester pattern with Wilde border tile. Price: £178.59

4 3

DÉCOR Magazine







AMAZILIA A STRIKING COLLECTION Exotic tropical motifs in luxuriant colours from Harlequin Harlequin is part of Walker Greenbank PLC, a luxury interior furnishings group of companies which design, manufacture, market and distribute wallcoverings, furnishing fabrics and associated products for the consumer market. The Walker Greenbank brands comprise of Zoffany, Sanderson, Morris & Co., Harlequin and Scion. Targeted at the mid to upper end of the premium contract market, each brand benefits from worldwide distribution. The products can be viewed at flagship showrooms throughout the world, including the Design Centre Chelsea Harbour, London, and the D&D Building, New York.

For more information visit:

68 DÉCOR Magazine

The Harlequin Studio has produced Amazilia, a stunning collection of fabrics and wallcoverings based on extravagant tropical motifs in magnificent colourways. Channelling the current trend for bringing the outdoors in, offset against large ‘greenhouse-like’ windows, dark walls and hot spots of colour, the atmospheric collection creates a feeling of both sanctuary and escapism. The collection reflects the vision of Studio designer, Louise Collis, who had been working on it for the last 18 months. She explains her inspiration behind Amazilia: “The initial idea began with research into fashion and interior trends; I noticed a pronounced tropical influence developing in fashion, with the use of exotic imagery and opulent hues, whilst in interiors there is a move to darker, sultry tones and more maximalist prints – large scale tropical flowers, stylised foliage and botanical references.” Louise researched at Kew Gardens, studied tropical birds and insects and also experimented with various painting techniques. She initially worked on finely painted hummingbirds (the collection derives its name from a species of hummingbird) and butterflies, mixed with slightly more expressive ink paint techniques for the foliage.

The result is a sophisticated designerluxe collection of seven printed fabrics (four of which have been produced digitally), four weaves, eight wallpapers and a sumptuous spray-dyed velvet. Glamorous, graphic, with a hint of decadence, the motifs encapsulate the new trend towards the home as a welcoming, nurturing cocoon, enlivened by energizing pops of vibrant colour.

‘bringing the outside in’

DÉCOR Magazine


The prints characterise the collection, encompassing delicately depicted hummingbirds, botanically-drawn butterflies, fashionable feathers, glossy oversized leaves, flower-heads and seed pods bursting into fruit, a looselypainted, artistic interpretation of vegetation, and etched elephants in a stately procession. They are complemented by ikat embroideries, trellisstyle weaves and a stunning, mosaic-like tapestry weave depicting tessellated tulips. The wallpapers continue the tropical theme: some of them reflect the flavour of the printed fabrics, enhanced by an ikat-type stripe, billowing clouds created using tiny dots and a textured-look ‘plain’ engraved from a silk and linen slub fabric. Amazilia’s suitably evocative colour palette reflects the alluring nature of the collection: luscious hues accented with daring brights – the perfect combination to both awaken the senses and soothe the soul! It mingles flamingo with papaya; zest, cocoa and stone; peach, mango and olive; indigo and mustard; gooseberry and lagoon; plus hints of apple, raspberry, blueberry, loganberry, emerald and elephant.

70 DÉCOR Magazine



‘Amazilia Velvets’ is a striking collection in its own right: a sturdy but sumptuous spray-dyed velvet, suitable for upholstery as well as drapes, the colour moves across the width, intense in the middle then fading and twisting towards the edges. DÉCOR Magazine



JAB International Furnishings Ltd. | 17 The Boulevard | Imperial Wharf | London SW6 2UB Tel: 020 7348 6620 | Email: | |

Anyone who likes suede will love SIMPLY SUEDE. The appealing collection unites the look and feel of the glove-soft natural material with the functional properties of microfibre to create hardwearing upholstery fabrics with a wonderfully velvety feel. Supple, warm and incredibly soft – SIMPLY SUEDES seduces with its fascinating feel. Besides their sensual appeal, the creations with the amazingly genuine suede look also provide quite a number of practical advantages: they are easy-care and dimensionally stable, they are lightweight and, unlike natural leather, they provide perfect results on the running metre. Nine finely coordinated colour families create the ideal palette for elegant seating furniture and flatter any furnishing style: light white and beige graduations, medium nuances from camel to caramel, and darker brown tones from taupe to mocha cover the spectrum of natural shades. Variations in grey-anthracite, anthracite-brown and turquoise-olive as well as a number of various blue tones provide bold accents, while lilac-violet and red-pink are the alternatives for feminine room concepts.

Founded in Germany in 1946, JAB Anstoetz is one of the world’s leading fabric houses, offering a stylish and carefully edited selection of fabrics, wallpaper, carpets, rugs and curtain rails. Innovative, fashion-forward and always ahead of the trends, JAB is renowned for providing the very best in interiors and is represented in over 80 countries across Europe, North and South America, Africa, Asia and a comfortable and inviting environment.

Available from:

74 DÉCOR Magazine


DÉCOR Magazine








20 %




Adelaide dining table and 6 chairs €2.799

Elba table and 2 chairs with cushions €689,-

Adelaide coffeetable and 2 lounge chairs €869,-

BoConcept Málaga Ctra. de Mijas km 3,5 29650 Mijas +34 951 242 092

DELVE INTO DELCOR Since 1967, Delcor have been quietly building their reputation and flying the flag for British craftsmanship with their made-to-measure sofas and chairs. Designed and made by the Delcor team, every product is a masterpiece, hand-crafted by master craftsmen and women with decades of experience. Selecting only the finest quality materials and confident in their craftsmanship, Delcor proudly offers a 50 year guarantee on each of their frames.

For more information visit:

78 DÉCOR Magazine

Delcor travel the world to source their range of over 10,000 of the best fabrics and leathers. Each of their pieces is available upholstered in any of these fabrics; indeed Delcor can source any fabric from any supplier in the world! Understanding that selecting each piece of furniture is a highly personal experience with its own requirements, Delcor is able to tailor any of their designs to individual specifications and preferences. Delcor’s talented designers are poised to meet potential purchasers in each of the five Delcor Inspiration Studios, including their stunning showroom on London’s Kings Road. Expert advice on the style, type and colour of the fabric is available on line at, by phone or in store.

In today’s throwaway society, the Delcor sofas of distinction are made to last a lifetime. They will happily guarantee all of their timber frames for 50 years DÉCOR Magazine


CREATING SPACES IN WONDERFUL PLACES Blackshaw Interior Design is a luxury interior designer and building contractor based in Marbella on the Costa del Sol in southern Spain. The company was launched in 2008 by Sally Blackshaw, a UK born, highly qualified and experienced interior/retail designer, and has since successfully completed both residential and retail projects for many prestigious clients in Spain and the UK.

Sally has a wealth of experience in creating and delivering expressive and stylish spaces. Having graduated in 1999 from the London Institute, she excelled in her field working for numerous major design companies both in the UK and Spain. Since Sally took the bold step in setting up her own company, Blackshaw Interior Design has gone from strength to strength. She puts this down to a simple ethos – understanding the clients’ needs and then executing their project with perfection and attention to detail.

“All clients are different, that’s why we take time to really understand our client’s briefs and objectives. We offer our expertise and vision, we excite and inspire, then we work together to deliver the project to the highest standards on time and to budget.” Sally’s technical background also means that she has the knowledge, expertise and contacts to undertake renovation and major construction projects in both the residential and commercial sectors.

Available from:

80 DÉCOR Magazine

So whether your property needs a complete renovation, an exterior face-lift, or simply a make-over to make it more homely or prepare it for sale or rent, Blackshaw Interior Design is at your service.

“As one of Marbella’s top design firms, Sally’s design style is inviting, yet elegant and luxurious”

Sally is proud to announce the completion of their latest interior and exterior renovation project. This kind of work is exactly what they are used to, taking the property apart and putting it back together again. This particular project took approximately 4 months from start to finish. The villa was in need of complete modernization for an English family’s second home in the heart of the Golf Valley Nueva Andalucía. The client was after a home from home feel - updated, contemporary and welcoming. The swimming pool was redesigned and enlarged and the use of white tiles and coloured water make a striking view when you approach down the stairs, through the double doors and into the lounge. First impressions are all important and the curb appeal was dramatically improved by removing the curved wall and overgrown shrubs replacing them with straight, clean lines giving the impression that the house is taken care of, strong and secure, with huge wooden and chrome sliding gates replacing the old iron ones. Up and down contemporary lights finish off the streamlined look. DÉCOR Magazine


The whole interior ground floor living space was created into one open plan area, but cleverly Sally has given each section its own identity. The log burning 3 sided fire can be enjoyed from all angles and ties the space together. There really isn’t one area of the house that hasn’t been replaced or updated. Brand new electrics, plumbing, under floor heating and air-conditioning throughout have been installed utilising all the latest technology. Porcelain wood effect flooring was chosen, which is homely and easy to maintain. Secure PVC windows were installed, made from sustainable materials with the best insulation systems. Ceiling design always plays a really important role in all their projects. It enables the use of hidden A/C ducting great lighting effects can be created, with drop ceilings for LED spotlights, and recessed LED lighting effects all on dimmers In the bathrooms and kitchen ambient lighting effects were created with LED behind mirrors and under units, counters - a really cost effective way of making a difference.

82 DÉCOR Magazine

Visit Blackshaw Interior Design’s NEW SHOWROOM in Marbella, where you will find an eclectic mix of the latest designs in furniture, art, accessories and textiles as well as custom pieces and unique items from around the world. Blackshaw Interior Design also work with some of the best brands across the globe with access to a large range of furniture and accessories to suit any project be it residential or commercial. CONTACT US: (+34) 951 403 787 (+34) 657 051 298 Av Canovas del Castillo 25 29601 Marbella Spain BUSINESS HOURS: Monday-Friday: 10:00 to 18:00 Saturday: Closed Sunday: Closed The furnishings were all coordinated to fit in with the style of the new house, with lots of communication between ourselves and the clients. Accent colours, luxury silks and velvets, against cool lacquers and dark black or grey oak wood. Blackshaw Interior Design buy furniture from all over the world, but if a certain item can’t found, they manufatcure it themselves. With years of experience working with brands and manufacturers they know who to rely on for quality, cost and deadlines. All of the soft furnishings are made on site, so quality can be closely controlled and last minute changes can be accommodated. The company offer a complete service - from full construction to the final furnishing service. They really do offer everything from each end of the spectrum. The client has to deal with one company and one company alone. Blackshaw Interior Design takes on all of the responsibility so the client can rest easy. Sally and the team understands the need for quality and service as their clients are inevitably busy business people and often do not live fulltime in the country. Adding immediate value to both the property either for investment or living, and also to the client’s lifestyle. If you have a renovation or furnishing project you would like Sally to take a look at - whether is be residential, commercial or any other - she would be really interested to meet you and discuss exactly what you need. DÉCOR Magazine


British designer Kate Noakes has developed a unique process of inlaying metal with gesso on to reconditioned and recycled furniture: extending the life of each piece as a desirable and functional object.


Suffolk based designer Kate Noakes has developed a process of re-veneering old furniture – usually mid to late 20th century - that is in need of more than Danish oil to make it desirable again. Kate applies the designs, often inspired by everyday objects and industrial design, in brushed metal directly onto the furniture, and inlays this with gesso. The resulting furniture is durable and functional. Re–use and environmental responsibility are an important part of Kate’s working practice, and she extends this where possible to the materials used in the manufacture of her work.

Available from:

84 DÉCOR Magazine

Kate Noakes’ background is in Fine Art. After graduating from Hull College of Art she worked as a sculptor using welded steel on public commissions and residencies. Kate launched her first collection of redesigned furniture at TENT 2012 and exhibited there again in 2013.


THE BEST PAINT IN THE WORLD Marston & Langinger paints are not only beautiful, but also technically advanced. They are self-priming, extraordinarily durable with impeccable environmental credentials.

Exterior Eggshell | Chalky Interior Matt | Interior Eggshell Sample pots available +44 (0) 20 7881 5700 @MLanginger Also available from Brewers DÉCOR Magazine 85



The artist was looking for a sanctuary – a place with surrounding beauty to recreate and to be inspired from. This was found in a house on the open fields behind the famous Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Humlebæk. Placed in rural surroundings, near the water, it was perfect!

DÉCOR Magazine


So the reconstruction of the house was next: An old, land workers house had to be turned into a modern home, with a lot more light coming in, in order to function as a home as well as a studio. The raw materials were the first inspiration: Brick walls, concrete floors and a huge steel beam supporting the first floor was actually part of the house when the project started. And these were the elements that we decided to make the identity of the house, together with the old wooden beams that were revealed when reconstructing the first floor.

88 DÉCOR Magazine

DÉCOR Magazine


The original concrete floors were removed and floor heating was installed before the new concrete floor was laid out, sanded roughly and treated with a shiny epoxy. The floor heating allowed us to remove all wall-mounted heating from the ground floor and then we rebuild the walls as clean-cut white, matte surfaces. No panelling, just white walls. Since the outside of the house is protected by local architectural restrictions, the windows were kept in the original style. But this gave a good contrast to the strict square window openings.

90 DÉCOR Magazine

Design: Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen & Kasper Rønn, Norm Architects, DK Site: Humlebæk, Denmark Photographer: Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen DÉCOR Magazine


ROCA MADRID COMMUNICATES THE ESSENCE & VALUES OF ITS BRAND The Roca Madrid Gallery is a brand experience proposal which, in an engaging and surprising way, gives an insight into the world of bathrooms, including everything from product design to the importance of water to society. This innovative space is open to the city and allows visitors to experiment and discover the world around the bathroom space. To facilitate this, the Gallery offers a series of installations, where technology plays an important role in bringing the visitor closer to this world.

retrospectiva histórica’ (the history of the bath) – which charts the evolution of the bathroom and explores its social significance. Roca’s new space wants to reach out to the city – and be a cool hangout for both visitors and passers-by – as its arresting facade, on to which large-scale

audio-visuals are projected, amply demonstrates. Roca currently has 69 factories around the world and a presence in over 135 countries. Its Barcelona showroom, which opened in 2009, recently won American magazine Architectural Record’s prize for excellence.

The atmospheric interior has been designed in collaboration with Madrid-based architects Estudio Lamela to dazzling effect. It’s a highly unusual space in a futuristic style, boasting cutting-edge equipment which allows visitors to interact fully with the building. According to its managers, Roca Madrid Gallery communicates the brand’s essence: its values, history, evolution and main turning points. As well as serving as a showcase for the brand’s most iconic pieces, the showroom hosts social and cultural events as well as exhibitions reflecting the company’s values, such as energy efficiency, economical use of materials, sustainability, good design and innovation. In the next few months, Roca Madrid Gallery will host temporary exhibitions open to the public, such as ‘Construyendo la cuidad’ (meaning building cities) – a display of projects awarded the Mies van der Rohe Foundation’s European Union Prizes for Contemporary Architecture – and ‘El baño, una

92 DÉCOR Magazine

Further information from:



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It’s all about the detail Hermès and the home Designer Geoffery Bradfield Refined, luxurious, exquisitely curated, fearless, bespoke and completely of the moment




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1 k, k, ar e ar in m 1 az en m ag D ine en May, agaz R ,D rw RM ay CoO e CO y,DÉN ls rw for thos DÉ resource No erlsman p hote l design y, s essentia an mh, oGte d to ounding the s m an iu p es style live utiful surr erelg towhe re ting bea d ung , y,G BRnis for crea CO ion lo al DÉ m a a pass It K,iu grpesort with n , BUelg uai n at , ai Sp ly dt lo ut Ita ter ho , tracpo ug UKcon air thro Ainls, o d at DÉCOR is where style lives - the essential design resource for those ally aip. a te ion Duubt S trac with a passion for creating beautiful surroundings rnat & ho on inte wedenoug o c S thr Als ted u trib lly bai. Dis na Du tio na n & ter ede in Sw d ute trib



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THE Annual ANNUAL The The Annual REINVENTION Reinvention Reinvention The Annual OF FURNITURE of Furniture of Furniture Reinvention of Furniture April saw the 52nd edition of arguably Italy’s foremost international exhibition attract more 2,500 edition Italian and foreign exhibitors. I Saloni Milan is one ofexhibition April sawthan the 52nd of arguably Italy’s foremost international the attract world’s more leading event for furnishing, office furniture, thisis one of than 2,500 Italian andlighting foreignand exhibitors. I Saloniand Milan year it was as big as ever.

the world’s leading event for furnishing, lighting and office furniture, and this year it was as big as ever.

Since its first edition in 1961, this international exhibition has grown to host the best furniture firms worldwide, becoming an essential reference point for April sawits thefirst 52nd editioninof arguably Italy’s foremost international exhibition Since edition 1961, this international exhibition has grown to host designers and manufactures. attract morefurniture than 2,500 Italian and foreign exhibitors. Saloni Milan is one ofpoint for the best firms worldwide, becoming anI essential reference thedesigners world’scomprised leading event forInternational furnishing, lighting and Accessories office furniture, and this and manufactures. The event of, the Furnishing Exhibition, year it Satellite was as big as ever. for emerging young designers to showcase Salone a platform

The eventnew comprised the International Furnishing their brilliant ideas, theof, biennial lighting event Euroluce, Accessories the exhibitionExhibition, Since itsto first editionainplatform thisfor international exhibition has grown to host devoted excellence in1961, the lighting world which showcased the to very latest Salone Satellite emerging young designers showcase the best furniture firms worldwide, becoming an essential reference point for in outdoor, indoor,new industrial solutions, lighting systems, lightthe sources their brilliant ideas,lighting the biennial lighting event Euroluce, exhibition designers and manufactures. and illumination and the office furnishing event Salone Ufficio, which this year devoted to excellence in the lighting world which showcased the very latest combined with the annual components to thrust leading exhibitors fromlight Italian inevent outdoor, indoor, industrial lighting solutions, lighting systems, sources The abroad comprised of, the International Furnishing Exhibition, and into the global spotlight from 9th toevent 14th Accessories April 2015. and illumination and the office furnishing Salone Ufficio, which this year Salone Satellite a platform for emerging young designers to showcase combined with the annual components to thrust leading exhibitors from Italian their brilliant new ideas, the biennial lighting event Euroluce, the exhibition and abroad into the spotlight 9th to 14th April 2015. devoted to excellence in global the lighting worldfrom which showcased the very latest in outdoor, indoor, industrial lighting solutions, lighting systems, light sources and illumination and the office furnishing event Salone Ufficio, which this year combined with the annual components to thrust leading exhibitors from Italian and abroad into the global spotlight from 9th to 14th April 2015.

For more information:

For more information: For more information:

96 DÉCOR Magazine

Salone Satellite


Furnishing Accessories

Salone del Mobile

The two annual elements, Salone Internazionale del Mobile and the International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition, house 1,440 exhibitors and are split to denote three distinct style types: modern, design and classic. DÉCOR Magazine


To mark the 2015 International Year of Light proclaimed by UNESCO, architect Attilio Stocchi  conceived “FAVILLA - To every light a voice” for the city of Milan an installation/event telling the story of and exploring the essence of light.

This year the event was built around the key theme Workplace3.0 an exhibition with an innovative concept, devoted to design and technology for planning the workspace. Workplace3.0 brought together the top proposals from the furnishing world for office, banks, insurance offices, post offices and other public spaces, seating for offices and public spaces, acoustics, flooring and coverings, lighting and office accessories as well as audio-video technologies and communication. “The Walk”, a huge installation on exhibit inside the Workplace3.0 pavilions, was conceived by internationally renowned Italian architect Michele De Lucchi as an area for showcasing ideas and design triggers for planning workspaces in their many different contemporary interpretations. New activities and working modes generate new workspaces and new design requisites for “inhabiting them”, with offices increasingly becoming a hub for social interface, meetings and living side by side.

98 DÉCOR Magazine

Inside the installation “To every light a voice”

Michele De Lucchi

The Walk Photo credits:Andrea Mariani | Alessandro Russotti | Carola Merello | Saverio Lombardi Vallauri

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THE HOME OF LUXURY LIVING With an opulent showroom on Marbella’s iconic Golden Mile, ‘Alexander’s Collection’ reflects the very best money can buy with an array of magnificent high quality creations.


Alexander’s Collections combines stunning handmade carpets, the finest silk wallpaper, exquisite high quality mosaic’s, textiles, centrepiece glassware, chandeliers, lamps and accessories. Working with only the most prestigious brands such as Daum, Zuber, Christofle, Zanetti Murano, San Giorgio & Houles Paris Alexander’s Collections is able to offer it client’s unique limited editions and exclusive one off pieces of crystal, glass, silver, porcelain and Limoges fine bone china (Manufacture Royal de Limoges) amongst many other stunning creations and designs - not to forget –many item have an exclusivity.



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Alexander’s Collection’ irrefutably stands beside the top names in interior design and collectables and encompasses luxury at its finest resulting in the perfect interior company. Their furniture collections include worldwide luxurious brands such as Pregno, Canterio & Signorini e Coco to name but a few who are all master in handcrafted bespoke interiors. Alexander’s Collection team work tirelessly with the manufactures and can tailor-make a design project offering bespoke fitting and design services for any shape room.

PREGNO DAUM Alexanders’ Collection Spain Luxury Home | Ctra. n-340, Km 176 | Edif OASIS Business Center Local 1 | 29600 Marbella (Malaga) | T. +34 952 82 34 40 | |

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Alexanders’ Collection Spain Luxury Home Luxurious Fabrics | Handmade Embroidery Mosaics | Lighting | Fine Carpets Exquisite High Quality Furniture | Glassware Accessories and much more...

Opening hours: Monday-Saturday 11:00 - 20:00 Ctra. n-340, Km 176, Edif OASIS Business Center Local 1. 29600 Marbella (Malaga), España T. +34 952 82 34 40 |


The conjunction of opposites is the winning formula of the Versace Home, whose main sources of inspiration: neoclassic, baroque and ultra-modern create an everlasting flow of unexpected harmonies The essence of the Versace style runs through a series of strong, captivating suggestions, whose uniqueness combines the appeal of precious materials with a strong taste for vibrant colours and bold ideas. The collection explores every room of the home, offering a wide selection of bed linen, bath towels, table cloths, furniture, lamps and accessories.

Elegant and iconic, Versace Home is the ultimate expression of the Versace lifestyle. Founded in 1992, the line began with a collection of textiles that was followed by complementary furniture and luxurious serving sets for the table. The collection embodies the lifestyle of the historic brand and is an opportunity to experience the world that is Versace.

Available from:

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Their collections are meant for people with a strong taste for detail and decoration conjuring two parallels and apparently contrasting moods : classic and modern, each offering a variety of sophisticated hints and inspirations for today’s very contemporary homes. Warm tones of woods, golden lacquers, soft lines and clean graphic shapes mixed to baroque volutes, gold, silver and stunning velvets and silks are the essence of a timeless collection.

At the I Salone del Mobile exhibition Versace once again debuted their latest offerings and this have showcased 2 new collections: LA COUPE DES DIEUX COLLECTION A new line from artistic director Donatella Versace inspired by the graphic lines of the famous Versace Greek key. La Coupe des Dieux collection includes a complete range of furniture for living, dining and bedroom. #GREEK COLLECTION Following the catwalk debut of the #GREEK design at the Fall/Winter 2015 Versace women’s show, #GREEK arrives at Versace Home, it explodes and revolutionises the famous Versace Greek key by innovating the pattern with optimistic emoji’s. #GREEK is used to create the utmost elegant living and dining space.

The new #GREEK sofa is sharp and refined, in grey cashmere quilted with the greek key motif. The structure is in black wood.

A COUPE DES DIEUX The debut style is a chair that deconstructs and softens the geometrical key in gold and gunmetal steel. The leather circular back of the chair is printed with classic Versace baroque insignia, creating a style that mixes the elegance of art nouveau with total modernity.

VIA GESÙ COLLECTION 2015 – Following last year’s debut, the Via Gesù collection is expanded with geometrical shapes and soft furnishings.

The “V” shape defines the new Via Gesù bed with its hand-quilted headboard and the new Via Gesù sofa, now presented in a original modular version.

Originally released in early 2014 Versace has recently unveiled an exclusive limited edition version of the Via Gesù sofa. A stunning piece in black and white leather, it’s embellished with the brand’s signature gold metal finishes. The V of Versace, seen in the sloping angle of the arms, becomes more pronounced with the twocolour design. You’ll also love the V stitching detail at the back and the arms. Each is trimmed in gold metal and highlighted by a gold metal Medusa head. With the outstanding design and easy-to-match colour combination, it’s bound to make a strong style statement in luxurious contemporary or classical interiors. DÉCOR Magazine




Go Modern specialises in contemporary design for the home. Established in 2006, the company works with leading European furniture designers and manufacturers from a showroom on the Kings Road, London SW6, and online at Representing a mix of wellknown brands including Bonaldo, Jesse and Tonelli, as well as luxury brands Lema, Manutti, Smania and Alivar, alongside smaller, specialist companies Mogg, Cierre and Ozzio.

SHAPING UP Available from:

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Adding to its most recent and highly acclaimed launch, Italian furniture manufacturer Bonaldo has introduced new colours, fabrics and shapes for 2015

Mauro Lipparani’s striking cocoon-like ALFIE BASKET BED, with its extra-high gently rounded headboard, shown here in a beautiful new indigo blue velvet. From: £2,940

Gino Carollo’s AMLET BED reflects the continuing trend for metal and metallic finishes, with slim, painted metal base supports in mint green, and a piped outside-edge upholstered headboard picked out in the same vibrant shade. Partnering the Amlet is Carollo’s To Be range of bedroom furniture, with tallboys, chests and bedside tables offered in bright mix-and-match contemporary colours. Amlet bed from: £2,550; To Be furniture from: £590

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And finally, the award-winning BIG TABLE by Alain Gilles gets a fresh look with new table tops in heattreated oak, polished-natural solid oak and Corten ‘weathered’ steel legs. From: £2,150

Quirky, perfume bottle shaped shelves April, May, June, by Gino Carollo, feature a kaleidoscopic range of new colours including olive, blue and turquoise alongside the original red, yellow, black and white. From: £670

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New finishes to Alain Gilles GAP DINING TABLE with its ‘blade-like’ legs and long rectangular table top, in green painted oak with lacquered green metal legs, and natural, solid polished oak with knots, and legs in Corten ‘weathered’ steel. From: £2,750

An exotic make-over for Gino Carollo’s HOLLYWOOD POUFS. Originally offered in bright primary or pastel shades, the new-look Hollywood Limited Edition Poufs have removable fabric covers featuring birds, butterflies and tear-drop plant motifs. Two sizes and seven new cotton or linen fabrics. From: £840 DÉCOR Magazine



DelightFULL creations have always embodied a passion for innovation and a true dedication to the revival of local artisan craftsmanship. However, the brand felt the need to expand and express their love for retro design. They felt restless. So, the Essentials Collection was born. Think back to the retro chic era of the 60’s, during Hollywood’s golden age, when the definition of cool was behind the wheel of an Aston Martin and Bossa Nova notes echoed from the streets of Ipanema. This is Essentials. The collection born from the power combo of iconic design lines and luxurious golden details.

The Monocles sideboard was the first piece of the collection born from the minds of DelightFULL’s design team coordinated by Diogo Carvalho. Great jazz musicians and iconic personalities once were used as muses to create the Heritage collection, nevertheless this time, they decided to enrich the brand’s world and inspirations by adding one more theme and venture into a whole new product category: furniture pieces.

Further information from DÉCOR Magazine


DelightFULL designers were inspired once again by the 60’s and 70’s, the cool era but they took it one step further into the Ian Fleming’s double agents world and added a Bossa Nova swing and a hand full of tropical sensations. Essential’s products range from tropical Lighting fixtures to Rugs named after great movie directors like Polanski, Kubrick, Tarantino and more. The category Cocktail from which the Monocles sideboard belongs, has a selection of cabinets and tables made in solid walnut with golden brass details.

DelightFULL has also introduced the category Lounge where you can find bar stools made in brass and red leather chairs named after great Bossa Nova musicians like Tom Jobim and Caetano Veloso. But the category that has caused more curiosity has been the Cruisers where you have three different types of bicycles ready to make your getaway ride more spectacular.

The Essentials Collection is the ultimate tribute to the secret agent’s world and a bow to the boho chic lifestyle. The most recent DelightFULL’s aim is to be more than a selection of luxurious furniture items, as they aim to redefine a new age through their iconic design shaped between tropical notes and shaken, not stirred martinis.

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With the arrival of Prince William & Princess Catherine’s baby the interior world has shifted its attention and is looking toward the palatial and glamorous A of our kings & queens. So this summer be sure to give your home a touch of regal glamour with these simple yet effective tips Be Materialistic Sophisticated materials such as velvet, satin and silk were used to show wealth and used correctly can add a luxurious touch. Casa Paradox, are a brand which evoke this opulence with home furnishings that could mirror the Imperial dynasty of China to the Imperialist Tsars of Russia.

Modern Spin: Use soft stain or velvet pillows in contrasting colours to add a splash of drama and effect.

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Dramatic Colour Whether it’s paint, a faded red carpet that looks almost purple, or a red-orange wallpaper in the study; in old-fashioned décor, red symbolized lushness and riches. British paint purveyor Farrow & Ball has some especially great hues, with the added bonus of evocative names: Check out “Picture Gallery Red” and “Blazer.”

Range of red cushions available from

Modern spin: Use more neutral tones (think a modern taupe) with red accents in your upholstery, pillows, and throws.

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Versailles Damask Armchair available from

All That Glitters If there’s one thing those royals liked, it was a nice, healthy dose of gold leaf paint, which you can get at an art supply store. If you own your place, consider decorating the walls by painting your mouldings gold. For a subtle - but still effective - touch, paint a thin line of gold just under your moulding, like a racing stripe. To get a clean edge, use a bunch of business cards and paint down to the card - this gives you an even better line than using traditional blue painter’s tape.

Modern spin: Buy a gilded picture frame, or gild one you find at the flea market.

Antique Gold Metal Framed Sunburst Mirror available from DÉCOR Magazine


Consider Drapes Back in the day when heating was scarcer than it is now, heavy window coverings were a necessity and as a show of wealth radiators where exposed and dresses with heavy curtains draped either side of them. Today, we would rather cover the radiator and use more minimal window treatments - but if you want that grand look, more is better. Modern spin: Keep your current window treatments, but add a fabric swag or valance at the top.

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Cortina Tassel Tiebacks available from

Exquisite Lighting It may be a bit of a clichĂŠ, but hanging a chandelier above the dining table or in the living room is the simplest way to introduce a bit of regal style into your home - think the Palace of Versailles. Crystal chandeliers are very intriguing and elegant, and simply exude luxury. From classical round shape, to those with coloured pieces of crystals, this simple yet elegant accessory creates uses the perfect finishing touch to any room

Hollywood Glass Round Chandelier Nickel available from

Modern Spin: Go for modern teardrop or waterfall designs

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Lapicida is one of the world’s leading international natural stone specialists. For over 25 years, they’ve scoured the globe in search of the finest luxury natural stone. They unearth the world’s finest stone, then Lapicida craftsmen create stunning stone tiles and objects to be delivered anywhere worldwide. Everything from classic French limestone to fine Jerusalem stone, rare antique reclaimed stone to magnificent marble flooring and stone objects of desire. Lapicida’s passion and ambition have seen them expand from their UK headquarters in Harrogate to provide a truly global service with showrooms in New York, London, Oslo and Mallorca.

Carrara Marble Topped Refectory Stone Table This exquisitely crafted table is testimony to the fact that tides and trends are turning against cheaper manufactured furniture towards the type of enduring quality craftsmanship that is not always evident in today’s world. Handmade in Yorkshire, this ‘country-industrial’ style Refectory Table combines fine Carrara Marble with a weathered English Oak base to unite great British craftsmanship with Italian finesse.

Available from: DÉCOR Magazine



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CURVES IN ALL THE RIGHT PLACES New furniture design and manufacture business launches in the UK

Zespoke are a furniture manufacturer based in Northern Ireland. They pride themselves on creating funky retro designs and producing high quality hand crafted pieces. What makes them different from other furniture sellers is that they make each table individually. This allows you to choose from approx 30 different colours with endless combinations.

Anyone on the hunt for exciting, one-off pieces of furniture for their home knows that bespoke is the best way to go and, thanks to Zespoke, even those without a bottomless budget can now count this as an option. With each piece handcrafted in the UK, Zespoke’s range of furniture includes Tv Stands, coffee, console and side tables, including the Squoval Table – which has all the makings of a future icon. Zespoke’s furniture has a retro yet contemporary feel that would look equally at home nestled in a more

classic setting as a talking piece as it would enhancing a super modern setting. What’s more, customers are able to play around with a range of options, such as style, colour and size in order to tailor each piece to fit in with their own interior scheme. And, as well as keeping customers happy, Zespoke furniture has also been making a name for itself in the world of entertainment, featuring on shows such as Sarah Beeny’s Double Your House for Half the Money, The Alan Titchmarsh Show, Sport Relief and Peter Andres 60min makeover to name a few.

Founders Paul and Stephen have been designing furniture for 10 years.

The Slot Coffee Table (above) and the Curved Side Table (left) combines a sleek yet fun retro look with practical furniture design features. Available from:

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Forget dull, traditional coffee tables - the Retro Hoop offers a chic and curvy elliptical design sure to inject some wow factor into your interiors. Unlike other coffee tables on the market, you get to choose whether you go sleek and minimalist with a single colour all over, or bright and brilliant by combining up to three different shades for the outer coating, the sides and the interior. Made using a wooden frame and finished with a sparkling acrylic coating, this fun yet sturdy oval-shaped coffee table can be supplied with a useful backplate, a glass shelf (perfect if you are planning on using it as an entertainment stand) and even with feet. The table is available in four different sizes.

Introduce your company logo to add that wow factor to your reception or meeting area with a fully personalised Hoop Coffee Table.

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TIMELESS INTERIORS “I tried to create art from objects that I love, and that are part of my personal imaginary, I interpreted them artistically and therefore stopped them from being ‘short term’ consumable objects linked to fashion shows. I wanted these objects to become ‘relics’ testimonials of a time and a generation mine.” Samuele Mazza’s starting point as a fashion designer has made his style and ideal equation between ethics and aesthetics and in a certain sense, both contradictory and unexpected. He began with Fashion and became a phenomenal protagonist in the 80’s. Although too young for such an unforeseen success, he quickly peaked and made the clamorous decision to abandon being a fashion designer. With a hunger for new experiences he left for New York to follow his passion for art, which he had always cultivated and was inspired by, in particular photography. In the 90’s he collaborated with Mondadori where he went on to edit a series of books dedicated to “Italian Fashion”. He published for Bulgari, Missoni, Versace, Ferretti, Trussardi, Ferrè, Etro and many others.

Available from:

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Always adding variety to his experiences, he organized many exhibitions and created costumes for some of the most important museums and galleries worldwide.

Simultaneously he globetrotted around the world and learnt 5 languages and experienced a memorable collaboration with Massimo Vignelli and Ida Panicelli where he gained a new awareness for set design. During this time he created props and scenography that were so unique that they were preserved after the exhibitions had ended. During this period he unveiled new inspirations for interior design. He opened his first showroom in 2001 called “Visionnaire Home Philosophy”. Milan welcomed this project enthusiastically. Truly successful to the point of transforming “The Gallery” into a brand name, a real style scene. He designed a collection for Ipe Cavalli, where he later handed over the brand to the company in Bologna but remained as creative director until 2010 - without a doubt it became a global success. But, as usual, creative creatures are always searching and thriving for new sap and projects. Feeling restrained he left his role as creative director for Visionnaire and moved into creating statement pieces called “Saint Babila” based on Italian Quintessence. Further down the line he created a new collection of furniture, inspired by being “Outrightly Fashionable”. DÉCOR Magazine


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Focusing on his favourites Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent plus manufacturers of Colombo Couture by Colombo, an historical company from the northern Milan. In 2013 he accepted a prestigious proposal from “Four Season Luxury Furniture” to create a line using his name “Samuele Mazza - Timeless Interiors” to furthermore open a whole new showroom in the heart of Milan (Via Turati). Always keeping the ball rolling, in 2013 he accepted an important collaboration to relaunch the historical brand “Murrina Murano” in Venice. Simultaneously designing kitchens for the impressive company Del Tongo and, as if that wasn’t enough, he took over the artistic direction of Medea Contemporary Classics. Always driven, he recently collaborated on the set of the film “La Migliore Offerta” (The Best Offer), by Oscar winner Giuseppe Tornatore, starring Oscar winner Geoffrey Rush. The biggest challenge that now faces him is the launch of his eponymous “Samuele Mazza - Timeless Interiors” collection inspired by the 30’s and the Art Deco movement.

“In one word: tailoring. As it is in the fashion world, there are designers - we do the couture with furniture. I call myself a decorator more than a designer. I was trained in the fashion world, and now I see my work as dressing up homes, this is what I do and what satisfies me. I design what I like with the prerogative that it shall be “timeless”. DÉCOR Magazine


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Milling around this year’s Salone del Mobile in Milan it was clear to see that the fashion labels have firmly rooted themselves within the home-ware, furniture sector. Fendi, Armani, Louis Vuitton, Loewe, Versace & Hermes to name but a few were all present. So what does this all mean? Gone are the hedonistic days of the 80’s where designers slapped there logo on anything that they thought would generate brand awareness for them plus add a few bucks to their already budging accounts along the way. Today fashion houses think long term it’s about an investment into a unique world because, in launching a home-ware collection brands can spin an aesthetic universe around their fashion line capturing the imagination of their followers, after all could you image a slashed and safety pinned Elizabeth Hurley reclining on a DFS corduroy cushioned sofa? The answer is no, but you can envisage her stretched cat-like across a leather strapped Versace bench. So perhaps this is the answer to the success of the fashion-cum-furniture fusions: It is not fuelled simply because someone buys a single piece, after all there will always be deep-pocketed takers for things that are ludicrously luxurious and sometime ostentatious, but because the home-ware pieces marry convincingly with the designer’s aesthetic, and therefore the followers will buy into this perception, after all surrendering your entire home to a clothes label may seem like the ultimate act of devotion – or the utmost of fashion victimhood, but these extreme examples of so-called “designer lifestyle” have become extremely popular.

Versace 138 DÉCOR Magazine

Why? It’s simple - fashion designer names resonate with a far wider audience than those of architects, product designers or general home brands. Fashion is loud, it’s sexy, it’s glamorous and it has a huge celebrity following. Design on the other hand is little more understated and lower key. It’s also a stamp not just of quality, but of taste & status, you know what you’re getting with a Versace or Armani chair as too does the person sitting in it because it’s motif is visible for all to see and that is why the fashion designer has been able to capture the home-ware sector so efficiently.


Louis Vuitton

Today we are all designer snobs we want our neighbours to know we can afford to surround ourselves in luxury (even if we cannot) and we are prepared to pay for the privilege, it is no longer a matter of just keeping up with the Jones, but of projecting a life of the A’lister.

Loewe Armani

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GO ON, BE BRAVE Fiona Ellis and Scott Hendrie, designer and artist, are the two creatives behind Brave Boutique. Working together for the last 3 years, the concept for Brave Boutique grew organically from an inherent desire to make beautiful and unique pieces of art and furnishings for the home.

“Always in fashion from spotting supermodels to giving interiors the dramatic edge, this British designer has the eye” Belle Magazine Looking at Fiona’s CV, her rock’n’roll aesthetic is no surprise. In her previous incarnation, she was one of the most respected names in the modelling industry. Famed for discovering international supermodels such as Erin O Connar, Karen Elson and Alek Wek. Harpers Bazaar’ described Ellis as a ‘Bonafide expert on beauty’ and now Ellis has turned her passion for beauty in the direction of design & interiors.

Brave Boutique is an expression of the couple’s love of natural form, colour & texture. The Brave Collection is a fusion of classic design with a bold contemporary twist - the pair are dedicated to using British artisans and craftsmanship to create pieces of the highest quality. Fiona offers a bespoke intimate consultation at her home and showroom in Berkshire, where she will guide you through her handpicked collection of luxury fabrics and wallpapers from the industries finest. Delve into her trove of sumptuous velvets, majestic satin stripes, exotic embossed leathers and faux skins with rich textures of crocodile, snake, lizard & leopard prints. Inspired by colour and a sense of playfulness… a flash of fluro, metallic sheens and vibrant bright tones can add

Photography Mel Yates

Alongside Fiona is Brave Boutique’s artist & designer, Scott Hendrie. He is an accomplished and passionate artist, and a much-travelled observer of people, animals, cultures and the vagaries of life, his journeys greatly influencing his imaginative and experimental designs.

a perfect punch to your design project! Leaf through Fiona’s eclectic mix of wall coverings; from Traditional to Contemporary, Bold and Theatrical to Subtle & Simplistic. Bejeweled serpents and sultry croc prints are Fiona’s penchant and her profound love of textures and colour creates a wholly tactile experience to awaken your décor. On display you can see Fiona’s’ confidence with design and her depth of understanding of how materials work together. Her masterful experimentation of unconventional uses of fabrics on walls and wallpapers on ceilings combine to create a unique mood and ambiance that is solely Brave Boutique.

For more information visit: www.brave DÉCOR Magazine


RE ---VIVE LOVE DOING NOTHING. Life is a blur. A rush. Try doing nothing. It’s time well spent. Introducing Re-vive, the world’s first performance recliner. A chair that is almost human, mimicking your every movment. Flexing as you change position, supporting your body and mind in a fluid, dynamic form. Recline, Relax. Love Doing Nothing. WWW.NATUZZIREVIVE.COM

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Di s co v e r t he ne a r es t R e -vive gal ler y a t www. na tu z zi re vi ve . com.


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Two qualities for Twist, new stool designed by Emilio Nanni for Zanotta: hand-made weaving and strings tailormade exclusively

Established in 1954, Zanotta is one of the leaders in modern and contemporary Italian furniture design and production. Today’s expansive Zanotta collection comprises armchairs, sofas, storage units, bookcases, chairs, tables, coffee-tables and furnishing accessories by internationally famed architects and designers.

Available from:

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Contemporary taste, mastery in craftsmanship, top quality materials for strength and refinement, originality and comfort. The Twist stool designed by Emilio Nanni for the range of Zanotta novelties 2014 is an innovative object, adding colour and irony to the furnishing. The designer says: “It took about one year incubation to create Twist. The ideas, for whom planning design objects, come from little social, cultural, artistic and anthropological inputs, sometimes from the cinema or a song. For the stool designed for Zanotta, the will to pay homage to the “how-to-do” so unique, of the Italian productive districts, played a main role. For this specific case: the makers of rod with high quality processes, those who have been selling the best strings on the market for years and those who know how to weave them with skilfulness”. The Twist stools collection, in high and low versions, involves the use of the steel rod painted for outdoors in the shades white, black or red combined with twotone strings made of high-tenacity polyester cords with nylon internal reinforcement. “The weaving, of about 60 meters for each stool, is made of a polyester cord, paste dyed, i.e. the dye is added to the polyester before the extrusion”, Nanni adds. “The intersection of the lines and of volumes, amplified by the weaving of the coloured strings, originates a new and intriguing design. The chromatic warps of the strings create an brand new threedimensional effect, warp and weft join on the rod. The string used is exclusively made for Zanotta, calibrating the paste dyed colour, until the three primary colours get an accurate mélange: for the red one, for example, one hint of

burgundy, one pink and one red are used. Regarding the function, the innovative idea is that to eliminate the direction of use, transforming each side of the stool in the “right direction”, depending on how the final user’s choice. The footrests, also, are designed in order to provide two different heights of support. Twist is an object conceived to add a modern touch of décor to the interior design: it perfectly fits a living room-kitchen, where it can add a strong sign in the dining area, or placed in front of a working and writing desk, or in a leisure area. The colour combinations are: white/light grey mélange, black/beige mélange or red/red mélange.

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Quality, Creativity and Craftsmanship Since 1938


dd a certain je ne sais quoi to your space Using a mix of old and new, traditional in character offset by modern contemporary design, the Paris Project offers a very chic and stylish recreation of Parisian interior style.

UDesign continue to set the standard in interior design. Our concept and approach to interior design is quite unique. Never one to be a follower we create bold, high-end contemporary interiors alongside bespoke furniture to bring stunning custom built projects to life.

By creating inspiring and innovative designs for both commercial and residential projects, we strive to achieve the perfect balance of space, colour and texture whilst constantly developing new ideas and materials.

With a team of Designers, Architects, 3D Graphic Artists, specialist paint finishers, upholsterers and cabinet makers, we design and produce high quality bespoke furniture in any size, colour or material, from mirror finish high gloss lacquers to specially selected natural woods.

Our aim is to create a delightful experience for our clients, whether the project is small or large it is paramount we provide a perfect result for each individual project exceeding the expectations of our clients through our creativity and attention to detail.

NEW SHOWROOM NOW OPEN CONTEMPORARY FURNITURE | LIGHTING | ACCESSORIES Phone: +34 952 794 117 | E-mail: Poligono Industrial San Pedro | c/Países Bajos 6 | 29670 San Pedro de Alcántara | Málaga | Spain


6 Super Reasons from Warren Evans

Wood is the oldest and one of the most commonly used engineering and building materials in the world. The earliest evidence for a domestic structure in Britain was that of a tent-like structure made with wooden supports dating to 7000 BC! Waren Evans love working with wood, here are just some of the reasons why we believe investing in a well made wooden bed is a good idea. DÉCOR Magazine


1 Previous page: Daydream in teak. Go to sleep on your dream bed. A simple design featuring clean lines with a sturdy head and footboards, this frame easily compliments a variety of bedroom styles. With a robust yet refined structure and raised height providing extra storage space for all your excess clutter, this bed is your ticket to paradise. Below: The strong lines of the Shaker bed design create a classic look that will beautifully accentuate any bedroom décor. As one of the first bed designs to be handmade by Warren over 30 years ago, this traditional, yet timeless, look still resonates with customers to this day, making it one of their top selling beds.

158 DÉCOR Magazine

STYLE Wooden beds are stylistically versatile, looking chic and sophisticated in a modern, contemporary, traditional or country setting. And with wood you can choose from many different stains and finishes - to either complement and blend with your bedroom decor or to create a magical stand-out centrepiece that has the ‘wow’ factor.


SLEEP A great bed has two essential ingredients - a strong, attractive frame and a supportive, comfortable mattress. The wooden slats are 3/4in thick and 5 1/2ins wide. These wooden slats strengthen the frame and help air circulate so your mattress can breathe better. Improved breathability lets moisture dry out, so your mattress lasts longer. A drier environment also discourages dust mites, helping to alleviate allergies. All this means you will experience a better night’s sleep.


STRENGTH Wood is a wonderful renewable material to work with, it’s naturally tough and strong and toxic free so perfect for making beds with. Warren Evans use traditional, long-lasting mortise and tenon joints, and FSCUK sustainably sourced wood and their thoughtful design and quality craftsmanship means they can give all of their wooden beds a 10-year guarantee.


LONGEVITY Wooden beds can literally last a lifetime, especially if they are made well. Wooden finishes work well with many interior styles but if you fancy a change you can always sand, re-stain or paint your wooden bed. Whether you’re upcycling or refurbishing, a wooden bed can develop as your tastes and decor change.


PRACTICAL Wooden beds are extremely easy to clean – just wipe any dirt or dust away with a damp cloth. As the surface is protected with a lacquered finish they tend to take knocks and scrapes well – and there’s no major dilemmas when moving home or room as wooden beds can be taken apart with relative ease. And at Warren Evans they can customise your wooden bed – their craftsmen can make the bed a little wider or longer or taller.

Above: The Camden bed is a timeless frame. The wonderful woodwork in its stunning headboard, handcrafted from the finest solid FSC certified wood, makes this bed a real testament to the talents of the bed-makers. The soft curves in its head- and footboards beautifully compliment the natural character of the wood, bringing life and soul – and a new bed – into your room.


COST Wood doesn’t require a lot of energy for its production so its costs are low compared with other, man made materials. Warren Evans have a greater advantage as they make, sell and deliver all of thir own wooden beds, so there’s no middle-men pushing costs up. So do you need any more reason to invest in a beautiful wooden bed – we think not!

All items are skilfully made to order, handcrafted by real people in our London workshop, and built to last using traditional carpentry methods of mortise and tenon joints. All of their timber comes from responsibly managed forests, meaning that you can buy from them confident in the knowledge that your bed frame or furniture has been made with as little impact on the environment as possible. Available from: DÉCOR Magazine


Blvd. Principe Alfonso de Hohenlohe C.C. La Poveda, Local 6, Marbella T. 952 858 699

Blvd. Principe Alfonso de Hohenlohe C.C. La Poveda, Local 6, Marbella T. 952 858 699

Interior Design3D3D RendersArchitecture Architecture Construction Building Project Management Interior Design Renders Project Management

M. 616 488 181

M. 616 488 181

LOFT-STYLE FURNITURE WITH AN ECO TWIST For more than ten years Blue Bone has been building an admirable reputation in the furniture world for innovative design, quality of manufacture and materials, reliable delivery and dedicated after-sales service. With offices and warehouses in Manchester and Belfast, our distribution and service capability encompasses the UK and all of Ireland.

Bluebone serves trade only and is available from

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An exclusive range of quality furniture made from recycled boatwood. Boats have reached the end of their lifespan are dismantled into large planks. The bolts, nails and scres are removed, often leaving holes in the planks. Having survived years of erosion by the sea and the elements, the wood itself is extremely strong. To remove all the moisture, the planks are then kiln dried for 15 days. 90% of the wood from a single boat is used for our furniture, preserving the paint flecks, cracks and holes, features that will make each piece of furniture absolutley unique. Due to its uniqueness and the limited availability of materials this is jnot a massproduction range and hence is limited in supply.





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Muebles makes the task of furnishing your home an extremely pleasurable experience

Casasola Muebles has been meeting the demand of the most discerning customers for nearly 50 years and as such has achieved a name that stands for: Exclusivity, Exquisite design and Refined Service. Considered by many as one of the market leaders in Spain specializing in luxury furniture with a distribution network worldwide Casasola Muebles offers quality, design, and individuality. With a stunning collection of designer furniture, furnishings and accessories displayed beautifully within their many showrooms Casasola.

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Specialists in turn-key furnishings Casasola Muebles offers an all-round service for those who value their personal time, but still want to find their home fully furnished to their requirements without the hassle of actually having to do it, because of this Cati (the principle of Casasola Muebles) places a special emphasis on providing the highest quality of service and finish to all projects.


So what stand’s Casasola Muebles apart from many other furniture outlets? Their desire to source the latest and most exclusive designer pieces from exclusive brands such as Roberto Cavalli, Swarovski, Christian Lacroix, Osbourne & Little & Alhambra International to name but a few. In addition Casasola Muebles sets the standard in luxury furniture all their pieces are beautifully crafted, distinctively designed and endlessly elegant. Not limited to just one style type Casasola Muebles offers contemporary interiors at the cutting edge of design with lacquered furniture and stainless steel designs, traditional colonial pieces, natural woods with carvings and marquetry, timeless Art Deco pieces and much much more. With specialist shops located in Marbella, Rabat and Málaga, customers are able to select from their extensive range and with delivery anywhere in the world.

DIZZY TABLE Designed by Federico Churba KARL ANDERSSON & SĂ–NER Dizzy is a coffee table on an asymmetrical underframe with a removable tabletop that can also be used as a tray. The sloping underframe creates a truly eye-catching illusion, and the expression of the table differs depending on the angle from which it is viewed. Available in three sizes.

Karl Andersson & Soner are a family business that has been developing and manufacturing high-quality wooden furniture in the town of Huskvarna for the past four generations. Furniture of character, that looks just as stunning in public spaces as it does in the home.

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Home to a unique collection of stunning designer furniture, furnishings and accessories, Alexanders’ Collection Spain Luxury Home sets the standard in luxury furniture. Designed for customers who want their homes to make a statement, this luxury furniture delivers a real wow factor. Beautifully crafted, distinctively designed and endlessly elegant.

e Мы воспитываем вкус и развиваем культуру восприятия эстетики жилого пространства. Коллекции дизайнерской мебели, предметов декора и аксессуары, представленные в салоне, - во многом уникальны и бесконечно элегантны. Для наших клиентов не существует слова «нет». Мы работаем для Вас.

Cristal de Paris


Alexanders’ Collection Spain Luxury Home Opening hours: Monday-Saturday 11:00 - 20:00

Ctra. n-340, Km 176, Edif OASIS Business Center, Local 1 29600 Marbella (Malaga), España T. +34 952 82 34 40 | 170 DÉCOR Magazine

WASHINGTON SKELETON ™ ALUMINUM SIDE CHAIR David Adjaye OBE is recognized as a leading architect of his generation. Adjaye was born in Tanzania to Ghanaian parents and his influences range from contemporary art, music and science to African art forms and the civic life of cities. In 1994 he set up his first office, where his ingenious use of materials and his sculptural ability established him as an architect with an artist’s sensibility and vision. His cantilevered chairs establish a play between propping and balancing, so that they are simultaneously functional and sculptural. Washington Skeleton is reduced to a fine geometric lattice while its inverted counterpoint, Skin, offers a colorful envelope to the same form.

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TRADITIONAL HANDICRAFT MADE IN ITALY Traditional handicraft is the pure essence of Selva furniture. Whether it is filigrees or filet inlays the craftsmen at Selva put all their knowledge, experience, and affection in every single piece of furniture, bringing it to life. Just by looking at the creations, one sees immediately that they have been made from top-quality materials with meticulous precision rather than just being cranked out one after another. They radiate classic elegance and timeless beauty.

The name SELVA stands for creativity, variety, and Italian handicraft quality. Founded in 1968 by Peppi Selva as a family operation, over the course of the years the company has developed into a brand appreciated worldwide and a reliable partner, be it in the retail branch or the hospitality sector. To reach that point, it has been the very special interplay of tradition and modernity and that famous “Transitional” that provides the very particular SELVA touch. And it is the love for handicraft that is tangible in every single piece of furniture.

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For many years now, SELVA has been working with several selected small artisan companies in Verona – each one specialised in a different sector – where the pieces of furniture are produced following the most traditional handicraft techniques. The basis for high quality of SELVA furniture is laid from the very first phases of production. The raw furniture is already produced with precision by joiners and artisan cabinetmakers. A great deal of instinctive touch is required for the laying of inlays, which is still done purely by hand. Before starting to cut the various veneers to be inlaid, great attention and skill is put into preparing the paper stencils of the designs of the inlay, rigorously following the most classical models. Besides bois de rose inlays, SELVA also uses cheery and jacaranda wood, as well as mother of pearl and Swarovski crystals. The art of hand inlay using 4 mm. thick saw-cut veneer carried out by SELVA, is a special technique handed down from generation to generation of handicraftsmen. Particular care and attention is devoted to finishes, which confer the wooden furniture their individual antique look. With utmost care and precision techniques each piece of furniture undergoes ageing processes such as faux woodworm holes and wear marks producing an appearance of age and history.

COLLECTION INDIGO: Selva’s New, Retro Modern In 2007, Marzia and Leonardo Dainelli founded the Design Studio Dainelli. They set up shop in the heart of Tuscany, in a traditional rustic house that they modernized from the ground up. The perfect location for giving their creativity free rein and reviving their design credo: bringing back the appearance of forms of bygone eras and emphasizing the simplicity of the features. Impressions, emotions, travels, and observations that have been collected, as well as the needs of the customer, influence designer Leonardo Dainelli in brainstorming. It is a process that is driven by impressions that lead to

the starting point: the hand-drawn sketch. The path to the finished product is a very long one, but at the end, according to Dainelli, “true satisfaction” is achieved. SELVA and the Design Studio Dainelli combine the necessity of keeping alive tradition and handcrafted quality. Thus a harmonious collaboration has come into existence which reflects the designer’s spirit and the furniture manufacturer’s history. Leonardo Dainelli created eight furniture creations for SELVA by experimenting with forms and masse. Memories of times gone by are awakened, and yet something new is created.

INDIGO Dining Table The starting point with the development of this dining table was two properties which, according to Leonardo Dainelli, every piece of furniture ought to have: stability and strength. Thinking progressively, the designer drafted the thickness of the legs as oversized so that the stability of the INDIGO table cannot be missed. In spite of their size, the table legs were conceived in such a way that anyone who sits there has ample leg room. The tabletop with the rounded corners forms a harmonious tension with the oversized, crossed legs. DÉCOR Magazine


INDIGO Occasional Table “Good things come in small packages” really best describes the INDIGO occasional table by Leonardo Dainelli. The delicate legs are made from solid Canaletto walnut and the tabletop from top-quality Italian marble. The fascination of marble lies in its individual grain that is formed by natural processes, turning every INDIGO occasional table into a unique piece. It is playfully easy how it can be integrated into an entryway, a bedroom, or a living room – with its timeless elegance, just the right place can always be found for this occasional table.

INDIGO Chest of Drawers

INDIGO Armchair

The classic-modern INDIGO chest of drawers is inspired by the sense of living of the 1960s. With soft, sensuous lines, the style of that time is taken up again here and is interpreted in a completely new way by designer Leonardo Dainelli. An interplay between geometric proportions and softly curved lines.

The characteristics of the INDIGO armchair arise from a clear use of forms that is appealing from any angle. Its special features are the simple armrests, the fine-structured legs, and the loose cushions: everything, without exception, made by hand in Italy. Anyone sinking down into this will relax comfortably on a frame made from solid Canaletto walnut and top-quality seat and back upholstery. The back is provided with elegant leather straps which constitute the particular detail of this chair. With its harmonious, clear lines, the INDIGO armchair is available in various monocolour fabrics and leathers.

What is characteristic are the gently rounded edges as well as the subtle, vertical handles that provide emphasis. Along with the transverse grain of the Canaletto walnut on the fronts, a lively dynamic exists that brings out the handcrafted production of this piece of furniture.

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giorgio collection LUXURY EXPERIENCE

BACK TO THE OFFICE IN STYLE Back to the office in style with Giorgio Collection: the Life Time collection designed by Giorgio Soressi and previewed for the first time during the 2014 edition of the Salone del Mobile in Milano, has been extended this year to include a splendid office area.

GIORGIO COLLECTION is one of the most luxury and exclusive Italian style and design companies, well-known for its excellent and distinguished products. Selections of the best materials complement the collections, with accessories, lighting, rugs, bedspreads and textile designs being the brand’s cornerstone products.

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collection: a work space which is functional without forgoing refinement and elegance. The distinctive elements of the collection are perfectly interpreted in its accessories which confer a touch of personality to the interior. Armadillo printed leather alternates with champagne-coloured nubuck, whilst precious Dark Emperador marble tops team up with elements in bronze plated brass in a brushed finish. Another characteristic element is that of the Giorgio Collection logo, whose lion’s head represents the forcefulness of the brand. Quality furnishings that stand out for their details and evoke authoritativeness and prestige: a traditional office, complete with meeting room solutions, which can be configured to respond to specific user needs without neglecting the more technological aspects.



Back to the office in style with Giorgio Collection: the Life Time collection designed by Giorgio Soressi and previewed for the first time during the 2014 edition of the Salone del Mobile in Milano, has been extended this year to include a splendid office area January 2015 marked the debut of the office line comprised in the Life Time collection: a work space which is functional without forgoing refinement and elegance. The distinctive elements of the collection are perfectly interpreted in its accessories which confer a touch of personality to the interior. Armadillo printed leather alternates with champagne-coloured nubuck, whilst precious Dark Emperador marble tops team up with elements in bronze plated brass in a brushed finish. Another characteristic element is that of the Giorgio Collection logo, whose lion’s head represents the forcefulness of the brand. Quality furnishings that stand out for their details and evoke authoritativeness and prestige: a traditional office, complete with meeting room solutions, which can be configured to respond to specific user needs without neglecting the more technological aspects.

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“I go for architecture that overlays and enhances. By blending observation and wit with reason, I want my work to generate a sense of the unexpected, and the seemingly spontaneous”

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Born in 1949, and trained at University of Nottingham and the Architectural Association. Coates is one of Britain’s consistently original thinkers in architecture, interior and product design. He has led a parallel career in teaching, design practice and artistically driven, internationally recognised work. His subversive spirit first came to public attention in 1984 with the publication of NATO (Narrative Architecture Today) magazine.

A manifesto for a socio-culturally engaged and popular, narrative architecture, it advised readers to be the architects of their own lives, and in doing so, to radically adapt the buildings around them. Certain themes, in particular that of narrative, have continued in Coates’ designs and research ever since. Beyond issues of function or style, narrative, he asserts, is a language of design that builds on people’s everyday experience. Form must follow fiction.

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He has continued to explore the communicative and experiential potential of architecture as a language drawn from the commonplace. He believes that the city is best understood if explored as a living organism, and that popular experience and culture are central to the experience of architecture. His work plays on psycho-geographic association between the built environment and desire. Time and motion, he says, is the dynamic partner to the fixed, physical world. This approach is captured in depth in the Guide to Ecstacity which was published in 2003. Art and literary strategies, including the curation of others, find their way into many of his projects. Coates has designed and built influential interiors, exhibitions and buildings around the world. His build works in Japan include Caffè Bongo, the Wall, Noah’s Ark and Art Silo, and in Britain, the National Centre for Popular Music (now the Hub), Powerhouse::uk and the Geffrye Museum. Throughout his colourful career, he has pursued experimental work that has been shown in an art and design context, including such exhibits as ArkAlbion shown at the Architectural Association in 1984, Ecstacity at the same venue, Mixtacity at Tate Modern in 2007, and Hypnerotosphere at the 11th Venice Architecture Biennale in 2008.

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Philosophy Nigel Coates’ subversive spirit first came to public attention in 1984 when he founded NATO (Narrative Architecture Today) magazine. A manifesto for a socioculturally engaged and popular, narrative driven architecture, it advised readers to be the architects of their own lives, and in doing so, to radically adapt the buildings around them. Certain themes, in particular that of narrative, have continued in Coates’ designs and research ever since. Beyond issues of function or style, narrative, he asserts, is a language of design that builds on people’s everyday experience. Form must follow fiction.

He is also a prolific designer of lighting and furniture, with links to Alessi, AVMazzega, Ceramica Bardelli, Frag, Fratelli Boffi, Poltronova, Slamp and Varaschin. He is represented by Priveekollektie Gallery, Holland. Examples of his work are held in collections around the world including the Victoria & Albert Museum, Cooper Hewitt and FRAC. Having lead the Department of Architecture at the Royal College of Art from 1995-2011, he is now an RCA Professor Emeritus, and in 2012 received the Annie Spink Award for excellence in architectural education. His book Narrative Architecture (Wiley) will be published in 2012. Shows in 2012 include Casa Reale at the Salone del Mobile and the London Design Festival, and Picaresque at Kama: Sex and Design at the Triennale Design Museum in Milan.

He has continued to explore the communicative and experiential potential of architecture as a language drawn from the commonplace. He believes that the city is best understood if explored as a living organism, and that popular experience and culture are central to the experience of architecture. His work plays on psychogeographic association between the built environment and desire. Time and motion, he says, is the dynamic partner to the fixed, physical world.

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DARING AMBITIONS In a world where automated, instantaneous and ephemeral production reign supreme, La Cornue cultivates ardour, slowness and durability. They believe the work of a person is worth more than that of a machine. Technological innovations comply first and foremost with craftsmanship. WLa Cornue make their customers simmer too... to their great pleasure! “All good things come to those who wait,” so wrote Rabelais, the greediest of gourmets, nearly five centuries ago.

“Creating an attractive modern alternative to traditional French art de vivre, offering an innovative culinary range, designed as a real professional reference, a line that is as lasting and prestigious as all our others” With this new furniture range, that’s the ambition of Xavier Dupuy, La Cornue Chairman and grandson of Albert Dupuy who founded the brand in 1908. With this revolutionary new range, known as La Cornue W and designed by JeanMichel Wilmotte, the La Cornue name is taking its place at the very heart of our era. Proof that, over a century since its birth, La Cornue is still a daring, innovative company. This is the first time in thirty years that La Cornue has created a new model. It is also the first time in the history of electrical appliances that a stove has been created by a top designer. It has taken four years of development to create this original range dedicated to design and architecture. And with it, the La Cornue brand, the very symbol of French-style art de vivre, proclaims loud and clear that it is part of the 21st century whilst retaining its DNA: the spirit of innovation and gourmet hedonism


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The idea for La Cornue W came when two men met around a grand table; it is the result of a search for culinary perfection on the one hand and the interpretation of heritage on the other. To establish this dialogue between past and present, who could have been better placed than Jean-Michel Wilmotte, the builder and defender of the “contemporary graft” concept?The architect has taken the La Cornue fundamentals and reinterpreted them in his own creative style. All the traditional components of

the brand are therefore found in the W range: the kitchen towel rail, the cooking control knobs, the generous size of the cooktop (150cm) and the legendary vaulted oven. All in the spirit of the Frenchstyle art de vivre that is so dear to the brand, but in the radically contemporary look specific to Jean-Michel Wilmotte’s style. The W range uses the architect’s iconic vocabulary: black and brown colours, fine and powerful materials, ribbed lines and visible screws.

A NEW LOOK AT KITCHEN APPLIANCES True to the La Cornue spirit, units in the W range are free-standing, unique items of furniture, a far cry from the principle of a fitted kitchen. No longer a stove but a cooktop with elegant legs. This search for lightness and elegance is reminiscent of the revolutionary models that André Dupuy, the great inventor who ran the Salon des Arts Ménagers (Home Living Show) for thirty years, developed in the sixties to help women forget they were cooking. His range, known as the Cornulyre, comprised units with tapered legs, more in the style of a lady’s dressing table or Hi-Fi unit than a new style of cooker. Today La Cornue returns to this daring, offering a range of kitchen appliances whose functionality is hidden within an item of furniture; thus the cooker becomes a table and the oven, a cupboard.

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UNIQUE ERGONOMIC DESIGN La Cornue has always sought to respond to culinary demands. The elements in the W range have therefore all been given top ranking technical features. The induction hob is fitted with four hot plates representing total power of 14 kW, i.e. the equivalent of professional kitchens. The indicator lights are located on the sides of the hob, to enable the chef to see them at all times. The polished stainless steel adjustment knobs are on the front, for speed of use. The hot plates are laid out in a rainbow leaving a space in the centre of the hob that can be used for preparing food, placing pans and kitchen tools etc., in this way the cooker becomes a unique area for the entire cooking process. At the controls of this high tech cooktop, the chef is almost like a DJ at his mixing console.

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The development of the new vaulted oven, a speciality at La Cornue from the very beginning, which guarantees impeccable cooking, has been also been a technical prowess. This electric model, high performance yet well placed in terms of energy consumption, already complies with future European standards. It is controlled electronically by sensor and by field of 5 degrees, which guarantees unique cooking precision. Temperature control is possible right from 45 degrees, compared to the usual 150 degrees, thus permitting slow cooking. The peripheral cooker hood is remote-controlled with the suction area located around the edge of the hood, guaranteeing maximum odour absorption.


W hobs and ovens are made in France, individually and to order, by La Cornue craftsmen.

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Than just elegant To simply sophisticated

Retro Collection 194 DÉCOR Magazine


Houzz is the leading online platform for home renovation and design, providing people with everything they need to improve their homes from start to finish - online or from a mobile device. From decorating a room to building a custom home, Houzz connects millions of homeowners, home design enthusiasts and home improvement professionals across the country and around the world. With the largest residential design database in the world and a vibrant community powered by social tools, Houzz is the easiest way for people to get the design inspiration, project advice, product information and professional reviews they need to help turn ideas into reality. Headquartered in Palo Alto, CA, Houzz also has international offices in London, Berlin and Sydney.

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THIRTEEN YEAR KITCH UK & Irish households change their kitchens every 13 years On average, UK and Irish households update their kitchens every 13 years u We spend around 12% our lives in the kitchen, on average 2.8 hours a day u New home purchases are driving kitchen upgrades u Kitchen renovations mean substantial upgrades - 22% are planning an extension u Open-plan living is here to stay u People opt for professionals to help – just 23% have chosen DIY u Almost half (48%) budget for between £5,000 and £20,000 on their kitchen. 1% plan to spend in excess of £100,000

24% Open shelves

Homeowners in the UK and Ireland love to update their kitchens, with the average household renovating this room every thirteen years, according to the UK and Ireland Kitchen Trends Report by Houzz., the world’s leading platform for home renovation and design. In contrast, US homeowners hold out for 16 years or more, and are four times more likely to wait over 30 years to make renovations. The report, which surveyed over 2,800 UK and Irish homeowners on Houzz, also found that the majority of those who plan to update their kitchens in 2015 are going big with their projects: 49% are investing in substantial upgrades and over a fifth (22%) are adding an extension. Nearly two thirds of those who are working on a kitchen project or

planning one in the next 12 months plan to increase the square footage of their space (64%). Even those not currently renovating admit that if they could make only one change to their kitchen, it would be to make it larger (31%). Kitchen renovations represent a significant investment with nearly half of homeowners budgeting £5k to £20k for their project (48%). 21% estimate spending £21k to £40k and 1% budget in excess of £100,000. The survey found that 21% of people had wanted to upgrade their kitchens for a while and had finally found the financial means to do it; more than a third were motivated by personalising the kitchen in a newly purchased home (38%). It’s little surprise that homeowners invest so much in their kitchens as they report spending an average 2.8 hours a day there, or 12% of their lives. When it comes to making design choices, 63% of respondents agree that having a kitchen that is stylish and beautiful is key. Furthermore, 43% state that having a space that is easy for the entire family to work, play and be in is one of the most important functional aspects. Other design highlights include:

38% Pendant lights



u Open-plan living abound: Open-plan kitchen-diners are the favourite by far (54%), followed distantly by U-shaped (20%) and L-shaped (19%) layouts.



Blakes London

42% Kitchen table

196 DÉCOR Magazine

35% Breakfast bar

u Contemporary style reigns: Contemporary style kitchens are the most popular style choice (42%), although the traditional look is also popular (16%). Homeowners 25-34 are significantly more likely to choose industrial-style kitchens than their older counterparts (12% versus 2% respectively).

Leivars Stephen Fletcher Architects

u u u u

u 54% Open plan

5% Chalkboard

u Integrated technology: Gadgets that help to make our lives easier are making their way into our kitchens, such as boiling water taps (18%), wine fridges (15%), warming drawers (13%), and waste disposal sinks (11%). u Industrial drives details: Despite overall contemporary and traditionally-styled kitchens, many homeowners are choosing industrial features like pendant lighting (38%), metro tiles (28%) and exposed brickwork (6%). u The future’s grey: White is still the top wall

28% Metro Tiles

colour choice in the UK and Ireland (32%), but grey makes its way into nearly a fifth of new kitchens (19%). When it comes to planning the ideal kitchen, UK and Irish homeowners seek professional support and advice; the majority of those undertaking, or about to undertake kitchen projects, are hiring professional designers, installers, project managers or decorators (77%). Just 23% are opting for DIY. “Kitchens consistently top home renovation project lists on

25% Kitchen island

16% Wooden floors

Houzz and we know that they command the lion’s share of home improvement budgets,” said Gemma Smith, UK Industry Marketing Manager at Houzz. “As people spend nearly three hours a day in their kitchen, and kitchen renovations entail thousands of decisions, we’re excited to provide our UK and Irish communities with insights into the heart of the home and help make the process smoother for both homeowners and home professionals alike.”

Houzz UK and Ireland Kitchen Trends is an online survey of Houzz users conducted in December 2014. n= 2,825. Users currently working on a kitchen project and users planning to start a kitchen project in the next 12 months, n = 1,476. You can download the new report at: Kitchen Trends 2015 Report.pdf DÉCOR Magazine




Culimaat experiments. With wood, steel, titanium, copper, marble, leather, carbon, glass, solid surfaces and all the other materials that are needed to bring out the best in a design. When it comes to the materials that they use they have one basic rule: anything goes. Of course there are limitations, but there is always a way to overcome the shortcomings of a material to make an idea work. The material does not hold them back. On the contrary, they push its boundaries.

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NATURALLY INSPIRED The LEAF kitchen delights the informed eyes of lovers of clean lines and organic designs. Nature was the source of inspiration for Dutch company Culimaat High End Kitchens. This extremely contemporary kitchen does not follow geometric forms, instead sporting a deliciously rounded organic form. It is fully equipped with a complete set of modern appliances, cleverly incorporated into the kitchen’s design. Hidden away but still within easy arm’s reach, this arrangement of the equipment yields a balanced, convenient and efficient design. Unlike traditional kitchens, LEAF was designed as an open, airy and ergonomic space. Because plumbing, cables and other technical components are vital aspects of any kitchen’s design, Culimaat focused on restructuring the space whilst thinking outside the box. This entailed the integration of solid storage units made of HI-MACS®, one of the unique features of which is drawers that can be opened and closed electronically. HI-MACS® made it possible to shape the graceful, organic curves of the LEAF kitchen, assembled so that its joints are virtually invisible. The smooth, non-porous surface of HI-MACS® simplifies cleaning and also provides enhanced resistance to heat sources and household cleaning products. In this way, the kitchen is completely hygienic, and as such this next generation material is specially recommended for contact with food..

The embedded hobs are flat with a special touch control surface. The round base of the stainless steel sink flows perfectly with the worktop. Storage space has been created in the wall units, where other appliances are also installed: the oven, a steamer, a dishwasher, a refrigerator and a wine storage cooler. When not in use, these different appliances can be cleverly hidden from sight.


deVOL Kitchens have been making beautiful kitchen cupboards for 25 years. The style is simple and understated and captures the quintessentially English style. Based at Cotes Mill since 2012, after an extensive renovation project, deVOL design and manufacture all the furniture and accessories by hand at their workshops in Leicestershire.

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The new Air Kitchen is a unique contemporary designer kitchen featuring the best of British craftsmanship. Modern eco-materials and time honoured construction techniques, brought together in one sleek modern retro kitchen.

The Air Kitchen range is an exclusive retro contemporary kitchen inspired by innovative designs of the last century. Vintage automobile construction, the hulls of working boats and the iconic Airstream caravan; design classics which inspired this curved kitchen design of aluminium panels, polished rivets and futuristic push-to-open solid surface doors. Cutting-edge eco-materials compliment warm oak for a contemporary retro designer kitchen.

Sleek, understated units fascias accentuate those pleasing curves which define the Air Kitchen range. Base cabinets appear to float whilst pod-like larder units and appliance cabinets stand on slender stainless steel legs, all adding to an exciting feeling of space and airiness in this modern kitchen with a vintage twist. Air was proudly designed and built in Great Britain for a bright new age of contemporary design; a future classic for contemporary living. DÉCOR Magazine


CRAFTMANSHIP The Air Kitchen uses both traditional and ultra-modern materials, bringing classic design elements up-to-date but keeping the same spirit of adventure which first inspired them. Air is a triumph of British craftsmanship and design. Air Kitchen ConstructionThe process of laminating curved oak for our cabinets gives a rigid, stable curve to support our solid surface doors. Rolled aluminium, riveted to oak frames is a time-honoured method used in the iconic Airstream caravan’s frame construction. Air’s aluminium panels are annealed to make them more pliable and then rolled by hand by our carpenters as industrial fabricators could not match the 1mm tolerance required for a perfect fit. Good old fashioned ingenuity and testing were required to develop elegant techniques to manufacture this innovative kitchen. It’s these traditional skills and minute tolerances that add finesse to the striking forms and clean lines of the Air Kitchen. Solid surface handless doors and draw fronts introduce a new generation of kitchen surfaces, made from recycled aluminium ore and acrylic resin. Surprisingly soft and tactile, these open by pushing a pleasing dimple set in the door for a completely handless kitchen. White Silestone, Carrara Marble, Honed Black Granite and Limed Oak worktops add practicality to this inspirational range of furniture designed to impress for generations.

202 DÉCOR Magazine

DÉCOR Magazine


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MUSIC TO YOUR EARS Devon & Devon introduce a new vanity unit to celebrate the fascination of the jazz age Devon&Devon is a leading purveyor in contemporary classic bathroom furniture and interior decoration, with 25 years of luxury Italian design and manufacturing experience. The Devon&Devon brand name was born from an idea to propose a coordinated interior decoration for the bathroom, inspired by the classic European atmosphere and by the finest American aesthetics of the 1900s. Attention to details, premium quality, selected materials, efficient technical assistance and customer service are part of Devon&Devon brand values.

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Devon&Devon’s latest creation, Music, a vanity unit penned by the brand’s Art Director Paola Ciarmatori Tanini, is inspired by the exuberant spirit and cosmopolitan elegance of the Jazz Age. With its refined, compact shapes and smooth, fluid lines, Music unmistakably evokes the Roaring Twenties, a period of frivolity, throaty-engined cars, wild dances and dreams of success, as described so effectively by F.S. Fitzgerald. Music expresses a brilliant mélange of these inspirations. Rounded corners, glossy lacquer, a smooth surface and four slim legs that recall the shapes of a vintage piano. The deep black of the granite top, of the wood legs and knobs alternate with the cream nuance of the cabinet of the vanity unit, imbuing this with both classical fascination and glamour. Spacious and versatile, Music comprises large drawers with soft-close doors.

PERIOD PIECES FOR TODAY’S MODERN MINIMALIST The Pure Bathroom Collection is the product portfolio created by SmithsBriten, a leading bathroom and plumbing distributor, based in the UK. Offering more than 15,000 product lines and with over 30 years experience within the industry, Smiths-Briten’s product range and service guarantees their stockists choice and reliability, backed by a team of customer service professionals, who are able to offer both product and technical advice. Their network of stockists range from smaller independent showrooms and merchants, to large, national household names. Top left: Arcade Albermarle Bath has a nickel finished stainless steel surround and is available with nickel waste and overflow From £3990 1690mm x 745mm Available from:

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Main picture: Arcade Double Basin from £779

Those with a preference for modern minimalist styling can often have the preconception that period pieces are excessively detailed or fussy and dismiss them from the design process. The Arcade range, as featured in the Pure Bathroom Collection, has been designed to bridge the gap between period pieces and the minimalist style popular today. Classic Belle Époque designs have been given a contemporary twist to create pieces which embody all the beauty and luxury of the era, yet suit both modern and traditional bathroom settings. The range comprises beautifully crafted ceramic sanitaryware, decadent freestanding baths and ornate shower enclosures. Each piece is crafted and hand-finished with exceptional care and only the finest materials are used. The nickel finish on the fittings and accessories adds to the luxury feel. Stand out pieces from the selection include the Piccadilly Freestanding Shower Temple (£7,498). The traditional feet and nickel finish recalls the glamour of the Belle Époque age and 8mm glass provides a sleek, minimalist silhouette. All of the baths in the Arcade range make elegant and luxurious focal points for period and contemporary bathrooms. The detailing on the Albany Bath (£3,990) adds a luxurious Belle Époque feel but is subtle enough for modern interiors. The Albemarle bath (£3,990); finished in nickel with a stainless steel surround and embracing both metallic and period trends, will add a sense of elegance to any distinguished bathing area. The Arcade range, available from the Pure Bathroom Collection, is the ideal way to inject all the glamour and beauty of the Belle Époque era into even the most modern interiors.


Arcade Basin 605 x 525 (£379) 905 x 550 (£579) Pedestal (£160) also available

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MODERN LUXURY BATHROOMS Luxury bathroom ideas for the modern home

They are a new luxury bathroom brand that provides a collection capable of making your projects came true, with high-end solutions as bathtubs, washbasins and free standing washbasins, mirrors, lighting, case goods and other products made with the finest selection of materials as brass, marble, wood, glass, combined with rare handwork techniques and contemporary design.

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Nowadays, interior designers and architects dedicate their efforts to the creation of stunning bathroom décors. The reason is simple: people desire to have a luxurious area but also because it is pleasant to have plenty of room. For this purpose, here we showcase exclusive design pieces that work as an inspiration for your bathroom while adding it a touch of luxury. Besides that, you can apply an exquisite or a clean ambience depending on your taste by choosing pieces from our collection washbasin, bathtubs, surfaces, lighting or mirrors. The focus of any bath is, no matter how sybaritic or simple it is, the bathtub. Few things are more pleasurable or soothing than a long and hot soak, especially during winter’s chilly months. An inviting tub can transform any bathroom into a private sanctuary.


Luxury bathtubs collection from Maison Valentina Here we present there showstopping collection:

DIAMOND BATHTUB This project conveys their mission to interpret in an exquisite way the modern consumer’s desire for exclusive decor products, all the while maintaining the balance between the timeless values of decoration and utmost quality with an ever-growing modern vision. Every bathroom gets richer with this unique diamond. Features Silver leaf with a shade of translucent black, high gloss varnish. KOI BATHTUB KOI carp is a recurring symbol of Japanese culture, highly appreciated by its decorative

purposes, not only in water gardens but also in Irezumi practice or, most commonly, in tattoos. Its natural color mutations reveal their capacity to adapt, just like their KOI bathtub fits in your bathroom. KOI and the Japanese word for love or affection are homophones, making the carp also a symbol of love and friendship. Features Base in aged brushed brass, bathtub in aged brushed iron. LAPIAZ BATHTUB Lapiaz inspired this luxury bathtub. The French word is the name given to the typical karst formations produced by surface


dissolution of limestone or dolomite rocks. It can also be caused by freezing and thawing in cold climates. This is how Lapiaz unique bathtub emerged. Imagine a stone freezed and freshly cracked to show the entire world a rich, golden interior. The polished brass details and mirrored sides attribute this luxury design artwork an artic yet comfy and warm beauty. Definitely a statement piece for the most luxurious bathrooms. Features Polished brass, mirror and lacquer. NEWTON BATHTUB Defying laws of physics, this futuristic piece of furniture represents an outstanding moment of inspiration. Newton bathtub is a piece of international desire that distinguishes itself from all the other designs by its futuristic forms. Features Black lacquer brass spheres with high gloss varnish finishing and some gold plated spheres on the base. SYMPHONY BATHTUB With a vision to understand the past and interpret it through cutting-edge technology and contemporary design, they have created this emotionally bathtub passionately inspired by music. Handcrafted with the finest materials, this breath-taking piece is of genuine style, ensuring mystery and elegance. The golden gives a luxury touch to every bathroom.




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You have the statements bath now have you ever thought that washbasins actually come in a variety of looks that can really entice us? Yes, they do. In fact, here we showcase a series of designs that will compliment your new bathtub.


KOI Koi carp is a recurring symbol of Japanese culture, highly appreciated by its decorative purposes, not only in water gardens but also in Irezumi practice or, most commonly, in tattoos. Its natural colour mutations reveal their capacity to adapt, just like the KOI wash basin that you can use to create a better sense of space division in your ambiences. The KOI scales that compose the panels of the wash basin shine and reflect – on its brass surface – the sun caught throughout the clear water. KOI and the Japanese word for love or affection are homophones, making the carp also a symbol of love and friendship. NEWTON Newton is an outstanding moment of inspiration. A luxury statement piece created in order to fulfill the needs of our clients that are looking for the best in contemporary furniture design mixed up with luxurious details and high quality materials. Newton washbasin is a standout piece of international desire that distinguishes itself from all the other designs by its futuristic forms.





DIAMOND FREESTAND This project conveys our mission to interpret in an exquisite way the modern consumer’s desire for exclusive decor products, all the while maintaining the balance between the timeless values of decoration and utmost quality with an ever-growing modern vision. Every bathroom gets richer with this unique diamond. METROPOLITAN At 5th Avenue, we can visit The Metropolitan Museum of Art. MAISON VALENTINA pays a tribute to this culture center by creating Metropolitan, a sober yet elegant sideboard. This piece has a wood body and the front of the cupboard is in cut mirror. The exterior of the sideboard has two available finishes, black glass or gray mirror, with refined craftsman work on the mirror. The interior is made from solid wood available in two finishes (mahogany or oak). The legs are in wood and come in four finishes (white, black, silver or gold). SYMPHONY With a vision to understand the past and interpret it through cuttingedge technology and contemporary design, we have created this emotionally washbasin passionately inspired by music. Handcrafted with the finest materials, this breathtaking piece is of genuine style, ensuring mystery and elegance. The golden gives a luxury touch to every bathroom. See more at

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W W W. M A I S O N VA L E N T I N A . N E T

EFFORTLESSLY by apaiser ELEGANT Celebrating 40 years at the forefront of the industry, Kelly Hoppen’s ever-evolving design philosophy is underpinned by a subtle, coordinated fusion of East meets West. Her clean lines and neutral tones are always blended with charming warmth and sumptuous opulence, keeping true to her core values of high quality, simplicity and timeless elegance.

“With my signature style and apaiser’s experience as one of the leading bathware designers, we have created a range that is both beautiful and unique” Kelly Hoppen MBE Founded in 2000, apaiser is an award winning Australian international bathware designer and manufacturer specialising in luxury stone composite bathware, bathtubs, basins, vanities and shower bases. apaiser’s beautifully handcrafted stone bathware is effortlessly elegant and is renowned for its natural organic feel and sculptural lines. This, fused with Kelly Hoppen’s distinctive design philosophy creates a blend of curvaceous shapes and highly functional design. The new collection includes stunning layered designs such as the HARMONY that resembles the petals of a lotus flower, the ORIGAMI that was inspired by the intricate Japanese art that gives it its name and the BANDE that was originally based on the Obi, a sash used in traditional Japanese dress. Formulated with optimum performance in mind and using reclaimed sustainable marble as its core, each apaiser bathware piece has minimal impact on the environment, yet does not compromise on quality, creating a therapeutic bathing experience.

For more information visit:

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The new collection of stone composite bathware is a celebration of the East, where the act of bathing is a ceremony. Its beautifully simple designs combine clean lines, complementary symmetry and neutral tones, resulting in the perfect harmony. It is both functional and beautiful and the epitome of sophistication, portraying purity and strength with its soft lines and Zen-like feel. The result is a truly sublime blend of inspiring design aesthetic and a luxurious bathing experience, which eases the ever-increasing stress of modern life. This is truly a collection for the 21st century.

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apaiser projects apaiser stone bathware was launched in the UK in February 2015 and is available in showrooms globally (North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, South Asia, United Arab Emirates, Middle East and Africa), with its flagship showrooms in Melbourne and Singapore. apaiser has created unique and opulent bathing solutions for illustrious designers and high-end commercial projects and resorts around the world, including the Four Seasons in Sydney, Toronto, Tahiti and the Maldives, the Park Hyatt in New York, the St Regis in Aspen and Dubai, the Inter Continental in Bali, the Corinthia Hotel in London, the London Edition hotel and the Ritz Carlton in Shanghai. apaiser works with elite designers to create exclusive, hand-crafted and customised bathware products with a focus on creating a luxurious and intimate sanctuary in the bathroom. Designed in Melbourne and handcrafted by apaiser’s skilful artisans, apaiser’s bespoke creations retain the highest level of stone content in the market resulting in beautiful, organic, eco-friendly and sustainable bathware.

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‘sumptuous’ “Sensory appeal has emerged as a worldwide trend in bathrooms. The need for differentiation has become a key focus for designers enhancing the consumer bathing experience. apaiser’s unrivalled customisation meets this growing demand as we shift from function to enjoyment”. Belinda Try, Executive Director, apaiser

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Merlyn don’t just make shower enclosures, they design, engineer and craft the finest showering environments in the world. Their unrelenting attention to detail is matched only by their passion and understanding of good design and the importance of superb materials. The shower enclosures are an experience, whether it is the effortless glide of the shower doors, the calibre and weight of fixings or simply the beautiful clean lines of the design aesthetic, their passion is all directed towards giving the customer one thing, the ultimate showering experience.

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MONO IS BACK Black always manages to look elegant, contemporary and stylishly understated and when it is paired with white offers an enduringly popular monochrome look. Monochrome in 2015 loses its Sixties influence with designers using stunning decorative devices to give black and white an ontrend transformation. The new Black enclosure from Merlyn’s new Series 8 Colour range ticks all the boxes of this new monochrome mood. Using black colour accents balanced with white tiles and accessories this new model delivers a stylish simplicity which really works. Within the Colour range there are a choice of 4 colour finishes; Gold, Matt White, Bright Chrome and of course, Matt Black. Available as a sliding door (1200 mm and 1400 mm) with side panel options (800 mm and 900 mm) the new Matt Black 8 Series Colour model is available from Merlyn stockists nationwide. Prices start at £981.60 (including VAT). l l l l l l

Height: 2000mm 8mm toughened safety glass Lifetime Guarantee Translucent seals Reversible Wetroom compatible

As with all Merlyn products, the Series 8 range specification is excellent and includes the special patented Mershield StayClear protective coating which keeps the toughened glass cleaner and shinier for longer.

They say it’s the lifestyle that makes Ibiza the place of unparalleled beauty

Cap Blanc Ibiza represents a luxurious residential private complex with on-site 24 hours security, with only 9 modern design villas all with exceptional seaviews and located in Ibiza – Talamanca, Cap Martinet, one of Ibiza’s outstanding and sought after locations.

The grounds of Cap Blanc Ibiza have been carefully selected. Therefore, it not only ensures its aesthetic value, but also your investment. Cap Blanc Ibiza is currently the most luxurious real estate development on Ibiza.

The villas of Cap Blanc Ibiza will be built using the most innovative construction methods. They are decorated with attractive architectural details and are fitted with the latest smart home automation systems to give them the ultimate finishing touch.

Each villa is ensured of total privacy whilst enjoying unobstructed views on the sea. Within such an extraordinary space, Cap Blanc Ibiza stands as an exclusive private world of comfort and security. The luxurious modern design villas of Cap Blanc Ibiza are very open, luminous and airy.

Each villa has been exclusively designed with unique shapes and proportions, allowing it to fit in naturally within its surroundings. Construction period of each villa is approx. 12 months. Each villa will be tailored to your own wishes.

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One of the main features of Cap Blanc Ibiza is the way it communicates with its environment, each residence has a private garden, lounge areas, large outside swimming pool within her own exclusive private world. Starting price: € 4,500,000

For further information contact: Global Luxurious Properties T: +31 (0)-15-2630195 | | Minerva Development T: +31 (0)20 471 57 83 | |

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-™àà™½‘ß*Öhààò On SANDUR you are almost suspended in thin air. And, as everyone knows, it doesn’t get more comfortable than that. All thanks to a nifty design that uses a unique open weave to reduce contact with hard surfaces to a minimum. On this eye-catcher, you’re always sitting pretty.


INDIAN OCEAN was founded in 1990 with a philosophy to offer clients the ultimate collection of luxury outdoor furniture. With a passion for innovation, they have led the way for 25 years as THE specialist design-led outdoor furniture company in the UK. Indian Ocean offer advice, service and specialised delivery of truly inspirational furniture for outdoor living. They can help you furnish the smallest balcony, country garden or super yacht. The company is highly experienced in handling export orders worldwide and assisting clients with projects around the world, from the smallest balcony to the decks of cruise ships.

Enjoy a relaxed seating experience in the opulently proportioned Poseidon Modular Sofa. Inspired by retro Californian design from the sixties and constructed from high tech all weather ROPE and stainless steel. The Poseidon is an ultra-cool choice for a comfortable modern outdoor living. With limitless configurations including Left and Right Daybeds. Available from:

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SHADES OF EXCELLENCE “Our simple journey is to compliment the shade and ambiance that nature has provided. Inspirations from my life in and around the sea are reflected in every product we engineer. It is our intention to share natural comfort in its most basic fodm - a comfortable place in the shade.” Dougan Clarke, Chief Industrial Designer and founder of TUUCI

For over 15 years TUUCI has been creating the most innovative, unique and stylish shade platforms in the industry. Founded with a passion by Dougan Clarke, TUUCI was born from the marine industry. This means every single parasol, lounge and cabana created has been meticulously engineered to perform without question, in any environment. But they don’t just perform. They also turn heads with an unparalleled sense of style and design not seen anywhere else in the world.

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Plantation MAX™ Premium Parasols The Plantation MAX Classic combines the strength of aluminum and stainless steel with the warm look of wood evoked by TUUCI’s exclusive AlumaTEAK™ materials. It’s a giant leap in parasol innovation, and if you’re looking for durability, low-maintenance serviceability with warm hardwood aesthetics, the Plantation MAX Classic is an elegant choice. Beauty and durability work together flawlessly in the Plantation MAX Collection. This collection exclusively offers a new, state-of-the-art hardwood finish, called AlumaTEAK™. Combined with TUUCI’s Armor-Wall Aluminum™, AlumaTEAK™ conveys the gorgeous appearance of hardwood but with guaranteed resilience to all types of sea-side corrosion. With elegant and expansive coverage, the collection’s old world charm lends an intoxicating ambiance that, thanks to its durable masts, will last for years to come. Features: · Aluma-TEAK™, State-of-the-Art Hardwood Finish · Armor-Wall Aluminum™ Construction · V-MAX Reinforced Strut Design · Precision Milled Aluminum Components

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Dual Cantilever TUUCI’s Plantation MAX Dual Cantilever Classic™ is art and engineering harmonizing in a symphony of shade. This exquisite double parasol provides a generously proportioned luxurious shade allowing for two unique outdoor living areas beneath one parasol unit – uninterrupted shade at its finest. Featuring a 4:1 tandemretrieving crank system, the Dual Cantilever is simple to operate. Its solo crank gently glides open both shades, offering a clear passage and uninterrupted ambiance. It is designed with a solid, marinegrade aluminum fulcrum and automatic telescoping mast to allow the canopy to close effortlessly over tables and chairs.

Single Cantilever The Plantation MAX Cantilever is an oversized parasol that creates a cool retreat with a warm ambiance. With up to 144 square feet of uninterrupted shade, the Plantation MAX Cantilever is graceful and generously proportioned for any sun drenched environment. The Plantation MAX Cantilever features TUUCI’s Aluma-TEAK finish. This natural feel of a hardwood finish combined with the durability of our Armor-Wall Aluminum construction leads to a structure resistant to seaside corrosion. The style is ideal for both contemporary and traditional spaces.

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Go Modern specialises in contemporary design for the home. Established in 2006, the company works with leading European furniture designers and manufacturers from a showroom on the Kings Road, London SW6, and online at www. The ‘Garden Furniture’ section has the latest in contemporary garden furniture collections from European makers including Manutti (Belgium), CaneLine (Denmark), Roberti, Smania and Driade (Italy), Point and Calma (Spain), as well as garden parasols from Symo, Sywawa & MDT.

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NEW FOR SUMMER 2015 New designs for summer 2015 from Spanish garden furniture specialist Point, experts in outdoor materials featuring woven fibre. Capturing Mediterranean style with a contemporary take on traditional garden furniture design, Point’s beautiful weatherproof furniture is suitable for all seasons.

Created by award winning designer Francesc Rifé and made in Spain, the PUL garden collection of tables and storage is a great new addition to Point’s 2015 outdoor furniture collection. The stylish designs are created in synthetic woven rattan, Shinotex, toxin free, biodegradable and completely recyclable, with an aluminium frame, and hard-wearing teak wood tops. They can be left outside all year round. Shinotex stays cool in the heat, is dirt repellent, fade-proof, water and frost resistant, as well as being toxin free, biodegradable and recyclable. The Pul collection is available in a new multi-coloured round 3mm weave. Table - £370 Storage box - £446 Basket - £410

The ARMADILLO SWINGING GARDEN SOFA is a real “statement piece” of contemporary outdoor furniture. Attributing its name to the “armadillo” shaped curved hood, this swinging sofa is designed for Spanish brand Point by Joaquín Homs. The strong lacquered aluminium frame is topped with a high quality weather resistant woven rattan, Shinotex, a new synthetic fibre to achieve maximum comfort, function and durability. There are two weave colours to choose from: Toasted and Ivory White For extra privacy or shade from the sun, the smart hood is easily erected using a simple mechanism. The swing comes with nylon ropes to attach to a tree or similar, however, if you are minus a tree there is also the option of an anodized aluminium base from which to hang the swing. £1950.00 DÉCOR Magazine


The MIST PLANTER and MIST GARDEN LIGHTS have an unusual woven frame which is made from extremely practical lacquered aluminium and comes in either white or black and in three different sizes. The smallest weighs 7kg and the largest 35.5kg, so these are solid planters and lights that will not be easily knocked over, or affected by wind. Matching planter trays are also available. Planters from £280.00 and lights from £460

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The ROUND COLLECTION is a smart, contemporary take on a traditional look. The chair/ table legs are in smooth natural teak, known for its strength and durability. The rounded frames use hard-wearing lacquered aluminium with a high quality weather resistant woven rattan, Shinotex, which stays cool in the heat, is dirt repellent, fade-proof, water and frost resistant, as well as being toxin free, biodegradable and recyclable. Chair cushions can be covered in a variety of stain resistant outdoor fabrics. From £340

The ARC garden dining table and chairs are beautifully made modern garden furniture. This smart outdoor table has natural teak legs, a wood known for quality and strength, and a table top in a weather resistant woven rattan called Shinotex. Shinotex is a new synthetic fibre for garden furniture, inspired by nature but perfected by technology, to achieve maximum comfort, function and durability. The chairs have a gently curving frame and a cushioned seat, the strong frame of the chair is made from nonyellowing, hard-wearing lacquered aluminium with weather resistant woven rattan, Shinotex. Tables from £1200.00 and chairs £460 each.

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Lots of new garden furntiure designs for summer 2015 at Go Modern with highlights here from our Belgian partner Manutti, the luxury outdoor furniture specialist. Offering ultra-high-end design, Manutti’s specially developed materials include a variety of exceptional allweather fabrics and finishes for outdoor use – suitable for super yachts through to Hollywood hide-aways and everything in between.

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The MOON ISLAND GARDEN SEATS are part of a beautifully made new collection. Known for their flawless finish, Manutti use fabrics which are waterproof, stain proof and fade proof, using materials originally created for use on luxury yachts. The covers are comfortable to the touch, with seams welded as well as sewn, to give extra protection. Each Moon Island seat is part of a modular system that consists of left or right corner seats combined with a table/footstool. The frames are powder coated aluminium with invisible adjustable feet. Each seating module is priced at: £1,280 or for four seats and footstool/table as seen in the image, price: £6,120.

The Manutti AIR GARDEN SOFA is quite simply a stunning piece of outdoor furniture. Designed with luxury in mind this comfortable sofa features large, wonderfully inviting cushions with fabrics originally created for use on world class yachts and suitable for outdoor use all year round. The Air sofa’s seat & back cushions are filled with soft, yet supportive outdoor quick-dry foam with covers in water resistant nautic outdoor fabrics and faux leathers. Seven different choices of covers, colour options are: black, white sand, taupe grey and brand new for 2015 ice blue, plus three colours of extremely hard-wearing faux leather:- blue, white and brown. The base is made of powder coated aluminium which is available in lava, with the top plate in either similar lava aluminium or a stylish Iroko wood. The price given here is for the modular design as shown in the image. There is also the additional option to have built in LED lighting around the sofa, giving a stunning night-time effect. Other accessories include scatter cushions (the ones shown are not included), a tray for food/drinks and a trolley. Price: £16650.00

The AIR GARDEN TABLE has a hard-wearing ceramic top with a stylish aluminium frame. The ceramic top comprises a mixture of sand, clay and natural stone which is then rinsed, compressed and treated to create an incredibly strong/durable surface.

The table top can be selected in either white or quartz. The table has a gently curving frame in powder coated aluminium which is easy to clean as well as being exceptionally hard wearing. Available in two sizes (large table in quartz top only) the frame can be chosen in white or lava. Shown here with the Loop garden chair, the Air collection also includes an Air Wooden Garden Table as well as a range of sofas, sun loungers, garden coffee tables and garden armchairs. Manutti work with the world’s best designers and materials to create stunning outdoor furniture. Table from £3,370 DÉCOR Magazine


Bang & Olufsen. Puerto Banus. Main entrance. Phone: +34 952 81 72 50

Puerto Banus

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