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Riva 1920 Embrace the beautiful look and feel of solid woods The Art Homes Concept An exclusive interview with designer Gérard Faivre Fabric Fantasy Dreamy spring prints and patterns

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144 DÉCOR MAGAZINE Troo Heath-Crew - meet the designer behind Tree Couture

28 AXO LIGHT’S OBI Lighting based on the sash of the Japanese kimono

154 HOME STAGING Steal some showroom style to sell your home

46 BLURRED LINES Kelly Hoppen and Dynamo, join forces to unveil their first illusionary collaboration with Graham & Brown

162 BEAUTY, ELEGANCE & CRAFTMANSHIP Exquisite lighting from Jeremy Cole


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90 PAINTER-STYLE DESIGN Dramatic new textile range from Harlequin 106 SPORTING LEGEND Timothy Oulten redesigns the legendary Blue Room at the Los Angeles Athletic Club


116 DÉCOR MAGAZINE Playful and poetic designer, Patricia Urquiola 126 HIGH FASHION HOME How fashion designers and brands are invading homes

174 THE BIG BEDROOM MAKEOVER Refresh your bedroom with beautiful bedding from Beaumont & Brown 184 INNOVATION & INSPIRATION 2016 Bathroom Trends from Villeroy & Boch 198 THE EMERGENCE OF THE SUPER KITCHEN Remove boundaries between the kitchen and the rest of the home 206 A MODERN TAKE ON RETRO The unique new Air Kitchen from Devol 230 ROOM WITH A VIEW Fantastic garden rooms from Garden Hideouts

Quality, Creativity and Craftsmanship Since 1938

RIVA 1920 is an Italian, family-owned business that has been producing timeless, solid wood furniture in Northern Italy for more than three generations. The company began in the early 1920s when the family began learning the art of wood carving, an unpredictable, difficult craft. The project continued until 1992, a key turning point for RIVA, when the small studio began collaborating with 30 different designers. It also marked the first year the company exhibited at the Milan Salone del Mobile. RIVA prides itself on finding and working with new woods in artistic, innovative ways that respect the environment. All of the company’s products are finished using only oils, beeswax, and vinyl glues without formaldehyde in order to exalt the living and breathable qualities of its natural beauty.

For more information visit:

10 DÉCOR Magazine

NATURAL LIVING… THE SMELL OF WOOD! RIVA 1920 is an integration of craftsmanship and tradition, with modern design and technology. Its attention to detail and the subtle detailing in its work, are what makes RIVA 1920 one of the most unique furniture producers in the world today. Today it is continues to work as it did as an artisan workshop, producing furniture made with unusual wood like cedar, the thousands-year-old kauri wood from New Zealand and the Briccola wood from Venice. Here we present some stunning pieces from their collection;

Kairo Armchair Kairo, designed by karim rashid marks the beginning of the collaboration between the designer karim rashid and riva 1920. Reflecting on the experience of designing kairo, karim rashid says: “when i designed the kairo chair, i was inspired by the woodworking process that takes place in order to produce a piece of furniture from a single block of wood.

Venice Console Table Designed by Claudio Bellini, this table sports a unique and sculptural style by integrating natural and the industrial elements together. Pieces of weathered watery logs of briccole wood constitute its base providing a natural look to the item. The logs are cracked and add a distinct note with their imperfections. The look of the furniture is complemented by its top which is made in smooth polished steel. The table top’s design draws reference to the water surface with its smooth and reflective surface. The logs penetrate the table top. The design of the item makes it ideal to be used in contemporary or rustic-styled interiors.

Maui Armchair This lounge chair is made of scented cedar wood and is carved out of a single block of wood. Its sinuous shape is characterized by the peculiar concentric circles of the cedar trunk section and its natural steel swivel base. The Maui is available with or without the metal swivel base.

Mondana Bag Inspired by an everyday object beloved by women the world over - The bag. Visually removed from its natural context and combined together with an unusual element such as wood, it’s intended as a homage to Pop Art and represents a nowadays icon.The solid cedarwood monolith wood block is curved into sinuous bends following the typical shape of a leather bag. Two leather handles complete the look.

DÉCOR Magazine


Maui Armchair This lounge chair is made of scented cedar wood and is carved out of a single block of wood. Its sinuous shape is characterized by the peculiar concentric circles of the cedar trunk section and its natural steel swivel base. The Maui is available with or without the metal swivel base. t

Molletta Bench Made from solid cedar wood, the Molletta bench plays with the Pop Art characteristics of enlarging everyday objects to create a contemporary bench with a sense of fun. Designed by baldessari e baldessari, the Molletta bench, is suitable for both outdoors and large indoor spaces. With its catchy look, the Molletta Bench is also a powerful sculptural element.

s Dadone Dadone is a stool, designed by Andrea Castrignano (Interior Designer and Presenter of the TV show “Cambio Casa, Cambio Vita!” (I change my house, I change my life!), in partnership with RIVA 1920 and pays homage to the designer’s passion for dice game and other board games. Dadone has a bold design, the literal representation of a gaming dice. Dadone is in solid cider wood and comes in either a small size (40x40 cm) or in a larger one, which results from placing two units one on top of the other. Dadone is a piece suitable for both the living room and kitchen.

12 DÉCOR Magazine

Eco table Cut from a single piece of cedar wood, the Eco is an environmentally friendly design that celebrates the natural beauty of the timber. Smoothly carved into a circular form, this table features no decoration or embellishment other than the natural patterns of the grain with simple craft minimizing the environmental impact of its production.

DÉCOR Magazine






The Big Bob modern sofa, designed by Antonio Citterio for Flexform was envisaged with the thought that furniture should be made to fit any lifestyle offering differing levels of functionality. The Big Bob Modern doesn’t disappoint and delivers in bucket-loads. Firstly it reclines and after a long day what could be better than lying back and relaxing.

SPRINKLE A TOUCH OF STARDUST Eye-catcher with a kaleidoscope of colours

Secondly, the armrest shelf provide a hidden storage function, and to top it off it is covered in a hide leather which is durable able to cope with what ever any family can throw at it. For more information visit:

With a perfect mix of creativity and craftsmanship, STARDUST the new collection by JAB ANSTOETZ provides fireworks of colour, design and texture. This excitingly collection captures the whole variety of the natural light spectrum and translates it into carpet creations of fascinating intensity. This colouration has been created by the clever handtufted technique, which works subtly nuanced colour gradients together By using two or three gradients customer can choose their favourite colour from a rich palette of 42 different shades to create there own variation. There are 9 variations within the collection; Stardust, City Lights, Screen, A slice of rainbow, Matrix, Reflections, Trace, Decant and Twist. For more information visit:

14 DÉCOR Magazine

TIMELESS ELEGANCE Renowned interior designer Leyla Uluhanli showcases her self-titled collection The Leyla Uluhanli Collection which was presented at the 2016 Maison & Objet Paris. The collection is inspired by the concept of American art of the 1960’s — a favourite era of the designer and consists of armchairs, sofas, consoles, commodes and lighting featuring neutral tones with antique brass, crystal rock, and sycamore veneer. The principle components of the collection are comfort, functionality combining minimalism and precise craftsmanship. “The popularity of this style is in its simplicity and courtliness of the forms, lines. In its conciseness, and partly in the light feeling of nostalgia it provokes, it is certainly luxury and absolutely universal” — Leyla Uluhanli. Born in Baku, Azerbaijan, Leyla Uluhanli studied design in London and Moscow. Since opening her studio Leyla Uluhanli Interiors in 2005, she has showcased projects in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Baku, Lisbon, Dubai and London. For more information visit: DÉCOR Magazine


ANCIENT NATURE AND MODERN DESIGN A table that is the ultimate expression of sustainable design: The Terranova Table

Ancient nature and modern design meet and fuse to create a table, which unites a prehistoric wood of about 48,000 years in age with the contemporary look of natural iron. The top is made from an ancient New Zealand Kauri wood, which has been further, enhanced by the insertion of a transparent resin, poured in and polished by hand. Sitting on a solid iron base this unique table offers both a touch of modernity and natural elements into any interior. For more information visit:



VG is inspired by the mysteries of the underworld, such as the stalactites in century-old caves, the dramatic expression of the long-standing passage of water on rocks.

Africa Now, the new collection by Mosaico+

The name of the Greek goddess Theia – the mother of the sun, the moon and the dawn lends itself to this lamp as its design seeks to express the beauty of light. Theia, designed by Mathias Hahn for Marset, merges light and shadow into one single piece created with one single movement. With two faces, you can discover light and shadow by simply rotating it on its axis. This swivelling movement totally shifts the perception of the piece creating either a subtle light effect or solid darkness.

For more information visit:

Its formal design is elementary and streamlined: two halfspheres, one placed horizontally and the other vertically, which intersect with each other. Just as in nature itself, these formal elements make it possible for the light from a source to be projected, reflected and absorbed by objects for complete visual enjoyment. For more information visit:

16 DÉCOR Magazine

Mosaico+ presents its new collection where graphic motifs with bright and contrasting colours are reminiscent of the prints and weaves of African fabric with a contemporary interpretation. The result is a range of decorative motifs of sophisticated elegance, made up contrasting colours, like black and pink, or black and silver.

Celebrating 90 years of excellence

Bang and Olufsen Marbella, within their magnificent showroom in the heart of Puerto Banus, present the most innovative and captivating television ever seen.

THE LOVE AFFAIR COLLECTION This exclusive collection, containing six of our most current and iconic designs, is a living illustration of a love affair spanning from our origin in the roaring twenties into the future.

IT STARTED IN 1925 1925 was the year in which Peter Bang & Svend Olufsen began their quest. With this special collection, we set out to capture the mood and style of an age characterized by elegance, enticement and energy. It was a time when jazz music blossomed, and where the young – especially the young women – set themselves free. This was when Art Deco peaked, with its representation of luxury, glamour, exuberance, and faith in social and technological progress. Bang & Olufsen Marbella Puerto Banús, Main Entrance +34 952 817 250

18 DÉCOR Magazine

Led by rebellious and passionate spirits, the roaring twenties saw a renewed attraction to genuine beauty, music and dance, that set the stage for a love affair that could last forever…



Inspired by the legendary BeoLab 8000 speaker, BeoLab 18 honours the classic, slender, and straightlined beauty of that same vertical silhouette. BeoLab 18 delivers exceptional wireless performance to achieve peerless home acoustics without compromise.

GORGEOUS SOUND WITH A MAGIC TOUCH Designed and crafted like a beautiful piece of furniture, BeoPlay A9 is a music system that responds to your touch like magic. BeoPlay A9 is always ready to deliver gorgeous sound that is big enough to fill even the most spacious of rooms. DÉCOR Magazine


A SENSE OF EVERYDAY LUXURY BeoPlay H6 combines a natural and authentic sound performance with carefully selected, high-quality materials that rest softly and comfortably on your head, bringing a true sense of everyday luxury.

20 DÉCOR Magazine

A SENSORY EXPERIENCE The glamorous BeoVision 11-46” delivers razor-sharp images and powerful sound in a sleek, all-in-one, luxurious entertainment solution, bringing you to a new world of sensory delight.

INTUITIVE SIMPLICITY Crafted from a single, extruded piece of aluminium, BeoRemote One has a perfectly weighted ergonomic design, and provides intuitive and easy access to any Bang & Olufsen experience with just one touch. DÉCOR Magazine


A CELEBRATION OF MOVEMENT The majestic 85” version of BeoVision Avant delivers exquisite imagery and iconic sound, bringing the true power of cinema straight to your living room, with unprecedented flexibility and freedom of movement. EXPLORE THE ORIGINAL BEOVISION A

22 DÉCOR Magazine

Effortless shopping for beautiful interiors



24 DÉCOR Magazine


t’s BluePort Altea, a project of extraordinarily beautiful and comfortable villas located in the best available spot in Altea Hills - a unique place form which the views of the bay of Altea are simply unsurpassable and where the peace and quiet, privacy and natural surroundings envelope each and every home. BluePort stands for elegance and exclusivity specially for highly refined residents who invest on a luxurious level, and who seek to develop their stylish life in a setting of privacy, family comfort and first-class refinement. The grounds where BluePort is located are truly mind blowing! The Slope faces south and are displayed in such a way that each residence is ensured total privacy whilst enjoying 270 degrees of unobstructed views over the bay. That view is yours forever. Within such an exceptional environment, Blueport stands as an exclusive private world of comfort and security. Our understanding of luxury goes beyond the material level. It allows you to step into a world of all-inclusive quality in life. All BluePort residences are situated on private parcels of around 1,000 square meters. Each villa has approximately 500 square meters of living area, including 5 bedrooms, a grand living room with an open kitchen, a dining room, spacious bathrooms, a fitness centre, and an optional cinema room; they also contain independent service-quarters, an elevator, a garage for 3 cars, ample storage spaces and pleasant inner patios and gardens. Moreover, we encourage you to give it your own personal touch and uniqueness. Blueport Altea is surrounded by the amazing blue of the Mediterranen Sea. The blue, the sky, the sea...producing a sense of well being, a spiritual contentment that is difficult, if not impossible, to find anywhere else in other parts of Europe.


Embraced by the majestic Sierra Bernia, a chain of mountains that curves into the sea, Altea is guaranteed a perfect climate almost all year round, mild and sunny. Its low humidity levels and the protection of the hills that surround it, create a unique micro climate that the world health organisation has rated as one of the healthiest on the planet.

Apply for a full brochure: Contact Agent: Global Luxurious Properties Team of Professional Real Estate Consultants Phone: 0031-(0)15-2630195 Email: Website:

DÉCOR Magazine


www. b a cca


Obi is a part of the Japanese kimono, the band that is tied to close the robe and adjust its length, in which nothing is accidenbal - the fabric used, the pattern or the way it is tied. Nothing is accidental either in the creation of the Obi light, whose overall simplicity includes important details. This attention to detail and the interlacing of the long ribbon that characterise the lampshade have inspired its name ‘Obi’.

Complete lamp collection whose lampshades and canopies consist of silken ribbons available in ivory, black, white and tobacco colours. In the ivory and black versions the lampshades have a semi-reflecting chromeplated finished PVC sheet inside; the white and tobacco ones, instead, have a white stitched fabric interior. The canopies are coordinated with the lampshades.

28 DÉCOR Magazine

DÉCOR Magazine


The Obi collection includes a table lamp, floor lamp, suspension light, ceiling light and wall light. The lampshade is covered in soft, vertical silky ribbons and is available in different versions: ivory or black with a mirrored interior finish; tobacco or white with a white fabric interior. The use of this material is echoed in the rosette of the suspension models. The stand of the table and floor versions has three chrome plated metal bars. For more information visit:

30 DÉCOR Magazine

PLUMAGE Lush feathers






TA B L E a n d C H A I R V E N D Ă” M E , d e s i g n L O R E N Z O B E L L I N I

London New York Miami San Francisco Chicago Los Angeles Boston Dubai Abu Dhabi Moscow St. Petersburg Warsaw Singapore Bucharest Almaty Berlin DĂźsseldorf Munich Vienna Den Haag Zurich Geneva Belgrade Shanghai Suzhou Tallinn Helsinki Rome Milan Seoul

la murrina M








la murrina M






In a cozy atmosphere, a soft light creates an elusive and mysterious allure: this is Eclettica by la murrina, a new collection that emphasizes the ability of the Murano glassblowers. La Murrina was born on the island of Murano, in 1968, as a collaboration between a few select Master Glass Blowers, whose skill was a gift passed to them from a century’s worth of generations before them. In 1974, a Milanese family took control of the now successful company. They believed in the traditional art of glass blowing and had innovative ideas that would modernise this ancient art form, as well as the company as a whole. This seamless marriage of the antique and the contemporary has earned La Murrina their leading position as one of the most successful and respected manufacturers of Murano glass lighting and dÊcor products in the world, offering priceless and innovative pieces in every genre -- classic, traditional, contemporary and design. Available from:

34 DÉCOR Magazine

The art of la murrina, worldwide well-known for its aesthetic research that respects the tradition while looking forward to the future, offers a poliedric and multifaceted selection. Like jewels, drops of hand blown colored glass are embellishing the arms of chandeliers while luxurious fabrics shades decorate the fixtures, offering a delicate and subtle atmosphere. Alchemy, textures, transparency, reflections, art combined in a new style for an extraordinary la murrina design.

Eclettica includes light fixtures, sconces, table lamps, all available in different shapes, dimensions, finishes and designed for a powerful presence in the refined ambiances.

DÉCOR Magazine



AGARTOS TOURBILLON LIMITED EDITION 25 PCS. • Flying minute tourbillon with incorporated B&Z initials, screw balance when and 11 jewel bearings • TIME MOVER for 5 watches • “Magic Slide” electro-mechanical opening and closing system • Aluminium-wood chassis • Rhodanised metal applications • High gloss, metallic piano lacquer, interior in finest Italian nappa leather • Finest German craftsmanship

FEDORA Contemporary forms of the past

38 DÉCOR Magazine

Designed by Dima Loginoff

The collection of Fedora lamps, made of aluminium and glass, consists of five different types of suspended models - with one light, a cluster of three, six and twelve lights and seven lights in a line - and a recessed spotlight. Namely, the suspended models reveal the touch of the designer, the rising star of Russian design Dima Loginoff, who took and reinterpreted a shape universally regarded as associated with Russian tradition: Russian dolls. “Although I have been defined ‘the least Russian designer in Russia’, I love this shape and it seems to be in my blood,” says Dima Loginoff.

“In this project I decided to combine old and modern. I’m a big fan of minimalism, but sometimes I simply feel that classical forms are perfect to be redesigned and turned into a modern product. Fedora is an old and forgotten Russian name. I love it!” DÉCOR Magazine


Illuminating by decorating The combination of two materials such as aluminium and glass makes the Fedora lamp a particularly decorative item suitable to illuminate and decorate different areas, both in residential spaces (living, dining, halls) and in the contract sector (reception desks and lounges in hotels and public venues). In the suspended version the diffuser consists of an aluminium part, available in metallic bronze, rose gold or chrome, and another part made of clear glass. The built-in spotlight is entirely made of clear glass.

For more information visit:

Total home control in the palm of your hand With over 25 years experience in the home automation industry, EZ HOME SOLUTIONS can offer you the best automation service on the Costa del Sol. n Home Cinema n Light Control n Building / Energy Management n Video Entry Systems n Heating / Cooling Control n Alarm / Security n Pool Control n Electrical Installations Poligono Industrial Norte, C/ Carril de Picaza, 23, San Pedro de Alcรกntara, Marbella 29670 T (34) 952 799 344 | F (+34) 952 799 118

SA Baxter design and manufacture bespoke architectural hardware for high-end residential and commercial projects. The hardware is cast in brass, bronze and white bronze base metals and they offer one of the most comprehensive finish palettes in the industry. In achieving its founding mission to design and manufacture the best hardware in the world, SA Baxter develops hardware suites that range in style from traditional to modern-contemporary and everything in between. The firm draws on the resources of its own inhouse Product Design and Engineering team, as well as occasional collaboration with industry Artisans, to deliver exceptional heirloom-quality products. SA Baxter’s architectural hardware is handmade to order in the eco-friendly foundry located in New York State’s Hudson Valley. The ancient process of lost wax casting and modern, green technology allows for limitless design capabilities.

For more information visit:

42 DÉCOR Magazine

SA BAXTER BROADENING THEIR HORIZONS SA Baxter announces the introduction of architectural lighting. Born from a frequent client need, SA Baxter drew from years of design and craftsmanship excellence to develop this exceptional line of architectural lighting. Employing the same ancient, lost-wax casting technique combined with green, state-ofthe-art technology, the featured sconces and ceiling fixtures are a seamless extension of the SA Baxter brand. SA Baxter’s precise and impeccable artistry will now adorn the walls as well as the doors of the top residential, commercial and yacht projects worldwide.

Upholding a commitment to excellence, the nine sconces feature SA Baxter certified base metals and finishes and appeal to a wide range of design aesthetics. The SA Baxter design team developed this line to skillfully coordinate with the existing hardware line. The void for exceptional architectural lighting is now satisfied; SA Baxter affords clients the opportunity to outfit their entire home with exceptionally crafted metal work. This is the first step to expanding the SA Baxter footprint. After applying the acquired knowledge as an industry leader to lighting, SA Baxter looks to continue broadening the product offering.

DÉCOR Magazine


BLURRED LINES The Illusionist Wallpaper Collection is set to revolutionise the way we look at space in our homes. With the collection launching this month, you no longer need to be a magician to create optical illusions of space, Kelly and Dynamo have already overcome that design barrier.

Kelly Hoppen & Dynamo join forces to unveil their first illusionary collaboration with Graham & Brown Blurring the boundaries of design and magic, world-renowned designer and entrepreneur Kelly Hoppen MBE and star magician Dynamo, have teamed up to create a distinctive range of illusion wallpaper. Launching towards the end of January 2016, the collaboration will be the first that sees a magician and interior designer joining forces to bring their creativity and craft to life. The wallpapers are available in two designs ‘Enigma’, a 3 dimensional effect giving a protruding pillar effect and ‘Paradox’ which replicates an angled, jutting wall of stone. Each are digitally printed using the newest printing technology. By using this innovative technique, Kelly and Dynamo had access to design options outside of the usual restrictions and boundaries of traditional wallpaper printing allowing much more flexibility in terms of scale and detail. Using realistic imagery and clever design, Hoppen and Dynamo have used a trompe l’oeil technique to create an optical illusion of depth, which forms a sense of additional space within the home. Kelly Hoppen says, “When Dynamo and I initially met and started discussing the idea of an illusion wallpaper, I had no idea how fascinating it would be to work on such a different project! Having been in the design industry for 40 years, there isn’t much I haven’t done, but magic was new to me and I enjoyed every second. I like to think I create magic in people’s homes on a daily basis but now I can say I have done the real thing, with the mystery man himself!” Kelly and Dynamo, are proud ambassadors for The Prince’s Trust and are passionate about inspiring the next generations of young entrepreneurs and creatives. In celebration of their first collaboration and the Prince’s Trust 40th anniversary, Graham & Brown alongside Hoppen and Dynamo will donate a percentage of the proceeds back to the charity. Dynamo quoted on the collection said “I wanted to bring a bit of magic into people’s homes and after chatting with legendary interior designer Kelly Hoppen we came up together with the idea of magic inspired wallpaper prints. I’m thrilled with the results and even more delighted that part of the profits will go to the Princes Trust who were so key in helping me start my magical journey.”

For more information visit:

46 DÉCOR Magazine

Alan Kemp, Head of Brand Marketing at Graham & Brown said, “Graham and Brown are delighted to support this fascinating partnership that has produced an amazing result that challenges people’s perceptions of wallpaper.

As we celebrate our seventieth anniversary, it has been pleasure to once again challenge and innovate our print and finishing techniques as well as support the work of the Princes’ Trust”.

DÉCOR Magazine


DEEP IN THE JUNGLE The Jungle collection has been designed like a voyage into a land of colors and materials. Each motif tells a story and each page is an open window onto a fanciful, yet unexplored South American country: an oasis which is both wild and benevolent. Stroll in the midst of cacti without spines, stroke a jaguar, and have a nap in the shade of trees always laden with fruit… time seems to be at a standstill… let yourself be wooed by the charms of this lost paradise.

Pierre Frey, founded in 1935, designs, creates and manufactures fabrics and wallpapers in the purest French tradition. The company’s rich collection of no less than 7,000 items includes not only the Pierre Frey designs, but collections from the company’s other three prestigious brands: Braquenié, Fadini Borghi and Boussac. Although Pierre Frey is traditionally a fabric and furnishing house, it’s also attuned to the modern world, which has led to the creation of equally stunning home accessories and furniture collections.

For more information visit:

48 DÉCOR Magazine

DÉCOR Magazine


...with your very own corporate branded magazine


MORE A PIECE OF ART The new exclusive Osiris Side Table designed by Jose Queiros for the Osiris family is a statement piece of furniture. Inspired by the Egyptian pyramids, the table is predominantly made of brass with a top finished in Palisander wood veneer. The use of these materials is a combination of tradition, lightness and sophistication, making Osiris Side Table a unique furniture piece. This side table is available in two versions, gold brushed brass and white lacquered fiberglass. Clean design, emotional and creative. These are the core goals behind the development of Osiris. For more information visit:

For more information visit: DÉCOR Magazine


GIVING SOMETHING BACK New Designer, Anna Jacobs, launches a new cushion design, Murmuration, for SS16, sewn exclusively by women in a high security women’s prison, organized through the charity, Blue Sky. A British artist, interior designer and tutor at Chelsea College of Arts Anna’s new homewares business launched offical exactly a year ago this week. She applies her original paintings to limited edition prints, greeting cards, linen and silk cushions and lampshades with her new hand blown crystal glass lamp bases.

For more information visit:

52 DÉCOR Magazine

The cost of producing Anna’s Murmuration cushion through the prison is the same as it costs to produce her other cushions through her usual commercial CMT unit. However, part of the price she pays goes toward the training and qualifications of the women prisoners. She chose the Murmuration design because a murmuration is not only a wonderful image of birds flying free, but it is also an extraordinary phenomenon of hundreds of starlings working together and creating beautiful patterns and formations in the sky. This seemed to reflect the aims and ethos of the sewing workshop within the women’s prison. As a single parent who’d recently gone though some tough times, but been helped enormously by friends and family, Anna wanted to find a way to pass on some of that kindness by supporting other women in difficulty. Blue Sky aims to generate new employment and training opportunities to engage prisoners, improve their self esteem and give them the best chance of getting their lives back on track once they are released.

DÉCOR Magazine




on trend

Rattan Revival Rattan furniture may have been big in the 60s and 70s but then it was relegated to dated conservatories and flea markets but thanks to our re-appreciation of Seventies style and natural material it’s back and we can’t get enough of it!

Mustique Round Wicker Chair £199.00 The Acapulco Chair €289.95

Avia £250.00

ITO KISK – Basilisa (Barrel Accent table) Price on application

56 DÉCOR Magazine

Technicolour Dreams Think bright, bold and rainbow stripes. This spring colour is back! Thick or thin, vertical or horizontal stripes help to create an optical illusion and this season the linear effect will be packing a colour punch. Interior designers use stripes to add height with vertical stripes and depth with horizontal stripes. When using technicolor stripes be sure to balance the effect with some neutral colours to tone the overall look down. Technicolor Stripes Table Lamp With White Shade $230.00

Nina Tolstrup - David, David Chair £1,380.00

Splash Cushion Cover by Little Yellow Birds £47.00

Anthony Hartley – Edna Sideboard Price on application

DÉCOR Magazine


Enter the dragon The Chinese civilization dates back 4,000 years, making it one of the four recognized ancient civilizations and this year interior designers pay homage to the year of the Dragon. The dragon within Chinese mythology represents authority and good fortune which is why it is often used within Feng Shui. Add some drama to your surroundings by adding either statement accessories or traditional panelling

Blue and White Dragon Japanese Ceramic Tea Mug $14.05

Chiang Mai Dragon Ebony By Fschumacher $177.07 per yard

Double Sided Dragon in the Sky 4 Panel Room Divider by Oriental Furniture $99.00

58 DÉCOR Magazine

Schumacher Chiang Mai Dragon Custom Pillow 14 x 24 - Ebony $99.00

‘’Ere-Be-Dragons’ Blue Wallpaper £60.00

Mixed Metals Mixed metals were hot in 2015 and it seems this trend is going nowhere in 2016. Brass, gold, copper, platinum, steel - as long as they have a metallic sheen we are obsessed with them.

Pendant Lamps Bronze Copper Brass

Judy Ross Quartz Pillow, Cream, Oyster, Iron & Gold $220.00

Niki Jones Concentric Pillow, Dove Gray & White $175.33

Judy Ross Bangle Pillow, Cream, Oyster & Gold $220.00

Kravet – Kelly Wearstler Lee Jofa wallpaper

DÉCOR Magazine


Groovy Geometrics When it comes to adding visual interest to a room, there’s no easier way to make an impact than by adding a few geometric shapes, yet another revival from the Seventies. The great thing about this trend is that it can easily be incorporated into any style of design both modern and traditional. Those who like an ultra-modern look should consider making a statement with shapely furniture pieces and for the more traditional simply incorporate a geometric pattern into the room using floor tiles or accent textiles.

Thomas Feichtner FX10 Lounge Chair

Chair one B Chair - Metal & concrete base - Magis £430.00

Grandeco Geo in Grey, Orange or Teal £10.99 Geo Mix Cushions by Graduate Collection £40.00

Sculpturally Organic And Geometric Furniture by Simon Yates - POA

60 DÉCOR Magazine


DÉCOR Magazine







for the great outdoors Edward Bulmer Natural Paint is not a huge factory making paint for a number of different brands, they are an artisan business and every tin is mixed and made up at their Herefordshire HQ. The company have extremely high standards to make sure that they guarantee colour consistency and every batch is faithfully recorded. The paint mixers have an expert eye for colour, learnt from year’s of experience. It is priority to make sure that every tin is as good as the last. The paints are optimised for performance in a modern world. The colours are durable, colourfast and washable.

Invisible Green

Nobody does natural colour better than Edward Bulmer. One of Britain’s leading architectural historians, his all-natural paint collection is made with pure earth and mineral pigments, entirely true to nature and a perfect match for outdoor settings. The shade card offers seventy two historically-inspired colours for modern living, giving a depth of true colour which synthetic paints can never mimic. The collection, designed for indoors and out, includes a traditional Natural Oil Gloss, ideal for painting and preserving all exterior woodwork, from benches and chairs to windows and doors. Permanently elastic, it resists peeling or flaking by allowing the wood to breathe naturally.

Edward Bulmer Natural Paints are leading the way in producing a truly ecofriendly and completely natural designer paint range which is as easy to use as standard ‘plastic’ paint and is available in a range of finishes to suit your taste and needs. For more information visit: DÉCOR Magazine


Eco Friendly Paints To make truly eco friendly paints you need to use renewable raw materials, create the lowest possible carbon footprint and adopt the highest standard of ethical trading, with particular reference to modern anti-slavery policies for employees. Edward Bulmer natural paint is made with traditional formulations that have been adapted to produce paint for modern day use. The company does not generate net CO2 emissions in the process as they use abundant minerals or renewable raw materials. The types of renewable raw materials we use: • Plant origin such as Damar resin and linseed oil • Animal origin such as beeswax, milk casein and shellac • Minerals such as chalk, earth and mineral pigments Any CO2 that is generated in the manufacturing process is counterbalanced by the absorption of CO2 by the plant sources used in the ingredients. In addition, all the raw materials are all responsibly sourced and almost all are organic. The company is fully committed to constantly improving their footprint. Recycling Dangerous waste is not generated in the production process and everything used can be recycled. At their Herefordshire HQ the team work hard to generate as little waste as possible. The paints themselves are odourless and have just fresh, clean smells derived from nature. They do not generate any toxic waste in the processes and everything used can be recycled. Unwanted paint is donated to good causes. All the metal tins are recycled, plastic buckets are offered free to local people to feed their horses or grow tomatoes in. The office uses 100% reclyed paper.

Red Ochre (Aquatic shown on building behind)

A reed bed is used as a natural process of cleansing waste water by passing it through a mixture of reeds. This is good for biodiversity being situated in a place where insects are happy live and providing habitat for a range of creatures like voles, mice and otters. Renewable Electricity The company has been with Ecotricity for years! The office is run on renewable energy as they also generate a surplus of electricity from their little PV array which is sold back to the grid.

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Vert de Mer

Invisible Green.

Ingredients EB natural paints provide you with an honest declaration of ALL ingredients used. They can even tell you precisely how they are produced and from what country they are sourced.

Invisible Green

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Salone del Mobile Milano 12 / 17 April 2016 Fiera Milano, Rho.

EuroCucina, International Kitchen Furniture Exhibition/FTK, Technology For the Kitchen. International Bathroom Exhibition. International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition. SaloneSatellite 1926



Lorenzo Marini Group

Come to the 55th year of wow in design


We all know that Pantone has declared Rose Quartz and Serenity colours of the years, however in addition to these Pantone have also released their semi-annual colour report for spring. These colours will dictate what designers will present in fashion and interiors. The spring 2016 mix includes colours that are calming and peaceful combined with hues that are bold and playful. The new colours are...

PANTONE® 13-3804 TCX Gray Lilac

PANTONE® 13-3804 TCX Gray Lilac


Natural yet edgy

PANTONE® 16-1548 TCX Peach Echo

PANTONE® 16-1548 TCX Peach Echo

PANTONE® 15-1040 TCX Iced Coffee

PANTONE® 15-1040 TCX Iced Coffee


PANTONE® 13-4810 TCX Limpet Shell

PANTONE® 13-4810 TCX Limpet Shell

PANTONE® 13-4810 TCX Limpet Shell


Clear, clean, defined, fresh, crisp, modern

PANTONE® 19-4049 TCX Snorkel Blue

PANTONE® 19-4049 TCX Snorkel Blue

PANTONE® 19-4049 TCX Snorkel Blue

PANTONE® 19-4049 TCX Snorkel Blue


Relaxing, escapism



Friendly, warm, accessible

PANTONE® 15-1040 TCX Iced Coffee

Earthy, soft, subtle, stable

PANTONE® 13-4810 TCX Limpet Shell

PANTONE® 16-1548 TCX Peach Echo




PANTONE® 16-1548 TCX Peach Echo

PANTONE® 13-3804 TCX Gray Lilac



PANTONE® 13-3804 TCX Gray Lilac

PANTONE® 17-1564 TCX Fiesta



Unique, openness, unexpectedness

PANTONE® 17-1564 TCX Fiesta

Excitement, free-spirited

PANTONE® 15-1040 TCX Iced Coffee


PANTONE® 15-0146 TCX Green Flash


PANTONE® 15-0146 TCX Green Flash


PANTONE® 15-0146 TCX Green Flash

PANTONE® 17-1564 TCX Fiesta


Happy, sunny

PANTONE® 17-1564 TCX Fiesta


PANTONE® 12-0752 TCX Buttercup



PANTONE® 12-0752 TCX Buttercup


PANTONE® 15-0146 TCX Green Flash


PANTONE® 12-0752 TCX Buttercup



PANTONE® 12-0752 TCX Buttercup

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CHARACTER, DEPTH & PRESENCE The owners of this luxury renovation in London were looking for a wall and ceiling finish with character, depth and presence to bring comfort into the vast, airy spaces of this stunning room. Clay plasters, with their natural ability to buffer acoustics, thermal variation and moisture provided a breathtaking solution with not only natural beauty, but practical benefits. Added advantages are that being naturally pigmented, these difficult to access areas will never need painting and that the clay will eliminate glare.

Multi award-winning firm Clayworks created this distinctive and sophisticated finish with their White, Non-Mica Smooth Top Coat and was specified by specialist developers Evolve Production Services and applied by Clayworks’ Lead Plasterer Guy Valentine. Clayworks manufacture all of their plasters in Cornwall and have teams of accredited specialist plasterers around the world. Recyclable, reusable, compostable and 100% biodegradable, clay plasters are superior to classic polished cement and composed of natural materials that are the perfect choice for environmentally

conscious property developers, architects, builders and designers being nontoxic and not made from synthetic materials. With a varied colour palette and a multitude of textures to choose from, Clayworks’clay plasters also provide a flexible medium in which bespoke finishes can be incorporated. Using Japanese hard-trowel or sponging techniques, a sleek finish perfectly mimicking polished cement can be achieved, or alternatively you can opt for a more industrial textured finish. Designs and artwork can also be carved, stamped or handcrafted into the finish, perfect for businesses seeking to combine graphics within their interior decoration schemes.

Clayworks is an independent business based in the South West of England. Established in 2002 by Adam Weismann and Katy Bryce, Clayworks is based in Cornwall where it manufactures natural clay plaster for the architectural and interior design industries. Leading the field in the development of environmentally friendly architecture and the design of healthy living and working environments Clayworks is now considered an industry expert and were awarded Small Business of the Year Award 2015 by Business Green Leaders. Producing bespoke finishes and pigmented clays for a variety of trade customers, Clayworks wall finishes can now be found in restaurants, hotels, high-street stores, housing developments and offices worldwide.

Available from: DÉCOR Magazine




SMOKEY Dôme Deco offers you a professional solution including all the service you could wish for. Home or commercial projects? The creative team will advise you throughout the total project. They offer innovative and creative ideas. Dôme Deco is your ideal partner when you are looking for an unique and creative design, combined with the right amount of class. With more than 15 years of experience in the interior world, they deliver innovative ideas and effective technical advice for every project. The contemporary style, the conceptual design and the cosmopolitan way of thinking will result in a refined interior plan.

For more information visit:

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Urban, masculine and experimental contrasts are the key words for this theme. Soft velvets and smokey color effects create an edge and a very city look and feel. The new and trendy Denim Blue color is refreshing and crucial for the identity of this collection.


6 7



1. Milano Coffee/End Table- F11/W11/BLA Black - Mindy Wood, Black Metal Frame - D70 x H40 cm 2. Vase Glass M - V2-G180/PU Purple - Glass - D19 x H30 cm Vase Glass S - V2-G179/PU Purple - Glass - D25 x H25 cm 3. Wall Shelf Aluminium S - D5-A4/SI Silver - Aluminium - L11,5 x W13 x H12 cm 4. Wall Shelf Aluminium L - D5-A5/SI Silver - Aluminium - L18 x W18,5 x H18,5 cm 5. Moderno Lounge Chair- F15-T10/BL Blue (Turquoise) - Safira Fabric - L80 x W73 x H83 cm 6. Cushion Feline - FEL4545/GRI Grey (Green, Orange, Red, Pink, Yellow) - 100% Polyester - 45 x 45 cm 7. Cor Cushion Trees Print - COR4040A/GRI Grey (Ocre) - 60% Viscose, 40% Cotton - 40 x 40 cm 8. Plaid Eli - ELI130170B/SI Silver (Gold) - 100% Acrylic - 170 x 130 cM 9. Groom Stool With Handle- F4-T27/Bl Blue (Pink) - Vintage Velvet Fabric - D45 X H44 cm

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1. Plaid Eli - Eli130170b/Go - Gold (Silver) - 100% Acrylic - 170 X 130 cm 2. Rainier Cushion - Rai4545/Gri - Grey (Purple, Red, Beige) - 100% Polyester - 45 X 45 cm 3. Baron Lounge Chair- F15-T16eb/Rv-Bl - Blue Velvet (Black, Red), Ebony Wood (French Grey) Velvet Fabric, Mindy Wood - L66 X W73,5 X H74 Cm 4. Tor End Table S/2 - F1-W1/Bla - Black - Mindy Wood - D60 X H61 cm, D40 X H51 cm 5. Pendle One Glass, Ref. A - L5-G5/Si - Silver - Glass - D17,5 X H23,5 cm 6. Pendle One Glass, Ref. B - L5-G6/Si - Silver - Glass - D17,5 X H24,5 cm 7. Pendle One Glass, Ref. C - L5-G7/Si - Silver - Glass - D17,5 X H23,5 cm 8. Mirror Round- M2-W5/Si - Silver - Glass - D90 cm

72 DÉCOR Magazine

1. Plaid Eli - Eli130170b/Go Gold (Silver) - 100% Acrylic - 170 X 130 cm


2. Coffee End Table With Dark Colored Glass - F11-G4/Bla Black - Metal, Glass - L48,5 X W45 X H55 cm 3. Cor Cushion Trees Print - Cor4040a/Gri Gray (Ocre) - 60% Viscose, 40% Cotton - 40 X 40 cm 4. Floorlamp Metal With Black Shade- L2-S10/Bla Black - Metal Foot, Fabric Shade - D55 X H165 Cm


2 3

DÉCOR Magazine


1. Vase Glass With Blue Bottom- V2-G230/Gri Gray - Glass - D14,5 x H36 cm 2. Vase Glass With Grey Bottom- V2-G229/Pu Gray - Glass - D10,5 x H27 cm 3. S/4 Iron Mirrors - F7-S13/Dbro - Dark Bronze Iron - D10 x H14 Ccm, D16 x H11 cm, D19,5 x H9 cm, D23 x H7,5 cm 4. Tablelamp On Rectangular Wooden Foot L3-W6/Bla - Black - Wooden Foot, Fabric Shade L40 x W30 x H65 cm


5. Plaid Mathias - Mat130170/Mix - Mix - 100% Acrylic 130 x 170 cm 6. Grimaud Sidechair - F2-T16/Lgri - Lightgrey (Grey, Taupe) - Twill Grey Fabric - L48,5 x W62 x H84 cm


1 2




74 DÉCOR Magazine

7. Patchwork Carpet Cowhair- Pw120180/ Cow - Grey Mix - 100%Cowhide/ Leather - 120 x 180 cm


Presents: A sculpture of light and shadow


The collection IN-EI ISSEY MIYAKE is a combination between a material that comes from the regeneration of the fiber of PET bottles, an innovative project based on a mathematical program and the wise use of the latest generation sources to create a unique relationship between light and shadow.


DOWN TO THE WIRE The inspiration for this charming and decorative series came while Kasper Rønn and Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen were visiting a Japanese-inspired garden in L.A The garden had custom made standing and hanging displays with flowers and light and together with the Japanese trees and small fountains it transformed the garden into a beautiful new kind of Art Deco. The series consists of two elegant bases for cosy oil lamps or beautifully floating flower arrangements.

The Copenhagen-based studio, NORM (founded in 2008) represents the vision of two Danish architects and designers: Jonas BjerrePoulsen and Kasper Rønn. The name NORM indicates the importance of drawing inspiration from traditions and norms that have been refined for many centuries within the field of architecture and aesthetics. In all their work and design, NORM makes it a virtue to focus on quality, durability and timelessness.

As their names imply Wire Base 200, 400 and 600 are either 200, 400 or 600mm high. On top of these elegant bases you can put a cosy Oil Disc to light up the terrace, the patio or all along the driveway – or a charming

pot for green plants, fresh herbs or lovely flowers. Mix and match between heights and contents and create your own tableau displays inside the house, or outside – or maybe even both.

Available from: DÉCOR Magazine


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Wire Bowl is designed to hold fruit, but you can fill it with anything from apples and oranges, to magazines or all the lovely woollen yarn for your next knit project.

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Chisel & Mouse


T: +44 1273251335 E: W:

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EVERYTHING TO FURNISH YOUR HOME Calle Juan de Mena 18, Poligono Industrial, Estepona E: T: 952 798277

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THE SKY’S THE LIMIT Introducing the iconic Aviation Collection from Touched Interiors

Touched Interiors® was founded to “bring visionary dream designs to reality.” They want design excellence not just for interior design clients but for anyone who is passionate about interiors. The 7-star team is made up of expert textile and interior designers. So the clients can sit back and relax, knowing that Touched Interior’s® experience will canvas all those things that they may not have thought of. The team have travelled the World to bring not just furniture but pieces of sculptural art that are alive with personality and presence.

Using reclaimed, authentic parts, from both military and civilian aircrafts, The Aviation Collection from Touched Interiors explores the most innovative ways to breathe new life into remarkable feats of engineering, creating a collection steeped in history. Each piece is meticulously crafted with an emphasis on originality and personality, resulting in a distinctive homage to aviation heritage and engineering, guaranteed to intrigue, captivate, and inspire conversation in any home or place of business. Standout pieces include the captivating Aircraft R.A.F MK1 Practice Cluster Bomb Drinks Cabinet, the fascinating Boeing 777 Mirror Polished Wheel Centre Table and the enthralling Airbus A320 Aircraft Escape Hatch Walnut Exit Table.

At Touched Interiors® you will find the finest selection of interior furnishings in the universe. BAE 146 Polished Stainless Steel Exhaust Floor Lamp

For more information contact

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Airbus A320 Aircraft Escape Hatch Walnut Exit Table

Inspiration for this collection has been drawn from a number of different periods: from the Art Deco movement of the early 1900s to the Parisian craftsmen creating robust industrial furniture and lighting in the 40s, to the 21st century. Touched Interiors, founded in 2009, offers handcrafted furniture from all around the world, and boast an extensive range of opulent interior and exterior furnishings. This includes a vast selection of freestanding and hanging sofas, dining tables and chairs, and coffee and cocktail tables.

Boeing 747 Horizon Perfect Mirror Polished Powder Coated Fuselage Wall Clock

Boeing 777 Mirror Polished Wheel Centre Table

Opposite page top left: Aircraft R.A.F MK1 Practice Cluster Bomb Drinks Cabinet DÉCOR Magazine



A combination of more than 30 glass, metal, stone, porcelain and mixed blend mosaics have been added to Original Style’s existing range.

Original Style is one of the UK’s leading tile manufacturers and distributors, specialising in superior quality wall and floor tiles in ceramic, porcelain, natural stone, glass and mosaics for both residential and commercial projects. Original Style products are available in over 400 quality independent tile retail outlets nationwide, as well as 2,000 outlets in 60 countries worldwide.

For more information visit:

84 DÉCOR Magazine


One of the company’s most popular collection of products, the Mosaics range has been updated with the addition of new colours, shapes and finishes. Many new materials have been added, including porcelain, marble, glazed stone, glass and mixed blends to ensure there is something to suit all areas of the home. Hexagons have been added, due to the shape’s continued popularity, in a range of colours and formats. Etal (shown below) is made from glass and features a softly textured and iridescent finish. Several attractive penny round shaped mosaics have been added, providing a refreshing change to the usual square. Tavo, shown below, looks beautiful in a natural, bathroom environment. More exotic and decorative mosaics have also been introduced, with Cheyenne leopard print mosaics injecting fun and character into interiors. For those who favour a more subtle decorative look, porcelain Ming mosaics may appeal. Giving the appearance of cracked, aged pottery, these mosaics feature soft indigo flowers in a delft style, on a white background. Floor suitable mosaics have also been added. New products include Ardes, a realistic slate effect porcelain, and natural monochrome marble in a popular basket weave pattern.

3 DÉCOR Magazine




Basketweave - natural marble mosaic tiles suitable for walls and floors. This style is still very popular, and available in a black or white version.


Hexagon mosaics are the shape of the moment. The surface of the glass mosaics have a subtle texture. Genau - shown top and Voni - shown bottom


Yiska glazed stone mosaics featuring rich reds and variation for extra texture. Available in a range of three stylish hues.


Leopard print glazed stone mosaics are sure to make a statement! Cheyenne features a black dot on a brickbond background.


Ming are porcelain mosaics featuring a soft crackle effect with delicate indigo flowers.


Ardes slate effect stone lookalike mosaics, made from porcelain, are affordable, durable and very chic. Suitable for walls and floors.


Gold Pearl - beautiful pearl shell mosaics with a subtle gold tint


Kauali mosaics are brickbond, dark and moody and feature an exotic fusion of stone, glass and metal.


Tavo glass penny round mosaics are a pleasing combination of neutrals, but they reflect the colour of their surroundings. This shape is available in two other shades.

10 Selene - Hexagon mosaics are the shape of the moment. The surface of these Selene mosaics are clear glass, with a combination of silver, gold and copper hues. 11

Raipur mosaics are dark and moody and feature an exotic fusion of stone, glass and metal.

12 Agra are glittering glass mosaics with shimmering individual pieces. A mix of silver and grey, these make a gorgeous feature for splashbacks or showers. 13 Mother of Pearl - beautiful brickbond style mosaics made from freshwater pearl, in a darker hue.


6 86 DÉCOR Magazine







13 DÉCOR Magazine







PAINTERSTYLE DESIGN Dramatic, uninhibited and painterly, Fauvisimo has been inspired by the vibrant colours of the early 20th Century’s Fauvist art movement. Harlequin is part of Walker Greenbank PLC, a luxury interior furnishings group of companies which design, manufacture, market and distribute wallcoverings, furnishing fabrics and associated products for the consumer market. The Walker Greenbank brands comprise of Zoffany, Sanderson, Morris & Co., Harlequin and Scion. Targeted at the mid to upper end of the premium contract market, each brand benefits from worldwide distribution. The products can be viewed at flagship showrooms throughout the world, including the Design Centre Chelsea Harbour, London, and the D&D Building, New York.

For more information visit:

90 DÉCOR Magazine

Fauvisimo is the stunning new fabric collection from Harlequin, which was launched in January 2016. Its prints, which feature British birds, flowers and landscapes, are stunning in their spontaneous, liberated interpretation of the inherent beauty of nature and its intensity of colour.

DÉCOR Magazine


The collection was designed by the Harlequin Studio’s Becky Brown, who explains:

“I’ve always been fascinated by artistic movements of the late 19th and early 20th Centuries and I love experimenting with confident colours, uninhibited sweeping brushstrokes and painterly effects. For Fauvisimo, I applied paint by scraping it on in thick daubs using a palette knife, building texture and pattern through layers and embosses. I wanted to eliminate fine detail, instead creating a representational, abstract shape or composition.”

Fluid and energetic, the hand-painted designs are invigorating and tactile. Comprising prints, embroideries, jacquards and weaves, Fauvisimo’s refreshing fabrics, with their strong emphasis on colour, will add ebullience and character to any interior scheme. The prints, some of which are produced digitally to accommodate the vibrant colours and depth of design, feature overblown peonies, foxgloves,

92 DÉCOR Magazine

tulips and sprays of blossom and pussy willow, as well as abstract stripes and block-effects. They are complemented by enchanting representations of small birds perched on branches, both printed on voile and embroidered, and intricately stitched papery poppies, as well as jacquards featuring ombré colours and stripes resembling dripping paint and spun sugar.

DÉCOR Magazine



94 DÉCOR Magazine

The layering of rich, contrasting tones develops warmth and energy against the cooler backdrop of natural cloth. The powerful colour palette ranges from cobalt blues and deep magentas to moody greys, sultry black and on-trend mustards, and includes softer highlights of muted greens, blush pinks and honey shades. To complement Fauvisimo the Studio has developed four suitably painterly weaves suitable for both drapes and upholstery, which together form the Sgraffito range. In a choice of cotton-mix or wool-mix, these stunning woven fabrics include a semi-plain, a small chevron check, a tweedy weave and an eye-catching motif resembling freely applied brushstrokes.

DÉCOR Magazine



JAB International Furnishings Ltd. | 17 The Boulevard | Imperial Wharf | London SW6 2UB Tel: 020 7348 6620 | Email: | |

LA BELLE ROMANITC VELVET What would a romantic atmosphere be without the caress of soft velvet! LA BELLE presents the upholstery fabric classic with an especially beautiful appearance. Due to its longer pile of pure viscose, the feel of the velvet mesmerises with an exciting lustre, which shines sometimes more, sometimes less, depending upon the direction of the fibres. The colour palette is impressive with its incredible variety and offers exciting new and fashionably popular hues in addition to timeless colours.

Founded in Germany in 1946, JAB Anstoetz is one of the world’s leading fabric houses, offering a stylish and carefully edited selection of fabrics, wallpaper, carpets, rugs and curtain rails. Innovative, fashion-forward and always ahead of the trends, JAB is renowned for providing the very best in interiors and is represented in over 80 countries across Europe, North and South America, Africa, Asia and a comfortable and inviting environment.

Available from:

98 DÉCOR Magazine

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Iqrup + Ritz are a furniture and home décor brand specialising in high-quality, handcrafted furniture at affordable prices. Founded by mother and daughter duo, Iqrup and Ritika (Ritz) Dhamija in 2014, it has since shipped 1000s of products worldwide and was hailed as one of four household online brands to watch out for by Architectural Digest (IN).

For more information visit:

100 DÉCOR Magazine

Iqrup + Ritz collaborate with award-winning Safomasi for Exclusive Collection Iqrup + Ritz have partnered up with award-winning homeware brand Safomasi for a range of exclusive upholstery fabric options for sofas, armchairs and headboards. The prints have been selected from Safomasi’s very popular Pushkar Camels, Alleppey Palm Pickers and Japanese Crane collections. The tones have been updated to complement Iqrup + Ritz’s current colour palette and furniture lines. Safomasi for Iqrup + Ritz are hand printed and come in a fine luxurious cotton linen that works perfectly for upholstery. Safomasi for Iqrup + Ritz also includes a complementary cushion collection.




Iqrup Dhamija, Founder + Creative Lead of Iqrup + Ritz:

Sarah Fotheringham, Co-Founder of Safomasi:

“We’ve loved Safomasi’s prints ever since we saw them at India Design ID last year. It was a real pleasure working with Sarah and Maninder. The hard part was restricting the selection to just a few of their beautiful patterns.”

“It was really exciting for us to see our prints come to life on Iqrup + Ritz’s beautifully crafted furniture. I love the earthy colour palette that we developed together, so different from our original colour ways but it works brilliantly.”

Pushkar Camels Safomasi for Iqrup + Ritz’s Pushkar Camel is an amazing pop print of camels from Pushkar. Every year, thousands of camels are brought to be traded at the Pushkar Camel Fair. From decorated camels to snappily dressed traders, Sarah (Safo) and Maninder (Masi) have interpreted the colours and ornaments to create a mesmerising print. Complemented by Bamboo Weave Cobblestone fabric. Dalhousie Slipper Chair in Pushkar Camel Fabric £559 The Dalhousie Slipper Chair is designed by Iqrup and made in Iqrup’s own workshop. It has beautifully curved square back legs and chic spooled legs in front and is finished in walnut finish. The seat also has chic button tufting detail and the seat is comfy but firm. Handmade to order. Safomasi Pushkar Camel Print Cushions £39

DÉCOR Magazine


Alleppey Palm Pickers Safomasi for Iqrup + Ritz introduces you to the Coconut Palm Picker print inspired from all the way down south of India. The print captures the lush tropical landscape of Kerala in colourful hues of fresh greens, blues and coral. Coconut pickers climbing up palms are paired with woven bamboo leaf patterns in a rust colour. Palm Pickers Cushion £39 Dalhousie Slipper Chair in Safomasi Palm Pickers (£559) The Rust bamboo print is also available as an upholstery option for our stunning hand-woven cane Gymkhana armchair (£699), Parisian Madeline Slipper Chair in Natural Glaze (£629), and the chic Shimla chair (£699).

102 DÉCOR Magazine

Japanese Cranes Safomasi for Iqrup + Ritz’s Crane is based on sketches and memories while travelling through the two fascinating sides of Japan. The hand printed pattern is inspired by the belief in Japan that a string of one thousand origami cranes will bring good luck. Available in Blue and Gold. Cranes Cushion £39 The cranes cushion features the blue crane print one side and the gold print on the other. The Gold crane print is also available as an upholstery option for Iqrup + Ritz Shimla chair (£699) as well as the Dalhousie slipper chair (£559).

DÉCOR Magazine


104 DÉCOR Magazine


THE BEST PAINT IN THE WORLD Marston & Langinger paints are not only beautiful, but also technically advanced. They are self-priming, extraordinarily durable with impeccable environmental credentials.

Exterior Eggshell | Chalky Interior Matt | Interior Eggshell Sample pots available +44 (0) 20 7881 5700 @MLanginger Also available from Brewers DÉCOR Magazine 105

SPORTING LEGEND The story of Timothy Oulton started back in 1976 with a small antiques shop owned by Tim’s dad. Profoundly influenced by his love of antiques, his father’s military background, and an inherent affection for British heritage, Tim created an authentic, visionary brand with the deepest integrity and a passion to deliver the extraordinary. The Timothy Oulton brand is known for its modern reinterpretation of traditional designs and respect for classic heritage, balanced with an inspired streak of innovation to create fresh and exciting spaces relevant for today’s lifestyle. Only the finest materials are used, from South American leather to wood reclaimed from centuries-old distilleries, handcrafted and repurposed using time-honoured techniques. Today, Timothy Oulton is a worldwide brand, with stores continuing to open in most global cities.

For more information visit:

106 DÉCOR Magazine

The legendary Blue Room at the historic Los Angeles Athletic Club reopens, designed by Timothy Oulton In downtown L.A, the historic Los Angeles Athletic Club recently unveiled its reinvigorated Blue Room, designed by Timothy Oulton. This exclusive members-only speakeasy forms part of the Los Angeles Athletic Club’s multi-million dollar renovations, celebrating over 100 years of heritage with a fresh, modern reinvention. The Los Angeles Athletic Club (LAAC) was the city’s first private club, founded back in 1880. The original Blue Room opened in 1912 and was where the LAAC’s influential Uplifters Club was formed in 1913, counting Walt Disney and Clark Gable amongst its prestigious members.

Having been run by the same family for six generations, the LAAC remains a cultural institution in the city. When they approached Timothy Oulton to recreate the legendary Blue Room it seemed like the perfect pairing. Tim Oulton explains: “Heritage and authenticity are hugely instrumental in everything we do so this was an exciting collaboration, to put our stamp on such an iconic landmark. The idea of hosting, creating inspiring spaces where people can relax together and connect, that’s what our collections are all about, whether it’s in your own home or in a setting like the Blue Room.“

DÉCOR Magazine


The four week project to transform the fourth floor conference room into a sophisticated lounge and bar was headed up by Timothy Oulton’s team, led by Global Style Directors, Danielle Monti-Morren and Raoul Morren. Work began by taking down the false ceiling to expose the pipework and spraying the ceiling black. The old carpet was lifted up and the concrete underneath was polished to create an edgy, industrial look. During the LAAC’s renovations, a longforgotten hidden staircase was unearthed between the third and fourth floor; a clandestine passage used during Prohibition in the 1920s. It was decided to turn this into the main entrance for the Blue Room, celebrating the club’s heritage and adding a sense of humour and playfulness to the project. A trick bookcase in the third floor bar now opens on to the intriguing secret stairwell, where black walls are covered from floor to ceiling with framed photographs chosen from the LAAC’s archives, each one telling a piece of the club’s history. Up the staircase and into the Blue Room, black walls provide a dramatic yet neutral backdrop for the furnishings. An accent wall of Oxford Blue creates depth and coordinates with the existing shutters that frame the huge windows.

108 DÉCOR Magazine

The layout has been designed with several intimate areas; to create a place to hold a meeting or small private dinner, or to relax with friends over a vintage movie. The whole space can also be taken over and used for a private party. Unlike anything else in the LAAC building, the Blue Room has its own unique vibe, it’s a club within a club. In one candle-lit corner, Timothy Oulton’s signature flair for juxtaposing the classic

with the contemporary is brought to life in the hand-softened leather Scholar armchairs and Westminster Union Jack sofa. Industrial elegance pervades the Axel coffee and side tables, handmade from reclaimed boat wood, and Gyro lamps inspired by ancient navigational instruments. An old projector and movie screen are set up to enjoy some black and white classics, perhaps a Charlie Chaplin favourite - one of the LAAC’s most famous residents.

DÉCOR Magazine


More of the club’s athletic heritage furnishes the walls with a gallery of photographs alongside Match Point, an art work created from vintage wooden tennis rackets. A refined Crystal chandelier hangs in contrast above the rustic oak Boston dining table topped with distressed aluminium, ready to host conversation next to the cocktail and whisky bar, sponsored by renowned Scotch whisky brand The Macallan. Sharing Timothy Oulton’s passion for authentic craftsmanship, The Macallan uses traditional distillery methods at their 300 year old estate in the Highlands, a perfect pairing with LAAC’s rich heritage.

110 DÉCOR Magazine

Vintage curiosities appear everywhere, from the violin medley above the huge Drum bookcase to rows of artfully arranged hockey sticks and shin pads. The team scoured the building for memorabilia, from books and art to the trophies that sit proudly on the American Lockers, which act as liquor lockers for The Macallan’s “by the bottle” list, so members can dip into their favourite single malt at leisure. Timothy Oulton’s signature Pillar of Knowledge – a floor to ceiling tower of books – is planted with a dozen books written by original members of the LAAC’s Uplifters Club.

A quiet nook by the window exudes the air of a classic gentlemen’s lounge. Seated around brass Drum side tables, inspired by 19th century British military drums, oversized leather wingchairs offer decadent comfort under the mellow glow of more Crystal chandeliers. A crate of vintage playing cards suggests a long evening ahead, perhaps a few games of blackjack over whisky.

On the design of the Blue Room, Danielle Monti-Morren explains;

“Our aesthetic always begins with authenticity. We wanted to preserve the history of the club but marry it with something daring and modern. The room is a hub, a meeting place, a spot for business to happen, but also a place to celebrate.” DÉCOR Magazine


ABOUT LOS ANGELES ATHLETIC CLUB The Los Angeles Athletic Club (LAAC) was the city’s first private club. Founded in 1880, the LAAC joined a downtown core of businesses that included prominent Angelenos, sons of the pioneers, and adventurers. Throughout the years, Los Angeles Athletic Club membership has read like a “Who’s Who” of the city, with names like Lankershim, Chandler, Dockweiler, Doheny, O’Melveny, and Slauson. During the Golden Age of Hollywood, stars such as Mary Pickford, Rudolph Valentino, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Harold Lloyd, Johnny Weissmuller, and Charlie Chaplin congregated at the club. The LAAC eventually outgrew its original quarters and in 1912, moved to its current location at the corner of 7th and Olive Streets. Today, the LAAC is regarded as one of the top athletic facilities in Los Angeles, offering an array of activities including basketball, squash, swimming, personal training, and spa services. Los Angeles Athletic Club, 431 West Seventh Street, Los Angeles, CA 90014

112 DÉCOR Magazine

All room photography by Antonio Diaz



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ail ut the det It’s all abo and the home Hermès Geoffery Designer Bradfield luxurious, Refined, curated, exquisitely oke and besp fearless , ely of the complet moment

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INNOVATIVE INTERIORS from Patricia Urquiola

Spanish by birth, and Italian by choice, Patricia Urquiola was born in Oviedo, Spain and studied architecture in Madrid before graduating from the Milan Politecnico in 1989. The key words for her work are: rigour and emotion, innovation and mental comfort. She was mentored by some of the masters of Italian industrial design: Achille Castiglioni oversaw her graduate thesis, and Vico Magistretti, with whom she designed her first projects. She learned her craft in Italy, and opened a studio in Milan in 2001, where she has developed a truly global enterprise. Some highlights from her career include her encounter with Maddalena de Padova (1990), her collaboration with Piero Lissoni(1996-2000), and her partnership with Patrizia Moroso (since 1998).

Patricia Urquiola’s work is widely known to be playful and poetic, yet pragmatic and functional, a creative combination that is the magic behind her work. She comes and goes through conventional time - rethinking, reinventing, and creating new. The effect is a powerful reminder of the past and exploration into the now, always creating a new experience for the user.

For more information visit:

116 DÉCOR Magazine

Her designs are unconventional, emphatic, and experimental, blending humanist sensibilities and technical expertise – qualities that also come from her work as an architect. The Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Barcelona is one of her many architectural projects. She has received numerous accolades and awards over the years, and in 2011 she was awarded the Medalla de Oro al Mérito en las Bellas Artes and the Order of Isabella the Catholic by King Juan Carlos I of Spain. Some noteworthy collaborations include: • • • • • • • • • • • •

Agape Alessi Andreu World Axor B&B Italia Baccarat Beko Arçelik Bisazza BMW Budri Coalesse De Padova

• • • • • • • • • • • •

Driade Emu Flos Foscarini Gandia Blasco Glas Italia Kartell Kettal Kvadrat Molteni Moroso Mutina

• • • • • • • • • • •

Louis Vuitton Rosenthal Viccarbe Molteni&C Officine Panerai Missoni Ritz Carlton Marriott Design Hotel Haworth Boffi

PATRICIA URQUIOLA FOR GANDIA BLASC The collection is called MANGAS - that means sleeve in Spanish - and it is based on a patchwork of different wool knits, to create a collection of various typologies with different shapes, going from Manga farol (bellowed sleeve) to Manga de campana (bell-shaped sleeve). the collection is playful and extremely orginal with a great colour schemes.

DÉCOR Magazine


Another of her latest venture is a collection of gorgeous glazed porcelain tiles which are suitable for both wall and floor applications. Available in three colourways – Nero, Grigio and Bianco – each range is available in a selection of plain and patterned pieces which can be combined to make up to 27 different patterns. What makes these tiles so interesting is the use of visual texture, pattern and colour and the flexibility the range offers to the designer. The tiles can be grouped similarly (as seen above) to create repetitive patterns or laid in a seemingly random fashion but within a simple colour scheme (as seen left) to create an amazing visual dynamic.

118 DÉCOR Magazine

GAN introduces GAN spaces in 2015, by Patricia Urquiola and Sandra Figuerola GAN spaces. Starting with a rug, GAN creates your home. Multipurpose modules, cushions, accessories, poufs, containers… they all fit in any space so you can design your own space according to your own needs. Studio Urquiola designed Haworth’s Chicago showroom for NeoCon 2013, 2014 and 2015. This preview product creates new spaces and responds to envolving work habits within the office environment.

DÉCOR Magazine



THE HOME OF LUXURY LIVING With an opulent showroom on Marbella’s iconic Golden Mile, ‘Alexander’s Collection’ reflects the very best money can buy with an array of magnificent high quality creations.


Alexander’s Collections combines stunning handmade carpets, the finest silk wallpaper, exquisite high quality mosaic’s, textiles, centrepiece glassware, chandeliers, lamps and accessories. Working with only the most prestigious brands such as Daum, Zuber, Christofle, Zanetti Murano, San Giorgio & Houles Paris Alexander’s Collections is able to offer it client’s unique limited editions and exclusive one off pieces of crystal, glass, silver, porcelain and Limoges fine bone china (Manufacture Royal de Limoges) amongst many other stunning creations and designs - not to forget –many item have an exclusivity.



DÉCOR Magazine




Alexander’s Collection’ irrefutably stands beside the top names in interior design and collectables and encompasses luxury at its finest resulting in the perfect interior company. Their furniture collections include worldwide luxurious brands such as Pregno, Canterio & Signorini e Coco to name but a few who are all master in handcrafted bespoke interiors. Alexander’s Collection team work tirelessly with the manufactures and can tailor-make a design project offering bespoke fitting and design services for any shape room.

PREGNO DAUM Alexanders’ Collection Spain Luxury Home | Ctra. n-340, Km 176 | Edif OASIS Business Center Local 1 | 29600 Marbella (Malaga) | T. +34 952 82 34 40 | |

122 DÉCOR Magazine

Alexanders’ Collection Spain Luxury Home Luxurious Fabrics | Handmade Embroidery Mosaics | Lighting | Fine Carpets Exquisite High Quality Furniture | Glassware Accessories and much more...

Opening hours: Monday-Saturday 11:00 - 20:00 Ctra. n-340, Km 176, Edif OASIS Business Center Local 1. 29600 Marbella (Malaga), España T. +34 952 82 34 40 |


There was a time when fashion designers simply dressed models’ parading there wears down the catwalk. However over the last few years there has been a shift in trend and today fashion designers and brands have invaded the home. At this seasons Milan furniture fair over 30 fashion brands participated and whilst we have come to expect names such as Roberto Cavalli, Versace and Armani Casa it is the rise in collaborations between furniture brand and fashion designers that seems to be expanding. Emillio Pucci has joined forces with Phillipe Stark, Jean Paul Gautier has continued his collaboration with French retailer Roche Bobois and began a new partnership with textile company Lelièvre and Henry Holland the eccentric British designer has teamed up with Habitat to release his first interior collection. So why are so many designers heading towards interiors design? The answer is simply designers want to engrain there brand into every element of our lives. Financially not all fashion designers can do this which is why we see an increase in the number of collaborations

HENRY HOLLAND FOR HABITAT The limited edition collection will feature a series of artwork from the SS16 House of Holland season translated across both textiles and upholstery. The House of Holland x Habitat collection is due for release in May 2016.

126 DÉCOR Magazine

between furniture brands and fashion designers, but by collaborating with a high-end fashion designer furniture brands can enter into an ‘private members club’ of glamour which encircles the fashion world opening up a whole new element of clientele. For instance Poltrona Frau the upmarket Italian leather furniture maker last year joined forces with Alexander Wang and many considered this an unexpected collaboration given the laid back style of Wang, but for Poltrona Frau the collaboration enabled them to tap into a new market: a younger market. Visa-versa, more and more fashion designers are preferring to collaborate with fashion brands because it adds a new revenue streams to their portfolio because after all there are only so many little black dresses that anyone can buy, but with interiors which is constantly evolving they bring with them a whole new market share.

JEAN PAUL GAULTIER FOR LELIĂˆVRE This 1st collection explores the evolving creativity and signature codes of Gautier producing eight textile creations. Presented in soft, bright or tonic tones according to the seasons, the collection pays homage to 2016 as the Chinese year of the Dragon. Within the collection are; cushions, throws, curtains and rugs.

DÉCOR Magazine


ALEXANDER WANG WITH POLTRONA FRAU A limited edition set of lounge furniture, comprised of two bean bag-style chairs, with a trunk bar, which speak of the designer’s urban style. The pieces showcase wang’s signature use of black as seen in the use of rich velvet and leather upholstering accented by gold details; partnered with the high-quality craftsmanship for which poltrona frau is known. The collaboration brings forth a juxtaposition of casual comfort, with refined elegance.

128 DÉCOR Magazine

EMILIO PUCCI AND PHILLIPE STARK Madame Pucci has re-imagined Phillipe’s Stark iconic Madame Chair which hit the scene in 2005. Updated with a wildly colourful Pucci limited edition print the Madam Chair is inspired by Pucci’s “Cities of the World scarves” in which the motifs feature the architecture, landscapes and intricate details of four iconic fashion capitals in which Pucci Flagship stores are located: New York, Paris, Rome and Shanghai.

DÉCOR Magazine


NATURE MEETS ELEGANCE Luxury decorative furnishings brand Christopher Guy unveils cutting-edge designs at the Las Vegas 2016 Winter Market

DÉCOR Magazine


Global luxury lifestyle brand Christopher Guy earlier this year unveiled exciting additions to its collection during Las Vegas Market (January 24 – 28, 2016). Reflecting the year’s trend of nature-meets-elegance: warm wood, cool metal and simplified silhouettes, the brand’s founder and designer Christopher Guy Harrison, hosted a champagne celebration at the recently expanded CG showroom located in the Las Vegas Design Centre to much aplomb. Some of the new pieces debuted at Las Vegas Market include:

Fiorella A dramatic piece with a romantic feel, Fiorella features a stunning rectangular mirror with exquisitely hand-carved petals that frame the pane and soften the outline.

La Dame au Chapeau Glistening with 13,000 hand-coloured and hand-positioned glass pieces, this mysterious lady is the epitome of chic in her sumptuous feather hat.

Pivotant With a delightful retro spin, this occasional lounge chair combines a bucket-style upholstered seat with a smart chrome swivel base.

Plissage With a continuous circular swirl of hand carved pleats around a convex pane, this stunning mirror makes the ultimate statement piece.

Marguerite With exquisite fine petals of hand carved wood and a convex glass pane, this is an elegant daisy inspired mirror that makes an unusual statement piece.

Diamant Sophisticated and impactful, this side table features a square top in Marquina marble and a hand-carved base which tapers into a multi-diamond shaped feature above its square pedestal.

For further information visit:

132 DÉCOR Magazine

Andromeda Striking stylized starburst mirror with increasing height squared rays radiating from a central round pane. A stunning piece to add a Modern style look to any interior.

Parisian graffiti Vibrant and contemporary, with alluring curves and sensuous styling, the hand-cast aluminium base of this dramatic coffee table supports a clear tempered glass top.

La Rive A timeless bow front chest-ofdrawers with tapered legs that support the piece with grace and delicate ivory knobs. The indented edge, which separates the top from the base, adds a fine detail.

Arrondie This occasional chair is all about the supple curves with its rounded back flowing into convex sides for the ultimate comfort. Also available as a 2 or 3 seater sofa.

Cailloux Each hand-wrought metal pebble of this highly original headboard is upholstered, and connected with metalwork. A stunning bedroom addition in the Art Moderne style that can be displayed horizontally or vertically.

Christopher Guy will also unveiled new finishes, including “Tabac” – a low-sheen, midbrown wood finish which presents a naturalyet-sophisticated look and feel.

“We are thrilled to showcase our new pieces for 2016 with striking accent décor that explores the on-trend fluid movement between modernity and tradition” said Christopher Guy Harrison.

“Our new additions are part of a host of fresh creations for this season’s collection. I am delighted to continue to create pieces that reflect our ever-evolving yet timeless designs throughout 2016.”

DÉCOR Magazine




brand news


Now in its 40th year, Phillip Jeffries has emerged as the industry leader in natural, textured and specialty wallcoverings. A manufacturer and importer of unique and fine quality textured wallcoverings, the company was founded in 1976 with just 10 grasscloths. Today, Phillip Jeffries stocks more than 1,600 natural wallcoverings, as well as many unique handcrafted specialties. A family-owned company based in the United States, Phillip Jeffries maintains a worldwide network of “to-the-trade” showrooms / sales representatives. Working hand-in-hand with skilled artisans, Phillip Jeffries creates the design world’s most beautiful and soughtafter wallcoverings. There newest collection Saville Suiting is inspired by the high-end men’s fashion and custom tailoring found on Saville Row with materials of felt, woven wool in plain, plaid and pinstripe patterns. For more information visit:

CREATING BEAUTIFUL THINGS - DESIRE FOR ROMO Romo working in collaboration with British artist Jessica Zoob present their new collection. Zoob’s paintings create bright new worlds rich in imagination yet gently infused by emotion .have translated beautifully onto fabrics, wallcoverings and cushions. This joyous collection includes intricately printed fine linens, striking panels, exquisite velvets, dramatic wallcoverings and divine cushions and includes Jessica’s most celebrated works Passion, a series of 6 paintings have been used to reflect the seasons of a relationship. Spring brings a sense of anticipation; Summer is full of energy and colour; Autumn can bring tempestuous storms; Winter feels crisp and still. ‘If you’re lucky’ says Jessica, ‘Spring will always come around again’. For more information visit:

134 DÉCOR Magazine

SPRING 2016 – FANTASQUE COLLECTION BY OSBORNE & LITTLE Featuring a collection of nine abstract and geometric wallpaper designs, which pay tribute to the artistic and cultural movements of the early 20th century. La Boutique Fantasque (also known as the Magic Toyshop) was the name of a ballet conceived by Massine in 1919 for the Ballets Russes. The designs are all printed on non-woven easyto-hang base, with metallic tones of bronze, silver, antique gold, copper and silver alongside terracotta, turquoise, yellow, ultramarine, sapphire and steel blue. For more information visit:

DÉCOR Magazine


SPEND A THIRD OF YOUR LIFE IN FIRST CLASS Savoir the go-to for luxury sleeping brand with over 100 years of expertise creating inspiring designs, has unveiled its new line of beds. The company which began in 1905 as a high end custom tailoring factory catering to the Savoy Hotel still upholds the glamour and glitz of the silver screen days, but maintain clean lines and a modern feel.

The LV bed draws upon traditional Chinese culture for inspiration. Its design comes from the lines of the “LuoHan” couch, which Chinese culture designated for masters and dignitaries. The bed features smooth lines, but only to contrast its powerful presence. LV’s team in Shanghai handcrafts the rosewood bed and its brass feet, which takes a total of 520 hours.

The company holds a prestigious reputation for the utmost in design and luxury, and its three new beds certainly carry on its tradition for excellence.

The State 02 bed was designed by in-house Savoir artisans, who wanted to create a new perspective on a classic design. The bed features clean colours of grey and walnut, with clean lines to match. The artisans intend for this piece to anchor the room, especially as the centrepiece of a master bedroom.

The Rose Quartz colour of the Amelia Bed is right on trend, as is its delicate, feminine charm. It features boldly curved lines and brass accessories, with a light wool finish to soften its stateliness.

For more information visit:

MASCULINE MINOTTI Synonymous for its slick form, clean lines and use of the finest material, Minotti is the go-to brand for classic Italian flair. Whilst the brand usually waits until the Milan fair to showcase it’s new collection this year creative director Rodolfo Dordoni has released the Riveria Collection a contemporary interpretation of retro elegance with a typical Mediterranean vibe ahead of the show. The Riveria Collection is a unique combination of materials – lightweight metal and woven fabric which offers a elegance to outdoor living.

For more information visit:

136 DÉCOR Magazine


SEPT. 2016


tailor made for you Embracing the value of dedicating time, quality materials and craftsmanship to create your dream home When quality of life is essential, we cannot discard our genuine desires. In the world of true luxury the key ingredient is impecable uniqueness up to the minimal detail. To achieve so FEMONT GALVAN Designers are the perfect international duo that combines the delicacy of interpreting desires to translate them into dream homes. Carefully blending the beauty of craft and technology whilst looking towards refined comfort and balance.

138 DÉCOR Magazine

As pioneers of neo-tailored design they are fully prepared to satisfy even the most demanding cliental. Wisely focusing on imposing integral and customized service. In every project passion for design with an incessant search for new trends and ideas take place. There are no boundaries when it comes to exploring luxurious materials or searching out exquisite artwork. They are determined and committed to create a unique environment. Cherishing the added value of high-quality craftsmanship through design. Whether is carpenters, masons, metalsmiths or any other skilled professional, they only ever work with passionate individuals that want to achieve the highest standards too. At FEMONT GALVAN Designers each project is tailored to fit and express your lifestyle at every scale and in meticulous manner. Design is taken beyond scope to create harmonious and luxurious spaces that are truly personalised. They are embracing the value of dedicating time, quality materials and craftsmanship to create your home and commercial spaces that will look and feel absolutely yours. In every project passion for design with an incessant search for new trends and ideas take place. There are no boundaries when it comes to exploring luxurious materials or searching exquisite artwork. They are determined and committed to create a unique environment.

DÉCOR Magazine


extraordinary becomes part of your every day

140 DÉCOR Magazine

Although specialised in high end residential projects the long journey of their design studio has brought also great knowledge on planning and erecting villas, luxury homes and apartments, outdoor and landscaping, entertainment and wellness design, decoration and personal home advising at various levels. This vast range of expertise allow adapting successfully to each task, therefore no matter the challenge FEMONT GALVAN Designers can satisfy it all. Their know-how in turn-key projects has made them an all-encompassing design studio, so you can leave your entire project in good hands. FEMONT GALVAN Designers will make sure high quality is guaranteed at every step of the way, bringing you comfort and peace of mind, giving you the time to simply enjoy life!

“We blend design and function to create spaces of perfect harmony. Spaces conceived to make us feel good and surround us with beaury. Puglia is what inspires us and always has: our land, our muse� Pasquale Natuzzi





Furniture designer & maker and self-confessed nemophilist: Meet the creative force behind Tree Couture and read her somewhat unorthodox back-story covering Amazonian dolphins to French tongue-twisters.


Beginnings It never bothered me as a child that everyone seemed to know which direction their lives would take and I had no idea where mine would go. People were always projecting brilliant career paths onto me but I never really took much notice of them. What I wanted to develop more than anything was my innate sense of adventure. I wanted to allow my insatiable curiosity and unfettered imagination to explore new, exciting realms and lead me to many wonderful experiences and adventures. So I jumped on a plane and it all started from there... 144 DÉCOR Magazine

TRAVEL I lived in St Tropez at 18, Marseille at 19, Madrid at 22 and El Escorial at 23. I bought a one-way ticket to Rio de Janeiro at the age of 24 where I stayed on and off until I was 34, visiting 25 of Brazil’s 26 states and spending a total of 18 months in the Amazonian rainforest. I have visited many other extraordinary lands and now live in London - completing the circle from where I started.

At a very early age I discovered in me a profound love of The Animal Kingdom. At the same time I realised what unconditional love meant. Jazz clubs. I spotted both The Love of My Life (and knew he was The One) and my loveliest friends across a particular smoky jazz club in London. I discovered the musical genius of Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, John McLaughlin, Flora Purim and Airto Moreira.

I have lived in a 13-bedroomed mansion, city apartments, a favela, a wooden Amazonian house on stilts (that I helped to build), hotels, some sofas, a cell and a little chalet in the mountains overlooking a lake.

LANGUAGE I speak English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. I think differently in each language I am speaking and am far wittier outside my mother tongue than within it.

As a consequence, I have developed a very good sense of spatial awareness and a great appreciation of the importance of connecting with one’s environment. LOVES & PASSIONS Trees and wood. The most versatile and sustainable resource on earth. And to me, by far the most precious and beautiful. Great design such as when it takes your breath away with its seeming simplicity, its effortless functionality, and its timeless quality, and makes you scream out: I wish I’d come up with that?

I dreamt in fluent Portuguese before I could speak it. I was taught by a young excitable group of indigenous kids from Amazonia a great tongue twister relating to a native snake – and I can still say it really fast, even after a few caipirinhas: surucucu-picode-jaca-na-macacarecuja! My sister recently taught me a French one: Ton thé t’a-t-il ôté ta toux! I also was given an audio cassette course in Cantonese by the late great poet Ivor Cutler, but I haven’t progressed so far with that. While I can’t speak ‘blackbird’, I have learnt to understand many of its nuances thanks to the constant

chattering of Crouch and Mrs Crouch our workshop blackbirds. EXPERIENCE I have a language/ business degree and qualifications in advanced cabinet-making and wood machining. I have set up and run three companies and a language school in Copacabana, run a sleep laboratory in Harley Street (and learnt to analyse sleep patterns), worked as a translator, a stringer and a journalist for the first ever environmental Earth Summit, been an environmental correspondent for a news agency and taken small groups across Brazil and the Andean countries. I learnt to swim in Wales, dive in Kenya, ski in Austria and hang glide in Brazil. I have driven a JCB through the streets of Tottenham, swam backstroke with a spirited female spider monkey (a species we are told cannot and does not swim) in the black Amazonian waters of the Juma In those same waters spent many hours with the almost mystical botos – the enigmatic pink river dolphins, landed a passenger plane in Brasilia, sailed three times across the high altitude lakes of the Andes, walked the Inca trail and experienced an earthquake in Cuzco. I was also once thrown 15 feet into the air by a tiny 80 year old woman in a Candomblé trance. CHALLENGES I was the recipient of 142 mosquito bites after one night car-camping on a Florida beach, and 197 bites after a week in the tropical wetlands of the Pantanal. I have contracted two strains of malaria from my time in the Amazon. Mosquitoes are the only creatures I kill – mercilessly. I got snow-blinded in the Alps, had my eye pop out of its socket in London, broke my toe in Brazil, broke

my heart in Spain, split my head open on the Isle of Wight and was dragged from the sea when drowning in Brazil. I got frost-bitten ears in Austria and 48 hours later got the same ears sunburnt in Australia. DISCOVERIES I have undertaken research in gemstones in Australia and Venezuela, studied thalassotherapy in France, sleep patterns in London and projectiology in Brazil. I investigated illegal international child adoption in South America and worked with NGOs to expose the racket. ART & DESIGN I always felt a dreadful anxiety in my school art class as I could barely draw a straight line freehand. Now I can - with the aid of a ruler. But I came into my own when I put down the pencil and paintbrush and started to model clay, or cut lino, or construct collages, or fold paper.

Much later in life I realised that I was a 3D kinda girl, and gratefully left the 2D to the fine artists. After first trying out my hand(s) at woodwork – having been so inspired by a little dalliance with rather aesthetically crude but wholly effective joinery in the Amazon working with the locals on the timber for their homes, shelters, dug-outcanoes, utensils, tools etc, I realised that not only did I absolutely adore the medium of wood to work in, but I had a natural aptitude for it. It felt strangely familiar and, after my first ever class, I secreted some wood shavings home with me and ate them. I went on to immerse myself in study and practical application in the brilliant cabinet making department at the London Metropolitan University (which was formerly the London College of Furniture) and from there set up an all-girl furniture making business – New Leaf Furniture Makers, with the only other two women on my course. We made gorgeous bespoke pieces and developed a highly acclaimed business whose work was featured in all the quality Sunday supplements, a multitude of interiors magazines and a number of celebrated exhibitions. I learnt to design through necessity. Having talent in furniture making was no use if you couldn’t design the pieces you wanted to make. Once I got over the initial terror, I let my inhibitions go and found I loved it too and have over the years refined my own individual style. DÉCOR Magazine


TROO TO HER WORD Troo’s vision when starting her business was to cater to a gaping chasm in the market for individual pieces of exceptionally high-quality creation and design, preferring in this age of homogeneity to create handcrafted pieces that are personal and very special limited-editions, for her ever-expanding clientele. All pieces are individually numbered, branded (with a beautiful, discreet inlaid maker’s mark) and made in strictly limited numbers.

Tree Couture is an exciting young British Furniture House, fronted by talented and innovative female furniture designermaker Troo Heath-Crew. Together with a small team of exceptionally talented cabinet-makes, she produces small and exclusive artisan collections for discerning clients across the world, all from their vibrant London atelier.

For more information visit:

146 DÉCOR Magazine

Tree Couture was borne out of Troo’s passion for trees and timber as well as a desire to craft this incredibly strong and versatile natural material into pieces that bring style, beauty, functionality and longevity into people’s lives. Like couturiers working within the realm of haute couture, Tree Couture is defined by its use

of the very finest materials and its dedicated craftsmanship. Wood has an inherently adventurous nature it loves embracing other materials and Tree Couture loves introducing it to luxurious buttery leathers, silk-fused glass and cool metals as well as a host of other inspiring and innovative partners.

Lemon Tree Table in situ

Sumo Bench

Gaiola Credenza

Ladies AH-MWA Jewellery Cabinet Tree Couture celebrates all the fine, intricate and meticulous detailing and solidity of fine antiques but with a contemporary sensibility and a positively modern attitude. The result is a series of stunningly beautiful and yet highly practical pieces that fit in effortlessly with our 21st century lifestyles. Designs are frequently inspired by furniture pieces that have fallen out of use, such as jewellery cabinets (armoires), dressing screens and cheval mirrors, and are reinvented and celebrated with a highly distinctive contemporary styling.

DÉCOR Magazine


Barouche Trolley Table

Sartorialist Mirror

One aspect of Tree Couture furniture that sets it apart from the vast majority of other fine furniture is that it is made exclusively from solid, hand-selected, perfectly seasoned hardwoods. Thin veneers and MDF are avoided for their lack of durability and ‘shallow’ appearance. In line with

Tree Couture’s commitment to sustainability and ethical provenance, these hardwoods are always sourced from wellmanaged, sustainable forests. Furthermore, for every piece of Tree Couture furniture created, a native sapling hardwood tree is planted in a beautiful arboretum in Herefordshire.

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Atelier Hidden away in a vibey little historical mews in North London, once home to an old dairy, nestles Tree Couture’s Atelier and Design Studio. By infusing light and love into what was a dark, abandoned and derelict workshop, we have created a warm, vibrant and inspirational space which lies at the heart of every one of our furniture creations. From the germination of the initial seed of a design, its drawing up, prototyping and testing, right through all the hundreds of wide-ranging processes in the making of a piece of solid hardwood furniture, Tree Couture’s unique and charming atelier is a creative hub and a constant hive of activity.

of joints, chiselling out of recesses for hinges, locks and escutcheons, inlaying of contrasting wood or fine metals or the painstaking application of fine leather-work, our handmade workbenches never have a dull moment. Despite the huge amounts of hard work we do at the Tree Couture atelier, there is a lot of joy in our little space, and we feel confident that this joy distils down into each of our furniture pieces which then hopefully in turns flows on into the lives of their owners that welcome them into their homes!

The ‘mill’, our main workshop area, accommodates a host of glorious woodworking machines – our ‘Iron Maidens’ (or simply just our ‘Girls’) – each of which has a highly specific role to play in the conversion of timber - from rough-sawn planks, to perfectly flat, smooth, dimensioned components on which to carry out the intricate handwork. From band saw, rip saw, cross-cut saw, dimension saw, to planer, thicknesser, spindle moulder, drill press, sander and linisher, each of our maidens helps us to cut, shape, surface, edge, drill and sand our hand-selected planks of sustainable hardwoods in the first part of their journey towards becoming a beautiful piece of furniture. The work we do here in this large brick vault of a room with its cathedralesque roof and its countless metres of industrial ducting is quite heavy-duty and not for the faint-hearted or flimsy-muscled! It’s noisy, and rather dusty and, given all the perfectly honed and sharpened saw blades, knives, belts and cutters, is not without its dangers, but it’s also exhilarating and utterly rewarding to be able to transform rough, twisted, dusty planks into smooth, elegant and clean precision-cut wood components. Our bench studio is a much calmer place, bright and white and flooded with sunshine in the summer months. It is here we carry out all our handcrafting. Benchwork effectively involves everything that is carried out using small portable power tools or hand-tools. Whether it’s the precision-cutting

“I do believe that when you’re passionate about certain things, the essence of these things sinks into your psyche and settles into deep recesses of your creative being” DÉCOR Magazine


ALL WORK AND NO PLAY Three days in the office and two at home is the formula for perfect productivity Researchers have discovered the secret to ultimate work place productivity three days in the office and two days working from home. According to a study of 1,019 British office workers by Hammonds, 82 percent said they would be more productive if they could split their working week with a ratio of 3 days in the office to two at home. However, although the perfect balance includes two days at home - 52 percent of home-workers admitted to having a daily “siesta” – and a further eleven percent admitted working the day from their BED. As for bosses, 34 percent said they were ‘flexible’ in terms of home working – but an old-fashioned 20 percent said they preferred their team to do a traditional 9 – 5. And 2 percent of bosses said they do not trust their staff and want them where they can see them. However, more than half (54 percent of bosses) claimed they were happy for their staff to work from home for some - or even all of the week as long as the job was done. When asked to rate their overall productivity out of ten, the typical score was 7.4 at work, and 6.7 at home – on average. Kirsty Oakes, a spokesperson for Hammonds Furniture, which commissioned the study said: “With working from home becoming increasingly popular in the UK, it is interesting to discover that dedicated work spaces aren’t considered a necessity, with people opting to work from their sofa, the kitchen table or even the bed!

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“Having a dedicated space for working from home will enable you to still be as productive and focused as being in the office. This doesn’t necessarily need to be a devoted office room but it should be more than just a desk in a spare room. You should consider storage, lighting and how much space you will need for your work.” It also emerged a large percentage make the most of working from home – by getting stuck into their workload in their pyjamas (10 percent) or even a onesie (9 percent). Eleven percent however opted for a more formal attire of shirt and tie to get them geared up for a day of home working.

And it seems while we would all love to have more time at home during the week, even if it means working, we are still jealous of those who do so. When asked how they felt about ‘home-workers’ 32 percent said they believed they ‘have it easy’, while 23 percent said ‘I work harder than them’. Kirsty Oakes, added: “At Hammonds we have developed a number of home office ranges and storage solutions that enable you to work from home efficiently whilst blending seamlessly throughout your home.” For more information visit: DÉCOR Magazine


Bend-Sofa, sistema de asientos diseĂąado por Patricia Urquiola. Delegacion de Espana y Portugal JoaquĂŹn Selma T. 902125555 -


HOME STAGING Steal some showroom style to sell your home

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Home staging is all about illusions, it’s more than decorating and cleaning, it’s about perfecting the art of creating moods. Home staging makes your house look bigger, brighter, cleaner, warmer, more loving and, best of all it makes home buyers want to buy it. Contrary to what you might think, it’s about more than just preparing the house for sale. Home staging is what you do after you’ve cleaned, de-cluttered, painted, made minor repairs; it’s all about dressing the house for sale.

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First and foremost. Get your house sparkling clean. From shining floors and gleaming windows to clean counters and scrubbed grout, every surface should sparkle. This is the easiest way to help your home put its best foot forward. Whatever you do don’t skimp - this step is key!


Use colour cleverly. Choose sophisticated neutral colours. Now is not the time to experiment with that “fun”-looking lime green. But that doesn’t mean you need to go all white, either. Rich mid-tone neutrals like mocha and “greige” create a sophisticated backdrop that makes everything look more pulled together.

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Add the right lighting. Lighting creates mood, so keep it light and bright in practical areas like your kitchen, whilst table lamps will add atmosphere and ambience to your living room and bedrooms.


Define each room. Your buyers need to know how they would use each room, if you have been using a spare bedroom as a dumping ground for odd pieces of furniture and boxes of junk, it’s time to clean up your act. Each room should have a clearly defined purpose, so think about what potential buyers might like to see here. An office? A guest room? Another kids’ room? Whether you buy inexpensive furnishings, rent them, or borrow some from friends, making a real room out of a junk room will have a big payoff.


Make rooms feel as spacious as possible. Mirrors and shiny surfaces help to bounce light around spaces, making them feel bigger. Try adding oversized mirrors to otherwise dim corners to really open them up. Remember, space adds value!


De-clutter. A potential homebuyer needs to picture themselves in your rooms, and quirky decorating or pictures hurts the illusion. Take the collectibles off the mantel and put the pet paraphernalia and children’s toys into storage.


Swap personal photos for stylish artwork. Nice pictures for your walls don’t have to be expensive; there are plenty of high street shops selling affordable wall art, and these will give your walls a real lift. Choose art that won’t offend (no nudes!) and try to pick out colours from your existing décor to add a sense of balance and harmony. DÉCOR Magazine



Give dated bathrooms a facelift. A nice bath helps sell a house but, don’t invest in a total renovation. Bring an out-ofdate bath up to date with gleaming white walls whether via a fresh coat of white bath and kitchen paint or ceramic tile and new lighting. Replace bathroom accessories with well-designed ones from a designer bath boutique. You can get matched ensembles that include toilet tissue holder, wastebasket, trays, etc. Aim for the hotel chic look: Crisp white towels neatly stacked in a towel holder, small trays on the vanity holding attractive toiletries or soaps (wrapped or unused) and scented candles.


Invest in new bedding. Cheap or old bedding can really devalue bedrooms, and make them feel dated. For a relatively small spend, you can transform your bedrooms with new bed sets and matching curtains chose neutral colours as this will again create space and light.


Create a gender-neutral master bedroom. Appeal to everyone with a clean, tailored master bedroom, free of personal items and clutter. You can’t go wrong with clean, crisp linens, tasteful artwork and a blanket folded at the foot of the bed.


Open those closets! Openhouse visitors will peek inside your closets. Closet space can be a make-it-or-break-it selling point for buyers, so show yours off to their full advantage by giving excess stuff the heaveho. Again, this is really important, so even if you need to store a few boxes elsewhere, it’s worth it. Aim to have 20 to 30 percent open space in each closet to give the impression of spaciousness.


The exterior of your home should look as polished as the interior. This means neatly trimmed bushes, mulched flowerbeds and fresh seasonal arrangements in urns by the front door. Think “tidy,” “update” and “refresh”: never do anything costly or major like adding a swimming pool or pond, which may put off potential buyers.

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A great smell makes a house memorable. Baking bread or brewing coffee have become a bit of a cliché, instead buy a room spray with a fragrance you love and spray the house sparingly before each showing. Home staging can be easy and inexpensive, especially if you focus on the small details. Then, just stand back and let your house shine and it is sure to impress potential homebuyers. 


Create a lifestyle people are looking for. Generally speaking, you want to play up what your neighbourhood or area is known for. Have a house in a quiet, grassy suburb? Hanging a hammock in your backyard and a bench swing on your porch could be the perfect touch.. DÉCOR Magazine


Carl Hansen & Son:

“DANISH DESIGN AT ITS BEST” The Metropolitan Chair, designed by Ejner Larsen & Aksel Bender Madsen in 1949, is distinguished by its admirable craftsmanship and excellent seating comfort. With its organic form and high quality of craftsmanship the Metropolitan chair falls within the golden era of furniture history, known as Danish Modern. Originally intended as a conference chair, the Metropolitan chair (LM92) went into production in 1950. The design is the result of many intense hours where Larsen and Bender Madsen designed and developed late into the night. The tensioned veneer back was inspired by a lamination technique course Benden Madsen had taken earlier. After a 1961 Danish export

For more information visit:

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campaign, the Metropolitan Museum in New York purchased the chair for its exhibition, The Arts of Denmark. The chair was consequently named the Metropolitan chair - probably one of the greatest honours a chair can earn. On the international design scene, the duo Ejner Larsen and Aksel Bender Madsen are far less known that designers like Hans J. Wegner. But upon closer inspection of their major work - the Metropolitan chair - one begins to understand their intuitive sense for world-class design and craftsmanship. The Metropolitan chair is offered in oak and walnut with various finish options and saddle leather upholstery in your choice of natural, cognac or black.

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JEREMY COLE The award-winning artisan was immersed in the world of design at a young age. His earliest memories were watching his mother work in her interior design showroom in Wellington. This family business lent him a more active role through the years, until his departure for Great Britain in 1999.

In 2004, a visit to London’s Tate Modern carved his course. Cole had glanced through a book, seen the image of a near translucent ceramic vessel and was instantly inspired to explore the relationship between ceramics and light. The next day, he set out to understand and work with Bone china. Two months later he produced his first piece, the now iconic Aloe Blossom – and was invited to exhibit in Frankfurt. Predominantly selftaught, Cole has been courted by design companies such as Royal Copenhagen and Swarovski, but chose the path of the artisan. His philosophy rests on three points: Beauty, Elegance and Craftsmanship. Control over quality and production led to a ceramic studio in London. Creative triumphs off set ‘mad’ experimentation, and recognition of his brilliance grew worldwide. In 2008, a growing demand saw his studio move to the homeland of the ceramic industry, ‘The Potteries’ or Stoke on Trent and since then he has moved back to his homeland, New Zealand. Today, his flora-inspired collections are appreciated the world over. Not only admired for their contemporary style and timeless beauty, but also for the care and skill each handmade piece entails. Embracing traditional methods of production with his own modern flair, Cole is proud to employ some of the world’s most skilled ceramicists. Recognised by the London Chamber of Commerce as one of the UK’s leading manufacturers, Cole’s work has been displayed in museums and is included in prestigious interiors and architectural projects internationally. Fashion and jewellery houses, such as Bulgari, Harry Winston and Franck Muller, also seek out his unique light-forms. Jeremy Cole’s singular style is an expression of his homeland, New Zealand, and its distinctive and stunning flora. Light is gently captured in the glowing ceramic plant forms. What are also captured - and most evident - are exquisite craftsmanship, elegance and beauty. Pieces from his collections include the dramatic “White Flax”, consisting of 350 handcrafted ceramic leaves, specifically arranged for even light distribution that pushes the limits of its medium and craftsmanship and the beautiful “Cymbidium Chandelier” made from eight up lit porcelain cymbidium stems.

For more information visit:

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beauty, elegance & craftsmanship

Most recently, he has added to the Cymbidium collection with two stunning creations; the “Cymbidium floor lamp” and the “Cymbidium Ming Vase”, and has introduced the “Chrysalis” collection, a simple and elegant porcelain core symbolic of the cocoon of a Butterfly. DÉCOR Magazine



A contemporary project with an elegant design and a retro lighting inspiration

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“I was influenced by the style of the Second Empire, while dreaming of the future” Designed by Gérard Faivre, the French revolutionary art homes concept creator who offers fully renovated, ready to live in, prestige apartments for sale, who single handily has revolutionized the Parisian world of luxury real estate is L’Appartement at Rue Bonapart an apartment which is an exceptional place where art, design, lights, music and scents create a unique and one of a kind experience.

Completed in December 2015, Gérard Faivre took inspiration from the French Revolution and has showcased this to maximum effect in every corner of the property. L’Appartement at Rue Bonapart is itself full of history: its construction dates from the year of 1880 during the major restructuring of Paris, decided by Napoleon Ill and directed by Baron Haussmann. The buildings on the street are

extremely exclusive with only one apartment per floor. “What interested me in this project is the preservation of the original construction, working with the marble, inlaid mirrors in workedwood. It was important for me when designing the apartment that I keep these characteristics as they really mark the time of the building. I composed here a bold staging inspired by the past, influenced by the style of the Second Empire, while dreaming of the future. We find the emblematic colours of that era: oranges, greens, blues and also the shades of gold that symbolized wealth, luxury and which bring an extra sparkle”, says Gérard. The designer is always looking for new designs and new brands that represent the luxury with which he can collaborate and use in his projects. Working with DelightFULL was a great experience. The brand is presented in the living room lighting with pieces like Ike Suspension Lamp above the dining table, Hendrix Wall Lamp above the sofa in the living room and also Donna Table Lamp on the fireplace. This collaboration between Gérard Faivre and DelightFULL turned out to be a very special, colourful and high-end residential project. The interior designer shares this experience in an intimate interview opposite.

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An intimate interview with Gérard Faivre: THE ART HOMES CONCEPT CREATOR 1.

Where do you come from and what are your studies?

My studies were soon oriented by architecture. The death of my father forced me to take over the family’s company “Pret á Porter”. Therefore I spent about 30 years in this field as manufacturer, retailer end wholesaler. We produced and sold to supermarkets in France and abroad. In 1985, I met a designer and decided to found a brand in Paris named “Un dimanche dans nos Campagne”, a store where I mixed the sale of clothing, furniture and other items from all over the world. I was probably the pioneer of this concept store which was further replicated by notorious concept stores such as ‘Colette” in Paris. By chance, I met my wife in Saint Rémy de Provence, a town which was immortalized by Van Gogh’s paintings that made the whole world dream. Deeply in love we bought the first ‘Mas’ which we have fully restored and decorated. A person in the neighbourhood who witnessed this metamorphosis, fell in love with the property and decided to acquire the fully furnished place in order to keep the soul that I had created during the renovation. Later in 2000 I had the idea of selling completely renovated properties and “ready to live” apartments, fully decorated and furnished by myself. My second realization was found on a purchaser and the adventure began.


How did you decide to set up your business and why?

I have found that when a foreigner wants to buy a ‘Pied de Térre’ (a small living space) in Paris, or elsewhere, he has no choice but to

Gérard Faivre is a french revolutionary art homes concept creator who offers fully renovated, ready to live , prestige apartments for sale. It was back then in 1985 that he proved ro the world that he could be a pioneer but it was years later that he started in the business of transforming homes into real works of art. Inspired by the interior decors of the Second Empire, Faivre confesses that he imbues himself with the soul of each property and that each project is a unique piece of art. He was kind enough to answer some questions, let’s get to know him better.

go to a real estate agency, which introduces a seller and a buyer. This type of business representative does not really know it’s customer’s needs besides what is demanded on paper, therefore, this does not capture well the desire of the client, although some boast otherwise. They offer everything and anything leaving the client unhappy. The acquisition made, the customer is left alone and often helpless to show case this apartment. To the luxury clientele we work with is inconceivable to settle in a place already inhabited, although the work there has been made recently. They will eventually contract an interior designer, and renovate again the space in their own way. It’s a long journey! The distance between the customer and the seller, but also sometimes the fact that he still does not know what he really wants, requires a long time to develop the final plan of renovation/transformation of the space. Many concerns, works and tine (often more than 18 months) pass before the customer gets installed and uses his newly acquired Parisian “Pied a Térre”! Do not forget to talk about important issues such as prices that involve all of these steps. The customer knows the cost of acquisition, (usually referred as ‘price per m2’), but does not control the final total cost of the investment, so it is extremely important to keep the customer updated regarding these

costs. This clientele is accustomed and demands luxury and comfort for the interior design of their apartments, such as: technology (home automation, sound system, air conditioning, etc.). Faced with this difficult path, Gérard Faivre has a real trigger that leads to imagine what will remain his greatest creation: his own business ‘Art Home Maker’. The idea of having ‘’ready to live” luxury apartments allows him to explore its know-how, especially in real estate, architecture and home decoration. The process is as simple as innovative: buy a home that somehow has a great and inspiring feeling, renovate, modernize and decorate it, before finding its place on the property market. Fully furnished and equipped with the best technology, this house is ready to be bought and is habitable immediately. For the customer, there are many advantages to acquire properties signed as ‘Art Homes’. The name comes from comparing my work to the work of a painter. As a work of art, the buyer will immediately fall in love. The important difference is that if everything is not suitable, it is still possible to make some changes.


Where does your inspiration come from? And how do you work in team (i.e. who does what?) Like a work of art, to have value, it must remain unique! The challenge DÉCOR Magazine


is to never repeat the same project. For me each client is unique therefore its interior decor must be unique as well! Inspiration is in my heart and my imagination to go. Often the history of a space, a building, and even some iconic pieces, become a source of inspiration for my work. The name “Art Homes” also for my collaboration with artists (painters, sculptors, photographers) and amplifies the idea of my accomplishments. This allows artists to stage their works in a luxurious interior, and also, through our publications, they gain international recognition and meet fans worldwide.


How do you choose artisans and materials? And which are your favourite materials? To decorate prestigious locations, I collaborate with craftsmen who best represent the French “Savoir Faire’. I like to combine materials such as marble, wood, glass, fabrics and wallpapers. The goal is to create a perfect harmony for a unique place that will attract customers.


Tell us a little about L’Appartement at Rue Bonaparte. What was your inspiration? Gérard Faivre loves this area because it is the birthplace of the French Revolution and is also the district of

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Literature. He chose this apartment on rue Bonaparte, as the name still evokes for many foreigners, a very important figure in our history. It is an apartment full of history: its construction dates from the 1880 during the major restructuring of Paris, decided by Napoleon II and directed by Baron Haussmann. The buildings on the street became more exclusive, only one apartment per floor, the second floor is the main floor and has a long balcony along the entire facade. This building, located 20 meters from St. Germain, perfectly matches what lovers search in Saint Germain des Prés. “What interested me in this project is the preservation of the original construction of the time, for example: the marble, inlaid mirrors in workedwood. I wanted to keep these characteristics as they really mark the time of the building. I composed here a bold staging inspired by the past, influenced by the style of the Second Empire, while dreaming of the future. We find the emblematic colours of that era: oranges, greens, blues and also the shades of gold that symbolized wealth, luxury and which bring an extra sparkle”. A foreign lover of authentic Paris style will find it very suitable.


How did you mix colours, materials, patterns and textures for this project? I was inspired by the colours (green orange and gold) and emblematic materials (velvet, wood, marble) that were found in the interior decors by time of the Second Empire. And which symbolized a certain “bourgeoisie”.


Do you have any favourite brands and designs for your projects? Which ones? I believe that every place is different, and I am always looking for new designers, new brands that represent the luxury with which I can collaborate and use in my projects.


What are your future projects and collections?

I recently finished a “Parisian” project at Rue du Cirque, a sublime apartment of 310 m2. I also finished another project at a prestigious location, close to the Arc de Triomphe.


Can you also tell me the date of the project? When was it finished? I am surrounded by a team that knows the time and requirements of my achievements (3-5 months maximum). The Bonaparte project was finished in early December.

VINTAGE VIBE The new upholstery femme fatale’s are waiting for you, so what are you waiting for? KOKET, the exclusive brand has just unveiled several new additions to its upholstery collection at Maison & Objet Paris, showcasing designs with a vintage vibe. A stunning blend of Art Deco decadence and present-day luxe is showcased across of range of chairs, sofa’s and chaises lounges. The sassy collection presented at the Architectural Digest Home Show in New York illustrated the highly creative, desirable and empowering statement pieces of a bygone era designed with the feminine passion in mind.

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s KELLY SOFA The lux and bodacious Kelly sofa is the cool girl sipping Cosmos in the dark corner of a chic NYC lounge. Her fluid curves are harmoniously matched by sumptuous pleated waves of deep blue velvet upholstery. Her tell is a striking polished brass band hugging the base of her curvaceous body, leaving you constantly searching for a golden glimpse of her copious beauty.



Chandra is both bold and daring. The modern edge in this chair exudes the feeling of vintage glam, while polished brass bands delicately bind the chair highlighting the sculptured fluidity of the tight back satin upholstery.

DRAPRESSE II CHAIR As a tribute to Dorothy Draper‘s high style we took the classic Drapesse chair and added a bit of the KOKET lavish & sensuous edge. Complete with a flirty new makeover, her exterior is adorned with our watercolour Terra leather transitioning to a pale pink velvet interior and resting on curvy polished brass legs.

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s MISTRESSI CONFIDANTE Menacing and mesmerizing serpents embody an exotic, untouchable yet sensual aura giving the Mistress confidante the power to capture and seduce in every way.



The succulent lines of the lips have sensuously captivated cultures for ages. Besame’s soft, plump curves will have you lusting for a moment of passion. Be embraced by this fully upholstered chair that sits puckered atop a textured brass ring base.

Her curves will lure you to be embraced by her creamy velvet upholstery fabric. Her body is perched upon a posh polished brass band making her an excellent happy hour companion.



This sassy upholstered chair is given a touch of her “devilmay-care” attitude by being accompanied with a petite foot rest, when feeling coolly nonchalant.

Her striking structure, polished brass accents and luscious black velvet upholstery make for a seductive and empowering statement piece.

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RUCHÉ one-arm sofa with table. Design: Inga Sempé. Catalogue:

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THE BIG BEDROOM MAKEOVER! Founded in 2005 by Robin Beaumont and Norman Brown, Beaumont & Brown has quickly established itself as a key supplier of high quality bed linen to some of the world’s finest hotels.

After the long winter months Spring has finally sprung and as nature reawakens and the days lengthen, it is time to throw open the windows and totally refresh your bedroom to restore it to a haven of beautiful tranquillity and style.

A natural partnership that has brought together Robin’s expert knowledge of fabrics and their construction, combined with Norman’s keen attention to detail and methodical approach, means that Beaumont & Brown has successfully grown into a brand that has become synonymous with luxury and excellence.

Beaumont & Brown, the luxury brand that supplies the world’s leading 5 star hotels, explains how - if you haven’t slept with Beaumont & Brown yet either in their hotels or at home, now is the perfect time to experience the joy that is the world’s best bedlinen; hotel luxury for your bed.

Although Beaumont & Brown began as a manufacturer of bed linens, it was soon realised that what clients were looking for were the same exacting standards from bathroom linens and where possible, from the same, trusted supplier, therefore, excellent sources were soon established for luxury bathrobes and 650gsm towels as well as table linen, too.

For more information visit:

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Pillows & Duvets: If the instructions say that they can be, wash pillows and duvets, and then tumble dry them with tennis balls to restore the bounce. Better still treat yourself to some new pillows with extra support and softness, and a new summer duvet in a lighter tog for the warmer season. Beaumont & Brown’s duvet and pillow collection includes a choice of sumptuous goose-down through to their famous ‘feels like down’ microfibre fillings. An ideal way to prolong the life of new pillows is to use pillow protectors. Made from 100% Cotton in a 233 thread-count tightly woven cambric and finished with a zip, Beaumont & Brown’s pillow protectors offer exceptional protection against odour and stains. Unlike padded pillow protectors they will not spoil the feel of the pillow itself. Finally, if you really want to push the boat out and invest in a lifetime of bed heaven, Beaumont & Brown also sells made-to-order pure Eider Duck king-size duvets encased in Mulberry silk for £10,000.

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Rejuvenate your mattress: Thoroughly hoover your mattress to give a fresh, clean feel for Summer. You can also lightly dust it with baking soda to restore the fresh smell and any kill bacteria. Leave your mattress to air for a few hours and your bed will feel super fresh when you tuck in for the night. Investing in a mattress protector adds extra comfort and security to your family’s bedding. A mattress protector will prolong the life of your mattress and offer exceptional protection against odour and stains. Beaumont & Brown’s white machine-washable mattress protectors start from £30 and are available in all sizes from single to emperor.

The added dimension of fragrance: There is no better way to finish off your bedroom makeover with a flourish of evocative fragrance. With no chemical nasties Beaumont & Brown’s new home fragrance range is gorgeous in its natural simplicity, echoed in the names of the fragrances, ‘One’ (Lemongrass & Marjoram); ‘Two’ (Ylang Ylang & Mandarin ); and ‘Three’ (Lavender & Geranium). Beaumont and Brown’s home fragrances ‘One’, ‘Two’ and ‘Three’ make up a 3-step home fragrance aromatherapy solution to get you through the day. Start the day refreshed and uplifted with ‘One’, fresh and citrusy Lemongrass blended with the scent of Marjoram. Lemongrass stimulates and lifts the spirits especially when you need that little bit more energy such as first thing in the morning. Marjoram not only complements the lemongrass on a fragrance level but also on an energy level by bringing a balance to the emotions.

Use ‘Two’, a blend of Ylang Ylang and Mandarin giving heady scents of Summer afternoons with the added zest of Mandarin to help ease you through the day. Ylang ylang balances the spirit, soothing the mind, easing frustration and promoting joy. Mandarin with its soothing and warming aroma helps balance the emotions and allow us to see the joy in life. Finish off the day by relaxing in a bath with a ‘Three’ scented candle, giving off a fragrant combination of relaxing Lavender and stress relieving Geranium. Geranium helps to relax and stabilise the emotions. Lavender promotes a peaceful night’s sleep and soothes away everyday tension and panic. In the range are individual signature scented candles, reed diffusers, diffuser refills, room and linen sprays, votive candles and gift sets.

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Rejuvenate your mattress: Thoroughly hoover your mattress to give a fresh, clean feel for Summer. You can also lightly dust it with baking soda to restore the fresh smell and any kill bacteria. Leave your mattress to air for a few hours and your bed will feel super fresh when you tuck in for the night. Investing in a mattress protector adds extra comfort and security to your family’s bedding. A mattress protector will prolong the life of your mattress and offer exceptional protection against odour and stains. Beaumont & Brown’s white machine-washable mattress protectors start from £30 and are available in all sizes from single to emperor.

Crisp new bedlinen: There truly is nothing more heavenly than slipping into a bed freshly made with crisp new bedlinen. Clean bright white particularly emulates the decadence and style of a smart hotel. Beaumont & Brown’s luxury hotel bed set is made of 400 threadcount percale using the finest cotton yarns and is finished to offer the ultimate in softness, whiteness, weight and durability. All these properties are extremely important when supplying 5 star hotels. The fabric has a Sateen finish which gives it a slight shine that reduces after 1-2 washes leaving the intended lush finish. Beaumont & Brown’s boutique bedlinen collection also includes colours ‘Latte’ and ‘Cool Grey’, as well as woven detailing including ‘Satin Stripe’ and contrast detailed edging, expertly sewn in the company’s own factory. All of Beaumont & Brown’s ultra-smooth bedlinen is available in 200, 300 or 400 thread counts.

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WHY BUY A WOODEN BED? 6 Super Reasons from Warren Evans

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Wood is the oldest and one of the most commonly used engineering and building materials in the world. The earliest evidence for a domestic structure in Britain was that of a tent-like structure made with wooden supports dating to 7000 BC! Waren Evans love working with wood, here are just some of the reasons why we believe investing in a well made wooden bed is a good idea.

Previous page: Verona in Light Oak. With its chic contours and smoothly curved lines there’s no doubt that our Verona bed will make a stunning centrepiece in your room. Its most striking feature, the high arching headboard, serves as a perfect backrest to sit up and read in bed, whilst clean, straight lines in the footboard complete its elegant style. Below: Hazel in Elm. Our Hazel bed is one of warmth and character. It features an elegant design that has been expertly handcrafted to highlight the natural character and beauty of the wood. The solid headboard features inset curve detailing to create a striking focal point for your bedroom.

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STYLE Wooden beds are stylistically versatile, looking chic and sophisticated in a modern, contemporary, traditional or country setting. And with wood you can choose from many different stains and finishes - to either complement and blend with your bedroom decor or to create a magical stand-out centrepiece that has the ‘wow’ factor.


SLEEP A great bed has two essential ingredients - a strong, attractive frame and a supportive, comfortable mattress. The wooden slats are 3/4in thick and 5 1/2ins wide. These wooden slats strengthen the frame and help air circulate so your mattress can breathe better. Improved breathability lets moisture dry out, so your mattress lasts longer. A drier environment also discourages dust mites, helping to alleviate allergies. All this means you will experience a better night’s sleep.


STRENGTH Wood is a wonderful renewable material to work with, it’s naturally tough and strong and toxic free so perfect for making beds with. Warren Evans use traditional, longlasting mortise and tenon joints, and FSCUK sustainably sourced wood and their thoughtful design and quality craftsmanship means they can give all of their wooden beds a 10-year guarantee.


LONGEVITY Wooden beds can literally last a lifetime, especially if they are made well. Wooden finishes work well with many interior styles but if you fancy a change you can always sand, re-stain or paint your wooden bed. Whether you’re upcycling or refurbishing, a wooden bed can develop as your tastes and decor change.


PRACTICAL Wooden beds are extremely easy to clean – just wipe any dirt or dust away with a damp cloth. As the surface is protected with a lacquered finish they tend to take knocks and scrapes well – and there’s no major dilemmas when moving home or room as wooden beds can be taken apart with relative ease. And at Warren Evans they can customise your wooden bed – their craftsmen can make the bed a little wider or longer or taller.

Above: The Almond bed showcases beautifully rounded corners and a uniquely designed headboard to compliment the natural patterns and character of the wood. This warm and inviting bed has been expertly handcrafted with a solid, sturdy frame and exquisite woodwork – quite simply a bed-maker’s dream.


COST Wood doesn’t require a lot of energy for its production so its costs are low compared with other, man made materials. Warren Evans have a greater advantage as they make, sell and deliver all of thir own wooden beds, so there’s no middle-men pushing costs up. So do you need any more reason to invest in a beautiful wooden bed – we think not!

All items are skilfully made to order, handcrafted by real people in our London workshop, and built to last using traditional carpentry methods of mortise and tenon joints. All of their timber comes from responsibly managed forests, meaning that you can buy from them confident in the knowledge that your bed frame or furniture has been made with as little impact on the environment as possible. Available from: DÉCOR Magazine


Blvd. Principe Alfonso de Hohenlohe C.C. La Poveda, Local 6, Marbella T. 952 858 699

Blvd. Principe Alfonso de Hohenlohe C.C. La Poveda, Local 6, Marbella T. 952 858 699

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Bathroom Trends 2016

INNOVATION & INSPIRATION What are today’s customers looking for when it comes to planning a new bathroom installation or renovation? What do they expect from their bathroom? Cutting across the great diversity of choice available in the market, we can identify six key trends currently shaping bathroom design. Villeroy & Boch is one of the world’s leading premium brands for ceramic products. The family business, which was founded in 1748 and is headquartered in Mettlach/Germany, stands for innovation, tradition and exceptional style. As a renowned lifestyle brand, Villeroy & Boch offers products from the sectors Bathroom and Wellness and Tableware, and is active in 125 countries.

Trend 1: COMFORT

People with pressurised working lives and lots of demands on their leisure time are looking above all for comfort in their home. Features designed to enhance daily use are in demand in bathrooms too, with this area even a priority in some cases. In particular for a second bathroom, customers are looking for exceptional comfort combined with timeless design.

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Bathroom collections such as Villeroy & Boch’s Vivia series address this need with a range of clever features, including a shower panel with a concealed dry area, a stool offering integrated storage and an extra-deep washbasin with a wide surround. To create a comfortable flush-fitting effect in the shower area, customers can opt for a Subway Infinity or Squaro Infinity shower base,available in a wide selection of standard sizes as well as customised dimensions to meet special design requirements and spatial constraints.

Interior designers have been interested in colourful effects in bathrooms for decades. In addition to classic white, the last few years have seen growing demand for harmonious tone-on-tone effects with soft wood and earth shades or striking contrasts using anthracite and grey. From living rooms and kitchens, perfectly balanced colour concepts are now appearing in bathrooms too. Yellow, red, blue and green, in every conceivable hue, are in vogue. ogether with the successful interior designer Gesa Hansen, Villeroy & Boch has developed fifteen harmonious shades to create a new dual-colour concept for its Artis washbasins. And there is now a bright new twist on bathing pleasure too: the La Belle, Squaro Edge 12 and Loop&Friends free-standing baths are also revealing a new dual-colour look. Shiny white inner surfaces meet colourful side panels, with over 200 shades to choose from. The Colour on Demand concept is expanding the selection of fifteen rosé, blue, yellow and green tones and the black-white look developed by Gesa

Trend 2: COLOUR

Hansen for the Artis series with a wide spectrum of standard RAL or NSC colours in matt or glossy finishes. And colourful effects are livening up bathroom furniture too: in addition to natural wood effects, trendy colours such as Black Matt Lacquer for the Legato series and Crystal Blue for Avento are making bold statements in bathrooms.

The retro look and vintage style are as popular as ever and this nostalgic feel is another strong trend in bathroom design. Bathroom ceramics and furniture infused with the charm of bygone days serve as a visual reminder to slow down and relax in today’s fast-paced world Their balanced proportions and classic shapes create a sense of continuity and security. Familiar styles are being rediscovered and given contemporary new twists. Resulting in bathroom series such as Villeroy & Boch’s Hommage - nostalgic charm meets modern functionality in a premium bathroom collection designed to meet the most discerning requirements.


Trend 4: RETRO

Reflecting the trend in kitchens, the bathroom is increasingly becoming a living space. A homely and comfortable atmosphere is particularly important for an area in daily use, devoted to personal hygiene, well-being and relaxation. Recognising the key role of bathroom furniture in this respect, Villeroy & Boch offers elegant wood-effect veneers for various ranges. The selection extends from light elm to dark walnut, a White Wood finish, permeated with hints of wood grain, for a modern look and the trendy new Black Matt Lacquer for a warm feel. Not forgetting the stylish dual-colour concepts, which also create a very homely atmosphere with their understated or eye-catching effects. DÉCOR Magazine



People have always been attracted by the lure of city living and increasing population density in urban areas is placing constraints on available living space. Faced with high rents and rising property prices, more and more city dwellers are living in small spaces. To create a practical and yet attractive bathroom in such situations, you need clever and inspired solutions. Such as sanitary ceramics combining compact dimensions with perfect comfort and functionality; or clever furniture systems with generous surfaces and storage areas to make maximum use of available space. These are just two examples of the options available in various Villeroy & Boch bathroom collections, including Architectura and O.novo.

Perhaps the strongest mega-trend at the moment is personalisation. People are looking for products that reflect their own personal preferences and taste. From fashion to cars or holidays... today’s consumers are demanding features, products and concepts which they can choose and combine precisely according to their visions and needs. Villeroy & Boch has responded to this trend in its products - customised shower bases, coloured washbasins, Colour on Demand for baths, intelligent furniture platforms which can be combined with different washbasins and fittings, as well as a selection of veneers and furniture handles open up lots of creative scope for personalised solutions.

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Carpets left to right: Dappled Light - Diamond, Cosmos – Lunar, Quiet Line – Pumice, Cosmos – Moondust Carpets left to right: Publications: Light - Diamond, Cosmos Carpets – Lunar, Quiet Line – Pumice, Cosmos – Moondust left to right: Elle DecorDappled - April 2015 Carpets left to right: Hampton Cottages & Gardens - July 2015

DappledDappled Light - Diamond, Cosmos – Lunar, Quiet Lineto – Pumice, Cosmos – Moondust Connecticut Cottages & Gardens - April 2015 Publications: House Beautiful - May 2015 Light - Diamond, Cosmos – Lunar, Quiet Line – Pumice, Cosmos – Moondust Carpets left right: San Francisco Cottages Gardens - April/May 2015 ElleDappled Decor - April 2015- &Diamond, Light Cosmos -Publications: Lunar, Quiet LineTraditional - Pumice, Cosmos - Moondust Home - May 2015 Hampton Cottages & Gardens - July 2015 Publications: Interiors - April/May Connecticut Cottages2015 & Gardens - April 2015 House Beautiful - May 2015 Decor - April 2015 Elle DecorElle - April 2015 Hampton Cottages Gardens- -July July2015 2015 Hampton Cottages && Gardens San Francisco Cottages & Gardens - April/May 2015 Traditional Home - May 2015 Connecticut & Gardens - April 2015 Connecticut CottagesCottages & Gardens - April 2015 House Beautiful May 2015 House Beautiful - May 2015 Interiors - April/May 2015 San Francisco & Gardens - April/May Traditional Home - May 2015 San Francisco CottagesCottages & Gardens - April/May 2015 2015 Traditional Home - May 2015 Interiors April/May 2015 Interiors - April/May 2015

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Issue 2 | April - June 2015




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THE PRIVATE PLANE PHENOMNON A luxury more accessible than ever

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to Know to improve your digestion

Going Underground

DÉCOR is where style lives - the essential design resource for those with a passion for creating beautiful surroundings


Creating Dangerous Curves



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The Collection

Issue 3 - 2014


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The pleasure of a good night’s sleep


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APRIL 2016


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Parquetr y Herringbone wood flooring





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Alexanders’ Collection Spain Luxury Home

e Home to a unique collection of stunning designer furniture, furnishings and accessories, Alexanders’ Collection Spain Luxury Home sets the standard in luxury furniture.


Designed for customers who want their homes to make a statement, this luxury furniture delivers a real wow factor. Beautifully crafted, distinctively designed and endlessly elegant.

e Ctra. n-340, Km 176 Edif OASIS Business Center, Local 1 29600 Marbella (Malaga), España T. +34 952 82 34 40




Majestic Oak Furniture by

PHILIPP ROESSLER It all started when I was looking for a great table for a centerpiece in my own apartment. A table is the most important piece of furniture for me - a place to be with friends, to cook dinner and enjoy the company.

Philipp Roessler is the founder of furniture design studio NUTSANDWOODS. The oak trees from which they make the furniture have been growing for more than 100 years. Each piece has its own story. 192 DÉCOR Magazine

I coud not find the right table for me. Most of the tables out there were either over designed or too rough and rustic. I wanted a mixture of natural and contemporary.

I finally decided to build my own table and as a digital designer, I drew some sketches in photoshop and crafted out the first table in the garden of my girlfriend’s father’s house. So many people asked me about the table, so I took a few pictures and built a website for it. It was soon shared on pinterest and reached search result no1. People as far away as Australia were asking my table! I started to like the idea of building my own furniture and decided to put more of my ideas into action. Now we have a full collection from sofas to cabinets to lights.

DÉCOR Magazine


GO ULTRA NATURAL Do you think neutral colors are boring? We are going to debunk the myth that bold is better. Of course, there is always room for pops of coloUr in your life, but there are a lot of good reasons to stick with a neutral coloUr scheme for your interior design.

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Neutral colors don’t have to be boring! In fact, a calm, neutral backdrop allows you to bring out some pretty bold elements into your design that may otherwise look garish. So, put down that can of red paint, at least for a moment. Neutral colours are reliable decorating tool, providing welcoming visual breaks, excellent backdrops and soothing moods, depending on how you treat them. Versatile neutral color palettes create nobility and elegance that become accents through the shape of space of your home.

DÉCOR Magazine



o ultra natural We often get the misconception that if we can’t choose the right color scheme than settling for neutral colors is unadventurous and lifeless. On the contrary! Neutrals don’t have to just stem from the beige and tan color family! Start with warm gold, rich camel browns, buttery cream colors and greige are a few neutrals that are anything but boring! Use them in conjunction with black, heather gray, and chocolate brown to put a new twist on neutral colors.

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圀愀氀氀瀀愀瀀攀爀㨀 圀漀漀搀 䘀爀漀猀琀 椀渀 匀椀氀瘀攀爀⼀倀椀渀攀 圀㌀㈀㤀㜀ⴀ㄀㄀㬀 䐀爀愀瀀攀爀礀 瀀愀渀攀氀㨀 匀渀漀眀栀愀瘀攀渀 椀渀 䤀挀攀挀愀瀀 ⠀㄀㘀⤀Ⰰ  圀愀氀氀瀀愀瀀攀爀㨀 圀漀漀搀 䘀爀漀猀琀 椀渀 匀椀氀瘀攀爀⼀倀椀渀攀 圀㌀㈀㤀㜀ⴀ㄀㄀㬀 䐀爀愀瀀攀爀礀 瀀愀渀攀氀㨀 匀渀漀眀栀愀瘀攀渀 椀渀 䤀挀攀挀愀瀀 ⠀㄀㘀⤀Ⰰ  吀爀椀洀 吀爀椀洀㨀 䌀栀愀瀀攀氀氀攀 椀渀 䘀爀漀猀琀 吀㌀ 㜀㄀㤀ⴀ㄀㄀㬀 儀甀愀爀琀攀琀 匀琀爀愀椀最栀琀 䈀攀渀挀栀 䄀䌀㄀㈀䈀㔀㐀 倀一Ⰰ 䘀愀戀爀椀挀㨀 䄀氀瀀椀渀攀 圀漀漀氀 椀渀 䘀氀攀攀挀攀  吀爀椀洀 吀爀椀洀㨀 䌀栀愀瀀攀氀氀攀 椀渀 䘀爀漀猀琀 吀㌀ 㜀㄀㤀ⴀ㄀㄀㬀 儀甀愀爀琀攀琀 匀琀爀愀椀最栀琀 䈀攀渀挀栀 䄀䌀㄀㈀䈀㔀㐀 倀一Ⰰ 䘀愀戀爀椀挀㨀 䄀氀瀀椀渀攀 圀漀漀氀 椀渀 䘀氀攀攀挀攀  ㌀㌀㤀 㔀ⴀ㄀㘀㄀㄀Ⰰ 吀爀椀洀㨀 吀礀爀漀氀攀愀渀 吀漀最最氀攀 椀渀 䘀爀漀猀琀 吀㌀ 㜀㈀㔀ⴀ㄀㄀ 㘀㬀 倀椀氀氀漀眀猀 氀攀攀 琀漀 爀椀最栀琀㨀 䐀椀爀渀搀氀 椀渀 匀渀漀眀 䴀椀猀琀  ㌀㌀㤀 㔀ⴀ㄀㘀㄀㄀Ⰰ 吀爀椀洀㨀 吀礀爀漀氀攀愀渀 吀漀最最氀攀 椀渀 䘀爀漀猀琀 吀㌀ 㜀㈀㔀ⴀ㄀㄀ 㘀㬀 倀椀氀氀漀眀猀 氀攀攀 琀漀 爀椀最栀琀㨀 䐀椀爀渀搀氀 椀渀 匀渀漀眀 䴀椀猀琀  ㌀㌀㤀㐀㐀ⴀ㄀㄀Ⰰ 吀爀椀洀猀㨀 䰀愀渀搀氀攀爀 椀渀 䘀爀漀猀琀 吀㌀ 㜀㄀㘀ⴀ㄀㄀Ⰰ 嘀愀氀猀 吀愀瀀攀 椀渀 䘀爀漀猀琀 吀㌀ 㜀㄀㌀ⴀ㄀㄀㬀 䘀爀漀渀琀 昀愀戀爀椀挀㨀 䄀氀瀀攀渀爀漀猀攀 椀渀  ㌀㌀㤀㐀㐀ⴀ㄀㄀Ⰰ 吀爀椀洀猀㨀 䰀愀渀搀氀攀爀 椀渀 䘀爀漀猀琀 吀㌀ 㜀㄀㘀ⴀ㄀㄀Ⰰ 嘀愀氀猀 吀愀瀀攀 椀渀 䘀爀漀猀琀 吀㌀ 㜀㄀㌀ⴀ㄀㄀㬀 䘀爀漀渀琀 昀愀戀爀椀挀㨀 䄀氀瀀攀渀爀漀猀攀 椀渀  匀椀氀瘀攀爀 䜀爀攀礀 ㌀㌀㤀 㤀ⴀ㄀㘀㄀㄀Ⰰ 䈀愀挀欀 昀愀戀爀椀挀㨀 刀甀猀猀挀 䔀瀀椀渀最氀攀 椀渀 䴀椀搀眀椀渀琀攀爀 ㌀㌀㤀㌀㌀ⴀ㄀㘀㄀㄀Ⰰ 吀爀椀洀㨀 䌀栀愀瀀攀氀氀攀 椀渀 匀渀漀眀  匀椀氀瘀攀爀 䜀爀攀礀 ㌀㌀㤀 㤀ⴀ㄀㘀㄀㄀Ⰰ 䈀愀挀欀 昀愀戀爀椀挀㨀 刀甀猀猀挀 䔀瀀椀渀最氀攀 椀渀 䴀椀搀眀椀渀琀攀爀 ㌀㌀㤀㌀㌀ⴀ㄀㘀㄀㄀Ⰰ 吀爀椀洀㨀 䌀栀愀瀀攀氀氀攀 椀渀 匀渀漀眀  䐀爀椀椀 吀㌀ 㜀㄀㤀ⴀ㄀㄀㄀㬀 嘀攀氀搀 椀渀 匀攀愀氀 ㌀㌀㤀㈀ ⴀ㄀㄀Ⰰ 吀爀椀洀猀㨀 吀礀爀漀氀攀愀渀 吀漀最最氀攀 椀渀 䘀爀漀猀琀 吀㌀ 㜀㈀㔀ⴀ㄀㄀ 㘀Ⰰ 吀礀爀漀氀攀愀渀 䈀愀渀搀  䐀爀椀椀 吀㌀ 㜀㄀㤀ⴀ㄀㄀㄀㬀 嘀攀氀搀 椀渀 匀攀愀氀 ㌀㌀㤀㈀ ⴀ㄀㄀Ⰰ 吀爀椀洀猀㨀 吀礀爀漀氀攀愀渀 吀漀最最氀攀 椀渀 䘀爀漀猀琀 吀㌀ 㜀㈀㔀ⴀ㄀㄀ 㘀Ⰰ 吀礀爀漀氀攀愀渀 䈀愀渀搀  椀渀 䘀爀漀猀琀 吀㌀ 㜀㄀㠀ⴀ㄀㄀ 㘀Ⰰ 䠀愀渀猀 䌀漀爀搀 椀渀 䘀爀漀猀琀 吀㌀ 㜀㈀㄀ⴀ㄀㄀㬀 吀栀爀漀眀㨀 䘀爀漀渀琀 昀愀戀爀椀挀㨀 䄀渀椀洀愀氀椀愀 椀渀 匀琀攀爀氀椀渀最  椀渀 䘀爀漀猀琀 吀㌀ 㜀㄀㠀ⴀ㄀㄀ 㘀Ⰰ 䠀愀渀猀 䌀漀爀搀 椀渀 䘀爀漀猀琀 吀㌀ 㜀㈀㄀ⴀ㄀㄀㬀 吀栀爀漀眀㨀 䘀爀漀渀琀 昀愀戀爀椀挀㨀 䄀渀椀洀愀氀椀愀 椀渀 匀琀攀爀氀椀渀最  ㌀㌀㜀㈀㌀ⴀ㄀㄀Ⰰ 䈀愀挀欀 昀愀戀爀椀挀㨀 䐀椀爀渀搀氀 椀渀 匀渀漀眀 䴀椀猀琀 ㌀㌀㤀㐀㐀ⴀ㄀㄀Ⰰ 吀爀椀洀㨀 匀眀椀猀猀 匀挀愀氀氀漀瀀 椀渀 䘀爀漀猀琀 吀㌀ 㜀㄀㔀ⴀ㄀㄀ 㘀 ㌀㌀㜀㈀㌀ⴀ㄀㄀Ⰰ 䈀愀挀欀 昀愀戀爀椀挀㨀 䐀椀爀渀搀氀 椀渀 匀渀漀眀 䴀椀猀琀 ㌀㌀㤀㐀㐀ⴀ㄀㄀Ⰰ 吀爀椀洀㨀 匀眀椀猀猀 匀挀愀氀氀漀瀀 椀渀 䘀爀漀猀琀 吀㌀ 㜀㄀㔀ⴀ㄀㄀ 㘀


Updated kitchens incorporate features and functions associated with traditional living spaces, removing boundaries between the kitchen and the rest of the home 198 DÉCOR Magazine

DÉCOR Magazine


Houzz is the leading online platform for home renovation and design, providing people with everything they need to improve their homes from start to finish - online or from a mobile device. From decorating a room to building a custom home, Houzz connects millions of homeowners, home design enthusiasts and home improvement professionals across the country and around the world. With the largest residential design database in the world and a vibrant community powered by social tools, Houzz is the easiest way for people to get the design inspiration, project advice, product information and professional reviews they need to help turn ideas into reality.

For more information visit:

200 DÉCOR Magazine

Homeowners are renovating their kitchens to create a “super kitchen” that not only serves multiple purposes but also incorporates features, functions and decor traditionally associated with other rooms, dramatically blurring the lines between the kitchen and other living spaces, according to the 2016 Houzz Kitchen Trends Survey.

The survey of homeowners using Houzz who are in the midst of, are planning, or recently completed a kitchen renovation project found that these kitchens go far beyond cooking and baking, with 69 percent using the space for eating and dining, and nearly half for entertaining (49 percent) and socializing (43 percent). In addition, more than a quarter of renovating homeowners use their kitchen as a homework space (25 percent), one in five watches TV (19 percent), and 14 percent read. As the hub of such activity, nearly two-thirds of homeowners spend more than three hours a day in their kitchens (60 percent). Further blurring the lines between the functional and living areas of their homes, nearly half of renovating homeowners are making their kitchens more open to other living spaces (48 percent), with 46 percent of kitchens completely open to other interior spaces postrenovation. One in five updated kitchens are also more open to the

outdoors following their upgrades (18 percent). Many homeowners are adding features traditionally associated with living and dining rooms to their updated kitchens, including dining tables, chandeliers, TVs and desks/ workspaces. Customized features that support entertaining are also popular, including wine refrigerators and built-in stations for coffee/ tea. Additionally, homeowners are updating the design of the kitchen to integrate with the rest of the home, which 45 percent of renovating homeowners rate as a top design aspect for their updated kitchen. This includes installing custom-made cabinetry and hardwood flooring. “The modern ‘super kitchen’ supports family, friends and work and does it in style,” said Nino Sitchinava, principal economist at Houzz. “Our findings show that homeowners expect kitchen renovations to go far beyond improving flow, storage or aesthetics. The ‘super kitchen has

literally become a living room, family room and office, with finishes, layouts and decor that challenge us to define where the kitchen ends and the rest of the home begins.” The top trigger for kitchen projects in 2015 is that homeowners can no longer stand their old one. This trigger exceeded other motivations, surpassing wanting to do so all along and finally having the means, and customizing a recently purchased home. Nearly a third of renovating homeowners are spending €25-€50K on kitchen renovations (31 percent), and another third are spending more than €50K (30 percent). Also, spending on completed kitchens continues to exceed budgets on planned kitchens with more than half of homeowners budgeting €25K or less on kitchen renovations (52 percent).

u Updated Layouts Support Flow: Nearly half of homeowners updating their kitchens changed the layout of the room (48 percent). U-shaped kitchens are the most popular choice of new layout (35 percent), followed by L-shape (28 percent), shapes which lend themselves most easily to open-concept floorplans. u Neutral Colours Reign: Similar to last year’s findings, the majority of those renovating kitchens continue to gravitate toward neutral colours that will stand the test of time. Shades of beige, grey and white are top choices for updated walls (22, 22 and 17 percent, respectively), and white and medium-light wood

are still trending for cabinets (38 and 18, respectively). Updated counters either integrate multiple colours or are primarily white or black (32, 19 and 14 percent, respectively). u High-Tech Kitchen Tools: A third of homeowners who upgrade their appliances during their kitchen remodel report that one or more of their appliances have high-tech features such as colour touchscreen displays (20 percent), built-in apps with recipes, cooking tips and more (six percent); and wireless controls via smartphone or tablet (five percent). Additionally, of kitchen renovators who added a new range or cooktop, 11 percent opted for induction cooktops.

Additional findings include: u New Kitchen, New Style: Threequarters of homeowners changed the style of their kitchen during their project (76 percent). While traditional rooms and rooms without a particular style were most common prior to upgrades (32 and 36 percent respectively), few homeowners selected these styles for their updated kitchens. Instead, homeowners describe half of their updated kitchens as transitional (21 percent), contemporary (19 percent), or modern in style (12 percent). DÉCOR Magazine


There are 1,000 reasons to choose this range

202 DÉCOR Magazine

And 1,648 ways to combine it

The difference is Gaggenau

The Vario cooling 400 series is so easy to combine that you can tailor it exactly to your wishes and preferences. Its impressive range of revolutionary technologies and features all set new standards. For instance, interiors made of high grade stainless steel for levels of hygiene previously only found in professional kitchens. Whether you go for Vario cooling, freezing or wine, everything is stored exactly how it should be. So no matter which combination you opt for, it will seem as if it has been made just for you. For more information and a list of partners, please visit

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CUCINE Aran Cucine is a leader in designing, manufacturing, selling, and exporting custom designed Italian kitchens to more than 120 countries around the world. Committed to doing its part to protect the environment its products are sourced from recyclable and ethical materials in a sustainable way. Most of the wood is purchased from companies certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and has installed a diligent waste collection system within its own warehouses - 90% of waste generated by the manufacturing process is recycled. The company has also built four solar power plants with the goal of becoming completely self-sufficient in its energy needs.

For more information visit:

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The New Bella line by Aran Cucine has been simply designed with an emphasis focused on enhancing the lines and texture of wood giving it a unique flair and artisan craftsmanship. To ensure the kitchen has a contemporary feel the use of high gloss lacquer and metallic finishes have been artfully applied which only add to create a soft, warming tactile effect. ARAN Cucine are internationally awarded and you will find a product of such refinement, style and quality at an affordable cost. Supported by a dedicated design & project management team, your kitchen is professionally managed every step of the way. From initial design consultation and estimating, through plans, pre-production liaison, scheduling to production and delivery. Your ARAN kitchen is guaranteed to exceed your every expectation of fine Italian craftsmanship.

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deVOL Kitchens have been making beautiful kitchen cupboards for 25 years. The style is simple and understated and captures the quintessentially English style. Based at Cotes Mill since 2012, after an extensive renovation project, deVOL design and manufacture all the furniture and accessories by hand at their workshops in Leicestershire.

Available from:

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The new Air Kitchen is a unique contemporary designer kitchen featuring the best of British craftsmanship. Modern eco-materials and time honoured construction techniques, brought together in one sleek modern retro kitchen.

The Air Kitchen range is an exclusive retro contemporary kitchen inspired by innovative designs of the last century. Vintage automobile construction, the hulls of working boats and the iconic Airstream caravan; design classics which inspired this curved kitchen design of aluminium panels, polished rivets and futuristic push-to-open solid surface doors. Cutting-edge eco-materials compliment warm oak for a contemporary retro designer kitchen.

Sleek, understated units fascias accentuate those pleasing curves which define the Air Kitchen range. Base cabinets appear to float whilst pod-like larder units and appliance cabinets stand on slender stainless steel legs, all adding to an exciting feeling of space and airiness in this modern kitchen with a vintage twist. Air was proudly designed and built in Great Britain for a bright new age of contemporary design; a future classic for contemporary living. DÉCOR Magazine


CRAFTMANSHIP The Air Kitchen uses both traditional and ultra-modern materials, bringing classic design elements up-to-date but keeping the same spirit of adventure which first inspired them. Air is a triumph of British craftsmanship and design. Air Kitchen ConstructionThe process of laminating curved oak for our cabinets gives a rigid, stable curve to support our solid surface doors. Rolled aluminium, riveted to oak frames is a time-honoured method used in the iconic Airstream caravan’s frame construction. Air’s aluminium panels are annealed to make them more pliable and then rolled by hand by our carpenters as industrial fabricators could not match the 1mm tolerance required for a perfect fit. Good old fashioned ingenuity and testing were required to develop elegant techniques to manufacture this innovative kitchen. It’s these traditional skills and minute tolerances that add finesse to the striking forms and clean lines of the Air Kitchen. Solid surface handless doors and draw fronts introduce a new generation of kitchen surfaces, made from recycled aluminium ore and acrylic resin. Surprisingly soft and tactile, these open by pushing a pleasing dimple set in the door for a completely handless kitchen. White Silestone, Carrara Marble, Honed Black Granite and Limed Oak worktops add practicality to this inspirational range of furniture designed to impress for generations.

208 DÉCOR Magazine

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Stylish home appliances with lively tones and retro design

technology with style

EFFORTLESSLY by apaiser ELEGANT Celebrating 40 years at the forefront of the industry, Kelly Hoppen’s ever-evolving design philosophy is underpinned by a subtle, coordinated fusion of East meets West. Her clean lines and neutral tones are always blended with charming warmth and sumptuous opulence, keeping true to her core values of high quality, simplicity and timeless elegance.

“With my signature style and apaiser’s experience as one of the leading bathware designers, we have created a range that is both beautiful and unique” Kelly Hoppen MBE Founded in 2000, apaiser is an award winning Australian international bathware designer and manufacturer specialising in luxury stone composite bathware, bathtubs, basins, vanities and shower bases. apaiser’s beautifully handcrafted stone bathware is effortlessly elegant and is renowned for its natural organic feel and sculptural lines. This, fused with Kelly Hoppen’s distinctive design philosophy creates a blend of curvaceous shapes and highly functional design. The new collection includes stunning layered designs such as the HARMONY that resembles the petals of a lotus flower, the ORIGAMI that was inspired by the intricate Japanese art that gives it its name and the BANDE that was originally based on the Obi, a sash used in traditional Japanese dress. Formulated with optimum performance in mind and using reclaimed sustainable marble as its core, each apaiser bathware piece has minimal impact on the environment, yet does not compromise on quality, creating a therapeutic bathing experience.

For more information visit:

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The new collection of stone composite bathware is a celebration of the East, where the act of bathing is a ceremony. Its beautifully simple designs combine clean lines, complementary symmetry and neutral tones, resulting in the perfect harmony. It is both functional and beautiful and the epitome of sophistication, portraying purity and strength with its soft lines and Zen-like feel. The result is a truly sublime blend of inspiring design aesthetic and a luxurious bathing experience, which eases the ever-increasing stress of modern life. This is truly a collection for the 21st century.

DÉCOR Magazine


apaiser projects apaiser stone bathware was launched in the UK in February 2015 and is available in showrooms globally (North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, South Asia, United Arab Emirates, Middle East and Africa), with its flagship showrooms in Melbourne and Singapore. apaiser has created unique and opulent bathing solutions for illustrious designers and high-end commercial projects and resorts around the world, including the Four Seasons in Sydney, Toronto, Tahiti and the Maldives, the Park Hyatt in New York, the St Regis in Aspen and Dubai, the Inter Continental in Bali, the Corinthia Hotel in London, the London Edition hotel and the Ritz Carlton in Shanghai. apaiser works with elite designers to create exclusive, hand-crafted and customised bathware products with a focus on creating a luxurious and intimate sanctuary in the bathroom. Designed in Melbourne and handcrafted by apaiser’s skilful artisans, apaiser’s bespoke creations retain the highest level of stone content in the market resulting in beautiful, organic, eco-friendly and sustainable bathware.

214 DÉCOR Magazine

‘sumptuous’ “Sensory appeal has emerged as a worldwide trend in bathrooms. The need for differentiation has become a key focus for designers enhancing the consumer bathing experience. apaiser’s unrivalled customisation meets this growing demand as we shift from function to enjoyment”. Belinda Try, Executive Director, apaiser

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BATHROOM TRENDS: ROSE GOLD Alternative Bathrooms know the best brands inside out, from the simplest models to the design masterpieces. The understand all the aesthetic and technical issues and offer the widest possible range of choices and price points. Even better, they’ll give you the best independent advice and guide you through all those considerations, to find your perfect purchase.

For more information visit:

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Warm metals are the biggest story in bathroom taps and accessories. Brass is back big time, but there is also a new, more contemporary warm finish to consider: Rose Gold. An alloy of 24 carat gold and copper, Rose Gold has a pinky-gold lustre which looks just right with other on-trend naturals such as Travertine and timber. Luxurious but never flashy, it hits a perfect focus note in today’s bathrooms.

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They say it’s the lifestyle that makes Ibiza the place of unparalleled beauty

Cap Blanc Ibiza represents a luxurious residential private complex with on-site 24 hours security, with only 9 modern design villas all with exceptional seaviews and located in Ibiza – Talamanca, Cap Martinet, one of Ibiza’s outstanding and sought after locations.

The grounds of Cap Blanc Ibiza have been carefully selected. Therefore, it not only ensures its aesthetic value, but also your investment. Cap Blanc Ibiza is currently the most luxurious real estate development on Ibiza.

The villas of Cap Blanc Ibiza will be built using the most innovative construction methods. They are decorated with attractive architectural details and are fitted with the latest smart home automation systems to give them the ultimate finishing touch.

Each villa is ensured of total privacy whilst enjoying unobstructed views on the sea. Within such an extraordinary space, Cap Blanc Ibiza stands as an exclusive private world of comfort and security. The luxurious modern design villas of Cap Blanc Ibiza are very open, luminous and airy.

Each villa has been exclusively designed with unique shapes and proportions, allowing it to fit in naturally within its surroundings. Construction period of each villa is approx. 12 months. Each villa will be tailored to your own wishes.

220 DÉCOR Magazine

One of the main features of Cap Blanc Ibiza is the way it communicates with its environment, each residence has a private garden, lounge areas, large outside swimming pool within her own exclusive private world. Starting price: € 4,500,000

For further information contact: Global Luxurious Properties T: +31 (0)-15-2630195 | | Minerva Development T: +31 (0)20 471 57 83 | |

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NEW LED OUTDOOR LIGHTING RANGE DelightFULL is presenting a new led outdoor lighting collection for the upcoming warm days. Who doesn’t want to take a nap in a beautiful backyard and feel the sun? Delightfull’s lighting reflects a personality, a frame of mind, and strong emotions are present in each detail. Working with their hands they transfer their passion and devotion into everything they make and thus the masterpieces are born. Delightfull’s vision is focused on the best combination of high quality design and high quality craftsmanship. Their pieces not only illuminate interiors they also add strong design presence to a space with their unique forms. Each Delightfull piece shows the companies intense passion for lighting design and vintage classics and has a unique identity. If you are lucky enough to have an outdoor place you should guarantee that it is perfect for your relaxing times. Although it can be a wonderful backyard to receive your guests and even make a party, the most important thing is: to make you feel happy! When it comes to outdoor decoration, choosing the best style is not so easy. You got to put your personality on the project. It can really make a difference. All you have to do is to turn your place into something special. It has to be a mirror of your soul, and of course full of light.

For more information visit: DÉCOR Magazine




Spring is already here, however to have a special outdoor the sun light is not the only light you will need. There’s a roar of different light fixtures that can be adaptable for outdoor decor: small lamps, big lamps, modern chandeliers, and so it goes. You can find a million of different design pieces on the market, but deep down inside, you know that your choice has to be something different. Something that makes you think ‘This has got to be mine!’. DelightFULL offers you the solution that contemplates that. The brand’s attention to details and their care with unique design pieces, transforms all their work into unique pieces of art. They have personality and bring that extra luxury design touch to any kind of place. To inspire your out-of-doors home designs the brand offers special lights: Galliano Wall, Coltrane Wall and the amazing Graphic Collection. LOOK NO FURTHER… TURN IT SMOOTH


DelightFULL brings to you huge different pieces and materials for your ambiences. Look inside yourself, get inspired, and turn your outdoors into special places.

Think bubble gum pink, electric blue and ochre yellow. DelightFULL paints your outdoors with bright colors, alphabet letters and numbers. Yes, you read it right. With the previous offer of a more luxurious line for your outdoors, it comes another offer…for a unique way to light up your outdoors: The Graphic Collection. Cool, vibrant, fun and also with a mini version.

Galliano and Coltrane turns your outside into a cozy and luxury place. Your guests will feel welcomed and you will feel special. That’s what unique lighting can bring to your home. With an extraordinary and exclusive design this pieces are well prepared for your home or even a hospitality project. It’s up to you. Feel the Delightfull world. Feel good. Merely mention the name Coltrane and you will feel a deep connection with innovation and the expressive music in Jazz. Taking these powerful connections created by John Coltrane our designers have created a monumental design that will withstand time. Up to 3 iron tubes, it makes a magical and a smooth lighting effect for architectural environments. An expressive design inspired in jazz music, Galliano wall fixture has a sculptural shape and it’s versatile and yet contemporary. An extremely balanced design which gets even more beautiful when you see light being casted thought its pipes. Up to 3 tubes, it produces a unique and gorgeous lighting effect.

224 DÉCOR Magazine

As the idea of communicating with lighting seems to have more and more of a mass appeal, decorating your outdoors with these cool letters strike us as a cool and ideal solution when you want the space to pop and really stand out. The Graphic Collection is ideal for the hotels and club’s outdoors. The aim of this letters, numbers and symbols is to revolutionize the lighting concept. Each lighting letter is based on a wide selection of iconic type fonts with a DelightFULL twist.

Immerse yourself in nature and sit cradled amongst the foliage in the leaf inspired Verde Chair




Go Modern specialises in contemporary design for the home. Established in 2006, the company works with leading European furniture designers and manufacturers. New modern garden furniture collections include some of the most innovative modern garden furniture available in the market today. Special fabrics from Belgium mean that garden furniture can now be fully upholstered, & some of our garden sofas could fit as easily indoors as they do outdoors. Garden tables are made with contemporary steel frames & crisp white tops, & garden chairs are modern & clean. Parasols from Switzerland & Belgium ensure that you are comfortable & shaded in style.

Available from:

226 DÉCOR Magazine

MANUTTI KUMO OUTDOOR SOFA Designed by Lionel Doyen for Manutti, the Kumo collection takes its name from the Japanese word for cloud. This versatile collection is equally at home indoors or outdoors. It is a modular system which has adjustable/removable armrests and backrests - allowing you to play with the layout and transform part of the sofa into a single chair or sun lounger.

The frame is made from powder coated aluminium, which is available in three colours; white, lava or shingle. The comfortable cushions have outdoor, quick dry foam fillings and covers in a great choice of water resistant outdoor fabrics. The seams are welded as well as sewn, so if a drop of water does manage to get through it will drain away through the specially designed cushions. The Kumo collection is available in six standard cushion colour combinations, although it is possible to order them in own choice of colours.

DÉCOR Magazine


228 DÉCOR Magazine DÉCOR Magazine


ROOM WITH A VIEW A garden room can be so many things. A place for self-expression or for relaxation and socialising. Somewhere to work without distractions or maybe unwind with music and a drink - or even a sauna. Garden Hideouts make beautiful spaces to enhance your lifestyle. And they make it all very easy - there are so many options to choose from you’re sure to fine the room that matches your heart’s desire.

Garden Hideouts is a natural development of a longstanding canal boat business... they’re the small space specialists, using all their acquired design skills and painstaking attention to detail to create rooms in the garden that will give pleasure: year after year after year after year.

GARDEN PODS - enjoy the great outdoors When Garden Hideouts looked at creating the ideal garden room, they wanted it to have a contemporary style that blended perfectly with its environment. That meant insisting on the finest natural materials for the exterior of the Garden Pods and fashioning them into a stylish profile. As you can see, the result is a structure that will grace any garden.

For more information visit:

230 DÉCOR Magazine

And as soon as you step inside any of the Garden Pods, you’ll discover a wealth of clever ideas and luxury features. The decor is professionally designed by Bayswater Interiors for a wonderfully harmonious space with tongue and groove panelling throughout. Beautiful hard-wearing flooring, upholstered banquette seating that converts to a double bed and handy optional extras, such as solar panels and outdoor decking mean these Pods are in a class of their own. With double glazing and high thermal insulation they are also lovely and warm even in the severest winter. To get a full list of all the great features make sure you download a spec sheet from their website.

DÉCOR Magazine


SHEPHERD HUTS - luxury and tradition combined When you think of the history of Shepherds Huts it’s no wonder they’re such an enduring design. Built as a mobile shelter for shepherds they had to stand up to the elements whilst providing a cosy, totally practical living space. Today a Shepherds Hut from Garden Hideouts looks charming in any setting, adding a touch of timeless artisanship to you garden. From bespoke iron wheels cast in traditional Black Country foundries to the Farrow & Ball paintwork on the interior, they have done everything to create an authentic environment. But they have also brought a whole range of modern comforts to the Shepherds Huts.

232 DÉCOR Magazine

For example, warm air heating combined with high grade insulation make them wonderfully snug in even the harshest weather. Modern appliances in the standard model such as a microwave, integrated fridge, full size shower and seating that converts to a double bed, give you the kind of luxury an 18th century shepherd could only have dreamed of. To get the full low-down on what goes into the Shepherds Huts be sure to download the spec sheet.

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SWING INTO ACTION Swing is first and foremost a system. The simple idea behind its conception is based on repetition of an element in teak to make up an architectural principle that creates a comfy seating solution. This is accompanied by research into a technical detail, with the wooden elements fixed to a structure in aluminium, lending lightness and transparency to the whole.

The fruit of an Italian company’s passion, inspired by the beauty of Nature and contemporary style trends, Ethimo furniture provides a complete collection for the open– air life, permeated with wellbeing, beauty and sophisticated simplicity. From designs inspired by the finest traditions of outdoor furnishings given a fresh twist through Ethimo’s design and materials research, to the company’s partnership with Patrick Norguet, a leading international designer, with his free spirit and concept of “continuum” between the home’s indoors and outdoors.

For more information visit:

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Completely waterproof cushions are the perfect finishing touch for comfortable, ergonomic seating. The Swing collection includes a swing seat with a dual structure, externally in metal wrapped in a sail through which light filters and internally in pickled teak slats, like a suspended nest that embraces mind and body; the XI sofa, a two-seater sofa, an armchair and two different low tables.

DÉCOR Magazine


Swing eliminates the barrier between indoors and out, treating garden furniture to the same attention to detail, study of materials, refined elegantly contemporary shapes that are usually reserved for that in the home.

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