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You will present a traditional or typical dish from your region or any


English -speaking country, with the help of an open office presentation or slideshow.


What is the name of the traditional dish? Where does it come


from? What are the typical ingredients? How is it prepared?


.....................  Ask your family about traditional recipes and dishes in your


region. ( You can also search on the Internet and find information about typical dishes around the world)  Choose one of these traditional recipes  Prepare a presentation including the following information: Name of the dish and photo Short description: What is it? (a dessert?, main course?) What country or region is it typical of? When do people usually eat it? (for example, at Christmas, in the winter, at Easter, etc.) Ingredients and measurements Time needed Steps: First, Next, Then, Finally, Optional: photos of the preparation process Important:    

The presentation must include a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 12 slides On each slide, there must be a photo or picture and two sentences. References and bibliography must appear at the end of the presentation The first slide will have the name of the dish, your name and a big photo of the dish.

Don't forget to check your work    

I used capital letters correctly I used verbs correctly and appropriate vocabulary Spelling is correct I used punctuation correctly



Assessment criteria

Format Content and organization Grammar and vocabulary Presentation (mechanics of speaking, pronunciation, fluency, clarity, etc.). IMPORTANT: Reading is not allowed  Creativity  f) Others, .................    

Late work will be penalized ( 20 points for one day late) Useful language: My presentation is about ..., This picture/photo shows..., This is a picture of..., That's the end of my presentation. Thank you for listening. Now, have you got any questions,..

¡El plagio será sancionado con el suspenso del trabajo! ¡Queda completamente prohibido Copiar y Pegar de Internet o de cualquier otro lugar!

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