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NATAL • MAY 2012


‘11 DEMO MODEL* R135 000

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Extra Pure Bonneville

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Tel: 031 566 3024

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Prices valid while stock last and Include 14% VAT. Terms & Condi�ons Apply | © Bike Talk


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KLR 650

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THE EDITOR: In a Nutshell Recession is over, the fuel price is coming down, life is easy and bikes are more affordable than ever. If only these were all true we’d all be smiling, riding bikes for a living and go live with our parents again. All of this doesn’t stop life from going on, we s�ll have to work, feed our families before we can enjoy life and the freedom we have as motorcyclists. That said, in this issue we welcome a few new adver�sers; ZAP Motorcycles, Bike Africa and Ian Marsh Motorcycles, thank you for your support. On our ‘What’s on Calendar’ we highlight a few key events hosted in and around KZN, so be sure to support these where and when possible. I start off by a�ending the launch of the new Harley-Davidson Sportster 72 and the So�ail Slim and ended up tes�ng the ‘72’ for this issue. Yesh! Later on I popped in to Honda Wing Umhlanga to collect the new Fireblade for a review, how much fun was that. The techies in the workshop showed me that not every clown should work or a�empt to repair their own bike; take it to the professionals instead. The Ear Ins�tute introduced a new In-Ear Plug which enhances the quality of in-ear audio, so they gave me a set to test. Upon my visit to ccGallery (Duca� and KTM) I no�ced a difference, something changed for the be�er. Phil from ccGallery gave me the Diavel for a day to test, the review of which you’ll read later in this issue. What a bike, what a ride! One mean piece of engineering. East Coast Motorcycles is the first in KZN to have a demo model of the new Triumph Explorer, which I do recommend you take for a test ride. And if that’s not your style, ride it anyway! On the educa�onal side I help you through the bends on page 6 and John gives us an insight into the different leather types that goes into our riding gear. I also give you and overview of the li�le Misfit 250, the new Triumph Explorer and the all new Honda CrossTourer. Yip, Bike Talk at last, a�ended its first press launch (Honda VFR1200X CrossTourer) along with the “big boys” in the market and will be doing so again for the launch of the Triumph Explorer early in May. Keep an eye out for a very revealing issue of Bike Talk in June, reviewing both these adventure bikes in one edi�on. All things considered, this has been one of our busiest months since we started in Jan 2006. The riding academy is very busy, Honda SA just gave us our new bikes (9 of them) for the next year, the magazine is ge�ng na�onal recogni�on and doors of opportunity are opening up around every corner. GOD is good and faithful to his word and promises if we diligently seek him in our ways. That brings me to a more serious note, as I give you a li�le story (in Afrikaans) on why you should read the Bible. Well that’s it in a nutshell folks! I hope to see you on the road some�me or at the next bike event and if I don’t, be safe and remember to counter-steer into the corners, keep your head and eyes up and through the bend. Please watch out for other traffic on our roads, think for them because they are not able to. Don’t forget, you can subscribe to the mag, download it from our website or view it on our Facebook page; Get it! Share it! But don’t keep it to yourself!


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‘12 Duca� Diavel ‘12 Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade ‘12 Harley-Davidson Sportster 72

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KEEPING IT UP: Handling Curves Anybody can ride a motorcycle in a straight line. Here you learn how to ride in a curve. Taking curves is rather a personal choice in terms of selec�on of entry and exit points as well as speed, it seems to me.

select through it you will have totalled 90 degrees when you are out of it. Since I turn more into the curve at my delayed entry point, I have less le� to go to complete the turn when I am near the exit.

For example, the typical advice I have heard from others is to choose an entry point that allows you to make the curve using the smoothest line through it so that you always have the least lean demand. This, of course, gives you the most ability to compensate your path through the curve should you find a need to do so. It also means that you hit the apex of the curve at about its middle. That is, you enter from the outside edge of the curve, then move towards the inside un�l you reach its apex, then con�nue from there outwards un�l you are once again at the outside of the curve just as you exit it.

This last advantage is of profound importance, in my opinion. This gives me far more ability to handle unexpected problems as I get closer to the end of the curve. For example, what if it turns out to be a decreasing radius curve a�er all, or if there is gravel in the road that was not visible at its entry?

I, on the other hand, do not normally do this. I prefer to delay my entry into the curve. That is, I stay to the outside edge well past the normal entry point, then turn much more sharply into it and hit the inside much beyond the normal apex. This gives me two significant (to me) advantages over the ‘smoothest’ course: • I get the lean that I enjoy in the beginning of the curve where I have seen all that I need to see in terms of poten�al trouble. • When I exit the turn I am traveling at a much reduced angle rela�ve to the path of the road. That is, since I am closer to the end of the curve when I reach the inside than is the normal apex, I have fewer degrees of the arc le� to go before I am again going in a straight line. Said differently, if the road changes direc�ons by a ma�er of 90 degrees through a curve, no ma�er what path you

By the way, when I said that 'I stay to the outside edge' above; I in no way meant to imply that I get close to the line. Far too many people seem to think that they have performed a safe manoeuvre through a curve so long as their wheels do not touch or cross the centre line. WRONG! If any part of your motorcycle crosses that line, including just a grip, you are in the path of oncoming traffic, and are in THEIR lane. In any event, I try to overshoot my entry to a curve. Then I aggressively counter-steer into it, and delay reaching the inside of the curve well past its apex. This also, incidentally, allows me to start an aggressive rollon of my thro�le sooner than when I am at the inside of the curve which gives me a be�er handling bike through the majority of it. I should add that this delayed entry approach requires that you get in the habit of not entering the curve too fast. Further, the right approach speed is one which requires NO BRAKING at entry. You should use MODEST thro�le roll-on all the way through any curve. If you find that you cross the outside line, ever, then it is �me to reassess what you are doing. Approaching the curve too fast? Insufficient confidence to aggressively counter-steer when you need to? Insufficient experience to pick a good line? Ac�ng like riding with friends is a compe��ve sport? Whatever it is, if you ever cross that centre-line you are riding above your abili�es; everyone around you will know it so you’ll need to change something soon. Otherwise, make sure your rela�ves know your inten�ons rela�ve to the dona�on of your organs.





Hosted in Margate, a week-end not to be missed. Visit or email Carl on

12 MAY


Hosted by Honda Adventure Academy at Mid-Illovo Contact Hein on 083 7937975 or book on-line at

14 MAY


Hosted by Highway Dragons MC Contact Les on 083 4876846 or visit

26 MAY


Hosted by Bike Talk MRA at Toyota Test Circuit, Eston Contact Hein on 083 7937975 or book on-line at

16 JUN


Hosted by Highway Dragons MC Contact Les on 083 4876846 or visit

29 JUN-1 JUL


Hosted by Pongola Cane Rider on the Pongola Academy School Grounds. Visit or Contact Johan on 082 8970635

30 JUN


Hosted by Perry Yamaha at Red Star Raceway, Delmas Contact Henry on 031 5667411 or email him on



Hosted by CMA at Lords & Legends in Amanzimto� Contact Kobie on 082 7716643

26-29 JUL


Hosted by Highway Dragons MC Contact Les on 083 4876846 or visit

9-12 AUG


Hosted in Richards Bay at the ZCBF Showgrounds Contact Gian on 082 5652013 or visit

25 AUG


Hosted at Golden Knights Pub Ashburton at 12:00pm. Pre-paids welcome. Live music etc. Contact Gary on 084 5181968 or Carl on 079 6990526

31 AUG-2 SEP


Hosted by CMA KZN at Skogheim, Port Shepstone Visit

28-20 OCT


11 NOV


25 NOV


Hosted by BMW SA in Clocolan for the BMW Adventure Rider at heart. Visit Hosted by CMA on a na�onal level and support by your local Federa�ons and Councils. Contact Kobie on 082 7716643 This is a day of giving to the children in our community, come and be rewarded through giving.




Harley-Davidson - I was recently invited to a�end the launch of the all new Sportster 72 and the So�ail Slim right here on our doorstep. Now don’t start with the “bikes for ballies” again; do yourself a favour, if you are into cruisers, go and ride any one of these magnificent bikes. But don’t stop there; spend some �me with the “locals” and find out what moves them. Anyway, the bikes were well introduced by Rob and his team, well presented for all to see and touch. I had a choice to test either the “72” or the “Slim”, and looking at the “72” above le� the choice was obvious. The full review is on page 30, be sure to read it. I s�ll have to test

the “Slim” and will do so in a future issue of Bike Talk, you can be sure of that. As for the dealership, boy, you can take your mother to this place and eat of the floor. Everything is so well organised, set out and displayed for op�mum shopping comfort, no wonder the “locals” hang around here on Saturday mornings, cha�ng, ea�ng, riding, buying and just enjoying themselves. Do yourself a favour, visit the shop; touch, smell and listen and you’ll soon be hooked onto a very rewarding lifestyle of freedom. Meet great people and ride one of the most exci�ng motorcycle brands in the world.

Triumph Explorer - Oh yes, the long awaited adventure bike has landed and is available from our very own East Coast Motorcycles in Umhlanga Ridge. Above le� are a few early adopters (I hope), and I’m sure eager to take the demo model out for ride. I’ve given you an overview on page 26 but keep an eye on the next issue of Bike Talk for our full review on this highly an�cipated motorcycle. If you haven’t been to ECM recently then I urge you to get there as soon as possible. Tracey, above right, and her team has made some very exci�ng changes to the

interior of the flagship dealership, truly showcasing the motorcycle lifestyle as we should enjoy it. The Triumph sec�on has had a complete revamp, with Aprilia and Kawasaki next on the list. ECM’s gear, parts and accessory departments also enjoyed a�en�on which makes me excited to see a dealership passionate about their brands, product offering and their customers. From the showroom floor to the workshop, you can be sure, you’ll get great service and product to match. Try them on for size next �me you are shopping for a ride.


Tel: 031 7021517 | Cell: 082 6104210

R27 900

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New Tyres, Panniers

2006 BMW K1200R

R79 900

R27 900 2008 Honda CB600 Hornet

Superb Commuter

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Panniers, New Tyres

Brand New

2012 GoMoto Ballis�c 150

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2001 Suzuki RF900R

New Tyres

2002 Honda CBR929RR

Yoshi Pipe

Perfect Starter Bike

2001 Honda VFR400 NC30

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165 Old Main Road, Pinetown Email: Web: --- o --24 Hour Roadside Assistance Finance Available --- o --Workshop: Servicing and Repairs

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R42 900

2000 Aprilia RS250

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1986 Yamaha TZR250

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2002 Yamaha FJR1300


Honda Wing Umhlanga - I’m not sure what to say but I’ve been told that it is no monkey business stripping a “Blade” motor, and pu�ng it back together again. I’m sure these guys know what they’re doing, as I’ve personally experienced their service and could not fault them. I am a bit concerned though; the guy with the hammer, Brent, what’s the deal bro? And then we have the main “bra” tuning it’s cool, use the hammer we’ve got to get that piston back in there or Achmed will kill us. Keep it up guys, you rock! The Ear Ins�tute - Seen here (not the ballie), is Jus�ne fi�ng my new and SA first In-Ear Audio Enhancement Plugs. Hey, that’s what I would call it. This plug is a wired earphone that can connect to any MP3 player or Cell phone giving you crystal clear sound in your ear without any wind noise while riding. It also works perfectly with selected Scala, Interphone and Sena helmet headsets fi�ed with a mini stereo jack. The ear-plug part of the unit func�ons in a similar fashion as the MotoEar, which eliminates or filters excessive wind noise which can cause hearing loss. The sound quality is so good, when I tested it at speeds which I won’t men�on here, it was as if listening to music or talking on the phone in my office. Now I’m not supporter of loud music while riding, so make sure you stay focussed. Visit www.earins� for more informa�on. ccGallery - Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve visited Phil’s place and I must say I’m impressed. They are truly geared and going places with the KTM and Duca� brands, plus they’ve expanded their stock holding on gear and accessories. I mean, you can walk into the shop, sit down for a piece of cake and cappuccino before you start your shopping frenzy. They have a huge range on offer; from motocross to enduro to adventure touring, super sports, street and commu�ng. Not just that, they can fit you out as well from head to toe sending you off into the wilderness of our local KZN traffic or exploring the routes o�en not travelled. Either way, you just have to pay them a visit and see for yourself, my few words don’t do any jus�ce.




�������������������������� ���������������������������


EXTREME MACHINES Phone: 033 3942646

PERRY YAMAHA Phone: 031 5667411

AFFORDABLE BIKES Phone: 035 7511000

FAST KAWASAKI Phone: 035 7896378

RBS YAMAHA Phone: 031 7011311

ALFIE COX KTM Phone: 031 7821559

FUEL STICK Phone: 031 7015135

ROADMASTER Phone: 031 7660126

BIG BOY SCOOTERS Phone: 031 7020036

GEAR UP ACCESSORIES Phone: 031 5664932

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RYDER BMW Phone: 031 7658877

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LORDS & LEGENDS Phone: 031 9034534

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XKULCHA Phone: 011 4991817

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MOTORCYCLE TRAINING Phone: 083 7937975

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EKEROLD YAMAHA Phone: 033 3453503

PAZ SPRAYPAINTERS Phone: 031 4622007

ZULULAND BMW Phone: 035 7727355

ES BROKERS Phone: 031 5021922


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Vision 110 R12 999

Fuel Efficient Combined Braking Great Value


ac Be

rty Pa

PCX 125 R18 499






ll Ma




Honda Wing Pinetown

110 Old Main Road, Pinetown Tel: 031 714 3600 | Fax: 031 702 9446 Web:

Fuel Efficient Combined ABS Idle Stop Switch

Simone 083 7810980 Devon 076 6932709 Scott 074 1943994

GEARING UP: Leather Protec�on • • •

• •

We are o�en asked about leather in respect of its protec�ve quali�es and how it compares to the more user friendly tex�le materials. Very rarely are we asked about the differences in the leather range itself. Thanks to IXS and TD Agencies we have been educated on some of these differences. There is no doubt leather is s�ll the preferred material as far as security and abrasion resistance materials are concerned.

Before moving onto the different types of leather the following aspects are par�cular to leather garments: • Leather adapts itself to the form of the body and therefore op�mally posi�ons the addi�onal protectors • Leather should fit �ghtly around the body. • Impregna�on, grease and surface coa�ngs guarantee a certain degree of weather protec�on and resistance against rain. • These addi�onal protec�ve items may reduce the breathing of the leather. • If looked a�er leather has a long life span. • Interes�ngly heat insula�on of leather is only moderate and support in this area must come from other garments or equipment.

• •

Cowhide. Most commonly used leather. High abrasion resistance. As a smooth leather very weather resistant. Full leather is unsplit, thick leather with two layers – the upper leather and flesh side. Goatskin leather. It is a high quality clothing leather, because it is very thin, light, wind resistant and at the same �me enormously tear resistant. Due to these characteris�cs goatskin leather is especially suitable for highquality gloves. Kangaroo Leather. It dis�nguishes itself through its excep�onal smoothness and tear resistance together with a rela�ve small thickness. Nappa leather is also called smooth leather. Its surface has been finished, so the pores are closed. Structures are o�en emphasised through embossing. This is par�cularly resistant against moisture and soiling. Nubuk has a so� and open surface and is velvety and shortly polished. It can have a brighter or darker shade when for example brushed over by hand. Sheepskin. A high quality leather for clothing. Split leather. Flesh-sided leather smoothed during shaving, only a li�le tear resistant, but with a very pleasant feel. A raw skin has a thickness of more than 1cm. During the manufacturing of leather, the deeper skin layer (flesh side) is split (separated) from the grain side. The produced split leather has no smooth side, is rough on both sides and inferior to full leather in terms of quality (tear resistance0 and look. Suede leather stems exclusively from wild living animals e.g. buffalo, deer, antelope. Vegetable leather is leather tanned vegetably. Velour is rough leather. It is polished on the flesh side during the finishing and processed with the polished side on the outside. Velour can be cleaned with a brush and impregnated with a spray. If the look is not important one can also use wax. Note never treat with grease! Very o�en Velour is wrongly called ‘suede leather’.

In conclusion leather is a great product. Whichever you choose just look a�er it! Please give us a call and we’ll be able to give you a rundown of what is available in the market. - Wri�en by John Briscoe

The different types of leathers are: • Aniline. This boasts a so� surface with a transparent protec�on coa�ng resembling skin and with a very pleasant feel. Every pore is visible and sensible, very high quality leather with noble and ma� look, can be rinsed.


Tel: 031 5664932

031 705 0715

083 650 6390 if the TELKOM landline is down 08 Jersey R200

09 Jersey R239 09 Pant R649

08 Pant R549

Cordura Jacket R1 129 Adventure Pants R955

R2GB Jacket R899 Biker Boots R1 259

Fingerless Gloves R95

Rainsuit R199

Rainsuit R599 Black with Overglove & Overboot

Sizes S-3XL

In-Line Fuel Tap Metal R99 Aluminum Oil Drain Bolt with Magnet Gold,Blue,Silver R25

Startline Gauteng

101A Van Riebeeck Avenue, Edenvale Tel: 011 4520532/3 452 0540/2 Fax: 011 452 0536 Email:

Startline Western Cape 72 Voortrekker Road, Goodwood. Cape Town Tel: 021 591 2557/8 Fax: 021 591 2559 Email:

Startline KZN

11 Goshawk Rd, New Germany Tel: 031-7050715 Fax: 031 7052538


MAX 603 AX

MAX 606

MAX V500





MAX Helmet Features

MAX V310 Junior


MAX 617


• ECE-2205 European & South African safety standards • Injected thermoplastic resin shell • Goggle grabbers • UV resistant lacquer finish • Air channel cooling ventilation system • D-Ring strap retention system.

Motrix Sprockets As Good or Better than your Standard Steel Sprocket. Made from C45 hardened steel. The #1 Replacement Sprocket in South Africa!

The Champion’s Choice GOLDFREN Brake Pads Hayden Louw

MX3 World Champion Pierre-Alexandre Renet


REVIEW: ‘12 Duca� Diavel hydroforming to correctly shape the 2-into-1 manifold) and superior efficiency of the Diavel’s dynamic air intakes. LEDs are used front and rear, and the turn-signals double as parking and stoplights. The rider sits behind the pivot of the massive single-sided swing-arm, but the passenger sits in front of the rear axle. I discovered, the bike is very pleasant to ride, even very fast on a twisty back-road. And performance poten�al is something the Diavel is not short of. For this test in Durban, I was entrusted with a red/black Diavel. Despite its in�mida�ng look, the bike welcomed me aboard with its light weight, wellconfigured handlebar and low seat. The foot-pegs are set appropriately low in due rela�on to the seat, providing a very comfortable “tall-in-the-saddle” riding posture. The pegs limit lean angle to 41 degrees, but that proved to be more than adequate even for serious riding.

The Diavel is Duca�’s biggest challenge ever, much bigger than last year’s ground-breaking adventure bike, the Mul�strada 1200 S. With the Diavel, Duca� is treading on virgin turf, having created a new type of motorcycle and a new way to enjoy riding. The ingredients are all there: the look, riding posture, performance poten�al and sound.

At cold start, the engine stabilizes quickly to a 1000-rpm idle, emi�ng the typical Duca� sound, but on a slightly louder and raspy tone. The engine does not emit typical mechanical noise thanks to the inser�on of a sounddeadening barrier inside the crankcase cover on the primary transmission side. This is big progress and should be applied to the whole model line.

The Diavel shares the Mul�strada’s basic frame structure and four-valve, 90-degree 1200cc V-Twin in Testastre�a 11-degree configura�on; so called for the degrees of camsha� overlap. More importantly, it shares the same crea�veness and pursuit of quality and efficiency that were not part of Duca�’s product policy un�l five years ago.

The Diavel’s profile is unique, as it is its mission. Styling is enormously muscular—forward concentra�on of masses, lean rear sec�on and fat rear tyre. The engine is incredibly strong, accelera�on is terrific and the 160km/h mark is ridiculously easy to reach. I did it on the highway, and it was an exhilara�ng experience, using all 10,000 rpm the engine generously puts at disposal of the strong of heart. I must say that the wind pressure at that speed is more than acceptable, making 140km/h cruising a walk in the park. The ride-by-wire thro�le offers a selec�on of three actua�on modes: Urban, Touring and Sport. Trac�on control, selectable over eight levels of ac�on, is also standard and will be called into play on cold, slippery roads, making the three thro�le modes somewhat redundant.

From any perspec�ve, the Diavel is an impressive motorcycle. Its profile is unique, as it is its mission. Styling is enormously muscular; forward concentra�on of masses, lean rear sec�on and fat rear tyre. It looks like a line-backer ready to jump into ac�on, the pads protec�ng his shoulders and back so thickly that the helmet disappears into his body. The headlight is almost flush with the massive 50mm Marzocchi fork and the protruding air intakes. The masses concentrated behind the front wheel form a complex, almost gothic image of clean, rounded surfaces, either in polished metal or dull black on which the vivid red of the steel trellis frame draws its elegant triangula�ons. No ques�on, the Duca� styling department was given lots of freedom on this project, and the result is fascina�ng.

Nego�a�ng some steep, �ght hairpins on a twisty road from Richmond, the Diavel’s rela�ve lack of flywheel mass, forced me to feather the clutch because the response was shuddery. The Diavel showed that the concept for the project has been very well-executed. The bike is terribly fast and aggressive, and the well-sorted riding posi�on induces the rider to probe limits normally iden�fied with pure sportbikes.

Duca� conceived the Diavel as a superbike with a powercruiser soul but granted it all the best to perform like a superbike, including radial-mount Brembo Monobloc front brake callipers that ensure some of the strongest decelera�ons in the industry. Just as the Diavel projects an aggressive, powerful image, and indeed, it indeed is very powerful. Duca� extracted a lot more than they gave the Mul�strada: 162bhp @ 9,500 rpm and 127.5Nm @ 8,000 rpm. The gains come from the curvaceous and rather intricate exhaust system (engineers resorted to

As the bike was delivered to me, the rear suspension was too prone to squat under hard accelera�on, inducing a clear tendency to run wide exi�ng corners full blast. ...con�nued on page 20


REVIEW: ‘12 Duca� Diavel (con�nued) a quality that’s virtually impossible to find in any other bike. If anything, the Duca� Diavel’s league-of-its-own status opens itself up for plenty of imitators; if enough wellheeled buyers make this bike a success, it won’t be long before other manufactures start building power cruisers that aren’t piggishly heavy or technologically crude. But regardless of the Diavel’s poten�al future success, Duca� is to be commended for boldly going where they’ve never been before; building such an unconven�onal product takes audacity, and the Diavel’s shocking performance and surprising fun-to-ride factor earns it the rare dis�nc�on of being one hell of a ride for people who wouldn’t be caught dead on a power cruiser. con�nued from Page 18 ...

By the way, “Diavel” does not mean “devil” in the “Bolognese.” In fact, the word doesn’t even exist in the local dialect. Diavel is just the voluntary misspelling of the real word, Dieval, which would have been hard to read and pronounce, especially in English.

Jacking up the rear end with four clicks of adjustment to the handy knob of the Sachs shock resulted in a perfectly neutral response under any circumstances. The bike then turned with razor-sharpness and followed the proper line, never again developing a way of its own.

Who Should Buy the Duca� Diavel? Sport-oriented cruiser fans ready to ditch the tradi�onal power cruiser and embrace a thoroughly modern reworking of the genre.

As delivered from the factory, the Marzocchi front end is mighty solid and well-tuned. The rear Pirelli deserves a special men�on because it performed superbly even on the very cold tarmac of the mountain road. Duca� conceived the Diavel as a superbike with a power-cruiser soul but granted it all the best to perform like a superbike, including radial-mount Brembo Monobloc front brake callipers that ensure some of the strongest decelera�ons in the industry. Duca�s are no longer crude missiles. Though no corners were cut anywhere in terms of equipment or a�en�on to comfort, this massive Diavel �ps the scale at just 239kg dry. If you’re looking for an everyday motorcycle that oozes Duca� personality yet provides everyday func�onality, you might be happier on a Mul�strada or Monster. But if you view the Diavel as a more specialized toy for a specific clientele, its unique hybridiza�on of sportbike and cruiser genres begins to make more sense—it’s really a sort of supersport cruiser, if such a thing exists. The Diavel is a heaven-sent for performance-oriented riders who are �red of achy wrists and s�ff necks, don’t mind a more relaxed posture, and love the a�en�on of riding a visually dis�nc�ve bike.

At this price and with 24,000km service intervals, what be�er investment can you make than this beast of a machine that could take on the the cat-walks of Millan. Priced at R190,000.00 - Incl. 14% VAT

Duca�’s Diavel might be the most dangerous experiment the company has undertaken since it was founded in 1926, but it’s also the most poten�ally frui�ul. By offering striking style, high speed, and defiantly capable handling (especially at higher veloci�es), Duca� has effec�vely carved itself a new niche. No longer must cruiser fans se�le for rocket-quick rides with cumbersome handling; the Diavel’s willingness to tackle the twis�es lends it


DUCATI DURBAN Tel: (031) 566 5464 Shop 1 Rideton Towers, 6 Aurora Drive Umhlanga Rocks

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K INSURAN • Road Bikes CE • Off Road, Quads and Adventure Bikes • Free Track-day Cover • Affordable premiums to suit your Budget Tel: 031 5021922 • Various addi�onal Discount Structure available Fax: 031 5021900 • Full Comprehensive Cover Cell: 082 4508720 • Medical Emergency Evacua�on Email: • Guarenteed Hospital Admission • Bike Insured at Full Retail Value • Low Excess Structure For quotes visit

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Ian: 083 8773 123 Buy a new PGO Scooter in store and get a FREE Scooter Training Course

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Our 1st Press Launch - It’s about �me! Bike Talk has been going for 6 years now and was invited to a�end the press launch of the all new Honda VFR1200X CrossTourer.

in South Africa. Not once did I feel �red or found the bike cumbersome to handle or manoeuvre, she is smooth and able to perform well above your abili�es and expecta�ons.

Sure I was nervous, I’ll be among the boys who’s been in this business for more years than I’d like to know and yet I was so excited that I couldn’t contain myself. We were flown in from Durbs to Lanseria Airport and shu�led to Glen Afric Lodge near Har�es. We were booked in, given our riding suits (to keep), a�ended the product presenta�on and treated to a scrump�ous meal and off to bed for some shut-eye before a full day’s riding. Needless to say; no sleep! Anxiety is a killer!

A special thanks to Honda SA for invi�ng me and well-done to an event of note. What a blessed 3 days it’s been! To highlight a few features, the CrossTourer: - V4, 1237cc Engine, 95kW @ 7,750, 126Nm @ 6,500rpm - Clutch transmission with Dual-Clutch arriving in June - Switchable Trac�on Control - Combined ABS - Sha� Drive - 21.5 litre Tank

The next morning we enjoyed a nice breakfast and off to an orienta�on session on the skidpan at Honda Adventure Academy about 4kms from the lodge. Here we were made aware of the ABS and Trac�on Control, turned on and off. At first sight this 275kg bike seemed a bit over the top, but once riding handled like a li�le lamb. Thanks to the low centre of gravity, smooth thro�le distribu�on and gearing what else would you expect?

For a more detailed review, look out for the next issue of Bike Talk and if you can’t wait, then go and get one of these machines from your nearest Honda Wing dealer. VFR1200X CrossTourer @ R149,000.00 VFR1200X CrossTourer Adventure @ R172,000.00

Moving on, we le� Honda Adventure Academy on a route combined of tar and dirt all the way to Olifantsnek Dam, as a stop-over for lunch at the Brauhaus. During our stopover some of us went out for tracking photos a�er which we le� for Rustenburg and our stay-over at The Palace, Sun City. Each booked into his own luxurious room, took a shower and had a superb dinner. Fa�gue kicked in as we were pulling amps a�er a day in the saddle. Off to bed! The next morning, eager to get going again, had breakfast a few more photos and off we went back to Glen Afric Lodge, pack our things and to Durbs. What an awesome 3 days it’s been. Honda SA went out of their way to make each one of us feel right at home, all expenses paid and a load of experienced and knowledge of a bike that is set to have an impact on the Adventure Touring market


BMW Motorrad

The Ultimate Riding Machine

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Heritage Market - Lower Level, Old Main Road, Hillcrest Tel: (031) 765 8877 Open Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm, Sat: 8:30am - 1pm

REVIEW: ’12 Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade and smooth response to the twist-grip at lower revs and smaller thro�le openings, aiding the bike’s already outstanding road manners. The 2012 model pushes out 175bhp @ 12,000rpm with 112Nm @ 8,500rpm which s�ll leaves you with a great element of enjoyment; far above the riding capabili�es of some. Just a few minutes into my riding the 2012 Fireblade confirmed the effec�veness of the enhancements and underlined the Fireblade’s core values – this, surely, is the easiest bike on which to go very, very fast. Superb controllability le� me with the overall sensa�on of control and explora�on rather than fear. The new forks and Honda’s race ABS system (called C-ABS), which appor�ons front and rear brake effort automa�cally, mean you can brake incredibly late then peel the bike into a turn with outstanding stability and so much feedback you never feel you’re going to lose the front end. It’s hard to think of anything that will stop and turn more quickly and safely.

You’d hope that in this, the 20th anniversary year of the machine that changed superbikes for ever, we’d see something very special for Honda’s new Fireblade. Instead, the talk is more about what the 2012 model hasn’t got and what isn’t new, and all at a �me when the Europeans are showing Japan how it’s done for the first �me since the Six�es.

So what about the other changes? The dash? The lighter wheels? The suspension? The new LCD dash does lap �mes (starter bu�on ac�vated), will give you progressive rev limit LED light warnings (all programmable to personal choice) and other stuff like FM Radio, flight details and weather forecasts. The la�er three points may not be true.

Yet away from the headlines, consider this: despite being up to 20bhp short of rivals such as BMW’s S1000RR and the Aprilia RSV-Four, and a genera�on behind in electronics, it was easy to argue that the 2011 Fireblade was the best superbike for the road. Even as a track bike, for a typical track-day rider rather than an experienced racer the inspiring Honda was the weapon of choice, owing to its balance and usability. Anyway, how o�en is 175bhp not enough? There aren’t many race tracks, let alone roads, where you could use the difference.

The suspension? Under extreme riding condi�ons, any suspension system is only as good as the rider is at se�ng it up to suit his/her riding style. A toss-up I guess. It looks gorgeous in the flesh. Pointy-nosed, aggressive and ultra-compact just like Porsche’s iconic 911 there’s a lot to be said for evolu�on rather than revolu�on when form mirrors func�on so closely. The 2012 Fireblade improvements might be hard to quan�fy (and jus�fy) with just a day in the saddle and no real race track to properly test it on.

It’s that usability which Honda has enhanced with the 2012 model, along with some visual back-pedalling a�er cri�cism of the old bike’s blunt-nosed looks. What you get, then, is limited to new suspension, wheels and frontal bodywork, a jazzed up dash and revised engine management.

So 20 years on, the new Fireblade is not the great leap forward that the original was. Instead it’s matured into a friendly and fast motorcycle you can trust on many different levels, in terms of lap �mes, build quality, dependability and benchmark speed, in a whole range of real-world situa�ons.

The suspension changes always looked promising, because the latest Showa Big Piston Forks are now fi�ed. At the rear, the 2012 Fireblade sports a new Showa shock designed along the lines of the spectacularly good Öhlins TTX shock with its be�er damping control. The 12-spoke wheels are s�ffer in some planes, less so in others, a rebalance of strength that Honda says improves rider feedback, while the bodywork is more conven�onally aggressive – if generic – than the outgoing model. Just as important, it also improves cooling; this was an issue with race versions in the past couple of years.

I’ll leave it to you to decide; it is s�ll the easiest Super Sports Bike on the market. Priced at R141 999.00 - Incl. 14% VAT

The engine remap doesn’t change outright power or torque; rather it is designed to provide a more linear


HONDA WING UMHLANGA Tel: (031) 580 7900 15 Meridian Drive, Umhlanga Ridge


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When last have you been on a real bike? Honda Wing Umhlanga

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OVERVIEW quality, beau�ful and fun motorcycle, affordably priced. Sco� Colosimo, from CCW remarks, “The Misfit is really the sort of Café bike that everyone a�empts to build in their home shop. Chopping out all the bullshit tabs and brackets that you don’t want and pu�ng on all the cool components that you do.” We think Sco� is trying to say that CCW, being a small company can afford to build bikes in a more custom manner, with more control over the design and quality of the final product. Sco� adds “Being a small company, we build bikes that as enthusiasts, we want to ride, and this directly translates to the types of bikes that other enthusiasts and beginners can appreciate.” Features include inverted forks, weighted bar-ends, dualpiston callipers front and rear, wave rotors front and rear, progressive rate remote reservoir rear shocks, and many more details. The rear seat is covered by a plas�c cowl, (for a true café racer look) that can be removed to reveal a passenger’s seat, for two up riding.

Tha Misfit is Cleveland CycleWerks latest motorcycle release. Tha Misfit is powered by a 250cc single cylinder motor, and is street-legal. The bike is posi�oned as an affordable alterna�ve to the overpriced and over motored commuters currently on the market.

In my oppinion, this li�le bike, is well worth looking at as a first-�me bike when star�ng off.

Cleveland CycleWerks is a small motorcycle company headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio USA. CCW designs and develops affordable motorcycles and motorcycle parts. Tha Misfit extends CCW’s product range with a beau�ful and affordable Café style motorcycle. Tha Misfit is the answer to everyone out there that thought they could not afford a

MSRP is R26000.00 and available from The Biker Store Contact them on 031 5847015 ----------------Sha� drive of course with a bigger chassis; going head to head with the best the compe��on can bring on… and bea�ng them. More powerful, tougher, rugged minimalist looks with a brand new, Triumph-developed ride by wire system. A more dis�nc�ve and individual take on adventure with its own visual character, a unique frame design for brilliant handling, stability and long distance comfort. Adjustable seat offering se�ngs between 840mm and 860mm op�mised for riding two up wherever your journey may take you. Long 190mm suspension travel front and rear offering fantas�c comfort whatever the surface. Ul�mate rider control delivered via ride by wire, cruise control, trac�on control and switchable ABS as standard. Explorer is packed with technology and features that bring completely new levels of sophis�ca�on to the adventure touring class.

A Triumph to take on the world; all new bike, all new excitement. The ul�mate choice for the long haul rider, class leading handling and designed to con�nue the journey when the tarmac ends.

Keep an eye out for our full review in the next exci�ng issue of Bike Talk, but in the mean �me go and test it yourself.

A brand new 1215cc three-cylinder engine produces 137PS and 121Nm of torque for effortless overtaking and a thrilling spread of power throughout the range. Built ‘from the ground up’, components specifically designed and manufactured to produce superb torque ‘on demand’ include the igni�on �ming, inlet and exhaust port shape, as well as the combus�on chamber.

MSRP is R145,000.00 and available from East Coast Motorcycles. Contact them on 031 5663024 -----------------


SEE NEW CONTACT DETAILS BELOW LED SPOT LIGHTS �������������������������������������� ���������������������������������������� �������������������������������������� ��������������������

R1600 per Set

������������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������

TIE DOWNS ������������������������������������� ���������������������������������������

R120 per Set

���������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������ ��������������������������������������������� ����������������������������������� Prices valid while stock last and Include 14% VAT. Terms & Condi�ons Apply | © Bike Talk

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GOD’S CORNER: Hoekom Bybel lees kombuis by die tafel en lees uit die Bybel. Die kleinseun het Oupa dopgehou, en ook sy Bybel gaan haal, en net soos Oupa soggens by die kombuistafel gaan sit en lees daaruit. Maar iets het die knapie baie gepla: “Oupa, ek weet nou nie so mooi nie”, sê hy een oggend, “ek probeer ook die Bybel lees soos Oupa, maar ek verstaan nie wat ek lees nie. En as ek die slag verstaan, dan waai dit by my ore uit, en netnou het ek alweer alles vergeet wat ek gelees het. Oupa, is dit ooit die moeite werd om nog uit die Bybel te lees? Ek meen - wat is nou die nut daarvan as ek tóg alles vergeet?”

Hoekom die Bybel lees as ek niks verstaan of, as ek verstaan, nie onthou wat ek gelees het nie? ‘n Storie van ‘n Oupa wat iewers in die berge gebly het met sy kleinseun. Die knaap het ‘n baie hoë ag�ng gehad vir sy Oupa, en soos dit maar gaan, het hy probeer naboots wat Oupa doen. Oupa se gewoonte was om elke oggend, dou voor dag op te staan, die ou koolstoof aan die brand te kry, en dan vat hy sy ou gehawende Bybel en gaan sit in die lekker warm

Adver�sing artwork may be supplied set out to our guidelines. Adverts designed by us may not be used in other publica�ons, unless permission is given. Our Rates exclude any Agency Commission. Advert: Full Page - Double Page Spread Advert: Full Page - Back Cover Advert: Full Page - Inside Front & Back Advert: Full Page - Standard Advert: Half Page Advert: Quarter Page Review: Double Page Review: Full Page Review: Half Page Editorial: Full Page Advert Design

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Oupa het diep gedink, en toe sien hy ‘n leë steenkoolsak, al pikswart gevlek van die roet, lê langs die stoof. “Boe�e, gaan haal vir Oupa ‘n sak vol water in die stroompie hier onder, vra hy die seun. Gre�g om Oupa te beindruk, spring die knaap daar weg met sy goiingsak, en laat vat af stroompie toe. Dis harde werk om die sak vol te kry, maar hy byt vas, en met die sak oor sy skouer hardloop hy terug huistoe na Oupa wat sukkel om nie uit te bars van die lag nie. Natuurlik was die sak dolleeg gelek teen die tyd dat hy by Oupa aankom. “Ai man!”, sug Oupa, “Jy sal maar weer moet gaan probeer jong!”, en daarmee suiker die knaap weer af riviertjie toe met sy sak. Hierdie slag hardloop die outjie terug met sy sak water so vinnig as wat sy beentjies hom kan dra, maar steeds is dit verniet, want natúúrlik is die sak weer leeg by sy aankoms. Nee Oupa,”, blaas hy uitasem, “Dis onmoontlik - hierdie sak lek!“, en daarmee gooi hy die sak eenkant en gaan gryp ‘n emmer. ”Nee Boe�e”, keer Oupa hom, “ek wil nie ‘n emmer water hê nie, ek wil ‘n SAK water hê! Toe jong, jy kan dit mos doen! Jy probeer net nie hard genoeg nie.” En daarmee gaan staan hy weer in die kombuisdeur en hou die seuntjie dop waar hy sy onmoontlike taak probeer uitvoer. Die seun het lankal besef dat hy besig is met ‘n gejaag na wind, maar hy wou só hard vir Oupa probeer beindruk, dat hy maar gedweë weereens die sak in die stroompie volmaak en met sy lekkende vrag so vinnig as wat hy maar kan die bultjie ophardloop na Oupa toe. “Nee Oupa, dit werk nie!”, huil-sê die outjie moedeloos, “Kyk hoe hard probeer ek, maar niks gebeur tog nie!” “Dink jy rêrig dat daar niks gebeur het nie?”, vra Oupa, “kyk dan ‘n slaggie na die sak. Wat sien jy anders aan die sak as toe jy begin het?” Met ‘n vraag in sy oë bekyk hy die sak - wat kan Oupa tog bedoel? Die steenkoolsak is natuurlik sopnat van al die gewaterdraery, maar skielik besef hy dat die sak ook skoon is - al die steenkoolstof is uitgewas! “Oupa, die sak is skoongewas! Maar ek verstaan nog nie Oupa?” “Boe�e”, sê Oupa, “Dis wat gebeur wanneer jy die Bybel lees. Miskien verstaan jy nie alles wat jy lees nie, en dalk vergeet jy amper alles wat jy so hard probeer onthou. Maar terwyl jy lees gebeur iets met jou - jou binnekant word verander - jy word as’t ware skoongewas van binne af terwyl jy die Bybel lees.

CONTACT HEIN ON 083 7937975


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REVIEW: ‘12 Harley-Davidson Sportster 72 The narrowly spaced forks are the same – well matched to the conserva�vely dimensioned chassis. Put simply, for a bike like this it’s as good as you need. I’d say it handles well enough to keep up with most of your buddies for a ride out if you’ve got some experience. Un�l your buddies choose to sit at 160km/h on a freeway, that is. The 72 just isn’t cut out for this kind of riding. Well, with that human-parachute riding posi�on that’s an obvious statement isn’t it? If you’re going to ride all day on fast roads, 120 is probably your limit but if you’ve got penalty points on your licence and have no self-control that may not be a bad thing? Brakes? You’ll need three fingers to operate the font stopper but if you’re riding it how it wants to be ridden (smooth use of massive engine braking) the brakes are kind of unessen�al for anything other than stopping at junc�ons. The Sportster is the Duca� Monster of the H-D family – entry level. Although you can trace the Sportster’s roots back to the 1952 Model K, it was the 1957 XL with its overhead valves that started the Sportster family tree for real. Now THAT, is a long produc�on run; for even though the engine has evolved over the years it’s s�ll pre�y much the same dimensions and layout as the 1957 original. And talk about versa�le, it’s been successfully used for flat track racing and road racing, spawned the first Buells and has been a corner stone of the H.O.G. family for nearly fi�y years. This, the 72, is the latest edi�on to the sporty saga and it takes its styling cues from the late 60’s, early 70’s West Coast choppers with ape hangers, forward controls, a super-skinny front end with a 21inch front wheel and a peanut tank. In the flesh it looks more like something out of a custom builder’s shed than a Milwaukee produc�on line. Nice! It feels ridiculously slim with no tank to grip with your inner knees and even with those full-stretch bars it’s supremely easy to hurl from side to side. The motor’s faster to rev up too and because it carries less flab (247kgs), the 72 feels altogether livelier and more responsive than its bigger So�ail rela�ves. Distant, forward control footrests feel strange at first but once you stop looking for pegs where you ins�nc�vely expect them to be, it starts to make sense. The footrests are quite a bit higher than the footboards of the Slim so there’s much more cornering ground clearance allowing me, when the opportunity arose, to try out its cornering abili�es. This would not have been possible on the Slim just because of its low footboards that kiss the tarmac a lot sooner. The 72 doesn’t have any trick suspension. Rear shock travel is limited, to say the least, but the spring rates and damping quali�es are well chosen and surprisingly firm.

The punchy 1200cc motor and five speed box scoops up enough oomph to make overtaking safe and there’s enough on tap to have some fun with. She shakes and jostles a bit at �ck over (you can see the whole engine jiggling about on its rubber mounts) but not many unpleasant vibes get through to the rider when you’re on the move. This motor is all about torque and even this ‘li�le’ Harley engine produces a whopping 96Nm at just 3,500rpm. To be honest, with this kind of power, five gears is probably one gear too many. The gear lever doesn’t get much use at all. Considering the riding posi�on that throws all your weight onto your crouch, the 7.9-litre tank is about as big as you’d want. The fuel range will be just about as long as you’d want to travel before stopping to fill up and give your bu� cheeks a well-earned rest. Nope, the 72 is not a bike for those who want to ride to Jo’burg in a day. It’s made for bopping about, having fun, making nice noises and being seen on. I should imagine it would also be a beau�ful thing to just look at and clean as it �cks and pings itself cool in your garage. But its ace up the proverbial sleeve is that it’s so easy to ride. It doesn’t really ma�er what gear you’re in, it’ll pull hard if you just open the taps. It’s really easy to manage at low speeds too, with a very low centre of gravity and one of the lowest seat heights in the business at 710mm. Even Napoleon could ride a 72, if he wasn’t dead. In summary I liked the 72. It looks stunning and is probably most suited to someone who likes to ride an hour somewhere and back again. Either that, or someone who never leaves the city and wants a bike that is easy to ride, is un-in�mida�ng and for a Harley it’s cheap too. Priced at R118 000.00 - Incl. 14% VAT

HALREY-DAVIDSON DURBAN Tel: (031) 566 5222 30 329 Umhlanga Rocks Drive, Umhlanga Ridge


Prices valid while stock last and Include 14% VAT. Terms & Condi�ons Apply | © Bike Talk

‘11 RSV4 DEMO MODEL R99 500 EXTRAS INCLUDED - Akrapovic Slip-On

R129 995



This 1200 is not for the faint-hearted


A perfect “all day and everyday” ride


The last one in the country

10 Meridian Drive, Umhlanga Ridge The lifestyle keeps on ge�ng be�er.

Tel: 031 566 3024

Henry: 084 5678115 Mark: 084 3532713 Vernon: 083 6291081

Tel: 031 5667411

2012 YZF-R1 R145 000

Enjoy an awesome day on the track. LIVE IT, RACE IT! Contact Henry to book. Get your name down now!

LESOTHO TOURS Vernon hosts regular trips to Lesotho. This is truly something not to be missed. LIVE IT, RIDE IT! Contact Vernon to enquire about the next epic trip into this; a province to be explorer, lived and ridden.



TRACK DAY Henry invites you on their first track-day at Red Star Raceway in Delmas on 30 June.

7 Tetford Circle Umhlanga Ridge

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