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a word from the editor Hey, I’ve done it again, skipped another issue ... yip there was no April issue, my apologies it’s been one of those months again. With the rising petrol price and the increasing cost of living, sales on bikes/scooters are souring. Everyone is trying to somehow beat these crazy price hikes by opting for a cheaper mode of transport, I mean you can pick up a 125cc Honda eStorm for R9500 top it up with a R100 and go for 600kms, that’s sick don’t you think. Yeah, that’s the way to go; it is time to “India-nise” this place and travel cheap! So, in this month’s issue we attended the CMA National Rally in Kroonstad, the launch of the new BMW F800GS at Auto Umhlanga and the launch at Ducati for the new 1098R. Carin hosted a CMA ladies pamper day, yes they are special and need more attention than us men do, I’m just glad we don’t need all those cosmetics to look good, we just look good without it anyway... Oops, did I say something wrong? CIT in Winklespruit hosts the first Biker Fashion Show in KZN, Jordan Motorcycles in Warner Beach has now settled in their new shop, John from Gear-Up gives us some insight into what we should be wearing to keep the winter-bite at bay and Extreme Machines in PMB is under new management. I also shed some light on motorcycle accidents, the cause thereof and a possible solution that could’ve prevented it. Furthermore, I once again had the time of my life by doing reviews on the GoMoto Motard 200, the Bajaj Avenger 200, Aprilia gave me a Caponord for the Easter Weekend up to Kroonstad and Buell decided it is time to claim their rightful place in the sportsbike market by giving me the brand new 1125R for three months to ride, promote and write about. I also spent some time on the new 2008 ZX14 and we do a re-run on the GTR1400 by popular demand. Well the Chicken Rally is up next, nooo, not in the berg but up in St. Lucia this time around ... nice! As for our Rider Academy, Honda in addition to Harley-Davidson, has officially appointed us as their Instructor for KZN Dealerships and provided us with 2x CBR125s, 2x CBX250s and 1x VFR800 to use on our Rider Courses. The Academy is now equipped with 7 bikes offering various levels of instruction for your everyday riding needs. Here’s to wishing you a safe winter riding experience, dress for the fall not for the ride and remember to put your hand up next time you ride past another biker, his your brother, it is what family does. Be courteous, it takes nothing from you but has an everlasting effect.




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Where did it go wrong?

Some riders have experienced the split second just before the crash or the near fall, in some cases knowing that they are in trouble and desperately trying to find a way out. In some cases they don’t, some get away with it and stop on the side of the road with a very high heart rate. I thought we could have a few scenarios on why certain crashes occur and analyse the possible alternatives riders could apply to help reduce the chances of crashing on the road. We have all heard a motorcyclist say the seven words “THERE WAS NOTHING I COULD HAVE DONE”. Well, maybe there was. We believe it is a rare case. In most crashes the rider has usually run out of TIME and SPACE. To enable us to stop safely in a given situation, we should always be trying to travel in the correct Position, correct Speed and correct Gear at all times. This is a basic safe riding principal and just so happens is true for the track as well. Remember a motorcycle traveling at 60 km/h on a flat, dry surface with a competent rider in control should be capable of being stopped (braking distance) in about 12 metres (less for more experienced riders). It is important to consider the time before the brakes are applied, i.e. the Reaction time from the moment the rider sees the need for braking action and the time taken to start braking. This time is anything from half a second to a more realistic time on the Public Streets of about 1 to 1.5 seconds. Consider a situation where a rider is traveling at 60 km/h and is suddenly confronted with a real hazard. If the rider reacts in say 1 second he will travel about 17 metres before the brakes are applied. If the rider’s reaction time is say 2 seconds it would be about 34 metres before applying the brakes. Add to that the distance to pull the motorcycle up to a stop, say 12 metres - total distance of about 29 metres or 63 metres would be required. In many cases the riders fail to anticipate and concentrate enough. This combined with another vehicle invading their space, it is then that the riders over-react and lock their brakes or fail to apply correct steering input to avoid the hazard. If you are thinking and scanning well ahead you will reduce the number of times that you will need to suddenly change direction or brake heavily on the road. In a lot of cases the riders get into trouble, sometimes before they OVERUSE their brakes. I’ve been approached by a few riders who have been involved in motorcycle crashes on the roads, being really keen to see that they don’t do it a second time, they have asked me to help them analyse WHERE they could have gone wrong. Learning from their experience may help them keep it all together. The need for concentration cannot be stressed enough. CRASH 1 - WATCHING MY FRIEND The rider said he was riding along in the country with his friend, travelling at about 80 km/h. As he entered a slight right hand corner he looked in his mirror to see where his friend was. As he looked back he found that he was running off the road onto the gravel shoulder. He applied the front brake, the wheel locked and he parted company with his motorcycle over a two metre embankment. WHY? Firstly we should only check our mirrors whilst travelling in a straight line. Try just moving your eyes, not your whole head. Scanning using your eyes onto the mirrors every 3 - 5 seconds, especially in built up areas. When you’re not looking through a corner it is really easy to run wide. As the rider realised he was running wide he over-reacted and locked the front brake. After visiting the site it was found that he would have had enough room to ride around on the shoulder using his brakes on the verge of lock-up.

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DESCRIPTION Christian Fellowship Church, cnr of Edwin Swales & Wakesley Road. Contact Rui on 082 8004108

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Chicken Rally

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LHR Birthday Bash

14 June

Durban Hell Razors Bash

Venue to be advised. Contact Dean on 082 0758632

13 - 15 June

St. Lucia Rally

Hosted by The Harley Club Of South Africa. Contact Grant on 083 4598430

27 June

Pongola Cane Rides Rally

Pongola - Hosted by Pongola Cane Riders - Contact Jorrie on 083 2255313

6 July

CMA Nappy Run

26 - 28 July

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Monarchs 9th Annual Shark Attack

30 August

Ridge Riders MCC - KZN 1st Birthday Bash

31 August

Day of the Clubs

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5 - 7 September

CMA Faith Rally

All welcome. Skogheim - Contact Rui on 082 8004108 and book early. Entry Form on website:

Contact Craig on 083 4409029 for more info The Castle Pub, Southgate Business Park, 2pm. Entry: R50.00 (includes cloth badge), Metal badges for sale, Live entertainment, food, many excellent prizes and lucky draw. Contact Mike on 083 3896593

Leaving Southway Mall at 9:30am for Lords & Legends in Toti. Contact Ambrose on 082 3393307 Castaways Holiday Resort, Munster. Contact Jo on 083 2850815 Leaving Hyper by the Sea at 9:30am sharp. Contact Jo on 083 2850815 Caddy Shack, Salt Rock, 10am. Contact Theo on 073 3230699 Venue: Camperdown Club from 9am. R40-00/p including metal badge, bring a tent and stay over. Contact Nick on 082 4058291 or Mike on 082 4208685

chicken rally 30 may to 1 june caravan park 2 2 sugar loaf st. lucia (kzn north coast) 8 0 for entry forms and info t 0 contact: craig - 083 440 9029 h 8 shaun - 083 446 7261



THE CMA NATIONAL RALLY held in Kroonstad this year was a huge success. Loads of events ranging from Strong Man, Quad and Bike Stunts, Drifting to name only a few kept everyone entertained over the whole weekend. Praise and Worship services were held everyday and numbers committed their lives the Lord and were Baptised afterwards. What a blessings this was to take part in such an event, to worhship our saviour Jesus Christ and fellowship with fellow bikers from all over South Africa. The CMA National Rally, like our local Faith Rally, is open to all bikers and their families. Hope to see you there next year! - Pics by Bike Talk


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AUTO UMHLANGA had the most amazing launch of the F800GS and F650GS in April. A healthy crowd waited in anticipation until Ian and the BMW Team unveiled this great new addition to the GS arsenal. You can be sure that we’ll have one of these on Review soon. Great food, drinks and company had no limits that night as they made these products available to the “very ready” market in Durban. To Auto Umhlanga and their super team, a job well-done, keep-up the dedication and energy. - Pic by Bike Talk









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’08 BUELL 1125R

REVIEW BY HEIN JONKER Yes, what a different bike. My first impressions were … well I was on my knees on the floor around the bike when I first saw it wanting to find out what they’ve done to it, why and how. Then only did I get up and looked at the cosmetics of the bike, i.e. the huge nose and the air-intakes housing the radiators. All sorts of questions started popping up, like: How will it handle? Why are the pipes so close to the tyre and aiming straight at the rear brake disc? Isn’t the exhaust-box too close to the rear tyre and would that cause hotspots on the tyre when standing still? Then John from 1000Hills Harley-Davdison | Buell called me and told me to fetch the bike and that Buell decided to give it to me for 3 months … OH, YES! and at the same time NO, NO, NO because I had to ride it in first (140km/h for 1000kms), punishment at its best on any bike. STYLE and COMFORT - The riding style on the bike is great, my legs and feet are well placed, sitting up and over the tank with no strain on my neck or hands while riding. NO numb bum either, the seat is hard but I prefer it that way, this is NOT a tourer or cruiser. The pillion seat, my son tells me, is nice and comfortable, and the low pillion foot-pegs an added bonus. LIGHTS - These are great, at night the headlights light-up the area from right next to me and forward making me feel I’m riding a wave of light all the time and when I hit the “brights” all is day in front of me … a big plus for night-riding. DISPLAY - The display could’ve been placed a little more forward as you need to LOOK down or take your eyes off the road for a second to have a look down there. MIRRORS - The mirrors could be slightly wider out as I’m effectively only able to use the outer half of it to see behind me. The mirrors do not hold their adjusted position but that could be corrected by making a little adjustment on the nut on the mirror-stem. INDICATOR SWITCH - The indicator button is a little far off from the left thumb, especially if you want to indicate to the left … so I’ve opted to not even use it at times. HEAT and FANS - The exhaust-box does get a little hot and I can feel it on my right boot … if it doesn’t melt I’m not going to worry about it. As for the fans, well that is a plus in the times of “load shedding”; my wife now has an alternative to her hair-dryer. On a more serious note, apart from the noise, if it bothers you, ride the bike and you won’t hear it. HANDLING - Keeping the 140km/h restriction in mind, it handles very well. The 180 rear tyre is a must on a bike like this, the low centre of gravity and weighing in at 170kg makes this O SO EASY to throw into the corners and bring it up again. Throttle response is quick and not to bring the front wheel up is sometimes very hard to suppress, not that I mind the bottom-end grunt. COMMENTS FROM OTHER BIKERS - It does very much get the attention and turn heads and people have the miss conception that Buells are only stunt bikes. I had a good time explaining the changes done to this bike and that it is in actual fact slightly more powerful and cheaper than the Aprilia RSV1000 … their jaws dropped. Lekka field goal for Buell!! A few sat on it and agreed that the sitting position was great, also liking the new front-end and some were blown away by the huge 8-piston front brake caliper. Ideas were quickly thrown around how to fit an aftermarket exhaust on it and the fitting of a race screen, etc. MY IMPRESSION - It is a bike that will grow under your skin just like an alien predator invading your body with its vibrating attitude saying: “It is me and nothing else”. Keep your eye in the next issue for more on more technical issues and the performance of this bike now that it’s run-in ... Oh-yeah! PRICE - R115 000.00 Incl. 14% VAT

Gateway - Tel: (031) 566 3204 1000 Hills - Tel: (031) 767 5350 13


by John Briscoe

Winter !! Brrrr !!

Written by John Briscoe of Gear Up Motorcycle Accessories Pack away the bike after having cleaned it, drained the oil, removed the wheels or at least put it on ‘blocks’. This is what most riders face in Europe – bloody miserable if you ask me especially when the roads are consistently icy, visibility poor and the riding temperature is well below freezing! Fortunately most of SA does not get remotely close to these conditions – we have the occasional cold snap and experience some of these. We are tempted to leave our ‘scoots’ safely under wraps. But none of the winter storage regimen - thank goodness! The other aspect to consider is that the industry has developed some great products to facilitate the need to ride. Beautiful winter jackets are now seen in the various retail stores with the consumer being spoilt for choice in the entry level, high-end jacket and those that fall somewhere in between! The features of these jackets are quite something to appreciate. Some of these include -

full CE armour protection (shoulders, back and elbows); leather versus cordura enough pockets to allow the pauper to get frustrated looking for his cash; water and wind proof zips; removable winter linings; removable wind / rain linings; limited colour choices (we love black and besides the washing aspect there is no reason to wear black – you can’t see it, its too hot in summer and its boring!); various length jackets to suit the SuperBike rider’, adventure rider, the off road rider, and of course the whole cruiser market!; optional venting systems; ‘clip’ back neck collars; rear bum bags; Velcro options; and extended chest protection products.

So how do you choose the correct jacket? At Gear Up we would like to think that the needs of the rider are established by asking the customer their riding habits and typical destinations during the year. Clearly where one lives will also impact on our recommended options. Once this is understood we ask about the luggage options (enough room for the liners?). Once all the data is assimilated we suggest the options available to the customer. In terms of brands one has the top of the range expensive products such as Ducati, and BMW. On the other hand Frank Thomas, Richa, Lookwell, Evolution, Fox, Bad Boy and M2R are all great garments without paying for the brand.At the other end of the economic range are the Assault, Nitro and AMA Racing garments.The key issue is not what brand it is but rather which product is the best in terms of ongoing value. A critical component of any jacket is to make sure it fits perfectly and that its’ comfortable! Without the comfort one is prepared to duck the issue of protection and believe that your body is impervious! I have news for you – just come in and see those garments that have been put to the test. Its scary what tar and gravel does to our frail systems. Check shoulders, arm length, elbow fit, waist expansion options and the number of liners before making your final call. Well after that info overload – riding in winter is no longer an ordeal – in fact it’s probably one of the best times of the year to ride!


TEL: (031) 566 4932


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REVIEW BY HEIN JONKER I recently had the pleasure of riding the Caponord up to Kroonstad and back to attend the CMA National Rally. This is how I experienced this bike and why I think it is a worthy contender in the dual-purpose and tourer market. I don’t think it could compete head to head with BMW’s new GS, and some of the plastic parts look mighty vulnerable to me, but with a little caution there is much fun to be had on any piece of road you roll out in front of it. My pillion and I decided to dump most of our stuff in the support vehicle for the group and truly enjoy the scenery up past the Berg and yes, the bit of rain we had to deal with all the way up to Harrysmith. The bike is incredibly comfortable. That seat is like an armchair and I would be happy to spend several hours with my bum on it. The bars are at the right height and reach, and the fairing certainly does the job. Angular clocks sit in the equally angular fairing, which is narrower this year, and a one-piece unit holds the three separate gauges. This comprises of an analogue speedometer to the left, an analogue tachometer in the middle and a digital display panel to the right. In low light, or in the dark, the whole panel gives off a soft blue glow, which is extremely chic. The digital display unit features a fuel monitor, water temperature gauge, air temperature reading and a digital clock. The neutral light sits in the middle/bottom of the tachometer, while the fuel and fuel injection warning lights sit above the three gauges. Angular switchgear controls operate conventionally and are very easy to use. Brake and clutch levers remains four way adjustable, but now sit behind new grip guards. While this a great for protecting your hands during trail riding, they don’t do much to keep the cold off your digits, and there are no heated grips as standard. Powering the Caponord is a re-worked; liquid cooled 60-degree V-twin from Aprilia’s earlier generation Mille series. Detuned to give 98 horsepower at the shaft, it is liquid smooth and makes good useable power all the way to the limiter just past 9000rpm. Coming from the factory with fairly tall gearing, I ran fifth gear on the highway, sixth only dropping the rpm by about 500 at 120km/h, and a couple of extra teeth on the rear sprocket would not have been a bad idea. The engine is excellent. You would never know that this is a V-twin, it spins up without any hesitation at all, and there are no vibes of any kind. If someone had told me it was an in line four I would have believed them. It pulls from zero revs and keeps pulling all the way to the red line, and the speed is very deceptive. The fairing keeps the wind off and a glance down at 140km/h was a surprise as it felt like a 100. I could cruise at 160km/h all day on this and get off feeling refreshed! The gearbox was faultless, and never gave a hint of anything that I could criticise, likewise the clutch, which was smooth and progressive. The front end is still not adjustable, but it’s nicely damped, the rear shock only needed some extra pre-load for my pillion and I, so after a quick twiddle with the external knob, the Caponord was up to task. In the braking department, the Caponord uses the same 300mm twin rotor system with four piston calipers up front, the older Caponord’s front brakes were a little vague, the new ones seemed much sharper as soon as the lever is pulled.

go a very, very long way.


A unique design and extraordinary comfort slim and streamlined, refined and functional, created to express the best possible interaction between machine, rider and passenger, wind tunnel tested to eliminate even the most minimal turbulence - the design of the ETV 1000 Caponord captivates and convinces right from the first glance, as happens only with something born to last and destined to

Its enveloping lines guarantee an ultra-high coefficient of aerodynamic penetration, even when riding in an upright position, while the large front fairing, built-in hand guards and tank design protect the body from the wind for absolute comfort at all speeds. And the height of the saddle from the ground has been calculated to enable the feet to be rested steadily on the ground, because the ETV 1000 Caponord represents not just total touring, but also total comfort. Going around the bike, a huge motorcycle, with a angular bodywork that is both aesthetic and functional. Hats off to the Italians for having the flair to achieve this. That fat seat unit hides a boot that is truly cavernous. It is capable of swallowing the kind of gear that most people pile into a top box on day trips. This is a definite plus point. The demo bike had 480kms on the clock and I handed it back on 1664km at the end of the easter-weekend. DESIGN The Caponord is modern, stylish and refined, free from futuristic excesses. The bike is conceived and built to last in every way. ENGINE The Caponord is equipped with Aprilia’s muscular 60° V twin, which really demonstrates its incredible versatility in this bike. Powerful and aggressive in the RSV, this engine is tuned for progressive control, smooth power and an exceptionally flat torque curve in the Caponord. In short, here is the perfect engine for relaxed long distance touring. FRAME The Caponord is the first and only trail bike with an aluminium perimeter frame. The extruded aluminium alloy, box section Double Wave Aluminium Beams are welded to aluminium-magnesium alloy end castings. This exceptional frame ensures the best torsional rigidity in its class. The special shape of the frame also guarantees a comfortable riding position and eliminates the turbulence and drag normally generated around the knees and legs. EXHAUST The exhaust system incorporates two all stainless steel silencers to guarantee long working life without loss of efficiency. SUSPENSION The suspension is of the same heavy duty type used on competition enduros, but are calibrated for exceptional comfort under all riding conditions, on and off the road. Here is a motorcycle that is born to tour. All-round satisfaction is guaranteed by a perfect combination of performance and power, and a high level of riding comfort that even the passenger shares. The performance is there, of course, but in the Caponord it goes hand in hand with aerodynamic protection, ridability, comfort, smooth power and total usability. Never-ending roads and motorways, or dusty and lonely tracks, stretching to the edge of the world towards unknown landscapes and unknown sensations... with the Caponord, the joy of travelling lasts for ever ... at last you can experience all the emotions, fascination and potential of total touring. PRICE - R109 995.00 Incl. 14% VAT

Ridgeton Towers, 6 Aurora Drive Umhlanga Ridge Tel: (031) 566 5464


Extreme Machines & Tidy Wheels PMB is under new management. The new owner being Greg Nanni (seen here 2nd from the left, with his team), who intends to consolidate both businesses under the” Extreme Machines” brand. “I intend to build on both Andre and Ivan’s hard work and reputation, growing the brand and product base in order to continue supplying our customers with new and exciting ‘machines’. Our ethos will stay the same, supplying quality products and brands at affordable prices with exceptional sales and back up service. My love of motorcycles and all ‘toys’ is my driving force. With the continuing increases in the fuel price we offer the ideal solution with our range quality scooters and commuter bikes, offering customers the affordable alternative. A comprehensive range of accessories will be introduced soon catering for both the on road/touring and off road enthusiast (watch this space)”.

CIT KZN pulled it off!! The first Biker Fashion Show in KZN, yes Bernie and her new team hosted a very successful event displaying gear for both road and off-road guys and gals including some casual wear. Biker locals were used as models to show-off some of the finest in apparel. Apart from the event, CIT had a huge stock boost and a very nice face-lift in the shop to spruce things up a little - Pics by Bike Talk


Aprilia RS250 R 27 500

BMW R 1100S R 67 000

Honda CBR 1100XX R 58 000

Honda Bros 400 V-Twin R 21 500

Honda CBR1000 R 38 000

Honda Steed 600 R 32 000

Honda Varadero 1000 R 69 000

Honda VFR400 R 25 000

Kawasaki GPZ400 R 20 000

Kawasaki ZX9 R 59 000

Kawasaki ZX12R R 62 000

Suzuki Bandit 400 R 22 000

Suzuki GSXR250 R 20 000

Suzuki GSXR250RR R 22 000

Suzuki RF 400 R 28 000

Suzuki RF 900 R 44 000

Suzuki RGV250 VJ22 R 23 000

Suzuki TL1000S R 46 000

Suzuki VS400 Intruder R 25 000

Yamaha R6 R 71 000

Yamaha V-Max 1200 R 35 000

UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT greg | kelvin | wesley | morné


201 GREYLING STREET PIETERMARITZBURG TEL: 033 342 2455 033 394 2646



REVIEW BY HEIN JONKER I’ve always liked the Bajaj brand seeing that I have 2 Pulsars in the Academy. Bajaj is a product of India and built to withstand daily use, and I mean DAILY USE. I was pleasantly surprised with this 200cc DTSi oil-cooled motor, what it had to offer not to mention the style and comfort I experienced during my time on the bike. The Avenger handles well in bends but watch-out for those tight turns as it has a larger turning circle than your normal street bikes due to the wheel-base. As with anything that glitters comes good maintenance especially the spoke wheels, something that can become a real hassle down at the coast. With the halogen headlamp I can assure you that it’ll cast a hefty beam of light should you find yourself riding at night. As for speed and power, well this is only an entry level 200cc cruiser but I managed to get about 115km/h and acceleration from the line was sufficient, leaving other traffic standing as you ride off in the sunset. Bajaj truly did an amazing job with this upgrade from the 180 version. You can not do any better for the money you put towards a bike like this, the Avenger is a pleasing comfortable bike, light on fuel and a looker at that. As for our female riders, surely a bike you may consider buying to start off with. BAJAJ ... satisfying, affordable, quality. PRICE R17 499.00 Incl. VAT


Shop 57, Malvern Centre, Queensburgh Tel: (031) 464 8505


REVIEW BY HEIN JONKER I had an opportunity to go play in traffic with this little lad and find out why GoMoto would make a 200cc Motard. How much power does a 200 have? Maybe enough for “Joe Average”, so I ended up riding it like I stole it. Quick off the line, slim, light, nimble ... now that’s what you want if you want to beat traffic today ... even a side-walk looks attractive at times. The bike is nice and high allowing you to see over and ahead of traffic, steel hoses as brake-lines and ample stopping power ... or do you want to be the latest ornament on a taxi’s rear bumper?

Styling on the bike is typical motard, narrow seat, straight handlebars, footpegs not too high and mirrors in just the right place to see what’s approaching from behind. As for speed, no faster than 115km/h but you don’t need that, it is in the corners where this boy excels. Yes, this is a well behaved machine, where you put it, it stays. There is nothing unpredictable about it, you know what you are riding and what it is doing in and out of every corner. I can easily say that this was the best “traffic eating” motard I’ve been on for a while, and for the price, well that alone is a good enough reason to buy one. PRICE R14 999.00 Incl. VAT


10 Umbilo Road, Durban Tel: (031) 306 8826

SOUTH COAST: Criterion Yamaha, Victory Motorcycles

RICHARDS BAY: Suzuki Richards Bay

DURBAN and PINETOWN: Aprilia, TAZ Motorcycles, Honda, Marshall Motorcycles, RBS Yamaha, CIT KZN, Gear-Up

AVAILABLE AT THESE DEALERS PIETERMARITZBURG: K2 Racing, Alfie Cox Racing, Suzuki Centre, Extreme Machines

CMA DURBAN LADIES were treated to a special day, in April, of relaxation, enjoyment and pampering made possible by the following people: Thora – Feet (S’zhen Products) Tel: 082 923 5309 Claudette – Make Up (Sans Soucis Products) Tel: 083 785 5882 Irene – Hands (Acrylic & Gel Nails) Tel: 076 595 2137 Helani & Lesley – Hair (Les-Lani) Tel: 031 916 7833 Toni – Honey Jewelery Tel: 082 371 8328 Wilma – Charmoné Perfume Tel: 083 762 0693 A Special Thanks to Helani and Lesley from Les-Lani for the use of their Salon!

Matthew 5:14 - 16 You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden. Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven. - You and I are called to make a difference. - We are meant to be the salt and a light. - You can make a difference. - Be a light to those around you! Pics by Carin @ Bike Talk


271 Umbilo Road, Durban • Tel: 031 301 2073 •

awesome | sporty | lightweight


R13 650

R21 000


stability | comfort | safety

SUPER 8 125cc

MONDAY - Happy Hour from 5-6pm (selected drinks only)

TUESDAY - Karaoke WEDNESDAY - Cocktails & Shooters FRIDAY - Happy Hour from 5-6pm (selected drinks only)

TAKE AWAY MEALS from R30pp (daily menus)

SATURDAY - Biker Special Braai Pack (1 Free Sherry + Sports Big Screen)

SUNDAY - Carvery and Live Band

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TEL: 072 457 5962

JORDAN MOTORCYCLES completed their move to a grand new shop on 99 Kingsway Road in Warner Beach, a much needed and deserved move indeed. Johnathan stocks Hunter, Jordan, Puzzey and BigBoy motorcycle products and aims to land a few key dealerships to truly provide the local market with great products and dedicated aftersales service. He also stock a good selection of lubricants, gear and helmets for both the road and off-road markets.Watch this “little shop on the corner” while it makes an impressive footprint in the fast growing market of bikes, scooters and quads. - Pic by Bike Talk

THE DUCATI 1098R was intriduced to the public in Durban on 19 March.The most advanced, most powerful twin-cylinder motorcycle ever built. The ‘R’ is a race bike, pure and simple. Its competition specification and superior components together with advanced electronics and race-proven chassis technology deliver a level of performance that empowers you with confidence and capability. On the road, it distinguishes you as a connoisseur of high-performance motorcycles. On the track it promotes you to a higher level of riding and closer to realising your dreams. - Pic by Bike Talk


‘04 KYMCO XCITING 500 R25 000


‘04 YAMAHA RAPTOR 660 R35 000

NEW HUNTER CB125 R14 950


NEW JORDAN LEGACY R10 000 free carrier box & remote alarm


How rich are you?

They huddled inside the storm door-two children in ragged, outgrown coats. “Any old papers, Lady?” they asked a passerby. She was very busy; she wanted to say no, until she looked down at their feet wrapped only in thin little sandals, sopped with sleet. “Come on in and I will make you a cup of cocoa,” she said. There was no conversation. Their soggy sandals left marks on the clean hearthstone. Cocoa and cake would fortify against the chill outside. After serving them, she went back to the kitchen and started on her household budget as they sat enjoying the warmth. After a few minutes, the silence in the front room struck through to her. She looked in. The girl held her empty cup in her hands, looking at it. The boy asked in a flat voice, “Lady, are you rich?” “Am I rich? Mercy no!” She looked at her shabby slipcovers. The girl put her cup back in its saucer carefully. “Your cups match your saucers.” Her voice was old with a hunger that was not of the stomach. They left then, holding their bundles of papers against the wind. They had not said thank you. They did not need to.They had done more than that. Plain blue pottery cups and saucers-but they matched. She tested the potatoes and stirred the gravy. “Potatoes and brown gravy, a roof over our heads, my husband with a good, steady job-these things matched, too,” she mused. She moved the chairs back from the fire and tidied the living room. The muddy prints of small sandals were still set upon the hearth, and she let them be. “I want them there in case I ever forget how very rich I am,” she told herself. Psalm 100:4 Enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise; give thanks to Him and praise His name.

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Custom Leathers Designed & Made to Measure Wide range of Men’s & Ladies Leather Gear Biker T-Shirts from R90 Metal Badges & Embroided Patches We make up Biker Gifts Sets

7BOFҝB Cell: 082 650 7054 . Fax: 088 031 561 2791 Email:

Digital Speedometer, LED Tail lamp, Electric Start, DTSi Engine - GREAT FUEL SAVER!! Everything Bajaj promises to deliver and more


031 306 8826 10 Umbilo Road Durban

(next to ABSA Stadium) Wed/Fri: 6pm - 10pm Sun: 10am - 5pm

16 Gatecrasher Lane Stable Market Jaco Jackson Rd

Bajaj XCD 125cc R10999 (now in-stock)

contact HEIN on 083 793 7975| 031 916 6902 | or visit for course info, dates and registration




REVIEW BY HEIN JONKER Ian from East Coast Kawasaki knows exactly what to give me to ride when he wants to get a point across. Now that I’m no longer riding a Busa I can safely say ... I JUST LUV WHAT KAWA HAS DONE TO THIS NEW ZX14!! My very first impression was the comfort and the perfect hands-feet-seat position I found myself in when I got on this bike; it doesn’t feel like I’m riding a “1300 R6” with my legs cramped-up. When I gave the ZX14 back and I had to get back on my Busa I was so depressed! Yeah you guessed it, I’m selling it. OK, enough of that, here is how I experienced the 2008 ZX14 ... the bike retains all the great features that made it a legend, plus more bottom, mid and top-end power. Changes to the engine and exhaust system allow it to comply with strict Euro-III emissions and tightening noise regulations. To meet noise standards, the engineers focused on reducing internal mechanical noise instead of muzzling the exhaust system. The result wasn’t a power loss, but an overall improvement of the engine character and an actual increase in the ZX-14’s legendary peak power! Yes, you read that correctly. Emissions and noise levels are lower, peak power is higher, the mid-range hit is stronger and smoother and low-end torque has been increased. A win-win solution for all, in my book. Featuring a relaxed sport riding position, the ZX-14 is compact without being cramped, with its bars positioned within easy reach. The narrow engine, monocoque frame, and fuel tank provide a slim rider interface. Footpegs are low-set to give ample legroom and the low seat height and narrow seat front make it easy to plant both feet on the ground when stopped. Comfort levels are high enough that riders might think they’re on a dedicated sport tourer, but one twist of the ZX-14’s throttle is all it takes to remind anyone this is the world’s quickest and most powerful production motorcycle. Uninterrupted fairing lines give the ZX-14 a smooth, flowing appearance from front to rear due in part to the monocoque frame that goes over the engine and doesn’t protrude through the cowling. Quadruple projector beam headlights adorn the ZX-14’s front, with low beams in the two centre lenses and the outer lenses containing the high beams and position lamps. The turn signals are cleanly integrated into the fairing and rear cowl with a unique “V” design LED tail lamp capping off the sleek aerodynamics of the ZX-14 that reinforces Kawasaki’s aircraft heritage. This blending of form, power, and handling characteristics yields a motorcycle with appeal that extends far outside of its high performance audience. The Ninja ZX-14 lives up to its Ninja heritage, by surpassing the competition. Petal-style 310mm front rotors work with radial-mount four-piston callipers to offer very good feel and excellent stopping power. The adjustable inverted 41mm fork is a great compliment to the stable chassis and the single BottomLink Uni-Track rear suspension is more than up to the task for either touring or sporting duty. The smooth and easy action of the clutch along with a slick-shifting six-speed transmission are always welcome. The ZX gear changer is still precise, never once missing a beat or giving reason to complain. Once in second gear, however, it’s capable of going fast enough to land a person in jail for the night. There’s not a lot of engine buzz at legal speeds but it does still transmit some vibes through the bars at higher rpm, but the mirrors offer a good view no matter how fast the pistons are punching. There is sure no lack of power on this bike, since it features a ridiculous torque band to go along with the claimed 200bhp. Whether you are cruising on the highway or participating in more ‘entertaining’ sport riding, this motor has anything this side of a ZX-10 covered if you are compelled to run at the front of the group. As with all good things coming to an end, so it was with this ZX14. I haven’t been on a more power-loving comfortable bike in a long time. Kawasaki offers you a once in a lifetime opportunity to own a piece of history, the ZX14, absolute value for money ... most satisfying. PRICE R115 995.00 Incl. 14% VAT

Tel: (031) 566 3024 ● Fax: (031) 566 5177 10 Meridian Drive, Umhlanga Ridge 30



REVIEW BY HEIN JONKER As an ex FJR1300 owner I must admit I was really looking forward to this day, the day of the GTR1400. I had the pleasure of taking it up to Empangeni with my wife on the back, to really test the touring comfort and performance of this well refined machine. This is as sporty as you can get, well for now anyway, and Kawasaki thought of it all in raising the bar for all sports tourers to match up to. They’ve taken the powerful engine of the famous ZX14 and retuned it, making this the ultimate Sport Tourer to date. My wife and I found it to be extremely comfortable, great performance, a breeze to handle once you’re on the go, gear change was smooth as silk and the lowered sideview mirrors were positioned at just the right height for easy observing and offering additional wind protection on your hands. FEATURES First there is the shaft drive, a real benefit to long distance travelling, quiet and hardly any maintenance to worry about. The electric adjustable screen waves off wind and rain, providing you with a more relaxed ride just so you don’t have a stop every 200km’s to catch your breath after battling it out on the ride. The GTR comes fitted with the all new KIPASS (Kawasaki’s Intelligent Proximity Activation) which “unlocks” only your bike upon your approach and allowing a keyless start with the transmitter safely in your pocket. A unique security device you can rely on. The GTR delivers amazing torque levels right across the rev range and the variable valve timing enhances the torque to mind blowing accelerations still leaving you with a smooth top-end cruising or should I say touring speed. On the front panel you’ll find controls to adjust the headlamps and next to it a 12V socket to easily power-up electrical accessories like a GPS, a bar fridge, a hair dryer, a drill or ... don’t get carried away, this is a bike and I think a GPS will do just fine. The brakes on the GTR are linked petal brake all around, radially-mounted front callipers allied with ABS making your stopping a sure thing under any condition. They are very sharp and something you’ll miss when getting on something else afterwards. The detachable panniers with huge capacity and designed to truly integrate with the sporty lines of the GTR. The GTRs wheels also comes fitted with tyre pressure sensors, keeping you posted on what’s happening down there right in front of you on the instrument panel. Very convenient and useful for those who just fill-up with fuel and think they’re ready to hit the road. LOOKS Beautiful lines, huge headlights for the dark and haunted roads. You’ll stand looking at the GTR wondering what it is about it that draws you and then you’ll realise you are looking at a technology first in touring, waiting to match-up to your heart beat from the moment you sit on it, knowing that there is nothing like this out there. WHO NEEDS IT Anyone who wants to get on a long ride looking for comfort, great features and performance plus keeping the misses happy at the same time, what more do you want from a tourer. PRICE R129 995.00 Incl. 14% VAT

Tel: (031) 566 3024 ● Fax: (031) 566 5177 10 Meridian Drive, Umhlanga Ridge 31

7 Tetford Circle, Umhlanga Ridge (just past Hirsch’s, on the left) Henry: 084 567 8115 | Mark: 084 353 2713

TEL: 031 566 7411


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