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a word from the editor We’ve come to the last issue of 2006, a year where we’ve all learned something. We’ve surely learnt a lot from this market and realised that it’s tough, it’s hard work but in the end it paid off well. We’ve managed to grow Bike Talk to what you see today and we most certainly have a few tricks up our sleeves for the 2007. We are planning to launch Bike Talk in one or two new regions, i.e. Bike Talk - Freestate or Bike Talk - Western Cape and we’ll be looking at appointing people in those areas. Furthermore I’d like to apologise for neglecting the Website the way I did, we’ve been SO busy with the Talk 2 Me side of the business that I haven’t had a minute to spare in updating the website. I will make a considerable effort during the off-season to get it up-to-date for you. It’s been a great year and I hope you too can look back and say the same. Yes there were sad times with the passing of fellow bikers but however difficult it may seem, we have to move on and look to God for strength and wisdom. In this issue you’ll find something special on p17, something wise on p22, the first review of the Ducati 1098 in SA, great SPECIALS and 2007 stock at your local dealer. Pop in and have a look at some of the new models out there. It also looks like the time for new dealers landing on Durban turf, welcome to C.I.T. and I also heard that Ian Marsh is coming to town who will be putting up a Kawasaki and Triumph Life Style Centre behind Gateway in 2007, keep an eye out. This is it, I’m out ... I pray that you and you family will have a safe Christmas, may God bless you with His loving Grace during this time. I hope to serve you again next year, see you on the road my fellow biker, see you out there ...

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by Hein Jonker

Dealing with Crosswinds Sooner or later you are going to wonder about how to handle severe crosswinds - probably while fighting them. Surprise, surprise - you don’t have to do anything and the motorcycle will handle most crosswinds just fine - with only normal responses from you. There are a couple of things that you can do to make the experience less stressful, however. For example, you can quit white-knuckling your grips. When you hold on tight you also tend to stiff arm your controls. That merely allows front-end instability to propagate into the rest of the motorcycle. Relax your grips and droop your elbows. Allow your bike to be a bit unstable. Drive in the CENTER OF YOUR LANE. Lean forward and down to reduce your profile, and snug up your jacket. What about traction? You neither gain nor lose any significant traction when the wind blows from your side unless you are in a curve. While you are leaned into the wind all of the weight of the bike remains on your tires (fancy that) and there is very little lateral force scrubbing that traction away. How much lean do you need? Whatever the bike dials in for you. Should you anticipate those gusts? Should you just respond quickly to a gust in order to remain in control and traveling in a straight line? No, and no. Your bike will NOT travel in a straight line. That is, as long as you allow it to do its thing, your bike will be modestly blown off course with a gust and the result of that movement is EXACTLY the same as any other minor course change - you will need modest counter-steer input to correct it - the CG of your bike will then be on the side the wind came from and the result is that it will lean towards the wind. [Anticipating wind-sheer IS important under a couple of scenarios: the approach of an oncoming large vehicle suggests that severe buffeting will occur when you pass it, and entering or exiting stretches protected from the wind such as tunnels or bridges with relatively high retaining walls. In these cases you will certainly want to position the bike away from the source of the wind-sheer and insure you maintain a firm grip.] Is a heavier bike less likely to be blown around than a lighter bike? Not necessarily. What is primarily determinant of how great the effect of a crosswind is on your bike is its profile. A garage door (GoldWing) will typically be more harshly affected by crosswinds than a lighter low profile bike. Can you mitigate some of that instability in any way? Yes. There are cowling additions that can be designed (some are available off the shelf - called ‘belly pans’) that streamline the airflow under your bike and help (modestly) to reduce crosswind handling problems. Your side profile area is what determines how your motorcycle reacts to crosswinds. Just as there is a Center of Gravity, there is also a Center of wind resistance. If that center of wind resistance is in front of your Center of Gravity then crosswinds will tend to push you off course while if it is behind your Center of Gravity the motorcycle will try to steer INTO the wind. Thus, mounting a high profile LIGHT object (a stuffed animal, for example) onto your trunk lid or your pillion can have a dramatically corrective effect rather than worsen the bike’s steering reaction to those crosswinds. Crosswinds can be murder if you are leaned way over in a curve. Don’t, if you can avoid it. As a result of a crosswind your bike will move off course and normal modest counter-steer will lean it into the wind. A strong gust will blow you out of track. So, correct your steering, gently, and keep going. Note ... there are TWO instances when a gusty crosswind changes your bike’s direction of travel: when it hits, and when it stops. Both require that you allow the bike to respond and use normal modest countersteering. When it quits you will be leaned over and, as a result, your bike will move towards where the wind WAS coming from until you straighten it up. If crosswinds involve huge short gusts, go park the bike. If the crosswinds are more sustained, pucker up and keep going.





16 Dec

Hell’s Angels X-Mas Bash

HA’s Clubhouse, Percy Osbourne Rd, Morningside, Durban.

31 Dec

Hell Razors New Years Eve Party

Western Cape. Contact Stuart on 0827741074


Stag Rally 2007 will be held at the Villiers Pleasure Resort (Durban / Johannesburg highway) - same place as usual from 26-28 Jan 2007. Contact Bev on (034)312 1351 (o/h) or 082 463 3352.Villiers Pleasure Resort.Lucky Draw R25,000Early Entry before 15th Jan. R140 pp,thereafter R160pp. Caravans R350, Cars R50 and NO Quads!Firewood, Stalls, T’s, Miniworkshop. Good entertainment. Excellent prizes.Cont: Bev: 034-312 1351Stalls: Linda 082-463-3547


Venue; Mtunzini Forest Lodge, Chalets Avail. First come, first serve. Entry: R60pp incl. metal badge. Come & enjoy a day of fun & lots of prizes.Cont: Robert 0836614717 or Blackie 0824150007


Hebron Haven Hotel, Lions River, Entry: R140pp Pre-paids receive 200ml potion & special gift. Chalets avail. Be buzzing at the Bee Sting. Cont: Lee-Ann 0836599898 or Terry 0832892096


Utrecht Caravan Park, No Quad or Off Roads. Prepaid dates closes 26 Feb ‘07. Entry R160pp Cont: Philip 0833000461 or Hog 0829051649




The 11th Annual Swallows Rally will be held @ Nekkies Holiday Resort in Worcester. Over R250 000 worth of Prizes. Cont: Louis 0832555888/ Zahid 0834555002


Stillwater Hotel, Vryheid. Entry R150pp incl. Cloth & Metal Badge. Lots of games / Food Stalls & Fun to be had. Chalets R100pp Cont: Charmaine 0349816181. Cont: Charl’s 0839800713

26 Jan

3 Feb

2 Mar

16 Mar

16 Mar

23 Mar

30 Mar



CIT, SA’s largest independent Motorcycle Retailer, had their official launch on the 3/12. This poses to be a major atraction point and a stepping stone to put the South Coast on the map as far as a well set-up “Bike Shop” is concerned. It was said numbers in the region of 1800 attended the event with Lords & Legends feeding the bunch. CIT offers all makes of Motorcycles and Quads at well-groomed prices ... it’s your One-Stop Shop for all your biking needs. Top Left is Lenny and his team who’ll be too happy to help from Sales right through to Service, Warranty Repairs and Maintenance. Congrats to Lenny for truly making an effort in setting up a shop of this stature. - Pics by Bike Talk

B&Q Trailers is now B&Q Motorcycles, and while big Dave can still organize trailers upon request, he is now selling bikes, scooters and quads in the much-contested “affordable” bikes market. Go check out his large selection, and best of all, low prices. Stockist of Viper pit bikes (125cc) and entry-level full size Viper off-roads, as well as all Jonway products and some of those fine Bajaj’s too. A selection of quads from 50cc upwards is also in stock, and off-road kit and spares are available. Call him on 914 2209 or 084 5497084 - Pics by Bike Talk


DUCATI - On the 8th of December the first launch of the new Ducati 1098 for the South African public was held at Ducati Café in Umhlanga. This is an absolutely stunning bike to see in the flesh, but pouring rain kept the crowds down. Phil did an excellent presentation of the changes, updates, and improvements, and hinted at the possibility of a limited number of 1098’s being available a month before their expected arrival in February. We hop onboard for one of the first reviews in SA, see page 25 for details… - Pics by Bike Talk

BIKE FANATIX - Jose Teto is the owner of Bike Fanatix racing, located in Westmead. He’s owned the shop for 9yrs now, 4yrs here, and previously from JHB. He’s a race specialist, so if you’re serious about going fast, he can make it happen. Fully equipped workshop, spares, accessories, new bikes, quads, “on-behalf-of’s”; the whole lot. He also runs an off-road training school with theory for half the day and then an outride to practice what you’ve heard; all run from the shop. Check out his ad on page 21 - Pics by Bike Talk


PINETOWN SPORTBIKES have been around for about 3yrs now, but Rod, the owner, has just completed some very cool signage for the shop. They cater for the enduro-type weekend warrior whether competitive or social. The workshop is run by Rod and Clive, and is home to their specialized Dirt-Bike Race-Prep – taking care of all the dirty work before a big weekend so you don’t have to. Check out everything else they have in stock on page 22 - Pics by Bike Talk

fines explained


GENERAL FINE SCHEDULE No Valid D/L A1 No Valid D/L A1 Failed to carry D/L Failing to license vehicle Failing to register vehicle No Number Plate Number Plate numerals wrong colour Number Plate numerlas not clearly visible Numerals not arranged as prescribed Fail to affix Number Plate No Helmet or proper Helmet Worn or damaged tyre Caused a wheel to drag or spin Failed to display license disk on vehicle Indicators not in good working order Lamps not in good working order Head Lamps not lighted - day time Head Lamps not lighted - night time Rear Lamps not red Stop Lamps not in good working order FTC – Stop at Signal or Traffice Officer FTC – Stop Sign FTC – No Overtaking Marking FTC – Red Light Signal Drove vehicle inconsiderately Reckless Driving

R300 R500 R100 R600 R1000 R300 R200 R200 R300 R300 R200 R200 R300 R100 R200 R200 R200 R300 R200 R300 R500 R500 R1000 R700 R1000 NAG

SPEED LIMIT 120KM/H ZONES 131 - 134 R200 135 - 139 R350 140 - 144 R500 145 - 149 R700 150 - 154 R1000 155 - 159 R1250 160 - 164 R1500 165 - 169 R2500 170 - >> NAG D/L – drivers license FTC – failed to comply NAG – no admission of guilt, meaning an officer cannot charge the offender, he must arrest him and take him to into custody until bail is paid. Then it’s off to court where the offender must plead his case. Side note – a motorcycle cannot be confiscated under any circumstances; however, if the bike is not roadworthy it is the officer’s responsibilty to remove it to a safe place, i.e. a police station where the offender must arrange a breakdown vehicle to collect it.



CBR 1000 RR (2 Year Warranty)


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True Racing Spirit


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TRX 450 R

Tight Turns & Big Airs

winning R1175pm performanceAward on 4 -wheels

• Nationwide Delivery • Trade-ins Welcome • Test Rides • Off Road Track Demo’s • 110 OLD MAIN ROAD PINETOWN 031 702 5603


Prices include 14% VAT • Terms and Conditions Apply and while Stocks last

073 750 4696 076 734 2022 082 520 2715

who to buzz AFFORDABLE BIKES Phone: 035 7511000

HONDA WING UMHLANGA Phone: 031 5807950

SKINZ Phone: 083 2983956

ALFIE COX RACING Phone: 031 7022034

HUNTER MOTORCYCLES Phone: 086 1486862

SPEDDICK MC TYRES Phone: 031 5792260

AMS OIL Phone: 076 2997574

JEFF’S BIKES Phone: 031 3012073

STARTLINE Phone: 031 7050715

AUTO UMHLANGA (BMW) Phone: 031 5029800

JONWAY SOUTH COAST Phone: 031 9034135

SUZUKI HILLCREST Phone: 031 7658969

B & Q TRAILERS Phone: 084 5497084

JORDAN MOTORCYCLES Phone: 031 3378003

THE JUNCTION Phone: 033 2666116

BIKER BUDDY Phone: 022 7131535

KAWASAKI CORNER Phone: 031 7012464

TIDAL MOTORCYCLES Phone: 083 7824093

BIKE FANATIX Phone: 083 4881972

LOAD BUDDY Phone: 011 9187759

TOMMY JOHNS MC Phone: 031 7012464

BIKE XPRESS Phone: 072 5481164

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XTREME OUTDOOR Phone: 031 9038904

C.I.T. Phone: 031 9169350

MONTCLAIR MC Phone: 031 4622210

ZAP AUTO Phone: 031 4641992

DUCATI DURBAN Phone: 031 5665464

MOTO-TOUR AFRICA Phone: 082 412 2232

DURBAN MOTORCYCLES Phone: 031 3327487

NEVIL EXHAUSTS Phone: 031 4622210

ES BROKERS Phone: 031 5629989

PAZ SPRAYPAINTERS Phone: 031 4622007

GEAR UP Phone: 031 5664932

PERRY YAMAHA Phone: 031 3126310

GOPIS MC TRAINING Phone: 073 9240465

PINETOWN SPORTBIKES Phone: 031 7012115

UMPLEBY SUZUKI Phone: 031 3038323

POLARIS DURBAN Phone: 031 3685665


R B S YAMAHA Phone: 031 7011311

HARLEY-DAVIDSON 1000 HILLS Phone: 031 7675350

RAZER GEAR Phone: 082 8243783

HONDA WING EMPANGENI Phone: 035 9018600

ROADMASTER Phone: 031 3013181

HONDA WING PINETOWN Phone: 031 7025603

SMART CREDIT Phone: 086 1186453


REVIEW - BAJAJ PULSAR REVIEW BY WILLIAM MORRIS Thanks Vishal from Jeff’s Bikes for lending us your Bajaj Pulsar for review, I’m convinced that sales of this solid little bike will boom. Just in case you, the reader, have never heard of “Bajaj” before let me give a brief history. Founded in 1926, the Bajaj Group is amongst the top 10 business houses in India. The group’s flagship company, Bajaj Auto, is ranked as the world’s fourth largest two and three-wheeler manufacturer. These bikes are created to excel in India – an area know for its poor road surfaces, gross overloading of any means of transportation, etc… And while the Bajaj must be inexpensive to remain competitive, it must not be “cheap” and fall apart after frequent and lengthy usage. In fact, it must not fall apart at all. FIRST IMPRESSION: The Pulsar is neat and tidy, its rounded edges and curvy bodywork flows beautifully. No copycat design here, the Pulsar is original from top to bottom. Tight dimensions make it look both nippy and manoeuvrable. The paintwork quality is great with mini-fairing and front fender colour coded. And while certain components appear somewhat dated, the materials used look and feel durable. The 17-inch 6-spoke alloy rims are lighter, stronger (for all those potholes) and far better looking than the previous model’s spoked rims. A trendy rear-end is accented by the aluminium passenger grab-rail and a fatty 100/90 rear tyre presenting impressive width for this displacement. CONTROLS AND GADGETS: Some useful features are: a warning light displayed when the kickstand is down if the engine is running, a centre stand, and a fuel gauge that presents an honest reading. Side panels are easily removed to reveal an onboard tool bag and direct access to the battery. What stands out to me most is the solidness of the components, the excellence of the parts that make up the whole, and how everything just does exactly what it should – no thrills, no disappointments. This is a bike that won’t let you down, and its tolerant mannerism will likely keep you from letting it down too. PERFORMANCE: Digital Twin Spark ignition (DTS-i) is brand new technology for bikes, and has been patented by Bajaj Auto. What is it? Simply one spark plug at either end of the combustion chamber instead of the conventional single plug per cylinder at one end of the combustion chamber. The claim is that this helps provide faster and better fuel combustion for the purpose of offering peak performance without sacrificing fuel efficiency. What does it feel like? Low down throttle response is perky and strong as the 180 surges forward at each gear change. The Pulsar is very nippy through town and has enough top-end to sit comfortably at freeway speeds. This bike may well put to shame some of the Japanese 125cc race replicas! SUSPENSION & HANDLING: Rear suspension is a twin gas shock setup that looks a little outmoded in today’s world of centralized mono-shocks, the front forks also fail to inspire. But looks do not determine ability, for the 180 possesses stable and predictable handling, even at speed, and impressively nimble mannerisms in corners and through traffic; ideal characteristics for performing the daily commute. OVERALL RATING: Although this Bajaj carries a “Chinese” price tag, it far exceeds both the build quality and the quality of materials and components used in comparison with its similarly priced competitors. I believe that if more South Africans were aware of the Pulsar as an affordable means of transportation, we would have not only a lot more satisfied two-wheeled customers out there, but also more converts into the real brotherhood of biking. PRICE: R13 999.00 includes VAT and a 1 year warranty Colour scheme options are: red, blue, silver and black.

Tel: (031) 301 2073/4/5 • Fax: (031) 307 1650 271 Umbilo Road, Durban



Hurricane 230




R1 299

Lady boot R1 098

Touring R1 299

Road R949

Jacket R1 349

2 Piece Leathers R5 998

Furore Jacket R1 998



R 1 199





R 1 699

R1 675

Jacket R1 649


R1 499


Off Road Boots PX Jnr


R1 149

R1 749

2 Piece Sport Touring R4 899

Eagle R498

Dynavolt Batteries

for All Makes and Models

Motorcycle, ATV Watercraft

Jacket R1 849

Lupo Leather Jacket R2 499

Track MX Sports R319 R449





Pro-Race R859

Astro R519

MOTRIX Sprockets Streetbike Superbike Dirtbike

Indicators Tail Lamps

Big Range LED & bulb type

Cables for Dirtbikes

CR Most models KTM in stock KX Low Price RM Best Value! YZ

Brake/Clutch Levers Dirtbike.Street & ATV Best Value

Clutch Plates

Twin Shocks R599.88

Full Range Motorcycle & ATV Big Range Low Prices

Mini Speedo Tacho

ATV Big range Low Prices

R299.88 each

Christmas Special Voucher


Our Christmas present for you! Spend R1 500 at STARTLINE and receive these Prexport Universal Track Gloves worth R 318.88 FREE on presentation of this voucher at STARTLINE Durban.

428H118 428X136 520H118 520R120 520X120

H.Duty X-Ring H.Duty O-Ring X-Ring

R69.88 R279.88 R129.88 R329.88 R429.88

DUAL FOAM Air Filters Dirt Bikes & ATV From R139.88

Brake Pads Sintered metal HH Rated Performance. Superbike MX/Off-Road ATV

From R139.88

Aluminum Gear Levers CR KTM KX RM YZ


Fork Seals

Dirtbike and Street

From R69.88


Power Gear 18X10-8 20X11-8 22X11-8 20X11-9 22X11-9 20X11-10 22X11-10

R487.88 R489.88 R489.88 R489.88 R549.88 R519.88 R549.88

Speed Gear 21X7-10 22X7-10 22X8-10 23X7-10

R365.88 R429.88 R396.88 R444.88

MX N3014 Rear

Directions to Startline


N2/ M19 to Pinetown. Take Otto Volek off-ramp. Right at traffic lights into Otto Volek. Over Bridge. 1st turn right Goshawk. N3/ M13 to Pinetown. Take Stapleton Rd off ramp. Right at traffic lights into Stapleton/Otto Volek. Count 4 traffic lights.1st right Goshawk. N3/ M7/ M19 to Pinetown. Take Otto Volek offOTTO VOLEK ramp. Left at traffic lights into Otto Volek. 1st turn right Goshawk

110/100X18 120/100X18 100/ 90X19 110/ 90X19 120/ 90X19

R398.88 R459.88 R398.88 R414.88 R432.88

MX N3015 Front 80/100X21 R368.88



22X11-8(ATX63) 22X12.5-9 25X12-9 6Ply 22X8-10 ATX78 22X11-10 25X12-10 23X8-11 25X8-12 25X10-12






MAX-603 R499.88

MAX-606 R559.88 MAX-606-II R459.88 V310 R549.88

V-CAN VP760 499.88 to R735.88 4 Sizes Youth Adult

Youth & Adult Pants R549.88

Jersey R199.88 Gloves R119.88

T-REX Polypro R699.88 Lexan R799.88

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Super low price! 250X10 80/100X12 250X12 60/100X14 90/100X14 90/100X16 70/100X17 100/100X17 110/100X17 100/100X18 110/100X18 120/100X18 70/100X19 110/ 90X19 120/ 90X19 80/100X21 300X21

R107.88 R146.88 R122.88 R146.88 R176.88 R248.88 R179.88 R242.88 R249.88 R298.88 R324.88 R279.88 R222.88 R354.88 R372.88 R326.88 R215.88

REVIEW - HARLEY NIGHT ROD REVIEW BY WILLIAM MORRIS Our cover bike for this month, the VRSCDX Night Rod Special, was made available to us by Harley-Davidson 1000-Hills. Thanks, Chris, for organizing the bike for us. FIRST IMPRESSION: Picture it – low, long and mean; the Night Rod Special glides towards you, its dark framework just inches off the road surface. It sweeps past with a throaty growl; its ultra-wide rear rubber leaving its imprint etched in your mind. The Night Rod is an absolute showstopper. I had instant reactions from other road users and got hounded for specs and details at every stop, even had one guy ask if he could take some pics! If you ever wanted to turn heads… Matte black finish looks stunning, and the black exhaust covers and red pinstriping on the rims just did it for me. “No penny spared” build quality is superb. In a world of cheap plastics and “breaks just after the warranty runs out”, the heavy-duty components, built to last, speak volumes about both the people who make these bikes and those who ride them. CONTROLS AND GADGETS: Controls are the typical Harley setup, self-cancelling indicators and all; and I love the keyless ignition – what a pleasure to just swing your leg over and go! Searching for a key in endless leather jacket pockets with gloved hands is a royal pain. Another great thing is the digital fuel gauge that estimates the amount of kilometres left in the tank. Night riding becomes a beautiful thing as the display lights glow in an easy to read, vivid orange. PERFORMANCE: Where’s the sound? A disappointingly quiet exhaust system masks the thrust potential of the 5-speed 1130cc V-twin. But the VRSC is no slouch… 100kph in 1st , just touch the limiter at 9000revs, slide it into 2nd and hit 150kph before clutching again; a top speed of well over 200kph (if you can hold on); astounding brute force! Power delivery is smooth and completely usable with huge torque all the way through the revs. Fuel injection is now common to all Harley V-Twins, but the V-Rods (the VRSC models built for higher performance) are the only twins assisted by liquid-cooling. The average Harley engine’s peak torque output is somewhere around 3500rpms, while the V-Rod’s peak torque is made at 7000rpms. This engine is made to rev higher and push harder than any of its stable mates; a Harley built for speed freaks?! SUSPENSION, HANDLING, & COMFORT: Forward controls (feet out in front of the motor) and exaggerated 1715mm wheelbase take time to get used to, but once you’re settled in it feels good and is unquestionably the ultimate way to cruise. The Night Rod Special has a lower ground clearance (107mm) and seat height (640mm) than the standard Night Rod version, and the widest tyre ever (240mm) to roll off the HarleyDavidson production line. How does that handle? Well, the rigid hydro-formed frame maintains a surprisingly low amount of flex for all that length and traction out of corners is phenomenal. The 18.9 litre fuel tank is found under the seat, so as well as avoiding a tank cap ruining the tank’s smooth looks, the additional weight of a full tank of petrol stays down low, keeping it from becoming too top-heavy and unwieldy; one of the reasons the Night Rod feels far lighter (thankfully) than the 292kg manufactures claim. OVERALL RATING: The Night Rod Special offers much: exclusivity, power, speed, style, cruising comfort and above all – the Harley-Davidson badge that represents far more that just a name. Styling inspired by the drag strip, power inspired by a heritage of racing. PRICE: R180 000.00 incl. VAT


Tel: Gateway (031) 566 3204 ● 1000 Hills (031) 767 5350 ●

Harley Davidson 1000-Hills 031 • 767 5350

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GOD’s HALF PAGE A Toy-Run Testimony Yesterday morning (26 November 2006) a man came to our morning Church service. He stood by the entrance to the Church listening to the pastor’s message but would not put a foot through the door. He did listen to the message though - all the while standing by the door. At the end of the service he accepted an invitation to receive Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour by putting up his hand and saying a simple prayer. Our pastor went over hugged him. The man started to cry uncontrollably. God told him to tell the man: “I’ve missed you. Welcome back my son”, when he hugged him. The man told them that he had serious problems in his relationship with his wife and that he lost his job 3 weeks ago. Shaun - our pastor’s friend - saw him in town 2 weeks earlier and invited him to our Church. The devil kept him from coming every Sunday since then. He told his wife he was going to Church but since they both felt like God deserted them, she showed no interest. He went out to the swimming pool thinking that it desperately needed to be cleaned. A little voice kept on telling him that he must go. He looked up and saw a lot of motorcycles going to the toy run and thought he’d rather go on the run but the voice kept insisting that he goes to Church. He finally got on his bike and came to Church where he gave his life to Christ. This testimony is one of God’s amazing Grace, since the man died yesterday afternoon in a motorcycle accident. His wife who did not know he went to Church yesterday sent a SMS to all his friends including our pastor to let them all know. Our Pastor called her and told her that her husband gave his life to Christ that day. I thought I’d share this with you since it made such an amazing impact on me. We do not know where he was yesterday after leaving the Church, but we do know for sure where he is today.

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Toy Run 2006, an event of note. Bikers, nationwide, from all walks of life come together and show heart by giving to children during this time of Love, Peace and Celebration. The PAV Roof was packed, the N2 filled with glitter and rumble all the way down to Amanzimtoti. This was probably the biggest Toy-Run we had in years, next year however, will be the 21st and huge efforts will be made to make it even bigger - Pics by Bike Talk

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Jackets are probably the most underestimated form of body protection! How many times do we see the rider popping off to the shop or wherever, merely wearing a helmet, short sleeve shirt and slops? Really cool, yes… but past medical bills prove that this way of riding is nothing short of foolhardy! So, yes, a jacket is an essential part of road riding. What are your options? Today the rider has a huge choice, from the lightest summer airflow type of jacket to the warmest of jackets that can be used effectively for the coldest of conditions. Certain jackets are CE (European Safety Standard) approved and some have CE approved body armour parts.


Firstly, like all riding accessories comfort is a key aspect when trying any riding accessory. Secondly, the style of jacket will determine whether the jacket is more suited to a super bike, dual purpose, touring or cruising bike; the main difference being in the length of fit and tightness of fit. The third aspect to consider is what material to go for. Leather is the safest in terms of skin protection but it does come with some disadvantages – these being the fact that they’re hot jackets to ride in, difficult to clean, and if they get wet they become difficult to dry and maintain. Cost is also a factor for the better quality jacket. The Cordura/Kevlar jacket is significantly lighter, can be washed and cleaned easily and can be easily stored. From a safety aspect these materials still offer a significant amount of protection as shown by the rider who came off at 230km per hour and didn’t suffer any lacerations other than in those areas where he had the inappropriate protection – ordinary jeans and off road gloves! The airflow jacket offers the least amount of protection of the basic riding jackets but usually protects the key areas of the body i.e. elbows, shoulders and back using the Cordura / Kevlar combination of materials. Again, the cheaper jacket uses slightly cheaper quality materials and hence will not do the same job as the more expensive one. Finally, more recently we have seen denim material being used in jackets – unless this is supported with Kevlar or uses the CE protective body parts, its effectiveness is to be questioned.

CA L L 0 3 1 - 5 6 6 4 9 3 2

In all of these jackets you will have the option of choosing from those that have no lining or having one or two removable linings. These are designed to give the rider flexibility in terms of being comfortable in the riding conditions being experienced. Normally there is a winter lining and a wind/rain proof liner.


REVIEW - DUCATI 1098 REVIEW BY WILLIAM AND HEIN A huge thanks to Philippe, owner of Ducati Café Durban, for the privilege of riding and assessing the brand new Ducati 1098. Our first indulgence of what Ducati has to offer; in a word – tasty! FIRST IMPRESSION: The 1098 is gorgeous, without a doubt the most beautiful superbike in the world. The way the plastics meld with the tubular Trellis framework is exquisite. Resting on its side-stand, the Ducati looks sleek and fast, but add a rider and something happens as bodywork embraces the rider in a race-oriented position, moulding together man and machine in faultless harmony. Every part of this bike is in perfect balance with the whole, each piece top-spec and of the highest quality. Some of the exceptionally striking components are the Marchesini rims, the aggressively angled twin headlights, the rear air-ducts on the each side of the pillion position, the finely engineered lightweight single-sided aluminium swingarm, and the twin under-seat stainless steel exhausts that sound phenomenal. CONTROLS AND GADGETS: Digital instrumentation is derived directly from MotoGP. The display unit is controlled by a switch on the handlebar and shows a bunch of data including speed, revs, current time, scheduled maintenance warning, warning light for low oil pressure, fuel level, oil temperature, fuel reserve, trip fuel, neutral, turn signals, average speed, average fuel consumption, remaining fuel metre, and immobilizer. One thing that surprised us was the rev-limiter – there is no indication on the digital rev-counter of where the limiter would kick in, so it comes as quite a jolt when it happens. It also seems to reach the limiter sooner than expected; it surprised us a couple times. There is a little LED on the top right hand side of the display that flashes once as the engine nears the limit, probably something you could get used to with frequent use. PERFORMANCE: “The 1098 is the most powerful twin-cylinder motorcycle in the world with the highest torque-to-weight ratio of any sport bike.” – Ducati press. The 90° L-Twin 1098 Testastretta Evoluzione engine produces an awesome 119.3kw (160hp) @ 9750rpm and an arm-wrenching 122.492Nm (90.4lb-ft) of torque @ 8000rpm. Power is well spread, though you need to keep the revs high to get the best out of it. Smooth power-band has no sudden surges or surprises, just consistent power all the way through. SUSPENSION, HANDLING & COMFORT: The seating position feels high with your weight over the tank. Comparatively low foot pegs, a low tank and super-slim body design allow the rider plenty of room even in a full crouch position. The Ducati is ultra-light (173kgs) and easily thrown into corners, its cornering abilities complemented by Showa suspension that gives firm and predictable feedback from the road. The 1098 is the first production street bike to use Brembo’s Monobloc calliper racing technology. The M4-34 callipers are machined from a single piece of alloy, as compared to the bolt-together construction of conventional callipers. The Monobloc design has much higher rigidity and resistance to distortion during extreme braking giving a much more precise feel at the brake lever. Layman’s terms: super-sharp, super-powerful, super-consistent. OVERALL RATING: The new 1098 is for those who desire the ultimate in all-out superbiking; an elite and spectacular track tool! PRICE:

1098 1098S 1098 Tri-colore

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December 2006  

Bike Talk Magazine

December 2006  

Bike Talk Magazine