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Fresh Thinking from new management Win 2 tickets to World Superbikes @ Kyalami. Includes one night accommodation at Umfula Lodge in Bryanston. Terms & Conditions Apply.

ENTER IN STORE NOW. From left to right: Werner van der Steen (Workshop Manager), Tracey Milledge (Dealer Principal), Chris Bretter (Sales Manager)

R119 995

Same great motorcycles. Same amazing dealership. Fantastic new sales & management team.

R99 500 E. & O.E.

Tel: 031 566 3024 • Cell: 078 642 9251 (Tracey) • Cell: 084 878 1298 (Chris) • 10 Meridian Drive, Gateway Crescent, Umhlanga Ridge E0409/12049/2229

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THE EDITOR With every issue of Bike Talk the challenge presents itself as to which bike I will put on the cover; it always ends up with the bike I valued the most from the reviews I’ve done in that par cular issue. Well not this me; I decided to step away from the norm and instead make an important statement which you can read about on page 24. But first we move on to welcoming the New Team at East Coast Kawasaki/Triumph which promises to be a good move by KMSA. We also shed some light on the upcoming Durban 2 Dublin Tour done as a charity event for the Pebbles Project and how you could get involved, and we a ended the recent launch of the ‘09 R1 at Perry Yamaha. Then some insight as we get our hands on the 2009 Yamaha R1, tempted by the BMW K1300S and R plus spending some me on the BMW F800S. Last but not least I had some fun on the Harley-Davidson CrossBones just to put the “ice-cream on the waffle”. Mmm! Now wouldn’t that be nice...? John and I give a few pointers on “Before you start Packing” and “Ge ng the right Helmet Fit” which brings me to a brand new feature in the mag called: ”Tech Talk” on page 22. This feature will be used to address or answer your technical bike related ques ons which will then be publised for the benefit of all readers. Shawn du Preez from BMW Ryder Motorrad will be offering his help in this regard, so start sending those emails or faxes. Carin and I decided to try out some Xkulcha Biker Pants, put ink to paper repor ng on style, comfort, quality and most importantly ... PROTECTION! Andrew Ensor-Smith, from ES Brokers, gives an eye-opening report on his bike accident and how to get over the Fear Factor of riding again. He also points out why it is important to get trained well and not to submit to ignorance and pear pressure. Read up on that, it might change your riding ... for be er or worse! BMW Ryder Motorrad, on page 18, is running a great compe on in which you could win 2 ckets worth R12000 to the World Superbike Championship at Kyalami. This is a chance of a life me you don’t want to miss. Thank you, yes YOU, for reading yet another packed issue. I hope you enjoy this li le mag and that it impacts your life in a posi ve way. Feel free to send us your comments via SMS on 0837937975 or email Hein direct; it serves as encouragement to us. Know this, you the reader is the reason for this, so please, pick up your phone and let us have your comments...

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KEEPING IT UP: Getting the Right Fit Your motorcycle helmet is a vital piece of equipment designed to protect your head in the event of an accident. To get the best protec on your helmet needs to provide a really good fit. A badly fi ng helmet can come off in an accident, even if the chin strap is done up. Always remember - Helmets are produced in a range of sizes to sa sfy a mass market. Your head shape and size are unique to you, so take me to use the following ps when selec ng your new helmet: GET YOUR HEAD MEASURED First have your head size measured before you try any helmet on. Measure around the fullest part of your head just above the ears, taking the measurement at the forehead. The measurement will correspond to a par cular size in the model range you are interested in. This is a good star ng point! If you want a par cular brand or model, do not be tempted to go for another size if yours is out of stock - wait and get the correct size! TRY IT ON Once you have your size, place the helmet firmly onto your head. Secure the chin strap so that you can fit two fingers between it and your jaw. If the helmet has a quick release buckle take me to adjust the strap. Once fi ed, you should be able to feel the inside of the helmet against all parts of your head, without feeling ‘pressure points’ or it leaving red marks. Once you are happy wear the helmet for a few minutes to make sure it is comfortable. TOO TIGHT - TOO LOOSE? With the strap secured, try rota ng the helmet from side to side. With a full face model, your cheeks should follow the movement of the helmet and stay in contact with the cheek-pads. Make sure the helmet does not rotate on your head. The cheek-pads should provide a firm, comfortable fit. Next lt the helmet forward and back. It should stay in posi on and not move. If it slips forward or back it is unlikely to be the correct size. DOES IT COME OFF? Finally, check that the helmet won’t easily come off in an accident. Tilt your head forward and have someone try to roll your helmet off your head by carefully applying an upward force to the rear of the helmet at its base. If you can roll if off in the showroom (with the chinstrap done up) it will be sure to come off in an accident! Ensure your new helmet comes with either an acceptable EC or BS approval marking and that the seller provides sufficient instruc ons for the use and care of the helmet. Read the instruc on booklet to make sure you know how best to look a er your helmet. HELMET CARE Your helmet is the most important piece of kit you will own - if you look a er it, it will look a er you! In general, a helmet has a shelf life of around five years, but if used regularly around three years. You should keep your helmet in the best condi on and clean it regularly. Whilst many helmets are made of similar materials and can be cleaned using the same method, we recommended that you always follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instruc ons for the specific helmet you have purchased. Cleaning your visor a er every ride should be part of your post-ride ritual, as it’s easier to clean before the flies dry out! If you don’t have me, there’s a simple way to clean it without scrubbing. Simply wet some paper towels or a co on cloth and leave them on your visor for a few minutes and then wipe off. IMPORTANT NOTE Buying a second hand helmet is not recommended. There could be damage you can’t see. You are also unlikely to get the right fit. You must be cau ous and only buy if you are sa sfied that the helmet fits and is in a usable condi on as designed. If you are in any doubt, contact the manufacturer for further informa on. Your head should be the most expensive considera on when buying a bike, don’t waste it on a cheap helmet. When you visit Gear Up in Umhlanga Ridge again, ask them to show you my smashed up helmet and you’ll see why I’m s ll here wri ng this ar cle - HEIN

6 5







Chris an Fellowship Church, cnr of Edwin Swales & Wakesley Road - 6PM Contact Rui on 082 8004108


Ivala Lodge, 30kms from Greytown. On the banks of the Mooi River Contact Marius: 082 7106366 Email:


Pop in for a test ride. A variety of demos suitable to all “taste buds” The range includes: KAWASAKI - ZX14; GTR1400; Z1000; KLE650; VN900; EX250; KLR650; ZX6-R; ZX10-R, TRIUMPH - 675 Daytona; Street Triple; Tiger; Rocket Touring Camp Johnathan, Eston. Hosted by CMA for School and Varsity Biker Youth. R320/p (meals and accommoda on) Contact Hein: 083 7937975 Website: Inkwazi River Resort, just 3 kms from Port Shepstone on the banks of the Umzimkulu River. Contact Craig: 083 4409029

29 MAY


29 MAY




Graskop Resort, Website:



Leaving Southway Mall 9:30AM for Lords & Legends in To . Great Games, Food, Refreshments and Live Music! Contact Marius: 083 5700876



Castaways Holiday Resort, Munster Contact Jo: 083 2850815 Website:



Skogheim, Port Shepstone Contact Rui: 082 8004108 Website:









Harrismith, Website:


Ladysmith Motel, R170.00 pp, beer mug, cloth and metal badge. A er 6th November R190.00. Live Band, Chalets or camping. Contact Nikki on 082 971 9290 or Jannie 083 627 1077 or 036 6375626


Elite Motorcycles in Ladysmith, FREE ENTRY, lots of prizes, great fun. Contact Nikki on 082 971 9290 or Jannie 083 627 1077 or 036 6375626 R250.00/p when register before the entry closing date. Includes 3 nights accommoda on in the 3 star rated Caravan Park, both Metal & Cloth Badges, best entertainment and lots of great prizes! Contact Gian Ferraris: 082 565 2013 Venue to be advised. Time: 12:00. Entry R40pp including Metal Badge. Bring a Tent and stay over. Camperdown Primary School. Contact Nick: 082 4058291


IN THE NEWS RESIDENTS and workers in the Umhlanga Rocks area who may have been alarmed by what they perceived to be a local buildup of atmospheric pressure in mid March can rest easy. What they experienced was merely the arrival of a pe te bundle of energy called Tracey Milledge, who’s taken over as Dealer Principal of East Coast Kawasaki / Triumph in Meridian Road, Umhlanga Ridge. Tracey thus becomes the second female to head up a Kawasaki Motors South Africa dealership in South Africa. Running a flagship motorcycle dealership successfully in today’s tes ng economic climate can be a daun ng task, but Tracey’s energy linked with her years of experience makes her more than capable of handling the job. “I started with Kawasaki Motors South Africa as a youngster in 1981, working in the parts department, ” she remembers. It took her just three years to work herself up from being a data capturer to earning the key posi on of na onal parts manager. Six years later Tracey was promoted yet again to the posi on of na onal sales manager for the motorcycle division of the company, by which me she was also a shareholder in KMSA. In 2001 Tracey le KMSA so she could spend more me with her young children, and with her husband, Dave, she opened a restaurant on the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast. She also started a computer training business that did very well, but when the opportunity arose to get back into the motorcycle industry she leapt at it. Tracey has a new management team to help her turn East Coast Kawasaki / Triumph into the best motorcycle dealership in the country. Well known Durban motorcyclist and custom bike builder Chris Bre er was a partner in Ace Motorcycles, the Pinetown Kawasaki and Triumph dealership, so he understands exactly how Kawasaki Motors South Africa works and what its MD, Chris Speight expects. He started at the Umhlanga Ridge dealership as sales manager in March and his enthusiasm for motorcycling and knowledge of the products are already bearing fruit. “We’ll be par cipa ng much more ac vely in KZN motorcycling in future, and as our customers are also usually our friends I’m looking forward to it tremendously,” he says. Also new to the dealership (and KwaZulu-Natal) is workshop manager Werner van der Steen, who brings into the dealership the considerable exper se he gained during 2 years as a workshop technician at the importer’s Gauteng headquarters. “I’ve already reviewed the systems that were in place and have started making some significant changes to give our customers the best service possible,” he says. KMSA managing director Chris Speight is confident that the new brooms he’s brought in are going to sweep extremely clean. “I think that we now have an enormously strong team in place at Gateway – I know them all very well, I trust them fully and I respect them for their professionalism. I believe that they have the poten al to become not just the best dealership in our group, but in the industry as a whole,” he says. Pop in to East Coast Kawasaki / Triumph at 10 Meridian Drive, Umhlanga Ridge any me for a cup of coffee and to meet the crew, if you don’t already know them. They’re not only professional – they’re also genuinely biker-friendly! - Press Release and Photo supplied by Gavin Foster


PERRY YAMAHA had their launch of the “Oh So New” 2009 R1 a few weeks ago with a very healthy turn-out. This bike, hot from the factory, promises to turn heads, necks and tempt even the numbest taste-buds. If you are s ll riding an older R1, then it might be me to trade in that old “scoot-er” and get up on something that’ll scare you and please you at the same me. Seen here (from the le ) is a tempted customer with Henry (Sales) - Pic by Bike Talk DURBAN 2 DUBLIN - What makes three men (L-R: Roger, Jaco and Howard) decide to pack their bags jump on a bike, leave their families behind and venture through Africa and foreign countries with no support vehicle? It started years ago with two best friends Roger and Howard with visions of a ride that would change their lives. Natal was the natural choice for the start of the trip however, where to end the trip had to be decided. Many people drove through Africa with the final des na on being in Europe, but no one had ever driven as far as Ireland. So Dublin became their final des na on. A er years of dreaming about the trip it took just one day to map the route and now in just a few weeks this dream will become reality. The dream starts at BMW Umhlanga on 25th April 2009 and ends at the Dublin BMW office where the team will be welcomed by the Ireland BMW Club members as well as the Pebbles UK representa ve on the, 29 June 2009. The decision on which bike to use for the trip was not difficult and the only choice was the formidable BMW R1200 GS Adventure bike. They have incredible range on the fuel tank and giving the riders a es mated 600 km’s per tank. Besides the fuel capacity this bike can stand the tough condi ons which they will experience along the 18500 km route. Of course the fact that they have tubeless tyres is a huge advantage when you have no support team and you are responsible for your own repairs. Metal Mule provided the panniers together with a special exhaust system and the bikes will be modified with extra protec on. They are grateful to all their sponsors who have made this dream a reality; with out them it would be impossible. If there are any other par es interested in ge ng involved in the trip please visit the website, any contribu on would be welcomed.


REVIEW: ’09 BMW K1300 R and S

REVIEW BY HEIN JONKER Life’s choices ... Oh how painful!! The 2008 saw the release of BMW’s K1200 successors. The K1300S and R models are even more powerful than before with more power and a reasonable weight. Now pushing 129kw (175hp) and weighing in at 254kgs, wet, the K1300S is a genuinely sporty(ish) touring bike. According to BMW this incarna on features “Spor ng and Dynamic performance with superior comfort” and... if you can believe they use this descrip on “playful and easy handling along with absolute riding stability” at a quarter of a ton it should be pre y stable. The “R” is the craziest looking of the 2 and is the most powerful naked ever built by BMW. The K1300R puts out 127kw (173Hp) and weighs in at 243kg wet. Basically it is an even more crazy version of the K1200 with more power, more torque, be er suspension and braking along with some trickery to remove some of the vibra on from the handle bars and more refining of the electronics to improve emissions and safety. The most obvious thing about the “R” is the styling; it is in your face and aggressive, I like it… The R and S share the same engine, electrics, transmission, final drive and chassis pla orms, with only a few varia ons in their respec ve specs panels. Of course, the major point of difference remains the fairing on the S, and it also claims a power figure of 175hp, 2hp more than the R. Both produce the same whopping torque of 140Nm at 8250rpm from their liquid-cooled four-cylinder four-stroke engines, which is a 10Nm increase on the 1200. In the past, I’ve felt that BMW brakes lacked a bit of ini al grunt with ABS, but the company appears to have found an an dote to that one. I guess it’s just another level of refinement, a process that BMW is a master at. Both bikes have a new system of switches and manual controls, and there is no longer a separa on of the right and le -hand blinker switches. It’s all been consolidated into one “interna onal standard” bu on, while the ASC, ABS and ESA func ons are all controlled from one switch, which makes for less dashboard clu er. Even on the S, the sea ng posi on is quite upright, so I couldn’t really separate the S or the R for levels of gra fica on - both offer great feedback and balance. There is also plenty of ground clearance, and the weight feels like it’s carried quite low. There’s also plenty of legroom, and the seat is quite firm, although not enough to leave your bu ocks squealing for mercy. The K1300s have won me over. Precision engineering, style, performance and looks combine for a winning recipe. Large capacity sport and naked bikes do have an X factor about them, and the R and the S are supreme cases-in-point. PRICES: K1300 R @ R153 900.00 - Incl. 14% VAT K1300 S @ R163 140.00 - Incl. 14% VAT

Auto Umhlanga 10

Tel: (031) 502 9800 115 Flanders Drive, Mount Edgecombe

Š Bike Talk

Sheer Riding Pleasure


K 1300 R

115 Flanders Drive, Mount Edgecombe Tel: (031) 502 9800 Open Monday to Friday from 8am - 5pm and Sat 8:30am - 12:30pm

Auto Umhlanga

Comfortably the most powerful naked bike BMW has ever built


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CLAYTON SCOTT 076 819 7736 031 902 3623

GEARING UP Before you start packing ! Wri en by John Briscoe of Gear Up Motorcycle Accessories

That long awaited trip, the one you have dreamt about for so long, the one you have scraped together every penny, the once in a life me trip can all become such a huge disappointment by not ‘packing’ correctly! Something so simple can have such significant ramifica ons! A number of pointers are absolutely essen al when embarking on such an exci ng adventure. This ar cle will deal with the generic aspects – later ar cles will give ps as to what is required for different areas. For all trips the key areas to be considered before beginning to pack are: • The nature of the trip – where to and the dura on? • Your own personal requirements i.e. protec ve clothing, casual clothing, personal hygiene and medical requirements; • The actual bike requirements such as tyres, fuel capacity, spares, puncture kits, tow ropes, tools and related equipment; • Accommoda on requirements such as tents, ma resses, camping stools, ground sheets etc • The back up facili es on the trip – will you have a dedicated resource back up for the whole trip? Let’s tackle these each in turn! Remember you will not end up taking everything you may want to – the packing only starts once you have ‘trimmed’ your list to those absolutely essen al items that can be carried on the trip! The Nature of the Trip: Is there a detailed i nerary? How long will the trip be? What facili es will be available at each stop over? Do you understand the condi ons you’re going to be faced with? What are the temperature extremes? What are the general condi ons to be experienced? Personal Requirements: The answers to the ques ons above will give you a rough idea as to the personal clothing you need to consider. If you are in a predominantly constant temperature range then for example you may choose a summer airflow jacket to deal with the high daily temperatures and take a rain suit to cut out the wind chill factor when it becomes a li le nippy! And of course you’ll be dry should the area you’re going to enjoy rainy weather! On the other hand you may have to experience extreme heat and cold. In which case a dual-purpose jacket with removal liners and ven la on could be the answer. Each part of the protec ve clothing range will have op ons to suit the condi ons you’ll be riding in. Basic items such as the hydra on pack are cri cal – ask any rider who has suffered from dehydra on! Remember all your medicinal requirements – write them down with the instruc ons – give a copy to your mate. This will assist the group should you need assistance! Bike Requirements: Your tyre choice for example will be absolutely cri cal – riders in the last Dakar found how important this was when they made the incorrect choices in so far as tubes versus musses were concerned! Other aspects such as being able to change the air and oil filters, being able to remove the wheels, tyre levers, air pump (foot, bomb or motorised?), being able to service the suspension or even remove a spring – all of these are fundamental to your basic plan as to where you will be riding! Accommoda on requirements: Will you be camping or not? If so for how long at a me and do you need a fully waterproof tent? How much space do you want in the tent – enough to take all your goods – stop the or just enough to sleep in? Do you want to be able to stand in the tent or not? Is the hard ground your choice or do you want a comfortable blow up ma ress or even a stretcher – they make them strong and light now a days! What type of sleeping bag do you need and will you need a ground sheet? Oh yes the camping stool is to enable you to put your boots on in luxury without having to jump around all over the place! The older you get the be er this idea becomes!!!! Back Up Requirements: If you have the luxury of a back up vehicle it will make many of your decisions that much easier! Just one word of warning – the more self-sufficient you are the more enjoyable your trip! You are able to enjoy those spontaneous decisions you make along the way! Having worked on all these ideas and thoughts you are now ready to implement and start ‘packing!’ Next month we’ll tackle this aspect in respect of the areas one can travel to in South Africa!


TEL: (031) 566 4932


giving you confidence to ride The Crescent (upper level) Umhlanga Ridge GPS S29째43.371 E31째03.675

11 Goshawk Rd, New Germany, KZN. 0861 782 7854

MOTRIX Handguards Handguards fit 22.2 mm & 28.6mmm Colours: Black & White

Nemeses Electric

Dirtbike Rear Tail Light R249

Pants, Jersey Glove Black, Blue, Red








P4 R299 FHS R314 FHS Alloy R944


Youth Elbow & Knee Guard Set R301


Lexan Kids R498 Adult R599


Knee Guard R241





Small -Large from R499 to R799

VP 772

Small -Large from R639 to R729

Kevlar Re-Inforced Jeans

Elbow Guard R144


Kidney Belt L/XL R359

Nylon/PVC Rainsuit R241

Cargo from R599 Ladies Straight from R499 Mens Straight from R499

NEMESES Body Armour Sizes: S-3XL


Kidney Belt Sizes: Adult R239 * Prices subject to change without notice

250X10 80/100X12 60/100X14 90/100X14 90/100X16 70/100X17 110/100X17 100/100X18 110/100X18 120/100X18 70/100X19 110/90X19 80/100X21

R141 R289 R193 R257 R327 R260 R427 R427 R447 R530 R291 R489 R341

Chain Wax 120ml R59 500ml R155

* Prices subject to change without notice





Shadow 2 Piece Sport Touring R2,699

* Limited Stocks Hurricane 2 Piece Leathers R3,399

V603W Special

V500 R488

Balaclava Only Black


310 Junior



R668 Youth

Universal & Fairing

Indicators & Tail Lamps

Big Range Best Prices

Silver Alloy R119


Big Range LED & Bulb Type


Brake/Clutch Levers


with Carbon Fibre back


Black, Blue, Red, Silver, Gold,C/Fibre

Alloy R119

Aluminum Gear Levers CR KTM KX RM YZ

Disc Holders

For All ATV’s and Motorcycles

Motrix Sprockets

Brake Pads Every Goldfren brake is H.H. rated. All Goldfren pads use sintered metals and ceramics

From R228 Big Range Best Prices • Standard • Maintenance-Free

For current generation high powered Superbikes, Sportsbikes, Dirtbikes and ATV’s. 520-RO-118L 520-UO-118L 525-UO-118L 530-UO-122L

R663 R964 R1062 R1207

Tyre Repair & Inflation Kits

C45 Steel

The #1 Replacement Sprocket in South Africa! • Big Range • Best Prices Bike Talk April 2009


Š Bike Talk

Sheer Riding Pleasure


R 1200 GS Adventure

Mon-Fri: 8am-5pm, Sat: 8:30am-1pm

Tel: 031 765 8877

Heritage Market (under the Keg Restaurant) Old Main Road, Hillcrest

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REVIEW: ‘09 BMW F800S REVIEW BY HEIN JONKER What’s this? A BMW twin that isn’t a boxer - has the world gone mad? Apparently not, though not so many years ago it was unthinkable that the German company would dare seriously contemplate placing a parallel twin in the showroom - no ma er how good - and seriously expect them to buy it. But mes and a tudes have changed, or at least that’s what the company is gambling on. It’s been working hard over recent years to broaden its tradi onal sports touring market footprint, and part of that quest has been the development of the F800 twin series, which promises to be light, punchy and, perhaps most importantly, affordable. Meet the “Twins” ... The F 800 ST (as in ‘Sports Touring’) has outstripped sales of the F 800 S (as in ‘Sports’) by some margin, which really isn’t that surprising – the ST is s ll a remarkably sporty bike, while a few other changes give it the broader appeal we’ve come to associate with sport-tourers. The all-new parallel-twin, which BMW claims is good for 62.5kW (at 8000rpm) and 86Nm (at 5800rpm). It’s BMW’s first parallel-twin, and it is immediately obvious a er taking an F 800 for a spin that the company has done its homework. Matched with a 182kg claimed dry weight, there’s ample go here to plaster a smile to your dial. It’s not in mida ng, there is just plenty of useable ‘oomph’ over a broad spread of revs, in an engine that’s equally happy to sprint along or get through revs all the way to its 8500rpm redline. BMW has pulled a rabbit out of its hat here – the F 800 S is manageable enough for rela ve newcomers or those returning to biking a er a break, yet entertaining enough to also keep seasoned veterans coming back for more. I just love the way the F 800 S carves up a winding road. It’s rela vely light and nimble, and while it’s no razor-sharp super-sport machine, its lively and involving ride had me howling with delight. Those front twin-discs, four-piston stoppers offer ample power and feel, and the rear is quite powerful too – more than enough to keep you happy on the road or at a track day. I found the ride posi on suited me perfectly. At 190cm I’m on the taller side, but the 820mm seat height s ll gave me decent legroom and the ’bars were an easy stretch away. For those on the shorter side, a lower 790mm seat is also available. The instrumenta on is smart and the overall level of finish is of BMW’s typically high standard. Given its cheap (for a BMW road bike) price tag, it’s really difficult to see where any compromise has been made. Downsides? Nothing major. The gearbox is on the clunky side, but to be honest this doesn’t affect its efficient opera on, although you’ll only no ce it at low speeds, like when filtering through traffic. But these aren’t actually issues, more characteris cs. The F 800 S and F 800 ST both share the same chassis, suspension and engine, but there are a number of differences between the two which give the ‘S’ a spor er outlook on life. The ‘ST’ has a taller screen, making it be er for long distance work, plus more bodywork. The S also has clip-on ’bars, which give it a slightly more aggressive ride posi on. Finally the pair sport different alloy wheels, and the ST weighs in at about 5kg heavier than its spor er stable-mate. In the F 800 S, BMW has produced a consummate all-rounder. It’ll rip through city traffic; it’ll sweep up a winding road; it’ll take you on a transcon nental epic – and you’ll be grinning non-stop. PRICE: Basic: R88 500.00 - Incl. 14% VAT ABS & Heated Grips: R94 925.00 - Incl. 14% VAT

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EDITORIAL: X KULCHA Enduro and Bootleg Well apart from this guy’s sexy bu ... oops, did I use the word “guy” and “sexy” in the same sentence? Who cares, it’s my bu that fits perfectly and comfortably in these Xkulcha Enduro pants. Look I can even put my hands in my pockets and out without any surgical procedure. I love wearing my Xkulcha Biker Jeans during the cooler days or at night and these Enduro Pants during our summer months. It is s ll very stylish with a perfect easy access cargopockets for a Cell phone or Wallet. It also provides sufficient knee and bu impact and abrasion protec on. Another major plus, for the men, is the riding posi on gusset in the crotch area. There is nothing more irrita ng than being uncomfortable in your pants when riding bike. Then there is the nice li le reflectors on the back-bo om of the legs and note; there are no metal studs on these pants that could scratch or scar your bike ... thank you!! These Enduros even offer removable hip and knee pads and water repellent shin panels. Some might think that black is too warm; sorry pal, they don’t make them in white. I say again: “Ask for it by name” - HEIN Nou toe nou, as of daar niks is vir ons “girls” nie. Soos Hein, leef ek ook in my Xkulcha Biker Jeans, ja vir Ladies. Dit is ongelooflik gemaklik, druk my nêrens en jy kan dood rus g vooroor buk sonder dat iets onvrouliks agter uitsteek ... G weet wat ek bedoel. Hierdie Xkulcha Skinny Bootleg Stretch Jean (sjoe hoe moeg is ek nou) kan jy gerus in jou kas bylas, die bootleg gaan heel lekker oor my “boots” met die ekstra lengte en ek is mal oor die pienk vlinder op die gatsak. Wie weet, dalk pas dit by jou ta oo op jou enkel. Ek sit my hande in my agter sak vir ‘n rede, die sakke voor is slegs “vopsakke”. Dit is dalk ‘n goeie ding, want dit help jou met jou postuur sodat jy nie, soos die mans, met krom skouers rondloop nie... sies. Die Skinny bied nogsteeds redelike beskerming met 360gram “stretch Kevlar” maar nie teen impak nie; dit is die pe broek wat jy dra as jy klaar gery het of op ‘n trippie dorp toe en terug, langpad verkies ek nogsteeds my Biker Jeans. Die styl is great en kwaliteit nog beter - CARIN VISIT FOR A DEALER NEAR YOU - also see page 31


Does Size Matter? Squeezing a wide tyre onto a narrow rim can be a big mistake. Here’s why. Those low-profile 190-series tyres sure look gnarly on the back of a sportbike, and we’ve seen them pinched onto all sizes of rims. But in reality, a 190/50-17 fits properly only on a 152mm rim, and cramming it onto anything smaller severely changes its profile. As an experiment, we mounted a 190-series Sports Tyre onto a 140mm rear wheel and took some measurements. Compared to the correctly sized tyre on the same rim, the 190’s profile closely matches the 180’s near the edges of the tread, but is much lower in the center areaequivalent to about a 6mm change in ride height. Effec vely, the wider tyre will give more rake and trail when the bike is ver cal, while keeping close to the original geometry when the bike is leaned over. Accoun ng for one (by changing ride height) will unduly affect the other. Following our test, we slipped on a 190/50 rear and rode a por on of the test loop for a prac cal comparison. With no changes to suspension or geometry, the bike felt substan ally different with the wider tyre. With the bike straight up and down, steering was slightly sluggish in comparison, but just off ver cal, the bike was quite ppy and darted into corners. The light, neutral steering of the tyre was completely changed and the bike lost its balanced feel. The sensa on was very much like riding on a tyre squared off from too many highway riding. At higher lean angles, performance was less affected, although making transi ons from side to side was unpredictable. And, contrary to the popular myth that the wider tyre puts down a bigger footprint and gives more trac on, we felt no improvement in that department from the properly sized tyre. We’ve experienced similar changes with a 180-series tyre on a 127mm rim meant for a 170-series bun. Tyre engineers work hard to design and match front and rear profiles for characteris cs that we some mes take for granted. Upse ng that balance is surprisingly easy and you should think twice before sacrificing your tyre’s performance for appearance’s sake.

Can I put just any Exhaust on my bike? Adding a full exhaust system or just a slip-on to your bike is as easy as 3-2-1-0. As a standard rule, you should never, ever, without excep on, bolt a race or any a er market slip-on or exhaust system to your bike without checking the running of the bike a erwards. The only prac cal way of checking a modern engine is to put it on a Dyno and check the air/ fuel ra o. Not every bike of the same model is exactly the same. So what is OK for for one, may not be for another. In all honesty, most of the me you’re within safe parameters, but enough of the me that I’d say never do it, somewhere in the rev range the bike will run excessively lean. This will cause engine damage. When buying an a ermarket exhaust product, you must build into your budget a Dyno check. It isn’t expensive; about R200. You get a pre y graph a erwards to show to your mates, but above all, you get the peace of mind that you’re not doing engine damage. Such evidence that the bike has been properly maintained can also boost its resale value. Visit your favourite dealer with an in-store Dyno and ask for examples of Dyno Reports on bikes with modified exhaust systems that were found running lean.

Yip, TECH TALK will be a regular feature in Bike Talk from now on. Shawn du Preez from BMW Ryder Motorrad will be offering his exper se in addressing your ques ons and concerns in the technical department of your bike. All solu ons or sugges ons will be verified before publishing to ensure you get the right advice every me. So, feel free to email or fax Bike Talk with your ques ons. Email: or Fax: 0866 4898 55


How to mend a puncture with no tools, no chemicals, no skills in less than 30 seconds? There is only one way; The Cargol Turn & go repair and inflation kits enables you to easily and safely get to your usual repair shop or the nearest garage.

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If you drink, don’t ride. If you ride, don’t drink. Think. Ride Smart. I challenge you to read this or read it to someone who needs to hear it - HEIN Every year for the past nine years, the number of motorcyclists killed on South African highways has increased. Some of these fatali es can be a ributed to drinking and riding. Sta s cs show that the percentage of legally intoxicated motorcycle rider’s in fatal crashes is greater than the percentages of legally intoxicated drivers of passenger cars. That’s why Bike Talk is urging all motorcyclists to always ride smart and sober. In every province, it is illegal to drive with a Blood Alcohol Concentra on (BAC) level of .05 or higher. S ll, about 1,500 motorcycle riders killed in traffic crashes each year are over the legal limit. According to research by the Department of Transport, 27% of all motorcycle riders who died in traffic crashes in 2008 had BAC levels of .05 or higher. An addi onal 7 % of motorcycle riders who had lower alcohol levels of BAC .01 to .04 also died in traffic crashes. It is extremely dangerous to drive any vehicle while impaired, especially a motorcycle, which requires a great deal of balance and coordina on. Bike Talk is urging all motorcyclists to ride safe and sober. Far too many people die or suffer debilita ng injuries as a result of impaired riding, par cularly among middle-aged riders and baby boomers. Of all age groups, motorcycle riders between 30 to 49 years old have the highest rates of alcohol involvement in fatal motorcycle crashes. People do things they regret when they’re drunk, but riding a motorcycle should never be one of them. For once in your life, think about someone other than yourself. Put yourself in the shoes of people who visit you in hospital, your family and friends; think about the costs and discomfort you are pu ng them through. You are s ll lucky if you survived it. For once “a end your own funeral” and look at all the heartache and pain, the tears of loved ones you le behind. We say to motorists “Think Bike”! What are you saying to yourself? ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ABOUT MOTORCYCLE SAFETY CAN BE FOUND AT WWW.BIKETALK.CO.ZA


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JUST FOR FUN: H-D CrossBones

There’s nothing cooler than a vintage bobber. But let’s be honest -- vintage bikes are a pain in the rear. They break down, they leak oil, they need constant babying, and they don’t actually perform all that well. What if you could get the cool look of a vintage bike, but with the comfort and convenience of a thoroughly modern motorcycle? The CrossBones has the best of the SPRINGER looks with a FATBOY a tude and then takes you back in me with classic looks that come with a modern and unique edge ...

The Engine has bite, bark and heals when you want it too and it kicks and bucks a li le like most Harleys which is what you want for this type of bike and then gives a smooth ride in 5th and 6th. As for style; simply awesome! Dark beefy classic style look, with great func onality. I found the CrossBones easy to ride and control, comfortable for the rider and not so comfortable for the passenger if you have the fender seat. The ride is awesome if you know what to expect from a Harley. Cross Bones isn’t exactly flickable, but it is very predictable when the road turns twisty. The floorboards will be the first thing to touch down and give a warning that you’re taxing your lean limit. If you scrape your floorboards frequently, you should probably find a different kind of bike for your riding style. I’m not a cool guy, unfortunately, but I have to admit that si ng on the Cross Bones made me feel cool. It’s a very iconic riding posi on on a great-looking bike. I highly recommend this bike if you are looking for a bike with great style, func onality, and all the a tude to go with it!” - HEIN


FEAR: An unpleasant emotion ... FEAR:- “ An unpleasant emo on caused by exposure to danger”, quoted from the Oxford Dic onary. As a new comer to the Biking World this is my experience and how I overcame my fear of riding following a bike accident. A few of my mates own road bikes and although I swore I would never get on a bike due to the dangerous nature of the sport I set out against my principals and bought a new Aprillia RSV1000 factory because it is different to anything I had done before. How different can bike riding be to jet-skiing or riding an off road bike, I thought. They both have an engine and the rider is in total control. I also recall saying to the dealer that sold me the bike “I will never crash because I am responsible, married and don’t like high speed”. To cut a long story short I got my learners within a week so that I can take delivery. I made the fatal mistake (which we all do) and tried to keep up with guys who are very experienced and accomplished riders. With only 3 weeks riding experience I couldn’t make the double apex going up the M19 (before the O o Vollek turn off) and saw the barrier coming at me in slow mo on. Two thoughts crossed my mind in that split second: 1) Do I jump and kick the bike going into the corner with the possibility of colliding into the bike and barrier or… 2) Do I stay on the bike and hit the barrier because one of two things can happen. Either I will get spat over the Barrier or perhaps get thrown back into the road. I chose the la er. I don’t remember the impact itself as everything happened so quickly but I do recall feeling the so cushioning of my helmet as I went over the handle bars followed by flipping over onto my back and going into a slide. I am so thankful that I bought descent riding gear, a top quality helmet, proper boots and gloves as well as a set of full leathers. The only injury I sustained besides a bruised ego was a small “roasty” on my hip where the two piece leathers separated as I never zipped it up before the ride. When I walked back to my bike I was depressed to no ce that I had broken by new bike in half, it wasn’t shortly a erwards it dawned on me that I was standing and that I was okay and that it could have been me lying there in two pieces but instead I was able to walk away. My crash has taught me the following valuable lessons:• Accidents can happen, no ma er how good the rider • Life is precious so enjoy every day as if it is your last • The impact it had on my family • Quality riding gear can save your life so always remember that cheaper is not always be er Did I buy another bike again……… well of course I did. If you have a motor vehicle accident it doesn’t mean that you must never drive a car again. I was a li le nervous when I got on my replacement bike again; it’s only a natural reac on. I felt like I’d been given a second chance so this me round I was going to do things a li le differently. I went for Bike lessons with a qualified instructor. I got my full bike license within two months. I a end numerous Track Days. I pace myself on breakfast runs and know my limits As a beginner to Bike riding I can honestly say that Motorcycle Training has really improved my riding confidence as it prepares you for most hazards that you are most likely to experience on the road. We have no control over diesel spillage on our roads or the way our Taxi’s drive through red robots, cu ng you off etc. but through observa on and concentra on I find myself more aware of my surroundings and an cipate what other motorists around me would do before they do it, thus giving me me to react and take correc ve measures. I s ll have a lot to learn but I am at the place now where I am enjoy my riding and have got the fear of falling out of my thought process. If we constantly have a fear of something (whatever it may be) it we will hold us back from developing our full poten al. ANDREW ENSOR-SMITH UMHLANGA ROCKS


The Power of Dreams


Jetting • Bar Raisers Hand Guards • Pro Circuit Exhaust

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GOD’S HALF PAGE Follow Me - Now!

“And another also said, ‘Lord, I will follow Thee; but let me first go bid them farewell which are at home at my house.’And Jesus said to him, ‘No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God’” (Luk 9:61-62). • I will follow You, Lord, but first let me see if my parents approve. • I will follow You, Lord, but first let me go to a few more par es. And as soon as I get that out of my system, • I will se le down. • I will follow You, Lord, but first let me get married. As soon as I establish a home, I will follow you. • We will follow You, Lord, but first let us raise our children. They are so small now, and it is difficult to carry them along while following You. • We will follow You, Lord, but first let us get our children through high school. We have to work six days a week to pay the bills, and the children are so busy with school ac vi es that there just is not me to follow You. • I would like to follow You now, Lord, but I must first see if my husband will come, too. I do not want to follow You alone. • I will follow You, Lord, but first let me re re. Then I will have me to follow you. • I would like to follow You, Lord, but it is too late now. I have not done it all these years, and You cannot teach an old dog new tricks. Death comes at last, and the day of salva on is over. One is separated from God eternally because one put off following Christ un l it is too late.

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INKWAZI RIVER RESORT 3KMS FROM PORT SHEPSTONE KZN SOUTH COAST 125 or 200cc, 112kg Dry Weight 10â„“ Fuel Tank, Disk Brakes, 4-stroke Air Cooled, Electric and Kick Start


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REVIEW: ‘09 Yamaha YZF-R1 REVIEW BY HEIN JONKER Let me introduce you to the “Heart a ack on 2 Wheels”, yes you be er come prapared, medical and physical, before you even think of swinging your leg over this bike. From my past experiences on 2006, 2008 R1s I have never seen such a vast change in performance. Just to give you a taste of what Yamaha has done on the 2009 R1, keep on reading, as for the experience ... well, you will have to ride and feel it for yourself, if you’re a man that is. Yamaha says the new R1’s chassis has been extensively revamped, and now offers even be er high speed stability and handling. Valen no Rossi had this to say, “This is a great bike. It’s very much like my M1 and it’s exci ng to see so many MotoGP quali es now appearing on a bike for the road. I think everyone who loves the R1 and Yamaha will be very excited about this new version. It’s fantas c!” Yamaha claim the 2009 R1 is the world’s first produc on motorcycle with a crossplane cranksha . According to a Yamaha press release, “Pioneered in MotoGP racing with the Yamaha M1, crossplane technology puts each crank pin 90 degrees from the next, with an uneven firing interval of 270-180-90-180 degrees. The result is incredibly smooth, rollon power delivery, with outrageous amounts of torque. Not just new, the R1’s new crossplane crank engine represents a complete paradigm shi .” Other useful technology bits are the adjustable power bu on which changes the engine map between three different se ngs. Yamaha’s D-Mode variable thro le control func on enables the rider to adjust performance characteris cs to match various riding condi ons. There’s a standard mode mapped for op mum performance, ‘A’ mode for spor er response in low- to mid-speed range, and ‘B’ mode for when it’s raining/snowing or when you’re riding on greasy, slippery roads. Also new is a magnesium sub-frame, new projector headlamps with integrated ram air ducts and a stubby new rear tail sec on housing the all new exhaust system, what and awesome noise. It sounds very much like a V-4 setup with a healthy growl and when you crank it up to the red-line you end up with a smile on your face too big for your helmet. It will reach 182bhp at 12,500rpm and 115Nm of torque at 10,000rpm, and electronics include Yamaha Chip Control Intake (YCC-I), Yamaha Chip Control Thro le (YCC-T) and D-Mode. Yip you won’t experience the raw power un l you flick that switch (not while you’re riding) to “A” for “A hell what have I done!” My dear reader, this R1 becomes another bike when you do that, it feels complete if you are riding a 1300 in a 1000 body. Now I’ve ridden many bikes in the last few years but when I took this boy up the M7 to Pinetown and back to the N2, by the me I came to a stop I felt so exhilarated I wanted to throw-up. There is so much accelera on on the exit of the turns that “popping a wheelie” at lean-angle is inevitable. The obvious choice; switch back to Standard Mode before you kill yourself. In closing, yes the price is scary, but if you look at all the contribu ng factors; the weak Rand and all the technology that went into this bike all adds up. There are many other bikes on the market with even bigger price tags, so look at the whole package, then make an educated decision and you’ll see what Yamaha really has to offer. PRICE: R165 000.00 - Incl. 14% VAT

Perry Yamaha Tel: (031) 566 7411 7 Te ord Circle, Umhlanga Ridge 30

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