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Engaging Women in Rides and Races

Create a universal message: A simple, universal message is easier for a larger

demographic to adopt and find commonality

Change the look: Use targeted advertising images and messages that make

women feel welcome for your race or ride

Go where women live and play: Engage women in their communities through activities they’re already comfortable with

Emphasize the reward: Women are calculated risk takers, so acknowledge safety and logistical concerns but always keep the reward paramount

Teach something new: Find a way to educate women on why they want to ride Make it do-able: Provide an entry that’s challenging but achievable; cater to women at all levels

Make it social: The buddy system works; get girlfriends to ride together Cultivate champions and mentors: Word-of-mouth marketing and skilled ambassadors are the best boosters for your event, ride or race

Think big, start small: Know where you want to go, but start small; organic

growth is much more sustainable

Celebrate success and empower one another: Validate one another’s efforts

and successes to create stable, powerful partnerships for growth

Bring the bling: Make it sexy, fashionable and cool

National Women’s Bicycling Forum


10 Tips to Engage Women in Rides and Races  

Key ideas from the "Engaging More Women in Rides and Races" session at the 2013 National Women's Bicycling Forum