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Minnesota has hundreds of miles of state managed trails and many more on other public lands. There is a strong correlation between invasive plants and Minnesota’s trail system and it threatens our way of life. Outdoor enthusiasts can help protect the places we love by reporting what we see and making sure we’re not giving harmful invasive a ride on our gear. Here’s how:

Clean Your Gear Before and After Recreating

Have you ever noticed new weeds popping up along your driveway, or an interesting moth in your house? There’s a good chance they came home with you from somewhere else. To avoid spreading harmful plants, earth worms and forest pests it’s important that you clean your gear before and after heading outdoors, preferably before getting on the road.

Stay on Designated Trails and Roads

Soil disturbance allows invasive plants to gain a foothold in new environments. Then once established, invasive plants can move into native communities where they can outcompete native plants and disrupt wildlife habitat. So do your best to stay on designated trails and roads.

Use Certified or Local Wood

Plant pests can move in firewood. A good example is the emerald ash borer that is killing ash trees across the country. Weed seed can move in hay and other feed. A good example is spotted knapweed that was spread in contaminated hay. Once established knapweed exudes a toxic chemical from its roots that inhibits native plants. We can avoid spreading these pests by using only certified or locally produced firewood and feed.

If You See It, Report It

We need the extra eyes and hears of outdoor enthusiasts to locate and address harmful species. Reporting is easy using the free mobile application created by The application includes lots of information on identification and will upload your data via wifi. Visit the website, find out what occurs in your area, and download the application to your smart or tablet.

Spread the Word, Not the Problem

Pass it on. Let your friends and family know how they can help protect the places 2/16/17 9:58 AM they Share you passion and 1create a legacy.


Give Invasive Species The Brush Off.


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