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A comfortable saddle is the most important component of enjoying your next bike ride. Finding the right one can be easy with a few tips! A bigger saddle is not always Curved Seat more comfortable, shape determines how comfortable a saddle is. Your riding position has a lot to do with what shape works best for you. With that in mind try to resist the urge to just grab Ischial tuberosity any seat in the store until you Pubic Arch determine what kind of position you ride in. Someone who leans forward toward the bars a great deal rotates their hips forward, and rest on the pubic arch (see figure). Someone who sits more upright with their hips rotated backward, rests on their sit bones (technically called, Ischial Flat Seat Tuberosity). Some saddles are designed for riders that sit on their sit bones, while others on the pubic arch. Because of this fact, you will need to find a saddle that matches your riding position. The easiest way to figure out which saddle might work for you is to view the saddle from behind (if it were on the bike you could look down the length of the saddle and see the handlebar). Is the saddle shaped in a constant curve from right to left, with no flat sections? This saddle is probably best for those who rest on their pubic arch. If the saddle has a flat section, it is more geared to riders who rest on their sit bones. Once you find a few saddles that match your riding position, it’s a good idea to try them out (Most local bike shops offer some sort of service for saddle fitting). Any new saddle will feel unfamiliar at first, it’s best to install the saddle on your bike and take a few minutes and pedal around. Focus on how you are resting on the saddle. It’s a good sign if you can rest in one spot comfortably. You should feel supported evenly without any one localized point of pressure. If you find yourself shifting around frequently to find a good spot, that saddle probably doesn’t fit too well.


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