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Planning Your Trip

Congratulations, you have decided to take the leap and sign up for a bike event. It could be a small charity ride, your first triathlon, or a multi-day bike tour, whatever the ride there are a few things you should know before leaving your front door. Pack heavyI’m not encouraging you to bring everything you own, but be sure to pack for all kinds of situations. Bring a jacket, arm warmers, knee warmers, and rain gear for changing weather conditions. Be sure to bring extra tubes, chain lube, hex keys, rags, and a floor pump to keep your bike running. Don’t forget food (for pre, during, and post ride), water, and bottles to keep you going strong. Know your routeMost events will share a map of the route in advance. Print a paper version of it, just in case your digital solution fails. If you are making your own route create a cue sheet. On a cue sheet, each turn of the ride is listed by street and distance for quick reference. Random goodsEven if you plan and pack well, unexpected things happen. Be sure to bring a zip lock bag (preferably big enough to house you phone to keep it dry), a small bit of Duct tape, travel tissues, 4 quarters, and a Ten dollar bill. With those items, you can protect things from the elements, repair the unrepairable, buy ice cream, and do a host of other things. Take care of your babyA mechanical problem on a long trip is the worst. Avoid any issues by first cleaning your bike thoroughly, then taking it in for service. Having your bike running in tip top shape makes the ride that much more enjoyable. Think of it as an adventureOf all the “things” you bring with you, be sure to leave your stress at home. No ride has ever gone according to plan. In fact, some of my most enjoyable rides were the ones where everything went wrong! Enjoy the journey and stay positive.


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