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Sponsored by Longhorn Trailer Sales - Mt. Pleasant,TX


Sponsored by Sulphur River Saddlery - Hagansport, TX


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Sponsored by Smith & Son - Sulphur, LA

$1,950 Cash ___________ 3RD PLACE BREAST COLLAR

Sponsored by Sulphur River Saddlery - Hagansport, TX

$1,950 Cash

___________ 4TH PLACE

BRIDLE Sponsored by Sulphur River Saddlery - Hagansport, TX

$650 Cash

Crown Colony Inn & Suites Located on Hwy. 59 South just 1 mile South of Loop 287

3211 South First St.

936-634-3481 Toll Free Reservations

1-877-BWLUFKIN When booking please ask for the “Havard Horse Sale Rate” $85 + tax - Two Double Beds or King $95 + tax - King Suites Our Amenities Include: • Best Location In Town • Located Next to 4 Restaurants • Free Hot Breakfast • 24 Hour Fitness Center • 42” LCD TVs • 24 Hour Business Center • Conference Room • Guest Laundry • Putting Green w/Swimming Pool • Hi Speed Internet • In Room Coffee Makers, Iron, Ironing Boards & Hair Dryers • HBO & Cable TV with 60 Channels • Free Local Calls • Ceiling Fans & Desks in All Rooms • In Room Bottled Water • American Owned & Operated




Thursday, June 6, 2013


SALE MANAGER Mike Pedersen - Sulphur, LA

2 PM

AUCTIONEERS Steve Friskup - Muleshoe, TX

Friday, June 7, 2013

ANNOUNCERS Wayne Boyd - Princetown, KY Shawn Holden - Silsbee, TX


8 AM

Sale Office will open and horses begin to arrive

10 AM


Sale Begins Upon Conclusion of Competition Saturday, June 8, 2013

7:30 AM Free Full Breakfast 9 AM Mixed Quarter and Paint Session

OPERATIONS MANAGER Tommy Carson - Ragley, LA

BID SPOTTERS James Grant - Fairfield, TX Clint Minshew - Fairfield, TX Pat Murphy - Kingsbury, TX Cyler Davidson - Fairfield, TX Justin Morris - Muleshoe, TX SALE CLERK Tanya Pevoto - Sulphur, LA

TOTE BOARD OPERATORS Sam Authement - Lake Charles, LA

OFFICE PERSONNEL Sue Johnson - Diboll, TX Sarah Menard - Gillis, LA Christy Summerlin - Moss Bluff, LA BARN PERSONNEL Judy Conner - Lufkin, TX Mechelle Bradberry - Alto, TX Kip Smith - Lufkin, TX VIDEO PERSONNEL Bethany Graham - Lufkin, TX JUDGES Mitch Farris - Midway, TX George Chappell - Terrel, TX

SALE VETENARIAN Brandon Richards, DVM - Lufkin, TX



BEST WESTERN - 936-634-3481 • HOLIDAY INN - 936-699-3000 COMFORT SUITES - 936-632-4949 • HAMPTON INN - 936-699-2500 QUALITY INN - 936-639-3333 • TEXAS INN & SUITES - 936-632-8885 COURTYARD MARRIOTT - 936-632-0777



TERMS AND CONDITIONS TERMS & CONDITIONS 1. Havard Sales Management Co., is known and recognized as sale management and an independent contractor regularly engaged in the business of conducting consignment sales of horses. The sale management or any representative thereof, is not responsible for any liability whatsoever, including, but not limited to, the loss, damage, injury, death or illness of any animal, person, or property before, during or after the sale. All horses consigned to the sale are offered in accordance with the laws of the State of Texas. All transactions between buyer, consignor and sale management are governed by the laws of the State of Texas. Each horse offered in sale is sold "As Is and With All Defects". Consignors are hereby bound by the consignment contract completed upon nomination of sale entry, as well as these Sale Conditions. In the event of any legal dispute between the buyer and the consignor, sale management will not act as agents for, or represent the buyer or the consignor. Sale management merely provides a medium for bringing together the consignor and the buyer for the purpose of a sales transaction. Sales Management assumes no liability for either the buyer nor the consignor. 2. The highest bidder is to be the buyer. Any successful bidder shall sign a Buyers Agreement, which shall be presented by an auction clerk immediately after the purchase has been made. Sale management and/or auctioneer reserve the right to reject any and all bids. If a dispute should arise between or among two or more bidders, the auctioneer shall settle the dispute, and his decision shall be absolute, final, and binding on all parties. The auctioneer will decline any bid made by parties who have defaulted in former purchases. The right to repurchase or pass-out (P.O.), is reserved by the consignor or his representative. Any such action, must be made prior to the consignor's horse departing the auction arena. The sales management is not responsible for the integrity of any specified bid and the seller understands and assumes all responsibilities for any bid that is made and not thereafter honored. In the event any bid is not honored, the seller agrees not to hold the sales management responsible and agrees not to sue the sales management thereof. 3. "Title" - passes to the buyer automatically at the final fall of the auctioneers gavel unless a repurchase or pass-out (P.O.) is clearly indicated immediately by the consignor, his representative, or the auctioneer. Title and all risks are assumed by the buyer whether or not "delivery" has been made. Horses are at the buyer's expense and risk and responsibility from the time of purchase, but no delivery will be made until final settlement has been made. Delivery of a horse shall be contingent upon the buyer making a full settlement to the sale cashier. After a satisfactory settlement is made, delivery will be in the form of a "release" for the horse from the auction grounds. In addition to the release, the buyer will receive the current coggins test, and a copy of the registration certificate. After delivery is made, buyer shall remove the horse within the specified time announced prior to the commencement of the auction, and shall be subject to any charges associated with the purchase should he fail to do so. 4. Terms of the sale are CASH and payment in full must be paid directly to the sale cashier during or immediately after the sale. Payment to any other source is prohibited and is not recognized as settlement. Payment shall be in the form of cash, cashier's checks, personal checks, traveler's checks or approved credit cards. Method of payment shall also be made in the following credit cards: Master Card, Discover/Novas, Visa, & American Express. A valid drivers license or another form of positive identification are required for personal checks. A 3% office processing fee will be added to all purchases, (this fee will be discounted for purchases paid for by cash, cashier's check, or personal check.) NO BANK DRAFTS. Any person signing a check in the State of Texas is liable for the full amount of the check. Any party issuing a check returned as "insufficient funds", "payment stopped", "account closed" or a check that shall for any reason not clear drawee's bank, will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. 5. Prospective buyers are hereby cautioned and advised by sale management to examine horses thoroughly prior to purchasing. All horses are sold "as is". There is no warranty of any kind as to the soundness, physical condition, health, disposition, or fitness for any particular purpose of any horse sold in this sale. Except in the case where the owner, or his representative, makes a specific guarantee. In such cases, the guarantee is strictly by the owner, or his representative, and not by the sale management. RIGHT OF RECOURSE MUST BE DIRECTLY TO THE OWNER AND NOT THROUGH HAVARD SALES MANAGEMENT CO. EXCEPT IN THE RANCH GELDING SESSION. ALL GELDINGS SELLING IN THE RANCH

GELDING SESSION ARE GUARANTEED SOUND FROM THE KNEES DOWN FOR THREE DAYS AFTER THE DATE OF SALE. (NO VET CHECK.) IF ANY HORSE IS FOUND UNSOUND, YOU MUST CALL THE HAVARD SALES MANAGEMENT OFFICE. Sale management is not responsible for buyer or consignor misunderstanding. A recording will be made of the entire auction, which can be used to help settle disputes regarding statements made about the horses while in the auction arena. The question of "guarantees made by the consignor from the auction block" shall be settled strictly between the buyer and consignor. 6. Buyer has the right, at his expense, to have an examination performed by the Official Sale Veterinarian, on any horse consigned to this sale. Such examination must be made on sale grounds prior to the horse going through sale arena. 7. No guarantees are made by the sale management, or any representative thereof, regarding pregnancy status, eventual foaling, or fertility of any horse offered for sale. Final pregnancy status on broodmares will be announced from the auction block by the consignor or his representative and will take precedence over printed material in the catalog or in any advertising. Broodmares represented by the consignor as being "in foal" are subject to a pregnancy examination by the Official Sale Veterinarian immediately upon exit from the auction arena and at the buyers expense. Any broodmare so examined whose pregnancy status is found to be open at the time of sale may be returned to the consignor as unsold. Any such examination must be done by the Official Sale Veterinarian and prior to removal from the auction grounds. If mare is not examined before leaving sale grounds, and later found to be open, No Right Of Recourse may occur. Any contractual agreements between owners of broodmares in the sale and owners of stallions to which these mares may have been bred are strictly between the buyer and the consignor. 8. The sale management, or any representative thereof makes NO guarantees on the paperwork of any horse selling on breeders certificates, and/or registration applications. 9. Buyers are cautioned to pay close attention to announcements made from the auction block regarding changes in the sale catalog, as such announcements take precedence over printed material. The sale management, or any representative thereof, does not assume any responsibility or liability for errors or omissions, or for any verbal or written statement regarding the animal sold. We make every attempt to avoid errors and to insure correctness in the catalog, if a mistake does occur, we reserve the right to correct it . 10. All original registration certificates, transfer reports, and/or applicable breeders certificates, and/or registration applications, will be held by sale management until the buyers payment clears the bank. Upon payment clearance, all applicable paperwork will be forwarded directly to the buyer. The buyer will be responsible for only one transfer fee as well as any registration fees associated with a purchase selling on application. Originals will be released to buyer if all balances due are paid in a form cash the day of the sale. Pending registration papers being processed by the appropriate registration agency at the time of sale will be returned from the agency to the consignor who shall in turn deliver to the sale management. The sale management will then forward the pending registration certificate to the buyer. Original registration certificate and accompanying paperwork will be released to consignors for horses not sold (pass-outs), after all expenses are paid. Originals will be released to the consignor if all outstanding balances due to sale management are paid in cash the day of the sale. 11. All horses in this sale have been required to have been tested negative for equine infections anemia (coggins test). Out of state or other health certificates may be obtained from the official Sale Veterinarian and are at the buyer's expense, in accordance with the regulations of the State of Texas Animal Health Control. 12. Each horse consigned to this sale must pass through the auction arena and all transactions must go through the sale office. Hip numbers in the sale have been determined by the sale management. They cannot be removed by the consignor or the buyer while the horse is on the grounds. Stalls are assigned for each horse sold and can only be changed by sale management. All persons attending this sale do so at their own risk, and are urged to use caution around the horses, while on the sale grounds. Any item not covered in these Sale Conditions shall be regulated according to the established customs and practices of professional auction companies. 13. Check papers to horse to make sure they match before leaving the sale grounds.

IMPORTANT NOTICES!! Read Terms and Conditions of Sale Carefully. Examine Horses Prior to Purchasing. Leave Hip Number On All Horses and Leave Horses in Original Stalls. All Accounts must be paid immediately following the conclusion of the sale. All payments shall be in U.S. Currency and on U.S Banks only. Method of payment shall be Cash, Cashier’s Check, Personal Check, Traveler’s Checks, and the following credit cards: MasterCard, Discover/Novus, American Express & Visa. A 3% office processing fee will be added to all purchases, (however, this fee will be discounted for purchases paid for by Cash, Cashier’s Check, or Personal Check.) NO BANK DRAFTS. Registration papers will be withheld until 15 banking days from the date of sale. Cash purchases will receive registration papers the day of sale. To use a credit card: owner of credit card must be present and original card must be used. DO NOT BRING COPIES OF YOUR CARD!! Announcements: To avoid making costly errors, please pay attention to all announcements made from the sales office and the auction stand, especially concerning horses on which you intend to bid on. Acknowledgement of Purchase: After making the final bid on a horse, you will be asked to sign the Purchase Agreement. Be sure to confirm the correct hip number and price before you sign. Due to time constraints, all transactions must be settled within one hour after the finish of the sale. All Sales Transactions made on thegrounds must go through the Sale Office and are subject to the Terms and Conditions of Sale. Please obtain buyer’s number at booth before sale time. All Sale transactions must come through the sale office.












































• large assortment of ladies’ & men’s boots • western vests, jackets, & jeans • other miscellaneous items that would make great gifts (located beside the green tack trailer) Office: (903)632-5458

Scrap iron ranch & training stables Specializing in starting horses with a good foundation for a purpose. All of our horses are started with a purpose, for easy and safe riding. From working cattle, barrels, roping, or for the person who just loves to ride; our horses will have the foundation they need for whatever discipline you choose.

WE WORK ON: • GROUND MANNERS, being tied, trailoring, bending, flexing and staying soft.

• CONTROL OF ALL BODY PARTS so the horse can be put in proper position when needed. From side passing, opening gates, starting a barrel pattern, in the box when roping or just staying straight to cross a creek. • GOOD STOPS, low heads & staying comfortable while backing. Your horse will be ridden in the pen and out in the pasture. I also have a 70x80 covered arena for all weather riding. I keep my numbers manageable to guarantee I am the one riding your horse. Client involvement is encouraged, especially for beginners/novice riders.

$650.00/month (includes feed and hay) NICE CLEAN FACILITIES Cody Sewell - 936-240-1996 • Pollok,Tx. (North of Lufkin) 47


2435 Broad Street, Lake Charles, Louisiana 70601 Phone (337) 494-1333 Fax (337) 656-2378 LICENSED AND BONDED

EAST TEXAS FALL CONSIGNMENT SALE August 30 & 31st 2013 - held at the George H Henderson Expo Center in Lu"in, Texas Entry Deadline – July 22, 2013 Consignment fees - $200 • All Sales 8% Commission •No “No-Sale” Fees

Consignment forms must be accompanied by original registration papers and a signed transfer OR you can send photocopy of registration papers accompanied with payment of consignment fee of $200. HORSES WILL NOT BE ENTERED UNTIL WE RECIEVE ORIGINALS OR PAYMENT. Consignment fee must be paid in advance on all Grade horses. Roping & cutting cattle will be available at a charge of $50 each. Any horse withdrawn from the sale except for serious injury or sickness (must furnish vet letter) will be assessed an additional $250 withdrawal fee. Consignment fees are non-refundable and due regardless whether horse sells or not.

CHECK DESIRED SALE SESSION: _______Friday, August 30 – Ranch Gelding Session _______Friday, August 30 – Special Color Gelding Session _______Saturday, August 31 – Premiere Mixed Sale Horses Name___________________________________________Registra on #________________Breed____________ ⃝ Stallion

⃝ Gelding

⃝ Mare

Color_________________________________Date Foaled_________________

If Bred / Bred to___________________________________________Breeding Dates_____________________________ Foal at side by_____________________________________________ DOB_________________

r Colt

r Filly

Catalog Footnotes: ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1. 2. 3.

4. 5.

6. 7. 8. 9.


Each horse is required to be Coggins tested negative in accordance with the regulations of the State of Texas Animal Health Control & an original written laboratory report thereof be furnished to Sale Management subsequent to the sale. Without original coggins in our file we are not allowed by Texas State Law to unload horse(s). All out of state horses must have health papers in addition to coggins Owner covenants and warrants that the title of each entry is free of any and all liens and encumbrances and will warrant the title to the same. Any blemish, scar, swelling, cut or other irregularity of any kind must be announced when horse is in the sale ring. Violation of this clause or failure to announce may give the prospective buyer the right to return any horse to the consignor and the consignor must still pay the commission fee. If your horse is turned down for any of the above reasons the horse still belongs to you. Remember, if Sale Company does not receive payment (stop payment, turn down, etc), we cannot issue payment to you. It will also be your responsibility to make any arrangements with the prospective buyer on location and the pick up of any horse(s) should that occur. Sale Management does not act as an agent for or represent either the buyer or seller but merely provides an environment for binding together buyer and seller for the purpose of sale transactions and is not responsible for buyer / seller misunderstanding. Sale Management and its agent shall not be responsible for loss or damage to horses, equipment, or persons from injury, accident, fire, theft, etc., in any manner, before, during, or after sale. . *WARNING - UNDER TEXAS LAW (CHAPTER 87, CIVIL PRACTICE AND REMEDIES CODE), AN EQUINE PROFESSIONAL IS NOT LIABLE FOR AN INJURY TO OR THE DEATH OF A PARTICIPANT IN EQUINE ACTIVITIES RESULTING FROM THE INHERENT RISKS OF EQUINE ACTIVITIES. Stalling, shavings and penning facilities will be available on Thursday, August 29, 2013 at 2:00 PM. Mares selling in foal must have a signed breeder’s certificate or letter from the stallion owner stating the certificate wil l be issued at foaling. Only horses consigned to the sale will be allowed on the sale grounds. Upon execution of this contract, consignor agrees not to dispose of the horse by private sale. If consignor breaks this contract and does sell subject horse the sale company is owed the additional $250 withdrawal fee or 8% commission whichever is greater.

Consignor___________________________________________Address________________________________________ Home Phone ( ____) __________________________________City, State, Zip___________________________________ Cell Phone (_____)____________________________________Email__________________________________________


Signature________________________________________________Date______________________________________ Send to: Havard Sales Management • 2435 Broad Street • Lake Charles, La. 70601




Havard June Horse sale  

Havard June Horse sale