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“A Cut Above”


October 11-12, 2019 LUFKIN, TEXAS





2020 ELITE 3H 10.8’’ SHORTWALL

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Longhorn Trailer Sales





is a family owned business conveniently located in the heart of Northeast Texas. We strive to continue growing by putting our customers first. Service and satisfaction is our main goal along with maintaining knowledge of the economics and continuous changes of the trailer business. With our constant growth, we are able to give you the best deals around.

1730 FRONTAGE ROAD | MOUNT PLEASANT, TX 75455 Contact us today! (888) 317-4450 |

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Sale Schedule & Personnel

Crown Colony Inn & Suites 3211 South 1st Street - Luuin, Texas 75901




SALE OWNERS & MANAGERS Mike Pedersen & Steve Friskup

Sale office opens to receive horses

ANNOUNCER Shawn Holden, Pollok, TX AUCTIONEERS Steve Friskup & Wade Shaw

Located on Hwy. 59 South just 1 mile South of Loop 287 Toll Free Reservaaons

Hotel Direct Number


(936) 634-3481

When booking please ask for the

“Premier Horse Sale Rate”

$94 + tax - Two Double Beds or King $104 + tax - King Suites

Our Ameniies Include:

• Best Locaaon In Town • Located Next to 4 Restaurants • Free Hot Breakfast • 24 Hour Fitness Center • 42” LCD TVs• 24 Hour Business Center • Conference Room • Guest Laundry • Puung Green w/Swimming Pool • HBO & Cable TV with 60 Channels • Hi Speed Internet • In Room Coffee Makers, Iron, Ironing Boards & Hair Dryers • Free Local Calls • Ceiling Fans & Desks in All Rooms • In Room Booled Water • American Owned & Operated

LUFKIN HOTELS BEST WESTERN | (936) 634-3481 SLEEP INN | (936) 630-4600 MARRIOTT | (936) 632-0777 TEXAS INN & SUITES | (936) 632-8885 LAQUINTA | (936) 634-3351


Demonstration of ropers, reiners and barrel horses.


Premier Riding Horse Sale Session begins. Cutters will be able to demo on live cattle or mechanical cow while selling.

BID SPOTTERS Justin Morris, Muleshoe, TX Cyler Davidson, Fairfield, TX Quinn Granger, Lake Charles, LA Pat Murphy Clint Minshew James Grant TOTE BOARD / VIDEO OPERATORS Tommy Carson Corey Anderson Clay Peters OFFICE MANAGER Jamie Anderson SALE CLERK Tanya Wilfer


Premier Mixed Sale Session begins. Cutters will be able to demo on mechanical cow while selling

OFFICE & BARN PERSONNEL Christina Summerlin Karen Hutto Beverly Collins Tonya Renfro Nichole Odom SALE VETERINARIAN Brandon Richards, DVM

HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS | (936) 699-3000 QUALITY INN | (936) 639-3333 COMFORT SUITES | (936) 632-4949 HAMPTON INN & SUITES | (936) 699-2500

Premier Equine Auctions

2435 Broad Street, Lake Charles, LA 70601 Phone: 337-494-1333 | Email:

TERMS & CONDITIONS 1. Premier Equine Auctions, is known and recognized as Auction Company and an independent contractor regularly engaged in the business of conducting consignment sales of horses. The Auction Company or any representative thereof, is not responsible for any liability whatsoever, including, but not limited to, the loss, damage, injury, death or illness of any animal, person, or property before, during or after the sale. All horses consigned to the sale are offered in accordance with the laws of the State of Texas. All transactions between buyer, consignor and auction company are governed by the laws of the State of Texas. Each horse offered in sale is sold "As Is and With All Defects". Any blemish, scar, swelling, cut or other irregularity of any kind such as cribbing must be announced when horse is in the sale ring. Violation of this clause or failure to announce may give the prospective buyer the right to return any horse to the consignor and the consignor must still pay the commission fee. If your horse is turned down for any of the above reasons the horse still belongs to you. Consignors are hereby bound by the consignment contract completed upon nomination of sale entry, as well as these Sale Conditions. In the event of any legal dispute between the buyer and the consignor, auction company will not act as agents for, or represent the buyer or the consignor. Auction Company merely provides a medium for bringing together the consignor and the buyer for the purpose of a sales transaction. Auction Company assumes no liability for either the buyer nor the consignor. 2. The highest bidder is to be the buyer. Any successful bidder shall sign a Buyers Agreement, which shall be presented by an auction clerk immediately after the purchase has been made. Auction Company and/or auctioneer reserve the right to reject any and all bids. If a dispute should arise between or among two or more bidders, the auctioneer shall settle the dispute, and his decision shall be absolute, final, and binding on all parties. The auctioneer will decline any bid made by parties who have defaulted in former purchases. The right to repurchase or pass-out (P.O.), is reserved by the consignor or his representative. Any such action, must be made prior to the consignor's horse departing the auction arena. The Auction company is not responsible for the integrity of any specified bid and the seller understands and assumes all responsibilities for any bid that is made and not thereafter honored. In the event any bid is not honored, the seller agrees not to hold the auction company responsible and agrees not to sue the sales management thereof. 3. "Title" - passes to the buyer automatically at the final fall of the auctioneers gavel unless a repurchase or passout (P.O.) is clearly indicated immediately by the consignor, his representative, or the auctioneer. Title and all risks are assumed by the buyer whether or not "delivery" has been made. Horses are at the buyer's expense and risk and responsibility from the time of purchase, but no delivery will be made until final settlement has been made. Delivery of a horse shall be contingent upon the buyer making a full settlement to the sale cashier. After a satisfactory settlement is made, delivery will be in the form of a "release" for the horse from the auction grounds. In addition to the release, the buyer will receive the current coggins test, and a copy of the registration certificate. After delivery is made, buyer shall remove the horse within the specified time announced prior to the commencement of the auction, and shall be subject to any charges associated with the purchase should he fail to do so. 4. Terms of the sale are CASH and payment in full must be paid directly to the sale cashier during or immediately after the sale. Payment to any other source is prohibited and is not recognized as settlement. Payment shall be in the form of cash, cashier's checks, personal checks, traveler's checks or approved credit cards. Method of payment shall also be made in the following credit cards: Master Card, Discover/Novas, Visa, & American Express. A valid drivers license or another form of positive identification are required for personal checks. A 3% office processing fee will be added to all purchases, (this fee will be discounted for purchases paid for by cash, cashier's check, or personal check.) NO BANK DRAFTS. Any person signing a check in the State of Texas is liable for the full amount of the check. Any party issuing a check returned as "insufficient funds", "payment stopped", "account closed" or a check that shall for any reason not clear drawee's bank, will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. 5. Prospective buyers are hereby cautioned and advised by auction company to examine horses thoroughly prior to purchasing. All horses are sold "as is". There is no warranty of any kind as to the soundness, physical condition, health, disposition, or fitness for any particular purpose of any horse sold in this sale. Except in the case where the owner, or his representative, makes a specific guarantee. In such cases, the guarantee is strictly by the owner, or his representative, and not by the auction company. RIGHT OF RECOURSE MUST BE DIRECTLY TO THE OWNER AND NOT THROUGH PREMIER EQUINE AUCTIONS EXCEPT IN THE RANCH GELDING SESSION. ALL GELDINGS SELLING IN THE RANCH GELDING SESSION ARE GUARANTEED SOUND

FROM THE KNEES DOWN FOR THREE DAYS AFTER THE DATE OF SALE. (NO VET CHECK.) IF ANY HORSE IS FOUND UNSOUND, YOU MUST CALL THE PREMIER EQUINE AUCTIONS OFFICE. The auction company is not responsible for buyer or consignor misunderstanding. A recording will be made of the entire auction, which can be used to help settle disputes regarding statements made about the horses while in the auction arena. The question of "guarantees made by the consignor from the auction block" shall be settled strictly between the buyer and consignor. 6. Buyer has the right, at his expense, to have an examination performed by the Official Sale Veterinarian, on any horse consigned to this sale. Such examination must be made on sale grounds prior to the horse going through sale arena. 7. No guarantees are made by the auction company, or any representative thereof, regarding pregnancy status, eventual foaling, or fertility of any horse offered for sale. Final pregnancy status on broodmares will be announced from the auction block by the consignor or his representative and will take precedence over printed material in the catalog or in any advertising. Broodmares represented by the consignor as being "in foal" are subject to a pregnancy examination by the Official Sale Veterinarian immediately upon exit from the auction arena and at the buyers expense. Any broodmare so examined whose pregnancy status is found to be open at the time of sale may be returned to the consignor as unsold. Any such examination must be done by the Official Sale Veterinarian and prior to removal from the auction grounds. If mare is not examined before leaving sale grounds, and later found to be open, No Right Of Recourse may occur. Any contractual agreements between owners of broodmares in the sale and owners of stallions to which these mares may have been bred are strictly between the buyer and the consignor. 8.The auction company, or any representative thereof makes NO guarantees on the paperwork of any horse selling on breeders certificates, and/or registration applications. 9. Buyers are cautioned to pay close attention to announcements made from the auction block regarding changes in the sale catalog, as such announcements take precedence overprinted material. The sale management, or any representative thereof, does not assume any responsibility or liability for errors or omissions, or for any verbal or written statement regarding the animal sold. We make every attempt to avoid errors and to insure correctness in the catalog, if a mistake does occur, we reserve the right to correct it . 10. All original registration certificates, transfer reports, and/or applicable breeders certificates, and/or registration applications, will be held by auction company until the buyers payment clears the bank. Upon payment clearance, all applicable paperwork will be forwarded directly to the buyer. The buyer will be responsible for only one transfer fee as well as any registration fees associated with a purchase selling on application. Originals will be released to buyer if all balances due are paid in a form cash the day of the sale. Pending registration papers being processed by the appropriate registration agency at the time of sale will be returned from the agency to the consignor who shall in turn deliver to the auction company. The auction company will then forward the pending registration certificate to the buyer. Original registration certificate and accompanying paperwork will be released to consignors for horses not sold (pass-outs), after all expenses are paid. Originals will be released to the consignor if all outstanding balances due to auction company are paid in cash the day of the sale. 11. All horses in this sale have been required to have been tested negative for equine infections anemia (coggins test). Out of state or other health certificates may be obtained from the official Sale Veterinarian and are at the buyer's expense, in accordance with the regulations of the State of Texas Animal Health Control. 12. Each horse consigned to this sale must pass through the auction arena and all transactions must go through the sale office. Hip numbers in the sale have been determined by the auction company. They can not be removed by the consignor or the buyer while the horse is on the grounds. Stalls are assigned for each horse sold and can only be changed by auction company. All persons attending this sale do so at their own risk, and are urged to use caution around the horses, while on the sale grounds. Any item not covered in these Sale Conditions shall be regulated according to the established customs and practices of professional auction companies. 13. Check papers to horse to make sure they match before leaving the sale grounds.


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Read Terms and Conditions of Sale Carefully. Examine Horses Prior to Purchasing. Leave Hip Number On All Horses and Leave Horses in Original Stalls. All Accounts must be paid immediately following the conclusion of the sale. All payments shall be in U.S. Currency and on U. S. Banks only. Method of payment shall be Cash, Cashier’s Check, Personal Check, Traveler’s Checks, and the following credit cards: MasterCard, Discover/Novus, American Express & Visa. A 3% office processing fee will be added to all purchases, (however, this fee will be discounted for purchases paid for by Cash, Cashier’s Check, or Personal Check.) NO BANK DRAFTS. Registration papers will be withheld until 15 banking days from the date of sale. Cash purchases will receive registration papers the day of sale. To use a credit card: owner of credit card must be present and original card must be used. DO NOT BRING COPIES OF YOUR CARD!! Announcements: To avoid making costly errors, please pay attention to all announcements made from the sales office and the auction stand, especially concerning horses on which you intend to bid on. Acknowledgement of Purchase: After making the final bid on a horse, you will be asked to sign the Purchase Agreement. Be sure to confirm the correct hip number and price before you sign. Due to time constraints, all transactions must be settled within one hour after the finish of the sale. All Sales Transactions made on the grounds must go through the Sale Office and are subject to the Terms and Conditions of Sale. Please obtain buyer’s number at booth before sale time. All Sale transactions must come through the sale office.




IMPORTANT NOTICES There is no implied warranty made by auctioneer or consignor as to the merchantability or fitness for particular purpose of any animal offered for sale in this auction. Prospective bidders are cautioned that warranties on horses purchased are only as stated in the conditions of sale. Veterinary assistance is available at bidders expense. EXAMINE HORSES BEFORE BIDDING!!! CATALOG INFORMATION herein contained is provided by the seller. Care has been taken that all information be as accurate as possible, however, sale company is not responsible for errors and/or misinformation. SEE CONDITIONS OF SALE, UNDER WHICH CONSIGNOR IS SOLE GUARANTOR OF ACCURACY OF ALL SUCH INFORMATION HEREIN CONTAINED. Be sure to examine horses and check papers to make sure they match the horse before leaving the sale grounds. Read the conditions of sale prior to bidding. 1 ALL CRIBBERS MUST BE CALLED!!! IF NOT CALLED, CONSIGNOR WILL PAY FULL CONSIGNMENT AND COMMISSION ON HORSE!!

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FRIDAY, OCTOBER, 11THPremier Riding Horse Session (1-70)


LIL RED 2009 Bay Gelding UNREGISTERED Consignor: TRISTAN ROPING HORSES 10 year old gelding. Not very big, but very safe and knows how to handle himself. Awesome heel horse.


BLACK JACK 2005 Black Gelding UNREGISTERED Consignor: MASON BAYOU RANCH "Blackjack" has been a part of our family for 4 years. Our son was 5 when he began riding him and he has ridden him 3 consecutive years in Texas Youth Ranch Rodeos, other various play days and youth rodeos as well as on trails and helping work cattle. Prior to this, "Blackjack" worked full time as a ranch horse at Triple Son Ranch. Great horse to have in the cattle pen, sort, pasture rope, carry calves, or just trail ride. About 14 hands, stout and handy to have around. Extremely broke. Good for any level rider. Sells sound.


NOTHING LIKE A CAT 2010 Sorrel Mare AQHA 5372492 Consignor: BAILEY, AMBER High Brow Cat High Brow Hickory Wild Kitty Cat Smart Little Kitty Docs Kitty Doc Genuine Doc Hollywood Kitty Red Hot Hickory Doc's Hickory Nothing But Red Hot Miss Smokin Chex This Aint Nothing Tamulena Little Lady Thermo Good all around mare. Cuts, ropes, does it all. Anyone would be proud to ranch on!!


HAYS SNIP 2014 Gray Gelding AQHA 5635036 Consignor: NAPP, ANDREW Bar Five Gray Bob Sonita Whopper Glo Fiveash Redvalentine Bar Five Billy Bob Breezy Etta Kai Pig Creek Roan Chatterbox Ginger Zant T Dance King Lotoe Hays Little Rose Ant T Zant Royal Rose Image Perfect Bandit Proctor Sabe "Smokey" is a 5 year old gray gelding that stands 14.2 and weighs 1,000lbs. He will catch everyone's eye and is built the way a heel or calf horse should be. He has had lots of steers heeled on him and is being hauled to the World Series and US roping. He has also been started roping calves as well. If you are looking for a nice young gelding with lots of natural ability and raw talent, this is your horse.


SCR ITS JUST SAM 2005 Sorrel Gelding AQHA 5156042 Consignor: MEYER HORSE CO Freckles Fancy Twist Doc O'Lena Its Just About Me Peppymint Twist Jigger Fulla Gin Tanquery Gin Nice N Prissy Smart Little Lena Doc O'Lena Samantha Lena Smart Peppy Mild Smoke MR Gun Smoke Lady Bar Glo Sam is a very broke gelding that has done it all. He stands 15 hands and is super heavy made. His resume consists of heeling, heading, breakaway, team sorting, ranch, and trail. He can do it all. He also excels at all of these jobs. This gelding lopes around soft and easy, has a big stop, and a great handle. He is very cowy which makes him very very easy to rope on. Sam has been hauled to lots of different events and handles all situations with ease. This horse is a joy to ride for trail rides and will go anywhere he is asked. If you want one that will do it all here he is. gentle for most all levels of riders. Sam is sound and ready to go. FMI contact Joel 563-599-3755 or go to Meyer Horse Co Facebook page.


DELS DUAL BADGER 2017 Chestnut Gelding AQHA 5900974 Consignor: ROCKING L FARMS INC Dual Rey Dual Pep Reys Dual Badger Nurse Rey Lipshy Haidas Little Pep Herezalil Remedy Lenas Jewel Bar Doc O'Lena Dels Jewel Legacy Freckles Royal Little Del Ria Haidas Little Pep Docs Del Ria Cutting horse started by Craig Thompson


WHISKEY 2011 Sorrel Gelding UNREGISTERED Consignor: SPRAYBERRY, KEN Team roping and ranch gelding, gentle, no buck or rear. Easy to catch, worked cows on him and pop a whip on him. Roped both ends, and kids have ridden him.




TOBIN FROST 2012 Sorrel Gelding AQHA X0707357 Consignor: STANLEY, MONTY Smart Lil Highbrow High Brow Hickory Lookin Up High Smart Little Kitty The Smart Look Smart Little Lena Dox Royal Smoke Bobs Hickory Rio Bob Acre Doc Roberta Small Gay Hickory Rio Docs Lady Laser Pajarito Doc Fleek Breaker "Might" is a solid horse that has been ranched on in a cow/calf outfit. He has also been heeled on in the arena. Handy dude in the prime of his life.


DM QUAIL HUNTERS 707 2015 Sorrel Gelding AQHA 5710302 Consignor: MASSINGILL, DANNY Paddys Irish Whiskey Peppy San Badger Quail Hunter Doc's Starlight Miss Blue Quail Royal Nero Happy Hancock 23 Snickelfritz Mickey Snickelfritz Chex Micket 707 Duster Daisy Mae San Kai 007 Peppy San Kai CF Seven AKA "Whiskey". This horse was sorrel when foaled, but has turned gray and continues to get more gray each year. All of these horses we have in the sale have been raised in Central Texas on a 30,000 acre ranch. They have been used in all aspects of ranching operations. We also have a roping division that supplies roping cattle to various team roping producers. Our horses are started in the roping pen at 3 years old. These horses have all been used and are ready to move to the next stage: ready to haul.


PW PEPPYS GIRL 2017 Chestnut Mare AQHA 5845134 Consignor: WITT, PHILIP Frenchmans Guy Sun Frost Frenchmans Six Dash Frenchman's Lady The Stylish Baby Takin On The Cash Out In Style MR Peppy Four MR San Peppy Peppys San Chica Shelton Cuatro Pobrecita San Chica Pobrecito Peppy Reina De Dulce "Queenie" is a 2 year old chestnut filly who will have 30 days riding by sale date. Her 3 year old full brother is 15 hands and gentle. Her sire is a 15.2 hand, 1250lb world champion junior barrels with halter points. He sold in the Oklahoma sale this spring for $48,000. UTD on shots. Rabies are due for 2019 this fall.


BABES COLOR ME OREO 2017 Black Tobiano Stallion APHA 1071020 Consignor: WILCHER, MARK High Voltage Storm High Voltage Haida Color Me Skipper Koks Cherokeestorm Attractive Chancys Attractive Feature Red Springs Chance Bashful Bachelor Angel's Jet Rail Kasiesbashfulbab Please Come Home Bridgetsdimondlady Classy Flit Bar Miss Vicky Babes Color Me Oreo, 2017 beautiful black and white stallion prospect. On track for 2020 Reining futurities. He is nominated to the worlds largest Reining NRBC and NRHA. His sire just sold for $32,500 and you can see him on youtube as Mozaun McKibben and Razoo. This colt moves like a dream. He has been worked on cattle as well. He rides like a 4 or 5 year old and nothing upsets him, he is just that laid back kind of horse. He will make you one heck of a nice horse, whether it's in the show pen or on the ranch! He is built like a tank. Don't miss out on this one.


SMOOTH TABASCO 2011 Sorrel Mare AQHA 5426099 Consignor: TUCKER, MARK High Brow Cat High Brow Hickory Smooth As A Cat Smart Little Kitty Shes Pretty Smooth Wheeling Peppy Smooth Hickory Freckles Playboy Jewel's Leo Bars Freckles N Tabasco Gay Jay Little Peppy Wren Peppy San Badger La Pajara Own daughter of Smooth As A Cat, NCHA LTE $501,824 NCHA Horse of the Year, Top 5 leading sire of cutting money earners. Out of own daughter of Freckles Playboy. NCHA earner of $59,975 AQHA World Champion cutting horse. Finished head and heel, good in the box, plenty of speed, good stop. Sells sound and gentle.


ALITTLESPICY 2010 Red Roan Gelding AQHA 5473080 Consignor: THOMPSON, CLAYTON High Brow Cat High Brow Hickory Little Cat Olena Smart Little Kitty Bonnie Tari Doc Tari Royal Bonnie Figure Four Fritz Snickelfritz Chex Four Roan Two Hancock Cinco Av Two Eddie Eighty My Judy Bea Bred, born and raised here at this ranch. Pretty good red roan hoss.




JAYCEE CHANCE 2010 Blue Roan Gelding AQHA 5329410 Consignor: TURNER, RYAN

Tens Last Chance Dakotas Last Chance Dakota Konkel

Peppy San Badger Prescription Ten Zips Dakota Pine Jesse Konkel Krogs Blue Limo Docs Shady Blue Limos Pot Pie Eager Ellen Twoees Pepper Pot Ima Rinestone Two Judges Pepper Pine Super solid ranch horse that spent most of his days doctoring wheat cattle in Kansas. He is big, stout and honest with a pretty blue roan color. He'll be gentle for the entire family at all times, and as good as they get to go catch cattle on. A great horse to have around if you ride once a year, or everyday.



Here is a very nice gelding we have been hauling this year. Knows his job and loves doing it. Really tries to please, very cool rope horse.



10 year old dun gelding. Ranch work, rope steers or run barrels on him. Don't miss him.


NO SWEAT EDDIE 2011 Sorrel Gelding AQHA 5438909 Consignor: HUCKABEE, CASEY

Dual Rey Stylish Rey Sylish Play Lena

Dual Pep Nurse Rey Docs Stylish Oak Play Lena High Brow Cat High Brow Hickory Cats Cherry Jubilee Smart Little Kitty Miss Echo Wood Doctor Wood Gay Echo

"Eddie" is a royally bred gelding that stands 15 hands tall. He was trained as a cutter and has been used in a feed yard and for ranch work since. Broke the very best and anyone can ride him. You can go rope and doctor one without a problem. "Eddie" is just an all around ranch gelding. When you get done with a days work, back him in the box and go rope you one.


WOODYS DELIGHT 2011 Sorrel Gelding AQHA 5416227 Consignor: CRABTREE, BO Zack T Wood Nitas Wood Nitas Quixote

Doc Tari Lintons Lady Doc Doc Quixote Chickasha Anita Little Trona Freckles Playboy Babes Delight Trona Spencers Babe Doc's Spencer Bar Babe's Latrell Woodys Delight aka Leddy is a 9-year-old gelding standing 15.1, and weighs 1,200 pounds. Leddy has been with the Crabtree family since his two year old year. He is the quintessential ranch gelding! He has drug calves, doctored cattle, and caught bulls. Not to mention been hauled to team ropings, countless ranch rodeos and even been ridden picking up broncs. He is consistent ride after ride, gentle for the whole family to ride, and a looker! Leddy is a pleasure, whether roping, rodeoing or just pleasure riding, he truly is a delight! Don t miss your opportunity to own this special gelding!


METALLIC LINDA 2017 Red Roan Mare AQHA 5824777 Consignor: BARWICK, JEREMY High Brow Cat High Brow Hickory Metallic Cat Smart Little Kitty Chers Shadow Peptoboonsmal Shesa Smarty Lena Smart Little Lena Doc O'Lena TF Smartlittle Linda Smart Peppy My Lucky Linda Peppy San Docs Linda Metallic Linda currently in training with Kobie Wood. SIRE, Metallic Cat by High Brow Cat, Earner of $637,711, Metallic Cat is the highest money earner of all High Brow Cat offspring, and the highest moneyearning aged event stallion in a 32 year history. Metallic Cat 22 Million Dollar Sire. 1ST DAM, TF Smartlittle Linda by Smart Little Lena, Earner of $139,036: split 4th, NCHA Open Futurity; Wine Country Open Derby Reserve Champion; Mebane Ranch Summer Open Derby Reserve Champion; split 5th Breeders Inv. Open Derby; 5th, PCCHA Spring Open Derby; finalist, PCCHA 4-Year-Old Open Stakes, Idaho Open Derby. 2008 Hick Smart Chick, f. by Hick Chicaroo. 2014 Rockin KW, f. by Rockin W. $112,085: Arbuckle Mountain Open Derby Co-Reserve Champion, $100,000 Amateur Champion, $25,000 Novice Co- Reserve Champion; Breeders Inv. Amateur Derby Champion, finalist, Non- Pro; split 6th, PCCHA Summer Open Derby, 3rd Int. Open; El Ranch $50,000 Amateur Derby Champion; finalist, NCHA Limited Open Super Stakes, semi- finalist Non-Pro. 2010 Lindas Chicaroo, g. by Hick Chicaroo. NCHA money-earner. 2011 Chickaroos Firefox, g. by Hick Chicaroo. $44,293: PCCHA Open Futurity Champion; Idaho Amateur Derby Co-Champion and Champion Amateur Gelding; 4th, PCCHA 3-Year-Old Open Gelding Stakes; Idaho Open Futurity finalist. 2009 Smartys Chicaroo, f. by Hick Chicaroo. $16,858: PCCHA Winter Amateur Classic Champion; finalist, PCCHA Open Futurity and El Rancho Open Futurity; NCHA $35,000 Non-Pro Top Five; NCHA $50,000 Amateur Top Ten; PCCHA $50,000 Amateur Reserve Champion. 2013 Smooth Little Linda, f. by Smooth As A Cat. $16,827: NCHA Limited Non- Pro Super Stakes Res. Champion; World CHA Jan. Non-Pro Derby Ch. 2014 Smartlittle Checks, f. by Im Countin Checks. 2015 Count Smartly, c. by Im Countin Checks. 2016 Nita Check, f. by Im Countin Checks. 2017 Metallic Linda, f. by Metallic Cat. 2018 Metallic Little Lena, c. by Metallic Cat.


HANDY MAN 2008 Gray Gelding UNREGISTERED Consignor: PALO BLANCO RANCH Handy Man is a great ranch horse. Knows how to work outside, but very talented in the arena. Stout made horse, 11 years old.




LITTLE CAL CAT 2012 Sorrel Gelding AQHA 5491444 Consignor: SMITH, BRADY High Brow Cat High Brow Hickory Athena Puddy Cat Smart Little Kitty Athena Accent Doc Athena Holly Tyde Smart Little Lena Doc O'Lena Little Cal Lena Smart Peppy Little Cal Cutter Peppy San Badger Cow Cuttin Critter Handy, broke, well made horse that's gentle for anyone. He's been ranched on his whole life, and is a good one to catch if you need to sort or rope anything. He sells sound and honest.


LIL WOODIE TAT 2015 Red Roan Gelding AQHA 5718027 Consignor: FRED BRAY RANCH Peptoboonsmal Peppy San Badger Sweet Lil Pepto Royal Blue Boon Sweet Lil Lena Smart Little Lena Sonscoot Nitas Wood Zack T Wood Little Wooden Cat Nitas Quixote Tummys Little Cat High Brow Cat Oaks Tummy Tucker Own son of the great Sweet Lil Pepto, NCHA earnings of $219,595. Finished cutting horse shown in the NCHA futurity and marked a 214 in the first go round. He is ready for you to take to the cutting today. Sound, sane, fancy handle and big stop with that sought after red roan color. Currently in training with Thomas Bray. FMI call Thomas 281-658-3830.


WATCH MYTY TWO 2009 Red Roan Gelding AQHA 5261425 Consignor: MEYER HORSE CO Watch Tyree Two Watch Joe Jack Fancy Tyree Two Ima Tyree Fancy Jenny Bark Fancy Roan Bar Jenny Lee Bark MR River Red MR Baron Red Miss Miriah Red Cocoa Watch Jo Coys Breeze King Coys Bonanza Blueberry Breeze "Monti" is a very pretty strawberry roan gelding that stands 15.1 hands and is stout. This is a very nice head horse that is solid and safe. He s easy to rope on and has a ton of talent. This gelding will score, run, rate, and has a cool corner. Faces well also. This is a broke and gentle ranch/trail horse. "Monti" will go anywhere he is asked and is willing to go to work. We have rode him in rough country and crossed the river. "Monti" stays broke and is the same every day. FMI Jared 563-543-6355 or Meyer Horse Co Facebook page.



COLONELS TOP AWARD 2011 Buckskin Gelding AQHA 5410637 Consignor: SCHMITT HORSE RANCH Topsail Whiz Topsail Cody Bar Top Sailor Jeanie Whiz Bar Miss Gaybarette Gay Bar King Tricky Dixie Colonels Award Colonel Freckles Freckles Foxy Joker Five W Lynn Molly One Joker One Gun JR Molly Rip Joker Sailor is a beautiful buckskin gelding that is the whole package! He s super gentle and easy to handle, great ground manners, and easy to catch. He has been used extensively on the ranch for whatever task needed to be done including pasture roping and brandings. Not only does he have an outstanding pedigree to go with that desired color, but he has the shape and conformation that will always make him an eye catcher. "Sailor" has a one hand neck rein, rides off your seat, correct pivots, and could go in any direction whether you want to make a rope horse out of him or a ranch rider. He crosses all the trail obstacles with ease and no refusal, traffic safe, and goes out by himself with no fuss. Make sure to look him up at the sale you won t want to miss him! Currrent on deworming, shoes, and coggins. For more info call 608-434-4789 or find us on Facebook for pictures.


MAXI CATT 2009 Sorrel Gelding AQHA 5358374 Consignor: MARDIS, MATT High Brow Cat High Brow Hickory Sophisticated Catt Smart Little Kitty Shania Cee Peppys Boy 895 Lynx Melody Maxi Lena Doc O'Lena ML Suzy Marian's Clown Brinks Ima Hickory Doc's Hickory Miss Holly Royal Really nice gelding. Has been hauled and won on in heeling. Will watch a cow. Gentle for the whole family and broke the way you want one.


BRISTOW SPARTA 2015 Black Gelding AQHA 5794458 Consignor: WEST FARMS Boon Be Black Blue Bayou Boon Tiveos Sparta Boon MRS SS Pretty Woman Tiveos Sparta Miss Sparta Tiveo Poco Miss Three Colonel Bristow Two Colonel Bristow Lady Hot Rock 27 Bristows Beauty Sonitas Glo Dry Glo Lady Sonita Flit Mamba is a super neat true black gelding with roan hairs throughout his body. A NCHA money earner that will work for even the novice rider or kid. He's also been used outside and had several calves roped in him. Should make a good penner or sorter or keep him in the cutting pen. Sound and gentle and super neat to look at.



STYLISH AND HOT 2014 Red Roan Gelding AQHA 5663364 Consignor: STEWART, WILLIE Chula Dual Dual Pep Spots Hot Smart Fancy Lena Sweet Shorty Lena Shorty Lena Quixotes R Sugar Docs Stylish Oak Doc's Oak Blues Stylish Bell Docs Stylish Royal Blue Dually Dual Pep Royal Blue Boon Team penners and sorters take notice! 5 year old red roan gelding by Spots Hot and a daughter of Docs Stylish Oak. He's a well built gelding that has a great stop, turns the best and will really watch a cow. He will make a super head, heel or calf roping horse. He has been used for sorting and ranch work. For more info call 318-508-1953 Willie Stewart.


CKC SUNDANCE 2012 Sorrel Gelding AQHA 5469454 Consignor: HOLDEN, SHAWN

Picoso Kai Colonel Kai Cola Mattie Coketta

Lani Kai Majestic Taco Freckles Matt Lady Coketta Drygun Dun Handsome Highbrow Dot Maygun Colorem Drysanpepleo Miss Squeeky Reed Picoso Kai Miss Hot Coca Cola My favorite gelding. Has been used outside, good to sort on, rope and drag anything you can catch. Finished head and heel horse. Scores good, plenty of speed. Handles cattle well, really face, has a good stop, has been used as a help horse at the horse shows. Gentle and sound.


KARATE KID 2009 Sorrel Gelding AQHA 5441004 Consignor: HIGHTOWER, JOHN High Brow Hickory Doc's Hickory High Brow Cat Grulla San Smart Little Kitty Smart Little Lena Doc's Kitty Grays Starlight Peppy San Badger Spooky Ollie Doc's Starlight Ollie Olena Doc O'Lena Royal Weeks Own son of High Brow Cat with the same size is a hard find. He's 15 hands 1200 lbs with good bone. Very broke and has NCHA Earnings. Fun to sort cattle and ranch work on. Been a head and heel horse who's ready for jackpots. Very smooth ride and feel to him. Text for videos 979-571-7001


CATS A FRENCHMAN 2018 Sorrel Tobiano Stallion APHA 1084331 Consignor: PALO BLANCO RANCH

Catzanne Cats Strait Krimson Strait From Krisymmo

High Brow Cat Miss Delta Elan Straight From Texas Krissie Moon Cowboys Frenchman Frenchmans Guy Cowboys French Tari Snippys Pumpkin Hunkotari Hunkey Tonk Taris Lady Gay One of the nicest colts we have owned. Lots of color along with his pedigree. Come see him, you will love him.


CEE ME DOIN IT TOO 2015 Sorrel Gelding AQHA 5713613 Consignor: SEAHORN, COLBY Doc's Hickory Doc Bar Cee MR Hickory Miss Chickasha Miss Cee Nita Peponita Cee Miss Holly Just Plain Doin It Just Plain Colonel Doin It Too Reminics Bar Girl Fannys Quick Doc Fannys Oskar Prides Puddin "West Coast" as we call him, is fancy broke with looks for days! He has been ranched on for the last year and is really handy to have around. He's also been shown in ranch horse competitions, where we won, or placed. He lopes a perfect pattern, good flat spins, and cowy. The skies the limit for this 4 year old.


DM FROSTY GUN 2015 Sorrel Gelding AQHA 5697221 Consignor: MASSINGILL, DANNY Real Gun Playgun Rusty Gun 876 Miss War Chips Centennial 876 Eddie Centennial Six Pick Peppy San Kai Lani Kai Frostwood One 013 Bonnie Beretta Miss Frostwood 013 Hancock Thirteen Miss Frostwood AKA "Pistol". All of these horses we have in the sale have been raised in Central Texas on a 30,000 acre ranch. They have been used in all aspects of ranching operations. We also have a roping division that supplies roping cattle to various team roping producers. Our horses are started in the roping pen at 3 years old. These horses have all been used and are ready to move to the next stage: ready to haul.


JOE JACK CRIMSON 2010 Buckskin Gelding AQHA 5329341 Consignor: MEYER HORSE CO Joe Jack Red Joe Jack Honey Bar Bartender Joe Jack Miss Pearly Red Two Id Beauty Hilda Two Id Bartender Watch Joe Hilda Bne Lee Bar Crims My Daddy Chippy Lee Bar Star Bar Blain Two Eyed Chippy Jack D Mac Good Bar Lass "Bjoe" is a horse we raised and trained and owned until he was 5 years old. We sold him and had the chance to buy him back which we were thrilled about. "Bjoe" is 15.2 hands and very stout. He is a finished head horse, has been hauled all over to jackpots and rodeos. He's been to the US finals and is as solid as they come. He scores great, lots of run, big nice move in the corner an can face hard. "Bjoe" lets you run a bunch of steers and doesn't get frazzled. He’s a finished ranch horse, been trail rode all over and is gentle for anyone that can hold a set of reins. This gelding is a horse that we are super proud to offer and hope whoever buys him likes him as much as we do. "Bjoe" hauls great, gets along with others, baths, clips, and stands for the farrier. Sound, gentle, and ready to go. FMI Jared 563543-6355 or Meyer Horse Co Facebook page.




WWR TX ROYAL PEPPY 2016 Sorrel Gelding AQHA 5792909 Consignor: KALA ROE/JASON DOWDY Mount Royal King Triple Royal Royal Tony Too Criket Bar Trip Royal Toni Eqh Royal Tony Jazz Royal Leda Pobrecito Peppy MR San Peppy The Good Sister Pobrecita Mentira Red Oak Miss Peppy Peppys Forty Juana San Peppy "Chrome" is an exceptional 3 year old gelding. He was started and then turned out to grow. Since April he has been being used for ranch work and collecting cattle. He has been exposed to ranch rodeos, highways, sale barns and even roping in the brush. He takes all things in stride and has no buck, even when left off for several days. This little gelding has been tracking live cattle on the heel side. He is broke and easy to ride with a comfortable lope. Off the Wagon Wheel Ranch, he is Ranching Heritage and will make an exceptional horse.

FIDDLIN FRENCHY 2006 Palomino Gelding AQHA 4780469 Consignor: CLARK, BRETT Sun Frost Doc's Jack Frost Frenchmans Guy Prissy Cline Frenchman's Lady Laughing Boy Casey's Ladylove The Hot Express Zan Parr Express Hot Dolly Dagger Lil' Hotshot Bar Cheyanns Wonder Otoe's Wonder Black Chick Sugar "French Fry" is an exceptional gelding that is an own son to the famous Frenchmans Guy. You are not limited to do what you can with this guy. He has been used outside and in the sale barns and is very cowy. He is finished on the head side. He has a lot of run and score and is competitive in any number roping. This is a great gelding that loves to work and will do just about whatever you ask. Ride him outside, on the barrels or haul him to a roping. You will get noticed wherever you go.

HFF MISS BOSTON BABE 2001 Chestnut Tobiano Mare APHA 607324 Consignor: HERNANDEZ, MARTINA Boston Baked Dean Bostonpeterbuilt Black Diamond Mace MS Sugar Dean Baby Moon Bars MR. Claude Moon Mollie Capitol South Roberto Dee Dee's Babe Polylady Dee Dee Boog Ingrained Motto Trouble I have owned her for about 4 years. This mare knows her job. She is very fast, but quiet. She will do her job every time. It's time to let someone younger enjoy her abilities.

DH CIDER BABE 2007 Bay Mare AQHA 4960436 Consignor: BROWN, CLAY Sun Frost Doc's Jack Frost PC Cline Frost Prissy Cline PC Peppy Kate Tuff Time Peppy Cross Fire Kate Setumup Speedy Speedy Man Setumup Ciderwood Setumup Miss Listados Butter Cup Ciderwood Lucky Bird Babe



PW GUYS PEPPY GIRL 2013 Palomino Mare AQHA 5528957 Consignor: WITT, PHILIP Frenchmans Guy Sun Frost Frenchmans Boogie Frenchman's Lady Boogie Smurf Boogey Leo Dal Rex High MR Peppy Four MR San Peppy Peppys San Chica Shelton Cuatro Pobrecita San Chica Pobrecito Peppy Reina De Dulce "Shorty" is a 6 year old palomino mare weighing 11001150 lbs. She had 60 days roping with Shawn Holden. She is broke double to a rubber tire wagon with her brother who is in the sale. She will meet you at the gate. She is safe enough for kids. UTD on all shots. Rabies booster will be due this fall. Sire has produced world champion in barrels. She has an old barbed wire cut on her hind leg. Neighbor's dog ran her into fence when she was a yearling. Never bothered her.



39 40

CREMELLA 2013 Cremello Mare UNREGISTERED Consignor: HERNANDEZ, RAUL 6 year old cremello mare who has been at our ranch. Her name is "Cremella". She is a wonderful little mare, very safe gentle. She is great for trail riding. Come check her out.


STARLIGHTS ACRE 2003 Sorrel Gelding AQHA 4406729 Consignor: STEWART, WILLIE Peppy San Badger MR San Peppy Badger Starlight Sugar Badger Doc's Starlight Doc Bar Tasa Tivio Bob Acre Doc Son Ofa Doc Rachaels Acre Sapp's Sandy Doc Foxie San Peppy San Foxie Doc Team penners and sorters take notice. A beautiful one of a kind sorrel gelding. He's had 120 days reining training and has a super handle on him. He has a baby doll head and is a sight to see. Good ranch gelding used for pushing, sorting and doctoring cattle. A pleasure to ride and all-around good ranch horse. FMI call 318-508-1953 Willie Stewart.

We raised this filly but never got to register her. She is a great looker, been working at the feed lot and we have used her here at the ranch. We think she would make a great barrel horse. We can work with you to get her registered if you would like to. Come check her out!




MAUDIES ROYAL JEWEL 2008 Sorrel Stallion AQHA 5153006 Consignor: HUDSPETH, JOSH Lenas Jewel Bars Doc O'Lena Jae Bar Leana Jewels Freckles Royal Jae Bar Nymph Doc's Jack Sprat Leo's Redonda Leo Zombi Leo Maudie DJ Moonlight Leo Zombi's Mona HLC Smooth Girl CC Jet Smooth Moonlight Cowgirl Has had 60 days heading and heeling on him. He can both head and heel. Can breakaway on him. Has roped and doctored cows. Has had ranch work done on him.


TRR PLAYBOY MACK 2010 Gray Gelding AQHA 5283286 Consignor: HIGHTOWER, JOHN Real Gun Playgun TRR Gun Slinger Miss War Chips Seven S Misty Zan Zans Misty Gold May Day Hobby Lance Jones Pa Jones Miss Carla Jones Sugar Note Delicious Dilemma Suter's Gold Bar MS Macaroni 9 Year old grey gelding, 15 hands, 1200 lbs right off the Tongue River Ranch. Used as a ranch and head horse, been hauled and seasoned. Scores and leaves flat, a lot of people can get along with this horse. Text for videos 979-571-7001

DOOLINLEOSHOTNATIVE 2015 Sorrel Mare AQHA X0724213 Consignor: MASSINGILL, DANNY Prices Smokey Leo Rondo Leo RF Doolin Leo Kansas Cindy Runnin Ruthie The Ole Man Connie Doolin Hot Hancock Dude Cee Booger Red A Hot Native Girl Red Hot Hallie A Native Girl Native Emo Dollys Sweet Susie AKA "Sister". All of these horses we have in the sale have been raised in Central Texas on a 30,000 acre ranch. They have been used in all aspects of ranching operations. We also have a roping division that supplies roping cattle to various team roping producers. Our horses are started in the roping pen at 3 years old. These horses have all been used and are ready to move to the next stage: ready to haul.

AUSIE WITHA RED ASH 2015 Sorrel Gelding AQHA 5690811 Consignor: WEST FARMS High Brow Cat High Brow Hickory Auspicious Cat Smart Little Kitty Lenas O Lady Peppy San Badger Doc O Lady Autumn Acre Bob Acre Doc Little Red Autumn Autumn White Little Red Bet Smart Little Lena Bet Yer Boons If your looking for a horse you can do everything on Aussie is the one you need! 14.3 hands huge bone built to last. Shown at the NCHA futurity and has been used outside penning and sorting calves. Lightly started on the barrel pattern also. If your looking for a nice rope prospect don't miss Aussie he's got the mind for anything you throw at him. Stays quiet and gentle. Sells sound.

POWDER RIVER KATTEN 2008 Sorrel Mare AQHA 5095226 Consignor: BRAY, AGENT, THOMAS Smart Little Lena Doc O'Lena Cattin Smart Peppy Lynx Melody Doc's Lynx Trona Powder River Playboy Peppy San Badger Powder River Honey Playboys Reward Bit Ofa Honey Son Ofa Doc Kandy Barr Beautiful bay roan mare with four white socks and a full blaze. She is an own daughter of Cattin, NCHA earnings of $133,872 and out of an NCHA money earning daughter of Powder River Playboy. Originally started in cutting as a 2 year old and will work a cow. This mare is quiet and gentle, has been ridden on trail rides and in the pasture gathering cattle. Excellent ground manners, travels smooth with a big stop.


PAISANO TOM CAT 2012 Sorrel Stallion AQHA 5439759 Consignor: CRISTER, CONNIE Shiners Glo At Night Shining Spark Zann Par Showdown Leo Night Glo Miss Zans Sugar Sug Zans Showdown Skip Miss Sugars Sug Par Three Wimpy Par Three MS Dry Docs Wimpy Docs Miss Spring Docs Cerrada Dry Doc Cerrada San Look at the pedigree on this horse. Multiple World Champions. Very quiet and well mannered. Easy keeper with great ground manners. Not only good looking, he is an excellent pasture horse, can rope both ends on him and he also has worked many hours at feed lots and sale barns. Will haul and stand tied by other horses with no problem.





BRENTONS WHISKEY OAK 2014 Bay Gelding AQHA 5660789 Consignor: MEYER HORSE CO Two Eyed Red Buck MR Baron Red Oak Eyed Ima Tyree Docs Freckled Oak Colonel Boots Bar Ali Oak Diamond N Texas Osage Pine Helmans Midge Diamond N Senora Diamond N Midge Docs Poco Man Diamond N Jameen Whiskey is a very cool gelding that is very pretty, broke and talented. He stands 15 hands and very well built. Whiskey is a very solid switch end rope horse. He ropes both ends very well. He has been hauled to jackpots around the country and is a super fun horse to ride. He scores great and can really run. He will rate off cattle and finishes strong on both ends. He is very smooth and has an outstanding handle. He’s been used on a big ranch for every job possible and will not refuse any job big or small. This is a very nice horse and has a great personality. Whiskey is gentle, sound and ready to go. FMI contact Joel 563-599-3755 or go to Meyer Horse Co Facebook page.


SHINE JAC SHINE 2014 Buckskin Gelding AQHA 5691618 Consignor: WILCHER, MARK Smart Chic Olena Smart Little Lena Shine Chic Shine Gay Sugar Chic Ebonys Shines Shining Spark Ebony Whiz Boggies Flashy Jac Hollywood Jac 86 Flashy Tackie Jac Boogie's Last Tackie Blackburn MR Blackburn 41 Magnolia Tackie Shine Jac Shine is by Shine Chic Shine who was the highest selling yearling at the NRHA sale in 2008, Shine Chic Shine LTE $148,714.27. His offspring has earned $618,572.48. Shine Jac Shine was trained by NRHA million dollar rider Brian Bell and was on track for his 3 yr old futurities when Hurricane Harvey hit and put a stop on his owners showing career. No fault of his own! Right after I purchased Shine Jac Shine, I took him to the AQHA Mississippi Quarter horse congress show in Brandon, Mississippi and dominated the open reining, winning 1st under all judges scoring 71 and 71.5. Shine Jac Shine will fit anyone who can hold the reins from a youth to a non pro that wants a honest horse to go show or use on the farm. He should be the highlight of this sale. He sells sound and absolutely no vices. He stands 15 to 15.1 hands tall and approximately 1100lbs.


KATZ R SMOKIN 2013 Sorrel Mare AQHA 5589838 Consignor: ATWOOD, BOBBY Dual Rey Dual Pep Dual R Smokin Nurse Rey Smokin Pepto Peptoboonsmal Smoken Powder Cats Red Feather High Brow Cat Katz Of A Feather Smart Misty Dawn Aristo Katz Smart Aristocrat Katz Real broke mare, gentle with a lot of handle. A year and a half cutting training. Used in cattle pens to sort and pull sick calves. Sells sound.


JACKS PASSION 2013 Chestnut Gelding AQHA 5543799 Consignor: HOWARD, DON Genuine Hombre Genuine Doc Justa Genuine Jack Seven S Margarita Pearly Red Jackie Joe Jack Honey Bar Pearly Red Two Eyed Red Buck MR Baron Red Eyes Passionate Ima Tyree Sierras Passion Sierra Te Dreams


FRECKELD FROSTY JACK 2014 Black Gelding AQHA 5654446 Consignor: RAMOS, ROBERT Triple Twist Te Triplechic Te Twisted Frosty Jack Frankie Twist Frosted Jo Jackie Frosty Feature Watch Jo Chaquita Chico Freckles Colonel Freckles Freckled Bueno Bar Got The Gold MS Poco Kings Beggar Dusters Revenue Thirsty Poco Bueno Palo Blanco Ranch started him. We are day workers penning cattle daily. This colt has been used doctoring cattle at the feed yard and catching cattle outside. I am getting too old for a colt this fast, so we decided to sell him. Need something shorter. Come see him and ask Raul for more info.


HICKORYS SUPER OAK 2012 Sorrel Gelding AQHA 5490192 Consignor: SCHMITT HORSE RANCH MR Peppy Olena Peppy San Badger Hickorys Oak Prom Tina Lena Bars Oak N Hickory Prom Hickorydickorydoc It Is An Oak Hickorydickorydoc Doc's Hickory Hickorys Super Girl Benito Creep Super Chips Prom Super Benji Prom Bucky Chips Prom Oakley is a tailor made, cute cow bred gelding that is a super nice heel horse. We bought him from a very good friend of ours who raised him and used him on his ranch for every task possible. He’s branded hundreds of cattle, roped and doctored out on the pasture, and used in the sorting ally and loaded trucks. He is extra gentle both on the ground and on his back, quiet out on the trails and athletic in the arena. "Oakley" is quiet in the box, lots of cow, and is a huge stopper. Sure footed and great in the mountains, traffic safe, and not a spooky type of horse. He rides off great with time off and is dependable when you use him. "Oakley" is stout made with a big hip and chest, and his pedigree is packed with NCHA money earners. Currrent on deworming, shoes, and coggins. For more info call 608-434-4789 or find us on Facebook for pictures.



SKIPS SPEEDY GLOW 2001 Palomino Gelding AQHA 4089887 Consignor: GUNTER, KYLE Feature Em Frost Feature Em Blue Frosted Skip Docs Flashy Charge Eighty Thirteen Skip Silent Skip Badlands 413 Genuine Glow Speedy Glow Genusweet Glow Miss Peppy Jo Rack's Baby Doll Rack MR 162 Ware's Ladybug


TANGO SIX 2016 Gray Mare AQHA 5850750 Consignor: DOUBLE B RANCH Hancock Six Tanquery Gin Hancocks Blue Gin Happy Hancock 28 Blue Moon Jossie CMB Blue Moon Jo Hannah Roan Hammer Hancock Hancock Dividend Salty Ladyhandcock Miss Rawhide Roan Miss Texas Pine BJS Prime Time Miss Rawhide Roan "Gin" is an outstanding young athlete. She is gentle with a willing mindset and kind disposition. She has a soft and correct handle with a good foundation and is ready to progress in the direction of your choosing. Been used out on the ranch and is started on the sled on the heel side. This filly has exposure both outside and in the arena. She takes well to everything she is taught and wants to work hard for you. Her movement is fluid and beautiful. She carries herself correctly and really wants to turn around and stop. She is bred and built to go to work and last. You could not ask for a better mind or more correct filly to go on with.


CT ROCKAROLLA 2017 Red Roan Mare AQHA 5829715 Consignor: DIAMOND L QUARTER HORSES Freckles Playboy Jewel's Leo Bars Freckles Smart Man Gay Jay Smart Star Lady Smart Little Lena Jessie's Star Lady Peptoboonsmal Peppy San Badger Hollys Pepto Lena Royal Blue Boon Holly Cee Lena Doc O'Lena Pep's Holly Well started 2 year old. Been in Craig Thompson's program since she started riding. Mother is own daughter of Peptoboonsmal out of Doc O'lena mare. She won $30,000 cutting. Sire, Freckles Playboy, Smart Little Lena, wond $35,000 cutting.


PHANTOM 2014 Gray Gelding UNREGISTERED Consignor: TRISTAN ROPING HORSES He is a nice elegant gelding, doing a great job on the heading end. He has plenty of run for any number roping. Come by and see him.



FIRED UP N GUNNIN 2005 Sorrel/Overo Gelding APH 828086 Consignor: DEAN, KIM Top Gunner MR Robin Boy Copy Top Gunner Sassey Buzz Hotcopys Cat The Hot Copy Felicia Rose Encore One Hundred Two Encores Firefly Babby Skit Brandy's Glo Brandy Bar Fly Leo Glo's Jane Gunner is 16.1 hands, 2005 sorrel and white overo paint gelding. He is by renowned Copy Top Gunner, a Superior Halter, numerous Grand Championships, Red Congress Champion, and Superior Performance Sire. His Grand Sires are Top Gunner, Mr Robin Boy and Painted Robin Jr. on the top side, and Encore, One Hundred Two and One Hundred Grand on the bottom side, all Grand Sires are Superior/ National/ World and Performance champions, and even a Versatility Champion. In his younger years Gunner earned 5 Open Lifetime Halter points, 2 Open Grand Champions and 1 Open Reserve Grand Champion. Gunner also earned 13 Amateur Halter points, receiving his Register Of Merit (ROM). He's tall and sleek with a great long stride which makes him excellent for English events. He also travels collected and smooth for western pleasure events. Gunner has the bloodlines that give him the traits and abilities to perform anything from Pleasure, English to Cow Events.


WH SIX DASH FOR CASH 2018 Sorrel Gelding AQHA 5879551 Consignor: STEWART, WILLIE Frenchmans Guy Sun Frost Frenchmans Six Dash Frenchman's Lady The Stylish Baby Takin On The Cash Out In Style Tinys First Corona Corona Cartel Wicked Rose Bud Tiny First Effort Viking Annes First First Down Dash Viking Anne Barrel racers take notice. 2018 sorrel gelding with lots of chrome by world champion barrel stallion, Frenchmans Six Dash and out of a Corona Cartel and First Down Dash granddaughter. He is a pretty and well built yearling that is ready to start. For more info call 318-508-1953 Willie Stewart.


KR SEABAR BLUESMOKE 2014 Blue Roan Gelding AQHA X0713526 Consignor: BENTLEY (AGENT), KRISTINA Wyo Blue Bonnet Dart Hancock Dart Fox RW Dartagnan RW Blu Cutie Blu Quachita Hancock Jo Hancock Cutie Sea Bar Cody Sailers Badger Kings Crushed Velvet Sugar Bees Pal Wolf River Smoky San Autumn San Wolf River Smoky Sue If you're looking for a gelding with looks and safe for the whole family, "Smurf" is your guy! He was started right and has a good foundation. "Smurf" is started on barrels and patterned the right way. He has been started on the head side. He scores, runs hard and has zero buck. He has also been used outside catching and doctoring cattle. He is gentle and very solid. 9


MR NU BAR CHEX 2012 Bay Gelding AQHA 5469172 Consignor: MEYER HORSE CO Nu Bar Doc Bar Tamu Nu Bar Rey Teresa Tivio Tamu Rey Etta Rey Jay Tamu Joette Double R Doc Doc O'Lena Riley Chex Wayward Maid Princess Clone Chex Codys Clone Princess Poco Chex Chex is an extremely broke and talented gelding. He stands 14.2 hands tall and is well built. Chex is a very solid heel horse. He scores great, lots of run, rate and big stop. He is strong from the saddle horn and is very easy to rope on. Chex is a very cool breakaway horse as well, been used as a turn back horse, and has been qualified to the AQHA world show 4 times in the boxing. Chex is an outstanding trail/ ranch horse that is suitable for almost any level of rider. We have showed him in ranch horse competitions as well. This horse hauls great, gets along with others, bathes clips, and stands for the farrier. Chex is sound and has no vices. FMI contact Joel 563-599-3755 or go to Meyer Horse Co Facebook page.


DUEL PEPPYTA 2013 Gray Mare AQHA 5653076 Consignor: PALO BLANCO RANCH Playgun Freckles Playboy Gunduel Miss Silver Pistol Dual N Missy Dual Pep Miss Quixote Sails Playgun Olena Playgun Peppyta Playgun Dough Olena Peppyta Sugar Bar Hickorys Lowenbrau Millies Cuttin Up This mare was bought by one of our customers as a 2 year old but due to health issues, never got much done. She is a beautiful gray steel color. We put her back to work here at the ranch.


ROCKYS FINAL SHOT 2012 Chestnut/Overo Gelding APHA 1021277 Consignor: CARTER, COLT Bet On Me 498 Smart Little Lena Bet On Rocky Bet Yer Blue Boons Maid By Pepto Peptoboonsmal Wranglers Maid Smart Little Jaebar Smart Little Lena Smart Little Tammia Jae Bar Gali Salty Smoke Docs Royal Smoke Royal One Eye Rocky has been ranched and heeled on. He stops hard and is good to ride in the pasture or arena. He is gentle for everyone to ride and is for sure and eye catcher anywhere you go. FMI 903-826-1758.


WR CURLEY BOON 2009 Sorrel Solid Gelding APHA 978490 Consignor: HOLDEN, SHAWN Dual Rey Dual Pep Dualin Boon Nurse Rey Boon San Acre Bob Acre Doc Boon San Sally Color Me Smart Smart Little Lena Colored And Curly Doxs Painted Lady Curly Rode Her Ma Colonel Freckles Miss Quixote Bar "Curley" is a good ranch gelding cow horse. Breeding at it's best. Check out his second dam, Curly Rode Her Ma, NCHA LTE $161,000 ridden by Phil Rapp. Gentle for all riders and sound.


TILLY 2005 Gray Gelding UNREGISTERED Consignor: MASON BAYOU RANCH "Tilly" and our 10 year old daughter have made a fantastic team competing in youth ranch rodeo, barrels, pole bending, goat tying and Queen's contest the last 2 years. He has been great for building a young riders confidence in and out of the arena. Also a solid seasoned breakaway, heel and heading horse. Leaves flat, rates, tracks very well and honest. Enough run for the 12s and quiet enough for a beginner. 14.3 hands, strong, beautiful flea bitten gray. Extremely broke and gentle, good for any level rider. Sells sound.


PW PEPPYS FRENCHMAN 2014 Chestnut Gelding AQHA 5614446 Consignor: WITT, PHILIP Frenchmans Guy Sun Frost Frenchmans Boogie Frenchman's Lady Boogie Smurf Boogey Leo Dal Rex High MR Peppy Four MR San Peppy Peppy San Chica Shelton Cuatro Pobrecita San Chica Pobrecito Peppy Reina De Dulce "Chunk" is a 5 year old 1100-1150lb chestnut gelding who has had some pasture roping experience. He is broke to a rubber tire wagon with his sister who is in the sale. Sire produced a world champion in barrels. UTD on all shots. Rabies booster is due this fall.


FLASHY SOUTHPAW 2016 Sorrel Gelding AQHA 5798850 Consignor: HIGHTOWER, JOHN Lenas Sugarman Doc O'Lena Im Sugar Not Trash Sugar Gay Bar Im Not Trash Be Aech Enterprise Miss White Trash Royal Texas Josy Texas Kicker Josy Girl Miss Buffy Royal Buffy Gin Bar D MR Poco Gin The Long Black Veil 3 year old gelding used for ranch work. Gentle, never bucked, feels like he can really run.



QUICK SISTER 2016 Bay Roan Mare UNREGISTERED Consignor: PALO BLANCO RANCH We raised this filly. Been started on the sled and roped a few steers out of the box. She can also be registered if you wish to do so, we can help you with that.


MISSBOOGERSPLAYGUN 2015 Bay Mare AQHA 5715659 Consignor: MASSINGILL, DANNY Playgun Freckles Playboy Texas Playgun Miss Silver Pistol Bold Texas Rose Texas Kicker Rose Chex On The Dash Dash For Cash Boogers Dash Take You On Boogers Cee Dolly Cee Booger Red Brian's Beta AKA "Missy". All of these horses we have in the sale have been raised in Central Texas on a 30,000 acre ranch. They have been used in all aspects of ranching operations. We also have a roping division that supplies roping cattle to various team roping producers. Our horses are started in the roping pen at 3 years old. These horses have all been used and are ready to move to the next stage: ready to haul.


HOLLYWOOD 2007 Sorrel Gelding UNREGISTERED Consignor: STEVENSON, TAMMY "Hollywood" is a good beginner heel horse. Gentle to ride, a kind type of horse.



IM BITTERSWEET 2015 Bay Mare AQHA 5783644 Consignor: BURNS, J. R. & GARY First Down Dash Dash For Cash Sweet First Down First Prize Rose Sweet Bye And Bye Zevi Bye Bye Imgone Royal Shake Em Royal Quick Dash Shakem Daisy Shake Em Six DG Miss Daisy Bully Bullion Tyroon Too many to ride, my loss is your gain. Own daughter of Sweet First Down, green broke with 60 days training. Been turned out for 6 months.


A BOY NAMED LENA 2008 Bay Gelding AQHA 5154130 Consignor: CADE, BILLY Smart Little Pistol Smart Little Lena Lenas Smart Pistol Miss Silver Pistol Hollys Homecoming Lenas Touchdown King's Honey Bar Haidas Little Pep Peppy San Badger Haidas Sunshine Doc's Haida Sujo's Sunshine Captain Joker Mac's Sujo Real nice gelding and lots of horse. Anyone can ride this gelding, but has a big motor. Broke well and can do anything with him.


HOT GYPSY KISS 2010 Bay/Overo Mare APHA 1012429 Consignor: HISAKA, HAYLEY Jet Toro Easy Jet Tule Canyon Peggy Toro Dasharama Azudash Polyroyal Delite Huslers Ole Man Red's Hustler Gypsy Husler Ole Dancing Lady Key To The Gypsies Key To The Kingdom My Gallany Gypsy Bred to run. Broke as a 2 year old. Very smooth trot and lope. Natural lead changer.


BOBS SASSY GUN 2018 Sorrel Gelding AQHA 5903978 Consignor: CHESSON (AGENT), MARK Bobs Hickory Rio HL Bobs Tommygun Playguns Starlight

Bob Acre Doc Gay Hickory Rio Playgun Amanda Light Tee J Jack Steel Jackie Bee Tee Sassy Steel Lady Leola Bars Lady Alejo Sassy Poco Sassy Doc Alejo Queen 18 This will be the last colt out of Lori's old Waggoneer mare. This colt has a lot of bone to him, should be a nice gelding.


ROLLING R PEPSWEET 41 2019 Bay Stallion PWHR 131370 Consignor: RODOSTA, DR FREDERICK Peppy Pepsi Scripts Peppy Pepsi Scripts King Lady

Peppy San Docs Jabalina Doc's Prescription Pee Wee Lady Rolling R Buck 020 Sunshine Of Rolling R Rolling R Sweatheart 89 Flit About Town Briley's Patches Of Pride Chief's Spotted Pride Color's Raggedy Ann


SNAZZY BLACK MOON QUE 2015 Black/Overo Gelding APHA 1070980 Consignor: PAGE, RUSSELL Moons Blue Force Moons Snazzy Que Lady Paragon Que

Black Tux Black Diamonds Tux Jets Diamond Gir l


Blue Tail Wind Blue Lightening Johnny Que Poochs A Paragon Johnny Que De Luv Lee Diamond King K Miss Jeta D Bar






Boonlight Dancer Wrigly Starlights Sally

Peptoboonsmal Little Dancer Lena Grays Starlight Trulena Deville Josephs Gold Black Chick Gold Josephs Lucky Star Becaco Manor Joe Lucky Lena Star Lenas Star Slide N Track "Bikini" is a flashy 2018 bay mare with great breeding. Off the Matador Ranch, she is Ranching Heritage and Cap Rock futurity eligible. She has the breeding and size to excel in either the reined cow horse or roping pen. She is a granddaughter of Boonlight Dancer and Josephs Gold. She has a great stride and can keep up with the big horses in the pasture. She does have some swelling in her left knee, but does not have any soundness issues. She stands quietly for the farrier and bathing.

PROVEN TWICE 2015 Brown Mare AQHA 5702195 Consignor: MARDIS, MATT

Dos Palomino Twice As Shinning Im Sure Shinning

San Jo Lena Docs Flying Sug Shining Spark Im Sure Peppy Too Proven Leader Special Leader Miss Proven CD Odds Breaker Miss CD Three Sons CD Miss Snazzy Three Beautiful mare by the great Twice As Shinning! Has been ridden in the feed yard, wheat pasture and used on the ranch. Gentle for anyone. Very pretty mare.


POCO LEITANIC 2017 Bay Mare AQHA 5830573 Consignor: KL QUARTER HORSES Smart Chic Olena Leitachic Colonelita Reminic Poco Missynic Miss Fresno Leo


Smart Little Lena Gay Sugar Chic Colonel Freckles Triple Lita Doc's Remedy Fillinic Poco Husty Fresno's Miss Leo

COME HERE SMARTY 2017 Sorrel Mare AQHA 5840749 Consignor: ALLSUP, BARBARA

Dual Rey Dual Smart Rey The Smart Look

Dual Pep Nurse Rey Smart Little Lena Dox Royal Smoke High Brow Cat High Brow Hickory Smart Misty Cat Smart Little Kitty Little Misty Bingo Smart Little Lena HB Misty Bingo Sired by Dual Smart Rey, Lifetime Earnings: $330,436, Semi Finalist @ NCHA Open Futurity, NCHA Super Stakes Champion, AQHA World Champion Junior Cutting Horse, 2017 NCHA Top 10 Leading Sire and 2017 NRCHA Leading Sire, Sire of 2013 NCHA Open Futurity Champion Dual Smart Kitty, 2016 NRCHA Open Futurity Champion Duals Lucky Charm, 2016 NSHA Open Futurity Champion Duals Lucky Charm, 2016 NCHA Non Pro Futurity Champion Stuffin My Pockets. 1st Dam Smart Misty Cat by High Brow Cat, Earner of $4,246.29.

DUN WON CASH 2004 Chestnut Mare AQHA X0630455 Consignor: DUPLICHAN, JAMES R First Down Dash Dash For Cash First Down Jewel First Prize Rose Zevis Jewel Zevi Imajewel Project Cash Dash For Cash Rockin Project Mildly Jealous Salute To Win Raise Your Glass Away To Win Dun Won Cash, AKA "Cash" is by First Down Jewel, a leading AQHA speed horse and by Rockin Project by Project Cash. She has had 3 babies, one of out Dashin Bye, which has won $50,469 with the speed index of 104. She would make an excellent broodmare, with a blazed face, two white stockings and good disposition. JRD Sweet Dashin Starts 25 wins/ 52nds/3-3rds. 2nd in Stakes race.

OH CAY PEP 2011 Sorrel Gelding AQHA 5521383 Consignor: MORROW, JAMES C Rositas Peppy San Peppy San Badger Show Biz Pep Rosita Wilson Show Biz Sandy Son Ofa Doc Show Biz Annie Oh Cay Quixote Doc Quixote Oh Cay Liberty Oh Cay San SR Liberty Bell Smart Little Lena Jo O'Lena Pep was in cutting training up to his 3 year old year and has been used on the ranch since. This horse has tons of potential and should make a great calf horse prospect and will be lightly started. He has money earned in team penning also. Endless potential on this horse. His sire won over $250,000 NCHA.


ONCE A RUBYS CAT 2017 Sorrel Mare AQHA 5893768 Consignor: OGDEN, JEFF Peptoboonsmal Peppy San Badger Once In A Blu Boon Royal Blue Boon Autumn Boon Dual Pep Royal Blue Boon High Brow Cat High Brow Hickory SDP Rubys Cat Smart Little Kitty Ruby Tuesday Dna Peppy San Badger Playboys Ruby Own daughter of Once In A Blu Boon, LTE $319,002, AQHA World Champion, out of own daughter of High Brow Cat Buffalo Ranch mare, SDP Rubys Cat, LTE $35,084, finalist NCHA NP and Limited NP Futurities, and NCHA Limited NP Super Stakes. Dam of 14 foals of performance age (3yr olds), 6 money earners. Broke the best. She is on flag, cattle and on track for the 2020 Futurity season. Gentle and sound. FMI Shawn Holden 409-781-5295.



TROOPER 2011 Gray Gelding UNREGISTERED Consignor: SAVOIE-PEARSON, MINDY 8 year old flea bit gray gelding, 14.3 hands. Gentle ranch horse. He has been used in all phases of ranch work. Can pop a whip on him, moves off your legs, stops off your seat and can open and close gates. We pasture roped on him, doctored cattle, he knows his leads, can turn around, will cross creeks and swim a pond. Nice ground covering walk, or will walk slow and steady. He is easy to catch in the pasture. Very willing horse and tries hard to please you. He is handy to have. Will have 30 days with Shawn Holden by sale day. FMI call or text Mindy 337-513-1557.


FIDDLERS LAST CHANCE 2014 Gray Mare AQHA 5629995 Consignor: REINERT, AUGUSTUS High Brow Cat High Brow Hickory Cat Ichi Smart Little Kitty Laney Doc Doc Quixote Christmas Four Handle Bar Doc Doc Bar Fiddletown Camelot Clabber Almost Gray Dun Commander Shinnery Clean made mare with lots of ability and cow. Dragged calves, doctored cattle outside, sorted and loaded trucks. Been started in the box and has the potential to be a high number horse. No hump, no buck, sells sound.


DIRT WAVE 2007 Sorrel Mare AQHA 5016402 Consignor: KALA ROE/JASON DOWDY Hollywood Macho Jac Hollywood Jac 86 Tidal Wave Jack Say J Command Tidal Mist Cody Lance Cody Tiempo Torrido Topsail Skeets Topsail Cody Skeets Shady Kay Pennokleo Shady Lady Dog Yankee Dolla Little Brown Dog IN FOAL TO ONE SMART HIGHBROW (4-22-19/5-119). FOAL AT SIDE BY ONE SMART HIGHBROW (COLT 3-26-19). "Crush" is an easy keeping broodmare that was ridden and roped off of early on in her life. She is a 2007 sorrel mare with some great bloodlines. She is 5 panel negative. She is sired by Tidal Wave Jack who is a grandson of Hollywood Jac 86. Her dam is Skeets Shady Kay who was sired by a Topsail Cody son. This mare is built to run and passes that on to her offspring. She sells with her 2019 colt, sired by One Smart Highbrow and is in foal back to the same stallion for 2020. One Smart Highbrow is a grandson of Smart Little Lena and is excelling in the roping pen. He is qualified for the 2019 AQHA World Show in both heading and heeling. His offspring have been exceptionally easy to handle and train.



ROCKIN SUGAR 2017 Sorrel Mare AQHA 5833304 Consignor: ALLSUP, BARBARA High Brow Cat High Brow Hickory Kit Kat Sugar Smart Little Kitty Sugar N Dulce Smart Little Ricochet Little Badger Dulce Dual Rey Dual Pep Rockin Rollin Rey Nurse Rey Stop N Short Shorty Lena Oak Mandy Sired by Kit Kat Sugar, 2012 NCHA Open Horse Of The Year, 6 LAE Championships at 4 LTE $240,903, Foals are Eligible for: NCHA Super Stakes, Breeder s Invitational, The Bonanza Cutting, PCCHA Stakes and NRCHA, Offspring earnings in excess of $540,000. 1st Dam - Rockin Rollin Rey by Dual Rey, Earner of $42,325.65.


SPARTACUS 2011 Black Gelding UNREGISTERED PONY Consignor: WATSON, KRISTEN Spartacus is a rare Dales Pony with all the mane-tailforelock and feathered feet one could wish for!! He has been used on the ranch around cattle, ridden on trails and is just one of the fanciest looking rides around! He is a true conversation piece! Lots of videos available! (979)709-2879


DUN KISSIN SKIP 2018 Red Dun Stallion AQHA 5897168 Consignor: WELLS, JAMES D Lucks Easyfanta Boy Lucks Gay Chic Skipojet Easy Fantacia Miss Ribbon N Lace Goldseeker Bars Skips Hi Ribbon Seekers Seventysix Seeker Question Billies Sweet Kiss Judi Proctor Quest In Chex Echols' Dandy Chexienna Doc Take a good look here. This colt is a grandson of AQHA open supreme champion Lucks Easyfanta Boy. He's bred to do it all. Pretty enough to halter, and great race and performance bloodlines. Look at the chrome on this colt. He's had about 10 hoof trims and was never a problem. He's only been loaded a few times, but never was a problem loading up.


SHINERS BADGER DUDE 2012 Sorrel Gelding AQHA 5484694 Consignor: MILLER, JEREMY Royal Lena San Peppy San Badger The Peach Light N Lean San Peaches Miller San Morgans Poco Pride Shiners Chico Shining Spark Sweet Shiner Date Chico Bueno Sweet Dolls Date Dudes Casey Date Sweet Three Dolls "Shiner" is a flashy 7 year old sorrel gelding. He has been used extensively in the stockyard, feedlot, and on the ranch with a lot of outside riding. "Shiner" has been roped on in the pasture and has been tracking the dummy. He is an athlete, a fast learner that will be able to do anything you ask of him while looking good with a flax mane and tail that would make Fabio jealous. 13


CHLOE RAES STAR 2014 Bay Gelding APHA 1050099 Consignor: WEST FARMS Spots Hot Chula Dual Spot Acres Sweet Shorty Lena Star G Colonels Acre Christys Acre Colonel Leos Glo Color A Star Color Me Smart Show Biz Sandys Star Skips Peppy Star Show Biz Sandy Son Ofa Doc Show Biz Annie Cool...he's just that! The coolest & cutest little horse we've had in a long time! If you want to get noticed he's your guy! Cuts a cow and rides around the very best. Super smooth and the best little lope! Been used outside and has roped calves in the lot. Mane for days and a forelock down to his nose! If you want a horse to show in the ranch cutting and ranch riding class he's sure to get your name called out. Cool even does a few tricks! This is a safe, sound little horse that we are proud to own! Don't miss him they don't look like this often!


WILD HAIRED RABBIT 2017 Sorrel Mare AQHA 5883559 Consignor: MURFF, RICKIE Dual Rey Dual Pep Rockin W Nurse Rey Boon San Kitty High Brow Cat Boon San Sally Peptoboonsmal Peppy San Badger Wild Francine Royal Blue Boon Bingo Conchita Bar Bingo Hickory Conchita Gay Bar By the great Rockin W, NCHA Open Futurity Champion. Every horse on her papers have won money. She is very cow smart, athletic and pretty, the total package Futurity Prospect. She has already been started on cattle and is coming along very well. If you are looking for one to show in the cutting pin here she is.


OUTLAW SUGAR 2018 Bay Roan Gelding AQHA 5927345 Consignor: SMITHERMAN, STACY B Smart Little Lena Doc O'Lena Wing Thing Dna Smart Peppy Autumn Boon Dual Pep Royal Blue Boon Conde Clasic Hancock Toi Caballo Peppys Azul Senorita Hy Leo Conde CJ Sugar Chick CJ Sugar Little Gallina Awesome cow horse prospect with color to boot. Autumn Boon, Smart Little Lena and CJ Sugar all in his pedigree. Super smart and athletic. Lunging and groundwork done. Sire is Wildthing, NCHA producer and lifetime earnings $109,061.


MC RIO WITH GUNS 2018 Bay Gelding AQHA 5903943 Consignor: CHESSON, MARK Bobs Hickory Rio Bob Acre Doc HL Bobs Tommygun Gay Hickory Rio Playguns Starlight Playgun Amanda Light Playguninic Playgun Gunpowder N Pistols Spring Peppy Nicks Playgun Gun Powder Blue Colonels Fancy Sue This colt is going to make a big gelding, has a little more fire to him, but should make someone a nice ranch horse.


WILD ISLAND 2002 Bay Mare AQHA 4203213 Consignor: KALA ROE/JASON DOWDY Mia Red Baron MR Baron Red Barons Thunderbay Easter's Mia Oak Bar Music Oak Bar Buck Music Queen Two Eyed Denver Two Eyed Jack Miss Reba Dawn Dot Pat Star Miss Kimberly Dawn Master Baron Bell Kimberly Dawn "Moo" is a foundation bred broodmare that has thrown some exceptional offspring. Her bloodlines go back to Two Eyed Jack and Mr Baron Red. She is very easy going and foals out with no problems. She throws size and a great mind to all her offspring. She is open for 2020 and ready to be bred for your program. This mare is easy to care for and handle. She is the perfect addition to any breeding program as her foals are all pretty movers and cowy.


LIL JACK BLAZE 2010 Red Dun Gelding AQHA 5313374 Consignor: WALRAVEN, BROCK MR Baron Red Red Baron Bell Reds Showdown Jack Two Eyed Patti Watch Jo Peggy Watch Joe Jack Rick's Peggy Cadillac County MR Brazoria County Cookie Lil Lady Susie Sorrel Sunnys Lil Princess Sonofasun Doris Leo Three "Dunny" is a head horse that has had lots of steers run on him. He has not been hauled due to my injury. He has been used by my son in the feed lot and used doctoring yearlings outside. My 8 year old headed on him, but I'm not calling him a kids or beginner horse. He will come right to you in the pasture, easy to catch, shoe, bathe, load. Sells sound.




SUGAR TRIPPIN 2018 Sorrel Mare AQHA 5914608 Consignor: ALLSUP, BARBARA High Brow Cat Kit Kat Sugar Sugar N Dulce

High Brow Hickory Smart Little Kitty Smart Lil Ricochet Little Badger Dulce Smooth As A Cat High Brow Cat Smooth Sonnet Shes Pretty Smooth Aglows Little Peppy Peppy San Badger Aglows First Rio Sired by Kit Kat Sugar, 2012 NCHA Open Horse Of The Year, 6 LAE Championships at 4 LTE $240,903, Foals are Eligible for: NCHA Super Stakes, Breeder s Invitational, The Bonanza Cutting, PCCHA Stakes and NRCHA, Offspring earnings in excess of $540,000. 1st Dam Smooth Sonnet by Smooth As A Cat, Earner of $393.02.


DUNIT FORTHE WHISKEY 2006 Sorrel Gelding AQHA 5029617 Consignor: GURKA, TERRI

Hollywood Dun It Reminic N Dunit Reminic Chex Bar

Hollywood Jac 86 Blossom Berry Reminic Bueno Chex Kaweah Paddys Irish Whiskey Peppy San Badger Starlite Lena Babe Doc's Starlight Sugar Lena Babe Sons Doc O Sugar My Baby Doll Doc Gorgeous stout sorrel gelding purchased off Babcock Ranch in 2009 and is reining horse broke. Calm natured, smooth for any level rider, young or old. This horse has all the bells and whistles. Big stops, nice turnaround and a joy to ride. He is extremely talented and would be a pleasure for anyone to have in their barn. He sells safe, solid and sound-will not disappoint.


GC BOBS SILVER GUN 2018 Bay Gelding AQHA 5904819 Consignor: CHESSON, GARRETT Bobs Hickory Rio HL Bobs Tommygun Playguns Starlight

Bob Acre Doc Gay Hickory Rio Playgun Amanda Light Genuine Doc O Lena Genuine Doc Genuine Tia Maria Rosezana Lena Four L Tia Maria Acordian Rozie D Skip Good bay colt that has a good hip and a good disposition.


GRUMPS GOLDEN TRIGGER 2012 Palomino Solid Gelding APHA 1035443 Consignor: SCHMITT HORSE RANCH

King Sugs Dude Grumps Gold Hank Watch My Thunder

King Sug Sheza Barcash Dude Cameo Gay Guy Merrymac Thunder Grumps Two Eyed Tas The Iron Horse Grumps Zippo Belle MS Barones Starlette Zippozanzabar Zippos Heartlight Miss Zan Bar Trigger is a super nice gelding that is suitable for most anyone. He has a great handle, plants a pivot foot, and lopes smooth collected circles. He s been ridden all over the ranch checking pairs and used to gather cattle. "Trigger" rides quiet down the trail, is great around traffic, and doesn’t get spooked or rattled easily. Dark golden palomino color that is sure easy on the eyes, a friendly personality, and in the prime of his life. Take him home and enjoy him, he makes owning a horse a privilege! Currrent on deworming, shoes, and coggins. For more info call 608-434-4789 or find us on Facebook for pictures.

101 102

PETE Unknown Age Sorrel Gelding UNREGISTERED Consignor: PAGE, RUSSELL MCCALLS PLAN 2018 Red Roan Stallion AQHA 5895891 Consignor: MCCALL, JIM High Brow Cat High Brow Hickory Bet Hesa Cat Smart Little Kitty Bet Yer Blue Boons Freckles Playboy Royal Blue Boon Leo Merada Freckles Merada Sally Merada Hickorys Leo Girl Instant Sally SR Instant Choice Boon San Sally Eligible for the NCHA Super Stakes, Breeders Invitational, PCCHA Stakes, NRCHA Stakes, Abilene Spectacular, Bonanza Cutting and Future Fortunes. This flashy red roan stallion is sure to catch your eye. He is full of confidence in his ability. Couple this with his pedigree and the performance of his parents, should make this young stallion an asset in any program. Sire: Bet Hesa Cat (LTE $267,465) needs little introduction. He is the first 5 year old to become the NCHA Open World Champion. He is a leading sire in the NCHA, and in the National Reined Cow Horse Association. He has sired champions in multiple working cow events-achievements that he accomplished through the performance of his first few crops. Dam: Sally Merada, 2010 NCHA Cutting Spectacular Open Senior Champion-Classic Challenge. Granddaughter of the great mare, Boon San Sally, whose offspring had NCHA earners of over $1.1 Million and include leading sire Boon San and Boon San Kitty, 2004 NCHA Horse of the Year. Note: McCalls Plan has a slight scar on his right hip. He received a glancing blow from a broodmare when he was about 6 weeks old. He has never been lame or had any effect from this event. Not even when the event occurred. This blemish may be hard to see and it appears to be disappearing as he matures.


SPOOKS SMOKIN GUN 2007 Bay Mare AQHA 4965555 Consignor: BROWN, KIM POPE Grays Starlight Peppy San Badger Spooks Gotta Gun Doc's Starlight Katie Gun John Gun Bueno Katie Buckskinlena Bucolena Smokin Miss Lena Missie Doll Pansy Gunsmith Gunsmoke Sans Pansys Avengeance Spooks Smokin Gun is a 12 year old dual registered mare with the American Association of Quarter Horses and the American Paint Horses Association. She is N/N on the 5 panel dna test. This mare is an own daughter of the $2 Million Dollar Sire Spooks Gotta Gun. "Blue" has been shown exclusively by non-pro and youth riders. She is a money earner and has earned Green Reiner points with NRHA. She has been in the top 15 with the American Ranch Horse Association. This mare has two foals with the oldest being two and just recently started under saddle. See her video on You Tube Video: type her name; Spooks Smoking Gun 15


ROLLININMYKATTAILS 2018 Bay Stallion AQHA 5911425 Consignor: ALLSUP, BARBARA High Brow Cat High Brow Hickory Kit Kat Sugar Smart Little Kitty Sugar N Dulce Smart Lil Ricochet Little Badger Dulce Dual Rey Dual Pep Rockin Rollin Rey Nurse Rey Stop N Short Shorty Lena Oak Mandy Sired by Kit Kat Sugar, 2012 NCHA Open Horse Of The Year, 6 LAE Championships at 4 LTE $240,903, Foals are Eligible for: NCHA Super Stakes, Breeder s Invitational, The Bonanza Cutting, PCCHA Stakes and NRCHA, Offspring earnings in excess of $540,000. 1st Dam - Rockin Rollin Rey by Dual Rey, Earner of $42,325.65.


MERADAS SMART COOKIE 2009 Chestnut Gelding AQHA 5261559 Consignor: MCCORD, KYLE Tamulena Doc O'Lena Freckles Meradalena Tamu Holly Rey Docs Freckles Priss Freckles Merada Docs Mary Sue Smart Little Pistol Smart Little Lena Pistols Bluebonnet Miss Silver Pistol Docs Blue Pamela Boy Blue Clabber Docs Pamela Chex


PAYNES GOLD KING 2016 Buckskin Gelding AQHA 5762192 Consignor: PAYNE, BILLY Snipper Music Whiskey Music Snips Olympic Gold Snipper Tody Sierra Gold Sequin Sierra G Son Skipette Holly Sonyboy Six Sonitas Man Kings Charmed Lady Cashus King 6 Cheyane Leo Bar Azul Dun Cabello Bills Autumn Gentle gelding. 60 days riding. FMI Shawn Holden 409-781-5295.


PAUL 2011 Bay Gelding UNREGISTERED Consignor: HOLDEN, SHAWN Good ranch gelding. Used outside his whole life. Sort cattle in the pens, rope and drag anything you can catch. Started on the head side in the arena. Scores good, runs and rates well. Strong to the horn. Gentle and sound.


JEWELS BABY LICORICE 2004 Gray Mare AQHA 4621374 Consignor: LITTLEFIELD, ROSALIE Leo Hancock Hayes Blue Valentine Cool Blue Haze Doll 01 Cool Ant Dial Dallas Li'L Red Ant Bobs Peppy Doc Imapeppysandoc Candys Peppy Jewel Royal Rosella Ima Candy Bonanza Smoky's Bonanza Candy Wolf IN FOAL TO PLENTY BLUE HAWKE (5-1-2019).


WAR BUCKET OF PEPTO 2015 Bay Gelding AQHA 5785224 Consignor: MARDIS, MATT

Bodee Boonsmal Belle Boonsmal Santa Belle

One War Hollywood War Queen Polly Gold Win

Peptoboonsmal Docalady Doc's Hickory Santo Peppy War Leo Brady Lady Prime Time Win Golden Bucket Miss

Very pretty stout made gelding. Gentle and great prospect for any discipline.


BB DUALS WOOD 2016 Sorrel Gelding AQHA 5751202 Consignor: DIERKES, ANGELA Dual Pep Duals Flashin Light Boontessa

Peppy San Badger Miss Dual Doc Boon Bar Colonels Daughter CD Olena Doc O'Lena LN C Da Wood CD Chica San Badger Three Wood DG Zack T Wood Lil Swinger "Chevy" is a 3 year old sorrel gelding who has been successfully shown, already earning 2.5 AQHA points in Reining and VRH Ranch Reining. Sired by a son of Dual Pep (LTE $307,384, offspring earnings in excess of $25 million) and out of an own daughter of CD Olena (LTE $170,706, offspring earnings close to $14 million). Fast circles, lead changes, stops and will get busy and spin a hole in the ground. Handy little horse with the right amount of chrome. Would make a great VRH/SHOT horse, heel horse prospect, or keep his sliding plates on and go show him.


FIREWATER TOOTIE 2018 Bay Mare AQHA 5892587 Consignor: CRAIN, DENNIS

Fire Water Flit Im Flittin To Split Last Connection

Flit Bar Slash J Harletta ST Bar Little Star Nose Hotrodders Jet Set Oh Me Too Rock Eagle Jet Dee Bars Dream

Eyes A Jetsetter Foxey Jetsetter Dream Rockin

"Tootie" is an extremely pretty and gorgeous Firewater filly with very correct confirmation. Dream Rockin produced two point earning barrel racers and Dee Bars Dream produced reserve world champion in heeling. This filly has the ability to be that kind of winner.



Real Gun Seven S Desperado Seven S Genuine Miss Little Smart Playboy Beyong Smart Fly Beyond

Playgun Miss War Chips Genuine Doc Seven S Margarita Jay Bar Pep Olena Playboy Perdiz Bigum Bar Fly Tru Poco

This 2010 gray mare is a granddaughter of AQHA Super Horse Real Gun. She is a standoffish mare, but easy to handle once you catch her. She stands for the farrier and is easy to de-worm. She is a great mother and has only ever been a broodmare. Given some time and patience, she would make an excellent riding horse. She is currently open for 2020.



MR RED SUN 2014 Red Dun Gelding AQHA 5614860 Consignor: VICKERS, STEPHEN Smart Little Lena Little Lena Playboy Playboys Model

Doc O'Lena Smart Peppy Freckles Playboy Sweet Hickory Doc MR Sun O Lena Doc O'Lena Special Ezella Sunflower Sana Ar Ezella Especial Premium Sassy Miss Nice, honest and gentle gelding. Was used as a turn back horse for 2 years. Has been used for the past 6 months on a big ranch. Has been used to rope and doctor cattle, pull cattle into the trailer and sort. Can do anything you want to on him. Would make a great horse that the whole family can enjoy.


JAZZY CATS COWGIRL 2014 Gray Mare AQHA 5640345 Consignor: WALL, MIKE

High Brow Cat Jazzy Little Cat Quaketta

High Brow Hickory Smart Little Kitty Peppy San Badger Quaker Lady Too Hot Lynx Oh Joe Lynx Peppy Poco Glo The Red Hot Candy GSW Poco Peppy Holey San Prom Lenas Ute Banker "Cowgirl" is a really nice 5 year old filly. You can do anything on this horse, run barrels, cut a cow, throw a rope. She is a good using mare. Shown on barrels at HLSR by a youth, and other places as well, and she is very pretty.


SHINING N HOT 2011 Sorrel Mare AQHA 5409743 Consignor: MENEFEE, JOE

Shining Spark Shining Plenary Reno King Bar

Genuine Doc Diamonds Sparkle Gay Bar King Reno Alta Hollywood Heat Hollywood Dun It Hollywood Grace Riv O Lena Skipachez Skipachester Angel Meyers By Shining Plenary. 2001 Open Champion Southwest Reined Cow horse Futurity. 2001 NRCHA World Champion Futurity limited open finalist. NRHA money earner in both Limited and Intermediate at 2001 World Champion Futurity. Broke to ride.


KAT CALLS 2018 Sorrel Stallion AQHA 5911476 Consignor: ALLSUP, BARBARA

High Brow Cat Kit Kat Sugar Sugar N Dulce

High Brow Hickory Smart Little Kitty Smart Lil Ricochet Little Badger Dulce High Brow Cat High Brow Hockory Smooth As A Kitty Smart Little Kitty Shes Pretty Smooth Wheeling Peppy Smooth Hickory Sired by Kit Kat Sugar, 2012 NCHA Open Horse Of The Year, 6 LAE Championships at 4 LTE $240,903, Foals are Eligible for: NCHA Super Stakes, Breeder s Invitational, The Bonanza Cutting, PCCHA Stakes and NRCHA, Offspring earnings in excess of $540,000. 1st Dam Smooth As A Kitty by High Brow Cat, Earner of $4,154.04.


HIGHBROWSSONITA 2014 Red Dun Mare AQHA 5721654 Consignor: ROBY, MARION High Brow Hickory Doc's Hickory Handsome Highbrow Grulla San Peppy Docs Day Doc Holliday Miss Peppy Roja Ima Wheeling Peppy Wheeling Peppy Peps Classic Ima Doc Bar Too Classic Maggie Docs Classic Magnolia Holligold


BLUE PEPTO MATE 2018 Brown Gelding AQHA 5904085 Consignor: BORNTRAGER, DANIEL Hes A Peptospoonful Peptoboonsmal Hes A Blue Pepto Miss Smarty Rey Black Acre Doc Bob Acre Doc Pam Oak Smart Mate Smart Little Lena ST Pattis Mate Freckles Playmate Ceta Safari Playin Safari Cetaote Wow, look at the pedigree! His sire has won money in the show ring and he's by an own daughter of the great Smart Mate. Not to mention Hes A Peptospoonful and legendary Peptoboonsmal and Smart Little Lena. Watch his colt move, he is a cat. Papers say brown, he is more of a bay roan.


BILLY JACK 2014 Gelding UNREGISTERED PONY Consignor: WATSON, KRISTEN Billy Jack is a barn favorite! Gentle for anyone, this guy has seen a lot of cattle/ranch work and never makes any excuses! From roping calves to sorting heifers twice his size, Billy Jack's one fun ride that turns heads everywhere he goes! He sports a very fancy blanket across his rump and a bleach blonde mane and tail!!! Lots of videos available! (979)709-2879


HICKORYS SMOKING 2005 Chestnut Mare AQHA 4660604 Consignor: CADE, BILLY Doc's Hickory Doc Bar Hickorys Flashdance Miss Chickasha Oakanita Doc's Oak San Anita Haidas Little Pep Peppy San Badger Haidas Sunshine Doc's Haida Sujo's Sunshine Captain Joker Mac's Sujo Real nice mare that rides great. Lots of sense. Can do anything with her. Anyone can ride this mare, and bred well.



LIL ALI GUN 2010 Bay Mare AQHA 5323698 Consignor: L & S CATTLE CO. Colonels Smoking Gun Colonels Lil Gun Clabber Lady Oil

Colonelfourfreckle Katie Gun Duce Eyed Oil Clabber Bye Kaliman Dell Milagro Class Of Eighty Six Quo Vadis Sure A Classy Gal Skip Sure Spark's Ginn We cannot say enough about this little 14.3 hands good looking bay mare. If you are looking for a nice versatile all around ranch, rodeo and trail horse, she's the one. "Ali" is an automatic, solid and honest barrel horse. You're not going to run her by one, rarely has one been tipped and she will make that same trip every time. She will go as fast as you want her to, but she is catty in her turns, so be sure to hold on. This mare is a competitive mare for high school and youth rodeos and will clock 2D/3D at the barrel races, just depends on how aggressive the rider is. She is also a pretty nice, quick litte pole horse as well as goat tying horse. You could broaden this list in no time as a breakaway and heeling, with a little more training time. She's already tracking very nicely. We've swung ropes and she has a huge stop but haven't ever worked her behind a barrier yet. We've used her at the ranch to gather, sort and pen cattle on, check fences, and ride trails. Nothing has ever seemed to bother her. Crosses water, creeks, logs etc. without a hitch. She has absolutely no vices, sells sound with no maintenance. She is suitable for pretty much all ages to ride, but I recommend experienced riders in the arena as she knows and loves her job. Really wants to please and gives her all. She is quick and athletic, especially in her turns. She has placed in youth rodeos with an 8yr old aboard. This is a super nice mare with tons of personality and athletic ability and can take you to the top in any event and a pleasure to ride on the ranch too.


BEST PART OF TEXAS 2005 Sorrel Gelding AQHA 4780166 Consignor: REINERT, AUGUSTUS CJ Sugar Son O Sugar Red Sugar San Christy Jay San Shell MR San Peppy Maravilla Shell CJ Sugar Son O Sugar Lena Sugar San Christy Jay Little Lena Ann Peppy Gene Hesa Ann Stout made, good looking horse that has been used in every phase of ranch work, as well as shown in the working cow horse and ranch horse competitions. Roped loads of cattle outside and inside the pen. Gentle and safe for anybody. Sells sound.


FRENCHSTREAKINWOODY 2018 Red Roan Gelding AQHA 5902457 Consignor: MANNING, MARTHA

A Streak Of Fling French Streakin Jess PC Frenchmans Flirt

Streakin Six Moon Fling Sun Frost Frenchman's Lady Woodbridge Dash Ta Fame Cmy Chynna Doll Champagne Lane Takin On Dakota Takin On The Cash Punky Purim A quiet-minded, cowboy-colored red roan colt by a top performing and producing son of A Streak of Fling and out of a Woodbridge daughter. This colt has been handled, he's gentle, and eager to please and ready for a job! Wonderful barrel or performance prospect from proven family lines. Eligible for FF and several other incentives.


ROLLINGR BIG RED 037 2019 Bay Stallion AQHA 5940071 Consignor: RODOSTA, DR FREDERICK Peppy Pepsi Peppy San Scripts Peppy Pepsi Docs Jabaline Scripts King Lady Doc's Prescription Pee Wee Lady Doco Vegas Hancock Docovegas Cleo Rollingr Flit 059 MS Dista Hancock Flit About Town Sugar Flit Bill Tetra Socks


SHEZA SMART BLU ONE 2017 Red Roan Mare AQHA 5894626 Consignor: OGDEN, JEFF One Time Pepto Peptoboonsmal Blue One Time One Time Soon Quintan Blue Mecom Blue Quiolena Peptoboonsmal Peppy San Badger Sheza Smart Pepto Royal Blue Boon The Smart Look Smart Little Lena Dox Royal Smoke Own daughter of Blu One Time with NCHA LTE $254,802, 2010 NCHA Open Futurity top 10 finalist. Out of Sheza Smart Pepto sold as a 2 year old at the Strawn Valley Ranch absolute dispersal sale for $50,000. Second dam The Smart Look LTE $48,723 finalist NCHA Open Futurity, NCHA NP Super Stakes, NCHA NP Derby. She passed away in 2016 as the No. 3 NCHA Producer (2017). Broke the best. She is on the flag, cattle, and on track for the 2020 Futurity season. Gentle and sound. FMI Shawn Holden 409781-5295.


ANNA VERSA REY 2008 Brown Mare AQHA 5129485 Consignor: KALA ROE/JASON DOWDY Captain Lena Doc O'Lena Jay Sequin Joker's Royal Colonel Caneel Colonel Freckles Reylena Tuck A Lena Doc O'Lena Tivio A Lena Charity Fairfax Sen Tivio MR Tiv Sen Gee R Brother IN FOAL TO PALO DURO CAT (4-22-19). "Anniversary" is a great foundation mare. She is double bred Doc O'lena and produces outstanding offspring. She was started as a 3 year old, but then turned broodmare by her breeder. She is an easy foaler and great mother. She is currently in foal to Palo Duro Cat for a 2020 foal. Her baby should excel in any cattle event with this cross. This mare would be a great addition to any broodmare band or foal her out and start her back under saddle.



HOLLYWOODS HEAVENLY 2015 Buckskin Mare AQHA 5689297 Consignor: WILCHER, MARK Sir Savannah Leo Sir Savannah

Hollywood Silverbuck MS Hollywood Zero

Ed's Cherry Leo MR Chiquita Zero Holly's Julietta Peppys Lil Hollywood Freckles Fancy Dunit Peppy Lil Jazzyjo Roman Lily CJ Choose Misty Milo Choose Choice Miloetta Hollywoods Heavenly is a very nice mare who was raised on the Bar J Guest Ranch in Calion, Arkansas. She was broke and trained by the kids on the ranch and was used as a trail horse, taking guest out on the trails. She is a pretty mare and sells with a 1/2 price Breeding to Hollywood Cool Gun an own son of 13 million dollar sire Gunner! Sells sound and should fit in anywhere she is needed. Don t miss out on this opportunity to own a good Hollywood Dunit bred mare.


HHR BLUE KITTY PINE 2006 Black Mare AQHA 4795915 Consignor: MELANCON, MICHAEL

Krog Classy Cowboy Krogs Blue Diamond Clancy Brown Red Bucks Tyree Red Bucks Emma Wimp Poco Emma

Redmount Blue Krogs Boo Krog's Laddy Melody Bivins Two Eyed Red Buck Kitty Joe Jack Kips Poco Pine Wimp Emma

She did team sorting for many years and also worked cows on our farm. Quick on her feet and a pleasure to be around. The only reason I'm selling is because I had 2 back surgeries and cannot ride anymore.


DEBS LUCKY LEGACY 2015 Palomino Gelding AQHA 5684783 Consignor: MARDIS, MATT Lucky Bottom Rufus Doc Bars Boy 2 Lucky Bottom Noah Lucky Little Baby Cindee Ann Bailey Gold Bert Bailey Fan's Cindee San Tivio Nugget Exclusively Ours Lillie Nugget Starbert San Joy Boys Ling Lillie Lucky Bottom Rufus Boys Ling Really pretty palomino gelding. Gentle for the whole family. Started nice in the heeling. Broke the way you want one.


THATKATWANTSSUMSUGAR 2017 Sorrel Stallion AQHA 5833314 Consignor: ALLSUP, BARBARA High Brow Cat High Brow Hickory Kit Kat Sugar Smart Little Kitty Sugar N Dulce Smart Lil Ricochet Little Badger Dulce High Brow Cat High Brow Hickory Arc Kitty Cat Smart Little Kitty Katie Belle Babe Zack T Wood Katie K Babe Sired by Kit Kat Sugar, 2012 NCHA Open Horse Of The Year, 6 LAE Championships at 4 LTE $240,903, Foals are Eligible for: NCHA Super Stakes, Breeder s Invitational, The Bonanza Cutting, PCCHA Stakes and NRCHA, Offspring earnings in excess of $540,000. 1st Dam Arc Kitty Cat by High Brow Cat, Earner of $9,566.75.


PATRIOTS JEWEL 2016 Sorrel Mare AQHA X0723422 Consignor: DUPLICHAN, JAMES R Chicks Beduino Beduino Game Patriot A Classy Chick Fire And Nice First Down Dash Short And Fleet First Down Jewel First Down Dash Dun Won Cash Zevis Jewel Rockin Project Project Cash Salute To Win Patriots Jewel, aka "Shadow", is a beautiful sorrel filly with a white blaze face and two white stockings. She has been on the track at Delta Downs her 2 year old year, for two races. She had one bad start and one fair start with good speed. This filly would be a great barrel project with good training. She is a Louisiana Quarter Horse Breeders Associated Accredited bred mare. Her dam was Dun Won Cash out of First Down Jewel by Game Patriot (#4 All time leading living sire). This filly could be tried on the track again, a barrels project or a great riding horse.


WON HOT INVITATION 2013 Brown Gelding AQHA 5530678 Consignor: SCHMITT HORSE RANCH Chips Hot Chocolate Zips Chocolate Chip One Hot Chocolate Ima Blister Bug Lady Negotiator Negotiator Jo's Tonto Lady Invitation Only Barpassers Image Invitation By Zip Bears Raisin Kane Susie Social Zips Chocolate Chip Im Sophisticated Too Coco is very gentle gelding that is super fun to ride. He would be an excellent horse for someone that loves to trail ride and maybe hit an open show here and there. Has a pitter-patter trot, excellent loper, and a nice headset. "Coco" can stride out for the ranch riding classes, or will go nice and slow for pleasure or 4H events. Completely one hand broke, great footwork in his pivots, and absolutely requires no owners manual to get along with him. Safe down the trail or along the road, crosses all of the trail obstacles, and great around cattle and dogs. To top it all off "Coco" is a handsome gelding to have standing in your barn or pasture, he s chocolate colored with roan hairs throughout his body. He will fit many different types of riders, come try him out! Currrent on deworming, shoes, and coggins. For more info call 608-434-4789 or find us on Facebook for pictures.


FIREWATER JOSIE 2018 Cremello Stallion AQHA 5899823 Consignor: CRAIN, DENNIS Fire Water Flit Flit Bar Im Flittin To Split Slash J Harletta Last Connection ST Bar Little Star Nose Deces Sportmodel Zip Ziploose N Fancyfree Luvin Miss Josie Coffee Duchess Deces Teddy Jo Jet Sir Teddy Zippo Skipa Coffe Jo Jet "Casper" is a big strong colt with that rare cremello color. Bred to sorrel mare, got a palomino. Bred to bay mare, got a buckskin. All with Firewater Flit blood in them. If you want color, conformation and breeding, take a close look at this colt. Stallion prospect. 19


SKIP 2018 Gray Gelding APHA PENDING Consignor: PAGE, RUSSELL Moons Snazzy Que Moons Blue Force Snazzy Black Moon Que Lady Paragon Que Black Diamonds Tux Black Tux Jets Diamond Girl Gray Sugar Skip Skip Legacy Sugar Blaze Quinto Skippits Sugar Chrissy Quinto Little Peps Token Easy Glo Bo


ROYAL WIZARD COCO 2018 Buckskin Mare AQHA 5925121 Consignor: KALA ROE/JASON DOWDY Whizard Jac Topsail Whiz Berry Sweet Whizard Bees Honey Jac Smokes Berry Sweet MR Smokin Eighty Six Be Berry Sweet Royal Calibre Diamond Royal Eqh WWR Royal King Coco Kings Royal Coco Jy Cuttin Freckles Bills Cuttin Colonel Play Two Freckles "Smudge" is a flashy 2018 buckskin mare. Sired by superior reiner Berry Sweet Whizard, this filly will be an excellent reiner or cow horse prospect. She is Ranching Heritage eligible since she was bred by the Wagon Wheel Ranch. She has had ground work started and is showing a lot of promise. With her color and build, she will get you noticed in and out of the show pen.


PAYNESBAY FRECKLES 2014 Bay Roan Mare AQHA 5658583 Consignor: PAYNE, BILLY Royal Blueberry Beau Bonanza Skips Blue Twist Royal Redford Skippa Belle Bar Speedy Glow Bars Miss Snow Belle Colonel Bob Little Bob Mario Red Paynes Freckles Colonels Dry Dolly King Hancoocks Girl Tari Hancock King Dolly Roan Bueno Good gentle riding mare. Very pretty, nice handle, smooth. Would make a nice family horse. Sells sound. FMI Shawn Holden 409-781-5295.


CD CZ DIAMOND 2017 Sorrel Mare AQHA 5830574 Consignor: KL QUARTER HORSES CD Olena Doc O'Lena CD Diamond CD Chica San Badger Shiners Diamond Girl Shining Spark Zans Diamond Jackie Boonlight Dancer Peptoboonsmal Catalena Light Little Dancer Lena Smart Catalena Smart Chic Olena Poco Catalynx



POCO COWPONY 2011 Bay Gelding AQHA 5378325 Consignor: MORROW, JAMES C Poco Bueno Tom Poco Bueno 092 Poco Miss One

Poco Bueno Tom's Tina Poco Bain Brandy Doo Doc O'Lena Sunflower Sana Tanquery Gin Natural

MR Sun Olena Naturally Cowy Naturally Good

Poco has been used on the ranch and is really broke. Great rope prospect that will be lightly started. He's got a lot of natural cow and has been team penned on.


SAMS STARRY FRECKLE 2013 Sorrel Gelding AQHA 5568740 Consignor: SMALLEY, JAKE

Shutdown Sam Sams Freckle Cute Asa Freckle

Wonder Seeker Miss Peppy Otoe Just A Freckle Dainty Dell Starbert Champ Little Double Star Starbert Steve Bert Jodie

Starbert Fisher Starbert F Sue Shes Berts Sue

"Loverboy" is an in your pocket horse and will follow you around wherever he can. He is very laid back and stands for farrier, baths, grooming, saddling and mounting. He likes the rides in the pastures, through the woods and will cross creeks. He doesn't get excited around cattle, but he has not been roped off of due to no need to do so. He has been ridden in the arena, however he prefers the pastures and woods. Videos and photos will be available on Premier Facebook page for your viewing.



Smart Chic Olena Sailing Smart Sailing Doll

Whizard Jac KR Whizwinder Cherees Hollywinder

Smart Little Lena Gay Sugar Chic Topsail Cody Jinx Laurel Topsail Whiz Bees Honey Jac Doc Wood Smoke Sidewinders Doll

IN FOAL TO PISTOLS COLT 045 (PASTURE BRED2/1/19-7/4/19). Look at this mare's pedigree: Top SideSmart Chic Olena-only AQHA World Sr Cutting and Reining Champion. Bottom- Whizard Jac-Open Futurity Champion and USET Champion. In foal to own son of Smart Little Pistol with his COA in cutting. This baby should be able to go anywhere in the working class events. Good broodmare, easy keeper. Keeping her baby as replacement mare. Broodmare sound only.


DUAL YA SMOKE 2013 Chestnut Gelding AQHA 5548365 Consignor: MCCORD, KYLE

Dual Rey Dual R Smokin Smokin Pepto

Dualin Gun Dualin Gun Smoke Jo Ell Smoke

Dual Pep Nurse Rey Peptoboonsmal Smoken Powder Dual Pep Miss Silver Pistol MR Gun Smoke Jo Ell San



MC RIO STARLIGHT 2018 Gray Gelding AQHA 5903944 Consignor: CHESSON, MARK Bobs Hickory Rio HL Bobs Tommygun Playguns Starlight

Bob Acre Doc Gay Hickory Rio Playgun Amanda Light Sir Dot Hancock Blue Hancock Eddie MC Peppy Sam Two Hearted Jeri Gem Ofa Miss Peppys A Gem Little Bit Miss A nice looking gray colt that should make a nice horse.


MCCALLS REYZORBACK 2018 Sorrel Stallion AQHA 5903791 Consignor: MCCALL, JIM

Dual Rey Reydioactive Stylish Play Lena Cat Ichi Mccalls Wichi Sally Merada

Dual Pep Nurse Rey Docs Stylish Oak Play Lena High Brow Cat Laney Doc Leo Merada Instant Sally

Eligible for the NCHA Super Stakes and the Breeders Invitational. McCalls Reyzorback is a fine young handsome athlete with both conformation and pedigree to make him successful in a wide variety of events. He has a great disposition. He is calm, sensible and likes to train. His sire, Reydioactive, has a reputation of producing big boned foals with excellent conformation, that are easy to train and want to work with you. We have found this to be true. This stallion is our 3rd foal by Reydioactive and they all had excellent conformation and were easy to break and train. Sire: Reydioactive, whose show career was cut short due to an injury at the NCHA Futurity, is a full brother to million dollar sire, Halreycious (LTE $227,459) and half brother to Smooth Talking Style (2015 NCHA Horse of the Year LTE $300,379). Dam: McCalls Wichi is by leading sire, Cat Ichi, who had an outstanding show record with LTE $306,191 and has sired performers earning over $6.4 million dollars. Reyzorback is her first foal. The mare has a filly by Once In A Blu Boon on her side.


ROYAL BLACK PEARL 2013 Black Mare AQHA 5559154 Consignor: SMITHERMAN, STACY B

Frenchmans Guy Crownroyal Frenchman Crowded Sky Corona Cartel Miss Corona Paint Miss Eye Paint

Sun Frost Frenchman's Lady Merridoc Feelin Foxy Holland Ease Corona Chick MR Eye Opener Paint The Town

Barrel prospect deluxe. Nice black mare with excellent conformation, and look at this pedigree! Has had a lot of riding (1.5 years) lightly started on barrels, ready to finish your way.



Blaze is a finished seasoned heel and breakaway horse that has been hauled all over the country. He has some age on him, but you will not know it when you get him home. He can run the fastest ones down at an idle. This is a very nice horse with lots of life and runs left in him. You cannot run too many on him. Sells sound, no buck, no vices. Shoes, loads easy. Little hard to catch but will come to feed.


GUITARS N CATILACS 2018 Sorrel Stallion AQHA 5911477 Consignor: ALLSUP, BARBARA High Brow Cat High Brow Hickory Kit Kat Sugar Smart Little Kitty Sugar N Dulce Smart Lil Ricochet Little Badger Dulce Little Dulces Rey Dual Rey MS Rey Cat Little Badger Dulce MS Peppy Cat High Brow Cat MS Peppy Doc Sired by Kit Kat Sugar, 2012 NCHA Open Horse Of The Year, 6 LAE Championships at 4 LTE $240,903, Foals are Eligible for: NCHA Super Stakes, Breeder s Invitational, The Bonanza Cutting, PCCHA Stakes and NRCHA, Offspring earnings in excess of $540,000. 1st Dam MS Rey Cat by Little Dulces Rey.


FANTA BOYS BELLE 2017 Red Dun Mare AQHA 5838373 Consignor: WELLS, JAMES D Lucks Easyfanta Boy Skipojet Miss Ribbon N Lace

Lucks Gay Chic Easy Fantacia Goldseeker Bars Skips Hi Ribbon Seekers Seventysix Seeker Question Billies Sweet Kiss Judi Proctor Quest In Chex Echols' Dandy Chexienna Doc This is a really well bred two year old filly. A granddaughter of the great AQHA open supreme champion Lucks Easyfanta Boy. This filly is bred to perform. She is well started. From the very first saddling, she never bucked or objected to anything we wanted to do. She stands quietly for hoof trimming and any other handling. She's only been trailered a few times, but she was never a problem loading up. Hard to beat her pretty red dun color.


MARY SUE 2010 Brown/White Mare UNREGISTERED PONY Consignor: WATSON, KRISTEN Not many ponies like this fancy gal! Used daily on a cattle operation where she is handy as can be in the sorting pens! Mary Sue is a neat little breakaway and goat pony! Small but mighty, she will take a steer her size to the ground on the heel side too! True ranch pony that some little cowboy or cowgirl will treasure! Lots of videos available! (979)709-2879


SSCHIC WITHA BADGE 2017 Sorrel Mare AQHA 5854372 Consignor: SEBASTIAN, RAY

Smart Chic Olena Chic Packin Mamas Packin

Smart Little Lena Gay Sugar Chic Playgun Smokins Tokin Playboys Badge Freckles Playboy Miss Herta Badge Badge Of Courage Peppys Lil Huerta Peppy San Badger La Bacelar This is a really broke filly from Silver Spur Ranches. Chic Packin is Reserve World Champion in Ranch Horse Versatility, by the Great Smart Chic Olena. Her dam is by Playboys Badge, out of an own daughter of Peppy San Badger. She is eligible for High Plains Ranchers and Breeders Futurity. Nominated to Ranching Heritage of AQHA. This filly has a big stop and spin.



FRILLY 2017 Black And White Mare UNREGISTERED Consignor: WARD, BILL Beautiful black and white 2 year old paint filly. Excellent bloodlines. Sire and Dam are registered APHA. Filly has been saddled about ten times and did not resist the saddle. Lots of ground work. Excellent performance prospect. Very good natured and easy to handle


ANDERSONS BLUE DUSTY 2011 Blue Roan Gelding AQHA 5397277 Consignor: GUICE, TRAVIS Claytons Gold Dust Romeo Blue Andersons Silver Doc Tickles Dawn Poco Miss Dual Chocolate Dual Peppy Mocha Lynx Blue Nitro Hancock CLB Blue LT Blue Perscription Waspy Jag Nine Robs Miss Princess Robs Peppy Doc Doc Little We have ridden Dusty in the mountains. He's done real well. We have checked cattle on him at home. He is a nice little gelding. Check him out.


BUTTONS 2006 Sorrel Gelding UNREGISTERED Consignor: SANDERS, KATHRYN Take a look at this 14 hands Quarter bred sorrel gelding that is as cute as his name. Small enough for a kid, yet big enough for an adult. Will go through water, over bridges, under trees and brush. Bathes, loads, takes a bit, saddles easily and will stand tied all day. Has a very quiet walk, big smooth trot and will take both leads. "Buttons" is happy walking the trails with his head down or loping circles in the arena. UTD on all shots, worming and sound. See video of 12 year old, 23 year old and 4 year old riding him. Video speaks for itself on this one.


FIREWATER ATTRACTION 2018 Palomino Stallion AQHA 5892588 Consignor: CRAIN, DENNIS Fire Water Flit Flit Bar Im Flittin To Split Slash J Harletta Last Connection ST Bar Little Star Nose Hot Attraction Hotrodder Jet Set MS Moxie Attraction Delea Siemon Moxies Little Momma MR Moxie Man Coffee Duchess "Firewater" is a very flashy colt with tons of ability and personality. Gentle, smooth and very trainable. This colt has the ability to be a top notch winner in the event of your choice, then be outstanding in the stud pen as a sire. His dam has already produced two point earners and this colt could be another. You will love him when you get him home.


MISS ELLE 2011 Sorrel Mare AQHA 5412308 Consignor: PAGE, RUSSELL Dominate Clu Kid Clu Dominates Image Precious Wonder PJ Prophetical Image Obvious Prophet Expressive Image Mazeratti Perpetualism Mis Mazeratti Shesa Perfect Clu MBJ Mini Min Spanish Array MS MBJ Mini Skirts


ESKOTA WAR TRIX 2018 Sorrel Mare AQHA 5925947 Consignor: KALA ROE/JASON DOWDY Gato Azul Cat Silver Eskota Blue Cat TT Lady Blue Pine Chicks Eskota Oak Docs Quixote Colonel Oaks Cowpoke Little War Peppy Peppy San Badger XS War Trix War VS Lady Night Trix Paseo De Noche Deb Trix "Mamba" is a 2018 sorrel mare that is built to last. This stout little mare should finish at 14.2-14.3. Her sire is a son of Gato Azul that didn't make it to the show pen in cutting. "Mamba's" dam is a finished rope horse who is a granddaughter of Peppy San Badger. This filly can get down and move like a cutter. She has bone and a great and willing mind.


MONUMENTAL FIVETOSIX 2015 Palomino Gelding AQHA 5719904 Consignor: MARDIS, MATT Five To Six Easy Six Seventy Five To Six Lady Bug Five Ladybug Ada Bugs Alive In 75 Van Ada My Mortgage Lifter Monumental Hack Ak Yar Bar Joy Gale Hack Ak Lucretia Hacksaw Bodie Tootsie Ak Big 15.1 hand gelding. Been used on the ranch. Gentle and safe. Great prospect for the discipline of your choice.


CHARLIE 2007 Palomino Gelding UNREGISTERED JOHN MULE Consignor: REINERT, AUGUSTUS Charlie is a dog gentle, ride around, flashy palomino mule, with just the right amount of size. Been used in a feed yard for years. Sells sound.




SHAKE EM TANQUERYGIN 2017 Sorrel Gelding AQHA 5944638 Consignor: SAVOIE-PEARSON, MINDY Wimpys Little Step Nu Chex To Cash Turnin For Big Chex Leolita Step Wall Canyon Justa Swinging Peppy My Gin Sal Royal Shake Em Royal Quick Dash Star Shaker Shake Em Six Daves Holiday On A High New Moon Lady

2 year old flashy sorrel gelding, his pedigree is impeccable. Out of a daughter of Royal Shake Em (a proven sire of race horses, barrel, roping and cow horses) by a son of Wimpys Little Step (which has been the #1 or #2 leading sire of reining money earners for 8 out of the 9 years his foals have shown, becoming an NRHA All-time leading sire with his first crop to show.) This colts pedigree is packed full of proven horses. He is a good size colt, has lots of bone and structure to him. If your looking for a big gentle gelding, take a look at this guy. He is started nice and correct. Moves off your legs, knows his leads, nice little stop, starting to really step around. Will have 90 days with Shawn Holden by sale day. FMI call or text Mindy 337-513-1557.


PLAYIN IN RENO 2009 Sorrel Gelding AQHA 5462067 Consignor: MILLER, JEREMY Dual Pep Peppy San Badger Playin With A Dually Miss Dual Doc Playboys Ann Doc Freckles Playboy Chickasha Ann Doc Colonel Tiger Colonel Freckles Miss Bay Reno Johnna's Tiger Miss Caltinky Reno Caltinky Miss Reno Pistol This gelding has been used as a turn back horse and is currently being used in stockyards and feed yards.


HL LONESOME WIDOW 2010 Bay Mare AQHA 5330178 Consignor: GRIDER (AGENT), WALTER Freckles Playboy Jewel's Leo Bars Widows Freckles Gay Jay The Widow Wilson Son Ofa Doc Leosie Gay Bar Smart Little Uno Smart Little Lena Uno Bonita Gal Doc's Marmoset Pam Oak Doc's Oak Pretty Pam Parker By Widows Freckles, NCHA earner of $113,521.78. Broke to ride.


PAYNES GOLD FRECKLES 2016 Red Roan Mare AQHA 5763583 Consignor: PAYNE, BILLY Snipper Music Whiskey Music Snips Olympic Gold Snipper Tody Sierra Gold Sequin Sierra G Son Skipette Holly Colonel Bob Little Bob Mario Red Paynes Freckles Colonels Dry Dolly King Hancocks Girl Tari Hancock King Dolly Roan Bueno Gentle red roan mare. 60 days riding. FMI Shawn Holden 409-481-5295.


PAINTED BY TRAFFIC 2013 Bay/Tobiano Gelding APHA 1037163 Consignor: FOUST, BOBBY & JERI Frenchmans Guy Sun Frost Traffic Guy Frenchman's Lady Evening Traffic Dash Thru Traffic Bunny Eve Okey Dokey Dale First Down Dash Yes Darlin Okeydokey Baby Yes It Is Is It True Reba Mcintyre 6 year old 15.1 hand flashy Traffic Guy gelding. Started slow on heeling, heading and barrels. Would also be a great ranch or trail horse. He will be very big when he's done filling out. Sweet guy that needs a job. Barefoot and up to date on everything. His dam won $10k as a barrel futurity horse, and is an own daughter of Okey Dokey Dale.


GC SILVER PLAYGUN 2018 Gray Mare AQHA 5903976 Consignor: CHESSON, GARRETT Bobs Hickory Rio Bob Acre Doc HL Bobs Tommygun Gay Hickory Rio Playguns Starlight Playgun Amanda Light Playgun Olena Playgun Smooth Olena Bonita Dough Olena Miss Smooth Valiant Hes Smooth And Blue Silver Valliant Nice gray filly that is going to have a lot of size like her mama.


JUS RITE REDLIGHT 2007 Palomino Gelding AQHA 4961671 Consignor: FARRAR, MARSHA & RONNIE On The Money Red Bennie's Big Red Redlight Greenlight Dolly Priest Fire Lights Fire Water Flit Moonliten Roses Dude's Booger Blondy's Dude Jus Rite Dudette Booger's Breeze Teyellow Te Fox Te Miss Pal Tough AKA "JR" is an AQHA registered 12 year old palomino gelding, bred and raised by Ronnie and Marsha Farrar, Caldwell, TX. They have been raising, training and showing barrel horses the past 40 years. "JR" was just starting to be hauled and entered in barrel races when Marsha became sick with a chronic illness and unable to ride. Unfortunately "JR" has been turned out the past 4 years until their grandson started riding and working cows on him. He is handling a rope being swung on him and riding in the brush and among cattle. He was started slow and correct on barrels and has a good handle. He is in great shape, never had any injuries. Would make someone a nice ranch horse and you can run barrels on him too.



RONDO OAK 2012 Gray Mare AQHA 5494184 Consignor: DUCOTE, STEPHEN Smart Little Lena Doc O'Lena Smart N Slick Smart Peppy Oak N Missy Doc's Oak Melissa Parker Smart Prime Time Smart Little Lena Rondos Little Smarty Barlons Toni Docs Rondo Squirt Dox Warbler Rondo Squirt 7 year old gray mare that knows the pen and pasture. Gentle, easy to handle and handles a rope really well. Started roping the heel-o-matic and some live cattle. Would make good breakaway or youth prospect. If you can ride a horse, you can ride this mare. Current on all annual vaccinations and worming.


R BRANDS NEW PLAYER 2012 Gray Gelding AQHA 5513909 Consignor: BITNER, SHERYL Freckles Playboy Jewel's Leo Bars A New Player Gay Jay Docalady Doc Bar Miss Bar 89 Peppy San Badger MR San Peppy Lil Prieta Peppy Sugar Badger Miss Peppy 43 MR San Peppy Bar Miss 43 "Spartan" is a stout 2012 AQHA grey gelding that stands 15.3 hands. He has been used extensively for trail riding in rough terrain and working cattle in the pasture. You can pasture rope off him and he has been started on team roping. He has a very gentle, laid back disposition. He stands excellent for the farrier and can go barefoot or with shoes. He ground ties and is an easy keeper. Selling due to downsizing herd.


BOBS MAJIC PISTOL 2018 Bay Roan Stallion AQHA 5903977 Consignor: CHESSON, MARK Bobs Hickory Rio Bob Acre Doc HL Bobs Tommygun Gay Hickory Rio Playguns Starlight Playgun Amanda Light Stormin Power Chip Drifts Chip Ez Magic Chip Jaytee Stormin Power Ez Blu Magic Lady Magic Jay Tee Ez Suzie Blu I really did not know what to do with this colt. He is out of Lori's Drift Chip mare so we did some horse trading. He has a twist in his left front knee. My vet thinks maybe he was kicked or stepped on when born. I left him a stallion and he has no limp or problem running around. He would also make a classy bay roan gelding.



SWEETIN THE GOLD 2018 Chestnut Mare AQHA 5897169 Consignor: CEDAR CREEK RANCH Cardinals Ruffian Cherokee Cardinal King Golden Nugget MS Babbling Brook Penny Bar Pokey Flit Bar Pokey High Flight Bars Lucks Easyfanta Boy Lucks Gay Chic Sweetnlucky Easy Fantacia Our Prissy Seeker Goldseeker Bars Our Prissy Bob This yearling filly is very mild mannered. Her sire is King Golden Nugget, who goes back to the great King and Flit bloodlines. Her dam is an own daughter of AQHA Supreme Champion Lucks Easyfanta Boy. Fanta Boy as we called him could truly do it all. AAA race with a 99 speed index. Multiple grand champions in the halter ring. Points earner in heading, heeling, working cow horse, and reining. This filly is bred to do it all just like her sire. Don't miss out on this great filly.


KINGS MICK DOC 2017 Grullo Gelding AQHA 5816573 Consignor: BORNTRAGER, DANIEL Hollywooddunit Again Hollywood Dun It Paiges Hollywood Guy Scoots Remedy Im Paiges Too MR Good Copy Bud Bars Lady Skip Genuine Reiner Genuine Doc Shirley Genuine Doc Zans Light Reiner Miss Diamonds King Smiths Best King Pin Miss Diamonds Cross Show horse prospect, and in that hard to find grulla color. He's low headed, picks up both leads, turns around correct and is a big stopper. Quiet and gentle. He has a great mind and is a little extra special. Sells sound.


SMS POCOS DANCER 2015 Sorrel Gelding AQHA 5689331 Consignor: BIERY, BRAD Peptoboonsmal Peppy San Badger Peptos Dancer Lena Royal Blue Boon Cancan Kitty High Brow Cat Little Dancer Lena Pocos Lil Smart Doc Fool Of Smarts Pocos Lil Dulcie Gene Bank Beevers Alice Lynn Captain Dulcie Beevers Janna Lynn


ROLLINGR PRINCE 038 2019 Chestnut Stallion AQHA X0737031 Consignor: RODOSTA, DR FREDERICK Docovegas Cleo Doc O'Vegas Boy Doco Vegas Hancock Lenavegas Vickie MS Dista Hancock NLD Joes Blu Hancock Blue Dista Scripts Peppy Pepsi Peppy Pepsi Rollingr Princes 085 Scripts King Lady Miss Star Gay Bar Star Gay Bar Miss Fit Lady



DUALS SHINING DUDE 2017 Buckskin Stallion AQHA 5869685 Consignor: WOODSON, JAY Dual Rey Dual Pep Shiney Dual Rey Nurse Rey Shiners Madam Shining Spark Missy Lena Caliche Campaigner Gold Campaigner Destinys Aprilfool MR Jacks Sunshine Morgans Destiny MR Morgan Freeman Sevilles Destiny He is cutting and reining bred but by show time will only have about 45 rides on him. His sire was campaigned by Corey Cushing in the NRCHA and ridden in the Worlds Greatest Horseman competition in 2015. This colt is going to be a whale of a prospect.


ESKOTA RED CAT 2018 Sorrel Gelding AQHA 5925910 Consignor: KALA ROE/JASON DOWDY Gato Azul Cat Silver Eskota Blue Cat TT Lady Blue Pine Chicks Eskota Oak Docs Quixote Colonel Oaks Cowpoke Barons Thunderbay Mia Red Baron Wild Island Oak Bar Music Miss Reba Dawn Two Eyed Denver Miss Kimberly Dawn "Goat" is a sweet sorrel 2018 gelding. With a sweet disposition and eagerness to learn, this little gelding will take you far. He is built well and easy to train. He is the first to the gate and loves attention. His sire is a son of Gato Azul and was a cutter that never had the chance to be shown. His dam produces great minded, easy to start foals that are exceptional in the roping and cattle events. "Goat" will make a great all around ranch and family horse.


FRECKLED JACK TWO 2013 Dun Gelding AQHA 5596112 Consignor: SOILEAU, WAYNE Fiddle On Jack Two Eyed Jack DJS Smokin Jack Little Music Daves Cher Oil Dot Jack Cutter's Lady Cher Bit A Bar Gold Dexter Bar Gold Lady Bita Fantasy Shesa Sioux Too Fantasys Delight A Freckles Fantasy Delightfully Docs Jack is a 14.2 hands dun gelding. I bought him in April as a rescue project. He was very, very poor, but I liked his color and the Two Eyed Jack breeding. He also seemed to be gentle. Brought him home, wormed him and put him on good grass. He was broke enough to saddle, but knew nothing. By sale time he will have about 90 rides. You can open gates with him now. He has also been used to gather and pen cattle and is tracking the smarty dummy. He is ready for someone to take home and give a job.



PLENTY BLUE FREEDOM 2019 Blue Roan Stallion AQHA PAPERS PENDING Consignor: LITTLEFIELD, ROSALIE Black Hawke Rojo Berry Plenty Blue Hawke Junios Red Girl QCC Last Echo Leo Hancock Hayes Mucha Blue Hancock Cool Blue Haze Leo Hancock Hayes Jewels Baby Licorice Cool Ant Candys Peppy Jewel Bobs Peppy Doc Ima Candy Bonanza His registration papers are pending. His dam is Jewels Baby Licorice, his sire is Plenty Blue Hawke. He should mature at 15 hands and make a good all around ranch horse. He is a friendly colt. Halter broke, good with feet. Has not been in the trailer yet, but I don't expect any problems with him. He still has some brownish baby hair in the photos but is blue underneath. He will make someone a very nice horse.


CHIQUITA REY CASH 2018 Palomino Gelding AQHA 5930403 Consignor: SMITHERMAN, STACY B Nu Chex To Cash Nu Cash Big Chex To Cash Amarilla Chex Snip O Gun One Gun Miss Kim O Lena Dual Rey Dual Pep Miss Chiquita Rey Nurse Rey Miss Chiquita Tari Pay Twentyone Miss Doc Tari Very well-bred prospect for reining, SHOT or ranch work. Excellent disposition and nice looking as well. No injuries, lunging and round pen work done. Sire is Big Chex To Cash, whose offspring earnings total over $1 million dollars.


CREAMWOOD LENA 2018 Palomino Mare AQHA 5912137 Consignor: MORROW, JAMES C Sawyer Wood Ciderwood JR Creamwood Driftalong San Leos Sun Frost Ima Sun Frost Seneca Silk Peppy Rey Badger Peppy Rey Lena Lenas Badger Gal Rock A Dee MS Fork Twenty Seven MR Gray Fork MS Tonto Thirty Two This yearling filly is a real looker that is ranch bred and built to last. With the Sun Frost cross, should have some speed too.


SHORT RED KITTEN 2016 Bay Mare AQHA 5756472 Consignor: KL QUARTER HORSES Peptoboonsmal Peppy San Badger Red Pepto Royal Blue Boon Switch Sides Smart And Trouble Miss Jessie Leo San Shorty Lena Doc O'Lena Vixen Kitten Moira Girl Lei San Lena Powder River Playboy Lei Lena






HICKORYS ROYALTY 2013 Bay Gelding AQHA 5562568 Consignor: CADE, BILLY Doc's Hickory Doc Bar Hickorys Flashdance Miss Chickasha Oakanita Doc's Oak San Anita Genuine Legacy Peppy San Badger GL Royal Cutter Lynx Bar Legacy Rosita Quixote Doc Quixote Cutter's Rosita Super nice gelding. If you want to make a barrel horse, this is your horse! Can out run the wind with lots of sense about riding. BONITA EXECUTRIX 2008 Black Mare AQHA 5135083 Consignor: BURNS, J. R. & GARY Chicks Beduino Beduino Executive Menace A Classy Chick Promised Memories Special Effort Miss Azudash Oh My Gee Whiz Dash For Cash Classy Diamond Dash Callmemyoh Some Class Act Texas Dancer Classy Chasse Well muscled, heavy boned broodmare by Executive Menace. SI 105 winner of $108,000 on the track. With Dash For Cash and Texas Dancer on her papers. Dam of 2 foals.


CASH 2016 Black And White Gelding UNREGISTERED Consignor: WARD, BILL Beautiful black and white 3 year old paint gelding. Excellent bloodlines. Sire and Dam are registered APHA. Cash is a well started horse. He has been ridden about 25 hours. He is good natured and easy to handle.


CC LUCKYLILHIGHBROW 2008 Buckskin Mare AQHA 5111956 Consignor: WIMBERLY, DANNY (AGENT) Hickory Jule Bars Bar Docs Hickory Highbrows Smart Play Mossbar Pixie JH Lucky Double Some Kinda Playboy Lucky Double Lena Peppys A Sport Peppys A Gem Codys Croton Cutter Sportinpeppysdamsel Senoritas Cody Girl Croton Cody Senorita Gold Rush IN FOAL TO YUBALENA. 2008 model beautiful buckskin color with foundation breeding. Right front hoof hurt as a young filly. Bred to buckskin stud with Smart Little Uno and Doc Olena on paperwork and several champions on extended pedigree. 43% of getting a buckskin foal in 2020. Broodmare sound only. Easy keeper in pasture. Trims and loads. Scar on right front foot, does not seem to affect her.

PAYNES BAR TWIST 2016 Bay Roan Gelding AQHA 5763582 Consignor: PAYNE, BILLY Royal Blueberry Beau Bonanza Skip Blue Twist Royal Redford Skippa Belle Bar Speedy Glow Bars Miss Snow Belle Sonyboy Six Sonitas Man Misty Bar Clip Cashus King 6 Misty Roan Bar Three Chero Bar 3 Li'L Misty Roan Gentle gelding. 60 days riding. FMI Shawn Holden 409-781-5295.

HANK 2018 Bay Gelding APHA PENDING Consignor: PAGE, RUSSELL Moons Snazzy Que Moons Blue Force Snazzy Black Moon Que Lady Paragon Que Black Diamonds Tux Black Tux Jets Diamond Girl Big Swede Hancock Leo Hancock Hayes Time For Some Magic Miss Rid Hancock Miss Leo Julio New Sorrel Bradys Cleo Lady


STERLING SHOTGUN 2018 Gray Gelding AQHA 5914213 Consignor: KALA ROE/JASON DOWDY Playgun Freckles Playboy Out Of The Shotgun Miss Silver Pistol Jimmettes Lena Smart Little Lena Jimmette Too Joe Star Ace Joe Star Joe Star Baca Bar Dude Little Jewel Baca Bar Star Jack Two Star Shesa Baca Bar Sterling Shotgun is a colt everyone wants in their barn. This little colt is a stout built, flashy mover that will excel in either the show arena or on the ranch. He is sired by a son of Playgun. He is also eligible for the Clovis Livestock futurity. This gentle gelding stands for the farrier, stays tied and accepts new situations as well. He is easy to catch in the pasture and a pleasure to be around in the barn.

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